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Peace Events and leftwing events Page

'WE CAN' is the first song by Efran Kaye &
Poet, to become popular across the world.

We hope it inspires you.

Salaam ! Shalom ! Heddwch !



- from TeleSUR english

If supporting peace and stopping yet another rape of
a resource-rich country isn't for you, because YOU
read the Guardian - remember Libya, Iraq, etc...

Same game - lies, economic sanctions, demonisation 
--- then the call for a coup - to save the poor people!

i dont want you buying my government

Peace campaigners blockade
 nuclear bomb factory
 in Berkshire
by Peter Lazenby
Thursday, October 25th, 2018.

Trident Ploughshares activists' courage
of opposition to Trident renewal,
says CND

Activists block site access

Campaigners from all over Britain united this day,
 in their blockade of the government's nuclear
 bomb factory in Berkshire, preventing
staff from entering the site.

The Trident Ploughshares activists locked themselves
 together, across the site’s gates, before work began
at the Burghfield site.

A private road leading to Burghfield was also barricaded
at each end, by cars, with protesters fastened to them.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) praised
the courageous campaigners and said their action
was part of a “groundswell” of opposition to the
Tory government spending £200 billion on the
Trident replacement system.

Burghfield and its partner factory Aldermaston are
manufacturing replacement warheads for Trident
to be installed in Britain’s nuclear submarine
fleet in Scotland.

Locked-on campaigner Julia Mercer, from Hertfordshire, said:

 “There is very little public awareness that the UK continues
to spend obscene amounts of money on upgrading its
 weapons of mass destruction.

“These weapons are illegal and deeply immoral in their
indiscriminate slaughter of civilians. I’m ashamed, 
the UK continues in this folly.”

Jane Picksley from Scotland, who also took part in the
 blockade, said: “I hope our actions today, might bring
 more attention to the damning safety report on this
bomb factory, produced by the Office for Nuclear
Regulation, last August.

“The ONR warned then --- that the Burghfield facility
‘can only be allowed to continue, for a limited period’.”

Retired civil servant Jim Davies said:

I’ve never been involved in an action like this
before, and it’s heartening and empowering,
to feel that something can be done.” 

Yesterday was the 73rd anniversary of the founding of
the United Nations, which was set up with the aim of
 preventing conflicts, after the second world war.

Britain refuses to be part of, or recognise, a UN Treaty
on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, signed by
122 countries.

Separately, Hereford Peace Council CND campaigners
 travelled to Parliament on a “peace train” carrying
petitions signed by thousands, that are calling on
 the government to get rid of the Britain’s nuclear
 weapons, and sign the UN treaty.

CND general secretary Kate Hudson said: “Today’s actions
are part of an increasing groundswell of activity against
these weapons of mass destruction, which do nothing
to keep us safe.

“Economists, defence experts and anyone with common
 sense are all coming to a consensus --- that these
 weapons are expensive, useless and irrelevant
 in the face of today’s security threats.

“Most of the world doesn’t have nuclear weapons and
 indeed, 122 countries voted for a UN treaty, which
would ban all nuclear weapons.

“It’s time for the government to side with this majority of
 countries who want a safer and more peaceful world,
rather than the small number, led by a dangerous
US regime, which is recklessly pursuing
nuclear Armageddon.”

(Source - Morning Star)

stop bombing syria cardiff april 14th

Urgent: Lobby your MP to support the
against Trump and May's 
plans for esclation
of the war in 
Syria. Using this Lobby tool.


Military interventions from external powers
have failed to bring an end to the war.

Stop the War Coalition has also produced a model resolution
for political parties and trade union branches -


There is also a petition available to download.
Ask your workmates/college mates to sign it.


Please ask your MP to support the campaign against
Trump & May's plans for escalation of the war in Syria.
Military interventions from external powers have
failed to bring an end to the war.


Join jill gough. Sign this!
Stop the renaming of the Severn Bridge
to the Prince of Wales Bridge
Jill Gough Jon says it should be called ‘Pontycarlo’.
( Carlo of course is the name used here for the blessed English man.)


Such a shame people in the
US will never see this video...
it's John Pilger warning us all
about US plans to wage war
on China... but Youtube
has stopped it being seen.

waspi london every thurs

Mainstream Media's Go-To Syria Monitor
Revealed to Be Funded by UK Gov't --
Nobody Bats an Eyelid

The mainstream media, which has been uncritically citing
 the pro-opposition SOHR for years, has failed to report it
has come to be known - the outfit has taken money from
 the Foreign Office
(Sources - Media Lens/Russia Insider)
Wednesday June 6th, 2018

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, journalist Peter Hitchens
commented last month on the Syrian Observatory for
Human Rights (SOHR):

'Talking of war, and Syria, many of you may have noticed
 frequent references in the media to a body called the
"Syrian Observatory for Human Rights", often quoted
as if it's an impartial source of information about that
 complicated conflict, in which the British government
clearly takes sides. The "Observatory" says on its
website that it is "not associated or linked to any
political body."

'To which I reply: Is Boris Johnson's Foreign Office not a
 political body? Because the FO just confirmed to me
that "the UK funded a project worth £194,769.60 to
provide the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
with communications equipment and cameras."
 That's quite a lot, isn't it? I love the precision
of that 60p. Your taxes, impartially, at work.'

This figure was confirmed in communication with the
Foreign Office by independent political journalist Ian
Sinclair. (Email to Media Lens, May 17, 2018)

In 2011, Reuters reported that Rami Abdulrahman is 'the
fast-talking director of arguably Syria's most high-profile
human rights group', SOHR:

'When he isn't fielding calls from international media,
Abdulrahman is a few minutes down the road at his
clothes shop, which he runs with his wife.'

Given the tinpot nature of the organisation,
SOHR's influence is astonishing:

'Cited by virtually every major news outlet since an uprising
against the iron rule of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
began in March, the observatory has been a key source
of news on the events in Syria.'

Described by Reuters as an 'opposition group',
SOHR is openly pro-regime change:

'After three short spells in prison in Syria for pro-democracy
activism, Abdulrahman came to Britain in 2000 fearing a
longer, fourth jail term.

'"I came to Britain the day Hafez al-Assad died,
and I'll return when Bashar al-Assad goes".'

In December 2011, Stratfor, an influential research institute
formed of former US security officials, cautioned:

'Most of the [Syrian] opposition's more serious claims have
turned out to be grossly exaggerated or simply untrue ...
revealing more about the opposition's weaknesses
 than the level of instability inside the Syrian regime.'

Reports from SOHR and other opposition groups, 'like those
 from the regime, should be viewed with skepticism', Stratfor
argued: 'the opposition understands that it needs external
support, specifically financial support, if it is to be a more
 robust movement than it is now. To that end, it has every
reason to present the facts on the ground in a way that
makes the case for foreign backing.'

The Los Angeles Times described SOHR as 'a pro-opposition
watchdog'. And yet, as Reuters reported, Abdulrahman...
claims neutrality:

'"I'm between two fires. But it shows I'm being neutral if
both sides complain," he said, insisting he accepts no
funding and runs the observatory on a voluntary basis.'

Two years later, the New York Times
a modified funding model:

'Money from two dress shops covers his minimal needs for
 reporting on the conflict, along with small subsidies from
the European Union and one European country, that he
declines to identify.'

Thanks to Hitchens, we now know the country in question
 is Britain --- and the funding in 2012 was £194,769.60.

In 2013, we compared the reflexive respect afforded SOHR
 with the earlier casual rejection of reports on the death
 toll in Iraq published in 2004 and 2006 by the Lancet,
the world's leading medical journal:

'Figures supplied by SOHR, an organisation openly biased
in favour of the Syrian "rebels" and Western intervention,
 is presented as sober fact by... the world's leading news
agencies. No concerns here about methodology, sample
 sizes, "main street bias" and other alleged concerns
thrown at the Lancet studies by critics.'

In 2004, one of the Lancet co-authors, Gilbert Burnham of
 the prestigious Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of
Public Health in Baltimore, told us:

'Our data have been back and forth between many reviewers
 at the Lancet and here in the school (chair of Biostatistics
 Dept), so we have the scientific strength to say what we
 have said with great certainty. I doubt any Lancet paper
has gotten as much close inspection in recent years as
this one has!' (Dr. Gilbert Burnham, email to Media
October 30, 2004)

Despite this, the Lancet reports were subjected to ceaseless
attacks from the US and UK governments, and dismissal by
corporate journalists. David Aaronovitch wrote in The Times:

'And Harold Pinter invents a statistic. "At least 100,000 Iraqis
were killed by American bombs and missiles before the Iraqi
insurgency began." This is probably some mangling of a
controversial estimate of Iraqi civilian fatalities
published in The Lancet in 2004 and based, it
was claimed, on standard epidemiological
methods.' (Aaronovitch, 'The great war
of words,' The Times, March 18, 2006)

An op-ed in the Washington Times commented in December 2004:

'Or how about the constantly cited figure of 100,000 Iraqis killed
by Americans since the war began, a statistic that is thrown
about with total and irresponsible abandon by opponents
of the war.' (Helle Dale, 'Biased coverage in Iraq,'
Washington Times, December 1, 2004)

As we described at the time, the 'mainstream' hosted all
 manner of confused and baseless criticisms of this kind.

By contrast, a recent BBC article noted of the Syrian war:

'Over seven years of war, more than 400,000 people have
 been killed or reported missing, according to the Syrian
Observatory for Human Rights.'

No-one, it seems, would dream of challenging such a high
 figure supplied by a clothes shop owner supporting
regime change in Syria from Coventry. Nobody
 challenges the SOHR's methodology, or
of statistics being thrown
about with
irresponsible abandon.

Why? Because
the 2004 and 2006 Lancet reports
seriously undermined the US-UK case for
conquering Iraq, whereas
a high Syria
death toll is used to
damn the Assad
government and
to make the case
for Western

In a 2015 interview with RT, Abdulrahman was asked
 how he could trust the hundreds of 'activists'
supplying information from Syria. Claiming
that 'I know all of the activists working for
the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights',
 Abdulrahman said that he had last visited
 Syria in 2000. He added: 'But I know some
 of the Observatory activists through
common friends.'

Innumerable 'mainstream' reports of atrocities blamed on
Syrian government and Russian forces have used SOHR
as a key source. One of the highest profile claims
concerned an alleged massacre of 108 people,
including 49 children, in Houla, Syria on May
 27, 2012. The claim dominated the
 Independent on Sunday's front
cover, which read:


The text beneath read:

'There is, of course, supposed to be a ceasefire, which the
brutal Assad regime simply ignores. And the international
 community? It just averts its gaze. Will you do the same?
Or will the sickening fate of these innocent children
you very, very angry?'

As so often, SOHR loomed large in these accusations.

 The BBC reported:

'The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said
more than 90 people had died in the 24 hours since
 midday on Friday.'

The Guardian described how SOHR was
Western 'silence':

'The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
 issued an unusually harsh statement in the wake of
 the deaths --- accusing Arab nations and the
international community of being "partners"
 in the killing --- "because of their silence
about the massacres that the Syrian
regime has committed".'

But the picture was not quite so clear cut. Two weeks later,
the BBC reported the head of the UN Supervision Mission
in Syria, Major General Robert Mood, as saying of Houla:

 'the circumstances that led to these tragic killings are
still unclear'. Mood commented significantly:
'Whatever I learned on the ground in Syria...
 is that I should not jump to conclusions.'

On June 27, a UN Commission of Inquiry said that in
apportioning blame, it 'could not rule out any of
these possibilities': a local militia, possibly
operating together with, or with the
acquiescence of, government security
forces; anti-government forces seeking
to escalate the conflict; or foreign groups
with unknown affiliation. In August of the
same year, UN investigators released a
further report, which stated that they
had 'a reasonable basis to believe
 that the perpetrators... were
aligned to the Government'.
 (Our emphasis)

SOHR is omnipresent in the great Syrian atrocity claims
that have gripped our media for years. On April 14th,
Donald Trump bombed Syria, in response to an
alleged Syrian government chemical weapons
attack on Douma one week earlier. Reuters

'Heavy air strikes on the Syrian rebel-held town of Douma
killed 27 people including five children, the Syrian
Observatory for Human Rights said.'

On April 7, 2017, Trump launched a missile assault on Syria
 just 72 hours after an alleged chemical weapons attack on
 Khan Sheikhoun. Reuters reported:

'The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said
 the attack killed at least 58 people and was believed to
have been carried out by Syrian government jets. It
caused many people to choke and some to foam
 at the mouth.

'Director Rami Abdulrahman told Reuters, the assessment
that Syrian government warplanes were to blame, was
based on several factors such as the type of aircraft,
including Sukhoi 22 jets, that carried out the raid.'

In August 2013, Barack Obama came close to launching a
massive attack on Syria in response to an alleged Syrian
government chemical weapons attack on Ghouta. The
BBC reported:

'The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a UK-
based group that gets its information from a network of
activists across Syria, later said it had confirmed at
least 502 deaths.'

The Los Angeles Times reported:

'The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, generally
 regarded as one of the most reliable sources of
information on casualty figures in Syria, says
has confirmed 502 deaths, including
children and 137 women.'

Last February, the BBC reported:

'The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based
monitoring group, said at least 250 people had been
 killed in [Syrian government and Russian] air strikes
 and artillery fire, since then.

'It said it was the highest 48-hour death toll since
a 2013 chemical attack on the besieged enclave.'

The power of these claims lies in the fact that Western
 journalists have been unable to report from 'rebel'-held
areas in Syria. Veteran Middle East correspondent
Patrick Cockburn, made the point:

'All wars always produce phony atrocity stories – along
 with real atrocities. But in the Syrian case, fabricated
 news and one-sided reporting have taken over the
news agenda to a degree probably not seen since
World War One... The real reason that reporting
 of the Syrian conflict has been so inadequate
that Western news organisations have
entirely outsourced their
coverage, to the
rebel side.'

'Rebel' claims relayed by SOHR and others have been
uncontested, because they originated from 'areas
controlled by people so dangerous, no foreign
journalist dare set foot among them'.

Many atrocity claims relayed by SOHR and others have
been sourced from the White Helmets group in Syria.

Former Guardian journalist Jonathan Cook comments:

'In the western corporate media narrative, the White
Helmets are a group of dedicated and selfless rescue
 workers. They are supposedly the humanitarians on
whose behalf a western intervention in Syria would
have been justified – before, that is, Syrian leader
 Bashar Assad queered their pitch - by inviting
 in Russia.

'However, there are problems with the White Helmets.
They operate only in rebel – read: mainly al-Qaeda
and ISIS-held – areas of Syria, and plenty of
evidence shows that they are funded by
the UK & US to advance both countries'
 far-from-humanitarian policy
in Syria.'

In 2016, political analyst Max Blumenthal wrote:

'The White Helmets were founded in collaboration with
 USAID's Office of Transitional Initiatives — the wing
that has promoted regime change around the world
— and have been provided with $23 million in
funding from the department.'

Liberal corporate journalists and politicians have been
 impressed by the fact that SOHR and White Helmets
claims have been supported by ostensibly forensic
analysis supplied by the Bellingcat website, which
 publishes 'citizen journalist' investigations. As we
noted in a recent alert, Bellingcat is funded by the
 National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which
 is funded by the US government and is 'a
notorious vehicle for US soft power'.

We could link to thousands of corporate media articles
citing SOHR as a source. As in the above examples,
the vast majority of these claims are directed at
the same targets – the Syrian government and
 its Russian ally. To monitor the BBC website
in 2013, for example, was to witness what
 appeared to be a relentless propaganda
campaign promoting (yet one more)
Western 'humanitarian intervention'.

This would seem to be an extraordinary scandal, not
just for the BBC, not just for British corporate media
and democracy, but for media & democracy globally.

And yet, our media database search finds exactly one
national UK newspaper article containing the terms
'Peter Hitchens' and 'Syrian Observatory'. That, of
course, was the original May 13 piece in the Mail
on Sunday in which Hitchens reported the UK
government's £194,769.60 funding of SOHR.

His report has been ignored.


US support of violent neo-Nazis in Ukraine:
and how NGOs Pretend to be on "the Left"
Watch this video before you attend
of the events.

Every day of the week
Free Food available for the vulnerable and homeless.
See below for details. Pass this on to anyone who
 might find it helpful:

Here's a list of where free food is available for homeless and
 vulnerable within Cardiff. Please feel free to comment on any
 incorrect information, add details or point out any omissions.
 Thank you.

8.30 till 7.30pm - The Huggard Centre - Provides free soup
(home-made) and bread to anyone who calls in 7 days a week,
365 days of the year. Huggard offers free meals on many days
of the week (including weekends) which are cooked by
volunteers and served late afternoon. Huggard also provides
 home cooked meals and hot/cold drinks at greatly subsidised
 (a typical meal is £1.50) prices and ‘give-aways’ on a (first
come first served) regular basis through food stuffs nearing
their sell-by-date. If a homeless person has no income we
may be able to provide free food vouchers. A visit to our
centre and a chat to our kitchen staff will keep you in
 touch with what’s on offer.
The morning breakfast run - provided by The Wallich,
7.30am – Central Station, car park behind Burger King,
 8am – Top (where it meets Queens Street) of St. Johns
 Street, the Hayes, 8.30am – Museum steps.
8pm till 9pm - Paradise Run behind M & S.


10am till 12noon - Conway Road Methodist church in Canton.
6.30pm till 8pm - Salvation Army, Purple Bus
opposite Museum.
5.30pm till 7.30 pm - The Tavs Centre, Tavistock Road, Roath.
11pm till 12 Midnight - Private run by Hamish,
who drives around.

6.30pm till 8pm - Salvation Army,
Purple Bus opposite Museum.
9pm till 10pm - Private run by Coffee4Craig,
Museum steps.

6.30pm till 8pm - Salvation Army,
Purple Bus opposite Museum.
11pm - Private run by Margaret Ashford,
Cyncoed Methodist Church, who drives around.

11am - Calvary Baptist Church, Cowbridge Rd East.
6.30pm till 8.30pm - Salvation Army,
Purple Bus opposite Museum.
12 Midnight - Private run by Andy Webb,
who drives around.

11am - Brunch - The Tavs Centre, Tavistock Road, Roath.
12 Noon till 3.30pm - Food not Bombs,
Vegan food outside Central Market.
6.30 till 8.30pm - Salvation Army,
Purple Bus opposite Museum.

12 Noon - Rainbow of Hope, Broadway, off Newport Road.
12 Noon - St Peters Youth Hall, Bedford St, off City Road.
3pm - Amerpreet Singh Khalsa, Langer Seva society, the
 Queen Street end of Newport Road, outside Greggs and
Coffee#1. Any leftovers are then taken around those who
 sleep rough on the streets, but are reluctant to give up
their spots.
6.30pm - The City Temple, Cowbridge Rd East.

3pm till 4pm - The City Tabernacle on the Hayes.
5.30pm till 7pm - The Tavs Centre, Tavistock Road, Roath.
6.30pm till 8.30pm – Salvation Army,
Purple Bus opposite Museum.

11am - 1st, 3rd and 4th Saturday of every month,
The Saturday service, ‘Christian worship with a
hot meal’, Dewi Sant, St Andrews Crescent.

12 till 2.00pm, meal served at 12:30pm – 2nd and 4th
Saturday of every month, Quaker House, Charles Street

10.00am till 3.00pm, Mon to Friday - The Real Junk
 Food Project, Embassy Cafe, Cathays Youth &
Community Centre – Pay what you can afford.

Cuadrilla have no social licence to frack here
 or anywhere in Lancashire. We need to let
 them know this!

Thanks, you!
Anti-frackers RISING UP!

Doyle Vic posts:
Cheeky publicly funded profiteers cuadrilla are
bypassing environmental laws - make sure the
environment agency know that tax payers and
citizens will not allow such filthy shabbiness -

Stop Cuadrilla from breaking the rules on fracking

Faslane peace camp
always welcomes visitors...

you can come, any day.
We are located at Shandon near
Helensburgh the postcode
G84 8HL

Jump on the 316 bus to Coulport
 ...hope to see you soon.

It's Our NHS
There's a lot of anger about the chaos in the NHS.
A great letter in the Peterborough Telegraph
up with a very practical solution.

Shall we have a referendum?
SIGN UP bit.ly/2kWyuW8

forward planning and action to take in...
Keep up to date with CAAT’s campaigns – Sign up to
 our email bulletin and follow latest developments on


Beit Sahour - Palestine!
Hosted by To Be There
and Singer cafe

Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance Community
An alliance of people spied on by Britain's political
secret police.
Follow us on Twitter @copscampaign

The sooner you can send in an account and any photos/video
 of arrests to Green and Black Cross (GBC), the better. Key
information to include for a witness statement is:
- When, where, who
- What else was happening on site? E.g. was the road closed
 bypolice, were other people/actions blocking the road?
- Any photos or videos of arrests or immediately before/after
You can find a witness statement template and some
advice on drafting statements on the GBC website here:
Please send all materials to gbclegal@riseup.net.


gwlad !
Land Ownership in Britain is one of the most unequal
 in the world. 0.3% of the population owns 69% of
 the land. More than a third is still owned by the
aristocracy whose ancestors seized it during
the Norman Conquest. During the enclosures
 our ancestors were violently thrown off the land
 and much of our current common land is being
 privatised. This affects us all, making our lives
 unaffordable and limiting our choices. As a
contribution to the week of action for land
 rights called by the Land Justice Network
 we organised a peaceful stroll in the
countryside around Stroud,

Remember that access to the land in the UK has
been won by mass trespass in the past and this
 peaceful and symbolically powerful tool can
work for us again. #RisingUp

Learn more about the issue here:

Our demands for change centre around:

1 – Distributed Ownership and Control
2– Long Term Stewardship, Not
Short Term Profit
3 –Increases in Land Value
should be Given to Society
4 – Proactive Community-centred Planning
5 – Transparency

For more details:

1932 and 1992 – Kinder Scout Trespass UK

Workers in cities and towns were not allowed access to walk
 on land around their homes and areas of natural beauty nearby.
 The land was privately held and often used as hunting grounds
for the wealthy. In 1932 over 400 people from Manchester and
Sheffield participated in a mass trespass on Kinder Scout in
the Peak District. They notified the local press and as a result
were met & had scuffles with game keepers & then the police;
five men were subsequently jailed. The movement that was kick
 started by this action led to the creation of our National Parks
 after World War II. The 60th anniversary of this event in 1992
was celebrated with another mass trespass. This started a
new movement that lead to the 'Right To Roam' Countryside
 and Rights of Way Act of 2000. This act gave a new right
access to most areas of open country in England
and Wales.

 Tony Benn - 10 min History
Lesson for human beings

HERE ( where you are)
NOW! (When you see this / have a moment - only a moment)
Please paste the link & easy as pie, send a letter to your MP.


Open University Closed to Cubans –
 End the OU ban on Cuban students

It is Cubans who continue to help with medical support, in
disasters around the world. Trump wants the US blockade
 continued, yet Cuba is a wonderful country with superb
 people who deserve to widen their education and feel
 accepted by the world. And anyway, is the OU no
 longer British? What would Harold Wilson
said about all this nonsense?


The news most see is massaged by an elite which
feeds off death & destruction (the BBC's Deputy
Head, for example, is the ex head of BAE, the
UK's near monopoly arms exporting company).

We need a strong committed Peace Movement
in Wales, which is not afraid to challenge the
Guardian-reading middle-class "leaders" ---
who keep backing the elite's wars in the
name of a fake "humanitarianism".

Please contact us here rayjoseph05@aol.com
and we can hold a meeting to found a valleys
led Peace Movement, that walks the walk.

In the meantime, paste this link into your browser
if you'd like to see the pictures the BBC and UK's
boss media did not want you to see -- it explodes
  the lies of an "evil Syrian regime" -- by showing
Aleppo people after Syria's army liberated them.



Syrian Army Tribute for 2016

Since 2011, the Syrian armed forces have
 been fighting terrorists. It's time for the world
 to recognize them all, as our brothers in arms
against terrorism. Time to stand with Syria
 and not against it.


Stop The War Coalition

Stop the War Coalition

Web: http://stopwar.org.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/STWuk

WAR = PROFIT [Documentary]


 Syria: Civil War or NATO War of
 Aggression for Regime Change?

Speakers: Journalist Vanessa Bealey
 & Rev. Andrew Ashdown

Since 2011, Syria has been in the grip of a most
 vicious war which has left hundreds of thousands
 dead, millions displaced internally, in appalling
 conditions in refugee camps in neighbouring
 countries, or perishing on their hazardous
journey to seek safety in Europe. The
 ramifications of this war which has targeted
 Syria’s infrastructure, its multi-ethnic, multi-
faith social fabric, and its territorial integrity,
 reaches far beyond Syria’s borders and
 threatens regional and global peace.

Journalist, Vanessa Beeley, and Rev. Andrew
Ashdown who have returned from recent peace
 and fact-finding missions in Syria, will discuss
 the origins and nature of the war in Syria, the
 role of the media and humanitarian NGOs in
 constructing public opinion in favour of a
western military intervention, and the
current prospects for reconciliation
 and peace.

Vanessa Beeley is a contributor to 21WIRE. She is
 a member of the Steering Committee of the Syria
 Solidarity Movement, and a volunteer with the
Global Campaign to Return to Palestine. She
represented Yemen at the UNHRC in March
2016 testifying on Saudi Coalition use of cluster
 bombs on civilian targets. Vanessa lived in Gaza
 during 2012 Israeli bombardment and after several
 trips to Gaza, launched the FB page, the Wall Will Fall
 “to raise awareness but also to convey the idea that
 through education, awareness and the development
 of our own consciousness we can bring down all
walls that keep us in ignorance and far from the
Truth”. In August 2016, she spent a week in Syria
with the US Peace Council, and a further 3 weeks
 travelling independently throughout Syria,
 including Aleppo.

Rev. Andrew Ashdown led a UK peace delegation for
 a fact-finding and pastoral visit to Syria in August.
This was Rev Ashdown’s fifth visit to Syria since
April 2014. The delegation included Rev. Michael
Nazir-Ali, former Bishop of Rochester and cross
bench peers, Baroness Cox and Lord Hylton. Rev.
Ashdown describes the journey which has been

 heavily criticized in the mainstream media and
by establishment politicians as “a pastoral visit,
to visit the people and listen to their voices. We
 were invited by Church leaders and faith leaders.
We met an enormous number of people from right
across the religious and sectarian spectrum and
 different political views. The purpose was to
listen to the people and to see the situation
for ourselves and to share the message
 when we return”.

Let's invite them to Wales!

needed now in WALES

Please read this article and then ask yourself
if YOU could be a Peace Movement 'leader' in
mobilising people to demand that the
UK government --- stop helping terrorists !!!

US UK and France now air
force for terrorists in Syria

by Finian Cunningham

For nearly 6 years, Washington & its allies have
 got away with playing a cynical double game in
 Syria’s war. But now the mask is slipping...... to
the ugly face of Western involvement –
it is openly
siding with terrorists.

Russia was correct to veto a French-sponsored draft
resolution at the UN Security Council this weekend.
 Along with the US and UK's vigorous support, the
French proposal centred on halting military flights
over the besieged northern Syrian city of Aleppo.

As Russia’s foreign ministry commented, the French
 initiative was tantamount to giving air cover for
 insurgents, dominated by the internationally
 proscribed terrorist group Jabhat al Nusra.

 In short, a no-fly zone protecting terrorists would
 have been imposed --- in violation of Syria's
rights, and international law.

An alternative draft resolution put forward by Russia
was subsequently nixed by the US, UK and France.
 The Russian proposal was aimed at reviving the
 ceasefire arrangement declared last month by US
 Secretary of State John Kerry & Moscow’s Foreign
 Minister Sergey Lavrov. It reiterated the need for
 anti-government militants to dissociate from the
 proscribed terrorist groups affiliated with al
Qaeda, including al Nusra and Daesh (ISIS).

Russia is calling for a general ceasefire, but
 it does not specify the condition of halting
military flights over Aleppo.

If France and its Western allies were genuine about
 wanting to stop the violence, then why don’t they get
 behind the Kerry-Lavrov deal? They have evidently
abandoned that ceasefire arrangement because it
 was exposing Western claims about supporting
 “moderate rebels” as distinct from “extremists”
as a fallacy.

That the Kerry-Lavrov truce was immediately violated
 by the insurgents and that there was no separation
 of “moderates” and “extremists” showed once and
 for all that Western claims of supporting “legitimate
 rebels” are a farce. Washington, London and Paris
 are patently backing a terrorist army fighting for
 their objective of regime change in Syria.

Since Syria and its Russian ally resumed offensive
 operations to take the key battleground city of
 Aleppo on September 22, the Western sponsors
 of the terror proxies have become increasingly
 shrill, in a media blitz to thwart that offensive.

The US, UK and France have decried “war crimes”
 allegedly committed by Syrian and Russian air
 strikes. John Kerry, ahead of the weekend spat
at the UN, called for a probe into suspected
war crimes attributed to Russia.

The Western media has been saturated with
 unverified reports from the militant-held east
 Aleppo, purporting to show Syrian & Russian
 air strikes on civilian centres --- including
hospitals. Much of the information coming
out of east Aleppo is sourced from Western-
funded “activists” who are embedded with
 the Nusra terrorists. Tellingly, Western
media and governments are, in effect,
peddling what is terrorist propaganda.

The Russian and Syrian governments deny the
West's claims. They say their military operations
 are targeting terrorist groups deliberately using
the 250,000 civilian population in east Aleppo,
 as human shields.

It is significant that the more the Syrian army and
its allies among Iranian, Lebanese & Iraqi militia,
 as well as Russian air support, make advances
retake Aleppo, the more hysterical Western

 governments and media become, about
 “war crimes”.

If we start from the premise that the conflict in Syria
 has - from the outset - been a Western-orchestrated
covert war for regime change involving sponsoring
 a terrorist mercenary army --- then the Western
 hysteria on Aleppo is perfectly understandable.

A defeat for the insurgents in Aleppo means an end
to the Western criminal enterprise to install a pro-
Western puppet regime in Syria. That would mark
historic blow to the prestige of Washington &
European allies in the Middle East. It would
further expose their criminal complicity.

By contrast, Russian influence in the strategic
 region would be elevated, & for good reasons
 too. Moscow will be seen as having stood by a
sovereign nation to vanquish Western powers
-- who have wreaked havoc in the region with
illegal wars and regime-change subterfuges.

Given the high stakes, this is why Western powers
 are evidently becoming more desperate to impede
 Syrian and Russian military success against the
 insurgents. Western emotive denunciations of
Syria & Russia have nothing to do with concern
 for human suffering. It is all about contriving a
 moralistic political pressure --- to hamper the
 campaign against the West’s terrorist project.

Seen in this context, France's call at the UN for a
 no-fly zone around Aleppo is a startling admission
 by Western powers that they are trying to protect
terrorist al Qaeda-affiliated organizations. It is a
 stunning revelation of the fraudulent & criminal
 nature of Western governments. Their claim of
'fighting terrorism' which has justified overseas
 wars over the past 15 years, are self-evidently
bogus. Their claim to be supporting a “pro-
democracy uprising” in Syria, is grotesque.

This gigantic fraud has, of course, been made
 possible because Western media corporations
have gone along with the vile charade. These
 media organizations are equally complicit.
 Giving succor to war crimes, is in itself a
war crime, as the international attorney,
 Christopher Black, points out.

Meanwhile, away from Aleppo and the West's
 distortion of what is happening there, the
 alternative media report that the US-led
military coalition is destroying bridges
the Euphrates, in the eastern
province of
Deir ez-Zor.

According to the Syrian Free Press & others,
 US air strikes have demolished seven major
river crossings over the past week. The latest
strike was on al Syasia bridge north of the city
 of Deir ez-Zor, the largest bridge in the province.

Targeting civilian infrastructure is a war crime. It
 will prevent humanitarian aid convoys reaching
 civilians in government-held Deir ez-Zor. But,
 more significantly, the French & USUK coalition
 – which is operating illegally in Syria in the first
place – is working to block the Syrian army and
 Russian offensive against the Daesh terrorist
 stronghold of Raqqa. The bridges knocked out
 were providing key links for the Syrian and
 Russian forces to move from Deir ez-Zor,
 towards Raqqa.

The US-led air strikes also give full meaning to
 the deadly US attack on the Syrian army base
 at Deir ez-Zor on September 17. Over 60 Syrian
 troops died & nearly 200 more were wounded,
 when US, UK & Australian warplanes blasted
 the base in a sustained attack. Washington
claimed it was an “accident”.

But to many other observers, the massacre was no
 accident. It was a deliberate assault by the Western
 coalition to end the Kerry-Lavrov pact, because the
 failing ceasefire, was exposing the systemic terror
 connections of the Western governments in Syria.

Washington & its allies aren't just trying to give
 air cover to the terrorists in Syria, indirectly, by
 setting up so-called no-fly zones. They are now,
 evidently, giving the terrorists air fire-power.

As in the NATO regime-change war in Libya,
 in 2011, the US, UK and France, are riding
shotgun in the air for terrorists on the ground.

And the truly disgusting thing about this criminal
 collusion, is that the Western powers claim to be
 concerned about international law, war crimes
and human suffering.

Western "Leftwing" are Hypocrites

A newsletter from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
CND was disgusted by Clive Lewis's speech at Labour
Party Conference, as a review looks like being ducked,
and we call on all local constituency parties to hold
meetings and make their positions known.
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Unreliability, spinelessness
of the western 'left'

by: Andre Vltchek

It is tough to fight any real war. And it takes
guts, discipline & determination to win it.

For years and decades, the so-called 'left' in the West
has been moderately critical of North American (and
sometimes even of European) imperialism and neo-
colonialism. But whenever an individual or country
rose up and began openly challenging the Empire,
 most of the Western left-wing intellectuals simply
closed their eyes, and refused to offer their full,
unconditional support to those putting their
lives (and often even the existence of

their countries) on the line.

I will never forget all those derogatory punches
directed at Hugo Chavez, punches coming from
 members of the 'anti-Communist left', after he
 dared to insult George W. Bush at the United
Nations in 2006, calling him a "devil" and
choking, theatrically, from the sulfur that
was still 'hanging in the air' after the US
President's appearance at the General

I will not be dropping names here, but readers
would be surprised if they knew how many of
 those iconic leaders of the US left described
 Chavez and his speech as --- 'impolite',
productive', and even 'insulting'.

Western Imperialism killed tens of millions

Tens of millions of people have died because of
Western imperialism, after WWII. Under the horrid
leadership of George W Bush, Afghanistan and
have been reduced to ruins... But one has
remain 'polite', 'objective' and cool headed?

Well, that is not how real revolutions have been
 ignited. This is not how the successful anti-
colonialist wars are fought. When the real
battle begins, 'politeness' is actually mostly
 unacceptable, simply because the oppressed
 masses are endlessly pissed off, and they
want their feelings to be registered and
expressed by the leaders.

 Even the search for 'objectivity' is often out of
place, when still fragile revolutions have to face
 the entire monumental hostile propaganda of
the regime - of the Empire.

But the question is: do most of the Western leftists
 really support revolutions and anti-colonialist
struggles of the oppressed world?

I believe they don't. And this is clearly visible from
 reading most of the so-called alternative media
in both North America and Europe.

Whoever stands up, whoever leads his nation into
 battle against the Western global dictatorship, is
almost immediately defined as a demagogue. He
 or she is most likely christened 'undemocratic',
and not just by the mass and 'liberal' media, but
also on the pages of the so-called 'alternative'
 and 'progressive' Western press. Not all, but
some, and frankly: most of it!

Chavez actually received very little support from
 Western 'left-wing' intellectuals. And now when
 Venezuela is bleeding, the 'Bolivarian Republic'
can only count on a handful of revolutionary
Latin American nations, as well as on China,
Iran and Russia; definitely not on the robust,
organized and militant solidarity from
 Western countries.

Cuba received even less support than Venezuela.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, no attempt
was actually made by Western leftists to bail the
 heroic nation out. It was China, in the end, which
ran to its rescue and saved Cuban socialism.

 (When I wrote about it, I got hundreds of Western
leftists at my throat, and in the end it took Fidel
to confirm, in his 'Reflections', what I was saying,
 to get them off my back). Then, when the Obama
 administration began making dangerous advances
on Havana, almost everyone in the West began
screwing those cynical grimaces: 'you see; now
 everything will collapse! They will buy Cuba!'

They didn't. I travelled to the beloved green island,
and it was so clear from the first moment there,
that the 'revolution is not for sale'. But you will
 not read it often in the Western 'progressive'
It is of course not just Latin America that is 'disliked'
by the progressives in the West. Actually, Latin
America is still at least getting some nominal
 support there.

Western Left despises China and Russia

China and Russia, two powerful nations, which are
now standing openly against Western imperialism,
are despised by virtually all 'liberals' and by most
of the Western 'left'. In those circles, there is total
ignorance about the Chinese type of democracy,
about its ancient culture, and about it's complex
but extremely successful form of Communism
'socialism with Chinese characteristics').

Like parrots, the Western leftists repeat 'liberal'
 propaganda that 'China is being capitalist', or
that it is being ruled by 'state capitalism'. The
internationalism of Chinese foreign policy
constantly played down, even mocked.

The hostility of the Western 'left' towards
China has disgusted many Chinese leaders
 and intellectuals. I only realized the extent
of this revulsion, when I spoke last year at
the First World Cultural Forum in Beijing,

and mingled with the thinkers at the
Academy of Social Sciences,
the right
(intellectual) arm of the
and the Party.

China can count on its allies in Russia, Latin America,
 Africa and elsewhere, but definitely not in the West.

It is pointless to even mention Russia or South Africa.

Russia, 'the victim' during the horrid Yeltsin years
was 'embraced' by the Western left. Russia the
warrior, Russia the adversary to Western
 imperialism, is, once again, loathed.

It appears that the 'progressives' in the United
States and Europe really prefer 'victims'. They can,
 somehow, feel pity and even write a few lines about
 the 'suffering of defenseless women and children' in
the countries that the West is plundering and raping.
That does not extend to all countries that are being
 brutalized, but at least to some...

What they don't like at all, are strong men and women
 that have decided to fight: to defend their rights, to
 face the Empire.

And now...Syria and DPRK

The Syrian government is hated. The N. Korean
 government is despised. The President of the
 Philippines is judged by Western liberal
measures: as a vulgar freak who
is killing
thousands of 'innocent' drug
pushers and
consumers (definitely
not as a possibly
new Sukarno,
who is willing to send the

entire West to hell).

Whatever the Western 'left' thinks about North
Korea and its government (and in fact, I think,
it cannot really think very much, as it is fully
ignorant about it), the main reason why the
 DPRK is hated so much by the West regime,
is because it, together with Cuba, basically
liberated Africa. It fought for the freedom
of Angola and Namibia, it flew Egyptian
MIGs at Israel, it struggled in Rhodesia
 (Zimbabwe) -- as well as in many other
 countries, and it sent aid, teachers and
 doctors to that continent: devastated
 by the Western colonialist barbarity.

Much good it received in return! At best,
indifference, at worse, total spite!
Some say that the Western 'left' doesn't want to
take power, anymore. It lost all of its important
 battles. It became toothless, impotent, and
angry about the world and itself.

When in January 2016 I spoke at the Italian
Parliament (ending up insulting the West for its
global plunder, hypocrisy), I mingled a lot with
 the 5 Star Movement, which had actually invited
 me to Rome. I spent time with its radical left wing.
There are some great people there, but overall, it
 soon became clear that this, potentially, biggest
political movement in the country, is actually
horrified of coming to power! It does not
want to govern.

But then, why call those weak bizarre selfish Western
 entities - the 'left wing'? Why confuse terms, and by
 that, why discredit those true revolutionaries, those
true fighters, who are risking, sacrificing their lives,
right now, all over the world?
Wars are all extremely ugly. I have covered many of
them, and I know.. But some of them, those that are
 fought for the survival of humanity, or for survival
particular countries, are inevitable. One either

fights, or the whole Planet ends up colonized
and oppressed, in shackles.

If one decides to fight, then there has to be discipline
 and single-mindedness; total determination. Or the
 battle is lost from the very beginning!

When the freedom and survival of one's motherland
is at stake, things get very serious, 'dead-serious'.
Battle is not a discussion club. It is not some chat.

If we, as 'leftists', have already once decided that
imperialism and colonialism (or 'neo-colonialism')
 are the greatest evils destroying our humanity,
then we have to show discipline and join ranks,
and support those who are at the frontline.

Otherwise we will become an irrelevant
laughingstock, and history will and

should, judge us harshly!
Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker
 and investigative journalist. He covered wars and
conflicts in dozens of countries. His latest books
are: "Exposing Lies Of The Empire" and  "Fighting
 Against Western Imperialism".  Discussion with
Noam Chomsky: On Western Terrorism. Point of
No Return is his critically acclaimed political
novel. Oceania - a book on Western imperialism
in the South Pacific. His provocative book about
Indonesia: "Indonesia - The Archipelago of Fear".
Andre is making films for teleSUR and Press TV.
 After living for many years in Latin America and
Oceania, Vltchek presently resides and works in
East Asia and the Middle East. He can be
reached through his website or his Twitter.

Dear friends,
HP is the technology behind Israel's regime of occupation and segregation. With our week of action we showed them that no matter where they operate across the world, we will be there to say that profiting from apartheid and human rights abuses is not acceptable.

Join us in our campaign to Stop HP!

If you haven’t already, make sure you sign the pledge not to buy any
HP products until they pull out of their contracts with Israel.
Pledge to Boycott HP
Why are people all over the world taking action against HP? 

HP (Hewlett Packard) plays a key role in the occupation and violation of Palestinian rights. HP profits from oppression, by providing the Israeli naval forces the technology to enforce the siege of Gaza. HP also enables Israel's mass detention and imprisonment of Palestinians, through biometric ID systems that segregate Palestinians from Jewish Israelis, and much more.

We need you to get involved and support us.

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Israel harvesting slain Palestinians' organs:
Palestine’s UN envoy

The Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations
 says the Tel Aviv regime is harvesting the organs
of Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli
in the occupied territories.

Riyad Mansour says in a letter to UN Secretary
 General Ban Ki-moon, that the bodies of those
Palestinians killed by Israeli
forces, are being
“returned with missing corneas
and other
organs --- further confirming past
about organ harvesting by the

 occupying power.”

“A medical examination conducted on bodies
of Palestinians returned after they were killed
 by the occupying power, found that they were
missing organs,” Mansour wrote in the letter.

The Palestinian envoy further protests Israel’s
 “persistent aggression against the Palestinian
 people” over the past month and the regime’s
“insistence on the use of violent force and
 oppressive measures.”

The issue of organ theft by Israel was first
exposed in a report published by Sweden’s
most popular daily, Aftonbladet, in 2009.

The New York Times also said, in an August
2014 report that transplant brokers in Israel
 have pocketed enormous sums of money.

Based on the Times analysis of major organ
 trafficking cases since 2000, Israelis have
played a ‘disproportionate role’ in organ

The Palestinians Mansour was referring
 to were killed in the occupied territories,
where tensions have dramatically risen
in recent weeks.

The Israeli regime’s imposition of new
in August on the entry of
Palestinian worshipers
to the al-Aqsa
Mosque compound in East al-Quds

(Jerusalem) has become a lightning
rod for the
surge in confrontations.

According to the latest figures by the Palestinian
 Health Ministry, at least 74 Palestinians have lost
their lives at the hands of Israeli forces since the
beginning of October. At least 11 Israelis have
also been killed during that period.

The bodies of Palestinian victims, are most
often held in Israeli custody for long periods
of time, before they're returned to relatives.

William Spring, a human rights activist from
London, says that this revelation will “deal
a terrible blow” to Israel, and particularly
its US supporters.

Referring to the supporters of Israel in the US,
 as “Christian-Zionists,” the commentator says
 that, despite all their enthusiasm for the Israeli
 regime, they are against such measures as:
 experiments on fetuses, abortion, or
harvesting organs.

“I can see a great defection and a great
 falling away of Christian-Zionists, who've
supported Israel - up until now,” he says.


Corporations Are
Running The World

by Aisha Dodwell

Of the 100 wealthiest economic entities in the world,
69 are now corporations and only 31 are countries.

 This is up from 63 to 37 a year ago. At this rate,
within a generation we will be living in a world
 entirely dominated by giant corporations.

As multinationals increasingly dominate areas
 traditionally considered the primary domain of
the state --- we should be afraid. While they
privatise everything from education & health
 to border controls and prisons, they stash
profits away in secret offshore accounts.

And while they have unrivalled access to decision
 makers they avoid democratic processes by setting
up secret courts enabling them to bypass all judicial
 systems applicable to people.

Meanwhile their raison d’etre of perpetual growth in a
 finite world is causing environmental destruction and
driving climate change.

From Sports Direct’s slave-like working conditions to
 BP’s oil spill devastating people’s homes, stories of
 corporations violating rights are all too often seen
in our daily papers.

Yet the power of corporations is so great within our
 society, that they have undermined the idea that
 there is any other way to run things. We're all too
 familiar with hearing about the threat of “losing
 corporate investment” or companies “taking their
business somewhere else” as if the government’s
number one task is to attract corporate investment.

It is this corporate agenda that permeates the
governing institutions of the global economy
-- like
the World Trade Organisation and the
Monetary Fund - whose policies
and operations have
given more importance
to the “rights” of big business
than the rights
and needs of people and the

The problem of unrestrained corporate power is
massive, and it requires a massive solution. That
is why Global Justice Now has launched a petition
 to the UK government --- demanding that it backs
the new UN initiative for a legally binding global
 treaty on transnational corporations and
 human rights.

This UN treaty is the result of campaigning by
 countries from across the Global South --- for
 international laws to regulate the activities of
 transnational corporations. In June 2014 they
 successfully got a resolution passed in the
UN Human Rights Council, establishing the
 need for such a treaty.

A working group of member states has been set up
to take the treaty forward, chaired by Ecuador, they
 have met once already in 2015, and have the next
 meeting scheduled for October 2016, to discuss
 the scope and content of the treaty.

Meanwhile, civil society groups from across the world
 have come together and formed the Treaty Alliance
 movement --- which aims to make sure the treaty
comes into being with truly meaningful content.

Although it may sound like a boring technical
process, this treaty is something we should
excited about because it provides a huge

opportunity in the fight to restrain corporate
 power. It has massive potential to withdraw
 the privileges that corporations have gained
over recent decades --- and force them to
with international human rights
law, international labour
law, and
environmental standards.

It would oblige governments to take the power
 of corporations seriously, and hold them to
account for the power they wield.

This would standardise how different governments
 relate to multinationals --- which means that rather
 than allowing them to play countries off against
one another in a race to the bottom, it would
minimum standards.

But the UK government, well known for its cosy
 relationship with corporations, has so far refused
 to take part in this UN treaty. And the UK are not
 alone: most other EU countries are also opposed
to the treaty.

We need to make sure our government does not
pass up this rare opportunity: to provide genuine
protection for the victims of human rights abuses
 committed by multinational corporations & place
 binding obligations on all governments, to hold
corporations to account for their impact(s)
on people
and the planet.

That’s why groups across the continent are joining
 forces to make sure their leaders participate in the
Geneva talks this October.

The petition urges governments across Europe
 to participate in the Geneva talks --- and will be
delivered to national & EU leaders on October 12.

Of course, the battle against corporate power has
 many fronts and the UN treaty is only one part of it.
 At the same time, we need to continue to develop
 alternative ways to produce and distribute the
 goods and services we need.

We need to undermine the notion that only massive
 corporations can make the economy and society

Food sovereignty and energy democracy are just two
 examples of how it is possible to build an economy
 without corporations.

But as long as corporations do play a role in our
 economy, we need to find ways to control their
 activity and prevent abuses.

This is why we need to fight for this UN treaty.

The alternative is that we continue to rush towards
the dystopian vision of unchallenged corporate
 power. We cannot allow this to happen. We
 must fight back.

Aisha Dodwell is campaigns and policy
 officer at Global Justice Now.

You can sign the petition at:


Article taken, in part, from:


Jack Straw - War Criminal

New email leaks show Jack Straw was very
grateful for Brexit -- for the most vile reason.

The Canary - New email leaks reveal that Straw,
the Foreign Secretary in Blair’s government,

was very grateful for Brexit. Not because it
gave the UK public a say in the direction
their country, but because it created
distraction from the publication of
Chilcot Report !

Brexit’s “silver lining”, according to Blair’s
 co-architect of the 2003 invasion of Iraq,
was that it buried the Chilcot Report,
alongside the millions who died
 as a result of the war.

Straw tells Powell: ‘We’ve got to spin this right’

According to the leaks, on 4th July (2 days
 before publication of the Chilcot Report),
Straw emailed former US Secretary of State
 Powell, his accomplice in the Iraq invasion.

He wanted to discuss an ''appropriate
to the upcoming release
of the inquiry.

Straw had drafted a statement which he thought
 Powell “should see”, as it referenced him. After
 welcoming Powell’s feedback on the statement,
Straw turned his attention to the current political
 climate in the UK, and the effect it might have
on the reception of the Chilcot Report:

    "Meanwhile, as you will have seen, British politics
 is in the most extraordinary phase I’ve ever known.
The only silver lining of the Brexit vote is that it
will reduce medium term attention on Chilcot –
 though it will not stop the day of publication
 being uncomfortable."

For Straw, who had campaigned for the ‘Remain’
 camp in the EU referendum, there was a bright
side to Brexit. He believed that it would take
heat off the report into his government’s
in Iraq.

Was Straw right? Did the report
 on Blair’s invasion fall flat?

6 July, the day the Chilcot Report was published,
there was wall-to-wall coverage. The Guardian
alone published
over 40 articles that day. But
8th July, that number had shrunk to 11.
within one week, the coverage had

whittled down to almost nothing.

The BBC also published dozens of news articles on
the report the day it was released. But its top-listed
 “Editor’s choice” section on the Chilcot Report,
 points its readers to very little coverage after
 that date.

Of course, there was an avalanche of other news
to cover: the Brexit fallout; the Labour coup; the
 Conservative Party’s own leadership battle after
David Cameron resigned. But it does appear that
 -- after an initial flurry of reporting on the Chilcot
findings, interest in it quickly dispersed.

Phew, we made it!

Straw and Powell communicated again about a
month later, musing on their countries’ reaction
 to the report. On 3rd August, Powell emailed the
previous Foreign Secretary to tell him the Chilcot
Report “didn’t amount to anything over here”. He
 explained that, in the US, Blair “was mentioned
a lot for a short period of time”, but all was
 quiet on the western front now.

Straw responded:

    "Yes, the Chilcot story has faded altogether here
 too. It was unpleasant on the day but almost all
the focus was on Tony [Blair]. But even for him
 it seems to have gone."

He added:

    "There is some stuff about some relatives of
 soldiers killed in Iraq trying to get a legal
action against Tony on its feet buy [sic]
it’s hard to see how that could work."

Families of British soldiers killed in Iraq have
 launched an appeal to fund a prosecution of
Tony Blair & other state officials “who might
 have acted unlawfully, or in excess of their
powers”. If they succeed, which Straw
obviously doubts, Blair’s defence will
paid for by the taxpayer, despite
former PM being a millionaire.

Scorched on our souls

Straw’s relief that the “unpleasant” attention
surrounding the Iraq War report had “faded”
 reveals an unsettling attitude towards one
 of the UK’s most disastrous decisions.

The invasion of Iraq was an absolute catastrophe.
Countless lives were lost, an entire region was
 thrown into chaos, terrorism blossomed, and
UK's reputation around the world,
was ruined.

But seemingly, all Straw can focus on
 is saving his own skin.

UK citizens, and all those around the world
affected by the decisions made here in the
 UK, deserve better architects than this.

The fact that we are all now acutely aware
 of that -- is the only true ‘silver lining’ of
disgusting episode in UK history.

Get Involved, please:

– Donate to the crowdfunding appeal seeking
 to hold those responsible for the war to account.


(they've now raised about £170,000)

– Take action with the Stop the War Coalition
against the militarisation of our world.



Justice For War Criminals

Plaid Cymru's Adam Price has started a petition
 aimed at securing a House of Commons debate
on the motion that Tony Blair acted in contempt
of Parliament when taking Britain to war in Iraq.

The petition reads:

“The Chilcot Report has presented a
 range of evidence that demonstrates
 that Parliament and the country were
 misled by Tony Blair in the run up to
 the war in Iraq.

"Parliament should now agree a process
 by which it can hold the former Prime
Minister to account.”

To get this Parliamentary debate considered,
 needs 100,000 signatures by Jan. 20th, 2017.

To sign the petition, please go here:


Here's John McDonnell, in a speech
congratulating DPAC and explaining
how solidarity can defeat these cuts.

What's disability got to do with peace?
Try being disabled, or a woman, or
elderly, or of a different race, or
gay, or vulnerable, in a land
where "dog eats dog" !!!

Protestors block Westminster Bridge
 over government disability cuts

A group from Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)
 blocked Westminster bridge for several hours last
 Wednesday, in protest against government cuts
 to disability benefits.

Protesters held large banners reading “No more
 deaths from benefit cuts.” The protest was met
 with a heavy police presence, which eventually
broke it up and at least 2 people were arrested.

DPAC said over 150 people, many in wheelchairs,
 attended the protest -- to call for better financial
support. The protest also drew attention to the
 treatment of disabled athletes at the
Paralympics’ games in Rio.

On its website, DPAC claimed, in 2015, that the
UK became the first country in the world to be
investigated by the United Nations for grave,
systematic violations of disabled people’s

"This is a direct result of the disproportionate
 impact of austerity on disabled people, and
the ideological attacks, waged by the Tory
government, which have seen disabled
 people and the poorest members of
society hit by cut after cut after cut.”

Another DPAC official said the protest was part
of a week of action to highlight changes to the
Personal Independence Payments (PIP) to help
 people aged 16 to 64 cope with extra costs, as
 well as the significant cuts of up to £30 a week
for some, who claim the Employment Support
 Allowance (ESA).

"It's the opening of the Paralympics tonight & we're
celebrating all the athletes, but the cuts that they're
 bringing through, mean that other peoples' lives,
going dramatically backwards," Ellen Clifford
said, at the event.

There are almost half a million sick and disabled
 people receiving the ESA benefit; these people
are likely to be unemployed for longer than
other jobseekers - who are not struggling
with disabilities or health difficulties.

Last year, the United Nations held an inquiry
 into whether the UK government welfare cuts
led to rights abuses and the death of over
2,000 disabled Britons.

This came after the Department of Work and
 Pensions, revealed that 2,380 people have
 died within six weeks of being declared "fit
 to work" by the government between 2011
 and 2014.

For more information see:


For access needs please contact


or 07505144371
 (text only)


All donations however small to help
are extremely valuable. To donate
 you can go via the paypal button
on the DPAC website...


 or to make a direct transfer contact:


The scream -- UK evil twisted and sick killers

Twenty-Four Hours in Yemen:

Devastation, Complicity,
Double Standards

"Let me ask you one question. Is your money
that good? Will it buy you forgiveness? Do
think that it could?" (Bob Dylan,
b 1941,
Masters of War.)

On Tuesday the 6th of September, twenty-four hour
monitoring by the country's Legal Centre for Rights
and Development (LCRD), recorded the bombings
by the Saudi led "coalition", armed by the US and
 UK, and ''advised'' by their military specialists.

Thus, the
collusion and co-operation of both countries

-- renders them both equally culpable for the carnage.
by Felicity Arbuthnot

Yemen has a population of just 24.41 million (2013
figure) and according to the Rural Poverty Portal:
"is one of the driest, poorest and least developed
 countries in the world. It ranks 140 out of 182
 countries on the United Nations Development
Programme's Human Development Index (2009).

An estimated 42 percent of the people are poor,
 and one Yemeni in five is malnourished. Poverty
is endemic, particularly in more remote and less
 accessible areas."

In the one day and night period covered here,
the capital Sana'a and Sa'dah, Marib, AlJawf,
Hajjah, and Hodeidah, were attacked.
Victims and damage:

Sana'a: Fourteen attacks, four air raids targeted
the communications network in Nqil Yeslih in
Sanhan Directorate.

Six air strikes targeting al Madfoon district
in Nehm Directorate.

Four strikes targeting Daboa'h in Nehm

Sa'dah province: Sixty nine attacks:

Forty five air raids targeted areas of Mandabah,
al-Magda and Asharaf and Gulal Shaibani in
Baqem district.

Airstrike targeted a government complex building
 led to the destruction of the building in Al-Daher

Another airstrike targeted a private sector stone
crusher in A-Daher Directorate.

Two air raids targeted Malaheeth District in
Al-Daher Directorate.

Two air raids targeted the Alhesamah District
in Shada'a Directorate . Five air raids targeted
 Al-Boqa' District in Kitaf Directorate.

Seven strikes on houses and farms destroyed
 three houses and four farms in Ibad area,
Baqim Directorate.

A strike targeted a house in the area of
Souda, Baqim Directorate.

Saudi rockets and artillery shelling targeted
 scattered areas in Razih District.

Five air strikes targeting Maran area in
 Haydan district.

Hajjah province: Seven raids targeted Midi District.

Hodeidah Province: One air raid led to a death in
 the area Alhemah District, al Khokhah Directorate.

Al-Jawf province: Eight strikes with a woman injured,
the targeting of a house resulted in the destruction
and damage to 15 nearby houses in Al Ghayl District.

Twelve mercenaries loyal to Saudi Coalition were
killed and nine injured by Saudi air raid targeting
 a house in Al Ghayl District.

Three air strikes destroyed a house and damaged
eighteen adjacent houses also in Al Ghayl District.

Three air strikes further targeted three farms
in Al Ghayl District.

Marib province: Two air raids targeting Sirwah
District and an air strike on Hylan Mountain
in Sirwah District.

This heartbreak, fear & destruction has rained
 down, in commensurate devastation, nearly
24 hours since March 2015.

Saudi Arabia is the
lead culprit, but in
the "coalition" are also
Egypt, Morocco,
Jordan, Sudan, United
Arab Emirates,
Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait.

Kuwait's theft of Iraqi oil

Ironic to remember Kuwait's "victim" status in 1990,
when Iraq was threatened with being "reduced to a

 pre-industrial age" - for taking revenge for Kuwait's
slant drilling theft oil from Iraq's Rumaila oil fields.

Now Kuwait, population just 3.369 million (2013) is
 now in the gang of murderous bullies decimating a
 poverty stricken country - no doubt as a thank you
 to Saudi Arabia for extending hospitality to their
ruling family when they fled ahead of the Iraq
troops --- leaving their subjects to face the
onslaught which their theft had generated.

Those who unleashed near Armageddon on Iraq over
an oil dispute, are either silent on, or participating
Yemen's nightmare - and, as ever, money is talking

-- and the US and Britain are selling the arms and
'planes, in billions of $s.

The further irony, is that, in September 2015, Faisal
bin Hassan Trad, Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to the
 UN in Geneva, was elected Chair of a United Nations
Human Rights Council (UNHRC) panel. At the time
UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer said: "It
 is scandalous that the UN chose a country that
beheaded more people this year than ISIS,
to be head
of a key human rights panel.
Petro-dollars and
politics have
trumped human rights."

In June this year Amnesty International called
Saudi Arabia to be stripped of its place on
the UNHRC,
with Richard Bennett, heading
Amnesty's UN
Office saying:

"The credibility of the UN Human Rights Council is
 at stake. Since joining the Council, Saudi Arabia's
dire human rights record at home has continued to
 deteriorate - & the coalition it leads has unlawfully
 killed and injured, thousands of civilians in the
conflict in Yemen. To allow it to remain an active
 member of the Council, where it has used this
 position to shield itself from accountability for
possible war crimes, smacks of deep hypocrisy.
It will bring the world's top human rights body
 into disrepute."

Strong evidence of war crimes

He continued: "The strong evidence of the
 commission of war crimes by a Saudi Arabian-led
 coalition in Yemen should have been investigated
by the Human Rights Council. Instead, Saudi Arabia
 cynically used its membership of the Council, to
derail a resolution to establish an international
investigation. As a member of the Human Rights
Council, Saudi Arabia is required to uphold the
highest standards of human rights. In reality,
has led a military coalition's unlawful and

deadly airstrikes on markets, hospitals and
 schools in Yemen. The coalition has also
repeatedly used internationally banned
weapons in civilian areas."

The double standards of the "international
community" and its UN "umbrella" is ever

Equally breathtaking is that in July, the UK refused
 to rule out electing Saudi to its place in the UNHRC
for a 2nd time -- in spite of Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein,
the UN's High Commissioner for Human Rights,
having stated that the "carnage" caused by some
Saudi coalition airstrikes appear to be war crimes.

But then, according to The Independent, the official
figures in January this year showed sales of British
 bombs and missiles to Saudi Arabia: "increased
100 times
in the three-month period since the start
of the
attacks on Yemen. The sales jumped from £9

million in the previous three months to £1 billion."

Arms sales above flesh and blood, terror,
heartbreak and humanity, every time.

The writer is indebted to the LCRD for the
 documentation of the attacks and for the
careful translation by Ameen Alharazi.



UK becomes the world’s
 2nd biggest arms dealer

The UK government has become the world’s second
 biggest arms dealer, with the bulk of its weapons
 fueling deadly conflicts in the Middle East,
according to official data.

According to the latest data, by the UK Trade and
 Investment body, a government unit that promotes
exports overseas, in the last ten years the UK’s

average arms sales exceeded that of Russia, China,
or France - and is second only to the United States.

According to a joint analysis by The Independent
and Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT),
from 2010 to 2015, the UK government has sold
 £10 billion in arms licenses, to at least 39 of the
 51 countries ranked “not free” on the (US-based)
Freedom House’s "Freedom in the world" report.

London has gone a step further and conducted £7.9
billion worth of arms deals, with 22 of the 30 states
 that are blacklisted by the UK government’s own
human rights watch list.

Interestingly, two-thirds of all exports over
the five years were sold to the Middle East,
where many countries are now ravaged by
 wars, resulting from Western intervention.

“The UK is one of the world’s most successful
defense (sic) exporters, averaging second place
 in the global rankings on a rolling ten-year basis,
 making it Europe’s leading defense exporter in
the period,” the UK government organization
boasts, in its report.

The Foreign Office keeps a “human rights priority
 countries” list --- which includes countries that it
deems as having “the worst, or greatest number
 of, human rights violations.”

Saudi Arabia, Israel and Bahrain are some of the
 customers on the controversial government list.

According to the Independent, the Saudis have gained
British bombs, missiles, and fighter jets -- which it has
 been using in its military aggression against Yemen --
which has killed about 10,000 people, since it began,
in March 2015.

Last year alone, London approved the sale of over
 £3 billion worth of weapons, to the Riyadh regime.

The UK has provided the Israeli regime with
drone components and targeting equipment.

Bahrain, another repressive Arab monarchy, has
also received machine guns from the UK, along
with special police training, that it has actively
been using to curb a years-long popular up-
rising against the ruling Al Khalifa family.

“These terrible figures expose the hypocrisy at
 the heart of UK foreign policy,” says Andrew
Smith, of CAAT.

“These regimes aren't just buying weapons, they
are also buying political support and legitimacy.

How likely is the UK to act against human rights
 violations in these countries --- when it is also
profiting from them?” he asks.

Corbyn's campaign is for a peaceful world
-- which is why warmongers and profiteers
are determined to turn us all against him...
Join CAAT and help with direct action too.

Get out of NATO stop WW3


(& request the dissolution of NATO.)

The secretariat of the World Peace Council,
chaired by Brazilian activist Socorro Gomes,
met in Brussels, to assess the latest events
in the world, recent challenges in the struggle
for peace, and to assess the NATO summit.

The meeting also addressed the question of US
bases around the world, and especially their
recent installation on Colombian territory.

 Socorro Gomes states, "we must examine
latest events in the world, the new
targets of
US policy in Afghanistan,
Pakistan and recently, in Yemen."

"Peace today is threatened more than at
the end
of the Cold War, because imperialism
is following
its plans with a new concept of
NATO, which
contends that the military pact
is essential
to the defense of Europe. It has
the European continent and now
seeks to achieve
greater unity between the
US and EU," says Socorro.

According to the Brazilian activist, NATO is
instrument of US imperialism, as the US
the key command & several important
in the hierarchy of the military pact.

NATO was created in 1949 as a military
to respond to the threat of
the Soviet Union.

With the dissolution of the Soviet Union and its
allies in Europe, NATO no longer has an excuse
to stay in existence. "NATO is a weapon of war
used to harm people and nations. Its policy is
to remain as an armed wing in favor of looting
the natural wealth of the countries attacked,
to ensure American hegemony," says Socorro.

"The organization's summit.. further discusses
its role as "world policeman," adds Socorro.
"The World Peace Council, besides discussing
broad issues for world peace, proposes the
dismantling of the North Atlantic military pact,
something that is essential for peace".

Read below the "Appeal against NATO and
realization of their summit in Portugal,"

made by the World Peace Council (WPC) and
its counterpart organization in Portugal:

The World Peace Council (WPC) & the Portuguese
Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC),
welcome peace-loving people around the world
and the peace movements that fight & continue
to denounce imperialist wars, illegal occupations
and social injustice, and urge them to continue,
& to strengthen their efforts & common struggles
against imperialism and its apparatus, especially
NATO, the greatest war machine in the world.

The WPC denounces before the people of the world
the crimes committed by NATO, and continues to
commit against humanity under the guise of
protecting "human rights" & fighting "terrorism,"
according to their own interpretation.

Since its founding in 1949, NATO has been an
offensive organization. After 1991, with its new
military doctrine, it became the "sheriff" of
imperialist interests in the world.

It was often linked to bloody & dictatorial regimes,
reactionary forces and military juntas. It actively
participated in the dismemberment of Yugoslavia
in the barbaric bombing of Serbia for 78 days, in
the overthrow of governments by "orange
and in the Afghan occupation.

NATO is continuing its plans for a "Greater
Middle East,"
broadening its scope of action
through the "Partnership
for Peace" and
"special co-operation" in Asia and Latin

America, the Middle East, North Africa &
the "European Army."

All governments of the member countries
responsibilities in NATO, regardless
of the leading
role of the US administration.

Any different approaches
on some issues
hardly reflect points of view and
rivalries of
their own, but they always lead to a
aggressive confrontation set against
the people.

We condemn the policy of the European Union,
coincides with NATO and the Lisbon
Treaty, which goes
hand in hand in political &
military aspects. The military
spending of EU
missions abroad between 2002 and 2009,

increased from 30 million to 300 million euros.

The people and the peace loving forces
around the world
will not accept NATO
and its role of "sheriff" of the world.

They reject any attempt to incorporate
NATO into the UN
system. They demand
the dissolution of this offensive war

machine. Even the false pretext of the
Warsaw Treaty no
longer exists today.

The World Peace Council & its members
& friends will
host dozens of countries
in various national and
initiatives against NATO and its new

strategic concept.

We will organize, jointly with the

Portuguese Council for Peace and
Cooperation (CPPC),
initiatives and
conferences in Portugal, and mass
before and during the days
of the NATO summit.

Under the motto:

DISSOLVE NATO, Enemy of the People. Peace!!!

WPC calls on all organizations in member
countries of NATO and around the world,
to support this, stressing the following
NATO has been an aggressive
and reactionary force
since its founding
in 1949. The Warsaw Treaty
was created
and then dissolved, earlier.

NATO has its hands stained with the blood
of many people from over 60 years & can't
constitute "a force for peace" in the UN

Despite US dominance, aggression is carried
in conjunction with other imperialist powers,

which does not change the character of NATO.

NATO is directly linked to the EU & vice versa,
since a large number of EU countries are also
NATO members, as well as through the
tendencies and obligations
contained in the "Lisbon Treaty."

All governments of NATO member states
responsible for their actions; they
NATO's imperialistic plans.

The NATO war against Yugoslavia in 1999,
was a
milestone for a new dogma during
the summit in
Washington in 1999.
It then became clear that
the EU isn't
a "democratic counterweight" to the US.

NATO acts as a global policeman with
on all continents, executing
its plan for a
"Greater Middle East" and
it actively intervened
in Eastern Europe,
the Caucasus and elsewhere.

We fully support & endorse the campaign
in Portugal
"Peace yes, NATO no" which
brings together
dozens of social
movements and organizations.

We call upon all peace-loving organizations
to join with their voices and forces.

You can find the World Peace Council at:




(Is THIS why our so-called "Peace Movement" in
the UK refuses to oppose NATO's aggression?)

 On May 16th, the leader of the political party Zmiana
 (“Change”), Mateusz Piskorski, in Poland, issued a
 prescient warning on his blog that NATO’s newly
deployed Very High Readiness Joint Task Force
is going to “pacify” protests and opposition groups
 according to the North Atlantic Treaty’s Article 4
 on the pretext of fighting a “Russian hybrid war.”

Piskorski warned that NATO’s repressive plans,
admitted by the Multinational Corps Northeast’s
 General Krol himself, would ultimately render
any forms of protest in the country, whether
on the streets or on the internet, subject to
suppression, by order of US-NATO advisors.

Two days later, on May 18th, armed agents of
 the Internal Security Agency raided Zmiana’s
office and its activists’ homes, & arrested &
 imprisoned Piskorski as a media campaign
 hurled the ridiculous charge that he was a
 “Russian, Chinese, and/or Iraqi spy.”

 In a telling and foreboding instance, officers
 even confiscated ordinary Polish flags from
 Zmiana activists, a move which in Poland's
history, has usually accompanied a war on
Polish soil.

With no official charges brought against him,
Poland’s main anti-NATO figure who in 2015
 declared that “a Poland without NATO is a
Poland without wars”, to this day, remains
in isolation in prison, from where he has
 stressed in 2 urgent letters, that Poland
 is being converted into a launch pad
 and target for WWIII.


French people gather signatures -
Petition to get France out of NATO


At Warsaw they got set for war. Let's get out of NATO!

"The last NATO summit in Warsaw, was
just one more provocation against Russia.

this appeal, the signatories mean to
say "STOP"
to this nuclear escalation ----
before something un-
do-able gets done."


The hour is grave. A new missile crisis is brewing
 against Russia, a mirror image of the 1962 missile
 crisis when the Soviet Union deployed missiles in
 Cuba, at the very portals of the United States. The
 situation has gone upside down: then, NATO was
 struggling against the Warsaw Pact; this time,
met in Warsaw!

Therefore, we the undersigned, find that we are
 faced with a provocative policy of encirclement:

1. continuous expansion of NATO to Russia's
 borders, despite the guarantees given by the
West to Gorbachev, in 1989, that this would
 not happen;

2. deployment of the Aegis missile defense shield
 in Romania, Poland, Turkey, and Spain. Featuring
 MK41 launch systems, these weapons can be used
 for defense missions (anti-aircraft, anti-submarine,
 anti-ship), but also for attack missions against
 ground targets;

3. deployment in the Baltic countries, Poland,
and Romania, by rotation, of four regiments
of a thousand men each, with permanent
 military equipment;

4. constitution of a "northern" front against
Russia, bringing together NATO members
 (Denmark, Iceland and Norway) --- or its
 Partnership for Peace (Sweden & Finland).

To end this menace we demand:

That it announce its decision to leave
 the organization, which no longer has
raison d’être.

We call on France to create the conditions
 for a return to a peaceful order in the world
based on "win-win" cooperation proposed
 by the BRICS, which Europe and the US
 have an interest in joining.

Let us mobilize today, all those means that
 we committed in the twentieth century, for
war, to peace through mutual development!

More on the petition here:


Talking To the Common People
(in the end... kick out the NGOs)

Still believe we are the Free
good, loving, honest West?

Watch Australia and Canada's
leaders joining the war on Iraq.

Did one copy the other, or were
they sent the same CIA speech?

Either way, it's a scream!


If you want to avoid all life disintegrating
and your children and grandchildren
slowly... sliding... into a World War

take action now - join a Peace movement.

Replace the ego-centric individuals now
pretending they are good people because
they pose at truly opposing the militarists
and venal political class.

Then act - now, today - or this week!

Join a peace movement near you -
and if you're looking to find a
saintly person there, with
hardly any faults...

it'll have to be you!



And an orchestrated war with Russia
has all of us marked for extinction

by Paul Craig Roberts

The Democratic Party that once was concerned
with workers’ rights, the elderly, civil rights, and
the constitutional protections of America liberty
 no longer exists. As the completed Democrat's
presidential primaries & Democrat presidential
convention have clearly demonstrated, the US
now has two Republican parties in service to
 the One Percent.

The organized Democrats - the Democrat National
 Committee - show themselves as even more venal
 and corrupt than the Republicans. Leaked emails
 document that the Democrat National Committee
 conspired with the Hillary campaign to steal the
 nomination from Bernie Sanders. It is clear that
 Sanders was THE choice of Democrat Party
voters for president, but the nomination was
stolen from him by vote fraud and dirty tricks.

The DNC and the media whores have tried to
 discredit the incriminating emails by alleging
that the leaked emails resulted from a plot by
 Russia’s President Vladimir Putin on behalf of
 “Putin’s American agent,” Donald Trump. “A
vote for Trump is a vote for Putin,” as the
 presstitute scum put it.

This diversionary tactic has not worked. Not
even Americans are stupid enough to fall for it.

Consequently, the corrupt “leader” of the DNC
had to resign, and was unable to deliver her
speech at the nominating convention, for
 fear of being booed off the stage.

Sanders’ supporters have abandoned Hillary
& the fake “Democrat Party.”

Organized Republicans - the Republican National
 Committee–and zionist neoconservatives wanted
 to block Donald Trump from the nomination, just
 as the DNC blocked Sanders, but could not. The
 neoconservatives are organizing for Hillary as she
 is their warmonger & Trump says he is not, but as
 the Presidential contest is really a contest between
 the two Republican parties about which gets to be
 the whore for the 1 Percent, the RNC, impressed with
 Hillary’s lack of voter support, seems to be sticking
 with Trump. Better to be a well-paid whore, than to
 be out in the cold.

Donald Trump is the American people’s choice,
 because he opposes the offshoring of American
 jobs–a corporate practice that has enriched the
 1% at the expense of the American middle class.

Donald Trump is the American people’s choice,
 because he opposes the fabricated, gratuitous
 conflict with Russia. Even Americans understand
 that taking war to a major nuclear power will not
 end well.

Donald Trump is the American people’s choice
 because he realizes that NATO–an organization
 whose purpose disappeared 25 years ago when
the Soviet Union collapsed as a result of a coup
 against Gorbachev, by extreme elements of the
 Soviet Communist Party–now serves as a vehicle
 and cover for Washington’s aggressions, which
 are war crimes under the international statutes
which Washington created. Washington’s wars
 benefit some of the One Percent at the expense
 of both the 99 Percent and millions of innocent
 people, in many countries.

What will happen now is the presstitutes will
 demonize Donald Trump ---- even more than
they have demonized Vladimir Putin. These
Scum presstitutes will do everything they
can do, to make supporting Trump into
an act of treason against America.

Now the presstitutes have learned they can
tell the most blatant lies–Saddam Hussein’s
 weapons of mass destruction, Iranian nukes,
 Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Russian
 invasions–without being held accountable,
 they know that they can lie about Trump.

And they will. To the hilt.

But the presstitutes have lost credibility. A
person has to be an imbecile to believe
 a word that they say.

“Progressives” will wander off the track. They will be
turned off by Trump’s stand on immigration, which
 is where the American people stand. “Progressives”
 will be worried about whether the ‘fascist” Trump
 will persecute transgender & homosexual people
 or revoke the right of women to abort the unborn.
 To “progressives” this will seem all important, as
 Washington and its NATO vassals hurl the world
 into nuclear war.

Neither can any intelligence be expected from the
 defunct American left-wing. The American left-wing
 supports the official story of 9/11, the excuse for the
 last 15 years of illegal wars and the American Police
 State. To find the American left-wing totally allied
 with the official explanation of what is in reality a
 false flag event, committed so neoconservatives
 would have their new Pearl Harbor -- in order to
 invade the Middle East, is demonstrable proof
that the American left-wing is irrelevant.

The American left interprets 9/11 and subsequent
false flag events as oppressed people hitting back
 at their oppressors. The emotional satisfaction of
 this takes the impotent American left-wing out not
 only of action but out of relevance in commentary.
The American left-wing has become an asset of the
 enemy–the neoconservatives who control policy
 in Washington.

So, where do we stand? The answer is that we are
 closer to nuclear annihilation than ever before. I
 know of what I speak. I held the highest security
 clearances. I was a member of a secret committee
 that enabled President Reagan to end the Cold War.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is doing
 everything he can possibly do to avoid a nuclear
 war that the crazed American neoconservatives
 are bringing to humanity. For his efforts on behalf
 of planet Earth he is demonized 24 hours a day,
 seven days a week, year after year. For simply
 stating facts, I'm described by the presstitutes
 as “an apologist for Putin.”

The endless lies about Russia have convinced the
 Russian media, that Washington is mobilizing its
 NATO vassals for an attack on Russia.

If you aren’t scared, you are stupid beyond belief.
The message is clear: the West has declared
war on Russia, but is trying to keep Russia
 off guard by denying it.

Russian news shows the dismissive way the
Russian media was treated at a recent NATO
conference in Poland. Non-entity delegates
of the non-entity countries of Latvia, which
the West ruthlessly looted, plus Estonia,
Poland, Lithuania, & Ukraine delegates,
 refused to speak to the Russian media
 or used interviews to echo the US’s
false accusations against Russia.

 These imbeciles insulting Russia are represent-
atives of countries that Russia could destroy in a
few minutes. If these idiots think Washington can
 save them, they're as stupid as the Polish colonels
 who thought the British guarantee in March 1939
meant anything --- and could save Poland from
 the rash action of sticking Poland’s fingers in
 Hitler’s eye. This Polish stupidity provoked by the
 stupid British set off World War II with the British
and French declaration of war against Germany,
 thus consigning Poland to Soviet rule for a half
 century. Some guarantee! The imbecile
Chamberlain -- who wanted peace --
started WWII, with Britain’s
 worthless “guarantee.”

Does it make you feel safe that the arrogant
 warmongering imbeciles in Washington have
 convinced a nuclear power the equal of the
 United States that America is going to attack?

Moreover, Russia is a nuclear power allied with
 another nuclear power, China, which has had
enough of the US’s imbecilic provocations.

Are you willing for “your” government to lead
 your future into nuclear war, with two nuclear

Here we Americans went into the presidential
 election and the overpowering fact of our time–
that Washington is threatening humanity with
nuclear war–wasn't a subject for discussion!

What is the matter with us Americans? Are we
stupid beyond all belief? We sit, thinking that
 issues of no importance are the most important
 issues of our time while “our” insane government
 provokes nuclear war. Have any people in history
 failed their obligation to this extent? If so, who?

My case rests. There is no countervailing evidence
 against the fact that unadulterated evil rules the
 West ----- and is driving the world to extinction.
Western democracy is a total failure. Democracy
 could not prevent the crazed warmonger Hillary
from presidential nomination, despite the
opposition of the American people.

How long can Russia, & China, wait before they
conclude that they have to pre-empt the coming
 attack from Washington? Does anyone, even
stupid Americans, think that once Russia and
 China are convinced that they are targets for
 attack, that they will just sit there and await
 the attack?

Do people as guilty of dereliction of duty as
 Western people are, have any right to survive?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary
 of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate
 editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist
 for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service,
& Creators Syndicate. He has had many university
 appointments. His internet columns have attracted
a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The
 Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic
 Dissolution of the West, How America Was Lost,
and The Neoconservative Threat to World Order.


What was the 'Cuban missile
crisis'... really all about?

The US spun it then and spins it now as
"Russian aggression beaten by the US".

Yet Russians say the US put missiles

in Turkey, so they put theirs in Cuba.

Russia removed their missiles from Cuba
-- on the condition that the US took their
Pershing nuke missiles out from Turkey.

There are now fifty
nuclear warheads
 in Turkey -- but Russia is the aggressor?



If you think - like Blair -
that launching wars
in pursuit of 'Democracy and Human Rights'
is "
a good thing" - then you will believe the
latest lies and support
the current US/UK
bombing of civilians and infrastructure
in Syria...

as the liberals who dominate
Wales' peace movement do..

Damascus denounces US-led ‘massacre’
in Syria ---- and calls on UN to intervene

Syria has called on the United Nations to take
 immediate action against the so-called US-led
 coalition: to stop it conducting more airstrikes
in the country, after the US/UK coalition’s
latest airborne assault claimed the
lives of over 40 civilians.  

In two separate letters sent to UN Secretary General
Ban Ki-moon and the UN Security Council President
Koro Bessho,, the Syrian Foreign Ministry strongly
denounced the coalitions new “atrocities
 committed against civilians” and called
to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The letters were written after US-led warplanes
 launched airstrikes on
Ghandour town, which
is over 23 kilometers (14.2 miles) away from
the violence-ridden city of Manbij, in Syria’s
strategic northern province of Aleppo.

At least “45 civilians were brutally killed and 50
others were injured” --- in the deadly airstrikes.

The development came, after at least 15 people
 were killed/injured in US-led airstrikes against
 al-Nawajah village east of Manbij, on July 23rd,
a few days after another deadly US-led raid
left 120 civilians dead, near Manbij.

On July 22nd, the military coalition also killed at
 least 20 civilians in Manbij and claimed the lives
 of at least 30 more, including 11 children, in the
 same city, on June the 9th, in aerial attacks
 purportedly conducted against the
positions in the area.  

Syria's Foreign Ministry also censures
the endless support of France, the US,
 Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar for so-
called “moderate opposition” groups:
 - calling it overt support for terrorists
who are wreaking havoc across the
world --- and, specifically, in Syria.

The letters also say that any anti-terror
campaign in Syria is doomed to fail ---
 unless done in cooperation with Syria's
 government --- and in accordance with
 international law and the UN Charter.

The ministry cites the remarkable similarity
 between the “massacres” perpetrated by
the US-led coalition - and terrorist groups
operating in Syria, saying both sides are
 trying to exacerbate the situation over
 the country... since the Syrian army’s
 recent victories in Aleppo city.

It also calls on "the UN Security Council
to enforce its anti-terrorism resolutions
against those states backing terrorism.”

The letters state in conclusion: Syria will
not give up its fight against terrorism and
 pursuing a political solution to the crisis
 "without foreign interference."

The US-led coalition has been conducting
airstrikes.... on what are said to be Daesh
terrorists in Syria since September 2014
--- without authorization from Damascus
or a UN mandate. They have repeatedly
 been accused of targeting and killing

 The so-called Coalition has also been largely
incapable of fulfilling its declared aim ----- of
destroying Daesh.

Syria has been gripped by foreign-backed
 militancy, since March 2011. UN special
envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, now
estimates that over 400,000 people
have been killed in the conflict.

The UN has stopped its official casualty
count in Syria --- citing its "inability" to
 verify the figures that it receives...
from various sources.


Activists urged protest rallies over

the deadly US-led airstrikes in Syria
--- for Sunday, July 24th.

NO-ONE showed up in Wales at all !

Working-class socialists Needed!

Once I had the unfortunate experience to visit
Cardiff as the illegal Iraq war broke, and the
"peace" activists there spent an hour... just
bitching at each other - in front of a young
lady from Iraq who'd travelled all over
the UK, asking for help.

I caught her smiling, as I chewed them out
for their lack of sincerity and their childish
egos - although their only response
"Well! If you're going to
be unpleasant..."

It seems that MOMENTUM is
needed within the peace
movement in Wales...

Phone NOW to complain about
so-called organisers' inactivity!

Blairites' illegal war --- in Syria!

The Syrian government has written to the United
 Nations, asking the world body to condemn the
US / UK airstrikes which are carried out without
authorization from Damascus, or a UN mandate.

The US-led coalition has been backing the Syrian
 Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of Kurdish
& Arab forces, to capture Manbij since last May.

The Syrian government has criticized the
 unauthorized aerial campaign, saying it
 has damaged Syria's infrastructure
 instead of making a dent in the
 terrorists' capabilities.



Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch & All East,
John X Yazigi, Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch
of Antioch and All the East Gregorios III Laham,
and Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch & All
 East, Mar Ignatius Aphrem II, issued an appeal
on Tuesday, calling on the world and relevant
states, to lift the siege and sanctions
 imposed on the Syrian people.

In the appeal, the Patriarchs say, if the goals
 for imposing sanctions are political ones, the
 sanctions affect the Syrian people, & mainly
 the impoverished and the working class in
drastic manner, particularly in their daily
and ability to buy food and receive

The appeal notes that, although Syria's people
 remain steadfast in the face of this ordeal, the
social condition is deteriorating and poverty
suffering are increasing, which is what
the Damascus-based Patriarchs
to issue this
humanitarian appeal, given
that they are in
touch with the suffering
of the Syrians.

The Patriarchs call for the taking of unusual steps
 and brave, wise, and responsible decisions -- that
take into account humanitarianism, human rights,
and international accords, and lift the economic
sanctions imposed on Syria --- adding that this
would restore unity among Syrians and curb
the exploitation of the Syrians’ ordeal, by
sides that have no good intentions for
Syria --- in addition to helping clerical
establishments perform their
humanitarian work.

The Patriarchs stress the appeal is in line with
the desire of several states and humanitarian
 organizations who want to help Syria's people,
& they hope the international community will
react to this appeal & end the sanctions that
constitute another aspect of the crisis, and
which seek
to pressure individuals,
establishments, and
companies --
thereby pressuring the entire

Syrian population.

They point out that the lack of new investments,
 blocking of international flights to Syria, cutting
 exports to it, and blacklisting some of its firms,
isolate Syria from the international community,
as does closing most Western embassies in it,
and they add that stopping bank transactions
 with Syria further exasperates the economic
 conditions and threatens the Syrian people's
 livelihood and dignity.

Please start a support group --- contact
your local
and national representatives
- os gwelwch yn dda!

Join the Labour Party Now

With 640,000 members - and still growing -
Labour is now
the largest left-wing party
in Europe.

With the overwhelming majority joining to say
 #‎CorbynStays, the #‎ChickenCoup is still not
being called off.

If you haven't done so already, join Labour,
join Momentum, & let's #‎BuildOurMovement.




- so join the Anti-Austerity Movement!



Labour has grown hugely under Corbyn
— 292,000 members in August 2015,
515,000 in July 2016 !

So the old rightwingers have still
gerrymandered the vote, to keep
hold of the NEC and hold on to
the corrupt power they love.

In this coming year, the new membership
will work extra hard to ensure that  2017's
conference has a majority of democratic
socialist, conference delegates.

Unlike the Blairites, they will do it openly,
and peacefully... to restore justice, peace
and harmony to the new and democratic
Labour Party. Join them now!


That NEC twisting:

please go here for some advice:






Corbyn is under serious fire from within his party
--- and the fight is by no means over, writes

So the Blairite rump has played its card.

Let’s be clear. It's nothing to do with Brexit.

This is just a stage of an ongoing campaign
 by the right wing of the PLP to oust Corbyn.

These MPs have no respect for the views of
members: the members who used their
right to vote overwhelmingly for
Jeremy Corbyn, less
than 10 months ago,
and now, again, with an even bigger vote
- despite all their undemocratic tricks!

People vote for Corbyn because we want
change from the discredited approach
of the
last few decades.

We want an alternative to austerity, and a
party which will try to change the system
rather than tinkering around the edge of
Tory policies.

We want opposition, not abstentions. We want
 socialism, and we act democratically because
we want and are, a democratic socialist party.

And now we are facing a fight for the soul of that
 party. To all Corbyn supporters, I appeal for you
do the following things:

1. Stand firm.

Do not leave the party in disgust
at the actions of the PLP rebels.

They are the ones who are going against
 the democratic wishes of the vast
 majority of party members.

2. If you are a Labour Party member, then check
 that your subs are paid and your membership is
up to date.

If anyone joined around this time last year, then
make sure that you didn’t just pay for one year. 

3. If you were a £3 supporter, then
  try to upgrade
to full membership;
if blocked, complain to the party.

4. Ask for the unfair ban on meetings to be lifted:
and if your CLP is anti-Corbyn, be prepared with
arguments, facts and figures, to fight motions
 of no confidence between now and 2018.

5. If you have a Labour MP, especially someone
 pro-Corbyn or neutral, contact them urgently
--- and tell them that you want them to give
their backing or continued support.

6. If you can’t get out and about, or if caring or
work responsibilities mean you cannot go to
 meetings, you can still tweet or post support
 on social media.

7. Start working now to encourage peace-loving
new members to join, and work to change the
Labour Party, into a much fairer organisation.

But please, remain polite in all communications.


‘How Can I Deselect My Labour MP?’
A Short Guide
to Reselection and
Democratic Accountability

by Eric Sim

Unlike local councillors and those who sit on internal
 party committees, Labour MPs are not expected to
 renew their party mandate through regular candidate
 reselections. However, there is one means by which
 MPs are held democratically accountable to the
 party: the trigger mechanism.

The process.

Step 1: At some point in the run up to a general
election the national executive committee (NEC)
 sets a timetable for re-selections. The NEC also
 sets the guidelines for this process, within the
very broad parameters set out in the Labour
 rule book.

Step 2: If the sitting MP wishes to re-stand for
 election the ‘trigger ballot’ process begins.
This is organised by a nominated officer of the
 constituency Labour party (CLP), normally the
 secretary, and overseen by the regional office
 (appointed staff members).

Step 3: All the constituency’s branches and its
 affiliates (trade unions, socialist societies, co-
operative organisations) are entitled to vote
 ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to re-selecting the sitting MP.

    Branches will meet in person to vote.
    Affiliates will decide their own process
 for deciding this matter.

Step 4: Each branch and affiliate is counted equally,
irrespective of the number of members. If a majority
 of branches/affiliates vote ‘No’ then a full selection
 procedure takes place. The sitting MP has the right
 to appeal this decision to the NEC.

Step 5: In the event of a ‘No’ vote a selection
 procedure takes place. The sitting MP is
 eligible to stand in this selection and is
 guaranteed a space on the final shortlist.

The obstacles (and their solutions).

The process above is not simple, and any campaign
 to open a selection procedure in a constituency will
 face a series of obstacles.

Obstacle 1: The NEC has the right to set the
 guidelines for the trigger procedure. An NEC
 that is sympathetic to the need for greater
 accountability could set guidelines that
empower party members. An NEC which
is keen to minimise the risk of challenges
 to sitting MPs, could set guidelines that
make this difficult: for instance, a short
 timeframe close to the general election.

Solution: Be sure to elect to the NEC
of member-led party democracy.

Obstacle 2: Each constituency will have the trigger
 procedure managed by a CLP officer. Like the above
 point concerning the NEC, the person overseeing
this process will have some discretion over how
 it is done. If this person is not sympathetic to
 reselections, it will be possible for them
 to make it difficult to call one.

Solution: Make sure CLP committees and officers
 are supporters of member-led party democracy.

Obstacle 3a: Branches are weighted equally,
 regardless of membership, so it is possible
 for a majority of members to support reselection
 but for a majority of branches to vote against it
 (the opposite is, of course, also possible).

Solution: Work hard to build an active membership
 across all branches. This will support the goal of
reselection but more importantly will develop our
 party into an activist force that can transform

Obstacle 3b: Trade unions and other affiliates decide
 their own processes for the trigger ballot, and this
 might be decided nationally not locally.

Solution: Be active in your affiliate and trade
union branches and submit motions for greater
 accountability for Labour MPs to their national
 decision-making bodies (conference or
executive normally).

Obstacle 4: A deselected MP can appeal to the NEC.

Solution: Appeals to the NEC should only be on the
 grounds that proper procedures weren't carried out.
 It is important to elect NEC members who comply
with this ruling, and do not use this power to their
factional advantage.

Obstacle 5: The MP defects and stands against the
 official Labour candidate. Even where they have no
 hope of winning, this could split the Labour vote
 and allow another party to win the seat.

Solution: This might be the biggest obstacle. And the
 only solution, is for the local party to be mobilised in
 support of the party’s decisions. If a defecting MP
 takes a large chunk of the local activists with them
 then that will hit the party’s organising capacity in
 a big way. But if an atmosphere of inclusivity and
 democracy is developed in the party then this will
 not be possible. This requires years of hard work in
 branches and constituencies across the country.

Should you deselect?

It is worth thinking long and hard about whether you
 want the sitting MP to be deselected (of course, you
 might argue that as a democratic principle, there
 should be a selection ballot either way). In addition
 to consideration of the MP’s politics, their attitude
 towards party democracy and their demographic
identity (are they from an underrepresented
it is also worth considering the

How popular is the MP?

If the MP has a big ‘personal vote’ in the electorate
 then deselection might have a big effect on Labour’s
 vote share and hand the seat to a rival party. It might
 also encourage the deselected MP to defect and
 stand against the party.

How long have they been there?

There is lots of data to suggest that first-term MPs
find it much easier to win re-election. Some suggest
 that this is because they are keen and work harder,
 but whatever it is, it’s an argument against
deselecting a recently-elected MP.

How safe is the seat?

Deselecting a Labour MP in a Labour safe seat will
 likely end in the subsequent Labour candidate being
 elected. Deselecting a Labour MP in a marginal seat
 will likely end in the seat going to a rival party. This
 is more likely if the sitting MP has a personal vote,
and more likely still if they then stand against the

Action plan.

If you decide to open a reselection procedure in your
 local party it is not enough to begin planning the
week before. It requires years of work.

You need to:

    Work to get pro-democracy candidates elected to
the NEC. See here for more information about
such candidates: http://grassrootslabour.net/

    Win the argument for democratic accountability
 and reselection, in trade unions and affiliates.
This means winning the argument in branches
across the country, now, so that they can be
fed up to the national level.

    Develop local parties in every branch and constituency
in the party that are a) committed to party member-led
democracy and accountability, and b) able to campaign
hard against not only other parties, but also against a
defecting MP, even if some members follow said MP.

Again, this is hard work that needs to start right now:
knocking on doors in our communities and winning
arguments in our CLPs.

Only Corbyn Has The Authority
To Unite The Nation

Labour must be united to help heal a divided
country and fight the rise of the far right,

Now's the time to mobilise the same movement
 that swept Corbyn to power a year ago --- and
reclaim the Labour Party once and for all.

We need unity as a party and as a country,
but Benn,
Hodge and the rest, offer only
division and hatred.

They will go down in history as greater villains
even Cameron, Johnson and Farage, if
they sabotage
socialism’s historic fight
against the rise of the far

Chat to Charley on Twitter:

Trade accord ‘would
lock in privatisation’

Campaigners expose
danger to democracy

A secretive worldwide trade deal is set to “turbo-
charge” privatisation, social justice campaigners
 warn, in a terrifying new report.

The Trade in Services Agreement (Tisa) threatens
 to “lock in” privatisation, further empower big
companies and strip away the rights of migrant
workers, said A Blueprint for Global Privatisation
 published by Global Justice Now.

Tisa is being negotiated between 50 governments,
including members of the European Union as well
as poorer countries such as Pakistan.

“This deal is a threat to the very concept of public
services,” said Global Justice Now director Nick

“It is a turbo-charged privatisation pact, based on
the idea that, rather than serving the public interest,
governments must step out of the way and allow
 corporations to ‘get on with it’.”

Tisa is set to include rules that ban governments
from ensuring public control of vital services and
others that let the financial sector run riot.

While countries such as Britain might be allowed
 to keep hold of their already nationalised services,
poorer countries still at the mercy of the private
 sector will be blocked from taking control.

Certain clauses block the reversal of privatisations
and the passage of laws that that give “foreign
 companies worse treatment than at the time
Tisa is implemented.”

That throws a spanner into the works of any bid to
 take back the utilities, railways and the privatised
 parts of the NHS from commercial firms.

Not only that, but the agreement is due to contain
 draconian rules on migrant workers that would see
 Qatar’s nightmare system, under which workers
 are tied to their employer, spread worldwide.

And, in a provision resembling current bogus self-
employment practices, certain groups of workers
 would be classed “independent service suppliers”
 and excluded from minimum wage legislation
and the right to join a trade union.

“Many people were persuaded to leave the EU on
 the grounds they would be ‘taking back control’
of our economic policy,” said Mr Dearden.

“But if we sign up to Tisa, our ability to control our
economy — to regulate, to protect public services,
 to fight climate change - are all massively reduced.
In effect, we would be handing large swathes of
 policy-making to big business.”


EU-US TTIP Talks Entering
 'Crucial' Stage - European Commission

Don't believe the recent headlines that TTIP
is "dead". The European Commission Chief
 Spokesperson Margaritis Schinas says the
 talks between the EU and US are
"proceeding steadily".

"The commission is making steady progress in
 the ongoing TTIP negotiations… Talks are now,
 indeed, entering a crucial stage, as we have
 proposals for almost all chapters on the table
 and a good sense about the outline of the
future agreement," Margaritis says in a
 briefing on Monday (Aug. 29th).

The commission plans to close the trade deal by
 the end of the year, he adds, stressing that it
is committed to upholding health standards,
 social welfare, data protection and diversity.

The last round of TTIP negotiations was held in
 mid-July. The sides discussed mainly market
 access, regulatory cooperation, & trade rules.
Following the round, negotiators said that the
EU continues to disagree with the US on a
 number of issues regarding tariffs, services
and procurement. US negotiators said that
the sides agreed to eliminate duties on 97%
 of approx. 8,000 tariff lines, now in place.

 The TTIP free trade agreement, which has
 been negotiated since 2013, involves the
creation of a free trade zone between the
EU and US. It has drawn severe criticism
 for the total lack of transparency in the
negotiations as well as the tremendous
 power it would potentially give to
 international corporations.

Where is the Peace Movement?

Where is the Peace Movement?

In prior articles I have argued that Putin has little
 choice but to launch nuclear strikes ----- should a
war between Russia and NATO occur. That is so,
 precisely because Russia cannot win a protracted,
conventional war of attrition. The anaconda would
 simply keep squeezing and squeezing with all its
 combined military and economic muscle, in the
event of a WWII-style war.

The march toward a showdown between NATO and
 Russia -- due to conflicts in Syria and the Ukraine --
is therefore a march toward nuclear holocaust.

Atomic scientists have the Doomsday Clock
 set at 3 minutes until midnight. Where is the
 international peace movement?

We are on the verge of extinction, yet seem incapable
 of responding as an intelligent, organized collective,
 to stop this insanity.

 Are we thinking that our leaders, and I mean all of
 them, are going to have an epiphany and suddenly
 put on the brakes and reverse course?

That is a fantasy. The end of the Cold War was
 supposed to produce a peace dividend & end
 any chance of future hostilities between the
 combatants. That never materialized. In fact,
 we are in a far more dangerous situation now
 than at any time in the past.

But the mass media is not reporting the truth
of it now, and the population, east and west,
half asleep in blissful ignorance.

We are running out of time and the clock may
 strike midnight, and then we shall all wake up
 to witness our own demise. Yet too late, then,
 to demand peace... 

The War Masters see this as an elaborate chess
  ---------   but it is no game for the rest of us.

[precis taken from Will Hart's article]

- See the full article at:



When aggressors illegally invaded last time,
the League of Nations refused to act with
honour - leading us straight to World War 2.

I bet if we had been alive then, we'd have
done SOMETHING, even if it was simply
to write urgently to the League of Nations.

Please read the article below -- and then
contact the UN Secretary General to
demand a more principled stand....


Yemen Echoes of 1930s Aggression
 and Descent into Barbarism


Both the Arab League and the United Nations
 have fully transformed themselves into the
ill-fated League of Nations that more than 70
 years ago disgraced itself into oblivion when
 it failed to condemn foreign aggressions that
eventually led to the cataclysm of World War 2.

As delegates gathered in Egypt’s resort city
Sharm el-Sheikh for the Arab League last
end, nearly half of its member states
were at
the same time openly engaged in
an aerial blitz
on one of the League’s
weakest countries –

Far from issuing any misgiving, or appeal for
 restraint, the League fully endorsed the on-
slaught on Yemen and even went on to call
 for a new "unified military force" to repeat
the action in other countries where a
 "security risk" is deemed. This is a cart
blanche for further foreign military inter-
ventions bypassing the United Nations
 Security Council. In other words, it is
season for lawless aggression.

With a population of only 24 million, and half
 of them living in poverty, Yemen is one of the
poorest countries in the Arab region. It is also
 a founding member of the Arab League, which
 was formed in 1945 at the end of World War 2.

Since last week, scores of Yemeni civilians,
including children, have been killed in a
 massive bombing campaign led by Saudi
Arabia & co-ordinated by the United States.

The bombing coalition of 10 countries includes
 Egypt, North Sudan, Morocco and the Persian
 Gulf Arab states of Qatar, the United Arab
Kuwait and Bahrain.

Over 200 fighter jets
from those countries
have been reported
carrying out air strikes
on the Yemeni capital,
Sanaa, as well as on
the southern port city
of Aden and its
surrounding countryside.

Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Arab countries
 claim that the Houthi-led uprising in Yemen
is being orchestrated by Iran. But the claims
 are far from substantiated and most likely
trumped-up self-serving reasons -- providing
 justification for what is otherwise simply
 criminal aggression toward Yemen.

The Washington Post reported: "The Saudis
 and their allies think [sic] that the Shiite
rebels are backed by Iran and that Tehran
 is trying to exert control over a country
 [regime] that has been an an ally of Riyadh
 and Washington."

 The latter factual detail about the erstwhile
Yemeni regime being an ally of Riyadh and
 Washington, is the real key to the latest
Saudi-led offensive, not the speculative
 hearsay about Iran.

So, Yemen is being bombed and civilians are
 being massacred merely because the Saudis
 and their allies "think" that Iran is somehow
 involved. No proof, no legal case, just bombs

The Houthis are a Shia sect and reportedly
keep friendly political, diplomatic relations
 with Shia Iran. But both categorically deny
any military involvement.

 Rather, the Houthis, (Ansarullah), appear to
be the vanguard of popular rebellion against
the ousted Yemeni regime, long-supported
Saudi Arabia and the US.

Last week, the deposed president Abdel
Rabbo Mansour Hadi fled the country to
 take refuge in Saudi Arabia.

Even if Iran was supporting the Houthis, it
 still does not legitimise an all-out bombing
 of Yemen -- led by a consortium of Arab
 monarchies armed and guided by the US.

In Sanaa over the past week family homes,
shops and offices have been demolished
 during hundreds of sorties by warplanes as
 the Saudi-led coalition pounded the city on
 nightly raids. Yemen’s international airport
was so badly hit it is no longer functioning,
thus cutting off the country.

 A naval blockade by Saudi, Egyptian and
 US warships has also severed Yemen’s
access to the Red Sea to its west.

While in on the southern coast, in Aden,
 bodies of civilians were reportedly strewn
 on streets as hospitals filled up with the
wounded, and as US warships patrolled
 the Gulf of Aden.

Against this background of slaughter, the
 Arab League endorsed the Saudi-led military
attacks. Saudi King Salman told the summit
 that the bombing campaign would continue
until Houthi rebels are defeated.

 Meaning there is no end in sight to the
onslaught. Indeed, it is now anticipated
that the extensive aerial bombardment
and naval siege is paving the way for a
 massive ground invasion of 150,000
Saudi troops that were mobilised last
week along the north Yemeni border.

Attending the Arab League convocation,
 & royally received, was the discredited
president of Yemen, Mansour Hadi.

He called on the Saudi military coalition to
 not relent in its strikes against his own
country until the Houthi 'Iranian stooges'
are crushed. The irony is, that Mansour
 Hadi is widely excoriated within Yemen,
 and not just by the Houthis, as a stooge
 of Saudi Arabia and Washington.

His steadfast refusal to deliver on popular
demands for a democratic transition in
Yemen over the past three years, led to
the Houthis seizing the capital and
government institutions, as 2014 ended.

The latest Saudi-led military intervention
in Yemen - overseen by Washington - has
 been condemned by Iran, Russia & China.

But the United Nations has shown lamentable
 passivity in the face of this foreign aggression
 on Yemen. Speaking at the Arab League
summit, UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon
 failed to make any condemnation of the
 aerial bombardment of that country.

"It is my fervent hope that at this Arab League
 summit leaders will lay down clear guidelines
 to peacefully resolve the crisis in Yemen," said
 Ban Ki-Moon, with a complacency bordering
 on cynicism.

 He urged Arab members to engage in peace
talks supposedly brokered by his special
 envoy, Jamal Benomar. This was said as
 Saudi Arabia and others were openly
 vowing to continue their blitzkrieg.

The naked aggression on Yemen, with the
complicity of the US & European capitals,
 is perhaps the nadir for the Arab League
 and the United Nations.

 The descent of these organisations into
 disgraceful irrelevance has been decades
 in the making. Their despicable transform-
ation into tools of aggression, is now clear
 in the eyes of the world.

The UN and Arab League have remained
silent while the US & its allies launched
 war after war on countries over the past
2 decades, most notably on Iraq during
 the 1990s and 2000s, which resulted in
 over one million dead, mainly civilians.

Worse, the UN and the Arab League stand
accused of complicity by giving Washington
 a de facto green light - & on some occasions
 logistical support - to wage its wars across
 the Middle East.

In 2011, the Arab League expelled Libya &
 Syria, even though these countries were
 being subjected to US-NATO aggression,
along with the collusion of Saudi Arabia
 and other Gulf Arab states, including
Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

 Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who was
 murdered by NATO-aided and Gulf-financed
 extremists in 2011, denounced the Arab
 League, before his death, as "finished".

Syria, like Yemen, was a founding member
 of the Arab League, yet the government of
President Bashar al Assad remains to this
 day, suspended from the 22-member

The Syrian government’s seat has been given
 over to the Western-backed Syrian National
Council, which is comprised of non-entity
exiles who have no popular mandate in Syria.

The League is thus nothing more than a self-
serving talking shop, dominated by Saudi
 Arabia and the other oil-rich Gulf Arab
kingdoms. As client regimes of Washington,
that, in turn, makes the League a tool of
US: to give a thin cover for its imperial

predations in the Middle East & N. Africa.

Ironically, one of the founding principles
 of the Arab League is to protect the
 'sovereignty and independence' of its

Ominously, the lawlessness and outright
aggression that has gripped international
affairs – with the latest manifestation in
 the collective bombing of Yemen – is
 reminiscent of the 1930s.

That perilous period saw a series of inter-
national aggressions carried out by fascist
 powers with impunity. The League of
Nations – a forerunner of the UN –
facilitated these aggressions through
 its shameful silence and connivance.

 When Japan annexed large swathes of
China’s Manchuria in 1931, the League
of Nations, including the US, Britain
and France, largely turned a blind eye.

 As they did when fascist Italy bombed its
 way into Abyssinia (Ethiopia) in 1935-36,
Franco’s Spain subjugated Catalonia in
1938, and Hitler’s Nazi Germany annexed
Austria & Czech Sudetenland, also in 1938.

The complete breakdown in any semblance
 of international law during the 1930s & the
 rise of state-sponsored gangsterism paved
the way for the Second World War.

A similar process of degeneration is also
well underway in the present day, led
largely by the US and its coterie of allies
 among the NATO alliance -- plus oil-rich
Arab dictatorships.

 Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and
 Yemen are but some of the evil fruit from the
 poison that is coursing through international
relations. And yet, ludicrously, Washington
 accuses Putin and Moscow of behaving like
 Hitler with a malign 20th Century atavism.

That a defenceless, impoverished country
such as Yemen can be openly bombed by
 hundreds of US-supplied F-15 fighter jets –
 & for that criminality to be widely endorsed
is a sure sign that the world is once again

 sliding into the abyss of rampant criminality
 and the possibility of a more catastrophic
 all-out war.

fracking tory councillors

Doyle Vic
25 January at 21:51

The worst form of fracking, which was
previously licensed for exploration in
 South East Wales, has been banned.


Underground coal gasification will not go ahead in UK


May's Bribe For Frack Site Locals
by Peter Lazenby

The PM’s fracking free-for-all slush fund
 ‘will set neighbours against each other’
in a nightmare dash for gas.

Theresa May stands accused of offering “blatant
 bribes” to householders to accept fracking near
 their homes, using millions of pounds of public

The PM proposes offering “incentives” of £10,000
to £20,000 from the public purse to locals to allow
 shale gas fracking operations to be carried out by
 profiteering companies.

Ex-chancellor George Osborne had previously
 suggested handing 10% of taxes from fracking
 companies to communities blighted by fracking.

Ms May has gone further, by suggesting
that the bribes be offered to individuals.

But Greenpeace chief scientist Doug Parr warns
 that “public opposition has soared and support
 for shale has tanked,” and “people’s concerns
over climate change & their local environment
 cannot be silenced with a wad of cash.”

The proposals have also been condemned
 by Labour and the Green Party.

Anti-fracking campaigners in North Yorkshire
where one small area alone, Ryedale, is now

 threatened by 4,000 fracking wells - urges all
 communities to stay solid in their opposition
 to fracking.

The practice is banned in
France and Germany.

Frack Free Ryedale activist Sue Gough,
lives near a proposed fracking site:

“This is a cynical attempt by the Tories,
to bribe
local people to accept fracking
by offering them
hard cash.

“People need to know that by accepting this
money they are selling their communities
 down the river and condemning them to
 industrialisation and ruination by the
frackers, who have no respect for
our environment, our livelihoods
or health.”

The site will be operated by the
company 'Third Energy'.

“If Third Energy is allowed to frack in Ryedale
it will open up the floodgates to all the other
 companies who are waiting in the wings to
move into North Yorkshire and will bring
about the widespread industrialisation
of the county — we need to continue
to oppose the industry and persuade
 people to see through this blatant
bribe,” she said.

Shadow energy and climate change secretary
 Barry Gardiner said: “An incentive to do the
wrong thing is properly called a bribe and
Theresa May is using this bribe to set
neighbour against neighbour.

“It is not right for communities and it is
 not right for the country.”

Green Party MEP Molly Scott Cato said:
 “By calling the EU referendum, Cameron
 showed the Tories’ talent for dividing
 communities. Prime Minister Theresa
May is now taking this forward -- by
offering individual payments, little
more than bribes, to households
in areas affected by fracking.”

Fracking works by pumping a toxic sludge
 into the ground under high pressure to
 smash layers of shale and release
 trapped gas.

Opponents say it threatens water supplies,
 health and the environment, at a time when
 the government should be lining up behind
 Britain’s fledgling renewables industry.

Doyle Vic in Wales writes:

Apply pressure --- maintain pressure
 we have a Welsh moratorium, for now.

The 10k deal is also designed to be the
 end of the NHS, as they will never treat
 the radiation & water toxicity victims
 fairly: this fracking is long term war
on humanity.


implement a Law that would ban all
 hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for
20 years

fracking is still in the early stages of development
 compared with other mining methods, but seems
to already be implicated in various environmental
 problems... a Law that would ban all hydraulic
 fracturing for a minimum of 20 years will give
 time to show the long term implications
for the environment

Go here to sign this Petition:


‘Declaration of war’: North Yorkshire
 fracking approval sparks outrage

Anti-fracking campaigners are lambasting
North Yorkshire council for unleashing an
assault on citizens’ rights to fresh air and
clean water, after the local authority
approved the UK’s first fracking
operation since 2011.

 Doyle Vic posted in Llanwynno and Rhondda
 Cynon Taff oppose inland gas and oil drilling..
Doyle Vic
4 July at 20:18
"While still concerned about the development of
 fracking in Northallerton, Yorkshire, I am proud
announce that on top of the "moratorium"
in Wales,
(which excludes test drilling) today
3 site licenses
have been withdrawn":

Good News for Wrexham, Vale of Glamorgan
 and Rhondda Cynon Taf

The latest review of Petroleum Exploration and
 Development Licences (PEDLs) by the Oil ajnd
Authority has resulted in 3 licence areas in

 Wales being withdrawn; a further 5 have been
 given extended terms.

The withdrawn licences are:

PEDL 187 (IGas) – covering the site
 at Borras and Holt near Wrexham

PEDL 219 (Coastal Oil & Gas) – covering
the sites at Dyffryn and Llantrithyd in
 the Vale of Glamorgan

PEDL 220 (Coastal Oil and Gas) – covering
the site at Llantrisant in Rhondda Cynon Taf

Donal Whelan


ACTION ON ‘Yemen war crimes’:

BAE evicts shareholders
from AGM
over human rights criticisms

BAE Systems evicts a number of shareholders
 from its AGM on Wednesday who criticised the
 firm’s sale of deadly arms to Saudi Arabia that
 may have been used to commit war crimes
against innocent Yemeni civilians.

Two shareholders-come-activists, who
 are affiliated with Campaign Against the
Trade, staged an intervention just

after the arms giant’s chair, Roger Carr,
to the stage.

Just 5 minutes into his address, they stealthily
 walked to the front -- carrying placards -- and
 denounced BAE’s complicity in Saudi Arabia’s
brutal military campaign against Yemen.

The posters, visible for all present to see, had
the caption: “900 children killed in Yemen.
Stop arming Saudi Arabia!”

 'Blood money'

Hannah Brock, 30, dragged out of the AGM
by security staff soon after the political act
 of protest, told RT the actions of herself &
 her fellow campaigner, were justified:

“BAE Systems is one of the biggest arms
dealers in the world. The firm doesn’t just
 profit from war, it incentivizes it,” she said.

“The only time that BAE are legally obliged
to face public scrutiny is at their AGM. It is
 our only chance to question the firm.”

Brock, who is a Right to Refuse to Kill
 program officer at global antimilitarist
network, War Resisters’ International,
went on to explain she felt compelled
to draw attention to BAE’s complicity
 in grave violations of international law.

“It’s particularly vital BAE is challenged on
 Saudi Arabia’s horrendous human rights
abuses --- as it continues to bombard
 Yemen, causing an enormous death
toll,” she said.

The peace activist accuses the UK’s
conservative government of protecting
 & supporting the arms giant. She calls
 on MPs to place an “outright embargo”
on UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia and
 to begin an inquiry into the UK’s role in
 facilitating possible Saudi war crimes
against Yemeni civilians.

BAE’s AGM kicked off at 1100 BST at a
 conference centre in Farnborough, Hants.

Roughly 30 activists linked to CAAT bought
 shares in BAE to gain access to the annual affair.

 They reportedly brought in a range of banners
 with quotes from people who'd experienced
 airstrikes in Yemen, which they displayed to
other shareholders.

As the day progressed, more activists
were reportedly removed from the venue.

'Serious breaches of international law'

The UK cross-party international development
 committee says on Wednesday that it seeks
an independent international
inquiry into the
serious human rights breaches
by 'all sides' in the Yemen conflict

BAE's stake in Saudi arms market

Saudi Arabia is BAE's third biggest market,
 according to CAAT. Large-scale arms sales
go back decades & include BAE’s Tornado
 & Typhoon combat planes now being used
in Yemen.

BAE employees 5,300 staff in Saudi Arabia,
to support the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF)
 and the Royal Saudi Naval Force (RSNF).

A spokesperson for the arms giant initially
 declined to confirm or deny the activist
incident had even occurred.

A second spokesperson for the firm later said:
“There were a number of protesters removed
 from the meeting today. The AGM is the one
 time in the year that shareholders have the
 opportunity to hear from the board and ask
 questions about the business and we
welcome all those who want to do
 that in a way that is courteous to
 other shareholders.”

BAE Systems CEO, Ian King, stated at
the meeting, “In 2016 and beyond, we
are well placed to continue to generate
 attractive returns for shareholders.”


The red flag

Mick Antoniw AM underlines the
Welsh Government's strong position;

“The Welsh Assembly is overwhelmingly opposed to
 the Trade Union Bill as an uneasy and vindictive law
that will undermine decades of partnership building
 between employers and trade unions in wales.”

“It is also a direct attack on the devolution
 settlement. The Welsh Government will over-
turn any attempt to apply this ridiculous law
 to Wales”


If we fight together - we win together!

"I’ve been a member of Unite Community for
last 2 and a half years. In that time we
have had,
in conjunction with Unite, & the
support of other unions, like
PCS, who're huge
Community supporters 
  of organisations like the
Cardiff People’s
Assembly ------ with many successes in
campaigning against social injustice."

"We’ve had councils in South East Wales sign
 Unite’s pledge not to make use of Workfare
labour, a massive achievement! And one
readily agreed to by the councils, with one
exception, who shall remain nameless, but
 they know who they are… and we’re not
done with that particular meal yet."

"On a national scale, Victorian work practices
 Sports Direct staff have to endure, have been
out by Unite Community, for all the world
to see.
It’s also shown the work force that we
care deeply
about what they have to do to
earn a living, and
we are not about to see
their dignity or right’s
stripped away.

It also sent a message in the clearest terms to
 the millionaire owner Mike Ashley. Last month
share prices for the company dropped by over
50%, following an extraordinary meeting of
share holders, who say they knew little about
 their draconian treatment of manufacturing
 and retail staff.

Ashley has been urged to make the company
private again: we’ll be watching to see what
does and the way the workforce is treated

 - whatever the outcome now - as a lot of the
factory staff joined Unite the Union. Score!"

"The sanctioning of social security claiments
because they don’t meet
ever changing
criteria, is of great concern to us.

 That’s an understatement; we’re outraged
 by the sanctioning of claimants under any
circumstances. It’s immoral, wicked, evil,
unprincipled, unscrupulous dishonorable,
 dishonest, unconscionable, iniquitous,
 corrupt, depraved, vile, villainous, foul,
 and just plain wrong!

 We want action to stop this, like, yesterday."

"To starve families already facing hardship is
criminal. Our Unite Community members find
themselves at the sharp end of the austerity
 measures, along with the workers trapped in
zero hour contracts and minimum wage jobs.

What a legacy this government will leave.
Ricketts - there’s one to be especially proud of.
Dysentery is another. Scurvy another. Deaths
 caused by terminal despair at being cornered
 marginalised and cut out of society, pushed
 to the edge to spectate and not participate."

"They've left no working class stone unturned.
They were cavalier with the economy first ---
are hundreds of thousand of jobs
banker friends or billion upon
billions, between
us the tax payers and
the bankers? Need to save
your business?
Shed your work staff, they are
Be lean and mean, cut corners,
rob their
pension funds. Keep wages so low,
can’t keep up their mortgage

 Then it was our council & housing association
 homes, with the bedroom tax, driving many to
a private renters market. How many Tory MP’s
 are private sector landlords? 128! That’s 39%
of Conservative MP’s currently in the commons
and includes George Osborne, & the PM David
 Cameron, who in 2009, wasn’t sure how many
houses he owned. What a wanker!

The NHS is being made to look bad, starved of
cash and managed so badly, it can’t help but
fail, ready to be scooped up at a snip by the
 Conservative party’s rich friends, or any
 company with strings of law suits out-
standing in other countries.

It will be like Royal Mail all over again…
unless we stand up and say no. There are
 other horror’s awaiting us, Universal Credit
 being another fubar in the making. Now
are coming for the unions, again.

The Trade Union Bill is a cancer that
zapping with extreme prejudice."

"These are just some of the reasons I joined
a union. Strength in numbers. For too long we
 have been divided, weakened & manipulated
 by the opinions printed in right wing rags I
wouldn’t wipe my cat’s arse with, let alone
 mine, and a biased tv corporation WE own."

"Luckily we live in Wales and have devolution,
so up yours Dave, you can take the trade union
 bill and, um, yeah."

Sue Leader

Anti-fascist Conference in Novorossya

4th International Anti-Fascist
 Conference In Novorossia !

All progressive forces who fight against fascism,
 Nazism, capitalism and imperialism, to take part
in the 4th International Anti-Fascist Conference
 in Novorossiya.

In recent years the world has witnessed once again
 the rise of fascism and fascist groups all over the
world. Western states’ military attack on Libya, the
arming of the pseudo-Islamic clerical fascist rebels
 in Syria, and the fascist takeover in Ukraine, were
 a series of events, which unleashed fascism all
over the world.

NATO and EU imperialists use these fascist
 movements to impose their neo-liberal agenda
over the peoples of sovereign nations. Growing
 economic pressure within the European Union is
able to lead to the same events that happened
 already in Ukraine, Syria and Libya.

The attacks on these states were only the
beginning. The greater goal, is to destroy
 and split up all remaining countries, which
 are not yet completely bowing to the neo-
liberal agenda --- like Russia, Iran, North
Korea and China.

The parallels between historical & contemporary
 fascism are undeniable. While the German Nazis
 disbanded trade unions on the 2nd of May 1933,
Ukrainian nationalists burned the Trade Unions
 House of Odessa 81 years later on the same date,
 killing dozens of people in the flames.

However, there's been growing resistance
 against this global spread of fascism. The
people of Eastern Ukraine, in the Donbass
region took up arms to fight fascism in
Ukraine. They founded the People’s

Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, and
 are able to defend them;- while in Syria,
 the Syrian Arab Army was able to inflict
 heavy casualties on the fascist groups
 trying to destroy the Syrian state.

But the global struggle against fascism &
imperialism, does not end in these
as fascism will also not stop there.

 We have to organize and coordinate the
 international antifascist movement, in
order to protect the world against
 these threats.

That is why we appeal to all progressive
 forces who fight against fascism, Nazism,
 capitalism & imperialism, to take part in the
4th International Anti-Fascist Conference,
 in Novorossiya.

**** The schedule for date, times & location
will be announced on their web site ~ 

Please visit the site for updates and all other
 information as well as photos of past events .



Boycott, divestment and sanctions is a peaceful yet effective way for us to support Palestinians as they strive for lives of peace, justice and hope. Help us to make a difference. 

BBC bias - take action

The BBC’s Director of Television, Danny Cohen, has called for Israel to be protected from cultural boycotts.
Cohen joined senior figures from the Parliamentary lobby groups, Conservative Friends of Israel and Labour Friends of Israel, in signing a letter published in the Guardian in October which claims that Israel is being singled out as a boycott target.
Cohen is a member of the BBC’s executive board and one of the most senior figures in the organisation. His role within the BBC demands neutrality and yet he has publicly made known his support for Israel.
He has faced no public censure from the BBC Trust – the governing body of the BBC – for doing so.

Will you take action?

Write now to the BBC Trust and demand to know if the Trust will be taking action against Cohen for breaching BBC rules on impartiality.
Cohen has huge influence within the BBC. He oversees the BBC’s four main channels, BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, and BBC Four in addition to BBC iPlayer, and online content for BBC Television. He also oversees the Drama, Entertainment, Knowledge and Comedy genres and BBC Films. Further responsibilities include the BBC Television archive and BBC Productions, Europe’s largest television production group.
His fellow signatories to the Guardian letter include Eric Pickles MP, Chair of Conservative Friends of Israel, and Michael Dugher MP, Vice Chair of Labour Friends of Israel.

Of 12 other MPs who have signed the letter, seven are Parliamentary Officers of Conservative Friends of Israel and five are either members of the lobby group or have been on one of its delegations to Israel. There are no pro-Palestinian MPs among the signatories.

The letter states: “Cultural boycotts singling out Israel are divisive and discriminatory” and goes on to call for “cultural engagement” in place of boycotts.

Write to the BBC Trust:

Rona Fairhead, Chair, BBC Trust, BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London, W1A 1AA
Sarah Colborne, Director of Palestine Solidarity Campaign, said: “It is highly disturbing to see Danny Cohen, who has huge influence within the BBC and is a member of its executive board, publicly speaking out against a cultural boycott of Israel.
“This is a highly politicised letter, dealing with controversial subjects, and the decision of the BBC’s Director of Television to get involved calls not just his impartiality into account, but also his judgement.”
Sarah added: “The Royal Charter, which is the constitutional basis of the BBC, demands that the organisation must be impartial in its reporting, and impartiality must also be a key requirement of its staff. The fact that Danny Cohen has signed this letter, in the company of openly pro-Israel figures, without subsequent censure from the BBC, reveals that this does not appear to be the case.”
Cohen recently announced that he would be leaving the BBC, but is currently still in post.
For more information: Director of BBC Television signs the Guardian’s pro-Israel letter

Write to the Trust now

Ask what action will be taken against Danny Cohen, and what steps the Trust is taking to ensure that the future Director of Television will not display such blatant pro-Israel bias.

Thank you
The team at Palestine Solidarity Campaign


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Occupy London's Arms Fair

 ‘Stop arming Israel!’ Campaign
--- ahead of London arms fair

Anti-arms campaigners are set to once
disrupt one of the world’s largest
arms fairs and
highlight the UK’s role
in arming repressive
regimes around
the globe.

One of the largest arms fairs in the world,
it's expected to
attract over 1,000 global
arms firms and
30,000 attendees.

Campaigners say the DSEI arms fair provides a
 platform for Israeli & international arms firms,
 to profit from oppression and destruction.

Sarah Waldron of Campaign Against Arms Trade
 (CAAT), condemns the UK government’s sale
of arms to Israel.

“In one week one of the world’s biggest arms
 fairs will be taking place just across the road
and the UK government has consistently
 facilitated weapon sales to the Israeli
government, who will have a massive
at this fair --- where their
biggest arms
companies will be
displaying their battle-
weapons,” she says to RT.

“The UK government has a very confused attitude
 to democracy and human rights. On the one hand,
 it talks of wanting to promote democracy in the
 Middle East and, on the other, it’s inviting the
 companies - and the governments - which are
 causing violence & conflict in these regions.”

Simon Morris of Occupy Democracy:

“The occupy method is to take a space & hold it.
We hold it to either facilitate discussions or have
 a meeting point where people can come down &
 talk about the issues,” he says.

“Part of our list of demands, part of what we wish
 to change in the world, is a shift away from the
 huge amount of military spending and war, that
 causes misery and mayhem around the world,”
 he added...

“If our country had a more democratic system,
 like direct democracy, we would see a lot less
 conflict, a lot less spending on military hard-
ware, and a lot more peace in the world.”

Hilary, a Pro-Palestine campaigner who has
 spent time in the Occupied Territories, says
 she is angry with the UK government:

“We don’t want Israeli arms companies here.
 We don’t want Britain to be selling arms to
Israel, or components for weapons, and we
don’t want to be buying arms and drones --
 to fuel more conflicts in countries around
world,” she says.

Stop the Arms Fair is set to feature a mixture
of creative activities and
direct action all
week ----- to raise awareness about
destructive impact of the global arms trade.

Activists will argue that the UK must redirect
 spending from arms to renewables, and from
 warfare, to welfare.

 They will also highlight the link between the
 global arms trade and the global refugee
 crisis, and host a 'mass day of action', of
opposition to the DSEI fair.

Freedom for Germany!

COMPACT has the “Courage to Truth” to state loud
 and clear: Germany is still an occupied country. We
 are a military protectorate and an economic colony
 of the United States. TTIP is the Versailles treaty of
 the 21st century. The new NS-dictatorship is NSA's
 dictatorship. Our mission: Freedom for Germany!

Edward Snowden proved with documents
what many have previously only suspected:
The US has built on every continent a colonial
dictatorship. We're being spied on, overheard,
 monitored. The Empire's censors dominate our
media. Google, Facebook and Apple control our
 secret thoughts. Virtual footprints that we leave
 behind are like traces of blood, which the NAS
 sleuths eagerly snoop after.

This campaign of Anglo-Saxon predator capitalists
 started a hundred years ago. With the founding of
 the Federal Reserve, by the most powerful private
 financial sharks, a paper money juggernaut arose
 that survives solely through constant destruction
of material resources. Any country that refuses to
 hand over these goods voluntarily is covered with

Germany is an irreplaceable cornerstone in
strategy. From Ramstein air base, heavy US

military equipment is sent off to supply the new
 eastern front & from Stuttgart, the killer drones'
 targets are programmed.

But the elite of “God's Own Country”, who want to
 rule the entire planet, also understand very clearly:
 We are the people of “Putin-understanders”. Even
 German business people, do not believe in the
 demonization of the Kremlin chief. If we get rid of
 the US occupation, Uncle Sam can 'close shop'.
 That is why they deny us our sovereignty,
democracy and constitution.

Shall we tolerate this any longer? COMPACT says
 no to the dictatorship by NSA, CIA and US-Army &
presented at the 4th Conference for Sovereignty

 strategies for peace and freedom in Germany,
 and all of Europe!

Translation by Jurij Kofner,
COMPACT correspondent.

Oleksiy Zhuravko is a former Ukraine MP.
He was ombudsman for the disabled in
 Ukraine, and started several foundations
 employing over 3,500 disabled people
all across Ukraine.

He was kicked out of Ukraine last year
 for his politics - he did not agree with
 the Maidan overthrow.

Albeit a disabled man with no legs & only
one arm, he is charged with terrorism in
Ukraine --- for speaking out against the
Ukrainian government killing & maiming
 its own citizens - and making countless
 more, disabled.

Good and horrible pictures.

First we see a young mother playing with her
baby daughter, and then we see the mother
 and the daughter walking together towards
 the sun – a metaphor for moving together
 towards a bright future.

The last photo is beyond horrible: war has taken

 the lives of both the mother and her young child.

It's 8,494 km from Donetsk to Washington, DC.

 The distance between Lugansk & Brussels, is
 2,880 km. The distance between Gorlovka &
 Berlin, is 2,059 km. It is easy to live in those
 wonderful cities so far from this war, and talk
 about how horrible the Donbass people are,
 without seeing the horror Kiev's government
 (with the support of the above capitals)
 inflicts on women & children on a daily basis.

Dear friends, I, a citizen of Ukraine, do not want
 to see horrible pictures like these ones. I do not
 want to hear the word “war”. I don’t want to see
 blood: & my biggest dream today, is for this war
 to end, as soon as possible.

I want see love and happiness. I want to hear
 children laughing. I want to see young mothers
 playing with their kids in parks - smiling parents
 and happy children. That's what I wish all of you.

I know that the vast majority of Ukrainians don’t
want this war – we are a peaceful people. People
 with a long history of creating things, and not
 destroying them. So why do we let our government
 send young Ukrainian men to kill other Ukrainians
 in this civil war?

I know that people of the world, of the US & Europe
 are peaceful people, who hate war. However, I also
 know that most in the West are misled about this
 war & don’t see the pictures of innocents suffering
 at the hands of the Ukrainian army. A Ukrainian
 army and government that have unconditional
 support from the West.

Dear friends! War is a very profitable business. Vast
 riches can be made on human suffering (President
 Poroshenko, for example, made 7 times more money
 last year, than he had made the previous year). We
 can't wait until the people profiting from the deaths
 of Ukrainians get tired of this war --- they won’t.

  They will never stop this war until people speak up
 - both Ukrainians at home, and people in the West -
 against their governments’ support of Kiev’s war.

When thousands of people have already died,
staying quiet & doing nothing is unacceptable.

Ukrainians! People of the world! We want peace! But
 only together can we stop this war!  Stop being quiet
 while thousands perish, and hundreds of thousands
 suffer! Stop quietly waiting for all of this to stop by
 itself. Speak up! Write to your politicians! Come out
 to protest! Demand an end to this war! 

Only together can we make sure that a road to the
 future for other mothers and kids, is not tragically
 cut short --- like it was in these pictures!


Another Heart-breaking Catalog of Kiev
War Crimes WESTERN Media Will Ignore

These War Crimes will be reported in the
Chinese, Latin American, Asian, African,
 and, of course, Russian Media !

Russia's government publishes their second
 white book: an account of the continuing &
unabated warcrimes being committed by the
 Ukraine army and by neo-nazi paramilitaries.

The first one -- published 10 months ago --
 was roundly ignored by the west's media.
 Eventually they are going to have to
 address these charges.

The Russians insist that they will not
let the matter drop, and will relent only
 when the guilty are brought to justice.
The media's ignoring of war crimes
 is a crime in itself.

The article below appeared
originally in
Russia Today

Russia’s Major Crimes agency presents a
major report on war crimes committed by
Kiev military and volunteers in the south-
eastern regions of Ukraine that seek self-
determination, after the 2014 Kiev coup.
The head of the Investigation Committee,
Aleksandr Bastrykin, says in the Monday
press release, that the main objective of
the project is to attract the attention of
 the world community and international
Human Rights Groups, and tell the truth
about a “terrible fratricidal war, started
 by the nationalist regime of Ukraine.”

He adds that the Investigative Committee
 is looking into 54 criminal cases connected
 with the civil war in Ukraine --- and that the
combined material fills 2,500 volumes, and
includes the testimonies of over 100,000

The White Book of Crimes is based on evidence
 collected in cases where Ukrainian authorities,
 and volunteers, are suspected of using banned
 methods of warfare. The evidence includes the
 testimony of eyewitnesses and participants at
 these events, and photos and various material
 presented by international organizations.

The document also states that the agency
continues to investigate suspected crimes
 committed on Ukrainian territory, and that
 a special department has been created
for it within the Investigative Committee.

Bastrykin writes that the ultimate goal
of the project is to ensure that all those
 involved in crimes, are justly punished.

In December 2014, the Russian Foreign
Minister's plenipotentiary for Human
Rights, Konstantin Dolgov, said that
 international organizations have
 confirmed the human rights violations
by Kiev's troops in eastern Ukraine,
that are detailed in the White Book.

Dolgov also noted then, that Russia
rights activists to pressure
the West
and the Kiev authorities --
to prevent
further crimes.

cnd cymru

campaign for nuclear disarmament

yr ymgyrch dros ddiarfogi niwclearwww.cndcymru.org

t: 01239 85 11 88 e: heddwch@cndcymru.org 


Dear Friends,

please let me know if there are any events
 - for the next 4 or 5 months or further ahead -
you would like to see publicised in 'heddwch'.

 They can be peace, social justice / human
 rights, anti-nuclear or anti-austerity events
 (talks / protests / marches)
- if you are unsure, send it anyway.

Just to encourage you:

I need:

Date & Time
Short description or not -
any particular details or requests.

Contact details: email and /or phone / mobile no.
 and if applicable - website.

If you are uncertain if I may already know,
 err on the side of doubt and re-send it me
anyway! As an aside, John M., I do have
the Newport Chris Barber gig already!

Many thanks,
Looking forward to hearing from you,

Jill Gough
Ysgrifennyddes Genedlaethol
National Secretary
CND Cymru


Michael Mariotte
23 June at 07:30

There are lots of petitions for lots of issues out there,
we know. But we ask you to take just a moment to
sign this one to support the campaign to build a
nuclear-free, carbon-free future at December's
COP21 climate summit in Paris.

Please sign and share! Thank you.


Don't Nuke the Climate!

Nuclear power is not a solution to the climate crisis--
in fact, its use is counterproductive and pre...



Jill Gough

Stop Hinkley Newsletter.

Download printable version here:


photos of cestyll gardens on the  proposed new wylfa site.

Jill Gough shared Jane Davies's post.

The building of 2 new reactors at Wylfa
on Ynys Mon
(Anglesey) would destroy
most of this beauty (and
irradiate the rest).

Our values - to 'need' more electricity
to create
more junk and stuff for the
population who are
'told' it is what
they must have & what they
- are up the spout.

This is a photo of cestyll gardens
on the
proposed new wylfa site.

It was started in
the 1920's by violet
vivian; & princess
victoria, daughter
of edward vii, designed
part of the
garden. Violet & her uncle's
are scattered in the gardens.

 See welsh historic garden trusts bulletin 66
 about it and read horizons glossy brochures,
 because they do tell you the whole scale of
what they are going to do.

Footpaths gone, roads gone, wildlife - like
 chough, red squirrels - gone, terns... gone.



TheyWorkForYou is a website
which makes it easy to keep track
of your local MP's activities.


Bilingual Leaflets for Street Leafletting.

Available from CND Cymru:

Contact jon@thefreeflyer.com


Keep arms companies out of the BBC

The Chair of BAE Systems, Roger Carr, has just
been appointed as Vice-Chair of the BBC Trust.
It's a position that comes with a lot of prestige,
and puts him at the heart of the organisation.

Please add your name and demand that
Roger Carr step down as Vice Chair of the BBC.

The BBC is supposed to be run in the public
interest. Arms companies don't care about
 culture or broadcasting, they just care about
gaining legitimacy as they line their pockets.

BAE Systems is Europe's biggest arms company
 and has armed dictatorships and human rights
 abusers across the world, including Saudi Arabia,
 Bahrain and Israel. Its chair should not be paid
 £70,610 a year to 'represent license fee payers

The BBC needs to cut its ties with Carr and the
 arms trade.




syria - don't you care?

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

 estimates that almost 380,000 Syrians are in
 desperate need of resettlement.

Amnesty International projects that 5,000
people flee Syria every day under desperate
 circumstances: and 75% of them are women
and children.

Another UN-backed study released shows
a drastic decline in life expectancy,
76 years in 2010 to under 56, last year.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees António
 Guterres, said -- in February -- that Syria’s
 humanitarian crisis is the most dramatic
the world has encountered for a long time.



The leading UK anti-war group Stop the War Coalition
has called for continued campaigns to “keep up the
against an attack on Syria”.

Stop the War founding member Chris Nineham
called for locally-organized public meetings
 in the UK, by opponents of a strike on Syria,
in cooperation with Stop the War or
separately, to show
the depth of opposition
to this military adventurism.

He says US President Barack Obama was forced to
shelve plans for an immediate attack on Syria by
 huge public pressure and for fear of humiliation,
 in case of a no vote to an attack, in Congress.

Nineham says fear struck Obama after UK MPs
humiliated David Cameron by rejecting his plans
for a military action against Syria, and that came
'thanks to public protests'.

“Whatever their rhetoric, it is clear to the world
 that Cameron's plans were blocked because of
 public opinion, and Obama blinked because of
potential defeat in Congress,” Nineham says.

“But the threat of an attack remains. Trump
and Washington still talk of regime change
and the US is openly arming the 'rebels'.

Negotiations with Russia and Syria can
 break down at any time,” he underlines.

Now Trump is bombing in Syria, 'attacking' I.S.
Keep up the pressure!

Wales is Fracking Free !

no fracking in Llanharan meeting

On Facebook:

Doyle Vic posts in

Llanwynno and Rhondda Cynon Taff
oppose inland gas and oil drilling..

Scottish moratorium on Underground
Coal gasification confirmed - BBC News

The Scottish government extends its fracking
moratorium to include underground coal
gasification (UC...



If you enjoy looking into the arguments,
paste the link below into your browser



Have questions about fracking?

Greenpeace’s fracking campaigners will
answer as many of your questions as possible.

To ask your question, visit the Greenpeace UK
 Facebook page and post your question as a
comment on the fracking
Q&A post.

See you!


Doyle Vic posted in
Llanwynno and Rhondda Cynon Taff oppose inland gas and oil drilling.

FRACK FREE WALES: You might be thinking that
now we have a moratorium on fracking in Wales,
we can all relax and find something else to do
with our time.

Unfortunately this is not the case.

A moratorium is just a temporary, and in this case
limited, measure, which could be lifted at any time.

As Carwyn Jones’ statement at the Welsh Labour
Conference shows, the Welsh Government’s stance
on fracking has not changed. They’re not opposed
to fracking per se; they just want stronger regulation.

Once they have the new regulations in place, they
fully intend to press on with unconventional gas
development in Wales.

Meanwhile, the moratorium does not cover test
drilling, and the status of Underground Coal
Gasification is unclear (is it onshore or offshore?).

There’s still work to be done to convince our
elected representatives that there should be
no welcome in the hillsides for frackers. We
need to press on and convert the moratorium
into a permanent ban.

We need to continue:

Opposing, blocking, protesting and delaying
every attempt to move forward with
unconventional gas development, including
applications for test drilling.

Raising awareness of the dangers of
unconventional gas development

and its likely impact on communities
in Wales

Contacting MPs asking them support a
UK-wide ban on unconventional gas

Contacting AMs and candidates for the
Election in 2016 to tell them
that we need a ban
on fracking in Wales
– a moratorium is not enough.

Petitioning our local councils to declare
their area
a ‘Frack Free Local Authority’

and all the other things you’ve been doing
to bring
us to where we are.

But before we get on with that let’s take a
to mark what we’ve achieved so far.

Five years ago most politicians had no idea what
fracking was. The fact that it is now centre stage
 and being debated at the highest levels in the land
 is a testament to all the hard work of campaigners
 and supporters – and that means YOU!

Just a few weeks ago the Welsh Government were
 maintaining that they did not have the power to
 introduce a moratorium using Planning. The fact
that they have been forced to reverse that opinion
 and use planning powers to block fracking is a
 testament to the sustained pressure from local
and community groups across Wales – and that
 means YOU!

So we should take a little time to congratulate
each other and ourselves, and celebrate – and
 then the fight goes on!

Doyle Vic 1 September at 00:54
pse healthy energy have done more credible research
 and reporting on the monstrosity of fracking and coal
bed methane extraction/underground gasification of
 coal (UGC) - more research than anyone - and their
findings are a damnation of the whole political/
corporate destruction of landscapes and the
 people who live on them...


NHS not TRIDENT vigil in Newport, Wales

From: Wendy Lewis
Sent: 01 May 2015 20:36
To: Heddwch Jill
Subject: Ray

It is with enormous sadness that we have to let you
 know that Ray has been diagnosed with a terminal
illness. He is a remarkable man, with a large family
 and a huge number of friends and fellow
campaigners, and we are keen to ensure that as
 many people as possible are aware that his time
with us is very limited. It is for this reason that
we have chosen to convey the news using
 email, Facebook and Twitter.

Ray’s condition is deteriorating rapidly and he has
 expressed a very strong desire to spend the time he
 has left with close family only. While we appreciate
that there are many people whose lives were touched
by Ray, and who would dearly love to see or speak
to him and express their best wishes, we urge all his
 extended family and friends to respect his wishes
for privacy and dignity at this incredibly difficult time.

We understand that many people will want to be kept
informed of how Ray is doing and we will endeavour
to provide any updates to his condition as and when
appropriate. In the meantime, we are sure you
appreciate our need to make the very most of the
time we have left with Ray will give us the privacy
we need to do so.

Steve, David, Rachael, Wendy, Tad and Carwyn

Jill Gough posted in South Wales Anti-Nuclear Alliance
8 January 04:13

Welsh Reviews Policy on Radioactive Waste -
Say NO to Geological Disposal and New Build!

For the Attention of:
WELSH GOVERNMENT This is a Response to ...



Jill Gough posted in South Wales Anti-Nuclear Alliance
18 December 04:47

PLANS to begin reprocessing nuclear waste at
 Hinkley point, just 14 miles across the sea from
 Barry Island, pose "a direct threat" of increasing
 levels of radioactivity in Barry a marine consultant
 has warned.

When plans were approved for Britain's first new
 nuclear reactor in 18 years to be built at Hinkley
 Point, Somerset - which can be seen from Barry
 Island on a clear day - environmental groups
reacted with concern. However, expert Tim
 Deere-Jones says that equally concerning are
plans to reprocess nuclear waste from Hinkley's
 decommissioned reactors. The liquid waste
 would be discharged into the Bristol Channel
 delivering what Mr Deere-Jones calls "significant
 quantities of radioactivity" to Barry & south Wales.

Barry and District News 18th Dec 2014


Nuclear reprocessor would be a "direct threat" to Barry

PLANS to begin reprocessing nuclear waste at Hinkley
just 14 miles across the sea from Barry ...


Jill Gough
Ysgrifennyddes Genedlaethol
National Secretary
CND Cymru

Tim Richards 1 October 21:23
If you are amazed and appalled at the European Commission seriously considering allowing the government to subsidise Nuclear Power, write to Joaquin Alumnia (vice president of the European Commission)

The European Commission are set to say ‘Yes’ to the state aid granted by the UK government to Électricité de France (EDF), breaking their own rules on state aid. After a brief reprieve the fight against Hinkley C is back on. Write to http://ec.europa.eu/commission_2010-2014/almunia/contact/commissioner/form_en.htm
http://l.facebook.com/l/HAQEuh7LqAQHWJfVOsqD5VbH_zq3LGV9Ph5a2WpeoP32iSw/ec.europa.eu/commission_2010-2014/almunia/contact/commissioner/form_en.htm Joaquín Almunia – contact me
Contact form - Joaquín Almunia – Vice-President of the European Commission and Competition Commissio...


Mike Jenkins invites you to sign the petition:

“Your voice will make a difference. Sign the petition.”

Sign the Petition to The World United Nations

This petition will surely open the eyes of the world who cant see the cruelity and the genocide of Palestinians

or Read more about the petition
Sibani Roy and 64,615 others signed the petition

attacking russia will ruin europe and help the USA

World War II: The unknown war
By Paul Craig Roberts

In my column, “The Lies Grow More Audacious,”
 I mentioned that Obama and the British prime
 minister, who Obama has as a lap dog, just as
 George Bush had Tony Blair as lap dog, had
managed to celebrate the defeat of Nazi
Germany at the 70th anniversary of the
Normandy invasion without mentioning
 the Russians.

I pointed out the fact, well known to historians
 and educated people, that the Red Army
defeated Nazi Germany long before the US
was able to get geared up to participate
in the war.

The Normandy invasion most certainly
 did not defeat Nazi Germany. What the
Normandy invasion did was to prevent
the Red Army from overrunning all Europe.

As I have reported in a number of columns,
many, if not most, Americans have beliefs
 that are not fact-based, but instead are
emotion-based. So I knew that at least one
person would go berserk, and he did.

 JD from Texas wrote to set me straight.
 No one but “our American boys” won
 that war. JD didn’t know that the
Russians were even in the war.
JD had the option of consulting an
encyclopedia or a history book or
 going online and consulting Wikipedia
prior to making a fool of himself. But
he chose instead to unload on me. JD
 epitomizes US foreign policy: rush into
 every fight that you know nothing about
 and start new ones hand over fist that
someone else will win.

It occurred to me that World War II was so
 long ago that few are alive who remember
it, and by now even these few probably
remember the propaganda version that
they have heard at every Memorial Day
and July 4th occasion since 1945.

 Little wonder that neither Obama nor Cameron
 or their pitiful speech writers knew nothing
 about the war that they were commemorating.

Propaganda has always been with us.
 The difference is that in the 21st century
Americans have nothing but propaganda.
 Nothing else at all. Just lies. Lies are the
American experience. The actual world as
 it exists is foreign to most Americans.

In 1973 a British television documentary series
 was released that chronicled WW II. Of the 28
episodes, only 3 and part of a 4th acknowledge
Russian participation in the war. From the
 British standpoint, victory was an Anglo-
American victory.

This did not sit well with the Soviet government.
The Soviets offered their film archives to the West.
In 1978 a 20 part series of 48 minutes per episode
 was released in an American documentary
 television series narrated by Burt Lancaster.

 The documentary was titled: “The Unknown War.”
Certainly, it was a war unknown to most
Americans, raised as they are on propaganda.
The Unknown War was a revelation to Americans
 because it demonstrated beyond all doubt that
 Nazi Germany lost World War II on the Russian front.

Of the 20 episodes, “The Allies,” that is, the
Anglo-Americans and free French, feature
only in number 17. One out of twenty is about
 a correct proportion of the West’s participation
in the defeat of Nazi Germany.

If you google The Unknown War you will find
 an entry on Wikipedia. The series might still
be available on YouTube. It was taken off
the air when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan,
 a folly repeated by dumbshit Washington.

It was more important to Washington that
 Russia be demonized than any truths should
be presented, so the truth revealed in The
 Unknown War was removed from US TV.
Later the documentary reappeared on the
 History Chanel.

In my June 6 article, I said, following the
consensus of historians, that Nazi Germany
lost the war at Stalingrad. In this article:
 historian Dr. Jacques R. Pauwels says that
 Germany lost the war 14 months earlier at
 the Battle of Moscow in December 1941.

He makes a good case. Whether one agrees
or not, the facts he presents are eye openers
 for the “exceptional, indispensable Americans”
 who believe nothing happens without them.

Normandy, June 1944, is 2.5 years after
Germany lost the war in the Battle of Moscow.
As historians have made clear, by June 1944
Germany had little left with which to fight.
Whatever was left of the German military
was on the Eastern Front.

At the 70th annual Normandy landing celebration
in France, Obama informed his French vassal,
 President Hollande, that he, Obama, the ruler of
the Exceptional Country, would not sit down to
 dinner with the Russian Putin.

Americans are too good to eat dinner with Russians.
So Hollande had to have two dinners. One for Obama,
and then one for Putin. As food is still good in France
thanks to the banning of GMOs, probably Holland
didn’t mind. I myself would have enjoyed being at
 both dinners for the food alone.

Like all news that's important, the dinner for Putin,
 and its meaning, escaped the attention of the
American presstitute media, the world’s greatest
collection of whores.

 If memory serves, normally the Russians are left
out of Normandy commemoration celebrations.
 If the war was won in the West, what did the
Russians have to do with it? Nothing, of course.
“Our boys” did it all, just as JD informed me.
Russians? What Russians?

But this time France invited Putin to the
Normandy celebration, and Putin was not
too proud to come. Putin spoke with
European politicians in the off moments,
 and these politicians saw a real person,
unlike Obama, a total fake.

The superiority of Russian diplomacy over
Washington’s is clear to all. Putin’s position is:
“we are here for you, we can work things out.”
 Washington’s position is: “do as we say or
 we will bomb you into the Stone Age.”

Russia is accommodating to its client states.
 Washington is not. Putin says that he is
willing to work things out with the billionaire
corrupt Oligarch imposed on Ukraine by
Washington, but Washington has forced the
 Bulgarians to stop work on the South Stream

This natural gas pipeline bypasses Ukraine
 by going under the Black Sea to Bulgaria.
 As Washington’s new puppet state in Ukraine
 has not paid its multi-billion dollar natural gas
bill to Russia and threatens to disrupt the pipe-
line to Europe and to steal gas from it, Russia,
 despite Western sanctions, made preparations
 for a new pipeline route in order that Europeans
 do not suffer from winter cold and have their
 industries shut down and economies collapse
from lack of energy.

Washington sees Putin’s commitment to Europe
as a threat and has gone to work to prevent
any Russian energy flows to Europe.

In contrast with Putin’s position, Washington’s
position is: We don’t give a hoot what happens
 to our European puppets. Like the rest of
humanity, European puppets don’t count and
 are dispensable, mere collateral damage,
 in the Indispensable Country’s war for world

All that is important to Washington is that
Russia is damaged regardless of the damage
done to the puppet regimes in Western and
Eastern Europe, including the moronic Polish
government, possibly the only government on
earth more foolish than Obama’s.

Washington is trying to break off Europe’s
economic relations with Russia. Washington
is promising to supply Europe with US natural
gas obtained by fracking. This promise is a lie,
 like everything else Washington says.

On May 20 the Los Angeles Times reported
that “federal energy authorities have slashed
by 96% the recoverable oil buried in California’s
vast Monterey Shale deposits.” The Monterey
Shale formation contains about two-thirds
 of the nation’s shale oil reserves, and only
4% are recoverable.

William Engdahl has reported that at best the
US has 20 years of natural gas from fracking,
and that the price of the gas will be the
despoiling of US surface and ground waters.

Experts have pointed out that the infrastructure
 for transporting US natural gas to Europe does
 not exist and that it would take three years to
 build the infrastructure.

What will Europe do for three years while it
waits for US energy to replace the cut-off
Russian energy? Will Europe still be there?

Washington’s European vassals should take
 note: Washington is prepared to destroy
the economies of its vassals in order to
 score a one up on Russia.

How is it possible that by now Europe doesn’t
 understand how Washington thinks? Those
bags full of money must be very large.

As I have reported several times, the Assistant
Secretary of Defense for International Security
 affairs told me years ago, that Washington
purchases European politicians with bags full
of money.

 It remains to be seen if European “leaders”
 are willing to sacrifice their peoples and their
own reputations in order to be complicit in the
 war that Washington is planning with Russia,
 a war that could mean the end of life on earth.

It is Europe’s call. If leaders emerge who tell
Washington, “no dice,” the world is saved.
If instead European politicians want the
money, the world is doomed.

Europe would be the first to go.


Please try to help !

contact your representative now.

Russia's Lower House of Parliament (Duma)
 calls on all the world's parliaments, to stop
a humanitarian disaster in Ukraine.

Russian MPs suggest a new international contact
 group on the basis of PACE, in order to help stop
 the armed standoff in Ukraine and prevent the
 looming humanitarian disaster in the country.

The address to the parliaments of the world and
 international parliamentary organizations, has
 been prepared jointly by all four parliamentary
 parties, and signed by their leaders.

"The State Duma MPs are outraged by the fact
that the current Kiev authorities are supporting
escalation of a civil war and the cruel murders
 of civilians, by raging nationalist radicals",
the letter says.

 "Today, the precise number and names of those
 burned alive in Odessa, remain undisclosed."

"The numbers range from several dozen to
several hundred - and this is proof of the
authorities’ unwillingness to tell the truth
 and put those responsible on trial,” the
 letter reads.

The MPs also write that it is important to let
 all their colleagues around the world know,
that dozens of people have been killed in the
 towns of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, as well
as other places in Ukraine, under the pretext
 of a counter-terrorist operation, which is, in
reality, a punitive raid.

“Millions of Ukrainian citizens have become
hostages of the Kiev junta and the potential
 victims of mass Human Rights violations,”
 the MPs say.

The Russian politicians state in the address that
 it is necessary to hold consultations between
 parliaments, to develop approaches that could
 contribute to the defusing of tensions and the
restoration of security for all Ukraine's citizens.

Their document also mentions the road map
drafted by the Swiss chair of the OSCE on
 May 7th this year, as “worthy of attention.”

Russia's Foreign minister Lavrov
says that it is a civil war in Ukraine...
"right now".

Please try to help !

contact your representative now.


Break the Silence
A World War is Beckoning

Why do we ­tolerate the threat of ­another world war in our
 name? Why do we allow lies that justify this risk? The
scale of our ­indoctrination, wrote Harold Pinter, is a
“brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of ­hypnosis”, as
if the truth “never happened even while it was happening”.

Every year the American historian William Blum publishes
his “updated summary of the record of US foreign policy”
which shows that, since 1945, the US has tried to
­overthrow over 50 governments, many democratically
elected; grossly interfered in elections in 30 countries;
bombed the civilian populations of 30 countries; used
chemical and biological weapons; and attempted to
 assassinate foreign leaders.

In many cases Britain has been a collaborator. The
degree of human ­suffering, let alone criminality, is little
acknowledged in the west, despite the presence of the
world’s most advanced communications and nominally
freest journalism. That the most numerous victims of
 terrorism – “our” terrorism – are Muslims, is unsayable.

That extreme jihadism, which led to 9/11, was ­nurtured
as a weapon of Anglo-American policy (Operation Cyclone
in Afghanistan) is suppressed. In April the US state
department noted that, after Nato’s campaign in 2011,
“Libya has become a terrorist safe haven”.

The name of “our” enemy has changed over the years,
from communism to Islamism, but generally it is any
society independent of western power and occupying
strategically useful or resource-rich territory.

The leaders of these obstructive nations are usually
violently shoved aside, such as the democrats Muhammad
Mossedeq in Iran and Salvador Allende in Chile, or they are
murdered like Patrice Lumumba in the Congo. All are
subjected to a western media campaign of caricature
and vilification – think Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez, now
Vladimir Putin.

Washington’s role in Ukraine is ­different only in its
implications for the rest of us. For the first time since the
Reagan years, the US is ­threatening to take the world to
war. With eastern Europe and the Balkans now military
outposts of Nato, the last “buffer state” bordering Russia
is being torn apart. We in the west are backing neo-Nazis
in a country where Ukrainian Nazis backed Hitler.

Having masterminded the coup in February against the
democratically elected government in Kiev, Washington’s
planned seizure of Russia’s ­historic, legitimate warm-water
naval base in Crimea failed. The Russians defended
themselves, as they have done against every threat and
invasion from the west for almost a century.

But Nato’s military encirclement has accelerated, along
with US-orchestrated attacks on ethnic Russians in
Ukraine. If Putin can be provoked into coming to their
aid, his pre-ordained “pariah” role will justify a Nato-run
guerrilla war that is likely to spill into Russia itself.

Instead, Putin has confounded the war party by seeking
an accommodation with Washington and the EU, by
withdrawing troops from the Ukrainian border and urging
ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine to abandon the
weekend’s provocative referendum.

These Russian-speaking and bilingual people – a third of
Ukraine’s population – have long sought a democratic
federation that reflects the country’s ethnic diversity and
is both autonomous and independent of Moscow. Most are
neither “separatists” nor “rebels” but citizens who want
to live securely in their homeland.

Like the ruins of Iraq and Afghanistan, Ukraine has been
turned into a CIA theme park – run by CIA director John
Brennan in Kiev, with “special units” from the CIA and FBI
setting up a “security structure” that oversees savage
attacks on those who opposed the February coup.

Watch the videos, read the eye-witness reports from the
massacre in Odessa this month. Bussed fascist thugs
burned the trade union headquarters, killing 41 people
trapped inside. Watch the police standing by.

A doctor described trying to rescue people, “but I was
stopped by pro-Ukrainian Nazi radicals. One of them
pushed me away rudely, promising that soon me and
other Jews of Odessa are going to meet the same fate
… I wonder, why the whole world is keeping silent.”

Russian-speaking Ukrainians are fighting for survival.
When Putin announced the withdrawal of Russian troops
from the border, the Kiev junta’s defence secretary – a
founding member of the fascist Svoboda party – boasted
that the attacks on “insurgents” would continue.

In Orwellian style, propaganda in the west has inverted this
to Moscow “trying to orchestrate conflict and provocation”,
according to William Hague. His cynicism is matched by
Obama’s grotesque congratulations to the coup junta on its
“remarkable restraint” following the Odessa massacre.

Illegal and fascist-dominated, the junta is described by
Obama as “duly elected”. What matters is not truth, Henry
Kissinger once said, but “but what is perceived to be true.”

In US media the Odessa atrocity has been played down
as “murky” and a “tragedy” in which “nationalists”
(neo-Nazis) attacked “separatists” (people collecting
signatures for a referendum on a federal Ukraine).
Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal damned the
victims – “Deadly Ukraine Fire Likely Sparked by
Rebels, Government Says”.

­Propaganda in Germany has been pure cold war, with
the Frankfurter Allgemeine ­Zeitung warning its readers
of Russia’s “undeclared war”. For Germans, it is an
invidious irony that Putin is the only leader to condemn
the rise of fascism in 21st-century Europe.

A popular truism is that “the world changed” after 9/11.
But what has changed? According to the great
whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, a silent coup has taken
place in Washington and rampant militarism now rules.

The Pentagon ­currently runs “special operations” –
secret wars – in 124 countries. At home, rising poverty
and hemorrhaging liberty are the historic corollary of
a perpetual war state. Add the risk of nuclear war, and
the question begs: why do we tolerate this?

John Pilger is the author of Freedom Next Time.
He can be reached through his website:

Whole Article appeared in 'Counterpunch'

A Russophobic, Failed State Ruled by Fascists

Obama’s New Ukraine


“While Russia has been making efforts to de-escalate
and resolve the crisis, the Kiev regime has chosen to
launch airstrikes on peaceful residential areas,
literally destroying the last hope for preserving the
Geneva accords.” Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman

“The crisis in Ukraine is not the result of ‘Russian
 aggression,’ but of a criminal strategy by the US
and its European allies to install a hostile regime
on Russia’s borders in Ukraine and, ultimately,
dismember Russia itself.” Johannes Stern, NATO
boosts military build-up against Russia as protests
spread in east Ukraine, World Socialist Web Site

Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov:

“We are calling on the European capitals, the United
States of America to give an assessment of the current
events and are of course calling on those carrying out
airstrikes on residential areas to…immediately end
the punitive operation and any violence against its
own people…”

So far, there has been no response from Washington
 although it’s clear that the Obama administration
had a hand in organizing the crackdown. Not only
were the State Department & CIA directly involved
in the putsch that removed democratically-elected
president Viktor Yanukovych from office, but
Washington has also been implicated in punitive
operations directed against ethnic Russian
protestors in east Ukraine.

Both CIA Director John Brennan and Vice President
Joe Biden visited Kiev just hours before two previous
crackdowns were ordered by former-Prime Minister
Arseniy Yatsenyuk. As Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
blandly noted, It’s clear that Washington is “calling
the shots”.

The coup-President Oleksandr Turchynov:

“It is hard to accept but it’s the truth, the
majority of law enforcers in the east are
incapable of performing their duties.”

Turchynov was referring to the fact that Ukrainian
troops refused to attack their own countrymen.
The mutiny spread from elite airborne units to
local police sympathizing with the protestors.

The only group willing to carry out Washington’s
proxy war are Right Sector neo-Nazis who helped
topple the Yanukovych government. Members of
this openly fascist party, commemorated
“the perpetrators of the massacre of Yanova Dolina,”
where “600 Poles were murdered by the Ukrainian
Insurgent Army (UPA) in what is now Bazaltovoye.

The massacre marked the beginning of ethnic
cleansing in what is now western Ukraine,
where tens of thousands of Poles were killed
in a few months.” (World Socialist Web Site)

These are Obama’s new allies in America’s war
against Russia. Now check this out from Reuters:

“The International Monetary Fund warned that if
Ukraine lost territory in the east it would have to
redesign a $17 billion bailout of the country,
probably requiring additional financing.”

Tell me, dear reader, when was the last time you
heard of the IMF threatening to withhold funds
if a political leader didn’t wage war on his
own people?

Anyone with half a brain can see that the IMF is just
acting on orders from the White House. It's Obama’s
war. His fingerprints are all over the policy. Obama is
determined to draw Russia into a bloody guerilla war
that leaves Ukraine in the same condition as Iraq,
Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria.

Here’s a clip from the New York Times:

“Through stealth and misdirection, and in defiance
of Western sanctions, Russia managed to achieve
its immediate goal of what Western and Ukrainian
officials believe, is rendering Ukraine so chaotic
that it cannot guarantee order, mend its teetering
economy or elect new leaders to replace Turchynov.”
(Not Getting Through to Mr. Putin, New York Times)

Putin wants a “chaotic” failed state on Russia’s border?
Have you ever read such nonsense in your life?

Putin didn’t topple the Ukrainian government. The US
State Department did. (Victoria Nuland’s hacked phone
calls prove it.) And Putin didn’t violate the Geneva
agreement under 24 hours after the deal was signed
by launching a crackdown on civilian protestors in the
east. That was US-puppet Yatsenyuk. Nor did Putin
deploy the military to surround cities, cut off their
water supplies and deploy helicopter gunships
to fire missiles at civilian infrastructure and
terrorize the local population.

That was the work of Obama’s fascist junta in Kiev.
Putin had nothing to do with any of the trouble in Ukraine.
It’s all part of the US “pivot to Asia” strategy to encircle
and (eventually) dismember Russia in order to seize vital
resources and control the flow of energy to China.

Washington wants to reduce Ukraine to Mad Max-type
pandemonium to justify establishing NATO bases on
Russia’s perimeter. It’s all part of the plan to control
Central Asia and rule the world.

Putin has acted as peacemaker throughout the crisis,
but Obama is determined to provoke the Russian
president by attacking and killing ethnic Russians.
Consider the statement by Russia’s Foreign Ministry:

“As we have warned many times before, the use of
the army against its own people is a crime and is
leading Ukraine to catastrophe…

By supporting the organizers of the Kiev coup in
their strategy of violently putting down protests,
the US and EU are taking on a huge responsibility,
essentially closing the door to a peaceful solution
to the crisis.” (Putin says Geneva agreement no
longer viable after Ukrainian military action,

It’s clear now that Obama merely used the Geneva
agreement to buy time to move troops and military
hardware to Poland and the Balkans. It’s also clear
that Obama invited German Chancellor Angela Merkel
to Washington so that it would appear that Europe is
united behind the US in its proxy war on Russia.

But what does Obama hope to achieve by stirring up
this hornet’s nest? He knows that Putin cannot afford
to back down on Crimea, so what’s the point? And,
more importantly, what is Ukraine going to look like
when Washington is finished using it as a staging-
ground for its geopolitical landgrab?

Here’s an insightful piece by Russian academic,
Andrei Fursov, who thinks he knows what Obama
wants and explains the impact the policy is going
to have on Ukraine for years to come.

“The Americans need controlled chaos and civil war.
 Moreover, it is clear that this country (post-coup
Ukraine) is intended to be absolutely anti-Russian,
 nationalist, Banderite and neo-Nazi. So the dual
goal of establishing this anti-Russian state is to
constantly apply pressure on the Russian Federation.

As Bismarck (said) ‘We must cultivate among the
 Ukrainians, a people whose consciousness is
altered to such an extent, that they begin to
hate everything Russian.’

Thus we are talking about a historical psy-op,
an information-psychological sabotage, whose
purpose is to establish Russophobic Slavs.

They are the means to separate Ukraine from Russia
and to oppose Russia as a kind of totalitarian empire.

This was all devised under the Galician Project, on
which the intelligence services of Austro-Germany
& Kaiser German worked, followed by the intelligence
 service of the Third Reich, later – the CIA and BND.

Banderastan, if that’s what Ukraine is fated to become,
as designed by the puppet-masters across the ocean,
is to be an oligarchic, terroristic, Russophobic state.

An oligarchic Banderite oligarchy is the ideal vehicle
for external control. Clearly, this will suit both the
oligarchs and the West.” (Battleground Ukraine:
A Comprehensive Summary, Zero Hedge)

So, there it is: Divide and rule. We saw the Bush
 administration pull it off with the Shia & Sunnis
in Iraq, and now Obama wants to do the same
with the Ukrainians and Russians. Same
strategy, different continent.

This is Obama’s plan for the “New Ukraine” a
fascist-ruled failed state that follows Washington’s
directives and puts pressure on Russia through
endless provocations, belligerence, and war.

Ukraine will be Washington’s pit bull in the East,
separating Moscow from crucial sources of revenue
and thwarting efforts at greater EU-Russia economic
integration. This is how Washington hopes to insert
itself into Eurasia, to improve its prospects in the
Great Game, and to establish global hegemony
into the next century.

(Note: “Banderite” refers to Stepan Bandera, who was
a Ukrainian nationalist leader who collaborated with
the Nazis. Bandera headed the Organization of
Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) According to the World
Socialist Web Site: “The Ukrainian Insurgent Army
(UPA) carried out numerous massacres of the Polish
population in western Ukraine.

The UPA served as a military executive organ of the
OUN. It was founded in the spring of 1943 & recruited
primarily from Nazi collaborators, previously active
in the SS.”)

MIKE WHITNEY lives in Washington state. He is a
 contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the
Politics of Illusion (AK Press). Hopeless is also
available in a Kindle edition. He can be reached at


no to wylfa

Carl Spiby posted in
South Wales Anti-Nuclear Alliance


Nuclear waste plans make 'mockery' of localism, MP says

Government plans to stop councils
from being able to veto construction
of underground radioactive wa...



Jill Gough South Wales Anti-Nuclear Alliance

The new street leaflet below is available
 for distribution from info@cndcymru.org.