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A ''rousing'' dance song 
for everyone who loves
Mother Africa



Bloomberg: French Orano may be 
deprived of the right to extract 
uranium in Niger
June 15th, 7:48pm
The largest French uranium mining company Orano SA 
may be deprived of the right to extract uranium... from 
one of the world's largest deposits Imuraren in Niger.
"The second and final notification will come to an end on 
June 19, after which the company's operating permit 
will be revoked," Bloomberg quoted the Niger 
Mining Ministry as saying.
It is noted that the company's plan to develop 
the field did not coincide ---- with the
 expectations of the authorities.
Earlier, the new government of Niger 
decided to suspend the export of 
uranium and gold to France.

US military’s disgraceful exit 
from Niger another thumping
 win for multipolarity 
June 15th, 2:48pm
by Musa Iqbal
Since the military-led overthrow of Niger’s neo-colonial 
president, Mohamed Bazoum, in July last year ---- the 
country has started the process of ousting colonial 
forces it sees as parasitic and exploitative.
The first entity it targeted -- was its longtime colonist, 
France. And now, the latest entity to leave the West 
African country in humiliation is the United States, 
the usual suspect.
One of the immediate demands of the military 
government in Niger, since last year, was the 
removal of foreign forces that have asserted 
themselves as security guarantors.
But nothing could be further than the truth. The 
concerns for security by Western powers is a 
disguise for the continuation of colonialist 
practices - resource theft, labour 
exploitation, military testing 
sites, and other activities
 imperialist powers can
not conduct on their 
own soil. 
France was the first to be kicked out, with the last plane 
leaving in December 2023. France’s relationship with 
Niger was always a parasitic and colonial one.
For the past few decades, France relied on Niger for 
cheap export of uranium into France - which is a 
commodity that France desperately depends on 
as a significant chunk of its power is sustained 
through nuclear energy. 
With France out of the way, Niger’s military junta-led 
government turned to the US, which has a heavy 
technological military presence in the country.
In March, the military government announced it would 
revoke all existing military accords with the US. This 
announcement came shortly after the US 
government threatened the Niger junta
 for pursuing its further economic 
partnership with Iran and its
military partnership 
with Russia. 
Now the US is set to be completely out 
of Niger, by September of this year. 
For the United States, this means the loss of two air 
bases it used, to conduct surveillance and military 
operations in the region. One airbase in particular, 
Air Base 201, exceeded a cost of $100 million to 
build and maintain - all approved by the
US Congress. 
The bases were used primarily for spying and 
reconnaissance but also carried out military 
strikes using manned and unmanned aerial 
vehicles, primarily drones.
The US government asserts that these bases are used 
to combat extremist elements, including Al Qaeda and 
Daesh. Niger’s junta government rejects this outright, 
with junta leader Abdramane stating that the very 
presence of US troops in Niger was illegal and 
violated constitutional and democratic rules 
and that the US presence was unilaterally 
imposed on Niger --- since 2012. 
Niger’s previous neocolonial regime backed by the West 
ignored the popular will and possibly subverted its own 
laws to welcome Americans into the country. The
 junta will not allow this practice to continue. 
It cannot be overstated how much of a significant loss 
this is for global imperialism. For years, US military 
leaders, particularly those in AFRICOM (US Africa 
Command) considered Niger the “anchor” of their 
operations in Africa.
According to the Intercept, the airstrip at the base is 
large enough for both C-17 transport planes and 
MQ-9 Reaper armed drones. This means the 
Niger base can house armed drones that
 can strike nearly 2,000 miles away. 
The previous neo-colonial leaders of Niger allowed the 
US to conduct armed operations on its own soil using
 the Air Base, much to the disdain of their own people.
 It is thus no surprise that the ouster of the previous 
US puppet regime ------- was met with 
nationwide celebrations. 
One must examine the relationship... between the 
Washington regime, and the Niger junta. Upon the 
overthrow of the neo-colonial puppet government, 
Washington threatened the junta with sanctions.
If the US is so invested in countering terrorism
 in the region, then why must it threaten every 
government into submission & subordination?
The junta understood this calculus as the people were 
quite familiar with the schemes of imperialism. It did 
not back down and instead looked for partnership 
elsewhere - with Iran and Russia, two of the
 United States’ main adversaries.
It has become evidently clear ------ from decades of 
experience that the US presence is never there to 
eliminate terrorism. That would be antithetical to 
the capitalist model the US champions.  
The goal is to never find the “cure” 
for an issue, it is to “treat it.”
Treatment -------- is where corporations 
can make  profits of billions of dollars.
Takfiri terrorism from Daesh and Al Qaeda may indeed, 
have been legitimate threats to Niger and surrounding 
countries. But a military partnership with the US just 
meant US forces would keep a lid on things. It's not 
in the US’s material interest to decimate an 
opponent it can make billions off. 
It wasn't the US military that annihilated Daesh in Iraq 
and Syria, 'though they most certainly used Daesh as 
a justification for military occupation. It was the Iraqi 
resistance and Syrian Arab Army, guided by Iran’s 
top anti-terror commander, General Qassem 
Soleimani --- that annihilated Daesh.
The longer the US stays in a region, the longer it can 
exploit its resources. It is in no rush to “wrap things
 up” if there’s profit to be made. 
As the US is pushed out of Niger, Russian troops
are welcomed in. In fact, they are already there, 
stationed metres away from packing US troops
 at Air Base 101.
Understanding the political context of this development 
is important. It is not simply limited to the US being 
forced out of a country, but rather, where the 
host country --- is looking for support.
Russia, despite being entrenched in a war of its own in 
Ukraine, is being viewed as a supporting partner for 
countries struggling against the remnants of US 
hegemony. Iran is viewed as a respectable 
trading partner as both Niger and Iran 
are operating under sanctions and 
threats of economic warfare.
The same could also be said for a power like China, 
who famously brokered steps toward peace 
between Yemen and Saudi Arabia 
in April of 2023. 
Countries other than the US are stepping up to the plate 
to replace the US as a power broker across the globe. 
This trend ------- part of the growing march of world 
multipolarity - is the death knell of US hegemony.
Nations are engaged in struggles against neocolonialism, 
where puppet regimes controlled by the US are being 
opposed by their own people, replacing them with
a true leadership, that cares for them. 
The paths these nations take trend towards aligning 
themselves with countries generally unfavorable to 
Washington, as they refuse to be subordinated into
 an imperialist world order.
Decades of planning and sacrifice by these countries 
have resulted in them being able to operate outside 
of a global economy that the US is a primary and 
often the sole benefactor of. 
Thus, these countries are prepared to exchange 
and cooperate in a fashion that is not parasitic 
and one-sided. 
Niger is one of the latest countries following a pattern 
of the rejection of imperialism and neo-colonialism.
Though Western countries pretend that the days of 
colonialism are long gone, nothing could be further
 from the truth. Western militaries still maintain 
strongholds across the globe, particularly 
wherever there are natural resources 
and labour to exploit.
However, with the West’s decline due to its years of 
entrenchment in war, mismanagement of resources, 
and inner socio-political turmoil, a multipolar world 
------ is quickly becoming a pathway for countries 
across the globe, to reclaim true sovereignty. 
Musa Iqbal is a Boston-based researcher and writer 
with a focus on US domestic and foreign policy.
(The views expressed in this article..... do 
not necessarily reflect those of Press TV.)

Medvedev: Russia hopes
 BRICS-African Union 
cooperation ---- will 
reach a new level
June 13th, 10:24pm
During its BRICS presidency, Russia hopes to create the 
necessary conditions for cooperation in the BRICS — 
African Union format to reach a new level of quality.
This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Russian 
Security Council Dmitry Medvedev in an article 
published in Rossiyskaya Gazeta.
According to him, the development of cooperation 
between the African Free Trade Zone --- and the 
EAEU -- as well as other similar formats in the 
trade and economic sphere, is also promising.
Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria 
Zakharova said on the sidelines of SPIEF 2024 that 
the West needs to pay its debts - for centuries of 
their exploitation of Africa.
Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa
also stressed the importance of building a 
multipolar world for Africa, during the 
SPIEF 2024 session.


Report alerts --- on the use 
of strong opioids in Africa
June 13th, 12:13pm 
(Prensa Latina) 
Investigations by anti-crime organizations detected
the first time in Africa, traces of highly potent 
synthetic opioids --- that are very dangerous
 for human health, local media published
 here today.
These opioids are known as nitazenes... and have been in 
use for some time in Europe and North America, as well 
as in Asia, where they have been associated with 
overdose deaths.
According to a report focusing on Sierra Leone and 
Guinea-Bissau by the Global Initiative against 
Transnational Organized Crime, samples 
containing nitazenes were discovered
 in both countries.
The document also notes that some of these opioids can
 be up to 100 times more potent than heroin and up to 
10 times more potent than fentanyl, increasing the 
risk of overdose and death.
Investigations suggest that nitazenes are being imported 
into Sierra Leone from elsewhere and urged officials to 
deploy surveillance teams to illicit drug markets and 
develop evidence-based responses.
The President of Sierra Leone, Julius Maada Bio, 
recently declared a national emergency on drug
 abuse, in response to the devastating impacts 
of these harmful substances.
Without electricity 570 million 
people in sub-Saharan Africa
June 13th, 10:40am 
(Prensa Latina) 
Around 570 million people in sub-Saharan Africa, live 
without electricity, which is equivalent to more than 
80 percent of the world's population without access 
to that service, multilateral organizations maintain 
A new report from the International Energy Agency, the 
International Renewable Energy Agency, the United 
Nations Statistics Division, the World Bank and
 the World Health Organization shed light on
 the current panorama.
On a global scale, the situation, instead of improving, 
worsened: in 2022 the number of inhabitants 
without electricity grew for the first time in
 more than a decade, says the study 
released the day before.
At least 685 million people lacked access, 10 million 
more than in 2021, and the decline in sub-Saharan 
African territories meant an increase in the deficit 
compared to 2010 levels, the analysis exemplifies.
According to the diagnosis, the global gap in energy 
access continued to rise as population growth 
outpaced new connections, while 2.1 billion
 individuals continued to depend on 
harmful fuels for cooking.
If the observed trend continues, it is unlikely that 
Sustainable Development Goal number seven 
(SDG 7) will be achieved, which established
 the commitment to guarantee access to 
affordable, reliable, sustainable and 
modern energy by 2030, the 
research warns.
The goal includes achieving universal access to 
electricity & clean cooking, doubling historical 
levels of efficiency improvements, and 
substantially increasing the share of
 renewable energy in the global 
energy mix.
Its achievement would have a profound impact on 
people’s health and well-being, helping to protect 
them from environmental and social risks such 
as air pollution, and expanding... access to 
primary health care and health services,
 the text states.
However, ongoing efforts are not enough to achieve SDG 
7 on time, even if there is some progress on specific 
elements, including increasing the rate of 
deployment of renewable energy in 
the electricity sector.
In the opinion of the sources, the main adverse factors 
have been the global energy crisis, inflation, the 
growing indebtedness of many low-income 
countries ----- and the increase in
 geopolitical tensions.
The joint report calls for “immediate concrete actions,” 
especially to address the large disparity in clean 
energy investment, as 80 percent remained 
concentrated in just 25 countries.
With current policies, in 2030 there will still be 660 million
 people without electricity and around 1.8 billion without 
access to clean technologies and fuels for cooking, 
the document summarizes.


WHO warns about 
looming famine 
in Sudan
June 13th, 1:18am (TASS)
The people of Sudan are dying because of lack of access
 to basic medical services, while some regions of the 
country are under the threat of famine, the World 
Health Organization (WHO) Director General 
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.
In his words, Sudan is gripped by "the 
world’s largest humanitarian crisis."
More than 70% of hospitals in conflict-
hit regions are not functioning.
"People are dying from lack of access to essential 
services and medicines, while there is a very real 
risk of mass starvation in some regions," the 
WHO chief said.
The situation in Sudan... escalated in April 2023 --- amid 
disagreements between the army chief, Abdel Fattah 
al-Burhan, who also heads the ruling Sovereignty 
Council, and the head of the paramilitary Rapid 
Support Forces, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo. 
The main points of contention between the two military 
organizations are related to the timeline and methods 
of forming unified armed forces of Sudan, as well as 
who should become the commander-in-chief of the 
army: a career military officer, which is an option 
supported by al-Burhan, or an elected civilian 
president, as Dagalo insists. 
On April 15th, armed clashes between the rival military 
factions erupted near a military base in Merowe and in 
the capital, Khartoum. The conflict has left thousands 
dead and tens of thousands injured. The conflicting 
sides held a series of consultations, in Jeddah,
 in 2023.


The President of Malawi instructed to
 start searching for the 'plane with 
the Vice-president of the country
June 10th, 7:18pm
Malawi's President Lazarus Chakwera has ordered an 
immediate search and rescue operation to locate the 
missing plane --- carrying Vice President Saulos
 Chilima and nine others. This is reported 
on June 10.
"All attempts by the aviation authorities to establish 
contact with the aircraft after it disappeared from
failed," the President and Cabinet of
Ministers of 
Malawi said, in a press
release published on the 
network Facebook 
by the Meta 
as extremist
in the 
It was also reported that Chakwera canceled a planned 
visit to the Bahamas, in connection with reports of a 
possible plane crash with the vice president.
Earlier in the day, the media reported that the plane 
carrying Malawi's Vice President Saulos Chilima 
and nine other people disappeared from radar 
screens". Local portal Malawi24 wrote that 
the aircraft could have crashed, as, 
according to its data, it did not 
land at Mzuzu airport.
Saulos Chilima... has been Vice-
President of Malawi since 2014.

 Last operating hospital in
Darfur city shut
...after paramilitary 
June 10th, 11:27am
The medical aid group Doctors Without, also known as 
MSF, says the last operating hospital in a key state
 capital of Sudan’s Western region of Darfur has 
been shut after an attack by the paramilitary
 Rapid Support Forces (RSF).
"On Saturday, MSF and the ministry of health suspended
 all activities in South Hospital, El-Fasher, North Darfur, 
after RSF soldiers stormed the facility, opened fire &
 looted it, including stealing an MSF ambulance,"
 the NGO, in a statement posted late
Sunday, on X.
According to MSF, "intensified fighting" around 
the hospital earlier this week had triggered its 
evacuation, and "there were only 10 patients 
and a reduced medical team" there by the
 time of the attack.
"Most patients and the remaining medical team... 
were able to flee the RSF shooting," MSF said.
It noted that "due to the chaos, our team was unable 
to verify if there were any killed or wounded" in the 
latest attack.
The RSF has been fighting the army, led by Gen. Abdel 
Fattah Burhan, for control of the North African country 
since April 15 last year in a war that has killed tens of 
thousands of people --- and displaced nearly 8 million.
Michel-Olivier Lacharite, head of emergencies at MSF,
 said it was "outrageous that the RSF opened fire 
inside the hospital."
"Warring parties must halt attacks on medical care,"
 he said, adding, "Hospitals are closing. Remaining 
facilities can't handle mass casualties."
Fierce fighting reignited in El-FasheR....... the last state 
capital not under RSF control in the western region of
 Darfur and a key humanitarian hub for a region on the 
brink of famine, on May 10 in what UN chief Antonio 
Guterres has called "an alarming new chapter" in 
the conflict.
Since then, "at least 192 people have been killed and 
more than 1,230 wounded" in the city, according to
 a conservative estimate by the MSF.
The United Nations, and Sudanese and international 
organizations and institutions denounce the recent 
attack on a village in Sudan’s Gezira state that 
claimed the lives of more than 100 civilians, 
calling for an immediate investigation.
Sudan on edge of ‘world’s largest humanitarian crisis’
Menahiwle, the World Food Programme (WFM) warned 
that Sudan may soon become the “world’s largest 
humanitarian crisis.”
The WFP executive director, Cindy McCain, emphasized 
the significance of maintaining safe access and open
 crossings to transport humanitarian aid as the 
“forgotten crisis” in Sudan rages on.
“We cannot get food in, we can barely get food in, we 
certainly aren’t getting it in at scale, and you see the 
results of what can happen if people aren’t fed. 
We’re also coming into the lean season, which 
makes it very difficult many times for our 
trucks to even operate if they can get 
in,” McCain said.... in an interview
CBS on Sunday.
“We need safe and unfettered access.”
McCain warned that the crisis could 
have “catastrophic effects,” further 
destabilizing that region of Africa.
Both warring sides in Sudan have been accused 
of war crimes ------ including targeting civilians,
the indiscriminate shelling of residential 
areas and torture.


Ethiopia -- is Africa’s fifth 
largest economy in 2024
June 9th,10:59am
 (Prensa Latina) 
Ethiopia is ranked fifth among African nations 
with the largest economies in 2024, 
according to the International 
Monetary Fund (IMF), Fana 
Broadcasting Corporate 
noted on Sunday.
Ethiopia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) amounts to US
$205.1 billion and globally ranks 57th according to IMF.
Ahead of Ethiopia are South Africa, Egypt, Algeria and 
Nigeria, in that order, as the largest economies on the 
African continent. 

 Lavrov arrives in Congo
June 4th, 12:13am
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov arrived in the 
Republic of Congo on June 3rd, for talks. This was 
announced by the official representative of the 
Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova
 in her Telegram channel.
"In the city of Oyo, negotiations will be held tomorrow 
with the leadership of this country," she wrote. A 
representative of the Foreign Ministry published 
a video from the airport. At the ramp, Sergey 
Lavrov was met by Congo's Foreign 
Minister Jean-Claude Gacosso.
The Russian Foreign Minister's African tour began in 
Guinea, where he met with the country's Foreign 
Minister, Mori Sandan Kuyate. The politicians 
discussed economic and military-technical 
cooperation between the two countries. 

Prior to that, Lavrov paid a working 
visit to Guinea in February 2013.
This is Lavrov's sixth tour of Africa
 in the last two years.


South Africa’s political balance
 is practically defined
June 1st, 9:43am
 (Prensa Latina) 
The South African Independent Electoral Commision 
(IEC) reported that 99% of the votes cast on May 29 
general elections have been counted.
 The outcomes reaffirm that the African National 
Congress (ANC) continues to be the main party
 in the country.
Indeed, the IEC revealed that the ANC is in the lead with 
40.3%, a figure... that must not change much. Thus, and 
not having reached the defining 50%, now the national 
political scenario is centred on which government 
alliance the ANC will establish in order to, as 
a whole, have a parliamentary majority.
According to local analysts, it is most likely that the ANC 
will appeal to the smallest possible number of parties 
to form a government, since an alliance with many 
members would turn decision making in the 
National Assembly – Parliament - into an 
inefficient and very complex matter. 
Meanwhile, the conservative Democratic Alliance (DA) 
obtained 21.7% at the national level, leading only in
 the southern province of Western Cape. An
 ANC-DA alliance is seen as highly unlikely.
On the other hand, one of the most notable results 
of these elections is the positioning of the new 
uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) party as the third 
political force in South Africa, with 14.7% 
of the votes cast nationwide. In fact, it 
emerged as the most voted for party 
in the southeastern province of 
KwaZulu-Natal, with 46% in 
that constituency.
According to plan, the final official results will only be 
declared when all outstanding objections to the IEC
 by dissatisfied parties have been resolved, which 
are expected on Sunday evening, June 2.


South Africa's ruling ANC party 
expected to lose majority 
after vote?
May 30th, 7:18pm
Preliminary results and projections indicate that South 
Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC) is set
 to lose its majority of 30 years.
Officials reported on Thursday that with 20% of the votes 
tallied, the ANC was leading with 44%, down from the
 57% it received in 2019. The liberal Democratic 
Alliance (DA) was closely behind at 25%.
The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), a leftist party, 
secured the third position with 9% of the vote, while 
uMkhonto weSizwe (MK), led by former South 
African president Jacob Zuma, followed 
closely behind with 8%.
"The broad church of the ANC... has taken a substantial 
knock. This is a shock to the system for the ANC and 
ultimately will also be a shock to the system for the 
average South African, who has only known ANC
rule since 1994," political analyst Daniel Silke 
told AFP.
"It redraws the political boundaries of South Africa
 and creates a degree of uncertainty".
In the event that President Cyril Ramaphosa's party is 
verified to fall below the 50 percent mark, he would 
be compelled to pursue coalition partners in order
 to secure re-election and establish a 
fresh government. 
The party is still highly regarded for its pivotal role in 
ending white minority rule, and its forward-thinking 
social welfare and black economic empowerment 
initiatives are acknowledged by its followers for
 lifting millions of black families out of poverty.
Even if the ANC comes close to securing 50 percent of 
the votes, it seems improbable that it will be able to
 form alliances with smaller and regional parties to 
attain a majority.
According to prediction by Council for Scientific and 
Industrial Research (CSIR), the ANC was projected
 to receive less than 42 percent of the vote..... 
potentially requiring them to collaborate 
with a larger rival.
Nevertheless, experts held differing views on which 
party the ANC would align with - and whether this 
underwhelming performance could jeopardize
 Ramaphosa's leadership position.


Madagascar: Parliamentary 
Election ------ Took Place
May 30th, 6:29pm 
On Wednesday, the parliamentary elections in 
Madagascar took place, with citizens voting
 to elect 163 deputies to the 
National Assembly.
Polling stations across the country opened from 6:00 
a.m. local time to 5:00 p.m., with about 11.6 million 
registered voters casting their ballots.
Arsene Dama, president of the Independent National 
Electoral Commission (CENI), visited several polling 
stations alongside international observer missions 
and reported that everything was proceeding
 as planned.
Regarding reported electoral offenses, such as 
suspicions of pre-ticked ballot papers, he 
assured that investigations would be 
conducted to confirm the existence 
or absence of such anomalies.
A total of 23 international and 82 national observation 
entities were accredited by CENI for the election. 
The United Nations Resident Coordinator in 
Madagascar Issa Sanogo ---- praised the
efforts to ensure inclusive participation, 
especially for young people and those 
with disabilities.
Malagasy civil society observatory Safidy said that the 
opening of polling stations was calm, with procedures 
generally respected and all necessary materials 
available, despite some minor delays.
President Andry Rajoelina urged all Malagasy citizens
 to participate fully in the election, emphasizing the 
importance of voting for deputies in every district.
Somalia: Charities ------- Launch 
Campaign to Protect Cheetahs
May 30th, 5:47pm 
On Thursday, two international conservation charities 
joined forces --- to launch an awareness campaign in 
Somaliland, northern Somalia, to educate the public 
about the critical issue of wildlife trafficking, with a 
specific focus on the cheetahs of the Horn of Africa.
The campaign, organized by the Cheetah Conservation 
Fund (CCF) and the Wild Africa Fund, is aimed at 
combating the illegal wildlife pet trade in 
cheetahs from the Horn of Africa.
The charities highlighted the innovative media strategies 
employed by the Wild Africa Fund to reduce poaching 
of African elephants and rhinos, which will now be 
extended to address the trafficking of cheetahs
 in the Horn of Africa.
"The initiative underscores a significant step towards 
protecting Somaliland's wildlife --- and raising global 
awareness about the devastating impacts of illegal 
wildlife trade," the CCF said in a statement.
The campaign comes amid reports that more than 200 
cheetahs have been trafficked into the Middle East 
annually, out of a regional population of about 
400 individuals in the Horn of Africa.
The awareness program, developed in collaboration with 
Somaliland's 2 relevant ministries, included interviews 
with key government officials and influential social 
media personalities, who pledged to use their 
platforms to advocate for the conservation 
of wildlife in Somaliland.
The CCF is currently caring for 97 cheetahs rescued 
from the illegal wildlife pet trade at its Cheetah
Rescue and Conservation Centre (CRCC) in 
Geed-Deeble in Somaliland.
The world population of cheetahs --- is less than 7,000 
individuals, and this regional subspecies has recently 
been uplisted by the Convention on International 
Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and 
Flora (CITES) to "Endangered."

ANC ratified ------- as the main 
political force in South Africa
May 30th, 3:03pm
 (Prensa Latina) 
Even without knowing.... the final official results of the 
general elections in South Africa, held on Wednesday, 
it can already be affirmed that the African National 
Congress (ANC) has been ratified as the main 
political force in the country.
Indeed, as of Thursday evening, with the results of just 
over 34% of the districts in the elections, which saw a 
turnout of 58.6% of registered voters, counted --- the 
ANC is ahead -- with approximately 43% of the vote.
In a distant second place is the conservative Democratic 
Alliance (DA), which, although dominant in the southern 
Western Cape province, with regional support so far 
counted at just over 52%, nationally that figure is, 
according to these partial results, 25%.
Next, as expected, are the Economic
 Freedom Fighters (EFF), with a 
provisional 9%.
The EFF managed, if current trends continue, to go 
above the national average in northern Limpopo 
and the North West, although even in those 
departments it lags far behind the ANC.
And, as expected, the relatively new uMkhonto we Sizwe 
(MK) party has a large lead in the south-eastern province 
of KwaZulu-Natal, where it was formed, with just over 
43%, ahead of the ANC which has so far only 
managed around 20% in that region.
At the national level, MK has thus become one 
of the four most voted political parties in the 
country with 9.3% of the vote.
Horn of Africa: +74 Mln People 
Are Food Insecure
May 30th
On Wednesday, a report released by the Food and 
Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 
(FAO) and the Intergovernmental Authority on 
Development (IGAD) stated that some 74.9 
million people in the Greater Horn of Africa 
region are highly food insecure ---- and in 
urgent need of humanitarian assistance.
The two institutions said - out of the number, 46.8 million 
people were from 7 of the 8 IGAD member states. These 
are Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania, 
Sudan and Uganda. The rest are Burundi, the 
Central African Republic (CAR) and the 
Democratic Republic of the 
Congo (DRC).
The report attributes the rise in the number of food-
insecure people in the region from 58.1 million 
people in February to flooding caused by 
heavy rains.
"Heavy rains from late March through April, have led to 
severe flooding, especially in Kenya, Somalia, Burundi 
and Tanzania...  causing loss of lives and livestock, 
displacing hundreds of thousands of people, and 
destroying farmlands and critical infrastructure 
such as roads, bridges and dams," they said
 in an April report.
"Despite.... increased agricultural performance in some 
parts of the region as a result of the enhanced rains, 
increased levels of acute food insecurity --- are 
probable in the severely affected areas,"
 the institutions said.
They observed --- that the nutrition situation across the 
region remained concerning, largely driven by conflict, 
displacement, food insecurity, infectious diseases 
& poor water, hygiene and sanitation conditions.
The bulk of those who are food insecure (20.4 million) 
are in DRC, followed by Sudan at 12.8 million & South 
Sudan at 4.6 million, according to FAO and IGAD. 
"The nutrition situation in Sudan is rapidly deteriorating, 
marked by an alarming increase in acute malnutrition
 cases....... even as parts of the country face a 
progressively increasing risk of famine,"
 the report said.
It added that, apart from the food crisis, the Greater Horn
of Africa region... is also grappling with multiple disease 
outbreaks, including cholera, malaria, measles, dengue, 
yellow fever, & polio, as wetter-than-normal conditions 
observed over most parts of the region heightened 
the risk of water-borne and vector-borne diseases 
due to flooding.
The Horn of Africa is expected to experience more rains 
between June-September, according to the latest 
forecast by IGAD's Climate Prediction Centre.
According to the United Nations Office for the 
Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), 
some 473 people lost their lives in Ethiopia,
 Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Burundi, and 
Tanzania, due to flooding between 
March and April, with the rains 
affecting.... over 1.6 million 
people in the region.


High level talks between 
Sudan    ...and the US
May 29th, 9:57am 
(Prensa Latina) 
The president of the Sovereign Transitional Council 
(CST) of Sudan, Abdelfatá al Burhan, held a 
telephone conversation with the Chief of 
US diplomacy, Antony Blinken,
local media report 
here today.
According to the sources, Blinken called for 
an end to the conflict and urged Burhan
 to reopen negotiations.
The situation in the city of El Fasher, scene of violent 
fighting in the last two weeks, which has left more
 than 50 dead and some 1000 wounded, was 
also discussed.
Since mid-April of last year, Sudan has been plunged into 
an internal war, after contradictions over power issues 
flared up between the head of the Army, Abdel Fatah 
al-Burhan, and the leader of the paramilitary Rapid 
Support Forces, Mohamed Hamdan Daglo.
In Sudan, where a military coup d’état occurred in 2019 
and another in 2021, a conflict broke out that killed 
thousands of civilians, including some 15,000 
in the West Darfur region alone, and the 
displacement.. of some seven million 
people, according to data provided 
by the United Nations.


Russian military releases Chadian 
soldiers captured by militants
May 28th, 6:06pm
The Russian military released Chadian soldiers previously
captured by the militants. This was announced on May
28 by the Russian 
Defense Ministry.
"In Central Africa, Russian military personnel conducted 
a joint operation with colleagues of the Republic of 
Chad, to free Chadian soldiers from captivity of
 illegal armed groups," RIA Novosti reports.
Chadian soldiers were captured by Islamic militants nine 
months ago while clearing mines at an airport in the 
Tibesti area. The militants disarmed and captured 
21 servicemen. They were held... in a terrorist 
camp in inhumane conditions and tortured.
"After the successful release operation, all the prisoners 
were first taken to a temporary base, where Russian 
medics provided the necessary qualified assistance 
and performed operations to remove fragments. 
And then, under the control and accompanied 
by Russian servicemen, the released people 
were evacuated to their homeland," the
 Russian Defense Ministry concluded.
In January, Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting
 with President of the transitional period of the Republic 
of Chad Mahamat Idris Deby noted that Russia is 
closely monitoring the situation in the country 
and will help stabilize the situation.
In April 2021, Chad held elections for the highest post, 
which was won by Idriss Deby Itno, who had headed 
the state for 30 years before. On election day, rebels
 invaded Chad from neighbouring Libya. The Chadian 
army managed to destroy their main force, but the 
President who led the operation..... was injured 
and died.
His son Mahamat Idriss Debi Itno, who led the army, 
took power in his own hands. Chad has announced 
the creation of a transitional national council and
 a transitional Government.
In December 2023, a referendum was held in Chad, which
 resulted in the adoption of a new Constitution allowing 
the President of the transitional period to run for the 
post of leader of the country. Elections for the post 
of head of state should be held before the end 
of 2024.
UAE congratulates Ethiopia on
occasion of its National Day
May 28th, 4:52pm
 (Prensa Latina) 
The president of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), 
Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, today sent a 
congratulatory message to his Ethiopian 
counterpart, Sahle-Work Zewde, on the 
National Day of that African country.
According to the Wam News Agency, on the occasion of 
that important date, the greeting of the Emirati ruler, 
which also included the prime minister, Abyi Ahmed 
Ali, was also joined by the vice president, prime 
minister and governor of Dubai, Mohammed 
bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
The deputy prime minister and president of the UAE 
Presidential Court, Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, 
also sent his congratulations to the authorities 
and the Ethiopian people, the source said.
Dignitaries from numerous countries, including the 
president of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, sent 
messages for the anniversary to the Ethiopian 
authorities, in which he highlighted that that 
State, with its rich history and culture, 
actively participates... in the pan-
African integration processes 
& new international formats.

 Tanzania's Foreign Minister: 
Western countries are trying
to regain their influence 
in Africa
May 28th, 4:45pm
Western States - former colonial powers - are trying to 
regain their influence in Africa, but African countries 
must maintain their right to independent politics. 
This statement was made by Tanzanian Foreign
 Minister January Makamba in a conversation 
with RT.
The minister stressed that France is now being 
"kicked out" of countries such as Niger, Mali 
and Burkina Faso.
"European countries and America in particular 
are trying to make another push into Africa 
right now," Makaba said.
The interlocutor stressed that the community of 
African countries is determined to defend its 
independence and sovereignty.
"We [Africans] find it offensive when we are asked to 
choose a particular partner," the Foreign Minister 
said, adding that each country as a whole 
should be able to determine its own 
interests independently.
Speaking about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Makaba 
said that a two-state approach should be the basis for
 resolving the war, but ---- it will be difficult to achieve 
peace without a resolution on Palestinian statehood.

Zambia: Relief Food in Drought-
Affected Regions to Be 
May 28th
On Monday, a senior official said that Zambia has 
started the distribution of relief food to areas of 
the country affected by drought.
Cornelius Mweetwa, minister of information and media 
and also chief government spokesperson -- said that 
the distribution of relief maize has begun following 
the approval of the food security drought response
 plan for the period April 2024 to May 2025.
He said that the government and other stakeholders 
have initiated responses, providing both cash and
 in-kind support to all 84 districts affected by the
 drought out of the country's 116 districts.
"The Cabinet... appreciated the report from the Office of 
the Vice-President, through the Disaster Management 
and Mitigation Unit, indicating that 84.5 percent of 
the 84 districts have received maize for the 
targeted beneficiaries, under the maize 
distribution program," he said in a 
statement following a 
cabinet meeting.
Zambia declared the drought a national disaster 
and emergency in February this year and made 
a humanitarian appeal for assistance in April.
The drought resulted from poor rains during the 
2023/2024 farming season, impacting crop 
production and leaving over six million 
people in urgent need of food aid.
Mweetwa said that cooperating partners have begun 
responding to the appeal and expressed hope that 
the government will be able to meet the target 
required for its humanitarian needs.

'We're all Palestinians, we're all Gazans': 
Peaceful march held in Senegalese
 capital Dakar
May 27th, 6:25pm
Hundreds of Senegalese gathered in support of Palestine 
in Dakar, on Monday, for an event called the Peaceful 
March ----- which was organized by African Conflict 
Mediation, Management and Resolution (AMGRC).
Footage shows the Palestine supporters marching, 
carrying flags and placards, while chanting
 'Liberate Palestine.'
"We are here to say no to the massacre of Palestinians, 
to say no to war crimes, to say no to crimes against 
humanity. Crimes against humanity - affect us as 
human beings. That means - that when we are 
speaking today, we're all Palestinians, we're
 all Gazans," said Alioune Tine, Human 
Rights activist.
In recent months, Senegal's support for Palestine has 
intensified, with the arrival of new leaders in the 
country, with President Bassirou Diomaye Faye 
and his Prime Minister Ousmane Sonko
 taking a stand against the war 
in Palestine.
"I think that Senegalese people mobilizing here shows 
that Africa is not indifferent to what is happening in 
Palestine and is determined to act towards a 
ceasefire as soon as possible and oppose 
impunity with all these massacres. War 
crimes and crimes against humanity 
cannot go unpunished. We call on 
the international community to 
support the ICC's prosecutor 
Khan --- so all investigations 
are carried out, everything 
comes out and those
responsible --- are 
punished --- and 
sentenced" --- 
Alioune Tine 
"A map has been released ---- which shows that Europe 
and the United States are the only places that don't 
recognize Palestine, everyone else in the world 
does, except Australia. They continue to not 
recognize Palestine. Senegal.. recognized 
Palestine, before 1988, it was among the 
first countries to do so," said Valerie, a 
French citizen residing in Senegal.

(Source: AFP)


Call sign Roly: a member of the SVO
 from Nigeria turned to RT for help 
in obtaining Russian citizenship
by Peter Svetov
May 27th, 12:53pm
A member of the SVO from Nigeria --- has been trying to 
obtain Russian citizenship since the beginning of May. 
24-year-old Adam Mohammad Bakur Mohammad Ibrahim 
joined the Skif Cossack battalion in November 2023, he 
was given the call sign ---- Roly. In December 2023, 
Russian media even wrote about Vanka — then 
the network got a video in which a Nigerian
 takes a soldier of the Armed Forces of 
Ukraine prisoner. 
After serving the six months stipulated by the contract, 
the young man returned to Voronezh, where he had 
previously studied at the Sports Academy and 
hoped to continue his studies.. as a citizen of 
the Russian Federation, but difficulties arose 
....with obtaining a Russian passport. A 
Nigerian citizen turned to RT for help.
A native of Nigeria, Adam Mohammad Bakur Mohammad 
Ibrahim arrived in Russia in September 2023, having 
entered the Voronezh State Academy of Sports.
After two months of studying, in November 2023, 
Adam decided to participate in the SVO. The 
school did not object - the young man was
granted academic leave.
"In November 2023, I wanted to volunteer for my own 
service," Adam told RT. — I went because I wanted 
to stay in Russia after my studies and become a 
citizen of this country."
Not being a Russian, Adam could not sign a contract
 directly with the Ministry of Defense. But there is a 
way out for foreigners who want to support us at 
the front: an agreement with an organization that
 promotes the fulfillment of tasks assigned to the
 Armed Forces of the Russian Federation during 
the SVO. Adam served in the Cossack battalion 
"Skif", as part of the Cossack brigade"Terek". 
There he took the call sign Roly.
Adam signed the agreement on November 11, 2023. He 
was assigned to the position of a shooter, but already 
on the front line he mastered another valuable 
military specialty — a UAV operator. During 
his service, Adam performed combat 
missions in the Soledar direction.
In the description from the chief of staff of the Skif 
DRO, Vanka is described as an exemplary warrior.
"During his participation in the special operation for the 
denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine and 
being in the unit, Adam Mohammad Bakur 
Mohammad Ibrahim with the call sign 
Vanka as a shooter has established 
himself as a responsible, brave, 
conscientious, strong-willed, 
disciplined warrior.
''In the performance of patriotic duty -- he performed 
combat tasks, regardless of the conditions directly 
associated with the risk of life. During the period 
of the special military operation on the territory 
of Ukraine, during the specified period, as part 
of the 35th separate volunteer detachment, 
Skif repeatedly participated in combat 
operations in direct contact with the 
enemy on the front line of the 
detachment's defense. He 
enjoys.... well-deserved 
authority and respect 
in the team," the 
document says.
During Adam's military service as part of the SVO, his 
story even managed to get into a number of Russian 
media outlets. So, in December 2023, the network 
got footage of Adam capturing a soldier of the 
Armed Forces of Ukraine.
"I may be arrested at home"
On May 4, 2024, Vanka's agreement with Skif came to an 
end. The Nigerian returned to Voronezh, intending to
continue his studies ----- and thought that he would 
continue it as a citizen of the Russian Federation. 
While Vanka was at the front, on January 4th, 2024, Decree
of the President of the Russian Federation No. 10 "On the 
admission to citizenship of the Russian Federation of 
foreign citizens who have signed a contract for 
military service in the Armed Forces of the 
Russian Federation or military formations, 
and members of their families" came
 into force.
According to this document, Adam has the right to
 obtain Russian citizenship in a simplified manner.
"In accordance with Part 9 of Article 16 of the Federal 
Law of April 28, 2023" ...On Citizenship of the Russian 
Federation", without complying with the requirements 
provided for in paragraphs 1-4 of Part 1 of Article 15 
of the said federal Law... foreign citizens who have 
concluded a contract for the passage of a special 
military operation may apply for admission to 
citizenship of the Russian Federation. 
military service in the Armed Forces 
of the Russian Federation or military 
formations, or those undergoing 
military service in the Armed 
Forces.... of the Russian 
Federation or military 
formations during a 
special military 
operation," the 
decree says.
Despite this, so far Adam's attempts to obtain Russian 
citizenship have not been crowned with success. The 
young man himself said that he asked for help in the 
EMC of Voronezh, but there "no one helped him and 
did not explain anything," the Nigerian claims.
 It is now dangerous for Adam to return to his native 
Nigeria — where he may face a prison sentence 
for mercenary activities.
"I was on the front line for six months, my contract 
ended on May 4. Now I have a problem obtaining 
citizenship. While I am in Voronezh and continue 
to study at VGAS. At home, I can be arrested,
 they can give me 20 years in prison," 
says Adam.

Bad Weather Conditions in Southern 
Africa ---- Trigger Cholera Outbreak
May 24th, 8pm (teleSUR)
In southern Africa, poor weather across the continent has 
led to an epidemic of cholera. Outbreaks have spread to 
both rural populations and urban centres in major 
southern African cities.
In Zambia, Children step over them and play inches 
from the fetid water. The African country has been
 experiencing cholera outbreaks since January 
when a one-year-old boy died from 
complications from the disease.
Malawi also have experienced their worst outbreaks in 
recent months, while Zimbabwe has had multiple 
waves. Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia and 
Somalia have also been badly affected.
In Zimbabwe, a drought worsened by El Nino has seen 
cholera take hold in distant rural areas as well as
 its traditional hotspots of crowded urban 
Days after the deadly flooding in Kenya and other parts 
of East Africa this month, cholera cases appeared.
All of them have experienced floods or drought - in some 
cases, both - and health authorities, scientists and aid 
agencies say the unprecedented surge of the water-
borne bacterial infection in Africa is the newest 
example of how weather partly drives 
disease outbreaks.
Some countries have seen cases rise as they wrestle 
with severe droughts and people rely on less safe 
water sources.... in their desperation.

Russia, Sudan talk settlement
 of crisis in republic — 
Foreign Ministry
May 24th, 4:29pm
Russian Presidential Special Envoy for the Middle East
& Africa, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov 
and Sudanese Ambassador to Moscow Mohammed 
Sirraj sat down to discuss how to achieve peace 
in Sudan, the Russian Foreign Ministry said
 in a statement.
"During the conversation the parties discussed the 
situation in Sudan, including the problem of 
resolving the military-political crisis in the 
interests of ensuring the unity, 
sovereignty and territorial 
integrity of the republic," 
the ministry pointed out.
The ministry also noted that the sides discussed 
"topical aspects of the traditionally friendly 
Russian-Sudanese ties ---- with a focus on 
maintaining an active political dialogue." 
The ministry added that Bogdanov received 
the Sudanese ambassador... at his request.

All Africa music winners

Sudan's Wazza instrument

will africa solve hunger by 2030?

bust of  queen Nefertiti


Two weeks before Brexit, the African Union
 announced a new single African passport
that permits holders to enter any of the
 54 AU member states without a visa –
an interesting turn in African history
which NO-ONE in the West knows
or cares about !  What a stunning
reflection of how far our mindset
and media are, from the 'world
community' we say we love.


This is one reason why Rhondda Records
is devoting this page to Africa - and there
are so many other reasons!

Here are two - one bad - one good.

I was stunned, when I read a year or so
ago, that 40% of Africa has no regular
electricity supply! How could this be?

And, second, Africa is not only the
Mother of the human species...
it is, now, becoming the hope
of the new multipolar world.

Rise up, Africa!

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