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One Union

D'you Wanna Know the Diff'rence
Between Heaven and Hell?


A song to inspire 
if not ''Revolution'' 
then... at least 

A question for the majority who love
and aspire to build a better world 


British Workers Missing Out 
on £10,700 A Year ------- as
 Living Standards Fall
December 5th, 2:56pm (FNA)
British workers are missing out on £10,700 a year --- after
more than a decade of weak economic growth and high 
inequality, according to a major report - warning that 
UK living standards are falling behind comparable
 ''rich'' nations.
In a damning report on the economy, the Resolution 
Foundation and the London School of Economics’ 
Centre for Economic Performance called for an
urgent rethink of economic strategy - after 15
 years of relative decline, The Guardian says.
It said a living standards gap worth £8,300 had opened up
 between typical households in Britain and their average 
peers in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the 
Netherlands, and blamed a “toxic combination” 
of low growth and high inequality.
The result of a three-year inquiry by a group of the nation’s 
top academics, businesspeople and policymakers, the 
study warned that a generation of younger adults is 
being failed in particular ---- with 9 million having 
never worked in an economy with sustained 
average wage rises.
UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak... is preparing for a general 
election campaign next year with households continuing
 to come under strain from the cost of living crisis, and 
the Conservatives facing heavy fire over their 
economic record ------ after 13 years
in government.
With the government trailing Labour in the polls, the prime 
minister last month declared victory on his primary target
 to halve the UK’s inflation rate this year while hailing tax 
cuts in last month’s autumn statement to ease pressure 
on working families.
In a speech at the launch of the Resolution Foundation
 and LSE’s Economy 2030 Inquiry report on Monday, 
labour ''leader'' Keir Starmer will say that firing up 
Britain’s economy will have to “become Labour’s 
obsession” in government to reverse years of
 Tory mismanagement.
However, he will caution that an incoming Labour 
administration would face “huge constraints” on
 increasing spending on public services with 
government finances left in a precarious 
state by years of lacklustre economic 
performance hitting the exchequer.
“Anyone who expects an incoming Labour government
 to quickly turn on the spending taps is going to be 
disappointed,” Sir Starmer... will say.
Responding to the near 300-page report Ending Stagnation, 
Starmer will say the findings from the country’s leading 
economists, confirm stark contrasts between 2010 
and today. Arguing that “Britain’s standing is 
diminished”, he will say growth is stagnant 
and public services on their knees.
“Taxes... are higher than at any time since the war, none 
of which was true, in 2010. Never before has a British 
government asked its people to pay so much for
little,” he will say.
However, while warning that the challenges faced by Britain
are “huge”, the report said they are not insurmountable. 
The report, funded by the Nuffield Foundation charity, said
 the country...... ''needs to focus on its services sector, 
prioritise public and private investment...  expand 
Britain’s largest cities, and raise the number of 
opportunities for higher-quality jobs in 
every town.
Torsten Bell, chief executive of the Resolution Foundation,
said, “The task facing the UK is to urgently embark on a
new path. A new economic strategy, built not on 
nostalgia, or wishful thinking, but our actual 
strengths... along with honesty about the 
scale of change needed and the trade-
offs involved. It’s time  for Britain to 
start investing in our future,
 than living off
our past.”

Sandu preparing Moldova for war with Russia as next Ukraine

Dodon ------------ Moldova needs to
 anti-Russian sanctions
December 4th, 3:45pm
Moldova needs to abandon anti-Russian sanctions and 
negotiate with Moscow, said former President of the 
republic, leader of the Party of Socialists,
Igor Dodon.
"We need to abandon the sanctions, urgently go to Russia
 and seek the lifting of the ban --- and finally start
about the interests of our producers,"
Dodon wrote 
on Telegram.
He recalled... that Russia has never 
refused to cooperate with Moldova.
Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria 
Zakharova said that Russia will not leave Moldova's
accession to the EU's anti-Russian sanctions 

The last of the participants of the Battles 
of Stalingrad and Kursk who lived in 
Moldova.... has died
November 27th, 2023, 11:32pm

Pavel Gladkov, a knight of three Orders of the Patriotic War, 
died in Moldova at the age of 103. A veteran of the Great 
Patriotic War (WWII) --- took part in the Battles of 
Stalingrad and Kursk, the head of the search
 movement ---- and the national organizing 
committee "Victory" Alexey Petrovich
 reports on November 27.
"At the 103rd year of his life.... the commander of the battery 
of the 80th Guards anti-aircraft Artillery Minsk Regiment of 
the 1st Guards Tank Don Corps, a knight of three Orders 
of the Patriotic War, the Red Star, the medals "For 
Military Merit", "For the Defense of Stalingrad", 
"For the Liberation of Warsaw" -- "For Victory 
over Germany" holder of the highest award 
of Moldova --- the Order of the Republic, 
Colonel Pavel Vasilyevich Gladkov," 
wrote Petrovich in the Telegram 
channel of the organizing 
A veteran of the Second World War, he took part in the
 Battles of Stalingrad and Kursk, and at the end of the 
war ended up in Germany. In total during the fighting,
 Petrovich notes, Gladkov's battery destroyed 37 
aircraft and over 200 German servicemen.
In addition, according to the head of the search movement 
and the national organizing committee "Victory", Gladkov 
became the last veteran who took part in the listed
military operations, who lived in the Republic 
of Moldova.

Dodon spoke about the pressure 
of Chisinau on the Moldovan 
Orthodox Church
November 24th, 8:34pm

The Moldovan authorities are pursuing a policy of 
destroying the Moldovan Orthodox Church, 
former President of the Republic, Igor 
Dodon said.
"The authorities have taken over the church, (Moldovan
 President Maia. - RT) Sandu wants to destroy the 
Moldovan Church," RIA Novosti quoted him 
as saying.
Earlier in Moldova, the opposition Vozrozhdenie party
 condemned the actions of the authorities - to put 
pressure on protesting farmers.

Transnistrian settlement process
 in deadlock - due to Chisinau's 
position — Russian diplomat
November 24th, 12:08pm (TASS)
The settlement process in Transnistria is in a deadlock, due 
to Chisinau's persistent unwillingness to start negotiations 
with Tiraspol, Moscow urges to resume the dialogue, 
Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria 
Zakharova said.
"The current deadlock in the Transnistrian settlement is due 
to Chisinau's persistent unwillingness to respond positively 
to Tiraspol's repeated calls to start negotiations on the 
principles of a comprehensive settlement of the 
Transnistrian issue. It is obvious that without 
a change in this approach by the Moldovan
 side... we cannot expect any progress in 
the Transnistrian settlement process," 
the diplomat said in a commentary.
Relations between the two Dniester banks became strained
 after Maia Sandu was elected as Moldovan president. She 
made a series of tough statements about Transnistria 
and refused to meet with its president, Vladimir Krasnoselsky. 
Today, the reason for the stagnation in the negotiations is 
attributed to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, 
which act as mediators in the 5+2 format (which 
includes..... Moldova, Transnistria, the OSCE,
 Russia and Ukraine, as well as observers 
from the US and the EU). 
Tiraspol is also concerned about the militarization of
 Moldova, which has intensified arms purchases and 
military interaction with the US, the EU and NATO.

Large-scale anti-government  rallies begin in Chisinau

Half of Moldovans against 
joining NATO, poll reveals
June 27th, 3:22pm (TASS)
 A little more than half of the residents of Moldova -- whose 
constitution prescribes neutrality, are against the country 
joining NATO, according to a public opinion poll released 
on Tuesday, by the WatchDog.MD, a nongovernmental 
organization, close to the ruling Party of Action and
A representative sample of 1,121 respondents took part
 in the poll, which was conducted from June 10-19. The 
maximum margin of error, according to the authors, 
is 3%. Residents of Transnistria did not 
participate in the survey.
"If a referendum on Moldova's accession to NATO was 
held next Sunday, 33.4% of respondents would 
support membership in the alliance, while 
52.6% would be categorically against 
such integration. The rest, are 
undecided" --- the head of the
organization, Valery Pasha, 
said at a briefing.
A different poll conducted in May by Moldovan company 
Date Inteligente (iData), showed that the number of 
people opposed to Moldova’s accession to NATO 
in recent months, has grown by about 8 
percentage points. 
According to the survey, 63.5% of the respondents are
 against the republic’s entry into the military bloc and 
26.1% support it. Another 10.4% found it difficult
 to answer. 
The poll was conducted between April 27 and May 8 
and included 1,049 people from 395 localities. The
 authors estimate the margin of error, at 3%.
In January, Moldovan President Maia Sandu in an interview
with Politico, did not rule out that, in the context of the
Ukrainian crisis ------ the republic could abandon its 
policy of neutrality and join NATO. At the same
time, she emphasized that this decision 
should be made by the citizens 
democratically, through 
a referendum.
Moldova interacts with NATO through an individual 
partnership plan. The Alliance's information 
centre also operates in Chisinau, and a 
NATO liaison office was opened
in December 2017. 
Authorities in the unrecognized Transnistrian region, 
the Gagauz autonomy, and opposition parties have
 sharply criticized the authorities' plans for a
rapprochement with the alliance.

police start violent Moldova detentions

press the link above to watch
Police start to disperse rally

Supporters of the Shor party gathered to demand leaders release

 Soon everyone across Europe will be

singing this gently effective song!

It's telling the USA...

Amigo, Amigo, Ami - go home.


Sneaky nasty Scholz

Das Erste: military factory 
instead of housing due to
 ''obligations'' to Ukraine
December 6th 
(source: Das Erste
translated by InoTV)
The fate of Ukraine will be decided here, which would
 probably.... be too much of an exaggeration. But at 
least in Trosdorf in North Rhine-Westphalia, it is 
clear how Germany's global commitments and 
the regional interests of local communities 
sometimes clash. An ammunition factory 
--- in a city with a population of about 
75,000 - should produce even more 
ammunition, which Ukraine so 
badly needs.
At least that's what the federal government wants. On the 
contrary, the city of Trosdorf would like to build many 
new apartments, which are urgently needed in the 
area of the Cologne-Bonn agglomeration. And it
 is on the territory of the ammunition factory.
 (About this. Ingrid Bertram.
Trosdorf is a small town in the suburbs between Cologne
 and Bonn. But this small town is traditionally a place of 
production of weapons. The company -- founded by 
Alfred Nobel -- has been producing dynamite for 
more than 100 years. The site is currently, up 
for sale, and one of the defense companies 
wants to buy it -- for expansion -- in the
immediate vicinity of a residential 
area. Mayor Alexander Bieber, 
believes that something else 
can be built on this site.
ALEXANDER BIBER, Mayor of Trosdorf: On the other hand, 
we are at the point of attraction between Cologne and 
Bonn, where many people still want to settle and 
where companies also expect to create new 
jobs. In this regard, for us, this plot is a 
"piece of fillet", for which there is a
 high demand from commerce 
and industry.
Interested party - Diehl Defense — a major player producing
 parts for artillery shells and ammunition for the Iris-T air 
defense system, which plays a significant role in the 
Ukrainian war.
NIKO LANGE, Political Adviser: At the moment, Ukraine does
 not receive enough ammunition, and if we do not manage 
to expand the capacity, this will be a problem for the 
people in Ukraine, but also for our own security.
But instead, the CDU, the left and the Greens in the city
 council, decided to use the right of first purchase to 
possibly develop their own construction plans. At 
least, that's what was said... recently. Diehl 
Defense is reserved and responds only
 in writing.
into question the production site in Trosdorf, the 
defense capability of the Federal Republic of 
Germany is eventually weakened.
And this.. is really becoming a topic of discussion in Berlin. 
The Defense Minister warns that the need for ammunition
 supplies is huge. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmerman,
currently based in Washington, also finds
 this absurd.
 Bundestag Defense Committee -- FDP: If your lips 
are pressed together, then we should whistle. 
And we can only whistle in unison: the 
federal government, the land, the 
municipalities. And that's why 
what we're going through
right now, is so strange.
 It can not be explained 
to anyone in the US or 
anywhere else --- that 
the municipal level is 
failing ----- to produce
 enough ammunition.
The pressure is growing. Tones
 in Trosdorf.... become softer.
ALEXANDER BIBER, Mayor of Trosdorf: I could have 
imagined that we could have agreed with Diehl 
Defence... that the city of Trosdorf would 
become the owner of these territories, 
and that we would conclude a long-
term lease agreement, as has 
been our practice, so far.
Negotiations with Diehl Defense, are 
due to take place in the near future.

 Insolvencies in Germany
by 23 Percent in 2023
December 5th, 3:06pm (FNA)
 Insolvencies filed by German companies 0 went up by 
more than 20 percent in 2023, according to a study 
released by a German economic research
 institute on Monday.
Up to 18,100 companies in Germany had to file for
 bankruptcy in 2023, a 23.5 percent increase 
compared to 2022 ------- Creditreform 
Wirtschaftsforschung, revealed, 
Xinhua news agency reported.
The institute found that medium- and large-sized 
companies --- were hit hard by the wave of 
insolvencies in 2023. 
Bankruptcies among companies with 51 to 250 
employees in Germany went up markedly, by 
76 percent year-on-year, in 2023. This was 
followed by large companies with more 
than 250 employees, which saw a 
year-on-year increase of
 50 percent.
Meanwhile, the manufacturing industry recorded 
the sharpest increase in bankruptcies, up by 
30.2 percent in 2023.
"The number of insolvencies, will continue to increase
 significantly in the coming months in these difficult 
economic conditions," said Patrik-Ludwig 
Hantzsch, head of Creditreform 
"Compared to 2019, the general conditions for 
companies have deteriorated significantly, 
and the economic policy slide is further 
unsettling," Hantzsch added. 

Welt: Zelensky seems to have forgotten
 about his promise not to run for
 a second term
December 5th, 2:44pm
President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, seems to 
have forgotten his election promise not to run for 
a second term, according to the material of
 German newspaper Die Welt.
The article claims that currently "there is unrest around
Zelensky" - especially against the background of his 
conflict with the commander-in-chief of the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny and the mayor 
of Kiev...... Vitali Klitschko. The article also 
emphasizes, that the president and the 
opposition are inclined to postpone 
the elections, due to martial law 
in the country.
"But Zelensky said that he would run in the elections if they
 take place. It seems that he forgot his promise made
the 2019 election campaign - that he would
serve only one 
term as president,"
the article says.
At the same time, according to the publication, Zelensky
 remains the most popular politician in Ukraine, but the 
peak of his popularity has already passed, and the 
military, on the contrary, is still ahead.
The article also says that Zelensky "is unlikely to go down 
in history, as the architect of an unconditional victory" 
over Russia, and his unwillingness to negotiate will 
lead to the fact that Ukraine will not be able to 
regain the lost territories.
The author of the article suggested that Zelensky 
is impressed by the option of staying as long as 
possible ------- as a military president.


 German political analyst Hamer: 
predicted the defeat of Kiev 
and the collapse of NATO
December 4th, 6:44pm
Ukraine, which more and more European countries are
 refusing to support ---- against the will of the US, is 
facing an imminent defeat in the near future, as is
 the NATO bloc - which could not withstand the 
confrontation with Russia. This opinion was 
expressed on Monday, December 4, by 
German political analyst Eike Hamer 
in an interview with Izvestia.
Hamer pointed out that currently European countries have 
an ambivalent attitude towards Ukraine. At the same time, 
he noted, most European states are under pressure from 
the United States, which insists that Europe supplies 
everything necessary to Kiev, even though it is 
suffering very much.
According to him, European politicians, while continuing to 
support Ukraine, are acting against the will of the citizens 
of their countries, who do not want the Ukrainian elites 
to enrich themselves at their expense. Some European
 countries, such as Hungary, are already fed up with 
such policies, Hamer added.
He noted that in recent months, in many European
 countries, because of the discontent of the 
population with the support of Ukraine, 
politicians came to power in the 
elections ---- advocating a 
reduction or refusal of 
assistance to Kiev.
"The Netherlands.. is the latest prime example --- but other 
countries are following suit. In Germany, the government 
has never enjoyed such low recognition of the people. 
People are not as stupid as politicians think," the 
political scientist said.
He added that against this background, the political 
situation in European countries, has become 
very shaky.
"Now we can only hope that the situation will be resolved
 fairly soon and we will be able to return to normal 
relations with Russia," Hamer said.
In addition, according to the political scientist, the North 
Atlantic Alliance, which is actually a party to the 
conflict, lost the confrontation with Russia.
"NATO has been defeated. Ukraine is a failed state, 
it lies in ruins. Ukraine no longer plays a 
significant role," the expert said.
According to him, the Russian government "has made
absolutely clear what other sane people see: only 
major powers, such as the United States as one 
side of the conflict and Russia as the other 
side ----- can negotiate peace."
"But this should include building a new security architecture
 in Europe. This means that the American atomic bombs 
placed on the border with Russia should disappear. 
NATO --- is over. In any case, this organization is 
finished," the political scientist concluded.
In late November, the British newspaper The Times wrote 
that Europe is not ready for an open conflict with Russia
 and if it really happens, there is a high risk that the 
European region will simply be "washed away"
 Russian troops.
A month earlier, former intelligence officer of the US Armed 
Forces (AF) Scott Ritter said that NATO would not stand up 
to a confrontation with Russia, which has the strongest 
army in the world.
Back in late July, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that 
NATO was trying to enter into a confrontation with Russia
''under the guise'' --- of Ukraine. Then he assured that the 
Russian Federation is ready for any scenario, including 
a negative one, ''but I am sure ----- that no one wants 
any clashes.''
The special operation to protect the Donbass, which 
was announced on February 24, 2022, continues. 

The decision was made - against the background 
of the aggravation of the situation in the region 
due to shelling by the Ukrainian military.


Germany suffers most -- from 
'frozen' relations with Russia
 — Putin
December 4th, 3:03pm (TASS) 
The "frozen" state of relations...  between Russia and 
Germany benefits neither country, but it is Germany 
who suffers most here, Russian President Vladimir 
Putin said at a ceremony ushering in the new 
ambassadors of foreign states.
"The current ‘frozen’ state of relations with Russia --- and not 
on our initiative, I want to stress this, is not beneficial, it is 
not beneficial either to us or to you. But first of all, in my 
opinion, to Germany," the Russian President said.
Putin recalled --- that Russia and Germany had been 
developing "pragmatic, business-like cooperation" 
for more than half a century.
"This has benefited both states, and, perhaps, not only us, 
but the entire European continent. Notably -- energy has
 always been an attractive area of bilateral cooperation. 
For decades, our country had been supplying Germany 
with environmentally friendly gas, fuel, oil ---and other 
energy products, other raw energy materials, reliably, 
without interruption, at affordable, reasonable prices.
And this cooperation was, literally, undermined --- 
including by sabotage on the Nord Streams,"
 the President said.
On September 27, 2022, Nord Stream AG, the operator of the
 pipelines, reported "unprecedented destruction" that 
occurred "on three strings of the Nord Stream and 
Nord Stream 2 offshore gas pipelines." 
On September 26, Swedish seismologists registered two 
explosions -- on offshore routes of the pipelines. After 
that, Russia’s Prosecutor General's Office launched 
a probe -- into the act of international terrorism. 
Germany, Denmark and Sweden announced their own 
national investigations ----- but refused to involve
 in them.
The Russian leader also said that, in addition to political and
 economic ties, relations between Russia and Germany that 
had previously developed so successfully in the scientific, 
educational, cultural and humanitarian areas, as well as 
ties between the people of the countries themselves, 
have been interrupted.
"Russia - I want to stress this - has always advocated
 building Russian-German relations on the principles
 of equality, mutual benefit, respect for each other’s
 interests. I repeat -- such relations are important 
not only for the two countries, but for the whole 
of Europe," Putin concluded.
On June 21, 2023, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced
that Russia ------- had signed off on the appointment of 
Alexander Lambsdorff as the German Ambassador 
to Moscow. Geza Andreas von Geyr, the previous
 ambassador, served in the post for four years 
before leaving Moscow at the end of July. 
Lambsdorff is considered a leading foreign policy expert in
 the Free Democratic Party (FDP) of Germany. He is known 
for his harsh criticism of Russia. In particular, the FDP 
representative spoke about... the importance of 
maintaining the "unity of the West" in matters 
of supporting Ukraine. In his opinion, the
representatives of Western countries 
should prevent "Russia from 
increasing pressure on
its neighbours".

German analyst: in the fight against 
Ukraine ------- Russia retains 
superiority - in 3 areas
December 2nd, 2023 
(source: ZDF 
translated by InoTV)
Both sides, said Franz-Stephan Gadi, German 
military analyst ---- are relatively exhausted. 
''But for now, Russia is exerting more offensive pressure. 
And I would also like to point out --- that in the coming 
months, Russia will definitely have the upper hand 
in three areas. At least as far as the number of 
artillery shells is concerned, first of all.
''This is very important, since the course of these military
operations is largely determined by artillery. Secondly, 
we are talking about FPV drones, that is, homemade 
kamikaze drones. Russia has the advantage here.
 It brings her direct benefits on the battlefield.
''And third, Russia has an advantage in the field of 
electronic warfare. Electronic warfare is... for 
example -- radar jamming transmitters and 
other means - that can distract attacking 
drones namely, disrupt communication 
with them.
''The more drones involved on the battlefield --- the more
 important electronic warfare is. And, when compared 
to my previous visits to the front line, I noticed most 
strongly that the number of these FPV drones has 
increased significantly. They're everywhere. And 
they are constantly being used.''

Macron re-assured Volodymyr Zelensky

  France decided to sell Ukraine
 weapons at inflated prices
December 5th, 11:45pm
The oldest French manufacturer of small arms,
 Verney-Carron, will sell weapons to Kiev at 
prices that are 20-30 percent higher than 
prices on the local market, writes Kyiv
 Post - with reference to experts.
According to experts, the company decided to sell 
weapons in Ukraine, which it also sells on the 
French civilian market. 
"Verney-Carron is moving towards super-profits, setting 
prices for Ukrspetsexport, 20-30 percent higher than 
the prices for the same weapons," the sources said. 
The journalists pointed out that the calculations did 
not take into account the discounts that can be 
provided to the Ukrainian side.
The authors noted that Verney-Carron was considered 
unprofitable in 2022. It also turned out that it has no
experience in the modern large-scale production of
small arms. Despite this, it has signed a contract 
for the supply of 10,000 automatic rifles, 2,000 
sniper rifles, and 400 rocket-propelled
grenades to the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine (AFU). 
The total cost should be 36 million euros.
Earlier it became known that France will 
transfer additional funds for mine 
clearance, to Ukraine.

France's permanent Representative: 
UN Security Council must go beyond
 humanitarian pauses in Gaza
December 4th, 8:56pm
The UN Security Council --- should go much further than 
calling for humanitarian pauses in the Gaza Strip - and 
seek a ceasefire, French Permanent Representative
 to the organization, Nicolas de Riviere said.
This is reported by TASS.
According to de Riviere, the UN Security Council took 
steps on November 15, but this is not enough and 
much more is needed.
"There is an emergency situation, and I think we need 
something more than humanitarian pauses, we need
 a truce that will lead to a cease-fire," he said.
Earlier, Al Jazeera TV channel, citing the Ministry of Health
 of the Gaza Strip --- reported that the death toll due to the 
escalation of the conflict in the enclave, has increased 
to 15,899.

Soros family makes deal with Kiev
to use Ukrainian land as toxic 
waste dump — journalist
December 1st,  5:07pm (TASS)
 The Ukrainian authorities plan to allocate 400 square 
kilometres of fertile black soil for the disposal of 
hazardous chemical and radioactive waste 
under an agreement with George Soros’s
son ------- Alexander, French freelance 
journalist, Jules Vincent reported,
--- citing an official from the 
Ukrainian Environment 
Protection & Natural 
Resources Ministry.
"I am publishing my investigation into the agreement
 between the Ukrainian authorities and Alexander 
Soros. This agreement authorizes the disposal 
of chemical waste from companies linked 
with financier George Soros in the black
soil of Ukraine," the journalist wrote 
on his X page (formerly known 
as Twitter).
Vincent uploaded a video of his investigation, which
----- includes a recorded conversation with an 
anonymous official. The Ukrainian official 
claimed that the agreement had been
reached --- at a meeting between 
Alexander Soros and Andrey 
Yermak, the head of the 
Ukrainian president’s 
office on November 7.
 According to the man, the presidential office filed a 
request with the ministry - to allocate 400 square 
kilometres of land in the Ternopol, Khmelnitsky 
and Chernovtsy regions --- "for indefinite and 
concessional use" by Western companies. 
Among the companies listed in the copies of the 
documents dated November 7 and 13, which 
were sent to the journalist, are DuPont, 
BASF, Evonik Industries, Vitol 
and Sanofi.
The Ukrainian official told the journalist that the mentioned 
projects would be "fatal for black soil," would "make the 
soil ----- unsuitable for the cultivation" of agricultural 
products ----- and would also ''cause irreparable 
harm to the ecosystem" of the region ---
all of Europe.

In this regard - he asked to 
make the information public
----------- to attract
 the attention of people in the West.
"Taking into account that the chemical waste landfills
cover 400 square kilometres ------ the factual
impact area will be
much bigger.''

''The consequences 
of this decision will be
catastrophic ----- for soil, 
humans and animals.''

cannot let this happen!" the investigative
emphasized --- at the end of
his video.

Dollar round-a-bout an illusion

Grenada to Pass Marijuana 
Decriminalization Law 
in 2024
December 5th, 9:13pm
The Government of Grenada plans to approve in the first
months of 2024, a marijuana decriminalization law to 
promote its therapeutic use, an official document 
indicated on Tuesday.
According to the text of the State budget for next year,
the Executive would thus advance towards the goal 
of developing an industry, linked to the production 
of derivatives of the plant for medicinal purposes.
According to official reports, with this initiative, the
 Caribbean country seeks to diversify its economic 
base and create new engines to drive growth.
This should result in the elaboration and 
commercialization of products made 
with cannabis (as it is also known), 
but also allow the possession of 
only five plants or 24 grams 
- especially for members of 
the Rastafarian movement.
In September 2022, the Government established a
 commission in charge of shaping the referred 
legislation... and the regulations that will 
control the future industry, in addition 
to carrying out the consultations, the 
informative campaign and the 
suggestions..... to raise the 
necessary infrastructure 
in the emerging sector.
Apart from Grenada, neighboring St. Vincent and the 
Grenadines is also taking steps to legalize the use
 of marijuana for its properties to combat various
 health problems.

COP28: Brazil Asks for 
Direct Financing to 
Indigenous Peoples
December 5th (teleSUR)
At the 28th session of the Conference of the Parties to the
 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
 (COP28), Brazilian Indigenous Peoples Minister Sonia
 Guajajara called for conservation resources to go
 directly to Indigenous communities.
"It has already been demonstrated that indigenous peoples 
are the best guardians of the forests, so it is crucial that 
commitments are made in this meeting to ensure that
 climate financing and conservation funding go 
directly to indigenous peoples," she stated.
The Indigenous leader -- who is leading the negotiations for 
the Brazilian delegation following President Lula da Silva's 
visit to Dubai, emphasized the need for direct investments 
to effectively implement policies and provide
 environmental support.
Minister Guajajara expressed hope that commitments made
 during COP28 would be honored between now and COP30, 
which is expected to take place in the Amazonian city of
 Belem do Para in 2025.
A text reads ---- "Historic day: on Dec. 5, for the first time in 
the COP meetings, the Day of the Indigenous Peoples was 
made official, recognizing the importance of the
 participation of these peoples. With Minister 
Sonia Guajajara as leader, Brazil stands out
 with the largest Indigenous delegation 
in history."
Nevertheless, she noted that it is still "too early", to
evaluate the ongoing conference, where numerous 
announcements.... have already been made, 
including the new "Fund for Losses and 
Damages" for developing countries 
vulnerable to the effects of 
climate change.
The Brazilian minister concluded by stating that "direct 
funding is needed for them to implement" various 
strategies to enforce environmental policies.
Guajajara revealed that, this year, Brazil has sent its 
largest representation of Indigenous communities 
to any climate conference it has participated in.
In a recent report, the Global Alliance of Territorial 
Communities (GATC) ------ representing Indigenous 
peoples & local communities from 24 countries 
with tropical forests, denounced that donors 
continue to use inadequate and outdated 
systems to document and deliver 
development aid.
Often, they channel funding for indigenous peoples and 
local communities through third parties, limiting the
 amounts reaching the intended final beneficiaries.
The global information systems on development aid 
through the Organization for Economic Cooperation 
and Development (OECD) and the International Aid
 Transparency Initiative (IATI) also "do not track 
funding for Indigenous peoples and local 
communities," according to GATC.
Bolivia: Chapare Truckers 
End Road Blockade
December 5th, 3:25pm 
In the early hours of Tuesday, the Bolivian government 
and the truckers from the Chapare region reached an 
agreement to lift the blockade on the Cochabamba
-Santa Cruz road.
Ministers Edgar Montaño (Public Works) and Nestor Huanca
 (Economy) led a meeting with the leaders of the Chapare
 truckers, ultimately resolving a three-day road blockade.
"The agreements reflect the ongoing efforts we've been
 making. We've demonstrated that we've tendered 
several road projects in the region. We will
intensify road maintenance," 
Montaño stated.
"All conflicts, doubts, or claims that may arise will be
 resolved through dialogue and consensus," the 
document signed by the parties establishes.
The most contentious issue that triggered the truckers'
protest was related to the execution of roadworks 
and maintenance of bridge accesses.
On Friday, the drivers from the "Free Transport of the
 Tropics" initiated a road blockade in protest of 
what they labeled "government neglect."
Over the weekend, long lines of trucks formed. This
 congestion began to ease on Tuesday only after a
 7-hour dialogue between the truckers and 
President Luis Arce's representatives.
In the preamble to the negotiation, Bolivian Senate
President Andronico Rodriguez had advocated for
 the swift resolution of the Chapare blockade.

Ukrainian "Motor Sich" 
unsuccessfully seeks 
partners in the West
December 5th, 2:26pm
The Ukrainian company for the production of aircraft and 
other types of engines "Motor Sich" ----- which broke off 
cooperation with Russia and blocked partnership with 
China, is trying to attract partners in the West, but 
so far, without success. This was stated by the 
head of the company, Alexey Nikiforov.
According to him, Motor Sich now "has little to show in 
its efforts to attract potential partners in the West."
"The challenges facing one of Ukraine's most prominent 
conglomerates, underscore how difficult it is for 
companies in the country to expand, when 
there are concerns about their corrupt 
past," he told Reuters.
According to Nikiforov, his company has been trying to "turn 
to the West" for a year now. The head of Motor Sich, sought 
meetings with US defense contractors such as Lockheed 
Martin and RTX..... but no contracts were signed 
between them.
The agency notes that Motor Sich is the main manufacturer 
of helicopter and aircraft engines in Ukraine. The company 
also produces equipment for some large cargo aircraft.
Peru: Ex President Castillo
 Demands to Be Released 
December 5th, 1:37pm  
A few days before completing a year in prison, former
 Peruvian president, Pedro Castillo (2021-2022), 
demanded his freedom and reinstatement as 
the head of state during a hearing at the 
Constitutional Court (TC).
"My constitutional rights --- such as the right to freedom and
 due process - have been violated by the Attorney General. 
Currently it is public knowledge that she is a leader of an
 alleged criminal organization planned with high-ranking
 police officials and certain groups of congressmen to
 overthrow my government," Castillo said, virtually, 
from Barbadillo prison.
"I request that this entire procedure and subsequent actions
 be nullified. It is clear that there has been an orchestrated 
effort to overthrow my administration, but constitutional
 freedom cannot be compromised beyond political 
interests," he added.
Castillo argued that there was no flagrancy in his actions 
on Dec. 7, 2022, when he was accused of attempting a 
self-coup and removed by a Congress controlled by
conservatives. He was arrested while heading 
to the Mexican Embassy in Lima.
His lawyer, Eduardo Pachas, requested the nullification of 
the 18-month pre-trial detention for the so-called "self-
coup," the immediate release of Castillo, and the 
"restoration of the previous state" ....before 
his arrest -- allowing him to resume the
 presidency for the 2021-2026 term.
Pachas explained that the motivation behind five habeas 
corpus petitions addressed the violation of Castillo's
 freedom. The legal process displayed a "lack of 
narrative coherence" and insufficient
justifications... for the flagrancy 
offense, as the specific type
 was not detailed.
In addition to the 18-month pre-trial detention order under 
the coup accusation, the Peruvian Supreme Court has 
upheld the decision to impose an additional 36 
months of pre-trial detention on Castillo for
a corruption and influence 
trafficking case.

Mercosur-EU FTA ---- to 
Have Negative Impact,
 Argentina Says
December 5th, 12:35pm 
On Monday, Argentine Foreign Affairs Minister Santiago
 Cafiero, described the Mercosur-European Union free
 trade agreement (FTA), as bad, as it will have "a 
negative impact on industry and agricultural 
exports" in the region.
The Southern Common Market (Mercosur) is a South
 American trade block consisting of Argentina, 
Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.
"Our administration has always proposed that 
the agreement be reopened because it does
 not reflect a balance where the two blocs 
both win," Cafiero said.
If the deal "is implemented as it is, exports 
would have to be restricted. It is a bad 
agreement," he said.
"Along with the other Mercosur partners, we have 
proposed an additional agreement, where not 
only environmental commitments are 
discussed, but also elements that 
will not be so harmful for the 
agricultural industry and 
its exports," he said.
Cafiero also called for heeding potential impact of
 the agreement on employment and investments 
to develop new economic sectors in
the country.
In 2019, Mercosur and the EU reached a comprehensive 
trade agreement, which is still pending after Mercosur 
rejected environmental clauses that the EU 
attached to the trade deal ....earlier 
this year.

Report: US Sees Record-High 
Mass Killing Statistics in 2023
December 5th, 12:11pm (FNA)
At least 38 mass shootings with victims occurred 
in the US in 2023, which is a record-high since 
2006, The Washington Post reported.
The daily applies the term "mass killings" - to incidents in 
which four or more victims were killed, not including the 
attackers themselves. Such cases in 2023, totaled 38. 

The previous record was set a year earlier, when the 
country saw 36 mass shootings with fatalities.
In all, shootings in the United States in 2023 left at least 
197 killed and 91 injured. Since 2006, the number of 
deaths in similar circumstances has already
 reached 2,423.
As the daily notes, mass killings with guns rose in 2019 but 
dropped during the first year of the coronavirus pandemic.
"As daily life gradually returned to normal, the frequency 
of the deadliest shootings crept up," the article reads. 
"The rise in mass shootings is driven by many factors,
 but increasingly, easy access to firearms is the 
primary cause," it added.
Earlier, US President Joe Biden 
called gun violence in the US,
an "epidemic".

Venezuela --- To Enforce 
the Geneva Agreement: 
President Maduro
December 5th, 11:22am 
On Monday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
 asserted that the 1966 Geneva Agreement is 
the only legal instrument to address the 
Essequibo controversy.
During his appearance --- on the "Con Maduro Mas" TV 
program, the Bolivarian leader referred to statements
 from the spokesperson... for the U.S. Department of 
State, Matthew Miller, who argued that Venezuela 
cannot resolve the Essequibo territory dispute 
through a referendum.
"Without provocations, arrogance, or warlike speeches, 
the Geneva Agreement is the unique legal instrument,
 as approved by the Venezuelan people, and that is 
how we will enforce it," Maduro emphasized.
The Venezuelan president also questioned the U.S. 
government's stance on the Venezuela-Guyana
 dispute, accusing them of encouraging 
aggression against his country.
"The President of Guyana.... said that he had U.S. troops 
ready to wage war against Venezuela. In other words, 
the U.S., once again, is acting as they do: they make
 a promise to Guyana, encourage them to provoke 
Venezuela, and then leave them.... alone," 
Maduro asserted.
He also highlighted the historic and significant 
participation of the Venezuelan people in
referendum -- recognizing the level
patriotic awareness among voters.
"For the first time.. in Venezuelan political and 
electoral history -- 96%+ of voters approved 
a proposal. This shows the very high level 
of consensus that the majority of 
Venezuelans have on the five 
questions, which constitute 
a consulted, shared -- and 
decided national vision,"
he affirmed.
Maduro also specified that the consensus levels
 on question number two, related to the Geneva 
Agreement as the only valid instrument for 
resolving the territorial controversy, are 
evident with the 98.26% approval
 it received.
On Sunday, over 10,400,000 Venezuelan citizens 
took part in the Essequibo consultative 
referendum -- which concluded with
 a resounding victory for the 
"YES" vote.

President Maduro: Landslide
 Referendum Victory
Is Binding
December 4th, 8:20pm 
After the official delivery of the results of the Essequibo 
Referendum on Monday, Venezuelan President Nicolas 
Maduro congratulated all public officials and citizens 
who participated in the planning and execution of
 democratic event through which Venezuelans 
spoke out overwhelmingly in favour of 
defending the nation's territorial 
historical heritage.
"I reiterate the special, sincere, fair and necessary
 recognition to the National Electoral Council and 
all its officials ---- for the impeccable work they
to keep the Venezuelan people informed
time," he said and applauded their 
compliance with the electoral 
schedule "against all odds."
"With the delivery of the notification of the will of the
 Venezuelan people in the consultative referendum,
 a new stage begins in the defense of Essequibo,"
 Maduro stated, emphasizing that "now we
going to recover our territory of 
Guayana Essequiba."
"Let no one have any doubt that the consultative
 referendum is binding," the Bolivarian leader 
said - and recalled other referenda that 
Venezuela has held in the last two 
decades, highlighting that those 
also had binding effects.
President Nicolas Maduro: "I share this beautiful video 
of what has been this great historic electoral day of 
consultation that crowns a splendid victory with 5
 forceful responses from the noble people ------ 
reaffirming that Guayana Esequiba belongs 
to Venezuela. Yes for Peace, Yes for 
respect for sovereignty --- Yes to 
dialogue, Yes to our historical 
struggl ---, and Yes to the 
independent homeland.
Congratulations - 
"This referendum is binding and, as head of State, I abide 
by the popular mandate" Maduro stressed at the event,
 in which Elvis Amoroso, the president of the National 
Electoral Council, presented the figures of valid 
votes, null votes, votes in favour of the YES 
option, and votes in favour of option NO.
"We have a plan, a concept, a vision. I call to continue
 building, with great spiritual strength, the great 
national union of all sectors," he added.
Through the referendum held on Sunday, over 95 percent 
of voters approved five questions related to issues such 
as the rejection of the jurisdiction of the International
 Court of Justice in the territorial dispute between 
Venezuela and Guyana.
The Venezuelan citizens also supported the 1966 
Agreement of Geneva as the only mechanism
 to resolve this territorial matter peacefully 
and through dialogue.


 Putin: a more just world order is 
replacing the unipolar system
December 4th, 3:36pm
Russian Leader Vladimir Putin -------- at the ceremony of 
presenting credentials to new ambassadors of foreign 
states in Russia, said that these are difficult times 
and crisis phenomena are growing in the world, 
but a more just world order is replacing the 
unipolar system.
"You are heading embassies, in a very difficult period for
 international relations, when crisis phenomena in 
global politics and economies are growing and 
regional conflicts are escalating," Putin said.
He stressed that the former unipolar system, is being 
replaced by a new, more just, multipolar world order.
Cuba and Mexico --- join forces on
 the road to artificial intelligence
December 4th 12:58pm
 (Prensa Latina) 
Cuba and Mexico are today following the path to develop
 artificial intelligence in the digital field, with the leading 
role of the University of Camaguey.
The centre that has been key in the recent opening of
 the Institute of Artificial Intelligence in Hebei, China,
 this time looks at the educational field with an 
Aztec counterpart.
This is reflected on its website, which explains about 
digital transformation and that the first university of 
its kind, founded by the Cuban Revolution in 1967, 
is one of the main promoters of this 
scientific study.
The publication explains... that ‘at the University of 
Camaguey they developed an Intelligent System 
for Student Pedagogical Diagnosis --- a tool 
successfully applied in that institution 
and the Autonomous University of 
Puebla, Mexico’.
They also assure - that ‘the System is one of the practical 
results of the Doctoral Thesis carried out by MSc Yumika 
Fernandez and that it allows teachers to make decisions
and take actions aimed at achieving more efficient 
results with students’.
Adapting and applying the latest and most prominent in 
research has been one of the keys of the University of 
Camaguey, which constantly maintains links with 
counterparts in different countries.
Researcher Fernandez herself added that ‘with the use of 
this Intelligent System, developed through the NetBeans 
IDE 7.4 RC1 platform and the Java programming
language ------- a digital transformation is
 in the university context’.
The scholar added that ‘we also have an impact on
 Sustainable Development Goal number 4 of the 
2030 Agenda, which refers to achieving 
quality education’.
The very opening of the centre for artificial intelligence
 studies on Asian soil ---- is key to promoting research, 
the development of applications and services and
 the training of scientists and specialists.

Russian economy adapts to 
special operation — Peskov
 December 4th, 12:31pm (DAN) 
The Russian economy has adapted to the conditions 
of the special military operation and ensures the 
necessary regime to continue it, Kremlin 
spokesman Dmitry Peskov said 
on Monday.
“As for us, the special military operation will go on,” Peskov
 said. “Our economy has adapted to the conditions of the
 special military operation and ensures the necessary 
regime to continue it.”
Earlier, he said that the Kremlin regarded the NATO-Ukraine
cooperation program as provocative. Secretary General of
the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Jens Stoltenberg 
said after the NATO-Ukraine Council meeting in late 
November that the alliance and Kiev had adopted 
a program of cooperation for 2024 that included 
energy security and Ukrainian army training.
98 percent of Russian households
 to be connected to high-speed
Internet by 2035
December 4th, 11:53am (DAN) 
The Russian government, has approved the strategy 
to develop the communications industry until 2035, 
the Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, said at a
 with his deputies on Monday.
“Pursuant to presidential instruction, the government has 
prepared and approved the communications industry 
development strategy for the next 12 years,” the 
government press service quoted Mishustin 
as saying. 
“The document... creates the conditions for building a 
modern and secure information infrastructure with 
innovative solutions and technology.”
The key objectives are a modern telecommunications 
infrastructure based on domestic equipment, plus
improvement of the legal basis for the provision 
of quality services to the population.
It is important to deliver the households the Internet access
 opportunity at a speed of at least one gigabyte per second 
by the end of this decade, the prime minister said.
5G standard for cellular networks will be launched in all
towns with a population of over 100,000; Internet 
access will be provided to households at a rate 
of at least 1 gigabyte per second, with 5G 
networks... covering the areas that 
accommodate more than 60% 
of the country’s population - 
said Deputy Prime Minister 
Dmitry Chernyshenko.
Mushustin ordered to prepare a an action plan 
for the strategy within three months and 
monitor its implementation.
Russia to allocate 3 bln rbls for 
digitization of agricultural 
sector, fisheries
December 4th,  11:14am (DAN)
The work on the digital platform for the Russian 
agricultural sector and fisheries... will be, 
tentatively, finished in December 2024,
and the platform will be launched in 
March 2025, the government press 
service reported on Monday.
“The introduction of AI technology will cut excessive red
 tape --- and the time for the provision of government 
services,” the press service said. 
“Agribusiness can benefit from modern crop yield
 technology and optimize their expenses, find 
effective sales outlets and obtain other 
competitive advantages.”
The digitization of the above sectors will comprise several 
stages and require more than three billion rubles in 2024.

 It is expected to reach 50 percent by 2026, 75 percent
 in 2027 while in 2028, all measures of state support
will be provided from a digital platform. 
AI-based technology can be applied in automatic irrigation, 
use of drones in field management and obtaining satellite 
data on the condition of soil and water resources.


Hundreds of Ukrainian trucks were 
blocked from entering Hungary
December 2nd, 5:33pm
Hungarian activists blocked Ukrainian truckers from
entering the country. Trucks can not pass through 
the checkpoint on the border with Slovakia, 
according to the Telegram channel 
"Country.ua" ----- with a link to
social networks.
It is noted that Slovakia also does not allow truckers to
 enter the country - and blocked the border checkpoint. 

Ukrainian trucks tried to avoid it through neighbouring 
Hungary, but eventually got stuck on the border of 
the two countries. According to a number of 
Ukrainian media, as a result, a queue of 
hundreds of trucks formed at the 
entrance to the checkpoint.
The plans of Slovak carriers to block the border 
with Ukraine became known on November 30. 
Representatives of the Ukrainian border service claimed 
that the activists were going to block the border near
 Uzhgorod. On December 2, a representative of the 
State Border Service of Ukraine, Andriy 
Demchenko, reported that a queue of 
about 600 trucks was formed at the
 exit from Slovakia towards Ukraine.
The reason for the protests was the order of the European 
Commission, canceling the need for Ukrainian carriers 
to obtain permits to enter the EU. 
Now truckers from Eastern European countries are 
demanding to introduce commercial restrictions 
for Ukrainian carriers and limit their number
in order to protect the principles of 
fair competition.

Venezuelan National Assembly 
Takes Note of ICJ Decision
December 1st, 6:38pm
On Friday afternoon, the Venezuelan National Assembly
 commented on the decision of the International Court 
of Justice (ICJ) regarding Guyana's request to halt
 the planned Essequibo referendum scheduled
 for December 3.
"The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela's National Assembly 
takes note of the ICJ decision in the sense of respecting
 this sovereign National Assembly's decision to call a 
consultative referendum in accordance with the
 Constitution's article 71 so that the people 
can express their will on our Guayana 
Esequiba,” it stated.
Lawmakers congratulated the Venezuelan legal team for
 their work in responding to Guyana's reckless request 
to suspend the referendum or, alternatively,
 questions 1, 3, and 5 within it.
"The fundamental observations presented by our legal team 
have been accepted by the ICJ, thus rejecting Guyana's 
unwarranted claims," the National Assembly said.
"We belief that the Venezuelan people will overwhelmingly 
participate at the polls --- to uphold their will within the 
framework of the Bolivarian Constitution, peace, 
and sovereignty."
Venezuelan lawmakers also emphasized --- that the ICJ's
ruling urges Guyana to refrain from warlike, aggressive, 
and provocative actions, contrary to the 1966 Geneva 
Agreement, including ---- "reckless" permits or 
concessions in waters to be delineated, 
and the establishment of foreign 
military bases.
"All undeliniated territories and aquatic spaces must 
be respected, especially concerning Venezuelan 
territorial waters," the National Assembly said, 
emphasizing that it will not allow illegal 
foreign investments in territories that 
are part of Venezuela and its people.
"On December 3rd, vote with strength and love for our 
homeland, for Venezuela, and for the legacy
of the 
Liberator, Simon Bolivar,"
it concluded.

Democratic Sahara asks Spain
 to respect the United Nations
Madrid, December 1st, 3:01pm
(Prensa Latina) 
The Prime Minister of the Saharawi Arab Democratic 
Republic (SADR), Bucharaya Hamudi Beyun, asked 
Spain today to respect the UN decision to hold a 
referendum on self-determination.
On the occasion of the celebration in Toledo, about 80 
kilometres from this capital, of the 47th European
 Conference of Support and Solidarity with the 
Saharawi People --- Hamudi Beyun gave a 
press conference, in which he insisted 
the Spanish government ---- not align 
itself with the Moroccan thesis.
He underlined the importance of supporting the right of 
self-determination of the Saharawi people and not to
 continue to side with Rabat in its occupation of 
the SADR territories.
Hamudi Beyun, member of the National Secretariat of 
the Polisario Front, accompanied by the Polisario 
Front official in Europe, Omar Mansur - insisted 
on the need for Spain to respect the decision 
of the UN to organize a referendum, ‘more 
necessary than ever - given the military 
escalation of Morocco and the action
 of terrorist groups in the Sahel’.
At the end of 2022, the Executive headed by the Socialist
 Pedro Sanchez... abandoned its position on its former 
colony of Western Sahara, and sided with Morocco’s 
2007 autonomy proposal for that territory, which it 
valued as the ‘most serious, credible & realistic’
 to resolve the conflict that arose in 1975.
During the last Polisario Congress, the decision was 
taken to continue the armed struggle, in spite of
 the support achieved by Rabat with Spain 
and France.

Life expectancy in Russia 
to reach about 74 years 
— Putin
 December 1st, 1:52pm (DAN)
 Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said that life expectancy 
in the country is projected to reach nearly three quarters 
of a century, as of year-end.
“We have been able to achieve good results, by enabling the 
Government, the Ministry of Health, regional governments 
and every medical worker, to work in a coordinated and
 responsible manner,” Putin said -- in a video address to 
participants in the 2nd National Healthcare Congress. 
“It goes without saying that increasing life expectancy in 
Russia to a record-high of about 74 years is our single 
most important achievement.”
The Congress, which brought together more than 1,000
 people from all the 89 Russian regions is taking place
 on the platform of the “Russia” exhibition-forum.

 Launched on the premises of the VDNKh 
exhibition centre in Moscow on 
November 4, 2023, it will  run
 until April 12, 2024.
It displays the best achievements of all Russian regions
 including the new territories, state-of-the-art
 technology and scientific discoveries.

Russian authorities to increase
funding of rural development 
December 1st, 1:18pm (DAN)
Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, has signed 
an instruction allocating over 1.5 billion rubles 
in extra funding, to Russia’s rural 
development program.
“The reallocation of funds has released over 850 million
rubles, for 44 regions,” the Cabinet said. “The money 
will also be used as a social payment to buy homes. 
In 2023-2025, over 300 families in the countryside
will improve their living conditions,”
Another 654.2 million rubles worth of reallocated funds will 
be spent on the project for comprehensive development 
of rural areas. The money will help finish two projects 
in Chechnya and Tatarstan where new education 
and cultural centres will be built and utility 
line repairs will be carried out. 
An additional ten billion rubles... will be used to support 
the producers of wheat, rye, corn and barley, to help
 agribusinesses keep cultivated areas, boost 
exports and create new jobs in the 
countryside. This measure will 
apply to Central Russia, the 
Volga region and Siberia.

Suicide Deaths Reached A 
Record High in US in 2022
November 30th, 1:08pm (FNA)
 More people died from suicide in the US last year than any 
other year on record, dating to at least 1941, according to 
provisional data from the US Centres for Disease Control 
and Prevention.
At least 49,449 lives were lost due to intentional self-harm
 in 2022 – more than 14 deaths for every 100,000 people, 
CNN reported.
Men were about four times more likely than women to die by
 suicide, and rates were highest among senior men. But the
 suicide rate increased twice as much for women in 2022, 
with especially significant increases among White 
women, and those aged 25 to 34.
Suicide rates have been rising in the US for the past few
 decades. In 2021, the US surgeon general called for 
the implementation of a national prevention 
strategy - and issued an advisory focused 
on protecting youth mental health - amid 
a spike in suicide rates and “alarming 
increases” in mental health 
challenges among 
young people.
Despite the overall increase, provisional data from 2022
 shows signs of improvement.. in rates among children 
and teens. The suicide rate for children ages 10 to 
14 dropped 18% in 2022, to about 2 deaths for 
every 100,000 children, and the rate among 
those aged 15 to 24 fell 9% ---- to about 
14 deaths for every 100,000 people.
Teen boys and young men had more significant 
improvement in suicide rates than young 
females did. But the vast majority of 
suicide deaths among teens and 
young adults, aged 15 to 24, 
were still ----- among males, 
the provisional data shows.
Rates for all other age groups increased, the provisional 
data shows. Overall age-adjusted rates remained 
highest among American Indian people, with 
about 27 suicide deaths for every 100,000 
people. Rates among White people were 
also higher than average, with about 
18 deaths for every 100,000 people.
More than half of suicides involve firearms, and a separate
 analysis of provisional CDC data by the Johns Hopkins
 Centre for Gun Violence Solutions, found that gun 
suicides reached a record high in 2022.
“Gun suicides continue to take the lives of elderly white 
men at high rates and increasingly, the lives of Black 
teens,” said Ari Davis, policy advisor for the centre, 
in the analysis.
“If we can put time and space between this lethal method 
and someone in crisis, it can save lives,” he told CNN.
In the summer of 2022, the US Department of Health and 
Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health 
Services Administration launched the 988 Suicide 
and Crisis Lifeline ---- transitioning from the 
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ---- to
a broader focus and a simpler dial code. 
Since then, 988 has received about 7 million calls, texts,
 and chats including more than 500,000 in September 
alone, according to federal data.
But some survey data suggests that many adults in the US 
don’t know that they can call, text or send a chat online to 
988 to reach licensed counselors trained to de-escalate a
 crisis, provide emotional support or connect them with
 additional mental health resources, and that more
 training and resources could help the lifeline 
better support people in need.

Swedish Economy in Recession
 as Consumers Pare Back
November 29th, 4:55pm (FNA)
 Sweden’s economy fell into a recession in the third quarter 
as inventories declined and households cut back spending 
amid increasing borrowing costs and rising prices.
Calendar-adjusted gross domestic product shrank by 0.3% in
 the three months through September, compared with the 
second quarter, according to figures published by 
Statistics Sweden on Wednesday. 
An initial estimate, published last month, had indicated 
stagnation in the quarter. The drop marks the second 
consecutive quarter of contraction after a 0.8% 
decline in the second quarter, 
Bloomberg reported.
A rapid increase in prices and borrowing costs.. is weighing 
heavily on the Swedish economy, as households are forced 
to reduce spending and housing construction has plunged. 

Most forecasters now expect the largest Nordic country to 
see its output contract for two consecutive years, and the
 European Commission forecasts that Sweden will be the 
only member state that will see its output decline 
next year.
“The outcome confirms a weak development in the Swedish
 economy,” Swedbank AB’s analysts Pernilla Johansson 
and Maria Wallin Fredholm said in a note to clients, 
adding, “A development that we think will 
continue during the winter.”
They pointed out that a negative contribution from
 household consumption for the fifth straight 
quarter... matches the previous longest 
decline, in 1992 to 1993.
Still, it was mainly the slump of inventories that pushed the 
GDP down by 1.4%, while household spending contributed
 0.2% to the decline, same as investment, the statistics
 office said. Net exports had a 1.5% positive impact.
“Sweden’s technical recession, confirmed by the negative
 print for the third quarter, is only the start of bad news. 
The economy is set to contract by 0.7% overall, this 
year - and remain close to stagnation in 2024. We 
don’t see a full recovery in the growth rate until 
2025,” they added.
The krona, which has been the best performer in the G-10
 space of major currencies in the second half, eased
 following the news, trading 0.3% down at 11.3749 
versus the euro at 9:50 am in Stockholm.
The development in Sweden mirrors those in neighboring
 Denmark and Finland, where economy also contracted 
in the third quarter. In fossil-fuel rich Norway, GDP 
eked out a gain in the period, thanks, in part, to
 wetter weather boosting hydropower output.

Chinese foreign minister demands 
complete ceasefire in Gaza Strip
November 29th, 4:40pm (TASS)
 China insists on a complete and immediate ceasefire 
in the Gaza Strip and hopes for the international 
community's coordinated actions to settle 
the conflict, Chinese Foreign Minister
 Wang Yi said.
"First and foremost, we must facilitate a ceasefire with
 the utmost urgency," he emphasized, at a meeting on 
the Middle East at the UN Security Council.
 "Prolonging the fighting will only lead to more 
deaths and destruction in the Gaza Strip."
Wang Yi mentioned that an unresolved problem could 
spread to the entire region, with forceful methods 
being..... "not the way out." "Responding with 
violence to violence ---- will only deepen 
hatred and increase antagonism," 
he added.
According to the Chinese Foreign Minister, Beijing hopes 
that the recent truce in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict 
will not be a "respite before a new offensive" and that 
"diplomatic steps aimed at a complete ceasefire" will 
soon follow.
 "We call on all parties concerned, to join efforts to 
achieve the common goal of ending the hostilities
 in Gaza," he clarified.
West - sees Palestinians as second-
class citizens --  Russia’s UN envoy 
November 29th, 3:22pm (TASS)
The West is not interested in protecting the interests of
the Palestinians --- as it considers them second-class 
people, Russian Permanent Representative to the 
UN, Vasily Nebenzya said.
"During these weeks, an extremely unpleasant fact has
 become clear ---- the Palestinians are a second-class 
people for the West, which is simply not interested 
in protecting their interests. This ---- is the main 
reason for the problems the Council faces 
in making decisions," the diplomat said 
at a UN Security Council meeting on
 the situation in the Middle East.
"For almost 2 months, the international community, 
humanitarian agencies, non-governmental 
organizations and ordinary citizens have 
been calling on the Council -- to demand
 that the parties cease fire immediately.
 ''Russia has been saying this since the very beginning of 
the escalation," Nebenzya pointed out. "But this call ---
has not yet been heard. And a sustainable ceasefire
 is not only a moral imperative, it is the only 
guarantee of an effective humanitarian 
response --- which simply cannot be 
carried out -- under the conditions
 of hostilities," the diplomat said.
The envoy pointed out that the Middle East resolution
 adopted by the UN Security Council-  as a result of 
the US position - provides only for humanitarian 
pauses and lacks a mechanism for monitoring 
the implementation of its provisions. 
"Its initially correct message turned out to be extremely
 emasculated by the US efforts and does not contain a
 requirement for a ceasefire, as well as does not 
provide for practical measures to ensure wide 
and unimpeded access to those in need, to 
provide assistance to the victims,"
 Nebenzya noted.


BRICS bank greenlights three 
new projects in India, China
 worth over $1.1 bln
November 29th, 8:43am (TASS) 
The BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) has approved 
three new loans for India and China worth more than
 $1.1 bln, according to a statement released on the 
website of the financial organization.
The decision was taken at the 42nd meeting of the bank’s 
board of directors held on November 28 in Dubai, United 
Arab Emirates (UAE). This was the first time the board 
convened in a NDB non-founding member country.
The projects for India concern road infrastructure in rural 
locations as a loan worth up to $500 mln for the Gujarat 
Rural Road Program and a $638 mln loan for the Bihar 
Rural Roads Project were approved. The third project
 relates to a loan worth $50 mln to China’s Bank of 
Huzhou (BOH) for the Sustainable Infrastructure 
Project. This is NDB’s first non-sovereign loan 
in China, according to the statement. 
The funds will be used by BOH to finance sustainable 
infrastructure projects in the Zhejiang Province
 focusing on clean energy and energy 
efficiency, transportation and 
logistics as well as water 
and sanitation.
The New Development Bank was set up by BRICS nations on
 the basis of the intergovernmental agreement signed at the 
sixth BRICS summit in Fortaleza in July 2014. The bank’s 
goal is to finance infrastructure projects & sustainable
 development projects in BRICS member states and
 developing countries. 
The bank previously received an "AAA+" international credit 
rating from Fitch Ratings and S&P Global Ratings, allowing
 it to effectively attract long-term funding on international
 and local capital markets.
Since its founding, the bank has approved more than 100 
projects totaling over $33 bln in support of such areas 
as transportation, water, clean energy, digital and 
social infrastructure, as well as 
urban construction.
NDB added new members over the past several years, with 
Egypt, the UAE and Bangladesh having joined it officially. 
Uruguay will also become its member, upon completion 
of the necessary procedures.

"The dictatorship of one hegemon
--- is dangerous for others": Putin 
said.. that Russia is fighting for -
the freedom of the whole world
by Sergey Gusarov
November 28th, 6:36pm
Russia is now at the forefront of creating a more just world 
order, and without it, a lasting and stable world order is 
impossible ---- Vladimir Putin said. Speaking at the 
plenary session of the World Russian People's 
Council, the President stressed - that the 
Russian Federation is now fighting not 
only for its sovereignty, but also for 
the freedom of the whole world. 
According to the head of state, it is Russia that has 
blocked the path of those who claim world 
domination and exclusivity.
"We are now fighting for the freedom not only of Russia, but 
of the whole world. We openly say that the dictatorship of
one hegemon... it's getting old. She went, as they say, 
peddling --- and just dangerous to others. This is 
already clear to the entire world majority," 
Putin said.
He added that Russia is at the forefront 
of creating a more just world order.
"I want to emphasize that without a sovereign, strong 
Russia, no lasting, stable world order is possible," 
the president said.
According to him, the struggle of the Russian Federation
 for sovereignty and justice is "without exaggeration, of 
a national liberation character", since it is about 
defending the security and well-being of the 
people, as well as the right to be a strong, 
independent power, a country/civilization.
"It is our country, the Russian world, as has happened many 
times in history, that has blocked the path of those who 
claim world domination, their 'exclusivity'," Putin said.
The President continued, noting that Russophobia and other 
forms of racism and neo-Nazism have become practically
 the official ideology of the ruling elites in the West.
"They are directed --not only against the Russian people, but 
against all the peoples of Russia: Tatars, Chechens, Avars,
 Tuvans, Bashkirs, Buryats, Yakuts, Ossetians, Jews, 
Ingush, Mari, Altaians. There are many of us, I won't
 name all of them now, but I repeat, this is directed 
against all the peoples of Russia," Putin added.
According to him, the West does not need such a large and 
multi-ethnic country with a unity of cultures, traditions,
 languages and ethnic groups, that do not fit into the
 "scheme of total depersonalization, separation, 
suppression and exploitation." He also 
mentioned the desire to 
"decolonize" Russia.
"What do they really need? to  ...dismember and plunder 
Russia. It doesn't work by force — then sow confusion.
I would like to emphasize, that any interference from 
outside, provocations aimed at causing interethnic
 or inter-religious conflicts, we regard as 
aggressive actions against our 
country," Putin said.
Moscow is ready to respond appropriately -- to such 
actions against the country, the President stressed.
''Any attempt to sow interethnic and inter-religious discord,
to split our society, is a betrayal --- a crime against the
of Russia. We will not allow anyone to divide
Russia, which we have --- as one," the head of
state said. 
''In this audience, I would like to recall the words of St.
 Gregory the Theologian: "To honour the mother is a 
sacred thing. But everyone has their own mother, 
and the common mother - is the Motherland."
Earlier, the president repeatedly spoke of the undesirable
impact of Western hegemony, on the whole world. In 
October, speaking at the plenary session of the 
Valdai International Discussion Club, the 
president spoke about the obsession of
Western elites --- with pushing their 
interests -- to the detriment of all 
other members of the world 
As Putin noted, Russia's interlocutors in the West have
 forgotten that there are concepts of reasonable self-
restraint, compromises and readiness to give in to 
something.... in order to achieve an acceptable 
result for everyone.
"No, they are literally obsessed with only one thing: to push,
 to push, and at any cost, here and now their interests. If 
this is their choice, we'll see what happens," Putin said.
The Head of State also suggested that, if the world relies on
 historical experience, the legacy of the past, on which the
 idea of a harmonious future is based -- then there will be
 fewer conflicts in the world, and they can be resolved 
much more rationally.

 Haiti: Corruption Suspects Banned 
from Leaving the Country
November 28th (teleSUR)
On Tuesday, the Haitian capital's government commissioner, 
Edler Guillaume, issued bans on people named in the Anti-
Corruption Unit reports from leaving the country.
The measures affect several personalities, among them
 Kenscoff's former deputy Alfredo Antoine who was 
supposed to appear before the prosecutor's 
office on Monday, but asked for a one-
week postponement.
Moreover, the former general director of the National Old
 Age Insurance Office (ONA) Jemley Marc Jean Baptiste
 did not respond to the prosecutor's hearing and 
alleged that the invitation was irregular 
and inappropriate.
Also related to the ULCC files, former ONA deputy director 
Stephanie Mondestin was released "for humanitarian 
reasons" after appearing at the Guillaume hearing
 at the Public Prosecutor's Office.
A tweet reads, "A meeting was held this Tuesday, Nov 28,
2023, on the premises of OCNH, with the finalists
the first edition of the National Essay Competition 
on the issue of Corruption in Haiti in order to 
communicate details relating to the phase 
of their audition."
According to official reports, Mondestin was arrested last 
Thursday when she was about to travel to the Dominican 
Republic, despite a court summons scheduled to shed 
light on a case of alleged corruption in the acquisition 
of real estate by the ONA worth 86 million gourdes 
(about US$652 thousand).
According to ULCC reports, Haiti lost some four billion
 gourdes ($30.3 million) or two percent of the national
 budget for the 2022-2023 fiscal year to corruption.
Official data shows that the body presented 11 
investigations involving public administration 
institutions.... such as the National Old Age
Insurance Office, the National Equipment 
Centre, the State Lottery, the Ministries 
of Education and Foreign Affairs, as 
well as the Municipality of 
Ouanaminthe ---- and 
the Senate.
The crimes identified -- as a result of the investigations --
are embezzlement of public property, illicit enrichment, 
money laundering, abuse of functions, illegal 
appropriation of land, false declaration of 
assets, falsification of public documents 
and criminal conspiracy, revealed 
ULCC Director General Hans 
Jacques Ludwig.

The Defense of Essequibo - Is a 
National Issue: Venezuelan VP
November 28th, 6:31pm
On Tuesday, Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez
 asserted that the defense of the Essequibo territory is 
a matter that concerns all Venezuelans ---- without 
any distinction.
"We are making contemporary history... It is a topic of
 national unity that calls upon everyone," she said 
during an event called "Venezuela Defends the 
Essequibo," where she expressed gratitude 
for the presence of opposition politicians 
like Zulia Governor Manuel Rosales.
"We are not calling from a political party, nor are we urging 
to vote with the colour of a jersey. We are summoned by
 Venezuela, with our tricolor flag, to participate on 
December 3," she said, referring to the 
referendum... through which 
Venezuelans will express 
their views..... on their 
nation's sovereignty 
over the Essequibo
"We can account for five centuries of history regarding 
the Venezuelan ownership of this territory," Rodriguez
 commented on the controversy between her country
 and Guyana --- over the Essequibo territory.
The Venezuelan vice president emphasized that the
 Essequibo referendum invites national unity and
coordinated efforts, as this electoral process
 involves "a call for development within the 
framework of historical rights." 
Rodriguez also recalled that the International Court 
of Justice (ICJ) has intentions adverse to the 
national sentiment.
"Venezuela is one of 119 countries that do not recognize 
the automatic jurisdiction of the International Court of 
Justice. Today, they pretend to position themselves 
as defenders of legality," she said, warning that
her nation will not leave the resolution of such
 a vital issue as the territorial integrity of 
Venezuela and its Guayana Esequiba 
in the hands of third parties.
"Sooner rather than later, Guyana must return to the
 negotiating table," Rodriguez stated, ensuring that
 the Venezuelan government will fulfill what its
people order.
"There is nothing more sacred than the voice of the people. 
And when it speaks, it speaks loud and firm. Guyana is an
aggressor state and an occupier of our territory. We will
not lend ourselves to this tragi-comedy," 
Rodriguez said.
Argentina: Rodriguez Chirillo
 to Be Energy Minister
November 28th (teleSUR)
On Tuesday, Argentina's President-elect Javier Milei 
will appoint lawyer Eduardo Rodriguez Chirillo 
as his energy minister.
It is anticipated that, during Milei's term, responsibilities 
in the energy sector will fall under the purview of a
large Infrastructure Ministry, led by 
Guillermo Ferraro.
Rodriguez Chirillo served as a consultant for the Ministry 
of Energy between 1995 and 1996, during the 
governments of Carlos Menem (1989-1999).
In 2001, he also advised the National Ministry 
of Infrastructure and Housing under the 
presidency of Fernando de la Rua 
Between 2001 and 2007, he pursued a career in the 
private sector, serving as the Director of Legal 
Affairs in Latin America for the Spanish 
energy company Iberdrola.
 In recent months, Rodriguez Chirillo has been 
the primary advisor to Milei on energy matters.
Currently, the appointment of the energy minister holds
 special significance ---- as Argentina possesses the 
second-largest unconventional gas reserves and
 the fourth-largest unconventional oil reserves 
globally. These resources are found in vast 
fields, one of which is "Vaca Muerta"  ---
spanning 30,000 square kilometres.
On Tuesday, Milei will hold meetings in Washington with 
National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and National 
Security Council Director for the Western 
Hemisphere Juan Gonzalez. 
Meanwhile, two key members of his team, Nicolas Posse 
and Luis Caputo, will hold meetings with officials from
 the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
China rejects US coercion
 in trade activities
November 28th, 10:22am
(Prensa Latina) 
China today rejected the US abuse of the concept of 
national security as a weapon and coercion to 
sabotage normal trade activities.
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the US “has
 repeatedly endangered cooperation between Chinese 
companies and other countries using unjustified 
security reasons, which is an act of 
economic coercion”.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin emphasized 
that this action will not find support or lead anywhere.
“When relevant countries demand the U.S. side to present 
credible evidence on the so-called security threats, it 
becomes evasive and hesitant on the issue,”
 he added.
The spokesman reiterated China’s opposition to the U.S. 
stretching the concept of national security too far and
 weaponizing economic and trade issues to obstruct 
normal investment.
Such actions seriously violate international rules and 
shock the security and stability of global industrial 
and supply chains, Wang said.
The spokesman made the remarks in connection with a 
recent warning by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency
 (CIA), about international cooperation by a United 
Arab Emirates company involving some Chinese 
companies, including Huawei.

Eurozone Economy to Stay Weak
 Through Year-End: ECB Chief
 November 28th (teleSUR)
On Monday, Christine Lagarde, the president of the European
 Central Bank (ECB) Christine Lagarde told the European 
Parliament that the economic activity in the eurozone
 has stagnated in recent quarters, and is expected 
to remain weak for the rest of the year.
She attributed the slight contraction of the Eurozone's real 
gross domestic product (GDP) in the third quarter to a 
combination of factors, including the "broadening 
impact of higher interest rates, weak foreign 
demand and the fading impetus from the
 reopening of the economy after 
the pandemic."
However, Lagarde expressed optimism for the bloc's 
economic resurgence in the coming years, citing a
 further decline in inflation, recovery in household 
incomes, and growing demand in the area.
Regarding inflation, Lagarde acknowledged that wages 
would continue to play a pivotal role in driving 
domestic inflation.
Although she expected the weakening of inflationary 
pressures to continue, "the medium-term outlook for
 inflation remains surrounded by considerable 
Concerning monetary policy, Lagarde confirmed that the
 ECB's future policy rates would be set at "sufficiently
 restrictive levels for as long as necessary" to meet 
its target of bringing inflation down to 2 percent.
"The appropriate level and duration of this restriction will 
continue to be determined in a data-dependent manner, 
assessing the inflation outlook, the dynamics of 
underlying inflation and the strength of 
monetary policy transmission," 
she said.
The ECB will ensure price stability, and support the green
 transition of the Eurozone's economy, Lagarde noted.
Matvienko: The West will no longer 
be able to implement its plan to 
preserve hegemony
November 27th, 9:13pm
Federation Council Speaker, Valentina Matviyenko, said
 that the West will no longer be able to implement its 
plan to preserve hegemony and it is time... to sit 
down at the negotiating table.
This is reported by TASS.
According to her --- large-scale events are currently taking 
place in the world, which lead to the creation of another 
world and the implementation of the scenario in the
 interests of the world's majority.
Matvienko also noted that various associations
 are developing — BRICS, SCO, etc.
"The West --- is no longer able to implement its plan. And it 
won't work. Neither in specific subjects — as in Ukraine
or the Middle East - nor in the global space as a whole,"
 she stressed.

Duda swears in Morawiecki 
as Poland's Prime Minister
November 27th, 5:04pm
Polish President Andrzej Duda has sworn in Mateusz 
Morawiecki as the country's prime minister in a
 ceremony held at the presidential Palace.
Only Foreign Minister Mariusz Blaszczak 
has retained his position in the new 
government, Prawo writes.
On November 13, Duda instructed Morawiecki 
to form a new government.
On November 23, RMF FM radio station reported that 
Morawiecki, representing Law and Justice (PiS), 
had invited the leaders of the other parties for
consultations to form a new government, 
but no one came.


Report: Investors Dumping Dollar
November 27th, 2:32pm (FNA)
 Investors are selling US dollar positions at the fastest rate 
in a year as they expect lower rates next year after the
 US Federal Reserve ends its aggressive campaign of 
interest-rate hikes, The Financial Times reported.
Asset managers are poised to sell 1.6% of their open dollar 
positions this month, in the largest monthly outflow since
 last November, the outlet said, citing State Street, one 
of the world’s largest asset management companies.
The bank said investors have made “significant” sales daily
 since weaker-than-expected US jobs data was released on 
November 3.
“Flows in the past two weeks - point to a rapid rethink with
 dollar demand,” said Michael Metcalfe, the head of macro 
strategy at State Street. He added that recent greenback
 sales, marked the unraveling of “an unusually large US 
[dollar] overweight” position.
“Investors think ‘if [rate cuts are] actually going to be 
delivered, then I don't need to hold as many dollars,’” 
Metcalfe added.
November marked the worst monthly performance of the 
US currency in a year, with experts predicting that
“sales by asset managers could just be the start 
of a longer-term trend among investors,
 to reduce exposure to US assets”.
According to the outlet, the weakness of the greenback
 plays into the hands of emerging markets as it helps 
them repay dollar-denominated loans and could 
prompt investors to flow back to developing 
economies after heavy sales of hard-
currency debt ----- this year.

Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa 
Presents His First Cabinet
November 27th, 1:49pm
On Sunday, the Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa and his 
inaugural cabinet.... posed for an official photo. Notably 
absent from the picture was Vice President Veronica 
Abad, who was appointed as a "Collaborator for 
Peace" between Israel and Palestine.
His team includes the Minister of Women and Human Rights, 
Arianna Tanca, and the Minister of Telecommunications, 
Cesar Martin. In the coming days, Noboa will appoint 
Juan Carlos Vega Malo as the Minister of Economy.
On his first day in office on Thursday, Noboa had already
 appointed most of his ministers. Among them were 8 
women & 8 men. Niels Olsen, the Tourism Minister, 
was the only one who served in the previous 
government, led by Guillermo Lasso.
The cabinet also includes Monica Palencia (Government), 
Gabriela Sommerfeld (Foreign Relations), Giancarlo 
Loffredo (National Defense), Daniel Calderon 
(Education), Roberto Luque (Transportation
 and Public Works), Ivonne Nuñez (Labour),
 Franklin Palacios (Agriculture).. Sonsoles 
Garcia (Foreign Trade), Franklin Encalada 
(Public Health), Andrea Arrobo (Energy), 
Zaida Rovira (Economic and Social 
Inclusion), and Humberto Plaza 
(Urban Development).
In the official photo of the first cabinet, Vice President 
Veronica Abad was not present. So far, she has not 
directly commented on her appointment... as 
"collaborator for peace and to safeguard 
the de-escalation of conflict between 
Israel and Palestine" in Tel Aviv.
On Saturday, however, she took advantage of the
 International Day for the Elimination of Violence 
against Women, to convey a message through 
social media.
"Violence is not just about killing others. There is violence
 when we use derogatory words, when we make gestures 
to disdain other people, when bad actions intimidate your 
children and force you to silence injustices, when we 
obey out of fear, and when, abusing power, they
 belittle you and send you to die in war," 
she expressed.
"This violence leaves very deep scars, difficult to heal. 
Women are peace. We are life, justice, courage, 
strength. They may distance us, but the echo 
of our voice will set us free," Abad added, 
without making any mention of 
Noboa's appointment.
The relationship between Noboa and Abad.... appeared distant
 even during the electoral campaign ------ where they barely 
shared public events. On the day of Noboa's inauguration, 
Abad did not attend the official lunch.. at the Carondelet 
palace. Instead, she visited a market in northern Quito,
 where she had lunch & interacted with the merchants.
Abad has been criticized on multiple occasions for her far-
right ideological stances, including positions against the
 women's movement and rights to health and education.
Former WH Doctor Warns: Pace of 
Biden's Cognitive Decline Already
 Putting US 'at Great Risk'
November 27th, 11:52am (FNA)
President Joe Biden's 81st birthday... ushered in even more 
conversations surrounding his age and declining cognitive 
acuity, two things Texas Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson, 
a former White House physician, believes are valid 
causes for concern.
"[The decline is] happening quickly," Jackson told
 "Sunday Morning Futures" guest anchor, Sean 
Duffy, Fox News reported.
"Like you said, I've taken care of three presidents… so I 
know firsthand what it takes to be the commander-in-
chief and the head of state. It's a grueling job, both 
mentally and physically. This man can't do the job.
 He's proven to us every single day that he can't 
do the job, but this is going to get worse," 
Jackson added.
Jackson served as a physician under the George W. Bush, 
Barack Obama and Donald Trump administrations and 
has previously sounded the alarm over Biden's 
cognitive acuity -- even demanding he take a 
cognitive test or drop out of the 2024 race.
Jackson said the decline has been evident for some time, 
looking back on Biden as a candidate before his 2020
 match-up against then-president and current 
Republican frontrunner Trump, whom 
Jackson has endorsed for their 
2024 rematch.
"It's just unbelievable, how much he's degenerated just
 during his time in office. We cannot afford to have this 
man in office for the remainder of this term and then 
[for] another four years after that. He's already 
putting us at great risk right now," he said.
Meanwhile, young voters lament the president is "out of 
touch" with everyone as his support among Gen Z 
voters – a crucial demographic for Democrats – 
erodes in recent polls.
One recent NBC News poll, for instance, indicated that
 Trump leads Biden by four percentage points among
 registered voters between the ages of 18 to 34.
Though prominent names like California Gov. Gavin Newsom 
or former First Lady Michelle Obama have been tossed
 around in speculation while many caution against 
letting Biden serve as the Democratic nominee, 
a potential replacement for him..... 
remains unclear.
Jackson, continuing his discussion with Duffy, listed a series
 of concerns he has with the direction of the country, 
pointing to the crisis at the Southern border, 
international tensions and the economy.
"[Look at] the wars that we're getting drawn into. Things 
that wouldn't happen if Donald Trump were there 
because our enemies don't fear us anymore. 
They have no respect for us anymore and 
our adversaries don't trust us anymore, 
and it's because we don't have the 
leadership in the White House 
that we need," he said.
"It's because this man, even if he wanted to, he cannot
 provide that leadership. He --- is not physically and 
cognitively fit for office anymore, and somebody 
in his inner circle needs to step up to the plate
and make him aware of this, and he needs to 
move on for the safety and security of this 
country," he added.

Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemns 
attack on nationals ------------ in US
November 27th, 10:14am
 (Prensa Latina) 
On Monday, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry strongly
 condemned  a shooting attack on three nationals 
in the US state of Vermont ---- and demanded
 justice from that country's Government.
The Ministry of Foreign and Expatriates condemned in 
a statement the attack that injured students Hisham 
Awartani, Tahseen Ahmed, and Kinan Abdel Hamid.
The three, who were wearing a keffiyeh, the traditional 
Palestinian scarf, were shot in Burlington while on 
their way to a Thanksgiving dinner at the home 
of a relative.
According to US press reports, the victims are in their 20s. 
Two of them are clinically stable, while the third has 
more serious injuries.
The Ministry called on the US authorities to arrest the 
perpetrator and bring him to justice while wishing 
the young people a fast recovery.
The attack took place in the context of growing 
Islamophobia and anti-Semitism in the US, due 
to the ongoing war between Israel and the 
Islamic Resistance Movement, whose 
epicentre is in the Gaza Strip.


Housing Collapse: Will Wipe Out 
Millions of US Folks This Winter
November 25th, 11:31pm (FNA)
There was a time when the US dream included home
 ownership, but that dream.... has now become a 
nightmare for many. 
That’s because millions of US citizens are going to see
their home equity being wiped out by the imminent 
housing collapse. 


Argentina considers joining BRICS
November 25th, 5:28pm
TN: the team of the president of Argentina Miley 
thinks over the idea of joining BRICS
The team of the new President of Argentina Javier Miley 
is considering the idea of joining the BRICS. This is
 reported by TN TV channel, with reference to 
sources in the Mileya party.
"At the moment, the team's international bloc, headed by
 future Foreign Minister Diana Mondino, is analyzing the 
possibility of taking the path of joining BRICS,"
report says.
The TV channel clarified that if Argentina follows the path 
of joining the BRICS, it will be done with not very active 
Earlier, an opponent of Argentina's BRICS membership, the
 far-right politician Miley won the presidential election in
 Argentina. The candidate for the post of Foreign 
Minister of Argentina, Diana Mondino, in turn, 
said that the country will stop interacting 
with the governments of China 
and Brazil.
Later, Mondino said that Argentina is not going to break off 
relations with China, Brazil and Russia. "These are things 
that don't make sense. There is no breakup or change
in the relationship... Nor can 
there be, a break with
Russia," she said.


Madagascar: Rajoelina
 Re-elected President
November 25th, 5pm
The Incumbent president Andry Rajoelina won 
the first round of the presidential elections
Madagascar with more than 58%....
the electoral commission,
 this Saturday.
Between 13 candidates, Rajoelina obtained 2.856.090 
votes, with a low citizen participation of 46%, the 
lowest in Magalasy history,  he will govern 
for the next five years.
"This year, in the first round of voting, I still managed to
 secure over 2 million 850,000 votes --- that shows the
determination of the Malagasy people to continue 
------ along the path of development": said
 the re-elected leader.
He added that it's precisely for this reason --- that he is
 even more committed - to catch up with Madagascar's 
development lag. "Madagascar must shine, and now 
we're going to continue working to implement all 
the development plans we've already started
 for Madagsacar".
The opposition parties called last week -- to boycott these
elections: accusing Rajoelina of having double nationality 
(Magalasy-French) whereby he cannot leader the country
------ and also called for street protests ------ which were 
dispersed with tear gas.
Despite having withdrawn their candidatures the opposition 
politician Randrianasoloniaiko garnered 14% of the vote
 and Ravalomanana ---- gained 12%.
The opposition had already declared to the press, 
that they would not recognize the results. The 
Constitutional Court has nine days to confirm 
the results of the elections.

Zakharova: Europe sponsors not only 
the Ukrainian Armed Forces,
also 'phone scammers
November 25th, 10:15am
European taxes intended to sponsor Ukraine also go
 into the pockets of phone scammers. This was 
stated by the official representative of
the Russian Foreign Ministry, 
Maria Zakharova, in her 
telegram channel.
She commented on the information about the uncovered
 network of Ukrainian scammers who posed as 
employees of the security services of 
European banks. According to the 
diplomat, fraudsters bred their 
"benefactors" in the same 
way as they deceived 
Russians - over the 
past 5-7 years.
"This is exactly what European taxpayers' money is used 
for – sponsoring all kinds of banditry in Ukraine – when 
their regimes transfer billions to Zelensky," 
Zakharova said.
In a release from Europol, published on November 16, it is 
said that fraudsters from call centres located in Ukraine 
called mainly Czech citizens. The damage caused by 
their activities in the Czech Republic alone ------ is 
estimated at 8 million euros, and across Europe 
it can be estimated in the tens of millions.
Malefactors called citizens and informed them about the
 alleged "hacking" of bank accounts. They offered 
victims to transfer money to a "safe" bank and 
thus received funds and personal data. 
During the raids, law enforcement officers detained six 
people in Ukraine and four in the Czech Republic.

Do Rzeczy: Bandera's instinct -- Poles
 were outraged by Ukrainian carriers 
shouting "Death to Lyakhs!"
(source: Do Rzeczy
retold by InoTV)
November 25th, 2023 
"Glory to Ukrainians", "Glory to Ukraine", "Glory to Heroes", 
"Death to lyakhs" - such slogans were shouted by the
Ukrainian carriers at the border crossing in 
Korchovaya, outraged by the protest of 
their Polish colleagues, 
Do Rzeczy reports. 
Witold Tumanovich, a deputy from the Confederation party, 
emphasizes that not much is needed --- to evoke the 
"Bandera instinct" in Ukrainians.
According to the decision of Brussels, Ukrainians no longer
 need to obtain commercial licenses for transportation. 
Therefore, due to unfair competition and privileged 
position of the Ukrainian side, Polish carriers 
continue to block three checkpoints on the 
border with their eastern neighbour — in 
Grebenna, Dorohusk and Korchowa, 
writes Do Rzeczy.
The portal reports that at the border crossing in Korchovaya,
 Ukrainians shouted Bandera slogans. In social networks, a 
recording was published that shows outraged Ukrainian
 drivers quarreling with the Polish police. On the video, 
Ukrainians can be heard shouting: "Glory to the 
Ukrainians", "Glory to Ukraine", "Glory to the 
Heroes". At one point, one of them shouts, 
"Death to the lyakhs," and thus causes 
the others to laugh. 
At the same time, one of his colleagues advises him
 to refrain........ and no longer utter similar phrases.
The incident was commented on by the deputy from the 
Confederation party Witold Tumanovich. From the very 
beginning, his party supported strikes in the Polish 
transport industry. 
"The lack of agreement ------ with the privileged position of 
carriers from Ukraine and protests against the exclusion 
of Poles from the electronic queue ---- is enough, as the 
Bandera instinct wakes up in Ukrainians," he warned.
Do Rzeczy recalls that Polish carriers demand that Ukrainian
 companies again receive permission to transport cargo, 
with the exception of humanitarian aid and supplies 
for the Ukrainian army. They also intend to seek 
the suspension of licenses of Ukrainian 
companies established after the 
conflict broke out --- and to 
establish proper control
 over them.
Moreover, Polish farmers who joined the carriers in 
connection with the grain dispute say that the 
blockade will continue 24 hours a day and 
only two trucks a day will pass through 
the border crossing in Medika until 
January 3. 
"We show solidarity with carriers, because it was our
 industries - that suffered the most damage," said 
Roman Kondrov, one of the protest organizers.


US citizens Face Mounting Food 
Insecurity Amid Rising Inflation, 
Soaring Prices
November 25th, 9:52am (FNA)
 Food banks have found themselves amid a rock and a hard 
place as donations are plummeting amid surging demand, 
Axios reported, citing data from consumer surveys and 
analyses on food insecurity and grocery 
shopping behaviour.
Divert Inc..... an impact technology company, has found that
inflation and mounting grocery prices --- are preventing US
people from making donations during this holiday season. 
Typically, holidays are the time when US consumers
are more likely to assist those in need.
"Only 25% of respondents said they are more likely to donate
 during this year's holiday season ---- compared to years past. 
Those who are donating less to food banks this season cite
 increasing food and grocery costs as the number one 
reason driving their decision," the company's 
report reads.
The tech company also revealed that the current economic
 climate in the US prompted 72% of US people to change
 their grocery shopping habits. Fifty-one percent of
 respondents said that grocery prices are forcing 
them to cut costs in other areas. What's more, 
25% of consumers expressed anxiety about 
their ability to afford food in the next three 
to six months. Thirty percent - said that 
they are now buying less "fresh food 
produce" --- as prices bite.
According to Divert, 85% of respondents believe that food 
insecurity countrywide has surged since the COVID-19 
pandemic. Furthermore, 63% suggest that the US is 
far more food insecure... than the latest US
 Department of Agriculture (USDA) 
data indicates.
Per USDA, food insecurity started climbing in 2022 for the 
first time in more than a decade with 44 million people
 living in food insecure households last year, which 
constitutes a 31% increase since 2021. Out of
number, thirteen million children were
insecure in 2022 in the US – a 44%
since the last year.
For its part, Feeding America, a network of 200 food banks, 
cites surging demand for food assistance across the US. 

A network of 47 food pantries, in Milwaukee County, 
Wisconsin, has registered a 50% increase in visits. 
Morgan's food banks in Oregon have also seen
50% surge in demand --- this year.
A survey by ParentsTogether Action, a nonprofit family 
advocacy organization, shows that 7 in 10 lower- and 
middle-income parents are struggling to afford food 
ahead of Thanksgiving. Per the US media, it's the 
first holiday season when people in need are 
enduring growing pressures without the 
federal government's pandemic-era
food assistance, which was
 halted in March.


Israel’s War Debt.....
Forecast to Balloon
November 24th, 9:58am (FNA)
 Military costs are forcing the Israeli government to turn
 to debt for financing, with Tel Aviv raising 18.7 billion 
shekels (over $5 billion) from local bonds since the 
start of the conflict with Palestinian group Hamas.
According to a Bloomberg report on Thursday, citing the 
Finance Ministry, the conflict is costing the Israeli 
economy around $270 million every day. Tel 
Aviv-based financial advisory powerhouse 
Leader Capital Markets  has estimated 
that the overall fiscal price tag for 
2023-2024 will be $48 billion.
Israel will likely be “on the hook for two-thirds of the total
 costs”, Leader reportedly said, adding that the US will 
pay for the rest.
The report indicated that the Israeli government has issued 
international debt in yen, euros, and US dollars through 
private placements via Wall Street banks such as 
Goldman Sachs.
“We are moving forward with a base case scenario that
 references several months of combat..... and have 
worked in additional buffers,” Yali Rothenberg, 
the Finance Ministry’s accountant general, 
told the news agency... adding, “We are 
well capable.. of financing the State
Israel even in more extreme 
scenarios... than the 
current fighting.” 
The Israeli government has significantly increased
 expenses to fund the military, and other conflict-
related issues. This has led to a record budget 
deficit ------ which last month ballooned to 
$6 billion, a more than sevenfold 
increase, compared to one 
year ago. 
The budget shortfall now stands at 2.6% of GDP, and
 Rothenberg said it is reasonable to expect the 
deficit to be around 9% of Israel’s annual 
economic output over the next 
two years.
Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich has put forward an
 amended budget for the remainder of 2023 with a 
spending increase of $9.3 billion, that will be
 largely financed by debt.
“Israel will also have to make up for an estimated 15 billion
 shekels [$4 billion] of lost revenues in 2023 and then next 
year re-stock a government tax-compensation fund that 
was emptied of 18 billion shekels [$4.9 billion] to pay
 for expenses after the war broke out,” 
Bloomberg wrote.
Israel’s domestic issuance reportedly accounts for over 
80% of the total, as it is facing a “less welcoming” 
market abroad. The cost to insure Israel’s 
sovereign bonds against a default has 
roughly doubled since the October 7 
Hamas attack, Bloomberg reports.
The government has also reportedly used a US-registered 
entity affiliated with the Finance Ministry --- to sell a 
monthly record of more than $1 billion of bonds. 
Additionally, it has borrowed abroad through privately 
negotiated deals, raising a total of $5.4 billion 
since the start of the conflict.


 Ciolacu: Romania -- is not ready to
 comply with the ECHR's decision
on the legal status of same-sex 
November 23rd, 10:41pm
Romania is not ready to comply with the decision of the 
European Court of Human Rights on the legal status of
 same-sex couples, Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu 
said in an interview with Radio Europa FM.
"The Romanian society is not ready for 
a solution at the moment," he said.
At the same time, Ciolaku added that he personally
 has no biased attitude towards these couples.
"I speak now..... from the point of view of the 
Prime Minister," the Prime Minister stressed.
The Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry 
of Defense of Ukraine, approved same-

Ecuador: Daniel Noboa Is
 Sworn In As President
November 23rd, 6:42pm  
On Thursday, Daniel Noboa was sworn in as the president 
of Ecuador, & Verónica A bad as the vice president in an
 inauguration ceremony held at the National Assembly. 

The outgoing president, Guillermo Lasso, was bid 
farewell amidst shouts of disapproval.
Noboa, at 35 years old, is the youngest president in 
the history of this Andean country, currently facing 
an unprecedented crisis --- of insecurity, criminal 
violence, and a concerning economic situation.
He is the son of Alvaro Noboa --- a banana magnate who
 attempted to become the president five times, without
 success. Daniel will have a 18-month mandate so as 
to complete the 2021-2025 term that Lasso 
interrupted in May by dissolving the 
parliament through "cross death."
Using this constitutional tool, Lasso called for 
early elections, and in the second round, 
Noboa defeated the Revolution Citizen 
candidate Luisa Gonzalez.
Before his inauguration, Noboa announced that he 
would declare a state of emergency to expedite 
the legislative process for two tax bills and an 
electrical reform that he will present to the 
Parliament. These decrees will be signed 
this afternoon from Carontelet, the 
presidential palace located in 
downtown Quito.
It is expected... that he will also announce the 
appointments of some of his ministers there, 
although Noboa stated that his cabinet will 
not be completed until at least Sunday.
His inauguration was attended by authorities 
from other countries, such as Colombian 
President Gustavo Petro and vice 
presidents Geraldo Alckmin
(Brazil) and Renato 
Florentino Pineda 
The event unfolded under a tight security setup around 
the National Assembly, which had been guarded by a 
large police and military contingent since early 
morning, including snipers stationed on the 
rooftops of the Legislative headquarters.

Massive Support for the Venezuelan 
Great Patriotic Pole:ICS Rally of the 
Unified Socialist Party of 
Venezuela, 2023.
November 2023 (teleSUR)
International Consulting Services (ICS) released a survey
 revealing that 63 percent of Venezuelans would vote in
 the upcoming presidential elections -- in favour of a 
candidate from the Simon Bolivar Great Patriotic 
Pole, a progressive coalition led by President 
Nicolas Maduro.
According to the research carried out between November
 2nd and 9th, 22 percent would vote for a candidate from
 the Unitary Platform, while 12 percent would choose 
other opposition candidates.
When citizens were asked how they defined themselves
 ideologically, 41 percent of those surveyed said they 
were followers of the late Commander Hugo Chavez, 
30 percent of citizens... did not reveal their 
preferences, and 18 percent said they 
supported the political opposition.
Additionally, 6 percent supported the option of 
"independent pro-Chavism," and 5 percent 
prefered the option "independent 
Regarding the issue of Essequibo, 58 percent of respondents
 stated that Venezuelans should remain strongly united in 
the struggle for such resource-rich territory, 33 percent
 chose "somewhat united," and 9.1 percent selected
"not united at all."
Similarly, 55 percent believed that multinational oil 
companies and the United States "are behind the 
intention to take Essequibo away from 
the Venezuelans."
For 35 percent of respondents, external actors have
 "little intention," and 11 percent think that the US
 and its companies have "no intention" at all.
According to the survey, 71 percent of respondents are 
aware that a consultative referendum in defense of the
Essequibo will take place on December 3rd, while 29% 
were unaware.
Simultaneously, 60 percent stated they would participate 
in the referendum, 21 percent rejected attending the 
polls, and 19 percent are still undecided about 
their participation.
Brazil Rescued 965 Immigrants from 
Forced Labour Since 2013
November 23rd (teleSUR)
Over the past decade, Brazilian authorities have rescued 
965 immigrants, 923 of whom are from Latin America, 
from situations of forced labour.
Among the total foreigners liberated during labour 
inspection operations ---- between 2013 and 
September 2023, the largest nationality 
was Bolivian, with 331 individuals.
Following them were Paraguayans with 270, Haitians 
with 146, Venezuelans with 97, and Peruvians with
 65. Additionally, 37 Chinese workers were 
also freed.
The majority of those rescued were employed in the textile 
and agricultural sectors, with over half working in Sao 
Paulo (506), the country's most populous state.
The text reads ----- "According to an article published in 
Confectionery News, the U.S.-based company Cargill 
was sentenced to pay R$600,000 -- for supporting 
cocoa suppliers who practiced forced and child 
labour in Brazil. The company denies it and 
claims to be aligned with the causes of 
decent work."
Brazil's Penal Code defines forced labour, punishable 
by sentences... ranging from two to eight years of 
imprisonment, as including "exhausting" work
 hours, "degrading" conditions, and 
restrictions on mobility.
Working 17-hour days, without a contract, or days off, 
coupled with confiscated identification documents, 
constitute part of the precarious conditions faced
 by many immigrants.
"They are in a vulnerable situation - due to their migratory 
status, lack of knowledge of the legislation, and lack of 
documentation. For this reason, they are willing to 
accept unacceptable conditions," explains 
Matheus Viana, head of the Labour 
Ministry division responsible for 
combating this practice.
In the last decade, authorities rescued just over 15,000
 people, mostly of Brazilian citizenship, although there
 is a downward trend. From the peak in 2007... when 
over 6,000 people were liberated, the number has 
decreased to 2,481 in 2022.
"Just as labour inspection has professionalized, so has
 forced labour, and now it is less visible than before. 
We have to actively seek out victims and not
 for complaints," says Viana.
The number of inspectors auditing companies has dropped
 to the lowest level in almost three decades, with half of 
the positions vacant, according to the industry union. 
The last hiring round was ten years ago.
Viana acknowledges that this situation is "very serious"
 and has affected inspectors' capacity to conduct 
audits. Still, he points to the intention of 
President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's 
government to hire new inspectors 
for the coming year.

West imposes over 17,500 sanctions
 on Moscow, Russian diplomat says
 November 23rd, 3:19pm (TASS) 
The Collective West has hit Moscow with over 17,500 
sanctions to date, Dmitry Birichevsky, head of the
Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department of 
Economic Cooperation, said.
"In its hybrid war against Russia, the Collective West gives 
a special role to unilateral restrictions. Their number....
exceeded 17,500, which is unprecedented," the 
diplomat pointed out, addressing a roundtable 
titled "Countering Economic Sanctions and 
Other Threats from the Collective West," 
which was hosted by the Federation 
Council (Russia’s upper house 
of parliament).