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One Union

D'you Wanna Know the Diff'rence
Between Heaven and Hell?


A song to inspire 
if not ''Revolution'' 
then... at least 

A way forward for the majority who love
and aspire to build a better world 


Blinken: The White House will ask 
Congress for $50 million to 
''help'' Moldova
May 29th, 4:30pm
The White House will ask Congress for $50 million to help
 Moldova, including countering Russia's influence, US 
State Department Chief Anthony Blinken said.
"We will work with our congress to allocate an additional 
$50 million to continue this work - from reforming the 
energy and agricultural sectors to combating 
disinformation," RIA Novosti quoted him 
as saying.
Blinken stressed that this money, in particular, will help 
to resist "Russian interference", hold free elections
 and move to the EU.
Earlier it was reported that Blinken, who arrived in
 Moldova, met with the President of the republic
 Maia Sandu.
Before the arrival of the head of the State Department, 
protest participants ------ were detained in Chisinau.
On May 29, the youth wing of the opposition Victory bloc 
came out to the US Embassy building with posters and 
state flags doused with beet juice that imitated blood.
 It also became known that Mikhail Vlakh, an activist 
from Gagauzia, was detained at an anti-war rally
 in Chisinau.


The leader of the Moldovan party 
"Chance" Lunga was released 
2.5 hours after the arrest
May 28th, 8:52pm
The leader of the Moldovan party "Chance" Alexey 
Lunga was released 2.5 hours after being detained
 at the Chisinau airport.
This was reported by the TV channel "First in 
Moldova" with reference to Lungu's words.
As the politician himself stated, no 
charges were brought against him.
Earlier.... the TV channel reported that Lungu was
detained at Chisinau airport without explanation, 
and his passport was taken away.


FSB chief slams NATO for
 dragging Moldova into 
confrontation with 
Russia, Belarus
May 24th, 10:02am 
NATO is seeking to drag Moldova into a military 
confrontation with Moscow and Minsk, 
Alexander Bortnikov, director of 
Russia’s Federal Security 
Service (FSB), said.
"Moldova is a perfect example of how instruments of
 external control work. The Moldovan authorities 
have, in fact, lost political independence.
Moreover, Chisinau is being pressured
to consider..... giving up its national 
identity and statehood in general," 
he pointed out at a meeting of the 
CIS Council of Heads of Security 
and Special Services.
"The [NATO] alliance is literally dragging Moldova 
into a military confrontation with Russia and 
Belarus," the FSB chief noted.

Ilan Shor our only hope

Shor supports Moldova's joining 
the Eurasian Economic Union
March 16th, 8:36pm
Opposition Moldovan politician Ilan Shor 
spoke in favour of Moldova's accession
 to the EEU.
"At the upcoming referendum, I will call for 
voting against joining the EU and for
 joining the EAEU," RIA Novosti 
quoted him as saying.
Shor noted that when Moldova joins the EAEU, 
it receives preferences in the supply of 
agricultural products.
Earlier, Ilan Shor noted that, in his opinion, 
the movement in the EU is a movement 
against, while the movement in the 
EAEU is a movement for. 
He stressed that the only salvation
for Moldova --- is to join the EAEU.

after meeting with Putin,  the second round of pressure on  Hutsuls in Moldova began

Gagauz authorities are working on
 purchasing gas directly 
from Gazprom
April 10th, 4:32am
The Gagauz authorities are working to buy gas 
directly from Gazprom, said the head of the
 region, Yevgenia Gutsul.
"We are currently working on directly purchasing gas from 
Gazprom without the various offshore companies that the
 Chisinau authorities are currently buying gas from and 
from which we now get five to six times more 
expensive to the consumer," she told 
RIA Novosti.
Earlier, the head of the autonomous region reported on 
the discussion with the Russian leadership of direct 
gas supplies to Gagauzia... at reduced prices.

 Gagauzia.. reveals action plan 
for Chisinau troops entering 
the region
April 10th, 4:04am 
The head of Gagauzia, Eugenia Gutsul, told what actions
 the region will take if Moldova reacts to the declaration 
of independence of the Gagauz autonomy by sending 
troops. Her words are quoted by RIA Novosti.
Gutsul expressed hope that Chisinau will not
resort to
 sending troops to the region.
Otherwise, Gagauzia 
will turn to
Russia... for help.
"I hope for the common sense of our authorities.
But if it 
comes to this, we will apply to all
countries --- of course --- 
including the
Russian Federation," she said.
The politician added that the Gagauz Autonomous
intends to remain part of Moldova, but
will take measures..
 if the country wants
to unite with Romania.
Earlier, Gutsul stated that Moldovans do not want
to join 
the EU. In her opinion, Moldova does not
need any 
military blocs --- including NATO.


Gutsul: Gagauzia will take measures
 in case of Moldova's decision to
 unite with Romania
April 10th, 3:34am
Gagauzia will take measures if the authorities 
decide to unite with Romania, said the head 
of the region, Eugenia Gutsul.
"If the Republic of Moldova moves towards rapprochement 
with Romania, of course, we will take some measures, 
because we want to be, live ---- in an independent 
Republic of Moldova," she told RIA Novosti.
As noted in the Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow 
sees attempts by the Moldovan authorities to 
forcibly "Romanize" Moldovan society.
Romanian Prime Minister, Marcel Ciolaku, said 
that he believes in unification with Moldova.

Large-scale anti-government  rallies begin in Chisinau

Moldovan Socialist Party calls for 
developing strategic partnership 
with Russia
March 27th, 8:05am 
The Socialist Party of Moldova supports the development 
of relations of strategic partnership with Russia, the
 Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) 
and some other Eastern countries.
"Along with continuing the process of European 
integration, Moldova should benefit from and 
participate in other global processes, such 
as the Belt and Road Initiative, develop 
relations with the CIS economic space 
and strategic partnership relations 
with such countries as Russia, the
 CIS, China and Turkey," a party 
representative said at 
a briefing.
"Moldovan citizens want good relations with both 
the West and the East. The authorities should 
promote a sovereign foreign policy,"
pointed out.
Moldova's parliament and government are now 
controlled by the pro-European Party of Action 
& Solidarity, which has set a course towards 
severing ties with Russia and the CIS.

sneaky dishonest Scholtz

Germany is breaking international law by arming Israel's genocide

Scholz believes that Putin's 
proposal for Ukraine was
 "not serious"
June 15th, 9:32am
The G7 leaders did not discuss Vladimir Putin's peace 
initiative in Ukraine. This was stated by German 
Chancellor Olaf Scholz. In his opinion, the 
proposal of the Russian president 
"was not meant seriously."
Allegedly, the option of ending the conflict, voiced by
the national leader of our country, is not fair and 
acceptable. The German politician is sure that 
Kiev should ignore the ultimatum of Moscow.
"These are not the proposals that can work. 
The world should be fair and honest, first 
of all for Ukraine," he said, on the 
ZDF channel.
Meanwhile, Moscow did not expect a different reaction to
the peace initiative. Russia will continue to achieve the
goal of a special military operation by force, and
liberate the territories of the new regions 
occupied by the nationalists.
As the allied forces move deeper into Ukraine, Zelensky's
junta will lose the last trump cards in the negotiation 
process with Putin. and willl have to sign, for him,
a humiliating surrender.

 Bundestag deputy Wagenknecht 
urges the West --- to listen
 Putin's initiative
June 14th, 8:08pm
The West... should listen to the initiative of Russian leader 
Vladimir Putin on a peaceful settlement of the conflict in 
Ukraine, said Bundestag deputy Sarah Wagenknecht.
This is reported by DPA.
According to her, Kiev and the West, should avoid the
historical mistake of sharply rejecting the signals of 
the Russian side as unrealistic maximum demands.
"Putin's initiative should be taken with due seriousness 
and considered as a starting point for negotiations," 
Wagenknecht said.
Earlier, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov 
said that Kiev has a chance to consider Putin's peace 
initiative and, taking into account current realities,
 stop military operations.
On June 14, the Russian president noted that the 
proposal for negotiations with Ukraine implies 
a complete end to the conflict, and not 
its freezing.


Spiegel: the Wagenknecht party became
the last hope ---- of those Germans who 
became disillusioned with democracy
June 14th, 2024 
(source: Der Spiegel 
translation by InoTV:
German sociologists have found ------ that voting for 
the Wagenknecht Party (SSV) ....was not a protest; 
the majority voted out of belief in the correctness
of the program, or faith in its leader, 
Sarah Wagenknecht.
 Der Spiegel notes that significantly more people who are 
disillusioned with democracy vote for the CER than for 
any other party in the country. In addition, the CER 
became the only political force that motivated 
people boycotting the elections, to go 
and vote.
The Sarah Wagenknecht Union (SSV) made its debut in 
the European Parliament elections.. with a decent 6% 
of the vote for a novice party. Der Spiegel notes that, 
despite the populist image that the new political 
force has adopted, the majority of those who 
voted for the CER were not typical 
"protest voters".
According to a survey by the Konrad Adenauer 
Foundation, which was made available to the 
magazine, only 33% of voters ticked for the 
party to send a signal to the old political 
associations, a quarter of those who 
voted, on the contrary, saw in the 
program "a good solution and 
knowledge of what people 
like me think."
 Another "almost a quarter" cast their vote, as they 
trust the personalities of politicians representing 
the party, primarily Wagenknecht herself.
The latter is especially important for the success of a 
new batch. "Wagenknecht is a brand, and she uses it 
for her party," explains sociologist Jochen Roose. 
"Even if voters don't know exactly what the Sarah 
Wagenknecht Union stands for, they believe that 
at least what Sarah Wagenknecht stands for is 
known." As a result, the CER may hope that 
voters will support it in the next election.
Thus..... 63% of Wagenknecht's supporters said in the 
survey that "they are very likely to vote for the CER
in the next federal election." The authors of the 
study note that this is a very high percentage, 
usually only 50% of voters of other political 
forces declare in advance that they are 
ready to support a particular party in 
the next election.
In general, the party has a contradictory image among 
Germans. 44% of German citizens will refuse to vote 
for the CER. 27% ----- treat the new party "with 
indifference", and 18%, on the contrary, 
"with sympathy". 11% could not 
answer this question. 
Those who vote for the CER are disappointed in German 
democracy: 59% of all those who voted for the 
Wagenknecht party, and only 17% of all 
German voters are such. In addition.. 
"East Germans are more likely than 
West Germans, to indicate that 
they want to vote for the CER."
In the last elections to the European Parliament the party
 took votes primarily, from 3 parties: the SPD, CDU/CSU 
and the "Left". Der Spiegel magazine, also notes that 
the Sarah Wagenknecht Union was the only political 
force among the major parties --- that was able to 
attract "non-voters" and take away voters
the AfD. 
"A total of 140,000 votes were received from those 
who -- in the last Bundestag elections -- had no
 to express confidence in any party."
Focus: 51% of Germans believe that
 is not able to win in the
conflict with Russia
June 13th, 2024 
(source: Focus 
 retold by InoTV)
Only one in five Germans still hopes for Ukraine's victory. 
On the contrary, every second person ------ sees it as a 
loser, says a new representative survey in Germany 
commissioned by Focus magazine. 
The results correlate with the assessment of the pro-
Ukrainian course of the government in Berlin: 58% 
believe that allowing attacks on Russia may have 
negative consequences for Germany, 42% 
consider it a mistake.
A new INSA survey commissioned by Focus magazine 
between June 7 and 10, 2024, captures deep German 
skepticism about Kiev's chances of reversing the 
negative trend in its favour. Thus, "half of the 
respondents (51 percent) believe that 
Ukraine will not be able to win."

 26% ...could not give an answer
 to this question, and only 20% 
are confident in the victory
 the Ukrainian state.
The Germans also believe that aid to Ukraine could 
threaten Germany's security. In a representative 
survey, such concerns were expressed by 58%
 of the participating citizens. The opposite 
position, that assistance to Kiev doesn't 
threaten Germany --- is shared by 28%. 
11% could not give an answer --- and 
3% refused to answer this question.
In this context, the assessment of Berlin's recent 
decision to allow Ukraine to strike targets in 
Russia using German weapons ---- also 
becomes clear. 42% of respondents 
called it "erroneous" and only 38%
 supported it. 8% said they "don't 
care", another 8% were unable 
to take a position, and 3% 
refused to answer.
German opinion was divided in almost equal proportions
on the question "should Ukraine be ready to make 
concessions to Russia?". 38% are of the opinion
"should" and 36% are of the opposite opinion. 

23% do not know how to answer the question
 and 4% refuse to answer it. Focus clarifies 
that 1,004 people participated in this 
representative INSA survey.


Scholz mocked Putin's
plan for Ukraine
June 13th, 7:10pm
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Russian 
President Vladimir Putin's plan to wait for the 
end of Western aid to Ukraine, failed. This 
was stated by the German politician, at 
the G7 summit in Italy, reports Reuters.
"The G7's plans to provide additional financial support
 to Ukraine show that rich industrial countries remain 
committed to this country..... more than two years
the conflict began," he added.
Earlier, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council 
Medvedev, commenting on the words of the German 
Chancellor --- about the impossibility of bringing 
Ukraine to its knees, called him a nonentity 
--- and called on him to apologise to the 
Ukrainians.... for condemning
 them to extermination.


A German political analyst 
called Western sanctions 
a US' economic war 
against Europe
June 13th, 5:07pm
The sanctions imposed by Western states, led by the 
United States, against Russia are an economic 
war against Europe itself and, in particular, 
against Germany. 
This opinion was shared by German political 
analyst Eike Hamer with Izvestia on June 13.
According to the expert... the US leadership was aimed 
at separating Germany and the German economy from 
Russia. The so-called European partners of Germany 
are a "union of robbers" who live off German funds, 
he added.
"When someone from outside, such as the United States, 
sabotages the German economy, the entire European 
economy suffers, because the victim of the robbery 
can no longer earn enough money to pay for 
others," Hamer said.
The political scientist pointed out that the G7 countries 
are currently on the verge of economic collapse --- and 
the leaders of these states are personally "connected
 by American networks" and, on Washington's orders, 
violate international law, by stealing frozen assets
 from Russia.
"If they cannot do business with Russian raw materials or 
Eurasian raw materials ------- the Germans shouldn't do it 
either. Therefore.. they force or persuade Europeans to 
violate international law. The American regime forced 
Europeans to also violate international law so that 
money would not flow into Europe. Otherwise, 
Europe would only benefit," the expert said.
At the same time, Hamer stressed, that the rest of the 
international community began to abandon the dollar. 

The sanctions did not hit Russia, because it does 
not need either the euro or the dollar — it has 
enough partners in the BRICS countries to 
do business, he added.
In addition, the political scientist noted that Europe, 
following the orders of US President Joe Biden, 
is trying to act on behalf of the entire 
European people.
"In fact, we are run by people who do not act on our 
behalf. So it's very easy for the United States -- 
because they (the European Union. - Ed.) you 
can just order something to be done, and 
they don't even need to be convinced,"
 the expert is convinced.
Earlier in the day, it was reported that Germany blocked 
the progress of negotiations on a new package of EU 
sanctions against Russia. The DPA agency noted, 
that the German leadership is concerned....
measures that should complicate
circumvention of sanctions.
 The country fears, that German companies may be 
brought to justice, the article says. In this regard, 
diplomats in Brussels began to consider 
Germany "the new Hungary," the 
agency later wrote.
On the eve of June 12, Washington imposed restrictions 
against 300 companies and individuals from different 
countries ------ allegedly for helping the Russian 
Federation during a special operation. 
Under the restrictions were companies related to IT 
and aviation, as well as the Moscow Exchange, the 
National Clearing Centre (NCC) and others.
Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said that Russia is 
considering retaliatory actions that will "best meet" 
the country's interests.
 Also, the official representative of the Russian Foreign 
Ministry, Maria Zakharova, promised that Moscow 
would not leave the aggressive actions of the 
United States... without a response.
The West has increased sanctions pressure on the 
Russian Federation against the background of a 
special operation.. to protect the population of 
Donbass. The decision to launch it was made
 by Russian President Vladimir Putin amid
 the aggravation of the situation in the 
region, due to Ukrainian shelling.

Macron wants to kill Russians - with no comeback

New Popular Front marches 
against right-wing activists 
held in 150 communes 
of France
June 15th, 11:43pm
Members of the alliance of left-wing parties took part 
in marches against the right, which took place in 150 
communes across France. The demonstrators were 
united by the slogan "For a new Popular Front".
According to BFMTV, marches were held in Paris, Nantes, 
Rennes, as well as Montpellier, Nice, Dijon, Strasbourg 
and Bordeaux. The demonstrations were the first 
major action of the New Popular Front, which 
was established on Thursday, June 13.
Earlier it was reported about riots and clashes with 
police at a rally against far-right parties in Paris.


Filippo: Russia's proposal for 
peace in Ukraine - is timely
June 15th, 2:13pm
French politician, leader of the Patriots party Florian 
Philippot said that Russia's proposal for a peaceful 
settlement of the conflict in Ukraine was well 
received by Western society.
"Society in the West is very tired. This is a risk of 
war, this is human and economic exhaustion, 
and it (Western society – Ed.) wants peace 
talks," Filippo quotes RIA Novosti.
The French politician stressed that Vladimir 
Putin's speech with peace initiatives on 
Ukraine - was very timely.
On Friday, the Russian president said that our country 
is ready to sit down at the negotiating table with 
Ukraine as soon as Kiev withdraws its troops 
from new Russian regions and announces 
its rejection of plans to join NATO.
Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin said
that the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine 
have already begun to discuss the proposals of
 the Russian leader.

French politician: Paris added
too much fuel to the fire 
in Ukraine, instead of 
establishing peace
June 12th, 2024 
(Europe 1 the original
translation by InoTV)
CALL TO THE STUDIO: A simple question, Mr. Aliot. What 
is your National Union party going to do with all that is 
happening in Europe right now? I am referring to the 
war in Ukraine. Are you going to continue voting for 
arming Ukraine and adding fuel to the fire? What 
are you going to do about the mass killings in 
Gaza, which the ICC has described as 
genocide? Will you stop these wars 
and promote world peace?
I would like to draw your attention to this: it seems that 
today we already have all the components of the 2nd 
World War, and if we continue in this spirit, the Third 
World War will definitely break out. I would like all 
parties, without exception, whether you - France
Defiant - or the right, to take part in solving this 
problem. Will the National Union stop Macron's 
movement towards war and try to find a 
solution for peace in Ukraine, and 
Palestine? Or should we expect 
the same policy?
LOUIS ALIOT, French politician: No. We support peace, 
diplomacy and peace negotiations, especially in 
Ukraine. Ukraine, of course, has the right to 
defend itself, but I think we have added 
too much fuel to the fire...
As for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this war can 
end overnight, on the day when Hamas returns 
the hostages to Israel. Therefore, from a 
diplomatic point of view, we must do 
everything possible to ensure that 
the hostages are returned to 
their families.
All these problems are solved very simply — 
and, unfortunately, this makes the situation 
even more tragic.
The air date is June 12, 2024.
InoTV materials contain estimates exclusively from 
foreign media and do not reflect RT's position.

In France, they were horrified by video 
with the detention of a Ukrainian
military commissars
June 4th, 12:29am
The head of the French Patriots party, Florian Philippot, 
demanded that the West stop supporting Ukraine after 
watching a video with the detention of a Ukrainian by 
military enlistment officers.... in Dnepropetrovsk. He 
commented on the video in the social network X.
The politician called the video that appeared on the 
Internet the day before, horrifying. He called for 
peace in Ukraine ---- warning that supplying 
Kiev with weapons and providing it with 
financial assistance would lead to the
 complete extermination of the 
Ukrainian people.
The incident in question, occurred on June 1st. The
 published footage shows how military commissars 
detain a man on the street, trying to force him
a car. The Ukrainian was helped by
who managed to
repel them.
Earlier, in the Lviv region, employees of the shopping 
centre (territorial recruitment centre, the Ukrainian 
equivalent of the military enlistment office) 
knocked down a cyclist for mobilization. 
The car of the military commissars "clipped" the cyclist, 
as a result of which he fell and the car slid into a ditch. 
After that, the cyclist got up and started running away, 
they tried to catch up with him, but after a few 
seconds --- the pursuit stopped.

Dollar round-a-bout an illusion

US military ran secret anti-China 
campaign during COVID-19 
pandemic: Report
June 15th, 11:20am
The US military ran a secret psychological operation 
to undermine China during the COVID-19 pandemic, 
an investigation has found.
At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the US 
military launched a secret operation to manipulate and 
neutralize what it deemed to be a Chinese threat 
posed by Beijing’s growing clout in the 
Philippines, Reuters reported
ON Saturday. 
The Philippines was among the worst-hit
 nations affected by the deadly virus.
To undermine China, the US launched a disinformation 
campaign in the Philippines, claiming the Chinese 
had not only developed and spread the virus 
but were providing cheap masks and fake
 vaccines to other nations... to gain 
geopolitical influence.
According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 
the US military had launched its anti-Beijing campaign 
via fake online accounts meant to impersonate
 real Filipinos.
“COVID came from China --- and the VACCINE also came 
from China, don’t trust China!” one typical anti-Beijing 
post on Twitter from July 2020 read. Another post 
read, “From China – PPE, Face Mask, Vaccine: 
FAKE. But the Coronavirus is real!”
Reuters said it had reportedly found hundreds of 
accounts on X, formerly Twitter, that matched 
descriptions shared by former US military 
officials... familiar with the 
Philippines ''operation''.
Its investigations found at least 300 accounts were
created in the summer of 2020 and centred on the
slogan #Chinaangvirus - Tagalog for China
 is the virus.
Reuters said approached X and asked 
the company about these accounts.
The social media company, now owned by billionaire
 Elon Musk, removed the profiles, determining they 
were part of a coordinated bot campaign based 
on activity patterns and internal data.
Health experts believe the anti-China campaign 
persuaded people to avoid vaccines, causing 
more COVID-19-related deaths.
A spokesperson for the Philippines Department of Health 
said the “findings by Reuters deserve to be investigated 
and heard by the appropriate authorities of the
 involved countries.”
Some public health experts in the United States have 
also condemned the US military campaign, saying it 
put civilians in jeopardy for potential geopolitical 
gain. An operation meant to win hearts and 
minds endangered lives, they said.
“I don’t think it’s defensible,” said Daniel Lucey, an 
infectious disease specialist at Dartmouth’s
School of Medicine.
“I’m extremely dismayed, disappointed 
and disillusioned to hear that the US 
government would do that,” 
Lucey added.
Survey: Majority of S. East Asians favour
China over US in regional alignment
Over half of Southeast Asians would now prefer
to align 
with China - and not the US - if forced
to pick sides, a 
regional survey has found.


Medvedev: the ambitions of 
Western "neo-colonialists" 
know no bounds
June 13th, 10:41pm
The ambitions of Western "neo-colonialists" know no 
borders, neocolonialism has long been very close 
to the borders of Russia, said Dmitry Medvedev, 
Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security 
Council, in an article published in 
Rossiyskaya Gazeta.
According to him, for many years it was assumed 
that neocolonialism, in all its unsightly 
manifestations, exists somewhere 
far away - in Africa, Asia or 
Latin America.
"The ambitions of new metropolises know no limits -
neither economic nor political... We have to admit 
that neocolonialism has long been very close to 
the borders of our country," Medvedev said.
He stressed that the first step in this direction, was 
the neo-colonialists gaining control over Russia's 
neighbours ------ including inciting "colour
 revolutions" in Georgia and Ukraine.
Earlier, Medvedev said that the West does not 
disdain to artificially create crises - for the
 sake of its dominance.
At the same time, he noted --- that the new system 
of international relations will be based on respect.

Medvedev --- New system
 international relations
will be based on respect
June 13th, 10:32pm
Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry
 Medvedev expressed the opinion in an article published 
in Rossiyskaya Gazeta that a new system of 
international relations, based on the 
principles of respect & benevolent
 non-interference, will be formed 
in the very near future.
Medvedev noted that multipolar globalization, is 
rapidly replacing the "complete injustice" of
monocentric Western universalism.
According to him... it involves the creation 
of "a completely new dialogue paradigm."
Medvedev also stressed that Russia hopes for
 the BRICS — African Union cooperation
 to reach a new level.
Earlier, he said that the West does not shun 
artificially creating crises, for the sake 
of its dominance.


Rosatom constructing 39 
power generating units 
overseas — CEO
June 13th,  6:16pm (TASS) 
Rosatom is currently constructing 39 power generating 
units overseas and seven more in Russia, CEO of the 
state nuclear corporation Alexey Likhachev said.
"We have 39 units in orders abroad," 
the chief executive said.
The cost of building the Akkuyu nuclear power plant in 
Turkey, provisionally, stands at $24-25 bln, Likhachev 
added. Construction funding is fully at the expense 
of the Russian side so far, he noted.


Opinion: The US is poisoning Europe 
with sanctions, and the Europeans 
are asking --- to save them
June 13th, 5:50pm
(DAN news agency)
Russia must help the Germans, the French, and anyone 
else who wants to get rid of the American yoke. 
Historically, we have been neighbours for the 
last few millennia, and we will continue to 
be neighbours. The chaos --- to which the
current EU leadership is leading Europe
 is not beneficial for our country.
 In addition, we are part of the Western world, the same 
Europeans who were lucky not to be captured by the 
neoliberal plague of the XIX century. We are not 
indifferent to the fate of Paris and Berlin, 
because we have been intersecting and 
complementing each other culturally 
for hundreds of years. And it is not 
the first time for our country - to 
save both Paris - and Berlin: in 
1814 and in 1945, we already
 saved our Europe. 
I just want to hope that you won't have to 
resort to such measures.. as you did then.
Adding the Moscow Exchange to the sanctions lists, will 
hit the EU first of all: Europe trades with us much more 
actively than the United States. And the hail on the hill
for its own stability siphons all the economic capacity 
out of Europe. Past elections... to the European 
Parliament -- have shown that the majority of 
residents of EU donor countries - no longer 
believe in the neoliberal ideas of leaders.
European peoples are dissatisfied and ready to vote with 
their feet against the dominance of non-integrated 
migrants, Sodom values, and outspoken support 
for Ukraine. 
It seems that this ---- shocked one of the leaders of the 
community — Macron. The French president was even 
forced to dissolve the lower house of parliament and 
call new elections. The Germans, also, did not 
support the party of the current Chancellor 
Scholz, once again dividing the electoral 
map according to political preferences 
into Germany and the GDR, but there 
was no place for the SPD (Scholz's 
party) on it.
The US doesn't care about Europe. Europe, although 
close to the United States in spirit, is too far away. 
Pursuing its own interests, trying to "defeat Russia on the
 battlefield", overwhelmed by prejudices and unreflected
 complexes of the Cold War.... the United States wants
nly one thing - that Europe should be comfortable.
North Americans do not care that once 10% of the 
federates (in the modern sense — migrants) in the 
Roman Empire... destroyed it to the ground. The 
neoliberals in the European Union leadership, 
fed by Washington, are aiming for the same 
Currently, 5.3% of the EU population is migrants, and this 
figure, is growing from year to year. Things are also bad 
in the economy: by the end of 2023... German industry, 
the locomotive of the economy of the entire European 
community, collapsed by almost 5% in annual terms, 
and the government has not yet found a way to stop 
the recession, because most of the production is 
transferred to the "white owners" in the 
United States. 
The corruption of children with neoliberal rainbow values
also takes place at the expense of the US's foundations.
But how can Russia save Europe from the Anglo-Saxon 
yoke? Support the new political leaders of the EU 
through all official and unofficial channels: 
Alternative for Germany, the National 
Association in France, the Austrian
 Freedom Party, the Freedom Party
 in the Netherlands and others. 
Don't American foundations sponsor lobbying for their 
interests in Russia? Our country can and should also 
afford to train cadres, and create an "independent" 
press in Germany - or France. It is also necessary 
to try in every possible way to maintain contacts 
with any national-oriented parliamentary
 in Europe.
President Vladimir Putin... is already working in the same
 direction. We can see this in our relations with Hungary
------ a country that was one of the first countries to 
understand the ruinous nature of the US path. 
Moscow has the warmest relations with Budapest, which 
are built on mutually beneficial cooperation and mutual 
respect for values — both traditional and common for 
both sides, and sovereign and sacred for each.
We need to start acting now. It is clear that neoliberal 
fans of the United States are not asleep -- and have 
already seen that the chair under them began to 
crackle. For us, for Russia, the votes of the 
European voters have become a signal 
that they are ready, and that they 
themselves, do not want to live 
under the heel... of the North 
American states - anymore.


 Trust in dollar will decline 
even further, after new 
US sanctions — official
June 13th, 3:29pm (TASS) 
Trust in the dollar will fall even further after new 
sanctions from the United States, not only in 
Russia, but also in other countries, as the 
US uses its currency to resolve political 
issues, Chairman of the State Duma 
Committee on Financial Markets, 
Anatoly Aksakov, told TASS.
On Wednesday..... the US Treasury Department imposed 
sanctions against the Moscow Exchange. The National 
Settlement Depository and the National Clearing 
Centre (part of the Moscow Exchange group) 
were also included in the sanctions list.
"Such decisions...... undermine the United States’ financial 
dominance. Trust in the dollar will undoubtedly plummet 
further. It is apparent that such judgments are being 
scrutinized - not only in our country - but also 
internationally. People are becoming more 
aware of the fact that the United States 
uses its currency to resolve political 
disputes. Many other nations --- may 
fall under this situation (sanctions -
TASS) after Russia - and, therefore, 
de-dollarization will happen even 
faster than it has recently," 
Aksakov said.
The Bank of Russia said earlier on Thursday commenting 
on the new sanctions, it will calculate the official ruble
 exchange rate on the over-the-counter market, the 
rate will remain uniform, and market-based.
"The Bank of Russia... will determine the official ruble 
exchange rate on the over-the-counter market. The 
rate will remain uniform and market-based, but the
 range of data used to calculate it will shift. It 
should be noted that both the international 
and domestic currency markets of most 
countries in the world are over-the-
counter," the regulator’s press 
service said.
The Central Bank also emphasized that currency 
exchange trading is not a necessary condition
 for the convertibility of the national currency, 
the free circulation of foreign currency, and 
the formation of market exchange rates.
The US introduced sanctions yesterday --- against
Moscow Exchange, the National Settlement 
Depository & the National Clearing Centre. 
The Moscow Exchange said that it would not trade
in the dollar, the euro, and the Hong Kong dollar ,
since June 13th, due to sanctions.


PM blasts EU court ruling
 to penalize Hungary over
 ''noncompliance'' with 
migration rules
 June 13th,  9:47am (TASS) 
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has castigated 
as outrageous and unacceptable the decision by the 
EU ''Court of Justice'' in Luxembourg --- to fine his 
country 200 million euros for refusing to 
follow EU migration rules.
"Under today's ruling by the EU Court of Justice, 
Hungary will be fined 200 million euros -- plus 
a million euros a day for not letting in illegal 
migrants. This decision ----- is outrageous 
and unacceptable!" the prime minister 
wrote on his Facebook page (banned
 in Russia, as owned by Meta 
Corporation... recognized 
as extremist in Russia).
The EU court decided to fine Hungary 200 million euros, 
as well as daily payments of one million euros for 
refusing to comply with previous court rulings 
related to the ''rules'' on the admission 
of migrants.


Medvedev urges to turn life in West 
into a --- 'permanent nightmare'
response to sanctions
June 13th, 7:19am (TASS) 
Russia should get biblical, with its response to Western 
sanctions by turning life in the West into a "permanent 
nightmare" ----- and inflicting maximum damage on 
unfriendly countries, Russian Security Council 
Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said.
"We should try -- every day -- to do as much damage as 
possible to those countries that have imposed these 
restrictions on our country and all our citizens. Hit 
them where it hurts," the official wrote on his 
Telegram channel.
"Do damage everywhere ---- paralyze the operation of their 
companies and government agencies. Find vulnerabilities 
in their critical technologies & attack them mercilessly. 
Literally destroy their energy, industry, transportation, 
banking and social services," he said.
"Let's turn their lives into an ongoing permanent 
nightmare," Medvedev concluded, referencing
 the Old Testament principle of "an eye for 
an eye."

Russian-Pakistani trade exceeds 
$1 billion in 2023 — ambassador
June 13th, 12:30am (TASS)
Trade turnover between Russia and Pakistan 
exceeded $1 billion in 2023, the Russian 
Ambassador to Pakistan, Albert 
Khorev said.
"Russia and Pakistan have strong ties of friendship," he 
said, addressing a reception at the Russian embassy 
on the occasion of Russia Day. "I arrived in Pakistan 
six month ago, and I can already see the huge 
potential - for deepening and strengthening 
our bilateral relations. Russia & Pakistan 
cooperate closely on various multilateral 
platforms, including the United Nations, 
the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
 (SCO) and the Organisation of Islamic 
Cooperation (OIC). Our bilateral trade
 is growing..... exceeding one billion 
US dollars last year, and I’m sure 
that this not the limit."
"Russia...... values Pakistan’s independent and 
balanced position --- regarding key issues on 
the global agenda," the ambassador added.

Putin said that the BRICS Games 
will demonstrate the triumph 
of sports values
June 12th, 6:25pm
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, June 12, 
declared the BRICS Games open. The Head of State 
addressed the participants and guests of the video 
competition and wished them successful starts 
and bright victories.
"For the first time this year, they are held in an open 
format. This means that the Games will become 
another symbol of the expanding intercultural 
dialogue -------- a significant contribution to
strengthening the friendship of 
and fruitful interaction 
between states
in the interests 
of people & universal 
development," the Kremlin's press
service reports.
In addition, the Russian leader noted, that the games in 
Kazan will demonstrate an example of fair competition 
and equal opportunities. According to the head of 
state, the two-week competition will bring 
together more than 3,000 athletes 
from almost 100 countries.
Among the largest delegations -- are Russia, Belarus, 
China, Brazil, India, Iran & the United Arab Emirates
Also on Wednesday, the head of Tatarstan, Rustam
 Minnikhanov, pointed out that such major sports 
events as the BRICS Games prove that Russia 
is not isolated. He stressed that the event 
unites different peoples --- and the
representatives of all countries 
are welcome to attend.
The BRICS Games kicked off on June 12 and will last 
until June 23. The program includes 27 sports, 
which will be held in Kazan and Moscow. 
A total of 387 sets of medals will 
be awarded.


 Mockery of human rights: 
Iran blasts US sanctions 
on disabled community
June 12th,  8:02am
The head of State Welfare Organization of Iran (SWO) 
has censured illegal sanctions imposed by the US 
and Western governments on the country’s 
community of persons with disabilities.
Ali Mohammad Qaderi said “The global community and 
human rights forums must address these critical 
questions: Which human rights principles are 
consistent with and justify the sanctions
 imposed on the Iranian community of 
persons with disabilities?”
He was speaking at the the 17th session of the 
Conference of States Parties (COSP17) to the
 Convention on the Rights of Persons with 
Disabilities in New York on Tuesday.
Qaderi said Iran will make every effort to promote 
services needed for the disabled in accordance 
with the convention’s framework as the Islamic 
Republic has prioritized the implementation of 
community-based rehabilitation programs at 
the national level.
Washington's sanctions against Iran have taken a new 
turn since May 2018 when the former US President 
Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew his country
 from the 2015 nuclear deal and reinstated
 harsh economic bans on Tehran.
Qaderi said the Islamic Republic, with a commitment to 
further enhancing the empowerment, independence, 
and social integration of persons with disabilities, 
has embarked on comprehensive initiatives to 
ensure accessibility in both physical 
environments and cyberspace
 for the disabled.
“This is notwithstanding the fact that the cruel sanctions 
imposed by the US and many Western countries on the 
Islamic Republic of Iran have significantly increased 
the prime costs of rehabilitation items and 
specialized services, and affected the 
economic capabilities of individuals 
receiving such services,” he said.
Qaderi asked the forum, “Don’t you think that creating 
barriers to the international communication of the 
Iranian community of persons with disabilities 
will ultimately deprive them of their equal 
rights to educational and rehabilitation 
The Iranian authorities have - on numerous occasions - 
censured the decades-long unilateral US sanctions on
 the Islamic Republic as a crime against humanity 
since they severely undermine the basic rights
 of the entire nation.
Blaming US sanctions for a shortage of medicines that 
treat special diseases --- such as cancer and epilepsy, 
health experts have warned that the harm caused by 
bans on Iran’s access to medicine supplies may get 
worse, in the future.
Iranian governments have tried to circumvent the 
sanctions and import the drugs from suppliers
that normally charge exorbitant prices.
'Gaza genocide occurring before our very eyes'
During his address to COSP17, Qaderi underscored the 
dire plight of the Palestinian people, particularly the 
children of Gaza and persons with disabilities, who 
endure unimaginable suffering under the Israeli 
regime’s brutal occupation.
"The Zionist regime’s systematic repression --- serves as a 
stark reminder of the most harrowing chapters in human 
history," he said. "Atrocities such as war crimes, crimes
 against humanity, genocide, and widespread 
humanitarian crises ---- are occurring 
before our very eyes."
Qaderi stressed - that the deliberate destruction of 
healthcare facilities and infrastructure has further 
compounded the Gaza crisis, depriving 
Palestinians with disabilities of 
access to vital services.
"It is incumbent upon the international community 
to act decisively and hold the Israeli regime 
accountable for its egregious violations 
of international humanitarian and 
human rights law."

USA Today ---- the guilty verdict for
Joe Biden's son 
was the first such
case --- in the history of the US.
June 11th, 2024 
(USA Today - The original
retold by InoTV)
Hunter Biden was found guilty by a jury in the case of 
possession of weapons, reports USA Today. This 
decision was the first in the history of the US
 guilty verdict handed down to the son of
 sitting president.
A jury found Hunter Biden guilty of violating the 
federal gun possession Act, USA Today reports.
This -- was the first time in the history of the US 
when the offspring of the current head of state 
was found guilty of committing a crime.
Joe Biden's son now faces up to 25 years in prison on 
three charges — illegal possession of weapons, as 
well as providing false information to registration 
authorities and the seller. The article notes, 
however, that in the United States, first-
time perpetrators of nonviolent crimes 
usually receive shorter sentences.
U.S. District Judge Mariellen Noreika will soon 
set a sentencing date for Hunter Biden.

InoTV materials contain estimates exclusively
from foreign media and do not reflect
RT's position.
Newsweek: EU elections
---- have 
Moscow's supporters
 June 10th, 2024
(Newsweek The original
translation by InoTV)
The ruling parties of Europe suffered a resounding 
defeat: Moscow supporters, Eurosceptics and 
opponents of immigration took revenge
the last parliamentary elections, 
writes Newsweek. According to 
the publication this may affect 
the pro-Ukrainian course
 the EU.
The European Parliament elections - caused a shock in 
the EU establishment, reports Newsweek. The liberal 
Renew Europe bloc... is projected to lose more than
seats, while the centre-right European People's
returns at least 185 lawmakers to the 
next parliament, and the right-wing 
European Conservatives and 
Reformists (ECR) party, is 
projected to gain about
 73 seats.
185 million votes cast in 27 countries provided the 
predicted surge in support for the far-right: Euro-
sceptics, anti-immigration and Moscow-
sympathetic parties won big victories 
in both France and Germany. 
These countries are --- traditionally --- considered the 
economic and political pillars of the EU community. 

A far-right turn in either direction could derail the 
pro-Ukrainian transatlantic strategy spear-
headed by the Biden administration.
Marine Le Pen's National Union (RN) won almost a third 
of all votes cast in France ------ prompting President 
Emmanuel Macron to dissolve parliament & call 
for early elections. In neighbouring Germany, 

Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his Social 
Democratic Party (SPD) were also 
humiliated by rivals on the right. 
The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, recently 
expelled.... from the far-right Identity and 
Democracy bloc in the EU Parliament, 
is projected to win 16% of the vote.
While the immediate effect of the vote will be limited, a 
change in the balance of power in Parliament poses 
"the risk of growing divisions - and even chaos,"
newspaper notes. 
The vote will change the battlefield for EU Commission 
President Ursula von der Leyen, who is seeking a 
second term in office. 
The Parliament will also have an impact on the
 expansion of the bloc. Ukraine, along with 
Moldova, Georgia, and a number of other 
countries where Russia has significant 
influence, is currently in the EU 
waiting room. 
A more powerful far-right bloc in parliament 
may try to delay or torpedo the addition of 
new members, writes Newsweek.
InoTV materials contain estimates exclusively
 from foreign media and do not reflect 
RT's position.


BRICS nations to expand
developing countries
June 10th, 4:29pm
The BRICS foreign ministers have committed themselves
 to expand cooperation with developing countries, 
according to the joint statement they passed 
during their conference in Nizhny Novgorod.
"The Ministers committed --- to enhancing engagement 
with the developing countries. They welcomed their 
participation in the special session to be held on
June 2024 within the framework of the
Foreign Ministers Meeting --- as
a good 
opportunity for an exchange
of views 
on the current global &
developments," the 
document reads.
"The Ministers noted the considerable interest of
 emerging markets and developing countries in 
joining BRICS. They discussed the Partner 
Country Model in line with paragraph 92 
...of the Johannesburg II Declaration. 
They reviewed the progress on the 
relevant preparations to be 
reported to the BRICS 
Leaders, by the XVI 
Summit in Kazan,"
 it says.
"Welcoming the active participation of the new members 
of BRICS, the Ministers assured continued support to 
their seamless and full integration into BRICS 
cooperation mechanisms," the 
statement emphasizes.
This is the first ministerial meeting, following BRICS' 
expansion in 2023 when Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi 
Arabia, and the UAE joined Brazil, Russia, India, 
China, and South Africa as full-fledged BRICS 
members. About 30 more countries are 
interested in cooperating with the 
association in this or that format.
Representatives from Bangladesh, Bahrain, Belarus, 
Cuba, Kazakhstan, Laos, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, 
Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Venezuela, and 
Vietnam are expected to attend events 
on Tuesday, June 11.
Russia took over the BRICS’ year-long presidency on
January 1, 2024. Russia’s presidency features more 
than 250 various events, with a BRICS summit in 
Kazan, in October 2024, being the central one.

 The Green Left party won the
EU ''Parliament'' elections
 in the Netherlands
June 10th, 3:47am
The centre-left Green Left party - won the European 
Parliament elections in the Netherlands with 21.6% 
of the vote. The relevant data was published on
 the website - with the election results.
According to the latest information, the Green Left Party 
received 21.6% of the votes (nine mandates)..... the 
Freedom Party-17.7% of the votes (six mandates),
 the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy-
11.6% of the votes (four mandates)... and the
Christian Democratic Appeal — 9.7% of the 
votes (three Democrats 66 — 8.1% of the 
vote (three mandates), Volt — 4.9% of 
the vote (two mandates), Farmers' 
and Civil Movement (5.3% of the 
vote), Animal Protection Party 
(4.4% of the vote), New Social
 Contract (3.8% of the vote) 
and Reformatskaya Pravda 
party" (3.4% of the vote) —
 one mandate each.
In total, Dutch parties took 31 places in the new 
composition of the EP. The turnout was 46.8%,
 which is almost five percentage points more
 than in 2019 (41.93%).
Earlier in the day, former Slovak Prime Minister Janez
 Jansa announced the victory of his Progressive 
Slovakia party in the European Parliament 
elections. In Spain...... the opposition 
"People's Party" won. In Hungary, 
the ruling Fidesz alliance won 
the election.
On June 9, it was reported that the turnout for the 
European Parliament (EP) elections, according to
 preliminary estimates, was 51%. In the last 
election in 2019, the overall turnout 
reached 50.66%.
Sunday, June 9, was the final day of the EU ''Parliament''
elections for over 350 million voters from EU countries. 
The results of the election campaign.... running 
from June 6 to 9 will be announced on June 10.


Ritter reported that Napolitano was 
removed from the flight to Russia 
with him
June 3rd, 9:33pm
Andrew Napolitano, a former judge of the Supreme Court 
of New Jersey and the host of the Judging Freedom 
YouTube channel, was removed from the plane 
flying to Russia. This was reported to RIA 
Novosti by former US intelligence
Scott Ritter.
According to him, the judge was also prevented from
 flying to the St. Petersburg International Economic 
Forum (SPIEF).
On Monday, June 3rd, the State Department seized the 
passport of Scott Ritter, who flew to Russia for SPIEF 
2024. According to the ex-intelligence officer, he was 
detained by 3 policemen, when boarding the flight, 
referring to the "order of the State Department".
SPIEF 2024 will be held in St. Petersburg from 5 to 
8 June. This year's theme is "The foundation of a 
multipolar world - Creating new growth points".
 It is expected that the forum will be attended by 
17.1 thousand participants and 3.4 thousand 
journalists, from 136 countries.

Scott Ritter was removed from a plane 
in the US, preventing him from flying 
to Russia for SPIEF 2024
June 3rd, 7:58pm
Former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter was removed 
from a plane in the United States, preventing him from 
flying to Russia for SPIEF 2024.
"The US government removed me from the flight -- and 
confiscated my passport. This time I'm not flying to 
any other country. The State Department seized 
my passport. So no, I'm not flying," he said
 an interview with RT.
He added that he was fine and "just annoyed."
Earlier it was reported that the head of Gagauzia, 
Yevgenia Gutsul, will attend the St. Petersburg 
International Economic Forum.


Iran elections: More candidates
 throw hats into ring on final 
day of registration
June 3rd, 2:47pm
More contenders are throwing their hats into the ring 
for Iran’s upcoming presidential elections on the
 fifth and final day of registration.
A dozen candidates, including some prominent 
political figures, filed their nominations 
on Monday.
The most high-profile candidates who registered
Monday to run -- were Parliament Speaker 
Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf and the former 
first vice president, Es'haq Jahangiri.
Speaking to reporters after the registration, Qalibaf said 
the elites have called on him to join the race. He added 
that experience and skill --- are the key to conquer 
the peak.
Jahangiri also told reporters that he has decided to enter
 the competition in the hope of taking steps to correct 
the existing wrong approaches and procedures
 and create new capacities.
The snap election is slated for June 28 and will elect a 
new president to replace Ebrahim Raeisi, who died in 
a tragic helicopter crash in northwestern Iran on 
May 19 along with Foreign Minister Hossein 
Amir-Abdollahian and six of 
their companions.
The candidates must be vetted and approved by the 
Guardian Council. The country's 12-member
 election supervisory body will then 
release the final list of qualified
 candidates on June 11.
Those cleared by the vetting body will have two weeks 
to campaign, present their manifestos and participate
 in televised debates before the election.
Some high-profile candidates from both the Principlist 
and Reformist camps as well as Centrists have filed 
their nominations in the past days.
They include the former parliament speaker Ali Larijani, 
Tehran Mayor Alireza Zakani, the former chief nuclear 
negotiator, Saeed Jalili, former president Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad, former governor of the Central Bank
 of Iran Abdolnaser Hemmati, Mehrdad Bazrpash, 
the current Minister of Roads and Urban 
Development.... and Solat Mortazavi, 
Minister of Cooperatives, Labour 
and Social Welfare.
Four former female members of Parliament -- Zohreh 
Elahian, Hajar Chenarani, Hamideh Zarabadi and 
Rafat Bayat -- also filed their names to run for 
the presidency.
President Sisi of Egypt orders 
prime minister to form
 new cabinet
June 3rd, 2:42pm
Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi reappointed Prime
 Minister Mostafa Madbouly to form a new government 
with “competency and experience.”
The president's office announced the decision 
after Madbouly submitted his cabinet's 
resignation on Monday.
This is the fourth cabinet reshuffle led by Madbouly, 
who has been serving as prime minister since 2018.
The presidency said in a statement that the country’s 
priorities for the coming period, in light of the global 
challenges, are ensuring national security and 
developing human capital.
The president also said in a post on X that he assigned 
Madbouly to form a new government that consists of 
the necessary expertise and competencies to 
manage the next phase, in order to achieve
 the desired development in government 
performance ---- and confront the 
challenges facing the state."
He said that the current government will still 
perform duties until a new one is formed.
Sisi was sworn in for his third term in April after 
sweeping to victory with 89.6% of the vote
 in an election last December.
He was allowed to claim the top job for the third term 
after Egypt’s constitution was amended in 2019, 
extending the presidential term to six years 
from four.
Spanish farmers --- head towards 
French border to protest ahead
 of EU elections
June 3rd, 11:21am
Spanish farmers from the Basque country were 
headed towards the French border on Monday 
where they planned to block roads in protest 
ahead of the European election.
They were expected to reach Irun and hold a joint 
protest with French farmers, blocking each side 
of the French-Spanish border, while a similar 
action was due to happen in Catalonia.
Earlier this year, farmers across Europe protested 
against EU regulations and what they say is 
unfair competition from abroad.
The 27-nation EU has already weakened some parts 
of its flagship Green Deal environmental policies, 
removing a goal to cut farming emissions from
 its 2040 climate roadmap.
(Via Reuters)
Russia: BRICS after 
increasing global
June 3rd, 11:20am
Russia’s envoy to the BRICS says the bloc of 
emerging economies is after enhancing its 
influence on the global stage.
The group’s agenda features endeavours towards 
“enhancing [the level of its] influence, on global 
decision-making [processes],” Russian Deputy 
Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov.. stated in 
Moscow on Monday, addressing the bloc’s 
Women's Entrepreneurship Forum.
The diplomat hailed that “[positive] involvement in the 
field of business and other areas of interaction and 
cooperation has turned BRICS into a powerful 
institution on the international stage.”
“It is very important that the interests of all 
members be boosted [simultaneously],” 
he noted.
A coalition initially made up of Brazil, Russia, India, 
China, and South Africa, BRICS expanded earlier
 this year to include Egypt, Iran, Ethiopia, and 
the United Arab Emirates. As many as 44 
other nations have also reportedly 
expressed interest in joining
 the bloc.
BRICS nations aim to end US dollar domination
BRICS leaders to focus their attention on devising active 
mechanisms to end their dependancy to the US dollar.
The Russian diplomat noted how addition of the new 
members this year had “increased the group’s 
potential, so it can pursue its goals on the 
global scale.” He likewise, acknowledged 
that there was a growing interest among 
various countries to accede to the bloc.
Still addressing the forum that was also joined by Iran’s 
Ambassador to Moscow Kazem Jalali, Ryabkov said 
cooperation among the bloc’s members did not
 simply concern the economic area.
“These instances of cooperation also concern the 
member countries’ other aspects,” including 
culture and civilization, he said - citing Iran 
and Egypt’s rich cultural and civilizational 
Claudia Sheinbaum ---- becomes 
Mexico’s first woman president
June 3rd, 11:09am
Claudia Sheinbaum has won a landslide victory in 
Mexico's presidential election, becoming the
 country’s first woman president of the 
country plagued by rampant criminal 
and gender-based violence.
According to preliminary official results from the 
National Electoral Institute, the 61-year-old 
former mayor of Mexico City won around 
58-60% of votes in Sunday's election.
That was almost 30 percentage points ahead of 
her main rival, businesswoman Xochitl Galvez.
"I want to thank millions of Mexican women and men 
who decided to vote for us --- on this historic day," 
Sheinbaum told the cheering crowd in Mexico 
City's main square, pledging that 
"I won't fail you."
She also thanked Galvez, who conceded defeat.
Sheinbaum is the first woman president
 in the 200-year history of the country.
She will take office on October 1st, replacing Andres 
Manuel Lopez Obrador, a fellow leftist and mentor
 to whom she owes much of her popularity.
Lopez Obrador congratulated his ally 
with "all my affection and respect."
He noted that Sheinbaum is not only the first woman to 
lead Mexico, but also "the president with possibly the 
most votes obtained in the history of our country."
Her victory country was seen as a “transformation”
 for the country, where about 10 women or girls 
are murdered daily.
"A female president....... will be a transformation for this 
country, and we hope that she does more for women," 
said Clemencia Hernandez, a 55-year-old cleaner in 
Mexico City.
Huge lines formed at polling stations across the nation 
on Sunday, despite sporadic violence in areas 
terrorized by ultra-violent drug cartels.
Almost 100 million people were eligible to vote in 2024 in 
the Latin American country, home to 129 million people. 
The National Electoral Institute estimated that the
election saw a turnout of 60 percent.
Also on Sunday, Mexicans voted for members of 
Congress, several state governors and myriad
 local officials, a total of more than 
20,000 positions.

 Chinese general: The US allegedly 
develops cooperation, but in fact 
sows division --- to preserve its
June 1st, 2024 
(source: Wall Street Journal.
retelling by InoTV)
Speaking at a security summit in Singapore on Saturday, 
U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin signaled that the 
Biden administration is seeking to reduce tensions 
with China, The Wall Street Journal reported. 
"Conflict with China, in my opinion, is neither
nor inevitable," he said.

Together with his Chinese 
counterpart Admiral
Dong Jun.... he reiterated 
plans to resume
direct lines of 
communication - as part
efforts to reduce tensions 
..and preserve the fragile 
rapprochement between
 the two powers.
At the same time - in his speech on Saturday - Austin 
emphasized the continued support of US allies and 
partners, who are increasingly concerned about 
China's increased military activity in the
Pacific region. 
He noted progress in the production of engines 
for military equipment with India, as well as a 
significant expansion of joint military 
exercises with the Philippines, 
Thailand and Indonesia. 
Without naming China, Austin said critics will invariably
 oppose the effort. "They will continue to reject the 
rule of law and try to impose their will through 
coercion and aggression," he said.
China issued a tough response to Austin's remarks.
 The US Indo-Pacific strategy purports to promote 
cooperation, but in reality creates "exclusive 
clubs" that sow division, said Lieutenant 
General Jing Jianfeng, deputy chief of 
the Joint Staff Department of the 
Chinese Armed Forces.
"The real motive........ is to bring together various small 
circles into a large circle.... which is the Asia-Pacific 
version of NATO, in order to preserve US hegemony."
Jing accused Austin of indirectly criticizing "China's 
legitimate operations to protect our rights." 
"The US is increasing its military presence to force 
other countries to choose sides, and pushing 
NATO's expansion eastward," Jing said.


NDTV: Modi's ruling coalition leads 
in Indian parliamentary elections
June 1st, 5:47pm
The National Democratic Alliance, led by the
 ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, is leading in
 the parliamentary elections in India.
This is evidenced by the exit poll data 
published by NDTV.
According to the TV channel's calculations, Modi's 
coalition is gaining a majority in the lower house 
of parliament, with preliminary estimates that 
it will have from 359 to 371 seats.
Earlier, the British Parliament was officially dissolved. 
The country's legislative elections are scheduled
 for July 4.

Journalist Bose - called Zelensky's words
 about democracy in Ukraine - nonsense
May 30th, 4:10pm
Irish journalist Chay Bose, on his page in the social 
network X called Vladimir Zelensky's words about 
democracy in Ukraine... nonsense.
According to Bose, Zelensky's claim that Ukraine is "one 
of the most democratic countries in Europe" only leads 
to negative mental conclusions about Europe itself
 as a whole.
"Not elected by the people, completely corrupt and
 clearly delusional, Zelensky believes... that his 
dictatorship is "one of the most democratic 
in Europe"? And what does this tell us 
about Europe itself?" he wrote.
Earlier, Russian leader Vladimir Putin pointed out that 
the issue of Zelensky's legitimacy, requires serious 
study, while it is known for sure that if elections in 
Ukraine are not held during martial law, this does
 not extend the presidential term.
He stressed that the supreme power in Ukraine after the 
expiration of presidential powers, should be transferred 
to the Speaker of Parliament.

The GDP growth rate... of the EAEU 
countries exceeded the global one
May 29th, 10:19pm 
The GDP growth rate of all the countries of the Eurasian 
Economic Union (EAEU) in 2023, exceeded the global 
one. This was announced by Russian Deputy Foreign 
Minister Alexander Pankin in an interview with TASS.
The diplomat clarified that participation in the 
association has its advantages for absolutely 
all member states.
It is noted, that the growth rate in each of the five 
economies exceeded the global one (3.2 percent, 
according to the International Monetary Fund) 
and amounted to 8.7 percent in Armenia, 6.2 
percent in Kyrgyzstan, 5.1 percent in 
Kazakhstan and 3.9 percent 
in Belarus.
Earlier, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart 
Tokayev --- said that the EAEU countries should 
modernize and expand the Eurasian Corridor, 
as well as make logistics, seamless.
Russian Foreign Ministry: EAEU 
receives requests ---- from new 
countries for preferential trade
May 29th, 9:54pm
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Pankin 
said that the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)
 constantly receives requests from new 
states to establish preferential trade.
He said this in an interview with TASS.
"We regularly receive signals from external partners 
with a request to start negotiations on establishing
 a preferential trade regime," Pankin said.
According to him, the relevant appeals are being 
studied in detail for the presence of economic 
prospects and risks.
Earlier, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart 
Tokayev proposed creating a single barrier-free 
domestic market at the EAEU summit.


Syrians make pilgrimage to Mecca 
for the first time in twelve years
May 29th, 11:12am
 (Prensa Latina) 
A first group of 270 Syrians traveled today on a 
direct flight from Damascus to Saudi Arabia 
to make the annual Islamic pilgrimage to 
Mecca ----- the Haj, in Arabic.
According to the Ministry of Transport of Saudi Arabia, 
the National Aviation Company will operate at least 
five daily flights to transport the faithful to the 
holy Mecca.
It was explained that of the 17,500 Muslims, more than 
10,000 will depart from Damascus International Airport. 
The rest of the passengers will use other airports 
from neighboring countries, especially, the
 Beirut Air Terminal.
The initiative is part of the normalization of relations 
between Damascus and Riyadh, the latter having 
appointed its first ambassador to Syria, a few 
days ago, after a break in ties since 2012.
Syria was readmitted to the Arab League in 2023
 after being separated...... for over a decade.
Last year, 1.8 million Muslim pilgrims worldwide 
participated in the pilgrimage to the holy city 
of Mecca.
The pilgrimage is one of the five pillars of Islam and 
Muslims should perform it at least once in a lifetime
 if they are physically and financially able to do so.
This year, this ritual is scheduled to begin
 on June 14th.
Cuba ratifies willingness to
 deepen cooperation with 
the EEU
May 29th, 10:06am
(Prensa Latina) 
Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero ratified his 
country's willingness to continue expanding 
cooperation with the Eurasian Economic 
Union (EEU)... in sectors of common
interest. Through his X account... 
the head of government greeted
the Eurasian Economic Union
member states... on the
anniversary of
Earlier this month, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel 
participated in the Supreme Council, for the 10th 
anniversary of this bloc, where he ratified the 
will of the Caribbean nation to increase its 
participation in developing the
 EEU mechanisms.
Díaz-Canel stressed the importance his country attaches 
to economic, trade, financial, and cooperation relations 
with the EEU and its member states, regarding the 
historical relations that unite them.
The EEU is an international economic integration 
association operating since January 1, 2015.
members are Russia, Armenia, Belarus, 
Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Cuba has 
held the status of Observer State of 
the Eurasian Economic Union since 
2020 & from thence has deployed 
an intense work agenda.
Forum between China and Arab
countries --- to begin in Beijing
May 29th, 9:52am 
(Prensa Latina)
 Leaders and diplomats from Arab countries are meeting 
in Beijing from Thursday, to take part in a forum 
to strengthen ties between China and
 the Middle East.
Among the main leaders attending the event are the 
president of Egypt, Abdel Fatah al Sisi, and that of
 the United Arab Emirates, Mohamed bin Zayed 
al Nahyan.
China’s President Xi Jinping will address the opening 
ceremony to build a “common consensus” with Arab 
countries; at the top of the agenda is the massacre 
in the Gaza Strip, for whose resolution ------ Xi has 
called for an international peace conference.
Following a meeting the day before with his counterparts
 from Yemen and Sudan, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang
 Yi said he hopes - during the forum - to strengthen 
solidarity and coordination with the Arab world.

Venezuela Cancels the Invitation
 to EU Observation Mission
May 29th
On Tuesday, the National Electoral Council (CNE) 
canceled the invitation to the EU to send an 
observation mission for the Venezuelan
 presidential elections that will be 
held on July 28.
"The Electoral authority revokes and annuls the 
invitation it extended to the EU to participate
 through an oversight mission," CNE 
President Elvis Amoroso said 
shortly after the Parliament 
President Jorge Rodriguez 
requested the annulment.
The CNE made this decision "based on the exercise 
of its sovereignty", and taking into account the 
"incalculable property damage that has been
 caused to the people by the sanctions, 
affecting the health of children and 
the elderly," said Amoroso.
Besides preventing Venezuelans' access to medicines,
 food, and education, EU sanctions make it impossible 
to acquire raw materials and inputs that are 
necessary for national production, he 
added, noting that EU sanctions 
------ limit the principle of 
economic freedom.
"From the CNE we demand that the EU proceed with the 
total lifting of the unilateral coercive and genocidal 
sanctions imposed on our people --- and cease its
 hostile position against Venezuela" --- Amoroso
 said .. recalling that the sanctions generated
 a loss of US$125 billion that the Bolivarian 
nation could have used ------ for 
social investment.
The CNE president said that it would be "immoral" 
to allow the participation of the EU "knowing its 
neocolonialist and interventionist practices 
against Venezuela."
European election observers will be persona non grata
 as long as the EU maintains its genocidal sanctions 
against the Venezuelan people, Amoroso stressed.


Georgian Parliament Annuls Veto
 on Foreign Agents Law
May 28th, 9:10pm 
The Parliament of Georgia annulled on Tuesday the 
presidential veto on the law on foreign agents, 
rejected by the opposition and amid threats 
of reprisals by the EU and US.
A total of 84 deputies of the 104 present voted in favour 
of the regulation and against the veto imposed on May 
18th by the Georgian president, Salomé Zurabishvili.
The Georgian Parliament passed the law on 14 May, 
but President Salomé Zurabishvili vetoed the rule
 four days later.
However, it was taken for granted that the Georgian 
Parliament would reject the presidential veto, as 
76 of the 150 deputies in the chamber were 
needed and the ruling Georgian Dream 
party had 84 seats.
If, after the vote, the president refuses to sign the law 
within five days, the head of Parliament may do so, 
in accordance with current regulations.
When the regulation comes into force, non-governmental 
organisations and media with more than 20% of foreign 
funding will have to submit public financial statements 
once a year.
According to the authorities, 80 percent of the money 
that funds media and NGOs in Georgia is not very 
transparent and can be used for destabilization 
actions in view of the parliamentary elections
 of 26 October.
The president of the Georgian parliament pointed out 
that "for Georgian non-profit organizations (NPOs) to 
participate in decision-making at all levels and have 
influence over public life, they must provide a basic 
standard of transparency".
"People need to know who supports each actor. This 
is true for state institutions, this is true for political 
parties, this is true for public officials and this 
must also be true for non-profit organizations. 
Financial transparency for all these key 
players in the decision-making circle
 is a basic principle," he said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called 
Thailand's desire to join BRICS
 a far-sighted step
May 28th, 8:47pm
Thailand's aspiration to join BRICS is the right choice 
and a far-sighted step, Russian Foreign Ministry's 
Ambassador-at-large, Marat Berdyev, said.
"During my regular contacts with my Thai colleagues at 
the APEC platform, I will definitely congratulate them 
on this far-sighted step and the right choice,"
wrote in Telegram.
The diplomat noted that these trends follow in line 
with the historical process of creating a 
multipolar, just, world order.
On May 28, the Thai Government approved a draft letter 
of intent for the kingdom to become a BRICS member.

Gaza Strip: Egypt Warns About
''Safety Risks'' on Border
May 28th
On Tuesday, Egypt warned against the safety risks 
facing its army personnel deployed on the border 
with the Gaza Strip.
Egypt's Al-Qahera News TV channel, citing a high-ranking
 security source, reported on the killing of an Egyptian 
soldier near the Rafah crossing earlier in the day, the 
source said... investigation committees have been 
formed to find out the details of the incident to 
determine responsibilities and prevent its
 future recurrence.
The Egyptian army announced on Monday the killing 
of an Egyptian border guard in the Rafah border 
area with Gaza in a shooting incident.
The Israel Defense Forces also confirmed that a
 "shooting incident" occurred "on the Egyptian 
border," after Israeli media reported an 
exchange of fire between Israeli and 
Egyptian soldiers near the Rafah 
crossing on Monday.
Meanwhile, the Egyptian security source said initial 
investigations into the incident indicated that a 
shooting incident --- erupted between Israeli 
forces and Palestinian militants, leading 
to gunfire from several directions and 
prompting the Egyptian soldiers to 
take "protective measures."
The source affirmed that the international community 
must bear its responsibilities regarding the 
seriousness of the situation on the 
Egyptian border with Gaza - not 
only for security purposes but 
also - for the entry of 
humanitarian aid 
...into the war-
torn enclave.
Colombia: Vice-President for 
Legal Proceedings against 
May 28th
On Tuesday, the Vice-President of Colombia, Francia 
Márquez, branded as slanderous the information
 spread today... with the aim of linking her to 
alleged acts of corruption - and assured 
that a legal team will act immediately
 in the face of the fallacies.
''I have nothing to hide and if there is one thing I have 
been known for in my life, it is for being transparent 
and firm in the fight against corruption," she wrote 
on her social networking site X.
She also said that she rejects the accusations made 
by Senator Jonathan Pulido of the Green Party, and
demanded immediate retraction of his malicious 
insinuations that seek to involve the official with 
the acts of embezzlement that occurred in the 
National Unit for Disaster Risk Management.
“The strategy of trying to undermine the credibility of our 
government is evident, but they will not undermine our 
efforts to continue working for a better country, with 
equality and peace for all,” said Márquez.
The ''controversy'' surrounding corruption in the 
aforementioned entity was uncovered several 
weeks ago.... when former deputy director 
Sneyder Pinilla -- accused his superior of 
giving money as bribes to the president 
of the Senate, Iván Name, and leader 
of the House of Representatives, 
Andrés Calle.
The scandal led to the resignation of Sandra Ortiz, 
former presidential advisor for the regions, who 
was also implicated in the allegations.
Following the allegations of the mismanagement of 
public resources, the Presidency announced the 
formation of a technical committee made up of
 various control bodies to investigate the 
alleged fraudulent acts.
Although those implicated in the embezzlement events
 deny the participation of the country's top leaders, 
this event is used by opposition sectors --- as a 
pretext to attack members of the Executive.
Bolivia: Minister Rules 
Out Economic Crisis
May 28th, 6:36pm 
On Thursday, the Minister of Economy and Public Finance
Marcelo Montenegro, denied that Bolivia is currently 
suffering an economic crisis, despite the adverse
international context --- thanks to the policies
 implemented by the national government.
He indicated that this situation contrasts with the
 escalation of prices in neighboring countries and 
the world in general, which have an impact on
 imported goods, but the phenomenon is 
restrained thanks to the protective 
measures implemented by the
 executive branch.
"In Bolivia, despite this complicated external scenario, 
we are resilient, we adapt, we are not in crisis, as are 
economic and political analysts who try to create an 
atmosphere of anxiety or chaos", said the authority 
at a press conference.
He highlighted the policy of food and fuel subsidies, 
which allows us to mitigate and minimize the 
unusual price increases of some products 
on the international market.
''A whole scheme to protect Bolivians' pockets," 
Montenegro described, "there are subsidies 
on hydrocarbons and foodstuffs. The policy 
of protection for Bolivian families, through 
the actions of the government, is there to 
avoid hard blows from external sectors.''
Furthermore, he also recalled that on a global scale, 
interest rates are continuing to rise, and in Latin 
America they are high, in addition to which 
global inflation remains high, at a level 
of 5.3 percentage points.
"There are influences... on prices that come from abroad, 
there are incidences of what is happening in the world 
economy that affect the national economy, that is to 
say, that there are prices in the economy that are 
being affected by the dynamics of price 
increases at a global level,"
 he remarked.
He commented that petrol prices are rising in South 
American countries, such as Uruguay, where they
 remain at two dollars per litre, while in Bolivia 
they are still at 0.54 (3.74 bolivianos).
He also reported that due to geopolitical and other 
international problems, the Container Rate Index 
continues to rise.
He mentioned that, in December 2023, the approximate 
value of a 40-foot container was 1,500 dollars, while 
on 25 January 2024 this indicator rose to 3,964 
dollars; on 2 May this year it fell to 2,725 
dollars, and on 23 May last year it
to 4,72 dollars.
Referring to other products, Montenegro detailed that 
rice increased in price in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay 
and Chile, which was also observed in the Andean 
Amazonian country, although to a lesser extent.
"Bolivia has 10.6 bolivianos (1.51 dollars) 
per kilogram --- when in Argentina it is 
16.8 (2.40 dollars)", he indicated.
Peru: Prosecutor's Office Accuses
President Boluarte ---- of Bribery
May 28th, 5:14pm  
On Monday, the Prosecutor's Office filed a constitutional 
complaint against Peruvian President Dina Boluarte --- 
"as the alleged perpetrator of the crime of improper 
passive bribery."
This action occurs as part of the case known as 
"RolexGate", in which the Prosecutor's Office 
detected that the far-right politician is the 
owner of several luxury watches worth 
thousands of dollars that were not 
declared to the tax authorities.
The constitutional complaint is a special procedure
 that prosecutors can apply to senior State officials. 
Among them is the Peruvian president, who 
nevertheless enjoys immunity.
The relevance of the Prosecutor's request 
must be evaluated by the Peruvian 
Congress' Subcommittee on 
Constitutional Accusations.
If this subcommittee considers that the petition is 
pertinent, a political process would be activated 
and it could end in the plenary session of 
parliament, where legislators must 
decide whether to recommend
 charging Boluarte for the 
RolexGate case.
On Tuesday, Boluarte went to testify in the office of 
prosecutor, Juan Carlos Villena, about the 
deactivation of an anti-corruption police 
team hours before authorities arrested 
her brother, Nicanor Boluarte, in a 
case of obstruction of justice.
Previously, Juan Carlos Portugal, the Peruvian 
president's lawyer, indicated that his client 
will remain silent before Villena, although 
he said that he hopes --- that the Public 
Ministry maintains the confidentiality 
of the case.
Similar to previous summonses, Boluarte arrived at the 
Prosecutor's Office building heavily guarded by a 
police caravan. She did not make any 
statements to the reporters who 
were waiting for her outside.
teleSUR English
#FromTheSouth News Bits | The Peruvian Prosecutor's
 Office has extended the investigation against 
President-designate Dina Boluarte for bribery 
in the case of Rolex luxury watches, illicit 
enrichment, and failure to record 
statements in documents.

The first ladies of France and Germany 
laughed ...as they walked to the 
Holocaust memorial
May 27th, 8:57pm

The wives of French and German presidents Brigitte 
Macron and Elke Buedenbender laughed as they 
walked to a ceremony at the Holocaust 
Memorial in Berlin.
This is reported by the Daily Mail.
It is noted that they held hands and joked. Macron and 
Steinmeier then laid wreaths in memory of the 
6 million Jews killed by Nazi Germany 
during World War II.
Macron and his wife are in Germany as part of the first 
visit of the French president to the country in 24 years.
Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria
 Zakharova said that Berlin has no right to treat
 victims of the Nazis differently.
She also noted that Germany's defense of Israel against 
genocide charges - was not surprising in Russia, given
 Berlin's refusal to admit guilt for the crimes of the 
Third Reich in the USSR.


Peace to Prevail in Venezuela 
After Elections: President
May 27th, 3:22pm
On Sunday, President Nicolas Maduro stated that peace 
will prevail in Venezuela after the presidential
 scheduled for July 28. 
"After July 28th, this world champion of dialogue standing 
before you will call for the largest dialogue ever held in 
Venezuela; a dialogue with all economic, cultural, 
social, and political sectors; a dialogue ----- to 
consolidate the path towards Venezuela's 
development," he said.
"The people's dream of having a prosperous nation, with
 justice, equality, and peace will become a reality with
 the Plan of the Seven Transformations, which was 
conceived to turn Venezuela into an economic 
powerhouse and drive the major changes
 required between 2025 and 2030," 
Maduro pointed out
During a TikTok Live session with Spanish political 
scientist Juan Carlos Monedero, the Bolivarian 
leader questioned Europe’s subordination to 
the United States and highlighted that 
Venezuela --- is overcoming the 
communication blockade - to 
show its truth to the world.
"The elites are afraid. That explains why they behave 
this way and cling to the U.S., when they should 
understand that Europe is a natural extension 
of Russia," Maduro pointed out ----- referring
the development potential that peace
that region could bring.
"Using their power, empires spread the idea that they are 
above everyone. To do this, they are capable of waging 
war with satellites and artificial intelligence. They 
define their objectives --- and launch missiles 
against the people --- trying to affect the 
new world that is emerging..... and 
seeking peace and sovereignty," 
he explained.
The Bolivarian leader also highlighted that one million 
Venezuelan children and youths have participated in 
the National System of Youth and Children's 
Orchestras and Choirs.
President Maduro's text reads, "The community unites 
with desire, hope, resilience, and the effort to defend
Venezuela from the core. How nice it is to see good
people filling the streets --- with colours and
 conviction. These are the people 
we fight for!"
"Venezuela has extremely high levels of musical talent. 
Even in the most remote towns or neighbourhoods, 
there is top-notch musical talent," he said, 
emphasizing the work done by the Simon 
Bolivar Orchestra System, which 
promotes arts, social values, 
and work discipline.
"The children have a lot of discipline - for rehearsing 
and playing. The orchestra is all of us and belongs
 to the country," he said with pride.
"With you young people, we have learned to do a lot 
with little," the Bolivarian leader said, noting that 
the Venezuelan state has provided 40,000 
credits for young people and 
their ventures.
These achievements have been made - despite the fact 
that the United States and its allies maintain over 930 
arbitrary sanctions against the Venezuelan people.
teleSUR English
#FromTheSouth News Bits | Venezuela: Dataviva 
surveyed the upcoming July 28th elections. 

President Nicolas Maduro leads with a 
percentage that almost triples that of 
the main opposition candidate.


 Speaker: Georgian Parliament will 
override veto on law on foreign 
agents on May 28
May 27th, 3:08pm
The Georgian Parliament will override President Salome 
Zurabishvili's veto of the law on foreign agents - at a 
plenary session on May 28. This was stated by the 
Chairman of the Parliament, Shalva Papuashvili.
"I think that the process will end tomorrow and, of 
course, the parliament will definitely overcome
 this veto," TASS quoted him as saying.
Georgia voted in favour of the draft law on foreign agents 
in the third reading on May 14. Later, President Salome 
Zurabishvili ''vetoed'' it.

China slams UK - for 'wanton 
stigmatization' of its citizens
Saturday, 25 May 2024 11:13am
Former Royal Marine, Matthew Trickett, 37, was found 
dead in Grenfell Park in Maidenhead, England.
China says the United Kingdom is making false charges 
against Chinese citizens after the death of an alleged 
British “spy” working for Beijing.
Former Royal Marine, Matthew Trickett, 37, who was
 charged by a uk court with illegally collaborating 
with the Hong Kong government’s foreign 
intelligence service, was found dead in 
Grenfell Park in Maidenhead, England, 
last Sunday.
Trickett, who was out on bail, was due
 to appear at the Old Bailey on Friday.
Earlier this month, the UK police announced charges 
against three men holding British nationality —
namely Trickett, Chung Biu Yuen, and Chi 
Leung Wai (aka Peter Wai).
Trickett appeared at a hearing along with the other two 
men, who were accused of monitoring, surveillance, 
and harassment of pro-democracy activists in 
the UK.
The Chinese Embassy in the UK condemned the move, 
describing the charges against Chinese citizens as 
“groundless and slanderous.”
On Saturday, China slammed the UK for “wanton 
stigmatization and arbitrary arrests” following
 the unexplained death on May 19 of the 
former Royal Marine commando.
China’s foreign ministry office in Hong Kong strongly 
condemned Britain for what it described as false 
accusations against Chinese citizens and
 infringing on their legal rights.
Hong Kong’s Secretary for Commerce and Economic 
Development Algernon Yau urged Britain to let the
 public “know the truth” about Trickett’s death.
The UK says its police detectives are still investigating 
the “unexplained” death of Trickett in the park near
 where he lived.
Yuen and Wai, who are also on bail, are now scheduled to 
face court in February. Until then, they are banned from
 traveling abroad and required to sleep at their 
designated home addresses and report to 
local police, every week.


West leaving Dodik no other option
 but to secede from BiH — expert
May 24th, 4:52pm (TASS) 
The EU and US’ aggressive approach to the Republic 
of Srpska - leaves it no other choice but to secede
 from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), a Russian 
expert told TASS.
Commenting on President Milorad Dodik’s statement that 
the government of the Republic of Srpska plans to draft 
a document.... on peacefully separating from Bosnia-
Herzegovina within 30 days, Elena Guskova of the
 Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian 
Academy of Sciences noted that this 
was a "quite concrete" statement.
"All this negativity poured out onto the Republic of Srpska 
literally in the past six months. The High Representative
 [for Bosnia and Herzegovina Christian Schmidt] was
 appointed but not approved by the UN Security 
Council, which means that he is illegitimate.
This led to a feud ---- between the high 
representative from Germany and 
Dodik," she said. 
"As a result, the high representative continues his activity, 
despite his not being approved by the Security Council. 
Moreover, they have begun to threaten Dodik with 
arrest and even murder. The United States has 
imposed sanctions on Dodik. Naturally, the 
republic has little chance to reverse 
the situation."
"However, announcing the path to independence is a 
proclamation that requires lengthy deliberation.
will take a long time," she noted, adding
amid sanctions against Dodik, several 
assassination attempts ------ and an 
attempted colour revolution in the 
republic ---- the West will not be 
''happy'' about the Republic of 
Srpska’s potential separation.
According to Dodik, the draft document on the peaceful
 secession from Bosnia and Herzegovina will envisage
 that the current economic model stay in place, being
 adjusted as needed over the next several years. He 
linked this initiative with the Sarajevo-initiated UN 
General Assembly resolution on the 1995 
genocide in Srebrenica, which he 
slammed as illegal. 
He also said that the world community is turning a blind 
eye to the massacre of around 3,500 ethnic Serbs near 
Srebrenica ----- during the armed conflict in the 
early 1990s.
Trade turnover in CIS up 
two thirds in four years 
— Russian PM
May 24th, 1:26pm 
Trade turnover in the Common of Independent States (CIS)
 is rising fast as it gained two thirds over the past four 
years, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin 
aid at a meeting with CIS colleagues.
This year.... Russia chairs the CIS, he noted, adding that 
Moscow considers completion of the plan of action to 
implement the first stage of the Commonwealth’s 
economic development strategy through to the 
end of the decade as one priority task.
"Trade turnover in the CIS gained over two thirds over 
the past four years, with 6% due to implementation 
of decisions suggested by the plan of action, 
which added 7% to the growth of mutual 
trade in services," Mishustin said.
Moreover, the implementation of the plan ensured an 
increase in accumulated direct foreign investment 
by 2%, he added. "We will continue deepening 
cooperation in various sectors in the long 
term," the prime minister stressed.

FSB chief says - ever more countries 
refuse to bow to orders from outside
May 24th, 10:16am (TASS) 
The number of countries reluctant to bow to "commands 
from outside" is growing..... and Russia is closely 
cooperating with them, including in the sphere 
of counter-terrorism, the director of the 
Federal Security Service (FSB), 
Alexander Bortnikov has said.
He explained his vision of the existing threats and trends 
at a meeting of the heads of security bodies and special 
services of the CIS countries, which has opened in 
Bishkek under his chairmanship.
"Our special services have to work in a volatile
 international situation. The list of states that 
are reluctant to harm the interests of their 
own people on commands from outside is 
growing. Russia closely cooperates with 
these countries," he noted.
"We use the long-established - and new - contacts in the
 Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America, primarily
 in the field of countering international terrorism," 
the FSB chief said.
"We consider it as a positive trend that we have found 
common grounds in this matter with the new 
authorities of Afghanistan," he added.
Bortnikov urged the CIS partners to be more actively
 involved in the joint work to protect the southern 
borders of the Commonwealth, especially in the
 current conditions.
"I believe that such an approach will be a common 
priority of the security and special services of
 CIS countries," he said.


Venezuelan President Finances
 210 Scientific Research Projects
May 24th (teleSUR)
On Thursday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
 announced the granting of financing for 210 
scientific research projects, that will have
direct impact on increasing production
the South American nation.
“These projects are relevant and useful ------ to meet 
Venezuela's needs for transformation and change,” 
he said, adding that over US$7 million will be 
allocated to finance them.
The research projects are distributed ---- as follows: 70 in 
agro-food, 41 in pharmaceuticals, 29 in social sciences, 
15 in the dissemination of scientific and technological 
knowledge, 14 in the environment, 14 in hydrocarbons,
 10 in scientific seedbeds, 7 in telecommunications 
and informatics, 6 in industry, and one
in education.
"Today we are financing projects practically in all fields 
required for the country's development,” Maduro said, 
assuring that there are better conditions to set
ambitious goals for the future.
"With science, innovation, and technology, we will respond
 to the great questions and needs of the present," he said.
"The rapid and impressive scientific advances achieve
 great things for humanity. Only through knowledge
 can we transform the realities we face --- as a 
society and as humanity," the Venezuelan 
president emphasized.
During a women's science meeting, Maduro also indicated
 that the Great Mission Science, Technology and 
Innovation Dr. Humberto Fernandez Moran 
conducted a national registry of 
researchers, which includes 
12,949 men ------ and 
12,928 women.

Saldo spoke about... the decline in 
interest in learning the Ukrainian 
language in schools
May 24th, 2:54am
In schools of the Kherson region, a gradual decline 
in interest in learning the Ukrainian language, is 
recorded. This was stated by the Governor of 
the region, Vladimir Saldo, RIA
 Novosti writes.
"There is a gradual decline in interest in learning 
the Ukrainian language among students and 
their parents. Ukrainian as a subject is 
studied by students of grades 1-4 of 
44 schools in the region from more 
than a hundred schools," he said.
According to Saldo, at the same time, the Ukrainian 
language is not studied in middle and high schools.
Earlier, Volodymyr Saldo said that the residents of Ukraine 
responded to the law on mobilization that came into force 
- with a total boycott. According to him, neither President 
Volodymyr Zelensky, nor US Secretary of State Anthony 
Blinken, nor "plush Ukrainian generals" expected such 
a reaction.
In turn, Kiev political analyst Andrey Ermolaev spoke 
about the appearance of spontaneous rebel groups
 in Ukraine due to the mobilization. According to 
him --- citizens are dissatisfied with the 
inappropriate attitude of the state 
towards the military.

Tariff War Against China May 
Backfire for the US: Rattner
May 24th, 12:35am 
On Thursday, The New York Times published an opinion 
piece stating that the United States' new protectionist
stance in international trade will only raise prices, 
limit consumer choices and risk growth.
The U.S. tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles and other
products -- are mainly aimed at pleasing voters rather 
than economic considerations, wrote Steven Rattner, 
who served as counselor to the U.S. treasury 
secretary in the Obama administration.
With Americans unsatisfied with the state of the economy, 
Rattner said, "eyes often turn to the growing number of
 inexpensive imports, particularly from China," in a 
search for scapegoats. Tariffs raise prices and 
lead to more unemployment rather than less, 
he said.
From the start of 2018 to the start of 2020, prices of tariff-
targeted goods rose by about 4 percent and the prices of 
non-targeted goods fell one percent, wrote Rattner, 
citing a Goldman Sachs analysis.
"Numerous studies have found that those higher prices 
were borne almost entirely by American companies 
and consumers -- not by Chinese exporters," he 
said, adding that a Tax Foundation analysis 
showed the Trump tariffs cost 166,000
 jobs in the United States.
Reviewing the history of trade protectionism in the U.S., 
Rattner found that the tariffs --- pitched as a means of
protecting workers and farmers during a downturn, 
often triggered a global wave of protectionism 
that exacerbated depressions and crippled 
global trade.
On the contrary, trade liberalization which sharply reduced 
tariffs, Rattner wrote, has "brought consumers in the
 United States and elsewhere less expensive and
 often superior goods ----- helping fuel strong 
economic growth and moderate inflation."
"Every student in an introductory economics course learns
 about David Ricardo's 200-year-old theory of comparative 
advantage: the idea that by specializing in the products
 that they can produce most efficiently and then trading
 with others, nations can be better off," Rattner said, 
adding that history shows that the U. government 
should be reducing trade barriers, not increasing
 them, and making the World Trade Organization
 work, not impeding it.

This gentleman picks holes in the intellectual
''mistakes'' of the West and points to the
best solution for the world's people.

Britain's enemy is not Russia
but its own ruling class,
UN report confirms
by John Wight
November 19th, at 2:48pm

John Wight has written for a variety of newspapers
and websites, including the Independent,
Morning Star, Huffington Post, Counter-
punch, London Progressive Journal,
 and Foreign Policy Journal.

As the UK political establishment rips itself to pieces
over Brexit, a far greater crisis continues to afflict
millions of victims of Tory austerity.

A devastating UN report into poverty in the UK provides
incontrovertible evidence, that the enemy of the British
 people, is the very ruling class that has gone out of its
way these past few years to convince them it is Russia.

Professor Philip Alston, in his capacity as the United
 Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and
human rights, spent two weeks touring the United
Kingdom. He did so, investigating the impact of
8 years of one of the most extreme austerity
programs among advanced G20 economies
in response to the 2008 financial crash
and subsequent global recession.

What he found was evidence of a systematic, wilful,
concerted and brutal economic war, unleashed by
the country's right-wing Tory establishment, 
against the poorest and most vulnerable
section of British society – upending the
 lives of millions of people who were not
responsible for the aforementioned
financial crash and recession, but
who have been forced to pay
the price.

From the report's introduction:

"It…seems patently unjust and contrary to British values
 that so many people are living in poverty. This is
obvious to anyone who opens their eyes: to see
the immense growth in foodbanks, and the
queues waiting outside them, the people
sleeping rough in the streets, the
growth of homelessness, the
sense of deep despair - that
leads even the Government
to appoint a Minister for
Suicide Prevention - and
civil society to report in
depth, on unheard of

levels of loneliness
and isolation."

Though as a citizen of the UK, I respectfully beg to differ
 with the professor's claim, that such social & economic
carnage, seems "contrary to British values,"(on the
contrary - it is entirely in keeping with the values of
the country's Tory establishment, an establishment
for whom, the dehumanization of the poor and
working class, is central to its ideology), the
point he makes about it being "obvious
anyone who opens their eyes,"
well made.

For it is now the case that in every town and city centre in
 Britain, it is impossible to walk in any direction for more
 than a minute, before coming across homeless people
begging in the street. And the fact that some 13,000
of them, are former soldiers, casualties of the
country's various military adventures in
recent years, undertaken in service
to Washington, exposes the pious
platitudes peddled by politicians
& the government as reverence
for the troops & their 'sacrifice,'
 as insincere garbage.

As inequality increases, the wealthy and powerful
become more desperate to cling onto their gains
and distract us - with imagined threats and
political sideshows - such as Jingoism,
Russophobia and red-baiting...

Overall, 14 million people in the UK are now living in
poverty, a figure which translates into an entire fifth
 of the population. Four million of them are children,
while, according to Professor Alston, 1.5 million
 people are destitute – that is, unable to afford
the basic necessities of life.

And this is what the ruling class of the fifth largest
economy in the world, a country that parades itself
on the world stage, as a pillar of democracy and
 human rights, considers progress.

The values responsible for creating such a grim social
landscape, are compatible with the 18th, not the 21st
century. They are proof positive, that the network of
elite private schools – Eton, Harrow, Fettes College
 et al. – where those responsible for this human
carnage are inculcated with the sense of
entitlement and born to rule ethos that
defines them, are Britain's hotbeds
of extremism.

Professor Alston: "British compassion for those who are
 suffering, has been replaced by a punitive, mean-spirited,
 and often callous approach, apparently designed to
discipline where it is least useful, to impose
a rigid order
on the lives of those least capable
of coping with today's
world, and elevating the
goal of enforcing blind
compliance, over a
genuine concern to
improve the well-
being of those at the
lowest levels
of British

Here, set out above in bold relief, is the barbarism that walks
- hand in hand - with free market capitalism. It is the same
 barbarism that was responsible for pushing post-Soviet
Russia into a decade-long economic and social abyss, 
in the 1990s, and the values that have pushed 14
million people in the UK into the same economic
 and social abyss, in our time.

Austerity, it bears emphasizing, is not and never
has been,
a viable economic response to
recession, in a given

Instead, it is an ideological club, wielded on behalf of the rich
and big business, to ensure that the price paid for the said
economic recession, is borne exclusively by those least
 able to bear it - namely the poor and working people.
is class war by any other name, packaged and

presented, as legitimate government policy.

However in Britain's case in 2018, this is a war like no other, 
because, as Professor Philip Alston's report lays bare, one
 side in this war has been throwing all the punches
one side has been taking them.

As the saying goes, wars take place when the government
 tells you who the enemy is; revolutions take place when
 you work it out for yourself.

(Source - RT)


Keiser Report: Reality
of Creditor Jubilees

- fantastic - asks ''why don't we act like
Jesus preached - and forgive debt?''

When what we do now,  is what led to the slavery
of feudalism: by refunding the creditors, instead!

free or slaves? uk workers could choose better

watching bbc news go through the motions

Neocons have taken over Committee:
UK's FCO Committee Report
'Through the
Looking Glass'

by Neil Clark

''The decision not to intervene in Syria
has had very real consequences for
Syrians, their neighbours, the UK
and our allies. We believe the
Government needs to under-
stand the role the UK's
inaction has had, and
learn the lessons
from it,
the future.''

Between December 2015 and June 2016 there were a total of
 51 British air strikes in Syria. This year, there has been
 further bombing, including the targeting of military
bases near Damascus and Homs in April.

"We believe that the consequences of inaction can be every bit
as serious as intervening," the Foreign Affairs committee
report states.

How can we explain this extraordinary attempt to portray Britain's
 extensive and well-documented operations in Syria as 'not
intervening'? After all so much is on the public record,
 including, on the Ministry of Defence website,
details of RAF air strikes.

A look at the membership of the Foreign Affairs Committee is illuminating.
 Its chair, Tom Tugendhat, Tory MP for Tonbridge and Malling, is a hard-
core neocon and a former member of the Intelligence Corps. Peter
Oborne, the highly respected political commentator, wrote about
the 'neocon coup' that took place on the committee last year
and warned us of its consequences. But how many were
paying attention?

Other members of Tugendhat's committee include Ian Austin, the
Labour MP who likened Russia's holding of the World Cup to Nazi
Germany's hosting of the 1936 Olympic Games, and who told
Jeremy Corbyn to "sit down and shut up" when he was
criticizing the Iraq war.

Then we've Chris Bryant, a signatory to the statement of principles
of the uber neocon, Henry Jackson Society, and Priti Patel, who
stepped down from the Cabinet, in 2017, when it was revealed
she had undisclosed, unofficial meetings with Israeli ministers.

In fact, if we look at the composition of the committee and compare it
to the far more balanced one under the chairmanship of Crispin Blunt,
(which produced a critical report on the UK government's intervention
 in Libya in 2016) it's no surprise we've got the document we have.

Neocons know that after the disasters of Iraq and Libya, 'interventionist'
foreign policies have been utterly discredited. So, the only way out is to
portray Syria, however ludicrously, as an example of UK 'non-intervention',
in the hope that some people might fall for it and support 'rectifying' the
'inaction' at some point in the near future. Perhaps in response to a non-
independently verified chemical weapons attack in Idlib, later this month?

The Foreign Affairs Committee report, which makes George Orwell's 1984
 look quite understated, is perfectly timed for that.

(Source - taken from longer article
on RT, Beyond Orwellianism') :


Union Boss Says UK Labour 
Under Starmer... Suffering 
from ‘Lack of Authenticity’
March 29th   (FNA)

Labour under Keir Starmer is suffering from 
a “lack of authenticity” and direction, Len 
McCluskey claimed as he challenged the 
leader to “honor” the left-wing pledges 
he committed to, 12 months ago:
offer a ''credible alternative''
 the Tories.
In a scathing assessment of the Labour leader’s