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All-Russia is moving to liberation

 (only on youtube)
'come and see'
- a partisan film
Watch this film --- and you
will - finally - understand.
Some in the West are fond
of a loose use of words...
''stunning'', for example, to describe
a work of art... but believe me
when I say - this film about a
lad of 14 - made me laugh
and cry and - by the end 
- I was left stunned.

A recent attempt on youtube by an obvious
anti-Russian, to pour scorn on this film's
historical accuracy, tries to point out
that the nazi troops state they are
members of a unit that was not
there.. but can't bring himself
to see that they might have
been lying!




St. John of Kronstadt Orthodox 
Spiritual Care Centre
"Veterans and children of the Great Patriotic War:
to the Government 
and people of Germany".
By events in Ukraine
Today, when the German government decided
to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons, the
world has changed — the silhouettes of a 
new world war are more than clearly 
outlined! And again - Germany! 
But there are honest people in Germany, anti-
fascists, and we hope that this Message will 
fall into their hands. People born between 
1927 and 1945 have the status of "war 
children" in Russia.
All those who survived that war can subscribe to this letter.
We think that actual signatures are not necessary, we
suggest that veterans
(or "war children") read them
this letter, 
independently or with someone's help, 
and send us (at the coordinates indicated
below) something like 
the following: 
Moscow, Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, 90 years old, disabled
war veteran (or otherwise), Hero of 
the Soviet Union
(or Holder of the Order of 
Glory... or otherwise),
was repatriated to
 Germany during the war
(or otherwise). 

Or just the city, full name, and age. The 
main thing, is that they should be real 
people who are familiar with the text.
We, the last veterans and all the peoples of 
Russia who survived that great and terrible
war, are now on the verge of death! Our 
time is already running out. For a huge 
part of our lives, we hoped we would 
come to the end of it, in peace - 
without all-destroying hatred! 
For the painfully long decades after the Second World War,
we overcame our righteous anger! I 
long for retribution for
the innumerable wounds, spiritual and physical, that we
still carry in our bodies and our hearts! And most of us
have forgiven! And not in a small way due to the fact
that Germany for many years has demonstrated its
repentance its understanding of what it has done!
And we have overcome, not only ourselves, but
also the voice of the blood of 
our barbarically
exterminated relatives! 
By whom?
Germans ...fascists! 
We have forgiven... following the laws of human
coexistence! So it was... until 2014. And then,
in 2014, when everything began in Ukraine... 
we looked with hope at Germany and at the
then Chancellor Angela Merkel. We couldn't
imagine that after all that the Germans did 
in Ukraine, after Babi Yar, after mountains 
of mutilated corpses, they would still look 
with lust at the Ukrainian fields that can 
feed Europe today! Or they, the Germans, 
who have covered the Crimea they once 
promised with blood, will still somehow
be interested in turning the Crimea 
an American and in general a NATO 
base, ideal for aggression against
Which would be clearly
aimed at a future war. 
After all, only fools do not understand the meaning and
goals of the entire coup in 
Ukraine... in the conditions
of which 
Russia behaved in the only possible way! But
the Germans are not fools! 
We the Russians, know for
your psychology, as "brothers in blood" - our
blood, which you 
"prudently" shed in rivers! 
We remember your "systematic methods of
population reduction"! Our population! Until
now, in different parts of our once united
Homeland, where the boot of German 
fascism was trodden, we find hidden 
mass graves of our civilians: in the 
Novgorod region, in the Kuban, in 
the Rostov region, in Karelia. In 
Belarus, in 2021... hundreds of 
civilian remains... were found 
in Brest    ...on the site of the 
Jewish ghetto the Trostenets 
concentration camp....  near 
Minsk terrible in its tragedy
revealed the secret of the 
remains... of thousands of 
tortured and killed people! 
We are talking about tens of thousands of newly
discovered victims of Nazism! This blood - still
cries out for revenge - and for decades the
memory of the barbarously destroyed 
Russian people, and monuments to 
Russian soldiers, liberators, have 
been desecrated with impunity! 
And the new Nazis are marching in the Baltic
States and Ukraine, in front of the entire
"civilized" world!  But in 2014, we were 
sincerely convinced -- that in this new 
Nazi demarche it's the Germans who 
will be our associates in preventing 
this meanness! 
We hoped that, guided by an elementary
conscience, the Germans would not 
participate..  in an obviously fascist 
anti-state coup in Ukraine! After all 
...the subsequent catastrophe of 
modern Ukraine was committed 
by direct descendants of those 
who were special bastards in 
the German army! Clearly, 
Americans and Canadians have only hidden and preserved
this diabolical heritage, feeding this 
generation, but the
product of this evil... is Germany! Hitler's Germany! And
it was impossible for us to believe that it was 
that would again give a 
"road map" to these inhumans!
we were wrong! Germany has once again allowed
these fascist geeks 
to enter the world! 
The support of modern Germany - in the face of
the new government of Ukraine-Bandera, the
heirs of the SS division " Galicia ", the thugs 
of the UPA OUN and all other abominations;
is simply unthinkable for us! This is beyond 
all that is human!  But you, Germany, have
already done it and continue to do it! You 
have, once again, set your sights on the 
Slavic world and these geeks are blood 
from the blood of German Nazism! And 
again to Russia! 
Only, even more despicable: inciting our closest
Ukrainian brothers against us! And you know it!
You know this as well as we do! You killed one
nation in that Great War! Yes, we are
one people! 
The truth is written and often spoken about 
by your own Steinmeier, who at the same 
time viciously took a direct part in the 
Kiev coup of 2014 — fascist in fact! 
This American may not be clear about some-
thing, but it's more than that, for you!  And 
after all, it was your vykormysh..  that got 
ready..  for their torchlight processions in 
Kiev! The living shadow of Nazi Germany 
is behind all this. It was only temporarily
covered up by sly diplomacy — "helmets 
instead of guns"! But that's it, "masks 
are reset"! Your supply of German 
weapons to Ukraine today, is 
natural, it is in the logic of 
your policy of recent 
Today it is clearly pro-fascist! You have taken 
this step: German weapons will kill Russians 
again! Keep killing. During the years of the 
conflict in the Donbas, your professional 
killers have already killed Russians, at 
least by teaching them...  "how to kill 
correctly"! Only now -- it's even more 
despicable — you're teaching this to
- your blood brothers!  Donbass is on 
your conscience! Thousands of lives 
of its peaceful citizens --- again your 
handiwork! We do not care about the
role of Americans, in everything that
happens: there, is money-God!  We, 
veterans of that war, its children, 
are concerned about the role of 
the Germans! Because it is you 
who know -- exactly -- who the 
Ukrainian "national battalions" 
consist of --- and could have 
prevented and stopped, this 
new fascism !  But they did
not do it! And just by doing 
this — you are once again, 
responsible to history! 
And you are definitely participating -- in the 
preparation of Ukraine for war with Russia! 
You can't help but understand the purpose 
of everything that happened --- from the
unconstitutional coup in Kiev ....to the 
bloodshed in the Donbass!  But, in fact
this is preparation for the Third World 
War! And again, you are Germans... 
Germany!  We hear from the high 
German rostrum in Berlin today: 
"Russia will pay a high price"!!! 
This is the German Chancellor's 
speech! Unthinkable! We have 
already paid the price — 27 
million of our lives! Isn't that 
enough for you?! What price 
are you still talking about? 
There is no home --- in Russia, Ukraine and
Belarus - where "this price" isn't paid! And
there is no home in Germany, that did 
not participate in that terrible, bloody 
barbarism!  It's scary!  It's wild! And 
today, there are, already, more than 
13 thousand dead Russian people 
in the Donbass at the hands of 
the new Nazis! 
The German Chancellor's public mockery of the
Russian genocide in the Donbas is a crime in
itself! How much can the lessons of history 
be misunderstood and discredited!  The 
scariest story in the world! Do you want 
to be even scarier?! After all, this new 
"Dranch nach Oschtern" ..may lead to 
the fact that the 2nd Nuremberg trial 
over you will no longer be - there will 
simply be no humanity! You won't be 
here! But a special Ecumenical trial 
of you Germans is inevitable! Over 
all aggressors — but over you 
World justice will be served! And we, the last
veterans of that terrible war, are leaving this
world as witnesses!  Witnesses for the 
PROSECUTION! And today the victory 
will be ours, but those who died 
yesterday, or those of us who 
will die today, already bear 
witness to the role of the 
German people, in the 
history of the human 
world — a bloody 
German weapons are back in the 
hands of Nazi thugs! Please stop!
Email addresses for information:
- Russian Union of Veterans: organizing
 questions and collecting signatures of
 veterans and children of the Second 
World War
veteran1944@yandex.ru -questions about 
this publication to its author: Monk John
(Adlivankin), Deputy Head of the Russian
Orthodox Church. head and ved. 
specialist of the St. Peter's 
Orthodox Counseling Centre. 
St. John of Kronstadt.

If you want the truth about
the massacre of civilans
in Bucha - paste the
web address below
into your browser


The video above is of a pro-Russia cavalcade
in Germany
 and it surely brought heart-
bursting tears!

More than 5,000 cars in just one campaign
in support of Russia --- in Germany !!!!!!!!!

NATO has a Scandinavian
'leftist' as its head - WHY?


Efran and Poet's tribute to
 all those killed by wars


In Poland, they announced a new
 stab in the back - from Ukraine
September 25th, 11:34pm 
TVP: The West plans to overthrow the 
Polish government with the help 
of Ukraine.
Dominika Kosic, a journalist with the Polish state TV channel 
TVP, said that Germany and France have promised Ukraine
 a quick entry into the European Union (EU) if Kiev helps 
"overthrow" the current Polish government.
 She wrote about this on the social network X 
(formerly Twitter), citing her own sources.
According to Kosic, Germany and France justify their plans by 
saying that the EU cannot be expanded without changing the 
treaties, and it is Poland that blocks these changes.
The US announced the possibility 
of helping Ukraine for another 
couple of weeks
September 25th, 10:41pm 
The US has enough money for military supplies to Ukraine for 
several more weeks. This was stated by the coordinator of 
strategic communications at the National Security 
Council of the White House, John Kirby, in 
an interview with CNN.
Kirby noted that further aid to Kiev may suffer, without a 
Congressional decision - on additional appropriations. 

Kirby urged lawmakers to hurry with the allocation 
of $ 24 billion, while at the front according to him,
favorable conditions remain...... for the 
Ukrainian counteroffensive.
"The lack of additional funding that we have requested will
 absolutely affect our ability to support Ukraine in the
and winter months," Kirby said.
Earlier, it was reported that almost 30 Republicans told the
White House that they will reject a request for assistance 
to Kiev for $ 24 billion, if Biden's administration cannot 
reply to their request for more information. 
"It would be an absurd disclaimer to grant this request 
---- without knowing the answers to these questions," 
the parliamentarians said.
Can beat: Russian missiles bypassed
 the air defense system armed with
 Western air defense systems
by Andrey Fedorov,
Yulia Leonova and
Bogdan Stepovoi
September 25th, 10:01pm
The Russian Armed Forces attacked the locations of foreign
 mercenaries and training of saboteurs in the Russian
 Federation, the Russian Defense Ministry said 
on September 25.
To repel the attack, the Ukrainian command, for the first time,
used the newly formed tactical air defense group, armed with 
Western IRIS-T anti-aircraft systems and organized according 
to NATO standards. However, it was not able to repel the
 attack of Russian missiles and UAVs.
 Experts note that the Ukrainian air defense system ---- having 
lost most of the radar stations of the Soviet S-300 complexes, 
has become less effective. 
The IRIS-T and Patriot anti-aircraft systems perform much
 worse against many types of missiles --- and cannot 
compensate for the losses.
SVO fighters repel a mortar attack 
by the Ukrainian Armed Forces
September 25th, 10pm
On September 26, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian
 Federation told about military personnel performing 
combat tasks -- in the zone of a special military 
operation (SVO), despite heavy fire from the
 Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).
According to the ministry, the positions where a company of 
Russian servicemen held their defenses were subjected to
 massive mortar fire from Ukrainian militants. As a result,
the unit's combat vehicles were damaged.
Being under enemy attacks, senior ensign Yevgeny Mylnikov 
promptly brought the necessary spare parts to the damaged
 vehicles and, together with the crews, promptly repaired the
 vehicles, which made it possible to resume fire support for 
the defending units.
After the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.. the senior 
ensign evacuated and repaired four armoured vehicles and
 one vehicle, ensuring the combat readiness of his unit.
Meanwhile, in another position, the squad under the command
 of Sergeant Yevgeny Abramov also came under artillery fire.
According to the Ministry of Defense, the sergeant discovered 
an enemy observation post of the enemy, from which the fire
 of enemy artillery was corrected, and then transmitted the 
coordinates of the object to the command post.
The Russian military delivered an accurate artillery strike on 
the point. The defending enemy resisted, but its observers
 were destroyed, and the Russian troops continued to 
move deeper into the enemy's defenses.
As a result, the squad under the command of Abramov was 
able to dislodge the enemy from their positions and gain 
a foothold on an important tactical line.


 WSJ: birth rate in Ukraine may fall 
to the lowest level in the world
September 25th, 9:13pm
The birth rate on the territory of Ukraine was the lowest in
 Europe, before the start of the special operation of the 
Russian Armed Forces, but soon... this figure risks 
becoming the lowest in the world.
This is stated in the publication 
of The Wall Street Journal.
It is noted that the birth rate for the first six months of this
 year, was 28% lower than in the same period before the
 start of the special operation.
"Ukrainian demographers now predict that this indicator 
will be the lowest in the world," the publication wrote.
Earlier, Academician Ella Libanova from the National 
Academy of Sciences said, that Ukraine risks being
 in a "death spiral" due to the demographic crisis.
As Russian President Vladimir Putin noted,
 there is a violent mobilization in Ukraine.


Governor Razvozhaev: an air alert 
is announced in Sevastopol
by Ekaterina Kosobokova
September 25th, 7:36pm
(Komsomolskaya Pravda)
The Governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, 
on Monday, September 25, said that an air alert 
was announced in the city.
"Attention, everyone. Air alert,"
 Razvozhaev wrote on his 
Telegram channel.
While the air raid alarms are sounding... the 
city has temporarily stopped the movement 
of land and sea transport.
Earlier, Razvozhayev said that the regional authorities
 discussed mechanisms for prompt notification in 
emergency situations. He said that at the time 
of receiving the signal, there are from 30 to 
50 minutes to take measures to ensure 
safety - go to shelters or stay at home, 
following the instructions.
 The governor also added that as soon as the military 
receives information about the air alert, he will 
personally give the command to launch the 
corresponding signal.

 The Pope's position on
the Ukrainian conflict 
has become known
September 25th, 6:47pm 
More and more Western countries see the futility of 
supplying weapons to Kiev - and the continuation 
of the Ukrainian conflict, Pope Francis believes, 
which gives him hope for peace talks. 
The position of the Pontiff in an interview with RIA Novosti 
was announced by the chairman of the World Union of
 Old Believers (WCC), Leonid Sevastyanov.
Sevastyanov met with the pontiff at the Vatican 
and discussed the peace plan between Russia 
and Ukraine. 
"The Pope is optimistic, as he sees that more and more
 Western countries are leaning towards the idea of the
 futility of the conflict in Ukraine and the supply of 
weapons to [Ukraine]," he said.
The Pope is convinced --- that any victory should be achieved 
at the negotiating table, not on the battlefield. An algorithm 
should be developed that will suit both sides of the conflict 
- the head of the SCC noted. According to him the head of
the Catholic Church --- urged Moscow not to break ties 
with the West, and also, opposed sanctions and 
economic restrictions.
Earlier, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of
Ukraine, Mykhailo Podolyak -- said that Kiev excludes the
possibility of mediation by the Vatican in resolving the 
military conflict on Ukrainian territory. He also 
criticized Pope Francis' appeal to young
Christians in Russia.

McGregor announced the ability of
 the Russian Federation to destroy 
airfields in Western Ukraine
September 25th, 4:23pm
Former adviser to the head of the Pentagon, Colonel Douglas 
McGregor, suggested that the Russian Armed Forces could 
destroy airfields in Western Ukraine, from which Ukrainian 
Su-24 bombers take off. On Monday, September 25, he 
announced this in his blog on the YouTube channel.
"Su-24s, which fired Storm Shadow missiles, took off from 
runways on the western borders of Ukraine. There are 
several such lanes in Western Ukraine. I am sure that 
now the Russians are watching all these airfields," 
McGregor offered his point of view.
In addition, according to the expert, at some point the 
Ukrainian army will find that all its military aviation
 infrastructure has evaporated, because the 
Russian Armed Forces destroyed it.


 Military expert named weak 
points ------ of Abrams tanks
September 25th, 2:08pm
Abrams tanks are easy to hit, they are quite heavy and easily 
get stuck, especially in the rainy autumn period in the
 Ukrainian soil. This was stated by a military expert, 
retired Colonel Viktor Litovkin, on Monday, 
September 25.
"These tanks have nothing outstanding. Their calibre 
is 120 mm, ours is 125 mm. There is no automatic 
charging. A crew of four, instead of three, as we 
have. It has good armour, but it can't withstand 
our "Chrysanthemums", "Cornets", "Bassoons", 
- he said, in a conversation with Lenta.Ru.
The colonel called the weak point of the tank its weight -
over 60 tons. According to him, it easily gets stuck on
 Ukrainian soil, especially in autumn during the rainy 
period. As a result, it becomes: a stationary, very 
convenient target for artillery, anti-tank shells
 and grenade launchers.
"Abrams is quite easy to hit. They burned in Iraq, in Syria. 
They will burn in the Ukrainian steppes. Nothing will 
change in our theatre of operations. Only the 
image of US weapons will be shaken," 
the expert concluded.
Earlier in the day, it was reported that the first 
US-made Abrams tanks were delivered to 
Ukraine on September 23.
According to The New York Times, this is the first batch 
of M1 Abrams tanks that the administration of US 
President Joe Biden promised to send to 
Ukraine, reports RT.
In addition, according to representatives of the Ministry of
 Defense, even more units of Abrams military equipment 
will be sent in the coming months, while officials did 
not say in what quantity the delivery will be.
In turn, the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the
 Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, expressed
 the opinion that Abrams tanks "will not last long" in a 
normal battle. 
He added that, to change the situation, the United States
will have to supply - at least - hundreds of long-range 
projectiles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 
360 TV channel reports.
Earlier, on September 22, Biden approved a new package
of assistance to Ukraine with air defense and artillery. 

He added that the new defense assistance package 
will include.. a second Hawk air defense battery. 

The President stressed that the US will supply 
Ukraine with similar systems, every month, 
during the winter.
On the same day, the US leader, at a meeting with Vladimir
 Zelensky, at the White House, said that Abrams tanks will
 be transferred to Kiev next week, reports NSN. The first 
batch of tanks will consist of 10 vehicles. Prior to this, 
the assistant to the US President for National 
Security, Jake Sullivan, announced a new 
package of weapons to Ukraine "with 
significant air defense systems."

New data on missiles that 
attacked the Black Sea
 Fleet HQ - released.
September 25th, 2:07pm
Mash: the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in 
Sevastopol, was attacked by the Ukrainian 
Armed Forces, with French Scalp-EGs
The Armed Forces of Ukraine --- attacked 
the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet
in Sevastopol, on September 22, with 
French Scalp-EG cruise missiles. 
The new data is provided by 
Mash Telegram channel.
The publication notes that the missiles were developed
 according to the same project with the British Storm 
Shadow. According to Mash, two Scalp-egs hit the
 Black Sea Fleet headquarters building, but one 
of them did not detonate and flew towards 
the Lunacharsky Theatre.
Experts loaded the device onto a car and took it to the 
landfill, away from the city. There, the French cruise 
missile was disposed of. Later, the wreckage of 
other warheads was treated similarly.
Earlier, Kommersant found out that the missiles that 
attacked the Black Sea Fleet headquarters in 
Sevastopol were launched from two Su-24 
aircraft belonging to the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine.
According to the Defense Ministry, during the repulse of 
the attack on Sevastopol, air defense systems shot 
down five missiles.


Russian Interior Ministry, puts
ICC president, vice-president,
 judge, on wanted list
September 25th, 1:10pm (TASS)
The President of the International Criminal Court (ICC) 
Piotr Hofmanski, has been declared wanted, under a 
criminal article, according to the Russian Interior 
Ministry’s data base.
"Hofmanski, Piotr Jozef. A Pole. Wanted under an article of 
the Russian Criminal Code," the database says, without 
mentioning the article involved.
ICC First Vice President Luz del Carmen Ibanez Carranza 
and Judge Bertram Schmitt, are also wanted on 
criminal charges.
On March 17, the International Criminal Court issued arrest 
warrants for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Maria 
Lvova-Belova, the Russian presidential commissioner 
for children's rights, on charges of their alleged 
involvement in war crimes, such as "illegal 
deportation of the population," including 
children, and their illegal transfer 
to Russia.
On March 20, Russia’s Investigative Committee opened a 
criminal case against ICC Prosecutor Karim Ahmad 
Khan and judges Rosario Salvatore Aitala, Sergio 
Gerardo Ugalde Godinez and Tomoko Akane for 
taking knowingly illegal action, as there were 
no grounds for bringing Russia's president 
and children's ombudsman --- to 
criminal responsibility.
In May, charges were brought against Karim Khan and 
Rosario Aitala. Both were put on the wanted list. 
Later, Tomoko Akane, was also declared 
Under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment 
of Crimes against Internationally Protected Persons of
December 14, 1973 --- heads of state enjoy absolute
immunity from the jurisdiction of foreign countries.

 Special Military Operation  
September 25th, 12:15pm
Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of 
the special military operation (25 September 2023)
Last night, the Armed Forces of the Russian
Federation launched a group strike with 
long-range precision weapons and 
strike drones against temporary 
deployment sites of foreign 
mercenaries and sabotage 
groups training points of 
the AFU.
All the facilities have been neutralised. 
The goal of the attack has
 been reached.
In Donetsk direction, units of the Yug Group of Forces, in 
cooperation with aviation & artillery, have successfully 
repelled seven attacks by AFU assault groups close
 to Spornoye, Berestovoye, and Mayorsk 
(Donetsk People's Republic).
The enemy losses were up to 445 Ukrainian servicemen 
killed and wounded, one tank, three infantry fighting 
vehicles, and 11 motor vehicles.
In addition, in the course of counter-battery warfare, 
one Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system and
two D-30 howitzers have been destroyed.
One ammunition depot of the 10th Mountain Assault 
Brigade of the AFU has been also destroyed near 
Zvanovka (Donetsk People's Republic).
In Zaporozhye direction, units of the Russian grouping 
of troops, aviation, artillery, and heavy flamethrower 
systems have repelled two attacks by the 71th 
Jaeger Brigade of the AFU close to 
Verbovoye (Zaporozhye region).
In addition, AFU 21st and 65th mechanised brigades'
 manpower and hardware clusters have been hit 
close to Malaya Tokmachka, Novodanilovka, 
and north of Rabotino (Zaporozhye region).
The enemy losses were up to 100 Ukrainian servicemen,
 one tank, three armoured fighting vehicles, and three 
motor vehicles.
During the counter-battery warfare, one U.S.-manufactured
 M777 artillery system, one D-20 gun, one Gvozdika self-
propelled artillery system, and four D-30 howitzers 
have been destroyed.
In Krasny Liman direction, as a result of coordinated actions 
of units of the Tsentr Group of Forces, Army Aviation and 
artillery, two attacks by assault groups of the 67nd
 Mechanised Brigade of the Armed Forces of 
Ukraine have been repelled north of 
Chervonaya Dibrova (Lugansk 
People's Republic).
In addition, one manpower and hardware concentration area
 of the 12th Azov Special Purpose Brigade has been hit near
 Serebryansky forestry.
The enemy losses were up to 55 Ukrainian servicemen, two
 infantry fighting vehicles, two pickup trucks, one Akatsiya 
self-propelled artillery system, and two D-30 howitzers.
In South Donets direction, aviation and artillery of the Vostok
 Group of Forces have struck manpower and hardware of the 
56th Motorised Infantry Brigade of the AFU and the 110th 
Territorial Defence Brigade close to Urozhainoye and
 Staromayorskoye (Donetsk People's Republic).
In addition, two sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the 
AFU have been eliminated near Marfopol (Zaporozhye region)
The enemy losses were up to 125 Ukrainian servicemen, two 
motor vehicles, one D-20 gun, and two D-30 howitzers.
In Kupyansk direction, aviation and artillery of the Zapad 
Group of Forces have hit manpower and hardware 
clusters of 14th, 43rd and 66th mechanised 
brigades of the AFU --- near Sinkovka, 
Peschanoye, and Cherneshchyna
 (Kharkov region).
The enemy losses were up to 25 Ukrainian servicemen, 
two motor vehicles, and one Gvozdika self-propelled
 artillery system.
In Kherson direction, the enemy losses were up to 90 
Ukrainian servicemen, two tanks, two motor 
vehicles, and two D-30 howitzers.
In addition, one ammunition depot of the 126th Territorial 
Defence Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has 
been destroyed close to Nikolayevka 
(Kherson region).
Operational-Tactical and Army aviation, Missile Troops and 
Artillery of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation 
have eliminated command and observation posts of 
105th, 122nd territorial defence brigades near 
Krasnogorovka (Donetsk People's Republic), 
and Kherson, as well as enemy manpower 
and military hardware in 116 areas 
during the day.
 The Russian Aerospace Forces have destroyed 
one Mig-29 fighter of the Ukrainian Air Force 
close to Dolgintsevo airfield 
(Dnepropetrovsk region).
Air defence facilities have shot down 7 
projectiles launched by HIMARS MLRS.
In addition, 33 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles have 
been hit close to Belogorovka, Lisichansk (Lugansk
 People's Republic), Aleksandrovka, Berestovoye 
(Donetsk People's Republic), Shevchenko, 
Novoye, Ilchenkovo, and Tokmak
 (Zaporozhye region).
In total, 478 airplanes, 250 helicopters, 7,115 unmanned 
aerial vehicles, 438 air defence missile systems, 12,135 
tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles, 1,155 
fighting vehicles equipped with MLRS, 6,533 field 
artillery cannons and mortars, as well as 
13,449 special military motor vehicles 
have been destroyed during the
 special military operation.
Shoigu reported to Putin about 
battle for Urozhaynoye village 
September 25th, 11:15am
Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to President Vladimir 
Putin about the battle near the village of Urozhaynoye in the 
DPR. This was announced by Presidential press Secretary 
Dmitry Peskov.
 In addition, the Minister of Defense awarded the title of Hero 
of Russia to Ivan Kalashnikov, deputy commander of the unit 
under the call sign Bolshoy, who participated in this battle.
"Defense Minister Shoigu reported in sufficient detail to 
the president about the heroic battle near the village 
of Urozhaynoye, which our guys gave together with 
their commander --- deputy platoon commander
Kalashnikov," the press secretary said. 
"Shoigu told Putin, all the details about 
what was happening there," he added.
Earlier today, the Defense Ministry reported that the deputy
 commander with the call sign Bolshoy was presented with
 the title of Hero of Russia. Ivan Kalashnikov, along with 
4 other fighters, engaged 12 Ukrainian soldiers at 
the stronghold.
A video of the battle between Ivan Kalashnikov and the
 Ukrainian military, taken from a drone, was published 
by the press service of the Ministry of Defense. 
"The main onslaught of the assault -- was taken over by 
the commander of the unit with the call sign Bolshoy. 
Throughout the entire battle, he was in full view of 
the enemy and conducted targeted fire,"
press service said. 
Participants in the battle received the Order of Courage. 
For Ivan Kalashnikov, this was the second such order.
Russian forces expand gray zone 
near Rabotino, Verbovoye — 
DPR’s leader
September 25th, 10:52am (TASS) 
Russian forces have expanded the gray zone near Verbovoye 
and Rabotino in the Zaporozhzhye Region, the head of the 
Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, has said.
"The situation over the past two days has improved a little bit 
in the area that is important to us, because it is adjacent to 
the Ugledar area. I am referring to the Rabotino-Verbovoye 
section of the frontline."
"North of Verbovoye and also in the southwest direction from
 Rabotino, the Russian forces have managed to increase the 
gray zone by about 200 metres as a result of counterattack
 operations," he said on the Rossiya-24 TV channel.
On Monday, Vladimir Rogov, the chairman of the We 
Are Together With Russia movement --- told TASS 
that Russian units had repelled several attacks
 by the Ukrainian military in this area in the 
evening of September 24 and during the 
night and dispersed and rolled back up 
to six companies of Ukrainian infantry.
As the Russian Defense Ministry has said, the Ukrainian army 
has been making unsuccessful offensive attempts since 
June 4. On September 12, Russia's President, Vladimir 
Putin said that Ukraine lost 71,500 troops, 543 tanks
and almost 18,000 armoured vehicles, of various 
classes, during this period. He stressed ------ 
that the Ukrainian counter-offensive, 
has produced no results.
Russian forces --- push Ukrainian troops
 out of village northwest of Artyomovsk, 
official says
 September 25th, 10:14am (TASS) 
Russian forces have pushed Ukrainian troops out of 
the village of Orekhovo-Vasilyevka, located north-
west of the city of Artyomovsk (known as 
Bakhmut in Ukraine), Vladimir Rogov, 
chairman of the We Stand With 
Russia movement, said.
"Russian soldiers active on the northern flank of the
Artyomovsk frontline have pushed the Ukrainian 
armed forces’ fighters out of the settlement of 
Orekhovo-Vasilyevka. Our guys took the Nazis
by surprise; they had not been expecting an 
attack and were forced to flee," he wrote
 on Telegram.
According to Rogov, the liberation of the village has 
significantly improved Russian forces’ tactical 
positions along this stretch of the combat
 line of engagement.
The Russian Defense Ministry said earlier that the 
Ukrainian armed forces had been making 
unsuccessful attempts at a counter-
offensive, since June 4. 


The Armed Forces of Ukraine 
admitted to large losses of 
military equipment nr the 
villages of Rabochino 
and Verbovoe
September 24th, 1:14am
Ukraine lost a large amount of military equipment during
 the fighting in the area of the villages of Rabochino and
 Verbovoe, in the Zaporizhia region, writes The 
Washington Post on September 23, citing 
the commander of the airborne assault
 unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
According to the Ukrainian commander, near Verbovoye, a 
small village located a few miles from Rabochino, Russian 
troops have erected significant defensive structures, 
such as those surrounding Tokmak about 25 miles
 (40 km) southwest of Verbovoye.
The commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine admitted
that sending German Marder infantry fighting vehicles 
and US Stryker armoured fighting vehicles... to this 
part of the front, cost the Ukrainian army dearly.
"A lot of military equipment was lost 
there," the Ukrainian soldier admitted.
He added that the Russian military literally littered the
 specified territory with anti-tank mines, and in the 
direction of Rabochino and Verbovoe, there is a 
constant movement of assault detachments.
On September 19, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation 
repelled three attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the
 area of the village of Rabochino in the Zaporozhye region, 
said the chairman of the movement "We are together with 
Russia" Vladimir Rogov. He added that Russian troops 
are holding their positions and preventing enemy 
attempts to break through the defenses.
Also on this day, Acting Governor of the Zaporozhye region
Yevgeny Balitsky, reported the destruction of a column 
with armoured groups of the Ukrainian army, moving 
in the direction of Rabochino, in the 
Zaporozhye direction.
Prior to this, on September 17, former intelligence officer 
of the US Armed Forces (AF) Scott Ritter stressed that 
Russian troops were destroying the last reserves of 
the AFU, near the village of Rabochino.
US presidential candidate Desantis: 
Washington does not need Kiev's 
participation in NATO
September 24th, 1:14am
US presidential candidate and Florida Governor Ron 
Desantis has spoken out against Ukraine's joining 
NATO. This is reported by Bloomberg.
This is reported by RIA Novosti.
"I don't think that membership (of Ukraine. 
- RT) in NATO meets our interests," he said.
According to Desantis, this would only add 
more obligations to the United States.
He noted - that Washington should not give Kiev 
carte blanche, unless the Ukrainian side uses 
the opportunity to end the conflict.
Earlier -- Colonel of the US Armed Forces Lawrence 
Wilkerson on the YouTube channel Dialogue Works
said that NATO's assistance to Ukrainian troops, 
can be considered an act of aggression against 
the Russian side.
In May, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin 
said that one of the conditions for achieving peace 
is Ukraine's refusal to join NATO and the EU.
Izvestia published footage of a sweep 
of Zaporozhye region --- clearing it  
of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
September 23rd, 11:44pm
Izvestia published drone footage showing soldiers of
 the 70th Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment clearing 
the Zaporozhye region of Ukrainian militants.
Video footage shows how a soldier of the Russian 
Armed Forces discovered a detachment of the 
46th separate airborne assault brigade of 
the Ukrainian army, consisting of 
two people.
It is noted that the Ukrainian servicemen were in 
the vicinity of the village of Novopokrovka, 
hiding behind a concrete wall.
A fighter of the Russian Armed Forces destroyed 
the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 
with several shots, Izvestia writes.
Earlier, RT special correspondent Alexander Piskunov
 reported.. that a separate reconnaissance battalion 
of the 42nd Division of the Russian Armed Forces, 
destroyed an assault group of the 46th Airmobile 
Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which 
was trained in the UK, near the village 
of Rabochino.
Osman special forces showed
of the battles
near Verbovoye
by Danila Titorenko
September 23rd, 11:42pm
Soldiers of the Russian special forces "Osman" 
destroyed a US armoured car MaxxPro in the 
area of Verbovoye, RIA Novosti reports.
The published footage shows how an MRAP International 
MaxxPro armoured vehicle was blown up by an anti-tank 
missile near the village of Verbovoye in the Zaporizhia 
direction. The armoured vehicle received a missile in
 the side, after which, it began to smoke, and then
 exploded. The footage was shot by a 
Russian UAV.
MRAP International MaxxPro is supplied to Ukraine by the US 
— this machine with mine protection is designed to transfer 
units in conditions of shelling and being on mined terrain.
Earlier -- Russians destroyed a German Leopard tank 
with a crew of Bundeswehr soldiers in the SVO zone.
According to the commander of the reconnaissance 
groupwith the call sign "Legend" - after the new 
"meat assault" of the enemy was stopped by 
an anti-tank guided missile -- the Russian 
military went to the burned equipment
...hoping to take someone prisoner, 
to get information.
Earlier, a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 
stated that he did not understand the causes 
of the conflict in Ukraine.

Ex-CIA analyst Johnson: the US 
does not supply Patriot APU 
after the Dagger strike
September 23rd, 9:02pm
Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson, in an interview with 
journalist Stephen Gardner, said that the United States 
stopped supplying Patriot to the Ukrainian side after a
 Russian Kinzhal missile destroyed one of the 
batteries in Kiev in May.
"We haven't heard any news about this 
installation in months," he said.
He noted that the system was sent to 
Ukraine, after which it was blown up.
"It looks like it was either destroyed, or
is under repair, 
but definitely not used
on the battlefield,"
the expert noted.
Johnson added that, after that, the US stopped
sending these complexes to the Ukrainians 
and transferred only less significant 
military equipment.
On May 16, the Russian Defense Ministry reported, that
 the Russian military hit the Patriot anti-aircraft missile 
system in Kiev with a high-precision strike of the 
Kinzhal hypersonic missile system.
Pushilin named one of the key 
tasks as head of the DPR
September 23rd, 8:59pm 
The head of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) 
Denis Pushilin called one of the key tasks facing 
the leadership of the region, assistance to the
 front. This is reported by TASS.
"The first priority is to help the front, first of all. 
Helping the front is a huge layer of work: 
supporting military personnel and 
their families," Pushilin said.
He stressed that there are plans to make the republic
a self-sufficient, and prosperous region of Russia.
On September 23, Denis Pushilin was elected head of
 the DPR, at the plenary session of the People's
 Council (similar to the parliament).
On October 5, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin 
signed laws on the admission of four new regions to 
Russia: the Donetsk & Luhansk People's Republics, 
& the Kherson & Zaporizhia regions. On that day, 
Denis Pushilin was appointed acting head of the
DPR, by presidential decree.

Ex-intelligence officer of the US Armed
Forces Ritter announced huge losses
in Ukraine's Armed Forces' ranks  
September 23rd, 8:45pm
Former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter in an interview
 with journalist Garland Nixon told about the huge losses
 in the ranks of the Ukrainian military.
"When a unit's losses are between 50 and 69%, 
it loses its combat capability. And almost all 
Ukrainian brigades --- have lost it," he said.
Ritter noted that during the counteroffensive, the 
Ukrainians suffered and still suffer huge losses.

 A number of units, according to him, had to 
replace their dead soldiers three times... 
during the summer/autumn campaign.
"They lose an awful lot of people," he concluded.
Earlier, the network published a video of the 
violent mobilization process, in Lviv region.

 Kulemzin: two residents of Donetsk
 wounded due to the shelling
Ukraine's Armed Forces
September 23rd, 7:47pm
Two civilians were injured, during the shelling of the 
Kirovsky district of Donetsk by the Ukrainian army, 
said the mayor of the city Alexey Kulemzin.
In his Telegram channel, he said that the incident occurred
 in the Tekstilshchik microdistrict. In addition, according to 
him, the kindergarten building was destroyed due to the
 shelling of the Kuibyshev district.
"As a result of the shelling of the Kuibyshev district in the 
building of kindergarten No. 305 on Kuibyshev Street, 
the roof and glazing were damaged. There are no 
casualties," Kulemzin added.
Earlier it was reported that units of the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine opened fire on the city of Shebekino, in 
the Belgorod region.
Russia ready for talks on Ukraine, 
but without ceasefire --- Lavrov
September 23rd, 7:45pm (TASS) 
Russia is ready for talks on Ukraine, but will not consider any 
ceasefire proposals because Moscow has already been
 deceived once, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey 
Lavrov said.
"We are working in the real situation that has developed.
In March and April 2022, there were negotiations, and 
everything.. was already initialed. But two days later
 -- there was Bucha (the events in the Ukrainian city 
of Bucha -- TASS), because, I think someone in 
London or Washington does not want this 
war to end," the top diplomat said, at a 
press conference - following the 78th 
session of the UN General Assembly. 
"That is why now, when we hear about negotiations, Putin
 commented on it, he said very clearly: yes, we are ready
 for negotiations, but we will not consider any proposals
 for a ceasefire, because we’ve considered it once, but 
you deceived us," Lavrov pointed out.
The top Russian diplomat pointed out that the West had
 forbidden Kiev --- to negotiate with Moscow. "We were 
not only ready, we agreed to negotiate, we reached 
an agreement in April 2022. And after that, as I 
understand it, Vladimir] Zelensky was told: 
since they agreed so quickly, let's 
exhaust them," the foreign 
minister said.
Earlier, Lavrov said that the longer Kiev delays negotiations 
with Moscow, the harder it will be to negotiate later. 

According to him, the first step for such contacts 
should be the abolition of Zelensky's decree 
prohibiting dialogue with Moscow.
Lavrov warns at UNGA: it’s in line 
with global interests to avoid 
sliding into all-out war
 September 23rd, 7:41pm (TASS) 
The task of preventing the slide into an all-out war -- and the 
ultimate collapse of international cooperation mechanisms 
is in line with global interests, Russian Foreign Minister 
Sergey Lavrov said at the United Nations General 
Assembly in New York.
"Nowadays, humanity is once again, as many times before, 
at a crossroads. It depends only on us to determine how 
history will evolve. It is in our shared interest to prevent 
spiraling down into a major war as well as the eventual 
collapse of international cooperation mechanisms that
 were created by generations of our predecessors," 
the minister said during the General Debate.
Lavrov recalled that UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres 
called earlier for holding "a summit of the future" in 2024.
"The success of this endeavour may be secured exclusively 
by forming a fair balance of interests among all member 
states while respecting the intergovernmental nature 
of our Organization," the Russian foreign minister 
continued. "At their meeting on September 21, 
members of the ‘Group of Friends in Defense
 of the UN Charter’ agreed to facilitate 
such a result."
"As Guterres said at a press conference prior to the current
 session, ‘If we want a future of peace and prosperity based 
on equity & solidarity, leaders have a special responsibility 
to achieve compromise in designing our common future 
for our common good’.'' 
''It is a good answer to those who divide the world into
 ‘democracies’ and ‘autocracies’ and merely dictate 
their neocolonial rules to everyone," the 
minister concluded.
FT: The US --- decided to send ATACMS 
to Ukraine even before Zelensky's visit
September 23rd, 7:39pm
Washington decided to transfer ATACMS long-range 
missiles to Kiev even before Vladimir Zelensky 
arrived in the United States, but did not 
make public statements.
This is stated in the publication of 
the Financial Times newspaper, 
citing sources.
According to the publication, the US goal was to give
 Ukrainian troops a chance to 'surprise' the Russian 
Armed Forces with new missiles and, thus, push 
the Russian army away from the front line.
Sources of the newspaper... confirmed the reports of 
the US press -- that the US promised to send a batch
 of long-range missiles to Ukraine in the near future.
Earlier, White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre 
said that the United States ''allows'' sending ATACMS
 missiles to Ukraine.
Lavrov called out - a new 
dangerous manifestation 
of NATO's expansionism
September 23rd, 7:19pm 
Attempts to extend the bloc's area of responsibility to the
 entire Eastern Hemisphere -- under the sly slogan of "the 
indivisibility of the security of the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-
Pacific regions" are a new dangerous manifestation of 
NATO's expansionism. This was stated by Russian 
Foreign Minister Lavrov at a press conference at 
the UN.
According to him, for this purpose, Washington creates mini-
military and political alliances under its control. The 
diplomat cited AUKUS --- as an example. In addition,
the US creates trilateral and quadrilateral blocks, 
such as the US — Japan — South Korea and 
Tokyo — Seoul — Canberra — Wellington. 
According to Lavrov, in this way the White House 
encourages the participants of these alliances, 
to engage in practical cooperation with NATO.
The Russian Foreign Minister added that the undisguised
 focus of such efforts against Russia and China, on the
 collapse of the inclusive regional architecture that 
has developed around ASEAN, creates risks of a 
new explosive hotbed of geopolitical tension.
Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov pointed out 
the "shame" of the United States, in light of the fact that
 representatives of the US authorities "travel around 
the world... persuading others not to meet with 
Russian diplomats and representatives."
Lavrov declared.....  the US war
against Russia:
 with the hands
and bodies of Ukrainians
September 23rd, 6:21pm
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that the US is actually 
fighting against Russia, doing it with the hands and bodies
 of Ukrainians. He stated this at a press conference at the 
UN, the correspondent of Lenta.ru reports.
In response to the question of when the US will become an 
official party to the conflict, the Russian Foreign Minister 
said that Western countries are actually fighting against 
Russia through the Ukrainians. "I think everyone here 
knows this very well," he said, pointing out that the 
Russian side... calls it a hybrid war.
Lavrov cited the fact that Western instructors work on the
 territory of Ukraine in large numbers as an example. 

"There are also mercenaries, a significant part of
 whom, are regular military personnel,"
minister said.
Also on the sidelines of the UN, Lavrov said that the 
formula for peace of Ukrainian President Vladimir 
Zelensky, is unrealizable. 
"Zelensky and those who lead him, say with one voice, that
there is no other basis for peace --- other than Zelensky's 
formula. It is absolutely unrealizable, and everyone
knows it," the minister said.


 The US Air Force plane was again 
spotted near the Crimea amid an 
attempted missile strike by the 
Ukrainian Armed Forces
September 23rd, 3:07pm 
A long-range electronic reconnaissance aircraft was
again off the coast of Romania -- amid an
attempted missile 
strike -- by the Ukrainian
Armed Forces in Crimea.

knows about this, on Saturday September
from the data of the air travel tracking 
service, Flightradar.
According to Flightradar, the Lockheed EP-3E Aries II of 
the US Air Force with the call sign QW89 took off from 
the Chania dual-use airport in Greece -- and reached
 the coast of Romania at about 10:30 Moscow time. 
Over the next five hours, the aircraft cruised around the
 coastal zone, including the border with Ukraine, and 
moved towards the sea, approaching the Russian 
peninsula at a distance of about 300 kilometres.
Earlier in Sevastopol, a missile danger was declared 
- the city's air defense systems shot down a rocket 
during the attack, its fragments fell at the pier...
 near Sukharnaya Balka.
After the Lockheed EP-3E Aries II left the data collection area, 
another US military aircraft, a Boeing P-8A Poseidon patrol 
reconnaissance aircraft, flew into it — a vessel with a 
hidden call sign arrived from the NATO naval air 
base, Sigonella, on the Italian island of Sicily.
A day earlier -- the specified board was seen in the same area 
during a missile strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the 
headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. 
At the time of the attack on Kiev, the aircraft was circling at 
some distance from Sevastopol and only half an hour later 
proceeded in the opposite direction.

Ukraine loses 1,455 soldiers
 in Donetsk direction in past
 week — Russian top brass
September 23rd, 1:02pm (TASS) 
Russian forces repelled 28 Ukrainian attacks in the Donetsk 
direction in the past week, with the enemy suffering 1,455
 casualties, Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a report
 on Saturday.
According to the report, the Battlegroup South used 
airstrikes, missiles and artillery to repel the attacks 
near Kleshcheyevka, Avdeyevka and Maryinka in 
the Donetsk People's Republic.
In this direction, Ukrainian troops also lost 16 tanks and other 
armoured combat vehicles, as well as 25 cars, 15 field guns 
and two MLRS vehicles. Also, three ammo depots and two 
military trains of Ukraine’s 37th marine brigade
 were eliminated.

The Russian Armed Forces - destroyed 
part of the reserves of cruise missiles
 and uranium shells of the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine
September 23rd, 11:13am
The Russian army has destroyed part of the reserves of 
cruise missiles and ammunition with depleted uranium, 
which were transferred to Ukraine by Western 
countries, the Russian Defense 
Ministry reports.
This is stated in the summary 
of the military department.
It is noted ------ that MLRS installations and 
anti-aircraft systems were also destroyed.
Earlier... the Defense Ministry reported that - at night -
 Russian military attacked storage sites for Storm 
Shadow missiles, depleted uranium ammunition, 
and centres for radio-technical intelligence 
and the training of sabotage groups of
Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Draven, a veteran of the US Armed Forces:
having been defeated, the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine --- cannot even create the 
appearance of actions.
by Sergey Gapchuk
September 23rd, 00:17am
(Komsomolskaya Pravda)
To share
The failure of President Zelensky's visit to the United States
 may indicate the imminent end of the crisis, said US Military 
veteran, Noctis Draven, in the social network X.
"Zelensky's cold reception in Washington and at the UN... and
 the growing number of Westerners who despise him, give 
the impression that the conflict is almost over," the 
veteran explained.
He explained that perhaps this impression is due to the fact 
that the Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered such a crushing
 defeat that they "simply cannot continue to at least 
create the appearance of actions."
Earlier, Noctis Draven criticized Zelensky's demands,
made to Russian President Vladimir Putin, to "hand 
over Crimea - without a fight."
He said he didn't understand the man's nonsense. 
According to him, Kiev does not even have the 
ability to defend Ukraine, let alone claim 
Russian territory.

  Pentagon: The US... has nothing 
yet to report on the possibility 
of transferring ATACMS 
to Ukraine
September 22nd, 10:18pm
The Pentagon said that Washington has nothing yet to report 
on the possibility of transferring long-range missiles to Kiev.
This is reported by RIA Novosti.
"We are aware of the media reports, but there is nothing 
to announce about ATACMS," the US department said.
As previously reported by NBC with reference to US officials, 
US President Joe Biden notified Vladimir Zelensky that 
Washington will supply Kiev with a small batch 
of ATACMS missiles.
White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre said 
that the United States does not rule out the supply 
of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine.
Bloomberg: The White House demanded 
that Poland explain the termination of
 support for Kiev
by Sergey Gapchuk
September 22nd, 8:35pm
(Komsomolskaya Pravda)
The White House demanded - that Poland explain the 
termination of support for Kiev, Bloomberg reported, 
citing an anonymous senior Pentagon official.
According to the official, disagreements between Kiev 
and Warsaw have not yet led to "cracks" in the 
alliance that supports Ukraine.
The interlocutor noted that nevertheless, Poland's 
specific position on supporting Ukrainians....
 remains unclear.
As the KP EN website wrote, on September 20th, EU Affairs
 Minister, Szymon Szynkowski wel Senk -- said that Poland 
can stop both financial and military support for Ukraine.

 The official stressed that everything will depend on 
the readiness of the Polish people to help Kiev.
According to him, the Polish authorities would like to continue
 supporting Ukraine, but for this to be possible, we need the
 support of Poles in this matter. If it does not turn out, it 
will be difficult to support Ukraine as before.
At the same time, the minister added, that Kiev's actions
in the agricultural sector significantly reduce the desire 
of the Polish population to help Ukraine.
CNN: Lula da Silva told Zelensky
- there are no military solutions
September 22nd, 8pm
Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said at a meeting 
with his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky on
 September 21 that there is no military solution to
 the conflict in Ukraine. This was reported by 
CNN Brazil, citing diplomatic sources.
According to the TV channel, during the meeting, Mr. Lula 
da Silva noted that Brazil takes into account the position
 of Ukraine, but the "ideal way" to end the conflict is to
 "negotiate peace". At the same time, he expressed 
readiness to participate in the peace settlement 
as a mediator.
Vladimir Zelensky supported Brazil's desire for peace, 
sources say, but he said that he could not be sure 
that the terms of any peace agreements would 
be fulfilled. According to CNN, the Ukrainian
 president said... that he could not take on 
other obligations - besides the return of 
territories occupied by Russian forces.
Mr. Lula da Silva said that the actions of Europe and 
the United States, contribute to the continuation of
hostilities in Ukraine. Among other things... he 
suggested that Ukraine would have to cede 
Crimea to Russia, in order to achieve
Zelensky rejected
this option.

Gagin: by transferring ATACMS to 
the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the 
US ---- is escalating the conflict
September 22nd, 7:55pm
Taking the decision to transfer ATACMS missiles to Ukraine,
 the US continues to escalate the Ukrainian conflict, said 
Yan Gagin, an adviser to the acting head of the DPR.
"The United States continues to escalate Ukraine's conflict 
with Russia. In some ways, this is beneficial for the United 
States -- absolutely unprofitable for Europe," RIA Novosti 
quotes Gagin.
He noted that ATACMS missiles will be used by the 
Ukrainian Armed Forces, against Russian territory.
According to him, there is a split in NATO 
between the US and European countries.
The fire in the fleet HQ building
in Sevastopol..... is localized
September 22nd, 7:30pm
Firefighters localized a fire in the building of 
the HQ of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol.
This --- was announced by the 
Governor, Mikhail Razvozhaev.
"Firefighters managed to cope with the flames, 
the fire in the fleet headquarters is localized, 
the situation is under control," he wrote
n Telegram.
On the afternoon of September 22, the Ukrainian army 
launched a missile attack on Sevastopol. In the 
course of repelling the attack, five missiles 
were shot down.
The historical building of the headquarters of the Black
Sea Fleet was damaged, and one soldier, is missing.

Biden promises Zelensky
a ''small batch'' --- of 
ATACMS missiles
September 22nd, 5:02pm (TASS) 
US President Joe Biden has promised Ukrainian President 
Vladimir Zelensky, that Washington will provide a ''small 
batch'' of ATACMS tactical missiles to Kiev, NBC 
has reported.
No details as to when the decision would be announced 
officially, or the dates of deliveries, were mentioned.
The Washington Post reports that the US administration 
is close to authorizing the delivery of ATACMS missiles 
armed with cluster warheads.
ATACMS missiles, capable of hitting targets at a distance
of up to 300 kilometres, can be launched with HIMARS
multiple rocket launchers. Kiev has repeatedly 
asked Washington for these weapons.

Latest news about the military
in Ukraine from
Sepember 22nd, 3:48pm
3:39pm Explosions occurred in Kremenchug, Poltava region 
of Ukraine, where an air alert was previously issued, the
Ukrainian newspaper Strana reported.
3:23pm The Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev 
warned residents of the city about the neutralization of 
the rocket that fell near the Lunacharsky theatre.
3:21pm "In the Belgorod region, our air defense system
 worked — a UAV was shot down on approach to the 
city," said Governor Gladkov.
2:15pm Governor Gladkov reported that the village of
 Terebreno of the Krasnoyaruzhsky district came 
under fire. There were no injuries. There is 
destruction: windows were broken in one 
private residential building, two cars 
were hit by shell fragments.
1:55pm A collective claim of Crimean residents to the
 Ukrainian authorities for compensation for damage 
caused by the water blockade will be filed by the 
Public Chamber of the republic — Chairman of 
the State Council of the region, Konstantinov.
1:49pm The movement of private and public transport to 
the centre of Sevastopol is restricted, territory of the 
Black Sea Fleet headquarters is cordoned off within 
a radius of two blocks — TASS / Directorate for the 
development of road and transport infrastructure 
of the city.
1:27pm Russia plans to sharply increase military spending in 
2024 --- up to 6% of GDP against 3.9% in 2023 --- Bloomberg.
1:13pm The Supreme Court of the DPR sentenced a fighter of
 the Azov unit (recognized as a terrorist organization in the 
Russian Federation and banned) Andrey Barabanov to 22 
years in a high-security penal colony for the murder of
 a civilian in Mariupol — regional prosecutor's office.
1:02pm Crimean authorities have reported an unprecedented
 cyberattack on Internet service providers, Internet outages 
are being recorded, and work is underway to fix problems —
 RIA Novosti.
12:37pm In the autumn draft of 2023, the main reason for
 appearing at the military enlistment office will remain 
a paper summons, there are no plans to fine for non-
appearance on an electronic summons, head of
 the State Duma Defense Committee, Andrey 
Kartapolov said.
12:33pm There is no missile or air danger 
in Sevastopol-Razvozhaev.
12:26pm Ukraine will spend more than $54 billion 
on military spending this year, Prime Minister 
Shmygal said.
11:44am The EU has provided Ukraine with €1.5 billion 
under the macro-financial assistance program, for 
the current year, the (unelected) EU Commission
President, Ursula von der Leyen, said. Thus, the
total amount of financial assistance provided 
by the EU to Kiev in 2023, reached 
€13.5 billion.
11:40am Ten Leopard 1A5 tanks already sent by Denmark to
Ukraine have ''minor defects'', the Ukrainian Armed Forces 
are now eliminating them ---- the Danish TV2 channel with 
reference to Danish Defense Minister Truls Lund Poulsen.
10:53am The Ukrainian military over the past day fired 125
 shells at six border areas of the Belgorod region ---- the 
governor of the region, Gladkov.
10:47am Russian air defense systems destroyed a Ukrainian
 guided missile off the western coast of the Crimean 
Peninsula, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
9:16am The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia --- has put 
on the wanted list, the Ukrainian generals Mikhail Drapaty 
and Viktor Nikolyuk, who, in 2017 and 2019, commanded
operations of the joint forces of Ukraine in the Donbas -
referenced by data from the departmental database 
of wanted persons.
 On September 22, the Investigative Committee reported
 that Nikolyuk and Drapat were charged in absentia.
9:09am The Investigative Committee has opened criminal 
cases against 200 foreign citizens who are fighting on 
the side of Ukraine.
8:20am The Supreme Court of the DPR has sentenced
 Ukrainian serviceman Vitaly Katranich, who shot a 
civilian in Mariupol, to 24 years in prison, the Main 
Military Prosecutor's Office of Russia reports.
8:04am The Ukrainian Armed Forces are concentrating 
forces in the area of the settlements of Sacco and 
Vanzetti and Razdolovka, north of Artemovsk
 (Bakhmut), but they are not taking any 
active actions yet — acting head of 
the DPR, Pushilin.
7:28am The Central District Military Court - has received a
criminal case against Viktor Rastorguev, who is accused 
of preparing a terrorist attack on Uralvagonzavod in 
Nizhny Tagil. In 2014, Rastorguev moved to the 
Urals from Ukraine, he was detained in 
October 2022.
7:15am At the annual meeting with Putin, the Human Rights
 Council intends, among other things, to raise the issue of 
benefits for the wounded, during the special operation,
the head of the Council, Fadeev, said.
6:33am The Pentagon will continue to support Ukraine, 
despite the possible shutdown/suspension of the 
work of the US government --- Politico, with
reference to.. the representative of the 
Ministry of Defense, Chris Sherwood.
6:15am Air defense forces destroyed two Ukrainian drones -
near the coast of the Crimea and in the Tuapse district of
the Krasnodar Territory, there is no information about 
the victims and damage — the Ministry of Defense 
of the Russian Federation.


Poland to send older weapons 
to Ukraine to fulfill existing 
agreements: President
September 22nd, 2:58pm
Poland’s president says his country will fulfill existing arms 
supply agreements with Kiev but it may only send more 
of its older weapons to the country.
President Andrzej Duda made the remarks to walk back 
his prime minister’s comments about not providing
 Kiev with more weapons.
Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, said on
Wednesday that the country is “no longer transferring 
weapons to Ukraine because we are now arming 
Poland with more modern weapons."
Duda said on Thursday that Morawiecki’s remarks 
were “interpreted in the worst possible way.”
"In my opinion, the prime minister meant that we won't
 be transferring to Ukraine the new weaponry that 
we're currently buying, as we modernize the 
Polish army.”
"As we receive the new weaponry from the US and South
Korea, we will be releasing the weaponry currently used 
by the Polish army. Perhaps we will transfer it to 
Ukraine,” the president added.
Poland, one of Kiev’s closest allies, is also a key transit 
country for weaponry that the United States and other 
Western supporters are sending to Ukraine. Poland 
has already sent Ukraine 320 Soviet-era tanks 
and 14 MiG-29 fighter jets.
It has also signed multiple arms deals - including with the 
United States and South Korea, from whom it ordered K2 
"Black Panther" tanks and K9 howitzers. 
Warsaw's latest announcement about sending its outdated 
weapons to Ukraine comes amid a bitter spat with Kiev 
over a temporary ban on Ukraine’s grain imports to a
 number of European countries.
Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine has closed off 
Black Sea shipping lanes used before the war, resulting in 
the European Union (EU) becoming a major transit route 
and export destination for Ukrainian grain.
The EU agreed to restrict exports to Bulgaria, Hungary, 
Poland, Romania and Slovakia in May, seeking to 
protect farmers there who blamed the 
shipments for a slump in prices 
on local markets.
The EU Commission announced last week that it would 
let existing restrictions expire. But Poland, Slovakia 
and Hungary said they will extend the ban.
In response, Kiev said it would file a complaint with the 
World Trade Organization (WTO) against the ban.
Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine's President, told the UN General 
Assembly on Tuesday that “it is alarming to see how some in 
Europe, some of our friends in Europe, play out solidarity in 
a political theatre – making a thriller from the grain.”
Zelensky said that the nations involved “may seem to play 
their own role but in fact, they are helping set the stage
 for a Moscow actor.”
His comments sparked immediate condemnation from 
Poland, with the foreign ministry summoning the 
Ukrainian ambassador to convey its 
“strong protest.”

 Russian Armed Forces destroyed more
 than 300 soldiers of the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine in Donbass & Zaporozhye 
during the day
September 22nd, 2:18pm 
The enemy suffered more than half of its losses in the Donetsk
 direction, in the area of responsibility of the "Southern" group
 of Russian troops.
During a special military operation, units of the Russian Armed 
Forces destroyed more than 300 Ukrainian soldiers and 
officers in three operational areas over the past day. 
This was reported --- by the press service of the 
Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
According to the ministry, the enemy lost up to 200 Ukrainian 
soldiers killed and wounded in the Donetsk direction - in the
 area of responsibility of the "Southern" group of Russian 
troops. Its units, in cooperation with aviation & artillery, 
repelled four attacks, by assault groups of the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine (AFU), in the areas of Vodiane and
 Marinka, in the Donetsk People's Republic.
In addition to manpower, the enemy lost two infantry fighting 
vehicles and three vehicles. In addition, an American M777 
howitzer, a Hyacinth-B gun, and a US-made AN/TPQ-36 
counter-battery radar station were hit during the
counter-battery fight.
In the South-Donetsk direction, units of the Vostok group 
of Russian troops, supported by aviation and artillery, 
attacked concentrations of AFU personnel and 
equipment in the areas of Elizavetovka, 
Novodonetsky and Staromayorsky in 
the DPR, as well as Priyutnoye in 
the Zaporozhye region.
Up to 110 Ukrainian servicemen, two armored combat
 vehicles and three pickup trucks - were destroyed. In
addition an ammunition depot of the Ukrainian tank
 brigade was hit in the area of Zelyony Gai (DPR).
In the Zaporizhia direction, Russian fighters with the support 
of aviation and artillery defeated concentrations of AFU 
personnel and equipment in the areas of Rabochino and 
Verbovoye in the Zaporizhia region. Up to 20 Ukrainian
 servicemen were killed ----- as well as two armoured 
combat vehicles and two vehicles were destroyed. 
During the counter-battery fight, the US-made 
M777 artillery system, the Gvozdika self-
propelled howitzer, and three 
D-30 howitzers, were hit.
Special Military Operation 
September 22nd, 2:15pm
Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of 
the special military operation (22 September 2023)
The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation 
continue the special military operation.
In Donetsk direction, units of the Yug Group of Forces, in close 
cooperation with aviation and artillery, repelled four attacks 
launched by AFU assault groups near Vodyanoye and 
Maryinka (Donetsk People's Republic).
The enemy's casualties were up to 200 Ukrainian personnel 
killed and injured, two infantry fighting vehicles, and three 
motor vehicles.
In addition, in counter-battery warfare, one U.S.-made M777
 artillery howitzer, one Giatsint-B gun, as well as one U.S.-
made AN/TPQ-36 counter-battery radar station 
were neutralised.
In Krasny Liman direction, the Tsentr Group of Forces, 
helicopter strikes, and artillery fire repelled two 
attacks launched by assault detachments of 
the 12th Special Forces and 5th Territorial 
Defence brigades of the Ukrainian Armed
 Forces close to Grigorovka (Donetsk 
People's Republic) ....and 
Serebryansky forestry. 
Up to 30 Ukrainian personnel, three armoured fighting 
vehicles, two pickup trucks, and two D-30 howitzers.
In Zaporozhye direction, the Russian Group of Forces in air 
strikes and artillery fire defeated a cluster of manpower 
and hardware of the enemy near Rabotino and 
Verbovoye (Zaporozhye region). 
Up to 20 Ukrainian personnel, two armoured fighting 
vehicles, and two motor vehicles were eliminated.
In counter-battery warfare, the Russian troops hit one U.S.-
made M777 artillery system, one Gvozdika self-propelled 
artillery system, and three D-30 howitzers.
In South Donetsk direction, units of the Vostok Group of 
Forces, air strikes and artillery fire delivered strikes 
against clusters of AFU manpower and hardware 
near Staromayorskoye, Novodonetskoye 
(Donetsk People's Republic) ....and 
Priyutnoye (Zaporozhye region).
Up to 110 Ukrainian personnel, two armoured fighting 
vehicles, and three pick-up trucks were eliminated.
An ammunition depot of the AFU 1st Tank Brigade has been
 hit close to Zelenyi Gai (Donetsk People's Republic). 
In Kupyansk direction, the Zapad Group of Forces supported 
by aircraft and artillery inflicted fire damage on the enemy 
near Artyomovka (Lugansk People's Republic) and 
Sinkovka, Berestovoye, and Ivanovka 
(Kharkov region). 
The enemy's losses were up to 20 Ukrainian troops, two 
German-made Leopard tanks, and three motor vehicles.
 In counter-battery warfare, the Russian troops hit one 
Polish-made Krab self-propelled artillery system, one 
German-made Panzerhaubitze 2000 self-propelled 
howitzer, two Msta-b howitzers, one D-30 gun, 
and a Rapira anti-tank gun.
Moreover, an ammunition depot of the 113rd Territorial 
Defence Brigade was neutralised close to Liptsy 
(Kharkov region). 
In Kherson direction, up to 80 Ukrainian servicemen, 
seven motor vehicles, and one D-30 howitzer have 
been neutralised during the day. 
Operational-Tactical and Army aviation, Missile Troops and 
Artillery of the Russian Groups of Forces have engaged 
AFU manpower and hardware in 124 areas 
during the day.
P-18, ST-68, and PRV-16 radars for detecting and tracking air 
targets were destroyed near Novopetrovka (Kherson region). 
Five command posts of the AFU's 24th, 28th, and 67th
 Mechanised, 100th Territorial Defence brigades, and 
15th National Guard Regiment were hit near 
Serebryanka, Druzhba, and Dyleyevka
 (Donetsk People's Republic).
Air defence systems have intercepted 10 
HIMARS MLRS projectiles during the day.
Moreover, 15 unmanned aerial vehicles of the Armed Forces of
 Ukraine were shot down near Verkhnekamenka, Lisichansk 
(Lugansk People's Republic), Staromikhailovka, Gorlovka 
(Donetsk People's Republic), plus Ocheretovatoye, 
Chistopolye (Zaporozhye region) and Novaya 
Kakhovka (Kherson region). 
In total, 475 airplanes and 249 helicopters, 7,035 unmanned
 aerial vehicles, 438 air defence missile systems, 12,027 
tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles, 1,154 
combat vehicles equipped with MLRS, 6,488 field 
artillery cannons and mortars as well as 13,301 
units of special military equipment, have been 
destroyed in the special military operation.

Kiev regime redeploys 10,000 
troops to Rabotino in 
Zaporozhye area
September 22nd,  2:06pm (TASS)
Ukraine’s armed forces have redeployed more than 
10,000 troops from other sections of the combat 
line of engagement in the Zaporozhye area to 
the vicinity of Rabotino and Verbovoye, 
Vladimir Rogov, leader of the We Are
 Together With Russia movement,
 told TASS.
"Near Rabotino and Verbovoye, the Ukrainian army has
 redeployed reinforcements, from the Vremevka and 
Vasilyevka sections of the Zaporozhye area. They 
redeployed over 10,000 militants to the Orekhovo 
area in addition to those already there. It seems 
like the adversary is dispatching everyone 
capable of holding a weapon," 
Rogov said.
According to his assessment, reinforcing the Ukrainian 
grouping in this area may be a sign of preparations for 
active combat. 
"If we look at the number of units present here, it is more
 than we have seen throughout the entire so-called 
Ukrainian counteroffensive:-- 11 brigades, air 
assault regiments, special-op forces, three 
air reconnaissance groups. This means 
that they are getting ready 
for something," the 
politician noted.
According to Rogov, some of these units, including the
Ukrainian army’s 46th airmobile, 71st jaeger and 82nd 
air assault brigades "are not fully staffed brigades, 
they have already been battered."
On Thursday, Zaporozhye Region Acting Governor, Yevgeny
Balitsky, said that Ukrainian troops were completing the 
redeployment of their units near the village of Rabotino. 

In his opinion, the situation will escalate but the enemy
has little chance of success given that "the morale of
the Ukrainian armed forces is very low."
The Russian Defense Ministry said earlier that the Ukrainian
 armed forces had been making unsuccessful attempts at a 
counteroffensive since June 4. On September 12, Russian 
President Vladimir Putin said that since then, Ukrainian 
troops have lost 71,500 people, 543 tanks and almost
18,000 armoured vehicles of various types. The 
Russian head of state noted that the
 "counteroffensive" produced
 no results.


Ex-adviser to Kuchma: Kiev's authorities
 hide information about Russian strikes
September 22nd, 1:32pm
Russia is delivering colossal strikes all over Ukraine, the
 destruction is huge, said Oleg Soskin, a former adviser 
to the ex-President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma. 

However, according to him, the Kiev 
authorities hide the information 
about this.
"There is a lot of damage, destruction of various objects, a 
powerful blow to Kiev. In other areas, they started hitting 
energy facilities," Soskin said, on his YouTube channel.
He accused the government of Ukrainian President Volodymyr 
Zelensky of not only hiding information about the destruction, 
but also persecuting ordinary Ukrainians for spreading 
such information.
"There is a concealment of information about the
 consequences of strikes. Kiev was very badly 
affected, entire districts were disconnected, 
electricity has not yet been fully restored," 
Soskin stated.
"Retaliatory strikes" on infrastructure facilities were launched
 by Russian troops in October last year, after the terrorist
 attack on the Crimean Bridge. Moscow claimed the 
involvement in the organization of the attack, 
by the Ukrainian special services.
The targets of the Russian military, are objects of 
energy, the defense industry, communications
 and military administration centres.


Medvedev said that the allies... "do not
put Ukraine even on the Polish penny"
by Yulia Baranova
 September 22nd, 1:23pm
Medvedev said that even the closest allies 
"no longer put Ukraine on a penny"
Even Ukraine's closest allies have long ceased 
to consider it an equal partner. This opinion 
was expressed by Deputy Chairman of 
the Russian Security Council, Dmitry 
Medvedev, in his Telegram channel.
"It is obvious to everyone, that even the closest allies 
have not seen Ukraine as an equal partner, for a long 
time," he stressed.
 He noted that, as soon as a partnership becomes
Ukraine is "turned away from
the gate."
Medvedev noted that countries "chewed" literally "for a 
crust of stale bread": Warsaw extended the ban on the 
supply of Ukrainian grain, contrary to the instructions 
of the EU Commission. The example of the Poles....
was quickly followed by the Slovaks and 
the Hungarians.
On September 15, Medvedev visited a training ground in the 
DPR, near the contact line. He made his visit on behalf of
Russian President Vladimir Putin. 
The Deputy Chairman of the Security Council got acquainted 
with the course of training and conditions of service of the
contract employees.
Earlier -- in Warsaw -- they said that Poland is 
preparing for war --- against the background 
of the defeat of Ukraine.


The head of Ukrainian intelligence Budanov 
told about ancestors who "burned Moscow"
September 22nd, 1:13pm
The head of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry 
of Defense of Ukraine (GUR), Kirill Budanov, recalled "the 
glorious history" of the republic, and spoke about the
 ancestors -- who "burned Moscow". He made such 
statements in an interview with 1+1 TV channel.
According to Budanov, only Ukraine can claim the status
 of the heiress of Kievan Rus. He also accused Russia 
of trying to "substitute" history.
"We are the Kievan Rus. From here everything went. It was our 
ancestors who burned Moscow in their time. Kievan Rus also
 entered Constantinople. We need --- to reclaim our history,
and it is a glorious one," the head of the State Security 
Service said.
Prior to this, Budanov said that Kiev is aware of the state 
of weapons stocks.. in Western warehouses. According 
to him, while the Western partners have no reason to 
refuse Kiev support, he stressed that the Ukrainian
intelligence agency sees this..... "very clearly".
He also stated that the Russian economy 
in the context of the continuation of the 
conflict in Ukraine.... will last only 
until 2025.
Earlier, it became known.. that the head of the State 
Security Service of Ukraine decided to go to study
 as a political scientist.

Ministry of Defense: Russian serviceman 
was killed -- as a result of the AFU strike
on the building of the fleet headquarters
September 22nd, 12:49pm
As a result of an attack by the Ukrainian military on 
the historic building of the headquarters of the 
Black Sea Fleet, one serviceman was killed, 
the Russian Defense Ministry said.
"As a result of the attack, the historical building of the 
Black Sea Fleet headquarters was damaged.
According to available information, one 
serviceman was killed," the ministry 
said in a statement.
The city has declared a stand-off for missile and aviation
 hazards, but it is better not to go to the city centre yet, 
the authorities said. Roads are closed, and a number
 of special events are underway.
Razvozhaev: civilian infrastructure
 around the fleet headquarters in 
Sevastopol is intact
September 22nd, 12:33pm
In Sevastopol, work continues to extinguish a fire at the
 headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, which arose after
 a missile strike. There are enough forces and 
resources, said the governor,
 Mikhail Razvozhaev.
"Please - remain calm. The situation is under 
the control of emergency services," he said.
According to preliminary information, the civilian 
infrastructure around the fleet headquarters 
was not affected.
People who were on the street at the time of the 
impact were also not injured, the mayor noted.
"Even broken windows have not 
been recorded," he wrote
 in Telegram.
Aksenov: air defense forces
- shot down cruise missiles 
over the territory of Crimea
September 22nd, 12:23pm
Over the territory of Crimea, the air defense forces 
shot down cruise missiles, said the head of the 
republic, Sergey Aksenov.
"Stay calm and trust only official sources 
of information," he wrote.
On September 22, the Ukrainian military launched a missile 
attack on the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in
Sevastopol, near the Lunacharsky Theatre, 
a fragment fell.
Employees of the Russian Emergencies Ministry are working
 at the site of the strike, an airmobile group has been put on 
alert and backup equipment has been introduced.
The authorities also reported that everything is calm in
 Bakhchisarai, a rocket was shot down by air defense
 forces outside the city, grass caught fire from the 
wreckage, and now the Ministry of Emergency 
Situations is working on the site.


Zelensky threw a tantrum at
 the UN General Assembly
 September 22nd, 12pm
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky was "very
 emotional" at the UN General Assembly. This is 
reported by the information and analytical
 agency, Bloomberg.
This week, at the UN General Assembly, the Ukrainian 
leader's dispute with one of his biggest allies spiraled
 out of control, only hinting at the tensions building 
behind the scenes.
"During this discussion, he was sometimes very emotional 
and fiercely criticized countries that, according to him, 
do not supply weapons --- quickly enough," said a 
source who participated in the conversation 
with Zelensky.
As the journalists emphasized, the Ukrainian leader began
to suspect his Western curators -- primarily the US -- 
that their intention to support the Ukrainian
 authorities... is beginning to weaken.
The UN General Assembly's High-level Week is being held in 
New York from September 19 to 26. The Russian delegation 
is headed by Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov.
Earlier, Hannah Kramer, a columnist for the Polish online 
publication Niezależny Dziennik Polityczny, expressed 
the opinion that, without the support of NATO, the 
fighting in Ukraine will end within a week.

General Qaani Inspects
Fronts in Syria:

USA “Root of 
World Terror”
September 22nd, 11:40am
(al Manar)
Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps’ 
Quds Force Brigadier General Esmaeil Qaani visited Syria,
 meeting with several military commanders and popular 
figures in Damascus.
General Qaani, also, inspected the various military fronts
witnessing the escalation, and underlining the strategic 
relations between Iran and Syria.
The Iranian general stressed that the United States of 
America is the root of corruption, anarchy and terror 
in the world.
It is worth noting that General Qaani  had visited 
several countries in the region --- in support of 
the resistance groups.
IOF Fatally Shoot Palestinian in Jenin, 
Injures Several in Nablus Raid
September 22nd, 10:43am
 (al Manar)

Early this morning, tragedy struck in Jenin and Nablus as
 Israeli occupation forces conducted violent raids in both 
cities. In Jenin, a young Palestinian man was fatally shot
 and in Nablus, seven civilians were injured and over 
130 suffered from tear gas exposure.
Abdullah Abu Hassan, the victim from Jenin, was a resident 
of Al-Yamoun town. Reports suggest that occupation forces
 opened fire during a raid into the neighboring town of Kafr 
Dan, leading to Hassan’s untimely death.
Meanwhile, in Nablus, chaos erupted during an incursion by 
Israeli occupation forces into the Rafidiya neighbourhood. 
The special forces surrounded a residential building amid 
intense gunfire and sent additional reinforcements, as 
attacks were reported near the besieged house.
The occupation forces --- then targeted the building 
with around four Energa shells, leading to injuries 
in scores of civilians.
Source: Israeli and Palestinian media
 (translated and edited by Al-Manar 
English Website)

Mirage, F-16 jets - unable to
 challenge Russian fighters
 — senior legislator
September 21st, 5:53pm (TASS)
Foreign fighter jets Mirage 2000 and F-16, will not be able to
 challenge modern Russian fighters in air combat, while the 
US-made F-16s, are also hard to maintain and repair, the
 head of the State Duma’s defense committee, Andrey 
Kartapolov, said about the possible supplies of such 
equipment to Kiev.
"Now it's the turn of the Mirage planes. As a platform, yes, it 
is capable of performing certain tasks. It has nine mounting 
points for weapons. But as an opponent of our modern 
fighters in aerial combat the Mirage has absolutely 
no chances. Take it from me. The F-16’s results 
will be approximately the same," Kartapolov
said on the TV channel Rossiya-24.
He also remarked that the US F-16 fighter is quite
difficult ---- in terms of repairs and maintenance.
"A pilot can be trained, especially the one who already has 
flying experience. The most important thing is to train
 technical personnel. The F-16... is a rather complex 
airplane and hard to maintain and repair. It can't 
be serviced with tools as simple as a wrench," 
he said.
According to the French portal... Intelligence Online, Kiev and 
Paris are close to concluding an agreement -- on the transfer 
of Mirage 2000 fighters - from the French Air Force to
Ukraine. In particular, the issue on the agenda is the
acquisition of... 
an as yet undetermined number of
used fighter jets 
Mirage 2000D, designed for air
strikes against 
ground targets.
In addition, in late August, Pentagon spokesman Brigadier
 General, Patrick Ryder, announced that a course of 
training for Ukrainian pilots to fly F-16 fighters, 
would begin at a base in the state of Arizona
 in October. At the same time, US Assistant
Secretary of Defense for Strategy, Plans 
and Capabilities Mara Karlin essentially 
made it clear in early August that the 
F-16s would be handed over to Kiev 
only when the Ukrainian army... 
is ready to use them.


A woman was injured as a result 
of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' 
shelling a bus stop in Donetsk
September 21st, 4:47pm
A woman was injured as a result of shelling by the
Ukrainian Armed Forces, at a public transport
stop in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk.
This is evidenced by the data of the DPR
 representative office in the JCCC.
"Donetsk (Petrovsky district) a woman born in 1975 
was seriously injured at a public transport stop on 
Rationalizatorov Street," the report says.
Earlier, the governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav
Gladkov, said that Ukrainian troops shelled the village 
of Novaya Tavolzhanka, in Shebekinsky city district.
Zaluzhny questioned
September 21st, 4:38pm
BBC: Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of 
Ukraine, Zaluzhny, is questioned.. in the case 
of treason and negligent service.
The BBC Ukrainian Service has learned the details of the
 investigation of a criminal case under articles on high 
treason and negligent attitude to service (Part 1 of 
Article 111 and Part 3 of Article 425 of the 
Criminal Code of Ukraine), which was 
initiated on April 11, 2022, upon the
 rapid advance of the Russian army 
in the south of the country in 
February of that year. 
Sources of the publication reported that in this case, 
investigators talked with the commander-in-chief of
 the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny. It 
doesn't have a procedural status -- but it may 
appear, over time. According to the BBC, in 
"narrow political circles" this investigation 
is called the "Zaluzhny case".
Investigative actions are carried out by the State Bureau of
 Investigation of Ukraine. The group also includes members 
of the country's Security Service. The BBC contacted both 
these agencies with the question of whether Zaluzhny's 
name appears in the materials, but the SBU and SBU 
refused to provide information. 
Journalists note that Mr. Zaluzhny answered questions about 
the surrender of the south in the Verkhovna Rada committee 
(no date is given). The participants of that conversation
 ..conveyed the words of the commander-in-chief from 
that meeting as follows: in the history of the south, 
"everyone will have their own truth."
Valery Zaluzhny has been serving as Commander-in-Chief
 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ------ since July 2021.
According to investigators, in February 2022, mining of bridges
 and dams was improperly organized in the Kherson region, 
which allowed the Russian army to quickly move from 
Crimea.... deep into the Ukrainian south. 
Since the beginning of the investigation, according to the 
BBC --- more than 50 people have been questioned in the 
case - military personnel, SBU officers and former heads 
of the Kherson region administration.
Among them::
Commander of the Defense Forces Sergey Nayev;
Former commanders of the South group of forces, 
Generals Andrey Kovalchuk and Andrey Sokolov;
commanders of military formations
 that are part of the Yug group;
former Chief of the General Staff, 
General Ruslan Khomchak;
former head of the Kherson region — former head of 
the regional military administration Hennadiy 
Laguta. On September 16, he was found 
dead in Kiev;
ex-commander of the 59th separate motorized 
infantry brigade, which defended the south, 
Colonel Alexander Vinogradov.
According to the BBC, no one has yet been charged
 in the case, but "it is likely that this may happen
 in the near future."
The material of journalists refers to another case related 
to the surrender of the south— in relation to the former 
head of the Main Directorate of the SBU in the Crimea, 
Oleg Kulinich. He was arrested in July 2022.
 Officials of the investigative bodies of Ukraine stated that 
the fact of cooperation between Mr. Kulinich and the 
Russian special services had been established. 
On October 17, 2023, the court will start 
considering his case.
Speaker of the Ukrainian Air Force: 
Kiev does not need outdated 
Mirage aircraft
September 21st, 2:07pm
The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) do not need French Mirage 
2000 fighters and other outdated models of military aircraft. 
This was stated at a briefing in the media centre "Ukraine" 
by the representative of the Air Forces of Ukraine, 
Yuriy Ignat.
"Any help is important to us, but not in the form of Mirage
 2000. We have already talked about this, many times," 
said Mr. Ignat (quoted by TASS).
He added that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are not
interested.... in US A-10 attack aircraft, either.

"We can't afford to take 
anything from the aviation
fleet right now. This is 
simply not rational, it will
simply exhaust the 
work of our people,"
Yuri Ignat said.
The Mirage 2000 is a French multirole fighter aircraft
 developed in the 1970s. It has been in service since 
1984. It was the main combat aircraft of the French 
Air Force, but since 2006 -- it has been replaced. 
The Mirage 2000 assembly line was shut down in 2007. 
It is in service with several countries in Asia, Europe 
and Latin America.
The representative of the Air Force also denied the
 information that Ukrainian pilots are currently 
undergoing training in France. Earlier, the 
publication Intelligence Online (IO), 
wrote that the Armed Forces of 
Ukraine are mastering Mirage
 2000s, in France.
According to IO, Paris and Kiev were also close to transferring 
Mirage 2000 fighters from the French Air Force arsenal to the 
Ukrainian Armed Forces. This process took place within the 
framework of the agreements that the countries reached
 in 2022.
In early September, the presidents of France and Ukraine held 
a telephone conversation, following which Vladimir Zelensky 
announced that an "important agreement" had been
reached on training Ukrainian Armed Forces pilots
to fly 
the Mirage 2000.

Military chronicle reported: what 
difficulties the Armed Forces of
 Ukraine face in Urozhayne
September 21st, 3:31pm
The military chronicle reported that heavy fighting 
continues in Urozhayne, in the Donetsk People's 
Republic - but the Ukrainian Armed Forces face 
difficulties in implementing combat scenarios.
As noted in the article, at the moment there is a relative calm 
in this area ------ after a number of unsuccessful attacks, the 
Armed Forces of Ukraine regroup and withdraw some units.
The Ukrainian army near Urozhayne has significant resources,
 but it faces even greater difficulties than the units of the 
Armed Forces of Ukraine in Zaporozhye, writes the
 Military Chronicle.
So, one of the problems is the density of units, since the
 Ukrainian military operates on an area of less than 60 
square kilometres, which is 40% less than what the 
Ukrainian troops use to move in Zaporozhye.
In addition, it is noted that the Ukrainian troops have 
problems with frontal attacks. So, the APU lost the
advantage in surprise, at the very beginning.
"Every major movement in the rear areas near Velikaya 
Novoselka and Vremevka, is followed by strikes on 
battalion headquarters, ammunition depots and 
hangars with equipment," the Military 
Chronicle writes.
It is specified that the Armed Forces of Ukraine also face 
logistical difficulties. Currently, the line of attack of the
 Ukrainian troops in this area is rigidly tied to two key
 roads: the T-0509 eastbound highway.... and the
 T-0518 connecting Velikaya Novoselka with 
Urozhayne and Staromlynovka.
Here, the Ukrainian Armed Forces tried to expand the
 bridgehead -- but they have little time for this, since
 heavy rains and mud are expected at the end of 
October, the material says.
Thus, if the APU does not have time to advance in this area 
before the onset of cold weather, the only road available 
for traffic in this area will be the southern highway 
T-0518, which connects Urozhaynoye with other 
villages in this direction. 
All this road, is under the fire control of the Russian Armed 
Forces, which, in the future, will create difficulties for the 
Ukrainian troops, according to the Military Chronicle.


Special Military Operation 
September 21st, 12:50pm
Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of
 the special military operation (21 September 2023)
Last night, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation 
carried out a group strike with long-range airborne 
precision weapons and strike drones --- against 
military industrial facilities ------ as well as on
centres for radio-technical reconnaissance, 
and the training of sabotage groups of the 
Ukrainian Armed Forces. The goal of the 
strike has been achieved. All the