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All-Russia is moving to liberation

 (only on youtube)
'come and see'
- a partisan film
Watch this film --- and you
will - finally - understand.
Some in the West are fond
of a loose use of words...
''stunning'', for example, to describe
a work of art... but believe me
when I say - this film about a
lad of 14 - made me laugh
and cry and - by the end 
- I was left stunned.

A recent attempt on youtube by an obvious
anti-Russian, to pour scorn on this film's
historical accuracy, tries to point out
that the nazi troops state they are
members of a unit that was not
there.. but can't bring himself
to see that they might have
been lying!




St. John of Kronstadt Orthodox 
Spiritual Care Centre
"Veterans and children of the Great Patriotic War:
to the Government 
and people of Germany".
By events in Ukraine
Today, when the German government decided
to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons, the
world has changed — the silhouettes of a 
new world war are more than clearly 
outlined! And again - Germany! 
But there are honest people in Germany, anti-
fascists, and we hope that this Message will 
fall into their hands. People born between 
1927 and 1945 have the status of "war 
children" in Russia.
All those who survived that war can subscribe to this letter.
We think that actual signatures are not necessary, we
suggest that veterans
(or "war children") read them
this letter, 
independently or with someone's help, 
and send us (at the coordinates indicated
below) something like 
the following: 
Moscow, Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, 90 years old, disabled
war veteran (or otherwise), Hero of 
the Soviet Union
(or Holder of the Order of 
Glory... or otherwise),
was repatriated to
 Germany during the war
(or otherwise). 

Or just the city, full name, and age. The 
main thing, is that they should be real 
people who are familiar with the text.
We, the last veterans and all the peoples of 
Russia who survived that great and terrible
war, are now on the verge of death! Our 
time is already running out. For a huge 
part of our lives, we hoped we would 
come to the end of it, in peace - 
without all-destroying hatred! 
For the painfully long decades after the Second World War,
we overcame our righteous anger! I 
long for retribution for
the innumerable wounds, spiritual and physical, that we
still carry in our bodies and our hearts! And most of us
have forgiven! And not in a small way due to the fact
that Germany for many years has demonstrated its
repentance its understanding of what it has done!
And we have overcome, not only ourselves, but
also the voice of the blood of 
our barbarically
exterminated relatives! 
By whom?
Germans ...fascists! 
We have forgiven... following the laws of human
coexistence! So it was... until 2014. And then,
in 2014, when everything began in Ukraine... 
we looked with hope at Germany and at the
then Chancellor Angela Merkel. We couldn't
imagine that after all that the Germans did 
in Ukraine, after Babi Yar, after mountains 
of mutilated corpses, they would still look 
with lust at the Ukrainian fields that can 
feed Europe today! Or they, the Germans, 
who have covered the Crimea they once 
promised with blood, will still somehow
be interested in turning the Crimea 
an American and in general a NATO 
base, ideal for aggression against
Which would be clearly
aimed at a future war. 
After all, only fools do not understand the meaning and
goals of the entire coup in 
Ukraine... in the conditions
of which 
Russia behaved in the only possible way! But
the Germans are not fools! 
We the Russians, know for
your psychology, as "brothers in blood" - our
blood, which you 
"prudently" shed in rivers! 
We remember your "systematic methods of
population reduction"! Our population! Until
now, in different parts of our once united
Homeland, where the boot of German 
fascism was trodden, we find hidden 
mass graves of our civilians: in the 
Novgorod region, in the Kuban, in 
the Rostov region, in Karelia. In 
Belarus, in 2021... hundreds of 
civilian remains... were found 
in Brest    ...on the site of the 
Jewish ghetto the Trostenets 
concentration camp....  near 
Minsk terrible in its tragedy
revealed the secret of the 
remains... of thousands of 
tortured and killed people! 
We are talking about tens of thousands of newly
discovered victims of Nazism! This blood - still
cries out for revenge - and for decades the
memory of the barbarously destroyed 
Russian people, and monuments to 
Russian soldiers, liberators, have 
been desecrated with impunity! 
And the new Nazis are marching in the Baltic
States and Ukraine, in front of the entire
"civilized" world!  But in 2014, we were 
sincerely convinced -- that in this new 
Nazi demarche it's the Germans who 
will be our associates in preventing 
this meanness! 
We hoped that, guided by an elementary
conscience, the Germans would not 
participate..  in an obviously fascist 
anti-state coup in Ukraine! After all 
...the subsequent catastrophe of 
modern Ukraine was committed 
by direct descendants of those 
who were special bastards in 
the German army! Clearly, 
Americans and Canadians have only hidden and preserved
this diabolical heritage, feeding this 
generation, but the
product of this evil... is Germany! Hitler's Germany! And
it was impossible for us to believe that it was 
that would again give a 
"road map" to these inhumans!
we were wrong! Germany has once again allowed
these fascist geeks 
to enter the world! 
The support of modern Germany - in the face of
the new government of Ukraine-Bandera, the
heirs of the SS division " Galicia ", the thugs 
of the UPA OUN and all other abominations;
is simply unthinkable for us! This is beyond 
all that is human!  But you, Germany, have
already done it and continue to do it! You 
have, once again, set your sights on the 
Slavic world and these geeks are blood 
from the blood of German Nazism! And 
again to Russia! 
Only, even more despicable: inciting our closest
Ukrainian brothers against us! And you know it!
You know this as well as we do! You killed one
nation in that Great War! Yes, we are
one people! 
The truth is written and often spoken about 
by your own Steinmeier, who at the same 
time viciously took a direct part in the 
Kiev coup of 2014 — fascist in fact! 
This American may not be clear about some-
thing, but it's more than that, for you!  And 
after all, it was your vykormysh..  that got 
ready..  for their torchlight processions in 
Kiev! The living shadow of Nazi Germany 
is behind all this. It was only temporarily
covered up by sly diplomacy — "helmets 
instead of guns"! But that's it, "masks 
are reset"! Your supply of German 
weapons to Ukraine today, is 
natural, it is in the logic of 
your policy of recent 
Today it is clearly pro-fascist! You have taken 
this step: German weapons will kill Russians 
again! Keep killing. During the years of the 
conflict in the Donbas, your professional 
killers have already killed Russians, at 
least by teaching them...  "how to kill 
correctly"! Only now -- it's even more 
despicable — you're teaching this to
- your blood brothers!  Donbass is on 
your conscience! Thousands of lives 
of its peaceful citizens --- again your 
handiwork! We do not care about the
role of Americans, in everything that
happens: there, is money-God!  We, 
veterans of that war, its children, 
are concerned about the role of 
the Germans! Because it is you 
who know -- exactly -- who the 
Ukrainian "national battalions" 
consist of --- and could have 
prevented and stopped, this 
new fascism !  But they did
not do it! And just by doing 
this — you are once again, 
responsible to history! 
And you are definitely participating -- in the 
preparation of Ukraine for war with Russia! 
You can't help but understand the purpose 
of everything that happened --- from the
unconstitutional coup in Kiev ....to the 
bloodshed in the Donbass!  But, in fact
this is preparation for the Third World 
War! And again, you are Germans... 
Germany!  We hear from the high 
German rostrum in Berlin today: 
"Russia will pay a high price"!!! 
This is the German Chancellor's 
speech! Unthinkable! We have 
already paid the price — 27 
million of our lives! Isn't that 
enough for you?! What price 
are you still talking about? 
There is no home --- in Russia, Ukraine and
Belarus - where "this price" isn't paid! And
there is no home in Germany, that did 
not participate in that terrible, bloody 
barbarism!  It's scary!  It's wild! And 
today, there are, already, more than 
13 thousand dead Russian people 
in the Donbass at the hands of 
the new Nazis! 
The German Chancellor's public mockery of the
Russian genocide in the Donbas is a crime in
itself! How much can the lessons of history 
be misunderstood and discredited!  The 
scariest story in the world! Do you want 
to be even scarier?! After all, this new 
"Dranch nach Oschtern" ..may lead to 
the fact that the 2nd Nuremberg trial 
over you will no longer be - there will 
simply be no humanity! You won't be 
here! But a special Ecumenical trial 
of you Germans is inevitable! Over 
all aggressors — but over you 
World justice will be served! And we, the last
veterans of that terrible war, are leaving this
world as witnesses!  Witnesses for the 
PROSECUTION! And today the victory 
will be ours, but those who died 
yesterday, or those of us who 
will die today, already bear 
witness to the role of the 
German people, in the 
history of the human 
world — a bloody 
German weapons are back in the 
hands of Nazi thugs! Please stop!
Email addresses for information:
- Russian Union of Veterans: organizing
 questions and collecting signatures of
 veterans and children of the Second 
World War
veteran1944@yandex.ru -questions about 
this publication to its author: Monk John
(Adlivankin), Deputy Head of the Russian
Orthodox Church. head and ved. 
specialist of the St. Peter's 
Orthodox Counseling Centre. 
St. John of Kronstadt.

If you want the truth about
the massacre of civilans
in Bucha - paste the
web address below
into your browser


The video above is of a pro-Russia cavalcade
in Germany
 and it surely brought heart-
bursting tears!

More than 5,000 cars in just one campaign
in support of Russia --- in Germany !!!!!!!!!

NATO has a Scandinavian
'leftist' as its head - WHY?


Efran and Poet's tribute to
 all those killed by wars


The Russian military ----- explained the 
strikes of UAVs of the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine on peaceful targets
March 2nd, 10:55pm
The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) launch drone strikes 
against peaceful targets, to terrorize the population. 

This was told to RIA Novosti by the commander 
of one of the Russian UAV control units with
 the call sign Lego.
According to him, Kiev expects to intimidate residents 
with the appearance of UAVs in regions remote from 
the special operation zone. "Everything in the 
outback is purely a nightmare for the 
population, just as Donetsk is a 
nightmare, so is this," the 
fighter said.
At the same time, Lego admitted that some drones fall into
 residential buildings due to errors of the UAV operator. 

For example, before launching the drone, they may 
have incorrectly calculated the required amount 
of fuel or entered incorrect coordinates in the 
flight program.
On the morning of March 2nd, a drone crashed in the 
Krasnogvardeysky district of St. Petersburg.

damaged one of the residential buildings
Piskarevsky Avenue. After the incident...
 least six people sought medical help.
In the Kherson region complained
about looting by soldiers of the 
Armed Forces of Ukraine
March 2nd, 10:42pm
Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are engaged
 in looting in their controlled city of Kherson. This 
was stated by the senator from the Kherson 
region, Igor Kastyukevich, in an interview 
with RIA Novosti.
According to him, Ukraine's military, often impersonate
civilians. The senator noted -----
 that most of the city's
population is 
made up of elderly people and soldiers.

"Looting is rampant. 
Old people are being
from their own apartments," 
he said.
Kastyukevich stressed, that it is very difficult 
for everyone who could not leave the city 
during the evacuation.
In early February, the Governor of the Kherson region, 
Vladimir Saldo said that residents of Kherson were 
leaving the city because of the unbearable 
conditions -- created by the Ukrainian 
authorities. He explained that the 
Ukrainian Armed Forces are 
carrying out fortification 
work, to try to prevent 
the offensive of the
Russian troops.
Deputy Foreign Minister and Chinese 
Special Representative ----- discuss 
settlement of the crisis in Ukraine
March 2nd, 10:34pm
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin held 
a meeting with Chinese Special Representative and 
head of the Chinese delegation for the Ukrainian 
settlement Li Hui, and discussed the conflict in 
Ukraine. This was announced on March 3
 the Russian Foreign Ministry.
It is noted that on March 2, the diplomats exchanged views 
on the crisis and agreed that the ultimatum demands to 
Russia promoted by Kiev and Western countries and
 the "dialogue" formats associated with them --
harm the prospects for a settlement. 
As Galuzin and Li Hui pointed out, this cannot 
be the basis for resolving the situation.
Galuzin stated that any discussion of the conflict 
settlement, is impossible - without taking into 
account Russia's interests in the security 
sphere, as well as its participation in 
the discussion.
"Any discussion of a political and diplomatic settlement 
is impossible without Russia's participation and taking
 into account its security interests," the report says.
According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the meeting 
was held.... in the traditionally friendly and trusting 
atmosphere inherent in Russian-Chinese relations.
Earlier, on March 2, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov 
said at a press conference following the diplomatic forum 
in Antalya --- that Russia had not received any serious
 proposals for negotiations with Ukraine, after the 
meeting in Istanbul in 2022. He stressed that 
the Russian side has never refused to 
negotiate, but does not receive 
any proposals for them.
On January 25, Russian presidential press Secretary Dmitry
 Peskov reminded that Russia is open to negotiations on
 resolving the situation in Ukraine. He expressed his
 full determination to achieve the goals set.
Back on November 22 last year, Russian President Vladimir 
Putin noted that Russia has never refused peace talks on 
Ukraine. The Russian leader also stressed --- that any 
military actions are always a tragedy, and pointed 
out that "we must think about how to stop
 this tragedy."
Russian Armed Forces captured an
M113 armoured personnel carrier 
from the Vietnam War in Avdiivka
March 2nd, 10:21pm
Fighters of the Russian group of forces "Centre", captured 
some samples of Western equipment during the assault 
on Avdiivka, for example, the US M113 armoured 
personnel carrier from the Vietnam War.

This was reported by an RIA 
Novosti correspondent.
According to the deputy commander of the armament 
battalion with the call sign "Rotor" ----- the APU were
delivered a fairly large batch of these armoured 
personnel carriers.
"This model is notable for the fact that it is generally 
also a transport for a 120-mm mortar. In fact, this 
is a nomadic fire weapon," he added.
The Russian military also managed to capture
 Turkish and British armoured vehicles.
In late December, the Russian Armed Forces seized 
the Lithuanian electronic warfare station Sky 
Wiper Omni --- in Krasnolimansk direction.

Zelensky: internal disputes of 
Ukraine's allies about aid will 
be impossible to forget
March 2nd, 9:44pm
Volodymyr Zelensky said that the internal disputes of
 Ukraine's partners about helping the Armed Forces
 of Ukraine --- will be impossible to forget.
In his video message, he noted that Kiev did not ask
for "anything more necessary to protect lives," and 
partners are engaged in "political games or 
disputes that limit defense."
"It is impossible to agree with this. And, it will be 
impossible to forget — the world will remember
 it," Zelensky said.
Earlier, the speaker of the Ukrainian Air Force, Yuriy 
Ignat, acknowledged Kiev's dependence on 
Western missiles, for air defense.

The Parliament complained about 
the lack of fortifications of the
Armed Forces of Ukraine....
 after fleeing from Avdiivka
March 2nd, 9pm
After fleeing from Avdiivka, the Armed Forces of Ukraine 
had no defensive fortifications on which to gain a 
foothold, said the deputy of the Verkhovna 
Rada of Ukraine, Roman Kostenko.
Kostenko, who holds the position of secretary of 
the National Security, Defense and Intelligence 
Committee, noted -- that the lack of defensive 
positions to which it is possible to withdraw 
-- is "the biggest problem."
It is difficult for retreating troops to
 go on the defensive, he stressed.
"They had to be prepared in such a way that there were
 positions. The retreating troops had to go behind the
 defending troops," RIA Novosti quoted him 
as saying.
Advance publication wrote that, after the capture
of Avdiivka by the Russian Armed Forces, the 
situation at the front, will begin to 
develop rapidly.
On February 17, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu 
reported to President Vladimir Putin about 
the capture of Avdiivka.
The Russian Defense Ministry told 
about the exploits of the Russian 
Armed Forces in the special 
operation zone
March 2nd, 9pm
As indicated in the military department, the commander of 
the sapper department, Sergeant of the Guard Alexander 
Shishkov performed a combat mission to mine landing-
dangerous areas and tank-dangerous areas, fortifying
 the positions of Russian troops -- and installing mine-
explosive barriers to destroy personnel and heavily
 armored equipment of the Armed Forces of 
Ukraine (APU) on the approaches to 
Russian defensive positions.
The Russian Defense Ministry stressed, that, in the course 
of performing a combat mission, being in close proximity
 to the line of contact with the enemy - Guard Sergeant 
Shishkov, together with his squad - secretly moved to
 the designated area. He made a reconnaissance of
 mining lines.... the ways of advancing the enemy 
to them, determined the places of passages in 
minefields for his units, marked them, and 
also set signals for their closure.
Shishkov's professionalism helped install more than 250 
mines of various classes. Arranged nodes of obstacles 
...installed groups of anti-tank, anti-personnel, anti-
vehicle and object mines, prevented the enemy 
from breaking through the line of defense of 
Russian units in the area of responsibility 
of the Shishkov unit, thus stopping the 
advance of the APU..... and their 
armoured vehicles.
In addition, the Ministry of Defense noted the work of the 
shooter, Guard corporal Mikhail Verkholantsev, who was 
engaged in defense in one of the tactically significant 
 For several days, the enemy actively conducted combat 
reconnaissance with the support of artillery, revealing 
the positions of firepower of the Armed Forces of the
 Russian Federation.
However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine suddenly launched 
an offensive with the support of armoured vehicles during 
the next sortie. Verkholantsev, being at a favorable firing 
point --- successfully destroyed the enemy's manpower. 
Having discovered the position of the Russian serviceman,
 the enemy tried... to suppress the firing point with
 concentrated fire. Despite the shelling from 
tanks and rocket-propelled grenades -- 
Verkholantsev, using pre-prepared 
shelters, changed his firing 
position, moving to the 
flank of the assault 
group of militants. 
Accurate fire from small arms and grenades
several militants --- and forced
the Ukrainian Armed
 Forces to retreat.
The ministry clarified that Verkholantsev, having made 
sure that the enemy was retreating, secretly moved 
to the platoon positions.... where he began to 
provide first aid to his colleagues, who 
were wounded during the repulse
 the attack. 
Then, realizing that some of his comrades needed medical 
assistance, he personally organized the evacuation of
wounded to the medical unit.
Thanks to the courage and determination of Verkholantsev,
the attack of the APU was thwarted, and they retreated, 
suffering significant losses in manpower. In addition,
the actions of the serviceman, also saved the 
lives of Russian soldiers.

Express: Russian "Sarmat" --- is capable of 
destroying several targets simultaneously
March 2nd, 3:57pm
(RT.ru - source: Express)
The Sarmat missile system is capable of hitting several 
targets simultaneously, the British tabloid Express
 reports, citing data from the US Centre for 
Strategic and International Studies.
According to the newspaper, the missile system can cover
 distances from 10 thousand to 18 thousand km, covering
 the entire territory of Europe and most of the US.
"Satan-II "(according to the NATO classification. - RT) 
weighs 220 tons and hass several installations with
 independent guidance ------ which means that one 
missile can hit several targets simultaneously,"
 the article says.
President Vladimir Putin said in his address to the Federal 
Assembly on February 29 that the new Sarmat heavy 
intercontinental ballistic missiles - were delivered 
to the troops.

Lavrov: Russian Armed Forces
will deploy new weapons --- in 
response to NATO expansion
March 2nd, 3:36pm
The Russian Armed Forces will deploy additional weapons
 in two military districts, in response to challenges that
 may arise in connection with the entry of Finland and
 Sweden into NATO, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei
 Lavrov said.
Speaking at a press conference after the diplomatic forum 
in Antalya, the Minister noted that it was surprising to 
see how Finland and Sweden instantly changed 
their neutrality ---- to join NATO.
"We have already made organizational decisions, created 
the Moscow Military District and the Leningrad Military 
District. Additional weapons will be deployed there
 that will be adequate to the challenges that may 
appear on the territory of Finland & Sweden,"
 Lavrov said.
All the long decades of good neighbourliness with these 
countries have gone to waste, the Russian Foreign 
Minister complained.
On February 26, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree 
recreating the Moscow and Leningrad military districts
 - and establishing their composition. In a message to 
the Federal Assembly the Head of State announced 
plans to seriously strengthen the Russian Armed 
Forces in the western direction in connection 
with the entry of Sweden and Finland
into NATO.
Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that 18 military units 
will be reorganized in the Central Military District in 2024.


Russian troops take Ukrainian 
strongholds in Zaporozhie
March 2nd, 11:40am
 (Prensa Latina) 
Russian paratroopers of the Novorossiysk and Stavropol 
units took strongholds of the Ukrainian Armed Forces 
near Verbovoy in the Zaporozhie sector, the Russian 
Defense Ministry reported, on Saturday.
The paratroopers were supported by airstrikes, during the 
assault, and after the enemy positions surrendered, they 
took several Ukrainian soldiers, the defense ministry
 said on its official website.
According to a report, the Defense Ministry specified that 
Russian troops approached the defensive positions of 
the Armed Forces of Ukraine, shelled some shelters 
with hand fragmentation grenades, where fighters 
were hiding....... and ended up occupying 
the positions.
The Defense Minsitry also claimed that the Ukrainian 
army ...was unable to fight a serious battle. It is 
known, that several Ukrainian Armed Forces 
soldiers were taken and those who offered
resistance, were killed in the attack.
Earlier, the Zaporozhie Governor Evgueni Balitsky stated
 that Russian troops have a clear artillery advantage 
in the region, and the enemy cannot respond.


Gagin compared the Abrams tank 
destroyed by the Russian Armed
 Forces ---- to an empty tin can
March 2nd, 2:05am
The US's Abrams tank destroyed by the Russian Armed 
Forces in the area of Avdiivka, in the Donetsk People's 
Republic, didn't include advanced technologies even 
before its transfer to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 
This was stated on March 2, by Yan Gagin, 
adviser to the head of the DPR.
"The Abrams, which we recently burned, this tank was an 
empty tin can with a gun — all innovations and secret 
technologies were removed from it ...before being 
transferred to Ukraine, so that Kiev would not
 take possession of them," he said, in an
 interview with RIA Novosti.
At the same time... Gagin noted that any military equipment 
of Western countries - is transferred to the Kiev regime in a 
similar form or involves accompanying special instructors 
who are well versed in its maintenance.
"When transferring such missiles, suppliers in no way 
want to face the fact that Kiev takes possession of
technologies, so these high-precision weapons 
are guided, serviced and programmed 
exclusively by calculations and 
specialists of the supplier 
countries --- Germany, 
France and the UK," 
Gagin added.

Russian paratroopers - occupied 
the Ukrainian Armed Forces's 
strongholds nr Verbovoye
March 2nd, 2pm
Units of the Novorossiysk Guards Mountain Formation of
the Russian Airborne Forces, occupied strongholds of 
the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the village of
Verbovoe -- in the Zaporozhye direction, in
the special military operation zone
This was announced on March 2, 
by the Russian Defense Ministry.
The Russian Defense Ministry clarified -- that during one of
 the battles near this settlement, assault groups of Kuban 
and Stavropol paratroopers came close to the defensive 
positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine -- and threw 
hand fragmentation grenades at the dugouts where 
Ukrainian militants were hiding... and completed 
their cleaning - with small arms fire.
As noted by the Russian Defense Ministry, the enemy was 
discouraged by the courage and bravery of the Russian 
Airborne Forces --- as well as their suddenness and 
speed of action, as a result of which, they could 
not resist.
In addition, the Russian Defense Ministry pointed out that 
several soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were 
captured, and those who still decided to resist were 
eliminated during the clearing of strongholds.
German businessman says 
Scholz is insane - over 
recording of military 
March 2nd, 1:46am
The policy of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz --- is leading 
Germany to war with Russia, the country's leader is mad. 
This statement was made on March 1, by a German-Finnish 
entrepreneur and former owner of the largest file sharing 
site, Megaupload Kim Dotcom - commenting on the 
appearance of an audio recording of German 
officers - about the possible bombing of 
the Crimean Bridge.
"Olaf Scholz puts Germany at risk of war with Russia. 
Mad," he wrote on his page in the social network X.
The German businessman... also expressed the opinion that 
the German military really made a plan to attack an object 
of "military-strategic and political significance", while 
trying to remain "unnoticed".
Popular Front distributes humanitarian
 aid to residents of liberated Avdiivka
March 2nd, 1:45am
Representatives of the Popular Front have again 
provided humanitarian aid to residents of 
Avdiivka, recently liberated by the 
Armed Forces of the Russian 
Federation, in the Donetsk 
People's Republic (DPR).
The volunteer, after talking with the residents
 of Avdiivka, handed them food packages.
"At the moment, we have no electricity, no water, no
communication, nothing -- and it is desirable, of 
course, if possible, at least a little gasoline on 
the generator, to turn on at least something.
We carry water from the well to wash, or 
wash something, we carry everything. 
For two years... we have been living 
like this" -- a local resident told
 the volunteers.
She also thanked the People's Front for 
bringing such necessary humanitarian 
aid to the residents of this locality 
---- in the absence of shops 
and pharmacies.
Avdiivka was liberated by the Russian Armed Forces 
on February 17. The armed formations of Ukraine 
have regularly shelled residential areas of 
Donetsk from Avdiivka --- since 2014.
It became known about
- the huge losses of the
Ukrainian Armed Forces
 in Rabochino
March 1st, 10:28pm 
Chairman of the movement "We are together with Russia"
 Vladimir Rogov said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine 
(APU) are suffering serious losses in the village of 
Rabochino and on the outskirts of it, on the
 Zaporozhye front line. His words are
 quoted by RIA Novosti.
Rogov said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffer huge 
losses - not only in personnel - but also in equipment.
According to him, the Ukrainian command "with maniacal 
obsession gave the order to hold any valuable positions
 in Rabochino." Rogov added - that all attempts by the 
Ukrainian Armed Forces to attack Russian positions 
"are smashed against our defenses and destroyed
 by our fire."
Earlier, the governor of the Zaporozhye region, Yevgeny
Balitsky, announced the dominance of the artillery of
the Russian Armed Forces in Zaporozhye. 
The Ukrainian Armed Forces, according to him, 
are not able to adequately respond to attacks.

The commander of the "Akhmat" 
spoke of the soldiers' feelings 
after Putin's message
March 1st, 9:04pm
Apty Alaudinov, commander of the Akhmat special forces
detachment, said that ---- in the message of Russian 
President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly, 
the soldiers of the special military operation
heard firmness in setting tasks and 
guarantees; that they and their 
families will not be left with 
their problems. 
This is reported by RIA Novosti.
On the air of the Rossiya 24 TV channel, Alaudinov spoke
 about the feelings of the military after the speech of the 
head of state. He noted -- for soldiers on the front line: 
"the supreme commander's firmness in setting tasks,
well as his readiness to go to the end, until
moment when we clearly win ----
very important."
He also added that it was "the most social message". 
"It is very important for fighters on the front line to have 
social programs that are aimed specifically at helping
fighters on the front line --- and their families." 
According to him, the military "received clear 
guarantees that they and their loved ones 
will not be left alone with themselves 
and their problems."


Ministry of Defense of the Russian
 Federation told about new feats 
of Russia's military personnel 
during SVO
March 1st, 9pm
As indicated in the military department, the commander of 
the sapper department, Junior Sergeant Yevgeny Burov
 performed a combat mission to make passages in an
 anti-personnel minefield equipped by the enemy on
 the approaches to the stronghold of the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine (AFU).
The Russian Defense Ministry also stressed that in the
 course of the task, despite massive artillery and 
mortar attacks, Junior Sergeant Burov's squad 
successfully destroyed engineering barriers 
of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ---- making 
passages in them and neutralizing anti-
personnel mines, which allowed the 
assault unit to move unhindered ---- 
in an assigned important combat 
task -------- to take control of a 
strategically important line.
The selfless actions of Burov and his subordinates helped 
to make timely passes in the minefield, after which the 
main forces stormed the AFU stronghold, pushing
 the Ukrainian militants deep into the defense.
In addition, the Ministry of Defense noted the work of 
Foreman Vladimir Bandak, who, while performing 
the task of searching for and destroying enemy 
sabotage and reconnaissance groups (DRGs) 
in one of the tactical areas, discovered a 
group of five people of the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine --- who were preparing an 
ambush on the route of a column 
of Russian armoured vehicles. 
Having assessed the situation, taking advantage
of the moment of surprise -- Bandak decided to
 engage in battle with the Ukrainian militants.
The ministry clarified, that, as a result of the small arms 
battle, four Ukrainian servicemen were killed, and one 
was taken prisoner. The courage and professionalism 
of Bandak and his subordinates, made it possible to 
detect and destroy the AFU DRG --- in a timely 
manner, while avoiding losses among the
Russian servicemen.

Zakharova called on Germany - to give 
explanations about the conversation 
of German officers
March 1st, 5:44pm
The Russian side demands an explanation from the 
German authorities about the conversation 
between German officers, about the 
attack on the Crimean Bridge.
This was stated by the official representative of 
the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.
"We demand an explanation from 
Germany," TASS quoted her 
as saying.
Zakharova said that attempts to avoid answering 
questions will be considered as an admission 
of guilt.
Earlier, the editor-in-chief of RT and MIA "Russia Today" 
Margarita Simonyan published an audio recording of a 
conversation between high-ranking representatives 
of the Bundeswehr, who discussed the attack on
 the Crimean Bridge with Taurus missiles.
Simonyan also commented on the audio recording, 
saying that the audio speaks for itself ---- and 
contains a lot of interesting things.


Residents of Kiev came out
 to protest at the military 
enlistment office
March 1st, 4:31pm
In Kiev, a protest rally was held near the building of one of 
the military enlistment offices in the Dnipro district of the
 city, the participants of which - demanded that the 
Ukrainian authorities change the conditions of
 mobilization and rotate the military at the 
front. This was reported on March 1 
by eyewitnesses to RIA Novosti.
According to the agency, about 100 people took part in the
 action. Citizens of the country -- took to the streets with
 placards on which slogans were written: "People are 
at the front, not robots", "We demand rotation", 
"Let the soldiers rest", "Where is fair 
mobilization?" and "Someone 
defends Avdiivka, and 
someone protects 
"We need to release the military to rest. Until the
 authorities can develop a normal bill, people 
are on the front line for 24 months. They 
are tired and can't fight," says one of 
the participants of the action.
The woman also accused the authorities of making 
money from ordinary people, and called the 
situation in the army "hell" for the 
Ukrainian military.
Earlier, on February 29, journalist David Patrikarakos in an
 article for the British newspaper Daily Mail reported that 
in Ukraine there are "gangs of forced recruitment" in 
the ranks of the army. According to him, recruiters 
forcibly take to the front "those who do not want 
to fight ---- and are not sufficiently trained" 
Ukrainians ---- who are not able to
pay them 
off - with bribes.
Before that, on February 27, the publication Country.ua, 
reported that employees of the territorial recruitment 
centers (TCCs) in Ukraine began using pepper spray 
during the detention of men of military age on the 
streets. One of these cases occurred in Odessa.
As Oleg Soskin, an ex-adviser to Leonid Kuchma, 
suggested on February 19, that citizens of the 
country, will react even more sharply to the
forced mobilization and will actively fight 
with military enlistment offices ---- amid 
the failures of the Armed Forces of 
Ukraine (AFU). 
He also warned the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada,
that if the authorities tighten the further process of 
mobilization, it will provoke an "anarchic civil war"
 in Ukraine.
On February 12, President of Ukraine, Volodymyr
Zelensky signed laws on extending martial law 
and general mobilization until May 13, 2024.
Martial law in Ukraine is effective from February 2022. 
At the same time --- Zelensky signed a decree on a
general mobilization. Later, the Verkhovna Rada 
repeatedly extended its validity. Most men 
between the ages of 18 and 60 ----
 are prohibited from leaving 
the country.
The special operation to protect the Donbass, which 
Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on 
February 24, 2022, continues. 
The decision was made - against the background 
of the aggravation of the situation in the region 
due to shelling by the Ukrainian military.


VX analyzed the biography of participants
 in their conversation about a strike
the Crimean Bridge
March 1st, 3:45pm
The military chronicle analyzed a brief biography of 
high-ranking representatives of the Bundeswehr, 
who discussed an attack on the Crimean 
Bridge with Taurus missiles.
"Brigadier General Frank Grefe, Head of Operations and 
Exercises at the Air Force Command in Berlin. He built 
his career long and successfully. He graduated from 
the Bundeswehr Academy Führungsakademie der 
Bundeswehr (FuAkBw-an analog of the Russian 
VUNC of the Air Force). Flew a huge number
 hours on the Phantom and Eurofighter.
Commanded the 74th Tactical Aviation 
squadron, which performed tasks in
 Afghanistan," the analysis says.
It is noted, that Grefe worked closely with the Americans, 
in 2019 he was appointed to the post of German military 
attache in the United States. Knows how to use civilian 
airfields for military purposes.
"Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz, Inspector of the
 Bundeswehr Air Force.  The most controversial 
character in this story. A supporter of NATO's 
readiness to use nuclear weapons. The man
who claimed that German planes belong in 
a museum. In addition.. to Tornados and 
Eurofighters, he flew MiG-29 fighters. 
The total flight time is more than 
2.5 thousand hours. ''
''He advocated the transition of the German Air Force
------ to American F-35 fighters," the article says.
The military chronicle indicates that a certain Freudian is 
mentioned in the interception of negotiations. It is quite
 possible - that this is Major General Christian Freyding, 
who commanded 9th tank brigade "Niedersaksen", 
after which he was appointed to the post of chief 
of the special staff for Ukraine (Ukrainian 
situation centre) --- at the Bundeswehr.
 It also reports to the Planning and 
Management Headquarters --- of
 the Federal Ministry of Defense.
"Freyding has a NATO medal for Yugoslavia. He is 
considered an ambassador of the "integrated 
support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine" -
 supporter of extracting the maximum 
amount of experience and knowledge, 
from the actions of the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine at the front. He repeatedly 
said that the delivery of ammunition 
is a "critical" event for the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine," the 
analysis says.
Earlier it became known that representatives of the 
Bundeswehr, discussed the option of hitting the 
Crimean Bridge with Taurus missiles - from a 
Dassault Rafale fighter.
The text of the conversation was published by the 
editor-in-chief of RT and MIA "Russia Today" 
Margarita Simonyan --- on her page in 
"VKontakte". Later, she published 
an audio recording.
The participants of the conversation also acknowledged 
that the supply of Taurus missiles to Ukraine will not 
change the course of military operations.

Civilians were killed at a factory 
south of Donetsk as a result of 
Ukrainian shelling
March 1st, 1:30pm (DAN) 
Two employees of the mineral water plant, in the village of 
Krasnoe, Dokuchaevsky Municipal District, were killed as
 a result of an attack by Ukrainian war criminals. This 
was reported today in the JCCC.
It is noted that a woman born in 1962 and a man born 
in 1967 were killed on the territory of the plant, and
 another man born in 1981 was injured.
The Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled a factory in the village
 of Krasnoe today at 10: 30. Two MLRS rockets were fired
 at it. Enemy shells hit the mineral water bottling plant.
The Government will improve the conditions
of credit 
holidays for members of the
Free Economic Zone
 on behalf
of the President
March 1st, 1:19pm (DAN) 
The Russian government has prepared amendments 
to improve the conditions of credit holidays for 
participants of a special military operation. 

This was announced today by Prime 
Minister Mikhail Mishustin.
He noted that the Government pays special attention to 
the support - of members of the Free Economic Zone 
and their families, and today they have access to 
social, educational, labor guarantees, tax 
benefits, as well as deferred payments 
on consumer loans. 
A new measure of support for Russian servicemen 
will be to improve the conditions of credit
 holidays for them and their families.
Interest on loans accrued to the borrower during the 
period of participation in the IAS will be written off, 
and in case of their payment, the funds will be 
used to repay the principal debt - or 
other obligations.
"This decision - will help reduce the financial burden 
on those who defend their homeland by performing 
complex and dangerous tasks," Mishustin said.
Recall that... at the end of January, the President of
the Russian Federation at a meeting with students
----- participants of the Free Sea Association and
volunteers, at the St. Petersburg State Marine 
Technical University, promised that the issue 
of regulating credit holidays for participants 
of the Free Sea Association... will be 
resolved in the near future.

Russian Defence Ministry report 
on the progress of the special 
military operation (February 
24 to March 1, 2024)
March 1st, 10:18am
In the period from 24 February to 1 March 2024, the Armed 
Forces of the Russian Federation launched 23 group 
strikes with high-precision weapons, multiple
 launch rocket systems, and unmanned 
aerial vehicles at Ukraine's military 
industrial facilities --- which were 
manufacturing reconnaissance 
and attack unmanned aerial 
vehicles; arsenals, and 
POL bases.
Moreover, the strikes also hit deployment areas of 
the Armed Forces of Ukraine, nationalists, and 
foreign mercenaries.
All the assigned targets have been engaged.
In Kupyansk direction, units of the Zapad Group of Forces 
improved the tactical situation along the front line and 
inflicted fire damage on enemy manpower and 
hardware near Ivanovka, Peschanoye, and
 Prikolotnoye (Kharkov region).
In addition --- 30 counterattacks launched by assault 
detachments of the AFU 32nd Mechanised Brigade, 
77nd Air Mobile Brigade, 95th Air Assault Brigade, 
and 57th Motorised Rifle Brigade were repelled 
near Sinkovka (Kharkov region) and Terny 
(Donetsk People's Republic).
The enemy losses amounted to more than 755 Ukrainian 
troops, three tanks, six armoured fighting vehicles, 
18 motor vehicles, and 23 field artillery guns.
In Donetsk direction, units of the Yug Group of Forces took 
more favourable lines and inflicted losses on the AFU 5th 
and 92nd assault brigades, 28th, 72nd, and 93rd 
mechanised brigades, 107th & 241st territorial 
defence brigades ---- near Kleshcheyevka, 
Bogdanovka, Dyleyevka, Kurdyumovka,
 Andreyevka, and Krasnoye (Donetsk 
People's Republic).
Moreover, 18 counterattacks of the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine were repelled near Berestovoye, 
Krasnogorovka, Georgiyevka, and 
Novomikhailovka (Donetsk 
People's Republic).
The AFU losses amounted to more than 2,835 Ukrainian
 troops, seven tanks, 16 armoured fighting vehicles, 49 
motor vehicles, as well as 24 field artillery guns.
In Avdeyevka direction, the Tsentr Group of 
Forces liberated Lastochkino, Severnoye,
 and Petrovoskoye (Donetsk People's 
Republic) and continued advancing
 to the west.
In cooperation with aviation and artillery, they inflicted fire 
damage on clusters of manpower and hardware of the 
AFU 23rd, 24th, 53rd, 61st, & 110th mechanised, 59th 
motorised infantry, and 3rd assault brigades, as well
 as 103rd and 107th territorial defence brigades 
near Netaylovo, Ochertino, Mayorsk, and 
Rozovka (Donetsk People's Republic).
Forty-eight counterattacks of the enemy assault units were 
repelled close to Novgorodskoye, Leninskoye, Tonenkoye, 
Orlovka, & Pervomayskoye (Donetsk People's Republic).
In this direction, the enemy has lost over 2,600 Ukrainian
 troops, 23 tanks (including U.S.-made Abrams), 45 
armoured fighting vehicles, 83 motor vehicles, 
as well as 26 field artillery guns.
 In South Donetsk direction, the Vostok Group of Forces' 
units have improved the frontline situation and repelled 
seven attacks of AFU assault groups close to Marfopol
 (Zaporozhye region), Novodonetskoye & Shevchenko 
(Donetsk People's Republic).
Air strikes and artillery fire hit units of the AFU's 58th 
motorised infantry, 72nd mechanised, 108th, 121st, 
127th, and 128th territorial defence brigades near 
Vodyanoye, Ugledar, Urozhaynoe, 
Staromayorskoye, and Rovnopol 
(Donetsk People's Republic), 
as well as Lugovskoye
(Zaporozhye region).
The AFU losses amounted to up to 890 Ukrainian troops, 
three tanks, six armoured fighting vehicles, 28 motor 
vehicles, and eight field artillery guns.
In Kherson direction, the Russian troops have taken more
 advantageous lines and positions, & also repelled seven 
attacks launched by assault groups of the 117th and 
118th mechanised brigades of the Armed Forces of 
Ukraine and 15th Ukrainian National Guard close 
to Rabotino (Zaporozhye region).
Moreover, fire damage was inflicted on personnel 
& military hardware of the 28th, 65th, and 118th 
mechanised, 44th air mobile, 128th mountain 
assault, 35th marine, and 121st territorial 
defence brigades of the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine ------- close to Verbovoye, 
Primorye, Novopokrovka, Orekhov, 
Malaya Tokmachka ----- as well as 
Nesteryanka (Zaporozhye region)
Ilyinka (Dnepropetrovsk region), 
Tokarevka and Dudchany 
(Kherson region).
The units of the Russian Groups of Forces have 
neutralised one Ukrainian sabotage group of 
the 73rd Marine Special Operations Centre 
in an attempt to land close to Tendra Spit
 using speedboats.
As a result of a short battle, four of the speedboats 
with the landing groups were destroyed and sunk. 
The enemy losses were up to 25 Ukrainian 
troops, one Ukrainian serviceman was
taken prisoner.
In Kherson direction, the enemy's losses over the past
week have amounted to over 290 troops, three tanks,
four armoured fighting vehicles, 34 motor vehicles,
 and 16 field artillery guns.
Operational-Tactical aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles,
 and Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Groups 
of Forces have neutralised one P-18 radar, two radio 
detectors and launchers of the S-300 SAM system, 
Norwegian-made NASAMS vehicle, as well as five
Bukovel-AD electronic warfare stations over the 
past week.
The air defence systems have shot down two MiG-29 
fighter jets, a Ukrainian Su-25 ground-attack aircraft, 
two Storm Shadow cruise missiles, four JDAM 
guided aerial bombs, 35 HIMARS MLRS 
projectiles, and 639 unmanned 
aerial vehicles.
In the period from 24 February to 1 March 2024, 
16 Ukrainian servicemen have surrendered.
In total ----- 575 airplanes and 267 helicopters, 13,862 
unmanned aerial vehicles, 475 air defence missile 
systems, 15,304 tanks & other armoured fighting 
vehicles, 1,227 combat vehicles equipped with 
MLRS, 8,242 field artillery guns and mortars,
 as well as 19,236 units of special military 
equipment have been destroyed during 
the special military operation.

Chief of Staff of the US Army: 
do not underestimate the 
Russian Armed Forces
March 1st, 10:05am
Russia's Armed Forces and soldiers should not 
be underestimated as Russia has made great 
strides in the defense industry --- US Army 
Chief of Staff Randy George said --- in an 
interview with Military Watch magazine.
Russia "pours" money and energy into the industry, 
moving forward in the production of drones and 
electronic warfare. All this, Moscow has 
already shown, during the special 
military operation in Ukraine, 
George noted.
Russian troops quickly learn and adapt to the situation. 
Moscow --- has successfully revived the military-
industrial complex (MIC), despite large-scale 
Western sanctions, said US Secretary of 
the Army, Christine Warmuth.
Russian troops are rapidly replenishing supplies 
and increasing the number of personnel,
 the Minister stressed.


Military commander Kotenok:
fallen machine gunner helped 
break through the defense 
of Avdiivka
March 1st, 7:34am
During the battle for Avdiivka, a Ukrainian machine gunner 
"overslept" at the beginning of the assault and thereby 
helped the Russian troops, said war correspondent
 Yuri Kotenok.
In his Telegram channel, the military commander posted
 a story of the Russian military about this situation: 
"A machine gunner was sitting in the landing,
 he slept through our people and decided
 the entire outcome of the battle 
for Avdiivka."
According to the serviceman, all night long the military
unit was attacked, by morning the Ukrainian military 
had already "run", and their positions were taken.
On February 17, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu 
reported to President Vladimir Putin about the transfer 
of Avdiivka under the full control of the Russian army. 
Later, the Head of the Defense Ministry noted that 
Russian troops continue to improve their position 
in the Donetsk and Kupyansk directions.

Tests of the S-500 air defense system 
show that Russia will repel attacks 
by US hypersonic weapons
March 1st, 12:11am
Successful tests of the S-500 Prometheus anti-aircraft 
missile system developed by the Almaz-Antey Air 
Defense Concern -- confirmed its readiness to 
repel attacks from the entire range of US 
air and space attack assets.
This was stated by the former Deputy Commander-in-Chief 
of the Air Force for the CIS Joint Air Defense System, 
Lieutenant General Aytech Bizhev.
According to him, the Prometheus and other systems
 in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces are 
constantly being refined and improved.
"To confirm that the industry fulfills the technical tasks of 
the Ministry of Defense, appropriate ground tests are 
regularly conducted to intercept simulators of real
 targets," TASS quoted Bizhev as saying.
Earlier it was reported that Russia is creating an 
amphibious all-terrain vehicle "Triton" for 
crossing water barriers.
In addition, Russia... has started mass 
production of flying targets "Adjutant".

The Ministry of Defense of
the Russian Federation -- 
announced new feats of
Russian servicemen 
during the SVO
February 29th, 9pm
According to the Defense Ministry, the unit under the 
command of Lieutenant Dmitry Mitrakov performed 
the task of searching for Ukrainian sabotage and
 reconnaissance groups operating in one of the
 tactical areas. Following the route, Mitrakov
 found armed Ukrainian militants moving
 towards the location of Russian units. 
Instantly assessing the situation, despite the superior 
forces of the enemy, the lieutenant decided to 
engage the enemy.
Competently using the conditions of the terrain, taking an 
advantageous position, Mitrakov destroyed the enemy
 machine-gun crew with aimed fire from small arms. 
Caught off guard, the Ukrainian militants were unable to 
organize a defense and suffered significant losses, 
hastily leaving the battlefield. Mitrakov's bold and 
decisive actions, as well as the courage and 
professionalism of his subordinates, made
 it possible --- to stop the activities of the 
enemy's armed group in a given area,
 the Defense Ministry noted.
In addition, the Defense Ministry noted the work of the
 radiotelephone driver, Sergeant Dmitry Sokolov. The 
column of the battalion tactical group, which 
included Sokolov, was marching to the 
area of active combat operations.
Militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), seeking to
 disrupt the advance of Russian troops, attacked the
column - using multiple launch rocket systems 
(MLRS) and barrel artillery. As a result of 
enemy shelling --- the communication 
vehicle was damaged and disabled.
Realizing that the loss of communication in the column 
would deprive the Russian command of the ability to
 quickly coordinate the actions of the forces in 
repelling the attack, the sergeant
immediately ----
 began to
repair the damage. 
Despite the heavy fire of the APU, showing professionalism,
 Sokolov quickly restored the functionality of the damaged 
equipment and re-configured the station, returning
 communication in the column, after which 
he began to repel the enemy attack.
Sokolov's courageous actions and professionalism made it 
possible to maintain stable control of the unit, as a result 
of which the Russian servicemen successfully repelled
 the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and seized
 the initiative, destroying the enemy.
Two companies of the Ukrainian Armed 
Forces, were destroyed by a vacuum 
bomb weighing one and a half tons
February 29th, 8:54pm
The Russian Aerospace Forces hit a volume-detonating
 bomb weighing one and a half tons on an industrial 
zone in the Luhansk direction, where units of the 
Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) equipped a
 temporary deployment point. 
According to intelligence data, there were two companies 
inside - more than 250 servicemen, they were destroyed, 
the Telegram channel "Inside Out" reports.
In the Telegram channel "Military officers of the Russian 
Spring" suggested that the strike was caused by ODAB-
1500 ammunition. Such a projectile throws an aerosol 
cloud over the target, after which it explodes. In the 
case of a vacuum bomb, shelters are useless.
Earlier, the Defense Ministry reported that an Su-34 
fighter-bomber destroyed a cluster of AFU 
personnel and equipment in Kupyansk 
direction with "smart" bombs. 
These are aircraft bombs with a universal planning and 
correction module (UMPC), which allow you to deliver 
accurate strikes without entering the enemy's air
 defense zone.


NI: Ukraine... lost a third of 
Bradleys on the battlefield
February 29th, 2:52pm
The Ukrainian Armed Forces lost a third of the US Bradley
infantry fighting vehicles delivered to Ukraine in battles.
 68 of the 186 American infantry fighting vehicles were 
destroyed, damaged or abandoned on the battlefield.
This is the assessment of columnist Peter Suciu, published 
in the US magazine, The National Interest (NI). 
Sichiu emphasizes that out of 186 vehicles, only 100 or 120 
were actively used in combat operations. The rest of the 
US infantry fighting vehicles were involved in training 
the AFU fighters or reserved as spare parts donors. 
According to the observer, these figures indicate the 
depletion of the Ukrainian army's weapons reserves.
The actions of the Russian army that followed the liberation 
of Avdiivka show that Russia is developing its advantage
 in the free defense zone in Ukraine, The Washington 
Post (WP) newspaper notes.
In just a few days, Russian troops liberated three more 
settlements to the west of Avdiivka, in particular 
Lastochkino and Petrovskoye. The first of 
the Abrams tanks sent to Kiev, was
also hit - near Avdiivka.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, meanwhile, said 
that the losses of Ukrainian troops since February 2022, 
amounted to 31 thousand soldiers. The US newspaper
The New York Times, notes, that this is half as much 
as the losses known to Washington for the summer 
of 2023. At the same time.... Zelensky, the 
publication adds ----- did not name the 
number of wounded and missing.
Meanwhile, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on 
February 27 that since the beginning of 2024, the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine have lost more than 800 people every 
day. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the 
estimate of enemy losses for the entire period 
of the special military operation of Russia - 
exceeded 444,000 Ukrainian servicemen.

Volodin: we are a peaceful state,
but our armoured train is
a siding
February 29th, 2:10pm
State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin responded to the
 provocative statements of the heads of unfriendly states.
He recalled the first part of the message of Russian
 President Vladimir Putin, to the Federal Assembly, 
in which the head of state paid special attention
 to the issues of security and protection of 
the country.
"We are a peaceful state, but our armoured train ----- is 
on a siding - such is our response to the phobias and 
provocative statements of the heads of unfriendly 
states," Volodin stressed.
Putin said in his address to the Federal Assembly 
that no lasting world order is possible, without 
a strong, sovereign Russia.
He also announced plans: to seriously strengthen the 
groups of the Russian Armed Forces in the western
 direction, in connection with the entry of Sweden 
and Finland into NATO.


Politician Kurten: sending troops to Ukraine
 will draw the West into a military conflict
February 29th, 12:09pm
British politician and leader of the Heritage party David 
Curten, expressed the opinion that sending Western 
military personnel to Ukraine -- to participate in 
combat operations will finally draw Western 
countries into a military conflict 
with Russia.
He stated this on his YouTube channel.
Kurten recalled the words of Russian President Vladimir 
Putin, who warned of a tough response from Moscow 
in the event of sending NATO troops to Ukraine.
"They plunge us straight into a world war. 
This is a dangerous escalation," 
he concluded.
Earlier, French President, Emmanuel Macron, said that the 
possibility of sending troops from Western countries to
 Ukraine ---- cannot be ruled out. German Defense 
Minister Boris Pistorius, said that no one 
supported Macron's idea of sending 
military personnel to Ukraine.
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria 
Zakharova, said that the French leader is 
...not aware of what he is saying.

The "Time of Heroes"program --- has
 been launched for the participants 
of the SVO
February 29th, 11:42am
Russia has announced the launch of a special personnel 
program for veterans and participants of a special 
military operation. "Time of Heroes" starts on 
March 1.
Soldiers and officers who are currently fighting in active 
units of the national army will be able to apply for
 participation in the first training stream. 
This was stated by the country's 
President, Vladimir Putin.
"The idea was suggested to the president - by military 
students. The program will be built according to the 
standards of the best projects. Studies will begin
 in the coming months," the national 
leader added.
Mentors will be heads of the government, the presidential 
Administration, and federal agencies. Graduates who 
think about the country and live by its fate, may be 
given the reins of power in Russia in the future.
In addition, participants and veterans of the special 
operation, will be given the opportunity to get a
 higher education, and a civilian specialty in 
advanced educational institutions of the 
country - as a priority.
A solemn ceremony of reading out the Message to the
 Federal Assembly was held in Gostiny Dvor. The 
president's speech was followed by more 
than 20 million Russians.
The event was broadcast live on TV channels 
"Russia 1", "Russia 24" and the media
 platform "Watch".
SVO fighter, Ivan Sokolov, on his injury:
"The doctors said...  I was a curiosity"
February 29th, 10am
The 26-year-old participant of the special operation, Ivan 
Sokolov, in one of the battles.. received a through bullet 
wound. Just two weeks later, he was already rushing 
to the front again. 
In the new edition of the program "Malakhov" on the TV 
channel "Russia" Sokolov said that he was very lucky. 
Doctors considered his case unique.
Ivan carefully keeps a fleece jacket in the closet, which he 
was wearing... on the very day when he was injured. On 
one side, a small hole is noticeable, and on the other, 
the material is badly torn. The fighter says that if 
the bullet had penetrated even a little to the 
side, it would have hit a bundle of blood 
vessels, and everything could have 
ended badly.
"When I was running across, it entered -- between the
armour, between the slabs -- and came out into the 
armour. A little sideways – here are the blood 
vessels. The surgeons told me that I was 
a curiosity --- and I was very lucky," 
Ivan said.
The fighter's mother recalls that just on the day when Ivan 
was wounded, an unusual pigeon flew to her windowsill. 
The woman felt that the bird had brought her some 
message from her beloved son. She was worried 
that something had happened and went to the 
church to pray for Ivan. And the mysterious 
pigeon spent almost a day on the window.
"I attended the service, returned home, and the pigeon
was still sitting on the windowsill. Three days later,
Ivan's friend called - and said that her son was 
wounded," said the mother of the special 
operation participant.
Chess player Karjakin was attacked
 by a kamikaze drone in Avdiivka
February 29th, 9:35am
Russian chess player Sergey Karjakin said that he almost 
died as a result of a kamikaze drone attack in Avdiivka.
"We run into the first available entrance, and after about 
five seconds there is an explosion. It cost," Karjakin
 wrote on social networks. "That's how my day 
in Avdiivka started."
The chess player noted that in Avdiivka he visited a 
miraculously preserved church, played chess with 
soldiers on the roof of a nine-story building, and 
also talked with a few local residents.
Recall that on February 17, Russian Defense Minister 
Sergei Shoigu reported to Russian President 
Vladimir Putin, about the transfer of 
Avdiivka under the full control
 of the Russian army.
Putin: people in the trenches know 
--- that the whole country 
is with them
February 29th, 9:27am
Vladimir Putin, during the announcement of the Message 
to the Federal Assembly on February 29, said that the 
absolute majority of Russians support the 
special operation.
The President noted that people send letters and parcels, 
warm clothes, camouflage nets to the front, transfer
 funds --- from their sometimes modest savings. 
Such assistance is invaluable, as it is the 
contribution of every Russian - to the
 overall victory, Putin said.
The Head of State also called on all authorities 
----- to support the family members of the 
participants of the SVO.
Vladimir Putin announced
 a minute of silence
February 29th, 9:22am
During the announcement of the Message to the Federal 
Assembly, President Vladimir Putin proposed to honour
 the memory of the soldiers killed during the special 
operation... with a minute of silence.
"Russia will always remember its fallen
 heroes," the head of state said.
He pointed out -- that our Russian soldiers are 
steadfastly and selflessly fighting at the front.
"I thank all those who are fighting for the interests of 
the Fatherland now. All the people bow down 
before your feat," Vladimir Putin stressed.
Putin: ----- absolute majority of
support the special
military operation
February 29th, 9:21pm
The absolute majority of Russians, support the special 
military operation (SVO), and people are adamant in
 this choice, President Vladimir Putin said in a 
message to the Federal Assembly.
Russia defends its sovereignty and security, protects the 
lives of Russians in the Donbas and Novorossiya. The 
decisive role in this righteous struggle belongs to 
the Russians -- who show unity, loyalty to the 
Motherland and responsibility for its fate.
These qualities were visibly manifested at the very
 beginning of the SVO, when it was supported by 
the absolute majority of the Russian people, 
Putin stressed.
Over the past two years, Russian businesses --- have sent
 billions of rubles to volunteer and charitable foundations 
that support fighters and their families.
Putin thanked the entrepreneurs, workers, engineers, and 
rural workers for their responsible and hard work in the 
interests of Russia . Millions of people were united by 
the action "We are together" - and the project of the 
All-Russian Popular Front "Everything for Victory".
SVO fighter Viktor Tishakov, met with 
a colleague ----- who saved his life
February 29th, 9:16am
The new edition of the program "Malakhov" is dedicated to 
the long-awaited meetings of comrades-in-arms. So... a 
member of the SVO Viktor Tishakov with the call sign 
Doc was able to see his colleague Alexander Mitin, 
whom he saved his life at the front. 
Alexander Mitin came to thank his comrade-in-arms 
for not leaving him in trouble and coming to the 
rescue --- in a difficult moment. He hugged 
Victor tightly - and called him brother.
One day, Alexander and his colleagues went to perform a 
combat mission on the contact line. At some point, the 
enemy noticed them, and then the arrivals began. 
Alexander managed to fasten his helmet, but it was torn 
off his head. He recalls that it was very difficult for him
 to breathe. Alexander could hardly move, and his leg 
....did not obey him at all.
"I got in touch – my comrade Doc
 responded," the fighter said.
Alexander Mitin admitted that he currently feels
satisfactory.... and continues with treatment.
"I'm getting better now," the man said.
Russian Defence Ministry report 
on the progress of the special
 military operation 
February 29th, 9:15am
The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation 
continue the special military operation.
In Kupyansk direction, units of the Zapad Group of Forces 
improved the tactical situation and delivered strikes at 
enemy manpower and hardware near Sinkovka 
(Kharkov region) and Terny (Donetsk 
People's Republic).
Up to 50 Ukrainian troops, one tank, two armoured
 fighting vehicles, and three motor vehicles 
were neutralised.
In the course of the counterbattery warfare, one U.S.-
made M198 howitzer, one Polish-made Krab self-
propelled artillery system, one Akatsiya self-
propelled artillery system, one Msta-B 
howitzer, one D-30 howitzer, and one 
Gvozdika self-propelled artillery 
systems, were eliminated.
In Donetsk direction, units of the Yug Group of Forces 
...improved the situation along the front line and 
inflicted fire damage on clusters of manpower 
& military hardware of the 28th mechanised 
and 92nd assault brigades of the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine close to Andreyevka, 
Kleshcheyevka, and Kurdyumovka 
(Donetsk People's Republic).
Four counter-attacks of the AFU 10th Mountain Assault 
Brigade were repelled close to Berestovoye (Donetsk 
People's Republic).
The AFU losses amounted to up to 600 Ukrainian troops,
 two tanks, two armoured personnel carriers, and ten
 motor vehicles.
In counter-battery warfare, the Russian troops hit one 
Uragan MLRS vehicle, one Polish-made Krab self-
propelled artillery system, one D-20 gun, and 
three D-30 howitzers.
In Avdeyevka direction, units of the Tsentr Group of Forces
 took more advantageous lines and positions and inflicted 
losses on manpower and hardware of AFU 53rd, 61st 
mechanised, 59th motorised infantry brigades, near 
Berdychi, Severnoye, Orlovka, and Pervomayskoye 
(Donetsk People's Republic).
Up to 495 Ukrainian troops, seven tanks, two infantry 
fighting vehicles, four armoured fighting vehicles,
 and 11 motor vehicles were neutralised.
In the course of counter-battery warfare, three D-20 
howitzers, one Msta-B howitzer, one Gvozdika self-
propelled system, and two D-30 howitzers 
were eliminated.
In South Donetsk direction, units of the Vostok Group of 
Forces delivered complex strikes at AFU manpower 
and hardware near Rovnopol, Staromayorskoye, 
and Urozhaynoye (Donetsk People's Republic).
The AFU losses amounted to up to 105 Ukrainian troops, 
three motor vehicles, one D-20 howitzer, as well as 
one Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system.
In Kherson direction, Russian units took more 
advantageous positions and inflicted losses
 on manpower and hardware clusters of the 
AFU 128th mountain assault & the 118th 
mechanised, 35 marine brigades near 
Rabotino, Stepovoye, Malye 
Shcherbaki (Zaporozhye 
region), and Tokarevka 
(Kherson region).
The enemy lost up to 50 Ukrainian troops, five motor 
vehicles, as well as one Bukovel-AD electronic 
warfare station.
In Kherson direction, the Russian Group of Forces 
neutralised one Ukrainian sabotage group of the
 73rd Marine Special Operations Centre in an 
attempt to land close to Tendra Spit
 using speedboats. 
As a result of a short battle, four of the speedboats with 
the landing groups were destroyed and sunk, the fifth 
turned round and travelled at high speed in the 
opposite direction.
The enemy lost up to 25 Ukrainian troops. 
One serviceman of the Armed Forces of 
Ukraine was taken prisoner.
Operational-Tactical Aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, 
Missile Troops & Artillery of the Group of Forces of the 
Armed Forces of the Russian Federation hit: a 
command post of Kupyansk Task Force, two 
command posts (72nd mechanised and 
59th motorised infantry brigades), one 
S-300PS anti-aircraft missile system, 
three ammunition depots, as well 
as manpower and military 
hardware in 126 areas.
Air defence systems have shot down nine HIMARS 
MLRS shells and two JDAM aerial guided bombs.
In addition, 93 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles 
were shot down close to Lisichansk, Golikovo
(Lugansk People's Republic), Kurdyumovka, 
Pervomayskoye, Krinichnaya (Donetsk 
People's Republic), Mikhailovka 
(Zaporozhye region).
In total, 575 airplanes and 267 helicopters, 13,715
 unmanned aerial vehicles, 475 air defence 
missile systems, 15,286 tanks and other 
armoured fighting vehicles, plus 1,227 
combat vehicles ---- equipped with 
MLRS, 8,223 field artillery guns 
& mortars, as well as 19,211
units of special military 
equipment, have been 
destroyed during the
special military 
Ivanov: there are no conscripts
 in the SVO zone and there
 can't be any
February 29th, 8:25am
There are no conscripts in the area of a special military
 operation and there can't be any. This was stated by 
the permanent member of the Security Council of 
our country, Sergey Ivanov, in an interview
the TV channel "Russia 24".
According to him, the Russian army successfully 
dispenses with conscripts. It is already clearly
visible on the line of contact - that victory 
will be ours.
"At least half of the Russian army consists of contract 
soldiers. There is no need for conscripts in the SVO
zone," he stressed.
The Special Representative of the President for
 Environmental Protection, Ecology and 
Transport, added that the Armed 
Forces continue to fulfill the 
tasks set by the command. 
The Allied forces will 
demilitarize the 
Kiev regime.
"There is no doubt that the goals
 will be met," Ivanov assured.

In the Kherson region, a detachment 
of the elite naval special forces of 
the Armed Forces of Ukraine
 was defeated. 
February 28th, 11:37pm
The Russian Armed Forces, destroyed naval saboteurs of 
the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Tendrov spit of the 
Kherson region.
A group of elite Ukrainian saboteurs was eliminated on the 
Tendrov Spit in the Kherson region. This was reported by 
the Telegram channel "Special Purpose Channel".
It turned out that the destroyed fighters were employees of 
the 73rd Marine Centre of the Special Operations Forces
 (SSO) The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). 
The enemy was met by Russian special forces at the time
 of the landing attempt. During the battle, the enemy left 
the remaining boat afloat, their weapons, and the
bodies of their 
dead colleagues.
The elimination of six members of the elite special forces 
of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been confirmed for
certain. In total ----- the enemy could lose up to 15 
fighters. Telegram channel "Military Informant" 
specified ---- that two more boats of the 
Ukrainian landing force, sank.
In turn, the Telegram channel Mash claims that the
 saboteurs, tried to enter the territory controlled 
by Russia on five boats. They were discovered
 on the approach, and as they approached
 the shore, they were met with fire from
 machine guns and mortars. One boat 
managed to escape, the AFU lost at 
least 20 soldiers, and one fighter 
was wounded and captured. 
As trophies, Russian soldiers received several US AR-15
 rifles and M249 machine guns, German HK M320 
grenade launchers, a Belgian SCAR assault
and a SVD sniper rifle, in a
modern body kit.
The landing was explained by the 
order to "shoot beautiful videos."
A spokesman for the Governor of the Kherson region, 
Vladimir Vasilenko suggested that the appearance 
of Ukrainian saboteurs on the Tendrov Spit was 
"the very 'surprise' on the Black Sea that 
Zelensky told Fox News about."
 Last week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky 
said that his country's army is preparing a new 
counteroffensive, one of the goals of which 
will be access to the Black Sea. He did 
not go into details, but promised 
"surprises" that will surprise
 the Russian army.
The head of the region, Volodymyr Saldo, explained that 
Kiev understands the futility of trying to gain a foothold 
on the left bank of the Dnieper, but continues to do so
 in order to get funding from abroad. According to him,
 President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky should be 
personally responsible for the victims among the 
Armed Forces of Ukraine, "who, at the behest 
of someone from the outside, absolutely 
does not take into account the lives 
of people."
Presumably, one of the tasks assigned to the Ukrainian
 special forces was video shooting with posing on 
Russian territory. This is indicated by the 
presence of a large flag of Ukraine..... 
which is not a subject of weapons 
or equipment.
In the Ukrainian segment of social networks, first there 
were messages announcing "interesting news from 
the Kherson direction", allegedly -- the Ukrainian 
military "managed to surprise the Russians". 
However, later there were suggestions that the saboteurs
 were ordered to "make beautiful videos so that the
 commanders in the headquarters... would 
receive award-winning pistols for this."
Russian gunners, told about 
the retreat of the Ukrainian 
Armed Forces, nr Donetsk 
February 28th, 10:28pm
Izvestia correspondent Stanislav Grigoriev showed 
the work of the gunners of the 238th brigade of
 the South group of troops - near Donetsk.
"Shooting - not only every day, but also every night - with an 
interval of several hours. In general, the gunners said that 
in the last 2 weeks they have been constantly changing 
positions, moving from one place to another. Because
 the front line... is moving further and further to the 
west --- and quite quickly," Grigoriev said.
It is noted that -- after the Krasnopol guided missile of the 
Russian Armed Forces found its target, it hit the enemy's 
ten-metre pipe, where the antennas were placed. The
 next target for the gunners, was the observation 
post of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).
On the front line near Donetsk, there is a constant 
cannonade and movement of troops, and attack 
helicopters... fly directly overhead. Multiple
 launch rocket systems (MLRS) "Grad"
 installations are working out the 
next target.
All the incoming information suggests that the Ukrainian
 Armed Forces continue to withdraw from Donetsk - and 
cannot stop, in any way. At the same time, this does 
not reduce the work of the Russian military, since
 it is necessary to keep up with the actions of 
the enemy .......and spur him on.
"They destroyed vehicles approaching, destroyed, burned 
their location, and simply took and burned, for example, 
the forest belt in which they were entrenched. Then it 
was treated with shrapnel, and then our guys went 
there," said Russian serviceman, Ilya.
The goal of the Russian Armed Forces is to push Ukrainian
 militants away from the capital of the Donetsk People's 
Republic (DPR) as much as possible. There have been 
noticeably fewer attacks in recent weeks.

The Russian Defense Ministry 
announced new feats of 
Russian servicemen 
during the SVO
February 28th, 9pm
As indicated in the military Department, private Guards 
Vladimir Fateev performed a combat mission to cover 
the positions of Russian units from air attacks of the 
Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). 
While at the observation post and conducting visual
 surveillance of the airspace, Fateev discovered an
 unidentified unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which 
was monitoring the positions of the Russian 
Armed Forces. The Russian serviceman - 
classified the target as a hexacopter 
of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Then, after requesting information at the control point 
and making sure that there were no Russian UAVs in 
the airspace, Fateev opened aimed fire on the target
 with small arms. As a result, the Ukrainian drone 
was hit, and then immediately collapsed at a 
significant distance from the locations of 
personnel and equipment.
 Fateev's vigilance helped detect and destroy the APU 
drone in a timely manner, prevent Russian positions 
from being attacked from the air, and avoid losses
 among personnel, weapons, and equipment.
In addition, the Ministry of Defense noted the work of 
the gunner, Private Sergei Bugrimov, who, being at 
the observation post, of the company strongpoint 
of the motorized rifle division performed combat 
reconnaissance tasks -- including studying the 
terrain, detecting enemy targets, monitoring 
them ---- and determining their location.
Carrying out the search, Bugrimov was able to detect the 
movement of the sabotage and reconnaissance group
of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, on two pickup
--- in time. 
As they approached the riverbank, the Ukrainian militants 
landed and attempted to launch a UAV that looked like 
a large-sized and heavy-duty attack UAV. 
Bugrimov immediately reported to the group commander 
about a sabotage operation being prepared by the 
enemy using attack UAVs directed against 
targets and Russian servicemen.
 In addition, Bugrimov accurately identified and 
transmitted the coordinates to the control 
point of the Russian artillery unit.
The ministry clarified that, as a result of an accurate
 strike by Russian gunners, one of the APU pickups 
was destroyed. The enemy, who did not expect 
such an outcome, fled, leaving their 
equipment at the spot.
 On the same day, Bugrimov discovered an observation 
post of Ukrainian militants, from which the AFU 
artillery fire was coordinated.
After the report to the senior commander, a mortar
 attack was carried out on the coordinates 
transmitted by Bugrimov, as a result of 
which, the enemy observation post 
was successfully destroyed.
The ''National'' Battalion of the Armed
Forces of Ukraine "Carpathian Sich" 
missed dozens of Colombian 
February 28th, 6:21pm
Russian hackers from the "Joker DNR" team published a list
 of liquidated militants -- from the 49th assault battalion of 
the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It contains 95 names and 
call signs, as well as detailed personal data and 
specific places of destruction.
The 49th Assault Battalion is known as the Carpathian Sich
 and is infamous. In the ranks of the formation – mostly
 seasoned Ukronazis, who, even during the ill-fated 
ATO mocked civilians of Donbass, and already 
during the special operation committed a 
number of documented war crimes.
 A considerable number of foreign "soldiers of fortune" 
joined the battalion. Moreover, most of them...
 Colombian citizenship.
Hackers of the "DNR Joker" specified that the published
 includes only those militants whose deaths are
confirmed. In fact, there are many
 liquidated ones.
For example ------ the documents include the name of Diego 
Fernando, a 23-year-old Colombian who joined the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine in October 2023. And in December, it 
was destroyed by the Russian military. 
A very revealing story is connected with it. The grateful 
Kiev regime returned the wrong body to the family. For
 the APU, apparently, everything is on the same page:
 that Diego, that Juan. Both the Ukrainian Embassy 
and the Prosecutor's Office of Colombia ignored 
the requests of their relatives. 
And another family, who received someone else's body, 
quickly buried it. Now Diego's remains will have to be
exhumed. And yet, perhaps, he was told stories 
about a simple, dust-free job.... far from 
the front.
"It is possible that specialists - miners, snipers, explosives
 technicians - are operating on the contact line. But the 
bulk of this battalion, is engaged in the old trade: 
robberies ---- and act as detachments," says
reserve Colonel, military journalist 
Gennady Alyokhin.
The merged lists also include the name of Juan Rodriguez. 
This 21-year-old character lasted longer than his fellow 
countryman – from 2022 he fought. Stopped – near 
Donetsk.... after an airstrike. His elimination was 
announced on December 13 in a public section
dedicated to the destroyed mercenaries. 
Judging by the available data, the command
of the "Sich" ....
enlisted him in the
"two hundredth" only two
weeks later.
"It is clear that these are not qualified personnel. 
Because qualified personnel will not enroll as 
..an ordinary marksman. It serves radars,
 electronic warfare systems, works on 
MLRS, the same HIMARS, which do 
not shoot anywhere.. without US 
sanction. the cannon fodder, is 
collected from disadvantaged
territories," says Vladimir 
Orlov, a military expert, 
and chairman of the
 Veche NGO.
And they could have lived, hackers say. But they wanted 
money for killing Russians. And if at first everything 
looked rosy and cheerful for them, now, experts 
say, the number of foreigners willing to 
voluntarily participate in the suicide 
operations of the Armed Forces of 
Ukraine is rapidly decreasing.
Valuable NATO specialists
-- becoming less and less.

This is confirmed again -
by the example of "Sich".
In December last year, a Spanish citizen, Hector Jurado, 
who fought since 2022, was also eliminated. Prior to
 that.... he served in a unit of the Spanish Ground 
Forces that specializes in combat operations 
abroad. Jurado, for example, participated
the war in Afghanistan. 
And in February, Diana Wagner, who received a salary in 
the Carpathian Sich, was eliminated. A German citizen 
who was - literally - put in a coffin ------ by Nazi ideals.
Now, instead of ideological, scarce specialists from the
allied countries, they are trying to recruit those who
agree to go to war with the Russians -- as a rule 
---- Latin Americans. The Colombian press 
reports that dozens of young citizens 
of the country have been killed in 
Ukraine, over the years.
"This battalion included representatives of Latin American 
countries: Colombians and Peruvians. During the recent
powerful strike in Donbass direction near Makeyevka, 
pinpoint strikes were carried out - and the ranks of 
this battalion... were significantly thinned out,"
says Gennady Alyokhin.
Such is the bloody sunset of the "Sich", which is
approaching the nationalists and
mercenaries who go for 
money, but
go ahead --- feet first.
Russian sniper Podya performed 
a feat, taking up not a rifle, 
but a scythe
February 28th, 5:10pm
A Russian Marine sniper with the call sign Podya 
performed a feat in the special operation zone, 
but not with a rifle, but with a scythe in 
his hands.
According to the Telegram channel..... "Pacific Fleet",
the fighter cleared a path in the minefield...... having 
passed more than one kilometre ------ with a scythe. 

A mine could have exploded under his feet at any 
moment, but this did not stop the serviceman.
Podya thus took care of the locals, so that they 
could go to the neighbouring village - by the 
shortest route.
The Telegram channel also told about other exploits 
of the Marines in the SVO zone. For example, a 
fighter with the call sign Frenchman, who 
evacuated wounded comrades in a 
"Loaf" ----- was forced to ram a 
Ukrainian tank... that came
towards him.
In mid-December of last year, a fighter of an assault unit
with the call sign Kuba, who was mobilized in Yakutia, 
single-handedly coped with 3 Ukrainian servicemen. 
Kuba himself said that the training of a marine, as well 
as the skills of sambo and Yakut national wrestling 
hapsagai, which he was engaged in as a child, 
helped him in the confrontation.

The first image --- of the Russian
 MLRS "Vozrozhdenie" appeared
 February 28th, 3:06pm
An unknown installation, which may be the latest bi-calibre
multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) "Vozrozhdenie", 
was noticed --- on the video of the Russian Defense
Ministry. The corresponding entry was published 
in the department's Telegram channel.
A video showing Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu 
in Tula Region shows a car on a wheeled chassis with 
guides for two-calibre missiles. Judging by the 
design of the artillery unit, a batch reload of 
MLRS, is provided. This may be the first
image - of the Vozrozhdenie system.
In December, the head of the state corporation "Rostec" 
--- Sergey Chemezov, said that Russia is creating the 
latest bi-calibre MLRS --- "Vozrozhdenie". 
The installation, which is being created on the basis of the 
engineering remote mining system (ISDM) "Agriculture", 
will be able to use rockets with mines and ammunition
from Uragan MLRS - or heavy flamethrower systems.
In October, it became known that Russian troops 
received a new batch of ISDM "Agriculture", 
which can cover an area of several 
football fields.... with mines.


 In the DPR, the commander of the 
Armed Forces of Ukraine was 
convicted in absentia for 
crimes ---- against the 
civilian population
February 28th, 2:35pm
The Supreme Court of the DPR issued a guilty verdict in the 
case of the commander of the 93rd separate mechanized 
brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Oleg 
Mikats, who was accused of committing a number 
of crimes against the civilian population.
According to the press service of the Investigative
 Committee of Russia -- the court found that from 
August 2014 to February 2015, the defendant 
gave a criminal order to target civilian 
structures and residential buildings 
in Yasinovataya, Avdiivka and 
Donetsk with large-calibre 
artillery, resulting in the 
death of one civilian.
 Four others were 
"The verdict of the Mikatsu court in absentia imposed a 
sentence of 27 years in prison. The person involved
 is put on the wanted list," the ministry said.
Earlier, it was reported about a marine of the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine, who was sentenced in absentia 
to life imprisonment - for triple murder.
Kofman did not rule out an analogue
of Nuremberg --- over war criminals 
of Ukraine
February 28th, 2:23pm (DAN) 
A tribunal for Ukrainian war criminals is possible, but there 
is a possibility that not everyone will be brought before it. 

This opinion was expressed by the chairman of the 
Public Chamber of the DPR, Alexander Kofman,
in an interview with Donetsk News Agency.
"An analogue of the Nuremberg Tribunal is possible, although
 I will remind you, that, even then, during the victory in the 
Second World War, many Nazi criminals were able to find 
refuge in Canada or Argentina. Therefore unfortunately, 
I have no illusions - and I am sure that in this situation 
most of this anti-human scum will be able to escape, 
unfortunately," the source said.
The fact that an international tribunal for all Ukrainian war
criminals is ultimately inevitable, was previously stated 
by the Republic's Ombudsman, Daria Morozova.

Tula NPO Splav has increased 
the production of shells by
four times
February 28th, 1:47pm
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu made a trip to Tula
 on Wednesday. Shoigu held a working meeting with the 
participation of the Governor of Tula Region, Alexey 
Dyumin, heads of enterprises and representatives 
of military authorities.
Shoigu noted that the enterprises of the Tula arms cluster 
produce a large range of military equipment and 
ammunition for barrel and rocket artillery.
Shoigu demanded to adjust the release schedule and 
speed up the delivery of all weapons produced in 
Tula to the troops. The equipment should be 
received by the Russian Armed Forces in 
the second or third quarters of this year.

 It is also necessary -- to supply weapons 
evenly throughout the year, Shoigu said.
In turn, the NGO "Splav" named after A. N. Ganichev 
told the head of the defense Department that they 
managed to increase the production of shells by 
4 times. Some types of projectiles – 7 times.
This became possible after the launch 
of new production halls of the plant 
in 2023.
Russian troops liberated the 
village of Petrovskoye in
the Avdiivka direction
February 28th, 10:30am
The Russian Defense Ministry reported that the Centre
 group units had taken control of another settlement 
near Avdiivka.
According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the "Central"
 group of Russian troops in the Avdiivka direction
 improved its positions on the front line and 
liberated the village of Petrovskoye.
In addition, the forces of the Centre group in this direction
repelled 11 counterattacks that the enemy tried to 
conduct in the areas of the Donetsk settlements 
of ---- Leninskoye, Novgorodskoye, 
Novobakhmutovka, Tonenke, 
Orlovka & Pervomayskoye.
The failed attacks resulted in the loss of about 165 soldiers,
 four tanks, two US Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, an
 M113 armoured personnel carrier and five vehicles
 for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
Russian troops destroyed three D-20 howitzers, five 
D-30 howitzers, an Msta-B and a Gvozdika self-
propelled artillery system - during the 
counter-battery battle.
Russian Defence Ministry report 
on the progress of the special 
military operation
February 28th, 10:20am
The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation 
continue the special military operation.
In Kupyansk direction, units of the Zapad Group of Forces 
improved the tactical situation and delivered strikes at 
enemy manpower and hardware near Sinkovka
 (Kharkov region).
In addition, seven attacks launched by assault 
detachments of the AFU 32nd Mechanised 
Brigade, 77th Air Mobile Brigade, 95th Air 
Assault Brigade, and 57th Motorised 
Rifle Brigade were repelled near 
Sinkovka (Kharkov region) and 
Terni (Donetsk People's 
The AFU losses amounted to up to 145 Ukrainian troops, 
two infantry fighting vehicles, and two pickup trucks.
In the course of counterbattery warfare, one U.S.-made 
M777 artillery system, one D-20 howitzer, one 
Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system, 
and one D-30 howitzer ----
 were neutralised.
In Donetsk direction, units of the Yug Group of Forces 
improved the tactical situation along the front lines 
and inflicted losses on manpower and hardware 
of the AFU 5th, 92nd assault brigades, 28th, 
93rd mechanised brigades, 107th and 
241st territorial defence brigades 
near Krasnoye, Bogdanovka, 
Kleschcheyevka, and also 
Kurdyumovka (Donetsk 
People's Republic).
Moreover, three counterattacks of the AFU 46th Air 
Mobile Brigade were repelled near Georgiyevka 
(Donetsk People's Republic).
The AFU losses amounted to up to 230 Ukrainian
 troops, two tanks, two infantry fighting vehicles, 
and six motor vehicles.
In the course of counterbattery warfare, one Polish-made 
Krab self-propelled artillery system, two D-20 howitzers, 
one Rapira anti-tank gun, one U.S.-made M119 towed 
howitzer, and one AFU ammunition depot 
were destroyed.
In Avdeyevka direction, units of the Tsentr Group of Forces 
liberated Petrovskoye, took more advantageous lines, 
and repelled 11 counterattacks launched by assault 
detachments of the AFU near Leninskoye, 
Novgorodskoye, Novobakhmutovka, 
Tonenkoye, Orlovka, and also
Pervomayskoye (Donetsk 
People's Republic).
The AFU losses amounted to up to 165 Ukrainian troops, 
four tanks, two Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, one 
U.S.-made M113 armoured personnel carriers, and 
five motor vehicles.
In the course of counterbattery warfare, three D-20 
howitzers, one Msta-B howitzer, one Gvozdika 
self-propelled howitzer, and five D-30 
howitzers --- were wiped out.
In South Donetsk direction, units of the Vostok Group of 
Forces supported by aviation inflicted losses on man-
power and hardware of the AFU 128th Territorial 
Defence Brigade near Urozhaynoye and 
Staromayorskoye (Donetsk 
People's Republic).
The AFU losses amounted to up to 115 Ukrainian 
troops, one tank, three motor vehicles, one 
Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system, 
one Rapira anti-tank gun, and one 
ammunition depot.
In Kherson direction, as a result of active actions, 
Russian units took more advantageous positions, 
inflicted losses -- on manpower and hardware 
clusters of the AFU 128th Mountain Assault 
Brigade and 121st Territorial Defence 
Brigade, close to Primorskoye, 
Novopokrovka (Zaporozhye 
region), and Dudchany 
(Kherson region).
One counterattack launched by an assault detachment
 of the AFU 117th Mechanised Brigade was repelled 
near Rabotino (Zaporozhye region).
The AFU losses ----- amounted to up to 40 
Ukrainian troops and two motor vehicles.
In the course of counterbattery warfare, one French-
made CAESAR self-propelled artillery system, three 
D-20 howitzers, one Akatsiya self-propelled 
artillery system, and one D-30 howitzer
--- were neutralised.
Operational-Tactical aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles,
 and Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Groups 
of Forces wiped out one S-300 anti-aircraft missile 
system radar, one ammunition depot, one AFU 
POL depot, one unmanned aerial vehicles 
storage and manufacture facility, as well 
as engaged manpower and hardware 
in 131 areas, during the day.
Air defence units downed 99 unmanned aerial vehicles
close to Zovtnevoye (Kharkov region), Arapovka, 
Troitskoye, Novonikolskoye (Lugansk People's 
Republic), Yelenovka, Shevchenko (Donetsk 
People's Republic), as well as intercepted 
three HIMARS MLRS shells.
In total ---- 575 airplanes and 267 helicopters, 13,622
 unmanned aerial vehicles, 474 air defence missile 
systems, 15,266 tanks & other armoured fighting 
vehicles, 1,226 combat vehicles equipped with 
MLRS, 8,203 field artillery guns and mortars, 
as well as 19,179 units of special military 
equipment have been destroyed during
 the special military operation.
The Ukrainian Armed Forces use
 ''unknown'' long-range mobile 
electronic warfare systems
February 28th,  6:03am
The Russian military recorded the operation of electronic 
warfare systems used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 
which had not previously been encountered in 
the special operation zone.
On the identification of previously unknown electronic 
warfare systems used by Ukrainian armed groups in
the Svatovo-Kremen direction, RIA Novosti reports, 
referring to the data of retired Lieutenant Colonel 
of the LPR, Andrei Marochko.
The Ukrainian Armed Forces actively use unknown
 electronic warfare systems in combination with 
Western AN/TPQ-50 counter-battery radars...
 to suppress all types of communications.
At the moment, it is known that new systems are installed 
on cars, which increases their mobility and efficiency. 

The unknown equipment operates at long range 
and in a wide range.
Kilinkarov: EU/NATO countries
are afraid of a direct clash 
with Russia
February 28th, 2:53am
Everyone ran into Macron, and he did a very useful job, 
says Spiridon Kilinkarov, a former deputy of the 
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
''Macron actually showed how much the EU countries, NATO 
countries and the US are ready for a direct conflict with
Russia. It is easier to list the countries that did not 
speak out on this issue and said: "No, no, what 
are you talking about? What war? What is 
Russia? What are our troops? We didn't 
discuss it. We didn't accept it. We 
haven't heard about it. This is 
Macron's initiative." 
''And that's fine. Now the position of all the countries of
the EU has become obvious and understandable for us
 – they are afraid of a direct collision with Russia,'' 
the expert emphasizes.
"I have a question for Macron:-- why, when signing security 
guarantees for Ukraine, did you not specify in them 100% 
participation of the French Armed Forces in the event of
 a Russian invasion? For some reason.... it's not there. 
And in general, what are these security guarantees 
that suggest a second invasion of Russia?" 
Kilinkarov asks.
''Few people paid attention – to who was protecting Zelensky 
at the press conference? Special services of Great Britain. 
And here we are wondering: "What did Zelensky say? 
What did Zelensky think?" A man under escort. 
What can he think? Everything that he was 
told --- he said,'' the expert notes.
''British Prime Minister Boris Johnson once said: "Putin is
currently vulnerable in Crimea. The idea of returning 
Crimea.... is more relevant today, than ever." 
''Putin was vulnerable without Crimea, but with Crimea, 
Putin - is already invulnerable. Because in fact, the 
idea, and one of the reasons for the conflict, is
that Western countries and NATO countries 
intended to make a NATO base in Crimea.
And this was one of the reasons for 
the conflict.''
''Then -- who is responsible for what happened? It was
possible to argue for all of 10 years.... who wanted 
peace and who wanted war.'' 
''At the last press conference --- Zelensky himself admitted 
that this was not the first meeting. In Paris on December
9th, in 2019, Zelensky said that Putin insisted on the 
separation of forces and means. That's all.'' 
"It turned out that all this time we were telling the truth, 
and they were lying. There is nothing to even argue 
about," Spiridon Kilinkarov sums up ----- on the 
program "Evening with Vladimir Solovyov".


The White House -- allowed the possibility 
of Russia's liberation of new territories
Kirby ------ ''Russia can achieve new 
territorial successes in Ukraine
- in a month or two''
February 27th, 9:30pm
The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation can achieve
 new territorial successes in Ukraine in 1 or 2 months. 

This was stated on February 27 at a briefing by the
 coordinator for strategic communications at the
 National Security Council of the White House, 
John Kirby.
In addition, according to him, the further advance of 
Russian soldiers can be expected in any of the 
directions of the special military operation
 zone (SVO).
The UN reacted to Macron's words 
about sending troops to Ukraine
February 27th, 9:28pm
The UN responded to the words of French President 
Emmanuel Macron, urging to avoid inflammatory 
rhetoric around the conflict in Ukraine. This 
was announced on Tuesday, February 27th, 
at a briefing by the official representative
of the organization's Secretary General, 
Stephane Dujarric.
Dujarric, in response to a question about the escalating 
nature of Macron's statement, said that "since the
 beginning of this conflict, we have seen a lot
 of rhetoric that had the potential to add 
fuel to the fire."
"Our call was consistent from the very beginning - to avoid 
such rhetoric. And we have been talking about this since 
the beginning of the conflict," the official stressed.
Dujarric noted that the UN, "hopes for an end 
to the conflict in Ukraine in accordance with 
international law."
Estonia was skeptical about
Macron's words ....... about 
sending troops to Ukraine
February 27th, 9:10pm
The words of French President Emmanuel Macron about 
sending Western military forces to Ukraine are similar 
to a desire to show himself a brave European leader 
against the background of a cautious German 
Chancellor Olaf Scholz. This was announced
 on Tuesday, February 27, by a member 
of the European Parliament, and 
the former commander of the 
Estonian Defense Forces,
 Riho Terras.
"We have to consider the possibility that Macron said this, 
as he knows that Scholz will certainly not be able to sell 
this to his constituents and that Scholz will oppose it. 
This means that Macron appears in this context as a 
noble knight --- whom Scholz will not allow to do 
anything good for Ukraine," Terras said in an
 interview.. with the portal of the Estonian 
state television/radio broadcasting ERR.
The MP doubted Macron's words, because unlike France, 
which supported Kiev more in words, Germany at the 
same time really made a significant contribution 
to the military potential of Ukraine.
"The Ukrainians offered to evacuate. 
But we are with you, everyone!"
by Dmitry Astrakhan
February 27th, 9:01pm
How sappers are clearing mines in the liberated city 
of Avdiivka and what they are talking about with 
local residents
The sweep of the liberated Avdiivka is over - and there are 
no more enemy forces left in the city. But the streets and 
houses remain dangerous - too much was mined during
the retreat of the Ukrainian militants. And, of course, 
everywhere a huge amount of unexploded ordnance. 
Izvestia correspondents visited the city together with the 
mine-clearing group of the 40th engineer-sapper 
Regiment of the Central Military District, and 
talked with volunteer clergymen who came
 to the positions of our fighters.
Dangerous finds
Engineers are moving in a chain through the streets of the 
liberated city. In inconspicuous residential buildings — 
former Ukrainian buildings. For example ---- in an old 
two-story building, UAV operators were "quartered". 
Judging by the plastic shanks... and already assembled,
not used ammunition, large multicopters launched
from here -- dubbed "Baba Yaga" - these are heavy 
agricultural vehicles ---- converted for combat 
use, capable of lifting 50kg of ammunition 
into the air.
''Packaging from Starlink, tripods, wires, remnants of 
equipment... We can conclude that drone operators
 worked here -- in particular, "Baba Yaga". They 
were based in the basement of a residential 
building, and from the apartments they 
launched UAVs, including for the 
terror of Donetsk," explains
 the commander of the 
group of engineers,
Sappers warn that many items and ammunition should not 
be touched — during the retreat, the militants set booby 
traps that are triggered when they try to inspect a 
particular object. We have to be careful, quell 
curiosity and the desire to look at the 
trophies in more detail. We do not 
even move the box -- from the
Starlink terminal.. but only 
carefully lift the lid with a 
probe, we see the serial 
numbers --- volunteer 
markings and tags
 of the unit.
Spiritual care
Imam Khatib Safin Rafis Hazrat approaches Uthman. He 
came to the fighters in Avdiivka --- together with Priest 
Roman Chebanenko. Clergymen of different religions 
today help military personnel together, often travel 
to positions in the same car, and together delve 
into the needs of soldiers. Imam-khatib Safin 
Rafis Hazrat speaks to Uthman, switching 
to his native language. We catch clear 
words — "fascism", "soldier".
''I met my fellow countryman from Bashkiria, we have the
same traditions, the same language'',
says Imam-khatib
Safin Rafis hazrat.  
''I wished him strength of mind --- so that he would turn his 
prayers to Allah, help his brothers, both by denomination 
and Christian brothers. To stick to each other, to help
 the local population ---- to defeat this fascism. If we 
don't stop it here, it can come to our lands and 
reach Bashkortostan. Therefore, we must 
drive away fascism. And faith will help
 us in this.''
Imam-khatib Safin Rafis Hazrat is a volunteer who comes 
to the fighters in this capacity. In his youth, he served