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All-Russia is moving to liberation

 (only on youtube)
'come and see'
- a partisan film
Watch this film --- and you
will - finally - understand.
Some in the West are fond
of a loose use of words...
''stunning'', for example, to describe
a work of art... but believe me
when I say - this film about a
lad of 14 - made me laugh
and cry and - by the end 
- I was left stunned.

A recent attempt on youtube by an obvious
anti-Russian, to pour scorn on this film's
historical accuracy, tries to point out
that the nazi troops state they are
members of a unit that was not
there.. but can't bring himself
to see that they might have
been lying!



St. John of Kronstadt Orthodox 
Spiritual Care Centre
"Veterans and children of the Great Patriotic War:
to the Government 
and people of Germany".
By events in Ukraine
Today, when the German government decided
to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons, the
world has changed — the silhouettes of a 
new world war are more than clearly 
outlined! And again - Germany! 
But there are honest people in Germany, anti-
fascists, and we hope that this Message will 
fall into their hands. People born between 
1927 and 1945 have the status of "war 
children" in Russia.
All those who survived that war can subscribe to this letter.
We think that actual signatures are not necessary, we
suggest that veterans
(or "war children") read them
this letter, 
independently or with someone's help, 
and send us (at the coordinates indicated
below) something like 
the following: 
Moscow, Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, 90 years old, disabled
war veteran (or otherwise), Hero of 
the Soviet Union
(or Holder of the Order of 
Glory... or otherwise),
was repatriated to
 Germany during the war
(or otherwise). 

Or just the city, full name, and age. The 
main thing, is that they should be real 
people who are familiar with the text.
We, the last veterans and all the peoples of 
Russia who survived that great and terrible
war, are now on the verge of death! Our 
time is already running out. For a huge 
part of our lives, we hoped we would 
come to the end of it, in peace - 
without all-destroying hatred! 
For the painfully long decades after the Second World War,
we overcame our righteous anger! I 
long for retribution for
the innumerable wounds, spiritual and physical, that we
still carry in our bodies and our hearts! And most of us
have forgiven! And not in a small way due to the fact
that Germany for many years has demonstrated its
repentance its understanding of what it has done!
And we have overcome, not only ourselves, but
also the voice of the blood of 
our barbarically
exterminated relatives! 
By whom?
Germans ...fascists! 
We have forgiven... following the laws of human
coexistence! So it was... until 2014. And then,
in 2014, when everything began in Ukraine... 
we looked with hope at Germany and at the
then Chancellor Angela Merkel. We couldn't
imagine that after all that the Germans did 
in Ukraine, after Babi Yar, after mountains 
of mutilated corpses, they would still look 
with lust at the Ukrainian fields that can 
feed Europe today! Or they, the Germans, 
who have covered the Crimea they once 
promised with blood, will still somehow
be interested in turning the Crimea 
an American and in general a NATO 
base, ideal for aggression against
Which would be clearly
aimed at a future war. 
After all, only fools do not understand the meaning and
goals of the entire coup in 
Ukraine... in the conditions
of which 
Russia behaved in the only possible way! But
the Germans are not fools! 
We the Russians, know for
your psychology, as "brothers in blood" - our
blood, which you 
"prudently" shed in rivers! 
We remember your "systematic methods of
population reduction"! Our population! Until
now, in different parts of our once united
Homeland, where the boot of German 
fascism was trodden, we find hidden 
mass graves of our civilians: in the 
Novgorod region, in the Kuban, in 
the Rostov region, in Karelia. In 
Belarus, in 2021... hundreds of 
civilian remains... were found 
in Brest    ...on the site of the 
Jewish ghetto the Trostenets 
concentration camp....  near 
Minsk terrible in its tragedy
revealed the secret of the 
remains... of thousands of 
tortured and killed people! 
We are talking about tens of thousands of newly
discovered victims of Nazism! This blood - still
cries out for revenge - and for decades the
memory of the barbarously destroyed 
Russian people, and monuments to 
Russian soldiers, liberators, have 
been desecrated with impunity! 
And the new Nazis are marching in the Baltic
States and Ukraine, in front of the entire
"civilized" world!  But in 2014, we were 
sincerely convinced -- that in this new 
Nazi demarche it's the Germans who 
will be our associates in preventing 
this meanness! 
We hoped that, guided by an elementary
conscience, the Germans would not 
participate..  in an obviously fascist 
anti-state coup in Ukraine! After all 
...the subsequent catastrophe of 
modern Ukraine was committed 
by direct descendants of those 
who were special bastards in 
the German army! Clearly, 
Americans and Canadians have only hidden and preserved
this diabolical heritage, feeding this 
generation, but the
product of this evil... is Germany! Hitler's Germany! And
it was impossible for us to believe that it was 
that would again give a 
"road map" to these inhumans!
we were wrong! Germany has once again allowed
these fascist geeks 
to enter the world! 
The support of modern Germany - in the face of
the new government of Ukraine-Bandera, the
heirs of the SS division " Galicia ", the thugs 
of the UPA OUN and all other abominations;
is simply unthinkable for us! This is beyond 
all that is human!  But you, Germany, have
already done it and continue to do it! You 
have, once again, set your sights on the 
Slavic world and these geeks are blood 
from the blood of German Nazism! And 
again to Russia! 
Only, even more despicable: inciting our closest
Ukrainian brothers against us! And you know it!
You know this as well as we do! You killed one
nation in that Great War! Yes, we are
one people! 
The truth is written and often spoken about 
by your own Steinmeier, who at the same 
time viciously took a direct part in the 
Kiev coup of 2014 — fascist in fact! 
This American may not be clear about some-
thing, but it's more than that, for you!  And 
after all, it was your vykormysh..  that got 
ready..  for their torchlight processions in 
Kiev! The living shadow of Nazi Germany 
is behind all this. It was only temporarily
covered up by sly diplomacy — "helmets 
instead of guns"! But that's it, "masks 
are reset"! Your supply of German 
weapons to Ukraine today, is 
natural, it is in the logic of 
your policy of recent 
Today it is clearly pro-fascist! You have taken 
this step: German weapons will kill Russians 
again! Keep killing. During the years of the 
conflict in the Donbas, your professional 
killers have already killed Russians, at 
least by teaching them...  "how to kill 
correctly"! Only now -- it's even more 
despicable — you're teaching this to
- your blood brothers!  Donbass is on 
your conscience! Thousands of lives 
of its peaceful citizens --- again your 
handiwork! We do not care about the
role of Americans, in everything that
happens: there, is money-God!  We, 
veterans of that war, its children, 
are concerned about the role of 
the Germans! Because it is you 
who know -- exactly -- who the 
Ukrainian "national battalions" 
consist of --- and could have 
prevented and stopped, this 
new fascism !  But they did
not do it! And just by doing 
this — you are once again, 
responsible to history! 
And you are definitely participating -- in the 
preparation of Ukraine for war with Russia! 
You can't help but understand the purpose 
of everything that happened --- from the
unconstitutional coup in Kiev ....to the 
bloodshed in the Donbass!  But, in fact
this is preparation for the Third World 
War! And again, you are Germans... 
Germany!  We hear from the high 
German rostrum in Berlin today: 
"Russia will pay a high price"!!! 
This is the German Chancellor's 
speech! Unthinkable! We have 
already paid the price — 27 
million of our lives! Isn't that 
enough for you?! What price 
are you still talking about? 
There is no home --- in Russia, Ukraine and
Belarus - where "this price" isn't paid! And
there is no home in Germany, that did 
not participate in that terrible, bloody 
barbarism!  It's scary!  It's wild! And 
today, there are, already, more than 
13 thousand dead Russian people 
in the Donbass at the hands of 
the new Nazis! 
The German Chancellor's public mockery of the
Russian genocide in the Donbas is a crime in
itself! How much can the lessons of history 
be misunderstood and discredited!  The 
scariest story in the world! Do you want 
to be even scarier?! After all, this new 
"Dranch nach Oschtern" ..may lead to 
the fact that the 2nd Nuremberg trial 
over you will no longer be - there will 
simply be no humanity! You won't be 
here! But a special Ecumenical trial 
of you Germans is inevitable! Over 
all aggressors — but over you 
World justice will be served! And we, the last
veterans of that terrible war, are leaving this
world as witnesses!  Witnesses for the 
PROSECUTION! And today the victory 
will be ours, but those who died 
yesterday, or those of us who 
will die today, already bear 
witness to the role of the 
German people, in the 
history of the human 
world — a bloody 
German weapons are back in the 
hands of Nazi thugs! Please stop!
Email addresses for information:
- Russian Union of Veterans: organizing
 questions and collecting signatures of
 veterans and children of the Second 
World War
veteran1944@yandex.ru -questions about 
this publication to its author: Monk John
(Adlivankin), Deputy Head of the Russian
Orthodox Church. head and ved. 
specialist of the St. Peter's 
Orthodox Counseling Centre. 
St. John of Kronstadt.

If you want the truth about
the massacre of civilans
in Bucha - paste the
web address below
into your browser


The video above is of a pro-Russia cavalcade
in Germany
 and it surely brought heart-
bursting tears!

More than 5,000 cars in just one campaign
in support of Russia --- in Germany !!!!!!!!!

NATO has a Scandinavian
'leftist' as its head - WHY?


Efran and Poet's tribute to
 all those killed by wars


A Portuguese mercenary - was killed 
in the SVO zone after the execution 
of a Russian prisoner
July 3rd, 11:09pm
Russian servicemen destroyed a Portuguese mercenary 
in the special operation zone. This - was announced in 
his Telegram channel by military expert, Boris Rozhin.
It turned out that Rico Chavez, who came to fight on the 
side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine --- was listed as
of the neo-Nazi battalion "Carpathian Sich". 
In November 2022, he executed a Russian prisoner,
 after which - he ''posed'' with the body of a fighter.
In February, the Supreme Court of the Donetsk People's 
Republic (DPR) sentenced the 22-year-old Georgian 
mercenary, Mamuka Gatsarelia, to life in prison.
He was found guilty of shooting three 
Russian soldiers in Mariupol, in the
spring of 2022.
The General Staff of the Armed
 Forces of Ukraine: announced 
a tense situation in the
 Toretsk direction
July 3rd, 10:48pm
The General Staff of the Ukrainian troops announced 
a "tense situation" in the Toretsk direction.
Information about this appeared in the 
Telegram channel of the department.
"The situation in the Toretsk direction
 is ---- tense," the statement reads.
In mid-June, the General Staff of the Armed Forces
of Ukraine --- recognized the situation in the 
Krasnoarmeysky direction as the 
most tense.
Three civilians of the DPR injured 
in attack by Kiev's Armed Forces
July 3rd, 10:20pm
Three civilians in the Donetsk People's Republic were 
injured as a result of an attack by the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine on Donetsk and Gorlovka. This was 
announced on July 3rd, by the head of the 
DPR, Denis Pushilin.
"In the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, men born in 1967 
and 1985 were wounded in a barrel artillery attack 
(moderate condition). In the Nikitovsky district of 
Gorlovka, as a result of dropping an explosive 
object from a drone, a man born in 1978 was
 injured (moderate condition)," the 
Telegram channel says.
Pushilin noted that the victims received the necessary 
medical care. He added that in the morning --- as a 
result of an attack.... by the armed formations of 
Ukraine with a high-precision HIMARS missile,
 the building of the Primary Health Care 
Centre No. 7, in Donetsk, received 
significant damage.
Izvestia correspondent Alexander Martemyanov 
illustrated the consequences of the shelling of 
Ukrainian militants in Donetsk.
"There was a massive explosion, and the hospital 
windows blew in. This is the only such powerful 
explosion, even from there, I heard it at home," 
said a local resident.
In addition, according to the head of the DPR, 12
 residential buildings were damaged in the Kiev 
& Petrovsky districts of Donetsk, Nikitovsky 
district of Gorlovka, as well as five civilian 
infrastructure facilities. 
In total, 18 armed attacks were carried out by 
Ukrainian militants, and more than 40 rounds
 of ammunition were fired.
Earlier in the day, Izvestia correspondent Yevgeny 
Bykovsky reported that in Donetsk, the only 
supermarket that worked in the Kievsky 
district of the city burned down from 
the attacks of the Ukrainian 
Armed Forces. 
The first republican supermarket was allegedly 
attacked ---- by a US-made HIMARS multiple 
launch rocket system.
On July 1, Ukrainian troops fired 13 155mm NATO shells 
at the Petrovsky district of Donetsk. As a result of the 
shelling, two apartment buildings on Nakhimovskaya 
Street were damaged. There was no information 
about the victims.
Earlier, on June 30th, in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, 
four employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, 
were injured due to the shelling of the Armed Forces of 
Ukraine. The victims got to the hospital on their own,
and were hospitalized.
Ukrainian militants - are firing daily at the territories of 
the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, as well 
as the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, against the
background of a special operation to protect the 
Donbass, which Russia announced on 
February 24, 2022.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian 
Federation told about the exploits of
 the Russian Armed Forces in
 the free defense zone
July 3rd, 10pm
The Russian Ministry of Defense indicated -- that Guard 
Sergeant Ihor Bondarenko, performed combat missions
 to engage clusters of equipment and manpower of
the Armed Forces of Ukraine as part of a
howitzer artillery 

His crew was subjected to retaliatory fire from 
the enemy ---- while changing positions. 
However, Bondarenko ----- brought the gun into combat 
position and, having calculated the coordinates of the
target - personally destroyed the artillery installation 
and up to 10 enemy personnel with an accurate shot.
Due to this, the Ukrainian militants lost artillery support, 
were unable to hold the occupied lines and were forced 
to leave their positions in a hurry, suffering losses.
The Defense Ministry - also noted the merits of the chief of 
the calculation of the anti-aircraft missile division, Senior 
Lieutenant Maxim Borisov. He performed tasks to cover 
the grouping of the Armed Forces of the Russian 
Federation from enemy air attacks ---
with his unit.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the positions of 
Russian units, using strike unmanned aircraft and 
multiple launch rocket systems, to destroy 
important military infrastructure and 
reduce the combat potential.
However --------- the crew under Maksimov's command 
immediately began to repel the air attack, destroying 
an unmanned aerial vehicle of Ukrainian militants, 
as well as.. six MLRS shells. Maksimov's courage 
and determination and the high professionalism 
of his subordinates helped to save the lives of 
his comrades-in-arms, while preventing air 
strikes on the manpower and equipment 
of the covered units.
The Border Service of Ukraine 
reported the detention of 10 
evaders.... in a wheat field
July 3rd, 9:40pm
In Ukraine, 10 men tried to enter Hungary through 
a wheat field to avoid mobilization. This was 
reported on July 3 by the press service of 
the Border Guard Service of Ukraine.
"10 reapers (evaders. - Ed.) tried to sneak into Hungary 
within a wheat field," the ministry said in a message
 on its Telegram channel.
It is noted -- that all those who fled paid from $7 thousand 
to $10 thousand to the guides to organize their transition. 

The service clarified that two of the detainees,
tried to escape from the border guards.
"The detainees are now facing administrative 
punishment, and the organizers — criminal,"
 the report added.
Earlier, on June 30, it was reported that in Ukraine, border
 guards shot a man who tried to cross the border with 
Romania in the company of a partner. As noted, the 
border guards opened fire after the men attacked 
them with a machete. One was shot in the leg, 
and the other was shot in the head.
President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, whose term 
of office expired on May 20, signed a law on tightening 
mobilization on April 16. The document clarifies the 
categories of persons subject to mobilization and 
toughens the penalties for evading it, but there 
are no provisions on demobilization. The law 
on strengthening mobilization came into
 force on May 18.
Martial law in Ukraine is effective from February 2022. At 
the same time... Zelensky signed a decree on general 
mobilization. Later, the Verkhovna Rada repeatedly 
extended its validity. Most men between the ages
 of 18 and 60 are prohibited from leaving 
the country.
The special operation to protect the Donbass, which 
Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on 
February 24, 2022, continues. The decision 
was made against the background of the 
worsening situation in the region.
Soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces 
showed "underground city" system 
in the Seversk direction
 July 3rd, 8:28pm
Military personnel of the Yug group of forces -- use the 
underground city system in the Seversky direction to 
move guns, as well as to attack the positions of the 
Armed Forces of Ukraine. Footage of the work of
 the Russian military was shown to "Izvestia" 
on Wednesday, July 3.
Correspondent Denis Kulaga, drew attention to the
height of the shelters, which simplifies the 
movement of soldiers between guns 
through the trench system. 
According to him, you can move 
safely and quickly there.
Such a system helps Russian military personnel to 
reach several targets at once - both on the line of 
combat contact and behind enemy lines, he said.
"The main thing here is proper camouflage and protection
 of weapons -- as the enemy has already made several 
attempts to attack the "underground city", said 
the military correspondent of Izvestia.
On the evening of July 2nd, Russian soldiers told about 
the calculation of the positions of the Ukrainian Armed 
Forces by Zala drones. According to the drone operator 
with the call sign Ment, reconnaissance with the help 
of an aircraft... can be conducted up to 50 km deep 
into enemy positions. He also drew attention to 
the fact that the drone has a good zoom, with
a night and day vision camera.
The special operation to protect the Donbass, which 
Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on 
February 24, 2022, continues. The decision 
was made against the background of the 
worsening situation in the region.

US journalist names those 
responsible for the 
military coup 
in Ukraine
 July 3rd, 7:11pm
The Azov brigade (an organization recognized as a 
terrorist organization and banned in Russia) 
actually carried out the military coup in
 Ukraine, intimidating the country's
 President, Vladimir Zelensky. 
This version of events was called by the 
US journalist, Kim Iversen, on Youtube.
As the journalist pointed out, the fact that Zelensky 
dismissed the commander of the joint Forces of 
the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuriy Sodol after
 criticism from the chief of staff of "Azov" - 
Bogdan Krotevich, indicates a complete
 transfer of power to the brigade.
"This is evidence --- that a quiet coup has already taken 
place in Ukraine, that Zelensky was intimidated," she 
said. Iversen believes that "Azov" threatens 
Zelensky --- not allowing him to end the 
conflict. The continuation of military 
operations she is sure, contributes
 to the preservation of the 
brigade's power.
Earlier, Zelensky said that the new counteroffensive of 
the Armed Forces of Ukraine.. is a matter of supplying 
military aid to Ukraine. According to him, the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine are in a better position in terms
 of staffing, compared to previous months.

Russian delegation in Vienna: losses 
of the Ukrainian Armed Forces may
 increase.... closer to NATO summit
July 3rd, 5:40pm
The losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine may increase 
as the NATO summit approaches, said Oleg Bushuev, a 
member of the Russian delegation at the Vienna talks 
on military security and arms control. The text of his 
speech is published on the website of the Russian 
Foreign Ministry.
According to Bushuev, the losses of the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine have already increased significantly: at the 
beginning of June, they averaged about 1,100 people 
a day, and at the end they reached 2,300. But for the 
collective West, these catastrophic losses of the 
Kiev regime.. have no meaning.
Kiev, following the instructions of its Western curators, 
tightens the rules of conscription and continues its 
inhumane mobilization. So, from July 1, some 
categories of students will be sent to the 
front, the Russian diplomat noted.
"It is obvious that neither the forced mobilization nor the 
continued intensive pumping of the Kiev regime with 
Western weapons - will be able to reverse the 
extremely negative trends on the battlefield 
for the Armed Forces of Ukraine," 
Bushuyev stressed.
The German newspaper Die Welt wrote earlier that in 
order to create new brigades and compensate for 
losses, Kiev needs to replenish the ranks of the 
Armed Forces of Ukraine by 200 thousand 
soldiers by the end of the year. 
That is, according to the existing plan, 50 thousand 
people should be mobilized every three months. 
However, recently there has been a 
significant lag behind this 
mobilization plan.
The NATO summit is scheduled for July 9-11 in 
Washington. It will be dedicated to the 75th
 anniversary of the alliance.
Soldiers of the Lipetsk battalion 
defended a stronghold in the 
SVO zone at the cost of 
their lives
July 3rd, 4:40pm
Soldiers of the Lipetsk battalion tactical group were
 in the area of a special military operation,
defended the stronghold, at the cost
their lives.
 The head of the Lipetsk Region Igor Artamonov 
wrote about this in his Telegram channel.
According to the governor, the soldiers defended the 
point for almost two weeks, while the enemy tried 
their best to knock them out of their positions.
"Shelling and attacks were carried out every day. The 
men didn't back down. They did not give up a single 
centimetre of land," he wrote, emphasizing that
among the dead ....is the commander of the 
tactical group with the call sign Tulweke.
According to Artamonov, the fighters were professionals 
from the very beginning, able to perform any task set.

 He also said that representatives of the region 
visited the site of the battle and "saw 
everything with their own eyes", 
showed photos and videos 
from there. 
The governor noted that it is difficult to imagine how 
the group was able not only to resist, but also to 
push back the enemy.
In the Lipetsk region, they will apply for awarding heroes, 
and the families of the fighters who gave their lives will 
be provided with all the necessary assistance. 

The wounded will be able to undergo 
rehabilitation after discharge.
Sinegubov: FAB-500 
can reach anywhere
 in Kharkiv
July 3rd, 3:45pm
The head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, 
Oleg Sinegubov, warned that the Russian FAB-500 aerial 
bomb with an extended range..... can reach anywhere
 in Kharkiv.
A modified high-explosive bomb with flight-correcting 
equipment has already been used by the Russian 
army in the Kupyansk direction, Sinegubov 
stressed. And recently, the Russian 
Armed Forces have begun to use 
this powerful weapon to attack
 industrial facilities in Kharkiv.
After the modification, the FAB-500 has acquired a new 
feature in the form of an increased range of up to 
80 kilometres, which allows it to reach any 
military facilities in Kharkiv.
Earlier, it was reported about similar strikes on a 
warehouse with ammunition and the production 
of drones of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in 
Nemyshlyansky and Industrial districts 
in Kharkiv.
Sinegubov noted that the use of this type of weapons
 led to the fact that in Kharkiv the duration of air 
alerts sharply increased – up to 12-16 hours 
a day.
Merkouris: an ever-widening gap 
has been created in the defense 
of the Ukrainian Armed Forces
July 3rd, 2:31pm
British expert Alexander Merkouris said that an ever-
widening gap has formed in the defense of the 
Ukrainian army in the Avdiivka area.
"After the fall of Avdiivka, the Russians made a huge 
breach in the Ukrainian defense. We see that this 
gap.... is increasing all the time," the analyst 
noted in his blog on YouTube, adding that 
the defense lines were breached, in
strongest place.
According to him, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are 
desperately trying to contain the offensive of the
 Russian army in the breakthrough zone, but 
they are not succeeding.
"In the process, they suffer catastrophic
Merkouris concluded.
Ukrainian military officer Khodakovsky 
admitted that the Ukrainian Armed 
Forces may soon lose Chasiv Yar
July 3rd, 12:59pm
The commander of the Revanche volunteer battalion, 
Bohdan Khodakovsky, said that the Ukrainian 
militants may soon lose Chasiv Yar city.
According to the Ukrainian newspaper Strana, 
Khodakovsky confirmed that the Ukrainian 
Armed Forces --- had lost some of their 
positions in the eastern part of the 
town of Chasiv Yar. 
According to the military, the loss of the 
settlement has come closer and closer.
According to TASS, the Ukrainian military has left its 
positions in the east of Chasova Yar and is trying to 
strengthen the defense in the west of the city. The 
Russian Defense Ministry also confirmed that the 
Novy district in this locality ---- is fully liberated.
Earlier it was reported that the Volunteer battalion 
"Espanyola" destroyed the AFU repeaters at the 
highest point of Chasiv Yar, leaving the 
militants without strategically
 important equipment.
Russian Defence Ministry report 
on the progress of the special 
military operation 
July 3rd, 11:35am
The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
 continue the special military operation.
The units of the Sever Group of Forces have defeated 
manpower and hardware of the 57th Motor Infantry
 Brigade, the 71st Jaeger Brigade of the AFU, the 
36th Marine Brigade, 113th and 125th territorial
 defence brigades and the 13th National Guard 
Brigade close to Volchansk, Neskuchnoye,
 Malye Prokhody, Staritsa, and Liptsy 
(Kharkov region).
In addition, one counterattack by a group of the Vostok 
Special Operations Forces' centre has been repelled.
The enemy losses, were up to 140 soldiers, one Tunguska 
anti-aircraft gun combat vehicle, eight pickup trucks, one 
152-mm D-20 gun, one 152-mm Msta-B howitzer, one 122
-mm Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system, and one 
122-mm D-30 howitzer.
The units of the Zapad Group of Forces, have taken more 
advantageous positions and defeated formations of 14th, 
63rd, 115th, 116th mechanised brigades of the AFU and 
the 12th Azov Special Forces Brigade close to Sinkovka 
and Petropavlovka (Kharkov region), Grigorovka, 
Torskoye, and Krasny Liman (Donetsk 
People's Republic).
During the day, two counterattacks by the 3rd Assault 
Brigade of the enemy have been repelled.
The AFU losses were up to 540 soldiers, one armoured 
fighting vehicle, and four motor vehicles.
In addition, in the course of counter-battery warfare, one 
Czech-made Vampire multiple-launch rocket system 
launcher, one 155-mm US-made M777 howitzer, one
 152-mm U.S.-made Msta-B howitzer, one 105-mm 
U.S.-made M119 gun, and one 100-mm U.S.-made 
Rapira anti-tank gun - have been hit.
Three AFU field ammunition depots have been destroyed.
The units of the Yug Group of Forces have completely 
liberated Novy district, of Chasov Yar locality
(Donetsk People's Republic) and improved 
the situation along the front line.
In addition, AFU 24th, 30th, 93rd mechanised, 56th
 motorised infantry, 81st airmobile brigades, 109th, 
114th, and 119th territorial defence brigades have
 been hit near Vasyukovka, Kalinina, Chasov Yar, 
Konstantinovka, Krasnogorovka, Raigorodok, 
and Vesyoly Gai (Donetsk People's Republic).
Four counterattacks by formations of the 46th Airmobile 
Brigade, the 79th Air Assault Brigade, and the 214th 
'Opfor' Battalion of the AFU have been repelled.
The enemy losses were up to 450 troops, two tanks, 
three armoured fighting vehicles, including a U.S.-
made M113 armoured personnel carrier, and 
ten pickup trucks.
In the course of counter-battery warfare, one 152-mm 
Akatsiya self-propelled artillery system, one 122-mm 
Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system, a 152-mm 
Msta-B howitzer, three 152-mm D-20 guns, one 
105-mm U.S.-made M119 gun, two Anklav-N 
electronic warfare stations, and one U.S.-
made AN/TPQ-48 counter-battery 
warfare station - have been hit.
Four AFU field ammunition depots 
have been also destroyed.
The units of Tsentr Group of Forces have improved their 
tactical position. Russian troops have defeated 
formations of 31st, 118th mechanised, 79th air 
assault, 142nd infantry brigades of the AFU, 
and the 2nd Brigade of the National Guard 
near Kirovo, Yevgenovka, Selidovo, 
Voskhod, Vozdvizhenka,
and Progress (Donetsk 
People's Republic).
In addition, five counterattacks by assault detachments 
of 95th air assault, 23rd, 41st, 47th mechanised, and
 68th jaeger brigades of the AFU have been repelled.
The enemy losses were up to 420 troops, one tank,
 two infantry fighting vehicles, including one U.S.-
made Bradley IFV, two armoured fighting 
vehicles, and two motor vehicles.
In the course of counter-battery warfare, one 155-mm 
U.S.-made M777 howitzer, one 152-mm D-20 gun, two
 122-mm D-30 howitzers, one 122-mm Gvozdika self-
propelled artillery system, one 105-mm U.S.-made 
M119 gun, and one 100-mm Rapira anti-tank gun 
have been hit.
The units of the Vostok Group of Forces have taken more 
favourable lines and, also -- defeated the manpower and 
hardware of the 58th Motorised Infantry Brigade, 120th, 
125th, and 128th territorial defence brigades of the 
AFU close to Velikaya Novosyolka, Rovnopol, 
Vremevka, and Novoukrainka (Donetsk 
People's Republic).
Russian troops have repulsed three counterattacks by 
assault detachments of 108th and 123rd territorial 
defence brigades.
The AFU losses were up to 145 servicemen, one 
armoured personnel carrier, six motor vehicles,
 one 155-mm UK-made FH-70 howitzer, and a
 155-mm U.S.-made M198 howitzer.
The units of the Dnepr Group of Forces --- have defeated 
the 141st Infantry Brigade, the 128th Mountain Assault 
Brigade of the AFU, and the 35th Marine Brigade near 
Nesteryanka and Novopokrovka (Zaporozhye region), 
and Tokarevka (Kherson region).
The enemy losses.... were up to 45 troops, six motor 
vehicles, one German-made IRIS-T-SLM anti-aircraft 
missile launcher, one 155-mm U.S.-made M777 
howitzer, one 152-mm U.S.-made Msta-B 
howitzer, one 122-mm Gvozdika self-
propelled artillery system, and one 
U.S.-made AN/TPQ-50 counter-
battery warfare station.
Operational-Tactical Aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, 
Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Groups of 
Forces have destroyed one Mi-24 helicopter of the
 Ukrainian Air Force at a base airfield, one work-
shop of an enterprise for the manufacture of 
tank guns and large-calibre ammunition, as 
well as clusters of enemy manpower,
 in 125 areas.
The Black Sea Fleet forces have destroyed three 
uncrewed boats of the Ukrainian Navy 
during the day.
Air defence facilities have shot down three HIMARS 
multiple-launch rocket system projectiles, as well 
as 39 unmanned aerial vehicles.
In total, 625 airplanes, 277 helicopters, 27,160 unmanned 
aerial vehicles, 537 air defence missile systems, 16,490 
tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles, 1,363
 fighting vehicles equipped with MLRS, 11,272 
field artillery cannons and mortars, as well 
as 23,289 special military motor vehicles 
have been destroyed.... during the 
special military operation.
The captive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 
stated that it is impossible to escape 
from forced mobilization
July 3rd, 10:55am
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, whose term of 
office expired on May 20, comes up with such laws that 
do not allow men to leave a military enlistment office. 

This was announced on Wednesday, July 3rd, by a 
captured serviceman of the Ukrainian army,
 Serhiy Olkhov.

He clarified that - until the last - he fought the military 
enlistment office.... so as not to be taken to the front.
"Zelensky invents such laws that you simply can't get 
away from the military enlistment office. I also say, 
that I didn't want to come here - to go," the 
prisoner shared on the video, which is 
available to Izvestia.
As the military man noted, he is against military action, 
against killing people. The Ukrainian military men 
escape from the army --- but they are found, 
Olkhov added.
The ''President of Ukraine'' ..signed a law on tougher 
mobilization on April 16. It clarified the categories
 of people subject to conscription - and also 
introduced heavier penalties for evading 
service.. in the Ukrainian army. There 
are no provisions on demobilization 
of the military - in this law.
Zelensky lowered the age of mobilization, from 27 to 25 
years and signed a law on the creation of an electronic 
register of those liable for military service, which will 
combine information about the personal data of 
Ukrainians. He also abolished the status of a 
limited serviceable person in the army. 
So, in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be
able to serve ----- patients with HIV, with some forms
cancer, with residual symptoms of tuberculosis
------ and men with mental retardation.
Martial law in Ukraine is effective from February 2022. 
At the same time, Zelensky signed a decree on general 
mobilization. Later... the Verkhovna Rada repeatedly 
extended its validity. Most men between the ages
 of 18 and 60 ---- are prohibited from leaving 
the country.
The special operation to protect the Donbass, which 
Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on 
February 24th, 2022, continues. The decision
 was made --- against the background of the
 aggravation of the situation in the region,
 due to shelling by the Ukrainian military.
In the DPR, a marine of the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine was sentenced to 26 years in
 a penal colony for murdering a civilian
July 3rd, 10:45am
The Supreme Court of the Donetsk People's Republic 
has sentenced a 27-year-old marine of the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine, Alexey Kazymov, to 26 years
 in a high-security penal colony for the murder
 of a civilian.
 This was reported on Wednesday, July 3rd -- in the press 
service of the Prosecutor General's Office of the region.
The soldier is accused of committing murder, attempted 
murder, intentional damage to other people's property 
and ill-treatment of the civilian population.
The court found that -- in the period from July to September 
2019, the marine ordered the military to fire at residential 
buildings - of civilians located in the villages of Oktyabr 
and Kominternovo in the Novoazovsky district and the 
settlement of Chermalyk in the Telmanovsky district.
"As a result of the shelling, a civilian was killed, and 
another woman received a shrapnel wound. Also, 
20 persons suffered property damage totaling 
more than 7.6 million rubles," the agency's 
publication says.
It is noted that the military personnel who carried out the
 order and carried out the shelling were convicted for ill-
treatment of the civilian population. At the moment, 
Evgeny Ermolenko, Sergey Prisyazhnyuk, Maxim 
Polegenko, Stanislav Voitok ------ are serving 
sentences in the form of imprisonment.
Earlier, on May 30th, the Supreme Court of the DPR 
sentenced Alexander Svinarchuk, commander of
 the engineering and technical company of the 
36th separate Marine Brigade of the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine, to life imprisonment. 
In March 2022, he ordered his subordinate to open fire on
 three civilians in a combat position in the building of the 
Azovsluzhmash plant, one of whom died on the spot. 
The other two were able to escape.
The underground reported a strike 
in Zaporozhye --- on the APU 
warehouse and the place
 of launching drones
July 3rd, 9:29am
In the village of Malinovka in the Kiev-controlled part of 
the Zaporizhia region, the Russian Armed Forces hit a 
warehouse of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a cluster 
of equipment --- and a place where UAV launches 
were made.
According to the coordinator of the Nikolaev underground
 Sergey Lebedev, first an airstrike was carried out, then 
"the remnants of the fleeing Banderites were covered 
with MLRS", and after a while drones arrived at 
Malinovka. They hit vehicles and artillery
 installations - together with the crew.
"In the end, several series of artillery strikes were carried 
out. As a result, there was a hit in the warehouse with a 
powerful detonation," said a source in the underground.
In addition, according to him -- strikes were carried out 
on the location of the Ukrainian military in two private 
houses, and one "precise strike" fell on the utility 
room.... from which the UAVs were launched.
Several strikes were carried out by the Russian military 
on the warehouses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 
the area of the railway station of Malaya Tokmachka
village, in Zaporozhye, RIA Novosti reports.
Explosions were also heard in the suburb of Gulyai-Pole, 
where there is an oil depot and factories with the 
location of personnel and equipment of the 
Armed Forces of Ukraine.
In addition, the strike hit military facilities in 
Dnepropetrovsk, where Ukrainian military
 equipment is stationed ....and artillery 
systems are being repaired, a source
 in the underground said.
In Kiev, they said that they do not 
want to compromise with Russia
July 3rd, 8:58am
Ukraine is not ready to compromise with Russia on issues
 of territories and sovereignty, said the head of the Office 
of the President of Ukraine, Andriy Yermak.
A senior Ukrainian official said... that Ukraine is ready to 
listen to advice to establish a "just peace", but will not 
compromise on the issue of"values". Among them... 
Yermak attributed the issues of changing borders, 
as well as freedom, independence & democracy.
If Donald Trump comes to power in the United States, 
Kiev intends to convince the new US authorities that 
Ukraine should be supported further, the head of 
Vladimir Zelensky's office added, to Reuters.
Earlier, Trump said that he was ready for some steps to 
quickly end the conflict. Yermak, who is on a visit to 
the US, commented on these words, noting that he
 did not know what Trump meant.
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban visited Kiev on 
Tuesday. He said that he suggested that Zelensky 
immediately cease fire and start negotiations 
on a peaceful settlement. 
According to Orban, Zelensky was not happy with the 
proposal and noted that it is necessary to think 
about this topic, the Ukrainian president has 
doubts.... since previous agreements on a 
cease-fire "were not good for Ukraine."
Ukrainian Armed Forces
fired almost 100 rounds 
of ammunition at DPR 
July 3rd, 2:01am
Ukrainian forces shelled the territory of the Donetsk 
People's Republic 32 times during the day.
"32 facts of armed attacks of the VFU, were recorded 
by the DPR representative office in the Joint Centre 
for Control and Coordination of Issues Related to 
War Crimes of Ukraine over the past day," the 
representative office's Telegram 
channel reports.
As pecified, 18 attacks were recorded in the Horlivka 
direction, 13 in the Donetsk direction, and one in the 
Yasynuvata direction. The Armed Forces of Ukraine 
fired 99 rounds of ammunition at populated areas 
of the republic. Two residential buildings and
two objects of civil infrastructure 
were damaged.

Mayor Kravchenko --- Novorossiysk 
repels attack of unmanned boats
July 3rd, 1:05am
In Novorossiysk, Krasnodar Territory, they 
repelled the attack of unmanned boats.
Information about this, appeared in the 
Telegram channel of the mayor of the
 city, Andrey Kravchenko.
"I ask you to remain calm, observe security 
measures, and stay in safe places,"
message reads.
Earlier it became known that a siren sounded
in Novorossiysk ----- due to the attack of 
unmanned boats.
Russian snipers told about
a two-on-two 
duel with
Ukrainian Armed
Forces soldiers
July 3rd, 1am
Russian snipers with the call signs Sych and Vanity from 
the Nevsky detachment - part of the Volunteer Assault 
Corps (DShK), met in a sniper duel - with a pair of 
professional shooters of the Armed Forces
of Ukraine (AFU). 
According to the fighters, they spent most of the
performing tasks near the town of
Chasov Yar --- 
disrupting rotations
and countering
When the loss of infantry from the fire of Sych and Suet
 exceeded several dozen people.... the Ukrainian 
command decided to send a sniper pair that 
was supposed to calculate and destroy 
the Russian shooters. 
"We knew for sure that they would come after us.
 Sometimes they invite foreigners, but at that 
time, as I understood, it was the Ukrainian 
duo. The enemy also has professionals," 
the military said.
To calculate the positions of snipers of the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine.. the soldiers had to spend almost a day. The 
enemy gave himself away when he decided to change 
his position ....and thereby unmasked himself.
"I shot a Ukrainian machine gunner in a nearby landing. 
They spotted our shot & began to shift quickly. I saw 
the flash of a rifle and fired a second shot. Then 
everything... is like in the movies," explained 
Vanity. At the same time, according to the
 volunteers.... the second number in the 
pair of the enemy survived and later 
.....managed to escape.
Earlier it was reported that a Russian fighter in the 
special operation zone (SVO) broke the record of 
a famous Soviet sniper. He destroyed several 
hundred enemy soldiers ------ using drones.

In the Crimea, the main accomplices 
of Kiev's crimes --- were named
July 3rd, 12:59am
Co-chairman of the Assembly of Slavic Peoples of Crimea 
Roman Chegrinets called the United States, Great Britain 
and France --- the main accomplices of war crimes 
committed by the Ukrainian authorities,
 RIA Novosti reports.
"The terrorists who are in power in the United States, 
Great Britain and France --- bear exactly the same 
responsibility as the terrorist regime in Kiev," 
he said.
Chegrynets reminded, that the Armed Forces of Ukraine 
(AFU) are striking the peninsula not only with American, 
but also with French & British missiles. According to
 him, all countries that supply military aid to Kiev - 
should be punished for this.
Earlier, US Permanent Representative to NATO Julianne 
Smith, said that the alliance countries at the summit in 
Washington intend to decide that the organization will 
lead the coordination of efforts to provide military 
assistance to Kiev..... and train the 
Ukrainian military.
Ukrainian authorities forcibly 
evacuate children ----- from a 
community in Kharkiv region
July 2nd, 10:51pm
The Ukrainian authorities.. have announced the forced 
evacuation of children in the Volchansky community, 
located in the Kharkiv region in a 30-kilometre zone
 from the border with Russia.
This was stated by the head of the Volchansky district 
military administration Tamaz Gambarashvili, 
reports the Ukrainian publication "Public".
It is noted that it is planned 
to take out 112 children.
Earlier in the Kharkiv region, a forced evacuation
 of 47 settlements was announced.
Later, the authorities of the Kharkiv region commented 
on rumours that the head of the regional military 
administration Oleg Sinegubov left Kharkiv 
amid fighting in the region.
The Ministry of Defense of the Russian 
Federation told about the exploits of
 the Russian Armed Forces in the 
free defense zone
July 2nd, 10pm
The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation - 
indicated that the captain of the 3rd rank, deputy 
chief of communications of the battalion 
Konstantin Veselov ----- organized the
communications for the battalion 
tactical group --- when it was 
attacked by the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine. 
The offensive was accompanied by massive mortar and 
artillery strikes. After one of the volleys, the satellite 
communication antenna located on the hardware 
machine was damaged ---- which caused 
communication within the group and
 with the higher headquarters
be disrupted. 
Veselov, during the ongoing enemy attacks, 
promptly repaired all the damage - 
and re-configured the satellite 
communication station.
This made it possible to transmit the coordinates of the
enemy units' locations to a higher headquarters, and
 the Russian Armed Forces were able to destroy 
four units of enemy equipment and more
30 people of manpower. 
The Russian Defense Ministry - noted Veselov's selfless 
actions, which made it possible to restore control of 
the battalion tactical group ...and ensure stable 
communication with the group's command, 
as well as deprive the advancing enemy 
of attacking potential ----- led to the 
subsequent counteroffensive of 
Russian troops.
The Defense Ministry also noted the merits of Lt, platoon 
commander of the mortar battery, Mher Kocharyan. His 
unit carried out a combat mission --- to support the 
offensive of Russian troops with mortar fire. 
During reconnaissance with the help of a drone, the 
fighter discovered ....a disguised AFU stronghold.
promptly transmitted its coordinates, and 
continued to observe... the actions of the 
Ukrainian militants - who began to pull 
together additional forces in order to 
counterattack the units of the 
Russian Armed Forces.
Kocharyan waited for the accumulation of a large number 
of manpower and military equipment of the AFU militants, 
after which he gave the command to the mortars to hit 
the target, and then continued to adjust the fire. 
The professionalism and competent actions of the 
platoon commander of the mortar battery & his 
subordinates, made it possible to destroy the 
stronghold of Ukrainian militants, including 
equipment and manpower, with targeted 
strikes. The Defense Ministry noted the 
courage and bravery of the platoon's 
personnel, which made it possible 
to thwart an attempted counter-
offensive in this direction.

Ukrainian troops shelled 
Panteleimonovka in the 
DPR with cluster shells
July 2nd, 8:25pm
Militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), shelled 
the village of Panteleimonovka in the Donetsk People's 
Republic (DPR) ..with 155 mm cluster shells. This was 
announced on July 1 at the republic's representative
 office in the Joint Centre for Control and 
Coordination of Issues Related to War 
Crimes of Ukraine (JCCC).
"Shelling was recorded from the VFU in the direction
of Novgorodskoye 
three 155 mm calibre (cluster)
were fired," the Telegram 
channel says.
Earlier, on July 1, the JCCC reported that Ukrainian
 troops, fired 13 NATO 155-millimetre shells at the 
Petrovsky district of Donetsk. The mayor of the 
city Alexey Kulemzin specified that as a result 
of the morning shelling, two apartment 
buildings on Nakhimovskaya Street 
were damaged.
Earlier, on June 30, the head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, 
said that two children were injured as a result of the 
shelling of Yasinovataya in the DPR by the 
Ukrainian Armed Forces.
 According to Izvestia correspondent Yevgeny Bykovsky, 
the missile, presumably with a cluster warhead, hit a 
nine-story residential building, passed through
the roof of a residential building and 
penetrated nine floors.
Ukrainian militants are firing daily at the territories of 
the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, as well 
as Zaporozhye and Kherson regions.... against the 
background of a special operation to protect the
Donbass, which Russia announced on 
February 24, 2022.
The military expert - pointed out 
the need for Ukraine to change 
tactics - in relation to the 
Russian Federation
July 2nd, 8:12pm
Viktor Baranets, a retired military columnist for
Komsomolskaya Pravda --- said that no efforts 
and persuasions of Hungarian Prime Minister 
Viktor Orban will help if Ukrainian President 
Volodymyr Zelensky, whose term of office 
expired on May 20, does not change 
tactics towards Russia.
"We must remember: with such stupidity in Kiev, which
 exists in relation to plans for further relations with 
Russia, nothing can be done without Zelensky 
compromising. If he does not compromise, 
then no efforts of Orban, even the most 
populist ones --- will help," Baranets 
said in an interview with Radio 1 
on Tuesday, July 2.
Earlier in the day, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban 
arrived in Kiev, where he held talks with Zelensky. The 
Hungarian Prime Minister... suggested that Ukraine 
temporarily cease fire and develop a settlement 
plan during this period. The Hungarian Prime 
Minister --- also expressed his desire to 
establish relations with the country 
and sign a global cooperation 
agreement with it.
Zelensky did not like Orban's proposal for a cease-fire 
"very much", since, in the past, he had a negative
 experience with truces that he "interpreted as
 harmful to Ukraine." He also added, that
 Kiev.. intends to seek a settlement of 
the conflict through peace summits.
Earlier on July 2, Candidate of Political Sciences, 
associate Professor of the Academy of Labour
 and Social Relations Pavel Feldman said in an
 interview with RT that the visit of Hungarian 
Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, to Kiev, is 
connected with the beginning of the 
country's presidency in the EU. In
 his opinion -- Orban arrives there 
as a representative of Brussels 
....rather than his own state.
Political scientist Yuri Svetov in an interview with 360.ru
called Orban's visit to Kiev a ritual procedure. Hungary
 assumed the six-month presidency of the Council 
of the EU, on July 1.
On June 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that 
Russia has always sought peace and is ready to sit 
down at the negotiating table. This.. will become 
possible when Kiev withdraws its troops from 
the regions of the Russian Federation and 
officially renounces its intentions to 
integrate into NATO. Zelensky 
called the proposal 
an ultimatum.
The Russian military defused more
 than 100 mines of the Ukrainian 
Armed Forces - with one 
smoke munition
July 2nd, 7:46pm
Smoke munition neutralized more than 100 mines of 
the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it was dropped after 
adjusting the fire by the drone operator. A 
soldier of the 40th Marine Brigade with 
the call sign Farm told about this in
 the Telegram channel.
According to him, the enemy spent the whole night 
mining an area of about 200 metres long with anti-
tank mines. "In the morning, I directed a mortar 
crew, gave accurate proofreading and set fire 
to this place with a smoke shell, about 120-
140 mines were burned," the 
serviceman said.
Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces 
tried to save fighters from strikes ------ using drawings. 

Silhouettes of fighter jets were drawn in the parking 
lots of the airfield in Mirgorod, to distract attention.

The Russian Foreign Ministry pointed
 to the responsibility of the West for 
fueling the crisis in Ukraine 
July 2nd, 6:39pm
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Alexander Grushko, 
during a consultation with Serbian Foreign Minister 
Marko Djuric, pointed out the responsibility of 
Western countries --- for the escalation of
 the crisis in Ukraine.
In Belgrade on July 1 and 2, the diplomat had separate 
conversations with President Aleksandar Vucic, Prime 
Minister Milos Vucevic and other officials. During the 
visit, a wide range of issues of cooperation between 
states, as well as international issues, aspects of 
interaction on international platforms 
were discussed. 
The Russian Foreign Ministry clarified that attention was 
paid to the Kosovo settlement and the situation in the 
Balkans, with an emphasis on the situation in 
Bosnia and Herzegovina.
"The Russian side gave principled assessments of the 
West's responsibility for fueling and escalating the 
crisis around Ukraine, actions aimed at blocking 
the possibility of a political settlement, and 
attempts.. to create the illusion of broad
 international support for the formula 
[of the Ukrainian President] that is 
divorced from reality and initially 
doomed to failure." the press 
service of the Russian 
Foreign Ministry said 
in a publication on 
July 2.
The ministry's publication added that they also 
reviewed the implementation of agreements 
and the implementation of joint projects of
 Russian-Serbian cooperation.
Earlier in the day, Deputy Chairman of the Federation 
Council Konstantin Kosachev said that the West 
had made five fatal mistakes in the context of 
the Ukrainian crisis, the latest being their 
rejection - of Russian President Vladimir 
Putin's initiative to resolve the conflict. 
He pointed out that the first mistake 
was the lack of Western reaction to 
the coup in Ukraine in 2014.
In his opinion, the second mistake is the West's refusal 
to recognize that the change in the status of Crimea 
& Sevastopol was the result of a coup in Ukraine, 
as well as an expression of the will of the
 inhabitants of these regions. 
Other mistakes include the West's failure to recognize 
the "civil war" in southeastern Ukraine, refusing to 
accept Russian proposals in December 2021, 
and missing a chance to prevent a 
special operation.
Before that, on June 14, Putin said that the Ukrainian 
crisis is not a conflict between two states --- much
 less two peoples, because if this were the case, 
the Russians and Ukrainians would find a way 
- to resolve the issues. As the Russian leader 
noted, the West did everything to undermine 
interstate ties and set peoples against each 
other, but did not dare to go for a complete 
break with Russia because the south-east
 of Ukraine, where people were in favour 
of close relations with Moscow, 
prevented such a policy.
The special operation to protect the Donbass, which 
was announced on February 24, 2022, continues. 

The decision was made against the background 
of the aggravation of the situation in the region 
due to shelling by the Ukrainian military.


Medvedev: members of the SVO 
will strengthen the United 
Russia party --- and 
the country
July 2nd, 5:10pm
Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council,
 Dmitry Medvedev, said that the participants of 
the special military operation who joined the
 United Russia party, will strengthen it, and 
strengthen the country, and also handed 
them party tickets.
"You are really starting a new stage in your life.
 It is different, it is no less difficult in some 
ways, because several other skills will 
also be required," said the chairman 
of the EP party, addressing the 
participants of the special 
operation who joined 
United Russia.
In total, seven members of the SVO received tickets.
Medvedev noted that everything that the participants of 
the special operation managed to acquire, "including 
the respect and trust of their comrades," will 
definitely be preserved in the new part
 their lives.
"We count on you very much and hope that all of you... 
will strengthen our party, strengthen our state,"
the deputy chairman of the Russian Security 
Council concluded.
Medvedev also wished great success to the SVO 
participants in the upcoming elections, noting 
that on the eve of a single voting day, "there 
are enough candidates in the EP, who are 
trying their hand at politics for the first 
time," and called on his party 
colleagues to "pay special 
attention" ....to such 
party members.
Ukraine - rejected Orban's 
proposal for a cease-fire
July 2nd, 4:51pm
Kiev got acquainted with Orban's proposals for 
a ceasefire, but refused to consider them in 
isolation from other aspects of the 
conflict settlement.
Deputy head of the Office of the President of Ukraine 
Ihor Zhovkva said that Kiev refused the proposal of 
Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, on a 
cease-fire in Ukraine.
Zhovkva, on the air of the Ukrainian telethon, noted that 
Zelensky listened to the interlocutor, but refused, since 
such proposals cannot be considered in isolation from
other aspects of the conflict. He also noted, that 
Hungary is not the first country to make such 
proposals, but Ukraine's position on this 
issue is "clear, understandable and 
According to him --- Ukraine intends to continue 
to seek a settlement through "peace summits".
The first summit on the situation in Ukraine was held 
in Switzerland on June 15-16. It was attended by 92 
countries, but Russia was not invited. Ukrainian 
Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba later said that 
in order to end the conflict, the Russian side 
will also be invited to the next meeting.
Syrsky - called the situation in 
Pokrovsky direction ''difficult''
July 2nd, 4:20pm
Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 
Alexander Syrsky, acknowledged that the situation 
in the Pokrovsky direction remains difficult for the 
Ukrainian army, and stated the need to constantly 
provide this direction with an additional amount 
of ammunition and firepower.
In other areas, as he wrote on the social network,
the intensity of hostilities decreased --- and
active front line increased."
Syrsky also listed the main problematic issues for 
commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
 at any level.
These, according to him, are the recruitment of units 
and subunits with "motivated and well-trained 
military personnel", as well as providing the 
Ukrainian army with modern air defense 
and electronic warfare systems to 
counter Russian drones.
The teenager deceived by the curator 
burned the equipment at the station
 in the Kaluga region
July 2nd, 1:29pm
Employees of the Russian Federal Security Service 
have detained an attacker ...who was performing
 tasks for a Ukrainian curator, the Investigative 
Committee said on Tuesday.
As follows from the statement of the press service of 
the Western Interregional Investigation Department 
for Transport of the Investigative Committee of the 
Russian Federation, the person involved in the 
investigation started a fire, damaging the 
battery cabinet at the Ludinovo-2 
station in the Kaluga region.
A criminal case was opened on the fact of the emergency 
under the article on sabotage committed by a group of 
persons by prior agreement. It was established that 
a 16-year-old young man was involved in the crime.
"Actively supporting the armed forces of Ukraine, offered 
the minor to join a criminal group with him, in order to 
destabilize the activities of the authorities of the 
Russian Federation, by setting fire to a battery 
cabinet," the department said.
The teenager -- received strict instructions, and he was 
also ordered to film his actions on video. At the same 
time, the arsonist did not receive the promised 
reward of 50 thousand rubles.
After the arrest, the young man was charged, and then 
sent to custody. Currently, he has already admitted 
his guilt and repented of his act.
Belousov congratulated the Tula
 paratroopers' division - on the 
liberation of Razdolovka
 in the DPR
July 2nd, 12:09pm
Russian Defense Minister Andrey Belousov congratulated 
the 106th Guards Airborne Division of the Tula Red 
Banner Order of Kutuzov II degree --- on the 
liberation of the village of Razdolovka 
in the Donetsk People's Republic,
 the Defense Ministry said.
More than 7 thousand servicemen of the division already 
have state awards and departmental insignia, four 
received the title of Hero of Russia, the 
department said.
In a congratulatory telegram ---- Belousov noted that the 
division solves tasks with honour in the most important 
areas of the special military operation, the servicemen 
bravely and courageously go into battle, which is why
 the enemy suffers heavy losses.
The agency reported on June 28 that units 
of the Russian group of troops "South"
 liberated Razdolovka.
In addition, over the past week, the fighters of the 
"Southern" group destroyed more than 4,400 
militants of the Kiev regime, two tanks,
 eight armoured combat vehicles, 48 
vehicles, 39 field artillery pieces, 
including 11 US M777 and 
M198 howitzers.
Russian troops destroyed nine aircraft
 of the Ukrainian Armed Forces during
 the day
July 2nd, 11:15am
Nine aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force were hit over
 the past day, during a special military operation.
As a result of the strike on the airfield, five Su-27 
aircraft of the enemy air forces were destroyed 
and two were damaged.
Two more MiG-29 and Su-27 aircraft.... were 
shot down by Russian air defense systems.
In total, since the beginning of the special operation, 
Russian troops have destroyed 625 enemy aircraft 
and 276 helicopters.


Russian Defence Ministry report 
on the progress of the special 
military operation 
July 2nd, 11:10am
The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation 
continue the special military operation.
Units of the Sever Group of Forces -- inflicted losses 
on manpower and hardware of the AFU 57th, 115th 
mechanised brigades, & 113th Territorial Defence 
Brigade nr Chumakovo, Yunakovka (Sumy region), 
Sotnitsky Kazachok, and Liptsy (Kharkov region).
Two counter-attacks launched by assault detachments 
of the AFU Vostok Special Operations Centre and 
36th Marines Brigade, were repelled.
The AFU losses amounted to up to 70 Ukrainian troops, 
one armoured fighting vehicle, three motor vehicles, 
one German-made 155-mm Panzerhaubitze-2000 
self-propelled artillery system, one U.S.-made 
155-mm M198 howitzer, and one 122-mm 
D-30 howitzer.
Units of the Zapad Group of Forces took more 
advantageous lines and inflicted losses on
formations of the AFU 14th, and 115th 
mechanised brigades, and 3rd Assault 
Brigade near Pershotravnevoye 
(Kharkov region), Nadiya, and
 Stelmakhovka (Lugansk 
People's Republic).
The AFU losses amounted to more than 475 Ukrainian 
troops, one tank, one infantry fighting vehicle, five 
motor vehicles, a 152-mm 2A65 Msta-B howitzer, 
and one 122-mm Grad MLRS combat vehicle.
Moreover, three AFU artillery ammunition 
depots were destroyed.
Units of the Yug Group of Forces improved the tactical 
situation along the front lines and inflicted losses on 
manpower and hardware of the AFU 56th Motorised 
Infantry Brigade near Kalinin (Donetsk 
People's Republic).
One counter-attack launched by assault detachments of 
the AFU 214th Opfor Separate Battalion - was repelled.
The AFU losses amounted to more than 635 
Ukrainian troops, two armoured fighting 
vehicles, and 16 motor vehicles.
In the course of counter-battery warfare, one UK-made 
155-mm FH-70 howitzer, one U.S.-made 155-mm M198 
howitzer, one 152-mm D-20 howitzer, one UK-made 
105-mm L-199 howitzer ------ and two U.S.-made 
AN/TPQ-50 counter-battery warfare stations.
Six AFU field ammunition depots were destroyed.
Units of the Tsentr Group of Forces improved the tactical 
situation - and inflicted losses on formations of the AFU 
47th Mechanised Brigade and 109th Territorial Defence 
Brigade nr Rozovka, Novgorodskoye, and Novosyolka 
Pervaya (Donetsk People's Republic).
Six counter-attacks launched by assault detachments of
 the AFU 23rd, 31st, 41st, 110th mechanised brigades,
 and 95th Air Assault Brigade were repelled.
The AFU losses amounted to up to 440 Ukrainian troops, 
two armoured fighting vehicles, seven motor vehicles, 
and one 122-mm D-30 howitzer.
Units of the Vostok Group of Forces took more 
advantageous lines and inflicted losses on 
manpower and hardware of the AFU 58th 
Motorised Infantry Brigade near 
Urozhaynoye (Donetsk 
People's Republic).
One counter-attack launched by assault 
detachments of the AFU 123rd 
Territorial Defence Brigade 
was repelled.
The AFU losses amounted to up to 110 Ukrainian troops, 
three motor vehicles, one U.S.-made 155-mm M777 
howitzer, one U.S.-made 155-mm M198 howitzer,
 two 122-mm 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled 
artillery systems, and one 100-mm
 MT-12 Rapira anti-tank gun.
Units of the Dnepr Group of Forces - inflicted losses on 
manpower and hardware of the AFU 65th Mechanised 
Brigade, 128th Mountain Assault Brigade, and 35th 
Marines Brigade near Malaya Tokmachka and 
Zherebyanka (Zaporozhye region).
The AFU losses amounted to up to 70 Ukrainian troops 
and two motor vehicles. One electronic warfare 
station - was destroyed.
Operational-Tactical Aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, 
Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Groups of 
Forces engaged AFU manpower and hardware 
clusters in 115 areas, during the day.
Air defence units shot down six UK-made Storm Shadow 
cruise missiles, one French-made Hammer guided aerial 
bomb, one U.S.-made HIMARS MLRS projectile, 81 
unmanned aerial vehicles ------ including one 
Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 unmanned
 aerial vehicle.
Nine aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force were neutralised.
As a result of a group strike by precision weaponry at the 
airfield, five Su-27 aircraft were destroyed and two Su-27 
aircraft were damaged. One MiG-29 and one Su-27 
Ukrainian aircraft were shot down by Russian 
air defence units.
In total, 625 airplanes and 276 helicopters, 27,121 
unmanned aerial vehicles, 535 air defence missile 
systems, 16,478 tanks & other armoured fighting 
vehicles, 1,362 combat vehicles.. equipped with
 MLRS, 11,215 field artillery cannons & mortars
 ...as well as 23,238 units of special military
 equipment, have been destroyed during 
the special military operation.
Alaudinov is confident that the SVO 
will be completed --- in the Autumn
July 2nd, 10:12am
Major General Apty Alaudinov, Deputy head of the Main 
Military and Political Directorate of the Russian Armed 
Forces, and commander of the Akhmat special forces, 
believes that the special operation will be completed 
in the Autumn of this year.
According to TASS, Alaudinov is confident that the 
special military operation will end in the Autumn, 
and the Ukrainian side already knows about it.
In his opinion, the enemy understands that the conflict is 
coming to an end. The Major General cited the wife of 
Ukrainian President, Vladimir Zelensky, Olena 
Zelenskaya, as an example - who bought a 
luxury car with money earned during the 
war. However, according to Alaudinov, 
this will not help them.
Earlier it was reported that the Russian military struck
an airfield in Mirgorod, Poltava region ------ thus 
destroying five Ukrainian Su-27 fighters.
Greece - accuses Europe of 
instigating war in Ukraine
July 2nd, 10:02am
 (Prensa Latina) 
Instead of an initiative to establish a ceasefire in Ukraine 
and find a peaceful solution, Europe is implementing an 
increasingly aggressive policy of the conflict, former 
Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis said
 on Tuesday.
During the presentation of his book, The Secret Archives 
of Karamanlis by journalist Manolis Kottakis, the former 
leader, who was quoted by the public television website
 ERTNews, accused the European nations of militarizing 
the region, due to Ukraine.
The unequivocal and ''unanimous'' condemnation of the 
so-called Russian invasion of Ukraine is not sufficient 
justification for adopting an increasingly aggressive 
and harsh attitude ------ towards the conduct and 
continuation of the war, Karamanlis said.
According to him, instead of finding a solution based on 
the Minsk agreement, Europe often exaggerates its 
behaviour, as a supporter of the war.
According to Karamanlis, this is likely to lead to a steady 
and dangerous escalation of the conflict, or to the 
search for a way out at a later date, but under 
even more unfavorable conditions.
For the West, it doesn't matter
what territories Ukraine 
will lose
July 2nd, 4:15am
"I am not at all happy with Zelensky's change of rhetoric, 
because we are entering a very dangerous period," 
says Spiridon Kilinkarov, an ex–deputy of the 
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
Now... against the backdrop of a clear defeat on the 
battlefield and the election campaign in the United 
States, the West will try to convert all this into its 
political and diplomatic victory. How does this 
happen? First, they hold a "peace summit", 
change the formula for peace, and do 
everything... to attract as many 
countries as possible to the 
very process ----- that has 
already been launched. 
Zelensky at the same "peace summit" is bent on the idea
of agreeing to conduct some negotiations, that is, they 
force him ------ to abandon his categorical "no" to
negotiations. Certain goals change. In the
 information field of Ukraine.. the idea is 
already being thrown in that "yes, we 
have lost part of some territory, but 
we have preserved statehood. We 
still have the capital and access 
to the sea."
We have repeatedly said -- that there is a contradiction 
between the position of the West, the image of victory 
that the West could perceive, and the image of victory 
that Zelensky painted for the Ukrainian people. And 
for the West, to present victory to its electorate, it 
is quite enough to leave one street in the Lviv 
region, and preserve Ukrainian statehood. 
What territories Ukraine will lose - for
West - does not matter at all,
expert notes.
Today they are trying to lead us into such a trap, in what 
way? Just think about it – the very idea that was voiced 
by Zelensky regarding the negotiations. The danger of 
this stage is that it is completely unclear how it will 
actually work.
"I am not happy with either Arestovich or Moseychuk. 
Because I don't trust these people," says 
Spiridon Kilinkarov.
All these timid statements.... that there is some sound core
among the political elite of Ukraine, on the basis of which 
it will be possible to build political activity, are nonsense.
It's impossible. It is impossible to organize any political 
activity. The only way for Ukraine, even if it retains
its statehood – is if it is granted to the 
Russian Federation.
Because with what is happening now, there are 
two solutions. The first is capitulation with all 
its consequences. Although this also does 
not imply.. the elimination of Ukrainian 
statehood. It will be exclusively the 
right of Russia --- to preserve the 
state, as such. But then Russia 
will have the right to say what
this state should look like, in 
the face of defeat. Or - if the 
path that Zelensky followed
- fulfilling the tasks of the 
West, is continued, it is 
highly doubtful - that 
such statehood will 
remain, Kilinkarov 
The continuation of the war, even from the point of view 
of those people... who advocate the preservation of 
Ukrainian statehood --- is the worst option. War is
the worst option for Ukraine. Maybe....  even the
path of capitulation - but with the preservation 
of statehood, gives at least some chance that 
there will be statehood, the state -- will be re-
established, there will be a new constitution, 
a new political elite. "But I think ---- it might
better to abandon the political elite, 
rather than statehood?" - asks 
Spiridon Kilinkarov.
The West is already speculating about where the 
government-in-exile might be. Maybe in Poland. 
Or maybe somewhere in Central Europe.
"We don't mind. Create a government-in-exile wherever 
you want. Leave this country alone. Do you want to 
have regalia and positions? Have them, but leave 
Ukraine alone. Give them at least a breath of 
fresh air," Spiridon Kilinkarov sums up on 
the program "Evening with 
Vladimir Solovyov".
KCNA --- North Korea tested a new 
tactical missile with a super-large 
warhead on July 1
July 1st, 11:05pm
On July 1, the General Directorate of Rocket Science of 
the DPRK successfully tested a new tactical ballistic 
missile "Hwasong-11da-4,5" with an ultra-large 

This is reported by KCNA.
According to the agency -- the new missile is capable of 
carrying a super-large warhead weighing up to 4.5 tons.
It is noted that as part of the tests, two missiles were 
launched at a maximum range of 500 km and a
 minimum range of 90 km.
On June 30, Yonhap said that North Korea launched a 
ballistic missile in the direction of the Sea of Japan.
Orban ------ with the arrival of Trump, 
there will be a cease-fire in Ukraine 
and the start of negotiations
July 1st, 10pm]
If Donald Trump wins the US presidential election, there 
will be a cease-fire in Ukraine and, sooner or later, 
negotiations between Russia and the US
 will begin.
This opinion was expressed by Hungarian Prime Minister 
Viktor Orban ---- in an interview with M1 TV channel.
"If he wins, then at least there will be a cease-fire, 
whether this will lead to a lasting peace is the 
music of the future, but it will not be like this,
 that's for sure," the politician said.
At the same time, he added that Europe needs to think 
about who and how will represent its interests in 
this case.
Earlier, Trump promised to resolve
 the conflict in Ukraine.
Also in Reuters wrote that Trump intends 
to force Ukraine to negotiate.
The Ministry of Defense of the Russian 
Federation told about the exploits of 
the Russian Armed Forces in the
 free defense zone
July 1st, 10pm
The Defense Ministry said ----- that Lance Corporal Ignat 
Tolstikov, while performing the task of liberating one of 
the settlements controlled by Ukrainian militants - as 
part of a group of servicemen of the Russian Armed 
Forces, came under mortar fire. As a result, one of 
his colleagues received a shrapnel wound. 
Tolstikov found the wounded man, gave him first aid and 
dragged him to a natural depression in the ground, 
where he finished rendering assistance and 
prepared the victim for evacuation under 
the incessant shelling from the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine (AFU).
Thanks to his professionalism and ability to quickly 
navigate the situation, Tolstikov managed to save
 the life of a combat comrade, the Russian 
Defense Ministry said.
The military department also noted the merits of Private 
Andrey Razzhivin, a driver of a motorized rifle platoon.
 He performed tasks for the delivery of material and 
technical property to Russian servicemen. 
However --- the Armed Forces of Ukraine, seeking to 
deprive the units of the Russian troops of a timely 
and full supply of military-technical equipment -
attempted to destroy a column of Russian 
vehicles.... using rocket artillery. It also
included Private Razzhivin.
The serviceman managed to quickly orient himself in 
a difficult stop and timely withdraw his vehicle with 
ammunition.... from under the fire of the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine to a safe place, without 
allowing the enemy to defeat and 
detonate the ammunition.
 In addition, he helped a wounded comrade who received
 shrapnel wounds. Razzhivin took him to a shelter, gave
 him first aid ------ and handed him over to medics for
evacuation to a medical centre.
The Russian Defense Ministry stressed that his 
competent and professional actions made it 
possible to save the life and health of the 
unit's servicemen, avoid detonation of 
ammunition --- keep the entrusted 
equipment and property in good 
condition, and replenish the 
material reserves of 
Russian units --- in 
a timely manner.
The Ministry of Defense reported that Sergeant Alexey 
Artemov, as part of the evacuation group of the 
motorized rifle division of the Russian Armed 
Forces, saved more than 300 colleagues in 
the area of the SVO.... for several months.
 In addition, he personally took out more than 30 
colleagues from under the fire of the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine (AFU).


Footage of the work of the Russian 
Armed Forces on the accumulation 
of aircraft of the Armed Forces
Ukraine.... has appeared
July 1st, 9:51pm
Scouts and rocket men of the Armed Forces of the 
Russian Federation in the course of joint work 
hit a cluster of aircraft of the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine (AFU). On July 1st, Izvestia 
obtained footage of the work of 
Russian military personnel.
Operators of reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles 
--- for several days --- observed the movement of enemy 
equipment at Mirgorod airfield, located in the Poltava 
region of Ukraine. After a significant number of 
aircraft gathered at the airfield, the relevant 
information was passed on to the rocket
 men, and they sent Iskander-M there.
Ukrainian militants made attempts to quickly withdraw 
the surviving aircraft, but a second missile hit the 
military equipment, which again hit the 
AFU targets.
Earlier in the day, the Russian Defense Ministry reported 
that Russian military personnel, during the day, hit 
Ukrainian aircraft in an open parking lot and the 
infrastructure of a military airfield. In addition, 
the Ministry indicated that the repair and 
restoration complex of weapons and 
equipment of the Armed Forces of 
Ukraine, and storage sites for
 unmanned boats... were
 also affected.
The special operation to protect the Donbass, which 
Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on 
February 24th, 2022, continues. The decision 
was made.. against the background of the 
aggravation of the situation in the region 
due to shelling by Ukraine's military.

Filipchuk -- Kiev is trying to hide the 
situation with the cholera epidemic
 in the Ukrainian Armed Forces
 in Kherson
July 1st, 7:14pm
Kiev authorities are trying to hide the 
situation with the cholera epidemic 
in Kherson.
This was stated by the head of the Kakhovsky 
municipal district, Pavel Filipchuk, in 
social networks.
According to him, cholera continues to kill 
soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
"Kiev continues to pretend that nothing 
is happening," he wrote.
Earlier, an outbreak of cholera 
was recorded in Kherson.
The number of victims of the DPR shelling 
by the Ukrainian Armed Forces
 increased to three
July 1st, 7:07pm
The number of victims as a result of the shelling of the 
DPR by Ukrainian troops has increased to three.
This was announced by the head
 of the region, Denis Pushilin.
"One person was killed and three more civilians were 
wounded today as a result of Kiev's aggression," 
Pushilin wrote on his Telegram channel.
Earlier, the head of the Kherson military Administration, 
Roman Mrochko, appointed by the Kiev authorities, 
reported explosions in the city of Kherson 
controlled by the Ukrainian 
Armed Forces.
Nebenzia: the conflict in Ukraine 
cannot be settled in one day
July 1st, 6:24pm

The conflict in Ukraine cannot be resolved in one day. 
This was stated by Russia's Permanent Representative 
to the UN Vasily Nebenzia during a press conference.
"The Ukrainian crisis cannot be resolved in one day," 
he said on the Rossiya 24 TV channel.
So Nebenzia commented on the statement of US 
presidential candidate Donald Trump, who 
repeatedly claimed that he would end 
the conflict between Ukraine and 
Russia in a day if he returned 
to the White House.

Finland authorized the U.S. 
to use its military bases
July 1st, 2:08pm
(Prensa Latina) 
The Parliament of Finland authorized today the security 
agreement signed in December with the United States 
regarding the use by Washington, of military bases
 in the EU country.
According to the public broadcaster YLE, the pact, 
officially called...... the Defense Cooperation 
Agreement (DCA), is part of the process 
of Helsinki’s accession to NATO.
The United States has such agreements -- with about 
twenty countries, and even Sweden, which recently 
ratified its accession to the Atlantic Alliance, has 
also ratified a similar text.
The proposal adopted a few months ago, includes the 
opening of up to 15 military bases in Finland to U.S. 
forces ---- which will be able to import their own 
equipment, supplies, material and military 
equipment to that territory.
Last June, however, Finland’s Constitutional Law 
Commission ruled that the DCA must receive 
the support of a qualified two-thirds 
majority in Parliament.
This is because the pact impinges on several aspects 
of the Magna Carta, as it defines the conditions for 
cooperation between Helsinki and Washington 
and allows the U.S. to operate in Finland 
without much bureaucracy, in crisis 
and peacetime situations.
The Centre group --- liberated
Novopokrovskoye in the DPR
July 1st, 11:31am
Divisions of the Russian group "Centre" liberated the 
village of Novopokrovskoye in the Yasinovatsky
 district of the Donetsk People's Republic.
The village is located 32 kilometres 
northwest of Donetsk.
The tactical position of the Russian troops in this area 
has been significantly improved. Five counterattacks 
of assault groups of 5 AFU brigades were repelled. 
At the same time, the enemy lost up to 405 soldiers killed 
and wounded. A US Bradley infantry fighting vehicle was 
shot down, a US-made MaxxPro armored vehicle was 
destroyed, and a 155-mm US M777 howitzer was 
also hit ("Three axes"), 152-mm howitzer 
"Msta-B" and two 122-mm 
howitzers D-30.
In addition....... seven Ukrainian 
military trucks were destroyed.
Russian units inflicted fire damage on the positions of 
the 109th Territorial Defense Brigade, as well as four 
mechanized and one jaeger brigade of the Armed
 Forces of Ukraine near the settlements of 
Novgorodskoye (New York), Progress, 
Sokol, Toretsk and Timofeyevka
the DPR.
On June 30th, soldiers of the Veterans group of the 
Centre group used a 3-kilometre tunnel along the 
Seversky Donets Canal to capture a key 
enemy stronghold.
Over the past day, as the press service of the Russian 
Defense Ministry reports, another important village 
was recaptured from the Ukrainian Armed Forces
- Stepovaya Novoselovka in the Kharkiv region.
Russian Defence Ministry report 
on the progress of the special 
military operation
July 1st, 11:30am
The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation 
continue the special military operation.
Units of the Sever Group of Forces --- inflicted losses on 
manpower and hardware... of the AFU 41st Mechanised 
Brigade, 57th Motorised Infantry Brigade, 34th Marines 
Brigade, 113th, 125th Territorial Defence Brigade, and 
13th National Guard Brigade near Volchansk, Tikhoye, 
Goptovka, Neskuchnoye, Zhovtnevoye, and Liptsy 
(Kharkov region).
Two attacks launched by assault detachments of the 
AFU Vostok Special Operations Centre and 92nd Air 
Assault Brigade were repelled.
The AFU losses amounted to up to 320 Ukrainian troops, 
one armoured personnel carrier, seven motor vehicles, 
two U.S.-made 155-mm M777 howitzers, one 152-mm 
D-20 howitzer, and one 122-mm D-30 howitzer.
Moreover, one AFU field ammunition depot and three 
U.S.-made and one Israeli-made counter-battery 
warfare stations were destroyed.
As a result of active actions, units of the Zapad Group of 
Forces liberated Stepovaya Novosyolovka (Kharkov 
region) and took more advantageous lines.
Losses were inflicted on formations of the AFU 21st, 
44th, 60th, 66th mechanised brigades, and 125th 
Territorial Defence Brigade near Makeyevka,
Novovodyanoye, Nevskoye, Stelmakhovka 
(Lugansk People's Republic), and Terni 
(Donetsk People's Republic).
The AFU losses amounted to up to 475 Ukrainian troops,
 one U.S.-made M113 armoured personnel carrier, and 
four pickup trucks.
In the course of counter-battery warfare, one Grad MLRS 
combat vehicle, two U.S.-made 155-mm M777 howitzers, 
one 152-mm Msta-B howitzer, one 122-mm Gvozdika 
self-propelled artillery system, one 122-mm D-30 
howitzer, and five AFU field ammunition depots 
were destroyed.
Units of the Yug Group of Forces improved the tactical 
situation along the front lines and inflicted losses on 
manpower and hardware of the AFU 23rd, 93rd 
mechanised brigades, 56th Motorised Infantry
 Brigade, 5th Assault Brigade, 80th Air Assault 
Brigade, 109th, 114th, and 119th territorial 
defence brigades near Grigorovka, Chasov 
Yar, Konstantinovka, Krasnogorovka, and 
Spornoye (Donetsk People's Republic).
One attack launched by an assault detachment of the 
AFU 10th Mountain Assault Brigade was repelled.
The AFU losses amounted to up to 620 Ukrainian troops,
 four armoured fighting vehicles including two U.S.-
made M113 armoured personnel carriers, and 
12 motor vehicles.
In the course of counter-battery warfare, one Polish-made
 155-mm Krab self-propelled artillery system, one U.S.-
made 155-mm M198 howitzer, one 152-mm Msta-B 
howitzer, two 152-mm D-20 howitzers, two 122-
mm D-30 howitzers, one U.S.-made 105-mm 
M119 howitzer, and three Anclav-N 
electronic warfare stations 
were neutralised.
As a result of active actions, units of the Tsentr Group of 
Forces liberated Novopokrovskoye (Donetsk People's 
Republic) and improved the tactical situation.
Losses ---- were inflicted on formations of the AFU 24th, 
31st, 110th, 118th mechanised brigades, 68th Jaeger 
Brigade, and 109th Territorial Defence Brigade near 
Yevgenovka, Novgorodskoye, Timofeyevka, Sokol, 
Toretsk, & Progress (Donetsk People's Republic).
Five counter-attacks launched by assault detachments
 of the AFU 142th Infantry Brigade, 95th Air Assault 
Brigade, 23rd, 41st, and 47th mechanised brigades 
were repelled.
The AFU losses amounted to up to 405 Ukrainian troops, 
one U.S.-made Bradley infantry fighting vehicle, one 
U.S.-made MaxxPro armoured fighting vehicle, 
seven motor vehicles, one U.S.-made 155-mm 
M777 howitzer, a 152-mm Msta-B howitzer, 
and two 122-mm D-30 howitzers.
Units of the Vostok Group of Forces took more 
advantageous lines and inflicted losses on 
manpower and hardware of the AFU 33rd 
Mechanised Brigade, 82nd Air Assault 
Brigade, & 123rd Territorial Defence 
Brigade near Urozhaynoye and 
Nikolskoye (Donetsk 
People's Republic).
One counter-attack launched by an assault 
detachment of the AFU 58th Motorised
 Infantry Brigade was repelled.
The AFU losses amounted to up to 120 Ukrainian troops, 
seven motor vehicles, and two UK-made 155-mm 
FH-70 howitzers.
Units of the Dnepr Group of Forces -- inflicted losses on 
manpower and hardware of the AFU 65th Mechanised 
Brigade, 35th Marines Brigade, and 126th Territorial 
Defence Brigade near Rabotino, Novopokrovka 
(Zaporozhye region), and Tokaryovka
 (Kherson region).
The AFU losses amounted to up to 85 Ukrainian troops, 
four motor vehicles, one U.S.-made 155-mm M777
 howitzer, one 152-mm D-20 howitzer, one 
Anclav-N electronic warfare station, & 
one U.S.-made AN/TPQ-36 counter-
battery warfare station.
Operational-Tactical Aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, 
and Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Groups 
of Forces destroyed aircraft of tUkraine's Air Force 
in an open park and infrastructure of the military 
airfield, repair and recovery system of the AFU 
weapons & equipment, a location of storage 
and a launch site for uncrewed surface 
vehicles, as well as clusters of enemy 
manpower in 124 areas during
the day.
Air defence units shot down 8 UK-made Storm Shadow 
cruise missiles, 5 French-made Hammer guided aerial 
bombs, 5 U.S.-made HIMARS & Czech-made Vampire 
MLRS projectiles, and 72 unmanned aerial vehicles.
In total, 616 airplanes and 276 helicopters, 27,040 
unmanned aerial vehicles, 535 air defence missile 
systems, 16,471 tanks & other armoured combat 
vehicles ---1,362 combat vehicles equipped with 
MLRS, 11,185 field artillery cannons & mortars,
as well as 23,201 units of special military 
equipment have been destroyed during 
the special military operation.
The group "West" liberated Stepovaya 
Novoselovka in the Kharkiv region
July 1st, 11:29am
Units of the Russian Western group of troops have 
successfully liberated Stepovaya Novoselovka in
the Kharkiv region, the Russian Defense
said in a daily report.
The group "Zapad" took more favorable positions during
the day and hit the formations of the 21st, 44th, 60th,
66th mechanized brigades of the Armed Forces of
Ukraine (AFU) and the 125th teroborona brigade
at Makeyevka, Novovodyany, Nevsky,
Stelmakhovka in the LPR and
Ternov in the DPR.
The group's military destroyed up to 475 Ukrainian soldiers,
a US-made M113 armoured personnel carrier and
4 pickup trucks... during the day.
In addition, a Grad MLRS combat vehicle, two American
M777 howitzers, an Msta-B howitzer, a Gvozdika self-
propelled artillery system, a D-30 howitzer and five
Ukrainian field ammunition depots were hit
during the counter-battery fight.
General Podlesny: to deceive the Ukrainian 
Armed Forces, the Russian Armed Forces 
act differently --- all the time
July 1st, 10:01m
The commander of the army corps, Lieutenant General 
Vitaly Podlesny, told how the Russian military operates
 in the special operation zone to deceive the enemy.
Podlesny answered the question of journalist Vladimir 
Solovyov in the program "122nd week of the SVO" 
about how you can deceive the enemy if you 
have to act according to the situation.
"Demonstrative actions.. in a different direction. 
Somewhere we do this. Sometimes it happens 
that we were waiting for rain ---- on purpose. 
Specially waited for a strong wind when
the FPV drone can not fly. We must 
always act differently. Or on the 
equipment, on the equipment, 
on the equipment, once -
without equipment.'' 
''Motorcycles have all been mastered long ago, 
they throw on motorcycles," the general 
pointed out.
Podlesny noted that the Russian military still first enter 
the equipment, "so that there is somewhere to sit."
"We have... such a problem. First, we dismantle the enemy 
stronghold, knock out everything in the dugout, then we 
also go into them, since there is no time to dig in. After 
all what is the enemy doing? As soon as the battle for
 the stronghold begins..... they immediately begin to 
cover their own stronghold with cassettes, right 
away " the general said, adding that Ukrainian 
commanders do not worry about their 
soldiers, they can give instructions 
to "close in dugouts and just 
sit on top."
"And when we enter the dugouts... they are usually already 
destroyed and there is no place to sit there. And.. it turns 
out that either the equipment is specially installed there, 
under which you can sit until the night, then raise the 
logs there, restore or something else, or the 
equipment that, unfortunately, burned 
down - you can sit under it," 
concluded Podlesny.
General Podlesny: The Russian Armed Forces 
defeat the Ukrainian Armed Forces due to 
courage and high-precision weapons
July 1st, 9:48am
The Russian military in the area of the special operation 
defeat the enemy through courage and the use of high-
precision weapons, said the commander of the army 
corps, Lieutenant General Vitaly Podlesny.
"Due to the courage of Russian soldiers and officers, 
mainly due to the courage, due to the use of high-
precision weapons. Intelligence, weapons, 
courage, analysis & inventing new ways. 
Once on tanks, once on foot...  once at 
night on the offensive, & once during 
the day," Podlesny said in response 
to a question from journalist 
Vladimir Solovyov in the 
program "122nd week 
of the SVO" ...about 
how the Russian 
military is 
The Lieutenant General also spoke about the impact 
of the arrival of new Ukrainian conscripts to the
 front on the situation in the area of the SVO.
"Our last two or three attacks were successful. If earlier 
we attacked and there were cases repeatedly when an 
enemy machine-gunner in a strong point shoots to the 
end until he is killed, now, it turned out that we take 
either prisoners or finish off those who are already 
sitting in the dugout and either come out or don't
 come out," the military man said.
Ak Bars: we take into account
the experience of SVO in the 
construction of small
rocket ships
July 1st, 8:13am
Small missile ships (MRKS) that enter service with the 
Russian Navy are being built taking into account the 
experience of the SVO... including with additional 
protection of the engine room from sea drones, 
said Renat Mistakhov, head of the Ak Bars 
Shipbuilding Corporation.
Ak Bars Shipbuilding Corporation is building Project 
22800 Karakurt and Project 21631 MRCS with a 
displacement of 1.5-2 thousand tons 
for the Russian Navy.
The enemy, as a rule, strikes at the engine room
 of the ship. Therefore, it is necessary to 
protect the engine room.


The Russian military hit the place 
of unloading of the AFU echelon. 
Military equipment, including
US vehicles, was destroyed
June 30th, 12:23am
The Iskander-M operational-tactical missile system 
struck the place of unloading of an echelon of 
military equipment of the Armed Forces of 
Ukraine (AFU). This is reported by RIA 
Novosti with reference to the press 
service of the Russian 
Defense Ministry.
It is specified.. that the Russian military hit 
the place of unloading of the AFU echelon 
in the Zaporozhye region.
As a result of the attack --- the Russian military 
destroyed the personnel of the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine, US-made M113 armoured 
personnel carriers, fuel tankers, 
Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile 
system (SAM), BMP-2 and 
truck transport. 
The results of fire damage were controlled by 
the fighters using the "SuperKAM" drone.
Earlier, an ammunition depot of the Ukrainian 
Armed Forces exploded in Zaporizhia region.
In the evening of June 29th, in the part of Zaporizhia 
controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, an attack 
was recorded on a quarry, where the Ukrainian 
Armed Forces... kept a warehouse with 
ammunition and military equipment. 

The explosion was also recorded 
in Matveyevka, where there is 
a Ukrainian warehouse with 
missiles for HIMARS.
Earlier, the head of the Zaporozhye Regional State 
Administration, Ivan Fedorov reported on the 
attack.... as a result of which an object of 
critical infrastructure was damaged, in 
the territory of Zaporozhye controlled 
by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 
However.... he did not specify 
the exact object in question.
On June 27, it was reported that the Russian military had 
established a foothold in the southern and central part 
of the village of Urozhayne in the Vremyiv direction in 
the Zaporozhye region. This was stated by the head 
of the Zaporozhye public movement.... "We are 
together with Russia" Vladimir Rogov.
''Our guys have gained a foothold in the southern 
and central part of Urozhaynoye. They are 
completely under our control.''
In addition, the Armed Forces of Russia, took control of 
the village of Zagorne in the Zaporozhye region. More 
favorable positions were occupied by units of the
 Vostok group of troops.

Two kamikaze drones ----- attacked an 
apartment building in Belgorod region
June 30th, 12:23am
In the city of Grayvoron, Belgorod region, two kamikaze 
drones attacked an apartment building, the region's 
governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said.
According to him, the windows were broken
 in two apartments. In addition, one car 
was hit by shrapnel.
The Belgorod region is regularly attacked by the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine (AFU). In the evening of June 29th, 
Gladkov reported that 3 settlements in the region 
were attacked. In the village of Sovkhozny, 
Grayvoronsky City District, an FPV drone 
attacked a private non-residential 
household. As a result of the 
attack, the roof and canopy 
of the house, as well as the 
roof of the garage and the
 fence, were damaged.
In Britain, they announced 
a shortage of aircraft to 
respond to Russia
June 30th, 12:11am
Britain has only four fighter jets ready to deploy
if Russia launches a nuclear strike, Air Marshal 
Greg Begwell told The Sun.
The former Air Force commander believes that 
the army will not be able to defend itself from
a significant attack by Russia, if the alleged 
strike is carried out in the near future. 
Only four Eurofighter Typhoons are ready to take 
off immediately. Two fighters are based at 
Lossiemouth in Scotland and two at 
Coningsby in Lincolnshire.
"Two decades of relative peace in the post-Cold War 
era meant that the UK, like most of the European 
NATO countries, did not invest in the army," the
 expert said. He believes that now the country 
does not have enough planes to respond 
to Russia.
Earlier, a report by the British Defense Committee said 
that the British Air Force... is experiencing a shortage 
of combat aircraft. They also do not have sufficient 
reserves in the case of a war with Russia.
Junior Sergeant Davletzyanov cleared
 the path of an armoured group of the 
Russian Armed Forces from mines
June 29th, 11pm
Junior Sergeant Kamil Davletzyanov, driving a tank, 
cleared a path through a minefield for an armoured 
group of the Russian Armed Forces in the zone of 
a special military operation (SVO). 
The tank crew... conducted fire support for attack aircraft 
during the offensive, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine 
(AFU) tried to gain a foothold in new positions.
"Junior Sergeant Davletzyanov - driving a tank - made a 
maneuver and broke directly into the front line of the 
enemy's defense. Thanks to the sudden rush, the 
Russian tankers caught the enemy by surprise 
and began to destroy the Ukrainian militants 
at point-blank range -- preventing them from 
gaining a foothold and preparing defensive 
structures," the ministry said.
The Ukrainian Armed Forces tried to plant mines in the 
path of Russian armoured vehicles. This information 
was passed on to Davletzyanov. He --- despite the 
danger... made a safe passage in the minefields 
with the help of a mine trawl, thereby
 the armoured groups of
the Russian Armed 
to leave the territory
without losses.
Thanks to the actions of Junior Sergeant Davletzyanov, 
the tankers provided fire support to the advancing 
Russian assault groups, which significantly 
improved the position along the front line
 and consolidated their positions.
Also, the Defense Ministry told about the feat of the 
Guards senior sergeant Denis Khaprov, who 
disabled an armoured vehicle of the 
Armed Forces of Ukraine 
and caused damage to 
enemy personnel.
Assault units of the Russian Armed Forces were
 performing the task of suppressing AFU firing 
points when Russian intelligence detected a 
Ukrainian armoured personnel carrier with 
enemy infantry inside. 
Khaprov took up a firing position and hit the target with 
a grenade launcher, destroying the APC. After that, the
 senior sergeant opened fire with small arms, as a 
result of which five servicemen of the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine were eliminated.
Khaprov's competent actions made it possible to 
ensure the advance of Russian assault groups.

"Iskander" --- attacked the place of
unloading of the railway train of 
the Armed Forces of Ukraine
June 29th, 8:08pm
The Iskander-M operational-tactical missile system 
struck the place of unloading of an echelon of 
military equipment of the Armed Forces of
Ukraine (AFU) in the Zaporozhye region. 
This is reported by RIA Novosti with
 reference to the press service of
 the Russian Defense Ministry.
As a result of the attack in the area of the settlement of
Ukrainka, M-113 armoured personnel carriers of US
production, fuel tankers, Buk M1 air defense 
systems, BMP-2 and truck transport 
were hit. 
In addition, the Russian military destroyed the 
personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
The results of the Iskander fire strike were 
carried out using a SuperKAM drone.
Earlier it was reported that a warehouse with 
ammunition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 
exploded in the Zaporozhye region. It also
 became known about the explosion in
 Matveyevka, Zaporozhye region... 
where the APU warehouse with
 missiles for HIMARS is stored.

Fighter of the Russian Armed 
Forces Montana ----- when the 
APU retreats, even children's
 toys are mined
June 29th, 6:35pm
Even children's toys are being stuffed with explosives by 
Ukrainian militants. According to a Russian sapper with
 the call sign Montana, he saw a stuffed rabbit that says
"I love you" ....when you press the button. Neo-Nazis
connected an electric detonator to this button.
Fortunately, the Russian military immediately 
discovered the trap and defused it, 
so no one was injured.
Montana added that Ukrainian militants are also mining 
radio stations, small arms stores, personal belongings 
and much more.
Earlier, military expert Andriy Marochko said that in 90% 
of cases, civilians in the Kharkiv region are injured in 
mine explosions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

And this happens...... far from the front line.
The waiter of a cafe in Sevastopol 
told about saving people from the 
beach during the attack of the 
Ukrainian Armed Forces
June 29th, 6:18pm
Waiter Kirill Strupinsky, who worked in one of the cafes 
on the beach in Uchkuyevka, told Izvestia on June 29 
about how he saved several dozen people during
attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine  
on Sevastopol.
The young man explained that he came out from behind 
the bar when the shelling started and shrapnel began 
to fly into the cafe.
"At first I wanted to run, but a fragment flew in front of 
me. I lay down and asked if there were any wounded. 
I was told that there is," Kirill said.
Then he decided to take out about 15 people through
 the back entrance to the cafe. Then the waiter
 rushed to rescue the wounded. First.. he put 
a tourniquet from his own T-shirt.. on the 
wounded man's elbow. Then he helped 
the girl, who was shot in both thighs.
"My grandfather was seriously wounded, through and 
through. I covered his wounds with the remains of
T-shirt so that no blood would flow out," 
he continued.
After that, Kirill ran along the beach 
to find the wounded and help them.
Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev has
announced the completion of the public 
notification system. 
According to him, first of all, it will be finalized 
taking into account ballistics. He added that 
the city's beaches will not be closed, but it 
is recommended to refuse to visit them.
On Sunday, June 23, the Ukrainian Armed Forces 
attacked Sevastopol with the help of American 
ATACMS missiles. Four people were killed,
 including two children, and another 
153 were injured. 
On the same day, it became known that among 
the dead was the daughter of the deputy 
mayor of Magadan, who was with her 
parents on the beach.
The Investigative Committee of Russia opened
 criminal case --- under Article 205 of
the Criminal 
Code of the Russian
Federation ("Terrorist act"). 
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova 
called the strike a ritual crime because Ukraine's attack 
took place on Holy Trinity Day. The Russian Defense 
Ministry noted ------ that the involvement of the US
 not raise any doubts, Washington and its 
satellites are engaged in inciting Kiev 
to kill Russian civilians.
Ukrainian militants are trying to strike at Russian
 territories against the background of a special 
operation in the Donbass, the beginning of 
which was announced on February 24, 
2022. The decision was made due to 
the aggravation of the situation in 
the region -- due to shelling by
Ukrainian military.
The number of victims of the attack on 
Sevastopol has grown to four people
 June 29th, 4:48pm
Four people were injured, as a result of a missile attack by
 the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), on Sevastopol on the 
morning of June 29th. This was announced by the city's 
governor Mikhail Razvozhaev in the Telegram channel.
"As a result of the morning rocket attack, four civilians 
of Sevastopol were injured. They have minor shrapnel 
wounds. All were taken to the hospital, one person 
was released home after an examination," 
he wrote.
According to the governor, three private houses were also
 damaged in the city, and windows in several apartments 
were broken in three apartment buildings. Seven cars 
and a motorcycle were also damaged, 
Razvozhayev said.
"Two overhead power lines in Balaklava...... were 
also damaged as a result of the missile attack. 
Because of this... houses on Vygonnaya, 
Zhukov, Marines...  and Zdorovitelnaya 
Streets were left without electricity,"
 he added.
As the governor noted, after conducting an inspection 
by EMERCOM employees, the power engineers began 
restoration work, and by 16:00 Moscow time, power 
supply to consumers was restored. At the moment, 
all services continue to work.
Earlier in the day, Razvozhaev reported three victims.
This morning, an air alert was issued in Sevastopol. 
Later, the air defense system destroyed two aerial 
targets over the city. Razvozhayev said that 
fragments of downed targets fell in the 
coastal zone and Balaklava district.
Izvestia on Saturday showed footage from Sevastopol. 
According to local resident Oleg Sovetin, his garage 
was damaged -- and the windows of the car were 
also broken. During the attack of the Ukrainian 
Armed Forces, the man was at home.

American historian Kuznik:
 the world - is on the verge
 of a new Caribbean crisis
June 29th, 3:55pm
Peter Kuznik, a professor in the Department of History 
and director of the Institute for Nuclear Research at 
the American University of Washington, said that 
the world is on the verge of a new Caribbean 
missile crisis.
According to Kuznik, the coming crisis is provoked not 
only by the start of Russia's special operation in
 Ukraine, but also..... by NATO's actions in
 to this conflict.
"A direct confrontation between Russia and the alliance 
can really arise, and the Third World War becomes not 
just one of the possible nightmarish outcomes, but 
the end of human civilization," RIA Novosti 
quotes Kuznik --- with reference to The 
American Conservative.
Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry noted the increased
 intensity of flights of American strategic UAVs over the 
Black Sea ---- which increases the risk of a NATO 
confrontation with the Russian Federation.
Captured soldier of the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine Karpyuk: soldiers are
being transferred to positions 
without fortifications
June 29th, 2:18pm
The Russian army ----- captured another soldier of the Armed
Forces of Ukraine. He fell into the hands of our servicemen
 in the Kharkiv direction. Junior Lieutenant Oleg Karpyuk 
was abandoned on the battlefield with shrapnel wounds.
At the front, the platoon commander of the 42nd brigade 
turned out to be straight from the Vladimir corrugated 
cardboard factory. In a short time, he completed 
combat training in training schools. After that, 
he served under the Clock Yar.
"There are a lot of drones, the artillery is working. 
The Russian army is actively advancing. And we
 have nothing. We were forced to prepare our 
positions from scratch," the prisoner of 
war admitted.
For Karpiuk, the war was over. At the same time - many 
of his compatriots continue to bear all the hardships 
....prolonging the agony of the Zelensky regime.
APU fired at a group of refugees 
during evacuation from Toretsk,
 7 people were killed
June 29th, 12:27pm
Residents trying to evacuate Toretsk (formerly 
Dzerzhinsk) were shelled by Ukrainian troops. 

At least seven civilians were killed when
the Ukrainian Armed Forces hit a group 
of refugees. 
This was announced by Igor Kimakovsky, adviser 
to the head of the Donetsk People's Republic.
Now the city, located 43 kilometres in a straight line from
 Donetsk --- is being fiercely fought. On June 28, the first 
group of 10 residents evacuated from the city arrived 
in Gorlovka... from Toretsk. The Mayor of Gorlovka,
Ivan Prikhodko in a Telegram channel, promised 
to help them in accommodation, plus providing 
medical care, providing food and finding 
relatives in Russia.
Earlier, Kiev tried to forcibly evacuate residents of 
Toretsk to the controlled territory. The Ukrainian 
authorities ------ forcibly removed 500 of the 
six thousand people from the city.
Russian troops have been advancing on Toretsk from
 Horlivka for a week. On June 29, they liberated the 
village of Shumy, 10 kilometres from Toretsk.
Russian troops have improved the operational situation 
in the area of Novgorodsky, renamed New York in Kiev.


Russian Defence Ministry report 
on the progress of the special 
military operation
July 29th, 11:50am
The units of the Sever Group of Forces --- have defeated 
manpower & hardware of the 42nd & 57th mechanised 
brigades of the AFU and the 105th Territorial Defence 
Brigade close to Neskuchnoye, Volchansk, and 
Liptsy (Kharkov region).
The enemy losses were up to 270 servicemen, one tank, 
4 motor vehicles, one 155-mm U.S.-made M109 Paladin 
howitzer, one 152-mm 2A65 Msta-B howitzer, and
 three 122-mm D-30 howitzers.
The units of the Zapad Group of Forces, have taken more 
advantageous positions and also defeated formations of
1st, 14th, 63rd, 116th mechanised, 4th tank brigades of 
the AFU, the 112th Territorial Defence Brigade and the 
1st Brigade of the National Guard near Petropavlovka,
Sinkovka & Berestovoye (the Kharkov region), plus 
Chervonaya Dibrova and Stelmakhovka (Lugansk 
People's Republic).
In addition --- two counterattacks by the 
3rd Assault Brigade have been repelled.
The AFU losses were over 500 servicemen, one infantry 
fighting vehicle, three motor vehicles, one 155-mm U.S.-
made M198 howitzer, one 122-mm 2S1 Gvozdika self-
propelled artillery system, and one 122-mm 
D-30 howitzer.
Two AFU artillery ammunition depots and one U.S.-
made AN/TPQ-50 counter-battery radar station 
have been destroyed.
The units of the Yug Group of Forces have improved their 
position along the front line and defeated manpower and 
hardware of the 56th Motor Infantry Brigade, the 72nd 
Mechanised Brigade, and the 214th ‘Opfor’ Battalion 
of the AFU close to Zaliznyanskoye, Grigorovka, 
Chasov Yar, Kalinino, and Konstantinovka
(Donetsk People's Republic).
One counterattack by the 10th Mountain Assault
Brigade of the AFU --- has also been repelled.
The enemy losses were more than 430 troops, 
3 armoured fighting vehicles, and eight 
motor vehicles.
In the course of counter-battery warfare, two U.S.-made 
155-mm M777 howitzers, one Polish-made 155-mm Krab 
self-propelled artillery system, three 152-mm D-20 guns, 
one 122-mm D-30 howitzer, one UK-made 105-mm L-119 
howitzer, one 122-mm Grad MLRS combat vehicle, one 
U.S.-made AN/TPQ-50 counter-battery warfare radar 
station, and two electronic warfare stations
 have been destroyed.
In addition, five AFU field ammunition 
depots have been destroyed.
The units of the Tsentr Group of Forces have liberated 
Shumy (Donetsk People's Republic), improved their 
tactical position and defeated formations of the 
41st Mechanised Brigade and the 109th 
Territorial Defence Brigade close 
to Kirovo, Leninskoye, Sokol, 
Novgorodskoye, as well as 
Novosyolovka Pervaya
(Donetsk People's 
Six counterattacks by assault detachments of 
47th mechanised, 142nd infantry, and 68th
 jaeger brigades of the AFU have been 
repelled during the day.
The enemy losses, were up to 360 servicemen, two 
armoured fighting vehicles, one motor vehicle, one 
152-mm D-20 howitzer, two 122-mm D-30 howitzers, 
one U.S.-made 105-mm M119 gun, and a 100-mm 
MT-12 Rapira anti-tank gun.
The units of the Vostok Group of Forces have taken 
more advantageous lines and defeated manpower
 and hardware of the 58th AFU Motor Infantry 
Brigade and the 102nd Territorial Defence 
Brigade near Urozhainoye (Donetsk
 People's Republic), & Kulturnoye 
(Zaporoshye region).
In addition, two counterattacks by units of the enemy 
72nd Motorised Infantry Brigade have been repelled.
The AFU losses were up to 135 servicemen, five motor 
vehicles, one UK-made 155-mm FH-70 howitzer, one 
152-mm 2A65 Msta-B howitzer, one 122-mm 2S1 
Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system, one 
122-mm Grad MLRS combat vehicle, and 
a 100-mm MT-12 Rapira anti-tank gun.
One Anklav-N electronic warfare station 
has been also destroyed.
The units of the Dnepr Group of Forces have defeated 
the 65th mechanised and 128th mountain assault 
brigades of the AFU, the 35th Marin Brigade and 
the 15th National Guard Brigade nr Pyatikhatki,
 Rabotino, Malaya Tokmachka (Zaporozhye 
region) & Novotyaginka (Kherson region).
The AFU losses were up to 100 servicemen, six motor 
vehicles, one U.S.-made 155-mm M777 howitzer, one 
152-mm D-20 gun, and one 122-mm 2S1 Gvozdika
 self-propelled artillery system.
One AFU field ammunition depot 
has been also destroyed.
Operational-Tactical Aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, 
Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Groups of 
Forces have destroyed the enemy division's control 
centre, one illumination and guidance radar, one 
low-altitude detector, and two S-300PS anti-
aircraft missile system launchers.
In addition, enemy manpower and military hardware 
clusters have been hit in 119 areas.
Air defence facilities have shot down one MiG-29 aircraft 
of the Ukrainian Air Force, 119 unmanned aerial 
vehicles, five U.S.-made ATACMS operational-
tactical missiles, and 10 U.S.-made 
HIMARS rockets.
In total, 616 airplanes and 276 helicopters, 26,896 
unmanned aerial vehicles, 535 air defence missile 
systems, 16,453 tanks & other armoured fighting 
vehicles, 1,359 combat vehicles equipped with 
MLRS, 11,060 field artillery guns and mortars, 
as well as 23,076 units of special military 
equipment have been destroyed during 
the special military operation.
Putin vows to consider deploying
 nukes near NATO countries
June 29th, 7:50am
Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced his 
plan to consider placing new nuclear missiles near
 NATO countries.
Earlier this month, Putin warned the West that Moscow 
could supply arms to other countries to strike Western 
targets in retaliation for allowing Ukraine to fire long-
range missiles supplied by NATO countries’ military 
forces to hit targets inside Russia.
His latest announcement on Friday is seen as the Russian 
leader’s latest attempt ------ to respond to the escalated 
conflict with the West after signing a comprehensive 
strategic partnership pact during his landmark 
Pyongyang visit aimed at finding new ways 
to defend non-Western countries against
US hegemony.
Russia, North Korea fighting 
US hegemonic policy: Putin
The Russian president --- lashed out at the US 
and its allies over their schemes to change 
the objective of a multi-polar world.
Putin vowed that his nation would produce new 
intermediate-range nuclear-capable missiles, 
and then decide whether to deploy them 
within range of NATO nations in Europe,
 as well as US ally countries in Asia.
The Russian leader blamed the Russian move 
on the United States for deploying nuclear 
missiles in Europe and Asia.
During the US presidency of Donald Trump, 
Washington pulled out of the 1987 
Intermediate-Range Nuclear 
Forces Treaty (INF).
The INF treaty banned the production, testing, and 
deployment of land-based cruise and ballistic 
missiles with a range of 500 to 5,500 klms.
The withdrawal from the treaty was one in a series of 
treaty withdrawals that marked the end of decades 
of nuclear arms control treaties signed by 
Washington and Moscow over fears of 
launching a nuclear conflict between 
the former Soviet Union and the US.
The only arms treaty that remains to this day is
New START, which limits the intercontinental 
weapons each nation can maintain.
This nuclear arms reduction treaty between the US and 
Russia, formally known as Measures for the Further 
Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive 
Arms, was signed on April 8, 2010, went into 
force in February 2011, and expires in 
February 2026.
During the Cold War era, the US and the former Soviet 
Union slowly developed common views and interests, 
driving the two sides to sign treaties governing 
nuclear technologies and materials and to 
seek global cooperation and trade in 
nuclear energy while preventing 
weapons proliferation.
These treaties continued in the post–Cold War era 
despite a range of military issues arising across
 the global sphere amid increasingly conflicting 
interests in international commerce.
The West’s gradual encroachment on Russia, 
culminating in Moscow’s decision to launch 
a special military operation... in eastern 
Ukraine, in February 2022 ------ marked 
the end of the decades-long tradition 
of cooperation between Washington 
and Moscow to prevent a likely
 nuclear war between the 
two countries.

China, in August, will begin 
deployment of an analog 
of Starlink
June 29th, 4:30am
China in early August will begin deploying the G60 
satellite constellation, which should become an 
analog of the US Starlink system. This is
 reported by SpaceNews.
During the first launch, it is planned to send a batch of 18 
spacecraft to low-Earth orbit. The publication refers to 
the publication Shanghai Securities News, according 
to which in the coming days the first G60 satellites
 will leave the factory in Shanghai and go to the
 Taiyuan cosmodrome in northern China.
In November 2023...... SpaceNews reported, that China 
launched a Long March 2D rocket with a Yuanzheng 3 
upper stage and an unnamed number of spacecraft 
designed to test satellite Internet capabilities. 
The publication admitted --- that the launch was carried 
out as part of testing the capabilities of the promising 
satellite constellation Guowang, which is considered 
the Chinese "answer to Starlink".
In May, SpaceNews reported that China will ramp up 
production of medium-sized Long March 8 rockets
 to launch Guowang satellites.

 The Centre group hit formations of five
 brigades of Ukraine's Armed Forces
 during the day
June 29th, 4:25am
Military personnel of the Centre group of troops hit
 the formations of five brigades of the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine during the day.
This was stated by the head of the press centre
 of the group Alexander Savchuk, reports TASS.
According to him ------ a total of 400 enemy 
targets were hit, including 11 strongholds.
It is noted that we are talking about the districts 
of Novoaleksandrovka, Novopokrovsky, Kirov, 
and Novoselovka First.
Also.... the Centre group destroyed up to 350 
servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 
and took three prisoners.
The military commander predicted a "blow to 
the Ukrainians in the back" in one of the 
directions in the free defense zone.
June 29th, 2:44am
Military commander Sladkov predicted - a "stab in 
the back to the Ukrainians" and the encirclement 
of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ------ in Ugledar.
Ukrainians in the Ugledar direction are waiting for a
"stab in the back" (or rather, from the rear) --- and 
then a complete encirclement, or flight of units 
of the Armed Forces of the Republic (AFU). 
Such an outcome of the fighting on one of the front 
lines in the special operation zone (SVO) - was 
predicted by war correspondent Alexander 
Sladkov, in his Telegram channel.
"The Ugledar direction is one of the ten active ones 
on the front of the SVO. And we are pushing, but 
the breakthrough of the front is not yet real," 
Sladkov admitted. 
He clarified ---- that a frontal attack is not a 
priority of the Russian Armed Forces here.
For the success of the Russian military, it is necessary to 
advance the line of contact from Kurakhov and Karlovka. 
"And then - the encirclement, or flight of the AFU group
 in Ugledar," the military commander added.
Sladkov also showed footage of the T-80BFM tank of the 
Russian Armed Forces hitting the APU with direct fire in 
the Ugledar direction, draining the forest belt. He noted 
that the equipment has reinforced armour, is equipped 
with standard protective screens and is designed for 
use at night, under heavy fire.
Earlier, Alexander Sladkov said that Kiev's plan to 
replenish the ranks of the Ukrainian army at the 
expense of volunteers from among prisoners 
---- and thereby solve the problems of the 
shortage of personnel ---- is doomed to 
failure.... since they will suffer heavy 
losses in the special operation zone.
Underground: The Ukrainian Armed 
Forces save planes from strikes by
 the Russian Armed Forces, by 
them into the sky for
the duration 
of the alert
June 29th, 2:34am
The Armed Forces of Ukraine... raise their planes 
in the sky during an air alert ---- so that they are 
not damaged by Russian strikes on the ground.

This was reported by the coordinator of the 
Nikolaev underground, Sergey Lebedev.
"As soon as the alarm is activated, 
Ukrainian planes take off and
 in circles," he said.

An ensign of the Russian Armed Forces
- with a wound - saved his colleagues 
after a mortar attack
June 28th, 10pm
The foreman of a motorized rifle company, ensign Igor 
Khokhlov, who was engaged in delivering various 
necessary supplies to the frontline servicemen 
of the Russian Federation's Armed Forces 
showed heroism ---- and saved the lives
of his 
wounded colleagues ------ the
Defense Ministry reports.
Ukrainian militants discovered Khokhlov's transport - and 
subjected it to mortar fire, which caused the serviceman 
to be wounded, but he continued to direct the unloading, 
and then provided first aid not only to himself, but also 
to several colleagues. After that, Khokhlov evacuated
 the wounded soldiers and brought the transport out 
of the shelling.
The Russian Defense Ministry also told about the feat of 
Lieutenant Alexander Solovyov, who not only saved 
wounded colleagues, but also helped create 
conditions for the further advancement 
of the Russian Army.
During the battle -- an infantry fighting vehicle (BMP) of 
Russian attack aircraft was attacked by an FPV drone, 
as a result of which the commander of the assault 
group was injured. Solovyov took command and
 evacuated the wounded, after which he 
organized a defense at the captured 
stronghold of the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine (AFU).
"During the day, repelling attacks by Ukrainian militants 
& constantly inflicting significant losses on them, the 
group led by Lieutenant Alexander Solovyov held 
positions --- which made it possible to bring 
reserves into battle ....and push the 
enemy back," the ministry said.
Thanks to the courage and dedication of Lieutenant 
Solovyov, an important enemy stronghold was 
captured.. the lives of wounded servicemen 
were saved... and conditions were created 
for the further advance of Russian troops.

The US ''wants'' to continue patrolling 
the Black Sea with aircraft and UAVs
June 28th, 7pm
US aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will 
continue to patrol the Black Sea over international 
waters. This --- was announced by Deputy Press 
Secretary of the US Pentagon Sabrina Singh, 
as quoted by TASS.
"We continue to fly, conduct sea voyages and operate 
in international waters and international air spaces 
....where permitted by law," she said.
Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Andrey Belousov 
instructed Staff to make proposals on measures 
for rapid responses --- to US provocations over 
the Black Sea.

Putin pointed to a fairly rapid 
pace of recovery of the LPR
June 28th, 3:58pm
The restoration of the Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) is 
proceeding quite rapidly, despite the fighting. This was 
stated on June 28 by Russian President Vladimir Putin 
during a video call with graduates of the personnel 
reserve program of the Higher School of Public 
Administration (VSGU) of the RANEPA.
"The Luhansk People's Republic, as well as our other 
new, but in fact historical territories of Russia, they 
are an integral part of the Russian Federation. The
 standard of living of people in these territories 
should fully correspond to the standard of 
living and opportunities in all areas 
throughout Russia," the head of
 state said.
According to Putin, this path is not easy, but there are 
all the conditions for it. He drew attention to the good 
industrial potential of the LPR, as well as the 
development of the region, despite the 
security problems.
The President added that enterprises 
have already started paying taxes, 
even to local and federal budgets.
The Russian leader also wished good luck to the new 
chairman of the LPR government, Yegor Kovalchuk.
All.. in the house: Putin instructed to restore 
the new regions, regardless of the situation.
The President at the opening of several social 
facilities called for the efficient use of each
 invested ruble.
In May, road curfew units of the Logistics Support 
brigade of the Zapad group of troops restored 
more than 150 km of highways and built 
about 20 km of new roads in the LPR.
In the same month, it was reported that the new regions 
are experiencing high rates of development. So, in the 
LPR and DPR -------- roads, infrastructure facilities, 
education, culture, sports and healthcare 
are being built, utility networks are 
being restored, and new houses 
are being built. 
According to local residents, Luhansk is becoming
one of the Russian centres ------ of attraction 
and transformation.
In the Verkhovna Rada declared 
problems with replenishment of
 the existing AFU brigades
June 28th, 2:24pm
In the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there is a catastrophic 
situation with the replenishment of brigades. About it, 
on Friday, June 28, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada 
Mariana Bezuglaya, wrote in the Telegram channel.
"About the catastrophic processes involving 
the replenishment of combat units and the 
thoughtless creation of new ones....... this 
approach also took place under Zaluzhny 
and ended in tragedies, in particular, in 
the southern counter-offensive," 
she said.
Bezuglaya stressed that, during the Ukrainian 
counteroffensive in the summer of 2023, 
"the non-combat-ready 10th corps of 
the mobilized advanced head-on"
in the Zaporozhye direction and 
achieved nothing,"except for 
deaths and the disposal of 
equipment & ammunition."
At the moment --- new units are being created again,
instead of replenishing existing units, for example,
the 125th Territorial Defense Brigade --- which 
has a staffing level of 40-50%, she noted.
"''Common sense" screams here that the creation of new 
brigades can be considered only after the guaranteed 
staffing of existing ones ------ and creating a trained 
reserve," Bezuglaya pointed out.
Earlier, on June 23, political analyst Alexander Dudchak, 
said that the failures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on 
the line of contact and criticism in the Verkhovna Rada 
may lead to the resignation of the Commander-in-Chief 
of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Alexander Syrsky. 
In particular, Bezuglaya stated that the general's factions 
continue to ruin the future of Ukraine, and Syrsky is part 
of this process.
Earlier, on June 16, a retired German general and former 
head of the NATO military committee, Harald Kuyat, 
called the situation hopeless - for the Ukrainian 
Armed Forces at the front. According to him,
for too long the West has harboured the
illusion.... that it is possible to help 
Ukraine win with new weapons, 
but this --- is not the case.
In early June, Syrsky said that the situation is difficult for 
the Ukrainian Armed Forces on a number of sectors of 
the front. He noted that the situation has worsened 
most in the Kharkiv, Kurakhovsky, Pokrovsky and 
Kupyansky directions.
The special operation to protect the Donbass, which 
Russian President Vladimir Putin, announced on
 February 24, 2022, continues. The decision 
was made against the background of the 
worsening situation in the region.
The Russian Armed Forces 
liberated the village of 
Razdolovka in the DPR
June 28th, 12:55pm
Units of the "Southern" group of troops actively liberated
the village of Razdolovka in the Donetsk People's 
Republic (DPR) and occupied more favorable
 positions, the Russian Defense Ministry 
reported on June 28.
Russian forces defeated the manpower and equipment of 
three mechanized, two airmobile and two amphibious 
assault brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine .
In addition, the enemy lost up to 4,410 troops, two tanks, 
eight armoured combat vehicles, 48 vehicles, 39 field 
artillery pieces, including 11 M777 & M198 howitzers
manufactured in the US, from June 22 to 28. Seven
electronic warfare stations.. "Enclave", "Bukovel" 
and 25 field ammunition depots were destroyed.
"The Ukrainian Armed Forces did not expect our 
appearance and surrendered without a fight"
Russian soldiers have revealed details of the 
rapid assault on the village of Ocheretino, 
north of Avdiivka.
Earlier, on June 7, Russian forces liberated the town of 
Paraskoviyevka in the DPR. Before that, the Russian 
Armed Forces liberated the village of Umanskoye
 in the Donetsk People's Republic, on June 2.
Earlier, on May 31, the Defense Ministry said that during 
the week, the Russian Armed Forces liberated the 
settlements of Berestovoe and Ivanovka in the 
Kharkiv region, as well as Arkhangelsk and 
Netaylovo in the DPR and continued to 
advance deep into the defense of the
 Armed Forces of Ukraine. Then, the
 head of the Defense Department.. 
Andrei Belousov, said that in just 
May, the Russian army soldiers 
liberated 28 settlements.
The special operation to protect the Donbass, which 
Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on
 February 24, 2022, continues. The decision 
was made against the background of the 
worsening situation in the region.

Russian Defence Ministry report 
on the progress of the special 
military operation 
(22 – 28 June 2024)
June 28th,12:55pm
From 22 June to 28 June 2024, the Russian Armed Forces 
have carried out 17 group strikes with high-precision 
weapons and attack unmanned aerial vehicles. 
Enemy energy facilities, infrastructure of military airfields, 
logistics centres for storing weapons delivered by 
Western countries to the AFU, as well as 
assembly and storage facilities.... for 
attack unmanned aerial vehicles 
and uncrewed boats.
Temporary deployment areas of AFU troops and 
foreign mercenaries ---- have been also hit.
Over the past week, the units of the Sever Group of 
Forces continued to advance into the depths of the 
enemy defence and inflicted losses on manpower 
and hardware of three formations of the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine, one marine brigade, and
 three territorial defence brigades.
The AFU losses were up to 1,560 Ukrainian troops, 
12 armoured fighting vehicles & 43 motor vehicles.
In the course of counter-battery warfare, 33 field artillery 
guns, including seven foreign-made howitzers, three 
Nota electronic warfare stations, Bukovel-AD, and
 two U.S.-made AN/TPQ-50 counter-battery radar 
stations, have been eliminated.
The units of the Zapad Group of Forces have improved 
the tactical situation and inflicted fire damage on four 
mechanised and two tank brigades of the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine, as well as on two territorial 
defence brigades. Six counter-attacks of 
AFU assault detachments have 
been repelled.
The AFU losses were up to 3,230 Ukrainian troops, four 
armoured fighting vehicles, 40 motor vehicles, three 
Grad MLRS combat vehicles, 24 field artillery guns,
 six of them were U.S.-made.
In addition, three U.S.-made AN/TPQ-50 and AN/TPQ-37 
counter-battery warfare radars, as well as 11 field 
ammunition depots have been destroyed.
The units of the Yug Group of Forces have liberated 
Razdolovka (Donetsk People's Republic) and 
seized more advantageous lines.
The strikes have been delivered, at manpower and 
hardware of the three mechanised, two airmobile, 
and two air assault brigades of the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine.
The AFU losses were up to 4,410 Ukrainian troops, 
two tanks, eight armoured fighting vehicles, 48 
motor vehicles, and 39 field artillery guns,
 including 11 U.S.-made M777 and 
M198 howitzers.
In addition, seven Anklav, Bukovel electronic 
warfare stations, and 25 field ammunition 
depots, have been destroyed.
The units of the Tsentr Group of Forces have improved 
the situation along the front line and defeated units of 
four mechanised, two infantry formations of the AFU 
and two territorial defence brigades. 39 Enemy  
counter-attacks have been repelled in 
this direction, during the week.
The AFU losses were up to 2950 troops, three tanks, six 
armoured fighting vehicles.... including two U.S.-made 
Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, 30 motor vehicles, 
and 42 field artillery guns, including six U.S.-made
 M777 howitzers.
The units of the Vostok Group of Forces, have improved 
the tactical situation and inflicted losses on manpower 
and hardware of two brigades of the Armed Forces of 
Ukraine, three formations of the Territorial Defence 
and two National Guard brigades.
The AFU losses were up to 930 Ukrainian troops, six 
armoured fighting vehicles, 36 motor vehicles, and 
19 field artillery guns, including six UK-made 
FH-70 howitzers.
The units of the Dnepr Group of Forces -- have defeated 
units of two formations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 
and three brigades of the Ukrainian Territorial Defence.
The AFU losses were up to 740 Ukrainian troops, three 
tanks, two armoured fighting vehicles, 48 motor 
vehicles, and 23 field artillery guns, 11 of 
them --- were foreign-made.
In addition, eight Anklav, Bukovel electronic 
warfare stations, and six ammunition 
depots... have been destroyed.
Operational-Tactical Aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, 
Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Groups of 
Forces have destroyed six M142 HIMARS multiple-
launch rocket system launchers, one M270 MLRS 
launcher, and one transport and loader vehicle 
together with foreign specialists who ensured 
their use, as well as three P-18 air target 
detection and tracking radars.
Air defence facilities have shot down two Ukrainian Air 
Force's MiG-29 aircraft, 589 unmanned aerial vehicles, 
six U.S.-made ATACMS operational-tactical missiles, 
8 U.S.-made Patriot anti-aircraft guided missiles, 
a U.S.-made HARM anti-radiation missile, and 
61 U.S.-made HIMARS MLRS projectiles, 
as well as Czech-made Vampire and 
Olkha projectiles.
Over the past week, 56 Ukrainian servicemen 
have surrendered on the line of contact.
In total, 615 airplanes and 276 helicopters, 26,777 
unmanned aerial vehicles, 533 air defence missile 
systems, 16,446 tanks & other armoured fighting
 vehicles.. 1,357 combat vehicles equipped with
 MLRS, 11,020 field artillery guns and mortars, 
as well as 23,049 units of special military 
equipment, have been destroyed during 
the special military operation.


Austrian Chancellor says it is 
necessary to involve BRICS 
countries in negotiations
 on Ukraine
June 28th, 11:36am