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Peace Page

Saadollah Zarei Iran could help

Attacks against Shias, their
religious sites, 
will continue:
as Taliban inept to stop trend 
-- Expert
October 18th, 11:26am (PressTV)
A senior expert on regional issues.. has predicted that 
bloody terrorist attacks against Shia Muslim religious 
sites, gatherings & oppressed people in Afghanistan, 
will continue, as the fledgling Taliban government is 
not in a strong position to prevent the recurrence 
of such criminal acts.
Saadollah Zarei wrote in an opinion piece published in
 the Kayhan daily newspaper that the large explosion, 
which hit a Shia mosque in Afghanistan’s southern 
city of Kandahar and left dozens of people dead 
and wounded last Friday, took place exactly a 
week after a similar incident in the northern 
city of Kunduz.
The number of terrorist acts in Afghanistan has soared
to 36, ever since the Taliban came to power, on August 
15th, the analyst said, adding that the attacks haven't 
been confined to Shia Muslim congregational sites.
“A simple survey of recent developments shows the 
attacks are mainly aimed at Shias of Afghanistan 
and their religious gatherings,” he wrote.
Zarei pointed out... that the two bloody explosions 
against Shia mosques in Afghanistan’s Kandahar 
and Kunduz, which occurred within a one-week 
time span, are indicative of certain schemes 
against Afghanistan in general, and its 
Shia community in particular.
He added that the deadly blasts have not only 
undermined Afghanistan’s security, but have 
also harmed the country’s ethnic and 
religious fabrics.
“One, therefore, cannot expect followers of a stricken
 religious community to abandon recompense for the
 blood of their martyrs, and to absolve the ruling 
government of its responsibilities,” 
Zarei stated.
The senior expert highlighted that Kandahar is the 
spiritual birthplace of the Taliban, and the leader 
of the movement, Hibatullah Akhundzadeh, 
resides in the city. 
This means that Afghanistan's second largest city 
should naturally enjoy a higher level of security 
than other parts of the country, especially 
when it comes to the observance of 
religious rituals.
“The Taliban's argument that Shias took responsibility
 themselves for the security of their Friday prayers, &
the group has no liability, is utterly unacceptable.
Shia mosque is situated in a neighbourhood
of the 
city and has come under attack there,” 
he commented.
Zarei underscored that the Taliban have been in 
control of Kandahar for the last 15 years, and 
run its security affairs.
“If the Taliban are so incapable of providing security in 
their own spiritual heartland, how can they establish 
security nationwide, particularity in the central, 
northern and eastern parts of Afghanistan 
where they have not been in control for 
years?” the expert questioned.
Zarei said the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group... belatedly 
claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack against
the Kandahar Shia mosque --- while it immediately 
declared responsibility for the bloody explosion
 in Kunduz.
“The United States and former Afghan government relied
 on Daesh to create insecurity and justify their actions. 
Over the last decade, especially, during the past four 
years, Daesh elements have helped advancement of
 the policies of the United States, Saudi Arabia, and
 occasionally, Pakistan, in Afghanistan.
“Daesh... has fueled sectarian and religious strife in
 Afghanistan, and acted as a counterweight to the 
Taliban in favour of the United States and the
government of deposed president, Ashraf 
Ghani. Unlike Iraq and Syria, Daesh has 
no base in Afghanistan and its terror 
cells have just carried out hit-and-
run attacks. It is believed that 
Daesh is not present any-
where in Afghanistan,” 
he said.
 Zarei then questioned the motive behind terrorist 
attacks claimed by Daesh, given the fact that 
neither is the United States militarily and 
politically present in Afghanistan nor
Ghani's government in power.
“It is also unacceptable to believe that Daesh 
carries out its acts of terror randomly and 
without a scenario devised beforehand,”
 he said.
The political commentator stressed that Afghanistan 
cannot stay in a vacuum for long and even though 
its security balance has changed, its identity and 
essence has not been lost, on the other hand.
“Afghanistan is now at a critical juncture in terms of 
security. One option is to maintain the previous 
form of coalition and security balance, which 
was in effect both during the Taliban's five 
years in power and the last 20 years, and 
means the continuation of Saudi and 
Pakistani dominance on the whole 
and that of the US in particular. 
Such a dominance has now been dimmed... and it is not 
easy to restore it.  The US military, which was viewed 
as the most important factor in the security balance, 
has withdrawn from Afghanistan, Pakistan's control 
over the Kabul government has somehow subsided, 
and the influence of the Saudi government, has 
diminished as well.
“Another choice is to change the security balance. This
 means that the new government in Kabul ought to 
establish a regional security balance with the
neighboring countries - and with Russia, and 
China - at the international level, in order to 
ensure stability throughout Afghanistan,”
 Zarei said.
The commentator emphasized that security alliances 
among Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, 
Turkmenistan, Russia and China... are positive 
in nature and can lead to closer international 
cooperation, as opposed to the US-Saudi-
Pakistan security alliance, that has 
always been naturally negative.
Zarei went on say that the Daesh terrorists will continue 
their bomb attacks and targeted killings in Afghanistan, 
so that the status quo would not change to the 
detriment of their masters.
“They (Daesh terrorists) would not help the creation of 
a security structure. Daesh emerged at the behest
the United States, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan
Afghanistan’s security arena, to impede the 
formation of a new positive balance...  or to 
drive up the costs of security cooperation 
so that the model would grow weak,” 
Zarei noted.
The analyst advised the new Afghan government to come
 to terms with the malicious nature of the US-led plans, 
refrain from tampering with terrorists, put an end
 the ongoing genocide of Shias, and stop the 
wishful thinking that terrorist attacks would 
only target members of the religious 
Zarei finally called on Iran to help the quick formation of 
a new security-military structure in Afghanistan. “The 
security of Afghanistan and its people, especially 
Shias, and the common interests of Iran and 
Afghanistan can only be secured through 
the adoption of strategic measures,” 
he said.
The Taliban took power in Afghanistan in mid-August, as
 the US was in the middle of a chaotic troop withdrawal
 from the country. The Taliban announced the 
formation of a caretaker government on 
September 7th.
The Taliban first ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, 
when the United States invaded the country and 
toppled the Taliban-run government... on the 
pretext of fighting terrorism following the 
September 11th attacks in the US.

NATO has a Scandinavian
'leftist' as its head - WHY?


Efran and Poet's tribute to
 all those killed by wars


NEMO movement supports
 Pope's words against 
aggressions and
October 19th, 12:37am (Prensa Latina) 
The Global Anti-Blockade of Cuba Movement - known 
as NEMO - on Monday expressed its support for Pope
Francis' statements... on putting a necessary end to 
unilateral aggressions and sanctions, on any nation.
The US organization, which has long been calling for the 
end of the US blockade against Cuba, considers that 
Pope Francis´ statements have 'the highest value 
and moral significance' ...for being a guide for 
about 1.4 billion Catholic faithful.
Pope Francis´ words, who is today a great world leader, 
are morally essential, pristine, and respond to the 
thoughts and feelings of all good men, 
regardless of their confession.
In addition, NEMO praised that, in spite of being a
movement, among its more than 100,000
 there are people practicing various
religions, with 
their own creeds and positions.
NEMO suggests that those who propose destabilization
 actions, in Cuba, for the coming November... read Pope 
Francis´ words... to avoid 'a terrible track for the 
Cuban people.'
In a message recorded on video for participants
in the 
2nd session of the 4th World Meeting of
Movements, Pope Francis said 'no'
neocolonialism, and added that 
conflicts must be solved in 
multilateral bodies, such 
as the United Nations.

Sayyed Houthi Reiterates 
Commitment to Sayyed 
Nasrallah’s Al-Quds
October 18th, 8:55pm (al Manar)
The leader of Ansarullah Movement, Sayyed Abdul Malik
 Badreddine Houthi, reiterated Yemen’s commitment to 
the historical A-Quds formula which was announced 
by the Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed 
Hasan Nasrallah.
Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah consecrated, during his speech 
on the 21st anniversary of Resistance and Liberation 
Day, a new formula, “If Israel tampers with Al-Quds, 
it will face a regional war.”
Delivering a speech on Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday, 
Sayyed Houthi emphasized that the Yemenis will 
always show solidarity with the oppressed in 
the Umma, voicing full support to the 
Palestinian cause.
Sayyed Houthi called on the Yemenis to stick to their 
steadfastness in the face of the ongoing Saudi-led 
aggression on Yemen, adding, “It is our duty
 to confront the aggression”.
Ansarullah's leader felicitated the Islamic Umma on 
Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday, underscoring its
commitment to the values of the Messenger.
Sayyed Houthi hailed the heavy crowds which attended 
the celebrations on the Islamic occasion, underlining 
that the Yemenis resort to the teachings of Prophet
 Muhammad, in order to confront the Saudi-
led aggression.
In this context, Sayyed Houthi indicated... that the 
normalization deals between some Arab regimes 
and the Israeli enemy, abuses the Messenger, 
highlighting the divine promise pertaining 
Israel’s demise.
Source: Al-Manar English Website

Families of Beirut Port Blast Martyrs
- Cast More Doubts on Judge Bitar
October 18th, 7:40pm (al Manar)
The spokesman of the Beirut Port blast victims’ families,
 Ibrahim Hoteit, revealed that the judicial investigator, 
Tarek Bitar, had said that he had enough knowledge 
about the real causes of the explosion, and
owner of the ship which brought the 
ammonium nitrate into the seaport.
Hoteit called on the investigator to reveal the reports
 he has, casting more doubts on his approach.
Seven martyrs and around 30 injured were reported 
during the armed attack carried out by “Lebanese 
Forces” gunmen on the peaceful protestors in 
Tayouneh area, on Thursday, October 14th. 
The protesters were demonstrating 
against the politicized decisions 
of Al-Bitar.
Al-Bitar had issued arrest warrants against officials as 
well as military figures on an illogical basis, pushing
 the defendants and observers to cast doubts on
 his probe.
On August 4th, 2020, a massive blast rocked Beirut Port, 
killing around 195 citizens and injuring over 6,000 
others. The explosion also caused massive 
destruction in the capital and
its suburbs.
Source: Al-Manar English Website

Protesters keep rallying in front
of OSCE SMM office on Monday
October 18th, 5:01pm (DAN)  
About 150 people keep rallying in front of the OSCE 
SMM office in Donetsk to protest over the mission's 
insufficient efforts in Donbass.
The protests began on October 15th when Donetsk 
residents set up tents outside the Park Inn hotel at 
the Pushkina Blvd where the mission is based, 
blocking its exits, following  the abduction of 
an LPR officer in the JCCC, by an armed 
Ukrainian reconnaissance squad in the
 "grey zone" of Zolotoye settlement.
Protesters say that the SMM has relinquished its duty 
to assess the incident, having endangered the entire 
system of communication of the conflicting sides 
and, consequently, the security situation in 
the area.
"Ukraine has violated all the agreements, promised 
numerous times, by abducting the JCCC officer. 
There is no guarantee it won't violate them in 
the future. It can result in a new escalation," 
one of the protesters, Darya Yuschenko, 
of Donetsk said.
An improvised stage has been set up in front 
of the hotel, where anyone can speak up.
Some participants demand that the SMM not only 
acts - to liberate the captured officer - but 
intensifies its monitoring efforts and 
reports better on violations of 
the ceasefire.
"The OSCE has long been inefficient.... I see people 
from the frontline areas and the situation there is 
really complicated. They feel frustrated because 
of the mission's idleness. I hope.. for positive 
dynamics, the SMM must expose Ukraine's 
unlawful actions... because the rank-and
Donbass residents are hostages of
situation," Valentina Soinikova,
Amvrosiyevskiy region, said.
The situation is calm. DPR police 
are deployed at the rally site. 


Amal Movement Calls for Arrest 
of Culprits in Tayouneh Crime
October 18th, 5pm (al Manar)
Amal Movement's politburo called on Monday, after its 
regular meeting.. for the arrest of the culprits in the 
crime against the peaceful protesters in Tayouneh 
area, stressing that the attack could have led the 
country into the quagmire of sectarian strife.
In a statement, Amal Movement stressed that it will not 
accept to be dragged into the internal sedition ignited 
by the politicization of the investigations into Beirut 
Port blast, calling for admitting the rules and
of a fair probe.
Seven martyrs and around 30 injured were reported 
during the armed attack carried out by “Lebanese 
Forces” gunmen on the peaceful protestors in 
Tayouneh area on Thursday, October 14th. 
The protesters were demonstrating 
against the politicized decisions 
of Al-Bitar.
Al-Bitar had issued arrest warrants against officials, as 
well as military figures, on an illogical basis, pushing
 the defendants, and observers, to cast doubts on 
his probe.
Source: Al-Manar English Website


Russia to suspend direct 
diplomatic ties with NATO
 from November with US-led 
bloc’s Moscow mission 
ordered to close 
– FM Lavrov
October 18th, 3:11pm (RT)
Moscow has announced that it will completely suspend
 the operations of its mission to NATO, two weeks after
 the US-led bloc expelled eight Russian diplomats, for 
alleged 'undisclosed espionage' at its Brussels HQ.
Speaking on Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey
 Lavrov, also revealed that the NATO information 
bureau in Moscow will be forced to shut down 
as part of the retaliatory measures.
Earlier this month, NATO officials decided to slash the 
size of the permanent Russian delegation to the bloc, 
revoking the credentials of eight envoys, in 
response to what it called “suspected 
malign Russian activities.”
Following NATO's decision, Foreign Ministry spokes-
woman, Maria Zakharova, warned that Moscow
work on a response.
Now, if the US-led bloc wants to talk to Russia,
it must 
deal with the embassy in Belgium,
Lavrov said.
“As a result of purposeful steps by NATO, we do not 
have the right conditions for elementary diplomatic 
activities,” he told TASS news agency.
“In response to NATO's actions, we are suspending 
the work of our permanent mission, including the 
work of our chief military representative.”
“The NATO International Secretariat 
has already been notified.”
“If NATO members have any urgent matters, they can 
contact our ambassador in Belgium, who ensures 
bilateral relations between Russia and the 
Kingdom of Belgium,” the minister said.

Ukrainian opposition leader 
rejects Zelensky suggestion
 to escape prosecution, and
 leave for Moscow, denying 
he is a Russian citizen
October 18th, 3:04pm (RT)
The leader of Ukraine’s largest opposition party,
 Medvedchuk... says he does not have
citizenship and will not leave the
despite facing a criminal
in Kiev, on charges
he has slammed
as “political.”
On Monday, Medvedchuk, leader of the Opposition 
Platform - For Life party, turned down the offer 
from the country’s President, Volodymyr 
Zelensky....  to trade the politician 
currently under house arrest... 
for “real heroes & citizens” 
being held abroad.
“I did not have and do not have, any other citizenship, 
except Ukrainian,” he blasted. “I am a citizen of 
Ukraine and I will be one, despite the illegal, 
criminal pressure -- that is being exercised 
against me by the authorities today. And 
I consider the fabrication of criminal 
cases exclusively as illegal criminal 
prosecution & political repression” 
Medvedchuk wrote, on his 
party’s website.
“I am confident in my innocence and will fight for the
 restoration of justice and the rule of law, as well as 
for bringing to justice all those who are involved in
 the criminal organization of politically motivated
 criminal prosecutions.. and bringing me illegal 
charges,” he continued.
Zelensky said on ICTV on Sunday, that such an 
exchange would be possible... if the Ukrainian 
politician was eligible for support from the 
Kremlin, but no offers for a deal have 
been received from Moscow.
“If, for example, Russia confirmed that Mr. Medvedchuk 
has Russian citizenship, well, it is quite possible,” 
adding that if Russia were to confirm, “or at least
hint”... Ukraine “would gladly...  consider the 
possibility of exchanging Mr Medvedchuk 
for real heroes and citizens of Ukraine.”
Last week, a Kiev court prolonged the opposition leader’s
 house arrest, after new criminal charges were filed, 
accusing the politician of aiding ‘terrorism’ in the 
country’s war-torn east. According to the Kiev
authorities, Medvedchuk conspired with 
Moscow, to disrupt coal supplies to 
Ukraine from South Africa in 2014 .

He created obstacles, the court said, to the conclusion 
ofthe South African contract “using the powers of the 
National Bank and law enforcement agencies.” He 
then, allegedly, facilitated coal supplies from the 
self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s 
Republics. Both of these regions are still 
at war with Kiev. Because of this, he is 
accused of “treason” and “aiding 
In Medvedchuk’s latest statement, the parliamentarian
 insisted that he would keep up the fight in Ukraine to 
try and clear his name from allegations made against 
him. “I will continue my political struggle, defending 
the ideological principles of our party’s program, --
Opposition Platform - For Life,” he said, “despite 
the illegal and criminal actions that the 
authorities exercise. And it will be a 
struggle to the bitter end - which I 
will wage in accordance with my 
main life principle - do what you 
must, and what will be will be.”


CSTO drills kick
off in Tajikistan
October 18th, 2:21pm (Prensa Latina) 
Collective Security Treaty Organization collective 
forces (CSTO), composed of former Soviet 
countries, launched a series of military 
exercises... as part of the Combat 
Brotherhood drill in Tajikistan.
A total of four thousand soldiers and more than 500 
vehicles will participate in the exercises... named 
Echelon 2021, Search 2021 and Interaction 2021 
that integrate the practices that will be carried 
out in 2 polygons in the country, according
 to the press service of the organization.
It was explained that Echelon 2021 will train the 
military in providing material and technical 
support when preparing and conducting 
a joint operation, while Search 2021
have the personnel drilling
reconnaissance tasks.
In the case of the Interaction 2021 joint exercise... the
troops... will focus on locating possible border armed 
conflicts and on ways to repel attempts by terrorists
 to penetrate the territory of a CSTO member state.
The head of the CSTO Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colonel 
General Anatoli Sídorov, announced that the 
Combat Brotherhood exercise will involve 
more than five thousand soldiers, 700 
units of war matériel, including more 
than 650 armoured vehicles, 20 
aircraft, over 20 helicopters 
and 15 UAVs.
The military bloc, made up of Russia, Armenia, Belarus,
 Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, reported in
 September on the carrying out of the drills: given 
the danger posed by an overflowing of the 
Afghan conflict out of the country's 
borders and the presence of 
terrorist movements in
 its territory.


Treacherous Atrocities of 
Criminal Samir Geagea
 in Brief
October 18th, 1:12pm (al Manar)
When the Lebanese Forces snipers were ordered 
by their leader, Samir Geagea, to open fire at
peaceful protesters in Tayouneh area, on 
Thursday, October 14th, they carried out 
the deadly plan.. which reflects a long 
history of criminality.
A long report would not be enough to highlight all 
Geagea's atrocities, so we will provide just a
reminder of his despicable history.
Geagea assassinated the former prime minister, Rashid 
Karami, son of late President, Suleiman Franjieh, with 
his wife and daughter, the politician Dani Chamoun 
with his wife and kids, Monsignor Albert Khraish, 
a considerable number of the Army officers, 
and a large number of innocent civilians.
It is worth noting that Geagea used to carry out his crimes
in treacherous manners -- that he used to reassure the 
victim, before the murder, in order to surprise him... 
and attempted to conceal the corpse in a remote 
location, to let the accusations be thrown on 
other suspects.
7 martyrs and around 30 injured were reported 
during the armed attack, carried out by the 
Geagea “Lebanese Forces” gunmen... on 
peaceful protestors in Tayouneh area,
 on Thursday, October 14th. 
The protesters were demonstrating against
 the politicized decisions of Al-Bitar.
Source: Al-Manar English Website

Syrian Nationalist Party calls: 
to dissolve Lebanese Forces
 October 18th, 12:55pm (Prensa Latina)
The Syrian Nationalist Party of Lebanon calls for
 the dissolution of the Lebanese Forces, which 
are responsible for risky practices for the 
country's stability, according to a 
communique, reproduced on
Monday, on the pan-Arab 
channel, Al Mayadeen.
Referring to the shooting in the Beirut locality of 
Tayouneh.. in which seven citizens were killed 
and dozens were wounded, the note explains: 
that the intention, was to resume the armed 
struggle and the internal division.
And, it adds...  to place Lebanon under the West's
supervision and attract international intervention.
The text calls on the corresponding authorities to 
dissolve the faction and prevent the stirring up of 
the sectarian anger that has been present since 
the 1975-1990 civil war.
The document also repudiates the official and 
political delay to try Samir Geagea, the
mastermind of the Tayouneh crime, 
who is implementing a  project
chaos for the nation.

China Denies Testing Nuclear-
Capable Hypersonic Missile.... 
Says It Was Space Vehicle Trial
October 18th, 12:36pm (Sputnik) 
The Financial Times, earlier, reported that the test of the 
alleged hypersonic glider vehicle by China this summer
 "caught the US government by surprise" as it 
purportedly demonstrated the great
achieved by Beijing
in this area.
China did not carry out a test of hypersonic weapons -- but
 instead carried out a trial of a spacecraft, China's Foreign
 Ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian, has stated. Zhao Lijian
 added that it was a "routine test" for reusable space 
rocket technology.
The US company SpaceX successfully tested similar
 technology with the goal of reducing the costs of 
space travel and of sending cargo into orbit. 
According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, 
Beijing also hopes that the technology tested this 
summer will "provide a cheap and convenient 
method for humans to peacefully travel to 
and from space".
The FT claimed the test took place in August, but 
Zhao Lijian insists it actually happened in July.
The newspaper claimed that the weapon missed its 
designated target by about two-dozen miles, but 
nonetheless demonstrated the "astounding 
progress" that Beijing has made, in 
developing hypersonic armaments, 
which are 'believed to be' more 
capable of penetrating ground 
missile defences, than the
ballistic missiles.
The FT pointed at the possibility of the alleged Chinese
 hypersonic missile flying over the South Pole before 
hitting US territory. Washington has purportedly
concentrated its radar and air defence 
capabilities on its northern borders, 
expecting a potential missile
to come from the
direction of the 
North Pole.
The US first started testing hypersonic missile technologies 
at the end of the 20th century, but abandoned them after
 seeing poor results. It has revived research into this
 technology in recent years.. in light of the progress 
made in the field by Russian and Chinese defence
 industries. The two countries have boasted of 
developing the working prototypes of hyper-
sonic armaments, with Russia reporting 
about the start of deployments in its 
armed forces. In addition, North 
Korea also reported testing its 
first hypersonic missile, on 
September the 30th.

China May Boost Accuracy of Its 
Hypersonic Weapons Via AI 
Technology, Report Says
October 18th, 12:35pm (Sputnik)
Chinese PLA researchers are reportedly seeking to
 improve the accuracy of the country's hypersonic
 delivery systems via artificial intelligence, 
according to the South China 
Morning Post.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian on 
Monday refuted a report by the Financial Times...  
...saying that the country conducted a hypersonic
 missile test in August. First, it was not a missile 
but a space vehicle; second, the trials took 
place in July, Zhao specified.
Earlier, FT dropped a bombshell by claiming that China 
had tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic weapon. 
According to the report, the Chinese military 
launched a rocket carrying a hypersonic 
glide vehicle that circled the Earth 
through low-orbit space before 
cruising towards its target.
Beijing's recent statement does not mean, however, that
 China's hypersonic missile research has not been 
going at full throttle. On October 14th, Stephen 
Chen, the South China Morning Post's Beijing
-based senior reporter who investigates 
major research projects in China... 
reported that People's Liberation 
Army scientists are seeking to 
step up the accuracy of 
hypersonic weapons 
via the usage of AI.

Chen quoted a research paper by Xian Yong and Li 
Bangjie, from the Rocket Force Engineering 
University's College of War Support, who 
proposed giving the weapon more 
decision-making power. 
This could step up the weapon's overall positioning 
accuracy "by one to two orders of magnitude", 
according to the researchers. Given that a 
hypersonic carrier, has to travel 'up to' 
thousands of miles to deliver its load 
while making complex manoeuvres 
during the flight, this depends on 
how precisely it can determine 
its position.
Yet, the weapon's built-in inertial sensors are typically
 subjected to physical disturbances - during assembly, 
transport, and routine maintenance, argued Xian and
 Li. In addition, powering the hypersonic weapon up 
may cause further deviations from its factory 
settings --- and subsequently affect its 
precision capabilities, according
to the study.
To fix this problem, Xian and Li's team, proposed replacing
 the factory settings with AI technology. The AI would start 
working, once the weapon is launched and "write" the
 weapon's software "on the fly". It would calculate the
 missile's position, using the signal from the GPS or
 the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System... and 
compare it with the results generated by 
the on-board sensors. By using this 
data, the AI will create a unique 
positioning algorithm for the 
weapon's flight control 
"An AI-based system could keep a hypersonic weapon on
course with an accuracy of about 10 metres (32 feet)",
 Stephen Chen wrote, citing the researchers. "In one
 simulated flight, the AI-generated algorithm under-
went thousands of rounds of evolution during the 
initial stage of flight on a 10-year-old Intel Xeon 
CPU. The final version was obtained in about 
20 seconds".
The SCMP reporter remarked that while the speed of 
the processors used in China's hypersonic military 
programme is classified, their performance is 
said to be increasing steadily.
Several years ago, the Chinese media also discussed 
the development of 'a family' of cruise missiles, with 
artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. On September 
21st, 2016, The Diplomat examined these reports 
arguing that the Chinese sources provide no 
insight into the specific nature of the 
autonomous technology. 
At that time, The Diplomat expressed scepticism
about the
 use of AI technology in cruise
missiles, admitting, however... 
that AI
"is considered indispensable in the
development of 
new-age naval
weapons, in particular...
hypersonic missiles".
"After China's recent high-speed (over Mach 10), 'extreme
 manoeuvre' hypersonic tests, it is amply clear that future
 combat missions will require a human-machine interface 
on an unprecedented scale", the media outlet suggested.
In 2020, the Washington-based Brookings Institution issued 
a review emphasising "significant investments in robotics,
 swarming, and other applications of artificial intelligence 
(AI) and machine learning (ML)" in China's PLA. 
The report noted that the PLA's official dictionary 
included a definition of an "AI weapon" as early 
as in 2011.
However, China's military AI programmes remain 
top secret, prompting the authors of the report.. 
to acknowledge that "the PLA's trajectory in 
the development and potential employment 
of AI/ML-enabled & autonomous weapons 
systems remains uncertain" ..while "the 
maturity of these capabilities... cannot 
be assessed with high confidence, at 
this point".

Lebanese Forces Massacre in 
Tayouneh Tops Agenda of
 Israeli Cabinet Session
October 18th, 12:23pm (al Manar)
The Israeli prime minister, Naftali Bennett, started
cabinet session, by highlighting the massacre 
committed by the 'Lebanese Forces' against 
the peaceful protesters in Tayouneh area, 
considering that it reflects a certain 
dissatisfaction with “Hezbollah's
 control of Lebanon”.
It was remarkable how Bennett disregarded all the issues 
which are a matter of concern with respect to ‘Israel’ and 
let the Lebanese Forces massacre top the agenda of his 
cabinet session.
Bennett’s remarks reflect a dangerous Israeli tendency to
utilize the Lebanese Forces criminality and involvement 
in internal strife, which may be the Zionist alternative,
the face of the Hezbollah Resistance.
Seven martyrs and around 30 injured were reported during
 the armed attack carried out by the “Lebanese Forces”
 gunmen on the peaceful protestors in Tayouneh area, 
on Thursday October the 14th. The protesters were
demonstrating against the politicized decisions
 of Al-Bitar.
Source: Al-Manar English Website

Donetsk Mechanical Plant 
damaged in Ukrainian shelling
October 18th, 12:22pm (DAN) 
Donetsk Mechanical Plant was hit by 12 shell hits 
this morning... as Ukrainian forces attacked the 
area, Donetsk mayor Alexey Kulemzin wrote 
on his Telegram channel.
"Twelve hits have been recorded at Vesyolyi AV. 76 - 
Donetsk Mechanical Plant. The object is being 
examined right now."
The shelling also left a number of households 
damaged at Severodvinskaya street.


Kiev forces violate ceasefire
 once in 24 hours
October 18th, 12:17pm (DAN) 
Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire once over 
the past 24 hours, the DPR mission to the Joint 
Centre for Control and Coordination
 (JCCC) said.
Verkhnetoretskoye outside Yasinovataya 
came under small arms fire.
A transformer substation has been damaged,
 leaving customers in Verkhnetoretskoye
 and Krasnyi Partizan without power.
No casualties have been reported.


Syria Sides Agree to Draft 
New Constitution: UN Envoy
October 18th, 10:25am (al Manar)
The United Nations (UN) Special Envoy for Syria said 
on Sunday, the government and the foreign-backed 
opposition co-chairs of the Syrian Constitutional 
Committee, agreed to draft a new constitution.
“UN Special Envoy for #Syria @GeirOPedersen says 
ahead week-long Geneva talks of the Syrian 
Constitutional Committee: “The two co-
chairs now agree that we will not only 
prepare for constitutional reform but 
we will prepare, and start drafting, 
constitutional reform,” Stephanie 
Nebehay, senior Reuters reporter
 in Geneva said, on her 
Twitter account.
Comprising 45 representatives of Syria's government, 
opposition, and civil society, the drafting committee
 a mandate to map out a new basic law, leading
to UN-
supervised elections, Reuters reported.
Special Envoy, Geir Pederson, said the Syrian co-chairs 
agreed to “prepare and start drafting constitutional 
reform” after meeting for the first time, ahead
of week-
long discussions.
As the sixth round in two years – the first since January 
for the drafting committee – the talks will cover “clear 
principles,” Pederson said, according to Reuters.
Source: Reuters
‘Israel’ Expects Up to 2,500 Rockets 
Fired Daily, in Case of War with 
Hezbollah: Officer
October 18th, 10:20am (al Manar)
A senior Israeli military officer said that the occupation 
army expects to face up to 2,500 missiles a day, from
 Lebanon’s Hezbollah Resistance group.
In an interview with AFP earlier this week, Uri Gordin, 
chief of the so-called Israeli Home Front Command, 
said that, in the last Israeli war on Gaza, in May, 
cities like Tel Aviv and Ashdod saw the 
“highest number of fire towards
in the history
of Israel.”
“We saw a pace of more than 400 rockets fired towards 
Israel, on a daily basis,” Gordin is quoted in the report 
as saying, referring to Palestinian Resistance groups.
“Israel does not want to go to war with Hezbollah, but in 
case it happens, we are looking at between 1,500 and 
2,500 rockets fired daily towards Israel,” the Israeli 
officer added.
The Israeli Home Front Command is tasked with 
preparing the Zionist entity in the event of a 
threat, conflict, or disaster. According to 
Gordin, the unit was chastised for its 
response, during the July War,
 in 2006.
Source: Agencies


Red line: Ukraine joining NATO would
 be ‘worst-case scenario’ for Moscow 
...response would involve ‘active 
measures,’ says Kremlin
by Jonny Tickle
October 18th, 9:36am (RT)
The accession of Ukraine to NATO is a “worst-
scenario” that would cross a “red line”
Moscow’s interests and, if Kiev were 
accepted as a member, Russia will
 be forced to take measures... to 
protect its national security.
That is, according to Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, 
who told Parisian TV channel France 5 about the threat 
Moscow perceives from the US-led bloc, while also 
noting that Russia wishes to be a part of a 
prosperous Europe.
“Ukraine’s accession to NATO would be the worst-case
 scenario,” Peskov told the French journalists, for a 
program called ‘Vladimir Putin: Master of
the Game’.
“This is a scenario that goes beyond the red lines of 
Russia’s national interests. This is a scenario that 
could force Russia to take active measures to 
ensure its own security,” he explained.
Peskov also responded to accusations that the movement 
of Russian troops near the country’s frontier with Ukraine
 was a threat to the West.
“Of course, we can understand your feelings. But we prefer
 that you Europeans become better informed,” the Kremlin
 spokesman explained.
“Because, before the Russian troops were moved to that
 region, there were large NATO exercises held near the
 Russian border. Everyone talks about the 
concentration of Russian troops all the 
time, but nobody talks about the 
concentration of NATO troops.”
Peskov also batted away suggestions that Russia is
 interested in a “divided Europe” ..and called for the 
European Union to have its own independent army 
and defense system, outside of the US-led bloc.
“It is not clear whether Americans will stay in Europe 
and continue to defend Europeans... against those 
‘terrible Russians’,” he noted. 


Top Iranian Commander 
Pursuing Arms Purchases 
from Russia in Moscow Trip
October 18th, 9:32am (al Manar)
Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major 
General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri, said he 
will be discussing arms purchases from 
Russia during his visit to Moscow, as
decade-long UN arms embargo
Iran, terminated last year.
Speaking to reporters upon his arrival in Moscow 
on Sunday, Major General Baqeri said the new 
Iranian administration attaches special 
importance to the East and 
Eastern countries.
He highlighted the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
 (SCO)’s move to accept Iran’s full membership in the 
Eurasian political, economic, and security alliance,
 after the inauguration of the new administration.
The top Iranian commander emphasized that the 
armed forces of Iran and Russia will strengthen 
their military cooperation.
Baqeri said Iran has signed agreements with Russia 
on arms purchases after the ending of a UN arms 
embargo on Tehran, which would be discussed 
during the current visit. “We have cooperation 
with Russia’s Armed Forces and bilateral 
cooperation has been improved in 
recent years.”
Heading a high-ranking military delegation... Baqeri 
travelled to Moscow at the official invitation of the
Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation,
 and General of the Army, Sergei Shoygu.
The expansion of defense and military cooperation... 
the fight against terrorism, and leading regional and
 international developments, are among the issues
the agenda of the talks between the Iranian
Russian officials, Press TV reported.
Source: Iranian Agencies


Yemeni forces liberate large 
territories in Shabwah, Ma’rib 
during major offensive
October 17th,  5:44pm (PressTV)
Yemeni army troops and fighters from the allied Popular
 Committees have managed to liberate 3,200 square
 kilometres of land and inflicted heavy losses on 
Saudi-led militants during the latest advances
 in Yemen’s strategic provinces of
 and Ma’rib.
Speaking at a press conference in the capital Sana’a on
 Sunday afternoon, Spokesman for the Yemeni Armed 
Forces Brigadier, General Yahya Saree, revealed
details of ‘Operation Rabi’ al-Nasr’ (Spring
Victory), and said that the large-scale
successfully achieved
its goals.
“The Yemeni Armed Forces could liberate Usaylan, Bayhan 
and Ain districts, in Shabwah province... in addition to 
the districts of al-Abdiyah and Harib in [neighbouring] 
Ma’rib province --- during the operation. They could 
also reclaim large swathes of territory in al-Jubah 
and Jabal Murad districts [in Ma’rib],” he said.
Saree said hundreds of mercenaries fighting for the regime
in Riyadh were killed, wounded and captured, during the
operation. The spokesman for Yemen's Armed Forces
highlighted...  that scores of al-Qaeda and Daesh 
terrorists are among the latest casualties, and 
that large amounts of ammunition were 
recovered from the Saudi-led
militants, as well.
The Yemeni military official further praised the important role
 that Ma’rib and Shabwah tribes played in the liberation of
 their districts from the grip of the Saudi-led alliance, 
calling on the mercenaries to leave the ranks of 
the coalition of aggression.
Saree concluded that the Yemeni Armed Forces will 
continue to honour their duties, until the complete 
cessation of the Saudi-led aggression, a removal 
of the brutal all-out blockade and restoration
 of the Yemeni nation’s freedom 
and independence.
On Friday, a high-ranking member of Yemen’s Ansarullah
 resistance movement said the military operations by 
army troops and fighters from Popular Committees, 
will continue, until Saudi forces and their Takfiri 
mercenaries fully withdraw from the 
Arab country.
“Ma’rib... is a Yemeni province. Our military operations, 
God willing, will continue until the last foreign soldier, 
who has occupied our soil, is either expelled or 
killed,” Mohammed al-Bukhaiti, a top member 
of Ansarullah’s political bureau, wrote in a 
post published on his Twitter page.
Yemeni armed forces and the Popular Committees 
have grown steadily in strength against the 
Saudi-led invaders, and left Riyadh and its 
allies bogged down in the country.


British propaganda campaign
 incited the mass slaughter of 
communists in Indonesia in
the 1960s, declassified 
papers reveal
October 17th, 4:33pm (RT)
British spies played a part in the mass murder of 
Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) members
the 1960s, urging locals, including army 
generals, to “cut out” the “communist 
cancer,” declassified papers 
have revealed.
The Indonesian Army’s brutal clampdown on the PKI 
in 1965 and 1966, is considered to be one of the 
worst mass murders of the 20th century. 

Between 500,000 and three million 
supporters of the Communist 
Party were slaughtered,
 according to various 
Declassified Foreign Office documents, recently 
released by Britain’s National Archives... and 
seen by The Guardian newspaper, indicate 
that the UK isn’t without fault, in those 
shocking events.
The British Foreign Office had always denied the 
country’s involvement in the brutal clampdown 
on those blamed of communist links 
in Indonesia.
But it turns out, London focused its propaganda 
machine on the founding Indonesian President 
Sukarno and his communist backers, over the 
leader’s stern opposition to the Federation of 
Malaya, which the UK thought, should unite 
its former colonies in the region.
Tensions between the PKI and the Indonesian military 
had been mounting since the early 1960s, with the 
president struggling to balance the rival forces. 
The army-sponsored massacre of communists began 
after a failed coup attempt by the supporters of 
Sukarno, within the army ranks, on October 
1st, in 1965.
Several months before that... a team of specialists from
the Foreign Office’s Information Research Department 
(IRD) had already been deployed in Singapore, to 
produce black propaganda to undermine 
Sukarno’s rule, according to 
The Guardian. 
The failed coup, only made it easier for the propagandists 
to influence their intended audience, which included anti
-communist politicians and Indonesian army generals.
The propaganda was shared through an Indonesian-
language newsletter, which was said to have been 
the work of Indonesian immigrants, but was 
actually issued by British ''specialists'' in 
Singapore. Within a year, some 28,000 
copies of the ''newsletter' had been 
published. The UK, also, funded a 
radio station, which Malaysians 
had been broadcasting 
into Indonesia.
Shortly after the massacre of the communists by the 
military began, the British-produced ''newsletter''
...called for --- “the PKI and all communist 
organisations” to “be eliminated.”
 It claimed that Indonesia will remain in peril “as long 
as the communist leaders are at large and their 
rank and file are allowed to go unpunished.”
“Procrastination and half-hearted measures can only
lead to…   our ultimate and complete destruction,” 
the authors of the pamphlet warned their readers.
The killings allegedly intensified across the Indonesian
 archipelago in the weeks following the publication of
 the newsletter, with The Guardian insisting that 
“there can be little doubt that British diplomats 
became aware of what was happening.” The
 UK spies in the region, had all the means
intercept Indonesian government 
communications and to monitor 
the movement of its military,
 according to the paper.
One of the newsletters, released during the clampdown 
on the communists, had praised “the fighting services 
and the police”  --- for  “doing an excellent job.” 
The British propagandists compared the PKI to Adolf 
Hitler, and Genghis Khan, in the pamphlet, and 
insisted that “the work started by the army 
must be carried on and intensified.”
Moreover, a letter from Norman Reddaway, one of the 
leading propagandists working in Singapore, to the 
British ambassador in Jakarta.. revealed the UK’s 
strategy “to conceal the fact that the butcheries 
have taken place with the encouragement of 
the generals.”
 He wrote, that such an approach should’ve been taken, 
in the hope that the generals would “do us better than 
the old gang.”
The Foreign Office experts and Indonesian generals 
were “singing in harmony,” Reddaway insisted,
another declassified document. He also... 
celebrated British propaganda, for being 
able to abolish Sukarno’s opposition to 
the Federation of Malaya project at 
“minimal cost” and within just 
What Reddaway described as “the old gang” was 
completely crushed by the bloody events of the 
mid-1960s. President Sukarno, was arrested in 
1967 and died 3 years later under house arrest.
He was overthrown by General Suharto, who had been
 leading the Indonesian Army. Suharto then ruled
 Indonesia until 1998, enjoying political and 
economic support from the West. 
Transparency International (TI) labeled him - the most 
corrupt politician in modern history in 2004, claiming
 that he embezzled between $15 billion and $35 
billion, during his time in office.
Documents that were declassified in the US in 2017 
revealed that Washington, also, not only had 
“detailed knowledge” of the massacre of 
communists in Indonesia, but provided 
“active support” for those actions.
A Yale University study described the slaughter ordered 
by Suharto, as an “absolutely essential cleaning out”
detailing the killing of from “50 to 100 PKI members” 
every night, by civilian anti-communist groups, 
with the “blessing” of the military.

 Israel murdered head 
of Golan office in Syria
 October 17th, 3:15pm (Prensa Latina) 
The Syrian government, on Sunday, announced the death 
of Director of the Golan Affairs Office, Madhat al-Saleh, 
who was assassinated in Quneitra province, located
 67 kms southwest of this capital.
Soldiers of the Israeli army shot al-Saleh from the occupied
 town of Majdal Shams, while he was on his way home
 the Ain al-Tineh area, near the border with the 
occupied Golan, Syrian TV channel Ikhbariya 
TV reported.
The presidency of Syria's Council of Ministers issued
 a statement: in which, it strongly condemned this
 assassination, and described it as criminal
 and cowardly.
These acts of terrorism will fuel the Syrian people's 
determination of continuing resisting the enemy 
--- until the liberation of the entire occupied
 Golan, according to the statement.
Al-Saleh had been arrested by Israel's occupation
forces -- 
several times -- on charges of being a
member of the
 resistance, and was released
in 1997... after 
spending 12 years in Israeli
Then, he moved to Syria's side.
In May, an Apache helicopter from the 
Israeli army fired two missiles against 
a house in Quneitra province...  and 
killed one of the resistance leaders.
The government condemned those actions, 
deplored the silence of the United States, 
and ratified their legitimate right --- to
Syrian territories' integrity
sovereignty --- by all 
legitimate means.


Russia slams Houthi movement’s 
attacks against Saudi Arabia 
- official
October 17th, 2:15pm (TASS) 
Russia strongly condemns the attacks carried out by the
 Houthi movement (Ansar Allah) against Saudi Arabia,
 the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on 
International Affairs, Leonid Slutsky,
 told TASS on Sunday.
"We firmly condemn the Houthi movement’s attacks against
Saudi Arabia. They flagrantly violate the international law 
and pose a threat, not only to the country’s security, but 
also to the stability of the entire region," Slutsky noted.
According to the Russian lawmaker, the ongoing attacks "do
 not contribute to the peace process settlement in Yemen led
 by the UN. We support the Arabian coalition’s endeavours 
to protect civilians and infrastructure from hostile
Slutsky stated.
On October 9th, the Houthi movement staged a drone attack
 on the King Abdullah international airport in the Saudi city 
of Jizan, in which ten people were hurt. In this regard, the
 Russian foreign ministry said that Moscow called on all
 parties to the Yemeni conflict, to refrain from armed 
confrontation and shift to inclusive talks under 
the UN auspices.
Since August 2014, the standoff between the state forces 
and the Houthi movement, has been continuing in Yemen.
The clashes further escalated after the coalition, led by 
Saudi Arabia, invaded the country in March 2015. The 
long-lasting conflict, has resulted in the largest 
humanitarian crisis all around the world. 
According to the UN, over 24 million Yemenis, which
roughly 80% of the country's population, require
humanitarian assistance, while the number of
internally displaced persons... exceeds
three million.
(Rhondda Records editor adds: I thought long and
hard about publishing this TASS news item - as it 
exposes Russia -- a country I love -- to charges 
of, if not stupidity, then ultimately, a betrayal 
of the brave people of Yemen, but decided 
to publish - as this shocking contribution
by Slutsky, needs to be at least queried:
......as its motivation may be sincere -
all calls for peace via the UN can be - 
but either TASS or Slutsky or Russia's
highest official leaders, must clarify
why they are, seemingly, backing
a one-sided collusion: 
with this
merciless bombing & starving
of Yemen by the Saudis and
the US and UK's elite
...apparently, being
totally ignored.) 
Beirut Sniper Identified as 
Employee of US Embassy
October 17th, 1:35pm  (FNA)
 A senior Lebanese journalist identified a US embassy 
employee as one of the snipers who opened fire at 
supporters of Hezbollah and Amal movements, 
who were marching peacefully towards the 
Palace of Justice in Central Beirut.
In a post on his twitter account on Friday, Hosein Mortada
 released a photo' of Shukri Abu Saab...  a member of the
 Lebanese security forces and a US embassy employee,
and stated he had been one of 
the snipers involved
in the recent deaths 
in Beirut, presstv reported.
On Thursday, at least seven people were killed and 60 others
 injured after unknown gunmen attacked Hezbollah and Amal 
supporters as they passed through Beirut’s Teyouneh 
traffic circle dividing Christian and Shia Muslim
The demonstrators had taken to the streets of 
the Lebanese capital, to protest against the 
politicization of a judicial investigation
 into the 2020 port blast that 
devastated swathes of 
Beirut, and left over
 200 people dead.
The violence was the worst in more than a decade 
and stirred memories of Lebanon's ruinous 
1975-90 civil war.
In a statement, Hezbollah and Amal announced armed 
groups affiliated with Samir Geagea's Christian 
Lebanese Forces (LF) Party fired at the 
protesters from rooftops, aiming at
 their heads --- in an attempt to
the country into new 
sectarian strife.
Speaking at the funeral of victims of Thursday’s shootings, 
senior Hezbollah leader, Hashem Safieddine, said what 
happened in Beirut "was part of measures managed 
by the US embassy in Lebanon, and funded by
 some Arab parties".
Lebanon has been mired since late 2019 in a deep financial
 crisis, which has pushed more than half the nearly 7 million
 population into poverty. The dire situation was worsened,
 by more than a year... without a fully functioning 
government in the Mediterranean country. 
The US exacerbated the crisis by imposing a siege on
 Lebanon, in a bid to force the formation of a Western
-friendly administration there.
Top Commander: Iran, Pakistan,
 Agree to Hold Joint Naval Drills
October 17th, 12:57pm (FNA)
 Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major 
General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri, announced 
that Iran and Pakistan... have agreed to work 
towards the establishment of full security 
along their common borders and to
improve military cooperation by 
holding joint naval drills.
"Iran and Pakistan have agreed to improve security 
along common borders and have made great 
efforts to create border barriers, control 
border traffic, fight drugs smuggling 
and human trafficking and combat 
other factors causing insecurity 
at borders," General Baqeri said.
“Today - fortunately - the common border between 
the two countries is much safer than in the past,”
 the top commander added.
General Baqeri recalled that the two neighbouring 
states have enjoyed military cooperation in 
recent years, and said, "During this visit, 
good agreements were reached... 
including on holding joint naval 
drills, whether in Pakistan’s 
waters or in the southern 
waters of the Islamic 
Republic of Iran,
the future."
He noted that Pakistan would attend joint maritime 
exercises by Iran, Russia and China, which have 
been held since two years ago.
In a relevant development on Thursday, General 
Baqeri and Pakistan’s Chief of Naval Staff, 
Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi, 
in a meeting in Islamabad, reviewed 
ways to further expand relations
 and cooperation between the 
two countries’ navies.
General Baqeri and Admiral Amjad Niazi exchanged 
views on issues of mutual interest, the latest state 
of fraternal relations between Iran and Pakistan 
...including the level of cooperation between
two countries' navies.
The two sides discussed maritime security in the 
region, and a wide range of other security 
Over the past days, General Baqeri held meetings and
 consultations with the Pakistani political and military
 leaders. He met with Army Chief, General Qamar 
Javed Bajwa, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of 
Staff Committee, General Nadeem Reza, & 
the Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan.
In these meetings, the latest situation of the relations
 between the two countries in the military, security, 
strategic dimensions, and strategies for the 
development of these relations
 were reviewed.
Also, important issues related to the development 
of security on the common borders of Iran and 
Pakistan, regional peace and stability, the 
Islamic world, and, especially, the need
 for consensus to return peace and 
security in Afghanistan, were 
Iranian Parliament Speaker:
 US, Allies, Seeking to Cause
 Civil War in West Asian Region
October 17th, 10:50am (FNA)
 Iranian Parliament Speaker, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf,
 condemned the trans-regional forces for violating 
security in the region, saying that the US is 
seeking to push the regional states into 
war to deprive them of lasting peace 
and economic prosperity.
"The West Asian region is in a very sensitive situation 
today. Some complicated plans are underway... to 
involve the countries of the region in civil wars,"
 the Iranian Parliament speaker said, while 
addressing the Sunday session of
 the parliament. 
"Creating disputes between the countries of the region is
on the agenda of the United States and its allies ---- to 
prevent economic cooperation and the establishment 
of lasting peace... throughout the region," he added.
Qalibaf underlined that the occurrence of tragic events 
...such as the killing of innocent people at the Bibi 
Fatima Mosque in Kandahar... the armed and 
illegal riots in Lebanon.. the divisiveness in 
Iraq and the false and divisive statements 
made by some regional leaders in the 
past week...  have revealed these 
conspiracies, more than before.
He reiterated that the Islamic Republic wants to maintain
 stability and security throughout the region, and said 
that Iran considers the will of the people in every 
country, as the determining factor: to settle 
disputes, as well as thwart conspiracies.
The Iranian parliament speaker also said... that any actions 
that violate security throughout the region are condemned,
adding that all countries must work to establish lasting 
peace and stability and increase economic relations
 in the region.
In a relevant development on Thursday... Iran's Ambassador 
to the European Union, Gholamhossein Dehqani, underlined
 that the US and other member-states of the NATO military
 alliance --- should shoulder their responsibility for the 
negative consequences of their invasion 
of Afghanistan.
Dehqani made the remarks addressing a virtual 
meeting of the International Centre for 
Migration Policy Development.
The Iranian ambassador referred to the reasons behind
 the current crisis in Afghanistan and said that Iran has
 always suffered from the crises in its neighbours.
"The invasion of Afghanistan, by NATO, destroyed the 
social structure & lifestyle in the country: and those 
who invaded, must take responsibility for  their 
malign role in Afghanistan," he underlined.
The Iranian envoy, meantime, said that, while the invaders
 systematically evade their humanitarian responsibilities 
and shut their borders to Afghan refugees  ---  mere 
rhetoric won’t help solve the crisis in Afghanistan.
Referring to the flow of Afghan refugees, Dehqani 
said it shouldn't be taken for granted, that only 
neighbouring countries must host 
Afghan migrants.
The Iranian ambassador reiterated that the international 
community should prevent Afghan people from leaving
 their country, by providing them with effective help.
Yemen: Call for Ma’rib respite 
exposes US collusion with 
Daesh, al-Qaeda
October 17th,  9:27am (PressTV)
Yemen’s Ansarullah resistance movement has dismissed
the US State Department’s call for a halt to fighting in
country’s oil-rich Ma’rib province --- stating that
intention behind the request, is an evil one.
“The US demand is roundly condemned. It exhibits how
the  Americans are in close connection with al-Qaeda 
and Daesh militants, who suffered a heavy defeat in 
the al-Abdiyah district of Ma’rib province,”
 Mohammed Abdulsalam, Ansarullah’s 
spokesman, wrote in a series of 
posts on his Twitter page,
 on Saturday night.
“As Yemeni forces are closing in on last bastions of 
Saudi-led militia forces as well as Daesh and al-
Qaeda operatives, Americans are crying foul 
and claiming they seek peace. This is while 
they are the enemy of peace & tranquility 
in Yemen, and worldwide.”
The remarks came shortly after US State Department
 spokesman Ned Price issued a statement, calling on 
Yemeni army soldiers and fighters from the allied 
Popular Committees to stop their offensive in 
Ma’rib province, and to ensure the opening 
of a safe passage for what Washington 
claimed to be “life-saving aid and
 the wounded.”
'Hundreds of pro-Hadi militants killed on Mar’ib outskirts' 
Yemeni military sources said hundreds of Saudi-sponsored
 militants loyal to former president Abd Rabbuh Mansur 
Hadi have been killed and wounded over the past few 
days, as Yemeni army troops and their allies 
continue to make significant advances in 
Ma’rib province.
The sources told Yemen News Portal website that the Saudi 
mercenaries sustained heavy losses during clashes with
 Yemeni army forces and Popular Committees fighters 
on the outskirts of the provincial capital city
of Ma’rib.
They added that a number of high-profile militant 
commanders, including Awad Nakir, the leader 
of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Islah party in the 
al-Abdiyah district, were among the
 latest casualties.
On Saturday, the World Food Programme called
for immediate action by the international
 community to end hunger in Yemen.


 Librated Captive Al-Saleh 
Martyred - by shots of
 Israeli Enemy
October 16th, 6:13pm (al Manar)
The freed prisoner, Midhat Saleh al-Saleh, embraced
 martyrdom, when the Zionist forces targeted him
occupied Golan.
SANA mentioned that Al-Saleh was martyred as Israeli 
enemy’s soldiers opened fire at him, while he was 
returning home, in Ein al-Tina town, near the 
occupied town of Majdal Shams.
Source: SANA

Taliban say special forces 
to provide security for 
Shia mosques
October 16th, 2:55pm (PressTV)
The Taliban say their forces will be tasked with 
providing security at Shia mosques in the 
southern city of Kandahar, in the wake 
of a “brutal attack” on Friday prayers
which killed at least 60 worshippers.
The head of Kandahar’s police, Maulvi Mehmood, 
said on Saturday that Shia mosques had so far 
been guarded by local volunteer forces, with 
special permission to carry weapons. But, 
after the Friday attack on the Bibi Fatima 
mosque, the Taliban would take charge 
of its protection.
“Unfortunately, they could not protect this area and 
in future we will assign special security guards for 
the protection of mosques and Madrasas,” 
Mehmood said. He made the remarks
 hundreds of people gathered on 
Saturday, to bury the victims of 
the Friday bomb attack.
According to religious authorities, the toll from the 
bombing had reached 60. Health officials say the 
casualties could rise further, as “some of the
 wounded are in a critical condition and we 
are trying to transfer them to Kabul.”
The massacre came just a week after another Shia 
mosque in Afghanistan’s northern city of Kunduz, 
was targeted in a bombing during Friday prayers, 
leaving at least 150 people dead and over 200 
others injured.