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Peace Page

If you want independent news
reports --- from the frontline
- watch eva bartlett - below
links to a new video by her:

eva bartlett report re ukraine killing civilians destroying infrastructure

All-Russia is moving to liberation

 (only on youtube)
'come and see'
- a partisan film
Watch this film --- and you
will - finally - understand.
Some in the West are fond
of a loose use of words...
''stunning'', for example, to describe
a work of art... but believe me
when I say - this film about a
lad of 14 - made me laugh
and cry and - by the end 
- I was left stunned.

A recent attempt on youtube by an obvious
anti-Russian, to pour scorn on this film's
historical accuracy, tries to point out
that the nazi troops state they are
members of a unit that was not
there.. but can't bring himself
to see that they might have
been lying!




St. John of Kronstadt Orthodox 
Spiritual Care Centre
"Veterans and children of the Great Patriotic War:
to the Government 
and people of Germany".
By events in Ukraine
Today, when the German government decided
to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons, the
world has changed — the silhouettes of a 
new world war are more than clearly 
outlined! And again - Germany! 
But there are honest people in Germany, anti-
fascists, and we hope that this Message will 
fall into their hands. People born between 
1927 and 1945 have the status of "war 
children" in Russia.
All those who survived that war can subscribe to this letter.
We think that actual signatures are not necessary, we
suggest that veterans
(or "war children") read them
this letter, 
independently or with someone's help, 
and send us (at the coordinates indicated
below) something like 
the following: 
Moscow, Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, 90 years old, disabled
war veteran (or otherwise), Hero of 
the Soviet Union
(or Holder of the Order of 
Glory... or otherwise),
was repatriated to
 Germany during the war
(or otherwise). 

Or just the city, full name, and age. The 
main thing, is that they should be real 
people who are familiar with the text.
We, the last veterans and all the peoples of 
Russia who survived that great and terrible
war, are now on the verge of death! Our 
time is already running out. For a huge 
part of our lives, we hoped we would 
come to the end of it, in peace - 
without all-destroying hatred! 
For the painfully long decades after the Second World War,
we overcame our righteous anger! I 
long for retribution for
the innumerable wounds, spiritual and physical, that we
still carry in our bodies and our hearts! And most of us
have forgiven! And not in a small way due to the fact
that Germany for many years has demonstrated its
repentance its understanding of what it has done!
And we have overcome, not only ourselves, but
also the voice of the blood of 
our barbarically
exterminated relatives! 
By whom?
Germans ...fascists! 
We have forgiven... following the laws of human
coexistence! So it was... until 2014. And then,
in 2014, when everything began in Ukraine... 
we looked with hope at Germany and at the
then Chancellor Angela Merkel. We couldn't
imagine that after all that the Germans did 
in Ukraine, after Babi Yar, after mountains 
of mutilated corpses, they would still look 
with lust at the Ukrainian fields that can 
feed Europe today! Or they, the Germans, 
who have covered the Crimea they once 
promised with blood, will still somehow
be interested in turning the Crimea 
an American and in general a NATO 
base, ideal for aggression against
Which would be clearly
aimed at a future war. 
After all, only fools do not understand the meaning and
goals of the entire coup in 
Ukraine... in the conditions
of which 
Russia behaved in the only possible way! But
the Germans are not fools! 
We the Russians, know for
your psychology, as "brothers in blood" - our
blood, which you 
"prudently" shed in rivers! 
We remember your "systematic methods of
population reduction"! Our population! Until
now, in different parts of our once united
Homeland, where the boot of German 
fascism was trodden, we find hidden 
mass graves of our civilians: in the 
Novgorod region, in the Kuban, in 
the Rostov region, in Karelia. In 
Belarus, in 2021... hundreds of 
civilian remains... were found 
in Brest    ...on the site of the 
Jewish ghetto the Trostenets 
concentration camp....  near 
Minsk terrible in its tragedy
revealed the secret of the 
remains... of thousands of 
tortured and killed people! 
We are talking about tens of thousands of newly
discovered victims of Nazism! This blood - still
cries out for revenge - and for decades the
memory of the barbarously destroyed 
Russian people, and monuments to 
Russian soldiers, liberators, have 
been desecrated with impunity! 
And the new Nazis are marching in the Baltic
States and Ukraine, in front of the entire
"civilized" world!  But in 2014, we were 
sincerely convinced -- that in this new 
Nazi demarche it's the Germans who 
will be our associates in preventing 
this meanness! 
We hoped that, guided by an elementary
conscience, the Germans would not 
participate..  in an obviously fascist 
anti-state coup in Ukraine! After all 
...the subsequent catastrophe of 
modern Ukraine was committed 
by direct descendants of those 
who were special bastards in 
the German army! Clearly, 
Americans and Canadians have only hidden and preserved
this diabolical heritage, feeding this 
generation, but the
product of this evil... is Germany! Hitler's Germany! And
it was impossible for us to believe that it was 
that would again give a 
"road map" to these inhumans!
we were wrong! Germany has once again allowed
these fascist geeks 
to enter the world! 
The support of modern Germany - in the face of
the new government of Ukraine-Bandera, the
heirs of the SS division " Galicia ", the thugs 
of the UPA OUN and all other abominations;
is simply unthinkable for us! This is beyond 
all that is human!  But you, Germany, have
already done it and continue to do it! You 
have, once again, set your sights on the 
Slavic world and these geeks are blood 
from the blood of German Nazism! And 
again to Russia! 
Only, even more despicable: inciting our closest
Ukrainian brothers against us! And you know it!
You know this as well as we do! You killed one
nation in that Great War! Yes, we are
one people! 
The truth is written and often spoken about 
by your own Steinmeier, who at the same 
time viciously took a direct part in the 
Kiev coup of 2014 — fascist in fact! 
This American may not be clear about some-
thing, but it's more than that, for you!  And 
after all, it was your vykormysh..  that got 
ready..  for their torchlight processions in 
Kiev! The living shadow of Nazi Germany 
is behind all this. It was only temporarily
covered up by sly diplomacy — "helmets 
instead of guns"! But that's it, "masks 
are reset"! Your supply of German 
weapons to Ukraine today, is 
natural, it is in the logic of 
your policy of recent 
Today it is clearly pro-fascist! You have taken 
this step: German weapons will kill Russians 
again! Keep killing. During the years of the 
conflict in the Donbas, your professional 
killers have already killed Russians, at 
least by teaching them...  "how to kill 
correctly"! Only now -- it's even more 
despicable — you're teaching this to
- your blood brothers!  Donbass is on 
your conscience! Thousands of lives 
of its peaceful citizens --- again your 
handiwork! We do not care about the
role of Americans, in everything that
happens: there, is money-God!  We, 
veterans of that war, its children, 
are concerned about the role of 
the Germans! Because it is you 
who know -- exactly -- who the 
Ukrainian "national battalions" 
consist of --- and could have 
prevented and stopped, this 
new fascism !  But they did
not do it! And just by doing 
this — you are once again, 
responsible to history! 
And you are definitely participating -- in the 
preparation of Ukraine for war with Russia! 
You can't help but understand the purpose 
of everything that happened --- from the
unconstitutional coup in Kiev ....to the 
bloodshed in the Donbass!  But, in fact
this is preparation for the Third World 
War! And again, you are Germans... 
Germany!  We hear from the high 
German rostrum in Berlin today: 
"Russia will pay a high price"!!! 
This is the German Chancellor's 
speech! Unthinkable! We have 
already paid the price — 27 
million of our lives! Isn't that 
enough for you?! What price 
are you still talking about? 
There is no home --- in Russia, Ukraine and
Belarus - where "this price" isn't paid! And
there is no home in Germany, that did 
not participate in that terrible, bloody 
barbarism!  It's scary!  It's wild! And 
today, there are, already, more than 
13 thousand dead Russian people 
in the Donbass at the hands of 
the new Nazis! 
The German Chancellor's public mockery of the
Russian genocide in the Donbas is a crime in
itself! How much can the lessons of history 
be misunderstood and discredited!  The 
scariest story in the world! Do you want 
to be even scarier?! After all, this new 
"Dranch nach Oschtern" ..may lead to 
the fact that the 2nd Nuremberg trial 
over you will no longer be - there will 
simply be no humanity! You won't be 
here! But a special Ecumenical trial 
of you Germans is inevitable! Over 
all aggressors — but over you 
World justice will be served! And we, the last
veterans of that terrible war, are leaving this
world as witnesses!  Witnesses for the 
PROSECUTION! And today the victory 
will be ours, but those who died 
yesterday, or those of us who 
will die today, already bear 
witness to the role of the 
German people, in the 
history of the human 
world — a bloody 
German weapons are back in the 
hands of Nazi thugs! Please stop!
Email addresses for information:
- Russian Union of Veterans: organizing
 questions and collecting signatures of
 veterans and children of the Second 
World War
veteran1944@yandex.ru -questions about 
this publication to its author: Monk John
(Adlivankin), Deputy Head of the Russian
Orthodox Church. head and ved. 
specialist of the St. Peter's 
Orthodox Counseling Centre. 
St. John of Kronstadt.

If you want the truth about
the massacre of civilans
in Bucha - paste the
web address below
into your browser


The video above is of a pro-Russia cavalcade
in Germany
 and it surely brought heart-
bursting tears!

More than 5,000 cars in just one campaign
in support of Russia --- in Germany !!!!!!!!!

NATO has a Scandinavian
'leftist' as its head - WHY?


Efran and Poet's tribute to
 all those killed by wars



US arms sales spike
August 11th, 9:30pm
A report says US foreign arms sales have spiked to nearly
 $20 billion this summer --- with over a third of its recent 
weapons sales, going to West Asian autocratic states.
Saudi Arabia and the UAE  ---  have recently bought 
over $1bn worth of military equipment from the US.
Why, experts ask, does the US continue to target 
the West Asia region, as its number 1 customer, 
when it comes to military sales, as this affects 
the stability of the region, as a consequence.

Nebenzia: responsibility for the 
disaster at the nuclear power 
plant: will fall on the Western 
sponsors of Kiev
by Samer Mustafa
August 11th, 9:02pm
Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to
 the United Nations (UN) Vasily Nebenzya said that the
 responsibility... for the disaster at the Zaporizhia 
nuclear power plant - if it happens - will fall 
entirely on the Western patrons of Kiev. 
This is reported by RIA Novosti.
"The real scale of the nuclear disaster at the ZAES 
is even difficult to imagine. In this case, the
 responsibility for this - will fall on the 
Western sponsors of Kiev," 
Nebenzia said.
Previously a member of the Main Council of the
Zaporozhye region's administration, Vladimir 
Rogov --- said that the Russian air defense 
system prevented the attack of missiles 
and drones of the Armed Forces of 
Ukraine on the city of Energodar 
and Zaporozhye nuclear power 
plant (NPP).
Later, he saidd that the shelling of Zaporizhia
NPP (ZAES) --- will lead to the termination
electricity supplies to Ukraine.

Kiev strikes on NPP, aim to
 bring about a ‘dirty bomb’ 
explosion: Zaporozhye
August 11th, 6:50pm (TASS) 
The Ukrainian military is deliberately targeting nuclear
waste storage at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant
to bring about a ‘dirty bomb’ explosion and make the
 area uninhabitable, Yevgeny Balitsky, the head 
of the Zaporozhye Region’s military-civilian
administration, told the Rossiya-24 TV 
channel on Thursday.
"They were, practically, targeting the nuclear waste
 storage facility in order to create a kind of a 'dirty
 bomb' on our territory --- to create the situation 
where there will be a release. [In order] to 
lead to air contamination and make the 
entire territory uninhabitable," 
he stressed.
Thousands of tonnes of radioactive waste are stored at 
the plant, Balitsky went on to say. "Their (Ukrainian
 troops' - TASS) goals are, of course, clear to us. 
They want to scare us --- they want to make 
unusable, the territory they have already
 lost forever," he stated.
At the moment, the concrete protection of the facility
‘holds up’, he said. "But we find hits 300 metres away
from the nuclear power plant, we find the shells that 
have almost hit, that are 20 metres away from the 
storage facility with nuclear waste. If they hit the
concrete storage facility accurately enough, 
then, which is frightful to think of, it will 
bring about... something like what 
happened in Chernobyl - there 
will be a release, it will be a 
'dirty bomb,'" Balitsky 
According to him, Zaporozhye Region's 
authorities have developed a plan that 
includes.. the evacuation of the 
population --- if the situation 
around the plant.. develops 
under a negative scenario.
The nuclear power plant in Energodar is under the
 control of the Russian troops. Over the past few 
days, Ukrainian forces have conducted several 
strikes on the premises, using drones, heavy 
artillery and multiple rocket launchers. 
Air defense systems repel the attacks in most cases, 
but, in some episodes, shells do hit infrastructure
 facilities, as well as the storage area.
As earlier reported, on Thursday, Ukraine’s armed
 forces have conducted a massive shelling of the 
Zaporozhye NPP, and the city of Energodar, 
for the second time in one day. 

South Africa says: not bullied 
by West - to take sides in 
Russia-Ukraine war
August 11th, 6:40pm
South Africa says it will not be bullied if the West
 mounts pressure on the country into taking 
sides in the Russia-Ukraine war, accusing 
the West of sometimes taking a 
patronizing attitude 
toward Africa.
South African Minister of International Relations and
 Cooperation Naledi Pandor made the comments in 
a joint press conference with US Secretary of 
State Antony Blinken, in the capital Pretoria.
“In terms of our interactions with some of our partners 
in Europe and elsewhere --- there has been a sense of
patronizing bullying toward ‘you choose this or else,’
 she said, stressing, “One thing I definitely dislike is
 being told ‘either you choose this or else.’  When a
 minster speaks to me like that … I definitely will 
not be bullied in that way, nor would I expect 
any other African country - worth its salt -
to agree to be treated.”
The remarks by Pandor, whose country has remained
neutral on the Russia-Ukraine war, came as China's
envoy to Moscow, Zhang Hanhui, on Wednesday
backed Russia in the war, slamming the US, 
which is trying to isolate China in Africa, 
as the “main instigator” in the crisis.
Relations between South Africa & the US have been
strained.....  after the former remained neutral in
the current war between Ukraine and Russia.
However, Pandor said Washington had not asked her
 country to take sides in the conflict, but criticized 
the US bill passed in April - “Countering Malign 
Russian Activities in Africa Act,” which has 
been seen by some in Africa as a vehicle 
to punish African countries that have 
not toed the line on Ukraine.
“The recent legislation --- passed in the United States of
 America - by the House of Representatives - we found 
a most unfortunate bill --- that we'd hoped the media 
would say more about. Because when we believe in 
freedom as I’m saying, it’s freedom for everybody. 
You can’t say, because Africa is doing this, you 
will then be punished by the United States... 
So, that’s been a disappointing passage of
 legislation by one House --- and we hope 
the other house will not agree to such 
offensive legislation,” the South 
African minister stated.
According to Bob Wekesa, director of the African 
Centre for the Study of the United States, 
Washington “is attempting to figure out 
how to get South Africa on to its side, 
but South Africa, is not coming to
 the party.”
In her concluding remarks on the issue, Pandor said
it was important for all to respect different opinions 
held by different nations.
“We are after all, sovereign nations that are recognized
as equal in terms of the UN Charter. We may differ in
terms of economic power and economic ability to
influence developments in different parts of the 
world, but what will make the world work, is
we respect each other,” she said.

Experts study viruses 
uncovered in Ukrainian 
labs in LPR — officer
August 11th, 6:24pm (TASS)
 The strains of viruses discovered earlier in
 biolaboratories abandoned by Ukrainian 
militants on the liberated territories of 
the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) 
have not yet been identified and are
 being studied by experts, the  LPR 
People’s Militia officer, Andrey 
Marochko, said.... in an 
interview with TASS.
"Our authorized bodies immediately got involved in 
this (studying the contents of the biolabs - TASS),
 the People’s Militia ----- was only involved in the 
protection of these facilities ---- and demining. 
Currently, the specialists, as far as I know 
....are working on determining the viral 
strains, their ways of spreading....
are studying the uncovered 
documents," he noted.
According to the officer, information was partially 
made public, by the General Staff of Russia’s 
Armed Forces. "I know --- that the biolabs 
were in Rubezhnoye, Severodonetsk 
and Lisichansk," he added.
In mid-June, Marochko told TASS that the strains 
of harmful viruses had been discovered in the
 biolaboratories abandoned by Ukrainian 
troops in the towns of Rubezhnoye and 
Severodonetsk. Additionally --- there 
were other dangerous substances
 in the laboratories, that could 
harm the environment -- and 
humans, as well as a large 
amount of medicines, that 
had not been certified by 
the Ukrainian Health 
Earlier, the officer told TASS, that the biolaboratories 
in Severodonetsk and Lisichansk also manufactured
drugs --- that were then delivered to Ukraine’s 
armed forces.
Allied forces in Donbass 
advance --- so as to 
minimize losses
 — officer
August 11th, 5:27pm (TASS)
 The current advancement rate of allied forces in
 Donbass allows to minimize losses yet causes 
the utmost damage to the adversary... LPR 
People’s Militia officer, Andrey Marochko,
 said, in an interview with TASS.
"We are advancing precisely at the rate which 
allows to... minimize the losses among the 
personnel and causes as much damage 
as possible to the adversary," 
he stressed.
According to the officer, the current advancement rate
 of allied troops forces the adversaries to abandon 
their positions. That said, it is impossible to 
provide any clear timetable. "We are 
advancing at different sectors 
--- based on the current 
situation," he added.
"If we've completely suppressed the adversary’s firepower
 and eliminated them in a certain sector, then, naturally, 
we are occupying these positions. Yet.. making sure 
that our servicemen are not attacked by fire, since 
all Ukrainian positions are marked on a map.. it is 
much easier to strike them with artillery than our
 hidden positions. Proceeding from this premise, 
we are not taking up many Ukrainian positions. 
There are some well-fortified positions --- with
 important strategic significance that can 
guarantee that our servicemen are safe ---
 those positions, we do occupy," 
he explained.

At least 3 shells hit area of 
radioactive isotope storage 
at Zaporozhye NPP
 in 24 hours
August 11th, 4:36pm (TASS)
 At least three strikes with shells have been recorded, in 
the area of a storage facility for radioactive isotopes at
 the Zaporozhye NPP, Head of the regional Military-
Civilian Administration, Yevgeny Balitsky, said 
on his Telegram channel on Thursday.
"At least three drops were recorded in the area of the 
radioactive isotope storage facility. The plant’s
 specialists received orders to move to 
protected buildings," he wrote.
As earlier reported, on Thursday, Ukraine’s armed
 forces --- conducted a massive shelling of the 
Zaporozhye NPP, and the city of Energodar,
for the second time, in one day. Previously, 
Russian air defense systems deflected all 
Ukrainian attacks with strike drones and 
heavy artillery on the city and the NPP 
overnight and on Thursday morning. 
Since early August, the Ukrainian army has attempted
 to strike the NPP’s premises and the city at least five
 times. On August 5th, the Ukrainian armed forces 
shelled a railway station three times, on August 
6th, they bombarded the NPP’s healthcare 
facility and a water supply facility in 
Energodar, and on August the 7th, 
another strike on the NPP hit 
--- the area where a storage 
facility for spent nuclear
 fuel was located.

Russia rejects Swiss offer 
as Europe wades deeper 
into Ukraine war
August 11th, 3:23pm
Moscow has rejected Switzerland’s offer to represent
 Ukraine, diplomatically, in Russia, as it no longer
considers Switzerland, a neutral state.
Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Ivan
announced on Thursday, that his
government had
 turned down the offer. 
“Switzerland has, unfortunately, lost its status of 
a neutral state, and could not act, either as an 
intermediary, or a representative. Bern has
joined the illegal Western sanctions 
against Russia.”
Since the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine,
 Switzerland.. has applied nearly all the sanctions
 imposed by the European Union against Russia. 
In response, Russia has added Switzerland to
 a list of “unfriendly” nations.
Meanwhile, the Swiss Foreign Ministry has confirmed 
it worked out the outline of a “mandate of protecting 
power”, and awaits the Russian approval. According 
to the Swiss public radio RTS, the primary objective 
of the agreement would be to ensure that the 
Ukrainians living in Russia, could benefit 
from consular services provided by the 
Swiss Embassy in Moscow -- as there 
are no diplomatic relations between 
Kiev and Moscow.
The Russian embassy in Switzerland also hit back at 
the proposal and said, “Swiss neutrality has been
 devalued, to a certain extent, since the 
Confederation has adopted all of the 
European Union’s seven packages 
of the illegitimate anti-Russian
 restrictions --- in fact, taking 
the side --- of one of the 
parties to the conflict.”
UK, Denmark: provide Ukraine 
with military, financial aid
Britain and Denmark are set to provide Ukraine 
with more military and financial assistance, in 
what Russia has termed an intervention, and 
their fanning of the flames of war.
In a meeting between the European defense ministers
 in Copenhagen, Thursday, British Defense Secretary
 Ben Wallace, said his government will send further 
multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS) to Ukraine 
to be used against Russian forces. It would also 
donate a “significant number” of precision 
guided M31A1 missiles -- that can strike 
targets up to 80 kilometres away.
“This latest tranche of military support.. will enable the
 armed forces of Ukraine to continue to defend against 
Russian aggression... and the indiscriminate use of 
long-range artillery,” Wallace said, in a statement.
The UK has already donated advanced weapons
 systems to Ukraine and provided military 
training for thousands of Ukrainian 
military forces.
And, Denmark will ramp up its financial support to
 Ukraine by 110 million euros, according to Prime 
Minister Mette Frederiksen.
“This is a war on the values that Europe and the 
free world are built upon ... Today we reaffirm 
our commitment to support of Ukraine,” she 
said during her speech in the conference in 
Copenhagen hosted by Ukraine, Denmark 
and Britain.
More than 50 percent of the financial aid announced on
Thursday, will be spent on weapons procurements and
support of weapons production. The rest will be spent
on supplies of Danish weapons, military equipment, 
and military training.
Over the past months, most Western governments, 
including the UK and the US, have indirectly 
involved themselves in the war, providing 
lethal arms for Kiev and imposing a raft 
of sanctions against Russia.

Supreme Leader: Each Part 
of Palestinian Resistance 
Capable of Rubbing 
Enemy’s Nose into 
the Ground
August 11th, 3:18pm
(al Manar)
Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah
Sayyed Ali Khamenei, said, on Thursday, that the
 Palestinian Islamic Jihad proved that each 
part of the resistance, alone, can rub
enemy’s nose to the ground.
Ayatollah Khamenei made the remarks in response 
to an earlier letter by the Secretary-General of the 
Islamic Jihad movement, Ziyad Al-Nakhalah.
The Supreme Leader underlined, that the brave
 resistance of the Islamic Jihad has promoted
 the movement’s place in the Palestinian 
resistance --- and has defused the
by the Zionist regime.
The Islamic Jihad Movement managed to fire more 
than 1100 missiles at various Zionist settlements
 in Gaza vicinity --- as well as the occupied 
Palestinian cities of Java and Al-Quds, 
during a 3-day Zionist aggression
the blockaded strip.
Source: IRNA

LDPR military summary: 
situation on contact line 
(August 11th, updated 2:34pm)
1:50pm The volume of sales of products of small and 
medium-sized enterprises in Lugansk, has grown
35%, over the past six months.
1:45pm Agricultural enterprises of Luhansk, planted
winter crops for the 2022 harvest on an area of 564
hectares. This was announced at a briefing in the 
capital’s administration, by the head of the 
economy department, Igor Gursky.
1:38pm  The DPR JCCC recorded shelling from the
Ukrainian Armed Forces in the following directions:
1pm settlement Kurdyumovka – settlement Gorlovka 
(Kalinin district): 6 shells of 155 mm calibre
were fired;
1:03pm settlement Dyleevka – settlement Gorlovka
 (Nikitovsky district): 3 shells of 152 mm calibre
 were fired;
1:20pm settlement Krasnogorovka – settlement 
Aleksandrovka: 5 shells of 122 mm calibre
 were fired.
1:08pm The Headquarters of the DPR Territorial
Defense reports --- that the Armed Forces of 
Ukraine scattered prohibited PFM-1 mines
on Delegatskaya Street, in the Kirovsky 
district of Donetsk.
1:08pm The volume of sales of products of Lugansk 
enterprises in the first half of 2022 increased by 
22% compared to the same period last year. 
This was reported by the press service of 
the administration of Lugansk.
12:45pm The Russian Territorial Development Fund 
handed over equipment for utility companies of
 the LPR.
The cargo includes submersible pumps, valves,
 pressure regulators, water meters, and more.
12:30pm In Avdiivka, gunners who were hiding 
between residential buildings were blown up. 
Apparently, the shells were unsuccessfully 
brought up - and one was dropped. 
12:29pm In the DPR, on behalf of V. Putin, the
 restoration of the Saur-Mogila memorial 
complex by the day of the liberation of 
Donbass from Nazi invaders is in 
full swing. 
The workers, who sent photographs, write 
that: they will try to finish early, by August
the 25th. Nobody is forgotten and nothing 
is forgotten.
12:20pm Genuine story of a resident of Lisichansk,
about the crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 
The hero of the Afghan war, tells about the 
shelling of Severodonetsk by Ukrainian 
militants, from the territory of the 
hospital, the huge losses of the 
Armed Forces of Ukraine and 
--- the refusal to treat the 
civilian population by 
Ukrainian military 
12:01pm Donbass has turned into one big construction
site. Hospitals, schools, residential buildings – much
remains to be put in order, by Russian builders. 
But a lot has already been done.
9:49am In the LPR, an accomplice of the Armed Forces
of Ukraine was detained, who made improvised
explosive devices and filmed the results of
the shelling of civilians.
It is noted that the man, born in 1963, was detained 
by the Russian Guard and the FSB. Previously, he
served in the Ukrainian army.
A cache was found at the address of the detainee’s 
residence, in which, in particular, there were 
elements for collecting explosive devices,
four sets of military uniforms, with the
insignia of NATO, the Bundeswehr 
and the British armed forces.
9:47am Consequences of the shelling
 of the Donetsk brewery. 
9:42am Pesky. Why the village has not yet 
been liberated – a report by Fridrih Show.
In Pesky, the fighting moved to the northwest. Artillery
duels do not stop. The Ukrainian side uses MLRS. 
They are not in a hurry to surrender to the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine. Roman, call sign Kuzya, does 
not lose heart. He often smiles, jokes and tells 
how the allied forces liberate the village...
 step by step.
9:37am Assault on the fortified area of the Armed
Forces of Ukraine: Tankers of the 1st Slavic
brigade of the DPR --- are at the forefront of 
the attack near Avdiivka. The First Slavic 
Brigade continues to conduct offensive 
operations, in the Avdiivka area. The 
fighters of this brigade demonstrate
both the courage and honour of a 
Russian soldier --- by their own 
example: two tankers of this 
unit --- were presented with 
the title of Heroes of the
DPR, for their exploits.
9:09am Artillerymen of the 2nd Corps of the LPR Army
destroyed equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Junior Sergeant Maxim Martynenko from the 2nd Army
 Corps of the LPR has more than ten units of destroyed
 equipment and destroyed fortified areas of the Armed
 Forces of Ukraine on the account of the Msta-B crew.
Martynenko is confident that the enemy has no chance
 of success, since the Donbass fighters, including him,
 are fighting for a just cause. Maxim shared that after
 the liberation of Donbass, he will continue his 
military career.
9:09am The press service of the DPR army showed
footage of the combat work of the 123rd regiment 
of the mobilization reserve of the NM DPR, in the
Zaporozhye direction.
8:32am Statement by the official representative of
 the DPR People’s Militia on the situation at 10.30 
The Ukrainian side continues to terrorize the civilian 
population of the Republic, inflicting massive 
artillery strikes on residential areas and 
civilian infrastructure, which, in turn, 
do not pose a danger to the enemy
 and are not military targets.
Over the past day, according to the information of the
 DPR JCCC, the enemy fired 423 shells from barreled
 artillery with a calibre of 155, 152 and 122 mm, as
 well as 120 mm mortars.
Fire was released in the areas of 10 settlements of the 
Republic. As a result of the shelling, 4 civilians were 
killed and 20 were injured. 53 residential buildings 
and 12 civilian infrastructure facilities were 
damaged. Additional information about 
injured civilians and damage 
to infrastructure... is 
being specified.
Joint actions of the military personnel of the Donetsk
 People’s Republic, and the Armed Forces of the 
Russian Federation, destroyed the following 
enemy weapons and military equipment: 
three vehicles, two armoured personnel carriers 
and up to forty personnel. Two enemy firing 
points were suppressed in the area of the 
settlement Krasnogorovka and Marinka.
At present, a set of works on the clearance of anti-
personnel mines PFM-1 “Petal” (PFM-1C) is ongoing.
7:59am Statement by the official representative of
 LPR People’s Militia, Captain Filiponenko I.M. as 
of August 11th, 2022
Over the past 24 hours, during the active offensive
 operations of the units of the People’s Militia of 
the LPR, the enemy suffered heavy losses in 
manpower and military equipment. The 
following are destroyed:
up to 45 personnel;
5 armoured personnel carriers;
8 units of special vehicles;
1 long-term firing point.
Peaceful life is being restored in the territories of the 
Luhansk People’s Republic liberated from Ukrainian
 nationalists: engineering and sapper units of the
 People’s Militia of the LPR continue demining.
During August 10th, they cleared over 8 hectares of
 territory from explosive objects left by Ukrainian
 nationalists, in the areas of the settlements of
 Voevodovka and Kudryashovka.
The forces of LPR People’s Militia, together with 
public organizations, are delivering 
humanitarian aid to the residents 
of these areas. 
Also, representatives of the Popular Front delivered
humanitarian cargo -- for the servicemen of the 4th
motorized rifle brigade of the LPR People’s Militia.
7:59am In the DPR, 37 cases of civilians stepping
on mines have already been recorded, including
two children, on the mines of PFM “Lepestok” 
thrown by the Ukrainian Armed Formations 
into the territory of the Republic's cities.
One of the injured died in the hospital.
7:43am The DPR JCCC reports on the victims of 
shelling and remote mining by Ukrainian Nazis 
on August 11th:
Donetsk, Kirovsky district:
As a result of an explosion on a mine PFM 
“Petal”, a child born in 2007 was wounded.
Information was received about damage as a
result of shelling of the cities of the Republic
by the Armed Forces of Ukraine:
Donetsk, Petrovsky district:
Mark Ozerny Street, 57 – a 
private residential building.
settlement Zaitsevo:
Astrakhanskaya Street, 54 – a residential 
building was destroyed, a car was damaged;
Avdeevskaya Street, 27 – ignition of 
a private residential building;
as a result of shelling in the village of Zaitsevo,
 the PFM “Petal” was scattered.
7:26am Over the past day, from 08:00 on August 10th, 
to 08:00 on August 11th, as a result of shelling by
Armed Forces of Ukraine, on the territory of
the Donetsk People’s Republic, 4 people were 
killed and another 21 civilians were
injured, including a child born 
in 2007.
6:51am In the period from 17.02.2022 по 11.08.2022, 
the Representative Office of the LPR in the
JCCC recorded:
1,046 attacks on the territory of the Republic by the
 armed formations of Ukraine using heavy weapons.
In total, the enemy used 10452 ammunition of various
calibres --- including missiles of the Tochka-U tactical
missile system (34 missiles) and the American M142
 HIMARS MLRS (79 missiles), MLRS (BM-21 Grad,
 BM-27 Uragan, BM- 30 “Smerch”) – 2,207 shells.
During the above period, 329 civilians became victims
of the Ukrainian Armed Forces aggression, of which,
80 people died and 249 were injured. As a result of 
the shelling, 3 children were killed and 23 were
injured. 2155 houses were destroyed and 
damaged in 31 settlements. 192 civilian 
infrastructure facilities were damaged.
Representation of the LPR in the JCCC.
6:35am Artillery is working on the fortifications 
of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, on the 
outskirts of the city of Avdiivka.
6:15am Foreign journalists, and the head of the DPR,
 Denis Pushilin, visited the pre-trial detention centre
 in Yelenovka, which was previously fired upon by 
the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 
6:09am It is reported about the hit of Ukrainian Armed
 Forces shells between the Gorlovka villages of Mirny
 and Aksyonovka, residents are in shelters.

Palestinian Girl Succumbs to 
Wounds Sustained in Israeli 
Bombing Raid --- on Gaza
August 11th, 1:20pm (FNA)
 A Palestinian girl, seriously injured in the latest 
Israeli aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip 
has succumbed to the wounds.
Layan Al-Shaer, 10, was critically injured, after 
Israeli missiles hit a residential neighborhood
 in the city of Beit Hanoun, last Friday, 
presstv reported.
She was transferred to Al-Maqased hospital in 
Al-Quds, on Tuesday, and was in a critical 
condition and a clinical state. The girl 
died in the hospital, on Thursday.
Her death brings to 48 the number of Gazans killed
 during the three-day Israeli onslaught on the 
besieged territory. Four women and 
17 children are among the dead 
while some 360 people 
were wounded.
On Friday, the Israeli regime carried out a new
 massacre in Gaza, killing dozens of people, 
including two senior commanders of the 
Palestinian resistance movement 
Islamic Jihad.
The Israeli airstrikes prompted the Al-Quds Brigades,
 the Islamic Jihad’s military wing --- to respond by 
firing hundreds of rockets toward the occupied
territories, pushing the regime forces onto
the back foot. 
The strong retaliation, as was pledged by the
 resistance group, forced Tel Aviv to demand 
a ceasefire -- in order to prevent maximum 
damage. The Egyptian-mediated truce
 took effect, late on Sunday.

Ukrainian nationalists 
leave their positions 
en masse
August 11th, 12:48pm
The Russian Defense Ministry reported that more than
 half of the personnel of the Ukrainian brigades were
 destroyed... in two directions.
Ukrainian nationalists began to flee, en masse, from the
 positions of two directions of advancement of Russian
 troops at once: Artemovsky and Avdeevsky. Igor
 Konashenkov -- official representative of the 
Russian Ministry of Defense, spoke about
 this, at a briefing on August 11th.
He stressed that more than half of the personnel of 
the two brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 
were destroyed in these areas.
“As a result of active offensive combat operations 
of the allied forces, more than 50 percent of the
personnel... in the 14th and 66th mechanized 
brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in
the Artyomovsky & Avdeevsky directions 
were eliminated. Mass desertions and 
'unauthorized' abandonments of their
positions, by the nationalists -- are 
recorded,” Igor Konashenkov said.

 Denazification of Ukraine: 
operational summary
 (August 11th, updated 11:54am)
10:55am Highlights from the new briefing
 of the Russian Defense Ministry:
The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
record mass desertion and unauthorized 
abandonment of their positions by 
nationalists in Ukraine;
Russian Aerocosmic Forcesand artillery in a day
destroyed a warehouse of rocket and artillery 
weapons in the Kharkov region, a locator of 
a S-300 complex in the Kramatorsk region;
Fighter aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces
shot down a Ukrainian Mi-24 helicopter in the
 Dnipropetrovsk region;
Aviation, rocket troops and artillery destroyed 
20 brigade and battalion command posts,
 8 ammunition depots in a day;
More than 50% of the personnel of two brigades of 
the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Artemivsk 
and Avdeevsk directions, were liquidated.
10:35am The uncontrolled pumping of weapons in Kyiv
 has already led to a large-scale increase in their
 smuggling and the appearance on the black 
market, including the shadow segment of 
the Internet, Ivan Nechaev said.
He noted that, according to available information, law
 enforcement agencies in the EU countries “every
 month seize and return to Ukraine hundreds of
 automatic weapons and tens of thousands 
of rounds of ammunition illegally coming 
from this country.”
The black market receives not only small arms, but
 also heavier weapons, such as missiles for the 
Javelin anti-tank system, Nechaev added.
9:26am The UK will give Ukraine three additional M270 
MLRS, in addition to the three already transferred, as
 well as a “significant” number of missiles for them, 
reports the media, citing British Defense Secretary 
Ben Wallace. He also said that Britain is very 
pleased with how Ukraine is using rocket 
launchers already provided by the West.
9:26am About 2.5 thousand residents of Berdyansk in
the Zaporozhye region --- received Russian passports, 
another 5 thousand people are waiting for citizenship, 
said the head of the migration service of the Internal 
Affairs Directorate of Berdyansk, Vasily Baranenko.
9:25am Zelensky: The more powerful our weapons
and the longer the range of their use, the faster 
this brutal war will end.
8:34am One vessel with grain ...could not leave the 
Ukrainian Chernomorsk due to weather conditions. 
Loading operations in the ports of Ukraine 
continue. This was reported in the 
Ministry of Defense of Turkey.
8:34am Krasnoyarsk Territory is stepping up assistance
in the restoration of Sverdlovsk. It is planned to repair 
51 objects by the end of autumn. According to State
Duma deputy Viktor Zubarev, these are houses,
schools, hospitals and other social facilities. 
The region will continue to provide 
assistance to Sverdlovsk and 
the Sverdlovsk region, in
 the future.
7:06am In Novoalekseevka, Kherson region, near 
Crimea, hangars were on fire and equipment 
was blown up.
7:04am Pictured: consequences of the shelling 
of the village of Kushugum, near Zaporozhye.
7:01am Combat work of the reconnaissance 
group of the Airborne Forces in Ukraine.
During reconnaissance, the military discovered a
stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The
company commander decided to dismount from 
the combat vehicles and attack the nationalists. 
With fire from the BMVD and an anti-tank missile
system, the paratroopers drove the radicals out 
of their positions.
6:50am The Ministry of Defense showed footage of the
 combat work of the crews of the Mi-28 multi-purpose 
attack helicopters of the army aviation of the 
Western Military District during the special 
military operation. In addition, on the eve 
of the Air Force Day, a festive concert 
was held at the airfield... for
 the personnel. 
6:20am Summary of the General Staff 
of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:
Allied forces are concentrating their efforts on
 establishing full control over the territories 
of Donbass, holding the areas of Kherson, 
Kharkov, Zaporozhye and Nikolaev 
regions occupied by it.
In the Kharkov, Slavyansk and Kramatorsk directions, 
shelling is being released from artillery and tanks.
The RF Armed Forces were advancing near Grigorovka
 and Verkhnekamenskoye. Fighting continues in the
 area of Ivano-Daryevka, Vershina and Dacha. The
 Russians also conducted reconnaissance in 
combat near Yakovlevka and conducted 
assault operations near Bakhmutskoye
 and Zaitsevo.
Russian troops are advancing in the directions 
of Maryinka and Pesky, the fighting continues.
In the Novopavlovsk and Zaporozhye directions, 
shelling from cannon and rocket artillery, tanks
was recorded. The RF Armed Forces are 
advancing near Pavlovka.
5:58am The West is spreading inaccurate information, 
passing off the movement of military equipment in 
the area of the Zaporizhzhya NPP as mining an 
object – Vladimir Rogov, a member of the main 
council of the military-civilian administration 
of the Zaporozhye region
5am Arestovich – about his intention 
to run for president of Ukraine:
“If he [Zelensky] runs for a second term, naturally I will 
not cut him. And if the president for some reason does
 not run for a second term, I will apply. [Will you run
 for president?] I will!”
4:11am Farmers in the Zaporozhye region harvested
90% of grain crops. The harvested crop, exceeds a 
million tons. Preparations for the sowing campaign 
are starting, the military-civilian administration of
 the region reported.
2:33am Missiles hit targets in Kharkiv and outside 
the city, the affected objects are burning.

Russian air defense repulses:
 attack of missiles and UAVs 
on Energodar --- and
Zaporozhye NPP
August 11th, 10:50am
Russian air defense repelled an attack by Ukrainian
 missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) --- on
 Energodar and the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.
The Russin air defense system repulsed the attack of 
missiles and drones of the Ukrainian troops on the 
city of Energodar, and on the Zaporozhye nuclear 
power plant.  Enemy firing positions, are being 
suppressed, said Vladimir Rogov, a member 
of the main council of the regional
“It has been very loud in Energodar since yesterday
 evening, most of the night & today since the very
 morning. On the eve'.. of the meeting of the UN 
Security Council on strikes against the ZNPP, 
Nazi devils are trying to hit a peaceful city
 and the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, 
with MLRS, heavy artillery and strike 
UAVs”, Rogov wrote in the 
Telegram channel.
According to him, the Russian air defense repelled 
all attacks by missiles and UAVs, and the firing
 positions of enemy artillery are suppressed
 by counter-battery fire.

 Military and civil administration: 
residents of Kherson region 
who left for Ukraine 
come back home
August 11th, 10:14am
The military-civilian administration of the Kherson
region, reports a gradual restoration of peaceful
life in the region.
RIA Novosti, citing the deputy head of the regional
 administration, Ekaterina Gubareva, reports that 
the residents who left the region after the start 
of the special operation... have begun to... 
gradually, return back.
“For the most part, these are residents of the region
who left, succumbing to fake Ukrainian propaganda
about the supposedly evil Russians, the counter-
offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and 
other nonsense. Well, have you gone? We 
saw that there are few vacancies in the 
labour market, the average salary is 
comparable to that in Africa, and, in 
addition, they are reproached for 
the Russian language. Yes, you 
can still go to Europe, but let’s 
be objective, and honestly 
admit --- that there is no 
earthly paradise any-
where in the world 
today. Especially
 for refugees,” 
The deputy head of the military-civilian 
administration, told the agency this.
Gubareva called the terrorist attacks of Kyiv 
on the inhabitants of the region, the only 
problem of the region, but added, that 
it is easier to live in your native land 
and have prospects, than to live in
the  captivity --- of Ukrainian 

First responders stop
ammonia leak - at 
Donetsk brewery 
— officials
August 11th, 1:42am (TASS)
The Emergency Situations Ministry of the Donetsk 
People’s Republic on Thursday said it stopped an
ammonia leak that emerged after a shelling of a 
Donetsk brewery, by Ukrainian forces.
"As of 01:00 DPR’s ESM stopped the ammonia leak at
 the Donetsk brewery," the ministry said on Telegram. 
The minister led a team of 51 people as they worked 
to eliminate the emergency, the ministry said.
One person was killed, two 
wounded, in shelling of 
Donetsk brewery 
– ministry
August 11th, 00:10am (TASS)
 More than 30 people were on the territory of the
 brewery in Donetsk during the shelling by the 
armed forces of Ukraine on Wednesday, and 
one of them was killed, the Emergency 
Situations Ministry of the Donetsk 
People’s Republic said.
"There were 32 people on the territory of the plant at
 the time of the incident. According to preliminary
 information, 1 person was killed and 2 were 
injured," the ministry said on Telegram on 
Thursday. The statement said the fire 
that erupted at the brewery, is 
covering 600 square metres.
The shelling caused an ammonia leak. The area of
exposure to ammonia is two kilometres. A sharp 
smell of ammonia has spread across Donetsk, 
according to a TASS reporter. Inhaling that 
toxic substance, can cause poisoning.
The Emergency Situations Ministry, is warning
e residents to take measures to make their 
apartments and houses more air-tight and 
breathe through gauze and cotton masks 
soaked in a 5-percent solution of citric
acetic acid.

Zaporozhye government - wants to 
hold referendum on joining Russia
 on September 11th – report
August 11th, 00:10am (TASS)
The authorities of the Zaporozhye Region would 
like to hold a referendum on joining Russia on 
September the 11th, the head of Zaporozhye 
Region’s military-civilian administration,
Yevgeny Balitsky, said in an interview 
published in the Izvestia newspaper 
on Thursday.
"Elections on September 11th, are held in Russia, as it’s
 a single voting day, and we are, not yet, de jure Russia. 
But of course we would very much like that," he said, 
when asked if the referendum could be held on
 September the 11th.
Balitsky, said at the forum We Are Together With Russia
 on Monday --- that he had signed a decree to hold a
 referendum on the region's accession to Russia. 
More than 70% of the Zaporozhye Region has been
 liberated to date. Ukrainian forces control the 
regional capital that’s home to about half of 
the region’s population. Melitopol now 
functions as the capital.

DPR reports entry of 
Allied troops into
and Artemovsk
August 10th, 9:14pm
Eduard Basurin said that the Allied forces entered
Soledar and Artemovsk, there are battles going on.
The Deputy Commander of the People's Militia of the 
Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), Eduard Basurin,
 reported that the Allied forces entered the cities 
of Soledar and Artemovsk. His words are 
reported by RIA Novosti.
According to Basurin, at the moment, the military is in
 the industrial zone, where the fighting is taking place. 
He also noted that the tactics of conducting a special 
military operation in the Donbas... have changed. So, 
the enemy will be "cut, and gradually destroyed, in 
small sections".
Earlier, Eduard Basurin said that the DPR units plan 
to surround Avdiivka. He stressed that, at the 
moment, no one enters Avdiivka, and
 not plan to enter yet.

DPR confirmed presence of 
Kiev long-range missiles 
August 10th, 8:53pm
The DPR reported that Ukraine has missiles 
for HIMARS with a range of 120 and 150 km.
Kiev already has missiles for the US multiple launch
 rocket systems (MLRS) HIMARS with a range of 120
 and 150 km, Deputy commander of the first corps 
of the People's Militia of the Donetsk People's 
Republic, Eduard Basurin, said, on
August the 10th.
"Strikes are carried out by various systems - HIMARS, 
which has a declared range of up to 70 km. We 
assume, that missiles with a range of 120 and 
150 (km) are already in Ukraine," RIA
quotes him as saying.
Basurin noted that Ukrainian formations also shell 
settlements with 155 mm shells, but the artillery
 systems are different.
"There are American, German, French, and Polish
 companies. The standard of calibre is the same, 
so you can use different systems," he explained.
Back in July, Basurin assumed that long-range missiles
 for HIMARS were already being delivered to Ukraine, 
despite the assurances of the US side about the 
shells supplied for HIMARS, the range of
would not exceed 80 km. 
The deputy commander also believes that the militants
 are shelling the Donetsk city line, in order to divert
 artillery fire from the front line.
At the end of July, the official representative of the 
Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, 
Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, 
reported that the Russian aerospace 
forces destroyed over 100 missiles 
to the US multiple launch rocket 
system HIMARS, delivering a 
high-precision strike on an 
ammunition depot in the 
Dnipropetrovsk region.
On July 25th, the Russian Defense Ministry reported 
that the country's Armed Forces destroyed a
trans-shipment base of Ukrainian troops
Khmelnitsky region --- with HIMARS 
MLRS ammunition supplied by the US.
On July 18th, Eduard Basurin also stated
that all 
weapons supplied by the West
to Kiev would be 
destroyed or seized.

Hypothetical destruction 
of Zaporozhye NPP - to be 
comparable to Fukushima-1
 — Czech expert
August 10th, 7:05pm (TASS)
 The effects of a hypothetical destruction of the
 Zaporozhye nuclear power plant as a result of
 hostilities... would be comparable in scale to
 the 2011 Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant 
disaster in Japan, and not the 1986 
disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear 
power plant, the chair of the 
State Office for Nuclear 
Safety of the Czech 
Republic --- Dana 
Drabova --- said 
on Wednesday.
"Roughly speaking, we can compare this situation with
 the accident at the Japanese nuclear power plant
 Fukushima-1," the website of the daily Mlada 
Fronta Dnes quotes Drabova as saying. 
"It would not be another Chernobyl, the consequences
 of which were much worse. Given the robust design
and various safety barriers, it might be possible to
 forecast that [in case of likely incidents] it would 
be necessary to take precautions for those living 
near the NPP within a radius of 100-150 
kilometres," Drabova believes.
While commenting on the latest incidents at 
Zaporozhye NPP, involving explosions of 
artillery shells near spent nuclear fuel 
containers, she said that "these 
containers... are very massive 
concrete structures capable 
of withstanding the impact 
of an artillery shell."
"And if, hypothetically, they were damaged,
 the release of radiation would be local,"
 she added.
Drabova stressed that the Zaporozhye NPP 
"will be able to endure a great deal," but 
at the same time, she described the 
situation around it as "absolutely
"It has gone beyond international 
control," she stated.
Control of Zaporozhye NPP
 and bombardments
The Zaporozhy e NPP is Europe’s biggest nuclear 
power plant. With a capacity of around 6,000 
megawatt, it generated a fourth of Ukraine’s 
electricity. Since 1996, it has been part 
of Ukraine’s Energoatom generating 
company. In March 2022, Russian 
forces established control of 
the nuclear power plant. 
Now, the NPP is operating at 70% of its capacity
 due to the oversupply of electricity on the 
liberated territories of the Zaporozhye 
region. It is planned to supply 
electricity from the plant 
to Crimea.
The Ukrainian army has repeatedly attacked 
the Zaporozhye NPP. The military-civilian 
administration of Energodar said that
the fragmentation submunitions of 
a rocket fired on August 7th fell as 
close as 400 meters away from an 
operating power unit. A member of
the administration’s chief council, 
Vladimir Rogov, told TASS that the 
air defense group of Zaporozhye 
region would be reinforced.

3 planes and 9 UAVs
were shot down: 
The Russian Defense
on the success 
of the day
 August 10th, 6:59pm
All three combat aircraft were destroyed 
by our pilots, during air battles.
The Russian military shot down three Ukrainian
 warplanes, nine drones and two Tochka-U 
ballistic missiles over the past day. This 
was announced on Wednesday, August 
10th, by the official representative of 
the military Department, Lieutenant 
General Igor Konashenkov.
According to him the Ukrainian planes were destroyed
during air battles. The Su-25 attack aircraft and 
the Mi-G-29 and Su-27 fighters, became the 
prey of our pilots.
"Russian air defense systems destroyed nine Ukrainian
 unmanned aerial vehicles during the day in the areas 
of Chervony Yar, Andreevka, Pervomaiskoe, 
Vernopolye, Novoe in Kharkiv region, 
Ivanovka, Peski, Valerianovka in the 
Donetsk People's Republic, and on 
the western outskirts of Donetsk
 city," Konashenkov said.
Earlier on Wednesday, it became known that 
Russian aircraft destroyed a German-made 
self-propelled anti-aircraft gun "Cheetah" 
in Ukraine.

Nuclear blackmail: The US is 
behind the Ukrainian strikes
 on Zaporizhia NPP
by Valentin Alfimov
and Igor Izmailov
August 10th, 6:03pm
(Komsomolskaya Pravda)
Political analyst Fyodorov, called the West's 
demands to give the Zaporizhia NPP 
to Kiev, nuclear blackmail.
Western demands to give the Zaporizhia nuclear power
plant to Kiev are nothing more than nuclear blackmail,
the president of the Aspect Centre, for Social and
Political Studies, Georgy Fedorov, said, on KP 
Radio, and Zelensky can stop these attacks
------ only if Biden demands it.
"This is a classic nerve-racking game: if you don't give
 up the station, there will be a nuclear explosion," says
Fedorov. "They need to increase tensions in Europe 
and at the same time, weaken European security. 
And if anything happens, they'll just blame it 
on us.''
''At the same time, Europe either does not understand 
or does not want to understand, the danger of the
 situation, because a catastrophe, if it happens, 
can affect the entire continent.''
"The European establishment ---- often acts within the
 framework of its crazy ideas and initiatives, without 
understanding how it can end," the expert notes. 
''We remember that even in recent history, Europe 
very often flirted with fire and received a lot of 
blood. For example, Chamberlain's deal with 
Hitler. Everyone thought, that everything 
would be fine, and then Britain washed 
its face in blood.''
''Today it is the same - Europe thinks that everything 
will be resolved. That any issue related to nuclear 
safety, is hyper-safe.'' But there is a way out, says
Fedorov. ''To do this, we need to strengthen our 
work through diplomatic channels and with 
the media. Only in this way, will Russia
able to convey the full danger of 
the problem.''
''We need to use all the platforms and resources, to
deliver information. And, it is necessary, to force 
the Ukrainian forces not to launch such strikes,"
concludes Fedorov. ''That is, after all, to strike 
at the decision-making centres, which now,
for some reason, humanely, nothing 
happens to them, yet. Because if, 
God forbid, something happens 
to the nuclear power plant, it 
will really affect, not only 
Ukraine, Russia -- it will 
affect the whole world.''
''At the same time, the "decision-making centre" 
is not only Kiev, but also Washington. And now
is the time, to start putting together an 
anti-American coalition.''
''A coalition that can have an impact on the United' States.
Through China, through Russia, through Venezuela, and
other countries. They need to
 make problems,
like they make us.''
''As for the protection of the station itself, its protection
is in our national interests - so it is necessary to take 
all measures to ensure its safety,'' Fedorov believes. 
''But, in addition to the Zaporizhia power plant, other
power facilities, should also be taken under
protection. And we have enough forces 
and means for this - these are air 
defense systems --- and other 
''There is also the Chernobyl nuclear power plant,
which they can hit, regardless of whether our 
military is there or not, any dams, other 
nuclear power plants, hydroelectric 
power plants, can be subjected 
to terrorist acts, and strikes. 
We need to understand --
these are potential

Allied forces liberate up to half 
of Donetsk People’s Republic 
territory, says DPR head
August 10th, 5:21pm (TASS)
 The allied forces of the Donbass republics, with the
 support of the Russian army, have liberated more
 than a half of the Donetsk People’s Republic, 
DPR Head, Denis Pushilin, told journalists 
on Wednesday.
"As of today, 266 residential settlements have been
 liberated. It is more than a half in this region if we
 speak about the percentage figure," he said.
"However, if we speak about the population’s figure 
and people residing on these territories, I should 
say that we are way up beyond the half-mark," 
the DPR head noted adding that allied forces 
kept advancing on several directions.
"Speaking about the Avdeyevka direction, we view
 Peski, as a very important route for our advance, 
which is being additionally mopped up," he said. 
"The enemy has retreated and is trying now
set up fortifications in the vicinity 
of Pervomaisk."
Pushilin added that the allied forces keep advancing 
as well in the northern direction, where the fights
 for Artyomovsk and Soledar were
 already underway.
He added that the advance of military forces in this
 direction is complicated because in the past eight
 years the armed forces of Ukraine built there 
stout fortifications and planted mines all 
over the surrounding area.
Russia’s special operation in Ukraine
The situation along the line of engagement in Donbass 
escalated on February 17th. The Donetsk and Lugansk 
People’s Republics (DPR and LPR) reported the most 
massive bombardments by the Ukrainian military 
in recent months, which damaged civilian
 infrastructure and caused 
civilian casualties.
On February 21st, President Vladimir Putin announced
 that Moscow was recognizing the sovereignty of the
 Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. Russia
 signed agreements on friendship, cooperation 
and mutual assistance with their leaders. 
Moscow recognized the Donbass republics
 in accordance with the DPR and LPR 
constitutions within the boundaries 
of the Donetsk and Lugansk 
regions as of the beginning 
of 2014.
Russian President Putin announced on February 24th
 that in response to a request by the heads of the
 Donbass republics for assistance he had made
 a decision to carry out a special military 
operation in Ukraine. 
The Russian leader stressed that Moscow had 
no plans of occupying Ukrainian territories, 
noting that the operation was aimed at 
the denazification and demilitarization 
of Ukraine.
The DPR and the LPR launched an operation to
 liberate their territories under Kiev’s control.

Coalition destroys six 
Ukrainian artillery platoons
August 8th, 2:38pm (DAN) 
The servicemen of the DPR People’s Militia and 
Russian armed forces, have destroyed two 
rocket artillery platoons and four 
howitzer platoons, the Russian 
Defence Ministry said.
“As part of the counter-battery efforts, two Grad 
MLRS platoons, two D-20 howitzer and D-30 
howitzer platoons were destroyed 
outside Kirovo, Seversk and
 the Ministry said.
A Ukrainian S-300 launcher was 
destroyed outside Kramatorsk.
A control centre of the Aidar nationalistic 
battalion was destroyed in Novosyolovka.
Missile and artillery weapons depots were
destroyed in Nikolayevka, Fedorovka 
and Vyemka.
Russian forces also destroyed a depot 
storing 6,000 artillery rounds in 
occupied Krasnogorovka.
Russia started a special military operation...  to denazify
 and demilitarize Ukraine on February the 24th. Russian
 President, Vladimir Putin, said that the decision was
 made after the DPR and LPR Heads addressed him
 asking for help.
The Russian leader said that Moscow is not planning 
to occupy Ukrainian territory, the only goal is to 
protect people who have been continuously 
shelled and subjected to other forms of 
genocide by Ukraine for eight years. 
Two civilians in DPR killed, 20 
injured by Ukrainian shelling
August 8th, 2:37pm (DAN) 
Two civilians were killed, at least 20 injured by
 Ukrainian shelling on Wednesday, the DPR 
Mission to the JCCC said.
As the JCCC reported, Ukrainian forces used 
155mm, 152mm, 122mm artillery targeting 
Donetsk, Makeyevka, Golrovka, 
Mineralnoye, Spartak and
 adjacent areas.
Two civilians were killed, 20 injured by butterfly 
mines scattered by Ukrainian armed formations. 
More than 80 houses and 
facilities sustained damage.
Since 6 a.m., Ukrainian forces fired 
almost 100 rounds on the DPR.
Five injured as Ukraine 
barrages Donetsk
August 10th, 12:57pm (DAN) 
Five civilians have been injured.. 
as Ukrainian forces are shelling 
Donetsk on Wednesday, 
the Republic’s Mission
 to the JCCC said.
The enemy uses heavy 
artillery, and mortars.
Four men and a woman 
have sustained injuries.
Another man was reported 
injured earlier, on August 
the 7th.
Sixteen residential houses, including 
three multi-flat, a kindergarten and 
a mall in Donetsk and Gorlovka 
have been damaged.

Russian hackers carried out
 the first promised attack on
 the manufacturer of HIMARS
August 10th, 12:32pm
Hackers from the Russian group KILLNET carried out
 the first previously announced attack on the control 
system of the US military-industrial corporation
Lockheed Martin, which manufactures the 
HIMARS MLRS supplied to Ukraine.
The result of the hacker attack was the “stop” of 
services that provide internal work and logistics. 
These include one of the main internal systems 
of Lockheed Martin.. and its subsidiaries and 
affiliates, for use by authorized users 
only, the Lockheed Martin employee 
authorization system...  the NASA 
smart card authorization system,
the RSA Authorization Token, 
and agency user indicator.
The backup database (HR) of all Lockheed Martin 
job applicants and the agency’s user ID 
acquisition system were also affected.
Recall that earlier the Killnet hacker group in a 
message received by Gazeta.Ru, announced 
the launch of a “new level attack” on the
US military-industrial corporation 
Lockheed Martin due to the 
supply of its HIMARS 
rocket launchers 
to Ukraine.
Denazification of Ukraine: 
operational summary 
(August 10, updated 12:22pm)
12:24pm Until the end of the year, Kherson “100% will
be liberated” and with this, the active phase of the 
war will end, says Ukrainian General Marchenko, 
one of the leaders of the defense of the 
Nikolaev region.
And in the spring of 2023, if the West supplies 
enough weapons, “we will celebrate victory,”
 he adds.
11:37am Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin arrived in 
Latvia to discuss military assistance to Ukraine.
“Hit in Riga, Latvia. I look forward to meeting with the
 top leadership of the Latvian government to discuss
 security issues in the region and the importance of
 continuing to support Ukraine,” he wrote 
on Twitter.
10:42am The main thing from the new briefing 
of the Russian Defense Ministry:
The Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed an
 ammunition depot and up to 30 Ukrainian 
soldiers in Krasnohorivka in the DPR;
The Russian Aerospace Forces eliminated up 
to 100 nationalists with strikes on points of 
temporary deployment of units of the 
Armed Forces brigade in the 
Kharkiv region;
Russian Aerospace Forces shot down three planes 
of the Ukrainian Air Force over the territory of the 
Nikolaev region;
After the strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the
 56th motorized infantry brigade of the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine lost its combat capability, up to 70% of 
the personnel were destroyed in its units;
The Russian Armed Forces destroyed the Gepard
 combat vehicle supplied by Germany in the 
Nikolaev region;
Russian air defense systems destroyed nine Ukrainian
 UAVs and two Tochka-U missiles, intercepted seven 
HIMARS MLRS shells and four Smerch MLRS shells.
10:09am VKS of the Russian Federation shot 
down three Ukrainian aircraft in the sky 
over the Nikolaev region – Ministry 
of Defense R
8:55am AFU again tried to shell the bridge across 
the Dnieper near Kherson, no new damage 
– authorities
7:01am Plans for the evacuation of Energodar residents
 in the event of an emergency at the Zaporozhye NPP
 exist, they are being specified depending on the 
situation, said the head of the military-civilian
 administration of the city, Alexander Volga.
3:16am The Ministry of Defense of the Russian
 Federation, showed how the calculations of 
the Grad MLRS work during the special 
operation in Ukraine.
1:01am The Armed Forces of Ukraine daily fire from
large-caliber artillery and MLRS “Hurricane”
 residential areas of the city of Energodar 
- where the Zaporozhye nuclear power 
plant is located, said the head of the 
military-civilian administration 
of the city, Alexander Volga.
Augustt 9th, at 11:15pm Consequences of 
the uncontrolled distribution of weapons: 
shooting is heard in some areas of Kyiv.
According to residents of the city, the shooting 
was carried out by militants of the territorial 
defense “in the fight against the invaders.”

“Geography --- is changing”: 
expert announces Russia’s
 intention --- to get access 
to Transnistria
August 10th, 10:15am
The geography of the special military operation
deployed by the Kremlin on the territory of 
Ukraine, to force the latter to peace, 
is expanding.
The RF Armed Forces must reach the borders of 
Transnistria --- after the unconditional liberation
of the Nikolaev and Odessa regions -- said
Vladimir Dzhabarov, 1st Deputy Chair of 
the International Affairs Committee 
ofthe Federation Council of the 
Russian Federation.
The senator shared his opinion on the air of Radio
 Sputnik. According to the PolitNavigator edition, 
he does not see any point in conducting any 
negotiations with Kyiv today.
“I don’t see what Ukraine can negotiate now, what 
to talk about? I think that there should be only 
one theme – Ukraine should agree to the 
conditions that we proposed. This is 
unconditional surrender, because
 I see no other option,” the 
politician said.
Those regions that can remain under the control of
 official Kyiv will not bring anything good to Russia
 in the future: the current Ukrainian regime - must 
be completely removed, Dzhabarov...
is convinced.
“Any part of the territory that remains under the control 
of Zelensky will again turn into a springboard for anti-
Russia, there is no doubt about it, even the smallest
 one. Now, this is my personal point of view....  of 
course, it is necessary to shift the regime that 
rules in Kyiv. It fully showed the impossibility 
of governing the country, absolute illiteracy, 
and cruelty.”
Due to the reasons described above, the geography of 
the special operation has changed, the speaker noted: 
one of the fundamental tasks of the Russian troops
 today, is to reach Transnistria.
“I think that, both the Nikolaev region and the Odessa
region - we must reach the borders with Transnistria
so that tomorrow, it will not be held hostage either.
 Russia should have direct access to Transnistria, 
where our peacekeepers are stationed.”
At the same time, the population of both the Odessa
 and Nikolaev regions, is very much looking forward
 to the arrival of Russia, the senator has no doubts.
“I think that these regions that I have named, and a
 number of others that I cannot name yet, I think 
that the way we are now operating --- in 
Zaporozhye and Kherson, it is clear 
that the people are waiting for
 liberators,” he said.
As the head of the Union of Political Emigrants and
 Political Prisoners of Ukraine, Larisa Shesler put it 
earlier, Nikolaev region is the most pro-Russian
 territory, in the entire South-Eastern part: a 
significant number of civilians expect the 
Russian army to denazify the region as 
soon as possible, and also dream 
of, further, joining the Russian 
 The expert noted, that Nikolaev still recalls with
 nostalgia how, under Russia, shipbuilding and 
industry were actively developing there – now
 the former largest shipyard of the USSR - 
where there is an acute shortage of 
water and unemployment blooms 
“violently” - is forced to “plow” 
only for the export of 
Ukrainian grains.

US Confirms Supplying Ukraine 
with Previously-Undisclosed 
August 10th, 8:48am
(al Manar)
The US military, has confirmed the delivery of
anti-radar missiles to Ukraine in a bid to
the targeting of Russian radar
systems, by 
Ukrainian warplanes.
The US Defense Department’s Undersecretary for 
Policy, Colin Kahl, declared... at a press briefing
Monday ---- that the Pentagon had shipped
number” of the missiles to Ukraine ----
elaborating on how many and
when, they 
had been sent, CNN
reported Tuesday, 
adding that
did not -- explicitly --
state what type of anti-
radiation missiles...
been shipped.
Citing a military official, however, the US-based news 
broadcaster, identified the type of the missile sent
as “the AGM-88 High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile
(HARM),” marking the first time the Pentagon
has acknowledged sending the previously 
undisclosed missile to Ukraine.
The senior Pentagon official disclosed that the US had
 also helped Kiev, with the delivery of spare parts for
 Russian Mig-29 warplanes to keep Ukraine’s Soviet
-era fighter jets flying. Kahl then mentioned the
 missiles, saying they “can have effects on 
Russian radars - and other things.”
The missiles, the report added, can be used to target
 Russian anti-aircraft radar systems — such as the 
S-400 — which have made it very difficult for the
 Ukrainian Air Force to operate over large 
swathes of the country’s airspace. 
The missiles can also target Russian counter-battery
 radars, which are used to target Ukrainian artillery.
Kahl further pointed out that the missiles had been
 shipped over... “in recent [Presidential Drawdown
 Authority] packages,” but the five most recent 
packages, dating to July 1st, make no 
mention of HARMs.
“In the near term, we’ve been doing lots of things to
make Ukraine’s existing Air Force stay in the air 
and be more capable,” he said.
Ukrainian officials, however, have not publicly 
acknowledged receiving or using the HARMs.
In recent days, CNN noted, “open source reports have
 shown the remains of what appear to be the fin of a
 HARM missile that targeted a Russian position 
in Ukraine.”
Made by major US weapons maker Raytheon, HARMs
have a range in excess of 30 miles, according to 
the US Air Force, making them one of the longer
-range missiles the US has provided to Ukraine.
Kahl unveiled the shipment of the missiles to Ukraine in
 a briefing about Washington’s latest $1-billion weapons
 package for Kiev, the largest package of US weapons 
to date.
With the latest package, the US has committed to
 sending Ukraine a total of $9.1 billion in military
 assistance --- since the outset of Russia’s 
“special military operation” in Ukraine 
in late February.
The package was focused on supplying ammunition 
for some of the key weapon systems the US has so
 far shipped to Ukraine. It includes a High-Mobility
 Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), which the 
Ukrainian military has used to target what 
the US media describe, as Russian 
command posts, and ammunition 
depots, plus more... as well as 
M777 howitzers, which have 
been a critical part of the 
battles in the Donbass 
region of eastern 
The development came amid US press reports that
 Washington is planning to ship to Ukraine an 
additional $5.5 billion in military aid, as it 
ramps up support for Kiev in its war 
with Russia.
Citing the US Agency for International Development 
(USAID), US media outlets reported on Monday that 
$4.5 billion... had been allocated to budgetary 
support and $1 billion in military assistance
 ...to help Kiev come to grips with the 
financial problems resulting from 
its conflict with Russia.
The $4.5 -billion budgetary grant will provide Kiev with
the financial resources needed... to cover payments 
for pensions, social welfare, and healthcare costs.
The fiscal aid to Ukraine, coordinated with the US
 Treasury Department through the World Bank, 
will go to the Kiev government, in tranches, 
beginning with a $3-billion disbursement 
in August, USAID said.
 It follows previous transfers of $1.7 billion
 in July, and $1.3 billion in June, it added.
The Pentagon official also claimed during his press 
briefing on Monday, that Russia had suffered
 approximately 70,000-80,000 casualties
 — including killed and wounded in 
action — so far in the conflict.
“That number might be a little lower, little higher, but 
I think that’s kind of in the ballpark,” Kahl added, 
further claiming...... that Russia had also lost 
between 3,000 to 4,000 armoured vehicles.
Source: Agencies (edited by 
Al-Manar English Website)

IRGC to Support Palestine 
Constantly:-- General
August 10th, 8:29am
(al Manar)
A deputy commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards
Corps --- pledged that the IRGC will continue to give
 Palestinians a helping hand, uninterruptedly.
IRGC Deputy Commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi gave
 an address to a demonstration, held in Tehran, on
 Tuesday, to express support for the Palestinians
--- and denounce the Israeli regime’s latest 
military strikes on the Gaza Strip.
The general pointed to the Leader of the Islamic
Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei’s
emphasis on 
supporting Palestine, and the
assistance, that 
late Iranian commander
Lt. General Qassem 
Suleimani provided
for Palestinians, saying, 
“This process,
is permanent. The Islamic 
(Guards) Corps --- will steadily 
support them (Palestinians),
and this
 is our duty.”
He also stated that the “Zionist regime’s evils”
a stupid measure, by attacking Gaza,
and, once 
again, suffered a defeat.
The Israeli regime and the Palestinian Islamic 
Jihad declared a truce after three days of 
Israeli bombardment in Gaza killed at 
least 44 Palestinians, including 
15 children.
‘Israel’ - on Friday - launched its heavy bombardment of
 Gaza, flattening buildings and striking refugee camps
 across the territory. The Israeli military said it has
 been targeting members of the Islamic Jihad, 
including the group’s senior commanders, 
but, according to Palestinian officials, 
almost half of the 44 people who 
died, have been civilians.
At least 350 Palestinian civilians were also wounded.
Islamic Jihad responded by firing hundreds of rockets 
into Israel. The Zionist regime’s emergency services 
said three people in Israel... were wounded by 
shrapnel, while 31 others were lightly hurt.
The fighting was the worst in Gaza, since an 11-day 
war, last year, that killed at least 250 people in
 impoverished coastal enclave, and about
13 people in occupied Palestine.
Source: Agencies (editted by 
Al-Manar English Website)

Taiwanese authorities --- undermine 
prospects for peaceful reunification
-- Beijing says
August 10th, 8:10am (TASS)
The actions of Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive
 Party (DPP), have undermined the prospects for a
 peaceful reunification, according to a white 
paper titled:  The Taiwan Question and 
China's Reunification in the New Era, 
which was published by China’s 
Taiwan Affairs Office, of the 
State Council and the State
Council Information Office 
...on Wednesday.
"The actions of the DPP authorities have resulted in
 tension in cross-Straits relations, endangering 
peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, and
 undermining the prospects and restricting 
the space for peaceful reunification.'' 
''These are obstacles that must be removed 
- in advancing the process of peaceful
reunification," the document reads.
According to the white paper, external forces "have 
encouraged and instigated provocative actions, by 
the separatist forces; these have intensified cross
-Strait tension and confrontation and undermined
 peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region." 
"This runs counter to the underlying global trends of
 peace, development and win-win cooperation, and
 goes against the wishes of the international
community, and the aspiration of all 
peoples," the document added.
China launched large-scale drills involving live firing 
in six areas around Taiwan, the next day after the 
US House of Representatives Speaker, Nancy 
Pelosi’s, visit to Taipei.
Taiwan has been governed by its local administration 
since 1949 when the remaining Kuomintang forces 
led by Chiang Kai-shek (1887-1975) -- fled to the 
island, after suffering a defeat in China’s civil 
war. Since then, Taiwan has preserved the 
flag, and some other symbols of the 
Republic of China that had existed
in mainland China, before the 
Communists came to power. 

Beijing regards the island,
as one of its provinces.


 Report: Saudi Arabia investing
 aggressively in Israeli cyber 
espionage companies
August 10th, 7:36am
A report reveals that Saudi Arabian authorities are
 investing hugely in Israeli companies, that 
specialize in developing cyber espionage
 tools, in a move that could help Riyadh 
hunt down their dissidents, and the
opponents of the Crown Prince, 
Mohammed bin Salman (MbS).
The opposition Saudi Leaks website, citing informed
 sources who asked not to be named, reported that
 Saudi officials --- have signed contracts with the 
Israeli firms, which include spending millions 
of dollars annually, in order to acquire the 
most sophisticated cyber espionage 
and surveillance technologies.
The sources said the growing clandestine relations
 between Saudis and Israeli cyber espionage
 companies are meant to prepare the way 
for the implementation of the so-called 
CyberIC plan, which is claimed to be 
aimed at protecting the kingdom's 
cybersecurity sector.
The launch of the plan was announced by Saudi
 Arabia’s National Cybersecurity Authority  
(NCA) earlier this week. 
The security entity -- which is directly linked to the 
king's office, said in a statement that the program 
aims to develop and build national capabilities in 
the field of cybersecurity, localize cybersecurity
 technology and training content and stimulate
 the wider domestic cybersecurity sector.
Last month, Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz reported
 that an Israeli company had sold cyber-espionage 
tech to Saudi Arabia, enabling the kingdom to 
track down political dissidents and pro-
democracy campaigners and tap 
their communications.
 The Israeli newspaper, citing sources and documents,
 reported on June 8th, that Quadream, led by a former 
Israeli military intelligence official, had been selling
 its services to Saudi Arabia, for years.
The report said the company uses a front in Cyprus 
to sell its Reign spyware, which apparently 
extracts data from iPhones, remotely 
controls the camera, eavesdrops 
and tracks locations of the 
device users... without 
their knowledge.
Such sensitive technology, it said, can be exported 
under the supervision of Israeli military experts.
The newspaper - citing a source - said the buyers 
include countries that are considered oppressive 
by the international community, including Saudi 
Arabia. Quadream has been working with 
Riyadh, since 2019.
Back in early December 2018, the Washington Post
 newspaper reported that Tel Aviv was directly 
involved in the sale of sophisticated spyware 
to Saudi Arabia to help the kingdom purge 
and assassinate dissidents.
The Post said Israel’s ministry of military affairs had
 authorized the NSO Group to sell Pegasus, a patch 
of highly complicated software used for hacking 
and espionage, to the Saudi kingdom.
The report said the sale was carried out through a 
subsidiary of the NSO in Luxembourg. The firm,
 officially known, as Q Cyber Technologies, 
enabled Riyadh to target individuals and 
entities in 6 Middle Eastern countries.
Saudi Arabia has expanded its secret ties to Israel 
under bin Salman. The kingdom’s de facto ruler 
has made it clear --- that he and the Israelis 
stand on the same front, to counter Iran 
in the Middle East.

Kiev troops - shell Energodar - 
housing Europe’s biggest NPP 
- on daily basis — official
August 10th, 1:38am (TASS)
 Every day - Ukraine’s heavy artillery and multiple
 launch rocket systems shell residential districts 
of Energodar, a city in the Zaporozhye Region
 housing Europe’s largest nuclear power 
plant - a city administration official
 has told TASS.
"The situation in the city is under control, but daily
 shelling attacks on the residential districts of
 Energodar, and the nearby settlements, are 
causing concern. The shelling attacks are 
conducted on a daily basis, and involve 
large-calibre artillery and the Uragan 
multiple launch rocket systems," 
the Head of Energodar Military-
Civilian Administration,
Alexander Volga said.
"The August 9th attack on rthe esidential areas of the
Dneprovka settlement, in which rocket projectiles 
and prohibited Lepestok munitions were used,
particularly alarming," he continued.
According to the official, seven civilians were injured - 
and two later succumbed to their injuries - in attacks
carried out by the Ukrainian military...  in the past
 week alone.
Mine clearance efforts are under way in the city. The
city’s emergencies services - are doing their utmost 
to repair civilian infrastructure and social facilities
damaged by the pro-Kiev forces, he said.
By now, the Kiev government has lost control of over
70% of the Zaporozhye Region.  A peaceful life... is
gradually returning to the region, that is getting
gradually integrated... into Russia’s legal and 
economic space, while the local authorities 
have announced their intention to join 
Russia - and to hold a referendum
this issue, in September. 
The Kiev regime, is attempting to disrupt the
 recovery and is bombarding civilian
facilities, in 
populated areas.

Criticizing Extremism in Ukraine 
Will Put Journalists' Names 
on Kill List
August 10th, 1:01am (FNA)
The level of public shaming, and gaslighting of experts,
academics and journalists in the media, is so intense
---- that there are virtually no western politicians
courageous enough, to publicly disagree with
the warmongering and hype, not 
to mention
the fact that -- right at the 
beginning of the
war all Russian 
media were banned in the
West -- 
by the western champions of 
liberal democracy and free speech
-- lest the so-called 
wrong facts --
transmitted to the western
- and mess up NATO's
- for a long, attritional 
war ---------- with Russia. 


Ukrainian nationalists shelling 
settlements from territory
hospital in DPR
August 9th, 9:51pm (TASS) 
Militants of Ukrainian nationalist battalions deployed
 artillery and multiple rocket launch systems on the
 territory of a hospital in the city of Zaliznoye in the 
Donetsk People’s Republic, to shell neighboring
 settlements, Mikhail Mizintsev, the HQ head 
and chief of Russia’s National Defense 
Management Centre, said on Tuesday.
"Militants of nationalist battalions, deployed artillery
and multiple rocket launch systems on the territory 
of a hospital, in Zaliznoye, in the Donetsk People’s
 Republic, and are using them to systematically 
shell neighboring settlements," he said.
According to Mizintsev, who also heads the Russian
 Joint Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian
 Response in Ukraine, the nationalists do not let 
the people living in nearby houses, leave their 
apartments. "All their attempts to get 
evacuated to safer places... are 
thwarted," he added.
Over 24,000 people evacuated 
from Ukraine, DPR, LPR -
 to Russia - in past day
August 9th, 9:44pm (TASS) 
More than 24,000 people, including more than 5,000
children, were evacuated from dangerous regions in
Ukraine and from the Lugansk & Donetsk People’s 
Republics, to Russia, during the day, Mikhail 
Mizintsev, chief of Russia’s National 
Defense Management Centre, 
said on Tuesday.
"Despite the difficulties and obstacles being created by 
the Kiev regime, during the day as many as 24,468 
people, including 5,222 children, were evacuated
from dangerous zones in various Ukrainian 
regions, and from the Lugansk & Donetsk
People’s Republics, to 
Russia, without
the participation 
of the Ukrainian
he said.
 "Since the beginning of the special military operation, 
as many as 3,231,217 people, including 512,538
 children, have been evacuated."
According to Mizintsev, who also heads the Russian
 Joint Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian 
Response in Ukraine, 3,548 private cars crossed
 the Russian border in the past day and 539,345 
since the beginning of the operation.
He also said that ''more than 20 evacuation requests
 came during the day, from people in Ukraine who 
want to be evacuated to Russia, the Donetsk 
and Lugansk People’s Republics, or Russia
-controlled territories in Ukraine."
Apart from that, in his words, more than 9,500
 temporary accommodation centres, continue 
to operate in the Russian regions. Efforts are 
being taken to help the refugees find jobs,
 receive social allowances, and 
medical assistance.
Russia’s UN envoy says 
West directly helps to 
train nationalist units 
in Ukraine
August 9th, 9:41pm (TASS)
Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation 
to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, on Tuesday, said the 
West directly helps to train nationalist units
 in Ukraine.
He made the comments at a news conference by the
 UN Security Council that was dedicated to a report 
by the UN Secretary General on the threat to global
 peace and security from the Islamic State terrorist
 group (banned in Russia.)
"Ukraine is on a par with Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan.
 Ukraine receives a huge amount of Western weapons,
 ammunition and dual-use goods," he said. 
The diplomat said "the flow of Western weapons into
 Iraq and the use of terrorists for geopolitical 
purposes" caused the emergence of the IS.
"Because of the shipments to Libya, the threat of
 terrorism has spread across much of Africa. In 
Syria, in order to overthrow the legitimate 
government, the West supported and 
armed, ideologically motivated 
terrorists, assigning them the 
title of ‘moderate fighters for
 freedom,’" Nebenzya said.
"And while in the Middle East, North Africa, and
 Afghanistan, the US and its satellites fed the
 opposition forces, which quickly either 
turned into terrorists themselves, or 
began to maintain close ties with 
terrorists, in Ukraine, there is
direct support and training, 
of nationalist and neo-Nazi 
formations," the diplomat 
went on to say. 
He said "neo-Nazis & white supremacists are using 
Ukraine as a fighting laboratory," similar to how
"terrorists have exploited conflicts in 
Afghanistan, the Balkans, Libya, 
Iraq, and Syria, exchanging 
tactics and strengthening
transnational networks."
"And Western states, no longer shy, are helping this 
in every possible way," he said, adding that "some 
of the mercenaries, neo-Nazis, extremists, and
supporters of the idea of white supremacy 
that flooded Ukraine - from all over the 
Western world - if they survive - will 
gain combat experience and return 
to their countries of origin, or third 
countries - just as happened with 
the foreign terrorist fighters
fought for ISIS."

Senior UN official says terrorists 
try to use situation in Ukraine
 for attacks in Europe
August 9th, 7:19pm (TASS)
Vladimir Voronkov, the UN Undersecretary General, on
 Tuesday, said terrorists from the Islamic State group
 (banned in Russia) are calling on their supporters to
 carry out attacks in Europe, taking advantage of 
the situation in Ukraine and a relaxation of 
pandemic-related restrictions.
He made the comments at a meeting 
of the UN Security Council.
"While an active presence [of extremists] and their 
activities are observed mainly in societies 
affected by violent conflict, IS and their
associated terrorists, also seek to 
instigate attacks in non-conflict 
areas, in order to sow fear
project power," the
diplomat said. 
"In Europe, IS has called on supporters to carry out 
attacks, taking advantage of the easing of anti-
COVID restrictions and the conflict
 in Ukraine".

Due to colossal losses, 
mercenaries no longer 
want to fight on 
Ukraine’s side
August 9th, 7pm
Poland ranks first in the number of dead mercenaries
on the territory of Ukraine, since the start of the
military special operation. Thus, 634 
militants were killed.
The USA (241) and Canada (213) are in second place. 
This is according to a summary table published by 
the Russian Defence Ministry, on Tuesday.
“A total of 1,837 Polish fighters have arrived there since
 February 24th, of whom, 643 have been killed, another
 493 have left the war zone, and 701 have remained,
 to fight,” the research says.
According to the Russian Defense Ministry, 565 US
 citizens arrived to fight on Kiev’s side --- of whom 
241 were killed, 243 escaped and 81 remained 
in the fighting zone, as of August the 5th. 
Among the 608 Canadian citizens arriving in the war 
zone, 190 mercenaries remained in the ranks, 213
 were killed and 205 escaped.
Fourth place in the Russian agency’s summary table 
is Georgia with 195 killed mercenaries, followed by
 Romania and Great Britain, which lost 156 and
 141 fighters, respectively.

US troops withdrawal from Syria 
to lead to elimination of terrorist
 presence — diplomat
August 9th, 6:38pm (TASS)
The withdrawal of US troops from Syria will facilitate
the swift elimination of all the remaining terrorist
 presence in that country, Russia's Permanent 
Representative to the United Nations,
Nebenzya, said on Tuesday.
"It is necessary to completely exterminate the
 remaining nests of international terrorism in 
Syria and to do away with the presence of 
Islamic State (the terrorist organization 
outlawed in Russia - TASS) and other 
groups in Syria," he said, at a 
meeting of the UN Security
 Council, on threats to 
international peace 
and security from 
"Now.. they are sheltered on territories that 
aren't controlled by the Syrian government."
According to the Russian diplomat, during a patrol
mission over Syria, on August 4th, Russia’s air 
taskforce neutralized a group of Liwa 
Shuhada al-Qaryatayn terrorists. 
"This terrorist group is based in al-Tanf, which is 
controlled by US troops," he said. "The with-
drawal of US occupational forces from the 
Syrian territory, would mean a swift and 
inevitable elimination of the terrorist 
presence.. in this much-suffering 
country, and of the terrorist 
networks, in neighboring 

The number of victims due to 
explosions at the airfield in
the Crimea increased to 7
by Ksenia Maksimova
August 9th, 6:14pm
The Ministry of Health of the Crimea reported about
 seven victims as a result of the explosions at the 
airfield in Novofedorovka in the Saki district.
"As of 20:00, as a result of the incident in the urban-
type settlement of Novofedorovka, Saki district, 
7 people were injured, including two minors. 
The nature of the injuries is shrapnel 
wounds," the ministry said, in a 
statement on the VKontakte 
social network.
Six victims were sent home after being treated, while
 another remains in hospital at the Saki regional
 hospital. His condition in the Ministry of 
Health was assessed as moderate 
severity, stable.
Earlier it was reported about six 
victims. One civilian was killed.
By the data of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian
Federation, at the airfield there was a detonation 
of aviation ammunition. The main reason for
the incident, is a violation of the fire 
safety requirements.

The authorities of Kherson declared that 
they will attach the territories of the 
Mykolaiv region taken under control
by Ksenia Maksimova
August 9th, 6:11pm
Deputy Head of the administration of Kherson
region, Ekaterina Gubareva, said that the 
territories of the Mykolaiv region which 
are out of the control of Kiev, are 
planned to be annexed to
 the Kherson region,
 reports TASS.
"We discuss the liberated territories a lot, so that TV
channels can be broadcast in these territories, 
whether we will pay social payments there," 
she said.
According to Gubareva, the broadcasting of TV
channels and mobile communications, and the
payment of benefits, are planned in these 
territories. The relevant decrees are 
currently being prepared.

The fire at the emergency site 
at the airfield in the Crimea
 is localized
August 9th, 5:45pm
The fire that broke out after the detonation of
 ammunition at the Saki airfield in the Crimea 
has been localized. This was announced by 
the head of the region, Sergey Aksenov,
 August the 9th.
"The fire was localized, by joint efforts of the Ministry 
of Defense and the Ministry of Emergency Situations 
of the Republic of Crimea and the Federal Ministry 
of Emergency Situations," the head of the 
peninsula said on Solovyov Live.
The explosions on the territory of the Saki airfield
 became known earlier in the day. According to 
the Russian Defense Ministry.. there was no 
shelling, and several aircraft's ammunition 
detonated at the collapsed storage area.
Later it became known that, as a result of the explosion, 
six people were injured. One child... is among them. 
Four were treated on an outpatient basis as part 
of the primary surgical treatment of wounds... 
due to cuts from glass fragments, while the
 fifth was sent to the operating room.
Sergey Aksenov reported that one person was killed. 
About 30 citizens were evacuated. They will be
 resettled in boarding houses and hotels.
Aksenov announced the strengthening of all 
necessary measures to ensure the safety of
 infrastructure facilities and the population.
According to him, measures have been taken 
to set up a perimeter cordon in the 
5-kilometre zone: fences, traffic 
police crews and foot patrols,
 in order to exclude injuries 
to local residents.

Fake: Novofyodorovka was hit
 by HIMARS missiles. This 
was reported by Russian 
and Ukrainian telegram 
August 9th, 3:25pm
Truth: The initial data turned out to be incorrect,
 there was no missile attack on the military 
airfield in the Saky region.
A number of local residents reported that they did 
not hear the sounds of the arrival of rockets, and 
also did not see aircraft in the sky.
According to the Ministry of Defense, several aircraft
 munitions detonated. No one was injured in the
 explosion. Aviation equipment at the airport 
was not damaged. Measures are being 
taken to extinguish the fire and find 
out the causes of the explosion.
This version is confirmed by the fact that the locals 
heard several explosions – it was the detonation 
of ammunition.
The head of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, said that first of
 all, measures were taken to set up a cordon perimeter
 in a five-kilometre zone. The Ministry of Emergency
 Situations monitors fires.

 Tens of thousands attend funeral  of senior resistance commader in Nablus August 9th, 2:32pm (PressTV)  Tens of thousands of Palestinians march throughout  the city of Nablus in the north of the Israeli- occupied West Bank, mourning  the martyrdom of a s

Tens of thousands attend funeral 
of senior resistance commader
in Nablus
August 9th, 2:32pm
Tens of thousands of Palestinians march throughout
 the city of Nablus in the north of the Israeli-
occupied West Bank, in mourning over
the martyrdom of their senior 
resistance commander.
The funeral procession was held on Tuesday for
 Ibrahim al-Nabulsi...  identified as one of the
 commanders of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, 
which is a coalition of West Bank-based 
Palestinian armed groups.
Nablusi and another Palestinian, named by the 
Palestinian Authority’s health ministry, as 
Islam Sabbouh, were martyred earlier in
 the day after the Israeli forces raided
 house in Nablus, destroying the 
structure with shoulder-
fired missiles.
Clashes with the Israeli army also broke out in 
other parts of the city, as Palestinians hurled 
stones at the troops.
A third Palestinian, identified as 16-year-old 
Hussein Taha, was martyred in a firefight 
that ensued --- after the Israeli raid.
Jamal Taha said his son was killed while they were
 walking to work. "The [Israeli] army was in the old 
city. My son went ahead of me to the market, he 
was carrying his food. There was shooting and 
four of us were injured," he told AFP.
The Israeli military has killed three Palestinians and
 injured more than forty others during an incursion
 into the northern occupied West Bank city of 
Nablus. As many as 69 others were also 
injured during the Israeli-
triggered violence.
Several Palestinian groups pledged solidarity with 
their fellow Palestinians in Nablus, following the
Israeli bloodshed.
Hazem Qassem, a spokesman for the Gaza Strip-based
Palestinian resistance movement, of Hamas, saluted
the ''Nablus’ martyrs,'' praising their heroic struggle 
--- in the face of the Zionist enemy’s army.
The West Bank-headquartered Palestinian Fatah
movement, also called for a national day of 
mourning throughout the Palestinian 
territories as well as a nationwide 
strike --- in reaction to the 
Palestinian groups have all vowed solidarity -- 
after the extreme Israeli bloodshed in Nablus.

Crimean official says reports 
about emergency regime 
in Crimea are fakes
August 9th, 3:07pm (TASS)
A Crimean official has slammed reported about
an emergency situation regime on the 
peninsula, as a fake.
"Please stop spreading Ukrainian fakes. We rely only on 
official information. No emergency situation regime has 
been imposed," Oleg Kryuchkov, an adviser to Crimea’s 
head, wrote on his Telegram channel.
Earlier, Ukrainian media published a document
allegedly signed by Crimea’s head, Sergey 
Aksyonov, on imposing an emergency 
situation on the peninsula for a 
term of 60 days.
The Russian defense ministry told journalists, that
several aviation bombs exploded on the territory 
of the Saki airdrome, near Novofedorovka,
in Crimea. According to the ministry, 
no one was hurt and no damage 
was done to aircraft.


Blast occurs at airdrome
Crimea — local authorities
August 9th, 2:44pm (TASS)
 A blast has rocked an airdrome, in Crimea’s Saki 
district, Viktoria Kazmirova, deputy head of the
 local administration, told TASS on Tuesday.
"We have blasts at the airdrome. 
All the windows are broken," 
she said.
Adviser to Crimea’s head, Oleg Kryuchkov, has
 confirmed reports about the explosions. "So
 far, I can only confirm that several blasts 
occurred near Novofedorovka," he wrote 
on his Telegram channel and asked to 
refrain from speculating about the 
'accident', until official reports 
are issued.
The Saki military airdrome near Novofedorovka is used
 by the Russian defense ministry, including for naval
 aircraft. Apart from it, the airdrome has a ground-
based testing and training system NITKA, one of
 Russia’s two such simulators to drill the skills 
of takeoff and landing of ship-based aircraft.
 Its size is equivalent to the flight deck of 
the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier.

UN Human Rights Office on 
Israeli Aggression on Gaza: 
Accountability is Key:---- to 
Preventing a Recurrence
August 9th, 2:23pm (FNA)
Reacting to the large death and injury toll, mainly 
among children, and the heavy destruction 
caused by three days of Israeli airstrikes 
on the besieged Gaza Strip that started 
on Friday, the UN Human Rights Office
in the occupied Palestinian territory 
said it deplores the civilian 
casualties and damage to 
civilian objects, stressing 
that accountability is key 
to preventing recurrence
of the aggression.
The Human Rights Office said, in a statement, it has
 verified that ....among the 46 Palestinians killed in 
the latest escalation in the Gaza Strip, including 
16 children and four women, and that of the 
360 Palestinians reported injured, nearly 
two-thirds are civilians, including 151 
children, 58 women and 19 older 
 In a number of incidents, children were the majority 
of casualties, it said, WAFA news agency reported.
''These casualty numbers and significant damage 
to civilian objects and facilities reported by
 humanitarian partners, raise a grave 
concern with regard to respect for
 the international humanitarian 
law principles of distinction, 
proportionality and
''A number of Israeli strikes hit prima facie civilian
 objects, causing civilian casualties and damage 
to civilian objects. International humanitarian 
law prohibits attacks which may incidentally 
kill or injure civilians, or damage civilian 
objects, in a disproportionate manner 
to the concrete and direct military 
advantage anticipated,” said the
 Human Rights Office.
It called for ''prompt, independent, impartial, thorough
and transparent investigations to be conducted into 
all incidents where civilians were killed or injured,”
stressing,An almost total lack of accountability
persists --- for violations of international 
humanitarian law, by all parties in 
previous escalations --- and for 
recurring and ongoing Israeli 
violations. --- of the law of 
occupation, across the 
occupied Palestinian 
''This is one of the drivers of repeated escalations
in hostilities ----- and encourages the recurrence 
of violations”.
The Human Rights Office added, ''Despite the easing... 
of Israeli restrictions on the entry of critical goods of
fuel, humanitarian personnel & exits of patients, the
new emergency needs ----- resulting from this most 
recent escalation --- come on top of the extremely
high humanitarian needs of Gaza’s population,
resulting from the 15 years of blockades and 
closures ----  plus the devastating escalation 
just over one year ago. The United Nations 
Human Rights Office ------ calls on Israel to 
address the ongoing drivers of violations, 
including the blockade, which, the UN 
Human Rights Committee affirmed -- 
constitutes collective punishment 
of the entire civilian population 
of Gaza”.

Israeli Massive Invasion of 
Nablus --- Claims Fatah 
Commander, Two 
Other Martyrs
August 9th, 11:49am
(al Manar)
Three Palestinians were killed Tuesday and over
 40 wounded, some critical, during an Israeli 
occupation army incursion --- into the 
northern West Bank city of Nablus, 
according to medical sources.
The invasion, which was described as the most
 immense since 17 years --- was confronted by 
around 300 Palestinian resistance fighters, 
according to media reports.
The Ministry of Health said three Palestinians who were
 brought to hospital in very critical condition, have died 
of their wounds, adding that 40 people were wounded
 by live bullets, some of them are in critical condition.
It identified the dead as Ibrahim Nabulsi, Islam
 Sabbouh, and Hussein Jamal Taha. Nabulsi, is
 Fatah Movement’s senior military commander 
who was responsible for dozens of armed 
attacks on the Israeli occupation forces, 
according to the Zionist media.
The injuries occurred during clashes that broke out
 when a large Israeli military unit raided the old 
city of Nablus and surrounded a building, 
which the occupation army later 
destroyed, after firing missiles 
at it, wounding or killing 
all those inside.
Source: Al-Manar English Website
S. Nasrallah Warns ‘Israel’ 
--- against Miscalculation: 
We’ve Reached End of Line, 
Ready for All Options
August 9th, 11:49am
(al Manar)
Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah 
warned the Zionist entity against any miscalculation 
towards Lebanon, stressing that Hezbollah has 
reached “the end of the line” regarding the 
issue of gas and its maritime border.
Addressing mourners in Beirut’s southern suburb 
(Dahiyeh) on Ashura Day, Sayyed Nasrallah 
affirmed that the Lebanese resistance 
group is fully ready to confront all 
options --- in response to Israeli 
threats and in a clear message
 that Hezbollah is prepared 
for war.
Sayyed Nasrallah hailed what he called the legendry 
steadfastness of Gaza’s people and resistance in 
the face of Israeli aggression, voicing a full 
commitment to Palestine, as the central 
cause of the nation.
His eminence also voiced sympathy and support to 
Nigeria’s Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky and the people 
of Bahrain, Yemen and Syria.
Sayyed Nasrallah also warned Iraqis
 against foreign schemes.
Ashura and Nigeria
Sayyed Nasrallah started his speech by offering
 condolences for Imam Mahdi (a.j.), the lord of
 the age, and all Muslims over the martyrdom 
anniversary of Imam Hussein (a.s.).
Talking via a video link, Sayyed Nasrallah renewed
 allegiance to Imam Hussein, noting that “through
out 40 years, we haven’t abandoned him, and
will never do so.”
He voiced sympathy with Nigeria Shia cleric Sheikh 
Ibrahim Zakzaky, who has been for years 
subjected to repeated crackdowns 
by Nigerian authorities.
“Ashura is the day when we shall voice support to all 
those who are oppressed. We voice sympathy with
 Sheikh Zakzaky, along with his supporters.”
Palestine and Bahrain
The Hezbollah S.G. then stressed that Palestine is the
 central cause of the nation, praising those who were
 martyred and injured to defend the occupied country.
“Palestine is the central cause. We don’t expect mercy 
from the US, but we address those who claim they are
Arabs. To be Muslims, or Arabs, is to support the
oppressed people.”
“We feel proud of the martyrs and resistance fighters
 over their legendry steadfastness. We renew our 
commitment to this affair.”
Sayyed Nasrallah, meanwhile, slammed the Bahraini
 regime over normalizing ties with the Zionist entity, 
and over attacking Ashura ceremonies across the 
Arab island.
“One of the ugliest parties who normalized ties with
 Israel is the regime in Bahrain who proved that it
 doesn’t tolerate a black flag,” he said referring 
to flags raised during Ashura ceremonies.
“We recall the oppression of people of Bahrain, whose
 rights are stolen by their treacherous rulers who are
 embracing the enemies of this nation.”
Yemen, Iraq and Syria
Sayyed Nasrallah then reiterated the Lebanese
 resistance group’s stance towards Yemen.
“In the day of oppressed (Ashura) we reiterate that we
 stand by the people of Yemen who have been for 
years tirelessly fighting for their dignity and 
confronting tyrants.”
“People of Yemen are real personification of 
Karbala and supporting them is a duty.”
The Hezbollah S.G. also urged Iraqis to solve their
 disagreements, calling on them to foil schemes 
set by the nation’s enemies.
On Syria, Sayyed Nasrallah said the country has
 overcome the universal war launched by many
 international regional sides, but stressed the 
blockade represented by the US Caesar Act.
His eminence also praised Iran, describing the Islamic
 Republic, led by Supreme Leader Imam Sayyed Ali
 Khamenei, as the heart of the Axis of Resistance.
In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah recalled sacrifices 
made by martyrs Qassem Suleimani and Abu Mahdi 
Al-Muhandis who were martyred by a US strike in 
Baghdad in 2020.
In Lebanon, Another Account to Settle
On Lebanon, Sayyed Nasrallah was very clear, as 
he responded to Israeli threats - and warned the
 occupation regime against any miscalculation.
“The Lebanese are the only people who decide their 
fates and make their decisions. Throughout 40
we have confronted all forms of
 including wars, blockades
“We look forward to a free and powerful Lebanon - that is
capable - to defend its dignity and to invest its wealth. 
We look forward to a Lebanon which is capable of
 cutting off any hand that would extend to
 its wealth.”
Meanwhile, his eminence called on Lebanese sides to
 exert joint efforts in a bid to form a government and 
to cope with current crises, urging officials to feel 
the pain of the Lebanese citizens.
On the issue of gas, oil and maritime border, Sayyed
 Nasrallah said Hezbollah will see the responses to 
the Lebanese State’s requests in the coming days.
Addressing resistance supporters, and especially 
resistance fighters, Sayyed Nasrallah said they 
should be ready for all options.
“We are dealing with this battle with the utmost level 
of seriousness. I say to the Israelis and the US
administration: Lebanon will never tolerate 
you stealing its wealth.
“We have reached the end of the line
 and we will keep up on this way.”
On the other hand, Sayyed Nasrallah responded to
 Israeli remarks regarding the “messages” behind 
the last 3-day aggression on Gaza.
“Yes, I was watching the latest developments in Gaza 
and the message was delivered. We have seen 
heroism and steadfastness in Gaza as well as 
the unity of its resistance factions. Gaza 
managed to impose its own equation of 
deterrence. As for Lebanon, there is 
another account to settle.”
In this context, his eminence warned: “any aggression
 on any person on Lebanon won’t go unpunished. We
 remind you that we are the lovers of Imam Hussein
 (a.s.) who once said ‘Humiliation, never!’.”
Source: Al-Manar English Website

Kiev army fires 420 ammunition 
rounds at DPR over 24 hours, 
including HIMARS missiles 
August 9th, 11am (DAN)
 Ukrainian gunmen have shelled the Donetsk People’s 
Republic 81 times over the past 24 hours expending
 420 rounds of ammunition, the Joint Centre for
Control and Coordination (JCCC) reported 
on Tuesday.
The enemy used “Uragan” and “Grad” multiple rocket
 launchers, 155mm, 152mm and 122mm artillery and
 120mm mortars on the Donetsk axis, 155mm, 
152mm and 122mm artillery on the 
Yasinovtaya axis, and “HIMARS”, 
“Uragan” and “Grad” MLRS, 
155mm & 122mm artillery 
and 120mm mortars, on
 Gorlovka axis, the 
JCCC said.
Overall 10 DPR settlements came under fire: Donetsk, 
 Svetlodarsk, Zaitsevo, Golmovsky, Gorlovka, 
Shirokaya Balka, Novobakhmutovka, 
Yasinovataya, Makeyevka 
and Volnovakha.
Earlier reports said that the civilian casualties caused
 by Ukrainian armed formations’ artillery attacks at 
the DPR on August 8th amounted to 21 (4 killed 
and 17 wounded). The figure includes... four 
civilians wounded in DPR liberated areas.
Forty-five houses were damaged in the Petrovsky,
 Kirovsky, Kuibyshevsky, Kievsky and Petrovsky
 districts of Donetsk, Makeyevka’s 
Chervonogvardeisky district, 
Gorlovka, Golmovsky,
Ukrainian strikes also damaged three 
civil infrastructure facilities.
In the previous 24-hour period, the JCCC 
recorded 62 strikes by Ukrainian armed 
formations at the DPR.
Kiev gunmen fire mine-laying
 rocket at Donetsk railway 
station area
August 9th, 10:47am (DAN)
Kiev gunmen have scattered PFM-1 “Lepestok” mines 
next to the railway station... in Donetsk’s Petrovsky 
district, the Donetsk People’s Republic Territorial 
Defense Headquarters said on Tuesday.
 “Ukrainian armed formations have scattered banned 
PFM-1 mines in Donetsk’s Petrovsky district near
 Mandrykino railway station,” the HQ said.
Earlier reports said that Ukrainian gunmen had
 remotely mined Donetsk streets again and 
that a man had been wounded in a 
PFM-1 mine explosion.
Three-year-old child wounded
 in Ukrainian strike at Donetsk 
— update
 August 9th, 10:47am (DAN)
 A child and a woman have been added to the latest 
list of civilian casualties caused by Kiev gunmen’s 
strikes at the Donetsk People’s Republic territory,
 the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination 
(JCCC) said on Tuesday.
“Updated reports have increased the casualty toll: 
a three-year-old boy was wounded in Donetsk’s 
Petrovsky district and a 38-year-old woman 
was wounded... in Makeyevka’s 
Chervonogvardeisky district 
in Ukrainian strikes at the 
DPR, on August 8th,”
JCCC said. 
Thus, the civilian casualties caused by Ukrainian
 armed formations’ artillery attacks at the DPR, 
on August 8th amounted to 21, with four killed 
and 17 wounded. The figure includes four 
civilians wounded in DPR liberated areas.

Pentagon tries to cover up
 US military involvement 
in Ukraine conflict
August 9th, 10:36am
French magazine Causeur, citing military 
sources, reports on the Pentagon’s use 
of a new procedure to hire US military 
“assistants” for Ukraine, in order
hide the mass deaths of its 
citizens in the fighting with 
the Russian Army, as well 
as to avoid accusations - 
of direct involvement by 
the US, in the conflict.
According to a French military source, US military
 forces have been “side by side with the AFU” 
since the first, for the conflict in Ukraine, 
despite all statements by US officials 
against this.
“True, technically it was not the Americans --- but the
 contracted ‘assistants’ who were fulfilling their role. 
This is the first time the Pentagon has used such
 tactics in Ukraine: it hires military specialists 
ready to participate in combat operations in 
this country --- for money,” the magazine’s 
source said.
Caesarus noted that such hired “assistants”... “operate 
on all the battlefields” of the Ukrainian conflict, which
 is why, White House representatives regularly have to
 comment on reports about their deaths or capture, by
 the allied army. It added that despite all the efforts of 
the USA, even such tactics of attracting professional 
military specialists to help the Ukrainian army... did 
not bring real victories to the Kiev regime.
Previously, the US newspaper The New York Times
published a piece about the fact that foreign
mercenaries increasingly refused to take 
part in combat operations in Ukraine, 
due to many difficulties, which, 
according to them, made 
participation in the 
conflict, the most 
difficult thing in 
their lives.

Voice of Mordor: How many 
Western weapons does 
Ukraine need?
August 9th, 10:30am
Adviser to the head of the Office of the President of
 Ukraine, Mikhail Podolyak, gave an interview to 
the German newspaper Tagesspiegel
Well… Not exactly an interview, because he was 
begging for weapons again. More missiles, guns
and armoured vehicles - to go on the offensive.
I can imagine, how the western average man
reads this interview and compares it with 
the news about how much iron the 
collective West has already 
delivered to Ukraine. 
So much, that they have already started to have
problems with armament themselves, because
they had to give it back from their own 
reserves. And what is the use of it?
Yes – Ukraine managed to use some things rather 
effectively, for example – those HIMARS. But 
these are isolated cases which are similar 
to sabotage war, but only at a distance. 
And the Russian troops are already learning how to
 counteract these weapons. So how many such
 systems does Ukraine need to help turn the
 tide of hostilities? The answer is simple –
 no one has that many. It is necessary 
to give them... all the HIMARS that
exist in nature, but even so, the 
effect is not guaranteed.
Besides, westerners themselves write that there are 
serious problems with western advanced high-tech
 weapons. American and German howitzers cannot
 withstand the pace of combat operations and 
simply fail. And they need serious repairs, 
which Ukraine is unable to provide. 
Electronics are flying, barrels are wearing out, 
mechanics are breaking down due to dirt 
and dust. At the same time, Russian 
military equipment -- looks much 
more convincing from this side,
even though many models 
were created under the
 Soviet Union.
The second problem is, where is Ukraine going to get 
soldiers to maintain all this wunderwaffe? After all, 
they have to be well-trained specialists. A couple 
of weeks of training is obviously not enough. 

Because --- besides how to shoot, it is 
necessary --- to learn how to service 
this equipment correctly. And this
 is not less, and maybe, even 
more important.
Is it possible, in conditions of combat operations, to 
train tens of thousands of soldiers in handling the 
new equipment? To teach it well, thoroughly. One
 can answer with a rhetorical question – have 
you ever tried to change your shoes
 on the run?
And I am even now omitting the point I wrote 
about earlier – the quality of these weapons.
And, of course, all these weapons are just weapons. 
Made of steel that bends and breaks when hit by
 shells and missiles. And it’s all subject to 
destruction, too. And a lot of it has 
already been destroyed. This too
 needs to be replaced, and new 
supplies need to be procured.
Many people in Ukraine pray for Lend-Lease. This,
also, sounds loud, but in fact it is not at all like it
 is presented. These weapons... must be given to
 Ukraine by taking them off the armament of its 
own army, or new ones must be produced. And 
this is time and a very decent amount of time.
The very time --- when the Ukrainian troops are 
being methodically mauled by the allied forces.
Who will need this lend-lease if they lose Nikolaev,
 Odessa and Kharkov? I understand... that it is 
somewhat premature to talk about this, but 
events can begin to unfold very quickly, 
it cannot be ruled out.
So how many weapons does Ukraine need?
And when? And the most important 
question is... why, if they won’t 
help anyway.

Voice of Mordor, specially for News Front

Islamic Jihad Threatens to 
Renew Fighting: Report
August 9th, 9:41am
(al Manar)
A day after a ceasefire was reached in Gaza following
a three-day battle, Islamic Jihad resistance group
 reportedly warned on Monday -- it may resume 
fighting, unless the Zionist entity agrees to 
release two of its members, as stipulated 
by the Egypt-brokered ceasefire.
According to a report by Israeli Channel 12 on Monday,
 the Islamic Jihad distributed pamphlets to residents 
of the besieged Palestinian enclave, saying its 
fighters were willing to renew the conflict - 
unless the Zionist entity releases Bassam 
Al-Saadi, the head of the organization’s 
activities in the West Bank, and Khalil
 Awawdeh, who is currently on a 
hunger strike in protest of his 
administrative detention by
 the occupation regime.
The Palestinian resistance group announced on Sunday
 it had agreed to the ceasefire after promises by Egypt
 that the Israeli occupation regime would release 
Al-Saadi and Awawdeh.
“From the very beginning, we insisted that the two
 leaders be freed — the brother on hunger strike, 
and Bassam Al-Saadi,” said Islamic Jihad 
Secretary General Ziad Nakhaleh in an 
interview that aired on Palestine 
Today television network.
Nakhaleh said the Zionist authorities had agreed 
to release Awawdeh and Al-Saadi “with explicit 
Egyptian guarantees.”
Later on Monday, Islamic Jihad senior member 
Mohamamd Al-Hindi said the group is 
questioning Egypt, after Israeli 
officials started to clear the 
occupation regime of its
promises to release 
Al-Saadi and 
Israeli media reported on Tuesday that the occupation
 regime, is refusing demands of their release, with 
Times of Israel reporting that Tel Aviv “is a wider
 opening to negotiate with Hamas, as well as 
Islamic Jihad, in the aftermath of the Gaza 
operation (3-day aggression) to resume 
stalled prisoner exchange talks.”
The Hamas resistance group holds two 
Israelis as well as the bodies of two
 Israeli soldiers.
Source: Israeli media

Russian security forces - 
disarmed saboteurs with
enemy beacons and 
Lepestok mines -
 in Kherson
August 9th, 9:13am
Russian security forces disarmed saboteurs with 
enemy beacons and Lepestok mines in Kherson
RIA Novosti’s source, reports the liquidation in 
Kherson... of a Ukrainian sabotage group that 
was scattering banned anti-personnel mines 
PMF-1 “Lepestok” as well as radio beacons
to guide Ukrainian artillery.
The agency said one of the saboteurs had helped
to detect and detain his wife, who advocated a 
Russian special operation in Ukraine. He said 
that her husband was prompted to sabotage 
activities, by his superiors on the railway
Kherson. She also appealed to the 
Russian military.
“After it became clear, where crumpled plastic bottles
with ‘beacons’ could be scattered, the spotters went 
to mark targets for subsequent Ukrainian strikes,”
she told representatives of the Russian 
security forces.
One of the spotters was reportedly eliminated during
the arrest: he tried to snatch a submachine gun 
from a Russian soldier but “failed in
 hand-to-hand contact”. 
The second man, who was detained, was taken 
to the detention centre in Kherson. During the
communication with the Russian security 
forces... he told about the cache with 
weapons, which - according to him 
- was found in the woods by his 
son... at the abandoned 
positions..... of the 
Ukrainian army.

Reuters: The US will
send Ukraine an 
additional $5.5
 in ''aid''
by Denis Telmanov
August 8th, 11:54pm
The United States will send an additional $5.5 billion 
in aid to Ukraine, of which, $4.5 billion will be used 
to finance the country's urgent budgetary needs, 
including pensions, social security and 
healthcare, plus $1.1 billion for 
military assistance. 
This is reported by Reuters - with reference to
 US Agency for International Development.
The agency notes that the money will flow to the
 government of Ukraine, in tranches, the first of 
which, in the amount of $3 billion, is planned
August. Thus, the total amount of US 
assistance to Ukraine ---- since the 
beginning of the Russian special
operation, will amount
to $8.5 billion.
The military aid package, includes up to 50 
M113 armoured medical vehicles, as well 
as the ammunition, for the US-supplied 
HIMARS long-range missile launchers
---- plus the NASAMS 
system, Reuters notes.
Earlier, Adam Ellwanger, a professor at the US
 University of Houston-Downtown -- expressed 
doubt that many Americans will find Ukraine 
on the world map. He noted that support for 
Ukraine, has become just a fashion trend, 
for ordinary Americans -- which will soon
be replaced by a more relevant agenda.
According to him, the coronavirus epidemic was still
raging in the US, when all public attention suddenly
 switched to the Ukrainian crisis. However, the
 popularity of discussing this issue in society 
and on television, does not mean that the 
Americans actually care about Ukraine,
 he notes.
At the same time, the deputy head of the Pentagon,
Colin Kahl, said... that Ukraine already has enough
 Western HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, 
so... the priority of military assistance --- will be
to ensure the 
supply of GMLRS guided missiles.

Kadyrov announced taking 
control - of the territory of 
the Knauf plant in Soledar
August 8th, 11:18pm
The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, in
his Telegram channel, announced that the
Allied forces... have taken control of the 
territory of the Knauf plant, in Soledar, 
in the Donetsk People's Republic.
"Our fighters, are systematically advancing into 
the occupied territory, through competent and 
unhurried combat, thereby forcing the enemy 
to leave their fortified positions," the head 
of the republic wrote.
He noted that the acting commander of the special
forces "Akhmat", Akhmed Saidarkhanov, reported
to him, about the situation in the Donbas. "The 
liberation of the Donetsk People's Republic 
will not be long in coming," Kadyrov said.
Earlier, Ramzan Kadyrov reported that another group 
of Russian volunteers is being sent from Grozny,
 the area of a special military operation in 
the Donbas. According to Kadyrov, the 
volunteers will hunt "for Bandera 
Nazis, and devils." The head of 
Chechnya wished them good 
luck, in this matter.

The Syrian army prevented the
 breakthrough of a group of 
terrorists from the Idlib 
de-escalation zone
August 8th, 8:05pm
The Syrian army prevented an attempt by a terrorist 
group to break out of the Idlib de-escalation zone, 
as a result of which three militants were killed. 

This was announced on Monday, August 8th, 
by the deputy head of the Russian Centre
 for Reconciliation of Warring Parties in 
Syria, Major General Oleg Yegorov.
"Today, from 06:40 to 07:10, soldiers of the Syrian Arab
Army prevented an attempt to break through, by a 
terrorist group, of up to 15 people from the Idlib 
de-escalation zone, in the direction of Saan 
Jubas," Yegorov said, during a briefing.
According to the Major General, after 3 terrorists
 were eliminated during the battle, the rest 
immediately retreated. However, as a 
result of the clash, one Syrian 
soldier was killed.
Yesterday, Yegorov said that in Idlib, the militants of 
the Jabhat al-Nusra group (a terrorist organization
banned in the Russian Federation) are preparing 
to ''stage'' attacks by the Russian Aerospace 
Forces and the Syrian army, on civilians. 
For this purpose, staged videos are being shot 
in the village of Kitian, in Idlib province.
On August 5th, the Russian Ministry of Defense 
published a video, showing how helicopters of 
the Russian Army aviation crews destroyed a
 group of militants, from the Liwa Shuhada 
Al-Qaryatein group --- trained by US 
instructors, in the Syrian desert.
 The Defense Ministry explained that the militants,
 operating from the desert, committed sabotage 
against the civilian population and civilian
The situation in Syria, also became a topic of discussion
 between the presidents of Russia and Türkiye, Vladimir
 Putin, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during talks in Sochi 
on August 5th. 
As Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said at the time,
 it is very important - not to allow actions that could
 lead to destabilization of the situation in Syria.
On August 6th, following the talks, the Turkish leader
called the Russian president's approach to resolving
the Syrian issue, fair. Erdogan said that Putin will
always be with Türkiye, in the fight against 
terrorism. The leaders both stressed the
importance ------ of preserving the 
political unity and territorial 
integrity of Syria.

Ukrainian side using dwelling 
houses in DPR to deploy 
defense ministry
August 8th, 7:47pm (TASS)
The Ukrainian side uses residential houses in
Krasnotorsk and Artemovsk, in the Donetsk 
People’s Republic (DPR) to deploy artillery, 
multiple rocket launch systems and 
mortars, Mikhail Mizintsev, the 
headquarters head, and chief 
of Russia’s National Defense 
Management Centre, said 
on Monday.
"In Krasnotorsk in the Donetsk People’s Republic,
 Ukrainian nationalists deployed artillery and 
multiple rocket launch systems on the 
territories of private houses and are 
using them --- to shell positions of 
Russian forces, to provoke them 
to open retaliatory fire," he said.
According to Mizintsev, who also heads the Russian
 Joint Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian
 Response in Ukraine, local residents are forced 
to stay at their homes as a human shield. 
"In Artemovsk in the Donetsk People’s Republic, neo-
Nazis organized artillery and mortar positions in the
 courtyards of residential houses," he said, adding 
that locals are prohibited to leave their homes 
under the pretext of security considerations. 

Any attempts to get evacuated from the 
area, are thwarted.

Zaporozhye Region government 
doesn’t plan electronic voting 
at referendum for now
August 8th, 7:24pm (TASS)
 The Zaporozhye Region government, so far, has no
 plans to allow electronic voting at a referendum 
to join Russia, but it could be a backup option, 
head of the Zaporozhye Region’s military-
civilian administration, Yevgeny 
Balitsky said.
"We do not plan remote voting - and we plan to hold it 
as honestly as possible so that everyone takes part,"
 he said on Solovyov Live television. "We don't see
 this as the main scenario, maybe it will be used 
as an additional [option]."
Balitsky said, at the forum, We Are Together With 
Russia, on Monday, that he'd signed a decree to 
hold a referendum on the region's accession 
to Russia. 
More than 70% of the Zaporozhye Region has been
liberated, to date. Ukrainian forces control the 
regional capital, that’s home to about half of
the region’s population. Melitopol now 
functions as the capital.

DPR Supreme Court to 
announce verdict in 
Medvedi SS trial on 
August the 10th
August 8th, 5:30pm (DAN)
The DPR Supreme Court is to announce the verdict in 
the Medvedi SS sabotage squad trial on August 10th, 
a source told DAN.
“Today, the hearing of arguments in the Medvedi SS 
trial has concluded, the prosecutor asked for 
capital punishment, execution by firing 
squad,” the source said.
The case is heard in closed court. 
“Chances are, that the court will agree with the 
prosecution, considering what they did. Some 
of the witnesses, are people who were 
tortured by the militants, there are 
videos of Medvedi shooting on 
Donetsk. Most defendants
waived their right - of the 
last word - they testified 
during the hearings. 
Only one of them 
presented his 
last word.”
The trial, that began on August 1st, hears the 
joint case of the Medvedi SS squad --- and 
their commander, Alexander Kravtsov.
Members of the Medvedi SS extremist group, were
detained in May, when leaving the territory of the
Azovstal plant in Mariupol, where Azov militants
were blocked (the organization is banned in
the DPR). 
The preliminary investigation established that, in
the period from autumn 2017 to May 20th, 2022, 
members of this formation took part in the 
armed conflict and military operations 
against the DPR, while adhering to 
the ideology of Nazism, and other 
misanthropic ideas. The case of 
the militants was transferred 
to the DPR Supreme Court,
in early July.
The commander of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi group
Alexander Kravtsov - was charged under three 
articles of the criminal code of the DPR. He is 
charged with participation in an illegal armed 
formation and actions aimed at overthrowing 
the constitutional order of the Republic. The
 militant has pleaded guilty.

The Duma considered that 
Ukraine should be pushed 
back from the regions
where referendums 
will be held
August 8th, 5:28pm
According to the deputies, the example of 
the Kherson and Zaporizhia regions, will 
encourage other regions, to get out of 
Kiev's control.
Russia should push Ukraine to a safe distance from 
those regions where referendums on joining the 
Russian Federation will be held. Dmitry Belik, 
member of the Duma's International Affairs
 Committee --- made the corresponding 
statement, on Monday, August 8th.
"As soon as we create an impenetrable missile defense
 umbrella over the liberated territories, we can be sure
 that people will come and stand in queues for the
 referendum themselves --- because there is 
nothing better for ordinary people, than 
peace, tranquility and the opportunity 
to do what they love. This is exactly 
what today's Russia can give to the 
liberated territories. But first, we 
need to do a lot of work to push 
back the Ukrainian forces at a 
distance that will not allow 
them to hit the liberated 
territories, this is the 
number one task.'' 
''And as soon as we do this, we can safely open the
 polling stations, I am sure they will be full," RIA 
Novosti quotes the parliamentarian as saying.
At the same time, Belik made it clear that the
annexation of the Kherson and Zaporozhye 
regions could become a prologue to the 
subsequent entry into the Russian 
Federation and other territories 
that currently belong to the 
Ukrainian ones. 
"I think that, in the near future, we will see the
 successful holding of referendums... in the 
liberated territories of the Kherson and 
Zaporizhia regions --- and this will 
become an example for others, 
of how to choose a path with 
clear prospects and the 
triumph of justice 
in their region," 
Belik said.
Earlier on Monday, the head of the Zaporozhye region,
 Yevhen Balitsky signed an order to hold a referendum
 on reunification with Russia in the region. 
In response, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky
 said that holding such referendums would close any
 possibility of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations for
 Russian Federation. 
The State Duma, in turn, compared Zelensky 
with the "pug", from the fable of I. A. Krylov.

Russian MFA says Kiev ‘effectively 
takes all of Europe hostage’
shelling nuclear plant
August 8th, 4:45pm (TASS)
 Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria
 Zakharova, on Monday, said the Kiev regime 
‘effectively takes all of Europe hostage’ by 
shelling Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.
"Murders from around the corner, and under the cover of
 night are a distinctive modus operandi, if not to say the 
essence, of adherents of Bandera's ideology, that has
 been known -- since the Great Patriotic War. But now
 they have chosen as a target -- not only the peoples 
of Russia and Ukraine. They are effectively taking 
all of Europe hostage and - apparently - are not 
averse to ‘setting it on fire’ ..in favour of their 
Nazi idols," the diplomat said in a statement
 commenting on the shelling of the 
Zaporozhye NPP by Ukraine.
She said Ukrainian armed forces are making the
 situation around the power plant "more and 
more dangerous" by the day. 
Maria Zakharova said by directing artillery fire 
toward active reactors and spent nuclear 
fuel storage facilities, "the Ukrainians 
are taking aim at themselves."
"We regularly send the IAEA updated information ‘from
 the scene,’ - which is reflected in the information
 circulars of the agency, which clearly expose 
the criminal actions of the Ukrainian armed 
forces, the command of which, has 
completely lost the ability to 
think straight," the 
statement said.
Zakharova said that the plant again came under fire 
from Ukrainian troops on August 5th and 6th, and 
a major incident was avoided "only thanks to 
the skillful and prompt actions of the NPP 
employees, as well as Russian forces
--- that provide comprehensive 
protection of this facility."
Moscow is encouraged, she said, by the statements 
of UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, in 
support of the IAEA's efforts to stabilize the 
situation at the plant and gain access to
 the station.
"We hope that the UN will now, really, not cause any
obstacles in organizing the agency's international 
mission to the ZNPP, which, unfortunately, took 
place in the past," she said.
The diplomat said that the current troubles could have 
been avoided --- if Guterres' reaction to the situation
 around the ZNPP had been "clear from the outset."
"Seeing his indecision or even weakness, the heirs 
of Bandera and Shukhevich who have settled in 
Kiev only raise their heads and hit the ZNPP 
more and more recklessly, regardless of 
victims and the consequences," 
she said.
Russia is taking note that IAEA Director General Rafael
 Grossi is intent on following through with the plan to
 travel to the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, 
Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman 
Maria Zakharova said in a statement
 on Monday.
"We consider it necessary to state, again, that Russia
 did everything that was required --- for a successful 
visit a few weeks ago. There can be no complaints 
against us in this regard. That the international 
mission did not take place -- is entirely on the 
conscience of Kiev," the spokeswoman said. 
She said it’s the Ukrainian government that stands 
to gain from keeping IAEA specialists as far as 
possible from the Zaporozhye NPP.
Zakharova called on the leaders of the UN and the 
IAEA to "call Kiev to order" --- and clearly indicate 
that the threat, in this case, comes from Ukraine. 
"Diplomats - especially of such a high rank - are given 
the ability to speak in such a situation, in order to
express themselves very clearly, rather than 
hide their thoughts. We have provided a lot 
of supporting information for the UN 
Secretary General -- and the IAEA 
Director General -- to openly and 
firmly point out to the Ukrainian 
authorities --that strikes on the 
ZNPP are unacceptable -- and
force them, to immediately 
stop attacking the station 
and all of its employees, 
including their families
and other residents in 
Energodar," she said.