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Tyranny !
by Bouthaina Shaaban
February 28th, 2:01pm
Source: Al Mayadeen English
What has brought the world today to an unprecedented 
level of tyranny - is the support provided by Western
countries to terrorist killers ---- engaged in daily
genocide against innocent civilians in Gaza.
The major mistake humanity committed in the modern era, 
is its failure to dedicate the necessary time and effort - to 
uncover the injustices committed by the white man in the 
West against indigenous peoples. It failed to chronicle a 
true and precise history of the genocide, torture, siege, 
plunder of wealth, and development of weapons of 
mass destruction, and genocide ----- perpetrated 
against the peoples in colonies in Africa,
and Latin America. 
It also failed to document the destruction of peoples' 
cultures and the employment of media to distort 
realities --- brainwash minds --- and undermine 
human values ---- especially through burying 
indigenous languages, and replacing them 
with a colonial language that still stands 
as the ''official language'' ------- of the
inhabitants of former colonies. 
Some inhabitants of these colonies now even glorify the
 West, praising the civilization built upon the skulls of 
their own children and the museums enriched with 
looted artifacts from these colonies, not to 
mention the stolen wealth used to 
construct the colonizers' home-
lands, while keeping the 
plundered peoples in 
abject poverty..... 
for centuries.
These crimes have been a source of controversy and
debate.. among the inhabitants of the colonies for 
centuries: some ----- have become mentally and 
morally subservient to the colonizer, initially 
out of fear --- and later, out of habit. 
Some people from former colonies defend the colonizers
and think they are vital to their very existence - while 
others rebel against the entire colonial legacy but 
often without a substantial or valuable action 
against this legacy, thus failing to form 
a national and - consequently -
an international stance 
to be reckoned with.
These could be some of the reasons... why the true 
significance of countries - has not been decisively 
settled on the historical, human and ethical map.
Fear, silence --- and the fluctuating poverty of 
oppressed peoples under Western tyranny 
--- could be some of the reasons, for the 
failure to reach a definitive resolution 
on this matter.
What has brought the world today - to an unprecedented
level of tyranny ------ is the support provided by Western 
countries to terrorist killers engaged in daily genocide 
for the past five months against innocent civilians in 
Gaza and Palestine in general. All is happening 
before the eyes of a world.. claiming to be 
civilized. Yet ---- we have not witnessed
a revolution in public opinion ---- or 
a sincere and resolute action ----
against these horrifying crimes. 
We do not even witness a statement befitting the horror of 
what is happening, except for Yemen, which we all take 
pride in, as the origin of Arab identity, proving with 
merit --- that it deserves to be the origin, root, 
and stronghold, of the Arabs.
After five months of the West waging a genocidal war
against the innocent people of the besieged Strip,
after the martyrdom of around 30,000 people --- 
mostly women and children - the displacement 
of over a million people - and the perpetration 
of heinous massacres -- against doctors and 
journalists, & after all the inhuman actions 
of trees uprooting, animals shooting, food 
targeting - and attacks on organizations,
once called humanitarian - to make the 
population die of hunger, the genocide 
continues falling... on the deaf ears 
of the entire world ---- completely 
disregarding what is happening 
to its fellow human beings.
The United States and its Western allies, persist in sending 
billions of various lethal weapons to empower their Zionist 
tools, to continue perpetrating this gruesome genocide --- 
unparalleled in history, at least in the past four centuries.
Others in the East, South, West, and everywhere ---- believe 
they are safe and secure from what is happening, unaware 
that this disregard for humanity, applies to all of them, 
albeit at different times and moments. 
The people of Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq - are not 
only defending Palestine and the safety of Palestinians, but 
are also defending a world they envision free from Western 
colonial oppression. They stand against Western tyranny 
that has wreaked havoc on all our colonized nations, 
adjusting its tools without changing its objectives, 
targeting us, belittling us, and collectively killing 
us ----- whenever its interests demand this. 
Residents of the colonies expressing admiration for 
what the West has accomplished for its people 
should remember that this achievement was 
built on the skulls of their own children and 
the plundering of their own resources. 
The West treats its people in a completely different way, 
and others will never be treated in the same way. The 
most significant evidence of this, is the immigrants 
from the Arab Maghreb in France  --- who are now 
the second and third generations; nevertheless, 
they still remain second or third-class citizens 
and have not been and will not be granted 
the status of the white European.
However, the aggression on Gaza - reveals something even 
more perilous to humanity: the United States - holds the
international arena in its grip ------- punishing whom it
chooses ----- compelling other nations to mete out
punishments -------
 severing ties with those it
disapproves of and trying 
to force others
-- -to adhere to its categorization of 
good, evil, terrorism, and more.
If anyone attempts to issue any resolution in the Security 
Council to restore justice - a US veto is used to stop that.
The most alarming revelation of this aggression, is that 
the US, along with Britain, France, and Germany have
seized the international will, subjugated it, and 
turned all nations into slaves - following the 
dictates of the US administration - which 
openly declares its active participation 
in a war of extermination while hiding 
behind their dual fear: fear of taking 
action ...and fear of inaction. 
However, this silence and clinical death of any international
movement against unprecedented tyranny, in our modern 
era, turn everyone into powerless slaves, incapable of 
doing anything. All they do... is bow their heads to 
avert the impending disaster that might befall 
them... in the next round.
In this context and analysis, the only true free individuals 
today are those resisting Western tyranny. They protest 
against it in the West, raising their voices against 
Western broadcasters, telling them, "Shame 
on you!, stop the war of extermination!, 
free Palestine!." 
Even though the police silence them, and force them out 
of the room handcuffed, allowing the host to resume the 
dialogue with himself, there is no doubt that all viewers 
know this is the truth;- their consciences are stirred, 
and they cannot remain passive, when they realize 
that the killing of every innocent Palestinian child 
and woman is a violation of their human dignity, 
warning them - that they might face the same 
fate - if they dare to express their opinions. 
Therefore, their complete silence tightens the grip 
of tyranny around their necks, rendering them 
powerless and helpless slaves.... in any 
matter they are about to undertake.
From this perspective, supporting Palestine today is the 
essential first step toward confronting the political 
tyrannical system --- enabled by the prevalent 
influence of Western intelligence agencies
in the West --- which currently control the
media, political parties, parliaments, 
and politicians in the West. 
Challenging - the slavery imposed by 
this oppressive Western system on 
humanity as a whole - represents 
the most significant liberation 
battle humanity faces, in 
the 21st century. 
People must either choose freedom and be prepared to bear
its costs or remain under the yoke of Western tyrants like 
Netanyahu and Biden, subject to any blow the tyrants
decide to direct to them. Undoubtedly, the outcome
of this battle will be significant for all. Will the 
major world powers continue to keep silent 
toward Western tyranny and tremble in 
fear, or will they hasten to stand on 
the right side of history as some 
leaders who have learned the 
lesson -- like the Colombian, 
Bolivian, Venezuelan, and 
Brazilian presidents?
It is not only their responsibility toward themselves, 
or even just toward their countries but their crucial 
and definite responsibility toward the future of 
humanity and the future of this universe that 
God entrusted us with as His stewards on 
earth. Will we prove ourselves worthy 
of this responsibility?
The opinions mentioned in this article 
do not necessarily reflect the opinion 
of Al mayadeen, but, rather, express 
the opinion of its writer exclusively.
But they do reflect my opinion -
and I hope, pray ------ and have 
Faith, that countless millions
will be moved to act...
don't you think?

Proletären: Sweden was dragged into NATO 
to force it - to serve Washington's interests
February 28th, 2024 
(source - Proletären
retelling by InoTV)
After Sweden's accession to NATO, the more than two-
hundred-year-old principle of Swedish non-alignment
 with military blocs will be buried. Not once since 
the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815 and 
three years later, King Charles XIV Johan, 
declared his intention to prevent Sweden
from participating in the war --- has the 
Northern European country officially 
entered into military pacts.
Back in March 2022, the then Prime Minister. Magdalena
Andersson, was convinced that Sweden's long-standing
 policy of non-alignment had served Sweden well for 
two centuries. However, just over 2 months later, 
she and the Social Democrats ' party council 
changed their minds and applied for the 
kingdom's membership -- in the North 
Atlantic Alliance, Proletären recalls.
"It should be borne in mind that NATO is a nuclear-armed 
alliance," Magdalena Andersson said, in an interview in 
March 2022. Since then, people have been talking 
about it... more quietly. 
At the behest of Commander-in-Chief Mikael Bueden, the 
current Swedish government, even began to oppose the 
possible deployment of nuclear weapons... on Swedish 
soil. At the same time as NATO members, neighboring
Norway and Denmark, have reservations against the 
deployment of nuclear weapons on their territory in 
peacetime. Membership in NATO also precludes
 the possibility of being an international voice
 for nuclear disarmament, as Sweden has 
not ratified the UN resolution banning 
nuclear weapons -------- under 
US pressure.
In the Swedish media NATO is called a "defensive alliance", 
although the organization itself does not declare this. The 
NATO bloc's website describes it as a " political and
 military alliance." 
This military alliance, among other things, bombed Libya
and Afghanistan - two countries that did not attack any 
NATO countries, and in the destruction of which -----
 Sweden participated.
 It was NATO  - that turned Libya into one big mess - and a 
mecca for slave traders and smugglers. As a member of 
NATO, Sweden will be forced to participate in US wars 
..which will not necessarily take place in the Baltic 
Sea, the author of the article notes.
China, not Russia, is the US's main rival. As a member
of NATO, Sweden will be forced -- to send its soldiers
around the world to fight for US economic interests. 
NATO is essentially the US's military tool to maintain its 
position at the top of the global capitalist system. The 
enemies of NATO are the enemies of the US that do 
not want to submit to Washington, such as Iran
 and North Korea. Resource-rich China and 
Russia will not be left alone even when
these powers try to cooperate with
the United States.
The United States and NATO - spare no effort to impose
 their will and consider themselves above international
 law. The only people in Sweden.. who benefit from 
NATO membership are US-oriented capitalists, 
and above all, arms manufacturers led by 
SAAB ------- under the leadership of the 
Wallenberg family. SAAB shares rose 
significantly on the stock market, 
after the so-called debate on 
Sweden's accession to 
NATO began.
However, there was no real debate. Last but not least, 
the state-run Swedish TV and radio broadcaster.... 
bears a huge responsibility for the poor-quality 
and one-sided journalism that has flooded 
the public's minds since the Nordic 
country joined NATO.
Only now, in the run-up to Sweden's final membership 
in NATO, articles began to appear warning about the 
consequences of such a decision, but in just over a 
year --- the propaganda storm was so strong that,
the delight of the Swedish military-industrial 
complex --- no counterarguments were heard
 in the leading Swedish media. As a result, 
all Swedes who want to live in peace - 
and not send the younger generation
to fight for the United States - are 
at a loss, Proletären concludes.
Sweden's convenient ''neutrality''
..disguised their vital role in
supplying high-end optics
and other material - for
Hitler's nazi regime.
Better that the Swedes now show
and know their true position - as
armaments manufacturers for
hatred, pain and conquest.
What do you think?


Amid chaos of war, Israeli soldiers
 steal everything - from jewelry 
to rugs - in Gaza
by Maryam Qarehgozlou
February 27th, 12:52pm
People frantically search through the rubble, their faces 
streaked with tears and dust, each of them driven by
 desperation and hope, calling out the names of 
their loved ones amid the chaos of death 
and destruction left behind by the 
Israeli genocidal campaign.
With every piece of debris lifted - there is a mix of fear 
and anticipation, praying for a sign of life beneath the 
devastation. It’s a race against time, fueled by love 
and anguish, as grief-stricken families cling to the 
possibility of finding their missing relatives alive.
On Thursday night, the Yaghi family was having their last 
cup of tea when the Israeli forces razed down their 
house and four other buildings with two airstrikes
 in Deir Al Balah in central Gaza, reports said.
Nearly 40 people were sheltering in the house before the
 bombs rained down and 15 were believed to have been 
trapped under the rubble. The other members of the 
family kept searching through the rubble of where 
their house once stood... but to no avail.
“We were all fasting. I stepped into that room, the house
 was full and there was no space, I sat by the wall and 
placed my three-year-old nephew on my lap, a 
second later I heard a loud explosion, and we
 were all flown up in the air, then the roof 
collapsed and all went black,” Shaza 
Yaghi was quoted as saying by Al 
Jazeera, as she recounted her 
heart-wrenching ordeal.
“While searching, I came across a child’s severed body 
part, his leg, which seemed to be my nephew’s, then 
I found parts of his brain all blown out… that white
 bag over there is full of the body parts and body 
organs we found after the explosion.”
Images coming out of the bruised and bleeding territory 
each day show children and adults alike combing 
through the ruins of their houses, looking for 
their belongings and missing loved ones.
The situation in Gaza is “shocking and desperate” 
according to the UN, with nearly 30,000 
Palestinians killed and almost the 
entire population of 2.3 million 
people displaced and 
On the other hand, the Israeli soldiers shamelessly 
flaunt their diabolic crimes and share them on 
social media platforms. This genocide in 
Gaza is quite literally unfolding  -
in real-time.
Vandalizing and looting
Videos from Israeli soldiers’ social media accounts show
 them blowing up and demolishing buildings, vandalizing
 and looting homes, and raising Israeli regime flags
 those ruins.
Looting and vandalizing houses, whose occupants have 
been forced to abandon all their belongings, has 
become a common practice since October 7. 

It happened in previous Israeli wars on 
Gaza as well --- but this time --- the 
looters have been publicizing 
it themselves.
In November, Palestinian singer, Hamada Nasrallah, 
shared a photo of an Israeli regime soldier playing 
the guitar he said his late father bought for him 
15 years ago.
“I was shocked today when I saw this TikTok video of
 a [Israeli] soldier playing guitar in the midst of the 
rubble in Gaza. I know this guitar very well 
because there are not many guitars like 
this in Gaza. My dad --- gifted me this 
guitar 15 years ago,” he remarked.
“Isn’t it enough that they take away our loved ones, 
our homes, our families, and even our music and
 memories? Where does the injustice stop?”
Earlier this month, Sultan Abu Tair, a renowned 
Palestinian journalist and humanitarian - also 
shared a video of an Israeli soldier bragging 
about looting Palestinian homes and 
stealing expensive watches --- in 
Rimal neighbourhood, west 
of Gaza City.
Another post on social media showed an Israeli
 soldier taking out someone’s collection of 
soccer shirts from a bag.
There are many other videos posted on social 
media in recent months that show Israeli 
soldiers ransacking homes and stealing 
everything from clothes, cosmetics, 
rugs, groceries, and jewelry.
Israeli forces systematically steal,
 loot Palestinians' belongings in
 Gaza: Rights group
A rights group says Israeli forces are 
conducting a systematic looting 
of Palestinians.
Erasure and extermination
There are also videos of Israeli soldiers singing 
genocidal songs, planting flags in Gaza, 
smashing up toy shops, looting 
houses - and having dance 
parties atop the rubble.
“The masses can see it is about erasure and 
extermination, not safety and security,”
Palestinian-US poet, Remi Kanazi ,
wrote --- in a post on X,
 formerly Twitter.
The Israeli media has also been normalizing these 
acts and uncritically reporting about the looting 
and stealing of Palestinian homes, by 
Israeli soldiers.
Israel’s public broadcaster Kan, recently featured 
soldiers who presented reporter Uri Levy with a 
mirror they had brought back from Gaza.
“It has a name: it’s called looting, and it’s also prohibited 
according to [military] law. This is what a morally 
bankrupt country looks like. Here.... it’s just a 
mirror, here, it’s just evidence of execution
and just evidence of abuse......... 
in The
Hague just waiting,” 
 said Mistaclim, 
an Israeli rights group.
While the Israeli military has said in a statement that 
looting Palestinian property by soldiers is unlawful, 
there is a special unit in the military itself 
dedicated to seizing money and other 
property found on the battlefield.
In late December, the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor 
reported several cases - in which Israeli troops took 
part in or witnessed the deliberate theft of assets 
and money from Palestinian civilians, including 
items like computers, jewelry, and large 
amounts of cash.
The rights group estimated that the Israeli military 
may have stolen valuables worth tens of millions
 of dollars since the events of October 7.
“Many residents reported that Israeli soldiers took their
 belongings, others saw their belongings with Israeli 
soldiers on TikTok,” Maha Hussaini.... director of 
strategies at Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor 
and a Palestinian journalist based in Gaza, 
was quoted as saying by media.
In addition to looting Palestinians’ belongings, footage
 circulating on social media - also shows Israeli 
soldiers using Gaza’s abandoned homes to 
cook and eat the food they find there.
“In every house, you’ll find a lot of ras el hanout style 
mixes. There are also plenty of lentils, so at first, 
we made a lot of stews …. Every house we 
stayed in had olives that [Palestinians] 
make, which we tasted…” one Israeli 
soldier cited in an article published 
by Haaretz on February 13.
“Olive oil is also present in every home, in gallons, and it 
helps a lot to upgrade any food. They also have a great 
spicy sauce.”
In a letter published by the military rabbinate last month, 
soldiers were instructed on how to keep kosher when 
using food and utensils found in homes in Gaza. The
 letter, signed by Rabbi Avishai Peretz ended with 
the biblical directive: “And you shall eat the 
riches of all the nations.”
Famine and siege
However, after four and a half months of Israeli siege, 
famine is taking a heavy toll on everyone in Gaza.
Gaza’s ability to produce its food has been decimated by
 Israeli bombs, agriculture is in ruins, fertile lands are 
neglected, poultry and livestock... have been 
destroyed, and the limited international 
aid.. can barely meet the needs of a 
hungry population, or prevent the 
situation... from deteriorating 
According to the figures from the UN Office for the
 Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), at
 least half a million people are facing famine 
while nearly the entire population of Gaza 
is experiencing an acute food shortage.
In a statement last week, the world body warned of 
an “explosion” in child deaths due to a lack of food 
and water in the besieged territory.
Some pro-Palestine activists say that Israeli soldiers’
 videos on social media can’t be distinguished from
 dehumanizing comments made by Israeli regime 
politicians during the war.
Since October 7th, Israeli officials have, repeatedly, 
made dehumanizing statements about Palestinians.
Daniel Hagari, a spokesperson for the Israeli military, 
said early on that the Air Force will emphasize 
“maximum damage, not accuracy.”
Israel’s minister of military affairs Yoav Gallant said
that Israel --- will treat Palestinians as “animals,” 
and the president of the regime Isaac Herzog 
denied the existence of any innocent 
Palestinian civilians.
“The rhetoric from the top, which explicitly aims to 
legitimize civilian death in Gaza, spurs such 
violent actions on the ground,” Mina 
Zahed, a lawyer and social media 
activist, told Press TV Website.
“When Israeli officials refer to all Gazans as 
“human animals,” it is no wonder that the 
soldiers in the field see all Palestinians 
as targets.”
What - in your heart -
do YOU feel?
Want to know more, before you do
anything - like protest to your
Western Zionist legislator?

Czech farmers accused 
of being 'pro-Russian'
Tuesday, February 20th, 2024 
(Source: InfoBrics)
The anti-Russian sentiments of European leaders ----- are 
preventing them from acting rationally in the face of the 
current wave... of protests across the continent. In a 
recent statement -- the Czech Prime Minister, Peter 
Fiala accused the protesters of being "supporters 
of Moscow", discrediting the farmers' claims by 
associating them with an "enemy" of the EU.
Fiala made his statement --- when the demonstrations reached
their peak - in the Czech Republic. On February 19th, hundreds
of tractors blocked the main streets of Prague, interrupting 
traffic in the areas around the Ministry of Agriculture. The 
protests come amid a "peasant uprising" in Europe, with 
rural workers demanding an end to the import of 
Ukrainian grains and a review of the EU's 
"green policies".
Reacting to pressure from the peasants, Fiala made a
publication on his account on X (formerly Twitter)
stating that the protesters do not really aim to 
protect the interests of farmers. According
 him the protesters are mere "Kremlin 
supporters" --- and aim to destabilize 
Europe to favour Russian interests, 
with agriculture being a mere
excuse ---- to call for 
According to the Czech leader -- the local government is 
already in dialogue with the farmers to try to meet their 
interests. He however, denies that the protesters have 
links with labour organizations and rural unions, thus 
delegitimizing the protests. Fiala claims that Prague
 constantly seeks to protect the "real" interests of 
farmers, but claims that the protesters have 
nothing to do with such interests, being
 just pro-Russian rioters.. who 
"complicate" the lives of 
other Czech citizens.
"Today's demonstration - has little to do with the fight for 
better conditions for farmers. The demonstration ------ is 
organized by people who for example, do not hide their 
support for the Kremlin, & pursue goals other than the 
interests of farmers. The government is continuously 
talking to everyone who is interested in dialogue. 
That is why we are able to find good solutions. 
We have done this many times, over the past 
two years. Unfortunately.... the organizers of 
today's demonstrations are not among those 
who care about improving the quality of life 
in our country --- and its prosperity. It also, 
shows their progress, which complicates
the lives of the citizens of the capital - 
and will not bring any solutions to 
the real problems of Czech 
farmers," he said.
One of Fiala's main arguments against the legitimacy of the
demonstrations is the lack of participation of the country's 
main farmers' organizations, such as the Agrarian 
Chamber, the Agricultural Union, and the 
Association of Private Agriculture. 
However, Fiala ignored the fact - that these same groups,
although absent in the protests on the 19th, announced 
that they will launch their own demonstration against
the EU's green policies, scheduled for the 22nd. 
Therefore, Fiala's argument seems invalid,
since official rural organizations share 
the same interests --- as the 
autonomous protesters.
In fact - dissatisfaction with the direction of European 
agriculture, is a widespread phenomenon. There are 
protests across the entire continent, from the most
western countries, such as France and Spain, to
 the most eastern ones, such as Poland and the 
Baltics. European rural workers are some of 
the most affected by the EU's irresponsible
policies in support of Ukraine.
 As well known, European states have maintained since 
2022 a policy of systematic import of Ukrainian grains.
 With the aim of supporting Kiev economically, these 
countries began to massively buy cheap Ukrainian
 agricultural products and thus stopped promoting 
their own domestic agribusinesses, culminating 
in a major social crisis.
With Ukraine being one of the most fertile and productive 
countries in the world, Western European nations are 
unable to compete in the agricultural market with 
Kiev, which is why European rural workers are 
going bankrupt. In this sense, the demand 
for an end to the import of Ukrainian 
products - is a basic need for 
European peasants.
In the same sense, the end of green policies is vital for
 European agricultural production to be viable. Facing
 several economic problems and low productivity, 
European farmers depend on government aid to 
pay for the production and transportation of 
grains. However, the EU imposes a radical 
environmentalist ideological agenda and 
makes its rural producers "pay the bill" 
for global warming ----- making 
agribusiness unworkable.
Therefore, workers' demands seem fair and natural. 
Farmers are fighting for their rights and for better
 living and working conditions. There is no 
evidence that such workers are truly 
 If there are feelings of sympathy for Russia among them, 
these naturally follow from their rejection of the EU's 
anti-Russian ideology, which is directly responsible 
for the losses suffered by them.
As long as European leaders are more concerned with
 accusing protesters than solving their problems, 
the crisis will continue to worsen.

By Lucas Leiroz - journalist, researcher 
at the Centre for Geostrategic Studies,
 and geopolitical consultant.
You can follow Lucas 
on X and Telegram.

Can't wait until the 
throw out their miserable
creepy, warmongering
sneaky government.

What do you think?


Proletären: a rude awakening — 
the Swedes began to guess
 the consequences of 
joining NATO
February 18th, 2024 
(source: Proletären
translated by InoTV:
Sweden's membership in NATO, does not mean that the
Swedish people.. will be protected by the forces of the
so-called defensive alliance in the event of an attack 
on the kingdom's territory, but that Sweden is 
expected to actively participate.. in US 
military expansions around the world
- and this is now clearer than ever 
before, according to Proletären.
The Swedish government recently said it wants to accept 
the US request that Sweden become part of the so-called 
Operation Guardian of Prosperity. 
The so-called Guardians of Prosperity is a coalition of 
US allies formed after Yemeni Houthi rebels launched 
attacks on Israeli-linked ships in the Red Sea to stop 
Israel's genocide in the Gaza Strip, the 
author explains.
In an interview with Aftonbladet, a former fighter pilot and 
lieutenant colonel in the Swedish Armed Forces, Robert 
Carmel - makes it clear exactly what NATO membership 
really means. Merkel is convinced that despite the very 
high risks of a military operation in the Red Sea from a 
purely military point of view, Sweden no longer has 
a choice - when they are called to help the US.
"Previously, we were able to adapt our military efforts
according to our capabilities and the risk that we 
were willing to take. It's a completely different 
game now. It will be a rude awakening. There 
are expectations that something should be 
done, even if you are not able to do it or 
you don't want to do it," said Robert 
Karyel, who cited the example of 
Poland and the Baltic states --- 
when they first became new
 members of NATO.
According to him, the new US allies in the bloc had to send
 their troops to Iraq and Afghanistan in order to show their
 "reliability". However, these wars were not at the top of
 their agenda or did not seem to be something urgent.
 In addition, Polish and Baltic military personnel 
were sent to the worst provinces, and they 
suffered losses - exceeding the US ones.
Nevertheless ---- the Swedish media remained completely 
silent -- about the consequences of Sweden's accession 
to the alliance. In a government propaganda broadcast,
Swedish Radio columnist, Mats Eriksson, says he
takes Foreign Minister, Tobias Bilstrom, at his 
word --- as to why the government wants to 
involve Sweden in the Red Sea operation.
The Swedish Foreign Minister said that the main task of
 the military operation is to protect civilian shipping 
from Houthi attacks, "which threaten to disrupt 
vital parts of supply chains --- and vital 
components of world trade."
And this is also true on an even more fundamental level, 
Proletären notes. The US military operation is aimed at 
protecting trade profits in the US-dominated world 
order, to which Sweden has finally tied itself by 
joining NATO. In fact, that is why NATO exists 
at all -- to protect the special position of the 
US in world capitalism - by military means.
We share a common responsibility with our partner 
countries, says the minister, while Mats Eriksson 
speaks of the government's desire to show 
"solidarity" with our neighboring countries 
and with the United States. 
According to the author of the article, such words only 
desecrate the beautiful word "solidarity", and it is the 
Houthis who actually show solidarity with the 
Palestinians in the Gaza Strip when they put 
pressure on imperialist countries by 
attacking Israeli ships and landing 
on them in the Red Sea.
This is the exact opposite of why Sweden wants to send 
its military to the area to protect threatened ships. 
It turns out that Sweden shows "solidarity" with US
imperialism and, consequently, also with the 
genocide of the Palestinians by Israel --- 
which acts as a watchdog of Western
imperialism.... in a region that the 
Western powers do not trust.
This was the original plan on the part of the British
imperialists when they withdrew from Palestine, 
and so it is with Britain's successors as the 
world's largest and most bloodthirsty 
empire, the US. The stated 
"solidarity" is actually a 
rallying cry for white 
supremacy and the
right of the fittest.
Military operations like "Guardian of Prosperity" 
are mainly aimed at maintaining the dying 
unipolar world order, which most of 
the world, the Global South, 
no longer supports.
In this situation, Sweden is betting on a side that is 
clearly in decline, with a public debt of $34 trillion, 
led by an increasingly deranged president, who 
confused Mitterrand with Macron last week - 
and forgot which country is located on the 
Red Sea, Mexico ------- or Egypt, sums 
up Proletären.
Come on. dear Swedish people
- the world begs you to turn
back to the good, again.

Your leaders are either fools or

corrupt knaves who would
not let you vote on this
and bet --- on your

What do you think?

Come on -----
Show us all!


"McGregor - to the Pentagon":
 Trump is already assembling
 a team of proven people
February 14th, 2024 
(source: The Washington Post
 retold by InoTV)
Donald Trump and his advisers spoke with former 
Congressman Tulsi Gabbard, an outspoken critic 
of U.S. aid to Ukraine and military interventions 
around the world. The topic of the talks was 
American foreign policy.... and plans for 
changes in ''the management'' of the 
US Department of Defense, during 
Trump's second presidential term
 - The Washington Post reports, 
citing sources.
Gabbard has been criticized by former Democratic Party
 members and some Republicans for her isolationist 
views, but, in recent years, she has become 
something of a favorite among far-
right Republicans. 
This time around, Trump is determined to recruit 
employees ------- who share his views, 100%.
In recent months, Trump has repeatedly said that one of 
his biggest blunders during his first presidential term 
was recruiting staff at the Pentagon --- because of 
officials whose opinions often "baffled him." 
During his presidency, Trump replaced several defense
 ministers and national security advisers, and these
 resignations were accompanied by high-profile 
scandals. Trump has drawn lessons from the 
past and is determined... to increase the 
number of his people in the Pentagon.
Among former US presidential administration officials, the 
biggest concern is that Trump will try to appoint Douglas
McGregor as the top Pentagon official. In addition, long
time Trump adviser, David Urban said, that ------- in
second term of his patron in the presidential 
chair, "there will be a reduction in America's
 foreign obligations" to NATO. According to
 the official, when Trump was in power,
"constantly" raised the issue of 
withdrawing American troops... 
from Germany, South Korea, 
Africa and closing all the 
country's embassies 
there -- writes The 
Washington Post.
What do you think? Dangerous egoist
--- or the US and its people's saviour?

Medvedev predicts Apocalypse
 in event of Russia-NATO war
February 7th, 8:35am (TASS)
In the event of a war with NATO, Russia would have 
to "respond asymmetrically" and use missiles 
"with special warheads," Russian Security 
Council Deputy Chairman, Dmitry 
Medvedev, said, on his 
Telegram channel.
He noted that, "if, God forbid, such a war happens, it will not 
follow the scenario of the special military operation" and 
it "won’t be waged in trenches with the use of artillery, 
armour, drones and means of radio-electronic warfare." 
"NATO is a huge military bloc --- the population of the 
countries of the alliance is almost one billion people
 and their joint military budget may reach one and 
a half trillion dollars," Medvedev explained.
"Therefore, due to the incommensurability of our
 [respective] military potential, we simply won’t
 have a choice. The response ------ will be 
asymmetrical. In order to protect the 
territorial integrity of our country, 
ballistic and cruise missiles with 
special warheads (nuclear arms
 - TASS). will be used.''

''This is 
based on our military doctrine documents
and is well-known 
to everyone. And this is 
precisely the proverbial Apocalypse.
The end ---- 
of everything," 
Medvedev stressed.
So far, according to him, "all the big European bosses 
are cynically lying to their citizens" by reiterating the
 necessity to be ready "for a war with Russia." 
"And while Russia has, repeatedly, spoken about the 
absence of any plans for a conflict with NATO and 
the EU countries, highly dangerous chatter on 
the subject continues," Medvedev stated.
He asserted that its causes are obvious. "It is necessary to 
distract voters, in order to justify multi-billion spending on 
Banderovite ‘Ukraine’ that everyone has gotten sick of. 
Since gigantic sums of money are being spent, not on 
resolving social issues in these countries, but on a 
war in a dying country which is alien to taxpayers
 ...with its population scattered all over Europe 
terrorizing local residents.'' 
''This is why, every day the leaders of these countries are
sermonizing, that it is necessary to get ready for a war 
with Russia & continue to help Ukraine, which means 
producing more tanks, shells, drones and other 
weapons," the deputy chairman of the 
Russian Security Council said.
He concluded that European leaders "should tell the bitter 
truth to their voters instead of treating them as brainless 
idiots. They should explain to them --- what will really 
happen, instead of repeating the deceitful mantra
 about readiness for a war with Russia," 
Medvedev concluded.

Paralised with fear?
You should be!

Don't you think?


Global Times: people are told 
that NATO is a shield, but
 it is, in fact, a sword
February 2nd, 2024 
(source: Global Times
retold by InoTV)
The current NATO exercise Steadfast Defender 2024 is far 
from harmless --- and cannot be called just a game, the 
Global Times is sure. It would be more accurate to
 call them a rehearsal and even, to a certain 
extent, a provocation, given the ongoing 
Russian-Ukrainian conflict.
The publication warns that, for Moscow, these largest
 exercises of the bloc since the end of the Cold War 
may look as if NATO is deliberately teasing the 
Russian bear. The exercise, which will last 
until May 31, involves 31 armies of the 
bloc's member countries --- plus 
90 thousand Swedish troops. 
Meanwhile, they are facing a very real and extremely
 dangerous armed conflict between the forces of 
Russia and Ukraine.
That is why the NATO leadership must take into account 
the risks of possible escalation in order to make sure 
that their imaginary exercises will not lead to real 
clashes, GT emphasizes. After all, the alliance is 
already indirectly involved in this conflict ---- 
through its support for Ukraine.
Moreover, the statements of representatives of the bloc
openly state --- that the purpose of the exercises is to 
test the ability to --- "quickly deploy forces from North
 America & other parts of the alliance to strengthen 
the defense of Europe." In other words, this
is nothing
 more than preparation for a
potential open war with 
Russia --
the publication is sure.
It seems that Western politicians and military leaders are 
increasingly thinking about this and do not hesitate to
openly talk about such topics. The British Defense 
Secretary, Grant Shapps, made a dire prediction
- that his country could go to war with Russia, 
China, North Korea & Iran within five years.
 German Defense Minister Pistorius gave
 term of five to eight years.
Estonian Prime Minister, Kaya Kallas, also said that Europe 
should prepare for any threat from Russia and it has about 
five years to do so. And the British General Sir Patrick
 Sanders last year ---- called on British troops to
 to defeat Russia "in battle".
Dutch Admiral Rob Bauer, who heads the NATO military
 committee, acknowledged that a conflict with Russia 
would require the mobilization of a large number of
 civilians. And the commander-in-Chief of the 
Swedish Armed Forces, Mikael Biden,
 directly advised the Swedes to 
mentally prepare for war.
The head of the Norwegian armed forces warned: "The 
people of Norway - must think about their readiness. 
We recommend that you be able to cope without 
assistance within three days."
According to GT, the civilian population is increasingly 
being prepared for a war in which they will not only 
take a direct part - but also play a central role. 
Unfortunately.... people are being told that 
NATO is a shield, and it is increasingly 
like a raised sword.
Moreover, similar figures, from three to five years, in the
 statements of Western politicians and military leaders
 are not accidental. This - is exactly how long it will 
take the alliance's member countries to restore 
their weapons stocks, after everything went 
to Ukraine.
NATO countries are becoming increasingly involved 
in the fighting in Ukraine. They practically became
 quartermasters of Kiev, writes GT. At the same 
time, their enthusiasm for participating in the 
conflict... is growing day by day. Until two 
years ago, everything was limited to 
diplomatic protests. 
The then Minister of the Armed Forces of Great Britain
 solemnly declared in the House of Commons... that 
neither British troops nor NATO troops should, in
 any case, play an active role in Ukraine.
But two years later, NATO generals and European politicians
 are already openly talking about war with Russia and
 calling on their populations to prepare for the worst.
During this time, the type of assistance to Kiev, has also
 changed dramatically. If earlier British military support 
was quite symbolic, now --- no one is confused by the 
provision of long-range missiles.
This was followed by attack and naval UAVs, cruise 
missiles, helicopters, tanks - and even ships. And
 Netherlands and Denmark, with the blessing
Washington, delivered F-16 fighters to the 
Armed Forces of Ukraine.
At the same time, the military goals of the West have 
also changed. If the Tallinn agreement referred to 
the protection of Ukraine and the withdrawal of 
Russians from the disputed territories, then 
what can we expect next? After all, since 
then, NATO has expanded further 
(Finland ..and almost Sweden), 
and -- if we take into account 
the obligations under Article 
5 of the alliance - does this
not mean..... releasing the 
dogs of war into the wild?
Officials began to talk almost casually about the 
possibility of a third World war. Therefore --- the 
ongoing NATO exercises look like preparations 
for it and, even worse, as a provocation of
 this war.
These exercises, according to GT, marked the transition 
of NATO, from pretending that they represent defense 
--- to an open belligerent attitude. 
Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to ask whether 
we have passed the point of no return. In this sense, 
you can only use the word "when", and not "if".
Well - there you are. You either mobilise
to stop this - or resign the human race
to a disgusting suicide. 

And your choice is?


Lenin's work "Better less,
yes better"
 ---- is more
relevant than ever
Press Service of the Central Committee of the
 Communist Party of the Russian Federation 
January 23rd, 3pm
First Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of 
the Communist Party of the Russian Federation 
Yu. V. Afonin took part in the program 
"60 Minutes" on the TV channel 
On the air, a statement was made by the chairman of the 
NATO military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer, about the 
likelihood of an all-out war with Russia over the next 20
 years. He called on the members of the North Atlantic
 Alliance --- to prepare for a military conflict with our 
country. German Defense Minister, Boris Pistorius, 
doesn't rule out the possibility of war with Russia.
As Yuri Afonin noted, through such statements,
 functionaries of NATO countries are trying to 
convey several meanings. First, they are 
trying to rally Western society in the 
face of an imaginary "Russian 
threat": Zelensky will lose, 
and you will be the next 
victim of Moscow. 
But it is quite obvious that in 3-5 years, and even more so
 10 years, it will certainly not be these gentlemen who 
will decide the fate of the world. Realizing this, they 
allow themselves to make such irresponsible 
But the facts show, that it is precisely against the
 background of anti-Russian hysteria that NATO 
is increasing its activity near our borders, 
conducting exercises in the Baltic Sea, 
and increasing its contingent in the 
Baltic States (again under the 
pretext of the threat of an
invasion from Russia). 
Although it is clear to everyone --- that our country is not 
interested in a war on two fronts, especially with such a 
serious opponent as the North Atlantic Bloc, and such a 
conflict - would endanger the existence of all humanity.
At the same time, the West understands the inevitability of
 the military defeat of Zelensky and his gang. They are 
also aware of it in Kiev. Ukrainian Foreign Minister 
Kuleba has called on Western hosts to abandon 
the "don't escalate" principle. According to 
him, "because of this --- many 
opportunities were missed."
The First Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the
 Communist Party of the Russian Federation regarded this
 statement - as provocative and extremely disturbing. It
worth paying special attention to it and giving an
 appropriate assessment. The Kiev regime, is on 
the verge of military collapse and is aware of 
the hopelessness of its situation. And it 
seems, that Zelensky sees the only 
way to survive - is in staging such 
large-scale bloody provocations 
that will bring the conflict to 
a new level and, perhaps 
---- force the West to 
intervene directly.
There is no need to talk about Kiev's success on the
 battlefield after the failure of the summer counter-
offensive, which was only hoped for. So what can 
they do? What kind of escalation are we talking 
about? Only about new terrorist attacks on the 
civilian population ---- such as the shelling of 
Belgorod on December 30th --- and like the 
monstrous shelling of Donetsk on Sunday. 
This is the escalation that the Ukronazis 
are really capable of. In fact, Kuleba 
declares their right to conduct a 
large-scale terrorist war 
against civilians.
The idea of this monstrous adventure is simple: to launch a 
series of terrorist attacks, provoke Russia to an extremely
 tough response, and hope that the West will definitely not 
stand aside and somehow intervene ---- or at least not 
reduce the scale of military assistance.
The fact that the Kiev rulers will finally acquire the image of
cannibals and inveterate war criminals, in Kiev... it seems 
..no one thinks of this anymore. It doesn't seem important
anymore, just to be saved and let hundreds and hundreds 
of innocent civilians be killed, including women, children, 
and the elderly.
Yuri Afonin called for a clear explanation to the world - of
 what exactly the escalation that Kuleba is broadcasting
 may be. And another Ukrainian minister, Umerov, who 
heads the military department, spoke via video link 
at the opening of the conference on the creation 
of the so-called "artillery coalition" ....under the 
leadership of France & the US, & complained 
about the "shell hunger" that the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine suffer from. 
That, in fact, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine recognizes
 that Russia, now, has a great advantage in artillery. And
 this is a very important factor, which in the XX century 
was crucial for the outcome of battles and battles. As 
the first deputy chairman of the Central Committee of 
the Communist Party recalled, during the First World 
War, "shell famine" turned out to be one of the main
reasons for the so-called "great retreat" of the 
Russian army, in 1915.
But, during the Great Patriotic War, the USSR surpassed 
Germany in the production of guns, mortars and shells
at a time when the industry of all continental Europe
worked at this. And the superiority of the Red Army
in firepower then, became an important factor in
the Victory.
In the current military operations, the role of artillery is
simply enormous. About 80-90% of combat losses are
associated with its use. Therefore --- the advantage
in this area --- which is provided by the work of our
military-industrial complex, paves the way for the
Russian Army to win, Yuri Vyacheslavovich
He recalled the figures released at the December meeting
of the Board of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian
Federation. So since February 2022, the production
of tanks in Russia, has increased by 5.6 times,
of IFVs - by 3.6 times, armoured personnel
carriers - by 3.5 times, unmanned aerial
vehicles - by 16.8 times, and artillery
shells – by 17.5 times.

This is a huge breakthrough, and the potential for
increasing the production of military equipment
& ammunition by the Russian military-industrial
complex ----- is far from exhausted.
In the West, they see that they are seriously lagging behind
us in this area, and they are trying to increase their own
production of weapons. True, the bulk of investment,
including through the money allocated to Kiev, goes
to the American military-industrial complex ------
to the detriment of the European economy.
As the first deputy chairman of the Central Committee
of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation
emphasized --- turbulence is growing all over the
world -- processes are getting out of control of
the US and its satellites -- and the contours of
multipolarity are becoming more pronounced
in different parts of the world.

The old platforms for discussing problems
and developing solutions are losing their
significance and are unable to respond
to the existing challenges - which are
becoming more and more numerous.

An example of this is the World Economic Forum, which
was held last week. For many years, we have been told
that this event in Davos, Switzerland, is shaping the
way forward for the world. The Russian delegation
always went there. It was based, as a rule, on
the most high-status Russian liberals
- and Westerners.
This year, there was no Russian delegation at the Davos
Forum. And the main conclusion that can be drawn from
its results: the fate of the world is not decided there.

We have stopped going to Davos, but we are successfully
strengthening our position in the international arena.
China, India - and a number of other countries - are
becoming our most important strategic partners.

And in the near future, the BRICS summits will attract
much more attention from the world media than the
Davos forums, Yuri Afonin expressed confidence.
And - in the absence of any meaningful agenda - they 
discussed a certain mythical 'disease X' with a much
 higher mortality rate than from covid - which can be 
caused by a virus that is not yet known to science.
All this looks like a declaration of the masters of the
Western world to continue "training" humanity with
 the help of epidemics. The coronavirus pandemic, 
has already caused drastic restrictions on rights 
and freedoms, including in those countries that 
boasted of them. The new epidemic will allow 
them to continue this process. And it seems 
that the masters of the Western world are 
just waiting for it.
At the end of his speech... the First Deputy Chairman of the
Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian 
Federation, recalled that January 21 marked the 100th
anniversary of the death of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. 

The Communist Party holds events throughout 
the country dedicated to the memory of the 
founder of the Soviet state. 
In one of his last works, Better Less, Yes Better, Lenin
predicted that victory over imperialism would be 
determined by the efforts of Russia, China, 
India, and other countries that were 
then.... in colonial or semi-
colonial dependence.
"I believe in this Leninist prophecy ---- and the events 
taking place in the world today -- inspire confidence
that in alliance with the states of the global South, 
we will defeat Western imperialism," Yuri Afonin 

What do you think?

Do you want the Western ''elites'' to
win - and continue culling humans
like cattle?

Or would you like to see an end to the Western
elites' power .....and a world without war
finally able to build prosperity?


Haifa missile strike by Iraqi resistance 
--- shows how fragile Israeli regime is
by Wesam Bahrani
January 8th, 2pm
(source: PressTV)
In yet another significant act of solidarity with the people of 
Gaza, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq on Sunday struck "a 
vital target in occupied Haifa" - with an advanced long-
range cruise missile, grabbing headlines, and taking 
the embattled regime in Tel Aviv by another surprise.
In a statement, the Iraqi resistance emphasized that the
 operation was carried out --- because of “our ongoing 
support for people in Gaza" - who have been reeling
 under the Israeli aggression since Oct. 7.
The statement added that the operation was "in response
 to the massacres committed by the usurping entity 
against Palestinian civilians, including children, 
women, and the elderly." 
The Iraqi resistance, which has in recent months launched 
a string of attacks on US military bases in Iraq and Syria, 
said it will continue to hit enemy strongholds, warning
 that "more is yet to come".  
The concluding part of the statement 
was the most attention-grabbing.
Such is the stringent Israeli media censorship of the 
occupying regime's war on the besieged Gaza Strip; 
it is difficult to speculate what vital infrastructure 
has been hit. 
The Iraqi resistance struck Haifa with a long-range cruise 
missile named al-Arqab from Iraqi territory. The distance 
from Baghdad to Haifa ------ is almost 1,000 kilometres. 
According to sources, the launch of the missile took place 
closer to the Western Iraqi deserts. That is still roughly
 600 kilometres away, or perhaps more, depending on
 the launch site. 
It essentially means that Haifa, which is located in the
 northern part of the occupied territories, can expect 
attacks again from the Iraqi soil..... the timing of
 will be decided by the resistance. 
More importantly, the long-range cruise missile traveled
 the same distance‌ that can put Tel Aviv and all other 
Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories within the 
range of Iraqi fire. 
On Monday, Iraq's Harakat al-Nujaba resistance movement 
claimed responsibility for the strike, warning that Israel 
should await more crippling attacks in retaliation 
for its bloody war on Gaza.
“The Axis of Resistance is determined to disrupt US
 scenarios in the region and thwart the occupying 
Israeli regime’s schemes in Gaza,” Hussein 
al-Moussawi, spokesman for the 
group, said.
The Iraqi Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba resistance 
movement - claims responsibility for the missile 
strike against Haifa in the occupied territories.
Should we be surprised that the Popular Mobilization Units 
(PMU)‌, under which the Islamic Resistance in Iraq 
operates, possesses such world-class 
military technology? 
The short answer is no. 
The Iraqi government itself armed the PMU with the most 
capable military equipment from Baghdad's weapons
 depots because it plays the most fundamental 
role of all the Iraqi armed forces. 
The attack on Haifa points to the start of a new chapter
 by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, in what is expected 
to be an even stronger show of support --- for the 
Palestinian resistance in Gaza and its people. 
In this latest phase, we must expect an escalation in 
attacks on crucial Israeli infrastructure inside the 
occupied Palestinian territories, facilitated by 
the utilization of sophisticated long-range 
cruise missiles.
The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has made no secret 
of its iron-clad support and solidarity with the 
oppressed people of Gaza amid the Israeli 
regime's indiscriminate bombings and 
inhumane siege. 
It had also made no secret of its military operations 
against the Zionist regime and its Western backers, 
which has been completely evident in the past 
few weeks.
Shortly after the Israeli regime launched its war on Gaza 
on October 7, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq carried out 
a number of operations - against Israeli interests and
 main backer, the United States. 
In late December, the Iraqi Resistance struck a vital target 
in the Eli-ad settlement, in the southern Israeli-occupied 
Syrian Golan Heights - with drones. 
Before targeting Eli-ad, the resistance also pounded the
 regime's main offshore (occupied) Karish gas field in 
the eastern Mediterranean Sea with a direct hit,
inflicting heavy damage.
That came after the Iraqi resistance struck a target in 
occupied Umm al-Rashrash (Eilat) with appropriate 
weapons and released images of the operation 
for the public. 
The regime evacuated the settlers of Eilat, transforming
the area into a military garrison. It made the site an 
ideal target for Iraq as well as Yemen, another 
Arab country ------ that has upped the 
ante recently.
Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement
 have carried out a series of operations against Israeli
 interests with a barrage of long-range drones 
and missiles. 
At times, the goal has simply been to fire a barrage of
 missiles and drones to preoccupy the Israeli Iron 
Dome and Patriot Missiles. These calculated 
efforts have proven successful. 
They effectively ease the pressure on the Palestinian
 resistance while at the same time drain out Israeli 
military resources, which have in recent months 
become extremely depleted. 
The regime has killed more than 22,000 Palestinians 
since Oct. 7, the majority of whom have been 
women and children. Thousands more are 
missing, presumably dead under 
the rubble. 
Among the countries and movements taking the lead in 
militarily pressuring the U.S. and its apartheid regime 
to end its inhumane attacks on Gaza, Iraqis have 
played a courageous role. 
In Iraq, the resistance has targeted illegal US military 
bases on its territory as well as in Syria more than 
110 times since the Israeli war against Gaza 
began three months ago‌. 
Rockets, mortar shells, drones, and short and long-range 
ballistic missiles have all been used in these operations, 
leading to scores of casualties among US troops and
 collateral damage. 
Now, the question that everyone is asking is: Why 
has the Iraqi resistance opened a new chapter? 
Lately, the illegal US military occupation on Iraqi soil made
 a costly mistake by attacking sites belonging to the PMU, 
which means Washington and Tel Aviv have to pay 
the price. 
Recent US attacks against affiliates of the PMU, including 
Kataib Hezbollah, and the recent deadly strike on the
 headquarters of Harakat al-Nujaba, which led to the 
assassination of one of its leaders in Baghdad, 
Haj Mishtaq, means the time is ripe for the
 resistance to expand its operations. 
For context: In the eyes of the Iraqi resistance, there is no 
difference between the US military occupation of Iraqi 
soil and the Israeli occupation of Palestine. The 
liberation of the Palestinian territories begins 
with the expulsion of US troops from Iraq 
and the rest of the region. 
While the Israeli regime commits horrendous crimes 
against humanity in Gaza, the UDS is shielding, 
arming‌, funding and facilitating this madness
 of death and destruction campaign in 
the coastal strip. 
Taking a closer look at the events unfolding 
in Gaza, it is‌, in essence, a US war on Gaza.
This direct complicity means that Washington has to pay 
the same price as the Israeli regime is paying, for its
 massacres of civilians in Gaza. They are two 
sides of the same coin. 
Whilst illegal US bases in Iraq and Syria are closer to the 
line of fire for the resistance, the indiscriminate Israeli 
attacks against women and children in Gaza have
 seen the PMU increasingly target the Israeli 
regime, the latest being Haifa. 
What the Al-Aqsa Storm (or Al-Aqsa Flood) operation
 provided was an opportunity for the Iraqi resistance
 to strike at Israeli interests ------ for the first time 
in history. 
As pressure grows on the Iraqi government of Prime 
Minister Mohammad Shia' al-Sudani, to expel the 
illegal US forces, It has also opened a new 
window ---------- for the PMU to end the US 
occupation and avenge Washington's 
assassination of its deputy leader,
Abu Mehdi al-Muhandis. 
For the moment, the main goal of the resistance is 
to expand its scope of attacks against the Israeli 
regime in order to mount pressure on the 
apartheid occupation ------ as well as 
the US.
And, as the Iraqi resistance warned after
 the Haifa attack, "more is yet to come". 
Wesam Bahrani --- is an Iraqi
 journalist and commentator.
(The views expressed in this article do 
not necessarily reflect those of 
Press TV.)
Looks like the current racist apartheid
hate-filled regime is either going to be
overthrown and replaced --- or wiped
from the map of the Holy land.
What do you think?


Cultural cleansing: Israeli bombings 
destroy Gaza’s famed cultural 
heritage sites
by Humaira Ahad
January 8th, 12:16pm
“Home (origin), more than anywhere else,” Tim Creswell, a
noted British human geographer and poet once said, “is
seen as a centre of meaning and a field of care.”
A homeland, is a place where humans feel a strong sense of
 attachment and entitlement. It carries centuries of history
 that shape our identity. Our belongingness to a place 
(home) is hugely determined by the landmarks 
present there, and the physical entities
 see, since childhood.
Many of us must have referred to a particular street, shop, 
shrine, museum, library, mosque, church, or school while
 talking about an incident or reminiscing about 
something in the past.
These landmarks act as mileposts and memories get 
weaved around them. But what if these physical
 markers that people associate with, are 
wiped out?
In Gaza, the pain and suffering go beyond the loss of human 
lives. The settler-colonial Zionist entity, in order to colonize 
Palestinians and change the demographic identity of the
 place, has been destroying important landmarks, 
including centuries-old heritage sites in 
the territory.
The roads lined with bougainvillea, the markets bustling
 with people, the mosques reverberating with calls to
 prayer, the Sunday mass..... at one of the oldest 
churches in the world, the beach that would
 be a picnic spot for families, the 
cemeteries – everything has 
come under attack.
Palestine has been ruled by various kingdoms throughout 
history – the Philistine (12th century BC), Egyptians 
(early 15th century BC), Babylonian (601BC), and 
the Greeks (332BC).
The country became an important centre of learning under
 Alexander the Great. The Romans also ruled there, 
followed by the Byzantines before it came
 under the Islamic dynasties.
After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the British 
occupied Palestine during World War I.
With a wide galaxy of dynasties ruling the place, 
Palestine...... became the seedbed of varied 
cultures. As per archaeologists, it has 
links with a number of ancient 
In recent decades, after the illegitimate entity came into 
existence in Tel Aviv, it has been targeting the glorious
 Palestinian heritage to serve its sinister settler-
colonial agenda.
The regime has, in effect, weaponized archaeology and 
tried to create a biased narrative in order to justify its
 occupation of the Palestinian lands and its
oppression against the Palestinians.
Since October 7, when the Israeli regime launched its fresh 
aggression on Gaza, a small territory with 2.3 million 
population, the attacks to eradicate the 
archaeological sites ----- have 
dramatically surged.
Experts say this is being done to erase the memory 
and the connection of the people to their land.
As per a recent report by the Gaza media office, around 200
 monuments belonging to Christian and Islamic history and
 architecture in the besieged strip have been either 
completely or partially destroyed as a result of 
indiscriminate Israeli strikes.
Israeli troops have "either destroyed or damaged more 
than 200 out of 325 cultural and historical heritage 
sites in the Gaza Strip," the report said.
According to the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and 
Antiquities, the exact data about archaeological 
sites destroyed in Gaza is still unavailable amid 
difficulties in conducting surveys... and 
assessing destruction on the ground. 
The unrelenting Israeli aggression 
has made their job tedious.
A report released on November 7 by Spain-based NGO 
“Heritage for Peace” said at least 104 archaeological
sites have been impacted by the latest Israeli war on 
Gaza, of which --- 4 have been completely destroyed.
That number has more than doubled 
...since the report was released.
“The ancient and archaeological sites destroyed by the 
(Israeli) army date back to the Phoenician and Roman 
ages, others date back between 800 BC and 1,400, 
while others were built 400 years ago”  --- the
Palestinian authorities said in a statement.
On December 8, the Great Omari mosque, the oldest and 
largest mosque in Gaza, was completely destroyed in 
an Israeli airstrike. Located in the centre of the old 
Gaza City, it was famous as the first mosque in
 the Gaza Strip.
“Heritage for Peace” reported damage to Ibn Uthman 
Mosque, dating back to the 15th century, and Sayed
 Hashem Mosque, where Prophet Muhammad’s 
(peace be upon him) great-grandfather 
Hashim Bin Abd Manaf is believed 
to be buried. 
Othman Bin Qashqai Mosque, in the Al Zaytoun
neighbourhood of east Gaza was also bombed
by the regime forces, killing a number of 
Palestinians who had sought refuge in 
the mosque.
The mosque was among one of
the oldest in the coastal strip.
As per official figures, at least 104 mosques have been 
reduced to rubble since the start of the Israeli 
genocidal assault on Gaza on October 7, 
which followed an unprecedented 
operation by the Hamas-led 
resistance movement 
against the Israeli 
St Porphyrius church, dating back to the 5th century, 
was regarded as one of the oldest in the world. The 
church was hit by an Israeli airstrike, destroying 
the building and killing a number of people who
 had sought protection there, deeming it a
 safe place.
Among those who died in the church included members
 of Gaza’s Christian community who are increasingly 
staring at extinction as the regime continues its
 brutal bombardment campaign.
A Roman cemetery in northern Gaza, which is claimed 
to be 2,000 years old with dozens of ancient graves 
and two rare sarcophagi made of lead, was also 
completely destroyed in the bombing.
‘In God’s care now’
Some of Gaza’s museums.. have suffered complete 
destruction while many others have been partially 
damaged. Rafah Museum, in southern Gaza, 
shared two videos on its Facebook page, 
showing the building of the museum 
partially collapsed... due to 
Israeli airstrikes.
“There were priceless items from coins, precious stones, 
copper plates, clothes…. The Museum of Rafah is in 
God's care now,” said the director of Rafah 
Museum, Suhaila Shaheen, in a video 
posted on the museum's 
Facebook page.
In the video, Shaheen could be seen in the middle 
of the rubble of the destroyed museum.
Al Qarara Cultural Museum near Khan Younis and 
Deir Al Balah Museum in central Gaza have also 
suffered damage in the regime’s airstrikes.
The collection at Al Qarara Museum reportedly 
included antiquities from the Byzantine period.
Mohammad Abulehia, the custodian at Al Qarara Museum, 
who also helped in its establishment in 2016, confirmed 
that the building of the museum along with the 
artifacts suffered significant damage when 
a missile hit the neighbourhood.
Anthedon Harbour, Gaza’s first known seaport and one
of the Gazan sites on UNESCO’s world heritage 
tentative list has also been badly damaged 
in the regime's bombings.
The Rashad al-Shawwa Historical Cultural Centre, 
a cultural hub that hosts a theatre and a library 
with around 20,000 books, was targeted by 
the regime’s airstrike.
Since October 7, the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of 
Culture has also recorded nine publishing houses and 
libraries hit by bombs with 21 other cultural centres 
partially or completely damaged.
The Israeli strikes have destroyed most parts of the old 
city of Gaza, which was home to houses that dated 
back at least 150 years.
As per the International Council on Monuments and Sites 
(ICOMOS) report, the Central Archives of Gaza City have 
been completely destroyed with thousands of historic 
documents lost forever.
ICOMOS has also reported damage to El Saqqa House, an 
important cultural centre of the Islamic Mamluk period, 
constructed in 1661.
Al Ahli Baptist Hospital, founded in 1882 and believed to 
be Gaza’s oldest hospital, was also targeted and 
partially destroyed by the regime in October, 
killing over 470 people present there.
Cultural cleansing campaign
Continuing its cultural cleansing campaign, Israel has also 
destroyed the Souq Al Zawiya, one of Gaza City’s oldest 
and most important markets. It was located close to 
the Great Omari Mosque.
Pasha’s Palace Museum, a 13th-century fortress, that 
was a powerful witness and narrator of the story of 
civilizations, was reduced to ruins by the 
Israeli forces. 
Built during the mid-13th century, the iconic palace was
 Napoleon’s choice of accommodation during his stay 
in the city in 1799, according to historians.
“We are very sad we lost the al Pasha Palace. Hit by an
airstrike, the Israeli vehicles and bulldozers ran over
even the rubble. This palace was treated as a 
museum, and had pieces (tracing) back to 
the Canaanite, Roman and Greek eras,”
 said Bisan Owda, a Gaza-based 
social media influencer.
Israel ironically is a signatory to the 1954 Hague 
Convention --- for the Protection of Cultural 
Property in the event of armed conflict.
The document states that the signatories shall respect 
cultural property in their own territories and the 
territories of the other parties by refraining 
from “any act of hostility” against such 
property, or from any actions that 
“expose it to destruction or 
damage in the event of 
armed conflict.”
“Heritage for Peace” has described Israel’s actions as a 
“blatant violation of international humanitarian law”. 
The NGO also called on the world community “to 
urgently interfere, stop such crimes & elaborate 
a common strategy for the rehabilitation and 
restoration of destroyed and damaged 
cultural heritage sites in Gaza.”
Palestine’s Ministry of Culture has also appealed 
to the international community to protect the
vulnerable historical buildings in Gaza ------ 
amid the regime’s unchecked aggression.
“The crime of targeting and destroying archaeological 
sites should spur the world and UNESCO into action
to preserve this great civilizational and cultural 
heritage,” the Palestinian Ministry said in a 
statement recently.
The Geneva-based human rights group, Euro-Med Monitor, 
said Israel is “intentionally destroying” archaeological
 and historical monuments in Gaza, and “explicitly 
targeting Palestinian cultural heritage.”
“Destroying and targeting historical and archaeological 
sites may amount to a war crime under the Rome 
Statute establishing the International Criminal 
Court, and is a clear violation of The Hague 
Convention relating to the protection of 
cultural heritage during armed 
conflicts,” it noted.
The current population of Israel,
is 80% in favour of the complete
annihilation of the Palestinians.
I pray for the sake of your soul,
that you do not agree with this.

Thinkers Forum: 

How YOU are encouraged
to be NASTY


Yemeni blockade of Israel 
exposes Arab regimes,
rattles Western 
December 19th, 2:33pm
by Shabbir Rizvi
Perhaps the best pages of history are the pages where 
the oppressed are victorious against the oppressor, 
and able to turn the tide of power with 
poetic justice.
Within these pages, true colours are always revealed, and 
the resolve of each player is truly put to the test. And if 
history is truly written by the victor, then this chapter 
owes some pages to be authored by the incredibly 
brave people and resistance of Yemen.
In the wake of the Hamas-led resistance operation Al-Aqsa 
Storm (also known as Al-Aqsa Flood), Yemen has dared to 
go where no other Arab countries have (outside of the
 Islamic resistance in Lebanon and Iraq) - not only 
directly confronting the Zionist entity, but 
enacting a crushingly successful 
blockade in the strategic zone 
of the Red Sea. 
Any ship willing to conduct business with the Israeli regime 
in Yemen’s territorial waters has two options - turn around, 
or risk your ship being destroyed or taken by the Yemeni
 military (Ansarallah). 
One has to admire this act of poetic justice. Yemen, the 
country subjected to nearly a decade of US-Saudi 
blockade, enabled by Western states, which 
spawned the world’s worst humanitarian 
crisis in the Arab country - has now 
enacted a blockade of its own - 
squeezing the already 
depleting Zionist
Anyone familiar with the societal structure of the Zionist 
occupation can tell you that its economy is extremely
 vulnerable to external shocks. This.. is a regime that 
has only lasted as long as it has due to the political 
and economic support of the US capitalist class.
Billions of US taxpayer money is spent annually to keep the
 illegitimate entity afloat. Meaning the Zionist occupation 
has to ensure it is justifying this staggering investment. 
For the US ruling class, Israel acts not only as a colonial 
military outpost but as a corridor into Asia. They need
 Zionist cooperation to facilitate the trade of goods 
coming in and out of the region, facilitating 
billions of dollars of goods annually. 
Yemen has decided that it will not tolerate Israeli 
trade --- while Gazan children and women are 
being mercilessly slaughtered every day.
Starting in November, the Yemeni military began to seize 
Israeli-connected ships - starting with the seizure of the
 “Galaxy Leader.” Outside of ship seizures, other ships 
were subject to drone, rocket, and gunboat attacks -
 including the US Navy destroyer USS Carney. 
Israeli-occupied port of Eilat - its third biggest - has 
effectively been shut down amid Yemeni rockets 
and drones, and its blockade in the Red Sea. 
Traffic at the port is reportedly down 
by 85%. 
This is no small blockade. Global shipping companies are 
thinking twice about dealing with the regime. Hong Kong 
shipping company OOCL has halted all trade with the
 Israeli regime. Maersk... one of the biggest global 
shipping companies, has also decided to pause 
operations, joining a few other companies. 
Other shipping companies have also 
followed suit.
Initial projections estimate billions of dollars of trade has 
been impacted. Yemen’s blockade is driving the cost of 
goods up and increasing the amount of transport time.
Some Israeli-linked ships have even decided to go around 
Africa into Asia, adding anywhere from two to three 
extra weeks of shipping time. 
And most importantly, the economic impact caused by the 
crippling blockade is creating serious political pressure. 
British Petroleum on Monday announced it would stop
 operations using the Suez Canal, due to the 
Yemeni threat.
Mere hours after this announcement, UK Labour Party 
leader Keir Starmer joined UK Prime Minister Rishi 
Sunak in calling for a “sustainable ceasefire” in 
Gaza, effectively breaking from the US line.
Yemen is forcing the world to divest from the regime 
in Tel Aviv or suffer major economic consequences.
 And it's working. 
Now, Zionists and its US backers are tapping into their
 regional partners. The very countries that sought to 
break Yemen - the UAE and Saudi Arabia - are now 
creating a “land bridge” trade route with the 
Zionist entity, as per reports.
Though this is more costly and slower, the same 
resources are now passing from the UAE into 
Saudi Arabia and Jordan in order to reach 
the occupied territories.  
The 2000-kilometre path is already being put to the test, 
with a reported 10 trucks already taking the path from 
Dubai to the border of Israeli-occupied territories. 
This is a clear attempt to circumvent the Yemeni blockade. 
The Jordanian leadership quickly moved ------ to deny the 
existence of such a “land bridge” ----- as it is a shameful 
accusation - however, it is indeed a willing participant
 in the trade of goods with the apartheid regime. 
The treachery of these Arab regimes is another betrayal of 
the Palestinian people. These same countries waged war 
on Yemen’s independence movement, and now they are
 participating in the war against Palestinians by aiding 
the Zionist enemy.
Yemen has forced these regimes
--- to show their true orientation. 
Even more tellingly, the Saudi regime has assisted the US 
and Israeli regime in blocking Yemeni missiles and 
drones, with its air defense systems. Rockets 
meant for the port of Eilat were reportedly 
shot down by Saudi missiles, protecting 
not only Israeli goods..... but also 
US warships. 
The Gulf monarchies insist that they demand “regional 
stability” ---- while allowing the Zionist regime to 
conduct open genocide in front of the world. 
However, the US is not satisfied with a land bridge. Some 
goods cannot be transported through the land bridge, 
and it is pricier to switch between sea, land, then 
back to sea when transporting goods from the
 US to Asia, for example. 
On Monday, December 18, US Defense Secretary Lloyd
 Austin announced “Operation Prosperity Guardian” - 
a ten-country coalition that would fend off the 
“Yemeni threat” in the Red Sea.
It’s clear that the blockade is putting economic pressure 
on the US - the operation’s name says it all. But can the
 coalition, which includes Bahrain (adding another 
country to the list of Arab nations stabbing 
Palestine in the back), actually stop the 
Yemen-created blockade?
Not without risking a full-scale regional war. 
First, Yemen is more than capable of 
defending itself. It fended off a 
Saudi-led coalition for ten 
years, which used US 
weaponry and 
It can certainly -- defend its own territorial 
waters and skies against invading forces. 
Second, the coalition threat is a serious step up the 
escalation ladder --- one that would have serious
 consequences for US forces and allies that
 are unwelcome in the region.
Last week, Iran’s Defense Minister Mohammad Reza
Ashtiani, issued a statementL: declaring that any 
attempt by the US to form a coalition that 
disrupts peace in the region -- “will be 
faced with tremendous problems."
"Nobody can make a move in a region where
 we have predominance,” he asserted.
In recent months, Iran has had several encounters 
with US naval boats that attempted to encroach 
its territorial waters. This comes as a result of 
US military ships posing a threat to Iranian oil 
tankers and other ships - resulting in Iran 
tightening security within its 
territorial waters. 
Hypocritically, the same country that decries 
Yemen’s blockade, also openly participates
 in the piracy of Iranian oil!
The US-led coalition is foolishly risking a regional war. 
Ultimately, this would not be in the US key interests - 
and the popularity of Biden's administration would
sink even more ------ even with it being at an 
all-time low.
The threat of the coalition as of now
 is just policy on paper.... but if 
materialized --- could yield 
catastrophic results.
The United States is already the main protagonist in the
 Gaza genocide. By supplying bombs that drop on Gaza 
every day as well as political backing, it cannot wash
 its blood-stained hands.
But if it insists on going the extra mile and pulling itself
 into a regional war over a trade route, then all bets 
on peace --- are off.
The attacks on US military bases would escalate. US ships 
would be targeted. US citizens and ambassadors would 
have to be evacuated. And trade that has already 
come to a screeching halt would be prolonged
 further. All on the eve of an election year.
The reality is that Yemen has the imperialist West right 
where it wants it. Either end the barbaric aggression 
on Palestinians in Gaza.... or face economic and 
political ruin. 
It is very rare in times like this that peace sells
 but is the US buying? Time will tell. 
Shabbir Rizvi is a Chicago-based political analyst 
with a focus on US internal security and
 foreign policy.
(Original source --- PressTV --- which does
not necessarily concur with the opinions
expressed in this article.)

You have to admit - don't you? - that this
extremely interesting reading!


‘If Christ were born today ---- he would 
be born under rubble, Israeli bombing
Published On December 7th, 2023
(al Jazeera)
All the Palestinian churches have cancelled Christmas
 festivities this year, and one church in Bethlehem 
shares its pain.... through iconography.
Bethlehem's Lutheran Church decided its Christmas 
nativity scene would reflect the reality of children 
living and being born in Palestine today. 
Bethlehem, the occupied West Bank. The churches of 
Palestine: have announced the cancellation of all 
festive Christmas celebrations, in an expression 
of unity with Gaza and rejection of the ongoing 
aggression against Palestinians, limiting
 to masses and prayers.
In Bethlehem, the Lutheran Church decided that its
 Christmas nativity scene would reflect the reality
 of children living and being born in Palestine 
today, placing the symbolic Baby Jesus in
 a manger of rubble and destruction.
It is a poignant representation of the suffering of Gaza’s 
children who find themselves buried under what is left 
of their own homes, victims of the relentless Israeli 
“If Christ were to be born today,” Reverend Munther 
Isaac said, “he would be born under the rubble 
and Israeli shelling. This is a powerful 
message we send ---- to the world 
celebrating the holidays.”
The true meaning of Christmas
For Isaac and other church leaders, this was a way
to convey a message reflecting the birth of Christ, 
the messenger of justice, peace and dignity 
for humanity.
Christ was not born among the conquerors or those 
with military power, he said, but in an occupied 
country, which is what Palestine was 2,000 
years ago.
“Bethlehem is sad and broken. We are all in pain about 
what is happening in Gaza, feeling helpless and 
overwhelmed by our inability to offer 
anything,” he said.
Um Bishara, a mother of four, told Al Jazeera she was
surprised to see the nativity scene with Baby Jesus 
in the rubble on Sunday.
Weeping, she had to sit down as the significance of the 
display hit her and dedicated her fervent prayers to
 the children of Gaza, praying that they find 
peace and safety.
A devout woman, Um Bishara hopes the prayers of the 
Holy Land’s faithful at Christmas --- can stop the pain
 and killing, replacing them with hope and peace.
Forgetting the Palestinian Christians
Two weeks ago, Isaac delivered a letter from the churches
 of Bethlehem, a city of significant religious importance,
 to the US administration in Washington, DC.
The letter urged US President Biden, the US Congress and 
heads of US churches to apply Christ’s message rejecting 
injustice and called for an end to the genocidal war
 in Gaza.
“Some people in the West...... forget the existence of 
Palestinian Christians. This war affects everything 
Palestinian, whether Muslim or Christian. It is our
 responsibility now ------- to raise our voices as a 
nation ------ to stop this war,” Isaac said.
Continuing, he explained how saddened he was by several 
conversations he had in the US... where he was told that 
Israel’s assault on Gaza was justified as self-defence. 
However, he added, the thousands of children and
 innocents killed daily, and the churches and 
hospitals being bombed ---- do not figure in 
their calculus.
He knows the struggle to bring about change will be long
 because the Palestinian struggle is not only this war 
but a deeper struggle to affirm the legitimacy of 
Palestinian existence.
Anton Nassar, principal of the Dar Al-Kalima Lutheran
School, said Bethlehem is sad and in pain this year 
....but it has not lost hope.
He explained that while the nativity scene represents 
the reality of Palestinian lives, it also reflects hope 
as the infant Jesus is born in the rubble, a new 
light amidst pain.
He said, “We believe in the existence of hope 
and the hope of the birth of Jesus in the 
city of peace, the holy city.
“This is what is reflected in this painting ---- placed in the
church -- where we pray for a just peace in our country. 
We pray for an immediate cessation of the genocidal 
war on Gaza - and for the people of Gaza to enjoy a
 peace built on justice.”
“Christmas is in the heart,” Nassar said. “We pray 
and invoke Jesus to be born again in our lives, 
our country, our churches, and our schools, 
so that we can live in peace and stability 
and achieve our independent state 
with its capital, Jerusalem.”

No-one who calls themselves Christian would 
stop struggling and caring for the people in 
Palestine --- and would attempt to stop it. 
Ask yourself - if you have even attended one 
demonstration - or sent even one email,
tweet or text to your local councillor 
or MP --- (even if he is... a willing 
''Friend of Israel'' - and a Tory 
in a red jacket). 
Because if you haven't ------ you are
NOT a Christian --- but a hypocrite
who is literally taking the Lord's
name in vain.
Exodus 20:7 “You shall not take the name of 
the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD 
will not hold guiltless anyone who 
takes his name in vain.”
What do you think?
Too vain to reply?


FACTBOX: Patrushev... discusses 
national unity and long-standing 
conflict ------ with the West
November 4th, 1:27pm (TASS) 
On National Unity Day, Russian Secretary of the Security 
Council, Nikolay Patrushev, spoke on the historical 
significance of protecting Russia’s sovereignty 
in the long-running conflict with the West.
National Unity Day
- National Unity Day represents the Russian people's 
triumph over internal and external challenges 
through unity and coherence.
- During the Time of Troubles, Russia was on the verge of 
losing its sovereignty, but its people "united, defended
 their own country and state," drove out invaders and 
traitors, reestablished authority, and embarked on 
a path of independent development.
- This was made possible by the tremendous spiritual 
uplift of the country's multinational people, "whose 
statehood has always been based on three pillars 
- unity, faith, and a strong, vertical power."
Age-old conflict
- Europe has long wanted to destroy the Russian state, 
which has manifested itself in attempts at "political
 intrigue, economic enslavement, and 
direct aggression.
- Almost all of Europe has participated in aggression
 against Russia, from the German Knights to the 
Nazis in the twentieth century.
- Russia has always been a "bone in the West's throat," 
obstructing its hegemonic goals while representing 
a powerful civilizational alternative.
- Western Russophobic ideologues devised schemes to 
bring Russia to its knees, which served as the basis 
for the Western conspiracy to destroy the country.
The new Time of Troubles in the 1990s
- The eventful 1990s became the "new Time of Troubles," 
when the existence of the Russian state was once 
again threatened.
- The collapse of the USSR emboldened the authorities 
of the United States and other Western leaders, who 
believed that they could destroy Russia ---- by 
dividing it.
- In the 1990s, Western advisers flocked to Russia, 
attempting to create turmoil by "encouraging 
separatism, imposing debt bonds and 
onerous international obligations. 
The West was counting on 
creating turmoil ---- and 
establishing external
control over Russia.
- The West also used additional levers of pressure, 
such as NATO's aggressive push to the East, 
support for extremism and extreme 
religious groups, and "a wave of 
defamation of the Russian 
Orthodox Church and 
traditional Islam.
- As a result of the ''radical'' reforms imposed by the West,
the country's standard of living declined, unemployment
increased, industry, agriculture, transportation, and the
financial system --- were destroyed, and the military-
industrial complex effectively ceased to fulfill 
its primary function of providing advanced 
weaponry to the armed forces.
- In the 1990s, international terrorism -- posed a significant 
threat to Russian sovereignty, while Western governments 
hypocritically called the terrorists "fighters for freedom
 and democracy.''
Challenging the West
- After becoming president in 2000, Vladimir Putin focused
 his efforts on stabilizing the country's internal life and 
restoring constitutional order.
- As a result of the president's policies, strong systemic 
anti-crime measures have been implemented, and the 
number of criminal acts has decreased by more 
than a third, since 2000.
- In the early 2000s, Putin saw a multipolar world order as
 the solution to many international problems. His famous 
Munich speech was devoted to the idea that a unipolar 
model was not only unacceptable, but generally
unattainable in today's world.
- In August 2008, the West tested Russia's strength by 
igniting the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict. As a 
result, the country reformed its army ---- and
introduced new types of weapons.
- However, the West did not relent - as a result of the 
Washington-engineered coup in Ukraine in 2014, 
supporters of neo-Nazi ideologies came to 
power in Kiev, from where they promptly 
launched a genocide against 
the Russian people.
Fighting neo-Nazism in Ukraine
- Despite Western sanctions and pressure, Russia could
not tolerate the atrocities committed by Ukrainian neo-
Nazis and supported the demand for the reunification 
of the millions of inhabitants of the original 
Russian territories.
- Ukrainian officials and their Western backers are 
increasingly resorting to blatant terrorist tactics 
to terrorize the population and damage Russia.
- Ultimately, Kiev officials will have to answer for attempts
 to annihilate the Russian people in Donbass, as well as 
for the deaths of Ukrainians in a fratricidal war.
- Ukrainian neo-Nazis will be tried in an international 
court for attempting a provocation by detonating
 a "dirty bomb".
- There are reasonable forces in Ukraine. They 
are suppressed, but they are ready to fight 
the neo-Nazi regime.
Sanctions war
- The West launched an unprecedented economic 
war against Russia, but its blitzkrieg failed.
- Western censorship is working hard to eliminate stories
 about Russia's good development trends. "The Anglo-
Saxon media deliberately ignore the obvious fact 
that Russia has been able to ensure its military,
 economic and food security.
- A large number of unjust sanctions have been imposed 
on Russia, but the country is dealing with them. The 
economy has recovered and has already 
exceeded the level of 2021.
- The Russian economy has demonstrated its stability
and its 
ability to develop gradually in the face
of global economic 
uncertainty --- and
the imposition of restrictive 
economic measures.
Multipolar world against the "new order"
- The West intends to create more hotspots near Russia,
similar to Ukraine, but Moscow will not be deterred.
- Washington, along with Russia, China and India, will 
become just one of several poles in the new 
multipolar world order, but Europe is 
unlikely to be able to claim....
 even that.
- Russia, under Putin, has offered a civilizational
 alternative to the West that is gaining traction. 
At least 25 countries have expressed a desire 
to join or cooperate with BRICS.
-- Russia prioritizes the development of relations 
with its nearest neighbours, especially Belarus,
 through the Union State.
- Moscow is in contact with Baku and Yerevan
 to normalize relations, and a peace treaty is 
being drafted.
- Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan declared
 that Nagorno-Karabakh is Azerbaijani territory....
 under the influence of the West.
Remembering history
- While the West tries to rewrite history, Russia treats
 it with care and..... does not allow it to be lost.
- Future generations must know the truth and remember
 that it was Russia that overcame fascism at the cost 
of nearly 30 million deaths of its people.
- Amendments to the Constitution in 2020 restored the
 supremacy of national law and established laws on 
the security of the country's borders and territories.
- The support of the majority of the population for the
 President's plans in the 2020 referendum, created 
the basis - for Russia's future prosperity, stability, 
security and good living conditions for its people.
Well done, Russia - your country is now
respected again by 80% of the world
and also by millions in the so-called
''democracies'' of the West.
When and if you start calling
each other Comrade, again,
you will have returned on
your path, perfectly!
I always wanted the merging
of genuine Christianity with
communism, and believe in
your ability to achieve that.
May all our readers work
and pray to achieve this.
What do you think?

US not merely complicit but 
architect and mastermind 
of Israel’s Gaza genocide
by Mohammad Hashim
October 31st,  1:35pm
As the chorus for an end to the Israeli regime’s genocidal 
campaign in the besieged Gaza Strip grows louder, it is
 becoming increasingly clear who the real protagonist 
and mastermind is.
While the overwhelming majority of countries voted in 
favour of the humanitarian truce in Gaza during the 
UN General Assembly session last week, the US 
and some of its vassal states, opposed
the resolution.
The vote laid bare which side Americans and their allies 
were on – the side of occupation and apartheid.
It came days after US President Joe Biden dashed off to 
Tel Aviv in a show of support for the Israeli regime even 
as Israeli warplanes continued to pummel densely-
populated civilian areas in Gaza.
On the eve of Biden’s visit, an Israeli warplane targeted a 
hospital in northern Gaza, killing more than 700 people, 
including patients and those who had taken refuge 
at the hospital, after being displaced.
Biden refused to condemn the Israeli regime, rather 
blamed the “other side” for the bombing, parroting
 the Israeli narrative. He had previously also
 peddled the Zionist lie about children 
being beheaded.
During the whirlwind trip, he even described himself as 
a “Zionist” and repeated a line he infamously said as a
 senator in 1986: “If there were not an Israel, we’d 
have to invent one.”
Biden, however, isn’t the only American batting for the 
occupying regime and preventing efforts aimed at de-
escalation. Many current and former US officials 
have come out openly in support of the regime.
Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State who was one of 
the first foreign officials to land in Tel Aviv following
 the events of October 7, has made a series of 
not-so-diplomatic statements in recent days.
In an interview with NBC last week, the top US diplomat 
said that Israel should “already be devising a strategy”
 of who rules the besieged Gaza Strip after Hamas is 
removed from the scene.
He was only echoing what Israeli Premier Benjamin 
Netanyahu said earlier about the “elimination of 
Hamas” being the defined goal for the regime 
in its latest genocidal campaign in the 
barricaded territory.
A former US military official, Ret. Gen. Barry McCaffrey, 
speaking on MSNBC on Sunday, said the US is likely to 
“directly intervene with air and naval strikes” --- if the 
regime’s existence is threatened.
"I would suggest to you our support of Israel will be 
absolute, and if we see Syrian military intervention, 
active Iranian military intervention, we'll go to war," 
McCaffrey said on the show.
The unconditional and uncritical support for the Israeli 
regime from the top-tier US past and present 
leadership has prompted many pundits to 
suggest that Washington -- is the key 
player in this war.
It’s not merely complicit in what’s unfolding in the 
besieged Gaza Strip, but it is the engineer, the 
architect and the main mastermind of this 
genocidal campaign against the people 
of Palestine.
As Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed 
Ali Khamenei said in a speech last week, the US is a 
“definite accomplice” of the Zionist regime and its 
hands are drenched in the blood of the oppressed.
“Actually, it is the US that is somehow managing the
crime that is being committed in Gaza. The US ---
is the one that is managing things,” Ayatollah 
Khamenei remarked.
These words carry tremendous weight and establish the 
fact that the regime in Tel Aviv is remotely controlled 
by Washington as both need each other to carry 
out destabilizing activities in the region.
It’s a well-established fact that the Zionist killing 
machine is funded by Washington -- including 
over $3.8 billion annual military assistance 
the US provides annually to the regime to 
purchase weaponry.
In recent weeks, there have also been reports 
about two US aircraft carriers being 
dispatched to the region, a move 
basically meant to provide 
military cover to the 
vulnerable entity 
in Tel Aviv.
All these developments suggest beyond doubt that 
the United States basically owns this war that is
 increasingly looking unwinnable for the 
‘weaker than spider web’
 Israeli regime.
Even though Biden’s deputy Kamala Harris insists that 
Washington has “no intention” to deploy combat 
troops to the occupied territories, reports 
suggest US boots are already on the 
ground there.
There have also been reports about the US secretly
 expanding its military base on the occupied land
 near Gaza, which again points to US complicity 
and a key role --- in what’s unfolding in Gaza.
Intercept reported this week that the Pentagon awarded a
 multimillion-dollar contract to build its secret base deep 
inside the occupied territories, just 20 miles from Gaza, 
code-named ‘Site 512.’
The classified base will include what the report called
 a “life support facility” for the dying regime.
“Though President Joe Biden and the White House insist 
that there are no plans to send U.S. troops to Israel 
amid its war on Hamas, a secret U.S. military
 presence in Israel already exists,” the
 report stated.
As Ali Akbar Velayati, the Iranian Leader’s senior advisor,
 stated on Monday, the Israeli regime will not even last 
one day without the support of the United States and 
European countries.
So it becomes clear that the occupying regime cannot
 go ahead or sustain any military aggression without 
Washington’s green light as well as political and
 military patronage.
In the case of the ongoing bombing campaign in the 
Gaza Strip, which will eventually lead to the demise 
of the illegitimate regime. the United States is not 
only complicit, but the mastermind.
Mohammad Hashim is a political and
 media analyst focused on West Asia
(The views expressed in this article ---- do 
not necessarily reflect those of Press TV.)
Israel is often described as the US'
''attack dog'' in the Middle East.
If you had a distant relative who sent a
dog to where you live --- that beseiged
you --- and periodically killed your
children - what would YOU do?
The catastrophe in Gaza
Ceasefire Now!
by Tatiana Belova
October 21st, 10:24am 

Rescuers of the Russian Emergencies Ministry delivered 27 
tons of humanitarian aid to the population of the Gaza Strip. 
These are, first of all, extremely necessary food and 
medicines. Russian humanitarian aid was handed 
over to representatives of the Egyptian Red 
Crescent Society to be sent to the 
Palestinian enclave. 
The situation of Gazans is catastrophic. This
is especially true ---- for access to water.
The Palestinian civilians found themselves in unbearable
 conditions. According to the latest UN report, Gazans 
now have access to at best 3 litres of water a day
 instead of the minimum 50 litres.
The Gaza Strip is practically cut off from the rest of the 
world. Water and food are sorely lacking. For bread –
 stampede and queues. A video of Palestinian 
children searching for food, in the rubble
their homes, has spread across 
social networks. 
Power was cut off in Gaza for nine consecutive days.
 Hospitals are on the verge of collapse. Due to the 
lack of light, surgeons are forced to suspend 
operations. Some people... have to work in 
the dark. 59 medical institutions were hit,
 26 were seriously damaged. At least
health workers were killed and
over 20 
were injured.
The situation with the water supply, is particularly
deplorable. The water crisis has been developing 
in Gaza for decades. The reason for this is the 
depletion of the underground aquifer and the
 regular blockades that Israel arranges for 
the region.
Residents of the enclave are forced to drill and dig wells 
to get access to water. According to the Palestinian 
Water Authority, there are 10,000 wells in Gaza, 
2,700 wells for the agricultural sector and 
7,000 private wells drilled by residents 
without a license.
"The whole problem -- is that there are extremely specific 
soils. And these soils are seriously saline. Accordingly, 
if the well is legal ------ it is still being cleaned and 
desalinated. And if the wells are illegal, let's 
just say... that the water from them
desalinated exclusively by 
artisanal means," explains 
Sergey Demidenko, Dean 
of the School of Political 
Studies at the RANEPA 
Institute of National
Economy and Public
Many desalination plants were destroyed after Israeli 
strikes. As a result --- Gazans are forced to drink 
brackish water. It has exceeded the indicators 
of sodium, chlorine, and nitrates. Such water
is dangerous for health, especially
for children. 
And it is also teeming with various infections. The region 
has experienced regular outbreaks of cholera and 
typhoid fever before. Now, amid the destruction 
of critical infrastructure --- doctors expect a 
surge in cases in the Palestinian enclave.
"There are a lot of biological threats. The list --- is huge. The 
most banal intestinal infections-shigellosis, salmonellosis,
E. coli. In fact they are banal only at first glance because 
in the absence of control, or effective treatment, they
provide a high mortality rate, especially in children. 
Cholera --- in principle, there were outbreaks. This 
is what everyone expects with the current state. 
It is not a fact that it will necessarily happen,
but the risks ------ are very high" --- warns 
Nikolai Kryuchkov, an immunologist.
To prevent a catastrophe, Russia proposed a humanitarian 
resolution on Gaza and Israel at the UN Security Council 
earlier this week. However, it was rejected. The US,
France, and Japan --- voted against it.
"Humanitarian access must be granted immediately. We call
 for an early ceasefire and the opening of corridors for the
 delivery of urgent humanitarian aid to the affected areas 
of the enclave and an exit of civilians, for an immediate 
end to violence against civilians, regardless of their
place of residence," stressed Vasily Nebenzya, 
Permanent Representative of the Russian 
Federation to the UN.
However, the other day things got off the ground a little. 
Egypt, has agreed to open the Rafah crossing to send 
humanitarian aid to residents of the Gaza Strip. 
On Friday, about 200 trucks piled up near the checkpoint.
 UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres even arrived in
 Rafah to track the delivery of the first humanitarian 
supplies to the Palestinian enclave, on the spot.
However, it is obvious that the humanitarian catastrophe 
in Gaza can be stopped - only after a ceasefire.

This, is 
what Russia is calling for.
Don't look away !
Write, march,
fiight, pray...

Just don't do what the Pharisee did
--- as Jesus taught us all --- in the
parable of the good neighbour.

Don't ''cross over to the 
other side of the road.''

What do you think?


RS: The US would do better to enlist 
the support of Russia and China
 to resolve the conflict in
 the Middle East
October 20th, 2023 
(source: Responsible Statecraft
retold by InoTV)
With their authority and influence in the Middle East, 
Russia and China could help the US achieve a 
settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict 
--- and prevent its spread throughout the 
region, writes Responsible Statecraft.
 If the situation escalates further, there is a danger that the 
ongoing armed confrontation will draw Washington and
 Moscow into fighting on opposite sides, and China 
will provide assistance to Russia.
The conflict in the Middle East - poses two serious threats to
 the United States. First, it is a deadly threat to Israel, which
 may arise as a result of a joint attack on it by Hamas, 
Hezbollah and Iran (especially if Russia helps it), and
 the resumption of the intifada. 
Secondly, there is a danger that such a regional conflict will 
draw the United States and Russia into fighting on opposite 
sides, and China will provide assistance to Russia, 
writes Responsible Statecraft.
Preventing both situations is crucial for both the US's own
 security and Israel's, which largely depends on China and 
Russia helping to contain their partners in the region in 
exchange for Israel's restraint in the Gaza Strip.
The most likely route to this double jeopardy --- would be to 
launch a full-scale Israeli ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, 
for which Hamas is almost certainly prepared and which it 
may well have originally intended to provoke. The invasion
--- will inevitably involve prolonged urban fighting and 
massive civilian casualties, leading to widespread 
outrage in the region. 
This may trigger a military response from Hezbollah, which 
in turn will put massive pressure on Iran to force Tehran 
to support its Lebanese partner.
The northern front between Israel & Iran-backed Hezbollah 
could also well extend into Syria, drawing Russia or even
 Turkey directly into the fighting. Neither side is looking 
for a direct clash with Israel --- because the Hamas 
attack, has already caught Iran off guard, Russia
 is completely engrossed in the Ukraine conflict, 
and Turkey will lose the leverage it uses to 
maneuver between the US, EU, Russia, 
and regional players ---- south of its 
borders. However, circumstances
 may force these States to make 
choices... that they would
to avoid.
Choosing between China and Russia will make it easier for 
the United States to enlist Beijing's help. China has the 
most to lose from an expanded regional conflict that 
could threaten access to its oil reserves, drive up 
energy prices.. and disrupt international trade,
 which the country's economy depends. 
In addition, China could also benefit from working with the 
United States to contain the crisis and stabilize the region, 
bolstering its prestige on the world stage and reassuring 
the US, which fears that Beijing intends to "destabilize"
 the international "order."
Washington will not want to give the leading role in the
 region to China - even though China is already playing 
such a role regardless of the US desire, as evidenced
 by its support for Saudi-Iranian rapprochement. 
Successful cooperation with China in the Middle East would 
mark a return to previous US statements that Washington 
hopes Beijing will become a "responsible stakeholder" 
on the world stage, rather than an enemy.
The situation is more complicated with Russia, as it has 
good relations with both Israel and Iran, and has fought 
alongside Hezbollah in Syria. In addition, the level of
hostility and distrust.... that grew long before the 
Ukrainian conflict between the USt and Russia 
is off the scale. It is obvious that Russia is 
strongly tempted to create problems for 
the US ---- and take advantage of the 
situation --- to strengthen its ties 
with Iran, the Arab world, and 
countries of the Global South 
--- at the expense of the US.
Fortunately for the United States, Moscow also has reason 
to worry about the deepening conflict in the Middle East. 
First of all, Russia has long been concerned about the issue 
of Islamic terrorism. After the events of September 11, a
 strong sense of unity of interests with the US in the 
fight against terrorism emerged in Moscow. As a 
result of this perception of a common threat, the 
West's policy in Libya and Syria was met in 
Russia not only with rage, but also with 
bewilderment. Faced with the obvious 
danger of Islamist extremism and the 
terrible example of the war in Iraq, 
Russian analysts could not under-
stand.. how the West could have
followed a course ------- aimed at 
destroying the Libyan & Syrian 
states -------and expanding
opportunities for the 
spread of religious 
The resumption of at least limited cooperation with Russia, 
in the fight against terrorism --- is both one of the ways to a
 possible broader settlement and is extremely necessary in
 itself, because the current conflict, is sure to increase the 
terrorist threat to the West. Terrorist attacks have already 
begun in Europe. The United States also needs to resume 
negotiations with Russia on the future of Syria, as the US 
strategy to overthrow the political regime has long failed.
Neither Russia nor China has sufficient leverage to prevent
 Hezbollah from opening a northern front with Israel - if the 
Israeli military launches a full invasion of the Gaza Strip. 
However ------- Beijing and Moscow probably have enough 
influence to guarantee Tel Aviv that Hamas supporters 
will not take part in the clashes in exchange for some 
measure of restraint on the part of the Israelis.
 The United States should enlist the support of Russia and 
China, and then it will be easier to resolve the conflict in 
the Middle East, Responsible Statecraft concludes.
Some chance? No chance!
What do you think?

How Palestinian resistance 
gained upper hand with its
strategic military operation
October 17th, 1:39pm
by Julia Kassem
The Israeli regime’s humiliating withdrawal from Gaza 
in 2005, placed the coastal strip at the centre of the 
illegitimate entity’s wrath as Gazans rejected the 
comprador authority that ruled the West Bank, 
marking a reversal and upheaval of the
 of Zionists.
After that, Gaza was subjected to a brutal blockade, 
depriving it of clean water, strictly limiting its food, 
and every once in a while shelling the world’s 
largest open-air prison.
Before the Tel Aviv regime launched its genocidal aerial 
bombardment campaign, it was caught by complete 
surprise on the morning of October 7, 2023, when 
the Gaza-based Hamas resistance movement 
launched the ‘Al-Aqsa Storm’ operation.
Following the barrage of rockets that pounded the occupied
 territories, Hamas’s Izzidin al-Qassam brigade fighters 
broke through the regime’s highly-fortified fence and 
ambushed bases in Israeli-occupied Beit Hanoon 
(called Erez by the occupation) border crossing, 
the Zikim base, and the Gaza division
 headquarters at Reim.
Within a few hours, the Palestinian resistance fighters had 
already captured 35 Israeli military personnel, killed 
dozens, and captured vast swathes of occupied 
towns. They dragged out senior Israeli regime 
commander Nimrod Aloni --- responsible for 
planning operations against resistance 
groups - in his undergarments.
Almost immediately, the resistance eliminated the entire 
Israeli battalion responsible for overseeing, monitoring 
and surveillance of the besieged Gaza Strip.
This knocked out the occupation’s intelligence capabilities 
to the extent that PM Benjamin Netanyahu himself had no
 clue about it even hours after the operation, and Israeli 
units failed to respond - let alone inform the public -
at least 6 hours.
The information then revealed --- that one of the bases 
ambushed by the resistance was a publicly unknown 
one - and not only did the Palestinian fighters know 
where the base was, but were able to specifically 
target and destroy the communications 
infrastructure there.
It was entirely the work of Palestinian resistance - despite
 a Wall Street Journal article claiming the operation was 
carried out with the help of Iran - an erroneous lie, 
especially the reference to “Hezbollah 
security sources”.
Iran’s United Nations office dismissed the claim, while
reaffirming the Islamic Republic's unflinching support
for the Palestinian resistance --- and the 
surprise operation.
The lie was later retracted by the Pentagon, issuing 
a statement that there was no evidence of Iran’s 
involvement, but already, it was clear that Iran 
was also a target --- likely at the request of a 
desperate regime in Tel Aviv, who realized
that its security, like its impenetrable 
wall, was completely broken.
The Palestinian resistance was victorious not because 
of any co-incidence or luck --- but because of its 
strategic vision and military prowess, which 
is lacking on the other side.
The Palestinian resistance’s operation, which came in
 response to daily atrocities against Palestinians - as 
well as the repeated desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque 
by regime forces and settlers -- exposed not only 
chinks in the regime’s military apparatus -- but 
also the complete absence of strategy in the 
Zionist entity ------ so it had to resort to 
propaganda and false narratives.
As the threat of a ground invasion becomes more
 pronounced, the Zionist entity finds itself at a 
crossroads: either to back down and accept 
defeat ----- or move ahead with a ground 
invasion ----- and face the wrath of 
all fronts of the resistance axis.
The latter scenario almost ensures the Zionist entity’s 
crushing defeat - both in terms of being pulled across
two fronts as well as facing Lebanon’s Hezbollah 
resistance movement, which has grown 
considerably stronger... since its
 thumping victory over Israel 
in 2006.
The prospects of an Israeli defeat are particularly high -- as 
the events that unfolded on October 7 reveal. The regime’s 
lack of strategy pushes it into the fold of ideology and 
cruel, sadistic idealism, producing its “tactics” (if you 
can call them that) of shock-and-awe terror and 
intimidation, of mass genocide of Gazans, to 
produce civilian intimidation - devastation
- where military victories cannot be 
matched up.
Despite the Palestinian resistance’s superior intelligence 
capabilities and strong command of strategy, the Zionist 
entity could drum up nothing more intelligent than a 
propaganda campaign - equating the Palestinian
resistance, particularly Hamas - to the Daesh
terrorist group --- alongside other orientalist 
tropes aimed at dehumanizing Palestinians
--- to justify horrific war crimes and mass 
murder, carried out in the absence of 
a strategy.
The Palestinians -- were projected as bloodthirsty savage 
men with appetites for rape and murder who had nothing 
better to do than to target scantily-clad white settler 
women and murder children.
These tropes, present in different forms during the Al-Aqsa 
Storm operation (also known as the Al-Aqsa Flood), were 
quickly debunked.
The most notorious of these Zionist lies was that 40 babies 
were beheaded by Hamas in the kibbutz of Kfar Aza on 
October 10. The lies were debunked over and over 
again, (with the Zionist entity adding insult to 
injury in tweeting an AI-generated image of 
a burned “baby”) but the damage --- in 
invoking a sensationalist reaction
 to orientalist tropes --- stuck.
Israel used it not just to justify its aerial bombardment of 
civilians in Gaza, but also -- to manufacture consent for 
such a campaign amongst Americans, whose support 
is so critical for Tel Aviv to even consider launching 
its ground offensive, and whose public has grown 
more hesitant to pour more money for wars 
abroad - especially post-Ukraine.
On October 13, the Israeli regime demanded North Gaza’s 
nearly 1 million inhabitants evacuate to the south of the 
territory, warning them of an incoming, unforgiving 
aerial bombardment campaign. The order even 
applied to hospitals that were teeming with 
critical patients.
Gazan authorities immediately slammed the warnings as 
psychological warfare, with Hamas leadership urging 
citizens not to fall into Zionist schemes
 “to create another Nakba.”
Hamas pointed out in an English-language telegram 
statement that targeting hospitals was a violation 
of international law. Yet Israel pressed harder in 
forcing a mass evacuation - or at least making 
it look like they had warned Palestinians 
before their brutal annihilation.
When terrified Palestinians heeded the threatening orders 
and traveled south - the humanitarian corridor became a 
target for the regime, which rained bombs on numerous 
convoys, massacring and injuring over 200 civilians, 
mostly women and children.
In the short term, the regime has sought to wipe out Gaza 
of not its resistance, but of its inhabitants, first by aiming 
to establish a security belt from the North of Gaza before 
moving in to wipe out Gaza of its entire population, tear 
through underground tunnels, and washing away its 
crimes by reinstating the illegal occupying 
settlements (“Gush Katif”) removed as 
part of the occupying entity’s 
withdrawal in 2005.
These campaigns of terror and mass murder serve a 
nefarious displacement project - one that would see 
Gaza’s two million inhabitants dead - or, in the long 
term, pushed, permanently displaced, into Egypt’s 
Sinai to live in tents (and forever panhandle from 
the liberal wing of Global Zionism as begging
 recipients of paltry “aid”), as recurrent 
Israeli proposals have indicated.
Just as Daesh’s forced displacement of Syrians and Iraqis 
from the region’s oil-rich north enabled trillions in US oil
 extortion to take place, the forced exodus of 
Palestinians, squashes out any hope for 
Palestinian sovereignty over land and 
resources - including an estimated 
$15 billion in offshore oil wealth 
in the occupied Palestinian 
maritime boundary.
Like Daesh, the Zionist entity functions outside of any 
legal or humanitarian standards or laws, be it
 religious or liberal-secular.
Like Daesh, the Zionist entity invokes indiscriminate 
campaigns of mass murder and violence, to 
cleanse the population and uphold an 
ever-expanding ethno-state.
Like Daesh, the Zionist entity upholds its reign of terror 
through supremacists, a twisted ideology that 
disregards vision for nihilistic dogma.
And like Daesh, the Zionist entity carries out its genocidal
campaigns essentially to the benefit of the West, with 
whom it finds itself in collusion with chaos-inducing 
means to plunge Palestine and the Arab world into
 a reactionary, servile end.
Yet like Daesh, the illegitimate regime’s genocidal goals 
executed with a lack of a constructive vision and 
harnessed by death and destruction - come amid 
a waning US hegemony ----- that Israel is 
completely dependent upon. So the 
future looks particularly bleak
the regime.
On the other hand, the resistance axis, following the latest 
developments, clearly holds the upper hand in this battle 
– a battle that will end in the annihilation of the 
apartheid regime.   
Julia Kassem is a freelance writer, having contributed
to Detroit's own Riverwise, Against the Current, 
and nationally syndicated outlets such as 
Counterpunch, Mintpressnews, 
and TruthOut.
Truly, some amazing insights.
I don't think the Palestinians
are going to lose - and tens
of thousands of Israelis
now leaving Israel --- 
seem to agree.
What do you think?

What the Communists are fighting for
A decent youth policy 
October 14th, 2:56pm
(Press service of Stalingrad 
Regional Committee of the 
Communist Party of the 
Russian Federation) 
Meeting of Komsomol activists of the 
Southern Federal District opened 
in Volgograd.
On October 13, a gathering of Komsomol activists from the 
Southern Federal District, started in Volgograd. Opening 
the forum, Tamara Golovacheva, First Secretary of the
Stalingrad Regional Committee of the Communist 
Party of the Russian Federation... addressed 
young delegates, from the Astrakhan and 
Rostov regions, the Republic of Crimea,
 the city of Sevastopol, the Krasnodar 
Territory, Adygea, and the Donetsk 
and Luhansk People's Republics: 
"On behalf of....... the regional Committee of the Communist
Party of the Russian Federation, I would like to welcome 
you to the heroic - and unruly - Stalingrad land. Your 
Komsomol rally -- is held in the year of the 80th 
anniversary of the Victory at Stalingrad, and 
October is crowned by another date - the 
105th anniversary of the only political 
and mass organization in the world,
the All-Union Leninist Communist 
Youth Union.''
''In a difficult time for our country, during the years of the Civil 
War and foreign military intervention, no one then realized 
what lies ahead for young people.. what they have to do,
 what the main task is to fulfill. This task was voiced at
 the third congress of the Komsomol in October 1920, 
where Vladimir Ilyich Lenin told young people that 
they need to learn ----- that you can become a 
communist only if you enrich your memory 
with knowledge of all the riches that 
humanity has developed. Learn 
and work. Build new cities, 
railways, and factories.''
''During the years of the struggle against the Nazi invaders, 
ten million Komsomol members ------ went to the front.
thousand of them received the title Hero of the 
Soviet Union. Among them, were our Stalingrad 
heroes: Nikolai Serdyukov, Mikhail Panikakha, 
Sasha Filippov, Yakov Pavlov... and 
many others.''
''The legendary Komsomol tribe is alive today, it continues to
 work and grows stronger - together with the history of the
 country under the leadership of the Communist Party.'' 
''I wish you fruitful work at the Meeting, and with your 
Komsomol enthusiasm and energy, always keep up 
with the party, fight and win."
During the Gathering of Komsomol activists, participants will 
listen to lectures on the history of the Communist Party and 
the Komsomol, take part in a seminar on journalism, learn 
how to conduct propaganda work, and discuss the
prospects for the development of the LKSM 
and the country as a whole.  
''Knowledge of all the riches that 
humanity has developed.'' Wow!
Have you taken a look -- at the
mass media and social media
in your country, today?
What did you learn?


Bloomberg: Russia and China will 
benefit from the war in Gaza, and 
the West will have to answer for 
"double standards"
(source: Bloomberg
retold by InoTV)
October 13th, 2023 
A war in the Middle East can cause serious damage 
to the power and authority of the West, and the 
only winners in the war in Gaza may be 
Russia and China, according 
to Bloomberg.
The two countries' positions on the Israeli-Palestinian
 conflict, differ, creating an even greater rift in the 
current world situation. Too many countries 
around the world accuse Israel of illegally 
occupying Palestinian land - continuing 
settlement expansion, and oppressing
 the Palestinian people. 
The moral necessity of the creation of Israel after World War 
II was not recognized even by the remote countries of Asia 
and Africa, let alone the Middle East: most of them still do 
not agree that the Palestinians were deprived of property 
and punished for the crimes of European countries.
But - as Bloomberg notes - it is not just Israel's attempts to
normalize relations with its Arab neighbours that are now 
under threat. A prolonged and widespread conflict in the
 Middle East "will drain the West's resources in relation
 to Ukraine," which "were already scarce and subject 
to domestic political opposition in the US and other 
countries." Moreover, little will remain of the Biden 
administration's ambitious efforts to counter 
China's growing influence in the Middle 
East, whether it's a peace deal 
between Saudi Arabia and 
Israel, or a proposed 
economic corridor
 linking India....
 to Europe. 
According to the US newspaper, the war in the 
Middle East has already undermined all the 
efforts made by the West.
Moreover, even if the struggle is confined to the Gaza Strip, 
it will subject to more international scrutiny... what the 
human rights organization, Amnesty International, in 
its report calls the "double standards of the West" 
--- in the field of human rights in the world. 
The US authorities did not answer the question put to them 
by the Palestinian activist Mustafa Barghouti: "Why does
the United States support Ukraine in the fight against 
the so-called occupation, while in the Middle East 
they support the invader who still continues to 
occupy us?"
As Bloomberg notes, it is precisely the rash actions of the
 West and its ambivalent policy towards other countries 
that play into the hands of Russia and China. 
According to the publication ---- "China and Russia will only 
benefit from the pictures of death and destruction in Gaza, 
caused, among other things, by US-made bombs."
Some good points there.
Meanwhile, children die.
Sick of it... aren't you?

British commandos train Ukrainian 
saboteurs to undermine Russian
nuke plants — FSB
 October 11th, 9:31am (TASS) 
The British special operations personnel, trained Ukrainian 
military intelligence groups for subversive acts at Russian 
nuclear power plants, Russia’s Federal Security Service 
(FSB) Director, Alexander Bortnikov, said at a meeting 
of the Council of CIS Security Agencies and Special
Services Chiefs, that opened under 
chairmanship, on Wednesday.
"In August this year --- the Federal Security Service
 apprehended members of a Ukrainian subversive
and reconnaissance group. Operational and 
investigative measures - have established 
that the personnel of the British special 
operations forces ------ trained the
and planned
their operations.'' 
''The group was tasked with carrying out subversive acts
 against military facilities, oil, transport and critical
 infrastructure -- and also against nuclear power 
sites, in particular, the Smolensk and Kursk 
nuclear power stations," the FSB
chief said.
Earlier, similar subversive acts were attempted
the Leningrad and Kalinin nuclear
power plants,
 Bortnikov said.
"In all, over 20 explosives planted at electric power
transmission lines of nuclear power plants - were 
neutralized as a result of counter-saboteur work.
Their detonation pursued the goal of disrupting 
the technological process of the operation of
 nuclear power plants," the FSB chief said.
As a result of the saboteurs’ subversive acts, the operation 
of the 2nd power unit of the Kursk nuclear power plant 
was halted ------ in an emergency shutdown, 
Bortnikov said.
"These acts by the Ukrainian military intelligence and its
 British instructors, should be qualified as nothing else 
but nuclear terrorism," the FSB chief stressed.
"A question arises: is London aware of the reckless nature
 of actions by its special services? What do these insane
 persons ultimately count on? The point is that by their 
actions they raise the terror threat to a higher level," 
Bortnikov said.
As the FSB chief pointed out, "this requires measures from
 the international community - to work out fundamentally 
new approaches --- in the fight against terrorism, its
ideological inspirers, sponsors, and 
the FSB chief said.

I'm talking to the UK special services now.
Have you realistically looked at yourself
and seen yourself --- as a terrorist?

If you have - how does it make you feel?


Gitmo detainees continue to be 
tortured by CIA ----- physically, 
and mentally: Attorney
by Syed Zafar Mehdi
October 4th, 11:18am
Torture has always existed at Guantanamo Bay in different
 forms --- and the inmates there continue to be tortured 
physically and psychologically, says a US-based 
human rights attorney.
In an interview with the Press TV website, Alka Pradhan, 
who has represented Guantanamo Bay detainees as
 well as victims of US drone strikes, described 
various forms of torture prevalent at the 
notorious US detention facility --- also 
known as Gitmo, in southeast Cuba.
“In the early days, it took the form of beatings and forced 
nudity, starvation and force-feedings, and other terrible
 techniques,” said Pradhan, referring to the 
institutionalizing of torture at Gitmo.
“Now, decades of arbitrary detention, and lack of family 
visits and medical care ------ including botched or 
substandard procedures ------ carried out by 
poorly qualified staff ----- continue to 
torture these men psychologically 
and physically.”
Pradhan, one of the leading human rights lawyers in the US, 
is currently Human Rights Counsel at the Guantanamo Bay 
Military Commissions. She was previously Counter-
Terrorism Counsel at Reprieve US, where she
 represented several Guantanamo 
Bay detainees.
She also conducted advocacy and litigation on behalf of
 civilian victims of US drone strikes in Yemen and 
Pakistan and has advised the US government 
on compliance with international 
legal obligations.
Last week, Pradhan was invited to the European Parliament 
to speak on Gitmo human rights abuses amid growing calls
 from human rights advocates to shut down the notorious 
US detention centre.
She is an attorney representing Ammar al-Baluchi, an Iranian 
citizen, who has suffered high-degree torture at the hands 
of the CIA and even denied medical care by the 
White House.
“Ammar, an Iranian citizen, was brutally tortured for 3.5 years 
at the “black sites” - the CIA’s secret prisons all over the 
world - before he was rendered to Guantanamo Bay, in 
September 2006,” Pradhan told the Press TV website.
“According to CIA records, CIA personnel used him as a
 human experiment, bashing his head against a wall 
over and over again for hours ----- to obtain their 
interrogator certifications. They also tortured 
him using water, shackling his wrists over his
 head, beatings, forced nudity, and forced 
starvation. For most of his time at the 
black sites, he was sleep-deprived, 
first with ear-splitting music, and
 then with 24/7 fluorescent 
lights,” she hastened
 to add.
Ammar, the US human rights attorney said ----- is 46 years old 
today and suffers from multiple brain injuries because of CIA 
torture as well as severe post-traumatic stress disorder
 (PTSD), the inability to sleep normally and cognitive 
decline, denied proper medical care by the 
US government.
“They will not allow medical histories to be taken that discuss
 the causes of his ailments (torture), the DoD (US Department 
of Defense) will not allow independent doctors to treat him, 
and according to the Chief Medical Officer, they do not 
have the ability to provide complex medical care or 
do proper surgeries here,” she said.”
“Despite entreaties, the White House and DoD have absolutely
 refused to either implement a proper medical and torture
 rehabilitation program here or conduct humanitarian 
transfers of the remaining men to places where 
they can receive the care they need.”
Pradhan also spoke about the Guantanamo military
 commissions set up by the US government that 
have only exacerbated the miserable 
conditions of Gitmo inmates.
These military commissions, she said --- in a conversation
with the Press TV website, were built --- to “benefit from 
CIA torture, while hiding as many details of the torture 
program as possible.”
“The US government made a conscious decision after 9/11
 to torture men abroad instead of bringing them to court 
for prosecution. Once they could no longer hide them
in secret prisons, it was too late to prosecute them 
in real US courts because of that torture,” 
Pradhan said.
“The Military Commissions Act - was written to allow the
 government to use torture-acquired evidence (the bulk
 of their evidence against these men), but also to 
prevent them ----- from giving the defense the 
information we require about exculpatory 
or mitigating factors, like the men’s 
torture in CIA black sites,” 
she added.
The US-based attorney said the US government
has “continuously invaded attorney-client 
privilege --- with listening devices in our 
meeting rooms and the FBI attempting 
to place an informant on one defense 
team”, noting that the corruption in
 the military commissions ---
 “precludes any justice.”
On why the US government chose a detention facility
 in Cuba, away from the mainland, to detain people 
after the 9/11 attacks, Pradhan said the decision 
was taken, so that the US “exercises complete 
control” and international and domestic laws
 do not apply.
“To this day, the US refuses to apply the Constitution 
in the military commissions, or the full provisions of 
Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions to 
the remaining detainees. And the detainees 
themselves, have no real legal remedies - 
they are not allowed to file lawsuits, in 
the United States, and no country will
sanction the US -------- for its illegal 
treatment of these men,” 
she stated.
The international calls for the closure of the notorious 
detention facility have grown louder, but the
Biden administration, like previous 
administrations..... has adopted
 the policy of dilly-dallying.
Pradhan said the strength of the US propaganda campaign 
around Guantanamo at the beginning, “labeling all of the 
men here the “worst of the worst” and categorizing 
them all as some sort of combatant against the 
United States, has proven impossible 
to reverse.”
“Despite the fact that no one should ever have been held at 
Guantanamo, that most were sold to the US for bounty
 payments, and that only a handful have ever been 
charged, most Americans still believe that the
Guantanamo detainees, are all terrorists,” 
she told the Press TV website.
“President Obama --- had the ability to tell the truth about 
the men at Guantanamo, even when Congress stopped
him from closing the facility --- but he did not. The 
enduring misinformation about the detainees, 
means that many countries do not want to 
accept them --- and that Congress has 
banned any transfers of the men
 to US territory.”

and US citizens wonder why
their country ------ is hated!

What - do you feel
about ''Gitmo'' ?


Zionists’ Hatred on the Rise: 
Jews... Spit at Christian 
Worshipers in Al-Quds
October 4th, 1:05pm
(al Manar)
Orthodox Jews spat at Christian worshippers in the Old City 
of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) anew on Wednesday, amid a rise in 
incidents targeting priests and pilgrims in the holy city.
Israeli media reported that occupation police arrested 
five Jews “on suspicion” of spitting at Christians, in 
an attempt to show, that the Israeli government 
exerts efforts to confront such provocations.
Video shared on social media showed a group 
of Orthodox Jews spitting as they were 
walking through the Old City.
The Jerusalem Post cited N12 as saying that the brother 
of MK Simcha Rothman, Rabbi Natan Rothman, led
procession this morning, during which,
provocation took place.
It added that the rabbi “did not commit the act
 himself, but rather, his students who were 
with him.”
Wednesday’s provocation, followed a spitting incident 
during the so-called Sukkot holiday celebrations on 
Tuesday, as well as another, on Monday.
Spitting at Christians “Ancient Jewish Custom”
At the same time, the so-called Israeli National Security
Minister, Itamar Ben Gvir, said in an 
interview: “I still
think spitting at Christians, 
is not a criminal case.
I think we need to 
act on it through instruction
education. Not everything justifies
an arrest.”
Speaking to Army Radio, the minister in charge of police
 added: “It is deserving --- of every condemnation. 
It should be stopped. I asked Rabbi Dov Lior, 
he said it was immoral and wrong. We’re 
against it. But let’s stop slandering 
Israel. We’re all brothers, we’re 
all of the same people.”
Before entering politics, Ben Gvir in the past 
justified spitting toward Christians, as 
“an ancient Jewish custom.”
Source: Israeli media

Not everyone wearing a smile
is friendly... we are all too
human... too frail.

But should this news article
have even been printed?

al Manar, in my opinion,
has gone too far here.

What do you think?


A bill for two: why Europe is being
 urged - to seek a solution to the 
crisis in Ukraine amid declining
 support from the United States
October 3rd, 10:16pm
by Alexander Karpov, 
& Elizaveta Komarova
The EU should start working as soon as possible to establish
a cease-fire and truce in Ukraine against the background 
of declining support for Kiev from Washington. This was 
stated by Bundestag deputy, Sarah Wagenknecht.
"Instead of approving billions for military supplies and 
now bearing the costs of this 'proxy war' for the US - 
the EU should have finally thought about the needs 
of its citizens ------- and called for an immediate 
suspension of hostilities!" the politician said.
She stressed that Brussels is making dubious conclusions
 against the background of the recent adoption of the 
budget in the US, from which financial assistance 
for Kiev was excluded. 
According to Wagenknecht, in this context, the promises 
of the head of EU diplomacy... about long-term support 
for Ukraine "for €5 billion annually" are "impossible".
Wagenknecht recalled that the EU, unlike the US, allocates 
huge funds for the accommodation of Ukrainian refugees, 
and it is necessary to invest money, not in weapons, but 
in the restoration of Ukraine.
Recall that the EU's chief diplomat, Josep Borrel, made a 
proposal in August - to create a military assistance fund 
for Ukraine for 2024-2027, from which, up to €5 billion 
will be allocated to Kiev, annually.
After the meeting of the foreign Ministers of the EU countries, 
which took place on October 2 in Kiev, Borrel said that the 
allocation of €5 billion in military aid to Ukraine in 2024, 
has not yet been agreed, but Brussels hopes to reach 
a consensus, before the end of the year.
Waning support
At the same time, Western media reported a weakening of
 Western support for Kiev. In particular, this was reported 
by the newspaper Politico, which refers to diplomatic 
sources in the EU.
The message that the US and Europe will support Kiev 
"no matter what," is beginning to sound emasculated.
The newspaper notes, that Kiev depends on Western
 assistance not only in the military sphere, but also 
in terms of financing the authorities. According to
 the budget forecast for 2024, Kiev expects to 
receive about $42.8 billion from its foreign 
partners, while a significant part of these 
funds should come from the US, 
writes Politico.
In June, Ukrainian Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko, said 
in an interview with Politico, that the US should "step in"
and provide Kiev with assistance --- "at least for the 
medium term." However.... when asked whether 
the decision of the US Congress to exclude 
aid to Ukraine from the budget will affect
this,  Marchenko's representative 
declined to comment, the 
newspaper reports.
Recall that Republicans in the US House of Representatives
 managed to achieve the exclusion from the draft budget 
of the item on the allocation of aid to Kiev.
US President Joe Biden approved this budget on October 1,
 but then said: "Under no circumstances can we allow US
 support for Ukraine to be interrupted."
In addition to financial support, the West's ability to
support Kiev militarily, is also weakening. Thus,
Politico cites the
 words of European officials:
that EU countries can no 
longer supply Kiev
with weapons from their own 
without threatening the security of
 the community.
"We cannot continue to supply (weapons. - RT) from our 
own stocks… We have already given everything that 
was possible without threatening our own security," 
the newspaper quotes the source as saying.
Also, Politico quotes the words of General Stephane Millet,
chief of staff of the French Aerospace Forces, who said
that in Europe they cannot "constantly give and 
observe how the number of systems is 
reduced, in favour of Ukraine."
A similar situation is observed in the US. So, the AP
news agency published a letter from the Pentagon 
to Congress --- which states that the US defense 
department is running out of funds to replace 
weapons sent to Ukraine, which led to a 
forced slowdown in the supply of 
some units.
In addition, the Pentagon's financial controller, Michael
McCord, told leaders of the House of Representatives 
and the Senate that only $1.6 billion remained of the 
$25.9 billion allocated by Congress, for the 
replenishment of weapons stocks 
...that went to Ukraine.
Political setting
Sarah Wagenknecht's statement reflects a fairly broad 
position that is widespread in Germany and other EU 
countries, political analyst Ivan Konovalov noted 
in a conversation with RT.
"This is a fairly common position for German politicians. 
In fact, in Germany, with the exception of a number of 
representatives of the ruling coalition - there are not 
so many supporters of continuing the conflict. Most 
people understand that the situation is objectively 
negative --- and the German economy is facing 
some very difficult days. There is only one 
way to solve this problem: to stop 
Germany's participation in this 
adventure on the territory of 
Ukraine. And, to do this the 
EU should start working 
to establish a truce
in Ukraine" ---- the 
expert explained.
At the same time, the West will not abandon its plans
to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia, using the 
Ukrainian conflict for this purpose, Ivan 
Konovalov added.
"For the US, this is a serious political attitude that they
 imposed on a significant part of Europe. But it is
 impossible to do this, they are beginning to 
realize it, so now Western politicians are 
driven by a banal desire to save money. 
The US, has destroyed the European 
economy and gained control over it 
and achieved economic benefits -- 
through a scheme using Ukraine. 
Europe is in a serious crisis, it's
obvious, so we see similar 
statements from various 
politicians" --- the 
expert said.
However, the support of Kiev will not
be stopped in one day, Ivan 
Konovalov stressed.
"The US foreign policy is very sluggish, they will 
continue to move along the already laid anti-
Russian track. But gradually they will have 
to do it. When they really start to abandon 
the toxic Ukrainian project, when this is 
expressed in real political decisions, 
then everything will end --- for the 
Kiev regime. But so far, the US
continues to move by inertia, 
although there are already 
problems.... with military 
assistance for Ukraine, 
now it will only be for
an emergency. This 
--- is the first call," 
the expert said.
In Europe, they understand that the Zelensky administration
exists solely at the expense of material and political 
support from the US, said Alexander Mikhailov, 
head of the Bureau of Military-Political 
Analysis, in a conversation with RT.
"If you remove the support of Washington, there will 
benothing left of Zelensky and this whole company, 
without Western weapons and money ---- they will 
not last even a few weeks. The most far-sighted 
politicians in the West, are beginning to adjust 
their positions in advance and change course 
against the background of the results of the 
Ukrainian counteroffensive. Everything that 
Kiev promised did not materialize, and the 
flow of supplied weapons decreased. In 
addition, Ukrainian ultra-nationalism is 
very inconvenient for the West, which 
was clearly demonstrated by the 
''incident'' ...in the Canadian 
Parliament," the source 
Western countries have already invested a lot of money
 in Kiev, but now the desire to maintain such a level of 
spending is clearly declining, Alexander 
Mikhailov stressed.
"All this was very pathetic in the first months of last year, 
when everyone was running around with staged 
provocations, shaking different photos and 
calling on everyone to collectively give 
the last shirt to Ukraine. But now, all 
this.... has already been resolved 
---- since the Western audience 
very easily changes its idol," 
the expert explained.
Zelensky continues to ask Western countries for billions 
in funding, to give Kiev the last tanks and planes, the 
political scientist added.
"Once given, the second time too, but these requests 
continue and at the same time are accompanied by 
derogatory comments - what Zelensky's entourage
 is famous for. Here, any normal head of state and
politician will think about how promising such a 
partnership is. Zelensky still has a "roof" in 
Washington, but this is also, not forever," 
said Alexander Mikhailov.
The US obviously wants to remove Ukraine from its 
balance sheet and shift further responsibility for 
the fate of Kiev, to the EU, the expert believes.
"Washington will narrow military aid to Ukraine, transfer 
it to the maintenance of the EU and will force Kiev to 
create a new negotiating group --- closer to the US 
presidential election in 2024.'' 
''With the counteroffensive, everything is already clear: 
armaments are running out, and the West, in its own
 interests, wants to freeze this story as soon as 
possible," the source concluded.
So, if the plan was, to attack Russia
and after achieving that, to attack
China, what happens now?
What do you think?

L'actualité: the US media are silent
about Nazism in Ukraine....
to please the authorities
October 3rd, 2023 
(source: L'actualité 
retold by InoTV)
The scandal with the Ukrainian Nazi that broke out in Canada
has made many people think about extremely unpleasant 
questions, writes L'actualité columnist, Raphael Jacob, 
a researcher at the University of Quebec in Montreal 
in the field of strategy and diplomacy. 
The main question is whether the accusations of Vladimir 
Putin, who at the very beginning of the SVO pointed out
Nazism flourishing in the ranks of the Ukrainian army,
turned out to be true. However, not only the answer, 
but the very need to raise this question, requires 
Western media... to add more nuances to their 
texts, while they are determined to present
 the conflict in Ukraine as a struggle of 
the bad against the good.
With few exceptions, this approach has completely
 subordinated the public space of the main donor 
of the Kiev regime - the United States. In the US
culture, information has become a commercial 
product & local media have long appreciated 
the financial benefits --- of simplifying 
complex situations. 
Reducing multidimensional stories to ones that are easier 
to digest... is considered a smart approach by media
conglomerates to "sell" their tastes to a wider 
audience. This is especially true, when the 
nuances can raise ambiguous questions
about nationalism.
As Raphael Jacob reminds us ---- the biggest triumphs of the
 United States and reasons for national pride are the victory
 over Nazi Germany in World War II and the victory over the
 Soviet Union in the Cold War. In both cases, Americans 
can claim that they were, as the saying goes, "on the 
right side of history." But what will become of this 
hitherto unshakeable conviction - if we open their 
eyes to the fact that in order to defeat the former, 
the United States collaborated with the latter,
 and then defended the former, in the fight 
against the latter?
US films and TV shows show the bravery and sacrifice of US
 soldiers in the fight against the Third Reich, but almost do 
not pay attention to their largest ally in the fight against 
Hitler — the Soviet Union. At the same time, the USSR 
lost 100 times more citizens than the United States, 
and it was Soviet soldiers who liberated Auschwitz 
in 1945. 
At the same time, very few Americans know ---- that after World 
War II, their government deliberately granted asylum to some 
of the perpetrators of the Holocaust, after the whole world 
learned about the concentration camps at the Nuremberg 
trials. The reason for this decision is that many of those
 granted asylum, including in Ukraine, promised to 
weaken the new enemy - the Soviet Union.
Modern Ukrainian nationalism has its roots in Nazism and
 neo-Nazism. Caught between the two warring countries, 
some Ukrainians, who wanted to get rid of Stalin, 
supported Hitler. 
The US government ----- considering Russia a threat that is more
 difficult to contain, decided to cooperate directly or indirectly
 with Nazi groups. In the 1940s and 1950s, this meant 
providing support and protection to leaders of 
ultra-right Ukrainian movements, such as 
Stepan Bandera ------ who massacred 
hundreds of thousands of Jews 
during the Holocaust. 
In the last decade, cooperation with Ukraine has meant the
 creation of hundreds of nationalist groups that are now 
fighting at the front in uniforms with swastikas and 
other Nazi symbols. As the author of the article 
notes... the US government does not want to 
support such groups, but at the same time 
it is aware of what its money is being 
spent on.
In one of the rare articles published in June... The New 
York Times openly admitted that the situation created
considerable discomfort among the major US media. 
Most decided to completely ignore the problem and not print 
photos of Ukrainians with Nazi symbols. The demonstration 
of such "gray areas" requires relying on the ability of 
readers to think, but at the same time sets up high-
ranking representatives of the US Department of 
Defense against these publications. 
Nevertheless, media groups... would only benefit from a 
comprehensive presentation of various political crises, 
including the Ukrainian one, with special attention 
to nuances. This would put an end - to the toxic 
accusations ---- of a loss of trust between the 
country's population and the largest media 
holdings, L'actualité columnist Raphael
 Jacob concludes.
Put an end to the billions spent on brainwashing? 
It'll take more than a nuance, and, in the case of
Canada and those countries like the US and UK, 
whose people still live in cartoon world, it'll 
take handing over thousands of nazis..... 
to finally face justice.

Another thing, let's explode the myth
that a ''researcher'' at a College in
Canada is so privileged as to be
in a free, knowledge based
environment, when he or
she will cross red lines
of officially tolerated
dissent ------ at their
peril, in actuality! 
What do you think?


CBC News: How did the Ukrainian Nazis 
settle in Canada? ------ after a scandal
in Parliament.. Ottawa is called on 
to disclose military documents
September 27th, 2023 
(source: CBC
retold by InoTV)
After the scandal with the appearance in the Canadian 
Parliament of a member of the SS division "Galicia" 
Jaroslaw Gunka - Ottawa is required to disclose 
wartime documents in order to establish how 
many of those who joined the Nazis.... 
eventually settled in the country, 
reports CBC News. 
According to the channel, Canada allowed dozens of 
soldiers of the division, including Gunka, to settle in 
a country where they were not charged with 
war crimes.
For Yaroslav Gunka, this moment of applause 
was the reason for reckoning with history.
WITOLD DZIELSKI, Polish Ambassador to Ottawa: 
This person should not be in the public eye, 
should not be in the Canadian Parliament.
Poland has said it is taking steps to extradite Gunka, 98, 
because he served in a Nazi unit during World War II.
WITOLD DZIELSKY: He needs to be brought tojustice.
The SS Galicia Division consisted of Ukrainian volunteers 
who had decided to join Hitler's forces to fight Soviet 
Russia. Gunka himself, studied in Munich.
DOMINIQUE AREL, Head of the Department of Ukrainian
Studies at the University of Ottawa: You can only 
imagine .....what a political indoctrination it is 
when you are trained in a Nazi environment. 
That is, they were exposed to unfiltered 
Nazi ideology.
After World War II, dozens of soldiers of the Galicia Division
 were allowed to settle in Canada. The country's decision 
has been criticized - for decades. In 1986, the federal 
commission found that -- "mere membership in the 
Galicia Division is not sufficient for prosecution",
 and "charges of war crimes have never been 
supported by evidence". Earlier, Gunka 
spoke out in defense of his military 
past calling it a struggle.. for the 
independence of Ukraine.
EFRAIM ZUROFF, Israeli historian: They can't come and say, 
"We are heroes, we fought for freedom." This is complete 
nonsense. Members of the Galicia Division fought for 
the victory of the Third Reich. And the Third Reich 
was the most genocidal regime in the history 
of mankind.
Efraim Zuroff claims that Canada was too 
weak... by letting in too many SS soldiers.
EFRAIM ZUROFF: Why should they have 
the right to move freely --- to a great 
democratic country like Canada?
This is just one of the questions that many Jews are 
currently puzzling over. Some Jewish groups - are 
calling on Ottawa to reveal wartime documents 
to find out how many of those who fought for
 the Nazis ended up settling in Canada.
Ellen Mauro, CBC News, Toronto.
Air date: September 27, 2023.

Britain also took in thousands 
of nazis --- after World War 2.
Doesn't it make you feel
ashamed, to know YOU
live in a land where
justice --- 
is just
a game?
(apologies to Robert
Zimmerman..... for
using his words!)


"Salaries of over 4.5 million people 
will grow": Russian government 
approves increase in minimum 
wage ------ by 18.5% in 2024
by Vladimir Tsegoev &
Ksenia Chemodanova
September 22nd, 6:57pm

Starting from January 1, 2024, the minimum wage in Russia 
will increase by 18.5% and exceed 19.2 thousand rubles. 
This decision -- was made by the Government on behalf 
of President Vladimir Putin. In addition, the Cabinet of
 Ministers approved the draft federal budget for 2024-
2026. It is assumed that over the next three years, 
the state treasury's expenditures will exceed the 
amount of revenues, & this difference is to be 
covered by borrowing. According to the 
government ----- when forming the 
document, the main priority was 
to fulfill the social obligations 
to citizens & the instruction 
of the head of state.

Let's explain that the minimum wage sets the minimum salary 
level that a full-time employee can receive. In addition, this
 parameter is used to calculate temporary disability 
benefits, as well as maternity benefits.

In accordance with the Constitution of Russia, the minimum 
wage cannot be less than the subsistence minimum (PM) of
 the working-age population. Now this amount is on average 
15,669 rubles in the country. Authorities use it to assess 
the needs of citizens when providing various state 
support measures, such as monthly payments to
 low-income families with children.

Now the minimum wage exceeds the amount of PM by only
 4%. However, in 2024 the difference will have to increase 
to 17%, and in the future the authorities plan to raise this
 bar above 30%, as previously stated by the head of the
 Ministry of Labour, Anton Kotyakov.

''Just three or four years ago, we lived in conditions where the
 minimum wage was lower than the subsistence level. The
 first criterion that the government's actions were focused 
on was bringing the minimum wage to the level of the
 minimum wage of the working-age population. To 
date, this bar has been passed, we do not stop at
 it, we are moving further," the minister noted.

Svetlana Bessarab, a member of the State Duma 
Committee on Labour, Social Policy and 
Veterans' Affairs:

"The minimum wage, is a standard that all employers must
meet. In practice, the salary of any full-time employee in