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"Salaries of over 4.5 million people 
will grow": Russian government 
approves increase in minimum 
wage ------ by 18.5% in 2024
by Vladimir Tsegoev &
Ksenia Chemodanova
September 22nd, 6:57pm

Starting from January 1, 2024, the minimum wage in Russia 
will increase by 18.5% and exceed 19.2 thousand rubles. 
This decision -- was made by the Government on behalf 
of President Vladimir Putin. In addition, the Cabinet of
 Ministers approved the draft federal budget for 2024-
2026. It is assumed that over the next three years, 
the state treasury's expenditures will exceed the 
amount of revenues, & this difference is to be 
covered by borrowing. According to the 
government ----- when forming the 
document, the main priority was 
to fulfill the social obligations 
to citizens & the instruction 
of the head of state.

Let's explain that the minimum wage sets the minimum salary 
level that a full-time employee can receive. In addition, this
 parameter is used to calculate temporary disability 
benefits, as well as maternity benefits.

In accordance with the Constitution of Russia, the minimum 
wage cannot be less than the subsistence minimum (PM) of
 the working-age population. Now this amount is on average 
15,669 rubles in the country. Authorities use it to assess 
the needs of citizens when providing various state 
support measures, such as monthly payments to
 low-income families with children.

Now the minimum wage exceeds the amount of PM by only
 4%. However, in 2024 the difference will have to increase 
to 17%, and in the future the authorities plan to raise this
 bar above 30%, as previously stated by the head of the
 Ministry of Labour, Anton Kotyakov.

''Just three or four years ago, we lived in conditions where the
 minimum wage was lower than the subsistence level. The
 first criterion that the government's actions were focused 
on was bringing the minimum wage to the level of the
 minimum wage of the working-age population. To 
date, this bar has been passed, we do not stop at
 it, we are moving further," the minister noted.

Svetlana Bessarab, a member of the State Duma 
Committee on Labour, Social Policy and 
Veterans' Affairs:

"The minimum wage, is a standard that all employers must
meet. In practice, the salary of any full-time employee in 
the country cannot be lower than this mark. Tariff grids
 in the real sector of the economy are expected to be 
revised. At the same time, unemployment and 
maternity benefits will increase. In general, 
the measure should lead to an increase in 
consumer activity --- which will have a 
positive impact on the development 
of the economy and GDP growth 
rates," she stressed.

After the meeting, the government approved the draft federal
 budget for the next three years. As Mikhail Mishustin noted, 
when forming the document, the authorities proceeded
 from the need to fully fulfill all obligations to the 
Russians and the six priority tasks set by 
the president.

"This means --- expanding foreign economic cooperation with
our promising partners from friendly countries, and improving 
the necessary mechanisms for this, including transport and 
payment components. Plus --- strengthening technological 
and financial sovereignty, advancing the construction of 
transport, municipal and social infrastructure --- as well 
as improving the welfare of citizens, ensuring national 
savings, protecting motherhood and childhood, and 
supporting families with children," he explained.

According to Mikhail Mishustin, the authorities tried to
 minimize the difference between revenues and 
expenditures of the treasury, as much as 
possible, and plan to cover it mainly 
through borrowing.

 However, the current size of the deficit is not critical for the 
economy, says Alexander Abramov, Head of the Laboratory
 for Analysis of Institutions and Financial Markets at the 
RANEPA Institute for Applied Economic Research.

"Usually, the deficit is financed by issuing government bonds.
 Such a measure does not lead to serious consequences for 
financial stability, if there are no significant fluctuations in 
interest rates. Moreover, even the current situation, when 
the Central Bank tightens monetary policy, is also not 
critical. In addition, the government traditionally lays 
down a conservative budget ----- with low oil prices. 
This is done, so that there is a reserve, and space
for maneuver," Abramov explained.

It should be noted that in the three-year budget, the 
authorities.. include the cost of oil in the amount of 
$60 per barrel. At the same time - according to the 
forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development, 
in 2024-2026, quotes will be around the $70 mark.

As part of the implementation of social obligations to citizens,
the government is going to increase funding for medical care 
in the regions by 13.5% in 2024. As Mikhail Mishustin noted,
this is necessary - to expand the availability of treatment for
citizens -- to ensure the salaries of doctors & other medical
personnel at a level not lower than that established by the 
presidential decree. Separate resources are provided, 
for medical rehabilitation..... including for Russians
who have been ill with coronavirus.

"Next year, we will allocate over 130 billion rubles to provide
high-tech assistance not included in the basic compulsory 
health insurance program. Also, residents of each of the
 Russian regions will continue to have the opportunity 
to receive it free of charge --- in federal medical 
institutions. This will cost about 214 billion 
rubles," Mishustin added.

In addition, within the approved budget, the authorities 
are going to allocate more than 1 trillion rubles for the 
provision of medicines for certain categories of 
citizens. Another 430 billion rubles will be 
spent on providing medical care to 
people suffering from cancer.

At the same time, payments of a single allowance to
pregnant women in need and parents with children 
under 17 -- will continue. In the next three years, it 
is planned to allocate 4.4 trillion rubles for these
 purposes --- which will allow supporting over 
10 million families, every month.

In turn, the budget will allocate about 1.6 trillion rubles for 
the provision of maternity capital. It is expected that over 
4 million families will use these funds in three years. In
 addition, 482 billion rubles are provided for improving
 the housing conditions of Russians with children, 
and over 100 billion rubles are provided for 
supporting low income citizens under 
the social contract program.

Significant funds will also be allocated for the construction 
and repair of schools, road maintenance, upgrading the
 infrastructure of land-based electric transport and 
the development of regional airports. Also, 
industry will receive additional funding.

"An important priority of the government's work - is creating 
modern industry. The bill provides for over 2.7 trillion rubles 
to support civil industry. This will support such industries 
as the automotive industry," Finance Minister Anton 
Siluanov said, during the meeting.

The government is also going to allocate --- a grant of over 5
billion rubles to the Defenders of the Fatherland Foundation.
This, as Mishustin noted, will provide support to veterans
of the SVO and their relatives, - including assistance in 
medical rehabilitation, employment, training, plus 
providing the necessary legal assistance.

Head of the Ministry of Economic Development, Maxim
Reshetnikov says, after a decline of 2.1% in 2022, the 
volume of Russian GDP will increase immediately -- 
by 2.8% in 2023, and in 2024 it will add 2.3%.

"The main thing we see is that the economic growth trend will
 continue in 2024, 2025, and 2026... Over the entire medium 
term, the growth rate will be above 2%, which is generally
 normal in the face of a significant shortage in the labour 
market and all the restrictions in logistics, technology 
and other areas. Although, of course, we need to 
work on increasing the pace, " the head of the 
Ministry of Economic Development noted.

According to the agency's assessment, the dollar exchange
 rate will fall to 94 rubles by the end of 2023, and over the 
next three years it will be in the range of 90-92 rubles. 
At the same time, inflation may slow down to 4.5% in
 2024, and after that it should return to the target 
level of 4%.

"The presented forecast allows us to form a realistic budget
for the next three years. This forecast takes into account
the current dynamics of the economy, the economic 
policy measures being implemented, primarily in 
the development of the six priorities outlined 
by the president," Reshetnikov stressed.

I'd move to Russia, if I wasn't an
old twat ------- what about you?


The rise of major labour unions in US --
shines a light on grim financial reality
by Shabbir Rizvi
September 18th, 1:28pm
Americans are well aware of the value of the dollar, at least
when it comes to their own purchasing power at home.
If they didn’t know before, then they certainly
learned this year.
The year 2023 has so far marked rising costs of living 
for everyday items amidst a backdrop of massive 
government spending on the usual - war, 
policing, corporate bailouts
 and subsidization.
However, if you were to ask President Joe Biden about the 
financial state of the everyday American, he would say 
“Bidennomics is working” --- (although he may stare 
blankly at you and try to find a teleprompter first).
“Bidenomics” is Washington’s marketing term for the Biden 
administration’s business-as-usual plan ---- to convince 
Americans that the federal government is taking steps
to ensure their financial situation will improve --- aka
they are not doing anything new or substantial to
 address any crisis.
The plan vows - to “grow the economy from the middle out 
and the bottom up.” Again, this is nothing for a corporate-
friendly policy that prioritizes the profits of the elite.
Biden administration officials routinely champion the
 “success” of this strategy via social media and 
through administration-friendly journalists 
(corporate stenographers), but taking a 
closer look at these claims and figures 
reveals a more honest assessment of
the financial status of everyday 
The reality is that rising costs of living are contributing
 directly to the record-breaking $1 trillion in credit card 
debt Americans have accumulated. American workers 
often have no choice but to resort to credit card use 
for necessities, due to higher prices for groceries, 
gas, rent and mortgage.
Another 40 million-plus Americans are set to resume student
 loan repayments in October after a nearly four-year pause, 
which will without a doubt exacerbate the country’s 
debt crisis.
Biden administration officials claim their initiatives are adding 
more jobs to the economy. These are often vague numbers
that are based on speculation.... rather than 
concrete evidence.
Furthermore, jobs are always being created - however, many 
Americans are working multiple jobs just to make ends meet. 
The quality of the jobs being created isn’t specified and with
 the implementation of automation, many of these jobs... will
be rendered obsolete.
Many Americans naturally will not accept these conditions.
 In fact, this year has seen some of the most striking (no
 pun intended) acts of laboUr resistance in recent 
American history.
Industries of different sizes and varieties have taken concrete 
steps to challenge these conditions, which are created 
primarily by American capitalist greed at the helm,
 leaving scraps for the majority of workers.
It is now without question that grim financial conditions have
 led to a new-found popularity of unionization efforts, and the 
unionization efforts themselves --- have led to massive wins 
for American workers.
For example, the Teamsters Union, one of the largest unions in
 the world, threatened to go on strike over the summer due to
 declining conditions in the workplace.... as well as 
stagnant pay.
The Teamsters, which represent UPS workers, could have 
shaken the US economy had the strike happened - as 
UPS serves hundreds of thousands to millions of 
customers and businesses, daily.
The demands ranged from hiring more workers (full and part-
time), increased wages, and even air conditioning in UPS 
trucks (which UPS initially refused to provide, despite
 the multiple record-breaking days of heat this year 
alone - a testament to unhinged capitalist greed).
Eventually, a favorable agreement was met - over 85%
 of Teamsters signed, ratifying a 5-year deal.
In post-pandemic America, many workers have begun to 
realize their own self-interests can only be achieved by 
workplace organization, not relying on this-or-that 
politician to bring any substantial change.
Many unions - from the Teamsters to Alphabet workers to
 teachers unions such as the Chicago Teachers Union - 
held firm on their demands throughout the COVID-19
 pandemic and achieved favorable results.
Now, their success is inspiring waves of different 
unionization efforts ------ across the country.
Perhaps the most popular recent example of this is 
the Starbucks workers union. Starbucks is owned 
by billionaire Howard Schultz but his employees 
often work in degrading conditions.
Working for minimum wage or sometimes less and relying 
on customer tips to get by, many Starbucks employees 
(or “Partners”) have now moved to unionize their local 
stores demanding fair pay and benefits.
What was seen as a nearly impossible battle to win at the
 start of the first Starbucks unionization effort is now 
seen as fairly common - over 300 Starbucks stores 
are now unionized, and counting.
This has not come easy. Union-busting activities are fairly 
common, and the National LaboUr Relations Board has
 reported hundreds of union-busting activities, and 
often cannot do anything to act against the mega-
corporations seeking to stifle employees asking 
for basic wages and protections.
Adding to this is the fact that Joe Biden and his administration 
- on paper - claim they support workers’ unions and their right 
to organize, however, in practice ------ that is not happening.
Take for example a statement where Joe Biden hopes the 
United Auto Workers union can reach a favorable 
negotiation with the “Big Three” automakers in 
he United States. It implies that the Biden 
administration... is hopeful for favorable 
negotiations between the two parties 
and that they can resolve the issue 
without federal intervention.
However, the Biden administration is no stranger to crushing 
strikes - as one can recall when Biden signed a bill to put an 
end to the railroad strike.
Striking railroad workers had reasonable demands - the ability
 to take sick days and schedules that would permit them to
 spend time with their families, without fear of owner 
retaliation or punishment.
The railroad companies refused to budge, and as the holidays 
neared and the threat of mega-corporations being unable to 
turn over a profit began to materialize, the Biden 
administration swooped in and blocked the 
strike, without substantially addressing 
the oppressive attendance policy.
Interestingly, this desperate move from the Biden
 administration was also an admission of the 
immense power unions hold. Had the strike 
materialized, the entire economy could 
have been halted - right before a 
major holiday season.
Now, with the United Auto Worker strike, unions are directly 
addressing the Biden administration’s hand ----- in policies 
that are impacting their work.
Refusing to endorse Biden for president right before a heated 
election season, the UAW president is challenging the Biden 
administration to “earn the Union’s support,” while
 simultaneously demanding that the workers not
 be left behind in the administration’s plans 
for a major shift to electric vehicles.
As one can see, the paper policy and the practiced policy 
are two different things within the reality of the American
 political system - especially when it comes to the
question of organized laboUr.
On paper, every politician - from Democrat to Republican -- 
wants the union endorsement. However, when substantial
(and just) demands are made --- that contradict the 
demands of corporate donors, the politicians 
have a major tendency to back the 
corporate multi-millionaire to 
multi-billionaire demands.
Regardless, unions are making a huge comeback in the United 
States - and the renewed laboUr struggle is very much tied to 
the declining financial health of the everyday American and
 the public realization of just how far American capitalist
 greed can go. 2021 saw ---- just below 120 confirmed
 laboUr strikes.
As of September 2023, there are close to 250 strikes ---- 
composed of over 600,000 workers across various 
industries and specialties. The growing trend 
suggests that the laboUr struggle is just 
getting started.
As economic realities remain uncertain and Americans
 are forced to choose between which corporate 
representatives will lead the nation next year 
- one thing they can always count on is that
 there is strength --- and power --- in 
unified numbers.
Shabbir Rizvi is a Chicago-based political analyst 
with a focus on US internal security and 
foreign policy.
(The views expressed in this article ---- do 
not necessarily reflect those of Press TV)
Good to see US workers uniting 
to win. What do you think?


SwebbTV --- Russia will defeat the 
West in the proxy war in Ukraine, 
and in open confrontation
September 11th, 2023 
(source: SwebbTV 
retold by InoTV)
The collapse of the Ukrainian army is only a matter of time, 
but the US --- will never allow its formal defeat. For this
reason, the Ukrainian conflict will escalate into an
open war between the US and Russia, but the 
West will lose in it, analyst Lars Bern said 
in an interview with SwebbTV. 
According to analyst Lars Bern, the Western powers "have no
chance" - partly because Russia has much greater industrial
potential. The West cannot defeat Russia with conventional 
weapons, so the conflict will turn into a nuclear phase.
In this case... Moscow will use its 100-ton intercontinental 
missiles with nuclear weapons, each of which is capable 
of destroying entire countries. "The Russians --- have 
absolutely grotesque weapons, that they can use
against the West," the expert explained.
Bern claims that the US prestige is at stake in the events 
in Ukraine, so they will never recognize the victory of 
the Russians, over Kiev. However, the Ukrainian 
Armed Forces will have to surrender, as their
"highly hyped in the media" offensive, with 
the use of Western weapons "completely
failed", and the Ukrainians "achieved 
nothing" on the battlefield, writes 
As soon as the Western media think that they see even the
 slightest success on the part of Ukraine -- they hype it as 
a big success, although it may not be at all. This is done
purposefully to ensure that the supply of weapons and
 the armed conflict continue. Ukraine succeeds only
 in the propaganda war in the West, because Kiev 
has already lost on the battlefield, 
SwebbTV notes.
It has already reached the point that Ukraine is running out 
of men, and now women have to enlist in the ranks of the 
Armed Forces of Ukraine. Nevertheless, Bern believes 
that, in addition to Ukraine, the Russian Armed 
Forces are "on the verge of disarming the
 entire NATO," which could lead to an 
open war between the US/NATO 
and Russia. 
According to the analyst, "the proxy war between 
Russia and NATO --- is already underway" and 
hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian lives 
were sacrificed during it.
Nevertheless, even in an open war between the West and 
Russia, the Russians will win. According to Lars Bern,
 the Western powers --- will be the first to resort to 
nuclear weapons, since this is the only way to 
try to "save face". 
In addition, Russia has hundreds of tons of intercontinental 
ballistic missiles capable of carrying up to 15 nuclear 
warheads. "A single charge of Sarmat can wipe out
 the whole of Great Britain or France," Byrne 
warned in an interview with SwebbTV. 
A possible nuclear conflict will be existential for Russia, 
and Russia will respond ------ with these weapons.
Recently, the former Prime Minister of Sweden, and now 
the leader of the opposition Social Democrats party, 
Magdalena Andersson, said:: "We can't let Russia 
win this war." Bern sharply criticized the 
politician's words -- emphasizing that 
Andersson's words, automatically
lead to an all-out nuclear war ---- 
which she does not understand
 and which scares the expert, 
since "such people" 
rule Sweden. 
The analyst believes that Swedish politicians are so 
blinded by their hatred of Russia, that they do not 
notice the Nazi Kiev regime --- and carry out its 
mass support, SwebbTV summarizes.
Great article - if you live in the West 
and don't mind being irradiated.....
like your food is ------- courtesy of
just one of Margaret Thatcher's 
criminal decisions.
What do you think?

"Engaged in mass and methodical 
extermination": FSB documents 
show Nazi crimes in Donbass
by Svyatoslav Knyazev, 
& Elizaveta Komarova
September 7th, 12:15am
On the eve of the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Donetsk
from the Nazis ----- the Russian FSB released declassified
 documents of the Soviet state security agencies, about 
the crimes of the Nazi occupiers in the Donbass during
 the Great Patriotic War. 
The agency's website has published interrogation protocols 
of Nazi criminals, involved in the mass murder of civilians in
Donbass. They contain evidence: that the extermination of
the inhabitants of the USSR by the Nazis was planned and
methodical. Moreover, these crimes were committed not 
only by militants of special SS units, but also by 
Wehrmacht soldiers.
 From the published protocols of interrogations of German
 officers, it follows that the destruction of the inhabitants 
of the USSR was deliberately planned and based on the 
dogmas of Nazi ideology.
"Mobilize the attention of all operational personnel"
On September 8, 1943, the city of Stalino (modern Donetsk)
 was liberated from the Nazis. Donbass --- was under Nazi 
occupation for almost two years. According to the FSB 
of Russia, during this time --- the Nazis and their 
accomplices destroyed at least 174 thousand 
Soviet civilians and 149 thousand prisoners 
of war, in the Stalino region. 
One of the places of mass murder -- was 
the 4-4 bis mine in the suburb of Stalino.
The leadership of the Soviet special services set their
employees the task, of investigating the crimes that 
the Nazis committed in the occupied territories, as 
well as identifying and bringing to justice specific 
participants in these atrocities.
On January 24, 1944.... the directive of the Directorate for
Prisoners of War and Internees (UPVI)  -- of the NKVD of
 USSR: "On identifying participants in committing 
atrocities among prisoners of war" --- was issued, 
which ordered: "to mobilize the attention of the
entire operational staff of camps" to identify 
the participants in committing atrocities,
operational and investigative means,
and document their criminal activities.
The Soviet secret services carefully checked prisoners of war
 who had previously served in the SD, SS, special security and
 punitive detachments, police, secret field gendarmerie,
Gestapo and concentration camps. As a result of this 
work --- evidence was obtained of atrocities 
committed against the civilian population 
not only by special SS punitive units, 
but also by Wehrmacht soldiers.
"No laws or regulations"
In January 1944, Soviet security forces, detained the Nazi 
collaborator Yuri Shcherbakov. He admitted that in 1941 
he evaded conscription into the Red Army... stayed in 
Stalino, and then joined the Nazis -- first as a police 
officer and then as an investigator of the auxiliary 
service of the SD --- which killed thousands of 
Soviet citizens. Materials of Shcherbakov's 
interrogation are published by the FSB.
Stalin's SD team and its auxiliary service, officially called the
 "Security and SD Service" for the general district of Stalino,
 which had its branches in all major industrial centres of 
the Donbass, were engaged in the mass and methodical
extermination of Soviet people --- acting on the orders 
of the Hitlerite government... There were no laws, or 
regulations in the SD.. Soviet prisoners were loaded
 into special trucks and taken to the mine 4-4 bis 
"Kalinovka", on the outskirts of Stalino city, 
where they were shot, and the corpses 
were dumped into the shaft... Many 
thousands of Soviet citizens were 
thrown into mine 4-4 bis, shot, 
tortured, in interrogations, or
killed in the "death chamber"
-- Shcherbakov said, during
 the interrogation.
He also named some of the organizers of the mass murder of 
Soviet citizens. Among them were the head of the Security
 Service and SD for the general district of Stalino — 
Obersturmbannfuhrer Kurting, as well as his 
deputies Hauptsturmfuhrer Gertig and 
Obersturmfuhrer Graf, and the chief 
inspector of the SD team ---
Sturmfuhrer Siebert.
According to Shcherbakov, the SD officers, destroyed both 
Soviet patriots --- underground fighters and partisans, and 
ordinary civilians who had nothing to do with the fighting 
at all - from teenagers to the very old. The "investigation"
of their cases, was limited to torture and tortures. Thus, 
innocent people, were forced to confess to fictitious 
"crimes". The prisoners were beaten with fists, 
whips, chair legs, and trampled on them. 

Many could not stand the torture and 
died during the "interrogations". 
Even those who survived the 
torture, were unable to 
move on their own.
During an interrogation on October 7, 1947, former Wehrmacht
lieutenant, Wolfgang Paul Lesner, stated that, as a member of
 the Hitler Youth, he was brought up in a spirit of hatred for 
the Slavic peoples: "Even at that time, it was preached 
among young people that Germany should become a 
"Great Germany", its borders in the east, should be 
in the Caucasus, that the Aryan race ---- must be
dominant throughout the world... the Hitlerite 
government ------ intensively prepared the 
population - and especially the youth - 
for a war of conquest, in the spirit of
loyalty to the Fuhrer and hatred of 
the Slavic peoples, which was a 
confirmation of the mass 
destruction of the 
Slavic people."
Lesner also said that the German military, according to the
 orders of their command, had to show maximum cruelty
 towards the civilian population --- to kill, or deprive 
them of shelter.
He himself admitted that he took part in these crimes.
 In particular --- Lesner gave specific testimony 
regarding the mass murder of Soviet
 in occupied Stalino.
"On October 13, 1942, at approximately 12 o'clock in the
 afternoon, I was given the command by the company 
commander --- to leave with three trucks for the
 Oberfeldkommendatura of the mountains.'' 
''Upon arrival at the commandant's office, the cars entered the 
courtyard, where people were already under guard, subject to
 execution, as I later learned, there were 120 of them. We put
 the first batch to the wall of the mine yard, after which I went 
up to the machine-gun crew and, at the command of Captain 
Waer, I gave the order to the crew to open fire and shot the
 crowd of innocent citizens standing at the wall of the mine
 yard in long bursts, there was crying, some shouting, but 
the roar of the machine gun drowned it all. There were 
corpses and blood of people who were shot. Thus a 
machine-gun crew, under my command, shot 40 
people, whose corpses were thrown into the 
shaft of mine 4 bis by a special team led 
by Lieutenant Kind," the former Nazi 
officer said.
As Dmitry Surzhik, a senior researcher at the Institute of 
Internal Affairs of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 
told RT, in a comment, that the actions of German 
punitive bodies and troops in the Donbass, 
can be regarded as a manifestation 
of genocide.
"Representatives of all nationalities living in the Soviet
 Union, were subjected to total extermination in the 
Donbas," the expert noted.
According to him, the publication of declassified 
documents about Nazi atrocities in the Donbas,
 is extremely relevant today.
"The memory of the residents of Donbass ---- about the Nazi
 occupation is closely intertwined with the criminal actions 
that those who raised the ideology of Bandera and other 
Hitler's minions are doing on these lands, today. Today, 
Russian investigative agencies, like Smersh 80 years 
ago ----- face large-scale war crimes committed by 
Ukrainian security services.....  in the Donbas. In 
addition, the release of declassified documents 
is doubly important for us to realize: what a 
tough and bloody enemy, our ancestors 
defeated, giving us the opportunity 
to live," Surzhik summed up.

Please.. defeat these fascists
- only this time - defeat their
backers - these ''elites''
behind the curtain.


Often symbolically: in Germany,
they are persecuted for 
supporting the SVO
September 6th, 10:01pm
by Semyon Boikov
Public displays of solidarity with Russia — in the form of
 statements or wearing certain symbols ----- in Germany 
can lead to harassment by law enforcement agencies,
Michael Adam, a lawyer for the human rights 
organization VADAR, told Izvestia.
 A similar problem was also discussed at the Russian
 Embassy in Germany. In addition... the diplomatic 
mission noted that attempts to put pressure on 
Russian journalists and domestic media 
working in Germany... continue. 
A similar situation exists in other EU countries, including 
the Baltic Republics and the Czech Republic. Local 
human rights activists report that public support 
for the SVO is fraught with fines --- or even 
expulsions from the country.
With German precision
Russian diplomats recorded the largest number of complaints
 from Russian-speaking citizens living in Germany about
 discrimination on national and linguistic grounds in the
 first months after the start of the SVO in Ukraine. 
It was mainly about threats, insults, mobbing in educational 
institutions, dismissals, property damage, freezing or 
closing bank accounts, refusal to provide services,
including medical ones, the Russian Embassy in 
Germany told Izvestia.
''The issue... is not completely closed. Public displays of 
solidarity with Russia's policies, whether in the form 
of statements or demonstrations - car rallies - 
sometimes provoke an intolerant reaction 
from local authorities --- including law 
enforcement agencies. We continue
 to record attempts to put pressure 
on Russian journalists & domestic
 media working in Germany," the 
press service of the diplomatic 
mission added.
Residents of the Federal Republic of Germany who publicly
 express support for the SVO, as a rule --- fall under the 
violation of Article 140, of the Criminal Code of the 
Federal Republic of Germany (Approval of crimes)
 which provides for a fine or imprisonment for up 
to three years, a board member of the 
Association for the Prevention of 
Discrimination and Isolation of 
Russian Germans and Russian
-Speaking Fellow Citizens in 
Germany (VADAR), lawyer 
Michael Adam.
''In my cases, fines were imposed, and I objected to this. The 
demonstration of the Z symbol on Facebook (owned by the
 Meta company, which is recognized as extremist and 
banned in the Russian Federation) or a positive 
statement about the beginning of the SVO in 
Ukraine... the authorities used as a reason
impose a fine. They regarded this as 
"approval of aggression contrary 
to international law," the 
lawyer said.
According to Adam, he was able to challenge the court's 
decisions. In his argument, the lawyer referred to 
international law. He stressed - that only the UN 
Security Council can define the armed conflict 
in Ukraine as "Russian aggression". However, 
no such decision was made at the Security 
Council level. However, in some cases it 
was not possible to win the case... 
because the court brought new 
charges ---- under other 
criminal articles.
"For example --- people were charged under article 86 
of the Criminal Code, which prohibits the distribution
 of Nazi symbols in public places," he explained.
More than 140 cases were initiated in Germany on the fact of 
supporting the SVO. In most cases, people were persecuted 
just for using the letter Z. One of the most high-profile
 incidents was the case of a citizen of Ukraine, an 
activist of the Russian-speaking community,
 Elena Kolbasnikova. 
She was charged under Article 140 of the German Criminal 
Code and fined €900. A woman was convicted for publicly 
speaking out in support of Russia in 2022.
However, different regions of Germany have their own laws
 regarding Russian symbols. So... in Cologne and Frankfurt 
am Main on May 9, not only the symbols of the USSR, but
 also Russian flags --- were allowed. And in the German 
capital, the supreme administrative court canceled 
the permission to demonstrate the flags of the 
Russian Federation on Victory Day. However, 
Berlin residents ignored this ban... at their 
own peril and risk.
''Despite the ban, both the Soviet banner and Russian flags
 were raised, by native Germans and compatriots. And we
 were able to create a live St. George's ribbon in Treptow 
Park on May 9. But this is now considered a civil feat. 
Because domestic intimidation, turns into outright 
harassment on the Internet," Vladimir Sergienko,
 a local human rights activist and president of 
the Russian PEN Centre, told Izvestia.
"I don't see any negative trends in relation to Russian artists"
Singer Dmitry Ulyanov - about the situation in Western
theatres, shouting at si Bekar and Shalyapin's 
Russianness. At the same time, German 
lawmakers continue to tighten the 
Criminal Code. 
Last year, lawmakers amended the Criminal Code to impose a
 three-year prison sentence for publicly "approving, denying,
 or grossly downplaying" genocide, crimes against 
humanity, or war crimes.
Izvestia sent a request to the German Interior Ministry 
with a request to comment on cases of harassment 
for approving the SVO.
Harassment in other EU countries
However, Germany is far from the only country that is being
 persecuted for supporting Russia. The gaps are mainly
faced by residents of Eastern European countries. 
The Baltic republics have very strict legislation.
Thus, the Lithuanian parliament last year equated support
 for Russian actions in Ukraine - with "public approval of
 international crimes." Previously --- article 170 of the 
Lithuanian Criminal Code applied only to "approving, 
denying or belittling crimes committed by the USSR 
or Nazi Germany against the Republic of Lithuania 
or its inhabitants." Its violation provides for 
imprisonment.... for up to two years.
A similar situation has developed in neighboring Latvia. Last 
year, the Sejm approved fines for public display of the letters 
Z and V. An individual will have to pay up to €350, a legal 
entity-up to €2.9 thousand. In addition, the country has 
a criminal article... "on the public justification and 
glorification of war crimes and crimes against 
peace", which is equated with the SVO.
Latvian human rights activist Janis Kuzins told Izvestia
- that many Russian compatriots are being persecuted.
''They just want to expel Russian citizens — there are many 
of them in Latvia. They make it so that they can't pass the 
state language exam," Kuzins said. ''I myself paid a fine of 
€2 thousand for saying something "wrong" to the Russian 
media. I had to negotiate with the prosecutor's office. 
They said it was either jail or a fine. I decided to find 
the money. Plus... I'm on probation for a year.''
"Today in Latvia we have to fight for the right to be 
Russian" Russian Ambassador to Riga Mikhail 
Vanin - on visa restrictions, the fight against
 the Russian language and the demolition 
of Soviet monuments.
The situation in Estonia is no less difficult. In this country, too,
 in 2022, a law was passed banning symbols associated with
 the SVO. For its violation, the fine for individuals is €1,200 or
 they will be arrested, and for legal entities-a fine of up to 
€32 thousand. A local human rights activist, speaking on
 condition of anonymity, told Izvestia that public support
 for Russia or its own actions is criminally punishable
 in Estonia.
''Even thoughts are punishable, not to mention statements,
 publications, or events. The authorities believe that it is 
necessary to respond harshly to any activity that splits
 the cohesion of society ---- around the adopted anti-
Russian sanctions. The atmosphere of fear and 
silence does not contribute to the growth of 
legal protection of people who have a 
different, but not negative opinion 
about Russia," he said.
Speeches in favour of Russia in the Czech Republic are also
 criminalized. For this -- you can face a prison term of up to 
three years. Support for Russian actions in Ukraine in the
 Czech Republic falls under "approval of a criminal 
offense committed" and "denial, approval, 
justification of genocide."
There is a well-known case of a Czech citizen Jakub Jaszek.
 In the spring of this year, he took part in a rally, in clothes 
with the image of the letter Z and the emblem of the PMC 
"Wagner". Yashek was given a six-month suspended 
sentence with a two-year probation period -- for 
"denying, approving or justifying genocide".
 In addition, he was ordered to pay a fine of 12 thousand
 kronor — about $570. The sentence also provides 
for a ban on his stay in Prague --- for a year.
Sorry - no discussion on this - 
you sickening criminal !

GT: Vietnam war veteran tries to stop
 the US from repeating the nightmare
 with cluster munitions in Ukraine
September 1st, 2023 
(source Global Times
retold by InoTV)
US veteran Mike Burton, who himself participated in 
bombing -- and witnessed the tragic consequences 
of the mass use of cluster munitions, by US forces 
during the Vietnam War --- now seeks to prevent a 
repeat of this nightmarish experience in Ukraine. 
As a retired US Air Force officer told the Global Times, 
his participation in the massive bombing of Laos half
 a century ago is still a source of the most painful 
memories and a reason for regret.
During the Vietnam War, the United States actively used
 cluster bombs to launch airstrikes on various targets 
in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. During the period 
from 1964 to 1973, the United States dropped 
millions of tons of shells and bombs on 
these countries, of which about 80 
million tons did not explode. 
Laos has suffered the most from this, which can be called 
the country that has suffered the most bombardment per
 capita in history, the article says.
Now many fear that Ukraine, which has already received
many cluster munitions from the United States, may 
become a new victim, sharing the tragic fate of 
Laos, writes Global Times. Burton also shares 
these concerns and tries to take measures 
to prevent such a development. 
Now he heads the organization Legacies of War ("Legacy 
of War"), which intends to conduct a campaign in the 
United States next year to ban landmines and 
cluster munitions.
The mission of this organization is to raise awareness 
about the history of bombing during the Vietnam War 
and the damage it caused. In a recent interview 
with the Global Times, Burton stressed that he 
regrets the use of cluster bombs in Laos, and 
stressed that Ukraine should not want to 
experience such a nightmare as well, 
since the consequences will be 
disastrous for both the people 
of Ukraine and the people of 
the United States...... for 
decades to come.
The retired US Air Force officer ---- also called on the US 
government to show more discretion and responsibility 
when deciding how to allocate the $800 million aid 
allocated to Ukraine. The White House's 
previously announced decision to 
include military aid and supplies 
of cluster munitions to Ukraine 
in this package caused public 
condemnation, the Global 
Times notes.
Each cluster munition... can contain hundreds of smaller 
munitions, which, when launched by aircraft, rockets or 
cannons, are dispersed in the air, causing damage and 
causing a large number of casualties over a wider 
area, the article explains. However, they do not 
have a guidance mechanism.
 Even more worrying is the fact that if these bombs fall on 
wet and soft ground and do not detonate on impact, 
a significant portion of them may turn into 
unexploded ordnance.
Such projectiles are capable of exploding later at any time 
if they are exposed to any external force or changes in 
the environment. And this can happen... even several 
decades later, if they are not all found & neutralized.
 During the massive US bombing of Laos, many villages and 
even entire valleys were destroyed, and countless civilians 
were killed, Burton recalled, in an interview with the 
Global Times.
According to him --- he joined the US Air Force in 1962 
and was assigned to the 56th Air Commando Wing in 
1966. The main task of this unit then was to stop 
the influx of people and supplies coming from 
the northern part of Vietnam to the south 
through the "Ho Chi Minh Trail", which 
almost completely passed through
 Laos, Burton explained.
"As I recall, Laos was generally bombed, every 8 minutes, for 
24 hours a day, for nine years," said the retired US Air Force 
officer. In addition to the aerial bombardment, after
 intense battles, a large number of unexploded 
shells... also remained in the ground. The 
surface of the earth was simply littered 
with countless bombs, of all types, 
from cluster and artillery shells
 to hand grenades, 
Burton noted.
According to his estimates, 30% to 40% of cluster munitions
 did not explode during their fall. And he was very nervous
 himself, because he realized that the bombs dropped by 
the pilots indiscriminately fell on rice fields and other 
places where people might be. 
"We estimate, that there may be up to 80 million individual 
projectiles scattered all over the land, and some of them 
will never be eliminated," Burton warned.
According to available data, cluster munitions have a higher 
destructive power than conventional ones, and since the
 Second World War - they have already caused the death
 of from 56.5 thousand to 86.5 thousand civilians. The 
US military actively used cluster munitions during
wars in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Kosovo, 
Afghanistan and Iraq.
 This resulted --- in significant damage to infrastructure in 
these countries, as well as numerous civilian casualties 
and injuries, the Global Times reminds.
The bombing during the Vietnam War.... became widely known
 only through congressional hearings in 1971 and subsequent 
media reports. However, the true extent of the destruction
 and disasters caused to the people of Laos by this 
"secret war" is still largely unknown to the US
 public, the article says.
According to Burton, he witnessed tragic incidents both on
 the ground and in the air, and returned from the war "with
 very bad feelings about what we had done --- and what
 happened there." Often, small unexploded ordnance 
was accidentally picked up by children who lost 
their arms, legs, eyesight, or even their lives,
 as a result.
"I saw this destruction with my own eyes from the air and on
 the ground. I have seen Lao children and adults with their 
limbs torn off, no eyes, and their faces disfigured by the
 explosion of untimely detonated ammunition. Our 
decision to drop cluster bombs on Laos also 
caused a flood of refugees fleeing death 
to head to the United States," Burton 
told the Global Times.
This year marks 50 years since the last US bombs were
dropped during the Vietnam War. However, this period
is still a source of the most difficult memories for 
Burton. The US veteran told reporters how he
suffered both mentally and psychologically,
trying to cope with the burden of his guilt 
after returning from the war.
For 14 months, he underwent a special therapy course
 organized with the assistance of the US Department 
of Veterans Affairs. "Many of the young people who 
returned were later addicted to alcohol and drugs, 
and suffered from fits of anger. Statistics on 
Vietnam veterans are pretty poor --- from 
suicides, to broken marriages, broken 
families, and the like, " Burton said.
"I am very sorry about the time I spent in the war; I try not
 to think about many things," the veteran also admitted in
 an interview with Global Times. According to him, he 
seeks to make amends by all means and actively 
advocates for preventing the recurrence of 
such tragedies in the future.
In 2022, Burton returned to Laos and felt a deep sense of
 sadness as he looked out of the plane at this land pitted 
with many giant craters. "The wounded earth is a 
reminder of America's deadly mistake, a 
reminder of the lives we have taken 
and the ancient landmarks we 
have wiped off the face of
the earth," he said.. in an
interview with reporters.
According to the Lao Government, less than 10% of the
 country's unexploded ordnance has been found and 
neutralized so far. This is a very tedious, time-
consuming and dangerous job, said Burton, 
who was also personally involved in it 
in 2022. 
In addition, he founded the Committee for Immigrants and
 Refugees, which provides assistance and support to 
various groups of migrants and refugees from all 
over the world.
In general, about four dozen human rights organizations 
have publicly opposed the supply of US cluster 
munitions to Ukraine. They warn ------ that 
numerous unexploded cluster munitions, 
even many years after the end of the
conflict, will pose a significant 
threat to the population and 
cause huge harm to many 
civilians, the article says.
In early July of this year, the Ukrainian authorities assured 
Washington, that they would not use cluster munitions in
populated areas. However, once these bombs are used, 
no one will be able to give a clear answer about 
whether such a promise was strictly fulfilled,
experts emphasize.
"Probably, weapons manufacturers are already standing at the
 door of the Pentagon and saying: hey, we are here with a new 
contract that you need to sign, just sell all our supplies to 
Ukraine. But I want to stop them from doing that," 
Burton explained.
In his opinion, if the US authorities still continue to supply
 Kiev with cluster munitions, then they should sign a 
public document stating -- that they undertake to 
compensate for the consequences, after the 
end of the conflict -- and will take lifelong 
care of all adults and children who will 
become disabled, due to the use of 
such weapons. 
"And I want us to take responsibility for this," 
the veteran concluded, in an interview with 
Global Times.
Aahh.... repentance. Good.
But better to stop doing it.

 "Victory is Russia's
 return to its roots"
by Ksenia Krikheli
August 20th, 10:01pm
Philosopher Alexander Dugin - about the most important clash
 with the West in history, the terrorist nature of Kiev and the
 real murderers of his daughter.
The real customers of the murder of Daria Dugina, who died
 during the terrorist attack on August 20 last year, should be
 sought in the leadership of Western special services, says 
philosopher Alexander Dugin. After the victory of Russia, 
there will also be organizers of other terrorist attacks 
committed by Kiev, he is convinced. 
The true victory for our country will be the process
 of returning Russia and the Russian people to 
themselves and their roots, Dugin said, in
interview with Izvestia.
 During the conversation, the political scientist assessed 
the scale of the civilizational conflict with the West, 
gave an explanation of the actions of Ukrainians 
in Europe and named the conditions for 
completing the SVO.
"For me, the nightmare keeps repeating itself"
A year has passed since the tragedy. Dasha is not forgotten, 
streets are named after her, and a university named after 
her has appeared. How did you live this year? What has
 it changed for you? How have you changed?
''It is very difficult for me to talk about this topic. I've
never been in such a state in my life as this year. 
This is no longer called life, and nothing can
replace Dasha either as a daughter, or as 
a person. For me -- the nightmare that 
happened a year ago, on August 20, 
at the festival "Tradition", repeats 
and repeats. The people who 
wanted to hurt me... got
 their way.''
''I'd rather be killed a billion times over. I'd give anything to get
in that car myself. It doesn't go away, and it probably won't. 
Nothing and no circumstances will ever be able to
compensate for this loss, will not help to come
to terms with it.''
''I remember this female killer... who came up to me a few
minutes before the murder with her daughter. She took 
a picture of us and said that she had come from 
another city to listen to my lecture. This 
cynicism, this endless cruelty of the 
enemy. I honestly didn't expect
to be like this.''
''I was ready to die -- and I am still ready to die -- for a just
cause. I believe that soldiers who fight for their country,
for their faith, for their country, for their people, they
should be 
ready to die. Yes, their death is always
a tragedy.'' 

''But such a cynical murder of a daughter in front 
of her father, the murder of a girl who did not 
take part in any military operations -- never 
called for reprisals, against those who are 
our civilizational enemies.... called in her 
interviews and speeches to understand 
the enemy, to understand women from 
that side... There is something 
satanic in this.''
''I was giving a lecture on the devil in history at the festival.
Just imagine, the devil sat and listened to my lecture and
 then he killed my daughter. I do not know — you can 
probably die and experience terrible suffering 
without ever approaching this nightmare, 
which I would not wish on anyone. 
I said how I felt. I can't say any 
routine phrases about Dasha 
being a great person.''
''People put up monuments to her, paint pictures, compose 
poems, compose music, listen to it. We.. have published 
her diary, and the book "Eschatological Optimism" will
be published soon — this was Dasha's main idea. We
are preparing the third book... from her articles and 
speeches, decoding her lectures. It will be called 
"The Russian Frontier" - practically her will, 
although, of course, she was going to live
 for a long time and stood at the origins 
of her existence. I am very grateful to 
the people who do not forget Dasha, 
who pray for her, remember her, 
study her ----- discover her for 
themselves. But, it is a drop 
in the ocean of what it was
....and what it should 
have become.''
"The Ukrainian idea itself is pure terrorism"
In the realities of 2023, statements are already being made
at all levels, that Ukraine is a terrorist state. I remember 
Mikhalkov's film "Sunstroke", where his hero says: 
"How did it happen and when did it happen?"
''The Ukrainian idea itself - that is, Ukraine as an idea of a
separate, independent state is a terrorist idea. This was 
not a good Ukrainian state ---- and then it turned into a 
terrorist one. The Ukrainian idea, has a property only 
in hatred for Russians, for Great Russians. In Poland, 
for example, hostility to us has historical roots once 
the Poles were an independent state --- sometimes 
even more successful - in the Kremlin during the
Time of Troubles, as we know, there was a 
Polish garrison.
But we have no such history of relations with the Ukrainians. 
Simply because Ukrainians are a part of us. And now the 
idea of terrorism, has emerged in some of our people. 
Although we are brothers --- and we live in the same 
state, we actually won these lands from the same 
Poles, Austrians, and Turks. And this nation is a
brotherly one - we liberated it. He lived in the 
same place where he had lived, only freely, 
without masters ------ because a brother 
cannot buy his brother out of slavery.''
''Ukraine became a terrorist state even before its appearance.
The Ukrainian idea itself, is pure terrorism, the embodiment 
of hatred, racism, unfounded hostility to one's brothers, the
revision of all historical episodes, the creation of an
absolutely false, fictional, monstrous, aggressive,
mythological story.'' 
''The emergence of the Ukrainian state, meant the
beginning of terror - and it was inevitable. Sooner
or later, the Kiev
 regime would have turned into
the terrorist entity that 
it is now. In 1991, we
created this terrorist enclave 
with our
own hands.''
''The time has come, and this contagion of terrorism has
 spread from Western Ukraine to Central Ukraine, then 
partly to Eastern Ukraine. The fact that we have not 
countered this for 30 years, in fact, puts this blame 
on us too. You can't say: "Here they are — bad". 
''From the very beginning, when they started talking about
"independent Ukraine" — everything, at that moment it 
was necessary to send troops, because then what we 
see now will happen. There will be atrocities, terror, 
violence, genocide ---- of those they consider
their enemies.''
''Ukrainian statehood must cease to exist. It cannot be
anything other than a terrorist one. And if we set our
selves the task of denazification & demilitarization, 
then we can only achieve this by establishing full 
control over this land. Above our land, where 
Ukrainians have always lived freely. And 
this is their soil, this is their homeland. 
We are not encroaching on this home
land. We are attacking the terrorist 
ideology that prevails there.''
"We are a different civilization"
You have repeatedly said that the SVO is one of the largest
 attacks on the collective West in the history of Russia.
Have we made any progress in this offensive? And 
how far do we want to go... and can we go?
''We really entered into a conflict - a civilizational conflict with
the West. It is no coincidence ---- that our president said that 
we are opposed to Satanic civilization. The modern West
a civilization of Satan. Never before, has Western 
civilization attacked us --- so directly. The French 
were abandoned.. but then the British were not 
on Napoleon's side. Hitler was abandoned, but 
America and Britain were not on his side. That
is, the West attacked us in parts, and now it 
is attacking us globally and frontally. And 
that is what makes this conflict perhaps 
the most important in history. Because 
this is a clash with the Western entity, 
which today is really becoming open, 
totalitarian, Satanic. Anti-human —
 in the full sense of the word.''
''As for how far we can go...  Despite the fact that we oppose
 the West, we do not directly threaten them. And the borders 
of the Lviv region and Galicia will stop us, we will not go
 further. They will stop it if it is not already a full-fledged 
pan-European conflict with us, if NATO troops are not 
sent there. But we can and must, reach the western 
border of Ukraine. This is our trait. If we don't reach
that border, we will die. We cannot stop somewhere 
in the middle, somewhere in the territories that we 
have liberated. Or somewhere near them. Half 
measures won't work anymore. In 2014, we 
decided on half measures — and here's 
what we got.''
''Any truce concluded before the complete liberation of
Ukraine is a catastrophe, irreversible and final. And
the victory in Ukraine is a fundamental opportunity 
for us to be a civilization ---- historically, a Russian 
Eurasian civilization. If we hesitate - it will be the 
end of us. The odds in this case are not equal. 
We have everything at stake. For the West, 
this is a struggle under the slogan "to 
have or not to have." And for us — 
"to be or not to be."
''And after that, the West will not go anywhere -- because 
Ukraine is a bargaining chip for it. He'll lose a pittance. 
We risk losing everything, in this confrontation. In this 
respect, I think this is just the beginning. Our victory
 in Ukraine will be the beginning of a different
 relationship with the West.''
Is this what you call a clash of civilizations?
''Yes, this is a real clash of civilizations. The world was
already heading for this clash, but it could have been 
gradual if there were rational pragmatists like Trump 
instead of extremist forces like Biden and globalists
 in the West. I think we could have come to a clash 
of civilizations in a much milder way. We could find 
some kind of modus vivendi. [way of life, living]''
''At the same time, we still do not recognize Western values,
and no matter how universal, unique, and exemplary they 
may be, we reject this. We have different values, we are 
a different civilization.''
"Victory cannot be the result of a reaction"
You have a theory of the victory party that will help Russia 
win. In your opinion, what should be done to achieve this?
''It seems to me that now to win -- you need a strategic
dimension, strategic depth. We, our government, our 
authorities, the military - are always responding, 
constantly catching up with the processes that 
someone else is starting. That is, we are 
reacting -- our policy is reactive. If we 
had not been provoked by NATO and
the Ukrainians to this conflict, we 
would not have started it of our 
own free will.'' 
''This means that we only intuitively approach the 
fact that we are an independent civilization, that
we actually considered ourselves part of the 
Western world --- until recently.'' 
''It was just that some aspects of it were unacceptable
to us, some conditions we rejected, but, in general, 
we considered ourselves... a Western civilization. 
Our elite, at least. The people don't. And not the 
patriots, not the victory party. But the elite - no,
no, and again, in their minds, in their ideas, 
goes over to the side of the West.''
''And so, we don't have the strategic depth of planning. We 
are responding. We are attacked — we fight back, we are
insulted — we get into a conflict, we are insulted — we 
respond. When the conflict has already begun — and 
not before it - we begin to carry out measures to 
mobilize society, to raise patriotic awareness. 
Its been going on for a year and a half, and 
we are still afraid to let it enter the 
consciousness of our society,
pretending that nothing 
is happening.''
And yet, what is strategic depth?
''This is when we go to our goal, not paying attention to what 
is imposed on us, having our own internal civilizational 
agenda. When it doesn't matter whether we agree with
the West now --- or not. We will go towards this goal in 
any case, we must have strategic plans in the work 
of the government, in building the army, in the 
economy, education, upbringing, culture, and
art. That is what victory depends on, right 
now. It cannot be achieved...... by purely 
technical means. Victory ---- in the 
situation we are already in --- can 
never be the result of a reaction. 
Even the most effective one. 
This is the concept 
I propose — the 
victory party.''
''Victory is an internal concept. Victory is the return of
Russia, the Russian people, the Russian state, and 
Russian culture to themselves, to their roots. Of 
course, it will be achieved and achieved on the 
fronts at any cost. I have quoted many times 
a wonderful Serbian poet who said: "I give 
my life for you, my Fatherland. I know 
what I give and what I give for." So 
we need to know what people are
 fighting for now.''
''And in no way should our people, returning from the front
as invalids, feel alien & incomprehensible in a peaceful 
collective. We have a front & a rear. And nothing else
...no peaceful life. It seems to me, that the idea of 
preserving normality is a false goal. We — our 
hearts - need to be rebuilt in a new way.''
"Both of them believe that Russia is weak"
You read the news and get the feeling that Kiev's terrorist 
actions are beginning to irritate the West — Zelensky is
 increasingly being "exposed" for his methods. Do you
 think this is really true, or is it all part of the 
same game?
''I am convinced that Ukraine does not have any special 
methods, they operate under the direct supervision of
 Western special services. They don't do anything 
without consulting the decision-making centres 
in the Anglo-Saxon world. But there is more 
than one centre.'' 
''In the West itself ---- there is, for example, a more moderate
faction that believes that Russia is already in fact defeated
and it is not necessary to anger it, provoke strikes and any
other harsh actions on our part. They believe, that these 
kind of audacious terrorist antics do nothing to achieve 
long-term goals. They believe that, by giving us such 
irritating terrorist jabs --- Ukraine will not achieve 
results, that is, it will not be able to destroy us.''
''And there are those in the West who believe that we have not 
just lost, but collapsed altogether & demonstrated weakness. 
The withdrawal from Kherson, grain deals; all this is seen by 
the radical wing of the West as our complete defeat. And so
they are pushing the Ukrainian terrorist regime... to launch
more and more strikes - believing that we will not respond
 in any way, that we are ready for a truce.''
''That is, there are two "parties" there: one radical --- which 
pushes Ukrainians to terrorist actions, and the other more 
moderate, which scolds them for the sake of appearance. 
This is a pure performance. And.. the Ukrainians are only 
an instrument of this globalist war. Kiev in this story, as
 an independent subject, simply does not exist. There 
are two decision-making centres outside of Kiev.''
Are we talking about those "geopolitical chess games" that 
you have repeatedly mentioned before? Is there a division 
in them into black and white? Conditionally to those who 
believe that Russia is weak, and to those who believe 
that Russia can respond?
''Both of them believe that Russia is weak. Only some believe
that Russia is very weak and therefore it can be finished off, 
while others believe that it is weak, but - in agony - it can
suddenly use some resources, means - nuclear weapons 
and so on. That is, some are more radical, others are
less radical. But everyone --- is against us.''
''There is, of course, a third pole, but it is not the centre of
decision-making in the West. For example, people like 
Trump who don't care about Russia. They are not for 
Russia, they don't like us either, but they believe 
that there are other problems...  besides us. 
Therefore it is irrational to set themselves
the task of destroying Russia - at any 
cost, and it does not correspond to 
the interests of the global West. In
 their opinion - this can be done, 
but absolutely not in this way, 
not now and not --- in the 
first place.''
What is the significance of this third pole?
''You can't underestimate it. Just now... it is under attack in
the States themselves. These are traditional Republicans, 
these are the so-called paleoconservatives, that is... old 
conservatives who believe that Russia is not in charge.'' 
''There are neoconservatives - these are former Trotskyists 
who became supporters of hyperliberalism.... because of 
Trotsky's hatred of Stalin, Trotskyists for Stalinism, and
 the Soviet period. They have shifted their beliefs --- to 
the new geopolitical environment --- and are the core 
of our most radical opponents.'' 
''And the paleoconservatives.. take the position that it's not
about Russia - at all. There are many other problems that 
the West must deal with. These... are the three decision
-making centres. Now, of course, our radical opponents 
and moderates set the tone, but such indifferent ones
--- they, practically, do not exist in the West.''
The "fifth Column - is a piece on the chessboard
that the West is moving against us" Do we have 
such centres?
''There are also three centres on our side of the chessboard. 
One centre is the traitors who, together with our radical 
opponents, dream of Russia's immediate defeat. As a 
matter of fact, this is a "fifth column" that has long 
escaped and simply works for the Kiev terrorist 
regime, for the Western special services. But 
until recently, they were part of our political, 
cultural, and intellectual elite. These were 
respected people who appeared on all 
channels, were experts, published 
their books and set the tone. We 
can not say... that these are 
some kind of marginals.''
''They are simply part of our establishment, but only now 
have these people revealed themselves - as radical 
opponents of Russia, our people, and everything
 related to our culture, civilization, and values.''
''They didn't become like this after the beginning of the SVO
------ they always were. We have many athletes, politicians, 
cultural figures, and oligarchs just like that. Someone has
already made this Nazi pro-Ukrainian coming-out, that is, 
said that he spat on Russia. The "fifth column" is one of
the pieces on the chessboard, that the West is moving
against us. This is an opportunity to influence our 
chess --- from the inside out.''
''There is a second force — those who consider Russia part 
of the Western world would like to conclude an immediate 
truce with the West on any terms, but are loyal to Putin. 
Such people understand that this is impossible. They
 represent "sleepers". This is part of the elite, which 
does not directly rebel against the government, but
 is ready to do so at any time, if there is at least 
some chance.''
Is the second power less dangerous?"
''It's a very dangerous current. Yes, these people are not open
 enemies. Yes, they are now saying that they are for the SVO, 
for Russia, but they are doing everything to prevent us from
 concentrating all the necessary resources - to mobilize 
society, to win. They are, in fact, a kind of centre of 
sabotage - invisible, indirect. They say: "Yes,
 Vladimir Vladimirovich! Give us this
assignment, and we will be the
first to execute it. Just don't 
give it to this one.. because 
it's not the same. Just give 
it to me and I'll do it!" 
''And then begins the coordination of the task with the
interests of the West --- their own personal interests. 
Sometimes they overlap, and the mobilization of 
our society is sabotaged.''
''But there is a third figure. This is the victory Party, this is the
people, this is the president, these are patriots. I liked how
someone wrote in one Telegram channel: Narod-front. 
That is, the people and the front are now one. This is
us. We are both the people and our Russian warrior.
That's one thing now. This victory party is certainly
 led by the President and his truly civilizationally
 loyal associates. Not all of our elite is rotten, 
there are absolutely convinced carriers of 
the Russian spirit.''
''The most important thing is that he stands on this side of the 
victory party, but historically he has got such an elite, and he
 is trying to manipulate it somehow. He himself said that a 
different elite is needed — from the people who are at the
 front, from the front that is among the people. That is, 
from the mobilized. Putin said bluntly: people will 
come with their own freedom, and they should 
be the ruling elite -- and not those who found 
themselves in it, during the most decadent,
 treacherous periods of our recent history.''
"The fool was admitted to the society of gentlemen"
''Russophobia has become one of the signs of modern history. 
Recently in Kiev, for example, they decided to ban the font 
"Izhitsa", because it is of Russian origin.''
''Russophobia in Kiev has already crossed all borders. I
don't think even just watching the pigs go berserk, is
worth it. Imagine: a person is in a psychiatric clinic,
he is a 
maniac, he has a seizure. Are we going to
him gnaw on the battery - with his teeth,
his face, yell something unintelligible? 
There is something pathological about 
watching this scene.''
''Unfortunately, we can't introduce a cure and stop the
black postmodern spectacle that represents the 
shameful, shameless rage of this Nazi regime. 
But it's also unhealthy, to explore its details.
Let's just win in the end and be done with it. 
Let's forget it like a bad dream and not think 
about these perversions anymore. We'll just 
start building a healthy, normal society, in
 healthy direction.''
What is the real purpose of Ukraine in this conflict?
''I think that we are deeply mistaken when we believe 
that Ukraine sets itself the goal of restoring its 
territories, sovereignty or strengthening 
its statehood.''
''It had all this - before the conflict began. There was full 
control over the territories. There was a national state.
Russia did not attempt to kill it. And suddenly at some 
point, Ukraine — at least this part of the obsessive 
Ukrainian Nazis — begins to do everything to stop 
being so. So that Crimea secedes, so that the 
Donbass rises up, so that we send in troops 
and liberate two more regions that voted 
with pleasure to become part of the 
Russian Federation.''
''There is some logical discrepancy here. If we are dealing
 with nationalists who want a strong national state, they 
should have gone towards this goal. But here it's the 
other way around. They had a national state with 
Crimea, Donbass, Kherson and Zaporizhia. And 
the actions of the nationalists, which were 
supposed to strengthen the government, 
led to the fact that these territories do 
not exist. There are no other peoples.
The industry is destroyed. The 
question arises: do we 
understand correctly, 
what Ukraine wants?''
''Does Freud have a phrase Was will das Weib? — What does 
a woman want?" And all of Freudianism is built on trying to
 answer this very complex, fundamental question. What 
does Kiev want? This is definitely not a national state, 
because it is its policy that has led to destruction, 
destruction, undermining, dismemberment. 
And will lead to its end.''
Then what do they want in Kiev?
''The answer occurred to me ---- that they had fallen into the
pursuit of success, a nation of clowns, a nation of buffoons
who only needed attention. They need to be talked about,
shown and invited to - high-level meetings. And for this 
fame and popularity, they are ready to give their state, 
their people ------ their society. That is, it is a kind of
hypertrophied desire for success. And everything 
falls into place. Why - do people choose a clown? 
Because only clown people can choose a clown.''
''How does Ukraine behave? She goes to great lengths to
 court the applause of either side. That is --- it suits any 
antics, any performances, any actions. And there is no 
real, far-reaching goal — state building, the return of 
Crimea, the establishment of Kiev's power over the 
eastern territories - already our lands - and even 
more so, an attack on Russia, this goal is not 
worth it!''
''Ukrainians just want to call attention to themselves, and 
I must say that they are getting their way. It is only 
necessary to change this goal-setting, and the 
logic of the behaviour of the Kiev regime 
becomes completely clear.''
''We are dealing with such crazy actors who are ready to do 
anything just to be applauded and helped, just to be loved.
 And when someone gets bored with them, they come up 
with new tricks and do it quite inventively. If this trick is
 war, they go to war, to murder, to torture. That is, it is 
a bloody circus.''
''That is why they are now throwing a huge amount, of what 
they are already beginning to say is meat into the counter-
offensive. Why do they process Ukrainians? Because it 
draws attention to this bloody fog. If you look at how 
the president of this country, even when he was a 
fairly harmless ordinary comedian, starred in a 
video, participating in a homosexual dance on 
stilettos in leather underwear, it becomes 
clear: he can change into anyone, can 
play any role.''
''But that's what other Ukrainians do, too. When they come to 
a Western country, they organize a performance. For what? 
Just to get some attention. Thus, we are dealing with a 
crazy clown. With the people who became the people
 of crazy clowns.''
Here you can recall, not Mikhalkov,
but, for example, "Joker".
''I think that the authors of "Joker", who made this film, just 
decided to project this figure on the whole country. In order
 to humiliate them, and through them to humiliate us, to kill 
us, to engage in this monstrous dialogue with this 
absolutely crazy society, which is ready to 
sacrifice everything for a photo, for 
applause, for likes, for attention, 
including its own country.''
''No one has ever heard of any Ukraine before. Only, perhaps, 
some ethnographers knew. And so, the Ukrainians decided
to make themselves felt. Yes they have attracted attention.
And they are very happy --- when their president travels 
around the world, sits, hugs with the leaders of the 
Western world. In fact, this is a terrible thing — 
the fool was allowed into the society 
of gentlemen.''
''There is such a cruel Anglo-Saxon entertainment ---- dinner
with an idiot. When a group of people, of more or less the 
same social level, invites someone deliberately stupid, to 
dinner and they all sit there, pretending to have ordinary
conversations. But one of them is a complete idiot. And
he doesn't know... he's an idiot. This gives others a 
special perverse, anti-humanistic pleasure. They 
systematically abuse a person. Cold, consistent
--- not spontaneous. They are preparing this 
humiliation, making it out. As well as
Ukraine is involved in.'' 
''The idiot was invited to the higher realms to behave as he 
behaves. And everyone likes it. But when the idiot leaves
-- people exchange impressions about his intellectual 
qualities --- and then pay tribute to him, behind his 
back. A cynical practice, in my opinion. But the 
Ukrainians want it: well, well, let the idiots, if 
only we were invited to this dinner.''
Why, in your opinion?
''It's not about money, you know. There are different ways to 
make money: you can kill Russians, you can kill yourself,
 you can sell organs, you can set up some businesses, 
you can build something. As a result, you can steal 
something. In other words, money can appear in 
different ways.''
''We should not reduce the explanation of the behaviour of
Ukrainians to the desire for money. They want attention.
They want applause and glory. The idea of profiting
from war, from the suffering of others, and from 
your own, is probably present in this, but... it is 
not the dominant one. This is very important 
--- otherwise, we will not understand them.''
''By the way, here's the mistake. We thought, that their fate 
was corruption. And their fate is clowning. Bloody. This is
really a society that has really gone mad. Here, we say it 
as a metaphor. But they don't really fool around. They're 
sick. And the way they fight, is a real obsession. We're 
dealing with obsessive clowns.''
"To find the real killers, even
taking Kiev is not enough"
Concluding the conversation, I would like to return to the
 topic, with which, we started. Has there been any 
progress in the investigation of the terrorist 
attack against Dasha over the past year?
''The investigation... is underway, but the case was solved
almost from the very beginning. A Ukrainian terrorist on
the assignment of Budanov (head of Main Intelligence 
Directorate of Ukraine) carried out a terrorist attack 
then disappeared - her accomplices helped her. 
Small performers, partially found, there are 
courts. The case continues. Another 
question is that the success in its 
completion will be the capture of 
Kiev, for example. Then we can 
really talk about the triumph 
of justice.''
''And indeed, it will be really possible to raise the question:
 who and from whom specifically in the West received
 carte blanche for this, which of the special services
 helped? The question is not about the performer.''
''If you make fake license plates and passports - while being a
police officer, if you transfer information about the movement
of my car - or Dasha's car - to Ukrainian terrorists ---- at
their request - for money, then you are participating in
a terrorist 
attack. But this is a completely different
responsibility. We 
need to get to our customers.''

So far, we can see a chain 
of performers, but they are
still only switchmen. Even 
Budanov, is a switchman,
because it is not in his 
competence - to make such
radical decisions. 
This is a much higher level of
Therefore --- the New York
Times, almost 
immediately --- hastened
to disown it: 
they say the Ukrainians
everything themselves.''
''They also tried to disown the explosion of the gas pipeline,
 the attacks on the Crimean Bridge. But it is quite obvious: 
to find the real culprits, the real killers, even taking Kiev
 is not enough.''
''Many people write to me: "It's a pity that we didn't avenge
 Dasha!" But you see, even if the performer is found, tried 
and executed, there will still be no justice. First of all, 
Dasha is priceless. There is no price that can be paid 
for this horror to be balanced --- in any way. But 
secondly, there are people who know: they 
were the ones who sacrificed her, they 
gave the order. And we'll find them 
sooner or later.'' 
''Specific customers and real killers, of course, are 
located outside the territory of Ukraine, in the 
leadership of Western special services, 
Western political instances. We will 
find them. In the meantime, the 
preparatory stage.''
The West has manufactured this rope
and as its neck feels the noose 
tighten... some will feel pity.
What we could do, is repent.

While Ukrainians --- die on the frontlines, 
Zelensky is lobbying US financial firms
August 20th, 11:59am
by Shabbir Rizvi
(source: PressTV)
As the Ukrainian counteroffensive against Russia dwindles
 to a screeching halt, failing to achieve its objectives, 
many questions are being raised about the former 
Soviet republic’s future.
Will the Kiev regime concede defeat? Will Ukrainian President 
Volodymyr Zelensky fight Russians.. until the last Ukrainian? 
How much of Ukrainian land will actually remain Ukraine's?
The question of disputed territory is a sensitive topic. NATO 
military alliance officials are even floating the idea of giving 
up significant Ukrainian territory to end the war and usher 
in peace, an idea that may have been unimaginable prior 
to the Ukrainian counteroffensive. 
Although one can speculate back and forth about what land 
will become Russian and what land will stay Ukrainian, 
something far more sinister is happening beyond the
 public eye of what will happen to the territory that 
remains Ukraine. 
While media pundits are busy tracking the territorial losses
 and gains Ukraine is making, the Kiev regime is meeting 
with American financial firms to sell off Ukrainian land
 and infrastructure.
Even before Russia’s “military operation” completed its first
 year, Zelensky had been meeting with various American 
investment firms in order to “rebuild Ukraine.”
To the uninitiated, “rebuild Ukraine” sounds like a completely 
logical and legitimate initiative in the wake of a devastating 
war. However, Zelensky hasn’t been meeting with any 
average firm.
He has been actively preparing the ground... for New York-
based investment firm BlackRock to take over significant 
swaths of Ukrainian finances, primarily playing a leading 
role in advising Kiev on how to handle its post-war 
investments and funding.
BlackRock is a notorious “investment management” firm 
that has worked closely with the International Monetary 
Fund (IMF) and the World Bank to hyper-privatize public
 assets, land, and infrastructure.
The world’s largest “asset manager”, it manages trillions 
of dollars in assets across the West and even acts as an
 advisor to European banks. Naturally, it is also involved 
in lobbying Western officials, essentially dictating and 
creating policy for its own benefit. 
However, with NATO encroaching east, it is expected that 
countries would surrender their public institutions even
 further to Western capitalists as they embrace 
neoliberal policies.
It is in recorded history ---- that, during Ukraine’s 2014 
Maiden Coup, the United States was closely involved.
The then US Assistant Secretary of State Victory Neuland 
was directly on the ground supporting the fascist 
overthrow of the neutral Ukraine government
 for a pro-Western one.
Later, a leaked phone call revealed that Neuland was 
picking and choosing which Ukrainian officials were 
best to enter the new coup-installed regime.
It’s no surprise that Ukraine was headed towards a long road 
of privatization - supporters of the new regime even burned 
down a trade union building --- with people inside.
To this day, the victims have not seen
 justice - as the perpetrators are free. 
Now, under the guise of war, the Kiev regime has taken
significant steps to further bear the rotten fruits of the
Maiden Coup. Zelensky’s wartime powers have 
allowed him to ban all opposition parties.
In August of 2022, Kiev ratified “Law 5371,” which strips 
all labour protections – impacting around 70 percent of 
Ukraine’s workforce. 
Many neoliberals would argue that it is necessary to maintain
 control of Ukraine’s exports during the war, but the law was
 first introduced in 2021 and could not be passed then 
due to trade union opposition.
Adding to it is the fact that Zelensky and his inner circle
 were notorious for their corrupt financial affairs.
Prior to the war, it was revealed by the Pandora Papers that 
Zelensky and his allies had swaths of money ....hidden in 
offshore bank accounts. This money could not be traced 
to them, and ignoring the fact that Zelensky’s allies
 were involved, local institutions would find it 
difficult to trace how they obtained it.
With trade union power dissolved and opposition parties 
out of the way, the Kiev regime moved to  auction off
 their state enterprises. 
It is important to note that there were multiple attempts 
to auction off some of the same assets, prior to the 
2022 military operation, to no avail.
The investment wasn’t as attractive to American capitalists 
because there were still many hurdles - primarily legal - that 
would make Ukrainian state assets an attractive investment.
With labour unions and political opposition away, foreign
 penetration will now ...not only become easy, but even 
competitive, and therefore profitable - not only for the
 American capitalists but for those who would 
eventually benefit from lobbying for money - 
Zelensky and Co. 
The foreign aid given to Kiev to fend off Russians also does 
not come without a price. While the US sees fighting 
Russians as money well spent, Washington still 
expects an extra return on investment.
Highlighted in the National Recovery Plan are various figures 
that address auctioning off state investments, paying back 
IMF loans, and opening the country to foreign penetration.
Firms like BlackRock will play a key role in ensuring 
every last available asset is sold and privatized. 
Zelensky has taken Ukraine to the natural conclusion of
the US-backed Maiden Coup. A once neutral country
 now turned into a vassal state of the US, Kiev has
 not only sacrificed thousands of Ukrainian men 
on the altar of US imperialism, it has --- quite 
literally --- sold the entire country to
 US capitalists. 
With multiple meetings between BlackRock, JP Morgan, and 
other investment firms to “rebuild Ukraine,” the fate of the
 country - no matter what it looks like after peace is 
reached - will be up to the ruling class of the 
United States.
Zelensky, instead of searching for peace, is actively acting
 as a salesman while thousands of his countrymen are 
being slaughtered on the frontlines. 
He was even quoted as saying that this situation is “the 
greatest opportunity in Europe since World War Two,”
 in reference to the incoming post-war investment.  
Very little stands in the way for Western capitalists to swoop 
in -- and hyper-privatize what is left of Ukraine post-invasion
- with BlackRock at the forefront, advising Ukraine’s foreign
 investments and labour opposition completely eviscerated.
Clearly, this was the pathway for Ukraine when the 2014 
coup regime announced its various intentions to fight 
off the labour movement. 
For the corrupt lot in Ukraine and the financial ruling class 
in the US, the Russian military operation provided a 
unique opportunity to become richer and filthier.
All it cost was the mere price of hundreds of thousands 
of lives lost and a country that was once sovereign to 
become a playground for the US financial class. 
As peace brokers devise a plan on what the new borders of 
Ukraine will likely look like, one thing is for certain - the 
new face of Ukraine within its borders... will be 
completely made by and for Western elites.
Shabbir Rizvi is a Chicago-based political analyst with 
a focus on US internal security and foreign policy.
(The views expressed in this article do not 
--- necessarily --- reflect those of Press TV.)

These views do reflect a growing 
number of people's though.

What --- 
do you think?


Russia's Central Bank controls 
the situation with the ruble, 
madness is observed
 only in the West
August 16th , 2023
(Source - Redacted
InoTV translation) 
The dollar is up 60 percent against the Russian ruble, which
has been gaining strength -- since the start of the conflict in
Ukraine. So what's going on? We were told that everything 
is fine with the ruble, but now it seems that this may not 
be entirely true. Therefore, we would like to get an 
expert opinion on this issue.
If you keep an eye on these things, usually a dollar has cost 
about 80 rubles in recent months. And this week it jumped
 over the mark of 100 rubles, and then fell just below
 a hundred. The Russian Central Bank held an 
emergency meeting this week and raised 
the interest rate from 8.5 percent 
to 12 percent.
Redacted correspondent Mike Jones lives in Russia,
 follows East-West relations and will tell us more 
about this issue. Thank you so much for
 joining us.
MIKE JONES, Redacted correspondent: 
''Always a pleasure.''
So, what is it? A complete economic
collapse, or can you give us 
some context?
MIKE JONES: ''No, not in Russia. This is very closely
monitored by the Russian Central Bank. Madness is
observed in the West. Both Politico & economists,
who, apparently, do not understand the Russian 
economy at all. The Russian Central Bank has 
decided to raise this interest rate. And it is 
worth remembering that they have not 
changed rates since September last 
year, from the level of 8.5.
''I will just quote the Central Bank's statement, they are very
straightforward about some of the factors that influenced 
their decisions. For example, ''...when oil prices rise, the 
ruble strengthens, which reduces the risk of over
heating of the economy. And when oil prices fall,
the ruble weakens, which plays into the hands 
of domestic producers, by increasing exports 
and stimulating import substitution.''
''Only this quote -- gives a good idea of the past year in
Russia and why the ruble was allowed to reach such
a level. But when it got to a hundred --- that's what
seems to have
 triggered the so-called emergency
meeting at the 
Central Bank. The West took it
as a panic, they 
are sure that the ruble
is falling rapidly.
''And this is not the case. Even if you go to the sitexe.comand
 if you follow the ruble, you will see that the decline is gradual 
and steady. The drop happened in March 2022, and there was
 an obvious drop. As we know, oil prices have played a major 
role. All these Western articles somehow do not mention 
the restriction of oil prices.
''We heard about it, and then it, somehow, disappeared from
the news. Why? I suspect that around mid-July, Russian
or more precisely Urals crude, was trading above
agreed price limit of $ 60.''
Limiting the price of the oil --- you mentioned. This is meant 
when the European Union decided: "Yes -- we will continue 
to buy Russian oil, but we will introduce price restrictions."
And Russia said, " Well, it doesn't really work that way." 
Is that what you're talking about?
MIKE JONES: ''Let's look at India. The Financial institute of
 Kiev is now accusing them of inflating the cost of supplies 
in order to circumvent these measures. I would not want to 
pay too much attention to oil, because of course, Russia is 
already called a gas station masquerading as an economy.
''One of the big changes, and I've already discussed it with 
Clayton, was the grain deal. Since 2014 and the first 
wave of sanctions, which were a good lesson for 
Russia, it has withstood. Until 2014, Russia was 
an importer of food products. Fast forward to
 today, Russia is already an exporter of food.
''It exports, of course, grain and animal feed to Africa, and 
Egypt is one of the major buyers. Of course, this affects 
the price of agricultural feed, which increases this 
influence in Western economies ....and in the 
reaction of the West.
''The point is, that a weakened ruble means that Russia 
receives more rubles from exports. It's the same with 
food and oil. This was in the interests of Russia, but 
now, as the Central Bank admitted, it has reached 
the point where the domestic industry can no 
longer expand --- to meet the requirements 
of consumers.
''As a result, imports are already growing, which, 
they admit, has driven up inflation. Hence the 
measure --- that should handle this through 
the interest rate.''
That's reassuring... what do you think?


You can not pardon: the US 
Ambassador to Australia 
allowed the transfer of
Julian Assange to his
homeland ----------- if 
he admits his guilt
by Alexander Karpov
August 14th, 10:01pm
The US' Ambassador to Australia, Caroline Kennedy, has 
suggested that a potential plea deal could allow 
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to return
 to his homeland.
 Kennedy added that the conclusion of such an agreement
 ultimately depends not on diplomats, but on the position 
of the US Department of Justice, but a solution is 
"absolutely possible." 
Earlier, the head of the US State Department, Anthony
Blinken, said that the question of Assange's future, is 
very sensitive for Washington. Political analysts note
that the talk about the likely extradition of Assange 
occurs ------ against the backdrop of the political 
rapprochement between the US and Australia... 
but the WikiLeaks founder is unlikely to return 
to his homeland as he caused too serious a
damage to the reputation and national 
security of the US.
"In fact, this is not a diplomatic issue, but I think it is 
absolutely possible to find a solution," Kennedy
 said, in an interview with Australian media.
Endless Trial
Earlier, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, while on 
a visit to Canberra, said that the question of the future
 fate of the WikiLeaks founder --- is very sensitive
 for Washington.
"Mr. Assange has been charged with very serious criminal 
acts in the United States in connection with his alleged 
role in one of the largest breaches of classified 
information in the history of our country," 
Blinken said, after talks with the 
Australian leadership.
In turn, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said 
that his government will continue to seek the release 
of the WikiLeaks founder.
"We remain very firm in our opinion and consistent in our
 statements to the US government, we will continue to
 seek his release," TASS quoted the head of the 
Australian cabinet as saying.
The statement of the US ambassador about the possibility 
of extradition of Assange to his homeland --- caused some
 optimism among supporters of the WikiLeaks founder --- 
and a number of Australian politicians.
So, Assange's brother, film producer Gabriel Shipton, believes
that --- in this way --- Washington is looking for a way out of a
situation, in which all the facts of corruption and crimes of 
the US authorities will again be announced in the court to
which Assange will be tried, upon extradition to the US.
"This suggests that they do not want this story to develop 
in American courts, especially during the electoral cycle. 
Therefore ---- the US leadership is actually looking for an 
opportunity to distance itself from what is an extremely, 
extremely controversial prosecution that violates 
media freedom," Shipton said, in a conversation
 with Sky News Australia.
According to him, if Assange is indeed extradited to Canberra, 
he should be released immediately, as he has already spent 
enough time in prison.
And Australia's Shadow Immigration Minister, Dan Tehan, 
said Canberra would welcome an end to the prosecution 
of Assange, but the final decision on this issue, remains
with the US Department of Justice.
"The most important thing, I think, is that we should take into
account.. their justice system and processes. But, at the 
same time, if it was possible to achieve the completion
of this incredibly long case, then we would all be 
only for it," the politician said.
Recall - that Washington began the prosecution of Assange 
in 2010, when hundreds of thousands of documents were
 published on the WikiLeaks portal, including those 
related to the actions of the US army in the Middle 
East and other controversial steps of Washington, 
which were hidden from the public, under the 
pretext of protecting national security.
In 2012, the journalist lived in the UK. Fearing extradition to
the US, Assange took refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy, in 
London, where he applied for political asylum. In 2019, the 
then President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, announced that 
he was denying the journalist political asylum and 
depriving him of his Ecuadorian citizenship.
After seven years of isolation in the diplomatic mission, 
the WikiLeaks founder was arrested and imprisoned
 in London's Belmarsh prison.
Washington has been seeking Assange's extradition to 
the US for more than four years, where he faces a 
prison sentence of up to 175 years on 
18 charges against him.
In turn, Assange's defense team is trying to prevent his
extradition to the US authorities. In 2022, a UK court 
blocked the extradition of Assange --- granting the 
appeal of his lawyers. However, this decision 
was later reversed, and the British Interior 
Minister, Priti Patel, approved the 
extradition of the WikiLeaks
 founder to the US.
In June of this year, the wife of Julian Assange announced 
that her husband would use the last opportunity to block
 his extradition to the US, through a UK court.
"A blow to reputation"
The statement of a US diplomat about a possible 
deal, indicates that the US has begun to realize
the reputational harm from the prosecution of 
Assange, political analyst Malek Dudakov 
noted, in a conversation with RT.
"The Americans are quite aggressively trying to get Assange
 extradited to their justice system. However, the talk about a
 deal with justice shows that the United States is aware of 
the reputational losses caused by attempts to send to life 
imprisonment a person who is obviously persecuted for
 political reasons and suffered for disclosing the facts
 of war crimes," the expert explained.
However, the option of a deal in which Assange will be
 returned to his homeland and then be released,
 does not seem realistic today, Dudakov added.
"The ideal scenario would be Assange's admission of guilt 
and return to Australia, maybe under house arrest or
 restriction of freedom, but I'm not sure that this 
is realistic," the source said.
The main problem with implementing such a scenario is the
 fact that Canberra is not an equal partner of Washington 
and has no leverage on it, but can only ask the United 
States to meet it halfway, the political scientist said.
"There is a certain rapprochement between them, 
but Australia is not a player of such a level, that 
itcan bargain with the Americans in something. 
Canberra can voice its wishes, but in the end,
Washington will do as it sees fit, given that
now Australia is largely dependent on the 
United States in the military sphere," 
Malek Dudakov commented.
In turn, Vladimir Bruter, an expert at the International Institute
 for Humanitarian and Political Studies, believes that the
 WikiLeaks founder will sooner or later be extradited 
to the US and spend the rest of his life in prison.
"Assange will never be returned to Australia. After some 
time, he will be extradited to the United States. This will 
not happen immediately --- another appeal will be 
considered, and during this time he will remain 
in a UK prison," the expert stressed, in an 
interview with RT.
The US wants to punish Assange significantly, as he 
caused damage to their reputation and the national
 security system, Bruter explained.
"Assange cannot be released, his actions are categorically 
unacceptable ------ from the point of view of the US political 
establishment, and he must be demonstratively punished. 
If he is released and speaks freely with the media and in
public, it will be a blow to Washington's reputation as a 
global hegemon. It turns out that a certain private 
person can tear off the covers from the secret 
affairs of Washington and he will not get 
anything for it. It is very important for 
the US, that all such individuals are 
punished in the most severe way. 
The situation was similar... with 
Snowden, only he disappeared 
beyond the reach of American 
extraterritorial justice," the
 political scientist noted.
No charges have been brought against Assange in 
Australia, and no court cases have been opened, 
so his transfer to Canberra would effectively 
mean his release, Bruter said.
"For the United States, this will be a significant political 
defeat. While he is in a British prison, this is not such a 
crucial moment for Washington — they know that the 
British authorities will not release him. In addition, 
London gives the whole process legitimacy, 
pretending that there is some kind of 
objective judicial procedure, with 
appeals and their consideration. 
But they won't let him go to 
Australia ---- even though 
Washington & Canberra 
have recently become 
.....very close," the 
expert concluded.
Everyone playing games.
The US ---- according to
world polls, is already
the most hated state
in the world. If.. they
continue destroying
this journalist they
will just be hated
a little bit more.
Let us keep sending pleas through
our representatives - and pray for
a miracle... or can YOU think of
a solution?

IMF varnishes the 
“Kosovo picture”
August 11th, 10:52am
The servants of the New World Order have long been trying to 
lure mankind into their fictional reality. For this purpose, they 
use the media & international organisations -- through which
they spread total lies (mixed with a drop of truth, of course).
Serbian Kosovo is a perfect example of the lies of the
 globalists. The creation of a 'state' in the place of a 
region almost taken away from the Serbs is a poor 
solution. That is why behind the political decision
 the economic card is played -- a way to convince
 the whole world of the stability & attractiveness 
of the region. However the political verbiage or 
simply --- lies uttered by the globalists, should 
be studied, not even by masters of linguistic 
juggling, but by psychiatrists. 
Gabriel Di Bella --- a representative of the International 
Monetary Fund team, believes that the EU’s restrictive 
measures against Kosovo may become an obstacle 
for foreign investments (!) in the region. Di Bella (a 
truly telling surname for Russian ears) said that 
“recent events in four northern municipalities 
..have led to limited economic and financial 
co-operation with the unrecognised state”.
So, your eyesight has not failed you. Di Bella is talking about
 some kind of investment in a failed state called Kosovo. In 
the very “Kosovo”, which for the last decades was built on
 the blood and suffering of Serbs, against all principles of 
international law. The very same “Kosovo” that is run by
 terrorists and bandits who have made their fortunes by
 seizing Serbian property, trafficking in drugs, human 
beings.. and human organs. The very “Kosovo” from 
which Albanians themselves are fleeing en masse
because economic life in the region is simply 
unbearable --- precisely, in the Serbian 
municipalities … Obviously, Di Bella 
is fulfilling the task of varnishing 
the “Kosovo picture”, perhaps
not least, in order to use the 
money of the same IMF.
The report of the working group presented by Di Bella 
states that “macroeconomic conditions in Kosovo 
remain favourable” and adds that “inflation
continues to fall and budget revenues
 are rising”. 
We can state that the IMF official was writing a fairy tale for 
his superiors, and the beautifully drawn report pursued 
goals in a different, fictional, globalist reality. 
Meanwhile, Pristina itself is not lagging behind the “sanctions
players” and prohibits the entry of lorries with Serbian goods 
into its territory, creating a real humanitarian disaster in the 
north of the region (not only in the north). And, naturally, 
an economic catastrophe. But Di Bella prefers to paint 
a different picture to his addressees (the leadership 
--- or ordinary citizens of Western countries?):
“In a challenging global environment, macroeconomic
conditions in Kosovo have remained favourable so 
far in 2023. Growth remains robust, inflation 
continues to fall, and the current account 
deficit has started to narrow,” he says 
in no uncertain terms. No comment.
Di Bella is brazenly lying about any personal income growing
 at a “healthy rate.” Rather, the population’s incomes are 
falling at an unhealthy rate, causing the same population 
to flee from the region to Europe, where they can at 
least find work. But the “cherry on the cake” is the
IMF official’s conclusion that there are still minor 
problems in unrecognised and almost perfect, 
economically attractive Kosovo:
“But instability and rising global tensions in northern Kosovo 
remain risks to the outlook that, if they materialise, could 
contribute to political problems,” Di Bella concludes.
After this phrase you can call a psychiatrist, because it is
 obvious, because the “risks of tension” in the north of 
Kosovo have long since materialised and do not seem 
to be planning to subside. Political problems, in which
 the USA and EU are actively involved, happened long 
ago and their existence is acknowledged every day 
by the specified centres of globalists, thinking what
 to do with it all. 
What Mr Di Bella’s statements mean is not clear to the end. 
For whom he drew his report – also remains a mystery. 
Apparently, the habit of living a lie, convincing themselves 
and their environment, of its reality, trying to fish in 
troubled waters, through its projection, is a 
habitual state of the IMF staff. It will be 
possible to utilise the funds and 
get a promotion.
Vladimir Basenkov, Southern News Service

Can't wait for BRICS, etc, to replace
the IMF and all the other US driven
dens of filth and corruption!
Do you think?

United States of Africa Forming 
to Lead World Against U.S. 
and Allied Empire
by Eric Zuesse
August 10th
A potential United States of Africa is now in the early stages 
of formation, after a mutiny by Niger’s Presidential Guards
immediately expanded into a coup by Niger’s Army --- on 
July 26th and overthrew the country’s ‘democratically’ 
elected U.S.-and-French stooge - and very corrupt - 
President, Mohamed Bazoum. 
The Nigeran public immediately responded to this coup with
massive cheering demonstrations throughout the country, 
supporting as their liberators, the team that was freeing 
their land from the exploitative grip of the imperialists:
France, backed by America. 
Niger, like the other African countries that use the French 
franc as their currency, has been funding France’s
 Government and Niger’s own aristocracy, by 
means of a complex mechanism called 
“the CFA franc” which the CNN U.S. 
propaganda network, buried in
one of their news reports. 
Françafrique has often been criticized for perpetuating neo-
colonial practices. For example, few things have sparked 
more controversy than the Central African franc or CFA, 
a currency which is used by 14 nations in West and 
Central Africa --- including Niger.
Countries using CFA francs are required to store 50% of their 
currency reserves with the Banque de France, and the
 currency is pegged to the euro. While Paris asserts 
that the system promotes economic stability, 
others say, it allows France to exert control 
over the economy of the countries using it.
So, basically, whatever is shipped abroad by any of those
 countries, the proceeds, in effect, go 50% to France, 
and only the other 50% goes to Niger or the other 
As the U.S. regime’s own Brookings 
Institution, earlier, obliquely put it:
''Some African economists consider the broader dependency
on European monetary policies as a restriction to growth
due to a hyper-fixation on inflation. However, African 
elites and wealthy individuals, the primary 
beneficiaries of the CFA franc zone 
configuration, support its
The only beneficiaries are the individuals who control the
 international corporations — especially the ones that are
 headquartered in France and in America, and that have 
subsidiaries in the given African colony. As a scholar 
at the British aristocracy’s London School of 
Economics surprisingly admitted:
''The CFA franc also encourages massive capital outflows. 
In brief, membership of the franc zone is synonymous with 
poverty and under-employment, as evidenced by the fact 
that 11 of its 15 adherents are classed as Least 
Developed Countries (LDCs) -- while the 
remainder -- (Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, 
Congo, Gabon) have all experienced
 real-term economic decline.''
Finally, they maintain that membership of the franc zone is 
inimical.. to the advance of democracy. To uphold the CFA 
franc, it is argued, France has never hesitated to jettison 
heads of state tempted to withdraw from the system. 
Most were removed from office or killed in favour of 
more compliant leaders who cling to power come 
hell or high water, as shown by the CAEMC 
nations and Togo.
 Economic development is impossible in such 
circumstances, as is the creation of any 
political system ---- that meets the 
preoccupations of the majority 
of citizens.
In the subsequent days, after the coup, Niger entered into
 discussions with Mali, Guinea, and Burkina Faso, which 
already previously had coups for freedom from their 
imperialist masters that the U.S. Government leads. 
Meanwhile, the U.S. regime’s efforts — which are being led
by Victoria Nuland, who masterminded the U.S. regime’s 
successful coup, that... in February 2014, grabbed and 
absorbed Ukraine into the U.S. empire, so to get it into 
NATO as the nearest bordering country from which to 
attack The Kremlin and decapitate Russia - only 317
miles away from Ukraine ------ appear, thus far, to be 
running into an unwillingness of the Governments 
near Niger to shed their peoples’ blood to invade 
Niger, whose public are determined to achieve 
freedom from their foreign exploiters, and will 
not give up short of a very bloody war  which
would embarrass the US & its ‘democracies’ 
and so strip away -- that ‘democratic’ mask 
the U.S. regime uses -- in order to fool 
publics everywhere.
On August 3rd, CNN headlined “Africa’s latest coup is a
headache for the West and an opportunity for Russia”,
 and pretended that the aggression here - and the 
opposition to democracy - came from Russia 
against the United States, instead of from 
the United States against Russia.
I have previously explained these events in my 6 March 
2023 “The Transformative Present Moment in History”.
Whatever the outcome will be from the current events in
Niger, it will be a part of that story, and maybe a very
important part of it. However, the time is too early 
to predict what that outcome will turn out to be.
 In any case, that story began in 1945, when the anti-
imperialist U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt 
became replaced by the pro-imperialist President 
Harry Truman, who shaped the post-WW-II 
international order, which has lasted till 
now, and which appears to be soon
 reaching its climax.
If Victoria Nuland will not be able to turn the screws against 
Niger’s new leaders in the way that her bosses, Antony
 Blinken, and, above him, Joe Biden, are hoping — nor 
to get ‘the free world’ to invade and conquer Niger as
 they hope — then a successful model will have 
become established which might be copied by 
other slave-nations, by means of which they, 
too, might likewise break away, and free 
themselves, from their imperial masters,
 the U.S.-and-‘allied’ (vassal-nation) 
empire: the U.S. aristocracy, and 
its foreign dependency ones. 
If so, it would terminate the hegemon’s hegemony. It would 
end the Truman-initiated global system (which aspires to
 conquer — absorb into its imperial web — all nations,
 and especially Russia and China). So: the stakes 
are huge in Niger now.
Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s new book, AMERICA’S 
EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the 
Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America
 took over the world after World War II in order to 
enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. 
Their cartels extract the world’s wealth, by control of 
not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ 
— duping the public.

Ah, we hope and pray for
Africa's courage and
self- belief to win.

What do you hope
and pray for?


Loyal: Germany invested millions
 in Niger — and Russia will get 
all the benefits
August 9th, 2023
(Original source: Loyal
--- translated by InoTV)
The Association of German Reservists in the pages of 
its magazine Loyal accuses the German government 
of having actually "overslept" the coup in Niger. As 
a result, millions of dollars of Berlin's investment 
in equipping and training the country's military 
police forces has disappeared, and Russia will
 now benefit from the fruits of German efforts. 
In addition, Berlin can not evacuate about a 
hundred of its military personnel from Niger.
It remains to be seen.. whether the Economic Community of 
West African States will be able to implement its threat and 
organize a military intervention to restore ousted President 
Bazum to power. Loyal magazine, however, notes that 
neighboring Mali and Burkina Faso, also ruled by the 
rebel military, "will regard the attack on Niger as an
 attack on their own countries" and promise to 
come to the aid of the new government of 
Niger. Algeria, which is influential in the 
region, called on the parties to refrain 
from military conflict, as "if it comes 
to this, it will mean a big war, and 
this ------ is the last thing that the 
poorest region of Africa needs."
Bundeswehr troops are stationed at the airport of the capital 
of Niger, which is a key base for supplying and withdrawing 
German troops from neighboring Mali. Almost a thousand 
German soldiers participated in the UN mission in Mali, 
but the new government in Bamako requires them to 
leave the country before the end of the year, which 
already meant a rush, and after the suspension of
the base in Niger became even more difficult. 
Even if the airport in the capital of Niger 
manages to find an alternative, there 
is still the question of almost 100 
soldiers in Niamey itself.
"If ECOWAS decides to implement its ultimatum and start 
fighting, then Niamey airport will be the first target for 
intervention troops, and the German camp is located
 right on the runway, next to the camp of our 
European partners," Loyal magazine 
reminds the German government. 
According to the data available to the magazine, German
 soldiers have not yet received threats against them —
 unlike the French, but they are "still trapped", and
 "the situation remains unpredictable".
For the author of the article, the main culprit of this situation
 is obvious: the German federal government, which did not
 organize the withdrawal of troops in time. The German
 Federal Intelligence Service also did not foresee what
 happened — "another not very nice page for German 
foreign intelligence," the magazine states. 
But an even greater responsibility lies with the German
 Foreign Ministry. "The Ministry of Defense wanted a 
speedy withdrawal (of troops from the region. — Ino
TV), but the Foreign Ministry feared that Germany's
 reputation as a reliable UN member in the world 
could be undermined." Now we can sum up this 
policy: "Those who wait too long are punished
 by the putschists."
Loyal also notes the mistakes of the German government in 
financial assistance to Niger, which focused on training the 
military and police. In Niger, Germany participated in the 
creation of a security force that can now be commanded
 by an illegal coup squad. With the help of the Germans,
 a military school was built in the country, a hospital 
for soldiers, German soldiers trained the special 
forces of Niger, which was fully " equipped with 
protective equipment, all-terrain vehicles, radio
 and night vision devices supplied from Germany."
 Millions of dollars of financial injections into 
military structures continued... until the 
beginning of the year.
"Russia will now fully benefit from the efforts made by 
Germany and the West to invest in Niger's security
 architecture," Loyal concludes. "The putschists 
led by General Tiani are openly pro-Russian, and 
Russian flags --- are flying all over the country, 
"which should" cause delight in the Kremlin, 
" which has consolidated its influence "in a 
very important region." 
In the case of Niger, it is "not only about access to minerals, 
especially uranium", but also about controlling "the most 
important route of refugees from Africa to Europe", 
which is "a means of exerting pressure on the 
West, the importance of which cannot be 
overemphasized". The author of the 
article is sure that Russia uses it 
as a lever of pressure in the 
conflict in Ukraine.
The Discussio Page is probably the
best place for this article - tucked
away and thus less likely to do
harm. What do you think?


If you want.. an enervatingly
optimistic, in depth, article:


How Orthodox Christianity 
is being 
destroyed in
August 4th, 9:33am
Zelenskyy’s godless regime wants to use the Feast 
of the Baptism of Russia --- to “unbaptise” it by 
destroying Orthodoxy, finally plunging the 
UOC into schism.
The facts of who and how is pushing the UOC to the terrible
sin of schism, which, in the words of St Cyprian of Carthage
 ''is not washed away even with martyr’s blood”, we try
 consistently set out. They are, as follows.
1. “Metropolitan” of the PCU --- noticed as an lgbt activist 
Alexander Drabinko, publicly blackmails the UOC on 
behalf of Zelensky – “Theophany” is not enough 
for us, either you gather the Council, and self-
proclaim autocephaly, or the UOC will 
be banned.
Zelenskyy confirms the seriousness of the blackmail by 
making a special address announcing new measures
 for “spiritual independence”, i.e. the destruction 
of Orthodoxy.
The Verkhovna Rada assures that a law 
banning the UOC is passed on 27 July.
2. The UOC is bumped and on the feast of St Anthony 
of Kiev-Pechersk, when the episcopate of the UOC 
gathered in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, there is no self-
proclamation of autocephaly.
3. Then the Ukroreich deliberately launches a missile at
 the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Saviour built 
by Metropolitan Agafangel of Odessa. Local Orthodox 
Christians claim that the missile hit the Cathedral 
--- two hours before the Russian missile attack. 
Another proof of this version is the presence
of the Ukroreich’s motive... to use the 
cathedral explosion, as a pretext to
completely put the UOC in schism.
The bombing of the cathedral is a provocation by Zelenskyy,
 whose goal is to finally break exactly the opponent of 
autocephaly, Metropolitan Agafangel of Odessa, 
which, if successful, will greatly accelerate 
the process.
But he balks and instead of himself puts up the vicar
 Archbishop Victor (Bykov), who makes a false and 
impudent statement against Patriarch Kirill. This
 vicar, is seen by the SBU, as a successor to 
Metropolitan Agafangel... in case he 
continues to stall.
Zelenskyy’s office responds to Metropolitan Agafangel by
 blackmailing him with the sins of his youth: “Grandpa, 
you can’t fool us, you can’t get away with the 
vicarage, speak for yourself”, which 
Metropolitan Agafangel did, calling 
black, white ------ slandering the 
SSU and Russia, but did not 
personally touch Patriarch 
Kirill and did not demand 
the self-proclamation 
of autocephaly.
In response, Zelenskyy’s Office used a former disciple of
 Metropolitan Agafangel of Sumy, Metropolitan Yevlogy
 (Gutchenko), who made his ecclesiastical career with 
the help of the aforementioned Drabinko, betraying 
Metropolitan Agafangel. Yevlogy appealed to 
Metropolitan Onufry, with an appeal to spit 
on the ecclesiastical interdictions of the 
Moscow Patriarchate... which will 
inevitably follow.... in the case of
a 'self-proclaimed' autocephaly 
of the UOC. Thus Metropolitan 
Yevlogy calls on the UOC to 
break with Orthodoxy.
The position of the Ukroreich is clear: “You will not get away 
with words against Russia and special operations, proclaim 
autocephaly on 28 July, otherwise the UOC will be banned”.
Even if Metropolitans Onuphrius and Agafangel go for it, the
 meeting of UOC bishops on 28 July will not be able to make
 such a decision, as 3 Metropolitans Theodosius, Pavel and
 Jonathan are under arrest, with Metropolitan Pavel in a
pre-trial detention centre.
Metropolitan Longin of Banchensk lies with a stroke, 
driven to it by the repressions of the Ukroreich.
Metropolitan Theodosius of Cherkassy will 
probably oppose this decision, as will 
other arrested metropolitans.
Those who vote in favour of self-proclaimed autocephaly, 
will finally, according to all canons, become schismatics 
and become worthy of anathema, like Filaret Denysenko.
One vote against the same Metropolitan Theodosius is 
enough to nullify the forthcoming self-proclamation of 
autocephaly of the UOC, just as one vote of Abbot 
Mark of Ephesus was enough to foil the Union of 
But still I appeal to the episcopate of the UOC with a 
request -- to make a confessional decision, if only 
because this confession will not last long --- the 
Russian Army will take Odessa, Kiev and other 
Russian cities, no matter how much the US 
agents of influence in Moscow try to stop 
the special operation.
At the same time, as reported by the faithful Orthodox 
of Malorossia, the insane heresiarch, Barthrolomey, 
under the leadership of the Uniate and at the same 
time, the archimandrite of the Russian Orthodox 
Church Kirill (Govorun), has come up with a new 
plan for the final destruction of Orthodoxy in 
Malorossia, a kind of “plan B”.
The Phanar.. gives the PCU the status of Patriarchate 
with preservation of dependence on the Patriarchate 
of Constantinople, before that the UOC and the PCU
 unite, Metropolitan Onufry leaves, Sergiy Dumenko 
leaves, and the Canadian Metropolitan of the UOC
of Constantinople Patriarchate in the US ------
Hilarion (Rudnik) becomes the “Patriarch” 
of the united structure.
The fact that he has a canonical chiarotony does not change
 the essence of the matter because: 1. almost all “hierarchs” 
of the PCU do not have it; 2. “the authority of the Patriarch 
of Constantinople ends outside his diocese” (Metropolitan
 Anthony (Khrapovitsky).
Hilarion (Rudnik) is a fairy figure. A thuggish Nazi who 
worked closely with Dudayev, Basayev, Maskhadov 
and other terrorists and oes not conceal his goal 
of unification.
Dumenko, however, does not want to leave. 
But his masters from the United States 
will not ask him.
The only person and thing that can stop this new union
 is the Russian Army --- and carrying out the special 
operations in full.
Kirill Frolov, Russian People’s Line

In a nutshell - until the Zelensky regime
is crushed - the US will use him to
break Russia's Spiritual power.

A truly diabolical plan.

What do you think?


Zakharova discussed ----- the 
policy of the colonial powers
August 4th, 12:03am 
The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, 
Maria Zakharova ----- speculated about the policy of the 
colonial powers, in a column for Izvestia newspaper.
In particular, Zakharova drew attention to the term "Non-
Self-Governing Territories" -- used in the UN Charter. 

According to her, in fact, we are talking about 
- colonies. "Colonial Powers cannot endlessly 
suppress the independence and sovereignty 
of peoples. Although their desire to acquire 
new colonies is quite logical," she said.
The representative of the Foreign Ministry expressed 
confidence that "the free world will definitely win",
 and the process of decolonization "will not be 
completed ------ until the last of the Non-Self-
Governing Territories gains independence".
In July, Maria Zakharova said that the West 
treats Ukraine as a colony, commenting on 
plans.... to export relics from the Kiev 
Pechersk Lavra.
Since my country, Wales (Cymru), is a ''non-governing
territory'' (- apologies to our Senedd members! -) and
England's first colony (apologies to Ireland's superb
historians!) my heart resonates with Ms Zakharova.
I think I'm in love with her. What... do you think?

Seoul raises stakes 
in confrontation 
with Moscow
August 2nd, 12:43pm
South Korea... is being drawn into the collective West’s 
confrontation with Russia. Seoul is supplying 155mm 
howitzer shells to the Kiev regime, via the US. 
Japan’s participation in the deal... is 
being prepared.
Seoul and Tokyo have formed a pair here for a reason. 
From the perspective of Japanese geopolitics, the 
Korean Peninsula is “a knife pointed at Japan’s 
chest.” Japan feels threatened if it does not 
control Korea. Since the Korean War of 
1950-1953, two Koreas have emerged 
– the pro-US South Korea... and the 
pro-Soviet, and now pro-Russian, 
North Korea.
Japan sees South Korea and US military bases as a buffer 
separating North Korea from Japan and the zone of 
Japanese influence. The Tokyo-Seoul-Washington 
geopolitical axis allows the U.S. and Japan 
toexert militaristic pressure on Russia’s 
eastern frontiers, and South Korea to 
press North Korea geographically 
against Russia’s borders.
This is not the best scenario for Seoul, as the 
common border between North Korea and 
Russia means unproblematic logistical 
communication between the two 
countries in case of war. But 
South Korea, has no
 other choice.
South Korean strategists are playing the long game and have
 a hand in containing Russia in Ukraine and NATO’s eastern
 flank. In addition to supplying the AFU with shells and 
military ammunition, Seoul is supplying K2 tanks and 
K9 howitzers to Poland and Romania to replace the 
Polish and Romanian heavy equipment supplied to
 Zelensky. Soviet and obsolete NATO models in
Polish and Romanian warehouses... are being 
replaced with modern South Korean models.
Warsaw and Bucharest intend to dramatically increase the 
number of such vehicles in the armed forces and act as 
security guarantors for Zelensky. Seoul supports
 such plans.
For South Korea, Russia’s involvement in conflicts in the west 
is beneficial, as it distracts Moscow from the eastern vector. 
However, the visit of the Defence Minister, Sergei Shoigu, to 
North Korea showed that Moscow has enough attention for 
everyone. After all, the eagle on the Russian coat of arms 
looks both west and east at the same time. 
Russia may lack the resources to provide equal security in 
both directions, but that is why the Kremlin is developing 
partnerships with its eastern allies, including Pyongyang. 
Experts say that the potential for cooperation between
 Russia and the DPRK in the military and intelligence
spheres may be quite high.
In 2023, Seoul plans... to deliver $150 million worth of 
humanitarian aid to Kiev. In 2022, the amount of aid 
was $100 million. Humanitarian aid is a stretch. 
For example, Russian soldiers have found 
South Korean medicines and other items 
used by servicemen in everyday life at 
Ukrainian positions. Officially, such aid 
from Seoul is not considered military, 
but - in fact - it is channelled to the 
needs of the Ukrainian punishers.
Now Russian units in the SMO zone will be bombarded with
 South Korean shells. Seoul is clearly raising the stakes, 
which cannot but affect relations with Moscow and 
automatically with Beijing. China does not 
welcome South Korea’s rapprochement 
with the US and Japan.
Seoul’s arming of Zelensky’s army is not capable of turning 
the tide of the conflict. South Korea’s military capabilities 
relative to its overall capabilities and geographic size are 
high, but not massive. South Korea is not a military 
superpower. It is unlikely that the South Korean 
military-industrial complex, will be able to 
stamp the required number of shells for
Zelensky at a rapid pace and for a 
long time.
In the meantime... everyone suffers
--- except those at the top of this
mountain of pain. How they
smile, now... in our faces!
Will this end? We say Yes!
What do you think?

Europe and “good”
August 1st, 9:27am
The information agenda, which can neither
 be obscured nor deceived, combined
 two events...
The first, a tragic, heart-wrenching one, when nine years ago 
four children were killed by shelling in the Donbass town of 
Horlivka. The youngest of them, a girl named Kira, was ten 
months old. Christina, Kira’s mum, tried to cover the baby 
with her body, but Ukrainian shrapnel pierced them both.
The scary photos of the “Donbass Madonna” -- did not 
make the front pages of European newspapers: the 
end of July - for EU residents - is always holidays
entertainment. What do they, then tanned, 
fashionable, wearing silk and linen --- care 
about some Russian murdered children?
 A trifle, not worthy of attention.
Yes, and then, of course, at the time when Donbass began to 
oppose aggression on the part of Kyiv, if the Western press
 ever mentioned the shelling of peaceful towns, it was 
always by some kind of “armed formations”. It was 
not customary to specify who they consisted of, 
who supplied them with weapons and who 
taught them to shoot at civilians. The 
weapons fired themselves, and 
people died from something. 
Either they, shot at them --- 
or they shot at themselves.
Nine years later, the influential Le Figaro, which represents 
the conservative spectrum of French politics, published a 
gigantic, many thousands of characters correspondence 
that deals with these very armed formations and the 
history of the emergence of the storm troopers, as 
well as what they do today.
Reading the material is categorically unspiritual and chills 
the blood of anyone who is aware of not so long ago 
European history. The point is that the article 
explains in black and white why Ukrainian 
nationalism is useful, why it is good, and 
why those who served in “Azov”*, who
organised and joined “Right Sector”*
 are actually good (even very 
good) people.
It turns out that hatred of Russia is an extremely useful factor
 that helps to shape a nation. It turns out that this hatred has
 been carefully cultivated for many decades, just as the
 activities of Ukrainian Insurgent Army* were glorified.
 In general - according to the conclusions - the Ukrainian
Insurgent Army* fighters were not bandits & murderers
 who slaughtered whole villages --- of those who had 
“the wrong blood with the wrong red blood cells”,
 not punishers, to whom Hitlerites assigned the 
dirtiest work --- but guys who fought against 
“cruel Soviet power, Gulag, PCIA and CSS”.
 And even Bandera, as it appears, was “a complex historical 
figure who managed to shape and formulate the essence
 and principles of Ukrainian national identity”. 
The principles are simple, if not in the paradigm of the
 European media – to kill as many Poles, Russians and 
Jews, as possible. Hatred, fomented long and hard
 (not only for the last nine years), could not but 
lead to the deaths of children. One of those 
whose words are quoted in the material
- absolutely openly says -  that he has 
been preparing for war with Russia 
(i.e. for the murder of Russians) 
since 1991.
Yes, and there were armed storm troopers on the Maidan
 (ready to shoot, of course, and shooting at those who
 opposed them) – this phrase is not quoted, so let’s 
consider that the first nail has been driven into 
the coffin of the myth of “unarmed youth and 
peaceful protests”. Nowadays the European 
media, are not shy about such details. 
Although when Russia was talking 
about exactly the same thing --- 
nine years ago, it was labelled 
“Kremlin propaganda”.
Today, Europeans refuse to see swastikas, emblems of Nazi 
runes, as well as the standards of Hitler’s divisions, in the 
tattoos of the Pravseki and Azov. Today... the European 
media are actively promoting the thesis that Ukrainian 
“nationalism” has nothing to do with Nazism. 
However, in the country where Le Figaro is published, and 
throughout the EU, nationalism is stigmatised on all 
corners, and those who dare to speak out in public 
about the primacy of the national idea can be 
taken to court. For inciting discord, for 
agitating for “the return of the dark 
pages of the continent’s history”. 
That is, French/Spanish/Italian/Dutch and other EU
nationalism is monstrous, reactionary, and can
lead to civil war -- while Ukrainian nationalism
is good and right. While Corsican nationalists 
are being smacked down to prison terms, 
Ukrainian nationalists -- are being sung 
about. They do it in the same media.
Europeans are not idiots and understand what games
 of “pure blood” and counting its red blood cells, can 
lead to. But in the war with Russia, in which Ukraine 
acts as a damper to destroy us on the one hand and
 to protect the lives of the “golden half-billion” on 
the other, all means are good.
And so Nazism becomes nationalism, and the latter 
becomes patriotism. Europe turns a blind eye to 
the fact that all this, is mixed up with hatred
 towards us.
It is clear why there will be more and more publications 
of this kind: it is necessary to support spending on the
 military-industrial complex and to teach Europeans
 that guns are more important for Kiev -- than oil in 
their fridge.
It is also clear that ten years will pass and Europeans 
will realise that they, among others, helped to 
cultivate hatred towards Russians.
One thing is unclear: why the terrible and bloody lesson 
of Nazism was not learnt by them to the end. Maybe 
because the deaths of Russian children did not 
and still do not matter to them. For them we
 are a population, not a nation.
Source: Elena Karaeva, RIA Novosti
* --- An organisation banned on the 
territory of the Russian Federation
A little old lady in a supermarket
in Wales, will say, ''I'd like to 
shoot Putin'' and then look 
astonished, as I reply: 
''I think he's good.''
When ''our masters'', drive
us to madness and hatred
as they do through media
owned by them for that
purpose... what do you
think - is the solution?

The West is turning Ukraine into 
a perpetual tool to fight Russia
July 31st, 9:29am

Of course, if I were former U.S. Army intelligence officer Scott
 Ritter, who in his article for Consortium News characterised
 the current situation of the AFU and the entire neo-Nazi 
regime of Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, 
after the counter-offensive, I would choose a more 
accurate synonym for the words “shitting 
It seems to me that after almost two months of counter-
attack – since 4 June this year – we should already 
draw conclusions: it did not work then, and it is 
not working now.
Moreover, the Russian missile strike (many say it was
 Iskander) on the SBU building in Dnipro (once
 Dnipropetrovsk, and soon everything will be
 back to normal again) showed what will 
happen to the top neo-Nazis and their 
rookeries - when Russia’s Special 
Military Operation (SMO) forces 
finally dare to launch serious 
strikes on --- as they say --- 
decision-making centres.
In Kiev -- and elsewhere. 
And, of course, the city 
is pathetic. But not the 
neo-Nazis, after all…?
However, let’s return to Scott Ritter, who frankly predicted to
 Zelenskyy’s regime, a terrible, but very accurate: “Ukraine 
is now left to choose the poison of its choice – to agree to
 peace, accepting Russia’s territorial claims, forever
 rejecting... the possibility of NATO membership, 
however remote it may be. Or to continue the 
struggle, with the probable outcome in the 
form of additional losses of territory and
 the destruction of the Ukrainian nation.”
Scary, but, I repeat, very accurate, predictive words. 
According to Ritter -- in the war in Ukraine, the West’s goal
of strategically defeating Russia -- has not been achieved. 
And it will not be achieved. And the whole tragedy of the 
Ukrainian conflict for Ukraine, is that, as a price for its 
entry into the Western club, the Zelenskyy regime 
demanded the lives of its compatriots,
i.e. Ukrainians. 
And Zelenskyy accepted the terms of this deal, but…, read 
on, for hints about synonyms for the word “shit yourself”. 
And this same Scott writes harshly: “When the sacrifice 
failed to produce the desired result (i.e., a strategic
defeat for Russia) --- the door to NATO, which had 
been left ajar, to tease Ukraine into fulfilling its 
suicide mission, slammed shut.”
The failure of Zelenskyy and his camarilla’s plans for Euro-
Atlantic integration, is, indeed, their greatest political 
defeat. The NATO summit in Vilnius, on 11-12 July
2023, denied the Ukro-neo-Nazis membership 
in the Alliance.
With the European Union – the picture is the same: they are
 not accepted as full members, but, like Donna Rosa in 
“Hello, I am your aunt” -- they promise to kiss on the 
gums, then, if Ukraine wants, again. The Ukrainian 
neo-Nazis have their lips aching with expectation, 
but everything passes.... by and by. Because in 
Europe, they know how to count money and 
there are no fools to support war-ravaged 
Ukraine for their partner considerations 
of justice and devotion to universal 
human values….
It is not even worth talking about Ukraine’s financial 
failures – they are obvious: everything in Ukraine 
has long been pledged and re-pledged under 
old and new debts. The country has been 
bankrupt for a long time --- and lives like 
an injecting drug addict on respiration, 
solely on doses of external infusion….
The military failures are also obvious. During the eight weeks 
of the counter-offensive, the AFU could not even reach the 
first line of defence of the Russian special operation 
forces. Promises of success.. came from different 
parts of the theatre of military operations. Now 
they are saying that the Ukrainians may take 
the village of Kleshchyivka, near Bakhmut 
(Artemovsk) in order, therefore, to get 
back the former “Bakhmut disgrace 
of the Ukrainian armed forces”.
But experts say, that even if Kleshchyivka is taken, it will 
turn into a funnel for the Ukrainian armed forces -- which 
will irrevocably suck in both manpower and equipment. 
In other words, everything will be the same as every-
where ---- where the AFU had previously planned 
successes, but the expected breakthrough did 
not happen. That is, there is a banal grinding 
of the AFU and its reserves, equipment and 
weapons, including Western ones. And the 
AFU’s casualty count is already in the tens 
of thousands of dead  ...and hundreds of 
thousands of wounded, not to mention, 
30-40% of all the equipment ---- 
knocked out of service.
The moral-political and spiritual losses of Zelenskyy’s regime
 are almost irreversible. In its work it is slipping more and 
more towards terrorist methods of warfare. That is, he 
fights not with the army, but with civilians, hoping to 
sow panic, fear and dissatisfaction with their 
authorities among them. And if we take 
Russia, then we can say that, in this 
respect, Ukraine and Zelenskyy 
have practically nothing. 
That’s nothing ------ and 
that’s all there is to it.
And when combined with internal repressions in the country, 
with persecutions of dissenters and even of an unwanted 
church --- the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) --- the 
picture is completely unsightly: in front of the eyes 
of the whole world - in the “advanced citadel of 
democracy on the Dnieper”, rises... not a role
model, but a bloody tyrannical monster of a
dictatorship, which the West will be 
cautious to credit to itself. They 
will use it, but they will not 
present it to the world,
 as an achievement.
The so-called grain deal is threatened with complete failure,
 which will deal an additional financial blow to Ukraine. After 
Russia’s withdrawal from the deal, Kiev is known to threaten 
to sink transports going to Russia. And this is actually quite
 a serious threat: despite the fact that the ships heading 
towards the Kerch Strait, pass 300-400 kilometres 
away from enemy shores, the enemy has means
 with which, in theory, they can attack them.
Specialists say that, firstly, it can be anti-ship missiles, both
 land-based and air-based. At the extreme range, they can 
try to hit transport ships that are dangerously close to 
the Ukrainian coast.
Secondly, the AFU can use underwater, surface and aerial
 drones for attack, with which the neo-Nazis have already
 managed to reach the Crimean bridge. This means that 
such drones can also threaten those ships heading 
towards Russia.
Thirdly, there are also underwater saboteurs and their
 attempts to mine ship routes. And this - is the risk of 
disrupting Russia’s entire export-import cargo flow, 
which was higher than Ukraine’s, even before the 
special operation. And it is different, for example,
 a significant part of oil exports passes through
 the Black Sea.
But the main threat to Ukraine is that for Russia, providing
 constant radar surveillance - all the way from Turkey to
 Russian ports - and organising a system of convoys to 
escort cargo is a task that requires the involvement
 of dozens of ships and aircraft, and... it is a very 
large expense. This is damage more weighty 
than any terrorist attacks by Kiev.
But destroying Ukraine’s port infrastructure on the Black Sea,
 cutting it off for good from the Black Sea and the Danube 
delta with missile and bomb strikes would cost much
 less. And it turns out that by attacking Russian 
ships, Ukraine will provoke Russia to destroy 
Ukraine as a maritime power. As they say, 
here we go…
Another failure of Zelenskyy’s regime is very characteristic, 
who ordered the replacement of the USSR emblem with 
the Ukrainian trident on the shield of the monument to 
the Motherland over the Dnieper in Kiev. The Nazis 
ordered it, oligarch Rinat Akhmetov caved in and, 
wanting to show off, at his own expense, i.e. for 
free for the state budget, made such a trident 
worth 20 million hryvnias and measuring 7.5 
metres by 4.5 metres from his own metal. 
That is, from steel produced at 
Zaporizhstal - which is part of 
Akhmetov’s Metinvest empire.
Akhmetov’s supporters shrieked --- habitually pushing for 
Ukro-patriotism: “We believe that such majestic symbols 
should use steel produced at Ukrainian mills... as a 
symbol of resistance to “aggression”.  As It is 
Ukrainian steel that's in the NSC Olimpiyskiy, 
the new sarcophagus of the Chernobyl 
nuclear power plant, the Darnitsky 
Bridge --- the largest flagpole of 
Ukraine & the bridge in Genoa, 
the London skyscraper Shard 
& hundreds of other famous
 buildings and symbols”.
But they were sent with the conclusions of “correct” 
expertise in their hands: they said, that everything 
should be European, we are going to Europe. And 
there they have euros in offshore banks for their 
pockets, their khatynki are stashed away, they
 have guarantees that they can stay at home 
after the failure, and so on and so forth – 
what is Ukrainian patriotism when it 
leaks and many people already 
have, as they say, glass 
on glass…?
The failure of post-turnover Ukraine in general, and within 
the framework of the special operation is of course, the
 failure of the entire West, its approach to the world 
order, based on Western dominance....  and on US 
hegemony. Here is how -- for example -- the same 
Scott Ritter characterised the failure of Ukraine
in the capital of Lithuania: “The Vilnius summit 
of 11-12 July... was -- in many ways -- the 
culmination of the old European order. 
The summit was.... a requiem for the 
nightmare created by Europe itself”.
And that’s the plain truth, folks. But it, by no means,
means that the West will abandon Ukraine and 
return it to Russian influence, or at least stop 
at its former non-aligned and neutral status.
No, no, --- and no again. The West is on a course to exploit
 Ukraine - to the end. To use it to harm Russia, as much as 
possible. Therefore, Ukraine will be supported politically 
economically, diplomatically, militarily and technically, 
as long as it is able, if not to inflict a strategic defeat 
on Russia, then at least to continue the war and 
weaken and exhaust its neighbour.
For the West, the strategy and tactics in Ukraine boil down 
to the long-known “a piece of wool from a lousy sheep”. 
That is why the NATO summit in Vilnius is adopting a 
programme of military assistance to Ukraine, and 
the countries of the Alliance - led by the US - are 
already giving and promising to continue giving, 
money, weapons and equipment. Only the USA 
alone – 400 million dollars, and in the future – 
more than 1 billion dollars. And... only in 
recent weeks and recently, the EU has 
allocated 1.5 billion euros to support 
the financial trousers. 
The same amount has been given, under guarantees, 
from Japan. And it depends on the agreed desire of 
all interested parties, who will decide with Ukraine 
whether to be a long-lasting “tin can” for slaughter
 in the future or to burn to the ground in the SWO 
and then try to start life with a clean slate.
In other words, as long as it is needed, Ukraine is being 
turned into a long-life reusable tool that can either be
 mothballed until better times and then activated as 
needed, or used to the end and discarded for lack 
of use. Everything will depend on the outcome 
of the special operation.
And it looks very much like that nobody is going to ask
 Ukraine and its ruling regime anything about the fate 
of the country. And its fate is unenviable. Like the
 trident... on the shield of the Motherland. At 
“Zaporizhstal” they warned that they will 
defend the honour of the Ukrainian 
manufacturer and Ukrainian steel. 
But the trident itself, has already 
been put on sale. And the author 
of an ad' circulating on the 
Internet writes --- that the
trident, has already been 
sawn into 100 pieces, in 
honour of the “Heavenly 
Hundred” - valuing each 
piece at 10,000 hryvnias. 
That’s the truth of the matter – 
a dictator gets a woollen hat…
Vladimir Skachko, Ukraine.ru
Vlad impales the MSM's fake
narrative here - doesn't he? 
Does he? What do
you think?

Gennady Zyuganov: Russia 
has unique capital in Africa
July 30th, 6:47pm
(Based on materials of Radio
 Komsomolskaya Pravda)
The leader of the Communist Party of the Russian 
Federation - on Radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda"
 - with a political commentator of the KP.ru,
 by Alexander Gamov
''Well, first of all..... I would like to congratulate everyone
on the Day of the Navy'' --- said Gennady Andreevich --- 
''our country was & remains a Great maritime power.''
''A magnificent parade was held 
in the city, on the Neva River.''
''In my opinion, at a time when we are conducting a 
special military operation, this is very important.''
''So, this demonstration of our fleet 
is of fundamental importance.''
''The leaders of African countries who participated in the
 Russia-Africa summit, were also there. I think it is also
 useful for them... to look at the power of the Russian 
fleet, to learn more about the victorious history of
our state - both the USSR and Russia.''
- Gennady Andreevich, but you 
were in Africa, weren't you?
''As for Africa, I've been there more than once.
I am probably the only Russian politician who 
has met with Nelson Mandela. I had a long 
and persistent conversation with him.''
''He told us who would succeed him, and advised us 
which African leaders we should be friends with, 
so that we and Africa would be on the rise.''
''I think the summit in St. Petersburg 
confirmed that we are on the
right track.''
''The Communist Party of the Russian Federation still 
maintains close contact.. with the National African 
Congress, with the leaders of a number of African 
countries and organizations.''
"And the reason?"
"We must strengthen these ties.
Moreover, the BRICS summit
will be held 
soon.'' (from
22 to 24 August. - AG)
''So, these days in St. Petersburg, in my opinion,
 there was a good preparation for this forum.''
''President Vladimir Putin met with all the leaders of 
the countries participating in our forum and held 
successful negotiations''
- What other African leaders have you met with 
over the decades of your political activity?
''First of all, Sasha, in Nigeria I helped build a large 
enterprise - today it is one of the most 
economically developed countries 
in Africa.''
''So, together with our party, we have made a
to strengthening ties with
African countries, in this regard.''
''And, in general, I met with the President of Egypt, Hosni
 Mubarak, and I visited Libya, and I held talks with the 
leader of the state, Muammar Gaddafi, in the desert,
 in his tent.''
''I think Africa has great prospects: one and 
a half billion people already live there.''
''This is a dynamically developing 
continent with huge resources.''
''And we - Russia - have our own 
unique capital in this region.''
"Really?" What do you mean?
''The Soviet Union and, of course, Russia, have
 trained senior personnel and high-level 
specialists for African states.''
''Go to almost any ministry in any country and you 
will definitely meet people who have studied at 
our universities.''
''This special potential promises us great prospects
 in all areas: economic, scientific and technical, 
including military and political.''
''And it should also be noted - no matter how the 
Americans and Europeans bent the countries 
of Africa... (And, in fact, they were all in 
colonial dependence not so long ago, 
only Liberia stood apart there - but 
the Americans created that, as 
a model.)''
''So, it was the Soviet country that helped them get out of 
their colonial dependence, get rid of the rapists who 
came back with weapons, and then helped them 
train cadres.''
''And, judging by the decisions that were taken at 
the summit at the initiative of Vladimir Putin, 
and the leaders and representatives of
states, a balanced, smart
will continue to be
''In this regard, we have very
good prospects there.''
- Thank you very much, Comrade General Secretary!
- and Diolch yn fawr from
Rhondda Records, Wales!

Finding an extreme ---- in 
Ukraine’s military failure 
becomes inevitable
July 26th, 12:21pm
The Bundeswehr has found someone responsible for the lack 
of successes of the Ukrainian armed forces, during the
 counter-offensive. The Bild newspaper reported that 
in the bowels of the German armed forces a report 
has been prepared - criticising the actions of the 
Ukrainian army, and analysing the reasons why 
NATO’s brilliant military developments and the 
West’s colossal investments in Kiev, do not 
provide equally outstanding results on 
the battlefield
The Ukrainian military – but not all of it, but the command 
staff ---- is the shooter. The logic of the authors of the 
report is witty in its own way. Ukrainian officers are
 to blame for everything...  and the more stars they 
have on their epaulettes ----- and the longer they 
have served in the AFU, the worse.... according 
to the authors of the document, they perceive 
and assimilate the latest achievements of 
Western military science, which they try 
to put into their heads... during training 
courses. As a result, the rank and file, 
young Ukrainians, are successfully 
trained in training camps to fight 
according to NATO standards --
but when they get to the front, 
they find themselves -- under 
the command of officers...... 
who “undo their successes”.
No doubt, military experts will have something to say about 
the substance of the claims made: about NATO standards, 
which were created for a completely different scale and 
format of conflicts, about the training methods used by
 the alliance, and about the banal language barrier. 
For non-specialists, a recent video has become a meme, in 
which Ukrainian military personnel complained about their 
German teachers --- who suggested bypassing minefields 
as a solution to the problem of minefields. Since in the 
Western military’s view, minefields occupy 100-200
 metres, but the reality --- that they extend for 
hectares....... is not in their heads.
However, behind all the jokes lies a serious 
and complex problem, which is becoming 
increasingly acute in the Western world.
Initially, the idea of a proxy war against Russia by the hands 
of Ukrainians looked brilliant – for many reasons, but also 
because it allowed the whole world to paint a picture of 
“Moscow – that authoritarian colossus on clay feet –
 being defeated by democratic Ukraine, which has 
chosen the path of freedom and integration
 into Europe”.
But events turned so that the West... .which had reserved for 
itself the role of puppeteer... was forced to gradually emerge 
from behind the scenes. The reality was exposed: the AFU’s
 weapons are from NATO, communications and intelligence,
 are from NATO, command and military specialists are from 
NATO and personnel training is from NATO. Plus the most 
frenzied sanctions regime against Moscow - in history.
 Only proxy cannon fodder from Ukraine. As a result, 
the picture for the world looks like “the collective
 West is pressurising Russia by all means (except 
direct military confrontation) – and can do 
nothing about it”.
This is bad for the States and Europe ------ on all sides. 
And because it inspires other countries to assert 
their sovereignty more vigorously, snapping at 
a weakening hegemon ---- and the system 
eventually crumbles, faster and faster. 
And because it complicates their internal situation, 
increasing public dissatisfaction with their policies 
against the backdrop of growing problems in the 
economy and social sphere. And.. because 
business suffers:-. it clamps arms, for the 
sake of profits and new contracts ---- but 
Western tanks are burning from Russian 
weapons in Ukrainian fields, so... the 
number of those willing to buy them
 is noticeably decreasing.
In general, the search for an extreme in such a situation 
becomes quite inevitable. By the way, the Bundeswehr, 
having transferred arrows to the Ukrainian armed 
forces, has thus -- dealt a preemptive blow. The
fact is that the United States will undoubtedly
blame Europe for the failure, which, allegedly 
helps Ukraine little and poorly. And then the
Europeans are ready to reply that they have 
nothing to do with it, and the Ukrainians
 themselves are to blame.
There is only one problem: all these media and official games
successfully worked in a unipolar world, where globalised
media, an all-powerful bureaucracy and transnational
 business ruled, where no mistakes, miscalculations, 
and failures had fatal consequences for the system 
and responsibility for their authors. That world no 
longer exists. Right now --- we are witnessing 
its agony.
But judging by the Bundeswehr report, many people in Berlin, 
Washington, Brussels and the rest of the Western capitals 
still do not realise this. That provides additional 
opportunities and chances ...for the rest of 
the planet.
What a wonderful article --- it hits the 
Western ''elites'' --- right in their orbs.
Or do you have a different perspective?


 US addiction to sanctions will 
prove to spell its downfall
July 25th 12:10pm
Washington’s widespread use of illegal sanctions 
as a political tool to punish independent and rival 
governments as well as politicians and traders 
- have prompted a broad coalition of nations 
across the globe, to “rewrite” the rules of 
the international financial system aimed 
at ending the US-dominated order ---- a
major Washington-based journal says.
“In the past two decades -- sanctions have become the 
go-to foreign-policy tool of Western governments led
 by the United States,” Foreign Policy magazine
 writes in an article published on Monday on
 its online edition.
“A growing club of US-designated bad boys” led by Russia, 
China, Iran, Cuba, Syria, Venezuela and North Korea – 
which have been the top targets of “punitive” US-led 
sanctions -- have joined together to wage a major 
scheme: to replace their reliance on the dollar 
and the Western financial system,” the 
article emphasizes.
It further cited a US Treasury Department’s report to note 
that by 2021, “the United States had sanctions on more 
than 9,000 individuals, companies, and sectors of the
targeted countries economies.”
According to the report, “In 2021, US President Joe Biden’s 
first year in office, his administration added 765 new
 sanctions designations globally, including 173 
related to human rights.”
The article further cites Columbia University, to point out 
that --- “a total of six countries - Cuba, Iran, North Korea, 
Russia, Syria, and Venezuela - are under comprehensive
US sanctions, meaning that most commercial and 
financial transactions with entities and
individuals in those countries, are 
''prohibited'' under US law.”
It also cites 17 other countries—including Afghanistan,
 Belarus, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia,
 Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Nicaragua, Sudan, and 
Yemen—that have been subject to targeted 
sanctions imposed by Washington, “which
 indicates that financial and commercial
 relations - with specific companies,
 individuals, and ------- often, the 
government, are ''forbidden'' 
under US law.”
The article further cites a Princeton University database
 to point out that seven more countries, including China, 
Eritrea, Haiti, and Sri Lanka ------ are under specific 
export controls.
“This already lengthy list,” it adds ------ “does not even include
the  targeted sanctions placed on individuals and businesses
in countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, or Paraguay, or
sanctions placed on territories such as Hong Kong, the
Balkans, or Ukraine’s Crimea, Donetsk, or 
Luhansk regions.”
All told, the report emphasizes --- “The countries subjected 
to some form of US sanctions collectively account for a 
little more than one-fifth of the global GDP,” with China
 representing nearly 80 percent of the group.
It further observes that “unlike many among these
sanctioned nations -- China has the economic 
weight, growing diplomatic clout, currency 
stability, and liquidity… to push for the 
increasing international adoption of 
the renminbi, and Chinese financial 
instruments ------- such as its Cross-
Border Interbank Payment System.”
If the US understands that its illegal
and ever-increasing sanctions are
provoking a backlash -- that will
doom them to fail - at best...
why don't they stop?
What do you think?


Russian senator blames Ukraine,
for journalist Zhuravlev’s
death in
 Zaporozhye Region
 July 22nd,  4:07pm (TASS)
The wounds of the journalists and the death of RIA Novosti 
correspondent Rostislav Zhuravlev in a Ukrainian cluster
munitions strike prove that the 
assurances of the
Americans and 
Ukrainians, about the non-use of
these weapons against civilians are lies - and
therefore both Kiev and Washington equally
responsibility for this crime,
the Russian Federation Council 
Deputy Speaker... Konstantin
 Kosachev said on Saturday.
"The use of cluster munitions is inhumane and must
 excluded from combat practices. And all the 
assurances of the Americans and Ukrainians
 that they are not planning to use these 
weapons against non-combatants --- 
turned out to be --- blatant lies. The
 responsibility for this crime -- falls
equally on Ukraine and the US," 
the senator wrote on his 
Telegram channel.
Kosachev said --- that the reports about the 
death of a journalist was "horrifying news."
"We mourn alongside the family, the friends
and colleagues, of Rostislav Zhuravlev. It 
is extremely tragic, but simultaneously 
exhausting evidence --- that the
Ukrainian military clique and
their patrons, do not have 
any moral constraints," 
the deputy speaker of 
the upper house of 
parliament, said.

Amen. Lost for words.


Report: West Not Prepared 
for a Conflict with China
July 20th, 4:17pm (FNA)
Ammunition shortages laid bare by the Ukraine conflict have
 prompted some US think-tanks to check on stockpiles in 
the West and find them wanting, The Financial Times 
reported, adding that the military industry of NATO
 allies is not able to help, either.
A Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) 
wargame of a conflict with China over Taiwan showed 
that the US had only about 450 long-range anti-ship 
missiles, enough for about a week.
Another think tank, the Centre for New American Security 
(CNAS), said the existing missile inventory is “too small 
to blunt an initial invasion, let alone prevail in a 
protracted conflict against China”.
To deter and defeat Beijing, the Pentagon “needs large
stockpiles of stand-off missiles, maritime strike 
weapons, and layered air and missile 
defenses”, CNAS concluded.
According to The FT, the US Department of Defense has
 asked for $1.1 billion in the 2024 fiscal year to buy 118
 long-range anti-ship missiles (LRASM), compared to 
half that amount for 83 missiles the year before. 

The Pentagon also wants $30 billion for 
ammunition, a 23% increase over 
2023 levels, and $315 billion
 for new weapons.
CNAS has noted that the Pentagon tends to prioritize big-
ticket items such as ships, planes and tanks, “leaving 
missiles and munitions with inadequate funding".
The FT revealed that Western powers have spent a 
combined $170 billion on military and financial aid
 to Ukraine --- since February 2022. Kiev is still 
complaining about ammunition 
shortages, however.
The US military-industrial complex has spent decades
 prioritizing efficiency and adopting the just-in-time 
supply chain used by other industries, according 
to The FT ----- leaving it unable to scale up 
production in wartime. Parts -- and 
labour shortages, are currently
 a problem, as well.
“The defense industry is so consolidated that it can’t very
 quickly expand to support a greater demand,” Stacie
 Pettyjohn of CNAS said, adding, “So... we’re slow 
and behind and don’t have enough of anything.” 
Only five companies are responsible for major Pentagon 
contracts, and some parts are made by only one or
suppliers, with no way to make up the
 shortage elsewhere.
NATO allies are unable to step in and pick up the slack, 
because the US push to promote US-made weapons 
has left the European defense industry stunted 
and fractured, multiple think-tank experts 
told The FT. 
Good. What do you think?

A New Path to Economic Power 
Is Imminent --- Through BRICS
by Sibongile Vilakazi
Tuesday, July 18, 2023 
(BRICS Information Portal)
“Okungapheli kuyahlola”, is what we say, to 
emphasise that nothing is permanent in life.
Observing the buzz around the BRICS currency lately amid 
the 15th annual summit, which is scheduled for the 22nd 
to the 24th of August, brings this phrase home. South 
Africa will be chairing the BRICS group of countries 
under the theme, ‘BRICS and Africa: Partnership
 for Mutually Accelerated Growth, Sustainable 
Development, and Inclusive Multilateralism’.
A theme that could not have come at a better time, especially
 after the war between Russia and Ukraine has put pressure
 on prices of goods and energy and changing the status
 quo in global trade dynamics.
The buzz also comes.. after some advice to developing 
countries to promote and use their national currency 
when trading, investing and other transactions. A 
way in which.. a single BRICS currency can be 
created. China.. is already making use of the 
timeline by trading using the Chinese yuan. 
The Chinese yuan is reported to be the most traded 
currency in Russia, overtaking the US dollar
quarter one, 2023.
Additionally, France settled an LNG gas trade with China 
by paying in the Chinese yuan, ending the reliance on 
the dollar. Furthermore, India - has also asked 
developing countries to settle trade in the 
rupee instead of the dollar - and has 
allowed 18 countries to pay with 
the rupee instead of the dollar.
These moves are not only game-changers but an indication
 that nations want to move away from the dollar and end 
American financial supremacy.
The launching of the BRICS currency has seen a total of 
19 countries currently interested in accepting and
 trading with BRICS currency.
Amongst the countries expressing interest are Arab countries
 that are rich in oil and gold reserves, making the alliance of 
nations stronger, posing a threat to the G7 global order, 
and therefore challenging the G7 countries.
Saudi Arabia, as the world’s largest oil exporter, could force 
Europe to trade in the BRICS currency as they depend on
 their oil exports, another step of the dollar losing its 
strength. It should be noted that the G7 countries 
comprise of advanced economies such as the 
US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, 
and the UK. BRICS on the other hand is an
acronym denoting emerging economies -
Brazil, Russia, India, China and S. Africa.
Originally coined in 2001, as BRIC, by the Goldman Sachs
economist, Jim O’Neill,  who claimed that the global 
economy... will be dominated by the four BRIC 
economies by 2050. South Africa was then 
added in 2010 and it became BRICS.
Jim O’Neill was not too far off with his claims as recent 
reports suggest that BRICS has surpassed the G7 by
 contributing the world’s largest gross domestic 
product of 31.5% while the G7 bloc 
contributed 30.7%.
BRICS is a home to 41% of the world's population 
accounting to 16% of global trade. Meaning that 
the launching of the New Development Bank 
and the Contingent Reserve Arrangement 
by BRICS was a strategic step towards 
greater integration and a practical 
step towards challenging the 
dominance of the West.
Both the NDB and CRA are contributing substantially 
to the process of accelerating economic growth 
--- resulting in the socio-economic progress 
in the member countries.
We have all come to know how the invasion of Russia in
 Ukraine affected the food and energy markets. This 
was a global economic meltdown, post Covid-19 
pandemic, hurting growth and raising prices.
 Sanctions were put on Russia to weaken its ability to 
finance the war and to target the political, military, 
and economic elite responsible for the invasion.
These restrictive measures have since shrunk Russia’s 
trade in goods and services significantly, putting 
pressure on oil, natural gas, and wheat,
 as their major export commodities.
As such, according to Naledi Pandor, Minister of 
International Relations, BRICS --- is looking to 
“ensure - that we do not become victims to 
sanctions that have secondary effects on 
countries that have no involvement in
issues that have led to those 
unilateral sanctions”.
Additionally, BRICS wants to expand its membership 
base while maintaining its current growth, as well 
as helping new members maintain economic 
and political independence.
As BRICS strengthens --- it will have the potential to help 
poorer countries emerge without pushing a self-serving 
political agenda and controlling local economies. 
Essentially, this suggests -- that a new path to global 
economic power is being created, giving inspiration 
to the transformation agenda, desperately needed 
in South Africa to create a new path to economic 
emancipation for the majority. .
The South African economy must fundamentally change 
to accommodate the majority and the BRICS currency 
conversations and moves, are the clearest evidence 
that power does shift eventually, and when the time 
for the shift has come, nothing will stop the wave.
Dr Sibongile Vilakazi is president 
of the Black Management Forum.
Source: www.iol.co.za
Seems that more and more people... are
pinning their hopes... on BRICS beating
the US dollar. Will the upcoming event
in S.Africa, come up to expectations?
What do you think?


Biden administration 
obstructing 'Ukraine
 aid' audits
by Drago Bosnic 
Monday, July 17, 2023 
In late November 2022, Washington DC admitted that it was
 unable to account for approximately $20 billion in weapons
 sent to the Kiev regime. At the time, the newly elected 
Republican-dominated Congress vowed to conduct 
"impending audits" as soon as they took over 
in January.
 Officially, the GOP wanted audits, to determine and
 release information on the massive weapons 
shipments from the United States to the Kiev 
regime --- and how much of that "aid" was 
ending up "where it's supposed to be". 
Republicans promised to "hold the government accountable"
 for spending US taxpayers' dollars for the sake of the 
deeply corrupt Kiev regime.
At the time, major news media, such as Fox News, claimed
 that the Biden administration -- inspected only 10% of the
 (approximately) 22,000 weapons sent to the Kiev regime 
from late February to November. However the oversight 
issues also extended to other "theatres of operation",
such as Taiwan, where approximately $19 billion in 
weapons sales for China's breakaway island
province, were "missing