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Ukraine’s Nazi Connection, 
And The British National 
by Brett Redmayne-Titley
May 22nd (SouthFront)
The UK government is funding a Nazi regime 
in Ukraine... rather than prioritizing its 
domestic national interests.
Britain’s parliamentary warlords have to date gladly
 provided £2.1 Billion --- to fund the Ukrainian war 
effort --- rather than budgeting to fix the UK’s 
gutted NHS, declining educational system, 
historic poverty - or ever-increasing home-
less population. With the deplorable state 
of the UK in mind, why does the British 
public continue to ignore this national 
decline, in favour of Ukraine’s factual 
allegiance to neo-Nazism?
Answer: the lies of the British media.
It is high time to factually challenge the UK media
 cover-up of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi connection, by
 exposing the inconvenient truths regarding 
its allegiance to Nazi-inspired Ukrainian 
leader Stepon Bandera, the Ukrainian 
Right Sector, and the Azov Battalion 
whose swastikas are steeped in the 
blood from the slaughter of 14,000 
eastern Ukrainians.
The origin of the war in Ukraine and its propagation of
 neo-Nazism can be traced back to the 2014 Ukrainian
 “Orange Revolution” that saw the US help overthrow
 a legitimately elected president Viktor Yanukovych,
 and create the terror of Maidan Square. 
Months before, Assistant US Secretary of State
 Victoria Nuland, had publicly stated that the 
US had spent US$5 Billion, to support US-
tyle democracy in Ukraine. When that 
“democracy” spiralled into predictable 
national violence, much to the dismay 
of European leaders, Nuland famously 
stated, “F***k the EU.” A three-word 
synopsis for US democratic 
diplomacy, then and now.
Regionally and culturally Ukraine is divided East to
West, on either side of the Dnieper River with the
capital, Kyiv at the north end. Eastern Ukraine, 
is primarily culturally Russian and has been for
 centuries. The 1939 Molotov/ Ribbentrop Pact 
divided Ukraine along new borders and today 
west Ukraine... is far more aligned culturally 
and politically with western Europe and the 
US. For these reasons, western Ukraine has 
great animosity towards the East, hence the 
2014 election.... was very close and violent.
Yanukovych was from the Donbas of far eastern
 Ukraine and until the 2014 election, the people 
of the city regions of Luhansk (LPR), Donetsk 
(DPR), and the Donbas had little to fear from
 the Ukrainian government. 
These regions are the important industrial,
 manufacturing and mining centres of 
Ukraine while the western half is far 
more agrarian. Regardless, east and 
west lived in relative harmony
1939... until 2014. 
On February 20th that year pro-democracy snipers
 murdered - in cold blood - forty-nine innocent 
Ukrainians and four policemen in one night, 
during US-backed post-election protests 
against Yanukovych, at Maidan Square. 
The murders -- falsely blamed on Russia -- had the
 intended effect of sending Ukraine into a tailspin 
of East vs. West anti-Russian ultra-violence. 
Yanukovych abandoned the presidency and went
Russia and the parliament installed Arseniy
 Yatsenyuk as temporary president, until 
new elections brought to power Petro 
Poroshenko, who was aligned with 
US interests and did nothing to 
restrict the growing influence 
of the neo-Nazi Right Sector, 
or Azov Battalion.
Thus began the Ukraine war.
Before 2014 the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) had
 been rife with anti-Russian/ Jewish sentiment for 
decades, but was held in check by Yanukovych, 
and other Russian aligned leaders. During WW2 
Ukrainian Nazi collaborator, Stepon Bandera,
 achieved almost hero status in western 
Ukraine, for his genocide of Ukrainian 
Russians and Jews and statues were 
erected in his honour after he was 
assassinated in 1959. 
Bandera was unabashedly a neo-Nazi and created 
his legion of the like-minded. However, his death 
only galvanized his underground supporters, 
many of whom remained within, not only
 the Ukrainian Army, but the political 
structure itself.
This is evidenced by a Ukrainian politician, Andriy
 Parubiy. He has served as Deputy Speaker, and
 Speaker of the Ukrainian parliament from 2014 
to 2019, and Secretary of National Security and
 the Defence Council of Ukraine. Andriy Parubiy 
is a Nazi. He has proudly proclaimed this many 
times --- before his parliament, before the 
Ukrainian military --- and the public,
on TV.
When Poroshenko was elected, Washington used this
 opportunity to open the flood gates into Ukraine for
 US weaponry and military training, in preparation 
for its eventual de facto assault on the East and
 Russian influence there. As such, Ukraine,
 incrementally, became the largest
in Europe.
 It was also at this time that the previously 
suppressed “Banderists” dominated the 
AFU and Ukrainian politics, much to
pleasure of the US and NATO.
The Right Sector is admittedly disciples of Stepon
 Bandera and exerts neo-Nazi influence, as they 
act as a political watchdog propagating their
 philosophy across Ukraine. The AFU is not
 exclusively Banderist --- but the massive 
Azov battalion stationed in the east, is, 
predominately so. Like Bandera, they 
hate Ukrainian Russians and Jews. 
The United Nations Human Rights Commission, 
reported that the Azovs have killed over 14,000
 eastern Ukrainians, since 2014, as the East 
begged Russia for military assistance to 
help their regional militias fight back.
To stop this slaughter, in 2014, Russia brokered a 
truce called the Minsk Protocols which the AFU 
ignored. This was followed in 2015, by Minsk II 
which also had no practical effect on the AFU 
genocide. For 7 years, this terror continued, 
unchecked, as Washington salivated in 
the wings, for more dead Russians.
In 2019 Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a comedian and actor 
famous for his role in the TV series, Servant of the
 People, defeated Poroshenko in a landslide by
 promising peace, by honouring the Minsk 
accords and controlling corruption and 
the rising violence of the Right Sector.  
But it took mere months for the Ukrainians to 
become the brunt of this comedian’s dark 
joke, that saw him become, not a leader 
for peace, but a US and Banderist 
With the collapse of the Soviet Union, and its
 divestiture of its many satellite countries in 
1990, NATO had promised not to expand to
 these countries. However, almost without 
exception NATO expanded and began to 
ring Russia with US weapons and NATO 
influence. With Ukraine being the 
launching point... for past wars 
against Russia... the Kremlin 
had made it clear to the US 
that Ukraine joining NATO 
was a red line.
For the UK media to suggest that Russia wasn't
incrementally provoked into defending both 
eastern Ukraine, and its own national 
interests --- is to turn the truth on its 
head. With Spring, being historically
the best time to begin a war, during 
February... Zelensky ordered the 
Azov Battalion, and the AFU, to 
begin amassing 100,000 troops 
& munitions towards the east, 
in preparation for a massive 
attack, designed to take 
back the autonomous 
eastern regions.
The DPR, LPR and Donbas militias again begged
 Russia for intervention, but Putin still refused. 
Instead, the Russians tried diplomacy and 
repeatedly contacted Washington and 
Kyiv --- in an effort not to militarily 
intervene. The demands, were 
simple and rational: Abide by 
Minsk I & II; don't attack the 
East; de-Nazify the AFU 
and don't join NATO.
The US and Kyiv did not so much as respond. In an
 effort to get a negotiated response, and with the 
AFU continuing to amass forces eastward, 
Russia began to prepare its army on the 
Russian/ Ukraine border. Instead of 
negotiating with Russia for peace, 
Ukraine and the western media 
falsely screamed “Russian 
Then on the last week of February Zelensky did the
 unthinkable. He informed the US that he was now
 willing to allow US nuclear weapons into Ukraine.
The next day, February 24th, the Russian army
 crossed into eastern Ukraine.  Thus began the
 Russian / Ukrainian war and the incredible
 barbarity of the AFU.
For the western media to cover up the neo-Nazi
 connection in Ukraine, is the biggest lie of this 
war. I have recently returned from two months 
of reporting in and around Ukraine. Certainly, 
both sides are guilty of atrocity, but I have 
seen a different kind of barbarity by the 
AFU, that is beyond the pale of war, 
because the AFU and the Avovs... 
consider and treat all Ukrainian 
Russians, Jews, and even 
peace advocates,
 as vermin. 
They have given up all morality. I can bear witness to
the killings of the innocent, the torture and killings 
of prisoners, the firing on civilian targets, the 
mining of the humanitarian corridors, to 
prevent escape, and the execution of 
anyone who suggests peace, much 
less negotiation, and I have seen 
the Swastikas and pro-Nazi 
tattoos - scrawled on the 
hands, arms, necks, and 
chests of AFU killers.
Many facts are being covered up such as the network
of US bio-weapons labs discovered across Ukraine
and that the Ukrainian army is not winning this war
--- it is being decimated. The Air Force, Navy, fuel
refineries supply and railway lines destroyed. 
50,000 men dead, with so many surrendering, that the
 Russians are building larger POW camps. All men 16
-60, being - by law - conscripted as replacements. 
NATO munitions supplies destroyed, as soon as they
 cross the polish border, and command and control
 communications centres, are in ruins.
This day Boris Johnson’s favourite democratic
 champion, President Zelensky signed a new 
law -- banning all opposition parties from 
existence, after already arresting five 
generals and the main opposition 
leader, Viktor Medvedchuk as 
“anti-heroes” ...for the 
treasonous crime of 
suggesting peace.
Thus factually challenged here, the neo-Nazi 
connection properly exposed and the big lie 
of this war properly exposed, is it not  time 
for an increasingly impoverished Britain
now demand of Mr Johnson, their 
parliament, and the British media, 
the most fundamental, important 
and intelligent of age-old 
What… The… F**k?!
The End
About the Author: Brett Redmayne-Titley has spent 
the last decade, travelling and documenting the 
“Sorrows of Empire.” An archive of his many 
articles are found at watchingromeburn.uk. 

He can be contacted at 
live-on-scene ((@))gmx.com
Is this article denigrating
your Prime Minister, who
is just trying to be a fair
honest, kindly man?
What do YOU think?


Update on Ukraine
by Maria Zakharova
May 20th, 2022
(source the Saker)  
The special military operation continues in Ukraine. 
As Russian leaders have said more than once, it is 
going according to plan, and new territories are 
being freed from the Nazis every day.
The Ukrainian military personnel and militants in Azov
 nationalist units that entrenched themselves in the
 underground bunkers of the Azovstal Plant, began 
to surrender in Mariupol this week. According to 
the Russian Defence Ministry, 959 Ukrainian
 nationalists, including 51 with severe 
wounds, have laid down their arms 
over two days. 
They receive medical aid at the Novoazovsk hospital
in the DPR, and the rest were sent to a pretrial
detention centre in Yelenovka in the suburbs 
of Donetsk. Indicatively, on May 17th, this 
centre was shelled by the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine with multiple launch rocket 
systems (MLRSs). The Kiev regime.. 
has always treated its citizens like 
this, & this case was no exception.
Russian leaders had repeatedly stated that resistance
was senseless and announced the opening of
humanitarian corridors for militants and 
Ukrainian military personnel to leave 
the Azovstal Plant after laying down 
their arms. They were urged to stop 
the hostilities. In the meantime, the 
Kiev regime was doing all it could 
to prevent civilians, military 
personnel and militants 
from leaving the plant. 
Why? They were 
the public.
It was Russia that urged the UN to look into this
situation and persuade the Kiev regime to let 
people walk out. Later, Russia organised 
humanitarian corridors in cooperation 
with the UN and the International 
Committee of the Red Cross. I 
would like to emphasise that 
the initiative on announcing 
& opening these corridors 
was ours.
The wounded troops are provided with professional
 medical help. This fact is being turned upside 
down and misrepresented in the Ukrainian 
and international media. Remember the 
footage showing how the militants and 
the Armed Forces of Ukraine treat 
POWs in Ukraine?  Everyone saw 
it.  It horrified many, and others
pretended not to have seen it. 
Russian POWs were shot to death by militants 
from the nationalist units that became part 
of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Russia has adopted a different approach. You see 
footage showing professional help being provided
to the wounded [Ukrainian troops]. It is not being 
provided “for show.” It is being provided to real 
individuals, regardless of their background.
Humanitarian law is not just something 
we abide by; it is... of fundamental 
importance for us. No one should 
have any doubt about this.
According to Ukrainian POWs, the military leadership
 of Ukraine forbids the troops to retreat or surrender. 
Their key goal, is to destroy as much civilian
 infrastructure as possible in order to leave 
behind uninhabitable ruins and make it 
hard to restore peaceful life. This is 
not our messaging, but the 
testimony received from 
the Ukrainian side over
 the past weeks.
The nationalists, who have long been using the tactics
of ISIS terrorists, don't hesitate to use kindergartens,
schools, and hospitals, as ammunition depots and
strongholds. They are not hiding this. They take
pictures inside preschools or with preschool 
buildings in the background, to show how 
they fight there. The civilians... are not 
allowed to evacuate. They are forcing 
people to leave their apartments, so 
that they can set up firing positions 
there. They are driving people to 
basements that are used by 
militants or as weapons 
The other day, Ukrainian nationalists began to bring in
ammunition and deployed air defence systems on the
grounds of the Odessa film studio. The territorial
defence force militants go door-to-door in order 
to identify residents - who do not accept the 
nationalist way of thinking. They are taken 
away to unknown locations and there’s no 
information about the fate of many of them.
Earlier, the Zaporozhye administration banned the 
evacuation of civilians, under the pretext of 
security. All attempts by the citizens to 
leave the city in private vehicles and 
on foot are stopped by the territorial 
defence militants at checkpoints. 
Those who resist are subjected 
to physical violence. Their 
vehicles are seized and 
they are sent back 
on foot.
On May 16th, Ukrainian nationalists used the Smerch
 MLRS to attack Kherson’s residential areas. There 
are no Russian troops in Kherson, which the 
Ukrainian side is well aware of. This means 
they specifically targeted civilians in 
retaliation for supporting Russia’s 
actions. This is yet another war 
crime committed by the Kiev 
regime. Fortunately, all 10 
missiles have been inter-
cepted by Russian air 
defence systems.
Unfortunately, we do not see the international
 organisations, Western countries, or their 
media, respond to the criminal methods 
used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 
To be sure, it’s because there is no 
response. Moreover, the Western 
countries continue massive arms 
supplies to the Kiev regime. We 
consider this as direct support 
for neo-Nazis - and an effort to 
make the fighting last as long 
as possible. We cannot ignore 
the fact that Western weapons 
are used to kill Russian troops 
and shell Russian territory.
Arms deliveries are running into the billions of dollars
 which is comparable to the military budgets of large 
states. The United States, Great Britain, France,
Canada, Poland and the Baltic countries, are 
doing the most... to arm Kiev. 
Washington alone sent $3.8 billion worth of military 
equipment to the Kiev regime which is close to the
 military budgets of Austria, Portugal and Finland. 

The US Congress is considering a proposal to 
provide another $40 billion in “aid”, including 
about $25 billion worth of military equipment. 
This is half the military budget of Germany and France.
I would like to draw the attention of 
the US public,
not so much to the size, 
which is comparable
with the military 
budgets of other countries,
as to the 
needs of the American people. 
They can put these funds to good use. If this money
were sent as subsidies, aid, or sponsorship related 
in some way. to humanitarian aid, one would
understand it. But money is being sent 
to the Kiev regime for it to kill and to 
continue this phase of the crisis.
More and more weapons abandoned by the Armed
Forces of Ukraine.. are becoming the spoils of war 
for the People’s Militia of the Donetsk and Lugansk
people’s republics and the Armed Forces of Russia.
These include Javelin and NLAW ATGMs, Starstreak
and Stinger MANPADS, Bayraktar drones, Switch-
blade loitering munitions, Skynet Longbow EW
systems, CAESAR and PzH 2000s self-
propelled and M777 towed howitzers.
EU, US and UK officials, keep saying, that “victory 
must be achieved on the battlefield,” that “Russia 
must sustain a strategic defeat” and “cannot be 
allowed to win.” 
All these statements, in addition to the trade and
economic blockade that has, in effect, been 
imposed on our country and the hybrid war 
unleashed against it, prove, once again, 
that the Western countries are waging 
war against Russia in Ukraine, and 
that Ukraine itself and its citizens 
are an expendable resource for 
them. Our Chinese partners 
used the expression... 
“cannon fodder.”
In their information war, the Western countries resort
to outright lies. They are trying to accuse our country
of creating a global food shortage. We commented on
this many times. Each time we cite facts, figures and 
other information that cannot be refuted. But nobody 
is trying to refute them. Western-spread lies are not 
supposed to be refuted. They are too absurd to
comment on. 
It is forgotten that the crisis phenomena in the world
 food market are linked with the West’s accumulated
 mistakes and miscalculations in macroeconomic, 
energy and agricultural policy. 
The coronavirus pandemic has contributed as well.
In the middle of 2020, Executive Director of the 
UN World Food Programme, David Beasley, 
warned about the threat of “famines of 
biblical proportions.” 
Unilateral Western sanctions.. exacerbated this trend.
So, millions of people will have to go hungry because
of the geopolitical ambitions, egotism and stupidity 
of the collective West.
At the same time, we are seeing a striving of the
 Western curators, to take out of Ukraine, every-
thing that may be of some value. This is also a
 repetition of history of 80 years ago. Hundreds 
of grain carriers are crossing the Ukrainian 
border, on the way to Europe. The Kiev 
regime has organised massive daily 
exports of agricultural products to 
Europe in exchange for weapons 
by road and rail, as well as by 
river, on the Danube, to 
Romania, via the port 
of Ismail.
Think of what is happening. Against the backdrop of
statements by the collective West about imminent
famine (the Kiev regime is supposed to trust the
West), the leaders of Ukraine are getting rid of 
food products. Ukrainian citizens.. need them 
now. The Armed Forces of Ukraine also need 
them since the Kiev regime is not going to 
stop hostilities. However, food products 
are being sent abroad instead. Where 
to? To NATO countries.
The Ukrainians receive weapons in exchange for 
these products, so that they can continue killing
themselves. This is not Nazism. These are even 
more terrifying maniacal ideas that are even 
worse than the misanthropic concepts 
applied to the population of Ukraine, 
Russia and the rest of the former 
USSR, in the middle of the 
20th century.
These are tremendous amounts of grain, maize, oil 
crops and livestock animals. On May the 10th of 
this year, US President, Joseph Biden, said 
Washington was thinking about ways of 
exporting from Ukraine... 20 million 
tonnes of grain, supposedly with 
a view to reducing prices in
world markets. 
You know how much the United States and the White
House, care about the needs of hungry people in 
Africa and Asia, how much they want all people 
in the world to live a better life, eat well and be 
wealthier. We know this bewitching American 
pacifism and striving to do good for everyone. 
But this is not the case. This is about robbing 
Ukraine, its citizens and military, of the last 
things they have. 
Washington obviously is not concerned about what 
the Ukrainians will be left with after this feast.
Ukrainian citizens did not believe us 10 years 
ago and five years ago. Maybe it’s time to 
wise up. To realise that they are being 
deprived of the last things they have.
Food products, grain – the results of 
their labour – are being taken out
the country. 
When we were in school and university, we were told
that the fascists and Nazis hauled away Ukrainian
natural soil by railway and this was presented as 
the supreme manifestation of their hatred for 
Soviet citizens. Now the logic is even more 
gruesome – Ukrainian citizens are being 
deprived of the fruits of their labour at 
a time when their country is engaged
in hostilities.
For our part, we are paying close attention to the
humanitarian situation in the liberated areas and
facilitating the restoration of peaceful life. 
Russia's military, are clearing Ukrainian mines in 
cities and farming lands. People in the DPR, LPR, 
and a number of regions in Ukraine have already 
been supplied with 20,000 tonnes of basic 
necessities, food products, medications 
and medical devices.
We regret that the United States, Britain and several
European countries are supporting and sponsoring
those who are preaching in Ukraine the ideas of
aggressive nationalism, and neo-Nazism. They
continue supplying the Kiev regime with arms
and robbing the Ukrainian people. However, 
these efforts will not change the situation.
As the Russian leaders said more than once, Russia
will achieve the goals of its military operation on
denazifying and demilitarising Ukraine, 
defending the DPR and the LPR and
removing the threats to its 
own security.

What do YOU think?
Are the West's elite scared sick 
of losing to the 80% of humans
who live and work in Eurasia
and war is, again, their
answer to financial
capital's crash...
or is Putin a crazed evil dictator
trying to attack your freedom
and democracy? (Lol)
No need to answer, really, is there.


Shame: Eurovision 
accused of being 
May 15th, 11:53am
The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, Maria Zakharova, 
commented in her
channel, on Ukraine’s ''victory''
..at the Euro-
vision Song Contest.
''Agree, without the victory of Ukraine at Eurovision,
 the picture of what happened to this country 
would be incomplete'', Zakharova writes.
“National costumes and musical instruments, two
 Baba Yagas on strings, break dance and chants 
about Azovstal. Europe applauds standing. 
The end”. 
Also, after the victory of Ukraine at Eurovision, 
many accusations of politicization remain 
under the post of the organizers of 
the contest:
“Why was the competition held at all? It became 
clear to everyone who would win as soon as 
Ukrainian performers appeared. This is 
unfair to all other participants”;
“Eurovision is thoroughly politicized, shame”;
“The worst winner in Eurovision history. In 
general, they didn’t make any efforts – 
they just took advantage of where 
they came from”;
''[The Eurovision 2022 motto] 
‘Sounds of Beauty’ should be 
changed to ‘Sounds of 
“It’s a shame that, instead of giving credit to the
 talents and voices of the performers, they are
 promoting personal interests while weaving
 in politics”;
“Ukraine’s victory is politically motivated, but 
next year Eurovision will be held in Russia.”

What do you think...?  Should ''Euro-vision''
be renamed next year - to ''Ruble-vision''?

“The Banderovshchina” economy 
is geared to robbing Russia
May 12th, 11:36am
Inspired by a conversation with an 
anonymous Ukrainian journalist
Russia’s demands for the denazification of Ukraine are, in
fact, the most important and fair to the modern world
order. The Ukrainian side has - repeatedly - given the
false signal, that the issue has been dropped. But 
not only has it not been removed, it hasn't been
properly raised, which gives the West the 
opportunity to speculate on the issue.
Take, for example, the recent question to Sergey
Lavrov that Zelensky cannot be a Nazi because 
he himself is a Jew. This question comes from 
the thesis of Western propaganda that a Nazi 
and an anti-Semite are one and the same, 
and that the aim of German Nazism was 
solely the Holocaust, that is the mass 
extermination of the Jews. In this 
paradigm, it turns out that one 
who destroys Jews is a Nazi, 
while one who destroys, for 
example, Slavs, is not 
considered a Nazi.
And so the Ukrainian regime, officially calling for 
the murder and enslavement of the Russians, the
eradication of Russian culture & the destruction 
of the Russian language --- cannot be Nazi by 
Western standards, as it does not officially 
take the same position, in relation to the 
Jews (statements by certain politicians
in this regard, are not considered an 
official line).
Europe, according to its contemporary ideology, is
guilty before the Jews --- but not before the Slavs, 
whom it massacred in World War II in far greater
numbers than Jews. Moreover, it was the feat 
of the Soviet soldier, before whom modern 
Europe does not feel guilty, that saved 
those very Jews, and with them a 
mass of other peoples, about 
which European ideologists 
prefer to keep silent.
That is, European ideologists have simplified World
War II into a war between the Nazis and the Jews,
although in reality it was much more complicated.
Europe presented the Donbass conflict from the
very beginning, in a very Jesuit way: Ukraine, 
thanks to its European orientation, made 
significant progress in its economy and 
politics, and Russia became jealous, 
and decided to destroy Ukraine. It’s 
all according to the laws of drama: 
she, Ukraine... fell in love with him, 
the West, and the insidious villain, 
Russia, decided to kill the woman 
in love, so that they could never 
be together.
In reality the story is slightly different: he, the lover,
has abused the gullible woman, robbed her and
committed her to a brothel, where she will 
work off his debts, with her body. Using 
figurative language, Ukraine has not 
achieved any development, but has 
become the poorest country in 
Europe, losing its economic 
power and political 
But then... the role of the West... would not be as 
attractive as it was in the first legend. Moreover, 
the West will be seen as a rogue... and a villain, 
and the West does not need such a reputation. 

Therefore, the West needs to whitewash its 
role, and it cannot do that, without white-
washing the modern Banderaism and 
Nazism. That is why the Western 
experts ''do not see'' the 
Ukrainian Nazism.
At its birth, Banderovshchina served not Ukraine, but
Germany against Poland. The western Ukraine had
oil, which the Poles weren’t supposed to have, so 
the Banderaites terrorized the Poles under the 
command of Berlin. That is, from the very 
beginning, the Banderaites, being a part 
of then Poland, betrayed Poland under 
the pretext of ''protection of national 
interests,'' all under German money.
Then, together with the Wehrmacht, they entered Soviet
Ukraine and, under the pretext of the national revival
of Ukraine... they carried out a Jewish pogrom. 
Germany didn’t like it, banned the right to 
pogroms and independent Ukraine, and 
Bandera himself... ended up in a 
privileged concentration camp, 
for the stupid but useful. 
Then there was the massacre of Poles in Volhynia, 
which Germany cared little for, as Poles were not
considered Europeans then. Then there was the
terrorist activity against Soviet Ukraine, which 
was financed not by the Reich, but by the 
democratic USA, and Britain. 
That is, the Banderovshchina never worked for
Ukraine, but was always a tool of the West 
to plunder and destroy its people.
Therefore, when the West began robbing Ukraine 
under the guise of reviving its statehood, 
it traditionally began to rely on 
Banderovshchina, which has 
always served its interests.
As Russian capital developed, it began its assault on
the West --- and here, Banderaism begins to play the 
role of legalized racketeering and terrorism, acting 
in the interests of Western companies, driving 
Russian business out of the European and 
Ukrainian markets. Europe, but first and 
foremost the US, uses the Ukrainian 
issue as a cover, to solve its 
economic goals. 
The Banderaites, apart from the torchlight marches,
have squeezed Russian banks, property developers
and investors... out of Ukraine, and taken the 
advertising market from the Russian and 
opposition media. All in all, quite a self-
sustaining gop-company - that does 
not hesitate to do the dirty work 
for its masters.
With the help of the Ukrainian card, the US and the UK
have solved the issues of military orders, the energy
market and the agricultural market, the issue of
strengthening the dollar, and the investment
attractiveness of the US. Why would they 
cut the Bandera chicken that lays the 
golden eggs? They wanted to drive a 
stake between Russia and the EU - 
and got a confrontation in Europe 
instead of development. 
So the euro will fall and the dollar will rise.
For Russia, the presence of Banderovshchina means 
the West is unwilling to trade fairly with Russia. 
Banderovshchina is a politically red card that 
Western politicians play, in order to rob 
Russia. But this ideology of deceit and 
plunder... goes completely against the 
Western image of democracy, justice 
and freedom. Nevertheless, the West 
does not want to lose its card, and 
they even make it a trump card.
So how can this trump card be beaten? Here, it 
is necessary.. to bring out the essence of the 
Ukrainian political regime, its deceitfulness 
and anti-humanity. After all, it is not only 
playing against Russia’s interests, but 
also against the interests of Europe, 
which is already being weakened 
economically and put under the 
US military-industrial and 
energy complex. 
It is necessary to play a subtle game on the contradictions
between the United States, 
and European states. But in
order to save 
Europe from political cheating with the 
crackpot Bandera card, it is necessary that Europe
itself, wants it too. More 
precisely, the powers
that be, in 
power in the EU countries,
must also want it.
Dmitriy Chistilin, RenTV
What do YOU think?
Write to us... 

Russia is defeating 
Ukraine, US & NATO 
all by themselves
May 5th, 2:46pm  
(Abaham Stein's News Letter)
Russia is winning --- despite billions of dollars in
US and NATO military support to Ukraine, the 
Russians have already achieved their most
important strategic objectives. Russian 
President Vladimir Putin did not simply 
wake up one day and decide to send 
troops into Ukrainian cities --- he 
publicly warned the West about 
this plan of action...... years in 
advance, yet he was ignored 
by most western leaders. 
Russia did not come into Ukraine to lose, it is
 undoubtably obvious - that after 66 days of 
warfare - Russia is defeating not only the 
Ukrainians but NATO & the US as well, 
it is quite an achievement.
Failure was not an option
There is no way Russia is going to “lose” the battle in
Ukraine, those who know the Russian military... are
quite aware that Putin hasn't used the full Russian
might, in the eyes of the Russian President, they 
have not even begun to fight a real war. 
The Russians describe the conflict... as a special
military operation, the first phase of the Russian
operation employed young officers undergoing 
new training methods, it was a bit of a test, 
despite heavy loses the Russian objective 
succeeded in the first month. 
Putin publicly addressed these young soldiers in a
 video a week into the conflict, he said:  “I know 
you are learning new complex methods of war
fare”, despite the learning curve, Russians 
have achieved their goals in much of the 
South and East of Ukraine.
The Russian federation has made it clear -- they are
 conducting a limited special military operation, a 
very specific plan to demilitarize and de-Nazi-fy 
Ukrainian cities. Russia, still, has not defined 
their operation as a “war” yet - and if they do 
decide to declare war -----  we can expect an 
assault on Ukraine beyond our imagination.
The Western mainstream media has sold us complete
 fabrications, nothing about this conflict has been
 based in journalistic truth --- the narrative that 
Ukraine is “winning” is simply not accurate.  
We have been told Vladimir Putin is depressed, angry,
frustrated, physically ill, demented, cruel, ordering 
the fatality of civilians, yet not one of these
accusations have been based on any 
verifiable evidence. 
The Russian President, has methodically taken control
of the major trade routes --- essentially choking the life
out of Ukraine, he is winning. Putin took the little port 
city Mariupol, while the whole world had their eyes on
 the capital Kyiv, it was a brilliant move. Vladimir Putin
 has not revealed one single thing about his military
 operation in terms of strategy, the West still 
cannot figure him out.
Why Russia wins
Everything we learn about Russia comes from former
 generals on American TV, MSNBC, and CNN, they are
 almost always wrong. Russian Foreign minister Sergi 
Lavrov mocked the Americans trying to analyze the
 Russian military operation, he said “They don’t
 understand us, they don’t understand the 
Russian mindset, they don’t understand 
how we work”, in essence, Lavrov was 
making it clear: everything the
media prints about
the war is a 
The average Ukrainian citizen understands Putin
better than any US, British, or German news 
analyst, in this aspect Russia is defeating 
the US, NATO, and the Ukrainians.
Who is really fighting against Russia?
So far, the Russians have documented at least 40
 different countries who are engaged in battle 
against them, even the Ukrainians bragged 
about how many hired contractors are 
battling the Russians.
 In the week since President of Ukraine Zelensky
 announced the creation of an ‘International 
Legion’ to defend Ukraine, 20,000 people 
from 52 countries have volunteered to 
fight in Ukraine, the country’s, Foreign 
Minister, Dmytro Kuleba said on 
On the Russian side are simply young Russian boys
and Chechen (Pro Russian national) soldiers, that’s
it.  A simple look at a map -- will show how Russia 
has taken the key areas of Ukraine. The red and
light red, shows how Ukraine has already lost 
the battle.

What do you THINK?   ___________________________________

Russia is not only winning against the Ukrainians, 
but they are also defeating NATO and US money/
weapons, the U.S loves funding foreign wars 
but they don’t know how to win them.
Britain, Germany. Italy and France want no part of war
 with Russia, Western Europe would never send a
 dollar (or any military equipment) to Ukraine 
without the United States coercing them to
do so. Western Europeans are not in the 
least bit interested in engaging in war 
in Eastern Europe, most Westerners 
are worried about unemployment, 
food shortageS and inflation, 
not Ukraine.
Our media is not allowed to tell you 
Russia is winning.
According to our biased media, cities like Mariupol and
 Kherson are not under Russian control, they tell the
 public that there is “fierce resistance” to Russian 
attacks, this is, of course, a lie.  A month ago
a lifelong resident of Kherson, reported that 
the city was in 100% Russian control...  but 
the public is not allowed to know this truth.
See video:  This would never 
air on American television.
The guy on camera tells the truth “Kherson is under
 100% Russian control”, the reporter did not expect
 that answer she tries to cover the truth, she says
 “there are conflicting reports on who controls 
the city”, then he drops the full truth again. 
Russia is in 100% control; this was a rare 
truth that slipped by Pro-Ukraine media.
Finding honest news is almost impossible today, the
 fact of the matter is that Russia is not only winning, 
but they are also winning relatively easily...  despite
suffering heavy losses. Does anyone really believe 
that Russia could not take all of Ukraine if they 
want it?  At the start of the conflict every US 
media pundit.. said Russia would take the 
capital city Kyiv in less than a week, yet 
Russia... “chose” not to do so. No one
figure out Putin’s war strategy. 
The Ukrainian civilians are, sadly, being slaughtered,
 they are caught between the Russian military might
 and Zelensky’s ego. No matter how many thousands
 of civilians slaughtered, Washington has only one
response… more weapons, more weapons, 
more weapons.
The United States Government does not care the least
 bit about Ukrainian civilians, Ukraine (which is
 actually a welfare state) has never stood on 
its own two feet; it is a beggar state. The 
President of Ukraine is not intelligent, 
but he is slick, he knows how to milk 
every dollar out of the United States.
 It is a cruel game;  Washington relies on the US
 mainstream media to keep showing bombed out
 Ukrainian children on the news....  to justify the 
billions of dollars we keep sending to Zelensky. 
Ukraine is one of the most corrupt states in the world, 
dumping billions of dollars worth of weapons into the
 land is lunacy, yet we will keep on doing it. The 
bottom line is that Russia is winning, and 
nothing will change this outcome, no 
amount of weapons dump into 
Ukraine is going to change 
the result of the war.  
No one in Washington cares about the Ukrainian
 civilians, the US doesn’t care, Zelensky doesn’t 
care and certainly NATO does not care; if they 
did care they would have told Ukrainians to 
lay down arms 2 months ago and tried to
 reason (negotiate) with Putin.
We are defending Ukraine as if it is one of our 50
 states, we are taunting a nuclear superpower, 
we are encouraging the hotheaded Zelensky, 
all while our corrupt American media leads 
the drumbeats to world war 3.

What do you THINK?


Ukraine's Army Is In 
Very Bad Shape - 
More Fighting Will
 Only Destroy It
Posted by b on 
May 2nd, at 5:32pm 
(Moon on Alabama)
The French news agency, AFP, has published 
a report by Daphne Rousseau from near the
 Ukrainian frontline. It allows us to gain 
some realistic view of the state of the 
Ukrainian armed forces.
Exhausted Ukrainian soldiers 
return from eastern front
I will quote the AFP report piecemeal 
and add my observations:
Packed with exhausted Ukrainian soldiers with
 clenched jaws, the truck drives away at full
 speed. The troops from the 81st brigade, 
have just received an order to withdraw 
from the eastern front, where Russian 
forces advance.
The brigade walked 12 kilometres (7.5 miles)
 Saturday, camouflaged in the woods and 
under crossfire, until their point of 
retreat at Sviatoguirsk.
The 81st Airmobile Brigade consists of 3 
infantry battalions equipped with BTR-70
 armoured personnel carriers that can be 
loaded onto a plane. It also has a strong
 artillery group with 3 gun and missile
 battalions, and the usual hodge-
podge of support units.
As the Ukrainian troops had to walk 12
 kilometres, a question arises. Where 
are their armoured carriers? Even 
when infantry is deployed in dug-
outs and trenches its transport 
should always be nearby
 (~3 km) to be able to 
quickly pick it up 
when necessary.
The most likely answer is that those BTR-70s, 
 plus the brigade's artillery...  no longer exist.

 From today's 'clobber list' as published by the
 Defense Ministry of Russia (emphasis added):
In total, 146 aircraft and 112 helicopters, 683
 unmanned aerial vehicles, 281 anti-aircraft
 missile systems, 2,756 tanks and other
 armoured combat vehicles, 316 multiple 
launch rocket systems, 1,234 field
and mortars, as well as
2,563 units of 
special military
vehicles of the Armed 
of Ukraine were destroyed
during the operation.
Those numbers will be, like all such counts,
 somewhat exaggerated. But they do tell 
a story.
Sviatoguirsk, the extraction point for the troops,
 is some 10 kilometres southeast of Izium 
which the Russian forces have taken 
a while ago. 
More from the AFP piece:
For a month, the 81st -- whose motto is "always
 first" -- battled to push back the Russian
 advance in Ukraine's eastern Donbas 
region where Moscow's troops move 
forward slowly, taking villages one 
by one.
"Everyone understands that we must guard the
 line here, we can't let the enemy move closer, 
we try to hold it with all our force," says
 lieutenant Yevgen Samoylov, anxious 
that the unit could be hit by
fire at any point.
"As you can hear, the enemy is very, very near,"
 he says, pointing to the sky. The line of Russian 
tanks is on the other side of a hill, around seven
 kilometres (4.3 miles) away.
The troops walked 12 kilometres... and are now 
on trucks. The enemy is currently 7 kilometres
away. Simple maths will explain that, with a 5
 kilometre deep gain by the Russian forces.
At 21 years old, Samoylov, an officer from the
 Odessa military academy, finds himself
 managing 130 conscripts, often
his age.
"It's my first war. I was supposed to graduate in
 four months, but they sent me here," says the
 baby-faced officer with a short black beard.
What a disaster. 130 conscripts up to age 40+. 
These ain't well trained warriors but teachers
 and car mechanics - or farmers - drafted into 
the war. With 130 troops the unit has about 
the size of a company. Infantry companies
 in the Soviet/Russian/Ukrainian army are
 relative big:
[T]he strength of a tank company is 31-40
 people, and the number of servicemen of 
a motorized rifle company ranges from 150
people. Often a company is commanded 
by an officer with the rank of captain, 
and only in some units this position
 is occupied by a major.
The junior lieutenant Samoylov, who did not
 even finish his officer course, is leading a 
unit that is usually led by an officer two to 
three ranks higher than his. Where are 
the higher officers?
More from AFP:
The unit swung into action on February 23rd, 
a day before Russia launched the invasion.
At the start of the war, they spent a month
 defending Izium, which fell on April 1st, 
before joining the fighting around the 
village of Oleksandrivka.
"Some really difficult battles," 
says the quiet Samoylov.
Izium is at the northern front where Russian
 force press towards the south. There are
 several Oleksandrivka (Alexandrovka) 
named settlements in the Ukraine... 
three of them in the Donetsk oblast. 
There may be more unofficial ones with that
 name. Two of the known ones are in the 
north west of Donetzk Oblast some 20 
kilometres southwest and southeast 
of Izium, respectively.
Neither is directly on the current frontline.. 
that runs about 10 kilometres to the north. 
Sviatoguirsk, the extraction point, is much
 nearer to the front. That is where the 
troops likely were, before they 
walked towards the trucks.
The AFP piece continues:
In this brigade, like the others, they don't 
say how many people have been killed.
When the subject comes up, 
Samoylov's gaze becomes 
misty. The pain is raw.
A deadly silence takes over the military truck
 during the drive to the abandoned building
 where the soldiers will stay during their 
week of rest.
Samoylov's 130 men are unlikely to be from one
 original company. They are probably all what is
 left from a battalion that originally had three
 companies and more than 400 men.
When the convoy passes a truck loaded with
long-range missiles dashing to the front, the
soldiers automatically make a "V" sign for
victory with their fingers, before fixing 
their gaze once more on their feet 
or the horizon, in silence.
Is there still some morale in these men or is that 
just a routine gesture? I believe it is the latter.
On arrival at the base, the soldiers unload their 
weapons, remove their kit and immediately go
 into one of the dilapidated rooms without
 electricity where they undergo a medical 
examination after returning from the front.
For the survivors, "there are small injuries on
 the forehead, those who were buried under 
the rubble during a bombing have fractures 
and (injuries) linked to shrapnel," says 
Vadym Kyrylov, the brigade's doctor.
"But we mainly see somatic problems, like
 hypertension or chronic illnesses that 
have worsened," the 25-year-old adds.
Each battalion of the 81st brigade should have
 a doctor with a more senior one serving in the
 brigade's headquarter company. That a 25 
year old one is in the brigade's doctor role 
again points to a lack of men.
- 'Trench foot' -
The men also greatly suffer from "trench foot"
 syndrome caused by prolonged exposure to
 moisture, unsanitary conditions or the cold.
"For a month they are not able to dry their
 shoes... so there are many feet-related 
injuries, mainly fungi and infections," 
the doctor says.
Military boots should be watertight. During my
 time in the military we trained in some very
 muddy areas but I never got my feet wet. 
One wonders what quality Ukrainian 
army boots have.
After the medical visit, they all have the same
 reflex: to isolate and use their phone to call
 a female partner, a child or a parent.
Soldiers cannot use their phones on the front, 
and any application that requires geolocation
 is banned.
How strict is the control of those policies?
Experience says that if soldiers are allowed to
 have phones with them they will inevitably 
use them. That is why Russia prohibits its
 soldiers to carry phones.
Four soldiers reassemble the rusty metal bed
 frames and sweep the floor coated with dust 
to make a semblance of a room.
That does not sound like a fun place for rest 
and recreation. Are there even mattresses 
for those metal frames?
"It's the moment for the guys to relax, to take
 care of their physical and psychological
 injuries, to regain their strength before
 returning to battle," Samoylov says.
"They'll sleep warm, eat normal food and try
 to more or less get back on their feet."
Those troops were nine weeks on the frontline
and now only get one week of rest --- in a
miserable place. Samoylov is an optimist. 
None of those injuries, especially not the
 psychological ones, will heal within a 
week. It takes years to overcome the 
cruelties of war and sometimes more 
than a lifetime.
The Ukrainian army is obviously in a very bad
 shape as it pushes barely trained conscripts 
to the frontline where Russian artillery will 
eat them up. That it is in such a state, is 
not astonishing though.
The Swiss military intelligence officer Jacques 
Baud has worked in the Ukraine & has written
about the current war. He describes the sorry
 state the Ukrainian military was in from the
The Ukrainian army was then in a deplorable
 state. In October 2018, after 4 years of war, 
the chief Ukrainian military prosecutor, 
Anatoly Matios, stated that Ukraine had 
lost 2,700 men in the Donbass: 891 from
illnesses, 318 from road accidents, 177 
from other accidents, 175 by poisoning 
(alcohol, drugs), 172 from careless 
handling of weapons, 101 from 
breaches of the security 
regulations, 228 from
 murders and 615 
from suicides.
In fact, the army was undermined by the
 corruption of its cadres and no longer 
enjoyed the support of the population.
 According to a British Home Office report, in
 the March/April 2014 recall of reservists, 70
 percent didn't show up for the first session,
 80 percent for the second, 90 percent for 
the third, and 95 percent for the fourth.
 In October/November 2017, 70% of the
conscripts did not show up for 
“Fall 2017” recall campaign. 
This is not counting suicides and desertions
 (often over to the autonomists), which 
reached up to 30 percent of the work-
force in the ATO area. Ukrainians... 
refused to go & fight in the Donbas
 and preferred emigration, which 
also explains, at least partially, 
the demographic deficit of
 the country.
The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense then turned
 to NATO -- to help make its armed forces more
 “attractive.” Having already worked on similar 
projects within the framework of the United
 Nations, I was asked by NATO to participate 
in a program to restore the image of the
 Ukrainian armed forces. But this is a 
long-term process and the Ukrainians 
wanted to move quickly.
So, to compensate for the lack of soldiers, the
 Ukrainian government resorted to paramilitary
 militias. They are essentially composed of
 foreign mercenaries, often extreme right-
wing militants. In 2020, they constituted 
about 40 percent of the Ukrainian forces 
and numbered about 102,000 men, 
according to Reuters.
They were armed, financed and trained by 
the United States, Great Britain, Canada 
and France. There were more than 19
nationalities—including Swiss.
The Ukrainian army will not win the war nor will
 the fascist militias. The country simply has
 no chance.
'Western' governments are abusing the Ukraine 
and its soldiers. They want to 'weaken Russia' 
and do not allow the Ukraine to sue for peace.
That is criminal.
Jacques Baud again:
[D]espite [President Zelensky's] probable
 willingness... to achieve a political settle-
ment for the crisis with Russia, Zelensky
 is not allowed to do so. Just after he 
indicated his readiness to talk with 
Russia, on February 25th,, the EU
 decided two days later to provide 
€450M in arms to Ukraine. 
The same happened in March. As soon as
 Zelensky indicated --- he wanted to have 
talks with Vladimir Putin on March 21st, 
the European Union decided to double 
its military aid to €1 billion on 23 March.
 End of March, Zelensky made an interesting
 offer ......that was retracted shortly after.
Apparently, Zelensky is trying to navigate
 between Western pressure and his far 
right on the one hand and his concern 
to find a solution on the other, and is 
forced into a ” back-and-forth,” which
 discourages the Russian negotiators.
Today, Zelensky must lead his country under
 the sword of Damocles, with the blessing of
 Western politicians & an unethical media. 

His lack of political experience made him an
 easy prey.. for those who were trying to 
exploit Ukraine against Russia, and in 
the hands of extreme right-wing move
-ments. As he acknowledges in an 
interview with CNN, he was lured 
into believing that Ukraine would 
enter NATO more easily after an 
open conflict with Russia, as 
Oleksey Arestovich, his 
adviser, confirmed
 in 2019.
The Ukraine has lost the war. All the weapons
 systems the 'west' is now pushing into it, are 
of no use as the Ukraine obviously lacks the
 men to field them. They will likely get 
pilfered and in future some of them 
may well be used against the
 'west' itself.
That would do some bloody justice.
What do YOU THINK?

Are we to blame for letting our money printing
parasitic elite... try to cling onto power over
the rest of the world, by 
illegally bombing 
or sanctioning those countries trying to
achieve economic development?

And - worse - risking a full-on war
with nuclear armed Russia - as
it tries to take back its Slavic
brother nation, from a nazi
infested Ukraine, trained
by the 
West and now in
its death grip?

Fighting by using poor elderly conscripts,
in a mince-meat 
cauldron... as our great
Western public... tries ''not to think''
about it?

The Germans were reviled for allowing
just this - do you believe that calling
Russians ''evil'' really solves your
complicity in this slaughter? 

If you have any honour...
Stop the elite arming Ukraine
and refusing to let them sue
for peace... NOW! 


Best video by Dimitri Orlov! The US
interviewer can't believe the US's 
collapse into hunger... predicted
''within months', or the Russian
point of view.. and seems gob-
smacked, but listens with us,
as Orlov describes the US 
as parasitic at 1':25'' and
its elite as gangsters...
sit back and enjoy!!!

I wonder what you feel before and after
reading this - for some, it will be a
chink of light at the end of a
long gloomy tunnel...

"Victory Program". Article by 
G. A. Zyuganov in "Pravda"
Meeting in the year 2022, we were full of hopes that it
would first be remembered, as the year 
of a great and
bright holiday: the 100th 
anniversary of the formation
of the Union 
of Soviet Socialist Republics.  On the 
centenary of the greatest state, that was the first
in the world to base its 
policy on justice, equality,
rights and dignity at work, the protection
of motherhood and 
childhood, and fraternal
ship between peoples.
But history has made severe adjustments to our
 lives and presented us with challenges that 
have proved to be the most serious in the 
last three decades - since the time when 
traitors and degenerates united with our
 external opponents, and carried out
criminal collapse of the
Chairman of the Central Committee of 
the Communist Party of the Russian 
Federation G. A. Zyuganov.
2022-04-20 at 18:17
In response to Russia's desire to block the aggressive plans
of NATO.. which for many 
years.. squeezed a suffocating
ring around 
our borders, to protect the sovereignty and
security of the Donetsk & Luhansk People's Republics
and to free the fraternal Ukrainian 
people from a Nazi
-Bandera junta entrenched 
on their land, the West --
finally dropped the 
mask of "partnership" and
civilized diplomacy. 
It directly declared its
readiness to launch 
a deadly strike on our
country, which it
 considers as decisive,
in the hybrid war
 declared on us.
A power born in battle
Recently, more than 6,000 sanctions have been imposed on
Russia. This has 
never happened to any other country 
before..... An unprecedented economic, political and
informational sabotage 
has been unleashed against
us ---- the 
purpose of which is not only to force our
State to abandon all claims to 
independence and
defend its legitimate 
interests, but also to destroy
it as a 
single sovereign state. Having challenged
the criminal hegemony 
of Anglo-Saxon capital in
the world, 
we, are now the main target of its 
adherents in Washington, London, Brussels
& other centres of 
modern neo-colonialism.
Trying to cope with the deepest crisis that the world
capitalist system is naturally plunging 
into, globalists
strive to maintain their power
 over the planet - at all
costs. And for this they
 stop at nothing - even to the
point of openly 
provoking a 3rd world war, in the fire
of which
 they expect to burn the insoluble problems
 generated by the dead-end policy of capital.
I warned about the alarming challenges that we will
inevitably face in the twenty-first century
 as a result
of the crisis of the liberal model of
 world governance
20 years ago, in my book
 "Globalization & the fate of
humanity", which 
has been translated into many
languages. It 
thoroughly analyzes the aggressive
motives of
 the US imperialists and their

 The prospect of the emergence of new world power poles
in the face of China and India, is
 outlined. Back then...  
they were just on the
 verge of rapid economic growth.

As a future 
alternative to US hegemony --- these
were not yet taken seriously by many.
now it has become clear: it is Russia's 
alliance with these Asian powers, that 
negates the fascist-infused "American 
dream" of a unipolar world. And the 
total dehumanization carried out 
by Washington.
This conversation ------ about the upcoming challenges to
our planet, was continued in 
a book "Russia under the
gun of globalism"
It reveals in detail the history of
our political,
 economic and spiritual opposition
to the West.
And in my books " The Russian Core of Power'' and ''The
Russian World on two axes" I have
 shown in detail that
it is our country, relying 
on the great legacy of Soviet
civilization, and
 now, in the XXI century, it will be
-- as it has
 happened many times before -- in the
 of a clash with Anglo-Saxon imperialism.
The essence of our opposition to the "collective West "was
expressed in 1938 -- by the German
 philosopher, Walter
Schubart, who left Germany,
 after the Nazis came to
power:  "The task of
 Russia is to return the soul to
man. It is 
Russia, that has the powers that Europe 
has lost or destroyed in itself... Only Russia is
able to breathe soul into 
the human race,
which is dying 
from the love of power,
in objective efficiency."
Today, all this is confirmed before our eyes.
The actions of Russia and its allies are met with
 fierce resistance from globalists who are losing 
control of the planet. In this confrontation, they
 are ready to step over any political, legal and
 moral barriers. We must face this challenge
 courageously, stand up and win. As we have
won, in a clash with the most
formidable of
It is deeply symbolic that the current trials have
 fallen to us in the year of the 100th anniversary
 of the Soviet state. The memory of this unique
 victory experience, fills us with responsibility
 for preserving the great achievements of our
 fathers and grandfathers, achieved at the cost
 of unprecedented efforts and tens of millions of
 lives. And it inspires us to believe that we will
 celebrate the anniversary of the USSR not only
 as a solemn date, but also as a national holiday
 by entering the era of purification from hostile
 filth.... In the era of the USSR's renaissance.
Our vast country, infinitely rich in spiritual and
 natural resources, has always been the object
 of aggressive plans of the rulers of the West.
 The subjugation of Russian lands gave them
 the opportunity to solve the problem of
 undivided political and economic 
domination. But their intentions 
were invariably broken against 
the reliable shield of the State.
After the victory of the Great October Socialist 
Revolution, the peoples of our country
embarked on the path of building a 
society of social justice, free from 
exploitation and inequality. Russia 
ceased to be a dependent part of 
the world capitalist system. Its 
enormous resources were put 
at the service of the people, 
not a handful of "chosen" 
masters of life. 
Our Motherland became a guiding star for
working people all over the world. Her 
unique example had captured the 
hearts of millions of people 
around the world.
World capital did not want to accept this development.
Driven by a thirst for profit 
and a desire to maintain
their class 
dominance --- its agents set about 
organizing -- a new "crusade" against Russia.
Now - against 
Soviet Russia. Their goal was 
to overthrow the power of working people
and turn our 
country...  into a colonial 
periphery of the leading imperialist
On December 23rd, 1917 -- less than two months
 after the socialist Revolution -- Britain & France
 entered into a criminal agreement to divide the
 territory of the former Russian Empire... into
 spheres of influence. The oil-rich Caucasus 
and the Cossack regions of southern Russia
 were included in a zone of the "preferential 
interests" of Great Britain. France expressed
 a desire to get Crimea and a fertile Ukraine
 with its developed metallurgical industry. 
The United States also joined the Anglo-
French agreement and the preparations 
for intervention against our country. 

They laid claim to resource-rich Siberia and the Far East.
also demanded its "piece of pie". On January 1st,
1918, it brought 
warships into the port of Vladivostok,
under the 
pretext of "protecting" her subjects.
The West could realize its plans only if the
Soviet government was overthrown. But it 
became an insurmountable obstacle to 
the realization of the ambitions of the 
international oligarchy. It was Lenin - 
& the Bolshevik Party who managed
to save the country - to save it from 
disintegration and destruction and 
to Defend our Homeland, both in 
the battle with the Entente... 
and in the bloody civil war 
unleashed by its 
inside Russia.
The enemy who sought to destroy us was 
confronted by a young Soviet Republic 
that was not yet fully strengthened but
 was ready to fight courageously - and 
was based on socialist principles. To 
believe in the ideals of justice -- and 
fraternity. On the people's conviction
 that they are right. On an invincible 
desire to build a country --- whose 
politics would be subordinated - to 
the interests of the whole society, 
and not a bunch of insatiable 
nouveau riche. In all those 
difficult years, the enemy 
was opposed not only by 
the Red Army. Then, the 
battles had two fronts -
 military and economic. 
And the Soviet country was able to defeat 
the enemy, precisely because it won on 
both fronts.
From this historic victory... in December 1922, 
a great state was born - the USSR. Within the 
borders of the new State, fraternal and like-
minded peoples came together, opening a
 new era in their joint struggle for a bright 
future, not only in their own history, but 
also in the history of the whole world. 
Together they had to build a mighty country, 
protect it from the fascist invasion, revive 
the Fatherland after the Great Victory 
and lead it to new achievements 
and heights.
A course at war with us
A century later, we are once again fighting the
 "collective West" --- with the baggage of the
 savage capitalism that destroyed us in the
3 decades that followed the treacherous
 collapse of the USSR.

This terrible baggage 
in the form of a huge population
which is taking on the scale of a national 
catastrophe, an economic crisis, a undermined
industry, a technological lag, a 
dependence on imports --- 
and a strong
influence of the liberal 
"fifth column"
is now on the side of 
the opponents.
It helps them to fight 
our country.

In order to 
survive this war and embark on the life-saving
path of 
independent development, we need to get rid of
cancer of a political curse that is fighting against
own people.
We need to call a spade a spade: for 30 years in
 a row, the socio-economic system imposed on
 us acted against Russia as an internal enemy.
 It was destroyed in the 90s, when the country
 was falling into the abyss of degradation ---
against a background of "fraternization" 
with the West. And it continued its 
subversive work, even after we 
declared our right:  to free our
selves from external dictates
-- to pursue an independent 
policy & restore genuine 
The course that has been dictated over the years by
transnational centres of global capital, like the
International Monetary Fund, the World
and the World Trade Organization has caused
enormous damage to our country. It 
was at
the direction of these structures --- that we 
systematically built a system of capitalist 
periphery, the doom of which is constant 
lag and chronic crisis, was proved with 
brilliant clarity ------  by Vladimir Ilyich 
Lenin in his work "The Development 
of Capitalism in Russia" at the end 
of the 20th century. 
Almost a hundred years after it was written --- a
 great country that had reached unprecedented 
heights in its development thanks to socialism
 was thrown back, trying to turn it forever into 
a raw material appendage of the West, which
 does not even dare to dream of successful 
independent development.
The predatory privatization of state property, 
its transfer for a song into the hands of the
 oligarchy, that by the beginning of the 90s
 had grown up on the basis of a criminal 
shadow economy, led to the destruction 
and theft of thousands of enterprises. 

To turn the labour and natural resources of our country into
a source of enrich
ment for greedy parasites who did not
want to invest a pin in its development. Their fabulous
profits from robbing 
Russia, were invested in luxury 
yachts and mansions, in the most expensive
foreign resorts. 
Today, a significant part of this property...  has
been seized in the West as part of a sanctions
campaign. But fake foreign "legalists" do not 
even think about returning it to the people of
Russia. First, our country was robbed by
homegrown Gaidars and Chubais. And 
now it is being repeatedly robbed by 
foreign bandits.
The cynical curators of privatization have long
 and publicly admitted that during this criminal 
process --- they did not even think about any
 benefits for the state. Their main task was to 
put together a new class of owners from the
 former shadow speculators, to wrest the 
country's largest assets from the hands 
of the people --- and thereby "drive the 
last nail in the coffin of communism." 
But they treacherously drove this nail not only into the
hated Soviet government. They drove
 it into our future,
which they readily sacrificed,
 in the interests of
Russia's enemies. Today,
 they are fleeing the
country --- fearing 
responsibility... and fair
retribution for 
their deeds, as did the
same Chubais.
Another devastating consequence of the dastardly
collapse of the USSR and the 
Soviet system, is
the rapid and massive 
seizure of domestic
industry by foreign 

Its total share, according to the 
Academy of Sciences,
until recently, 
was 65%. And.. in some of the most 
important industries, it reached 75-95%. External
control over our 
economy and industry is one of
the main reasons, that even in strategically
important areas - 
on which our national
directly depends - real import 
substitution, which was repeatedly
from high tribunes, 
has not been implemented. 
This is what most painfully responds to 
us, against the background of the law-
lessness of sanctions unleashed
against Russia.
Those who organized it were also greatly 
"helped" by the financial policy that was 
carried out all these years according to 
the patterns of the IMF — state in name 
and anti-state in essence. It was it who
legitimized the absolutely adventurous 
practice of placing a significant part of 
the country's gold & foreign exchange
reserves in dollars and euros ---
concentrated in Western banks.
That is, in the financial institutions of those 
who have long ceased to hide their hostile 
intentions towards our country. This year, 
as part of the "infernal sanctions" as they
 are called in Washington, dictating to its 
satellites, the scenario of an economic 
war against Russia, We have received 
a financial blow from our "Western 
partners", which the Communist 
Party of the Russian Federation 
has long warned us about. And 
the danger of which the "party 
in power" did not even want to 
discuss. Of the $ 640 billion in 
Russian gold and foreign 
exchange reserves, the
West has "seized" 
almost half.
To this blatant financial sabotage, we should
also add the fact that in 2020-2021, 600 tons 
of gold were exported from Russia to foreign
storage facilities the entire volume produced 
in our country, in two years. In today's 
situation --- this stock would be very 
useful to us. But it is also sacrificed 
to the irresponsible manipulation of 
the state's financial reserves.
Our country's entry into the World Trade Organization,
imposed by the liberal 
column, which took place in
despite our stubborn resistance - and thanks
to the votes of United 
Russia in the State Duma,
has had an 
extremely negative impact on the 
economy and industry. For almost 10 years -
the WTO has served as a
 "legalized" barrier
to real import 
substitution and ensuring
and drug safety in our country. 
By joining this organization, we have taken on
 23,000 additional obligations to other States
 and trade partners. And these commitments 
worked exclusively for the destruction of the
 domestic economy & industry. To undermine
 their ability to act in the interests of Western
 corporations & exporters - which is the true
 purpose of the WTO, which was created
 precisely to serve these interests.
After --- without exaggeration --- the criminal
 decision to join Russia in this organization 
was pushed through, the Communist Party 
of the Russian Federation 5 times submitted 
to the Duma a bill to withdraw from it. But 
they did not want to hear us, even when 
it became absolutely obvious, that the 
Western sanctions stranglehold was 
tightening ever tighter and would 
not weaken.
Do not hesitate to correct errors!
The vulnerability of the Russian economy 
to hostile machinations, laid down by the 
architects of market "reforms", was, in 
fact, recognized in the National Security
 Strategy signed in July 2021, by President 
Putin. It states:  "Unfriendly countries are 
trying to use the existing socio-economic
 problems in the Russian Federation to 
destroy its internal unity.… Indirect 
methods aimed at provoking long-
term instability within the Russian 
Federation, are increasingly
 being used."
Agreeing with this assessment, we called on the
 country's leadership to finally bring the real
 socio-economic policy in line with it. 
To implement a fundamental change in the vicious
course that it has been avoiding for many years.

The Communist Party insisted:  ''
Without this, the
President's fundamental 
goals formulated in his
May decrees of 
2012 and 2018, overcoming the
graphic crisis & mass poverty, achieving
a technological breakthrough, and entering 
the top 5 leading economies in the world 
- cannot be implemented.'' But they didn't 
hear us then, either.
Today, when the enemy is insistently pushing 
us towards economic collapse, it is no longer 
possible to delay in correcting accumulated
system errors, with the adoption of tough 
& principled decisions that will put an end 
to the destructive practice of predatory
"reform" of the country in favour of 
transnational capital.

The sooner 
these decisions are made,
better we will be able to resist 
the machinations designed to 
destabilize the Russian
state --- 
and bring our
country to
 its knees.
Yes, the Russian economy is negatively affected by
sanctions related to our independent position in the
foreign policy arena. But it is also obvious that only
if the internal policy is improved... the mobilization
and close consolidation of society is carried out,
we will be able to respond to any intrigues from
the outside. 
The current difficulties are not comparable to the challenge
that was thrown at the Soviet country by the Entente...
which tried to over
throw the power of the Bolsheviks
with the trials that fell to its lot in the '40s of the last
century — during the Nazi invasion. And the current
losses of our economy  due to
external factors, are
also not comparable 
with the losses the Soviet
suffered in the first half of the 
XX century.
But it is necessary to understand that, unlike the 
Soviet Union which emerged from the most terrible
trials & made up for the most severe losses thanks
to the economy of creation and development, our
country will not be able to achieve real economic
growth or accelerated import substitution...  if it
does not abandon the system of socio-economic

The recent history of Russia has clearly shown
that criminal-oligarchic capitalism, can bring
even greater destruction to the country, drive
into an even greater crisis --- than a clash 
with the most terrible military opponent.
Addressing the government leadership during its report
to the State Duma, I stated bluntly: the liberal model
of governance is completely bankrupt & has finally
outlived its usefulness. The task of independent
rapid development, 
on the solution of which our
survival depends,
 in the current conditions,
requires that we abandon this model
decisively and forever. 

In the current circumstances, there is no 
other choice, but to fulfill our program 
requirement:   to carry out a complete 
revision of the principles of economic 
and social management.
The results of a survey of experts conducted 
by the Central Bank after the announcement 
of Russia's "infernal sanctions" showed that 
they predict that by the end of this year, the
 economy will shrink by 10%, and inflation 
will be 20%. At the same time, warnings 
about the impending significant decline
 in real incomes of citizens and job cuts 
are becoming more insistent. But we 
have no right to give up and allow a
 collapse that is fraught with a 
social explosion.
The country has every opportunity, not only to avoid
this, but also to reach a fundamentally new level of
development, that was hindered 
by a dependence
on the recipes of Western 
financial institutions
and on foreign capital 
now fleeing from Russia.
To meet this historic challenge --- we urgently
need to implement 
the measures we propose,
based on our 
economic and social revival
"10 steps to a decent life".

Based on 
the outstanding experience of the Soviet state,
based on the best 
modern achievements of socialist
China, growing faster than anyone else in the world,
and on the other states 
that successfully resist the
of Western globalists, and follow the
path of development and creation.
We do not need demagoguery about import 
substitution, which is fed to us by helpless
liberal managers --- but a new industrial-
ization, a revival of national production, 
and overcoming the huge backlog in 
such areas as machine tool 
construction, micro-
electronics, and 
Large owners do not want to invest in the technological
renewal of the country. The 
work of most Russian
citizens is clearly
 undervalued. Millions of people
a salary that can only be described as
pathetic handout. At the same time, they 
see how the income created by their work
 flows into the pockets of a nouveau riche.
A system based on exploitation, riddled with
 corruption and indulging in the fantastic
 enrichment of oligarchs, is not able to 
stimulate the restoration of industrial 
potential, and the growth of labour 
productivity. If this system is kept
to, if attempts continue to cling 
to the previous course, Russia 
will not be able to guarantee
its true independence... and 
take its rightful place in 
the world.
Our next steps should be based on a clear
understanding that the time has come to
decisively abandon the dominant role of
bank & financial capital in the economy. 

We must provide conditions for the 
development of those industries
 that create the necessary 
material values on a 
public scale.
It's time to stop feeding society myths about the
regulatory  "hand of the market,'' about 
wonders of prosperity that free enter
promises. In order to save the national
 economy and therefore the country it's
 necessary: to put an end to the lies of 
liberal fundamentalism. It should be 
replaced by the realization -- that in 
the struggle for independence and
lasting security -- we cannot do 
without a new large-scale 
industrialization, which 
requires the maximum 
mobilization of all 
our resources.
If, against the background of sanctions
 designed to strangle us, the government 
continues to pursue a policy aimed at 
compensating the losses of oligarchs 
and speculators --- and not at fully 
supporting industrial production, 
agriculture, medicine, science 
and education, we will not be 
able to win on the financial 
and economic front. 
The clan-based oligarchic economy -- has
repeatedly proved that it is unable to act 
for the benefit of the state & society or 
work in their interests. And in difficult 
situations, this becomes especially 
obvious. We insist on removing the 
oligarchy from the economic helm. 

We are committed to following the 
course of justice and development
- taking into account our program 
for the revival of the country and
the experience of outstanding 
socio-economic victories of 
socialism, that underlies it.
Modernity of Stalin's tasks
History has never known such military exploits
 and such feats of peaceful construction as the
 Soviet country did. In just five years after the 
October Revolution, a young Soviet Republic
 managed to go from a paralyzed economy &
 mass starvation, from huge military losses 
and destruction, from poverty & epidemics
 to NEP and GOELRO and the establishment 
of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. 
This feat of universal significance looks even
 bigger if we remember that in the same five 
years there were such incredible trials as 
the civil war and the intervention of the 
largest Western states. And they were 
preceded by three pre-revolutionary 
years of the First World War.
By the beginning of 1921, the volume of industrial
production in Soviet Russia was only 12% of the
pre-war volume of 1913. The volume of output
of large-scale industry decreased by 7 times
compared to the same year in 1913. In 1920,
grain was grown less than 64% of the pre-
war harvest.

Most of the mines and mines were destroyed.
Only a few plants & factories were operating.
The devastation covered both the city and
the village.
In order to start producing industrial products in the USSR
in the 1920s and achieve a colossal growth rate in its
production by the 1930s, it was necessary first, to
build this production up from scratch. The task of
preserving the Soviet country, required fulfilling
the most difficult condition: to grow faster than
all Western countries, while solving much more
complex innovation tasks than any of them.

In fact, it was a challenge of the same scale that we are
facing now. It is no accident, that the words of Joseph
Vissarionovich Stalin, who in 1925, at the XIV Congress
of the CPSU, outlined the uncompromising goal of an
economic breakthrough, sound as if they are
said today:
"We must make our country an economically independent
country based on the domestic market. We must build our
economy in such a way that our country does not become
an appendage of the world capitalist system, that it is not
included in the general scheme of capitalist development
as its subsidiary enterprise, that our economy develops,
not as a subsidiary enterprise of world capitalism, but
as an independent economic unit, based on the link
between our industry and the peasant economy.".
And the Soviet country proved by its actions
the possibility of achieving such a huge task
in the shortest possible time.
Already in 1927, the total volume of industrial output
produced in the USSR exceeded the figures of 1913.
By 1929, at the beginning of the first five-year plan,
more than two thousand large state-owned
industrial enterprises had been restored
and re-built.
However, this was not enough to ensure economic
independence and defense capability. In order to
fulfill the Stalinist policy formulated at the XIV
Party Congress, it was necessary to
fundamentally improve the system
of national economic

That is why, since 1929, the Soviet economy had
been developing, according to five-year plans.
In 1931, at the First All-Union Conference of Workers
in Socialist Industry, Stalin, emphasizing the need to
accelerate industrialization and modernization in
principle, addressed the people with the words:

"We are 50-100 years behind the advanced countries.
We have to run this distance in ten years. Either
we do it, or we'll be crushed."
This call was also heard and implemented. And this became
clear not only to Soviet citizens, but also to the whole
world. In January 1932, the French newspaper 
Tan stated: "The USSR won the first round,
industrializing without the help of
foreign capital."
This conclusion was echoed by the British Financial Times:
"The success achieved in the machine-building industry - is
beyond any doubt. The USSR is currently producing all the
equipment necessary for its metallurgical and electrical
industries. it managed to create its own automobile
industry. It created the production of tools; and tools

that cover the entire gamut, from the smallest tools
of high precision, up to the heaviest presses. As for
agricultural machinery, the U.S.S.R. is no longer
dependent on foreign imports. There is no doubt
that the newly built huge factories guarantee a
significant increase in heavy industry output."
The planet-shaking results of rapid industrialization...
became more impressive every year. A country where
on the eve of the 1917 revolution, 70% could not read
or write, having won the battle against illiteracy in
the first years of Soviet power, had now moved on
to breakneck economic and social development.
And it began to turn into one of the world's
leading powers.
In the "post-Soviet" era, we witnessed an almost endless
crisis, the degradation of the economy, & the destruction
of high-tech production. But the Soviet Union increased
industrial production almost 13-fold in the first 30 years
of its existence. While the US had only doubled it in
the same three decades, and the UK - by 60%.
In capitalist Russia, over the past 10 years, the real
average annual growth of the economy has not
reached even 1%. And in the USSR, just in the
twelve pre-war years, from 1928 to 1940, the
volume of the economy grew --- by 450%. It
increased annually by an average of 13.8%.
This is an indicator that no other country
in the world has been able to surpass
--- to this day!
We should be proud of the fact that this is the history of our
Fatherland. Be inspired by it, at this difficult time. To study
and implement in new conditions, its experience of heroic
mobilization, labour, and the social and moral solidarity
of its citizens. Only this, will allow us to overcome
today's difficulties.
A plan for great achievements
During the first Soviet five-year plan, the volume of
industrial production in the Soviet country doubled!
And in Western countries, it shrank by an average
of a quarter, over the same period. Compared to
the performance of the Russian Empire on the
eve of World War I, industrial production in the
USSR increased fourfold by 1933, compared to
a ten percent increase in the United States
over the same 20 years.

In 1933, the share of industry in the total Soviet economy
exceeded 70%. It was 16% higher than in 1929, and 28%
higher than in 1913. In just three years, the production
of trucks had grown 5 fold, and passenger cars - 16-fold.
In his report to the seventeenth Congress of the CPSU(b),
Stalin summed it up briefly and clearly: "Our country has
become firmly and definitively, an industrial country."
Rapid industrialization was accompanied by the constantly
accelerating development of the Soviet agricultural
industry. Over the first 5-year period, the availability
of tractors for agriculture had increased almost 6
times, and the availability of combine harvesters
- almost 15 times. During the first five-year plan,
the state sent 111 thousand technical and
agronomic specialists to collective farms
& state farms, about two million trained
tractor drivers, combined harvester
drivers and more than one and a half
million field and livestock foremen.
These achievements look fantastic against the background
of what has been happening for decades in "post-Soviet"
Russia. The market orgy caused serious damage to the
agricultural sector and food security of the country. A
particularly negative role was played by the law on
land purchase and sale, which we strongly
protested against.

It opened up almost unlimited possibilities for transferring
land to private ownership. As a result, the irresponsibility
of the new owners-moneybags led to the fact that 40%
of the Russian arable land is not used for its intended
purpose today. In the context of sanctions aimed,
among other things, at creating a shortage of
food products in Russia, this problem is
particularly acute.
We insist that Russia's food security must be guaranteed at
the legislative level. And pay special attention to the agro-
industrial complex. Provide producers in rural areas with
the necessary equipment and fuel, seeds and fertilizers.
Create a state fund to support agricultural enterprises.
Use the mechanisms of cheap loans and direct
subsidies to those who work on the land.
Overcome the shortages of personnel
in rural areas.
To meet these vital requirements, we have developed a
number of programs aimed at reviving the Russian
countryside and fundamentally improving the
productivity of the agro-industrial complex.

Our best specialists — V. I. Kashin, N. M. Kharitonov, N. V.
Arefyev - worked on them. The most important among
them are "New Virgin Land" and "Sustainable Rural
. The financial and economic block
of the government, has long prevented their
implementation. But it is unacceptable and
extremely dangerous to continue delaying
it, in the current conditions.
Comparing the indicators of pre-revolutionary Russia's
industrial backwardness, with the outstanding Soviet
achievements, we understand: that a fair, effective
system of economic management can provide the
country with the most ambitious breakthroughs.
In 1913, Russia was 8 times behind the United States in
terms of industrial output, 3.5 times behind Germany,
three times behind Britain -- and one and a half times
behind France. Russia's share in the world's industrial
output in 1913 was only 4%. The socialist economy
had fundamentally changed the situation. The
country was rapidly becoming one of the
leading industrial powers.
During the first five-year plan, 1,500 new large industrial
enterprises were put into operation. Entire industries
were re-created: aviation, machine-tool building,
automotive, chemical, instrument-making, and
agricultural machinery. They could not have
been mastered, if it were not for the huge
achievements in ferrous metallurgy, in
the production of aluminium and
high-quality steel.

At the same time, the main work was carried out to
implement the plan developed immediately after the
revolution by GOELRO --- the State Commission for
Electrification of Russia. The capacity of domestic
power plants had increased 2.5 times. As a result
of the implementation of the five-year plan, a
solid foundation of the economy was built —
heavy industry, mechanized agriculture.
The possibilities and advantages of the socialist planned
economy became indisputable at that time. They remain
so today. And it is simply criminal to refuse them, when
the West is trying to push our country into social and
economic chaos.
In November 2021, the head of state signed a decree "On
the fundamentals of state policy in the field of strategic
planning in Russia". It finally recognizes what the
Communist Party has long insisted on:  without
strategic planning, it is impossible to determine
the true most important goals of socio-economic
development that meet the main interests of the
country, & find ways to achieve them. Especially
now when we doubly need maximum mobilization
& accurate calculation of our actions. We call for
the urgent implementation of this installation. We
need to finally do what we have been trying to do
for many years – create a State Committee for
Strategic Planning, which will coordinate
this work.
The successful implementation of the Soviet 5-year plans
was based on the ever-growing financing of the most
important industrial sectors. The total amount of
capital investment in the first 5-year period -- was
twice as much as the expenditure in the previous
11 years. 50% of all capital investments were
directed to the development of industry. Of
this amount, three-quarters were allocated
to heavy industry.
Like the USSR of the late 1920s and early 1930s, today's
Russia, which also needs to solve the problem of
accelerated industrialization and modernization,
has neither the time nor the right --- to rely on
private investors, either external or internal.
The economy facing such challenges should
rely primarily on public investment.
But instead of implementing this principle, for many years..
we have been openly draining the financial system of blood
and squandering its resources. Over the years of market
"reforms", over a trillion dollars have been withdrawn from
the country. At the current exchange rate, this is 80 trillion
rubles — almost four federal budgets! Capital withdrawal
has accelerated, especially over the past 2 years, during
which $ 122 billion, or 9 trillion rubles, has flowed out of
the cordon. We insist that the foreign currency earnings
of Russian exporters should be left in the country, and
at least half of it should go to the state treasury.
However, the authorities ignored the demand to
take financial flows under strict control. The
currency was freely exported abroad, where
it is now frozen indefinitely.
We call for abandoning the flawed model of financial
system governance. It cannot indulge the anti-state
interests of the oligarchy --- and is obliged to work
for the development of the country.
The Central Bank's key task -- should be to promote
economic growth. It is necessary to strengthen the
Central Bank's responsibility for the ruble exchange
rate and the stability of the national currency.
Systematically expand the use of the ruble in
settlements with foreign countries. Restore
the branch state-owned banks - Industrial,
Construction, Agricultural, Scientific and
Technological. Focus them on the tasks
of economic and social development.
The country urgently needs to introduce a mechanism for
interest-free lending to enterprises guaranteed by the
state and regional authorities. For the revival of
domestic production, such financial measures
are needed, and not the lifting of credit rates
for enterprises, which high-ranking liberal
officials continue to insist on.
Russia needs to strictly limit the export of capital and
ensure the process of real de-offshorization of the
domestic economy, which we have been promised
for years, in words, but not in practice.
The Communist Party of the Russian Federation...  has
developed a program for improving the state's financial
policy and prepared a package of relevant laws, which
were worked out by Yu. V. Afonin, N. V. Kolomeitsev,
S. A. Gavrilov and other representatives of our
deputy team.
The rapid growth of industry, allowed the Soviet country to
completely eliminate such a social evil as unemployment by
the end of 1930. And until the last days of the existence of
the Country of Soviets, our citizens did not encounter this
terrible phenomenon. The Soviet Labour Code...  not only
enshrined the right to work and prohibited the dismissal
of an employee without a valid reason - just at the whim
of the employer ---- as is often the case today. This code
guaranteed workers to work in their specialty, excluded
the possibility that the knowledge acquired by a person
in a higher education institution, or in a vocational
educational institution, would be unclaimed.
And in today's Russia, millions of people do not have a
permanent job, or are completely unemployed. The
government's employment promotion and support
program for medium and small enterprises,
has not been fully implemented.
Back in 2012, the president set a goal in one of his "May
decrees": to create 25 million high-performance jobs by
2020. But eight years later, instead of increasing their
number, we saw a reduction from 18.3 million in 2014
to 17 million in 2020. The reason is obvious: where
there is no development of advanced areas of the
economy, there can be no growth of the
corresponding jobs.
One of the most important requirements of our program
is to reliably protect workers from unemployment and
urgently form a state employment support program
that meets today's challenges. But this task can be
realized only on the basis of a rapid development
of the domestic industrial sector, a brilliant
example of which, is provided by the
Lenin-Stalin modernization.
Alternative to raw material dependence
The results of the second Soviet five-year plan of 1933-1937
were no less impressive, than the results of the first. The
volume of industrial output continued to grow at the same
high rate and doubled in 5 years. Electricity generation
increased 2.7 times. 80% of all industrial output was
obtained at enterprises newly built or completely
reconstructed during the first and second five-
year plans. Industrial productivity had doubled.
4,500 large industrial enterprises were put into operation.
Among the main ones were the Ural & Kramatorsk Heavy
Engineering Plants, the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, the
Ural Car Building Plant, the Novolipetsk & Novouralsk
Metallurgical Plants. In 1935, the first stage of the
Moscow Metro was put into operation, which
became the pride of the country and the
decoration of the capital.
In the first years of the third five-year plan --- which was
destined to be interrupted by the war, the success of the
Soviet economy became absolutely irrefutable evidence of
the advantages of socialism. The country came out in 2nd
place in the world and the 1st in Europe in the main types
of heavy industry. In 1937-1939 alone, three thousand
new large industrial enterprises were established.
Power plants, oil refineries, cement plants, and
pulp and papermills, were put into operation.
The number of Soviet workers & employees
rose to 31 million in pre-war 1940, almost
tripling from 1928.
By the beginning of the war, the USSR ranked first in
Europe in terms of the main types of natural & raw
materials. And for some of them - first place in the
world. But, at that time, raw materials were not
exported abroad. It was used for the economic
development of the country, for the production
of high-quality products, and above all, metals-
cast iron and steel. These metals, transformed
into planes, tanks and katyushas, helped the
Soviet soldier defeat the most terrible enemy
that Russia faced. They literally saved our
homeland during the Great Patriotic War.
The absence of dependence on raw material exports is
one of the most important features that fundamentally
distinguished the multi-layered Soviet economy from
today's. And provided it with self-sufficiency, which
we so lack --- in the current sanctions conditions.
Those who judge the Soviet economy superficially or based
on unreliable sources --- are often convinced... that it had
become increasingly commodity-oriented over the years,
and allegedly became dependent on it to the same extent
as the economy of modern Russia. But this is a distorted
view. Until the last years of its existence  ---  when the
management of the Soviet economy, at the instigation
of Gorbachev's entourage, began to be intercepted by
degenerate destroyers, its distinctive feature --- dis-
played precisely, the multi-structure characteristic
of the most developed countries.
So, if the export of oil from the USSR for the period 1960-
1987 increased by 7.7 times, then the export of electricity
increased 18 times, equipment for the chemical industry
— by 19, equipment for the textile industry — by 21,
power equipment — by 56, equipment for the timber,
pulp and paper and woodworking industries -
by 77 times.
The earliest possible achievement of industry diversity, is
something that is vitally necessary for our economy, both
from the point of view of saturating the country with
domestic products, and from the point of view of
its competitiveness in the foreign market.
Today, some experts are openly spreading panic, scaring us
with the fact that by the end of this year, Russia may lose
half its oil and gas exports, and eventually face a critical
budget deficit. But if a competent policy is implemented,
we have all the opportunities for successful mobilization
of high-tech production. It will really help rid Russia's
economy of its dependence on raw materials.
We are in favour of the speedy implementation of this
fundamental task. And for the gradual reduction of oil
& gas exports in order to better support the domestic
market, and reduce the prices of petroleum products
within the country. At the same time, it is necessary
to ensure the development of the oil refining industry
...improving the quality of raw materials products.
But to solve this problem, it is necessary to remove the
oligarchy that is not interested in it, from the economic
helm. Only this will make it possible to return Russia's
natural resources & strategic sectors of the economy
to public ownership: the electric power industry,
transport, military-industrial complex, oil and
gas fields, and illegally privatized factories
and mines.
These measures should be accompanied by an increase in
spending on economic development from the budget and
the National Welfare Fund. And ensuring state control
over exports and imports, in order to create the most
favorable conditions for domestic producers.
It is necessary to immediately assess at the state level the
industrial potential that has been preserved in the Russian
regions, in order to update it and include it in production
activities - as soon as possible.
Today it is important to remember -- that, in the USSR, it
was precisely industrialization and modernization of the
economy that led to the rapid development of the social
sphere. And it was closely linked to the growth of the
construction industry. The annual commissioning of
housing by the start of the '50s increased almost 8
times compared to the end of the 20s. The number
of theatres, cinemas, clubs, & libraries increased
significantly. Sanatoriums and rest homes were
actively built. Soviet citizens enjoyed all these
benefits, free of charge, including housing
provided by the state.
With the return of capitalism, buying their own homes has
become an unaffordable luxury for most. The average
family either needs to save up for the purchase of a
standard city apartment for 15-20 years, saving for
this purpose, all the money that it earns. Or
voluntarily throw yourself into a debt hole,
not knowing if you will ever be able to
get out of it.
The deterioration of housing stock, in the era of the "free
market" has taken on an alarming scale. The destruction
of public infrastructure in various regions, reaches from
40% to 80%.
We insist that social housing should be built en masse for
Russian citizens and internally displaced persons from
the Donbas and Ukraine. And consider the right to
housing - as a guarantee of the right to life.
Large-scale state investments in housing construction and
utilities are needed. The construction industry, not only
has a special social significance -- but also is a unique
locomotive that pulls many other sectors of production
along with it. This should be the basis for the economic
policy of any state that seeks to develop successfully.
Transfiguration Lessons
The public, high-quality education that the Soviet system
managed to guarantee everyone, was not only a social
boon. It became the intellectual and professional
basis, for the outstanding achievements of
the USSR.
The availability of education in the Soviet state, and the
rapid involvement of the broadest social strata in it can
be judged at least by this fact: by the beginning of 1933,
students from peasants, already accounted for about
17% in higher educational institutions of the USSR,
while, in Germany at that time, the share of
peasants in universities, barely
exceeded 2%.
From 1933 to 1938, 20,000 new schools were built in the
country. 16 thousand of them were opened in rural areas.
By the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, 5 times more
children were studying in secondary schools than before
the Communists came to power. The number of students
enrolled in secondary educational institutions increased
by 30 times, compared to the pre-revolutionary period.
The number of students, increased eightfold.
And, since the destruction of the USSR, a third of schools
in Russia have been closed. Moreover, in rural areas, their
number has halved. The number of vocational schools has
decreased by 10 times! This is a real sabotage against our
country, arranged by the hands of "reformers" who acted
according to openly anti-Russian programs received from
the Soros Foundation and other overseas structures. That
is why, today, it is so difficult to find a good turner,
millerist, locksmith, or welder. These professions,
which are now extremely necessary for the
new industrialization and rapid import
substitution, have essentially been
eliminated in our country.
We insist - that in order to revive the broken system of
vocational and technical education and provide it with
effective support from the state - it is necessary to
restore the State Committee that will manage this
area. Without this, it is impossible to quickly fill
the shortage of highly qualified workers, which
is vital for us today.
In 1940, the Soviet state spent 13% of all budget
expenditure on education. And even at the height
of the war, in 1942, it allocated 6% of its budget
expenditure for education. And, in victorious
1945, this figure increased 2.5 times and
amounted to 17% of all Soviet treasury
The share of today's public investment in this area is only
a quarter of the pre-war Soviet expenditure. Modern
Russia, according to UNESCO Institute of Statistics,
has slipped to the 120th place in the world in terms
of the share of spending on education! In the last
ten years --- the total expenditure of the federal
budget on education does not exceed 5% of its
expenditure. And they remain within 1% of
the gross domestic product. Federal and
regional budget expenditure under the
section "Education" reached only 3.6%
of GDP, which is also categorically
Along with the financial theft of education, one of the main
crimes of the "reformers" was the intellectual and moral
destruction of the outstanding heritage of the Russian-
Soviet school. Washing out our best achievements from
the school curriculum, infiltrating it with Russophobia,
anti-Sovietism and gross distortions of national history.

Reduction of educational standards, which undermines
the intellectual and spiritual potential of society, was
fully reflected --- in the vicious system of the unified
state exam - an "innovation" imposed on Russia,
which the Communist Party of the Russian
Federation has always opposed, and
continues to strongly oppose.
The Unified State Exam... not only does not improve the
quality of education, but also frankly, devalues the most
important knowledge. It undermines the authority of key
scientific areas, without the development of which, it is
impossible to count on the technological breakthrough
of Russia declared in presidential decrees & messages.
In 2019, a group of Chinese scientists led by Academician
Jin Sizhang ...conducted their own research and assessed
how the level of education in 43 countries around the
world has changed over the past 30 years.

The conclusion of scientists is as follows: The West has
imposed on Russia a disastrous Unified State Exam
system that trains "biorobots, destroys knowledge,
and condemns schoolchildren to degradation and
eternal lag. The Unified State Exam is the main
threat to the development of technology in
Russia" and "the greatest sabotage of
the West".
Simultaneously with the school, the university education
was also sabotaged. Most of the higher education
institutions... were put on starvation rations. Even
in Moscow, the current average rate of a professor
is 35-40 thousand rubles, the rate of an associate
professor is 25 thousand & an assistant professor
is from 15 to 20 thousand. A student's estimated
stipend... is a humiliating 13% of the officially
established subsistence minimum, compared
to 80%, as it was in the USSR. And for those
who receive vocational education the figure
is a measly 5% ---- 16 times less than in the
Soviet era!
One of the main vices of the system of wild capitalism is
the loss of connection between economic activity and
scientific and technological progress, without which,
the development and decent future of the state and
society --- are absolutely impossible.
A fundamental review of policy in this area is an essential
part of our program. And one of the key documents
underlying it is the draft law "Education for All".

The best scientists and representatives of the Communist
Party of the Russian Federation in the State Duma worked
on it: Zh. I. Alferov, I. I. Melnikov, V. I. Kashin, O. N. Smolin,
Yu. V. Afonin, D. G. Novikov, S.E. Savitskaya, T. I. Pletneva,
N. A. Ostanina... I am convinced that -- without the
implementation of this law in life, it is impossible
to revive the outstanding Russian-Soviet school,
which is being destroyed by liberal "reformers".
We must resolutely reject the view of education as a
service -- any justification for its commercialization,
or transformation into a business sphere. From the
stupefying USE system, which we demand to
replace with a full-fledged traditional exam,
where students are not played guessing
games, but objectively reveal their true
knowledge and abilities, and from the
vicious idea of imposing distance
learning on schools & universities
...which the liberal destroyers of
the education system began to
actively introduce, against
the background of
the pandemic.
Government spending on education should be doubled and
amount to at least 7% of GDP. Without this, any calls and
promises to achieve a technological breakthrough will
be negated - by the growing intellectual degradation
and destruction of the country's scientific potential.
In all regions, teachers ' salaries must be at least as high
as the average in Russia. In the field of vocational
education, teachers ' salaries should be at least
doubled, in comparison with today's salaries.
And the rates of university teachers should
be increased to a level not less than twice
the average Russian salary.
Textbooks that preach Russophobia, deny the ideology
of social justice and equality, denigrate and distort the
national history - should be resolutely expelled from
schools and universities. The outstanding works of
Soviet authors -- which have been withdrawn from
the school curriculum for decades and which are
the best examples of morality and patriotism -
should be returned to the school curriculum.
In order to throw off the yoke of anti-national capital and
move forward confidently, Russia needs to fully feel that
it is the heiress not only of Pushkin, Lermontov, Tolstoy,
Turgenev, Nekrasov and Chekhov ---  but also of Gorky,
Sholokhov, Simonov, Isakovsky, Tvardovsky, Bondarev
and Rasputin. Prokofiev, and Sviridov. Mukhina, and
Vucetich. Makarenko and Sukhomlinsky. Kurchatov
and Keldysh. Korolev and Gagarina. Zhukov,
Rokossovsky, Vasilevsky, and Konev.

The country should be proud that this galaxy of brilliant
names that make up the pride of Russian civilization
was born out of the Soviet era, the socialist
Fatherland, the birthplace of Lenin
and Stalin.
We demand the adoption of a law on state protection of the
Russian language as the greatest national treasure. It is
also largely the responsibility of the school to foster
love for it and preserve it.
Let us recall what Konstantin Dmitrievich Ushinsky, the
founder of the Russian pedagogical system, said about
the priceless value of native speech: "Being the most
complete and faithful chronicle of the entire spiritual
life of the people for many centuries, the language is
at the same time the greatest national mentor, who
taught the people... when there were no books or
schools yet, and continues to teach them to the
end.. stories. Language is the most vital, most
abundant and strong link that connects the
obsolete, living and future generations of
the people into one great historical living
whole.   When the national language
disappears the people are no more!''

''As long as the language of the people lives
in the mouths of the people, so long does
the people live."
We Communists never cease to remember this, as we
defend the Russian language, our national culture,
science and education, which the true patriots
of Russia have always stood guard over, and
continue to stand guard over.
Scientific foundation of the state
The basis of the outstanding economic and social victories
of the Soviet country --- was the rapid development of
science, which became one of the main tasks of the
state from the first days of Stalin's industrialization.

The Soviet State itself, was born on the scientific
foundation of the outstanding Marxist-Leninist
doctrine, and commitment to politics and the
knowledge economy, was an immutable
law for it.

With each five-year plan, the state's contribution to the
development of science & its achievements increased.
Even the war was unable to stop this process. And, in
the post-war years, our country confidently broke out
into being world leaders in scientific development.
In five years - from 1950 to 1955 - the number of scientists
in leading research institutes, where the main scientific
potential was concentrated, increased from 75 to 95
thousand. And over the next five years, it reached
200,000. That is -- during these five years -- the
number of researchers in the USSR, increased
annually by 20 thousand. Our specialists were
trained at the highest level. It was they, who
ensured the creation of a nuclear shield,
which still reliably protects the Russian
State from the military encroachments
of those who dream of enslaving it.

They paved the way for our country to go into space.
It is their achievements, that our people are still
proud of - and the whole world admires.
A quarter of a century later, by the mid-1980s, more than
500 research and production associations were operating
in the USSR, which made it possible to actively integrate
science into production and the national economy. In the
Soviet Union, there were 1,200 independent industrial
research institutes and design bureaus. Over 500 of
them worked in the machine-building complex.
Every fourth researcher in the world, was a
Soviet citizen. Every third invention on
the planet, was made in our country.
At that time, there were 70 centres of scientific and
technical creativity of young people in the USSR.
Implementation of the "Comprehensive Program
of Scientific and Technological Progress of the
COMECON member Countries" began. And the
key role here belonged to Soviet science and
our scientists. The socialist countries started
the joint production -- of computers and laser
installations, digital information transmission
systems, automation tools and other high-tech
products. New metal-cutting equipment, new
materials based on ferrous & non-ferrous metal
and refractory compounds were created, using
powder metallurgy methods. Biotechnologies
were actively developed. A socialist economy
proved its ability to dynamically modernize, &
actively introduce innovations. It confirmed
an ability, not only to keep up with the
capitalist economy, but also to be
ahead of it, in development.
There is no doubt that socialism would soon have achieved
an absolute victory in the economic competition between
the two systems, if a cohort of outright traitors and
unscrupulous opportunists had not penetrated the
highest echelons of power & begun to undermine
the system from within. They played the role of
allies of those external forces, that did every
thing to bury the USSR and the Socialist
A direct consequence of this was the refusal of the state to
fully support and strengthen domestic science. Over the
years, its funding has been reduced, both relative to the
total budget expenditures & relative to GDP. The country
that was the leading scientific power in the world in the
Soviet era, under capitalism, has come to the point that
the treasury is allocating for basic science as much as 
the US and the leading countries of Europe spend
on the maintenance of one large university!
Now these opponents are trying to deal us a new crushing
blow & in many ways, they rely on Russia's technological
backwardness, which was allowed during three decades
of market degradation. We will be able to achieve victory
in this difficult confrontation only if we make a large-scale
intellectual breakthrough. But the solution to this problem
is impossible without the comprehensive support of modern
science. The Soviet experience proved how effective its
integration into production and the national economy is.
Today, we need to significantly increase funding for the
scientific activities of domestic scientists and increase
the share of organizations where it is carried out, to at
least 30%.
It is vital for us to develop high technologies and restore
production capacities that will allow us to build a strong
and independent economy. This means investing in basic
science. The formation of new laboratories based on the
industry principle -- working to accelerate scientific and
technological progress. The immediate implementation
of new developments in real production.
Special attention should be paid to electronics, machine
tools, robotics, and artificial intelligence. In our program
documents, we have repeatedly shown, how to solve
problems in these areas. And they put on the table of
the President, the head of government, and the heads
of key ministries proposals developed together with
the directors of major enterprises and scientists of
the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Our country has a strong base for making scientific and
technological breakthroughs. This is the world-famous
Novosibirsk Akademgorodok — one of the pearls of the
great Soviet heritage. And the St. Petersburg National
Research Academic University, that bears the name of
its founder, Nobel laureate Zhores Alferov, who worked
brilliantly not only in the scientific field, but also in the
deputy team of the Communist Party in the State Duma.
Within the walls of the university he created a physics
and mathematics lyceum, a university and a state-of-
the-art production facility were united for the first
time. But..  instead of giving it maximum support,
the authorities turn a blind eye to how predatory
raiders roam around the university, dreaming
of seizing the land on which this unique
educational institution is located.
If we want to overcome the technological gap and return
Russia to the path of advanced development, which will
ensure that we are invulnerable to any sanctions, it is
necessary to put an end to such criminal practices;
protect the dignity, professional & social interests
of scientists, and radically revise the state policy
in this crucial area.
In 1931, the Nobel Prize-winning British playwright Bernard
Shaw said: "If the experiment that Lenin undertook in the
field of social structure fails, then civilization will
collapse, as many civilizations that preceded
ours failed."
Thanks to the Leninist-Stalinist modernization, the Soviet
system managed to survive and reach incredible heights.
But --- at the turn of the XX and XXI centuries, after its
treacherous destruction, our country went off the path
of the leader of world civilization. And at the same time
the entire world civilization began to slide into a deep
crisis and obscurantism --- which has reached an
extreme degree in our days. The only way to get
out of this disastrous abyss -- for us -- is to
transform Russia into a socialist country
that opposes globalist fascism on the
basis of a smart and patriotic
development policy.
Reliable Medicine Shield
Outstanding scientific achievements of the USSR became
an indispensable basis, not only for industrialization, but
also for the development of Soviet medicine. It was the
breakthroughs in science that predetermined the huge
success of domestic healthcare and pharmaceuticals,
which began to rapidly gain height during the second
Stalinist five-year plan. Thanks to this, back in the
30s, our country was the first to defeat many of the
most dangerous infections, the eradication of which
...the world had previously considered impossible.
Soviet specialists created new, hitherto unknown
drugs. Among them, a special role was played by
penicillin --- which saved the lives of millions of
soldiers on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War.
Without these brilliant victories in the medical field,
the enormous demographic growth of the Soviet
era...  would not have been possible.
Despite all the hardships and terrible human losses
suffered in the first half of the twentieth century in
three wars — two world wars and a civil war - the
population of the Soviet country grew steadily
and rapidly. If in 1913 159 million people lived
within the borders of the future USSR, then
in the years of Soviet power their number
increased to 294 million - by 85%. By the
start of the 20th century - there were 67
million inhabitants within the borders of
present-day Russia, and - in the Soviet
era - its population grew to 148 million
 — 2.2 times!
At the beginning of the 20th century...  the average life
expectancy in Russia was deadly low - 32 years. In the
US, it was then 49 years old. But... in 1967, when the
Land of Soviets celebrated the 50th anniversary of
the Socialist Revolution, our citizens lived an
average of 70 years. The US, however, was
not able to reach this figure by that time.

They were 3 years behind the Soviet Union
in terms of average life expectancy. In
the same period, the Soviet Union
surpassed not only the US in life
expectancy, but also countries
such as France, Belgium, and
Finland and was on a par with
Japan, Germany, Italy, and
Canada, in this indicator.
Here are the unique achievements of the Soviet State,
whose citizens were protected by a reliable shield
of advanced science and medicine.
And, over the past 30 years, in Russia and other former
Soviet republics that were forced to abandon socialism,
the number of Russians alone has shrunk by 20 million.

The population decline in our country over the past three
years, has amounted to more than two million people.
This is the terrible price of an irresponsible attitude
to the healthcare sector and to science, without
which medicine and self-sufficient pharma-
ceuticals, independent of imports,
cannot develop.
Over the past 20 years, the amount of public funding for
healthcare in Russia has fluctuated between 3-4 percent
of GDP - with a required 7 percent. The result, is low
salaries for health workers and a deterioration of the
medical infrastructure. The situation was seriously
aggravated by the irresponsible "optimization" of
the medical sector. It was carried out, under the
pretext of restoring order in the domestic health
care system, modernizing it, and freeing it from
bureaucratic costs. But in fact, it led to the fact
that the number of hospitals and hospital beds
was halved, and the medical staff underwent a
large-scale & absolutely unjustified reduction,
that resulted in an acute personnel shortage.

The accumulated problems were particularly acute against
the background of the coronavirus pandemic, which put
Russia in one of the first places in the world, in terms
of mortality.
In the summer of 2020, against the background of the
growing epidemic, it was the Communist Party of the
Russian Federation, that came up with a clear and
consistent program of emergency measures aimed
at saving domestic medicine. Then, it was actually
ignored by the authorities. But today, in the face
of hostile sanctions, the predatory scenario of
which involves depriving our country of modern
medical equipment and a whole range of vital
medicines, this program becomes even
more relevant.
It is only possible to ensure the availability and high quality
of healthcare, if government spending on this area is at
least doubled. First of all, the primary health care
system must be restored.
In this situation, it is necessary to make a decision - on
providing the necessary medicines to poor citizens free
of charge or on preferential terms. Let me remind you:
in 2021, the average cost of packaging medicines in
Russia increased by 12.5%. The increase in prices
for imported drugs ranged from 20% to 40%, and
some of them, doubled in price. In the long run,
the problems... may be even more serious. We
must do everything possible to stop further
escalations in this area. This is one of the
most urgent tasks - both from the point of
view of social stability and from the point
of view of national security.
Its implementation requires the transfer of pharmaceutical
enterprises under the control of the Ministry of Health. And
a fundamental increase in their financing at the expense of
the National Welfare Fund. The work of these enterprises
should be carried out in strict accordance with the
programs and requests of the relevant ministry.

This is the only way to overcome dependence
on imported drugs and components in the
shortest possible time, and which is
becoming extremely dangerous in
the context of the Western
sanctions banditry.
We also call for an end to the practice
of admission to medical universities
and colleges, on a fee-based basis.

It is absolutely unacceptable that access to the profession
of a doctor for money should be opened to people who do
not have the necessary abilities for it and are devoid
of sincere devotion to it. This is a direct path to a
further degradation of medicine... on which, the
health and preservation of the nation depends.
The demographic catastrophe that threatens Russia has
two main components. These are high mortality and
extremely low birth rates, which, in recent years,
have turned out to be the worst in our country
since the early 2000s.
Key social measures: should stimulate the birth rate 
- improving the welfare of workers, restoring a full-
fledged and effective system of benefits for large
families, providing housing for young families, &
 implementing a large-scale national program
for the protection of motherhood
and childhood.

But we will achieve curbing mortality, without which it is
also impossible to improve the demographic situation -
only if Russian medicine is revived on the basis of our
program requirements & the outstanding experience
of the Soviet health care system.
The unsurpassed achievements of the Soviet era,
which were especially vividly manifested in the
labour, scientific and social feats of Stalin's
industrialization, were based on two axes,
on two fundamental principles of the
Russian world — the worker
and the peasant.

These 2 principles were also combined in the outstanding
personality of the Soviet leader I. V. Stalin. This, is exactly
what the German writer Lion Feuchtwanger noticed in him,
who after getting acquainted with our country persistently
sought to spread the truth about the USSR in the West —
despite the myths of reactionary propaganda about
"Soviet totalitarianism". In his book Moscow, 1937,
written in France, he spoke of Stalin: "This is the
type of the Russian peasant and worker who has
risen to genius, and who is assured of victory
because he combines the strength of
both classes."
Feuchtwanger meant, primarily, the political and socio-
economic victory of Stalin and the country he led. But
these words, written four years before Hitler's attack
on the Soviet Union, were also prophetic of our
country's Great Victory on the battlefields
against fascism.
This Victory was forged in the combination of the greatest
ideas of our people, coming from the depths of centuries
and embodied with the highest power in Soviet society -
the ideas of statehood and socialism. Their connection
was clearly and forcefully expressed in the address to
the defenders of the Soviet Homeland, which Stalin
delivered from the rostrum of the Mausoleum on
November 7th, 1941, at the military parade
markingthe 24th anniversary of the
October Revolution:

"Let the courageous image of our great ancestors -
Alexander Nevsky, Dmitry Donskoy, Kuzma Minin,

Dmitry Rogozin - inspire you in this war:
Pozharsky, Alexander Suvorov, Mikhail
Kutuzov. Let the invincible banner of
the great Lenin overshadow you!"
Today, having accepted a new challenge from foreign
opponents, we can repeat these Stalinist words that
inspire us to the victories and achievements of the
twenty-first century.
A fateful test of strength
A big war becomes for any nation not only a test of military
and moral fortitude. It is the most rigorous test --- of the
political, social and economic sustainability of the state.
The most revealing test for the strength of the existing

For the Soviet state, the main test was the Great Patriotic
War, which proved the ability of the people who linked
their fate with socialism to fight back against a strong
and terrible enemy and save all of humanity from the
plague of Hitler's Nazism. It was the socioeconomic
system with which the USSR met the treacherous
attack of the fascist invaders, that played a
decisive role in achieving our
Great Victory.
The most difficult and heroic years of the war clearly
demonstrated the Soviet Power's ability... to make
unprecedented economic breakthroughs. In 1943,
the output of Soviet defense industries doubled
in comparison with the pre-war 1940. Domestic
agriculture also withstood the blows of the war.
New acreage was developed... in the eastern
regions, where it grew by 5 million hectares.
During the war years, winter crops in
Siberia increased by 64%.
Today, when the tasks of strengthening our agricultural
sector and achieving sustainable food security require
maximum provision of modern agricultural machinery,
it is especially important to remember the indicators
of its production at that most difficult time. Thus,
tractor production, which plummeted in 1942,
increased by 27% in 1945 compared to 1942.
It is terrible to imagine what might have been waiting for
our country if, at the time when it was attacked by Hitler's
Germany, the economy was in the hands of oligarchs who
made capital, thanks to Chubais' criminal privatization.

Even then, they probably would not have had "incentives"
to invest in the economy, in successful opposition to the
enemy. They probably wouldn't want to share their
super-profits with the country, even if it meant
the country's death.
Without such social unity in the Soviet country, such faith in
ideas that reflect the interests of the working people, the
USSR would hardly have withstood the onslaught of the
enemy. But there was a great unity in Soviet society.
And so our fighters went on the attack, died, broke
through the enemy's encirclement and won with
the words: "For the Motherland! For Stalin!"
Soviet patriotism and loyalty to the Fatherland, rooted in its
difficult and heroic thousand-year history, gave them an
unbreakable strength. These great feelings permeate
one of the best poems of the first war years "1941",
written by the poet and front-line correspondent, a
talented native of Donbass, Dmitry Kedrin. His
piercing words were addressed to the Soviet
soldier and citizen:
Is it for this purpose under the Lenin banner
By constant hard work
We rebuilt it in belokamenny
Our once log cabin;
And from the fierce onslaught of the enemy
Did they defend it for that purpose,
To rot you alive now
In the bitterest of bitter captivity
So that, staring pewter eyes,
Nemchura drilled the guys,
So that you forget that the Slavs
You and I were called yesterday
Fight well so that the aliens are filthy
They ordered others to come to us
Enemies to be insulted
Don't give us our honest graves!
Look back at the woods and pasture,
Advancing with a rifle into battle
All that is acquired by our hard work,
Behind your back, behind you!
So that the good will not be pulled apart,
To the Motherland to bloom and shine,
With the voices of your hoary ancestors
I'll tell you to stand to the death!
And today... we can stand and win, only if society is
maximally united, with close civil and social unity.
But it cannot be achieved --- if the practice of
persecuting left-wing patriotic forces,
intimidating and putting pressure
on our comrades --- continues.

Talented managers of the best national enterprises, such
as the Lenin State Farm, near Moscow, headed by the
people's presidential candidate, P. N. Grudinin, the
Zvenigovskoye association in the Republic of Mari
El, headed by I. I. Kazankov, & Usolye-Sibirskoye
in the Irkutsk region, under the leadership of
I. A. Sumarokov.
It is impossible to achieve solidarity in a country where,
even in a hybrid war, high offices & television screens
continue to pour buckets of malicious and deceitful
anti-Soviet views on society.
We demand an end to the persecution of our comrades and
associates. Outlaw the propaganda of Russophobia and
anti-Sovietism. Without these policies, in Russia, where
the demand for social justice and a turn to the left, is
growing rapidly --- it is impossible to achieve lasting
social unity in the face of the challenges that have
been thrown at us all.
The outstanding Soviet experience is both an example of
great spirit and national unity, and an example of heroic
recovery of the economy and social sphere, after
colossal losses. Since the Great Patriotic War,
this example has never been so relevant
as it is today.
The material losses suffered by the USSR from 1941 to
1945 amounted to almost a third of its national wealth.
The amount of damage caused to the Soviet Union
was estimated at 2.6 trillion pre-war rubles. In
terms of current prices --- this is at least the
seven-year gross product of today's Russia.
The enemy army completely or partially destroyed or
burned 1,710 Soviet cities and towns, more than 70
thousand villages and villages. 65 thousand kms of
railway tracks, 4 thousand railway stations, 36
thousand postal & telegraph institutions were
disabled. The Nazis destroyed over 6 million
buildings on our territory. 25 million people
lost their homes.
A heavy blow was dealt to Soviet industry. Almost 32
thousand enterprises were destroyed. Steel mills,
which before the war accounted for about 60% of
the steel produced, and mines, which produced
60% of the country's coal, were destroyed.
Tens of thousands of collective and state
farms were ravaged by the war and
looted by the enemy.
The losses in the social, educational and scientific spheres
were gigantic. On the territory of the USSR, the invaders
completely destroyed or damaged 40 thousand hospitals
and other medical institutions, 84 thousand schools,
technical schools, universities and research
institutes, and 43 thousand public libraries.
But the most terrible result of the war's hard times, is the
death of almost 27 million Soviet people. If not for the
war, they would have continued to live and have
children, work in production and agriculture,
teach in schools and institutes, and make
scientific discoveries.
The victorious country, which had survived a terrible war,
was faced with the task of recovering from these wounds
inflicted by the enemy, as soon as possible. In the hearts
of Soviet citizens, the bitterness of loss, the triumph of
winners and the desire for a new life, the struggle for
which is sanctified by the great deeds of our
ancestors and the outstanding history of
the Fatherland, were united.

All these feelings were poignantly reflected in the poem
"Contemporaries", written in 1946 by the veteran poet
Pavel Shubin, who was born and raised in my native
Oryol region:
Tattered to pieces
In the Dnieper swamps,
On the Orlovskaya arc,
Silt-covered Siwash, —
They were also surprised by the stars,
They were lying in the bloody mud under fire
We crawled to the Prussian trenches without breathing;
They also hugged the cute ones
And they died at the cold dawns
In the ruins of someone else's dugout…
I was with them,
I ws also hit at point blank range
And the wounds haven't closed yet
But still sometimes,
On the dawns of the former
Cherries are blooming again in Chernihiv,
Drunken nights are no darker than before,
Cast showers fall on Downpours,
And drops, like chopped hryvnia,
In the shaggy manes of warhorses
And I'm also Svyatoslav's vigilante,
Went to Kafa, took Bratislava,
A hundredfold died at Stalingrad
And risen again under the sun of our glory —
Zealot of peace, guardian soldier
The more deeply we realize the scale of the tragic losses
suffered during the war years, the more majestic the feat
of rapid socialist reconstruction of the victorious country
appears -- demographic, social, and economic recovery.

Stalin's industrialization of the 1930s, was an unsurpassed
experience of a gigantic socio-economic breakthrough. The
reconstruction of the post-war years, turned out to be an
unprecedented example of the revival of a Power that not
only made up for the losses incurred, but also surpassed
its pre-war achievements, in the shortest possible time.
The average annual growth rate of industrial output in the
post-war fourth five-year plan was 14% and exceeded the
pre-war rate of 13.2%. These figures were achieved
despite the fact that the country lost millions of
skilled workers during the war! Despite the fact
that, by the end of the war, there were 2.5
million fewer workers and employees in
Soviet industry than in pre-war 1940!
After the war, the USSR was faced with the task of
transferring military industry enterprises to the
production of civilian products. It was possible
to solve it only if the machine-building industry
grew intensively. And this breakthrough in the
1st post-war five-year plan, turned out to be
more than impressive. In 1950, the output
of Soviet mechanical engineering was
2.3 times higher than in 1940.

Against the background of today's economic indicators,
such figures seem fantastic. But without such success
in mechanical engineering, the country would not have
been able to ensure the development of the entire
national economy on a new technological basis. It
was the success in mechanical engineering, that
created the most important prerequisites for the
37% increase in labour productivity and 64%
increase in national income achieved by the
end of the fourth five-year plan, compared
to the pre-war period.
By 1950, in comparison with 1940, the gross output of
Soviet industry had grown by 73%, fixed production
assets had increased by a quarter, and the national
income by 64%. Mechanical engineering, chemical
industry, and raw materials industries had shown
rapid development. The material & technical base
of agriculture had been significantly strengthened.

Construction of the largest energy facilities, new irrigation
channels and systems had started. The creation of forest
strips in the steppe regions of the country, had begun.
During the post-war five-year plan, 6,200 large state-owned
industrial enterprises ...were restored and re-erected. The
Kaluga Turbine Plant, Kolomna Heavy Machine Tool Plant,
and Ryazan Machine Tool Plant gave their products. The
Saratov — Moscow, Kohtla-Jarve — Leningrad, and
Dashava — Kiev gas pipelines were built and
put into operation.
It is especially important to recall today that first of all, the
Dnipro hydroelectric power station, metallurgical plants in
the south of Ukraine and mines in the Donbass,
were restored.
The Bandera-Nazi regime, which seized power in Kiev, as a
result of a criminal coup in 2014 -- seeks to erase from the
Ukrainian people the memory that they fought fascism side
by side with the Russians and other peoples of the USSR.
And fought alongside them in the post-war years for the
reconstruction of the country, in which industrial
construction in Ukraine.. played a special role. It
was in the Union of Soviet Peoples, that Ukraine
reached the peak of its economic, social
and cultural development.
We will never allow Bandera members, fascists and traitors
to trample on the historical memory. They are not destined
to establish obscurantist ideas of enmity and hatred on a
land drenched in the blood of Soviet soldiers.
Every day there is more and more irrefutable evidence that
the militaristic machine of Anglo — Saxon imperialism ---
NATO, which continues to stuff Ukraine with weapons, is
fighting with Russia in the Ukrainian direction. It is also
obvious.. that the Russophobic West is not just fueling
fascist sentiments in Ukraine, but is also thoroughly
imbued with them.
A convincing confirmation of this, was the vote held in
December 2021, on the UN resolution: "Combating the
glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other forms
of racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia".

Among the countries that are Members of the United
Nations --- there were 51 who cynically refused to
support this document, for which no truly civilized
state can fail to speak out. At the same time, the
United States and Ukraine, voted most defiantly
against the resolution. And 49 abstained, which
is also a de facto refusal - to recognize Nazism
as a world evil and resolutely oppose it. Among
those who refused to denounce Nazism are all
"democracies", many of which fought on the
side of Hitler. And today they signal their
commitment - to the same misanthropic
ideology, arming Bandera members and
waging a political and propaganda war
on their side. These are, in particular:

Great Britain, Germany, France, the Netherlands,
Poland, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Croatia,
Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland,
Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Romania,
Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.
From the heroic experience of the war years and post-war
reconstruction, there are three crucial lessons to be
learned that should inspire us in today's
challenging environment.
The first of them is a lesson in socio-economic revival and
rapid reindustrialization, successfully overcoming the
worst destruction in our history. We say that we are
quite capable of recovering from the pogrom that
the "reformers" prepared in Russia during the
three post-Soviet decades.
The second lesson is a lesson of fraternal friendship of
peoples, from which the Great Victory in the war
against fascism, and the great revival of the
country crippled by the enemy, were born..

It confirms --- the importance of our current program
requirements: to strengthen the Union of Russia and
Belarus and actively form a common economic and
cultural space of Russia, with the Luhansk and
Donetsk People's Republics. Resolutely protect
our compatriots abroad. Open the doors wide,
for their return - to their homeland. Launch a
vigorous struggle for a voluntary restoration
of the ruined Union State. The Communist
deputies L. I. Kalashnikov, K. K. Taisaev
and other representatives of our party,
are at the forefront of this most
important work.
The third lesson, is the denazification of Germany and its
satellites in the Hitlerite coalition by the victorious Soviet
state. This experience should be used today, in Ukraine,
which should be forever cleansed of the taint of Nazism.

Understanding this, we have collected unique material
concerning the denazification that the USSR carried out
in the 40s and 50s on the territory of Europe. And they
handed it over to the country's leadership, with the
wish to use it effectively in modern conditions.
Peaks of peaceful prosperity
The feat of rapid post-war reconstruction laid the
foundation for the successful development of the
Soviet country for four decades.
In the 1950s, the annual growth of industrial production
averaged 12%, the growth of gross agricultural output —
5-6%. Renewal of fixed production assets is estimated
at 10% a year. National income grew by 10% annually,
and trade turnover ---- by 11.5%. Destroyed towns and
villages were being revived and new ones were being
built. During the fourth 5-year plan alone, 201 million
square metres of housing were built and restored in
Soviet cities and towns.
Between 1951 and 1967, national income in the USSR
increased by an average of 9% per year, while in the
United States it grew by less than 4%. The annual
volume of industrial output in the Soviet country
grew by 10.5% annually, and in America-only by
4.5%. The Soviet Union increased agricultural
output by 4% every year, yet the US increased
it by less than 2%. Cargo turnover of all types
of transport, grew by 9% a year... in our
country, while overseas - by only 2.5%.

Soviet capital investment in development increased by
10%, while US capital investment increased by less
than 3%. The annual growth of labour productivity
in industry in the USSR, exceeded 6%, and in the
United States, it was twice as low.
By 1967, the total volume of products produced by the
USSR and other socialist countries, was 20 times
higher than the volume of products produced in
the same countries in 1937. And.. in the leading
capitalist countries the production of industrial
products had grown... only 3.4 times, over the
same 30 years.
20 years later, the USSR accounted for a fifth of the world's
industrial output, and the Russian Federation accounted for
9%, compared to less than 2% today. The Soviet country
produced 4.5 times more industrial products per
citizen, than the world average.
In 1987, the growth rate of national income in the United
States was less than 3%, and in the USSR it exceeded 4%.

The volume of industrial output in the United States
increased by 2.6% in the same year, while in the
USSR its growth exceeded 5%.
The Soviet aviation industry had achieved tremendous
success. Every third passenger in the world, flew on
"Silts " and "Carcasses". The USSR had an excellent
line of aircraft that didn't have a single foreign part.
By the early 90's ----- the country had fully certified,
state-of-the-art airliners ready for mass production.

But the "reformers", the "fifth column", which acted
in the interests of the West, ditched all this --- in
favour of Boeing and Airbus.
Now that Russia's adversaries are using the fruits of this
irresponsible policy to try to paralyze our civil aviation
with sanctions --- we urgently need to restore the
domestic aviation industry. Life, has convincingly
confirmed what we have been insistently warning
about -- all these years: a country spread across
11 time zones --- cannot depend on foreign civil
aviation. It has no right to become a hostage
of foreign exporters in this sphere.
In order to restore the status of a leading aviation power,
we must start mass production of the most significant
line of aircraft, as soon as possible — the long-haul
IL-96-400, medium-haul MS-21 and SSJ-100, and
other modern airliners.
For the development of intraregional routes in Russia, at
least 15-20 thousand light aircraft are needed. These
aircraft should provide transport accessibility to
remote and sparsely populated regions, where
their use is more cost-effective, safer, more
reliable & easier than using motor vehicles.
Expanding the financing of mass production of Russian
aircraft and attracting qualified personnel in this area
is one of the most important points of our
economic program.
When solving the vital task of import substitution today, it
is necessary to take into account the Soviet experience
in the production of consumer goods.
The Soviet Union had a developed textile industry and
produced fabrics of the highest quality. Worsted mills
in Leningrad, Chernogorsk, Buryatia, and Khakassia
provided the textile industry with raw materials.
Excellent products were produced by the Kiev,
Chernihiv and Tashkent silk mills. Excellent
cotton and linen products were produced at
enterprises located in Ivanovo, Vologda,
Kolomna, Novosibirsk.

Oligarchic capitalism, in fact, destroyed the traditional
Russian textile industry. And today, its restoration
--- should become an important component of the
state program of accelerated import substitution.
The experience of Soviet economic achievements serves as
proof of the most important law, without mastering which,
it is impossible to successfully fight for the welfare of the
people. This law states that economic growth based on
an increase in industrial production - and the dynamic
development of the high tech sector is the only basis
for increasing workers ' incomes. And to successfully
counter such a negative phenomenon as inflation.
The Soviet government took full account of this
law. And so, it could guarantee a decent life
for every citizen.
Already in 1945, the Soviet state's social security
expenditures -- were almost six times higher than
before the war. The hard times of war left millions
of Soviet people orphaned, widowed, and disabled.
But the Soviet government did everything possible
to help people return to a normal life as soon as
possible. Although it required an incredible
effort, and huge financial costs.
Large-scale measures aimed at improving the standard of
living of the people were carried out. Two years after the
end of the war, many problems of food and manufactured
goods consumption were solved. In 1947, the card system
was abolished. The overall price level has almost halved.
In just 7 years - from 1947 to 1954 - bread and butter fell
in price by 67%, meat-by 64%, sugar-by 56%, fish-by 51%,
shoes-by 52%, clothing made from natural fabrics-by 30-
50%. The cost of the main consumer basket had more
than halved, over the same years. And the income of
almost 60% of workers and employees exceeded it
from one and a half, to more than two times.
At the same time, it should be emphasized: in Soviet times,
the basic consumer basket meant a set of goods that
guaranteed a completely prosperous existence. And
not a beggarly ration, unable to provide even basic
survival, which today's statistics give out as a
living wage.
By 1967 - the half-century anniversary of the Great October
Revolution — the real incomes of Soviet workers had
increased 6.6 times, and the incomes of peasants -
8.5 times in comparison with the indicators of the
early 20s. Simultaneously with the rapid growth of
the purchasing power of citizens ---- there was also
an increase in consumption. So, for the period from
1929 to 1955, the consumption of eggs increased
by 1.5 times, vegetable oil - twice, fish - 2.5 times,
sugar - 2.8 times. A similar pattern was observed
in the non-food sector. Sales of fabrics increased
1.7 times over the same period, leather shoes —
2.3 times, hygiene items — 2.7 times. In general,
the retail trade turnover in the same quarter of
a century has grown in the USSR by 5 times.
The economic and social achievements of Soviet Power
were admired by the whole world. Unforgettable
international festivals of youth and students,
held in the USSR in 1957 and 1985, will
always remain in history.

The atmosphere that prevailed at them said that
the Soviet country... is a delight for all mankind
and proves to the whole planet the advantages
of socialism. The Soviet Union did not ask for
love and respect from anyone, but rightfully
gave them --- because of what we had
managed to achieve.
This is the great example that we must follow today, as we
fight to return to the most advanced positions in the world
and become truly invincible ----- politically, economically,
and morally.
Left turn to rebirth
In stark contrast to the social achievements of the Soviet
era, is the system of inequality and impoverishment that
we have built up, over 30 years of savage capitalism.
In the twenty-first century, Russia is the only country
among the largest countries in the world, where the
total capital of 100s of dollar billionaires exceeds
the total amount of bank deposits of all other
citizens. We are in the top three in terms of
the ratio of gross domestic product to the
wealth of a narrow group of oligarchs,
which, in monetary terms, is 35%
of our GDP.

This indicator, which indicates a huge social split,
is twice as high in our country as in the United
States, and three times higher than in the
EU countries.
According to the minimum wage, we are sixth out of ten
countries. And in Western Europe, it is 5-10 times higher
than in Russia. Over the past 8 years, real incomes of
citizens have decreased by 12%. The salary of over
half of employees does not exceed 20 thousand
rubles per month. Almost a quarter of families
with children live in poverty, and over half of
those with many children, live in poverty.

Impoverishment has pushed tens of millions of people into
debt, forcing them to take out "survival" loans. The total
debt of Russians to banks exceeds 23 trillion rubles,
exceeding the size of the annual federal budget.
For decades, the impoverishment of millions ensured the
fabulous enrichment of a handful of"chosen ones". In 2020
-2021 alone, despite the epidemic and the crisis that had
worsened against it, the total wealth of the Russian
billionaires ---- increased by $90 billion. Or, almost
seven trillion rubles at the current exchange rate.
That is, for a 3rd of the country's annual budget.

Their total capital at the end of 2021, amounted to 628
billion dollars and almost equaled the value of Russia's
gold and foreign exchange reserves, half of which are
now criminally frozen in the West. Frozen by those
whom the oligarchs never tired of praising and
under whose dictation, they led the Russian
economy to degradation.
Under primitive capitalism a decline in workers incomes
is compounded --- by non-stop inflation. In 2021, only
according to official data, consumer prices growth
exceeded 8% and turned out to be a record for the
last 6 years. Food products -- according to official
statistics, on average rose in price by almost 11%.
But in reality, according to experts, this figure is
three times higher. The government's forecasts
promise no less significant inflation, this year.
In this situation, we have formulated a program of priority
actions in the social and economic sphere — "Twenty
urgent measures for the transformation of Russia". We
submitted it to the President and the government, for
consideration and stated that only if our demands are
met, will the country be able to avoid collapse, cope
with the hostile sanctions challenge and get on the
path of confident, independent development.
The first requirement of our emergency response program
is to start an urgent fight to eliminate poverty. Double the
cost of living -- and set it at a minimum of 25 thousand
rubles. Ensure state regulation of prices for essential
goods. The draft of the relevant law that we have
prepared, is on the government's desk. And it
must be taken up immediately!
We insist: in the current situation, the authorities must
immediately cancel the cannibalistic pension reform.
Limit the amount of payment for housing and utilities
services to no more than 10% of the family's income.
Form a public trade network. This will eliminate the
arbitrariness of speculators who are ready to warm
their hands on the current difficulties & challenges.
Overcoming the crisis, reviving the country, and providing
citizens with decent living conditions is impossible without
restoring the social state -- which guarantees the right to
free education and medical care. In order to build such a
state, modern effective management is necessary. It is
time to reduce the number of officials and the bloated
repressive apparatus. Resolutely suppress corruption
and crime, first of all by purging the upper echelons
of power, from illiterate and corrupt personnel.
Over the past 30 years, the country's system of checks
and balances has been destroyed, which is provided by
independent public structures and organizations that
are able to resist corruption and lawlessness. In the
Soviet era, such a system played a huge role. It was
based on public organizations and was, in fact, all-
pervasive. It was based on the people's control,
trade unions, industry, youth, and women's

They not only helped to strengthen the unity of society, but
also protected the civil and labour rights of people. We
draw on this experience in our policies and programs.
The Communist Party's desire to revive the state of
social justice and the rule of law --- is actively
supported by patriotic forces, the Komsomol,
the Union of Officers, the Women's Union
"Hope of Russia", the movement "Russian
Lad", creative and professional unions.
We rely on a strong, professional and patriotic team, in the
centre of which are I. I. Melnikov, Yu. V. Afonin, V. I. Kashin,
D. G. Novikov, N. N. Ivanov, L. I. Kalashnikov, N. V.
Kolomeitsev, N. M. Kharitonov, S. G. Levchenko,
N. V. Arefyev, S.E. Savitskaya, Yu. P. Sinelshchikov,
N. I. Osadchy, S. P. Obukhov, N. G. Zubrilin, S. I.
Kazankov, A. A. Yushchenko, A.V. Kurinny, D. A.
Parfenov, A.V. Kornienko and other representatives
of the Communist Party factions in the State Duma
and regional legislative assemblies.
A successful example of governance is demonstrated by
the regional leaders representing our party - the Mayor of
Novosibirsk A. E. Lokot, the Governor of the Orel region
A. E. Klychkov, the head of the Ulyanovsk region A. Yu.
Russkikh and the head of Khakassia V. O. Konovalov.
Representatives of our young team, heads of regional
organizations of the Communist Party of the Russian
Federation and the Lenin Communist Youth Union —
M. N. Prusakova, G. P. Kamnev, A. N. Ivachev,
V. A. Tsarikhin, R. I. Kononenko, A. R.
Aleksandrov-are actively and
effectively working.
V. P. Isakov and M. V. Drobot reliably ensure the interaction
of the party with the Komsomol and the Pioneers, whose
100th anniversary we are celebrating this year.
Our highly qualified lawyers E. I. Kolyushin, I. A. Filatova,
and V. G. Solovyov are uncompromising and professional
defenders of the interests of the party and its voters.
The Pravda and Sovetskaya Rossiya newspapers and the
Krasnaya Liniya TV channel, headed by their leaders B. O.
Komotsky, V. V. Chikin and V. V. Miller, are valiantly
working on the information and ideological front
of the struggle for socialism.
Yu. P. Belov, S. A. Shargunov, V. N. Tetekin, L. G. Baranova,
L. N. Dobrokhotov, L. N. Shvets, I. I. Nikitchuk, V. S. Nikitin,
I. N. Makarov, V. F. Gryzlov, Yu.S. E. Anikhovsky, M. S.
Muzaev, Ya. I. Listov, A.V. Sukhoverkhov.
V. I. Sobolev, G. M. Benov, V. P. Komoyedov, A. P. Tarnaev, N.
N. Platoshkin, and S. S. Udaltsov play an important role in
strengthening the Union of the Communist Party of the
Russian Federation and other left-wing patriotic
Our call for a left turn is supported by the best
manufacturing professionals and scientists. It
resonates with the most serious scientific

An example of this is the recently published fundamental
work "Crystal of Growth. To the Russian Economic
Miracle", which unequivocally proves that the
Leninist-Stalinist modernization, was the
greatest socio-economic breakthrough
in the history of our Fatherland. And it
should serve as a key reference point
for us... in shaping the country's
new course.
The statements of the Russian leadership.. are increasingly
echoing our calls and demands. Let me remind you that the
already mentioned Presidential National Security Strategy
rightly recognizes: that our traditional spiritual and moral
values include "creative work, the priority of the spiritual
over the material, humanism, mercy, justice, collectivism,
mutual assistance and mutual respect." But this is nothing
more than the basic foundations of socialism! And it is in
our common interest to raise this red banner of victory
over the country once again!
We must remember what the socialist system was capable
of. And to pass on the memory of this to a new generation,
whose most important historical task is to free themselves
from the fetters of the crisis, the main source of which for
the whole world is the system of global capitalism led by
its neo-imperialist Anglo-Saxon dictate.
Today we explicitly state: Soviet power, the power of the
working people, is the best defense against external
enemies and against the betrayal of national
interests by the"fifth column".
It was the unyielding will of the people that allowed the
creation of the greatest state in history, the Union of
Soviet Socialist Republics, 100 years ago. And when
this will was betrayed and paralyzed --- the criminal
destruction of the Soviet country became possible,
committed --- despite the results of the national
referendum, in which 113 million people voted
for socialism and the inviolability of Soviet
borders — 76% of those who took part
in the vote.
The collapse of the USSR and world socialism turned out to
be beneficial only to transnational capital, the Western
political establishment closely associated with it, and
corrupt traitors inside our country. Western "elites"
saved the capitalist system sliding into the abyss -
by military adventures, destroying a self-sufficient
socialist economy, seizing new markets and
turning successful states into raw
materials appendages.
The nefarious aims of those who profited from the
destruction of the Soviet State are reflected in the
memoirs of the outstanding Russian scientist and
patriot, Alexander Zinoviev.

He recounted a remarkable conversation that took place in
the late ' 90s: "Shortly before my return to Russia, I met a
well-known figure of the Cold War, and he told me directly:

"We will destroy you, the Russians, but only by humane
methods. Global division of labour, free trade, financial
sabotage, debt bondage, economic sanctions,
blockades, famine, drugs, AIDS, family
planning, spiritual corruption, and,
at worst, by pinpoint and
carpet bombing."
On July 23rd, 1991, a few months before the conclusion of
the criminal Belovezhskaya Accords, which "legitimized"
the liquidation of the USSR, a "Word to the People" was
published... in Sovetskaya Rossiya, signed by me and
a group of reputable industrialists, cultural figures,
& military personnel known throughout the country.

In it, we addressed the public with the appeal: "Let's say'
No! ' to the destroyers and invaders. Let's limit our retreat
at the last line of resistance. We are starting a nationwide
movement, calling to our ranks those who have recognized
the terrible disaster that has befallen the country ...

Everyone who is in the cities and villages, in the steppes
and forests, at the edge of the great oceans that wash
the country - we will wake up, stand up for unity and
repel the destroyers of the Motherland!"
30 years ago, those on whom the salvation of the Soviet
state depended did not listen to us. I hope, that those on
whom the security of Russia, the well-being and dignity
of our people depend today, will hear a new call for the
transformation of the Motherland under the banners
of patriotism, unity and renewed socialism!
In February 2021, Orel hosted the International Scientific
& Practical Conference "Image of the Future", which we
actively prepared. Its key conclusions, are the complete
bankruptcy of the capitalist system in Russia and in the
world, & the fundamental need to return to the socialist
principles of governance & socio-economic development.
This historical pattern is followed by the most important
demands of the left-patriotic forces, which are reflected
in our program and meet the interests of the absolute
majority, the tasks of saving the people -- and their
spiritual and moral revival. The nationalization of
strategically important industries. Restoration of
the planning system, in all social and economic
areas. The resumption of the full-fledged work
of such industries as aircraft construction,
robotics, electronics, plus machine tool
construction, energy, and metallurgy
under state control, plus.....

Maximum concern for the development of agriculture and
food security. Comprehensive support of existing national
enterprises and active promotion of new ones.
In the name of the Victory Program
One hundred years ago, a key event occurred in the history
of mankind. In its significance, it turned out to be no less
important than the transition of humanity from savagery
to civilization, the invention of writing or the spiritual
impulse of the Renaissance.
The creation of an equal family of peoples — the Union of
Soviet Socialist Republics, was an achievement of global
historical scale. It had fulfilled the highest hopes of
thinkers and visionaries of several millennia. They
reflected the dreams of a just society and a
brotherhood that could achieve anything -
from conquering the vast expanses of
the sea and the air, to defeating the
darkest forces of evil.
The leap of our fathers and grandfathers into the future,
did not happen by itself. It was prepared by the selfless
struggle of generations of creators and heroes - from
Radishchev and Pestel, Herzen and Chernyshevsky to
the brave Narodnaya Volya and inflexible Bolsheviks
who were not afraid of persecution, hard labour, or
the block. An ideological basis of the Soviet project
was laid by Marxist science, enriched by the
visionary genius of Lenin, the tireless work
of Stalin, and the incredible energy of
millions of Communists.
The formation of Soviet society was impossible without the
spiritual and moral pillars of the great Russian culture with
its inherent search for truth, love for the common man, and
the desire ---- to transform the native land, on the basis of
friendship of peoples and justice. In carrying out their feat
of creation, realizing a cultural breakthrough, creating the
USSR, implementing the Victory Program, the Bolsheviks
relied entirely on the great works of Pushkin & Lermontov
of Belinsky and Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and Nekrasov, on the
entire layer of our deeply humanistic literature, on its
philosophical understanding of life.
The fortress of the "roots" predetermined the strength and
beauty of the mighty state "tree" called the Union of SSR.
Its vital juices were drawn from the wisdom of centuries
and the energy of new generations. This was the start
of a breakthrough, that history had never known.

Industrial sectors created from scratch, unprecedented
scientific achievements, and space travel, have become
milestones of a grandiose movement forward.
But it wasn't progress for the sake of beautiful statistics.
And records were not set, for the sake of records. The
very existence of Soviet power --- all its victories and
achievements served Man. The people of labour, their
well-being, their comprehensive development became
the goal for which the Soviet Union fought, overcame
difficulties, and was eager for the future.
And the Soviet man - the man of the new era, the creative
man -- responded to his socialist Homeland with love and
devotion. He suffered hardships, building Magnitogorsk
and Dnepro GES. Not sparing his very life, he fought on
the fronts of the Great Patriotic War against fascism.
Looking to the future, he selflessly restored the
national economy of his beloved Motherland.
Contrary to the fabrications of the enemies of the Soviet
government, our dear Motherland was not at all doomed
to collapse. She was in the prime of her life --- had the
opportunity to overcome temporary difficulties --- and
accumulated a huge potential for new achievements
and victories. But the strong trunk of a thousand
-year-old statehood, was eroded from the inside.

Covering up their criminal actions with demagoguery
about perestroika and glasnost, distorting Marxist-
Leninist teaching, mixing great personalities with
mud, pandering to the sabbath of philistinism,
these parasitic shifters, led the country
to destruction.

Willingly or unwittingly, they were fulfilling the order of
world capital, which since the birth of the Soviet State
has been calculating lost profits and trembling for
its future.
The emergence of an alternative world order, directly
threatened the imperialists' plans for their planetary
and eternal domination. The world bourgeois
oligarchy, spared no effort to destroy
the USSR.

To do this, it sent groups of interventionists to us,
and supplied White Guard collaborators.  It was
they who nurtured fascism, wishing the Hitlers
and "Fuhrers"of a smaller kind, to defeat
our country.

It unleashed the "cold war" --- trying to strangle
the USSR with a blockade and cordons of
aggressive military blocs.

It formed a "fifth column" - which included the
Gorbachevs and Yakovlevs, Yeltsins and
Shevardnadze, Gaidars and Chubais
and a whole host of their
The crime has been committed. The brilliant Soviet project
of the twentieth century was stifled. Together with the
USSR, the hopes of billions of people on Earth, for
justice, peace and social progress, were shaken.

Traitorous pygmies danced on the fallen giant
tree, calling it an "anomaly of nature." They
insisted that Lenin was guilty of "destroying
Russian statehood" - while plundering and
living off the vast legacy created by him.
Barren, devoid of conscience and creative potential.... the
bourgeois government could not move the country forward,
doomed it to degradation. Russia survived thanks to the oil
and gas fields explored during the Soviet era. It had weight
in the world, thanks to the nuclear missile shield created
by the Soviet people. The authorities only parasitized on
all this, not forgetting to release poisonous anti-Soviet
injections. A symbol of the loss of its adequacy, was
the surprise that capitalist Russia could not even
provide itself with nails.
Alas, the Soviet legacy is dwindling. At the same time, the
appetites of world capital are growing, which needs to
extinguish its own crises and contradictions with a
new expansion. Sooner or later, this was bound to
lead to an acute conflict. Its centre is Ukraine
— once the most developed and prosperous
Soviet republic. After the destruction of the
USSR, it became a giant laboratory, where
monstrous experiments were conducted --
on de-industrialization, the destruction of
moral foundations, the re-animation of
Bandera and fascism.
In the Donetsk steppes and on the banks of the Dnieper, the
fate of Russia, the fate of Europe and Asia is being decided
today. We must admit that our country had to enter this
conflict without having the same potential. A military
operation of this scale.. requires the strength of not
only the armed forces, but also the entire economic
system, social sphere, education and culture. The
armoured train will not stand on rusty liberal rails.
And it no longer depends on the power of the
gunsand the accuracy of the missiles that
it is equipped with.
The Bolsheviks, led by Lenin and Stalin, were well aware of
how to act in an emergency. That is why, while building
the Red Army and trying to strengthen their defense
capabilities, they - vigorously - took up the GOELRO
plan, carried out industrialization, collectivization
and the cultural revolution.

They opened universities and research institutes.
This ensured our victory over Hitler's Germany
and militaristic Japan.
Of course, you can catch up, even today. But this requires a
huge effort and mobilization of all resources. This requires
a strong state will and the unconditional support of the
masses. And you can only gather them around a
large, forward-looking project.
Russia can move away from the brink of destruction and
put a strong barrier to external aggression, only by
abandoning its vicious liberal course. It will solve
this world-historical task  -----  if it discards the
disastrous chimeras of anti-communism and
anti-Sovietism. It will go ahead, if it stops
appeasing the oligarchy, and turns its
face to the working people.
How important it is that we have this remarkable and
grandiose example — the experience of the Union of
Soviet Socialist Republics! The example is life-giving,
created for the ages. This experience still inspires us
today. Thanks to it, humanity did not descend into
savagery, did not degenerate, did not turn into a
US concentration camp.
Such experiences will always have followers. And we have
evidence of this. This is a brave grandmother - with a red
banner, who stood face to face against the Nazis-Bandera.
These are young people joining the communist movement.
This is fraternal Cuba, which defends its revolution under
the dictates of vicious sanctions. This is socialist China,
with its victory over mass poverty and impressive space
The USSR is fighting, and always stays with us. It still lives
here, nearby, as a prototype of new victories. Like the epic
Svyatogor, it is ready to transfer its power to a new hero -
Ilya Muromets. Will Russia of the future become such a
hero? Will she be able to fight with the Filthy Idol and
nightingales-robbers of all stripes, coming out
victorious? It depends on each of us. It
depends on the ability to implement
the Victory Program.
We are convinced that socialism is still capable of saving
Russia from degradation, destruction and any hostile

The outstanding history of the Fatherland proves that
relying on the experience of socialist construction,
on the unique examples of Leninist-Stalinist
modernization and world practice, our
people will be able to perform a new
feat of revival and regain the right
to decent development and
a great future!
Good day, my comrades and friends!

In 1891 a ‘Slave Map of Modern Australia’ was
printed in the British Anti-Slavery Reporter. 
Was there slavery in Australia? Yes.
It shouldn’t even be up for debate
Published (updated): June 12th, 2020 
Authors Thalia Anthony Professor of
Law, University of Technology Sydney
Stephen Gray Senior Lecturer, Faculty 
of Law, Monash University
(The Conversation.)
Prime Minister Scott Morrison asserted in a
 radio interview that “there was no slavery 
in Australia”.
This is a common misunderstanding which
often obscures our nation’s history of
exploitation of First Nations people 
and Pacific Islanders.
Morrison followed up with “I’ve always said
we’ve got to be honest about our history”. 
Unfortunately, his statement is at odds 
with the historical record.
This history, was widely and publicly
documented, among other sources, 
in the 2006 Australian Senate
Unfinished Business:
 Stolen Wages.
What is slavery?
Australia was not a “slave state” like the
 American South. However, slavery is a 
broader concept. As Article 1 of the 
United Nations Slavery Convention 
Slavery is the status or condition of a 
person over whom any or all of the 
powers attaching to the right of 
ownership are exercised.
These powers might include non-payment of
 wages, physical or sexual abuse, controls 
over freedom of movement, or selling a 
person like a piece of property. In the 
words of slavery historian Orlando 
Patterson, slavery is a form of 
“social death”.
Slavery has been illegal in the (former) British
Empire since the Act for the Abolition of the
Slave Trade of 1807, and certainly 
since 1833.
Slavery practices emerged in Australia in the
 19th century and in some places endured 
until the 1950s.
Early coverage of slavery in Australia
As early as the 1860s, anti-slavery campaigners 
began to invoke “charges of chattel bondage
 and slavery” to describe north Australian
 conditions for Aboriginal labour.
In 1891 a “Slave Map of Modern Australia” was
printed in the British Anti-Slavery Reporter, a 
journal that documented slavery around the
world and campaigned against it.
Reprinted from English journalist Arthur Vogan’s 
account of frontier relations in Queensland, it 
showed large areas where:
the traffic in Aboriginal labour, both children and
 adults, had descended into slavery conditions.
Seeds of slavery in Australia
Some 62,000 Melanesian people were brought 
to Australia and enslaved to work in
 Queensland’s sugar plantations 
between 1863 and 1904. 
First Nations Australians had a more enduring
 experience of slavery --- originally in the 
pearling industry in Western Australia 
and the Torres Strait and then in 
the cattle industry.
In the pastoral industry, employers exercised a
high degree of control over “their” Aboriginal
workers, who were bought and sold as
chattels, particularly where they 
“went with” the property upon 
sale. There were restrictions 
on their freedom of choice 
and movement. There was 
cruel treatment & abuse, 
control of sexuality, and 
forced labour.
A stock worker at Meda Station in the 
Kimberley, Jimmy Bird, recalled:
… whitefellas would pull their gun out and kill 
any Aborigines who stood up to them. And 
there was none of this taking your time 
to pull up your boots either. No fear!
Aboriginal woman Ruby de Satge, who worked
 on a Queensland station, described the 
Queensland Protection Act as meaning:
if you are sitting down minding your own
business, a station manager can come 
up to you and say, “I want a couple of
blackfellows” … Just like picking up 
a cat or a dog.
Through their roles under the legislation, police, 
Aboriginal protectors and pastoral managers 
were complicit in this force.
Slavery was sanctioned by Australian law
Legislation facilitated the enslavement of
Aboriginal people across the Northern
Territory, Western Australia, South 
Australia and Queensland. Under 
the South Australian Aborigines 
Act 1911, the government 
empowered police to 
“inspect workers and 
their conditions” but 
not to uphold basic 
working conditions 
or enforce payment. 
The Aboriginals Ordinance 1918 (Cth) allowed
 the forced recruitment of Indigenous workers
 in the Northern Territory, and legalised the 
non-payment of wages.
In Queensland, the licence system was
 effectively a blank cheque, to recruit 
Aboriginal people into employment 
without their consent.
 Amendments to the Aboriginal Protection and
 Restriction of the Sale of Opium Act 1897 
gave powers to the Protector or police 
officer to “expend” their wages or 
invest them in a trust fund – 
which was never paid out.
Officials were well aware that “slavery” was a
 public relations problem. The Chief Protector 
in the Northern Territory noted in 1927 that 
pastoral workers:
… are kept in a servitude that 
is nothing short of slavery.
In the early 1930s, Chief Protector Dr Cecil
Cook, pointed out Australia was in breach 
of its obligations under the League of 
Nations Slavery Convention.
‘… it certainly exists here in its worst form’
Accusations of slavery continued into the
 1930s, including through the British
 Commonwealth League.
In 1932 the North Australian Workers’ Union
 (NAWU) characterised Aboriginal workers, 
as “slaves”. Unionist Owen Rowe argued:
If there is no slavery in the British Empire then
 the NT is not part of the British Empire; for it
 certainly exists here in its worst form.
In the 1940s, anthropologists Ronald and
Catherine Berndt, surveyed conditions 
on cattle stations owned by Lord 
Vestey, commenting that 
Aboriginal people:
… owned neither the huts in which they lived
 nor the land on which these were built, they
 had no rights of tenure, and in some cases
 have been sold or transferred with
 the property.
In 1958, counsel for the well-known Aboriginal
 artist Albert Namatjira argued that the Welfare
 Ordinance 1953 (Cth) was unconstitutional,
 because the enacting legislation was:
… a law for the enslavement of part of the
 population of the Northern Territory.
Profits from slaves
Australia has unfinished business in repaying
wages to Aboriginal and South Sea Islander
slaves. First Nations slave work... allowed 
big businesses to reap substantial profits,
and helped to ''maintain'' the Australian 
economy through the Great Depression.
Aboriginal people are proud of their 
work on stations, even though the 
historical narrative is enshrined 
in silence and denial.
As Bundjalung woman Valerie Linow has said 
of her experiences of slavery in the 1950s:
''What if your wages got stolen? Honestly, 
wouldn’t you like to have your wages 
back? Honestly. I think it should be 
owed to the ones who were slave 
labour. We got up -- and worked 
from dawn to dusk ….   We lost 
everything: family, everything. 
You cannot go stealing our 
lousy little sixpence. We 
have got to have money
 back. You have got to 
give something back, 
after all this country 
did to the Aboriginal 
people. You cannot 
keep stealing off 

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More information on US Biolabs
including experiments on

mental patients

Briefing on the results of the analysis of
 documents related to the military 
biological activities of the US on 
the territory of Ukraine 
April 14th, 2022 (Telegraph)
A special military operation by Russian troops
has yielded additional information on the US 
military and biological activities in Ukraine, 
confirming numerous violations of the
Biological Weapons Convention.
Taking advantage of existing gaps in
international law... and the lack of a 
clear verification mechanism...  the 
US administration has consistently
built up its military-biological 
capabilities --- in various 
regions of the world. 
The Russian Federation has made continuous
 efforts -- to establish a BTWC verification
 mechanism, but this initiative has been
 consistently blocked by the collective 
West, led by the US, since 2001. 
The existing UN Secretary-General's 
Mechanism to Investigate the 
Suspected Use of Biological 
and Toxin Weapons, as well 
as the 1925 Geneva Protocol 
for the Prohibition of the Use
 of Asphyxiating, Poisonous 
or Other Gases and Bacter-
iological Methods of Warfare 
and Military Conflict, do not
 cover.... the verification of 
States Parties' biological
The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical
 Weapons, based in The Hague, has no such
 authority either. 
We have previously provided a scheme for US 
coordination of biological laboratories and 
research institutes in Ukraine. 
One of its elements is the Ukrainian Science 
and Technology Centre (STCU), a seemingly
 non-public organisation that has nothing 
to do with the Pentagon.
The Russian Defence Ministry has managed to 
uncover its role in US military and biological
 activities in Ukraine.
According to its statutes, the STCU is an
 international intergovernmental 
organisation established to 
"...prevent the spread of 
knowledge & expertise 
related to weapons of 
mass destruction...".
Its legal status is defined by the Agreement of
 October 25, 1993 between the governments 
of Ukraine, Canada, the USA and Sweden
 and the Protocol of Amendment of 
July 7th, 1997.
STCU is headquartered in Kiev and has regional
 offices in Baku, Chisinau and Tbilisi, as well as
 in Kharkov and Lvov. 
However, the Russian Ministry of Defence's
 Chemical and Biological Threat Expertise
 Centre found... that the STCU's main 
activity, is to act as a distribution 
centre for grants for research of 
interest to the Pentagon
... including biological 
weapons research. 
In recent years alone, Washington has spent
 more than $350 million on STCU projects.
The U.S. customers and sponsors of STCU are
 the Department of State, and the Department 
of Defense. Funding is also provided through 
the Environmental Protection Agency, the 
US Departments of Agriculture, Health
 and Energy.
In addition, note the document prepared by the 
STCU curators, dated March 11th, 2022, which 
underlines the true nature of this organisation. 
It notes, quote: "...there has been an outflow of 
scientific experts in the development of means
 of delivery and advanced weaponry who have 
worked for Ukrainian institutions, as well as
 experts in the development of biological, 
radiological, chemical and nuclear 
''The best-trained professionals with experience
 of working with dual-use materials and
 technologies (between 1,000 and 
4,000) have found themselves in 
unfavourable professional and 
financial circumstances.''
 ''This makes them vulnerable to defection to
 other states to participate in programmes 
to develop WMD, delivery systems and 
other weapons...".
By using such words, Washington actually
 acknowledges Ukrainian experts' work 
...on the development of weapons of 
mass destruction delivery and use 
...and considers it appropriate to 
continue funding them. 
Here are the names of the officials who 
were involved in the military-biological
The post of STCU executive director is held by 
Bjelajac Curtis Michael, a US citizen. Born
 August 27, 1968 in California, he studied 
at California's Anderson University of
 Management. He holds a master's 
degree in international finance 
and has worked in Ukraine 
since 1994.
The European Union chairman of the STCU
board is Maier Eddie Arthur; the US chair is 
Phil Dolliff, who is the State Department's 
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Inter-
national Security .....and WMD 
Nonproliferation Programmes.
Documents received by the Russian Ministry of
 Defence confirm STCU's ties to the US military
 department. The slide shows a formal
 recommendation from the US State 
Department endorsing the STCU's 
cooperation with the Pentagon's 
main contractor, Black & Veach.
The correspondence expresses the willingness
 of Matthew Webber, the company's vice 
president, to work with the STCU on 
ongoing military-biological