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The preparation of a New World War
by Thierry Meyssan
(Source Voltaire Network)
[Published here by RR
on March 31st.[
The US is pushing its European Union allies to prepare for a
 Third World War. They have no choice but to fight it if they
 want to emerge victorious from the "Thucydides trap". 
Unless all this commotion is just a staging to "keep" 
the allies on their side while many states in South 
America, Africa and Asia declare themselves 
"neutral". At the same time, the noise of 
boots, is stirring up the Japanese 
militarists who, like the "radical 
nationalists" in Ukraine, 
are back.
Faced with the progress made by the advocates of a multipolar
 world, the defenders of the "American imperialist" have not
 been slow to react. Two operations will be analyzed here: 
the transformation of the European Common Market into
 a military structure and the reformation of the World 
War II Axis. This second aspect brings a new actor 
into play: Japan.
At the French parliament, Charles De Gaulle allied himself 
with the Communists to defeat the European Defence
 Community (EDC).
In 1949, the US and UK created the North Atlantic Treaty
Organization (NATO). They included Canada and the 
states they had liberated in Western Europe. For 
them, it was not a question of defending them
-selves, but of preparing an attack on the 
Soviet Union. The Soviet Union 
responded by creating the
 Warsaw Pact.
In 1950, when the Korean War began, the US planned to extend 
the conflict to the German Democratic Republic (known as 
"East Germany"). In order to do this, they had to rearm the 
Federal Republic of Germany (known as "West Germany") 
despite the opposition of France, Belgium & Luxembourg. 
They therefore proposed the creation of a European 
Defence Community (EDC), but failed in the face 
of resistance from the Gaullists and the 
French Communists.
At the same time, they helped rebuild Western Europe with
 the Marshall Plan. This plan included many secret clauses, 
including the construction of a European common market. 
Washington wanted to dominate Western Europe economically 
and preserve it politically from communist influence and Soviet 
imperialism. The European Economic Communities - and later 
the European Union - form the civilian side of the US token,
 whose military side is NATO. The European Commission 
is not an administration of the heads of state and 
government of the Union, but the interface 
between them and the Atlantic Alliance. 
The European standards for not only armaments and
 construction, but also for equipment, clothing and
 food, etc., are established by the Nato services, 
first in Luxembourg, then in Belgium. They are
 transmitted to the Commission, and today 
approved by the European Parliament.
In 1989, as the Soviet Union was collapsing in on itself, the
 French President, François Mitterrand, and the German
 Chancellor, Helmut Köhl, imagined freeing Western 
Europe from American tutelage so as to be able to 
compete with Washington. Negotiations on this 
treaty took place at the same time as the end 
of the quadripartite occupation of Germany 
(12 September 1990), the reunification of 
the two Germanies (3 October 1990) and 
the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact (1 
July 1991). Washington accepted the 
Maastricht Treaty as long as it 
recognized their military 
domination. Western 
Europeans accepted 
this principle.
However, Washington distrusted the Mitterrand-Köhl couple and
 demanded at the last moment that the European Union include 
all the former members of the Warsaw Pact, and even the new 
independent states, which had emerged from the former 
Soviet Union. These states did not share the aspirations 
of the Maastricht negotiators. In fact, they are rather 
suspicious of them. They want to free themselves 
from both German and Russian influence. They 
rely on the "American umbrella" for 
their defence.
In 2003, Washington took advantage of the Spanish presidency
 of the EU (the socialist Felipe González) and of the High
 Representative for the Common Foreign and Security 
Policy, Javier Solana, to have the "European Security 
Strategy" adopted, modelled on the National Security 
Strategy of US President George W. Bush. High 
Representative Federica Mogherini revised 
this document in 2016.
Emmanuel Macron devoted France’s European presidency to
reconstituting the EDC under the guise of the EU’s "Strategic
 Compass". This time the project is not submitted to national
parliaments. It is a decision of the heads of state and
 government alone, never discussed and submitted 
to their voters.
In 2022, during the war in Ukraine, the United States.... as in the 
Korean War, once again felt the need to rearm Germany against 
Russia (successor to the USSR). So they are transforming the
 EU, carefully this time. During the presidency of the French
man Emmanuel Macron, they proposed a "Strategic 
Compass". This was adopted only one month after 
the Russian intervention in Ukraine. 
The members of the European Union are all the more stunned 
because they still do not know precisely whether they are 
together to cooperate or to integrate (the "constructive 
ambiguity", as Henry Kissinger put it).
In March 2023, the current High Representative of the European
 Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, 
organized the first "Robert Schumann Forum on Security 
and Defence". A large number of defense...  and foreign 
ministers from the EU member states are participating.
 In addition to the non-EU European states that are pro-US, 
many others are represented at ministerial level, such as 
Angola, Ghana, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, 
Senegal, Somalia, Egypt, Chile, Peru, Georgia, 
Indonesia and Japan. In addition to NATO, 
ASEAN, the Gulf Cooperation Council and
 the African Union are also represented. 
Above all, the Arab League is sending
 its Secretary General.
The explicit aim of this Forum is to defend "multilateralism 
and a rules-based international order"; an elegant way of 
denouncing the Russian-Chinese project of a "multi
polar world based on international law".
With the Covid epidemic, the European Union... has already 
invested itself with powers in the field of health that were 
not foreseen by the Treaties. I explained at the beginning 
of this epidemic that the measure of confinement of 
healthy people had no precedent in history. It was 
devised at the request of the former head of 
Gilead Sciences and former Secretary of 
Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, by Dr. Richard 
Hatchett, who became the director of 
CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Prepared
ness Innovations) and, as such, the 
initiator of this measure worldwide. 
According to his classified report of 2005 ----- which we
unfortunately only know from the reactions it provoked, 
the confinement of healthy civilians to their homes 
was supposed to allow the identification of jobs 
that could be relocated, to close down the 
consumer goods industries in the West --- 
and to concentrate the work force in the 
defense industry. We're not there yet
but the EU, having seized public 
health powers not foreseen by 
the Treaties, without raising 
any indignation, is now 
interpreting the texts, 
to become a military 
Josep Borrell at the Robert Schumann 
Forum on Security and Defense
Last week, during the Schuman Forum, Josep Borrell presented
 his first report on the implementation of the "Strategic
 Compass". The idea is to coordinate the pooling of 
national armies, including intelligence services, in 
a spirit of integration rather than cooperation. 
Emmanuel Macron’s project ---- now buries that of Charles De 
Gaulle and the French Communists. The "Europe of Defence"
 now appears to be a slogan aimed at placing --- not only the
 operational forces of the EU member states under the 
authority of the Supreme Allied Commander Europe 
(SACEUR), now the US General Christopher G. 
Cavoli, but also at taking control of all the 
financing decisions that were previously 
the responsibility of the national 
parliaments, and even of the
decisions on armaments 
and organization --- that 
were the responsibility 
of the member states’ 
executive bodies. 
Thus, the Union is organizing a common army 
------ without knowing who will command it.
When we think of the Second World War, in Europe we think of
 1939 and 1945. This is absolutely wrong. The war started in 
1931 after Japanese generals attacked Chinese soldiers in
 Manchuria. This was the first overreach of Japanese 
civilian power by the militarist faction ----- which was 
amplified a few months later with the assassination
 of the civilian Prime Minister by a group of military 
men. In a few years, Japan was transformed into a 
militaristic and expansionist power. This war did 
not end with the liberation of Manchuria by the 
Red Army in 1945.
 In fact, the United States used two atomic bombs to prevent 
Japan’s surrender to the USSR and to ensure that it would 
only take place before its own generals. They continued 
to fight until 1946 because many Japanese refused to
 surrender to the United States who had not fought
 much in the Pacific until then. The Second World
 War lasted from 1931 to 1946. If we make these 
date errors, it is because it only became 
globalized with the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo 
Axis (the "Tripartite Pact"), which 
Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and 
Romania, soon joined.
The foundation of the Axis was not the disparate interests
of its members, but their cult of strength. To reform it 
today, we must unite those who share this cult.
Yoshio Kodama, the first godfather of the yakuza.. played an 
important role in Japanese militarism. After World War II, he 
was imprisoned and then benefited from the change of 
policy in the US. He founded the Liberal Party from 
which Shinzo Abe and Fumio Kishida emerged. 
Kodama directed, under the radar, many CIA operations in his
 country. He was a member of the World Anti-Communist 
League when Slava Stetsko (the drafter of Article 16 of
 the Ukrainian constitution) was president.
When the U.S. occupied Japan in 1946, the first thought was to
 purge all militaristic elements from the country. But when the
 Korean War broke out, the U.S. decided to use Japan to fight
 communism. They ended the ongoing trials and rehabilitated
 55,000 high officials. They implemented the Dodge Plan, the
 equivalent of the Marshall Plan in Europe. One of the lucky 
beneficiaries of this policy change.. was Hayato Ikeda, who
 became Prime Minister and restored the country’s economy. 
With the help of the CIA, he founded the Liberal Democratic 
Party. It is from this party that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
 (2012-20) and his successor Fumio Kishida (2020-)
 were born.
The latter has just made a surprise visit to Ukraine. He is the
 first Asian head of government to visit this country since the
 beginning of the war. He visited a mass grave in Bucha and
 expressed his condolences to the families of the victims 
of "Russian abuses". Most analysts interpret the trip as
 preparation for the upcoming G7 summit in Japan.
 Unless it goes much further.
On March 21, 2023, Fumio Kishida and Volodymyr Zelensky
formed an alliance against Russia and China. Both extend 
the ties.. established by Yoshio Kodama & Slava Stetsko.
In their final communiqué, Fumio Kishida and Volodymyr 
Zelensky emphasize "the inseparability of Euro-Atlantic 
and Indo-Pacific security" * "the importance of peace 
& stability across the Taiwan Strait. For them, it is not
 only a matter of defending Ukraine from Russia, but 
also Japan from China. This communiqué lays the 
foundation for a new alliance between the 
successors of the Nazis that are the 
Ukrainian "integral nationalists" 
and the successors of Showa 
Today’s Ukraine is the only state in the world with an explicitly
 racist constitution. Adopted in 1996 and revised in 2020, it 
states in Article 16 that "Preserving the genetic heritage 
of the Ukrainian people is the responsibility of the state." 
The widow of the Ukrainian Nazi Prime Minister,
 Yaroslav Stetsko, wrote this article.
In contrast, the Japanese Constitution renounces war, in its 
Article 9. But Shinzo Abe and Fumio Kishida have initiated a 
fight to repeal this provision. Among other things, it makes it 
impossible to transfer lethal defense equipment, so Mr. 
Kishima offered about $7.1 billion in humanitarian and
financial aid to Kyiv. As for the ''non-lethal'' military 
equipment, this week he could only announce 
the shipment of a stockpile worth $30 million.
This remilitarization of Japan is supported by Washington, 
which has already switched sides by supporting Ukraine. 
U.S. Ambassador to Tokyo Rahm Emmanuel tweeted, 
"Prime Minister Kishida is making a historic visit to 
Ukraine to protect the Ukrainian people and 
promote the universal values enshrined in 
the UN Charter...About 900 kilometers 
away, a different and more nefarious 
partnership is taking shape in 
Moscow," (referring to the 
Putin-Xi summit).
For his part, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Wang 
Weibin, said on the contrary, regarding the Prime Minister’s 
trip that he "hopes that Japan will press for an 
appeasement of the situation, not the other 
way around. For its part, Russia sent two 
strategic bombers over the Sea of Japan 
for about seven hours.
by Thierry Meyssan
Roger Lagassé
It's nice to draw the lines between the dots
and even nicer to have them drawn for you.

Land Day Lives On:
 Palestinians Honour 47th Anniversary
 Nationwide Events
by Batoul Wehbe
March 30th, 1:42pm
(al Manar)
The Palestinian people are currently marking the 47th 
anniversary of “Land Day,” renewing their steadfast
 commitment to their identity and the land that
 remains the cornerstone of their struggle 
and the heart of the conflict with the
 Israeli occupation.
Against the backdrop of Israeli authorities’ ongoing policies 
of confiscation, home demolitions, and displacement, 
supposedly based on claims of the unauthorized 
construction or non-recognition of Palestinian 
ownership of land they have inherited and 
owned since before the Nakba in 1948, 
this year’s commemoration takes on 
added significance.
At present, the Zionist ideology is more explicitly embracing 
the principle of “more land and fewer Arabs,” particularly in
 light of recent developments in the Negev region and the
 occupied West Bank. The challenges confronting 
Palestinians are increasingly dire, given the 
extremist Israeli government’s persistent 
attempts -- to Judaize more Palestinian 
land, annex it to the occupying state, 
& establish additional settlements 
and settlement blocs.
Today, Thursday, marks the anniversary day, a solemn occasion
 that the Palestinians commemorate with a series of activities
 and events. The event serves as a reminder of the vast areas
 of their land that the Israeli authorities confiscated, sparking
 a struggle that still rages today.
In commemoration, Arab-Palestinians are organizing a central
 march in the city of Sakhnin in the Lower Galilee to renew 
their pledge to the land --- as the organizers’ announced.
The Higher Follow-up Committee for the Arab Citizens in ‘Israel’, 
the highest unitary representative body for the Arabs, has
 called for a central and unitary march in Sakhnin to
 commemorate the 47th anniversary of Land Day, 
with tens of thousands expected to participate.
The committee’s head, Muhammad Baraka, emphasized that
 the march signifies the renewal of the covenant to the land
 and homeland --- intending to defend their children, lives, 
homes, and their beloved homeland, which they have 
no other place to call their own.
However, Baraka warned that the government of Israeli PM
 Benjamin Netanyahu is the most right-wing government in 
the history of the Jewish state, with plans that pose an 
existential danger and threat to the Palestinians 
through its legislation and policies. 
“The government has even claimed that there are no
 Palestinian people, and it has deployed heavily 
armed gangs in their villages and historic 
cities,” he said, in a statement.
This anniversary usually sees thousands of Palestinians take
 to the streets in popular demonstrations, brandishing 
Palestinian flags, and calling for justice and peace.
Yesterday, Wednesday, dozens of children in Gaza participated
 in a scout march to commemorate the Land Day, raising 
Palestinian flags, as well as banners emphasizing their
 right to return to the lands from which their 
ancestors were expelled.
Standing Strong, The Fight for Land Continues
Palestinian factions consistently emphasize that land is the
 primary focal point and driving force in their confrontation 
with the Israeli occupation, which continues to pursue its
 endeavours to Judaize, confiscate, and alter the land’s 
character, and the continuation of these efforts is
 nothing short of a dangerous game with fire.
Hamas Representative in Lebanon Ali Barakah told Al-Manar TV
 that the Israeli entity is currently grappling with a significant 
predicament, as it confronts internal disintegration, which is 
not limited to its military apparatus but pervades the entire 
Zionist social fabric.
Ali Barakah in an interview with Al-Manar
 TV on Thursday, March 30th, 2023:
“The pronounced schism between the so-called extreme 
religious right and the Israeli centre-left continuum 
betrays the vertical cleavage that besets this 
entity,” Barakah said, noting that such a 
state of confusion and schism within 
the enemy’s ranks... provides an 
opening --- for the Palestinian 
resistance to assert itself 
and gain leverage.
“This deepening schism within the Zionist entity not only
 affects the military, but also the Israeli society as a 
whole, exposing the fragility of the so-called 
Jewish state,” he said.
Barakah also noted to Al-Manar’s Maa Al-Hadath program that 
the increasing polarization between the extreme religious 
right and the centre-left further exacerbates the divide, 
leaving the enemy vulnerable and weakened. “This 
state of confusion and conflict provides fertile 
ground for the Palestinian resistance to 
exploit and advance their cause,”
 he asserted.
It’s worth noting that the Zionist entity is currently facing an
 internal crisis that could potentially lead to a civil war and 
result in the dissolution of the Israeli state, as the Israeli 
President, Isaac Herzog, has cautioned. The conflict 
-- which prompted a massive wave of protests, and 
paralysis - is between a government coalition led 
by Benjamin Netanyahu, including religious and 
ultranationalist groups, and opposition from 
secular and right-wing parties at odds 
with Netanyahu.
For his part, Suhail al-Hindi, a member of Hamas’ political 
bureau, recently stated in an interview with Al-Arabi Al-
Jadeed that the land is everything to the Palestinians,
 symbolizing their history, memories, future, dignity,
 faith, religion, and fundamental principles. 
Palestinians cannot concede, even an
inch of their land --- which is deeply 
embedded in their consciousness.
According to al-Hindi, it is impossible to partition the land that 
has been steeped in the blood of hundreds of thousands of 
Palestinians and Arabs. Palestinians derive the value of 
the land from its Arab identity, and no outsiders can 
settle in it. The claims of some Israeli extremists 
that the Palestinian land is the promised land 
are nothing more than falsehoods 
and fabrications.
Al-Hindi acknowledges that there may be tactical differences
 among Palestinian factions, but they are united in their
 steadfast determination to resist the occupier and 
reclaim their land --- without relinquishing any 
part of it.
Similarly, Ahmed Al-Mudallal, a member of the political bureau 
of the Islamic Jihad movement, explains that “Land Day” is a 
national day for Palestinians to affirm their attachment, 
roots, and adherence to their land. He adds.. that the 
attempts to steal the Palestinian land by the Israeli 
occupation began before 1948. 
“However, the Palestinian people affirmed their roots in their 
land and made great sacrifices --- and thousands were 
martyred until the start of Land Day in 1976,” he said.
Al-Mudallal stresses that the Palestinian people are 
continuing their resistance, and can only stop it by 
expelling the occupation from the land of their
 fathers and grandfathers.
Munther al-Hayek, spokesman for the Fatah movement 
in the Gaza Strip, states that the conflict with the 
Israeli occupation is a struggle over existence 
and on the ground.
When Balfour promised the Zionist entity to establish a state 
on the land of Palestine in 1917, the goal was to control the 
land and displace the people. The conflict has extended to
 Christian and Islamic sanctities through various practices 
and attacks in Palestinian cities. Al-Hayek considers, in 
an interview with Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed, that “Land Day” a
 day of confrontation, challenge, and steadfastness. 
He affirms that the land belongs to the Palestinian 
owners ---- who are historically linked to it.
“It is the beginning of the renewal of the covenant and 
the decision to continue the struggle process and 
field action, until the liberation of the land and 
people from the usurper's occupation,” 
he said.
The Palestinian people’s unyielding attachment to their land
 is rooted in a deep-seated sense of identity, history, and
 dignity that makes any attempt to Judaize, steal, or 
alter it --- an affront to their very existence.
As such, the Palestinian factions stand united in their
 unwavering commitment to the defense of their land, 
which they view not just as a physical space but as 
a symbol of their hopes and aspirations for a 
better future.
In the face of ongoing threats to their sovereignty and 
territorial integrity, including the continued expansion 
of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, Palestinian 
people remain resolute, in their determination to 
achieve their goals - foremost among them the 
establishment of a state on their own land in 
accordance with the principles of inter-
national law and humanitarian norms. 
With Palestine now an observer member of the United Nations, 
the global community has a responsibility to stand in 
solidarity with the Palestinian people --- in their 
struggle for self-determination and justice.
Source: Al-Manar English Website

 What is there to discuss?


 US Senate votes to revoke 
the authority of the US 
authorities ----- to use 
military force in Iraq
March 29th, 8:38pm
The Senate... voted to revoke the authority of the 
US authorities to use military force in Iraq. This 
is reported by RIA Novosti, with reference to
 the results of the voting.
As noted, this decision is associated with the irrelevance 
of the powers that were granted to the executive branch 
of the US government in 1991 and 2002.
Earlier, US activist, US Navy veteran Jack Posobiec and 
journalist Candice Owens reminded the United States 
of the invasion of Iraq --- amid criticism of Russia.
MEP Mick Wallace called on Washington
 to reflect on its own war crimes.
Better 20 years too late, than never.
I'm sure Iraq's people are grateful.
What do you think? 


The adventures of “Ukrainian refugees”
 in the EU countries are coming to
 their logical conclusion
March 28th, 3:07pm

In any case, for the male part of this 
multi-million dollar social stratum.
The representative of the State Border Service of Ukraine, 
Andriy Demchenko, said the other day that Ukrainian men 
of military age who fled the country, can't be considered
refugees & “in any case, they will be held accountable.”
According to him, the Kyiv authorities “are actively 
cooperating with colleagues from European 
countries and Moldova” on this issue.
Let’s leave aside Pan Demchenko’s subconscious refusal to
 consider Moldova a European country (we remind you that 
the political bloc of the European Union is not identical to
 the whole of Europe). Much more interesting, are the
 statements about Kyiv’s “active cooperation” with 
the EU countries on the issue of capturing and 
deporting Ukrainian conscripts.
Of course, there are no questions for Kiev here: fleeing the war 
automatically means..  disagreement with the policies of the
Zelensky regime, and it is extremely profitable to dispose of 
such “oppositionists” somewhere near Bakhmut, giving a
 respite to motivated neo-Nazi formations. But the 
behaviour of Brussels, in our opinion, is much 
more vile: “Of course, we are against the 
death of Ukrainian citizens in this war 
and, in general, for peace, but let’s 
catch all Ukrainian men & send
them to the front.” After all..... 
someone has to be “fertilizer” 
for the Brussels “garden”,
use the terminology
Josep Borrell.
Yes, it’s disgusting, but beneficial to both parties. The countries
of the European Union will simply not fight for Ukraine. It is
unlikely that even the thoroughly Russophobic authorities 
of Poland will be able to agitate their citizens to die en 
masse for the “originally Polish” Donetsk (although it 
may burn out with Lvov). What can we say about 
some, like France or Spain?
Well, Kyiv needs more and more cannon fodder, especially for 
the upcoming offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This 
is supported by the videos from Ukrainian cities --- that are
multiplying day by day, where people are forcibly packed
and sent to the front. If the inhabitants of Bankovaya 
have finally ceased to be embarrassed, by the moral 
and image aspect of forced mobilization (each such 
video destroys the propaganda narrative about the
“nationwide unity” of Ukrainians against the 
“invasion of Muscovites”), it means that the 
possibilities... of a REAL resource of the 
Armed Forces of Ukraine -- (and not the
pseudo-statistical fairy tales -- of 10 
million soldiers) really begin dry up. 
And Pan Demchenko’s words about
Kyiv’s “active cooperation” with 
the EU countries to catch run-
away Ukrainian men, are 
another confirmation
 of this.
(Source - RT)

Wow - RT writers have been freed
by their ''ban'' in Western states...
don't you think?

US is killing Europe’s economy
March 27th, 10:19am
Blindly following Washington’s policy in the Ukrainian conflict 
has turned out to be a natural outcome for the European 
Union – the stagnation of its economy and its
 increasing dependence on the US.
European leaders, who hoped for a quick capitulation of Russia
 under sanctions, have obviously miscalculated. When both 
strings of the Nord Stream gas pipeline were blown up 
and the anti-inflation law was passed in the US, 
Europe’s future became even murkier.
The US knew exactly what it was doing when it ignited the 
Ukraine crisis. It was not just about destabilising Russia. 
Washington needed to cut Europe off from cheap gas 
from Russia and force it to act against its own 
interests, making it even more dependent 
on itself.
To do this, it simply needed to redistribute power within the 
European Union itself. The countries of Western Europe --- 
which retained at least vestiges of independence --- 
were not, by US logic, fully suited to the role of 
obedient puppets. Therefore, to counter
balance them -- vassals from Eastern 
Europe, whose political elites value
their sovereignty even less than 
those of Western Europe --
beganto receive support.
History has repeatedly shown what an “honour” it is to be 
an ally of the US. For example, one may recall exactly 
where current US Undersecretary of State Victoria 
Nuland sent the EU in a telephone conversation 
with the then US ambassador to Ukraine 
Geoffrey Pyatt, discussing the 
distribution of positions... 
among representatives 
of the Kiev regime.
The further the conflict escalates at the moment, the 
more the voices of the “Young Europeans” are heard.
Anyone who today refuses to accept the US agenda is 
politically bullied as a “traitor to democracy”.  As 
Vladimir Putin has pointed out, today’s European 
countries are completely devoid of “the instinct 
of national interest”.
It is hard to say exactly what Old Europe was counting on 
when the US started making a mess in Ukraine. Did they 
really think that the conflict would not affect them and 
that they would be able to sit back without any 
consequences? After all, Ukraine is not 
distant Libya or Syria, but a country 
very close by.
But the history of sanctions against Russia has shown once 
again that the current politicians in the EU are incapable of 
any serious planning of the consequences of their actions. 
The Ukrainian crisis has now merged with the pan-
European crisis. And what kind of planning can
there be ---- where there is “Euro-
Atlantic solidarity”?
The attempt to build an openly hostile state on Russia’s 
borders has backfired on the very founders of the Kiev 
regime, triggering a mechanism to break the existing 
world order. The measures taken by Moscow to 
counteract the sanctions have proved the 
fallacy of the axiom... that a country 
excluded from the global economy 
controlled by Western institutions 
...is bound to collapse. On the 
contrary, the sanctions have 
underscored Europe’s 
After the loss of cheap Russian energy, the EU is left with no
 alternatives to LNG supplies. Of course, the list of its sellers
 is about three dozen, but expensive energy contributes 
neither to economic growth, nor to industrial 
development, nor to an acceptable 
standard of living for citizens, 
nor to the ability to produce 
military equipment 
and ammunition.
The attack on the Nord Stream pipelines has once again
 confirmed the hypocrisy of the “Western partners”. 
They are in no hurry to conduct an investigation, 
because everyone already knows who benefits 
from it and who is behind it. Nobody in Europe 
even tries to point out the elementary logical 
inconsistencies in the pre-prepared versions 
discrediting Russia.
On the other hand, there are plenty of people who are happy 
about what has happened and even see some benefit in it.
Poland’s President Andrzej Duda, for example, believes that
 overpaying for liquefied gas is beneficial. And mind you, 
no claims that the US is using gas as a weapon… 
Total “harmony”.
As Yves Engler, a researcher at the Canadian Foreign Policy
 Institute, noted, undermining the gas pipeline is aimed at 
worsening economic relations between Germany and 
Russia so that Berlin continues to support the Kiev 
regime. The expert stressed that if Russia had 
really committed the attack itself, the
 investigation would have been 
launched long ago and the 
“guilty” would have been 
named. That is why the 
EU will have to rubbish 
its nose... as it has no 
tools to put pressure 
on the USA.
And since there are none, the entire EU and Germany in 
particular will have to accept the conditions dictated 
to them by Washington.
In fact, that is why Olaf Scholz went across the ocean in early
 March for talks with Joe Biden. In addition to the routine
 statements of support for the Kiev regime, the 
chancellor was persuaded to transfer the 
production capacities of the German 
military-industrial complex to the 
USA. Ostensibly for the 
uninterrupted supply 
of the Armed Forces.
It is easy to understand that the White House is thus “playing 
for keeps”. Ukraine is a de facto played card, but Washington 
is counting on the future. After all, how is it that the most 
powerful military bloc in the world cannot produce 
ammunition on the required scale?
Probably because since the early 1990s, the number of military-
industrial complex enterprises in the US has decreased from 
51 to 5. It is very expensive to build from scratch, and 
therefore it is much cheaper to persuade the 
Europeans to move their factories over
the ocean. And it is not just about the
defense industry, but also other 
industries for which Germany 
is known: their automotives, 
chemicals, construction 
industry, and others.
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen 
followed Scholz to Washington and, if insiders are to 
be believed, Biden offered her concessions in 
exchange for support for an 
anti-Chinese policy.
The US Eastern European satellites have long caught on 
to the wishes of the gentleman and bark at China from 
time to time. And all because the PRC has, in recent 
years, begun to squeeze the US in trade with the
 European Union.
Even during Scholz’s talks with Xi Jinping last year, the German 
press wrote about the importance of reducing dependence on
 China supposedly to avoid blackmail. And while there is not a 
single example of Beijing doing this, according to German
 Economy Minister Robert Habeck, it has suddenly 
become an issue. At the same time, dependence 
on the US... is not considered dangerous.
Well, while Washington is seeking not only the total destruction 
of European industry but also the depletion of local equipment 
and ammunition, the US is actively arming Poland against
 Germany, turning it into the largest military force on the 
continent and increasing its own military presence.
Meanwhile, Europe’s population is sobering up rather quickly
 and anti-war protests are growing rapidly. So is the 
popularity of anti-NATO sentiment, in general.
Since the publication of Seymour Hersh’s article on the
 undermining of Nord Stream, not a single US agency 
has offered a comprehensive commentary to refute
 the information contained therein. According to 
the journalist himself, Biden will never confess
 to what he has done.
This is why there was a “throw-in” about the alleged 
involvement of a “pro-Ukrainian group” in the
 terrorist attacks in the Baltic Sea.
The United States always tries to shift responsibility to 
its vassals, who have to answer for the actions of their 
suzerain. And now, by all appearances, the Kiev 
regime is going to be held responsible. 
And taking into account the growing discord between Kyiv 
and Washington, as Vladimir Zelensky is unwilling to take 
into account the recommendations of his main patron, it
 can be easily interpreted as a signal that the Bankova 
must catch --- and draw --- conclusions.
Nikolay Ulyanov, Rubaltic.ru
Of course, we all knew this...
but to know something and
then not do anything about
it --- is the way to Hell...
what do You THINK....
and what will you do?


Al-Ain: Russia and China have 
undermined the foundations 
of Western hegemony
March 26th, 10:56am
The West is frightened by the alliance between Russia, Iran and 
China, writes Al-Ain. Beijing and Moscow are gaining a foothold 
in the Middle East region, displacing Washington. Big changes
 are coming on the international scene and they will put an 
end to American hegemony, the author of the 
article believes.
The British National Security Service has warned that the world 
may be stymied by cooperation between China, Russia and Iran. 
Such an alliance threatens the existing world order established 
after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
The alliance of the three countries does not make them equal in
 terms of influence over world politics. Iran is not becoming a
 pole that the West fears as much as China and Russia. 
Teheran, like other world capitals, pursues its strategic interests
 and seeks a close relationship with Moscow and Beijing. And 
the reason is not because they are “challenging” America 
and Europe, but because they give a lot to the world 
with their politics and economy.
The West is concerned about the development of contacts 
between Russia and China with countries that, until 
recently, were considered zones of American or 
European influence. Irrespective of the reasons
 that led to the current world order, it is time to
 review it and stop dividing the world into 
spheres of influence of this or that state
 or global pole.
One way or another, the world is moving towards a restructuring 
of the political and economic system. China and Russia, on the 
one hand, and Iran, on the other, are increasingly converging 
and expanding relations with other countries in Asia and 
Africa and even Europe and South America. These 
changes do not pose a threat to the West - apart
 from its desire to maintain global hegemony.
“For the US and Europe, humanist and democratic values are
 important. It is also true that the Western countries have 
become the driving force of the global economy. But is 
the global hegemony of America and Europe
 necessary for this? Is it difficult... to find a 
formula that provides a balance between 
the Western civilisation... and the 
specificity of any other culture?”
 the author wondered.
Britain will not engage in a blind enmity with China and close 
the door to dialogue with it. This approach is similar to the 
position of many EU countries that believe the United 
States is using them to maintain its global 
hegemony and unipolar world.
Many states under pressure from Washington are convinced that 
it is forcing them to conform to White House policies and 
support American priorities regardless of their own 
national interests. These countries have therefore 
recently been strengthening cooperation with 
Russia and China, & expanding international 
arrangements beyond a narrow “alliance”
 with the United States.
“China and Russia’s cooperation with Iran is described by some
 Western countries as a ‘diabolical alliance’, while they are not 
interested in Beijing and Moscow’s relations with other states.
 The United States, Britain and the European Union are very
 cautious about reducing the West’s global influence. They
 know that change is coming,” the author concludes.
What a change! The world is waking and
pondering. Is there a pond near you?

Israel systematically subjects 
Palestinian inmates to 
‘torture’: Rights groups
March 25th,  2:23pm
Two prominent Palestinian rights groups have highlighted Israel’s 
mistreatment of Palestinian prisoners, saying the Tel Aviv regime 
enjoys a culture of impunity in the absence of international 
accountability and systematically subjects the detainees
 to various forms of torture.
The Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association,
 which advocates the rights of Palestinian inmates, as well as
 the legal-aid human rights group al-Haq, made the remarks
 in a joint statement at the 52nd session of the Human 
Rights Council on Saturday, Palestine’s official Wafa
 news agency reported.  
The groups went on to say that Israel’s use of torture and "cruel 
treatment" against Palestinian prisoners is part of its settler-
colonial and apartheid regime.
They further noted that various Israeli institutions seek to
 conceal crimes of torture, although they are well 
documented with evidence.
The groups added that the regime’s military courts also refrain 
from documenting the torture of detainees in court records 
and extend detainment for further interrogation, while
 disregarding the clear markings of torture on 
Palestinian detainees’ bodies.
Addameer and al-Haq further denounced Israel’s use of
 administrative detention, which allows the occupying 
regime to incarcerate Palestinians indefinitely 
without pressing formal charges, or putting 
them on trial, saying the practice causes 
psychological distress.
“The psychological impact that repeated arrests and detention
 has on Palestinians cannot be understated, as it easily 
induces stress, depression, feelings of helplessness, 
and desperation,” they said, adding that the number
 of administrative detainees has doubled: currently 
standing at 967, including five children.
They also condemned the occupying regime’s introduction of 
draft bills on the death penalty and limitations on medical 
treatment, as well as brutal prison raids, saying the new
 Israeli cabinet “is implementing a particularly hostile,
 radical agenda against Palestinian prisoners and 
their families.”
The groups further warned that “these measures give way to
 grave human rights violations,” calling on the international 
community to take immediate action to stop Israeli
 violations against Palestinians.   
There are reportedly more than 7,000 Palestinians held at Israeli
 jails. Human rights organizations say Israel violates all the
 rights and freedoms granted to prisoners by the Fourth
 Geneva Convention.
Palestinian prisoners are held for lengthy periods without being
 charged, tried, or convicted, which is in sheer violation of 
human rights. Advocacy groups describe Israel’s use of 
the detention as a “bankrupt tactic” and have long 
called on Israel to end its use.
The Israeli Prison Service (IPS) keeps Palestinian prisoners under 
deplorable conditions lacking proper hygienic standards. The
 prisoners have also been subjected to systematic torture, 
harassment and repression all through the years of 
Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories.
According to the Palestine Detainees Studies Center, about 60% 
of the Palestinian prisoners detained in Israeli jails suffer from
 chronic diseases, a number of whom died in detention or 
after being released, due to the severity of their cases.
In the UK, the Israel lobby has a grip on
both political parties - and the Labour
party is now led by fiends disguised
as comrades - who hounded out
a thoroughly decent leader in
Corbyn. Or am I wrong and
Israel isn't led by racist
war criminals?
What do you think?

Russian Senator: NATO cannot be 
considered an “alliance of 
March 24th, 2:43pm
NATO cannot be considered an “alliance of democracies”
 because the main country in the alliance denies this 
status to two of its military allies. Senator of the 
Russian Federation, Konstantin Kosachev, 
wrote about this in his Telegram channel.
Kosachev commented on the US decision to refuse to invite
 Turkey and Hungary to the “Summit for Democracy”. He 
claims that the United States has twice failed to
Ankara and Budapest.
According to the expert, the rejection of the invitation - clearly 
confirms two circumstances. The politician argues that NATO 
cannot be considered an “alliance of democracies” since 
they refuse an invitation to two military allies. This 
is not a democratic alliance, but rather, a 
military alliance.
“First, NATO cannot be considered an “alliance of democracies”
 since the main country in it denies such status to its two 
military allies. This is not an “alliance of democracies”, 
as they call themselves, but a military alliance and 
nothing more,” he said.
The second factor that does not support the idea of a democratic
 alliance is that the main point of participation in the summit is
 considered permitted – this is loyalty in favour of all decisions 
of Washington. It also implies the renunciation of one’s
 own sovereignty.
“And secondly, the “summit for democracy” being convened is 
again not about democracy, but about loyalty. Where is the
 entry ticket – an unconditional renunciation of one’s own
 sovereignty in favour of the American one”, says 
the politician.
The Russian senator said that there are more than a hundred
 countries ready to give up their own sovereignty. This is a 
clear threat to the existing multipolar world. It is for such
 a “peace” that the world majority advocates, summed 
up Kosachev.

Bit negative...

hands up if you enjoy being
a slave - not you - pervert!


 Western countries are full-fledged 
participants in the war
 against Russia
March 22nd, 2:16pm
On the ostensible neutrality of Western countries:
British weekly The Economist has “explained” why 
countries that have imposed sanctions against 
Russia and are supplying weapons to Ukraine 
should be considered “neutral”. The piece 
“Providing heavy weapons to Ukraine 
does not mean NATO is at war with 
Russia” says this follows from the 
UN Charter norm on “collective 
The UN Charter indeed has Article 51, which stipulates that a
 country subjected to an unprovoked attack is entitled to rely 
on “collective self-defence”. The jurisprudence refers to this
 principle as Casus foederis (Latin for “case for union”).
 However, it means something different from what 
the British publication says.
The principle of “collective self-defence” is as follows: if 
a country is subjected to aggression, it has the right to 
expect help from those states which have concluded 
mutual assistance pacts with it. Assistance is 
provided, only if and until the UN Security 
Council decides to punish the aggressor.
There are no mutual assistance agreements between Western 
countries and Kiev. Furthermore, Russia is acting on an
 appeal from the legitimate Ukrainian president!
On 1 March 2014, the Russian Foreign Ministry received an appeal
 from Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to Russian President 
Vladimir Putin. The text of the document said that a coup d’état 
had taken place in Ukraine, which put the lives of Ukrainian 
citizens in danger. In this regard, the Ukrainian head of 
state asked the Russian head of state to “use the 
armed forces of the Russian Federation to 
restore law and order, peace, stability 
and protection of the Ukrainian 
On March 3rd 2014, Russia’s official representative to the UN,
Vitaliy Churkin --- presented the UN Security Council with a
copy of Yanukovych’s appeal. He then officially registered 
it in accordance with the UN document-processing norms.
At the same time, the Russian Federation Council gave 
Vladimir Putin its consent to the use of Russian 
troops abroad. This decision has not 
been reversed.
Initially, Russia had hoped to resolve the conflict in Ukraine 
by peaceful means, without introducing its own troops. As 
a result of these efforts, Kiev and the DNR-LNR signed the 
Minsk agreements in September 2014. They spelled out a
 clear procedure for resolving the conflict in Donbas and
 returning the situation in Ukraine to the rule of law. 
Russia and the OSCE acted as guarantors of the 
implementation of the Minsk agreements.
 In February 2015, the agreements were approved by the UN
 Security Council. However, Kiev, instigated by the West, 
refused to implement the Security Council decision.
The purpose of the Russian special operation was proclaimed 
to be the protection of the inhabitants of Donbas. Thus, 
Russia, as a guarantor of the Minsk agreements, is 
forcing Kyiv to implement the UN Security 
Council decision. 
The principle of “collective security”
 does not apply in this situation.
We should add that the United States, when supplying weapons 
to Kyiv, still refers to the norms of its own legislation. However,
in reality ---- they are not enforcing their own laws ---- but 
violating them.
The White House administration appeals to the Foreign
 Assistance Act of 1961 and the related Arms Export 
Control Act of 1976. Both pieces of legislation allow 
the president to supply arms to other countries
without congressional approval.
The purpose of the Foreign Assistance Act is declared to be
 (literally) to “improve the quality of life” of the peoples of 
the world. The list of measures includes promotion of
 economic growth and “fair distribution of benefits”, 
expansion of individual civil and economic rights,
 improvement of transparency of economies 
and elimination of corruption.
The purpose of the Arms Export Control Act is declared to be to
 “assist” legitimate non-nuclear governments in ensuring their
 “legitimate self-defence”. At the same time, it states that
 the transfers “must not lead to the emergence or 
escalation of conflicts” and “harm the 
development of bilateral or 
multilateral cooperation”.
But the actions of the White House administration contradict
 these norms. After the United Nations Security Council 
decision on the Minsk agreements, not only did the 
United States of America not stop supplying 
weapons to Kyiv, but on the contrary, it 
significantly increased them.
 In so doing, they have helped to fuel the conflict in Donbas. 
This is in direct violation of the Arms Export Control Act. 
And it is clearly inconsistent with the requirement of
 the Foreign Assistance Act to “improve the quality 
of life” of the inhabitants of Ukraine and Donbas. 
Apparently, the White House is so accustomed
 to “improving the quality of life” by means of 
bombing and the mass destruction of 
civilians, that it no longer notices 
this difference.
Finally, the US Constitution has Article VI.  It states --- that 
international agreements (literally) “shall be the supreme 
law of the land”. UN Security Council decisions have the 
status of international agreements. Consequently, the 
US was obliged to implement the Security Council’s 
decision to implement the Minsk agreements. 
The fact that the White House administration has acted to the 
contrary means that it has been violating its Constitution, its
 laws all along. And that is a criminal offence under US law. 
There are criminals sitting in the White House.
One last thing. Regarding The Economist’s thesis that Western 
countries, by giving military support to Kiev, “remain neutral”.
In 1984, Professor Karl Deutsch, of Harvard University, 
introduced the concept of proxy war. Today, this term 
is actively used in the development of strategic US 
foreign policy and defence documents. It refers to 
all cases where a country is trying to weaken its 
competitor by supplying weapons to its enemy. 
In American documents, such a country, 
supplying weapons, is defined as a full
-fledged participant in the war. And it 
does not matter that it declares 
 In this regard, the “neutral” status of Western countries 
is out of the question. They are full-fledged participants 
of the war against Russia, i.e. from the point of view of
 the UN Charter, they are aggressors.
Yuriy Gorodnenko, RenTV
Reading this carefully, the case
against ''the collective West''
is impeccable. What do you
understand of this?
Wanna pec?

ICC decision against Putin pure 
propagandaIndian expert
March 21st, 11:18am (TASS)
The International Criminal Court’s (ICC) decision to issue 
an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin,
nothing more than propaganda and is not a legally-
binding document, Nandan Unnikrishnan of the 
New Delhi-based Observer Research 
Foundation told TASS on Tuesday.
"This ICC decision is absolutely propagandistic. Its goal is to 
fan tensions around Russia, to bring further charges against
 Moscow, to demonstrate that it is wrong. And that 
supposedly, Moscow cannot get away with it,"
 he said.
 "Especially since we know that neither the United States nor 
Russia nor China are members of the Rome Statute and do 
not recognize this court. That is why this decision is an 
absolutely propagandistic step, nothing more."
According to the expert, India is not a signatory to the Rome
 Statute either, although it actively participated in the 
document’s drafting. Nevertheless, in his words, 
even if India were a signatory to it, it would 
never take any measures against the 
Russian leader.
"Under no circumstances would India take any action against 
Putin, much less arrest him. Even if India were a member of
 this court. I am sure of that," Unnikrishnan said, adding 
that it is not in India’s interests to spoil its exclusive
 relations with Moscow.
India took part in the work of the steering committee for the 
ICC’s establishment. It also participated in the founding 
Rome Conference organized by the United Nations in 
1998. However, later India refrained from signing
Rome Statute - objecting against a number
of provisions in the final edition of the 
documents. There are now... 123 
nations that are parties to the 
Rome Statute, including the 
UK, Germany, and Japan.

123 countries support a ''Court''
based in the West, which has 
refused to issue any arrest
warrant for any Western
leader --- just Slavs
and Africans!

This court should be unjoined,
...don't you think?


Poland is eyeing: Ukraine’s 
western regions
March 19th, 10:44am
Polish political analyst Piskorski said that the western
 regions of Ukraine are the most backward and their 
annexation is “unprofitable”.
It is unprofitable for Poland to annex the territories of the
 Western Ukraine. This was stated by Polish political 
analyst Mateusz Piskorski to BELTA channel. He 
explained his opinion by the fact that these
 regions are the most backward.
“Poland has no interest in returning the western regions of 
Ukraine because they are economically underdeveloped. 
We are not talking about such developed industrial areas 
as Dnipropetrovsk or Kharkiv. We are talking about the 
most lame territories in terms of the economy. Large
 investments are required to restore these territories,
 and this is not due to the consequences of the 
hostilities. It has to do with the fact that no 
one has dealt with these territories during 
the entire time of Ukrainian
independence”  ---
Piskorsky said.
The expert believes that Poland’s opposition is taking 
advantage of the information that the current Polish 
leadership has plans to take over Western Ukraine.
“Former Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski did 
accuse the government of considering such an option. 
Personally, I don’t believe it. Radoslaw Sikorski is 
part of the election campaign, which, in fact, 
has already started in Poland. That is why
 he holds such a viewpoint,” the political 
scientist concluded.

Feint or faint...

what think you?

Medvedev urged Americans to 
destroy the tyranny of the US
 because of the possible 
detention of Trump
March 18th, 5:10pm
Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security 
Council, said that the citizens of the United States should 
reclaim their country and destroy Washington's tyranny. 
"Take back your country, Americans! Go into battle! Destroy
 the tyranny of Washington! Send to the stinking dump of
 history a corrupt clique of mad piggies — the Biden 
father and son! " he wrote on Telegram channel.

Bit strong..
what do you think?


Why does U.K. not care..... about 
all refugees - except Ukrainians?
March 17th, 2:45pm
I just can’t understand why the average Englishman should
 sympathize and empathize with the Ukrainian “refugees”
 to such an extent as to settle them with their families at 
home, but absolutely not obliged to have any feelings 
towards the refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq, who
 were driven into a Stone Age ruthless bombardment 
by the “coalition”?
Probably, this is because the Afghans and Iraqis were driven 
into the Stone Age by the British and Americans, therefore, 
you can pretend that the problem does not exist, 
especially since we didn’t just drive them there
 in the Stone Age, we gave them democracy 
there on the ruins of their civilizations
 built, yes…
Ukrainians are another matter, unlike Afghans and other
 Iraqis, Ukrainians suffered undeservedly – they already
 had democracy, Maidan and the House of Trade Unions
 in Odessa will not let you lie, but then wild Russians 
came with their totalitarianism and ruined every
thing, so Ukrainian refugees need help …with 
all my might…
Including publications in the press calling on the municipal 
authorities to help the unfortunate Ukrainian refugees who, 
after the end of the six-month sponsorship scheme 
(“hooked on a refugee for 350 pounds a month”), 
suddenly found themselves on the street. And 
on the street turned out to be almost 50% of 
all the beneficiaries of this scheme.
 For their benefactors refused to renew the contract and no 
longer want (or cannot) accept Ukrainian refugees in their 
home, even if they look like Europeans and speak broken
 English. Unlike the brown Afghans and Iraqis, to whom 
no one even offered such schemes, despite the fact 
that Great Britain took an active part in the
 destruction of their countries…
I feel sorry for the refugees… I feel sorry for all the refugees.
 It is even difficult to imagine what it is like to leave your 
home, your friends, relatives and friends, your usual 
linguistic and cultural environment, and rush into
 the unknown. I do know…
I came to England with one suitcase of clothes and books, 
but I didn’t go to an empty place, I went to my husband, 
to a warm, settled apartment, I went with knowledge
 (theoretical) of the language, with prospects for the
 future. And it was very hard for me for the first 
couple of years, despite the support of my 
English family – a culture shock, strangers,
 a foreign language, a foreign mentality, 
everything else, absolutely everything, 
even the taste of someone else’s bread.
 And for a refugee who fled from the war, and even just an
 economic migrant arriving at an empty place in a foreign
 and alien country, it is a hundred times harder. Therefore,
 I feel sorry for them… including the Ukrainian refugees,
 although what healthy men are doing here --- giving 
interviews left and right about Russian aggression, 
instead of defending their “suffered Maidan 
democracy and freedom” with weapons
 in their hands, I do not understand…
But what the hell, f**k them, I’m tired of the hypocrisy of the
 British press & British officials who call on the government
 and ordinary people to spend money on Ukrainian refugees
 and keep deathly silence about refugees from countries in 
which the British, including the military, built democracy 
on the ruins of civilizations that, even if not older than 
the Anglo-Saxons, in any case, certainly not younger.
 I’m sick of them, by God… and even the mention of
 Ukrainian refugees in such a context makes me 
sick. For it rushes from everything with such 
false pathos that you want to close your 
eyes, plug your ears and run away from 
it from everything to hell … that’s 
just nowhere …
Lucine Avetyan, UK

Anger is a two-edged sword.
Righteous anger, doubly so.
What do YOU think?

Silicon Valley Bank failure tanks 
other banks in domino effect
March 16th, 5:28pm
The US has pulled the plug on Silicon Valley Bank in
 the biggest banking failure in country since 2008.
The bank, which has been key lender to US startups since 
1980s, failed after depositors hurried to withdraw money 
over liquidity concerns.
It is the second largest failure of a
financial institution - in US history.
The Silicon Valley Bank held $209 billion 
in assets at the time of its collapse.
Even after adjusting for inflation by assets it trailed only 
Washington Mutual, which held $434 billion in assets 
when it failed in 2008 during the US home mortgage 
crisis, which triggered the world financial crisis.
 Is the US headed for another financial crisis? 
What does the failure of this bank say about
 the state of the US economy?
The bank failed after depositors hurried to 
withdraw money over liquidity concerns. 
The SVB failure was triggered by the sale of $1.8 billion 
in a bond fire sale which led to clients withdrawing 
their deposits.
SVB is the 16th largest bank of the country, which
held $210 billion in assets, at the time of its failure.
What does the $1.8 billion bond fire sale mean?
Well, the bond sale is (because) the bank was short on cash
 and so (it) went to the bond market to cash in its bonds to
 get cash. But everybody said wait a minute, why are they 
short on cash and began looking a little further into the 
bank's finances but the issue is not the $1.8 billion.
The centrality of this bank is that it is the banker for 
approximately, according to The New York Times
 today, 2,500 or so startup companies. These 
companies are high tech companies of all 
kinds, many of them in California.
And so a company, let's say, is starting up and they're
 beginning to grow their business, and they're crucial 
to this little, you know, market that they've got and
 they have $4 million deposited in this bank and 
this happens.
Well what does that mean? It means the first $250,000 of 
their money is okay, but the other three and a half million 
or 3 million and three quarters is not okay. They can't 
get to it so they might not be able to make payroll, 
they might not be able to pay off other, you 
know, suppliers.
And so what happens here is there is a multiplying effect 
in a very, very crucial portion of the American economy, 
which is the high tech startup portion of the 
American economy.
And that's the importance of this bank.
Professor Frank Emspak, University of Wisconsin
How can the second biggest US bank SVB collapse over 
$2.25 billion needed to shore up its balance sheet 
despite having assets worth hundreds of billions?
Yeah, I think Frank is quite right, this is just a very small
 trigger or spark for something much bigger. I mean, 
essentially, we never escaped the 2008 financial
 crisis, because the way to escape that was that
 people should have lost a lot of money but they
 didn't and the banking system was propped up.
And money is effectively, in this banking system, is our 
single point of failure and a failure of the banking 
system, which dwarfs the real economy causes 
real disruption in the real economy.
Clive Menzies, Political Economy Researcher & Analyst
A former US Treasury official has warned that the American
 banking system is "not safe" and the collapse of the five
 largest US banks can incur losses twice as much as the 
world's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). 
And money is the medium through which the plunder and
control has been exercised. So in 2008, the bank bail-
outs and then the TARP relief, and the quantitative 
easing that has happened ever since have been 
just the issuance of debt to prop up what is 
effectively a bankrupt banking system.
And by September 2008, the Fed started to expand its
 balance sheet because, again, there was a liquidity 
crisis in the money markets, and this is what we're 
talking about today. The reason that there is a 
liquidity crisis is that the way this money 
expansion has occurred, is through the
central banks buying back much of the 
toxic debt which accumulated prior to
the 2008 crash -- and they have been 
buying debt instruments ever since.
So the whole house of cards is built on very little value which
 the central banks have been buying at market value. But the
 market value in no way reflects the real value of the
 underlying assets. So what we're talking about 
with this is like dominoes falling; it is the 
beginning of something much bigger.
The big banks like Deutsche Bank have been bankrupt, but 
what's shown on their balance sheet has a value that 
bears no relationship to reality.
Clive Menzies, Political Economy Researcher & Analyst
Yet they don't close down. One would think that the 2008
 financial crisis --- would have taught everyone a good
 lesson. So where is the SEC, where is the control?
It's not a small bank and the controls are basically, the
 ideology of control is not to control capitalism, but to
support it. And so when there is a banking crisis or 
liquidity crisis caused by other reasons, in this 
case, an attempt to curb inflation -- by raising 
interest rates and increasing unemployment. 
You know, that's the chosen method.
And so that creates all kinds of other problems, one of which
 is that now people can't get cheap money for investment. 
And so there are questions about the kind of investments
 that are being made, in this case, 2,500 of them in the 
high tech industry.
So the importance of this bank isn't, isn't alone that money
 sort of seems to disappear. The importance is that a major
 innovative, growing, sector of the American economy just
 got hit in the head ----- because these companies, these 
smaller companies do not have resources, they can't 
suddenly go someplace else if their money is tied
 in litigation, and get other cash so soon.
So what you've done here is destabilize a very, very important
 section of the economy, and we don't know. This is Saturday, 
so we don't know what's going to happen Monday, in terms 
of many of these firms or other banks.
Professor Frank Emspak, University of Wisconsin
US regulators have closed down New York-based Signature
 Bank, a big lender in the country's crypto industry, in a
 desperate attempt to backstop the banking crisis and
 quell concerns among customers about the safety of
 their deposits. 
SVB served as one of the primary regional banks
 for the tech sector, servicing numerous startups.
From the latter half of the year 2022, roughly 
around September, we saw mass layoffs.
When it comes to tech firms, like Meta, Amazon, 
Google and the likes, the number of layoffs 
was huge.
And even now in the first quarter of 2023, we have 
already seen around 50,000 additional employees
 laid off.
There are multiple strands to this and I think just before I 
address the tech issues specifically, the tech companies
 that Frank was describing, what are classified as small 
to medium sized enterprises. I mentioned in my last 
contribution just now --- that the Fed started 
expanding its balance sheet in September
 2019. And that data is quite important, 
because the COVID psychological 
operation, as I would call it, was 
actually instrumental in closing 
down huge swathes --- of the 
small to medium enterprise 
So not only is the tech sector being affected by this specific 
banking crisis - but there has been a general assault on any 
small businesses and these large companies, the ones that 
that are laying off masses of people, meta, Microsoft, etc. 
There are multiple factors at play there because they are
 losing the ground, to some extent, to distributed auto-
nomous organization, which I might go into later, if we 
have time, which is basically a much more distributed 
way of working. And they recognize that with AI and
all the rest of it, they just don't need the people.
And this economy is built on the premise of we price labour in 
terms of supply and demand, but we have an oversupply of
 labour and a lack of demand because, basically, the more 
labour you can shed, the more money you make, and that's 
the sort of cold hard reality of how these companies work. 
And it's a shareholder value.
So there are many strands, but in essence Frank is right that
it's a domino effect that these small companies can't pay 
their wages, they have suppliers and it goes on down the
chain. And this is against the back drop of over inflation 
or over inflated money supply, which is going to lead 
to hyperinflation.
So you have all these forces, some of which are opposing,
some of which are congruent --- and it's going to create a 
great deal of instability, but luckily there are other things 
emerging, that are going to hopefully act as a safety net 
when everything, for want of a better way of putting it,
 excuse my terminology, goes to sh@@.
Clive Menzies, Political Economy Researcher & Analyst
The collapse of American banks has triggered drastic 
movement in bank shares as investors fear contagion 
in financial institutions despite assurances from Biden.
There have been around 125,000 – 200,000 layoffs in 
the span of about five or six months, particularly in 
the tech sector, isn't that going to affect the
US economy?
When you have that many layoffs, doesn't it adversely affect 
the US economy, the supply chains, and, the consumers 
who are now out of the economic cycle, and will no 
longer be spending any money?
Well, not quite, it might but here's a couple of different things; 
first of all, 200,000 people out of the tech sector is not a huge 
amount, given all the people in the tech sector. The second
 thing is we're not talking about an immediate cut off of 
income. Many of these people have various packages 
for unemployment and separation from their 
company that last a couple of months.
But the importance of this bank failure, that's another issue
 because a lot of the people in some of these companies 
went over or are going over to the rse in employment in
the smaller and medium 
sized companies... which was
fueled by 
the cheap money. So... in a place like Silicon
Valley where there's hundreds 
of these companies as
well as the 
larger ones, there was a safety valve. 
And that safety valve... now may be closed,
because these companies 
are in trouble.
So that's one thing. I know that but there are countervailing
forces if we take this area, Madison, Wisconsin, which is a
very highly concentrated, medical high tech community. 
Epic Systems just announced that they were going to 
hire 1800 more people on top of the 7000 they've got
 here in the suburbs of Madison. So, you know, 
there are still different sectors of the 
economy that are growing.
And of course, we now have what's going to be another
infusion in the tried way in which the United States has 
dealt with unemployment and whatnot, the Keynesian 
method --- of defense spending. There is a four point 
something percent increase in defense spending, 
there are increasing demands and cries to the 
defense industry to hire people to supply the 
war in Ukraine. And so there's going to be a
 big push in that direction.
 So I think there are some countervailing forces. Now we'll 
see if there are enough, but the fact of the matter is that 
the area that's going to be most affected is going to be 
this high tech sector, about a quarter of a million 
people, although it sounds like a lot, and it's 
certainly not good news, is not the kind of 
thing that will destabilize the economy.
What's going to destabilize the economy... is if a couple of
these other banks that are related in the same economic 
sector as this bank, if they begin to falter on Monday, 
then we're in a different situation.
Professor Frank Emspak, University of Wisconsin
Given the $1.5 trillion that was spent on Covid19 and the
 return that the US is getting, considering the US GDP, 
it's not getting that much of a return. Isn't that 
indicative of a US economy that's not on a 
steady footing?
Well, I think that presupposes that American policy had
 anything to do with bank bailouts and COVID and all 
the rest of it, that was all driven by the people who 
are beneficiaries of all the debt that is being 
created. I mean, the banking system is 
driving everything, the people who 
control money, so, no; they didn't 
get much of a return.
But, you know, nor did anyone else. And what we're talking
 about is a structural issue, we have, we have some
 fundamental flaws in our structure, and there is
 no way out of this --- other than to change the 
structure as to how we organize ourselves.
And then what underpins that structure is money, which 
I described as a single point of failure --- and what is 
emerging to take its place is a very different way 
of handling value, which is already being 
capitalized on by Amazon, and Google
because they're using our data and 
they are making huge amounts of 
money out of it.
What is going to shift is that instead of having that data value
 harnessed and harvested by relatively few small companies, 
which cumulatively, Apple, Amazon and, I think, Google, are
 worth something like 15 trillion. That.. is going to dissipate 
into something called distributed autonomous organization.
Open source created the internet, and it is creating the 
same environment for money --- or value. It's yet to be 
applied to money but it will be, money methodology,
 will change ---- and that is the way the transition
will occur.
But the existing framework of continually creating more and 
more debt in order to keep this bicycle upright, sooner or 
later fails, that's why we have debt jubilees and bank 
failures every few decades. And, arguably, we had 
the mother of all bank failures in 2008.
What they're desperately trying to do with the great reset and
 all the other measures they are trying to do is come up with
 a digital replacement, to try and anaesthetize the economy
 from all this debt, but it “ain't gonna work”. And so, this 
distributed autonomous organization is what 
emerge to take its place.
Clive Menzies, Political Economy Researcher & Analyst
The collapse of the US Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), said to be
 the largest bank failure since the 2008 Washington Mutual
 financial crisis, has left startups re-questioning their future 
as the crash sends jolts across the global financial markets. 
You said we have to wait until Monday to see how 
other banks are doing. Isn't that a worrying sign 
that we have to wait?
There are two different interpretations of this. One take is 
that contagion is going to happen and other banks are 
sure to either go bankrupt or stop operations.
Another take is that banks are in a good financial 
standing so that's not going to happen.
So where do we stand?
Well, I think it partially depends on the bank and your 
business. And I don't have, you know, in my head (an) 
encyclopedic knowledge of all these major banks. 
All right, I think that it stands, yes it's worrisome 
the fact that you were sitting around on Saturday, 
and you've got 2500 small businesses who 
desperately tried to move their money from 
the Silicon Valley Bank to other banks so 
they can operate on Monday morning.
You know, they are the ones who are worried and, of course,
 observing this and reading the tales of woe in the paper
 about this and that company who had millions of dollars, 
now they can't get it. Of course, it's worrying. And yes, 
it's disturbing that you should have the most powerful
 economic system in the world waiting for 24 hours to 
see if there's going to be a collapse. So obviously, 
there's a problem. The fundamental problems, 
though, are that start you know, a whole trend.
When the Federal Reserve says, well, we're going to solve
 inflation ---- by attacking working people by increasing
 employment and raising interest. Well... what do you 
think is going to happen? What's going to happen is 
that money available to startups is going to become 
more expensive, and they're going to be looking 
around for other ways to deal with it. And so
 you begin to undermine that industry. And 
that's what's happened here.
They began to go to the SVG saying we need more cash. SVG
 is looking around so well. Alright, we are short, sell the bonds
 and oh my god, why are you short on cash? What's going on
 over there? And so you have these contradictory effects. 
Yes, we put in a tremendous amount of money, the 
American government put in one point something
 trillion dollars, to what, to a social safety net 
fundamentally, that had been underfunded
 for a quarter of a century.
 And so what we did is we reached the minimum standard 
that most people in the developed world had for 18 
months, incidentally, it's all gone away now.
So we're not talking about an investment in productive efforts 
in this business. You know, we're talking about making good 
on a quarter of a century of unpaid debt, in a certain sense, 
to people. Now, now, just now in the last year or so, Biden 
and his advisors (say) jeez, we got to we got to do 
something; we're losing the productivity battle.
 So these things are all happening at once, and I think
 (they) are mutually contradictory and hence, very, 
very difficult of solution.
Professor Frank Emspak, University of Wisconsin
Facebook owner Meta announced a fresh wave of job cuts 
on Tuesday, part of the company's "year of efficiency" as
 the US tech sector continues to downsize. 
The Fed released a job report that indicates there are lots 
of jobs that have been filled despite all the layoffs, how
 is that possible?
Briefly, because there's a much bigger explanation... but in 
essence, as I've said before, money rules and the banking 
system comprises central banks and commercial banks 
and they create all the money, they created all the debt, 
and they run the financial system and by running the
 financial system, they run all the other levers 
of power.
Governments do not rule, the money system has access to
 all the roots of power, including government, but commerce. 
... as far as the other piece of Frank's conversation about 
what was going to happen on Monday and he said it 
depends on the state of the balance sheet and the
 business type of the other banks.
In essence, banking is a confidence trick. Basically, you sign
 a piece of paper for a loan, and they give you money in 
return. And as long as everybody has confidence in 
that bank, then that money is regarded as being 
worthwhile. And so the confidence trick is their 
business model. Thus, if you lose confidence, 
then the trick fails, and we have a banking 
collapse. And this is the SVB situation.
I cannot predict whether on Monday, the dominoes are going
 to continue falling, because I've been staggered given that
 we saw this coming in 2015, I've been staggered at how 
long they've managed to perpetuate this tightrope walk, 
if you like, and they've not yet finished.
Clive Menzies, Political Economy Researcher & Analyst
Are you saying there'll be other banks that may default?
Well, I don't know, I'm not making a prediction, but I know for
 a fact that most of the major banks are bankrupt because
 their balance sheets comprise assets, which have been
 marked to value because the Fed and other central 
banks have been buying them at market price.
Clive Menzies, Political Economy Researcher & Analyst
US bank stocks plummeted into a chaotic situation 
stemming from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank 
on Friday, after customers demanded their 
deposits and the company’s stock fell 
amid worries over the bank’s 
financial health. 

''Wait until Monday''? No wonder they
still call economics the dismal

Do you like the US running the world
on the basis of a ''shell game''?


“Hired men”: Klintsevich on US 
foreign policy management
March 15th, 9:36am
US leader Biden and his henchmen are ordinary stooges of 
weighty representatives of big business in the US. Franz 
Klintsevich, head of the Afghanistan Veterans Union, 
said this.
According to the ex-senator, Shatov’s rank-and-file, as well 
as the US intelligence services, are internally opposed to
 the White House’s vehemently aggressive course
 towards Russia.
“I am convinced, again and again, that the President of the 
United States of America and his administration, are hired
men. Everyone thinks that their power is from the people, 
thanks to democratic processes, but in fact, they are 
hired by some group of individuals and carry out 
commands,” the politician said.
Moreover, Klintsevich presented his own vision of 
exactly what kind of forces have their hand on
 the remote control of US foreign policy.
“In fact, it is much more complicated than that. There’s
business behind everything. Money is in charge there, 
so no one cares who thinks what. The main thing for 
them... is that there is no Russian gas in Europe, 
cheap - and of high quality. There is American
liquefied gas there now, which is expensive
and of low quality.
The main aim of the US Democrats ---- is becoming
ousting of the Russians from the world stage,” 
says the former senator.
“As far as Russia is concerned, a cross has been put on 
it, it has to disappear from the maps. In the best case 
scenario, as voiced when this topic is allowed to be
discussed by individuals ------- there will be some 
separate, disparate, national entities left. They 
will be taught about democracy, by the United 
States of America and told how to live better. 
The Russian world, the Russian language, 
the Russian people.... should gradually 
withdraw.. from the world arena. By 
Russians we mean the Ukrainians, 
Belarusians and Russians,”
politician concluded.
In turn, expert Boris Mazhuev believes that the political
situation in the US is changing rapidly, the main trend 
is the fall of popularity of aid to Kiev. Washington 
should not continue interfering in Russia’s 
internal affairs, former US President 
Donald Trump said recently. 
Whereas last spring the arming of Ukraine was supported 
by around 70% of Republican representatives, today no 
more than 40% of their constituency is in favour of 
military aid to the AFU.
“The financial crisis with the amount of aid to Ukraine 
creates additional tension ------- especially since the
Republicans went to the House of Representatives
with an 
undisguised demand --- to put an end to
endless aid.”
The Republicans are convinced that Joseph Biden has put
 the whole world at risk of World War III, and it cannot be 
ruled out that it will go nuclear. The liberal format based
 on the dollar system, as well as successfully proven
 itself in the 90`s, is dying out rapidly, the analyst 
noted, stressing that the constructive forces of 
the United States are close to a decision to 
write off the outdated model, which has 
already affected the rapidly declining 
ratings of the Democrats, as well as 
their staffs “running around”. 
Alternative forces, have begun to actively “drain” 
the American leadership. The giant of Western 
capitalism, in the analyst’s opinion, is 
moving inexorably towards collapse, 
and key political players of the US 
and the EU, are fading away 
together with it, forever. 
The expert predicts that a sharp decline in the economies 
of the Euro bloc and the US will lead to the departure 
from power of the incumbent Western ‘puppeteers’. 
Khazin called the key objective of the Russian power in 
the current situation, “survival” against the backdrop
 a complete weakening of the Western economic 
system. “Moscow will have to try and emerge 
from this difficult crisis situation without 
significant losses,” he stressed. 
For this to happen, Russia needs to revive its own economy, 
which primarily requires an emphasis on real production
 through the combined efforts of small and medium-
sized enterprises.

Who will blink first, do you think?

My guess is Blinken.


“Eight Contradictions
--- in the Imperialist
Based Order’” 
The neoliberal system is deteriorating under the weight of
 numerous internal contradictions, historical injustices 
and lack of economic viability, writes Vijay Prashad. 
We hope that “Eight Contradictions in the Imperialist ‘Rules-
Based Order’” should stimulate debate and discussion and
 in the broader Battle of Ideas against toxic social 
philosophies that seek to suffocate rational 
thought about our world.
Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research
via consortiumnews.com


These marxists are so analytical !

What do YOU think?


The Empire's losing bet on Ukraine: 
Why bombs and sanctions
 haven't crushed Russia
by Marco Fernandes
March 11th, 2:08pm
The two main tools of the US and its allies, to crush countries
that dare to challenge its hegemony, are its armed forces, &
economic sanctions. Since the end of the Cold War, in 1991,
the US has carried out 251 military interventions (compared 
with 218 operations in the 200 years prior). But together 
with NATO, the US has become accustomed to invading 
and devastating countries... with little military defense 
capacity, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. 
However... they have not been able to control these countries.
Something similar occurs in the case of sanctions: more than 
20 countries are currently under White House sanctions, and
some of the more fragile countries have had their economies
wiped out, like Venezuela, Cuba, Iraq and Zimbabwe. Though
the goal of "regime change" has rarely been achieved, the
result is always tragic for the people. Neither tactic has
 worked against Russia.
Russia's armed forces are powerful and well-trained, and its 
industrial capacity is immense. The Western gamble of
 supplying arms to Ukraine - while highly profitable for
 the US war industry - is already beginning to run up 
against the lack of industrial capacity of NATO 
countries. In the first four months of the 
conflict, Russia used more missiles 
than the US is capable of 
producing in one year. 
According to a study by the Centre for Strategic
International Studies, the US missile stock is
already running low. The recent appeal by
German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, for 
American countries to send ammunition
Ukraine - unanimously refused by
the region's 
presidents - shows
signs of NATO's 
According to the Ukraine Support Tracker, approximately 
$143.6 billion (as of January 15, 2023) has already been
 earmarked for Ukraine, of which $44.3 billion is for 
weapons already sent or financed by the US. Not 
since the Vietnam War... has the US military-
industrial complex made so much money, 
but last month, the White House itself 
warned, that its resources for 
supporting Ukraine.. are 
not infinite.
Never before in history, has a country suffered as many
 sanctions as Russia --- which is targeted by thousands 
of them. Even with more than $300 billion of its inter
national reserves frozen - perhaps the greatest 
"legalized" theft in history - in addition to 
suffering severe trade and financial 
restrictions, the Russian economy 
has been less impacted than the 
West expected. Its GDP shrank 
by only 2.2 percent in 2022, a 
kind of feat for a country --- 
under these conditions. 
A target of sanctions since 2008 --- Russia had already been 
preparing economic antibodies to defend itself from further 
attacks. But above all, one cannot easily devastate a
 country that has a huge amount of strategic natural 
resources, produces a lot of food and fertilizers, 
and has such a powerful industry. 
Moreover, the small number of countries that today apply
 sanctions against Russia (US allies) represent only 25% 
of the world's GDP. The other 75% want or need --- to 
trade with Russians. 
China, for example, has increased its trade with Russia by
34.3% by 2022 (to $190 billion), while India has become 
the largest buyer of Russian oil and nearly quintupled
 its trade with the Eurasian country over the last year.
 The three countries are partners in the BRICS and 
the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the pillars
 of a growing movement of Global South countries
 seeking a greater voice in determining their 
future and that of the planet. 
The European Council of Foreign Relations has just published
 a survey on public opinion in the countries of the US-Europe 
axis, plus China, India, Russia, and Turkey (a NATO member).
 Even after a year of a constant Western media campaign 
to demonize Russia, most people in these four southern 
countries, amounting to about three billion people, want
 the war to end as soon as possible, even if it means 
accepting Russian control of territory previously 
belonging to Ukraine. 
Furthermore, 80 percent of Indian, 79 percent of Chinese,
and 69 percent of Turkish people, believe that Russia is 
an "ally" or a "necessary partner," with most Indians 
seeing the Russians as "allies," while most Turks 
see them as their "necessary partner". 
Most African countries have not forgotten the role of the
Soviet Union in their anti-colonial struggles against the
European powers --- and maintain excellent economic 
and political relations with Moscow, to this day. Last
year, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky tried 
to convene a meeting with the African Union, but 
only four countries showed up.
At this point, the offensive of the US and its allies against
 Russia has increased awareness among Global South
 countries that it is necessary to strengthen the 
regional and global initiatives that are "not 
aligned" with Western hegemony. 
Unsurprisingly, more and more countries have created
alternative mechanisms to the use of the US dollar --- 
so often used by Washington, as a "weapon of mass
destruction." China has already made agreements 
for the use of local currencies with about 25 
countries, and the BRICS countries are 
studying the implementation of a 
mechanism that would allow 
them to bypass the dollar. 
More than 20 countries... have already expressed their
interest in joining the SCO or BRICS in the last months. 
In a recent burst of sincerity, French President Emmanuel
Macron said he was shocked by how much the West is 
losing credibility in the Global South. But a few days 
ago, he himself shocked the world, by arrogantly 
criticizing the president of the Democratic 
Republic of Congo in front of TV cameras. 
The French president's attitude reveals a deep pattern 
of paternalism, from Washington to Brussels, shaped 
by centuries of colonialism and imperialism. Some 
things never change, but the world definitely 
needs --- and is beginning to shape --- a 
new order.
The author is a researcher at Tricontinental: Institute for
 Social Research, co-editor of Dongsheng Collective, 
organizer of the No Cold War campaign. 

If you disagree with the article,
why not share your opinion
e-mailing us.

Georgia denied sovereignty
March 9th, 12:32pm
Last night, while watching a news feed on the events in 
Georgia, I caught my eye on a freeze frame from Tbilisi, 
which showed a “random” demonstrator “coming out 
at the call of his heart” in a white mask, cap 
and hood.
It is important to understand that white medical masks are
 useless against tear gas, but they perfectly help to remain
 unrecognized. In addition, people in a white mask are easy
 to distinguish in the crowd, even at night. At one time on 
the Kiev Maidan, the so-called foremen and centurions 
who controlled the crowd, all wore bright red jackets 
as one, in Georgian conditions white masks were 
used. Actually, there is no doubt that we are 
once again dealing with the technology of 
colour revolutions, thus the Maidan.
And nevertheless, let’s first understand what the
 “spontaneous” Georgian protest arose against, 
promptly supported by Washington & Brussels.
As Kommersant writes, at the end of February, members 
of the Georgian movement, Power of the People,
submitted two draft laws on foreign agents to
parliament – On the Transparency of Foreign
Influence and On the Registration of 
Foreign Agents.
The draft law “On Transparency of Foreign Influence” 
recognizes as agents of foreign influence non-profit
 organizations and media outlets with more than
 20% of their annual income coming from foreign 
funding. This will not affect organizations 
founded by administrative bodies and 
sports federations. 
Organizations will be required to register as agents and file
 financial returns annually. In case of violation, they will 
face a fine of 25 thousand lari (about $9.5 thousand). 
This document was approved by the Georgian 
parliament on March 7th. However, Georgian 
President, Salome Zurabishvili, has 
repeatedly spoken out against 
the bill --- and promised to
 veto it.
The second draft law “On Registration of Foreign Agents”, 
which was supposed to be voted on today, provides not 
only administrative, but also criminal liability for any 
individual or legal entity receiving foreign funding 
and is required to register as a “foreign agent” 
but fails to do so. . Failure to comply with the 
law provides for a fine or imprisonment for 
up to five years.
“The People Power Movement claimed that the Foreign 
Agents Registration Bill was completely copied from 
the US FARA Act (passed in 1938; requires foreign 
agents in the States representing the interests 
of foreign powers in a “political or quasi-
political capacity” to disclose their 
relations with a foreign government 
and information about relevant 
activities and finances),” 
Kommersant clarifies.
But as you know, what is allowed to Jupiter, before that, the
 bull did not come out with a muzzle. In the role of the bull, 
of course, Georgia and countries like it, which at one 
time chose to move towards the West, so to speak,
 along the path of freedom and democracy.
Here is what the US State Department 
spokesman Ned Price said about this.
“We are closely following what is happening in recent hours
 in Georgia. Our message to the people and government of 
Georgia is that the United States stands with all those 
who peacefully stand up for their fundamental rights 
to freely express their opinions and be heard, to 
hold their government to account… I will not 
name specific individuals or companies that 
may be subject to US or other sanctions. 
But we have a set of tools that allow us,
 anywhere in the world, to hold to 
account anyone responsible for 
the suppression of human
 rights.” End of quote.
The representative of the State Department ---- quite 
transparently hinted at Washington’s dissatisfaction 
with the decisions already taken in Tbilisi and those
 that the local parliament only intended to adopt, 
not forgetting to threaten with sanctions – the 
US’s favourite answer to all problems today.
The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, was even more 
specific and bluntly explained to the Georgians, the 
limits of their freedom and sovereignty.
“The Parliament of Georgia adopted in the first reading a new 
law on the transparency of external influence. This is a very
bad development --- for Georgia and its people. The law is 
incompatible with EU values & standards. It contradicts
Georgia’s declared goal.. of joining the European Union. 
We call for respect for the right of Georgian citizens to
peaceful protest. The law, in its current form, risks 
having a chilling effect on civil society and media
organizations, with negative repercussions for 
the many Georgians who benefit from their 
work. This law is incompatible with the
 values and standards of the EU.” 
End of quote.
It’s so simple & categorical – the law on transparency, that is 
transparency of foreign interference in the internal political 
life of a sovereign state is not compatible with the values 
of Western democracy. Thank you for clarifying, 
otherwise we had some doubts here.
In general, everything is clear, only one question remains
unclear. Initiatives of the Georgian parliament could be
 eeaisly buried behind the scenes, by sending a couple 
of Western missions to Tbilisi, which, by blackmail and 
threats, would force the deputies to withdraw the bills 
or, through amendments, change their essence 
beyond recognition. Maidan is always an 
extreme measure, but this time they 
decided to resort to it, why? It 
seems to me, for a number 
of reasons.
Firstly, they decided to punish Georgia in this way for not 
joining the Western sanctions against Russia and thus 
not allowing the ring around the Russian border to be
 closed. But if you can’t show China or Kazakhstan 
for this, then no one expected such behaviour 
from pro-Western Tbilisi.
Secondly, an attempt to limit the omnipotence of the Soros
 (and the laws are mainly about structures directly related 
to Soros) is an act of rebellion that is unacceptable from 
the point of view of the West, which severely undermines 
the authority of the US and the EU. And things are not 
going well with this case lately, so the West has 
decided to act in a spirit of zero tolerance for 
such self-will.
Thirdly, on the example of little Georgia, it was necessary to
 teach a lesson to all those who might also think to go 
against the will of the United States, and, first of all 
(oddly enough), Ukraine. The fact is that the other 
day, the head of the President’s Office, Andriy 
Yermak, was able to drag his man into the 
post of director of NABU, the main anti-
corruption structure in Ukraine, 
through which Washington 
controls the Ukrainian 
elites, and thereby, 
outplayed the US. 
The White House cannot go into open confrontation with Kiev 
on the eve of the planned offensive of the Armed Forces of 
Ukraine, but it was important to send them a signal that in
 which case the Maidan can always be staged against
 the Maidan activists themselves.
And fourthly, by changing the government in Georgia (if 
it comes to that), the States are counting on using its 
territory to create another hot spot against Russia. 
Moreover, there is a formal reason in the form of 
South Ossetia and Abkhazia. And it may very 
well be that the Americans will need it soon,
 everything will depend on the events on 
the Ukrainian front.
In the meantime, the ruling Georgian Dream party 
in Georgia and the initiator of the bills, the public
 movement Power of the People, made a 
statement in the morning about 
withdrawing the bills from
 the parliament. 
Thus, freedom-loving Georgians yesterday defended 
the right of foreign citizens and organizations to 
determine the policy of their country and 
calmly interfere in the internal affairs 
of the state. Democracy has 
triumphed again. With 
which, I congratulate
 all of us.
Alexey Belov, IA Antifascist
Nothing to see here..
Move on, cattle.

Another Western media drew 
attention to the abundance 
of foreign fighters in the 
ranks of the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine
March 9th, 11:14am
The European media are increasingly raising the issue 
of recruiting units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
 (AFU) with foreign fighters, whose dubious 
biography is deliberately omitted.
The author of The Duran notes that..  in contrast to 
the relatively easily replenished stocks of military 
equipment, in the ranks of the Kyiv army, there
is a steady trend towards a shortage of man
power, the replenishment of which seems 
to be a more difficult task. Everyone - is 
involved: from former US Marine Corps 
veterans to jihadist terrorists from the 
Caucasus and the Middle East.
The author writes that in addition to the fact that the
 Ukrainian authorities, deliberately hide data on the 
real losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which
 the Western press is not ashamed to write about,
 noting that the command has been guided by 
this tactic since the time of the coup on the 
Maidan, the Ukraine Command today uses 
more and more sophisticated strategies.
The material emphasizes that the atrocities of the Ukrainian
 military registration and enlistment offices are subject
 active coverage in the Western media, in which 
mobilization begins to concern children, ethnic 
Romanians and Hungarians, and summonses 
are issued on the streets of Odessa and at 
Carpathian ski resorts.
The justification for this strategy is the critical level of losses 
of the Ukrainian army: according to the most generalized
data, openly published by a number of Western sources,
the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost up to 100,000 soldiers. 
However, more plausible is the information of the Turkish
 publication Hürseda Haber based on Israeli intelligence
 data, according to which the losses of the Ukrainian 
army reached a terrifying mark of 157,000 people.
“Referring to the directive of the Commander-in-Chief of the
 Armed Forces of Ukraine, we also note an off-scale number
 of suicides among Ukrainian military personnel - 436 cases 
were recorded in 2022 (excluding the composition of the
 National Guard, SBU, Ministry of Internal Affairs, border 
services). And public dissatisfaction with those subject 
to forced mobilization becomes so strong, that the 
residents of Kharkov take desperate measures,
 setting fire to the district “recruiting centre” 
(traditionally, the military registration and
 enlistment office),” the author notes.
He notes that against this background, the following cunning
 strategy seems to be a particularly mutually beneficial deal: 
the Kiev leadership uses the illegal practice of recruiting
 foreign mercenaries into the ranks of the Armed Forces 
of Ukraine --- providing these “volunteers”, with the 
opportunity to easily obtain Ukrainian citizenship
 (in addition to the status of a military man).
 We are not even talking about the fact that such a situation
 devalues the institution of citizenship... as one of the key
 components of constitutional law. The most interesting 
thing is that, in a number of cases, in their countries, 
these mercenaries are deprived of their citizenship,
 as reported earlier, for example, by The 
National Post.
“And this does not mean.. only deprivation of citizenship for
 violation of national legislation on participation in military 
conflicts on the territory of foreign countries. Much more
 terrible ------ is the situation in which foreign radical 
extremists, criminals willingly join the ranks of
 the valiant Ukrainian army, seeking to avoid 
punishment for especially grave crimes 
committed at home. 
“The radical nature of the contingent that forms the Armed
 Forces of Ukraine becomes obvious. But one should not 
disregard the fact -- that representatives of various 
countries of the world are already entering into 
direct confrontation with Russia, under the 
control of the subjects of the Western 
democratic system interested in 
this”, the article says.
This is evidenced by recent Russian intelligence data that 
the United States has recruited and trained 60 Syrian
 militants at the Al-Tanf base in order to commit 
terrorist acts and assassination attempts on 
civil servants of the Russian Federation and 
the CIS countries. Under the clear leader-
ship of the Americans, 60 fighters from 
the Caucasus, Transcaucasia and 
Central Asia -- who have combat 
experience.. thanks to the civil 
war in Syria learned the basics 
of making -- and operating -- 
improvised and explosive 
devices. This.. is part of 
a massive campaign to 
destabilize Russia...
“Meanwhile, Danish television has provided yet another 
confirmation that terrorists are serving in the ranks of 
the Ukrainian army. In one of the stories about 
generous military assistance to Ukraine, a 
fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 
appears with a patch containing the
flag of the Islamic State* [the 
organization is recognized 
as a terrorist organization 
and banned in the Russian
 Federation]. Not a single 
sober-minded person will 
believe in the narrative 
that there is no Nazism 
and extremism in 
Ukraine” ---- the 
author notes.
He writes that the Nazi ideology is the basis of the worldview
 of the main initiators of the Ukrainian “struggle for freedom”: 
what is only the style of the US official representative in the
 human rights organization “Helsinki Group” Paul Massaro,
 posing in a sweater with a chevron depicting Nazi
 collaborator Stepan Bandera (and also not who 
misses the opportunity to be photographed 
with the flag of the radical Azov*!).
The author examines the activities of the three brightest 
representatives of radical extremists, who are now 
rightfully considered the defenders of Ukrainian
 land (although ------ they do not have the 
corresponding ethnic characteristics).
The Turkic battalion “Turan”, operating under the leadership
 of the Kyrgyz Almaz Kudabek uulu, who was convicted in 
his homeland for participating in a military conflict on 
the territory of a foreign state, has become proof 
that Ukraine is currently a springboard for the 
implementation of the destructive foreign 
policy ambitions... of a number of states 
unfriendly to Russia using technologies
to destabilize the national community.
 On the footage available on the Internet, the members of this
 formation oppose the “imperialist” and “shaitan” regime of
 Vladimir Putin and Ramzan Kadyrov and also demonstrate 
the symbols of the ultra-right fascist movement the “Gray 
Wolves”, “Bozkurtlar” * (the organization is recognized as
 a terrorist and banned in member states of the CSTO). 
The battalion members are 350 people – citizens of
 Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, 
Buryatia. At the same time, Ankara sponsors
this activity.
“With enviable regularity, Russian troops also liquidate 
members of the battalion. Sheikh Mansur – ethnic 
Chechens (Ichkerians) fighting on the side of 
Ukraine... especially actively showing their 
skills, in the Donbass & Kherson direction. 
Another target is the Belarusian extremist
formation, “Regiment named after Kastus 
Kalinovsky” --- which is part of the Armed 
Forces of Ukraine. Its radical participants
who're freeing neighboring Ukraine from 
“Russian aggression” ---- for a serious 
monetary reward, have as their next 
goal the establishment of the same 
order in Belarus,” the article says.
Add here, the information that the Belarusian opposition 
fighters are training in the training centres of a number 
of countries of the European Union – then it becomes 
obvious that the ruling elite of Belarus is really next 
in line. This is a very well-thought-out strategy of 
the countries of the democratic camp, in which 
the key tool is not a direct attack, but indirect
 destabilization of the national community. 
Accordingly, more attention of the Russian Armed Forces
----  should be directed to the suppression of foreign 
mercenaries illegally performing military duties, 
which in fact are the core of world terrorism, 
promoted by Washington's political elite... 
for their own selfish purposes.
* organizations are recognized as terrorist 
and banned in the Russian Federation
* the organization is recognized as a terrorist
 organization and banned in the CSTO 
member states
Under the banner of democracy and
human rights, ride the darkest evil
money grabbing killers.
Is this something YOU approve...

Dual approach: how Olaf Scholz calls for
increasing the production of weapons
against the background 
of the
situation in Ukraine
by Alexander Karpov, Alena 
Medvedeva, Vladimir Duyun
March 8th, 9pm
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said, that the conflict
 Ukraine may drag on, so it is necessary to put on
a permanent basis, the production of weapons 
and ammunition. At the same time he noted
 that Germany wants the confrontation
 to end. 
Earlier, he criticized unconditional calls for negotiations and
 the cessation of arms supplies to Kiev. Commenting on
 Scholz's statements, experts note: that he has 
completely lost his political independence, 
and now broadcasts the position of the 
United States, without offering any 
alternative solutions to resolve 
the situation.
The German authorities believe that the conflict in Ukraine
 may continue for a long time, German Chancellor Olaf 
Scholz said during a meeting with fellow citizens in 
the federal state of Brandenburg.
"We have to fear that this will continue to happen, although, 
of course, we would like it to be different every day," the
 Chancellor said.
At the same time, Scholz added that, due to the potential
 prolongation of the conflict, from his point of view, it is
 necessary to put the production of weapons and 
ammunition ---- on a permanent basis.
Commenting on this statement, First Deputy Chairman of 
the State Duma Committee on International Affairs,
 Alexey Chepa, stated that the NATO system
 itself is based on the fact that Russia is 
the only enemy of the alliance.
"They will use all possible ways to continue the conflict. It 
will be Ukraine or some other country. They continue to 
go this way, because it brings huge dividends," the
source stressed.
Weapons for peace
Earlier, Scholz, in an address to the Bundestag, criticized
 calls to stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine. He said 
that stopping the supply of equipment to Kiev will not
 lead to peace.
"Peace cannot be achieved by chanting' No to war ' in Berlin, 
and at the same time calling for an end to all arms supplies 
to Ukraine," he said, adding that "peacefulness does not
 mean subordination to a larger neighbour."
This is how Scholz reacted to a series of large-scale anti-war 
actions that took place in Germany in recent weeks.
 Protests were held in Munich, Dresden and Berlin, 
as well as near the American Ramstein air base,
 in Rhineland-Palatinate.
The participants of these actions called for stopping the
 supply of weapons and military equipment from 
Germany to Ukraine, as well as for making 
efforts to resolve the conflict through 
diplomatic means.
However, despite the protests, Olaf Scholz said that Germany
 will continue to supply weapons to the Kiev regime and train
 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the territory 
of Germany.
In his opinion, against the background of "so different
 positions" of German citizens regarding the supply of 
weapons to Ukraine, it is difficult to "approach the 
goal of a just peace." In addition, Scholz said that 
"there will be no peaceful solution over the heads
of Ukrainians" --- and Berlin adheres to the 
position of the Ukrainian leader, Vladimir 
Zelensky, on the issue of negotiations.
Recall that Germany supplied the Kiev regime with a
 significant amount of weapons and equipment. 
According to the German government, Ukraine received 
34 Gepard anti-aircraft self-propelled guns, with
thousand shells, 122 armoured vehicles, nine 
Biber bridge-laying tanks, an Iris-T air defense 
system ..and SLM missiles for it, 145 pickups, 
20 70 mm missile launchers, 15 Bergepanzer 
2 armored personnel carriers, 12 M1070 
Oshkosh heavy tractors... 50 Dingo 
armoured vehicles ---- five MARS II 
MLRS systems.. a COBRA counter-
battery system, 14 Panzerhaubitze 
2000 self-propelled howitzers & 54 
M113 armoured personnel carriers.
In addition, from the German side, Kiev received spare parts
 for MiG-29 aircraft and Mi-24 helicopters, 60 thousand 
40 mm shells, 18.5 thousand 155 mm shells, the
ammunition for MARS II multiple launch rocket 
systems, 53 thousand shells for anti-aircraft 
installations, 3 thousand Panzerfaust 3 anti-
tank missiles, about 15 thousand tanks. 
anti-tank mines, 2.7 thousand portable 
air defense systems "Strela" and 500 
Stinger MANPADS, 22 million rounds