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Americans --- Find Gangsters 
Suitable to Lead the Country
by Eric Zuesse
September 30th, 2022
On November 13th, in 2019, the U.S. President said,
regarding Syria, “We’re keeping the oil, we have 
the oil, the oil is secure, we left troops behind 
only for the oil.”
That was at a press conference, and none of the
reporters asked him any question about that 
statement. They certainly thought it to be 
unremarkable and not surprising, to hear 
a US President say --- that our country is 
stealing oil -- from a country that we've 
invaded & still are militarily occupying 
--- despite having no legal authority to 
position any troops there — publicly 
admitting to international gangster-
ism, in the very boldest way, (yet 
without surprising anyone there).
That statement, had followed a U.S. ‘Defense’ 
Department’s statement, on 25 October 2019, 
saying --- with more tact --- that, “The United 
States will maintain a reduced presence in 
Syria, to deny ISIS access to oil revenues 
as the next phase of the defeat-ISIS 
It was tactful because it lied to claim this is to be done
(and no reference to stealing anything) “to deny ISIS
access to oil revenues” ------ the false, underlying
assumption being conveyed that the oil is ISIS’s 
& NOT Syria’s, so that even IF that oil is being
stolen from ISIS (which wants to overthrow 
Syria’s Government, just as much as does 
the U.S. Government, though for different 
reasons), then it still is being done for a 
reason that America’s voters... would 
approve of: conquering ISIS.  In other 
words the U.S. ‘Defense’ Department 
was tactful enough to misrepresent 
what the reason for these ongoing
international thefts is.
On 10 August 2022, when that President’s successor
was (and still is) in office ----- The Cradle news-site
headlined “Washington steals over 80% of Syria’s 
oil output per day: The losses incurred by the 
trafficking campaign --- surpass $100bln, 
according to Syria’s oil ministry”, and 
they presented a stunning brief aerial
-shot video (perhaps from Russian 
drones) showing the long strings 
of tanker-trucks, hauling away 
that oil from Syria. Though the 
US President now was from a 
different U.S. political Party, 
the U.S. foreign policy....
remained unchanged.
That President’s successor, though of the opposite
political Party, continued these thefts. The thefts 
were started by a President of this President’s 
Party.. back in 2012, who was working with its
European 'partners' perhaps as early as 2009, 
& definitely wanted “regime-change” in Syria 
at that time, but definitely by no later than 
2012 he decided to support Al Qaeda in 
Syria, against Syria’s existing Govern-
ment at that time, late in 2012, and 
the planning for this overthrow of 
Syria’s Government was already
 functioning in June of 2011. 
The U.S. Government was doing this overthrow-
operation not for any legitimate reason — Syria 
had never threatened nor posed any threat to, 
the United States. It presented no national-
security risk to the US whatsoever — and 
never had. This was purely an inter-
national-gangland operation ---, in 
order to benefit the billionaires 
who control (buy the winning 
politicians in)  ....each of its 
participating Governments. 
All members of this international gang settled upon
their plan “behind closed doors, at the sidelines
the Atlantic Council’s Energy Summit in
Istanbul, Turkey,on November
22 – 23, 2013.”
 The Atlantic Council... is NATO’s chief PR organization. 
Furthermore, allegedly, ISIS’s “two heads ----- are the 
royal family of Saudi Arabia & the CIA headquarters
 in Langley, Virginia, U.S.A.” Lots more evidence 
along the same lines --- was given in the U.S.' 
magazine Homeland Security Today, on 18th
March 2019, interviewing “ISIS Ambassador
to Turkey”, who, for some reason, seems
have left ISIS. 
One of the U.S. gang’s mainstream news-media, TIME
magazine, presented this operation - as if the U.S.
Government were debating within itself pro-and-
con about it, instead of fully committed to it 
(which the U.S. Government had been ever 
since 1949). 
They headlined about it, “Syria’s Opposition Hopes to
 Win the War by Selling Oil” - as if “Syria’s Opposition” 
were anything more than Al Qaeda in Syria, and 
Kurdish separatists in Syria’s northeast — 
America’s proxy-forces, to overthrow 
Syria’s committedly secular Govern-
ment and replace it with a govern-
ment that would be controlled by
 the Saud family.
On 29 September 2022, Steven Sahiounie headlined at 
The Duran, “Cholera and US sanctions killing Syrian
 civilians”, and reported that...
The deadly outbreak has claimed 39 lives in Syria, with
thousands of suspected cases across the country. In
areas under the Ministry of Health, in Damascus, 23 
deaths were reported recently, 20 of them in 
Aleppo, and at least 253 cases.
In the northeast region of Syria controlled by the US-
backed SDF — a [separatist] Kurdish militia… — are 
a reported 16 deaths --- and 2,867 cases, since 
September 5. The US occupation forces there
are controlling the main oil fields in Syria to 
prevent the Damascus government from 
using the oil to provide electricity for 
people’s homes, water pumping 
stations, and gasoline for 
their cars. …
Health authorities tested the Euphrates and found the
bacteria causing cholera. The river is polluted by raw
sewage and oil spills from the US-occupied oil wells 
at Deir Ez Zor. …
According to the UN, nearly two-thirds of water
 treatment plants, half of the pumping stations, 
and one-third of water towers, have been 
damaged by more than a decade of war.
Last winter, Syrians died in their homes without heating.
 … Diesel fuel is used in Syria for home heating, but it is
 expensive and often in short supply because of the US 
occupation of the oil wells in the northeast and the US 
sanctions preventing importing fuels. Most Syrians get
 about one hour of electricity because the fuel used to
 generate electricity is taken by the US troops.
Sahiounie says that because of the heavy paperwork
that is required by the U.S. sanctions in order for 
Syrians to buy foreign medicines, hospital treat-
ments for the cholera victims are impeded.
Here are some of the top agents in this U.S.-headed
gang, agents of U.S. billionaires. These individuals
don’t even need to worry about elections, such as
politicians do; they remain in office for as long as
they want, if they do what America’s billionaires 
want them to do. Like the politicians, they are
answerable only to the billionaires, and a few 
centi-millionaires who fund their careers, but 
their jobs are easier than for publicly elected 
officials --- who are constantly competing 
against one another, to win over those 
big-dollar donors.
In fact, some of these agents had formerly been
successful politicians, U.S. office-holders, but 
then ‘retired’ upstairs, where it’s far easier to
remain in their jobs, not only because of the 
constant competition for mega-buck donors, 
but because, constantly fooling their voters,
is hard work not so easy as being a lobbyist
is. These agents are ONLY agents, but they 
are all extremely well rewarded financially, 
for their services to the gangsters who own
them - who have funded the wealth or their 
lobbyists and other agents. And you see... 
there, some of the U.S. mega-corporations 
that fund these peoples’ careers on behalf 
of those corporations’ controlling stock-
holders. But, of course, the names of the 
billionaires themselves aren’t shown there. 
The billionaires generally stay behind the 
scenes -- because they don’t want to be 
the people who will get blamed for the 
resulting Government.
Of course, the same things were true of this gang’s
operations to take over Iraq, and are true today, of 
the gang’s operations to retain control of Ukraine, 
which they had won in 2014. The American people 
find it acceptable to be constantly lied to & to be 
ruled by, the agents of international gangsters — 
billionaires’ agents. It has been going on now -- 
blatantly, since at least 9 December  2020, and 
actually ever since at least 25 July 1945, when
this gang, these gangsters, America’s super-
rich, took over the country, and have 
continued to hold control over 
America’s Government.
The majority of Americans vote for these gangsters’
stooges, instead of do anything to rebel against and
replace virtually all of these stooge-officials -- who 
occupy congressional seats and the White House.
So, the promises that are made to the public remain 
unfulfilled, while the promises that are privately 
made to the mega-dollar donors get turned into
government-policies & laws. Even at the level 
of state governments --- “Politicians Don’t 
Actually Care -- What Voters Want”. But, 
apparently, Americans find gangsters 
-- agents of the billionaires -- suitable
to lead the country (on behalf of their 
funders — NOT of their voters). And 
those agents of billionaires then 
get to choose whom our judges 
will be. And, that’s okay. Or: 
Is it? Is it democracy, at all?
Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s new book, 
America’s Empire Of Evil: Hitler’s Posthumous 
Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to 
Change, is about how America took over the
world after World War II in order to enslave 
it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their 
cartels, extract the world’s wealth, 
by control of not only their ‘news’ 
media but the social ‘sciences’ 
— duping the public.
(Source SouthFront)
 If you are American... do you think
the rest of the world likes this...
...and will let this continue?

Tell us what YOU think.


I think the name of this page should be
changed - to In-Depth Articles...
here are two more:


The West will learn to take 
Russia’s words seriously
September 28th, 11:17am
With more than two decades of Vladimir Putin in power,
 it is long overdue for the West to answer its own
 question, “who is Mr Putin?” and start 
assessing the man’s moves seriously. 
A growing understanding is likely in 
the near future.
The West will learn to take Russia's words seriously
For now, let’s just say that if it were necessary to 
single out Putin’s main message to “the city and 
the world”, the message of his “life”, it would 
undoubtedly be the word “stability”.
Putin came to power at a time of great turbulence, and 
the first big thing he did - was to stop the country from
falling apart: he pacified Chechnya, stopped the terror
 and rampant banditry, ended the cold “civil war”, and 
reconciled, albeit with great reservations, the people
 and the elites. Finally, it forced the elites themselves
 – their divergent “towers” – to follow the rules.
Then it was time to rebuild. Which was also incredibly
 difficult – given the diametrically opposed interests 
of the elites. Nevertheless, the checks & balances
 model worked and by expelling the most odious 
from the system & sharply reinforcing the most 
active ones we managed to do just that: raise 
the standard of living, restore the army, and
 fill the treasury.
And without any ideology, without any mobilization,
without any alignment whatsoever, apart from the
 natural laws and guarantees of normal life. And.. 
it was much later that these natural positions of 
life.. were cautiously substituted not even with 
ideology - but with some necessary basis of 
“reasonable conservatism”. 
That is, again, preservation of stability (without crazy
 gender experiments, culture of cancellation, etc.).
So – stability. Whence came another important quality
 of style – the apparent absence of any personal
 initiative. Putin, in contrast to the rulers we are 
used to, did not call him to build communism, 
develop glasnost, or move into other bright 
lands, but only constrained the centrifugal 
forces, not allowing the “planets” to jump 
out of their orbits. He himself... remained 
at a kind of absolute rest. And so, being 
in the very centre of differently directed 
vectors, he kept them: the system from 
collapse, the people from poverty, the 
elites from eating each other. And so 
it remains a fundamental tuning fork.
It has long been a commonplace to talk about Putin’s
 philosophy of using his partner’s energy against 
himself in a duel. It really is. Forcing Putin into 
action is no easy task. The “partner” must 
exhaust himself in provocations before he 
gets a response. Which will be nurtured 
so long and carefully that the most 
patient will fall into despair. 
Only when the most patient give in and say: that’s it, no
 more hope, all is lost – the reality will suddenly resolve
 itself with an answer: always unexpected, lightning-
fast and precisely calculated. And, as a rule,
confounding. (The return of Crimea... for 
example, was such a lightning bolt. The 
liberation of Donbass was awaited for 
eight long years). This has always 
been the case, and it is still
 the case.
One must well understand - what Putin has conveyed to
 the West by the referendums in the liberated territories,
 the announcement of partial mobilization and other
words and actions of recent days --- and what will
 probably be clarified until the counterpart learns:
 if an escalation is not stopped by him, we will be 
forced to actually demonstrate the realities of
 a changing “wind rose”, forcing the Ukrainian 
regime to capitulate. That is, we'll bring the 
conflict to a situation that clearly exceeds 
the West’s desire to be involved in it. 
This was clearly demonstrated in the early days of the
 conflict, when the Ukrainian regime was likely to fall
 and the Americans simply fled from their embassies. 
The regime held out then. But only because we were
 unwilling to escalate escalation unnecessarily. But
 now that both the regime and its handlers have 
shown their true face, we are determined to 
do so. This is a crucial moment that our 
former esteemed partners will have to 
take seriously, perhaps... by going 
through all the necessary stages,
from denial - to acceptance of 
the inevitable.
Finally, Putin, I think, is not only addressing the West, 
but also the rest of the world. Also, of course, 
watching developments -- with extraordinary 
attention. This world China, India, Pakistan, 
Iran, the Middle East, the Pacific, Central 
Asia, Latin America, Africa – is 2/3, if
 3/4, of the world’s population. 
But Russia is looked upon with great sympathy, 
remembering the policy of the Russian tsars, 
and later the USSR, which behaved in the 
“third world” very differently from the 
way the first behaved. 
The USSR.. was the real alternative to rapacious
financier capitalism, which is well remembered
 there --- carefully reading the signs Putin 
sends out.
People like strong leaders. We are not talking about
 ghettoised Europeans back home, who are not 
allowed to be proud of their culture and are 
only allowed to think about gender 
reassignment --- and/or sexual 
education for their children. 
We are talking about normal people. And what kind of
 leaders do they see in the stunted beds of democratic
 regimes and the faded emblems of eastern despotism
 today? None. The real face of politics today is one in
 which the great shadows of the past rise again. And
 the third world remembers the shadows of its great
 ancestors and respects them… Today -- only Orban, 
desperately fighting for a small crusading Hungary, 
and Erdogan, restoring the former greatness of the
 Ottoman Empire with oriental sagacity, can shade 
the “monumental power”. On whom else can the
 ordinary people of the world pin their hopes? 
Let’s leave the poor, battered white population of the
 West alone. In the rest of the world Putin’s stock is
 rising faster  ...than gas prices on European stock
 exchanges. So is... the rapidly gaining weight, of 
the SCO as a real alternative to the global order.
Judging by cautious, inarticulate mutterings from
 Western leaders, the signals are received and 
taken into account. Well, the West will have 
to learn to take Russia’s words seriously.
Vladimir Mozhegov, VZGLYAD
Why the US wants to 
create a fund to
 arm allies
September 28th, 10:56am
A group of US senators, has come up with an initiative
- aimed at speeding up the process of supplying allies
 with ammunition without involving the arsenal of the 
US. The prepared bill proposes the creation of a
 separate structure ----- which would deal with 
such needs of military and political partners.
“(The bill. – RT) would ensure, that the US has enough
 critical ammunition, to support allies and partners in 
a crisis without depleting US military supplies,” said 
Jeanne Shaheen of the Democratic Party, one of the 
bill’s sponsors, in a statement on its website. – The
 Protecting Overseas Contingency Preparedness 
and Emergency Response Enhancement Act
 (PROCURE) would establish a Critical 
Munitions Acquisition Fund (CMAF) 
that would allow the secretary of 
defense to --- more effectively 
manage industrial production 
lines and maintain production 
of certain munitions of para-
mount importance  ---  to US 
national security interests.”
It is emphasized that the authority under CMAF 
will help the Pentagon improve the agency’s 
purchasing power and reduce government 
spending, as well as better anticipate 
production chain needs.
For his part, the document’s co-author, Republican 
Tom Tillis, acknowledged that the situation with 
US-organised arms shipments to Ukraine “has 
exposed serious flaws regarding the current
 ammunition stockpile”.
“Our PROCURE bill, supported by both parties, is
 needed to improve America’s ability to quickly 
arm its allies in potential future conflicts with-
out depleting its own ammunition stockpiles, 
which will seriously enhance our national 
security and combat readiness,” the 
senator said.
It should be noted that since President Joe Biden 
came to power, the USA has allocated about 
$15.8bn worth of military assistance... to 
Ukraine. In total, since 2014, according
 to the Pentagon, Kiev has received
 from Washington, $17.9bn for its
security needs.
As of mid-September.. the United States transferred to
 Ukraine over 1,400 Stinger man-portable air defence
 systems, over 8,500 Javelin anti-tank missile 
systems, over 700 Switchblade kamikaze 
drones, 126 155-mm howitzers and over 
805,000 shells, 20 Mi-17 helicopters, 
as well as 16 HIMARS rocket 
launchers with ammunition 
and other weapons.
Kiev’s demands
Meanwhile, Kiev continues to demand increased
 supplies of western arms, using any means to 
do so. In particular, President Volodymyr 
Zelensky --- from the rostrum of the UN 
General Assembly, on September 21st, 
appealed to partners -- to supply more
weapons, especially long-range ones.
“We need defence support: weapons, equipment and
 shells. In offensive weapons – long-range enough to
 liberate our land. And in defence systems, 
especially air defence,” he said, adding 
that the country also needs 
additional funding.
The country’s foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, also
 demanded a redoubling of efforts to support 
Ukraine from the West on Twitter. “More 
sanctions against Russia. More weapons
 for Ukraine. More solidarity with 
Ukrainians,” he wrote.
He called on Western countries to provide Kiev with
 more effective weapons and equipment, advisor to
 the head of the Ukrainian presidential office 
Mykhaylo Podolyak, in an interview with 
Germany’s Tagesschau.. on September
the 24th. Armoured vehicles and tanks 
are expected from partners, he said.
“But these should not be ineffective Soviet tanks –
 neither T-55s, nor T-64s, not even T-72s. That is 
why we say to our partners, in particular 
Germany: if you want to take the 
leadership role… then give us 
the Leopard 2,” he stressed.
For his part, the country’s Deputy Defence Minister
 Vladimir Gavrilov suggested at the National 
Defence Industrial Association conference 
in Texas that foreign arms manufacturers 
should test their designs during the 
ongoing conflict.
“If you have any ideas or pilot projects that need to 
be tested before mass production, you can send
 them to us and we will explain how to do it,” 
he said.
Europe’s doubts
It is noteworthy that Europe, despite its declared
 support for Kiev, is in no hurry to increase arms
 supplies even in the context of the “counter
attack” announced by the Ukrainian 
authorities. In particular, Bloomberg 
news agency drew attention to this 
on September 26, citing information
obtained from sources in the 
European Union.
“We should hardly expect a serious increase in arms
 flows or new violations of taboos on their types … 
as the US is cautious and Europe’s own stock-
piles of key weapons are running out,” the 
publication quoted one of its sources 
as saying.
According to the agency, the EU fears 
a further escalation of the conflict.
“There are no indications that European governments
 are taking any steps to provide Kiev with a new batch
 of heavy weapons,” Bloomberg claims, citing sources
 close to the supply process.
There is a particularly heated debate -- between
 European countries over the transfer of German
 Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Apart from Germany 
itself, the tanks are in service in Spain, the 
Netherlands, Norway, Greece, Turkey and 
Finland, which cannot hand them over to
 Kiev without Berlin’s sanction.
Military assistance to Ukraine is also receding in 
Italy due to budget deficits and the internal 
political struggle. According to sources 
familiar with the situation, the flow of 
weapons supplied by the country to 
Kiev, has already decreased.
The Politico newspaper also noted that France and
 Germany were not as enthusiastic about supplying 
weapons to Kiev. Its columnist John Denis pointed 
out that the actions of the leaders of the two 
countries “do not correspond to their own 
rhetoric”. For example, Berlin has been 
delaying for months the shipment of 
military equipment provided to 
Ukraine by other allies. 
Paris “deliberately reduces its assistance to Ukraine
 in the hope of playing the role of a mediator after
 the end of hostilities,” the journalist said.
It is worth noting that the FRG has been criticised by
 Kiev more than once, because of its supply policy.
“Signals from Germany are disappointing at a time 
when Ukraine needs Leopard and Marder… Not a 
single rational argument why these weapons 
cannot be provided, only abstract fears and 
excuses. What is Berlin afraid of that Kiev
 is not?” Kuleba was indignant on Twitter.
His criticisms did not go unanswered by the German
leadership. As The New York Times noted on
September 25, the Ukrainian minister’s 
claims caused displeasure with the
German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz.
“Being a leader does not mean doing what people ask
 you to do. Being a leader is about making the right 
decisions and being incredibly resilient. That’s 
what I do,” he told the publication.
At the same time, Scholz stressed that Berlin is
 already doing a lot for Ukraine: in particular,
 giving it all kinds of weapons.
Support with a cost
In the opinion of the associate professor of the
 Academy of Labour and Social Relations, 
candidate of political sciences Pavel 
Feldman, the US senators, when 
proposed the new law on the 
defence sector, care about 
the military-industrial
complex of the USA,
and not about the 
interests of allies.
“U.S. senators openly lobby the interests of defense
 giants, on whose money both Republicans and
 Democrats exist. They perceive Ukraine as a 
testing ground where they can test the 
novelties of their military industry 
without risking the lives of NATO 
soldiers. Arms manufacturers 
are interested in escalating 
and prolonging the conflict,
 as it promises them large
 government contracts. 
The depletion of the US budget is of little concern to
 the merchants of death and those behind them,” 
the expert explained in a conversation with RT.
Meanwhile, Vladimir Vinokurov, professor at the
 Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign 
Ministry, believes that the capabilities of 
the Western military industrial complex 
are not unlimited – the protracted 
conflict in Ukraine... has 
shown this.
The “almighty” United States is now forced to admit
 that it has big problems with stocks of military
 equipment and other weapons, which have 
been depleted by endless deliveries. The 
same is true in Europe, whose arsenals 
are much smaller than those of the US. 
The Western military-industrial complex is not ready
 today to uninterruptedly meet Kiev’s needs, as
 representatives of, for example, US defence 
companies themselves say directly,” the
 expert said.
He also expressed the opinion that the trend towards
 reduction of supplies among Western countries will
 grow over time as Europe’s commitment to assist
 Ukraine empties its own arsenals, which 
weakens the defence capabilities of 
EU countries.
For his part, RISI expert Sergei Yermakov stressed that 
European elites will continue supporting Ukraine with 
weapons only if they believe that this conflict may 
spill over into the territories of their countries. In 
particular, the USA is playing on this, which is 
trying to strengthen the EU in the idea that 
the defeat of Ukraine would put the whole 
of Europe at risk, and therefore all means 
should be thrown to Kiev’s aid, the 
analyst added.
“However, the EU should understand: despite all their
 claims of non-participation in the conflict, they are 
still being dragged into it. Whether they are 
supplying weapons - training the Ukrainian 
military, helping financially. Further involve
-ment in the fate of Ukraine is fraught with 
increasing costs for Europe. But common 
sense has not yet prevailed. The solution 
to the EU’s current problems lies in 
reconsidering its policy of 
obediently following the
 U.S. course. 
Otherwise, Europe is doomed to continue 
participating in conflicts unleashed by 
Washington, and suffering losses,” 
Yermakov concluded.
Polina Dukhanova, Alyona Medvedeva, RT

European crisis plays into
 the hands of the US
September 27th, 11:58
While Europe is torn by the energy crisis and 
wondering how to survive not only this winter
 but the next few winters as well, there are 
those who benefit from this state of affairs.
The US will be the first beneficiary of the imminent 
recession in Europe. They will not only make tens 
of billions on the export of its energy resources 
that will replace Russian ones, but they will 
also substantially weaken the economy of 
the European Union in their own interests.
The U.S. has got its hands pretty well off the energy 
crisis in Europe, the Turkish media noted. Back in 
2021, the US exported a record amount of gas. 

The energy crisis in the EU started at the 
beginning of the summer and flared up 
in the Autumn when gas prices on the 
spot markets reached $1,000 per 
1,000 cubic metres for the first 
time ever.
Until 2000, the United States exported natural gas in
 relatively small quantities, mainly through pipelines 
to Mexico & Canada. Starting in 2000, U.S. natural 
gas exports gradually began to grow. And in 2021, 
the U.S. exported a record amount of blue fuel
41 countries, according to the U.S. Energy
 Information Administration.
The US got what it wanted – a new market for its LNG
 – Europe. As early as 2021, US LNG exports to the 
EU are at an all-time high of 22bn cubic metres 
with an estimated value of €12bn, the EC 
estimated at the start of the year.
The US has significantly boosted LNG exports to
 Europe this year, including through the launch of 
new LNG plants in late 2021 or early 2022, and
as the diversion of supplies from Asian markets
European markets. After all gas prices in the
rose again -- to $2,000 per thousand cubic 
metres. European prices are so attractive & 
profitable, that traders deliberately break 
contracts with Asian consumers --- pay 
them a forfeit, but bring LNG to Europe. 
Not only do the costs pay off, but the traders 
still have a huge margin in their pockets.
According to Eurostat, in the first half of 2022 alone, 
total LNG shipments to Europe have increased from 
40.9 billion cubic metres in 2021 to 63.7 billion in 
2022. The U.S. is the main contributor to the 
increase of 22.8 bcm, accounting for almost 
58% of the increase. US LNG shipments to 
Europe increased from 7 bcm to 20.2 bcm 
in the first half of the year alone. In other
 words, the USA sold almost as much
 LNG to Europe in half a year as it did
 during the entire last year. At such
 paces, the Americans may double 
the LNG export volumes by the 
end of 2022 – up to 40 billion 
cubic meters.
The US share of the European LNG 
market, has reached a record 32%.
The earnings of US traders could quadruple this year,
 given the doubling not only of LNG volumes, but also 
of LNG prices. According to rough estimates, the US
 could earn about €50bn on LNG supplies to the EU 
this year, up from €12bn last year.
To get the big picture: Algeria is second in terms of LNG
 supplies to the EU, with 11.8bn cu.m. delivered in the
 six months versus 6.6bn the year before. In third 
place was Qatar, which increased its supplies 
from 7.8 bcm to 9.6 bcm. Interestingly, Russia 
is trailing Qatar closely. Not only has the EU 
not reduced the purchase of Russian LNG, 
but it increased it from 7.8 billion to 9.4 
billion cubic metres... (only 0.2 billion 
less than from Qatar). Rounding out 
the top five LNG suppliers to the EU
 is Nigeria, which reduced its supply
 from 8.1 bcm to 7.7 bcm in the first 
half of 2022.
The US probably expects to increase LNG exports 
to the EU in the medium term when additional LNG
 liquefaction terminals come on line. A new wave 
of additional LNG to market is expected in 2025-
2026. The bulk of this LNG will come from the 
US, which has secured an excellent market
 in advance – Europe, which has secured 
high gas prices for itself.... for years 
to come.
Given the withdrawal of Russian oil from the EU – 
and the oil embargo is scheduled to be imposed 
on December 5 this year – the US also intends 
to sell its oil to Europe. To replace Russian oil, 
the US is going to deliver over 1m barrels a 
day to Europe, said Russell Hardy, director
 of oil trader Vitol.
This is half of the 2 million barrels per day that Russia 
has been supplying. Russia has already found and
 continues to look for other markets. There is no
 particular problem for Russia in finding them, 
but there are difficulties in the lack of
 tankers for transportation and in the
 rising cost of freight.
But for European refineries the replacement of Russian
 heavy oil  -- with light American oil -- is a big problem.
 European refineries are geared to Russian oil and 
switching to another fuel... may require huge 
investments into refinery modernisation.
 Not everyone will be able to afford this luxury, and even
 more so given the EC’s unchanged course to move
 away from conventional hydrocarbons. This 
means 1 thing – some European refineries 
will close -- and Europeans will have to 
seriously increase imports of finished 
fuel, including gasoline. This means 
that European transport, logistics 
and the agricultural sector, will 
become more vulnerable. 
This could bode well for US refineries
---- and farmers ----- in the future.
Hence there is another fat benefit for the US. Very
expensive energy resources pose the risk of 
beginning to de-industrialise the European 
Many energy-intensive companies in the chemical 
industry, machine building and car manufacturing 
are already closing down or reducing production
 because it is simply unprofitable to operate at
 such gas and electricity prices. If such tests 
have to go on for more than one winter, 
European companies will slowly start 
“moving” to other countries where 
energy costs are much lower.
“With current energy prices, it makes no sense to 
keep a lot of production in Europe; we have to 
leave. In addition to America, it is also 
possible to move to other countries, 
especially China and Turkey. In this 
regard, Turkey has a chance to 
strengthen its industry and 
economy and also its 
strategic position in
 the region. 
But the U.S., of course, will get its share,” says
Stanislav Mitrakhovich, senior researcher
the Financial University under the 
Government of Russia and 
leading expert at the 
National Energy
Security Fund.
The U.S. was able to maintain cheap energy for the
 domestic market because it produces both oil and 
gas itself. Plus they have their own oil and gas
 technologies. “The US produces the most oil
 in the world and the most gas in the world. 
And they use that as their advantage. For 
decades they have been telling Russia 
about the oil and gas curse, about the
necessity to develop in another 
But Americans themselves say bluntly that their
resources... are their advantage, they have to 
earn on them here and now, and with these 
resources to create favourable conditions
 for their own industry,” reminds 
Another economic advantage of the US is a strong
 dollar. The dollar index to the world’s major 
currencies is at a record high level since 
the 1980s. The euro, Japanese yen and 
British pound have all fallen to multi-
year lows against the dollar amid 
a Fed rate hike. Even the British 
pound has started to sell short 
of the dollar. 
Some tourists were surprised to discover this, although
 the British currency has not yet reached parity with 
the US currency on the international forex market, 
Bloomberg reports.
The energy crisis in Europe is becoming a catalyst for 
recession in both the EU and the UK. As a result, 
many investors... are withdrawing their capital 
from the euro and British pound and shifting 
it to the dollar. The US currency continues 
to be a safe haven for countries and 
investors to wait out the crisis and 
the depreciation of their national 
currencies. This strengthens the 
dollar even further. The impact 
of a strong dollar on the US 
economy is contradictory.. 
but US importers definitely 
benefit from the current 
Apart from the obvious economic benefits, the US will
also gain strategically. “After deindustrialisation ---
EU will become even more dependent on the
Americans. For the last thirty years --- Europe 
has had attempts, to create autonomy, there 
were attempts to create an energy-industrial 
alliance, with Russia, which especially 
pleased the political elites in Italy 
and Germany. 
But this failed, including against the backdrop 
of American intrigue. The U.S. did not want a
 rapprochement between Europe and either 
the USSR or Russia. Therefore they did 
everything ---- to prevent this from 
happening. Ukraine’s 'accession' 
to NATO is one of such intrigues 
aimed at severing relations 
between Europe and 
Russia,” says 
The US needs to disengage Europe and Russia to make
 both weak and dependent on itself for a fundamental
 task. The US is preparing for an impending war with 
China on the horizon of 10-20 years --- for world
 domination, the expert believes.
“The U.S. needs to have Europe on hand, which will not
 poke around, i.e. cooperate with China industrially 
and commercially, but will only follow the course 
of American industry.

And in Russia, as 
Washington believes - of course - 
there should be a pro-US regime, as in the 1990s,
under Yeltsin, 
rather than cooperation and
agreements with China,” the
He does not rule out that in the future the United States
 may, following Russia’s example, point the finger at
 Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Emirates and say
there is no special democratic
there, either. 
Because China is now actively “entering” the Middle 
East with its investments. The US is unlikely to
 such a rapprochement, so we should 
expect ''repercussions''.
Olga Samofalova, VZGLYAD

Well? Which future pleases you?

Or is it all equally depressing!?!


SCO Asian powers’ summit
charts roadmap ------ for a
 stronger multipolar world
September 19th, 6:41pm
Brazilian journalist Pepe Escobar believes that Russia,
 China and Iran are the main driving forces for Eurasian 
integration, writes the Bulgarian newspaper Glasove.
Against the backdrop of major upheavals in the world of
 geopolitics, it was so fitting that this year’s summit of
 the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) heads 
of state was to be held in Samarkand, the final 
crossroads of the 2,500-year Silk Road.
After all, historically, the world in terms of the Silk Road
reference point, has always been “perceived as one
and indivisible, not divided. This.. is the essence of
 the unique phenomenon, the ‘spirit of Samarkand'”.
All these years, the culture of the SCO has developed 
in a distinctively Chinese way. The original focus of 
the Shanghai Five was on counter-terrorism;
months before the US terrorist war spread
 from Afghanistan to Iraq and beyond.
Over the years, the initial “three no’s” – no alliance, 
no confrontation and no targeting of a third party –
eventually equipped a fast hybrid machine whose
“four wheels” are “politics, security, theeconomy 
and the humanities”, complete with the Global 
Development Initiative, all of which, contrast 
sharply with the priorities of the hegemonic,
 confrontational west.
Perhaps the biggest takeaway from this week’s
 Samarkand summit is that Chinese President 
Xi Jinping presented China & Russia together 
as “responsible world powers” seeking to 
ensure the emergence of multipolarity 
and reject the arbitrary “order”... 
imposed by the United States 
and its unipolar worldview.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov described Xi
 Jinping’s bilateral conversation with President 
Vladimir Putin as “excellent”. Xi Jinping had 
already stressed the common goals of 
Russia and China before their meeting
 and direct address to Putin:
“In the face of the colossal changes of our times on a
 global scale, unprecedented in history, we are ready
- together with our Russian counterparts - to set an
 example of responsible global power and play a 
leading role to put such a rapidly changing 
world on a trajectory of sustainable and 
positive development,” the 
publication said.
Later, in the preamble to the summit, Xi Jinping got 
straight to the point: it is important “to prevent 
attempts by external powers --- to organise
 ‘colour revolutions’ in the SCO countries”. 
Well, Europe won’t be able to tell, because it has
 had non-stop colour revolutions ------ since 1945.
Putin, for his part, has sent a message that will
 resonate throughout the Global South: “There
 is a fundamental transformation in world 
politics and economics, and it 
is irreversible.
Iran was the guest star of the show in Samarkand,
 officially accepted as the 9th member of the SCO. 
President Ibrahim Raisi, remarkably, stressed 
before the meeting with Putin that “Iran does 
not recognise sanctions against Russia. 
Their strategic partnership will be 
expanded. On the business side, 
an impressive delegation of the 
heads of 80 major Russian 
companies --- will visit 
Tehran next week.
The growing interpolation of Russia, China and Iran 
– the three main drivers of Eurasian integration – is
scaring the hell out of the usual suspects..... who 
may be beginning to realise that the SCO poses 
a serious challenge to their geo-economic 
game in the long term. So, as every grain 
of sand in every heart of the desert 
already knows, the geopolitical 
pressure on the trio.... will 
increase exponentially.
And then there was the mega-important Samarkand
 trilateral meeting: Russia-China-Mongolia. Perhaps
 discussed was the Power of Siberia-2 gas pipeline, 
a link pipeline to be built through Mongolia; and
 Mongolia’s increasing role in the crucial link 
corridor of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), 
now that China is not using the Trans-
Siberian route for exports to Europe 
because of sanctions.
Putin briefed Xi Jinping on all aspects of the Russian
 special military operation in Ukraine and perhaps
 answered some really tough questions, many 
of which have been circulating on the 
Chinese internet for months.
The Russian president’s key conclusion: “There is 
no change in the plan for SSR. The basic tasks are
 being fulfilled.” As for the peace prospects, it is
 Ukraine that is “not ready to talk to Russia”. 
And in general, “it is regrettable that the 
West came up with the idea of using 
Ukraine to try to break up Russia”.
On his meeting with Xi Jinping: “It was an ordinary
 meeting, it’s been quite a long time, we didn’t 
have a face-to-face meeting. 
They talked about how to “expand trade turnover” 
and circumvent the “trade wars caused by our 
so-called partners”, with the “expansion of 
settlements in national currencies not 
progressing as fast as we want”.
Putin’s bilateral meeting with Indian Prime Minister 
Narendra Modi could not have been more cordial –
 in the register of “special friendship” – with Modi 
calling for serious solutions to the food and fuel 
crises, effectively appealing to the West.
 Meanwhile, the State Bank of India will open 
special rupee accounts --- for trade related
 to Russia.
Another major reason was the increased attractiveness
 of the BRI initiative in close association with the SCO. 
China’s ambitious BRI project was officially launched
 by Xi Jinping in Astana (now Nur-Sultan) nine years 
ago. It will remain the overarching concept of 
China’s foreign policy, for decades to come.
So, for all practical purposes, Xi Jinping and Putin in
 Samarkand outlined a roadmap for strengthening
 multipolarity – as emphasised in the final 
Samarkand Declaration signed by all 
SCO members, the journalist 

 It looks like the new world is being born...
and the only thing that can stop it ---
is World War 3.

We at Rhondda Records choose
a new world free of the West's
arrogance and wars.

At the risk of addressing you -
the unknown reader - what
do You CHOOSE?


The unipolar world of US' 
hegemony has collapsed 
along with the twin towers
September 11th, 11:38am
When a supernova explodes in far distant space, it 
seems to people on Earth that it is there and still 
shining for a long time. But it’s actually gone,
 and the sooner people accept that, the 
better for them: they have time to 
prepare to defend themselves 
from the blast’s after-effects, 
from the gamma-rays that 
can kill every last
 living thing.
The skyscrapers of the World Trade Centre, two of the
 tallest buildings in the world at the time, embodied 
for many of us that distant and mighty cosmos.
 They embodied... the millennia-old dream of the Tower 
of Babel of haughty men. They stretched themselves
 toward God, in order to equalize them, if not 
spiritually, with their commercial and 
financial power. 
In the world that was crowned by the twin towers they 
were temples, only not to God, but to Mammon, the 
world capital. In the world that was destroyed on 
September 11, 2001, they were the most visible, 
comprehensible and powerful symbol of
American domination.
The omnipotence of the “Shining City on the Hill” then, 
at the turn of the millennium, seemed an immutable 
and by and large justifiable course of history. The
 “end of history” and its arrival at its finale, the 
triumph of universal liberal democracy, were 
eagerly proclaimed by Western publicists. 
Ten years before that, we had lost the country we were
 born into, loved and cherished. We were constantly
 being told that the path of socialism --- was a 
mistake, that all victories and achievements
 of the USSR --- were nothing more than a 
whimper, that we should repent, for the 
history of our country, for the deeds of
our fathers and grandfathers, that the 
global market will judge everything, 
as it is common practice in the 
‘civilised world’. 
Instead, we were offered a path to the
 bright capitalist past, aka our future.
And there it was – all of a sudden, no one was 
expecting this! – It exploded, it collapsed, 
moreover, it exploded and collapsed in a 
most merciless way, live and in real time, 
all before our eyes. And it collapsed, not
 anyone else’s, but our future. Yes, today 
we are all aware that it was an illusion -
but then it seemed clear and real.
Ours – means common: Americans, Russians, 
Europeans – the future of all, who trusted in 
the global market as an impartial arbiter, 
capable to put everything in its place,
in the USA as the light of the 
world civilization. 
But as soon as the towers fell, it became clear: 
Mammon is a false god. He...  can only confuse 
and seduce; he is free to lend trillions, driving 
billions of people into debt bondage; he has 
the power to lavish his most loyal oligarch 
priests with golden palaces and the 
deceptive comfort of his acolytes;
 but he will demand obedience for 
all his “loans”, and blood --- from 
those who will not accept them.
If the collapse of the USSR in 1991 was the greatest
 geopolitical catastrophe of the XX century, then the
 collapse of the twin towers ten years later is the 
greatest geopolitical catastrophe of this, the XXI 
century. It opened our century and defined 
its vector.
This is the vector of the collapse of 500 years of 
Western global domination and the rebirth of a 
multipolar world, the normal, natural order of 
human civilisation as it has always been 
since ancient times and before the 
European conquest of the 
New World.
The convulsions of a unipolar world began 
immediately after the fall of the twin towers. 
The US invaded Afghanistan to search for and punish
 al-Qaeda* extremists, the perpetrators of the 9/11 
attacks, who were harboured by the Taliban*
 (both banned in Russia). 
The Americans quickly overthrew the Taliban and used
 their military power to install their desired regime in
 Kabul. But exactly 20 years later, the same Taliban 
seized power again, setting the date of 
inauguration of their government 
exactly for September 11, 2021.
 But this is not so much “trolling” as it is a cruel 
mockery of history. History loves such mockery, 
it never misses an opportunity to show people 
how brute force, devoid of truth and common 
sense, achieves the exact opposite of what 
was expected.
Then came the armed invasion of Iraq. Saddam 
Hussein’s oppressive regime ruled there for a 
quarter of a century, but it held the country 
firmly and ensured peace and order. 
The Americans accused Hussein of developing
 weapons of mass destruction (which turned 
out to be a lie), overthrew him and had him
 executed. Order was replaced by chaos
 in Iraq, opening the way for even more
 dangerous extremist movements than 
al-Qaeda, such as the Islamic State*
 (also banned in Russia). 
From a country that threatened no one after Operation
 Desert Storm in 1990, Iraq has become a hotbed and
 breeding ground for international terrorism that
 threatens the entire world. Tens of thousands 
of fighters from all over the world arrived there
 to join the ranks of IS*, while hundreds of
thousands of refugees, forced to abandon 
their homes and possessions, made their
 way to Europe, causing new waves of 
the migration crisis. 
Extremists have also infiltrated the ranks of these
 refugees and carried out terrorist attacks in 
peaceful European cities.
The self-appointed global hegemon did not rest content
 with wreaking havoc in Afghanistan and Iraq. The
 theory of “managed chaos” adopted by Barack 
Obama’s administration required new victims. 
The secular autocracies of the Near and Middle East,
 staunch allies of the United States, were the victims.
 But they fell, betrayed by the Americans and swept
 away by the elements of the Arab Spring. They 
were replaced by fundamentalists, outspoken 
enemies of America and western civilisation. 
Egypt, the largest and most important country in the
 Arab world, was in chaos and it was only thanks to 
a military that was strong enough to assume
 responsibility for the country’s fate that 
Egypt was spared Iraq’s fate. 
The next victim of the “Arab spring” after Iraq
 could have been Syria, but the Russian peace
keeping operation, launched at the request of
 the legitimate authorities of that country, put
 an end to the plans of the extremists and
 their accomplices.
The unipolar world of American hegemony collapsed
 along with the twin towers, never to be reborn again. 
Those who still dream of a semblance of America in our
country are actually chasing a mirage, a dream of the
past: the America... that served as their role model 
ended that very day on September 11. And every-
thing that happens to her, to us, to the world 
after that symbolic frontier is the natural 
consequence of the collapse of those 
towers of Babel.
 In physical reality they have long fallen, but in 
historical time they will continue to fall, hitting 
everyone with the wreckage – in Iraq, Libya, 
Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan and everywhere 
else, where the broken unipolar world
 tries in vain to save its dominance.
As for Russia, it has nothing to reproach itself with 
on this sad anniversary. From the outset, it has
supported the ''common struggle'' - against 
international terrorism - with determination
 and consistency. 
We have had our own difficult experience in fighting it – 
in the North Caucasus and in the central cities where 
terrorist attacks took place. Russia, victorious in that 
war, extended its hand with complete sincerity to all 
those who suffered from terrorism and were ready to
 resist it. On Sept. 11, 2001, Vladimir Putin was the 
first world leader to call George W. Bush, Jr. to 
express condolences and support. But the 
same Bush invaded Iraq despite Russia’s 
persistent warnings. It is not her fault 
that the arguments of the Russian 
side were ignored, and the US, 
with its characteristic 
arrogance, continued 
to act... at its own 
Likewise, they continued to act after Russia’s special 
military operation in Ukraine, dismissing all Russian 
arguments, remarks and warnings out of hand. We
 can see where this has led them. And what it will
 lead to in the future is easy to imagine. Weapons 
that the United States has been criminally reck-
less in supplying to the Kiev regime are firing at
 the Russians today, but tomorrow they could
 end up in the hands of terrorists from some 
other “al-Qaeda” --- who hate America 
to death.
A series of military-political and, more importantly, 
moral failures seems to have cooled down the 
warlike fervour of the hegemon. Joe Biden, 
Obama’s vice-president, has so far been 
reluctant to send American soldiers 
into battle.
 “America is coming back,” he declared as he began his
 own cadence. And America is - indeed - coming back – 
but back where? To itself, to solve its own problems, 
as enormous as its 30 trillion national debt? Or is it 
returning to the ideas of “export democracy” and 
“managed chaos”? It is now called “fighting 
democracies against autocracies” – a 
theory as ridiculous as it is false. 
How can we be sure that if, God forbid, another tragic
 event should occur in America tomorrow, she will 
not - once again - rush to find the guilty party, 
appointing them - left and right - to reorder 
the country afar, from the United States?
Wherever America returns, it will always return to its
 ashes, the wreckage of the World Trade Centre, its
 9/11. It is the wreck of the old America and the 
birth trauma of the new, which we will only 
have to see when (and if) it does find the 
strength to survive and overcome it.
Boris Tolchinsky, VZGLYAD
The Western “free press” is
 about to be ''nationalised''
September 11th, 11am
When describing what the sanctions (and not only 
sanctions) crisis will lead Western economies and 
politics to, it is usually pointed out that Europeans 
– and Americans too – will be in caveman’s misery. 
Not the Leningrad blockade, but something along 
the lines of the unforgettable 1919, described in 
the poem “Alright!”. Not too pleasant.
The Western "free press"----- is about to be nationalised
Of course such forecasts can be exaggerated, perhaps
even strongly, but reasoning in this vein is based not 
so much on the talking points... about the crisis of 
global imperialism – much has been said about it 
– as on quotations from speeches by leading 
Western politicians, and not by those in 
opposition, but the ones who really 
hold sway.
It is not by the orders of the Kremlin ideologues that 
they urge their constituents to stock up on firewood 
and candles, to cut the time for ablutions (or better 
still, not to wash at all, but to wipe the secret 
places with a damp cloth), to lower the 
temperature in dwellings and public 
buildings, etc.
 Nor do they talk about the possible introduction of 
rationing of energy and even other consumer 
goods, not on the advice of the enemy. The 
possible elements of the card system in 
the West were not invented in Moscow 
but in the government institutions of
 the West. 
In Moscow they only divulge the speed of the transition
 from “We are not afraid of nobody’s effort, we rush 
forward with the locomotive of labour” to “I can’t 
promise you anything but sweat, blood and 
tears”. And also the smell of... an
unwashed body.
Domestic analysts, however, point out that the
 pampering of the Europeans --- should not be 
exaggerated. Even before the current crisis 
they have stood quite firm at the 
temperature in the dwellings --- 
which seemed uncomfortably 
low for Russians. It's possible
that they could overcome the 
current hunger and cold.
 More serious is something else.
Not some opposition populists but quite senior EU 
officials – European Commissioner for Economic 
Affairs Paolo Gentiloni, Belgian Prime Minister 
Alexandre De Croo and others – say that the 
European economy --- will fall into a severe 
depression or even shut down altogether. 
And the closure of factories and plants will not 
be prevented by restricting bathing or even 
abandoning it altogether. And how the 
depression in Germany in 1931 looked 
like and what came after it – may be, 
politicians don’t know, but 
historians do.
We don’t even want to talk about the global implications
of all this, let’s pay attention to the seemingly trivial
things. The collapse of the advertising market... is 
inevitable in such a depression. The unemployed, 
or even the severely impoverished, are an 
unimportant audience --- from an 
advertiser’s point of view. 
Calls to “buy this and buy that” have little appeal to 
those who are forced to make a living from bread
 to kvass. They might be happy to buy, thereby 
securing the advertising cycle, but they have
 no money.
Of course, this should not be taken to mean...  that 
commercial advertising may disappear altogether. 
Just as the market is indestructible (it existed 
even under the siege of Leningrad, and even 
wartime communism could not cope with 
the bagmen), so advertising... is 
 It existed in the United States even in the severely 
depressed 1930s, and even in the newspapers of 
the Stalinist USSR there were sections of 
commercial ads advertising perfumes, 
commercial restaurants and craft 
services. By inertia these ''ads'' 
were in newspapers until July 
1941, juxtaposed with the 
dreadful reports from 
the front.
But the inexhaustibility of advertising is one thing, and
 the volume of the advertising market in absolute and 
relative terms is another. Both we and, even more so,
 the Europeans have grown accustomed to the fact 
that its share of the total economy is quite large. 
Fragment from One-Story America: “We were told that a 
five-cent bottle of Coca-Cola... costs the manufacturers
one cent and that three cents, is spent on advertising.
 We don’t need to write about where the 5th cent goes. 
It’s pretty clear.” It’s a bit exaggerated, but it shows a 
tendency. A consumer society is also a society of 
flourishing advertising. How else could one 
indulge in consumerism?
If the consumerism fails (as the French Macron, 
for instance, openly speaks about it today), 
the advertising is in trouble.
And the press is in its wake. Print, radio and television, 
and the internet. The heyday of blogging, for example, 
was due to advertising. When after February 24th a
 banking blockade began which made it impossible 
to live in advertising, blogging was deflated too. 
Any journalist can tell you how our media
 deflated during the 1998 and 
2008 crises.
Now it is the turn of the West.
Of course, there is no such thing... as a hopeless
 situation. When advertising is critically reduced,
the lack of funds can be compensated either 
through direct state subsidies or subsidies-
in-kind. Some kind of free press fund 
which, in turn, gets money from 
lofty government agencies. 
The CIA... or something 
on that line.
But since, as the rude German proverb says, “Only
 death is a gift”, with such powerful subsidies the
 “fourth estate” must be guided without fools by 
Lenin’s words: “The newspaper is not only a 
collective propagandist and a collective 
agitator, but also a collective organiser”. 
And do not shirk from the functions 
prescribed by Lenin.
There will probably be some floundering. But the
 principle of “Gut Out, Conscience Shaken” 
will more and more define the behaviour 
of a completely free press, hungry
 without advertising. One is 
hungry, every day.
Maxim Sokolov, RIA
World hunger - is 
a planned event
September 11th, 9:50am
The 2020 declaration of world hunger was 
not a prediction, but a project. And a 
successful one at that.
The British Financial Times has warned of 
the threat of famine in Europe because of
 rising energy prices.
Members of the farmers’ union Copa-Cogeca, as well 
as two major food producers associations, FoodDrink 
Europe and Primary Food Processors, have already
 begun to wind down their businesses and reduce 
their production.
“Another increase in energy prices, especially natural 
gas and electricity, threatens the continuity of agri-
food production cycles and therefore the ability to 
continue supplying essential agricultural 
commodities, food and feedstuffs,”

a joint statement by European agricultural
industry reps... ahead of the EU energy 
ministers meeting --- in Prague
on September
the 8th.
Copa-Cogeca Secretary General Pekka Pesonen
 stressed: that European buyers will face even 
higher prices and shortages of many fruits 
and vegetables next winter. 
''This is something we have not seen before…'' he said. 
   ''Some products will be unavailable or very expensive.'' 

Electricity is used in all the stages of food production,
fertilisers to harvesting and cooling. The dairy
and bakery industries have been hit hard by 
rising pasteurisation costs, Pesonen said,
milk powder production has become 
unaffordable, because of high 
energy costs.
From the beginning of the year until July the prices of
 butter in the EU went up by 80%, with milk powder 
prices going up by more than 50% and beef prices 
by 28%. Farmers say their production costs are
 rising even faster.
Fruit and vegetable growers are cutting back on 
plantings for next season, and some report that
the rising cost of running greenhouses already 
exceeds the profit they will be able to make. 
Nordic Greens --- Sweden’s largest tomato 
producer, has said it will not plant winter
 crops. Greenhouses in the Netherlands -
the world’s second biggest agricultural 
exporter after the US - are also 
gradually shutting down.
The harvest of cucumbers and peppers grown in heated 
greenhouses in the UK in 2022 will be half of last year’s
 due to excessive energy costs, the Financial Times
 reports. And such vegetables will cost twice 
as much.
The British press blames Russia for the coming famine, 
although it admits that Russia has cut fuel supplies
 to the continent, because of sanctions.
“Britain will starve because of faulty environmental 
dogma,” writes the Daily Telegraph. - ''Economists
blame economic adaptation after the pandemic.. 
and the armed conflict in Ukraine. But the truth
 is that we ourselves have let our domestic 
agricultural base languish… There is a 
tendency in Britain to give away farm-
land for solar panel installation and 
other ‘eco-targets’,” laments the 
Daily Telegraph article. 
This year up to half of harvested crops in the UK will be
 lost due to inability to irrigate, says The Guardian. The
 reason is not drought at all, but the widespread
 installation of windmills and solar panels i
nstead of establishing irrigation.
It is predicted that up to half of carrots, onions, sugar
 beet, apples and hops will be lost. Milk production
in the UK is also falling due to a shortage of feed 
for cows.
“There are fears that many farmers will refuse to sow
 next year’s crop,” reports The Guardian, “leading to
 dire consequences for the 2023 crop. Cattle and 
other livestock are expected to be slaughtered 
earlier at lower weights because farmers are 
likely to run out of feed in winter. Incidentally, 
the drought had nothing to do with the feed
 shortage. The economy has been turned
 green --- by force.
In France, up to 35 per cent of the fruit and vegetable
 harvest is expected to be lost, said Jacques 
Rouchauss, president of the French national
 association of vegetable producers,
 Legumes de France.
In Italy the situation is even worse, we are talking about
 the fact that in some areas of the country could be lost
 up to 80 percent of the crop. And there is no way to get
 food from other European countries or America – crops 
are dying and livestock are being slaughtered
In the US, “74% of beef cattle, 50% of dairy production,
 over 80% of wheat production, 70% of vegetables,
 fruits and nuts are at risk. 37% of farmers said 
they are ploughing and destroying existing
 crops… A staggering number of ranchers 
in some western states are selling off 
their cattle.
 Farmers in the Lone Star State have reported the 
largest decrease in their livestock by 50%, 
followed by New Mexico and Oregon at 
43% and 41% respectively,” writes 
renowned American economist 
Michael Snyder on his website 
The Economic Collapce. 
The renowned economist sees the causes of the food
 crisis that threatens America with famine in the 
actions of the US government and only in the
 last place, in the drought.
The fact that America is threatened by famine does not
 help Europeans. She does not conceal that Europe 
is in danger of a huge famine... due to 
anti-Russian sanctions.
And a world famine seems to have been planned for a 
long time. The global food crisis was announced to 
the world in May 2020 by Arif Husain, the chief
 economist of the UN food programme --- when
 there was no drought in 2022 and no Russian 
special operation in Ukraine. At that time, 
crop, crop and livestock figures, as well 
as agricultural prices, were stable and 
no food shortage... was conceivable. 
Between 2000 and 2019, according to the UN, the 
proportion of the world’s population suffering 
from malnutrition fell from 15% to 8.9%. By 
2030, the UN had set a target of zero.
All went to waste in 2019. Against the backdrop of a 
triggered ‘pandemic’, the positive trend has reversed.
 In 2020, the number of undernourished rose from 
690 million to 811 million, the largest in 15 years.
 In 2021, world food prices have risen by an average 
of 30%: sunflower and rapeseed oil prices have 
risen by over 60%, wheat by 31%, sugar by 
30%, dairy products by 17% and meat
 by 13%.
So the UN expert’s 2020 statement about world hunger
 was not a prediction, but a project. And a successful 
one at that. We should speak separately, about the
 authors of the project.
Vladimir Pohvatilov, FGC

Russia saves the world 
from the brown plague
 again --- today
September 2nd, 1:07pm
On September 2nd, in 1945, the Act of Unconditional 
Surrender of Japan was signed. World War II came 
to an end. What matters to us, is the significance
 of the event itself.
The war generation, the generation of victors, was
 united by the hope that the Second World War 
was the last, that Nazism in Europe and 
militarism in Asia had been destroyed 
forever, and that there would never
 be a Third World War.
Our country made a decisive contribution to the victory 
not only in the West. We remember: Japan capitulated
 not after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and
 Nagasaki, but after the Soviet Union entered 
the war. Both Japanese & Americans were 
sure that the war would last at least until 
1946: some were preparing to defend 
themselves, others to attack. It was 
our country’s decision, that saved 
-- many hundreds of thousands of 
US troops, millions of Japanese 
lives, hastened the victory of 
the Chinese people, and 
liberated the enslaved 
peoples of Asia. 
The defeat of the Kwantung Army by Soviet forces 
deprived the Tokyo militarists of the opportunity
 to continue their resistance. Nazi Germany’s 
ally was defeated.
But was the war over? Open hostilities had ended. 
The covert war continued. And the “allies” 
showed themselves, alas, as if they had 
already seen their countries as 
participants and initiators of 
the Cold War.
 Churchill’s Fulton speech was not long away. And 
it came. Under the conditions created by “our 
Western partners”, it could not but happen.
Our country, which had contributed decisively to the
 victory, was the first and main target of the 
aggressors and also their accomplices. 
Both German Nazism and Japanese militarism were
 nurtured with the support of the leading states of 
the West. These states, publicly and non-publicly
 endorsed and supported --- those actions of 
Germany that created opportunities and
 springboards for an attack on the 
Soviet Union.
The rise of Nazism in Europe and militarism in Japan 
was only made possible by the support of the USA, 
Britain & France - and it is not just about the first 
steps of Nazism and militarism. Remember the 
Munich deal, remember the so-called “Far 
Eastern Munich”. 
Certainly, they did not expect that the beast that had 
been incubated would rush on themselves. At least,
they hoped to the last: as far back as 1940, the 
rulers of England and France were planning, 
not to act against Nazi Germany ----- with 
which they were officially at war..... but
to bomb the cities of the Soviet Union. 
They were doing everything they could, to push 
both Germany and Japan to attack in the “right”
 direction. It was a strange war indeed. In fact, 
it was for such “planning” ...that France paid 
the disgrace of defeat and Nazi occupation.
Such a hostile attitude of the “Western democracies” 
to Russia, the USSR was characteristic not only of 
the period of preparation and the beginning of the 
Second World War. But, unfortunately, also at the 
end of it, and in the postwar period. 
It is important to remember this in order to understand 
how fragile the post-war peace was, and that only the
 strength of our country and the courage of our 
people, were able to keep it.
The facts of the separate negotiations between the
 Anglo-Americans and the Nazis, and their plans to
 combine their efforts against our country are well
 known. It is known that even before Berlin was 
taken Churchill had organised the preparation 
of Operation Unthinkable – a plan of war 
against our country in which the British, 
the Americans and what was left of the 
Wehrmacht would take part. 
It was only the obvious impossibility of military success
 that forced him to abandon it. The only thing Churchill 
was firmly convinced of, was the effect of 
propaganda on his own population.
It is also known that the American atomic bombings of 
Hiroshima and Nagasaki had no military necessity but 
were, above all, a means of intimidating the Russian 
allies. US President Truman, who ordered the use of
 nuclear weapons, not only refused to demonstrate 
their power in a deserted place, but he also 
refused to attack purely military targets 
in Japan. Nuclear weapons --- were 
specifically, purposefully, tested 
on civilians.
And of course it was no accident. The same Truman,
 while still a senator, commented thus on the German 
attack on the Soviet Union: “If we see that Germany
 wins, we must help Russia, if Russia wins, we must
 help Germany, and let them kill each other as much
 as possible. These words of a “democratic leader” 
are cited often, but not often enough, it seems. 
The present Western leaders rarely have Truman’s
 candour, but the principle “let them kill as many 
as possible”, remains most in demand for them. 
Proof of this is NATO’s desire and demand to 
fight “to the last Ukrainian”.
It is certainly no coincidence that American support for
 former Nazi collaborators from among the Ukrainians
 and Baltic peoples is also not a coincidence. By
 taking this “baton” from the Nazis, American 
figures have ensured that criminal ideology 
now dominates both Kyiv and the Baltic 
capitals. The demolition of monuments 
to the liberators and victors of fascism
further confirms that the authorities of
these states have chosen to side with
those who were defeated... in World 
War II. And they are not fully aware,
of the consequences of this choice.
The feeding of the current Kiev regime by the Western 
powers is very similar to the feeding of German 
Nazism and Japanese militarism in the 1930s.
 The same support for racism, caveman 
nationalism and Russophobia. 
The propaganda of exceptionalism that fooled Germans
 in the 20th century is now fooling the population of
 Ukraine, betrayed and sold out by Kiev’s 
“servants of the people” for 
generations to come.
September 3rd, is not only the anniversary of the end of
 the Second World War. It is also a day of our solidarity 
against terrorism. It is the date on which we bow our 
heads in memory of the victims of a monstrous 
ideology and the heroes who gave their lives 
in the fight against the enemy.
International terrorism, like Nazism in Germany, 
militarism in Japan and contemporary Nazism 
in Ukraine, has received the same support in
 the West. Let us recall -- for example -- the 
American “nurturing” of such a character 
as Bin Laden – against the Soviet Union. 
Or how European authorities blessed 
terrorists, to go and fight against the 
legitimate government of Syria. The 
fact that these militants -- like the 
Nazis in their day -- struck at the
Western capitals themselves.... 
seems to have taught Western 
politicians nothing, so far.
And, of course, we will never forget that Western 
governments and intelligence services in the 
1990s and later, provided both moral and 
material support - to the terrorists in the 
North Caucasus. This should be neither
forgotten nor forgiven --- just like the 
terrorist crimes of the Kiev regime.
The generation of 1945 – both Soviet people and
 citizens of Allied countries – would look at 
modern Europe and America with wonder. 
And contempt. Who would have thought 
then that monuments to the victors of 
Nazism would be demolished in 
European countries and that 
streets in European cities 
would be named after 
Nazis and their 
That the prohibition of the Russian language and calls 
for the murder of Russians --- would be considered a 
triumph of European values? That terrorism and the 
killing of civilians, would be justified and glorified in
 Europe and America under the yellow and blue flag? 
Who would have thought that Europe and America 
would applaud people with swastikas and 
declare them heroes?
Such Western “values” cannot win, they have no right
 to win. The sooner their defeat comes, the better for
 humanity. They have nothing in common with real 
values that are dear to our country and other 
countries of Europe, Asia and the world. 
Those values, in the name of which our country won 
the Great Patriotic War, in the name of which, our
 country and its allies, won the Second World War.
The past stages and further plans for the expansion of
 NATO and the bloc’s military infrastructure... are very
 reminiscent of the seizures made by Hitler’s Germany
 and militaristic Japan by 1939. And just the same ---
 are directed against Russia. But American plans for 
a unipolar world must meet the same fate as Hitler’s 
plans for world domination. And we – our country, 
together with our friends, our allies – will 
achieve this.
There is one more point that is important to mention
 today. On behalf of the Soviet Union the Act of the 
Surrender of Japan on September 2nd 1945, was 
signed by Lieutenant General Derevyanko, a 
native of Kyiv province. In 2007, the then 
Ukrainian President Yushchenko, for his 
own political reasons --- posthumously 
awarded him the title Hero of Ukraine. 
The same year the title of the Hero of 
Ukraine, already from a pure heart, 
was posthumously awarded, to 
Nazi henchman Shukhevich.
It is easy to imagine how Kuzma Nikolayevich 
Derevyanko, a military spy, the participant of 
liberation of Ukraine from Nazis and their 
accomplices, would feel about it. And it 
is hard to imagine how he would feel,
seeing the Ukrainian authorities 
demolishing those monuments 
dedicated to his comrades
-in-arms, destroying the 
memory of the victory, 
and destroying people.
 Such a regime now ruling in Kiev should have no right 
to a future – and this is one of the main lessons that 
the history of the Second World War teaches us.
The course of history is inexorable. Today, Russia is
once again, on the guard of the world and confronts
neo-Nazis and terrorists of all stripes. Once again, 
it is saving the world from the brown plague. 
This is our great historic mission 
and destiny.
Boris Gryzlov, Izvestia newspaper

 What do YOU think?
Or do you still truly
believe in the crap
you were taught?



The West’s illusion of solidity 
is fast disappearing
August 26th, 12:35pm
Reading the American and European media lately, 
I catch myself thinking, that they in the West
cannot make up their own minds about 
the conflict in Ukraine
No, they are still unanimous in their assessments: 
Russia is the aggressor, and Ukraine is the 
innocent victim, but when it comes to the 
question of how to proceed and what
 prepare for, that is when serious 
differences and contradictions 
come to light.
On the one hand, the US, Britain and Poland (the most
 militant part of the Western coalition) are still talking
 about a war to the bitter end --- and are categorically
 against any peace talks between Kiev and Moscow,
while continuing to assure the 
Ukrainian leader-
ship -- of their continued 
support and readiness
to continue this 
support as long as necessary.

On the 
other hand, exactly the same people are hinting
with all their might to 
the Kremlin that they would like 
to discuss with it the terms of peace or at least a
but face to face, so to speak,
 in private.
Just yesterday, -- announcing a new, hitherto unheard of
 amount of military aid to Kiev ($2.8 billion, by the way), 
US Under Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs 
Colin Cole said exactly the following: ''I have 
repeatedly made it clear that much of the 
reason for Washington’s commitment to 
Kiev is to actually challenge Putin’s 
victory theory. The winning theory 
of the Russian leadership... is that 
Russia can outlast everyone else.''
''Such aid packages signal that we are not only
providing support to Ukraine now --- but that 
there will be a steady stream of assistance
stretching over many months and years. 
Of course we hope … to send a special 
signal to Putin that he cannot simply 
wait longer than everyone else.'' 
''Hopefully this will be an incentive for Russia
stop fighting and move to negotiations”.
In addition, according to a Pentagon spokesperson, the 
new aid package ''aims to give Ukraine what it needs 
in the medium to long term. It is not about fighting
 today, tomorrow or next week. It is about 
Ukraine’s ability to defend itself, and 
deter aggression a year from now,
 two years from now.''
As we can see, from general discussions about the 
“war of attrition”, which US President, Joe Biden, 
started talking about, representatives of the US 
administration have moved on to the attempt to
 demonstrate their readiness to win this war. 
They, i.e. Anglo-Saxon coalition, are not afraid of the
 protracted character of this war, they say there is
 nothing to be afraid of, and they have enough 
patience, and -- most importantly -- the
 to bring Ukraine to victory.
It sounds good, but it is all an illusion, and artificially
 created. Even in the above quote... by Colin Kohl... it 
actually boils down to making a lasting impression 
on Putin and thereby forcing Russia to negotiate 
and abandon its plans to fully liberate Ukraine.

 Those who are as confident of victory, as our 
former overseas partners are trying to make
 it seem, do not usually offer this, to 
potential losers.
In reality, things are not so rosy. The European allies of
 the United States are increasingly withdrawing, and,
 in fact, the current confrontation, which began as 
a “world war on the evil empire”, is turning into
purely Russian-Anglo-Saxon squabble.
Here is what The Washington Post says about this, 
summarizing - in an editorial - the results of six 
months of hostilities in Ukraine (in abstract):
Ukraine could not have survived so long ''without the 
support of international friends,'' and all the talk of 
an impending counterattack, is in the poor man’s
favour (the AFU has neither the strength nor 
the means to do so);
the current situation could be called ''the end of the
 first phase of the war,'' but the prospects for its 
further development are very dim;
France and Germany (read: all of Europe) are far 
behind the US, Britain and Poland, in arms 
deliveries to Ukraine.
And, perhaps most importantly:
despite the sanctions, Russia has managed to maintain
''relatively normal economic conditions,'' and although
the West still hopes that ''internal divisions may arise
within Putin’s regime,'' for the moment, it is 
''impressive how solid and monolithic the 
Russian government remains.''
By the way, the thesis that the Germans have
 exhausted their possibilities (and there is 
not much desire for it either) of military 
assistance to Ukraine was confirmed 
the other day, by Annalena Berbock, 
head of Germany's Foreign Ministry.
''This is the thin line we have been walking for weeks
and months. We want to support Ukraine militarily 
with everything we have, but unfortunately the 
situation here is that we have an absolute 
shortage of our own supplies. So, the 
military industry has to specifically 
produce materials for Ukraine. And 
Chancellor Scholz has once again 
made it clear that this does not 
only apply to the next few 
months, but also with a 
view to the next few 
years. ''
''We have to be prepared for the fact that the conflict in
Ukraine may continue into next year. That’s why we
need additional rapid deliveries of arms to Kiev in 
the autumn and winter,'' the minister said.
The sadness in the eyes of the Europeans, who are 
very willing to pay lip service but are unable to do 
so in practice, was explained in The National 
Interest, which said that ''the painful 
recession caused by gas shortages 
and booming commodity prices, is 
very similar to what the EU had to
endure --- during the 2020-2021 
pandemic and the 2008-2009 
financial crisis.''
And against this background, ''what matters is not some
absolute measure of economic, or military power, but
the balance: between Russia, Ukraine and Europe, in 
terms of their ability to continue to make sacrifices.''
''Moscow has demonstrated a resilience in this 
regard that few had foreseen,'' the NI experts
 say in amazement.
This is exactly what the US liberal watchdog CNN is
 saying, reporting that war weariness and rising 
living costs are the reasons why Western 
politicians may start pushing Ukraine 
towards compromise with Russia.
''After six months of war in Ukraine, some European
officials have suggested that, amid the economic
downturn, EU agreement on arms supplies to 
Ukraine, could break down,'' a story on the 
channel’s official page said. 
Back in February it was easy to jump on the anti-Putin
 train. Now a dull phase of the war has set in. There 
are fewer daily victories and casualties, fewer 
bright pictures… As time passes, peace talks 
involving Putin may no longer be terrifying 
for the leaders of countries with which 
Russia does not border, and they may 
not think that the only cause of the 
existential crisis is, actually, 
in Moscow.
Moreover, according to Teresa Falcon, director of the 
Centre for Russian, European and Asian Studies -- if
Ukraine continues to cede its territories to Russia 
--- a process that... while slowing markedly... is 
proceeding almost continuously --- then the 
calls for such negotiations will grow louder.
And when people in the West feel that Kiev is losing (so
far their media have managed to create a generally 
acceptable ''all is well, fair marchioness'' picture), 
they will willy-nilly begin to wonder why continue
supplying Ukraine with expensive weapons 
when they urgently need the money 
themselves, during the 
economic crisis.
And now this bleak prospect comes on top of the
 election period in Europe and the US, which will 
almost certainly lead to a change of political 
leadership in most of them.
I remind you that these are not my fantasies, they are 
the conclusions of western experts who are looking 
at the truth. So the West has no unique reserve of
 strength and fantastic patience, which it, in fact, 
frankly admits. And all talk about the war being 
a long one is rather an attempt to make some
 kind of bedding and prepare in advance for 
the inevitable and only true way out of the
 situation: to return to discussing Russia’s 
demands laid down in the ultimatum of 
December 17th, 2021. The West, has 
no other option for “soft surrender”
--- all the rest, is just an illusion.
Alexey Belov, Antifascist News Agency

What do you say - are you in agreement?



The Spectator calls U.S. 
“crazy gerontocracy” 
and a banana republic
August 14th, 11:43am
Chinese leader Xi Jinping sees the United States 
- not only as a declining superpower - but also,
a gerontocracy, completely insane, said 
Freddie Gray, a columnist for the British
magazine, The Spectator, 
noting that
the United States is 
close.. to the
state of a banana 
 A similar opinion was expressed - by the author of an 
article in The American Conservative, Frank DeVito.
Among the signs of the decline of the United States,
 Gray mentioned the unsuccessful, from his point of
 view, visit of 82-year-old Speaker of the US House 
of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, as 
well as another “blunder”, by US leader, Joe 
Biden, who, after a visit to Kentucky, could 
not put on his jacket and dropped glasses.
Against this background, Gray points out, the murder
 rate in the United States - is going through the roof -
and the problem with the supply of baby food for 
babies... has not yet been solved.
“Such problems in the most highly developed capitalist
economy in the world, should not exist, in principle.
However, as Xi noted, in many respects, America 
is - rapidly - running wild,” the author of the 
material writes.
The US, Gray noted, is not a banana republic, but “very 
much like one.” In this context, he cited as an example 
the searches at the residence of former President
 Donald Trump, which could cost him the 
opportunity to participate in the 
next election. 
At the same time, the author recalled that no one broke
into the house of the former Secretary of State, Hillary
Clinton, who violated the rules of correspondence, 
with searches, and the State Department 
investigation... found her innocent.
“So, Monday’s raid, as Trump himself claims, really 
looks like an act of political intimidation, which is
 inherent in the dictatorships of the developing 
world. And also, a desperate attempt to find 
anything - that will prevent Trump from 
running for president in 2024,” 
writes Gray.
With the banana republic of the United States - in 
the context of the searches at Trump’s - lawyer 
Frank DeVito warned the US, in his article
for The American Conservative. 
“Any attempt to prevent the re-election of Donald J. 
Trump, through the tactics chosen by the FBI and
 the Department of Justice - is unconstitutional 
and will further undermine public confidence 
in our federal institutions,” he stressed.
The lawyer added that if anyone wants to prevent
 Trump from becoming president in 2024, then he 
must - “stop desperately attacking him and 
looking for legal loopholes against him.”
“Instead, they should let the American people make
 their choice, who - if they wish - can only reject 
Trump’s candidacy in a pre-election campaign
 or general election. Let’s stop acting like a 
banana republic --- and be worthy of the 
greatness of our Constitution,”
 summarized the author.
What do YOU think... and
shouldn't this article be 
on the Home Page?

Zelensky was told in the West 
what he did not want to hear
August 5th, 1:17pm
After Volodymyr Zelensky addressed students at the
 Australian National University and called on China 
to remain neutral rather than help Russia in its 
fight against Kiev, and The New York Post 
wrote about it, its readers and it, told the 
Ukrainian president, what he and his 
country... do not want to know.
In comments to the piece, Zelensky was called a 
“laughing stock” and a “corrupt NATO puppet”. 
And they suggested he be sent to eastern 
Ukraine to “face a real trial for his
“I hope to see the day when Zelensky is captured, 
stripped naked, shackled and then flogged,” 
wrote one user.
But, on the other hand, to add to this, at the same time
 the US has agreed to and allocated a new aid package 
of 550 million dollars to Ukraine, bringing the total 
to 8.7 billion dollars, since the US President and 
Democrat Joe Biden took office. And Zelensky 
himself ---- and the head of his Office (OPU), 
Andriy Yermak, have once again confirmed
that they have no 
intention of going to any
talks with Russia until they have
fullly defeated 
it on the battlefield.
This is what Ukrainian leaders have, of sorts, been
 seeking since the launch of the special military
 operation (SSO) --- intending to finish the job 
before winter --- through a broad counter-
offensive --- and US Republican Senator 
Lindsey Graham, commenting on yet 
another aid package to Ukraine... 
said: “I like the way we’re going. 
With American weapons and 
money, Ukraine will fight 
Russia, to the last man”.
In other words, despite the alleged difference between
 Republicans and Democrats, both US parties did come
 to a consensus on the Ukrainian issue. US House of
 Representatives member, Elissa Slotkin, recently 
told reporters that deliveries of Army Tactical 
Missile System (ATACMS) missiles --- with a 
range of up to 300 kilometres --- have
approved by both parties.

And the White 
House administration is currently 
preparing a legal justification for such parcels so
that they can 
begin in a month and a half and
Washington will thus 
help Kiev with HIMARS 
multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS) to 
more thoroughly - shell troops & civilian
in the LPR, or even to destroy the
 bridge, altogether.
The new aid package includes HIMARS MLRS shells 
and ammunition for 155mm artillery pieces, and,
 according to US Secretary of Defence, Lloyd 
Austin, four more HIMARS -- because they 
have -- “made a big difference on 
the battlefield”.
In other words, Ukrainians have been and will continue 
to be, killed on the FRE fronts for someone else’s
 interests, not Ukraine’s, and there is no force 
to change this state of affairs, apart from
allied forces of Russia & the LDNR. 
Because the current Ukraine already rests on two
 axioms, which, as we know, require no proof and
 are visible to everyone, except, as mentioned 
above, the Ukrainians themselves. More 
precisely, they are beginning to under-
stand --- the deplorable situation in 
which they find themselves, but
 they have no opportunity to
 change anything.
Axiom one: the current Ukrainian ruling elite, born out 
of the 2014 coup d’état on Euromaidan, is no longer
 strictly Ukrainian, and no longer defends the 
national interests of the country and 
its people.
It is a real neo-colonial administration, raised in
 advance, appropriately trained, paid for and 
brought to power... in a pseudo-democratic 
way ( --- through completely unsupervised 
presidential and parliamentary elections), 
recruited from “natives” ------ rather than 
brought in from a metropolitan country. 
This ersatz-elite, from the metropolis –
the U.S. and the EU – is only overseen
and directed in all its steps --- by all 
kinds of advisers and instructors.
In the rest, neocolonizers are pure mercenaries, from 
the locals, who manage everything perfectly well on 
their own, not forgetting their own pockets. And
 expecting to flee with their loot to the West 
after their “service” is over, under 
guarantees of security there. 
For good “service”. 
And, apparently, the West has given such guarantees.
 At least to Zelensky and his closest entourage, who 
don't hesitate to stop at nothing in dismembering
their own country and fear no one --- except 
their handlers.
At the same time, the neo-colonial post-Maidan elite,
 has turned the AFU not into the army of the country 
that stands for its interests, but into a mercenary
 structure, which also performs non Ukrainian 
general tasks and specific tasks. 
Soldiers recruited by the AFU do not want to fight, but
 they are driven to slaughter, because the West, which
 pays, needs a war with Russia - to destroy or at least
 to weaken and deplete the latter. And the Ukrainians
are fighting --- and will continue 
to do so --- because
the Ukrainian generals 
are the same neo-colonial
administration.... only in
shoulder straps.
This was especially evident, in the recent, horrific
 scandal with a HIMARS shelling of the Yelenivka
 detention facility - when 50 Ukrainian prisoners 
of war were killed and more than 70 wounded. 
And General Vadym Skibitsky, one of the leaders of the
 so-called Ukrainian intelligence service, is known to
 have admitted that - all shelling with high-precision
 MLRS is carried out exclusively, under the control, 
under the tip, and on the orders of, US instructor-
advisers. Skibitsky himself admitted that no one
 pulled him by his tongue. Though, maybe in this 
way he was acquitting himself of the possible 
court martial that awaits him, at the end of 
the RSO.
The second axiom is that Zelensky’s neo-colonial 
administration in Ukraine -- is sustained only by 
fear and deceit. Or... on deception and fear --- 
which intertwine & complement each other.

On the one hand, the population 
is “fed” ....only verified
and censored 
information that Ukraine is winning 
in the USO, and will soon hold a victory parade
on Red Square 
in Moscow. Because “the 
whole world is with us”, plus the bi-
partisan and bi-
cameral consensus
in the US --- to help the proud and
Ukrainian warriors. 
Along with ...the latest
On the other hand, the usurpation of power by 
the neocolonial Zelensky administration, is 
accompanied by repression, suppression 
of all discontent and the imposition of 
an atmosphere of fear --- and 
submissive obedience.
The Zelebobites have already crushed any opposition
 at the edges of the political spectrum, and are now
 getting to their Maidan rival allies in ex-President 
Petro Poroshenko’s Eurosolidarity Party (PES) in 
the centre. Porochobots, --- notable, like the 
zealots --- for their extreme Russophobia, 
have traditionally been accused of 
“working for Russia”, which is the 
worst accusation, for which,
 there is no forgiveness.
The media in Ukraine is censored and unified, and free 
speech on the internet and social networks can get 
you benched and imprisoned, if the free-thinking 
and chatty ones are tracked down by the SBU.
 And they will roughly punish them.
And now we are witnessing a new round of spy mania
 in Ukraine which the Zelensky regime and its lackeys 
are planning to combat by snitching and informing on 
“unreliable” people. Olexander Vilkul, the current 
head of Kryvyi Rih, who has “repainted” himself 
as a patrio ---, is already ready to pay money to
 informers for --- “signals about the enemies”. 
If a spy is delivered – 50 thousand hryvnias, 
if an agitator for the Russian world –

Which just shows ---- how 
impoverished Ukraine and
its neo-
colonizers are: immediately after the 2014
Maidan, oligarch, Igor 
Kolomoysky offered
10,00 quid 
for a “Moskal”.
But not the point. Today, Zelensky frankly fears 3
 things: that a) the people in the territories of the 
Donetsk region that are still under the control
 the AFU will stay there and wait for their 
liberation by the AFU forces;  b) they will 
receive Russian passports under a new
decree of Russian President 
Putin, of July the 11th this 
year, on
simplified Russian 
c) they will 
participate in a 
referendum on the fate of
LDPR ---- and finally
 for Russia.
This is exactly what Zelensky is afraid of in the
 liberated territories of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia 
and Kharkiv regions, realizing that referenda
 can take place as early as September 11th, 
2022, on a single day of voting in Russia.
And Putin’s new decree on simplified citizenship, by 
the way, applies to all citizens of Ukraine, which 
makes Zelensky’s soul and heart.... grow cold 
even more – he may lose the cannon fodder 
with which he makes his way to a 
comfortable and secure future
 in the West.
That is why, apart from propaganda, censorship,
repression and spy mania, he also frightens 
people --- with future reprisals for “zrada” 
(betrayal). And that is why he ruthlessly
and massively shells those territories 
that are being liberated by the allied 
forces of the UDF. 
There, for Zelensky, it seems there are no Ukrainian
 citizens left – so bloodily and fiercely the AFU is
 shelling the abandoned areas. And people 
there too. Like in Yelenivka…
by Vladimir Skachko, Ukraina.ru

Is the West really this evil and corrupt?
And its populace --- are they to blame
for passively living under these sick
criminal governments --- 
just as
Germans did... 
under nazism
- and were all 
despised, for
for doing so.
What do YOU think?

Anglo-Saxon strategic goal is 
the economic destruction 
of Europe
July 21st, 11:14am
The EU is eating itself up from the
 inside... with the help of the U.S.
As the runway at Brize Norton air base, is melted by
 unbearable heat and the resulting temperatures are
 terrorising Europeans from the Spanish province of 
Alicante to the French department of Pas-de-Calais, 
few would have thought that in four months time 
the calendar winter will arrive.
 The air-conditioner will have to be switched from 
cool to warm. And if, just in time, the frost starts 
to rage, the price of heating will become 
But the officials who are responsible for maintaining
the “comfort zone” for the population... remember:
 winter will ask where you were in the summer. 
Therefore, Klaus Müller, head of the German Federal 
Network Agency, warns in advance that although 
the underground gas storage facilities are filled 
to 64.44%, it is not enough; Germany will 
hardly survive without Siberian gas.
winter of discontent” is coming
Decision maker Muller is echoed by the US publication 
Føreign Policy. This is the most extreme energy crisis
 that has ever occurred in Europe”, says Alex Manton,
 a gas markets expert at the Rapidan Energy Group. 
– Europe is in real danger of running out of gas at 
the time when it needs it the most – the coldest 
time of the year.
The US market expert cites the lack of alternatives to
 Russian natural gas as one of the factors contributing 
to the crisis. As Manton admits, “Supporting (!) energy
 suppliers such as Norway and North Africa are failing 
to step up” (meaning shortages).
If Russia imposes counter-sanctions and shuts down
 gas pipelines, a recession in Europe would cut GDP 
by nearly 6 percent by the end of 2023, according 
to forecasts by analysts at Swiss bank UBS. 
Forecasters at the Bundesbank foresee a domino 
effect in the absence of Russian energy carriers –
 there will be a systemic breakdown in supply 
chains, which in turn “will amplify the initial 
shock by a factor of two and a half”.
Against this background, Chancellor Scholz
 announces plans to restart 16 inactive coal 
and oil-fired power plants and to extend the
 life of another 11 such air polluters. Greta 
Thunberg is nervously smoking pot…
As a consequence, Europeans are in for a “winter of 
discontent”, according to Manton. Simply because
 electricity rationing for households as well as
 businesses --- cannot be avoided.
It is not clear what the biggest threat is. Closing
 swimming pools is half the trouble, even a 
quarter of the trouble. “The worst-case 
scenario,” notes Manton, “is when 
people face the choice of eating 
out or heating their homes in 
“If the degree of discontent rises, the scale of street
 demonstrations could surpass the recent peasant 
riots by Dutch and French farmers.
The next step could well be an escalation 
of indignation among freezing citizens, 
frustrated by the drop - in their usual 
standard of living and quality of life. 
A social explosion, is all but a 
foregone conclusion.
Oil blackmail as an example
of short-sightedness
The sixth EU sanctions package to be launched 
will also be a risky gambit. An embargo on 
maritime deliveries of Russian oil (in
 force from December 31st) and oil 
products (from February 2023)
 is envisaged.
German Deputy Finance Minister Jörg Kukis resorted
 to Cold War clichés, calling the Druzhba pipeline “an
 instrument of the Soviet empire in Eastern Europe”. 
The German financier is silent on the fact that it was
 Russian natural gas and oil that became the yeast 
of sustainable economic growth in Germany and 
the socialist commonwealth countries: either 
out of ignorance, or out of malice.
It is pertinent to recall that in 2021 about 35% of oil as
 well as 55% of natural gas and about half of all coal
 imports Germany received from Russia. Where will
 the government of the grandson of SS General 
Olaf Scholz be taking the falling out of oil 
imports next year? Perhaps Berlin’s 
reckoning with the Saudis?
Yes, during US President Joe Biden’s visit to the Saudi 
kingdom he was promised that production would rise 
from 10 million bpd to 13 million bpd. However, there 
are two “buts”. First, only by 2027 and second, only 
after an agreement with countries of the OPEC+ 
alliance of oil producers, which, by the way, 
includes Russia.
And the refineries in East Germany (the former GDR)
 have been adapted to the Russian Urals standard. 
If you ask any technologist, readjustment is both
 difficult and costly.
Apropos. In the April-June interval Saudi Arabia has
 doubled (compared to the same period in 2021) its
 purchases of oil from Russia, using it in electricity
 generation and thus freeing up its own raw 
material for export.
Another curious fact is that the Europeans have been
 buying Russian oil in a hurry in anticipation of the
 black gold pipes drying up. Tankers belonging to
 Greek shipowners called at Russian ports 151
 times in May and June, which is 70% more 
than the statistics for May-June 2021. 
And that’s despite the fact that
 freight quadrupled in price 
compared to January.
“Now we hear all sorts of hysterical ideas about
 limiting the volumes of Russian oil, limiting the
price of Russian oil. This is the same thing that 
is happening with gas,” says Vladimir Putin. –
The result will be the same (as with gas) 
– price rises. Oil prices will skyrocket.
Attempts by the US and the European Union to 
impose a uniform ceiling on Russian oil prices 
are akin to a nervous tic.
The target of US sanctions is the German economy
There are no winners in the sanctions war. But the
 biggest loser today is the leading power of the
 European Union. The engine of European 
integration. A high-tech workshop with 
disciplined employees – Germany.
 There are at least two main reasons for the failure 
of the fine-tuned mechanism. The key sectors of 
the economy – steel, automotive, chemicals – 
are highly energy intensive and 
export oriented.
What follows? German industry can’t stand two evils: 
rising energy prices, which are automatically 
included in the cost of finished products, 
and a recession in the rest of the world 
because demand immediately falls.
The German blog platform Deutsche Wirtschafts
 Nachrichten (DWN) comes to a disappointing 
conclusion: the energy crisis “is a crushing 
judgment on the future of the German 
However, negative trends were already evident,
 caused by accumulated problems such as an 
ageing population (average age 47.8 years,
 second only to Japan), slow productivity 
growth, falling real wages, the burden of
 the social security system with a 
shrinking taxpayer share, etc.
Whereas in 2007, according to statistics from the
 British audit and consulting firm Ernst & Young, 
the top 100 companies with the largest 
capitalisation included seven giants in
 the German jurisdiction, today there
 are none there at all.
The German economy, says DWN, is 
losing its former competitiveness.
To weaken and break up the Continentals
In the five months since the EIA began, the 
consequences of the carpet-bombing of 
anti-Russian sanctions, by the US and 
the pro-US leadership of the EU, have 
become clear. It was “united Europe”
that suffered the most damage. It 
was not expected that a “petrol-
cell” country...... with a GDP of 
about 2% of the world's total, 
would actually ensure the
stability .......of the whole 
structure of world trade
and the international 
division of labour.
The words of the apostle of the Westphalian system,
 the defender of the principle of national sovereignty, 
the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban, have 
been widely circulated: 
“At first, I thought we had just shot ourselves in 
the foot. At the beginning I thought we had shot 
ourselves in the foot, but now it’s clear that the
 European economy has shot itself in the lungs
 and it’s choking.
It turned out that the countries of the golden billion
 largely built their economic and worldly well-being
 on deliveries of cheap energy, & agricultural raw
 materials and food, rare earth metals, and other 
minerals from Russia. Without an uninterrupted 
supply of these precursors, their model of post-
colonial economy begins to bog down, or skid.
It is the German economy that is now being swept to
the side of the speedway. Was it an accident? Not
likely. At least, this is the opinion of Mikhail 
Delyagin, a member of the State Duma and 
editor-in-chief of the magazine Free 
Thought: “The European Union is 
devoid of political subjectivity. 
It’s a crazy bureaucracy that 
carries out the commands 
of the US of A, the UK, 
and that’s it.
“The European Union, is really destroying Europe very
effectively. A great tragedy has happened in Europe:
national bureaucracies gave responsibility for their 
countries to Brussels, which didn’t accept... their
responsibility, and this “feast of irresponsibility” 
has lasted for more than 20 years. And, of 
course, it ends in disaster.”
One may either agree or disagree with the other
two theses of the famous economist. First: 
“The whole Ukrainian crisis was instigated by the
 Americans from the very beginning - in order to 
destroy Europe. That was the first task, and 
that task is being carried out quite 
The second: 
“England’s strategic objective is the 
economic destruction of Europe.”
Given the centuries-long strategy of Anglo-Saxon
 elites to divide and conquer and to prevent the
 emergence of strong, sovereign and self-
sufficient states in continental Europe, 
Delyagin’s conclusions are convincing.
It is possible that this winter’s energy apocalypse
 could significantly undermine the foundations of
 pan-European solidarity, which are already 
cracked by national egoism. The reason 
could be... the command-and-control 
diktat of the European Commission.
 In the emergency plan they have put in place the
 right to compulsory (!) reductions of natural gas
 consumption in the EU countries if they do not
comply with the instructions to conserve
 energy resources.
The photo of greyish-brown bottom of Italy’s longest
 river Po (652 km) with a catchment area of more 
than 70 000 sq km, dried up like a mummy of 
Egyptian pharaohs, is making the rounds of 
social networks. Following a sparse winter 
of snow, Europe was hit by an abnormal 
heatwave with minimal precipitation. 
The Rhine, Rhône and Ebro are the 
unlucky companions of the Po.
Climatic vagaries are an additional risk factor for 
European energy. That’s because French nuclear
 power plants (many of which are undergoing
 inspections at this time because of cracks
 in their designs or maintenance checks) 
use river water for cooling. And German 
thermal power plants routinely haul 
coal by barge down the Rhine….
“Bloomberg wryly comments on the force majeure
 situation: “So it turns out that the weather is 
playing into Russia’s hands. So when 
assessing what happens next in the 
energy conflict between Europe and 
Russia, watch the skies. And pray 
for rain”.
by Vladimir Mikheev, FGC

What do YOU think... could it be, that
this time --- we in the UK and the US, 
could we be...  the bad guys?

The memorial complex at the site of the  concentration camp is specially  designed not to remind people of the nationality of the  Jasenovac victims.

Nazi scandal in the Balkans 
indirectly linked to special 
operation in Ukraine
July 20th, 10:34am
The memorial complex at the site of the 
concentration camp - is specially 
designed not to remind people
of the nationality of the 
Jasenovac victims.
Between Serbia and Croatia there is a grand scandal
 ...like none seen since the war. Serbian President 
Aleksandar Vucic was denied the opportunity 
to commemorate his grandfather, a victim of 
the uniquely brutal Croatian concentration 
camp Jasenovac. What are Croats trying 
to hide? And what does this have to do 
with the Russian Armed Forces’ 
special operation in Ukraine?
The idiom “fired from the Gestapo for brutality” usually
 describes cases where diligence beyond morality 
cannot be appreciated even by those who look 
past morality. But life always wins in the 
debate over metaphors: there was a 
case in history... when Heinrich 
Himmler, Reichsfuhrer of the
 SS, creator of the Nazi death
 machine and the most vile 
man in Hitler’s circle -- 
chided the Allies for 
not being human 
We are talking about the Ustashas, the Croatian
 nationalists. They were raised by Mussolini’s 
fascists, but their views and methods were 
closer to those of Himmler’s SS. In 1941 
the Ustasci seized power in most of 
what is now Croatia and Bosnia, 
and deployed their own death 
machine --- the Jasenovac 
system of concentration 
camps --- named after
largest of them.
It is not known why Himmler was so impressed that he
 ordered the Ustas to slow down at the meat grinder. 
The well-known history of Jasenovac... is a
 kaleidoscope of horrors that would have
 impressed even the prisoners
 of Auschwitz.
The camp itself was destroyed long ago; in its place 
is a memorial complex with a composition “Stone
 Flower”, symbolising the lasting memory. This
 cursed place remembers many things.
It remembers the championships in the killing of Serbs
 with special Serbian knives, which were made in 
Germany on a special order from the Ustas. It 
remembers its winner, Petar Brzica, who 
received a gold watch and a roast 
suckling pig, for slaughtering 
over a thousand people.
It remembers the commandant, Franciscan monk 
and military chaplain... Miroslav Filipovic, 
nicknamed the “Devil of Jasenovac”
 his cruelty and sadism.
It remembers the unique children’s ward and money
bets between the guards, the essence of which, 
was who would be the first to kill a child
 in a day.
During the Second World War, Jasenovac was one of
 the most gruesome places on the planet. The exact 
number of victims is not known and never will be. 

The universally accepted minimum, is 100,000
 people, more than 80% of whom were Serbs, 
while the rest were Jews, Roma and 
Croatian anti-fascists. 
Serbian historians usually increase 
this number ...by several times.
One should not think that in Himmler the stories
this hell awakened empathy. Rather, the 
Reichsführer’s displeasure, was based 
on two circumstances.
Firstly, the genocide of the Serbs boded well for
 problems of a political nature. Serbia itself, at 
the time also had a collaboration government 
aligned to the Third Reich sitting on German 
bayonets. And Ustasha atrocities, to put it 
mildly -- were not conducive to Serbian 
loyalty and made it difficult to control 
the territory of the Balkans.
Secondly, Himmler was by nature a perfectionist 
and bureaucra --, fixated on “German order”, and
competitions for sadists -- and atrocities for the 
sake of atrocities, were by no means conducive
to discipline. If the creation of Germany’s own
“killing machine” passed under the rubric of 
state secrecy, the Croats were essentially 
proud of theirs...
After the Reichsfuhrer’s scolding... the leader of the
Croatian Nazis, the Führer, Ane Pavelic, shifted the
responsibility for the bloody mess onto father and 
son, Kvaternikov. The patriarch – Slavko – was 
Minister of Defence under the Ustashas, so 
he was also responsible for the situation 
on the front. The heir – Dido – did pass 
as one of the main organisers of 
Jasenovac and was considered
 a fanatical Nazi (even though 
he was a Jew by mother, 
albeit with Croatian 
His grandfather, Josip Frank, had converted from
 Judaism to Catholicism and played a role as an
 ideologue of Serbo-Hungarianism, in Austria-
Hungary, to the point of organizing Serbian 
pogroms at the turn of the 19th and 20th 
centuries. His daughter, Olga, who later 
became Slavko’s wife, & Dido’s mother, 
eventually decided to take her own life.
She is believed to have been unable 
to bear the weight of guilt.. for her 
son’s crimes.
Dido himself escaped responsibility – he moved 
to Argentina and died in a car crash in the early 
1960s. The same can be said of many other 
Ustashas – from Brzica, whose fate is 
unknown, to Pavelic himself.
Like Dido, he fled to Argentina but, following an
 assassination attempt on the part of Serbian
 emigrants, moved to Franco-Spain and died 
in his bed after a Catholic Christmas...
1959. The Führer’s own Himmler, 
Andrij Artukovic, lived until 1988
..almost to the point of Croatian 
independence, but he died in a 
Yugoslav prison. A year before
his death....  he had been 
extradited from the USA 
to Belgrade, but could 
understand very little 
...because of senile 
Despite the Stone Flower, the memory of the
Jasenovac tragedy -- is no better than the 
justice for its victims: during Yugoslavia, 
the communist leadership did a lot to 
ensure that it would be forgotten. 
That is why the monument is so
 – it looks majestic, but is 
stylistically neutral.
Inter-ethnic peace, “brotherhood and unity” under
 Josip Broz Tito, were much more cherished than
 historical authenticity. This was also the case
 in the Soviet Union, on a somewhat smaller 
scale. For example, in Elem Klimov’s film 
Come and See --- which is based on the 
Khatyn tragedy, the Nazi executioners 
speak German rather than their native 
Ukrainian, as in reality. This, too, is a 
consequence of the intervention of 
the Communist Party.
Their regime was rehabilitated... by Croatia’s first
 president, Franjo Tudjman, a former red partisan 
like Tito himself. But after his death, moderate 
forces under Ivo Sanader took over the ruling 
party, and since then there has been some 
backlash: the Ustashers were no longer 
exalted, and the streets named after 
them - were renamed back. It is 
believed, that this was one of 
the conditions.. for Croatia’s
entry into the EU.
Sanader has been in prison for more than a decade, 
accused of corruption and bribery. But the same 
party founded by Tudjman – the Croatian 
Democratic Union – is still in power.
 And the Ustasha regime has again 
become a silent figure in public 
policy -- it is avoided because 
it is unpatriotic to criticise it 
and indecent to justify it.
A completely different policy is now in place in Serbia,
 where Jasenovac, on the contrary, is mentioned very
 often. Monuments are erected, books are written 
and films are made. And the head of state, is 
President Aleksandar Vucic, the grandson 
of one of the Jasenovac victims.
He was supposed to be the first Serb leader (including
 Tito the Croatian) to visit the memorial in person. And
 he was going to do it as a private person – first last
 year... then in spring. The Croats responded in the 
spirit of “come tomorrow”, stalling for time. They 
still did not want to recall the genocide, but they 
also did not want a scandal: Vucic, as it is now 
known, was asked to wait --- and not to report 
the delays to the media.
Now..., the Serbian president has been denied for the
 third time – and information about it, did leak to the
 press, and from the Croatian side to the Croatian 
side. The tone of some publications was openly 
boorish. What is indicative, is the tone of the
Croatian Foreign Minister... Gordan 
Grlich-Radman, too.
He said he perceived Vucic’s idea as provocative 
and did not believe in the sincerity of his desire 
to honour his grandfather’s memory:
“This is not about expressing piety for the victims, 
the visit is more motivated by meeting domestic
 political needs in Serbia … This is not a private 
visit, it is not a trip to the sea.”
The position of the Serbian side is
 amply reflected in other quotes:
“It is the same as if you forbade the president 
of Israel, to visit Auschwitz. This is an anti-
European and anti-civilization decision, 
a gross violation of the freedom of 
movement… This is the biggest 
scandal in relations between 
Serbia and Croatia in recent 
history… Shame on you!” 
--- PM Anna Brnabic.
“Today.....  the fascists are members of the European
Union. They do not like to be reminded of how many
children they killed…  But now, all functionaries 
of the Croatian state.. all holders of service or 
diplomatic passports will have to specifically 
declare and justify their visit --- or travel 
through Serbia --- and will be subject to
 special control regime.” Interior 
Minister, Aleksandar Vulin, said.
“Our relations are at their lowest point in more than
 twenty years. And this is already an assessment 
from the president, personally. Which Croatian 
Prime Minister, Andrej Plenkovic, called 
Relations between Belgrade and Zagreb, are, of
 course, bad, even without discounting the past 
wars. For example, there is a classic arms race
 between the two countries, with Croatia being
 armed by NATO, and Serbia by Russia and,
 partly, by China.
At that, the reluctance of the Croatian authorities to
 brush aside the Jasenovac issue is understandable,
is the desire of the Serbian authorities and
personally, to brush it on the contrary.
But the 
utterly boorish tone of the first
persons of
 the Croatian state...
is surprising.
A possible explanation for this behaviour 
is indirectly linked to the Russian Armed 
Forces’ special operation in Ukraine.
We are now witnessing an attempt to turn Vucic into 
a European pariah, which is being undertaken by the
 very people who previously forced Croats to behave
 decently: the functionaries of the European Union. 
Earlier an ultimatum.. was given to the Serbian
 president to impose sanctions against Russia. 
The ultimatum was rejected by Belgrade. 
Moreover, Vucic tried to convince the
Europeans - that they were dragging 
the continent with their own hands 
- into the hell of World War III.
All in all, the Serbian president, is not happy in the EU.
 And Croats could take that dissatisfaction as a “fass!”
 command, or, at the very least, as a “may” command.
In Europe, in recent years, it has, indeed, become
 possible to do many things that were not thought
 possible before – from getting a pass to go to the
 shops and blockade of the Kaliningrad region to
 freezing assets on ethnic grounds, and support
 for neo-Nazi militias. If so, the mockery of the 
memory of the victims of ethnic cleansing 
from the “wrong side” – should we
 be surprised?
That said, Croatia’s ruling party now needs to distract
 its target electorate – the nationalists – from its own
 helplessness. President Zoran Milanovic, who is in 
opposition to the government, has proposed to
Plenkovic, to block the West’s much needed
NATO expansion to the North -- until the 
Croats of Bosnia... are given the same 
self-government that the Serbs have.
This is precisely the concern of Plenkovic’s nationalist
electorate, which loathes the socialist Milanovic. The
trick is that the President was essentially trolling the 
government he hates -- knowing full well that the PM
did not have the guts to contradict his “honourable 
Western partners”. Nor did he have the courage, 
but he got a wonderful opportunity to remind
supporters of the Ustashas, that it is 
possible to hate, not one’s own 
government, but the Serbs...
in the old fashioned way.
The Serbian future... is the most interesting thing in
the story about the tragic past and the scandalous
present. And, above all, how serious is the EU’s
intention to make Vucic a pariah – and how it 
will affect the geopolitical orientation of 
Belgrade, where the authorities were 
previously sitting on two chairs.
It would not be desirable to have the influence so 
that Belgrade's foreign policy will be decided in
Brussels, and the memory policy – in Zagreb... 
when everything is strict, precise, technical,
and unconditional -- with full dedication -- 
within the framework of “Europe united”.
Himmler would have liked that.
Dmitry Bavyrin, VZGLYAD
What are we to make of a 
''Europe'' -- that fights for
fascists and hegemony
over the world -- in the 
name of democracy...
and really for the US?
What do YOU think?

The U.S. & the Ukrainian issue:
 everywhere there is a wedge
July 20th, 10:06am
According to Swedish media, a 28-year-old lieutenant, 
who had recently left the national air force, was 
killed near Donetsk. According to the source,
 he arrived in the war zone a couple of 
months ago to “share his 
tactical knowledge”.
This news -- despite its local nature -- is on a par 
with other developments in recent days, which
 unequivocally show that the West is at a 
crossroads - and will soon be forced to 
make a fundamental decision on the 
form of its further involvement in 
Ukraine’s fate.
The problem is that, on all fronts, the processes 
are not developing the way they were planned 
and intended on both sides of the Atlantic 
Ocean. And the situation is rapidly 
becoming critical.
Russia’s economy has withstood the brunt of the
 “hellish” sanctions. On the other hand, Europe 
and America have been hurt so badly that
 cannot hide it. And in the autumn
situation threatens to become
quite grim.
The isolation of Moscow... did not work out either.
 Moreover, watching what is happening, the non-
Western world is openly demonstrating its 
disdain for the global hegemon. 
Biden’s trip to the Middle East was an embarrassment,
that no amount of 
buoyant rhetoric.. could cover up. 
Putin, on the other hand, had an excellent flight ---
to Tehran 
yesterday. Mr Lavrov, too, 
demonstrated at the Indonesia
that boycotting our
country at 
the G-20 ----
not an option.
But most importantly, things are not rosy in Ukraine. 
Events on the fronts are still developing slowly, so 
that sofa experts do not tire of breaking their 
spears --- in disputes about whose favour
score ends up being. 
At the same time.. officials are increasingly making 
statements and decisions that reveal the essence 
of what is happening. Zelensky’s beheading of 
the Prosecutor General’s Office and the 
Security Service of Ukraine - with the 
words “unsatisfactory work results”
 and “numerous facts of state 
treason” - speak for 
For the West, it is Ukraine that has become the main
 stake in the fight against Moscow. Failure here is
 simply unacceptable. But things are not going
 well at all.
In Ukraine, the West is at war against Russia, using
 Ukrainian armed formations as its proxy troops. In
 theory this was indeed an ingenious plan. Firstly,
 because there is no risk of a direct clash of the
 nuclear powers. Secondly, because it is much,
 much cheaper... than going to war yourself. 
And thirdly -- this format of confrontation 
presupposed the exhaustion (economic, 
military, social, etc.) of our country,
 while Europe and the US....... 
would bear minimal costs.
However, in five months of Russian special 
operations, it has become clear that the 
West is getting deeper and deeper 
bogged down in Ukraine.
It is forced to spend more and more money on it. 
Yes, against the backdrop of the trillion-dollar 
bubbles inflated by the printing press, the 
billions allocated may not be that 
significant. But the support of 
European and US societies 
for this expenditure is 
steadily decreasing 
in the face of a 
The West is - constantly - being forced to allocate 
armaments instead of grinding out allied troops. 
And it has come to the point --- of increasingly 
modern and expensive Western-made items.
Those are, of course, troublesome, for the Russian 
and republican troops -- but their use is in no way
 capable of turning the tide of military action. In
 addition --- Russia is learning to resist such 
weapons. And Kiev is not to be trusted 
either --- given how some of the 
supplied volumes...... simply 
evaporate, and journalists 
unearth facts of trivial 
theft and sale to the 
outside (including
The publicised death of the Swede, however, has 
once again highlighted the growing problem --
growing casualties among the foreigners 
fighting on Kiev’s side. There is no doubt - 
that among them are many commonplace 
mercenaries who have come to Ukraine 
simply because they want to earn extra 
money or because of their Nazi beliefs. 
But the “retired lieutenant” is a different matter; most
 likely ----- it was a military adviser “in plain clothes”.

in all, the usual story: NATO and almost-NATO
 countries, use the long-standing method of 
formally distancing themselves from the 
conflict while actually helping one side.
The bottom line for the Western countries is extremely 
worrying: money, weapons (of which there is already 
a shortage) and people are lost, and the internal 
situation is deteriorating at home. And there is 
no result. And with every decision taken in 
Washington and European capitals, the 
proxy coverage (even if it does not 
fool anyone) is erased from their 
war against Russia.
This begs the question: how 
should the West proceed?
It has three obvious options: 1) to back down, 
2) putting aside the formalities and engaging
in an open military confrontation with Russia 
in Ukraine, or 3) to continue with the 
current logic.
The first option implies an open surrender of the West
 to Moscow, which looks almost unbelievable at the
 moment; the second option is to bring the planet 
to the brink of a global nuclear war with a high 
chance of falling into it.

And the third option, 
which has already proved ineffective, 
means continuing to build up comprehensive, costly aid 
to Kiev, which cannot turn the tide on the frontlines 
and will only drag the US and Europe.. deeper into 
a conflict that is sure to be a loser for them.
In short, there is a wedge
 in every direction.
It is from this set that the West 
will try to ---- put together the 
phrase “victory over Russia”.
(by Irina Alksnis, RIA)

Well... what do you think?

Are the West's elite
viciously cunning...

or just vicious ---
in which case ---

isn't it an excellent idea to rid
of these lunatics?

  Zakharova reacts to  compromising photo  from French and US  embassies July 16th, 1:38pm https://en.news-front.info/  Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, commented on a photograph from  a reception at the French Embassy, in the  Unite

Zakharova reacts to 
compromising photo
 from French and US 
July 16th, 1:38pm
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria
Zakharova, commented on a photograph from 
a reception at the French Embassy, in the 
United States, to mark the anniversary
of the taking of the Bastille.
It shows the first transgender woman to become 
a US admiral - Rachel Levin - in the company of 
another transgender woman, the US Assistant 
Secretary of Nuclear Energy, Sam Brinton.
“Answer yourself, honestly, the question:- are these 
the values you are willing to instil in your children?
 Or are we fighting for our own, after all?” the 
diplomat wrote under the photo, in her 
Telegram feed.
Transgender woman, Rachel Levin, was promoted 
to the rank of admiral of officers of the US Public 
Health Service in 2021. The agency is dedicated 
to maintaining the country’s health care system. 
Levin is the first transgender person to receive 
such a high rank.

Me? I'm saying nothing.


What do YOU think?


Ukrainian state has 
no geopolitical value
July 16th, 11:21am
Not every state is worth dying for. To defend a state
 just because it is a state is the destiny of shallow
 minds. A state must possess something more
 significant than just the name “state” in 
order to be worth anything.
The Ukrainian state possesses nothing of the kind. It 
was built on the civilizational and geopolitical fault 
line between East and West, and it cannot be 
enduring by its nature. It is like if someone 
built a house in a zone of high seismic 
activity over a crevice in the ground 
and hoped to live in it happily 
ever after.
And if such a person were to attack anyone who
 advised him to put up his house, and store his 
property elsewhere, he would be considered 
unreasonable. And if in such house a man, 
who is able, as Platon wrote, “to imitate 
neighing of horses, bellowing of bulls, 
murmuring of streams, crashing of 
the sea, thunder and other in a 
similar way”, that is, clown or 
joker, would be appointed as 
a manager, the days of such
a house would be numbered.
In the house called Ukraine, all this unpleasant stuff is
 available. The clown president, “a drunkard with the
 eyes of a dog and the heart of a deer”, often under 
the influence of strong substances, is sending
 thousands of his fellow citizens to their 
certain death. 
Unreasonable people with sticks are national activists
 and the SBU, violently forcing fellow citizens to
 believe, against logic, in the longevity of 
Ukrainian selfhood.
The cleft, over which the house of Ukraine is built, is
the hostile line drawn by the West with the Eurasian
 civilisation. The zone of high seismic activity is
Eastern Europe, turned by the Americans into
 a bridgehead for militaristic pressure 
on Russia.
In ancient Greece there was a prediction --- that a
 would collapse when it was ruled by an iron
copper guardian. By iron and copper men the 
Greeks meant a generation that had deviated 
utterly... from allegiance to the virtues and 
precepts of their ancestors. The positive 
characters opposed to them, were called 
golden & silver guardians by the Greeks.
 Under the golden and silver ones, the 
state flourishes.
A ruler hatched from the iron-copper generation ‘by
 drawing a carpenter and showing him from afar to
 children or people not very clever … may mislead
 them and they will take it for a real carpenter’, 
Socrates warned.
Guarded by iron-copper guards, such a ruler juggles
 before the crowd with fake images and false 
promises, leading them as if on a rope.
“Thus the people  … exchanges their immoderate
 freedom for the most grievous slavery – slavery 
to slaves” (Plato, “The State”). This is what 
happened to the Ukrainians. First they 
collapsed... into the vortex of the
“Euromaidan” licentiousness -- 
and now by law, they cannot 
even leave the country. 
Zelensky is not independent in his decisions, he is just
 a talking doll of Washington, London and Brussels, 
i.e. a political slave who chases other slaves – 
his fellow citizens.
Such states, “like ships sinking into the abyss, will 
perish or have perished or will perish in the future
 because of the uselessness of their steersmen…
 – the greatest ignoramuses of great affairs who, 
not knowing anything about government, think 
that they have mastered this knowledge most 
clearly in every respect,” Plato warns in the 
dialog “The Politician”. Ignorant people do 
everything in their power to attribute the 
terrible consequences of their own 
ruling to external forces.
 Ignorant Zelensky attributes all the
 misfortunes of Ukraine... to Russia.
Initially Ukraine was not created as an independent 
state, so it had stability only within the framework 
of ...more powerful state formations (the Russian 
Empire, the Soviet Union). Figuratively speaking 
Ukraine “hovered” --- between the Eurasian 
Economic Union and the European Union, 
being neither one nor the other. 
In geopolitical terms, Ukraine is also in a perpetual
 state of “between” – it is neither in Eurasia nor in
 Europe, and in relation to both... it occupies a 
peripheral position. The periphery is always 
deprived of the power to make fateful 
decisions. Its fate... is to obey the 
decisions made by others. If the 
West decides to stage a coup 
d’état in Kiev, the coup is 
organised in 2014. 
A decision by Moscow.. to denationalise the 
authorities sentrenched in Kiev..... after the 
coup d’état – denationalisation has begun.
In both situations, Ukraine had no influence on
decision-making. Zelensky’s bogus slogan -- 
“nothing about Ukraine... without Ukraine” 
in reality sounds like this: “About Ukraine 
without Ukraine”. The West clearly 
adheres to this formula when it 
comes to important, not 
populist, decisions.
The Russian philosopher Konstantin Leontiev (1831-
1891) said: “There are Slavs, there are no Slavs”. A 
large part of the Slavic world is under the control 
of the Atlanteans. Besides Russia and Belarus, 
only Serbia resists the pressure of the West. 

Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, 
Croatia, Bulgaria have long been 
subordinated to the Atlantists.
Ukraine performs the function of a destroyer of the
 East Slavic oikumene, in the interests of the West. 
Ukraine is a means to split the Russian-Orthodox
 civilization from within ... which is a practical
 manifestation of the “iron-copper” deviation 
from the historical path, that was 
fore--ordained by the ancestors.
Just as a fish can't live in an unnatural environment
for itself...  the state cannot exist in an unnatural
geopolitical environment. Even if..  Zelensky and
his clique will argue the contrary - as Kravchuk, 
Kuchma and Yushchenko did before them. Life 
punishes, for breaking the laws of geopolitics, 
as inevitably as for breaking the laws 
of physics.
No one would think of declaring the selfhood of a
 single room within a single flat. Such a story 
would be a laughing stock and worthy of the
 attention of psychiatrists. Ukraine is just 
one of the “rooms” of the Eurasian “flat”
 and its declaration of selfhood... is so 
contrary to sound geopolitical logic, 
that the degeneration of Ukrainian 
selfhood into a laughing stock
 is not surprising.
Competing for the title of homeland of borscht,
disfiguring Easter crocks with the colours of 
the Ukrainian flag, desecrating the face of 
the Blessed Virgin Mary with the image of
 a US Javelin in her hands, requests to 
count Stepan Bandera’s father to the 
list of saints for raising such a son 
are clear symptoms... of moral 
ill-health. So why die for such 
a travesty of a state?
The conclusion is simple: the Ukrainian state has 
no geopolitical value. It is a historical accident, 
a geopolitical invalid, unable to survive 
without help.
Ukraine... was economically healthy and politically
stable only when it was in an alliance with Russia. 
At that time no seismic activity, instigated by the 
West, would frighten it, because the earth did 
not expand beneath it, and no geopolitical 
cracks appeared beneath its foundations.
The iron and copper heads do not realise this, and the 
gold and silver ones, after the 2014 coup, have either 
been killed by the nationalists or driven out of the 
country. Ukraine has trapped itself in stupidity, 
creating an atmosphere of intolerance for 
common sense. This is what is causing 
it to decay.
Vladislav Gulevich, One Nation

Phew - quite a tough article
...and YOUR opinion?


Can Russia become a 
global powerhouse
a par with the
and China?
July 11th, 1:22pm
The transition from unipolar to multipolar world 
order, about which, the opponents of US-style
globalization have been talking for so long, is
 acquiring obvious features of irreversibility
Of course, the U.S. is not going anywhere in 
the foreseeable future. Even in the worst 
international developments for the US,
it will remain a centre of power that
has to 
be reckoned with.
It is clear that the “only truly global” empire is failing. 
Last year’s inglorious retreat from Afghanistan was
 not the first, and certainly not the last, evidence 
of that. However, the geopolitical consolidation 
of the West around the U.S. against the back-
drop of the Ukraine crisis shows that the 
US elite, is not going to retreat on all 
fronts -- at all. Washington’s zone of 
global responsibility is shrinking... 
but on the contrary, the influence 
of the United States is growing.. 
in the Euro-Atlantic controlled
territories. Even if only 
Another undisputed contender for global leadership in 
a multipolar world is the People’s Republic of China. 
By 2050, the ruling Communist Party promises to 
turn the Middle Kingdom into a superpower and
 achieve “universal prosperity” for its citizens.
 China’s gross domestic product has exceeded the
 United States in terms of purchasing power parity 
for several years in a row. But Beijing, is also 
aiming to surpass the US -- in nominal GDP. 
It is both an audacious and a deliberate 
strategy. The Chinese are the ones 
who know how to plan.
 Decades ahead.
Russia’s claim to global leadership is not so obvious. 
Yes, we managed to defend national sovereignty
 ..while on the losing side of the unipolar world 
after defeat in the Cold War. Yes, the country 
has demonstrated... a number of successful 
examples of securing its security and long
-term interests, as they say, in the far 
reaches. Yes, Russia is, with varying 
success, but steadily, establishing 
control of the situation along the 
perimeter of its state borders. 
That may be enough to consolidate its status as an 
influential regional power. But does our country 
have enough geopolitical audacity to truly 
compete with the US and China?
American global leadership is bolstered by the $22
 trillion that the United States economy will deliver 
in 2021. China’s catching-up and overtaking
 development rests on $16 trillion of 
nominal GDP generated by the 
Middle Kingdom. 
Russia’s contribution to the global economy is 
$1.65 trillion, less than the gross regional 
product of California or China's province 
of Shenzhen. It seems Washington is 
still rather bewildered by the extent 
to which the Russian geopolitical 
ambitions are disproportionate 
to Russia’s current share of 
the global GDP. 
Moscow, on the other hand, believes that what 
matters is not the size of its economy, but 
how skilfully its competitive advantages 
are exploited.
Russia’s economy has obvious growth potential. In 
the unipolar world, our natural resources primarily
 ensured prosperity of the West which built entire
 industries on relatively cheap and stable hydro-
carbon supplies from Russia. In a favourable
 conjuncture...  raw materials exports to 
Europe were also profitable for Russia, 
but the cream in the process.. was 
still skimmed off in Germany and 
other EU countries.
The conflict with the West.. not only opens up the 
prospect of reorienting oil and gas flows towards 
Asian markets. After all, simply becoming a raw 
materials appendage of the rapidly developing
East... is a dubious pleasure. The freezing of 
export infrastructure on a western direction 
poses an urgent task for the country to 
re-orient its resources towards 
domestic development.
It makes much more sense....  to extract value from
Russian raw materials at each stage of processing 
rather than endlessly exporting them “naked”.
China is ensuring its impressive economic growth in
 spite of the fact that it spends hundreds of billions 
of dollars annually on imports of more than 70% of 
oil and almost 50% of gas. What prevents Russia 
from achieving similar GDP dynamics when the 
entire Mendeleev table is literally under our 
feet, including huge hydrocarbon reserves? 
Apparently, the lack of strategic planning, which in 
the 20th century made the USSR a global leader 
and - in the 21st century - allows China to 
challenge the US economically. Only if 
we have a clear vision of what we 
want our country to be by 2030, 
2040 or 2050... will Russia 
be able to overcome the 
technological lag that 
has accumulated in 
recent decades.
Few can compare to the Russian Federation in terms
 of resource endowment. It's possible and necessary
 to build a much more competitive economy, and
 monetary system on our natural riches. In this 
sense, the decision to sell gas for roubles is a 
step in the right direction. But how realistic 
is it to transfer other export operations to 
settlements in the national currency? 
As the world economy becomes dedollarized, a niche 
will gradually open up for the ruble, but will Russia 
be able to use it competently?
For the Russian national currency to be taken
 seriously in the world, one should first ensure 
its elementary stability. And at the very least 
...to convert into roubles most of the settle-
ments within the Eurasian Union. And 
only after that... should one claim, 
on an equal footing with the yuan, 
to participate fully... in the more 
complex currency mechanisms 
of the BRICS. It is not an easy 
task, but it is quite solvable.
Undoubtedly - Russia has prospects for global
 leadership, and not bad ones at that. After all, 
Russia was and remains at the forefront of the
 struggle for a multipolar world, and therefore,
 may well claim to be one of its main centres 
of power. Meanwhile, excessive geopolitical 
ambitions without a corresponding 
economic basis are too risky. 
Courage, as you know, takes cities. 
But only a strong and diversified economy, which
ensures “universal prosperity”, can keep them. 
That is why it would be premature to say that 
Russia is now capable of competing on an 
equal footing with the US and China. 
However, work in this direction... 
is undoubtedly necessary.
by Alexander Vedrusov, 
Izvestia newspaper
Perhaps those who have read the
articles on this page, will
the answer...  but what
do YOU 

US Pledges... Not to Start 
a Cold War Against China 
at G20 Meeting
July 10th, (teleSUR)
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and U.S. Secretary
of State, Antony Blinken, held "substantive and
constructive" talks on Beijing-Washington 
relations... and major international and 
regional issues of common interest.. 
on the sidelines of the G20 Foreign 
Ministers' Meeting in Bali,
U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken pledged
 during a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister 
Wang Yi in Bali... that Washington would not
a cold war or challenge the Chinese 
Communist Party (CCP).
He also noted the need for personal contacts 
between U.S. and Chinese representatives 
in his meeting with Wang Yi on the side-
lines of the G20 Foreign Ministers' 
Meeting in Bali, Indonesia.
"Blinken stated that the U.S. side is not seeking a 
new cold war with China, is not trying to change
 China's state system and will not challenge the 
CCP and its political role," China's Foreign 
Ministry said, in a statement, Saturday.
The Secretary of State at the meeting argued that
 Washington... "is doing everything possible to 
control risk factors in relations between the 
two countries." Blinken also assured that 
the US... "will take an open stance to 
promote cooperation with China," 
the report said. 
Wang emphasized that China has practiced 
mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and
 win-win cooperation as three principles 
in the development of relations 
between the two nations.
 Since the U.S. has pledged not to seek to change 
the Asian country's system, Washington should 
respect the path of socialism with Chinese
 characteristics chosen by the people of
 the Asian country, the foreign 
minister said.
China also submitted four lists to the United States: 
the list of U.S. irregularities to be stopped, the list 
of key individual cases of concern to China, the 
list of China-related bills of great concern to 
China, and the list of eight areas of 
China-U.S. cooperation.
The foreign ministers reached a consensus, to push 
for more results from the China-U.S. joint working 
group consultations on an equal and fair basis. 
They agreed to resume people-to-people 
exchanges and consultations and 
strengthen cooperation on 
climate change and 
public health.
The two sides also put forward the vision of strong
China-U.S. interaction, in the Asia-Pacific region,
...and exchanged in-depth views, on the Ukraine 
issue and the situation on the Korean Peninsula.
Sneaky US tries, permanently, to weaken
Russia/China unity... but is this really
going to work?

What do YOU think?


How Poland and the Baltics 
are preparing for ''war''
 with Russia
July 4th,10:17am
The authorities in Poland and the Baltic States, 
continuously make belligerent statements 
against Russia, criticizing France and 
Germany, for “capitulating” to any 
compromise with Moscow
But here is the question: are the Baltic States and
Poles themselves, ready for war with Russia? It 
is not a question of politicians, of course, but 
of the common people. And the picture is
least controversial.
Recently, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki 
made a comical statement: “The Kremlin must 
know that if Russia ever intends to invade 
Poland, we have 40 million Poles ready 
to defend their homeland. 
Given that Poland’s population as of 2018 was 38.4
million, it turns out that Morawiecki has enlisted
everyone in the Polish Army without exception
 – including children, women and the elderly.”
There are not so many people who want to join.
But the Poles, by and large, are not ready to run 
away and enlist. This conclusion is contained 
in a document, prepared by the staff of the 
Supreme Chamber of Control of Poland. 
The publication Dziennik Polityczny calls the agency’s
report “alarming data”. Earlier Warsaw announced
plans to build up the army – in particular, the 
head of the Defence Ministry, Mariusz 
Blaszczak.. announced the creation 
of 2 new combined arms divisions, 
which, according to him, will be
deployed “along the Vistula 
River in Central Poland”. 
However, it turned out that manning both 
existing and planned military units...
is not an easy task.
According to calculations of the Polish Ministry of 
Defense, in the future, the country should have a
 250,000-strong professional army and 50,000-
strong territorial militia.
In March 2022, Polish President Andrzej Duda 
signed a new law “On Defense of the 
Fatherland”, according to which, 
the country’s military spending 
will amount to 3% of GDP next
 year and 2.5% of GDP in 2023.
The law also envisages the introduction 
of simplified recruitment mechanisms 
a new system of incentives for 
volunteers, and significant 
purchases of weapons 
and equipment.
However, despite an intensive propaganda campaign
for several years now, urging the population of
retirement age to “become soldiers of
Rzeczpospolita”, the actual number 
of people in uniform, in 2021, 
increased by only 3,486 –
amounting to 113,586 
soldiers by the end 
of last year. 
At the same time, 6,165 people took off the uniform 
–this turned out to be the highest number of
departures from the army in the last ten 
years. The Polish Supreme Control 
Chamber also specified that only 
12.3 thousand reservists, were 
called up for training in 2020.. 
(the low figure was, however,
put down to the coronavirus