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  'WE CAN' is the first song by Efran Kaye and Poet,
to become popular across the world. We hope
new video inspires you.

Solidarity and action is not only possible
--- it's the best

'No Bombs.... Just Bubbles': 
Children lead pro-Palestine 
protest in Rotterdam
July 1st, 11:05am 
Families organized a children's protest called 
'No Bombs, Just Bubbles' in Rotterdam on 
Sunday in support of children in Gaza.
Footage shows kids, accompanied by their parents, 
leading the marches and chanting pro-Palestine 
slogans. They were, as well, seen wearing 
keffiyehs, carrying Palestinian flags, and 
holding pictures of young Gazan victims.
"Some countries think they are above the law --- and that 
should be changed. That's why we taught our children
 to feel humanity. Muslim, Christians, from all kinds 
and countries. Black, white and yellow, from all 
around the world. They are seeing what is 
going on, so they tried to make this 
demonstration," said Abu 
Mohammad ---- a pro-
Palestine activist.
"Try to see yourself as a father there in Gaza, how are 
you going to feel? [...] You see your children turn to 
pieces, with all your dreams that they grow up in
 a normal life and have their dreams come true. 
The only dream the children have there 
is to stay alive," he added.
The event marked the first children's protest in the 
Netherlands, attracting considerable attention
 from onlookers. According to local media 
reports, ice cream was distributed..... 
to cheer up the young participants.
(Source: AFP)

Jordanians rally in Amman in 
support of Resistance Axis
 June 29th, 3:31pm
Jordanians have held...  yet another Palestine solidarity
demonstration in Amman, calling for ending the Israeli
genocide in the Gaza strip. Press TV’s Raad 
Btoush has a report, in English. 

Pressure is rising on their sleeping ruler!

Madrid protesters - hold 
die-in in solidarity with 
Palestinians in Gaza
June 15th, 2:54pm
Pro-Palestinian demonstrators lay on the ground with
fake blood on their faces during a re-enactment of
 an Israeli attack on Gaza in a Madrid street
 on Saturday (June 15).
One of the organizers said he wanted to drive the 
message home to people living in Spain --- that 
Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have endured
daily - and deadly - attacks from Israeli 
bombings and incursions, for months.
(Source: Reuters)

Caribbean Festival ------- twelve
Countries Confirm Attendance
June 3rd, 2024
On Sunday, the organizers of the Caribbean Festival 
announced that with the confirmation of 12 nations 
and more than 300 participants a month away from
 the start of its activities, the 43rd edition of the 
Caribbean Festival, will be a success.
The Brazilian state of Bahia, as guest of honour, will 
bring over 100 participants to the regional event 
known as the "Fiesta del Fuego"; Mexico and 
the Dominican Republic are preparing large 
delegations and a revived national 
participation in the event, which 
will take place from 3 to 9 July.
On their official website, they made public 
the organization of 13 theoretical events 
parallel to the artistic presentations.
Among such presentations there are: the international 
colloquium "The Caribbean that unites us" which 
aims to promote scientific exchange between 
social managers, academics, cultural 
promoters, social activists and 
public officials.
Other highlights include the 3rd Caribbean Film Festival, 
the international workshops "The Music of the 
Caribbean" and "Directions of Caribbean 
Theatre'', as well as the meeting of 
poets from the Caribbean and the 
world... "Jesús Cos Causse"; the 
Festival of Fire is organised by 
the Casa del Caribe -- with the 
support of the Cuban Ministry 
of Culture and the Provincial 
Directorate of Culture of 
Santiago de Cuba.
For the fifth time the Festival of the Caribbean will be
 sponsored by the company Cuba Ron S.A. and the 
brand Ron Santiago --- both as seals of national 
and local identity in a festival that bets on the 
transcendence of the community values and 
the groups that are bearers of the vast 
Cuban and Caribbean culture.


Thousands rally outside
 US embassy in Jakarta
 to condemn Israeli war
June 1st, 11:02am
Demonstrators take part in a pro-Palestinian 
demonstration under the slogan 'All Eyes 
on Rafah' in front of the US embassy in 
Jakarta on June 1, 2024. 
Thousands of Indonesians demonstrate in front of the US
embassy in Jakarta --- in support of Palestinians and to 
criticize the US for its role in the Israeli war on Gaza.
Traffic was halted along the way as protesters, organized 
by several Muslim groups, marched to a major street 
outside the embassy, chanting “Allahu Akbar,”
 or “God is Great,” and “Save Palestinians.”
Hundreds of police were deployed to secure the 
embassy, the nearby presidential palace 
and the United Nations mission.
(Source: Agencies) 

Thousands protest Rafah massacre in London.

Thousands protest Rafah massacre in London. 
(Photo by AFP)
Thousands protest Rafah 
massacre in London
May 30th, 7:23am
As the Israeli genocide against the people of Palestine 
continues unabated, the regime's military forces are 
waging an increasingly violent killing spree against 
displaced Gazans seeking refuge in Rafah in the 
south of the blockaded territory.
In the latest massacre, dozens of men, women and 
children were murdered in their tents by Israeli 
occupation forces while they were asleep.
That has sparked renewed outrage at Israel 
with protests once more engulfing the 
British capital, London.
Protesters gathered outside Downing Street, the seat 
of power of the UK, to protest the latest Israeli
 war crime.
For the protesters, the British government is fully 
culpable in this genocide, providing military, 
financial, and, political, support to the 
Zionist regime, a stance that the 
demonstrators are adamant 
must be abandoned ---
I just can't believe, how our country is so complicit 
in funding this genocide and in denying the terrible 
suffering of and starvation on purpose, of people.
 I've never seen such evil in all my lifetime.
Protester 01
Support for Palestine grows across the world amid 
an uproar over the Israeli regime’s crimes in Gaza.
The government should know that we'll always be 
here, every single day, every single night, for our
 Palestinian friends and families.
 And that's why we're here. We are not
 going to give up.
We are not going to ignore this genocide 
government and we're here to take 
them down as well.
We're not going to vote on the fourth
 of July for a conservative.
Protester 02
The US says Israel’s deadly strikes on a tent camp in
 Rafah did not cross a “red line” and would not lead 
to a change in Washington’s policy towards Tel Aviv.
I'm half Palestinian myself. My dad's from Nazareth, 
he's Bedouin, but I've always stood against racism, 
prejudice of any kind, utterly consistent with that,
 to stand for Palestine, and to support the 
Palestinian resistance.
Protester 03
This latest Israeli massacre, has earned the criticism 
of even the staunchest allies of the occupying entity.
In an overnight airstrike on a tent camp, in a designated 
safe zone in Rafah, the military killed at least 45 people.
The EU foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, said he was 
horrified while French President Emmanuel Macron 
described it as an outrage. And even pro-Israeli
 media personality Piers Morgan described it 
as indefensible and horrific.
Of course, some governments are institutionally 
Zionist and the likelihood policy change
 remains slim.
But for others, the tide has turned, and the recent 
recognition of a Palestinian state by a series of 
European countries could portend the start of 
a new chapter in the Palestinian struggle
 for freedom.

Mass rally against Israeli strikes 
on Rafah ------ held in Paris
May 28th, 3:32am

A mass rally against Israeli strikes on Rafah in 
the southern Gaza Strip was held in Paris. 
About 10 thousand people took part.
As reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the France 
Press agency, the protesters gathered at a distance of 
several hundred metres from the Israeli Embassy in
 the French capital.

Columbia University protesters  resume demonstrations  despite crackdown

 Columbia University protesters
 resume demonstrations 
despite crackdown
May 25th, 1:19pm
(Al Mayadeen English)
Pro-Palestinian student protesters at Columbia University
have reignited their demonstrations ---- showcasing a 
resilient spirit in the face of escalating challenges.
Pro-Palestinian student protesters resumed
demonstrations at Columbia University, 
affirming that their determination has
 grown stronger despite widespread 
suspensions and arrests.
Concurrently, students and activists demonstrated 
outside the residence of Columbia University's 
president, Minouche Shafik, who incited 
against the students, prompted the 
police to enter the campus, 
suppressed the protests,
shut the encampments,
and arrested students.
It is worth noting that students at the University 
of California resumed their sit-in protest on 
campus on Friday.
Columbia faculty members ----- pass a
no-confidence vote against president
Faculty members of Columbia University's School of Arts 
and Sciences --- passed a motion of "no confidence" 
against President Minouche Shafik last Thursday 
over her response to the student protesters
 demanding an end to the bloodshed 
in Gaza.
Of the 709 faculty members who participated in the vote, 
65% supported the no-confidence motion. The motion 
was put forward by faculty members on the board of 
Columbia’s chapter of the American Association
University Professors. According to The 
Washington Post, 29% voted against
 the motion, while 6% abstained.
The faculty's dissatisfaction is over Shafik’s decision to 
involve the New York Police Department (NYPD) in 
dismantling a pro-Palestine protest encampment 
on university grounds through violent means 
without prior consultation with the 
university senate.
"The President’s choices --- to ignore our statutes and our 
norms of academic freedom and shared governance, to
 have our students arrested, and to impose a lock-
down of our campus with its continuing police 
presence, have gravely undermined our 
confidence in her," the motion stated.
"A vote of no confidence in the President is the first step
 towards rebuilding our community and reestablishing
 the University’s core values of free speech, the right
 to peaceful assembly, and shared governance."
It should be noted that the Arts and Sciences faculty 
represents just 20% of Columbia's 4,600 full-time 
faculty members. As university spokesman Ben 
Chang highlighted, the no-confidence vote is 
symbolic and holds no legal authority, 
though it shows the growing 
dissatisfaction... with the 
erosion of the students'
 rights to assembly.
Amy Hungerford, dean of Arts and Sciences, 
acknowledged the vote as a reflection of 
the frustration and disappointment felt 
by many faculty members. 
The issue peaked on April 18 when NYPD officers, 
summoned by Shafik, arrested 108 pro-Palestine 
protesters at the Gaza Solidarity Encampment.
Universities across the United States have witnessed in
 the past few weeks a historic surge in student protests
 in support of Palestine and Gaza, calling for ending all 
agreements with "Israel" and divesting from the
 occupation entity. Students also demanded an 
end to the US support to "Israel" and 
involvement in the genocidal war.
On April 25th, Columbia University went back on an 
overnight deadline set for pro-Palestine protesters
to leave their encampment, amid more college 
campuses in the United States attempting to 
stop such protests from taking place. 
US police made large-scale arrests in universities all over 
the country, and even used chemical irritants and tasers 
to stop the protesters who are expressing solidarity
 for Palestine.  
Source: Agencies

 Chilean students demonstrate in 
support of Palestinian people
Saturday, 25 May 2024 6:16am
 University students held a banner reading "The Media 
Remain Silent, Students Rise Up" during a protest in 
support of the Palestinian cause in Santiago on
May 24, 2024.
Hundreds of university students in Chile's capital city 
Santiago protest in support of the Palestinian cause, 
urging the government to cut diplomatic, political, 
and economic relations with Israel.

(Source: AFP)

Argentine Teachers and 
Professors Begin
 National Strike
May 24th
On Thursday, Argentine teachers and professors began a 
nationwide strike to demand better salaries and working
 conditions from President Javier Milei.
"The conflict is far from being resolved as the central 
budgetary issue of Argentina, which is the salaries of 
teachers and administrative staff of the universities, 
is still pending," said Federico Montero, secretary 
of the National Federation of University Teachers 
"We have lost purchasing power due to inflation. We are 
the most affected sector among Argentine public 
employees. This is not coincidental but rather a 
result of Milei’s ideological & political hostility 
towards public universities, which have been 
generators of critical narratives," he added.
Teachers have not stopped protesting since Milei took 
office as president in December 2023. In recent days, 
their dissatisfaction became evident in 
demonstrations in Misiones and
 other provinces.
Teachers and professors denounce that Milei has led 
Argentines to a situation similar to the crisis of the 
1990s ------ when then President Carlos Menem 
implemented neoliberal measures.
"It’s déjà vu of what we already lived through, that is,
 educational disinvestment, persecution of popular
 leaders, and budget cuts for education. This is 
very sad -- and a great setback," said Sonia 
Alesso, secretary of the Confederation of 
Education Workers of the Argentine 
Republic (CTERA).
"We had achieved many rights. This is a great setback for 
both Argentina and Latin America. That’s why we are 
standing and fighting. The strike is total ---- as it 
encompasses the entire educational system," 
she added, specifying that this is the first
 unified strike against Milei.
Teachers are demanding a meeting of the parties to 
discuss an increase in the minimum salary and the 
reinstatement of the National Teaching Incentive
 Fund (FONID), which was eliminated by the far-
right president in early March.
"We demand educational funding for universities and 
other institutions in the mandatory system. We 
demand the reinstatement of FONID and an 
increase in the compensation amount for 
inequalities," said Angelica Graciano, 
a CTERA leader.

Argentine Transport Workers 
Announce indefinite Strike
Against Milei
April 29th (teleSUR)
Juan Carlos Schmid, the secretary of the Union of Dock
and Beacon Workers (DRAGYBAL), announced that on 
May 6th, Argentine workers will carry out a strike
affecting all air, land, port, and maritime 
transportation activities, in protest 
against Milei's fiscal policies.
This action will take place just three days before the call 
for the second general strike.... made by the General 
Confederation of Labour (CGT) to demonstrate 
deep opposition --- to the severe austerity 
policies implemented by the far-right 
President Javier Milei.
Additionally, the Union of Oil and Soybean Workers (SOEA) 
in San Lorenzo... where one of Argentina's largest agro-
export ports is located, will begin an indefinite strike
 on Monday against Milei's income tax and
labour reforms.
"The indefinite strike will affect 80 percent of the oil mills.
 It will begin --- after the opening of the Parliamentary 
session that will address income tax and labour
 reform," SOEA said.
This mobilization --- adds to the strike also announced for 
the same day nationwide by state workers responsible 
for food sanitary quality (SENASA), which could 
impact the shipments of flour and soybean 
oil, essential products in the 
nation's exports.
These upheavals condemn one of the most
points of the fiscal package,
which foresees the 
reinstatement of the
fourth category of 
income tax.
The new fiscal procedures will affect single workers with 
an annual gross salary of about US$2,000 and married 
workers with two children earning about US$2,570.

Pro-Palestinian protesters march on
US, Israeli embassies ------ in Seoul
April 27th, 6:37pm
Supporters of Palestine march past the US and Israeli 
embassies in Seoul, on Saturday, as Israel's attacks 
on Rafah expand..... with reports suggesting an
 Israeli ground offensive within days.
The Seoul protest comes amid a police investigation
of an Israeli professor for defacing posters at
the prestigious Seoul National University.. 
advertising pro-Palestine social action.
Joumana, a Palestinian-Saudi student at SNU attends
 the protest on Saturday and says the professor's 
harassment --- represents an opportunity to 
share the truth about Israel's genocide, 
Zionism, and the occupation.

Thousands of pro-Palestinian  protesters march through  London

Thousands of pro-Palestinian
 protesters march through 
Saturday, April 27th,  4:37pm
Protesters march through the streets of London
 to demand a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and 
an end to Israel's ground offensive in the 
besieged Palestinian territory.
(Source: AFP)

University Students Protest in  Australia --- Supporting Gaza

University Students Protest in 
Australia --- Supporting Gaza
April 26th, 12:22am 
Students from the University of Melbourne, Australia, 
continue this Friday’s sit-in at the Gaza solidarity 
camp in the garden of the school’s main campus.
The organizers of the sit-in encouraged protesters to bring 
tents, sleeping bags and blankets to the south lawn of the
 main campus.... for the protest that began on Thursday 
morning and as part of the demands have said they 
will not move "until the university ceases to be 
complicit in the devastation of Gaza".
They also request -- that the institution cut ties with arms 
manufacturers with ties to Israel - and demand an end to
 the Israeli aggression underway against the Gaza Strip.
The Green MP for Brunswick, Tim Read, said that "any
 of the companies may have something to do with the 
bombing, the massacre -- and the genocide that is 
taking place in Gaza right now is indescribable, 
it is unacceptable and the university has a 
responsibility to sever all ties with the 
arms manufacturers.''
For its part, the University of Melbourne previously issued 
a statement - stating that the university has no ties to the 
Israel Defense Forces and that "a small group of students
 is exercising their right to protest on our Parkville 
campus this Anzac Day".
There are also reports that the movement of student 
protests and sit-ins at prestigious universities in the
 United States continues, including the University 
of Texas, where clashes with police forces were 
recorded and about 34 students were deprived 
of their liberty.
As well as at the University of California, he reported 
the closure of the campus after clashes between 
police forces and the student demonstrators of 
93 of them were arrested and told they could 
be suspended or expelled.

Argentines Take to the Streets  to Defend Public Education

Argentines Take to the Streets
 to Defend Public Education
April 24th, 11:38am 
On Tuesday, millions of citizens took to the streets of 
several Argentine cities to protest against far-right 
President Javier Milei and his policies against
 public education.
The city of Cordoba was the scene of the beginning of
 the marches of students, teachers, professionals, 
and workers rejecting budget cuts. Throughout 
the day, millions more Argentines joined the 
protests, especially in Buenos Aires.
Mariela Marchisio, the vice-rector of the National 
University of Cordoba, explained that the 
university is always audited and joined 
the University Federal March that 
marched through the streets of 
the provincial capital.
The march in defense of public universities in Cordoba 
was massive. It crossed much of the city centre, from 
the Monument to the University Reform of '19 to the
 Patio Olmos.
In Buenos Aires, protesters arrived at the Congress, where 
the Federal Police placed barriers to prevent the passage 
of citizens. The gathering of students, teachers, and non-
teachers was at 3:30 PM and around 6:00 PM, the 
central speech was read in May Square.
During the mobilization, participants expressed their 
rejection of Milei's policies ---- and reiterated their 
commitment to the fight ---- in defense of 
public education.
"The Buenos Aires University has always had problems 
but education was never questioned. The government 
aims to defund not only the university, but also the 
state and boasts about it. We have to take to the 
streets -- against a state that devalues every-
thing that has been a social construction 
and the educational community," said 
Patricio Torres, a man who works in 
a brewery.
After Milei's statements that "There is no money" for 
universities, Argentines reacted strongly by seeking 
to defend education ----- and demand budgets for 
educational institutions.
"The importance of sustaining, defending, and rethinking 
public universities is starting to be questioned. Before 
Milei, you could study. Our university worked, had an
 adequate budget, and our teachers received their 
salaries. Now, however.... everything is getting 
difficult," said Julián Araoz, a young student 
who traveled from Tucuman to Buenos
Aires -
 to join the protest.

A large-scale demonstration in support  of Palestine is taking place -----  in the centre of Berlin

A large-scale demonstration in support 
of Palestine took place
in the centre of Berlin
April 13th, 5:15pm
Several thousand people --- took part in a pro-
Palestinian demonstration in central Berlin.

 This was reported on April 13 by the 
correspondent of Izvestia.
Demonstrators walked along the main Unter den 
Linden Street, which was blocked from traffic. 
Hundreds of police officers and dozens 
of police cars were on the scene.

The protest action took place against the backdrop 
of a major Palestinian conference being held in
on April 12-14, which was organized by
the banned 
Samidun group, declared illegal
by the German 
The protesters oppose the genocide of the Palestinians 
and accuse the German government of financing it.
According to correspondent Margarita Kostiv, the police 
quickly ------ held the first arrests of protesters. 
In response to the actions of law enforcement
demonstrators broke out shouting:

"You should be ashamed of yourself!"

Yale students stage hunger strike  to demand divestment from  Israel’s war on Gaza

Yale University graduate students participate in a press
conference concerning the Graduate Students for 
Palestine hunger strike at Yale University’s Cross 
Campus in New Haven on April 12, 2024. 
(Photo by AP)
Yale students stage hunger strike 
to demand divestment from
 Israel’s war on Gaza
April 13th, 11:35am
A group of graduate students at Yale University have
 launched a hunger strike in protest against the 
institution’s investments..... in companies 
providing Israel with arms and military 
equipment ----- amid the occupying
 regime’s months-long genocidal
 war against Palestinians in 
the besieged Gaza Strip.
The hunger strike was staged, after students with the 
group, Hunger Strikers for Palestine, sent a letter to
 Yale president, Peter Salovey, and called on the 
university to divest from its investments in 
companies providing the Israeli regime 
with military technology.
“We demand that by the morning of this Friday, 4/12/2024, 
you make a public statement committing to divest from 
all weapons manufacturing companies contributing to 
Israel’s assault on Palestine,” said the letter, which 
was shared with the UK-based news website 
Middle East Eye.
“We demand that -- at next Saturday’s Yale Corporation
 board meeting, you and the rest of the board discuss 
plans for divestment and release a public statement 
acknowledging that the board has done so.”
In their letter, the students said that Yale has put 
more than $640,000 in investments in weapons
 manufacturers like Lockheed Martin, 
Raytheon, Boeing, and Northrop 
Grumman, “which produce the
 bombs, planes, and weapons
 used to carry out Israel’s
 indiscriminate attacks 
on Gaza.”
Hunger Strikers for Palestine said they had sent multiple 
letters to Yale and called on the university to divest 
from companies providing Israel with weaponry 
......since the regime launched its brutal 
aggression on Gaza last October.
“Students have exhausted their means of communicating 
with the Yale administration about divesting from arms 
manufacturing,” the group said in a press release.
Yale University’s Graduate Students for Palestine (GSP), 
which helped organize the latest letter and the hunger
 strike, said this protest was the result of the 
administration ignoring their protests
 and demands for months.
“This is the last thing folks are able to give, their bodies,” 
a member of GSP, who spoke on condition of anonymity, 
told MEE.
“In the total nonresponse of any kind from the institution 
we are speaking to, the final thing we can put on the 
line, really, is our health and well-being.”
“Our demand is divestment, and this is the most intense, 
and also a final way.... for us to ask Yale to hear our 
demands,” the studentS said.
A coalition of students at Brown University in Rhode Island
has staged a hunger strike - demanding that the university
divest from companies profiting from Israel’s war on Gaza.
Another GSP member said that as a result of a months-long
 silence by the university, the hunger strike was a last-
ditch effort to get their voices heard.
Other universities across the United States have also been
 the scene of similar acts of protests in condemnation of 
Israel’s war on Gaza and Washington’s untrammeled
 support for the illegal regime.
Last month, a student at McGill University was 
hospitalized after launching an indefinite 
hunger strike in protest - against the 
school’s investments in similar

Pro-Palestine activists paint  UK Labour Party office red

A Youth Demand activist sprays red paint on the wall of the
Labour Party headquarters in London on April 8, 2024.
(Photo by The Telegraph)

Pro-Palestine activists paint 
UK Labour Party office red
April 9th, 3:36pm
Pro-Palestine activists in London protesting against Israel’s 
savagery in the besieged Gaza Strip have painted the 
Labour Party office red.
Video footage and photos showed red paint on both the 
interior and exterior of the Labour headquarters in 
Southwark London.
“Labour has blood on their hands,” Youth Demand activists
 said. “They are complicit in the murder of Palestinians, 
and millions of people around the world, as they 
continue to drive genocide.”
One protester said Labour leader Keir Starmer is
an accomplice in the “mass murder” in Gaza.
“Young people will not stand by - and watch Keir Starmer 
allow mass murder - by selling weapons to Israel and 
allowing the development of new oil and gas,” said
 Chris Faulkner, 21, an earth sciences student 
from Oxford.
“Over 30,000 people have been killed in Gaza ------- and the 
breakdown of our climate will kill hundreds of millions 
more in the coming decades.”
Another demonstrator said the Conservative and 
Labour parties are both “complicit in genocide.”
Ella Taylor, 19, a student from Southampton, 
said, “Our politicians are out of control.”
“They are complicit in genocide ---- and we cannot wait 
patiently till the election to have our say. If we want 
change we must take matters into our own hands.”
Police reported at least 12 people had been arrested.
“They are complicit in the murder of Palestinians... and 
millions of people around the world, as they continue
 to drive genocide,” the group posted on X.
The Youth Demand group, which describes itself as 
“a new youth resistance campaign fighting for
an end to genocide,” has links with the 
environmental group Just Stop Oil.
The activist group is calling on the British government
 to ban arms sales to the Israeli regime.
Before painting the Labour office red, 60 members of
the group had marched around central London from
the Embankment, through Trafalgar Square and 
Piccadilly Circus to Downing Street and on 
to Parliament Square.
The protesters waived Palestinian flags and held placards 
reading “Youth demand better,” “Profit Kills” and 
“Labour, Tory --- genocide enablers.”
“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”
“Stop the UK war machine.”
Those were slogans the protesters chanted.
Israel launched the campaign in Gaza, on October 7, 2023 
after Hamas waged the surprise Operation Al-Aqsa Storm
 against the regime in response to its decades-long 
suppression of the Palestinians. 
The regime has killed more than 33,000 
Palestinians, most of them women
 and children.

[Rhondda Records salutes these youngsters'
enthusiasm... and let's face it -- the current
Labour & Tory leaders deserve contempt.
But Rhondda Records shares ''concerns''
their affiliations and darker forces 
...who might try to discredit them...
and the causes they espouse.]


Toronto commemorates 
International Quds Day
April 8th, 4:58am
Camila Escalante,
Press TV, Toronto

Quds Day rallies and marches are being held in cities
across Canada. Participants in the rallies are
calling - for an immediate end to Israel’s
genocide in the Gaza Strip. 

 London protesters call for end to  Israel's genocidal war in Gaza March 30th, 6:50pm (PressTV)  Thousands of protesters have once again taken to the  streets in London to condemn Israel’s ongoing  atrocities in the Gaza Strip and to demand an  immed

London protesters call for end to 
Israel's genocidal war in Gaza
March 30th, 6:50pm
Thousands of protesters have once again taken to the
 streets in London ---- to condemn Israel’s ongoing 
atrocities in the Gaza Strip and to demand an 
immediate halt to the regime’s genocidal 
war in the besieged territory.
The demonstrators marched from Russell Square to
 Trafalgar Square, on Saturday, as they slammed 
the UK’s support for Israel amid the regime’s 
ongoing genocide in Gaza --- urging the 
government --- to ban arms sales
 to Tel Aviv.
The participants in the rally, organized by the Palestine 
Solidarity Campaign (PSC), also called for a ceasefire
 in Gaza and more aid for the blockaded territory.
Ben Jamal, one of the organizers said "We will keep 
marching," ....adding that the attendees wanted 
"a permanent ceasefire" --- and more aid to
 be delivered to Palestinians in Gaza.
"We already know that 70 percent of the British public 
according to opinion polls support the demands
 that we're making," he said.
A 65-year-old retired social worker who participated in
the rally also told AFP --- "I think it's important for the
Palestinian people to know that people do support 
them, that they're not just on their own.”
Saturday’s rally, the 11th demonstration since Israel 
launched its bloody campaign in Gaza, coincided 
with the anniversary of Land Day, an occasion 
which has been commemorated every March 
30 since 1976, when six Palestinians were
 killed by Israeli forces during protests 
against the seizure of their land.
Hundreds of thousands of people have been regularly
 massing on the streets of the British capital to call 
for an end to Israel’s genocidal war --- since early 
October last year.
Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was also at the 
march, said the demonstration was "enormous and we're 
here because we're appalled at the bombing that's still 
going on in Gaza.”
Israel launched the war on Gaza on October 7, 2023, after 
the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas carried out 
Operation Al-Aqsa Storm against the usurping entity, in 
retaliation for the regime’s intensified atrocities 
against the Palestinian people.
The Israeli aggression has so far killed some 32,623 
Palestinians, most of them women and children, 
and wounded more than 75,092 others.
The Tel Aviv regime has also imposed a “complete siege” 
on the territory, cutting off fuel, electricity, food and 
water to the more than two million Palestinians
 living there.

Moroccans join Jordanian protests

'Void peace treaty with Israel' ------- 
Moroccans join Jordanian protests
March 29th, 7:42am
Thousands of protesters have rallied in Jordan and 
Morocco in solidarity with the Palestinians, who 
have been subjected to a genocidal Israeli war 
for nearly six months, calling for severing ties 
with the occupying regime.
Protesters rallied near the Israeli embassy in the Jordanian 
capital Amman on Thursday for the fifth consecutive day, 
carrying Palestinian flags and placards reading 
“Amman-Gaza ----- one destiny.”
Chanting - “No Zionist embassy on Jordanian land,” the 
demonstrators called on their government to close the 
Israeli embassy and cancel the 1994 so-called peace 
treaty that normalized ties with Tel Aviv.
They also expressed their support for the Palestinian 
resistance and chanted slogans against Israel 
and the US.
The protest took place amid a high-security presence
 that was aimed at curbing the number of protesters.
Dozens of Jordanians were arrested in previous days, 
trying to reach the Israeli embassy...... as others 
were beaten.
While the embassy is currently without a diplomatic 
mission after Israel’s ambassador left Amman in 
October and Jordan recalled its ambassador in 
November in protest at the war on Gaza, 
protesters have said that the embassy 
has partially resumed operations.
“Our demands include the complete closure of the Israeli 
embassy. We have heard that the embassy has partially 
resumed operations. Additionally, we call for the 
cessation of the land bridge,” Mohammed 
al-Abssi told Middle East Eye.
He was referring to reports that the Persian Gulf Arab 
countries are trucking products to Israel via Jordan 
to avoid Yemen’s pro-Palestine attacks that target
 Israeli-linked ships in the Red Sea.  
Mohammed was one of thousands of Jordanians who
have been surrounding the Israeli embassy in 
Amman ---- for the past few days.
A member of the Ataharrak movement against 
normalization with Israel, he said the siege
 the embassy - is part of angry protests
 that erupted after the onset of the war
 in October.
“The siege of the embassy has intensified 
- in response to the blockade of the Shifa 
complex and al-Aqsa Mosque,”
he added.
Israel has been attacking and laying siege to al-Shifa 
medical complex since March 18, and has imposed 
tightened restrictions on Palestinian worshipers’
access to al-Aqsa Mosque, during the holy 
fasting month of Ramadan.
Khaled al-Juhani, a member of the National Forum 
Supporting Resistance, said that even though the
 Israeli embassy was closed, “this movement 
still sees it as a symbol of normalization -
 despite the ongoing genocide".
"The Jordanian people categorically reject 
normalization and embrace resistance
 as an option,” he said.
“Today, it is the duty of the Jordanian authorities to 
begin thinking and acting in a manner that aligns 
with the aspirations of its people -------- and 
reconciles with their will.”
In Morocco, people took to the streets of Casablanca, 
Meknes, and other cities on Thursday, waving 
Palestinian flags and decrying Israel’s 
genocide against Palestinians.
They urged an immediate ceasefire as per the UN 
Security Council resolution adopted earlier this 
week, and reiterated the demand - to cut ties 
with the Israeli regime.
Morocco, along with the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan, signed 
US-brokered normalization agreements with the Israeli 
regime in 2020, drawing condemnations from 
Palestinians who slammed the deals as 
“a stab in the back of the Palestinian 
cause and the Palestinian people.”
Tunisia also saw similar protests in solidarity with 
Palestinians, with hundreds marching in Sfax ---- 
and calling for an end to the Israeli genocide 
in Gaza.

Protesters ------- shut down UK arms  factories over Gaza war complicity

Protesters ------- shut down UK arms 
factories over Gaza war complicity
March 20th, 6:58pm
In a display of solidarity with Palestinians, hundreds of 
workers and protesters have shut down arms factories 
across England and Scotland to condemn the UK's 
complicity in the Israeli regime's war of 
aggression in Gaza.
The factories, which produce components for F-35 fighter 
jets, are accused of shoring up the Israeli regime's 
military offensive in Gaza.
Under the banner "Workers for a Free Palestine," a diverse 
coalition of individuals - from various unions and sectors 
including health, education, hospitality, academia, and
 the arts, launched the protests on Wednesday.
Activists ---- aimed to disrupt the supply chain of arms to 
Israel and denounce the UK's complicity in the ongoing 
genocidal war against Palestinians in Gaza.
GE Aviation Systems in Cheltenham and Leonardo UK 
in Edinburgh were among the targeted sites where 
components for the F-35 jets are manufactured.
The protesters vowed to continue their protest actions
 for a month, demanding an immediate cessation of 
arms sales to Israel and advocating for a 
permanent ceasefire.
The decision to blockade the arms factories was prompted
 by Israel's impending invasion of Rafah, which the United
 Nations and other international organizations -- have 
warned would have catastrophic consequences 
for Gaza's population.
Unionists have called on workers across the UK ---- to 
challenge their government's military support for 
the Israeli regime.
"We’re demanding --- our government immediately halt arms 
supplies to Israel before it launches this offensive in Rafah
 using British-made bombs. But we are not waiting for this 
genocide-appeasing prime minister to act," Zad, a union 
member, said in a press release.
This isn't the first time such protests have occurred.
In December, similar blockades targeted four other arms 
factories across the UK. Despite assurances from the 
UK government that it hasn't supplied lethal military 
equipment to Israel since October, evidence 
suggests otherwise.
Affidavits filed at the High Court revealed ongoing export 
licenses and pending applications for equipment likely
 to be used in offensive operations in Gaza.
Furthermore, the UK Ministry of Defence --- disclosed that 
Israeli warplanes have been permitted to take off from
 and land in the UK during the Gaza war, raising 
concerns about Britain's involvement in
 facilitating Israeli atrocities.


EU Parliament president’s trip to Vienna 
overshadowed by pro-Palestine protest
March 20th, 5:06pm
President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola 
has travelled to the Austrian capital, less than three 
months before the EU elections.
She delivered a speech at the University of Vienna. But 
students there interrupted her speech - by protesting 
against the EU support for the US-Israeli genocide
 in Gaza.

Stop the Genocide

Outcry in Italy over arms exports
 to Israel amid genocide in Gaza
March 19th, 10:33 am
Stop the Genocide
Thousands of people joined a 'Stop the Genocide' rally in 
the Italian capital on Saturday organized, among others,
 by the movement of the Palestinian students and the 
Association of the Palestinians in Italy.
The initiative dubbed 'Stop the Genocide' --- also saw the 
participation of high school students and their families.
People at the rally strongly condemned Italy's
unwavering support ---- for the Israeli regime.
''Italy that claims to be a democratic nation is a country 
where the government goes against the people's will.
''Profits always come first - even 
when genocide is taking place.
''I am teaching my kids to never give up the fight
 and to never accept being submitted.''
 Italian Protestor
Hundreds gathered at Piazza San Babila in Milan 
on Saturday to display their solidarity with the
 Palestinian people in Gaza and to call for a 
ceasefire in the besieged territory.
The Italian Minister of Defence, Guido Grosseto, has
 recently stated that Rome has continued to export 
arms to Israel despite assurances last year that 
the government was blocking such sales 
following Tel Aviv's invasion of the 
Gaza Strip.
''Western governments have been systematically supporting 
Zionism and Israel's criminal regime, notwithstanding the
 protest against Israeli crimes that have been taking 
place across the globe. Italy's support to Tel Aviv
 must stop ---- once and for all.''
Bruno Papale, Solidarity for Palestinians Committee
Arms transfer to Israel must stop
 immediately: UN experts 
UN experts say any transfer of weapons to Israel is
 likely to violate international humanitarian law.
Some Italian media reports recently revealed that, despite 
the Italian government's denials, the value of arms sales
 to Israel more than tripled in December 2023 compared 
with the same month in 2022, and December last year 
------ was the peak of Israeli bombardments on the 
Gaza. Strip.
''A solution to the onslaught in Gaza could be found if the 
international community stopped militarily supporting 
Israel. Italy -- on its side -- has been actively arming
 Israel through companies such as Leonardo 
and others.
 ''If we don't make sure that the Palestinians right to 
self determination is protected, then nothing
 will ever change.''
Luisa Morgantina, Former EU Parliament Vice-President
Earlier this week, more protests and initiatives
 in solidarity with the besieged Palestinians 
were held in several Italian cities,
 including Milan and Naples.

Protesters block San Francisco airport,
 demand permanent ceasefire in Gaza
March 13th, 10:14pm
 Protestors demanding a cease-fire in Gaza blocked 
the international terminal at San Francisco on
 March 13th, 2024.
Hundreds of anti-war protesters demanding a ceasefire
 in Gaza and calling for an end to the United States' 
military assistance for Israel --- block the
international terminal ---- at the San 
Francisco International Airport.

Major London protest near 
US Embassy calls for 
Gaza ceasefire
March 10th, 12:21am
(Saeed Pourreza
Press TV, London)
Thousands of demonstrators have rallied across 
the world, including London, to show support
for the Palestinians and condemn the 
Israeli genocide in Gaza. 

''Violence Reported'' as Israeli 
Protesters Take to Streets
 in Tel Aviv
March 9th, 8:11pm
(al Manar)
Many Israeli anti-government protesters 
are once more taking to the streets of 
Tel Aviv --- in weekly demonstrations 
calling for the release of captives
 in Gaza --- and early elections.
Video online and reports show protesters blocking 
traffic in central Tel Aviv and chanting slogans 
against the government, led by PM Benjamin 
Netanyahu -- demanding that more be done 
by the occupation authorities on releasing 
Israelis still held in the besieged enclave.
Israeli media reported that the protests resulted 
in pushing, arrests, and even a protester 
throwing a smoke grenade.
The Jerusalem Post quoted Israeli occupation police as 
saying that an earlier demonstration was approved, but
 protesters arrived and moved towards the so-called 
Kaplan area without coordination with police, and 
began blocking traffic ....and moving barriers.
Source: Agencies


Hundreds rally ---------- in solidarity for 
Palestinians in Malaysia's city centre
March 2nd, 1:57pm
Hundreds of pro-Palestinian Malaysians on Saturday 
(March 2) rallied in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur 
to show solidarity with the Palestinians in the 
Gaza Strip.
Protesters were seen carrying Palestinian flags and 
posters written with words urging a ceasefire in 
Gaza --- as well as a picture of Israeli Prime 
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, depicted 
as the leader of Nazis...... with 
Swastika symbol.
Among the crowds, the daughter of Malaysian Prime
 Minister, Nurul Izzah Anwar, urged people to join 
the rally against the genocide.
(Source: Reuters)

Polish Farmers Protest ---  Against EU's Green Deal

Polish Farmers Protest --- 
Against EU's Green Deal
and Ukraine's low
priced imports 
February 27th (teleSUR)
On Tuesday --- about 10,000 Polish farmers took to the 
streets of Warsaw to protest against the agricultural 
and environmental policies of the EU and ----
cheap imports from Ukraine.
"Although the official start of the march was set for 11:00, 
groups of protesters began to block streets from early in 
the morning," local media report. ''The protest caused 
several public transport routes to be diverted or cut 
off, as well as traffic jams at the city's entrances 
and on major highways," RT reported.
The slogans "A wall for the farmer," "I am a farmer, not a 
slave," and "Green Deal = hunger" were displayed on a 
tractor --- pulling an imitation of a US Abrams tank 
made of hay.
After marching through several streets in central Warsaw, 
the protesters headed to the Lower House of Parliament
and the office of Prime Minister Donald Tusk --- to 
present their demands.
"The farmers lit bonfires and fireworks in Defilad Square, in 
front of the Culture and Science Palace, where the police 
arrested a man who tried to set fire to a garbage 
container and then attacked an officer,"
 RT reported.
While the farmers managed to be received by the 
President of the Lower House Szymon Holownia, 
they left disappointed with a meeting they 
described as "just a conversation."
"Nothing was agreed upon, other than the promise to 
create a roundtable with representatives of farmers
 and authorities. Just words," one of the protest
 leaders, Szczepan Wojcik, said, emphasizing
 that "we expect real and concrete actions. 
For now, there is nothing."
"No agreement...  Now we wait for Parliament and those in 
power to make a move. What we could do, we have done. 
Our voice has been heard," he added, as reported by RT.
The Polish farmers oppose the entry of Ukrainian
agricultural products and criticize the EU's 
''Green Deal'' - which is a policy package 
dressed in words about sustainability
- aimed at avoiding helping farmers
with subsidies. 

Police ''detain'' protesters 
at Rockefeller Centre -----
as Biden visits New York
February 27th,  6:19am
New York police officers detained protesters at Rockefeller 
Centre as US President Joe Biden attended an interview
midtown Manhattan, in New York.
Holding banners and chanting --- "not in our name" and 
"Biden, you can't hide - we charge you with genocide,"
the protesters on Monday, asked the president.....
a ceasefire in Gaza.
(Source: Reuters)


Argentine Teachers Begin National 
Strike --------- Against Milei's Policy
February 26th, 12:22pm 
On Monday, the Confederation of Education Workers of the 
Argentine Republic (CTERA) initiated a 24-hour national 
strike against the far-right President Javier 
Milei's policies.
The education workers - demand salary increases to 
compensate for the accelerated loss of purchasing
 power and reject budget cuts - affecting public 
goods and services.
The strike also opposes the elimination of the National 
Teacher Incentive Fund (FONID) and the Salary 
Compensation Fund.
On Feb. 22, the education workers held an assembly in 
which they ratified the need to mobilize to prevent 
the destruction of public education.
CTERA, which is one of the largest trade unions in 
Argentina, stated that the national strike will be 
accompanied by demonstrations across
 the country.
From the early hours of Monday, teachers began to gather 
in front of the Pizzurno Palace, the headquarters of the 
Education Ministry, in Buenos Aires.
Among the resolutions adopted at the CTERA assembly are 
demanding the formation of the national bargaining table 
and convening a meeting of secretaries to continue 
the struggle plan if no responses are obtained by 
Wednesday 28th.
The education workers also decided to condemn political 
persecution and the repression protocol set by Security 
Minister Patricia Bullrich and to strengthen unity 
among teachers, workers, and citizens ----
build a major national strike.


Demonstrations in Italy for peace
--- in Ukraine and the Middle East
February 24th, 11:19am
 (Prensa Latina) 
Thousands of people participated in demonstrations called
 by the Italian Network for Peace and Disarmament, which 
spread today throughout the country..... in favour of the
of the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East.
A statement published this Saturday -- on the official site of 
that organization, relates among other demands “stopping 
the criminal madness of wars” --- seeking a political 
solution, to end the war between Kiev & Moscow, 
as well as ---- “stopping the massacre - and the
 ethnic cleansing of Palestinians”... by Israel.
Groups such as the Coordinator for Constitutional 
Democracy, the Italian Women’s Union (UDI), the 
Italian General Confederation of Labour (CGIL), 
the National Association of Partisans of Italy 
(ANPI), as well as the environmental 
organizations Legambiente and 
Greenpeace, among others. 
Giorgio Zampetti, general director of Legambiente, 
expressed in statements to the press, that: “the 
world is experiencing a deep crisis, marked by 
conflicts and wars, that are causing innocent 
deaths, devastation.. & new forms of hatred
& violence in different parts of the planet.”
“That is why today, together with many other civil society 
entities, we believed that it was essential to be present 
in the squares, with our flags, to immediately ask for 
peace, added Zampetti.
In the streets of the city of Milan, in the northern region 
of Lombardy, some five thousand protesters called for 
a ceasefire in Palestine, while in the Tuscan city of 
Florence, a pacifist human chain, of a thousand 
people... stretched along the Arno River, from 
the Santa Trinidad bridge, to Carraia bridge.
Ilaria Lani, union leader of the CGIL in Florence, demanded 
during the event -- that “our country, as the Constitution 
says, be in the front line to repudiate war and build 
a policy of peace.”
Similar protests took place in the cities of Palermo, Naples 
and Turin, as well as in other major urban centres and in 
small towns throughout Italy, the source points out.
Nicola Ricci, general secretary of the CGIL in Campania,
said that ---a signal must be sent: to reaffirm Europe’s
 role ------- in building a path that leads to peace.”
“It is necessary to reduce military spending, in favour of 
social spending and stop the arms industry, to rebuild
 a climate of coexistence and security for all people,”
 Ricci added during the demonstration in Naples.


Farmers dissatisfied with the EU's 
agricultural policy will hold a 
demonstration in Brussels 
on February 26
February 23rd, 1:16pm
A demonstration of agronomists will be held on February 26 
in Brussels. This is reported by the Belga news agency 
with reference to farmers' organizations.
In the message, the text of which leads RIA Novosti, it is
 noted that the demonstration in the Belgian capital will 
be a response to the meeting there of the heads of 
the Ministries of Agriculture of the EU.
The Belgian police expect that the demonstration
 can provoke serious traffic violations.
Earlier it was reported about the protest action before
 the opening of the Salon of Agriculture in Paris, 
where dozens of tractors took to the streets.

Passionate ceasefire calls reach UK MPs

Thousands of Protesters Gather in
Sanaa ---- in Solidarity With Gaza
February 16th, (teleSUR)
On Friday, tens of thousands of Yemenis gathered
in Sanaa to denounce the genocide committed 
by the Israeli occupation forces, against 
Palestinians in Gaza.
The head of the Houthi Supreme Political Council, 
Mahdi Al-Mashat, addressed the gathering - and
pledged unwavering support for the 
Palestinian people.
"I call on the evil trio attacking our people in Gaza 
and in most Islamic countries, to immediately 
cease aggression and lift the siege on our
 people in Gaza," he said.
The protesters carried Palestinian flags and 
waved their weapons --- while chanting 
slogans against the United States 
and Israel.
A text reads, "Thousands march in Yemen's 
capital Sanaa -- in strong support of Gaza."
Today marks the implementation of the designation 
of the Houthis as a "terrorist" group by the US, 
one month after its announcement.
"There is no other solution for you but this option, no 
matter how much you escalate and engage in 
aggression here or there in any region," 
Al-Mashat said, adding that anyone 
who attacks them "must receive 
a response, regardless of the 
Since November 2023, the Yemeni Houthis have targeted 
ships with links to Israel in the Red Sea and the Bab al-
Mandeb Strait as military targets.
This has caused major shipping companies worldwide, to 
continue adjusting their routes to avoid crossing the Red 
Sea, through which 8 percent of global cereal trade,
 12 percent of oil trade, and 8 percent of 
liquefied natural gas trade.. pass.


UK activists step up action ----- 
to jam up Israeli war machine
February 15th, 12:39am
Across Britain, pro-Palestinian activists have 
stepped up action aimed at jamming up the
 Israeli war machine, which is pressing on 
with the regime's genocidal war against 
the Gaza Strip.
Activists with Palestine Action, a UK-based pro-
Palestinian protest network, barricaded the 
entrance to Israel’s largest weapons firm, 
Elbit Systems, by locking themselves 
together, UK newspaper Morning 
Star reported on Wednesday.
The company provides the Israeli military.. with
drones, munitions, combat vehicles, missiles,
 and other types of weaponry.
"The majority of their arms are marketed as
'battle-tested,' meaning they have been
 deployed in bombardments against
 the Palestinian people," the 
daily wrote.
A Palestine Action spokesperson said, "While Israeli 
weapons companies — which assist in occupying, 
displacing, and massacring the people in Gaza -
 operate on our doorstep, it’s up to the people 
to take direct action - to shut Elbit down."
"Every other method -- including marches, petitions, 
and lobbying - has failed to end British complicity 
in the occupation."
Activists from the group.. also drenched the Manchester
offices of Bank of New York Mellon, a US banking and 
financial services corporation, in red paint, to 
symbolize the bank’s complicity in 
Palestinian bloodshed.
The Bank has invested over £10 million 
($12.5 million) in Elbit Systems.
Nearly 28,600 Palestinians, mostly women and children, 
have been killed - since the Israeli regime launched its 
onslaught on Gaza in early October in response to an
 operation staged by the coastal sliver's resistance 
movements against the occupied territories.
The protest came -- while the regime is intensifying
 its strikes against the southern Gaza city of Rafah.
More than 1.5 million Palestinians -- above half of Gaza's
 population - have fled to the city amid incessant Israeli
 bombardments elsewhere throughout the territory. 
Tel Aviv is, meanwhile --- threatening to bring the city 
under an all-out ground invasion, which international 
humanitarian organizations have warned ------ would 
spell an unspeakable catastrophe.

London protesters call PM Sunak
 war criminal over Israel support
February 13th, 1:59am
Hundreds of people have gathered outside the British Prime 
Minister Rishi Sunak’s office, urging the government to use 
its leverage to prevent Israel from launching its planned 
invasion of the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah. 
They also called Sunak a war criminal over his
 staunch support for the occupying regime.

In the centre of Athens, police  used gas against protesters  in support of Palestine

In the centre of Athens, police
 used gas against protesters 
in support of Palestine
February 10th, 4:42pm
Police fired tear gas - at demonstrators who organized
 a rally in support of Palestine in the centre of Athens.
This is reported by the newsbreak portal.gr.
Demonstrators smashed the glass
doors of a McDonald's restaurant.
Two people were detained.
Earlier, pro-Palestinian activists blocked a number
 of roads in downtown Washington to protest the
 fighting in the Gaza Strip.


Pakistan’s pro-Palestine protesters 
call for ICJ ruling on Gaza 
to be implemented
February 3rd, 9:43pm
by Nasir Kazmi
Press TV, Islamabad
People in Pakistan continue to hold pro-Palestine
 demonstrations - in solidarity with the besieged
 Gaza Strip. They called for the implementation
 of a recent ruling handed down by the 
International Court of Justice 
against Israel. 
The government of Pakistan has also demanded the UN
 Security Council fulfill its responsibility - and protect
 defenseless people of Gaza. 
Fresh thousands-strong London 
demonstration calls for end 
to Gaza genocide
February 3rd, 9:40pm
by Saeed Pourreza
Press TV, London
In Britain, hundreds of thousands have once again marched 
through the centre of the capital city, London, against the 
US-Israeli genocidal war on Gaza. 
British protesters slammed the UK’s complicity in that 
genocide and voiced support for the Palestinian 
people’s struggle for liberation. 


people march in Seoul for Gaza
February 3rd, 5:48pm
by Frank Smith
Press TV, Seoul
South Koreans have rallied in the capital, Seoul, 
to show solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza.
This is the 20th consecutive protest to call for 
an end to the US-Israeli genocidal campaign.

Pro Palestine Rally in Chicago

US cities pass resolutions
---- for Gaza ceasefire
February 3rd, 11:33am
Across the United States, local governments are passing 
resolutions demanding a ceasefire in Gaza as pro- 
Zionism sentiment.... continues its historic 
crumbling, under the weight of daily 
Israeli war crimes.
The third largest city in the United States, Chicago, also 
has the nation's largest Palestinian community, who
 were thrilled ------- to see their city council pass a
 resolution demanding a permanent ceasefire.
Local city councils in various US states have passed 
ceasefire resolutions in solidarity with Palestine 
amid Washington’s unequivocal support
 for Israel.
''We were on edge honestly for a while and the fact that it 
was passed, is just an amazing show of solidarity with 
our brothers and sisters in Palestine.''
''We know that it doesn't necessarily change anything for
 them on the ground, but I think that this will definitely 
put pressure on our government to hear though the 
will of its people in one of the largest cities of 
America and, hopefully, this will influence 
some of their policy [sic] and we will 
get a permanent ceasefire soon.''
Deanna Othman, American 
Muslims for Palestine, 
US court 'implores' Biden to 
reconsider support for 
genocide in Gaza 
The court in California ruled that it is "plausible"
that Israel is committing Genocide in Gaza.

Ceasefire demands have been approved from major cities 
like San Francisco, Detroit, and Atlanta to suburbs and 
small towns, which are insisting on taking a 
moral stand.
''Words like 'apartheid' and 'ethnic cleansing', which were
 once heavily censored in public life, are now being 
voted into the public record. And you would wish 
that people in positions of power, do things, do
 the right things -- because they are the right 
things, because it’s the moral thing to do.
That doesn't always happen. But in 
Chicago,it's a little bit different.''
Hatem Abudayyeh ------ of the US 
Palestinian Community Network
Biden makes history --- 1st sitting 
US president sued for complicity 
in genocide 
Biden becomes the first sitting American president 
to be sued for complicity in genocide - over the US
actions on Gaza. The United States was the only
 member on the United Nations Security Council
to vote against a ceasefire, and they have 
paralyzed the Security Council on the
issue of the genocide in Gaza.
As congressmen in Washington reportedly refused to even 
engage with Palestinian activists, city councils have
 become the primary place with political power, 
which will discuss the issue and reflect the 
historic shift in public sentiment 
towards Palestine.
''It really shows that when you vote for progressive
politicians -- progress does happen. We not only 
saw a vote for a ceasefire -- but we saw a vote
 for solidarity and community building as well.
The ceasefire vote is not only for the 
Palestinian people, it's for 
all communities.''
Nasreen Hasan - of the Arab-American 
Centre, University of Illinois-Chicago
The local resolutions are mainly symbolic, 
but they aren't so local. They show 
support to Palestine and their 
allies around the world and 
they prove to Washington 
that their unshakeable 
support for Israel isn't
shared across the US.
Poll: Americans who say Israel 
committing genocide nears
 relative majority 
With social and alternative media swaying people 
more than ever, the days of Zionism’s dominance
in the United States...... appear to be numbered.

Stop genocide in Gaza

Biden Administration Faces 
Pushback from US-Arabs
February 3rd,  8:35am (FNA)
US-Muslim voters balked at the latest outreach efforts by
 Joe Biden’s administration, making it clear that the US 
president’s support for the Israeli war effort in the 
Gaza Strip may imperil his reelection bid.
At stake are several so-called “swing states” with large
 Muslim populations that helped propel Biden to an 
electoral victory in the 2020 presidential race.
Even small shifts in support from Arab-Americans in such
 hotly contested states as Pennsylvania, Georgia, and
 Arizona could swing the 2024 election against the
Democrat incumbent, who already faces an 
“abandon Biden” movement in Michigan, 
RT reported.
Widespread voter anger was evidenced on Thursday, when 
Biden’s motorcade reportedly had to be re-routed during a 
campaign stop in Michigan - because US-Arabs held a 
demonstration to voice their anger over the heavy 
civilian casualties in Gaza. “Genocide Joe
 has got to go,” protestors chanted, 
while waving Palestinian flags.
Back in Washington, many of the US-Palestinians invited to a
 meeting to discuss the Israel-Hamas war with Secretary of 
State Antony Blinken declined to attend. “We do not know 
what more Secretary Blinken or President Biden need - to 
hear or see to compel them to end their complicity in this
 genocide,” some of the invited guests said in a 
statement, explaining their decision to 
snub Blinken.
Pro-Palestinian protestors have also camped outside 
Blinken’s home in recent days to press for a change 
in policy. Dr. Tariq Haddad, a Virginia cardiologist 
who declined to attend Thursday’s meeting at 
the US State Department, told Blinken in a 
letter that he could not face him after the
 administration’s policies ---- led to the 
deaths of 80 of his family members 
in Gaza.
“The more I thought about this meeting, the more I could
 not emotionally bring myself to look you in the eyes, 
Secretary Blinken, knowing you and President 
Biden - have knowingly contributed to the 
suffering and murder of so many of my 
family, the homelessness and 
dispossession of 2 million 
Gazans, and the famine 
that has befallen my 
remaining family 
he wrote.
More than 27,000 Gazans have been killed since the war 
began in October, according to local health authorities, 
and the UN has reported that 570,000 people in the 
besieged Palestinian enclave are starving. 
The Biden administration.... has approved two emergency
arms sales to Israel, bypassing congressional authority, 
and rejected calls for a ceasefire. At the same time, 
Biden and Blinken have urged Israeli leaders to 
minimize civilian casualties and allow more 
humanitarian aid trucks to enter Gaza.
A Quinnipiac University poll released this week showed that
 only 34% of US voters approve of Biden’s handling of the 
Gaza crisis. An earlier poll by CBS News found that the 
president’s support for Israel is alienating at least
 one-third of Democrat voters.

US student coalition at Brown University  ---- launches 'hunger strike for Palestine'

US student coalition at Brown University 
---- launches 'hunger strike for Palestine'
February 3rd, 8:24am
A coalition of students at Brown University in Rhode Island 
has gone on an indefinite hunger strike in protest at 
Israel’s war on Gaza, calling on the university to
 divest from companies profiting from the 
ongoing aggression.
The group said in a statement on Friday afternoon that they 
would keep up their hunger strike until the university did its
 part to promote an “immediate and permanent” ceasefire.
It demanded the university introduce a divestment
 resolution at the next meeting of its governing 
body, which is scheduled to be held on 
February 8 and 9. 
"Given the escalating violence in Gaza, this hunger strike
 emphasizes the urgency of passing a divestment
 resolution in this meeting rather than delaying 
the process any further," the students said 
in the statement. 
The organizers of the hunger strike said they want the 
resolution to follow the recommendations of a report 
released in 2020 by the Advisory Committee on 
Corporate Responsibility in Investment 
Practices (ACCRIP) that called for 
divestment from companies 
involved ----- in the Israeli 
occupation of Palestine.
AB Volvo, Airbus, Boeing, DXC, General Dynamics, 
General Electric and Motorola were among the 
companies that the ACCRIP’s report had 
identified for divestment.
"As a Palestinian, I have witnessed colossal losses in 
Gaza, the West Bank, and around the world; the 
ongoing impact of this humanitarian crisis has 
fueled my commitment to justice,” said Nour 
Abaherah, a Palestinian participant in the 
hunger strike.
“My family history, intertwined with the struggles of my
 people, and occupied people everywhere, motivates 
me to stand against the investment and profiting of
 arms and weapons manufacturing and occupation 
that perpetuates violence in our world," she added.
Accused by students of holding investments in arms
 manufacturers, Brown University has been a hub of
 protests since Israel started its incessant 
bombardment campaign against the 
besieged Gaza Strip in 
early October.
The student coalition stressed that support for divestment
 "as a material way of supporting a permanent ceasefire
 and lasting peace in Gaza".. is growing on the campus.
"This strike is the student body’s response - to Brown’s 
continued inaction in the face of the mounting crisis 
in Gaza," the students said in their statement, 
adding that the move will be accompanied 
by a host of programs, including teach-
ins, performances, and prayers.
UN experts have described Israel’s war on Gaza
as the deadliest, most dangerous conflict for
 journalists - in recent history. 

Pro-Palestinian activists block 
several roads in Washington
February 1st, 8:46pm
Pro-Palestinian activists have blocked a number
of roads 
in downtown Washington to protest
the fighting in the 
Gaza Strip.
This is reported by the Washington 
police, RIA Novosti writes.
At least eight people were arrested.
Earlier in Amsterdam, several dozen people 
demonstrated ------ in support of peace
in Ukraine and Palestine.

Mass anti-government 
rallies held in Slovakia
January 11th, 7:28pm
Anti-government rallies demanding the resignation 
of the Cabinet of Ministers were held in Slovakia.
This is reported by TASS with reference 
to the Markiza TV channel.
The rallies were attended by 
"many thousands of citizens".
The largest of the rallies --- took place on the Slovak 
National Uprising Square in the centre of Bratislava.
Earlier, more than 1,000 farmers on tractors took
 part in a demonstration in Augsburg, Germany.

Pro-Palestine protesters gather 
outside Greek parliament, 
demand immediate 
Gaza ceasefire
January 6th, 9:14pm
Crowds of demonstrators rallied outside the Greek
 parliament building in Athens on Saturday --- in a 
show of solidarity with the people of Palestine 
amid the continued Israeli bombardment of
the Gaza Strip. 
Footage shows protesters waving Palestinian flags and 
carrying large banners while chanting slogans such as
"Palestine will never die," "'Freedom in Palestine, Free
 Palestine," and "Isolate Israel," as they demanded 
an immediate and lasting ceasefire in the 
besieged territory.
The protest in Athens came as widespread protests 
have erupted across Europe against Israel's 
genocidal war in Gaza.
(Source: RT)

Argentines March Against Milei's  Economic and Security Policies

Argentines March Against Milei's
 Economic and Security Policies
December 20th (teleSUR)
On Wednesday, human rights defenders, social activists, 
workers, students, teachers, and retirees will march in
 Buenos Aires ------ to reject President Javier Milei's 
economic adjustments and security protocol.
This marks the first major mobilization against the far-right
 administration and coincides with the anniversary of the 
2001 social upheaval that led to the resignation of then-
President Fernando de la Rua.
The mobilization aims to defend the right to protest, which
 is under threat --- with the protocol announced by the 
Security Ministry. Among the groups participating
 in the march are the Worker Pole, the Left Front, 
Great Homeland, the Communist Party, the
 Railway Union, "Memory, Truth and 
Justice," the Peace and Justice
Service, and the Teachers' 
Trade Union.
The march will have two columns starting at 4:30 PM local 
time from the Congress and the Obelisco. They will
 converge at Mayo Square where social activists
will read a document agreed upon by 
various groups.
"Milei announced a declaration of war against the people's
 labour, social, and civil rights. It includes ---- a mega-
devaluation, the freezing of funding for popular
 dining facilities, and significant increases in
 service fees," stated the activists
for the protests.
They also denounced a protocol that seeks to preserve
 the so-called "public order" because it undermines 
constitutional rights, including the right to protest.
Last week, Security Minister Patricia Bullrich announced
 an anti-protest protocol that includes prison sentences, 
charging protesters for the expenses incurred in 
deploying security forces, and deporting
 foreign demonstrators.
"The protocol establishes that any demonstration that
 is carried out... with blockades of streets or routes, 
constitutes the commission of a flagrant crime 
and enables the security forces to evict or 
disperse the protest," Piensa Prensa 
"At the same time -- it contains provisions to collect 
information, criminalize, persecute and stigmatize
 participants in public demonstrations -- and the
 political, social and union organizations 
involved," it added.
On the eve of the first major protest against Milei, 
Human Capital Minister, Sandra Pettovello, 
announced that citizens participating in 
or promoting street blockades - will 
cease to receive public support
 through social programs.


Turkish doctors stage
a silent march...
 in solidarity --- with
Gaza medical staff
December 16th 8:51pm
by Rahshan Saglam
Press TV, Istanbul
Doctors and medical staff in Türkiye have held a silent 
march in protest against the Israeli regime's attacks
 on medical staff in the besieged Gaza Strip. 
The march was held in 36 cities in Türkiye as 
similar rallies were organized in 26 cities 
across the world as well. 

UK pro peace demos across UK for Gaza

UK pro-peace demonstrators 
hold nation-wide rallies -
support for Palestine
December 16th, 7:08pm
Pro-peace demonstrators have taken part in fresh 
protest rallies across the UK, demanding an end 
to Israeli atrocities in the Gaza Strip. 
The pro-Palestine protests continue as the
Stop the 
War Coalition titled Saturday,
as the “Day of Action.”
The Stop the War Coalition organizers listed 57 
separate pro-Palestinian events across the 
UK on Saturday, including assemblies 
and candlelit vigils.
Protesters in north London gathered in Camden 
Town, calling for an end to the Israeli regime
 forces deadly attacks on Gaza.
The weekly demonstrations in the UK are held 
amid growing concern in the international 
community about the Israeli regime's 
brutal genocidal war on Gaza.
Since the occupying regime unleashed its genocidal
 war against the Gaza Strip on Oct. 7, the 
international community -- except the 
US -- has unanimously called for an
 end to hostilities against civilians.
Until now some 19,000 Gazans, mostly 
women and children ------ have been 
killed by the Israeli war machine.
Since the launch of the Israeli genocide on October 
7, the occupation forces' relentless bombings have 
leveled residential areas across the Gaza Strip, 
razing towns and villages while flattening 
much of northern Gaza.
Gaza’s population of 2.3 million has been mostly 
driven from their homes, fleeing to the south 
to seek refuge.
The ongoing bombings amid the huge population shift, 
squeezing large groups of refugees into scarce 
shelters with limited facilities and resources,
 has plunged the besieged Gaza Strip into
 a "grim" humanitarian situation.
At least 27 people have been killed in Israeli strikes 
on two residential buildings in southern Gaza, 
with victims still being reported to be 
under the rubble.
In this regard, Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) 
said it is becoming increasingly difficult to 
sustain life in Gaza due to the the
territory's complete siege ---- 
amid continued bombings. 
“Staff on the ground say that every day that passes 
makes it more and more difficult to sustain human 
life in Gaza, that’s because of the systematic 
denial of food, water, medicine, and fuel 
to the civilian population in Gaza,”
 the CEO of MAP, Melanie 
Ward, warned.
She said Israeli regime forces' indiscriminate 
bombings --- will soon result in the killing of 
10,000 children, adding, “The situation 
couldn’t be more grim.”


 General strike ---- against
Israeli genocide in Gaza
December 12th, 12:16am
(Press TV, Ramallah)
Life came to a standstill in the occupied West Bank
as a general strike was observed - in line with the 
international call for a global strike --- in protest 
against Israel’s genocide in the Gaza Strip.
The Israeli onslaught on the territory has so far claimed
the lives of more than 18,200 people, the majority of 
them women and children.


Pro-Palestinian Demos
-----  Across the World
here are just two:

UK capital rocked by pro-
Palestine protest - again
Sunday, December 10th, 2:47am
by Saeed Pourreza
Press TV, London 
For the ninth Saturday in a row, pro-Palestine protests have
 taken place across the UK. The one held in London this
 weekend was the first major rally since the weeklong 
pause in Israel’s indiscriminate bombing of Gaza 
ended. The demonstration came after the UK 
abstained from voting for a UN Security 
Council resolution... that called for a 
ceasefire in Gaza. The resolution 
was vetoed by the US.

Thousands of activists held a 
rally in Tel Aviv: demanding 
talks with Hamas
December 9th, 8:29pm
Thousands of Israelis have rallied in central Tel Aviv to
 demand negotiations for the release of all remaining 
hostages from the Gaza Strip.
This is reported by RIA Novosti.
It is noted that the action is conducted by the volunteer 
organization "Forum of Families of hostages and 
missing persons".

 pro-Palestinian actions in a  number of German cities

 TASS: Thousands of people took part 
in pro-Palestinian actions in a 
number of German cities
December 2nd, 8:17pm
Several thousand people participated in pro-
Palestinian rallies in several German cities.
According to a TASS correspondent, in Berlin, about 
2 thousand activists passed through several 
central districts of the city.
Participants carried Palestinian flags, held banners in 
support of Palestine and shouted slogans. Several 
people were detained by the police.
Another demonstration under the slogan "Solidarity 
with the people of Palestine" was held in Hamburg.
Residents of North Rhine-Westphalia also took to 
the streets to participate in several small pro
-Palestinian demonstrations.
About 200 residents of Dusseldorf participated in such 
an action. In addition, events were planned in
Bielefeld and Dortmund.
Earlier it was reported that 18 demonstrators in 
support of Palestine were detained in London.

 pro-Palestinian actions in Spain

RIA Novosti: Madrid hosts protest 
against the war in Palestine
December 2nd, 7:34pm
Madrid residents hold a protest rally calling for an end
 to the war in Palestine and an end to the genocide
 in the Gaza Strip.
This was reported by a RIA Novosti correspondent.
The protest started near the Atocha train station and 
ended in the Provincial Square. It was held under the 
slogans "Israel kills, Europe sponsors", "This is not 
war, this is genocide". Participants carried flags 
of Palestine and some leftist political parties.
The organizers also noted " the legitimate right of 
the Palestinian resistance to defend its people 
from occupation."
In addition, the Spaniards called for the closure of 
the Israeli embassy and the expulsion of all 
those who represent - it from the country.
Earlier it was reported that about 6-7 thousand people 
took part in a pro-Palestinian demonstration in 
Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

In Berlin, thousands of people came out --- to protest against the supply of weapons to Kiev

In Berlin, thousands of people came out ---
protest against the supply of weapons
to Kiev
November 25th, 5:12pm 
Thousands of people marched in Berlin for talks on Ukraine
 and the gas sector. This is reported by RIA Novosti with 
reference to a correspondent from the scene.
It is noted that the protest action was organized by politician
 Sarah Wagenknecht. In a speech delivered on the podium 
at the Brandenburg Gate, she accused the German
 government of applying double standards to the 
Ukrainian conflict and the situation in the Gaza
Strip. "This war must end. And this --- is very 
important — in all directions," she said.
Wagenknecht criticized the government's spending on arms 
supplies, while Germany has a shortage of teachers, 
hospitals are closing, and infrastructure is aging. 
The organizers of the protest, in leaflets, called for peace 
talks in all combat zones in the world. According to them, 
Berlin is supplying more and more weapons instead of 
de-escalation and diplomacy.
In early October, a protest against support for Ukraine was 
held in Berlin on the Day of German Unity. The protest 
action was initiated by activists of the Querdenker 
movement, which is close to the opposition right-
wing Alternative for Germany party. 
The demonstrators were against the supply of weapons
 to Kiev, for the resignation of the government and for
early elections.

Pro-Palestine rallies held 
across world as truce 
takes hold in Gaza
November 24th, 7:10pm
Thousands of people rallied across the world on Friday to 
voice their unfaltering support for Palestinians in the
Gaza Strip, on the first day of a truce after some 
50 days of brutal Israeli war on the 
besieged territory.
The Yemeni people thronged the streets in the capital 
Sana’a to express their solidarity with Gazans as 
they waved Palestinian flags and shouted 
pro-Palestine slogans.
“Our first and central cause is Palestine, and we will not
 give up standing for this cause,” protester Muhammad
 al-Theali said, AFP reported. 
“We are ready to offer financial, moral and psychological 
support - support with our funds, souls, sons, weapons 
to confront the enemy's arrogance, the American and
 Israeli arrogance against Muslim people."
Israel launched the war on Gaza on October 7 after the 
Palestinian resistance movement Hamas launched the 
surprise Operation Al-Aqsa Storm in response to Tel
 Aviv's decades-long campaign of bloodletting and 
devastation against Palestinians.
Tel Aviv has also blocked water, food, and electricity
 to Gaza, plunging the coastal strip into a
 humanitarian crisis.
The Government Media Office in Gaza announced in a 
report on Thursday that at least 14,854 Palestinians, 
including more than 6,150 children and 4,000 
women, have been killed and over 36,000 
others injured in the Israeli strikes.
The Qatari-mediated truce, which came into effect early 
on Friday, would see the exchange of captives and the 
delivery of relief aid to the Gaza Strip over a span of 
four days.
Under the terms of the agreement, for every Israeli captive
 released, there will be 3 Palestinian prisoners released, 
namely women and children. Two hundred aid trucks 
that include medical supplies for the entire Gaza 
Strip will also be allowed in during the four-
day ceasefire.
Also on Friday, hundreds of demonstrators gathered in 
the Turkish city of Istanbul to slam the Israeli military 
campaign in the coastal silver.
The protesters held funeral prayers in absentia for two 
Turkish nationals who were reported by local media 
to have been killed in an Israeli strike on
 southern Lebanon.
Since the start of the war, the south of Lebanon has seen 
the scene of sporadic exchanges of fire and shelling 
between the Israeli military and the resistance 
movement Hezbollah, which has reportedly 
fired more than 1,000 rockets, mortars, 
missiles, and drones at Israel.
Jordanians support ceasefire in Gaza
Meanwhile, crowds in the Jordanian capital demonstrated 
support for Palestinians on Friday after the start of a 
temporary ceasefire in the besieged area.
The Jordanians carried signs and banners in support
 of Palestinians as they marched through the streets
 of Amman.
“Today is the day of victory, today is the beginning of the 
collapse of Israel, today is the beginning of the victory 
of the Arab and Islamic nation, today --- what the 
resistance has done --- is something that has 
never happened in the history of humanity,”
 said protester Abdel Majid Dandis.

UJC members march in Cuba
in solidarity with Palestine
November 23rd, 2:51pm
 (Prensa Latina) 
Hundreds of Cubans called on Thursday, for a
 cease-fire of the Israeli aggression against 
Gaza, in a mobilization led by President 
Miguel Diaz-Canel.
The march in solidarity with Palestine, called by the 
Union of Young Communists (UJC) of Cuba, was 
attended by Prime Minister Manuel Marrero 
and other authorities of political and 
youth organizations in the country.
Palestinian medical students, youngsters, children and
workers from Havana, representing the Cuban people
 ....took part in the mobilization, which started in 
Havana’s Malecon, from the vicinity of 
Presidents Avenue to the Piragua, 
near the emblematic 
National Hotel.
During the political-cultural act at La Piragua site, a
 Palestinian student and the Second Secretary of 
the UJC in the capital.... Meyvis Estevez ---- 
denounced that most of the civilians 
killed in the Gaza Strip, were 
children and women.


Report: US Military Tech Firm 
Backing War in Gaza Awarded
Britain's NHS Data Contract
November 21st, 3:20pm (FNA)
A US company specialising in AI-powered military and
 surveillance technology that is supporting Israel’s 
war in Gaza is set to be handed a contract by 
England's National Health Service
 to handle patient data.
The £480mln ($600mln) contract, which has reportedly 
been awarded to Colorado-based Palantir by NHS 
England, is likely to dismay many NHS workers 
who have called for a ceasefire in Gaza, and 
protested against Israeli attacks targeting 
hospitals and civilians, The Middle East 
Eye reported.
A spokesperson for Health Workers for a Free Palestine, a 
network of NHS staff, told Middle East Eye, “Many would
 be rightly concerned that a third-party company is 
managing their medical data, let alone Palantir, 
whose interests are at odds with the British 
public, Palestinian people and our 
collective humanity”.
At least 13,300 people, including 5,600 children, have been
 killed in Gaza since Israel launched its assault following 
attacks by Hamas fighters in Southern Israel on 
October 7 in which at least 1,200 people 
were killed.
Palantir, which has an office in Tel Aviv, has 
been outspoken in its support for Israel.
In a social media post on October 12, it said, “Certain 
kinds of evil can only be fought with force. Palantir 
stands with Israel.”
In a letter to shareholders issued on November 2, the
 company said, “We are one of a few companies in 
the world to stand up and announce our support 
for Israel, which remains steadfast.”
Announcing the company’s third-quarter profits on the 
same day, Alex Karp, Palantir’s chief executive and 
a co-founder of the company, said --- “I am proud 
that we are supporting Israel ---- in every way 
we can.”
Speaking to Fox Business earlier this month, Joe Lonsdale, 
another of Palantir’s co-founders, said Israel was “doing
 what it has to do and eliminating the bad guys” and 
“we are trying to keep the good guys armed 
and ahead”.
Lonsdale said, “When we were building Palantir we actually 
learnt a lot from the Israelis. They’re quite good at what 
they do and one of my proudest moments was when 
Israel started working with Palantir. So Palantir 
helps Israel do a lot of things too.”
Middle East Eye asked Palantir what technology or support
 it was providing to Israel’s armed forces --- but had not 
received a response at the time of publication.
The company describes its military technologies as offering 
customers “mission-tested capabilities, forged in the field” 
to deliver “a tactical edge - by land, air, sea and space”.
Palantir was founded in 2004 with some funding provided by
 a CIA-backed venture capital firm and provides services to 
the US military and intelligence agencies, as well as to 
armed forces in the UK and other western countries.
Another co-founder, and Palantir’s current chair, is Peter 
Thiel, a technology billionaire who also co-founded 
PayPal and backed Donald Trump’s winning US 
presidential campaign in 2016.
Earlier this month, Palantir reported quarterly earnings of
 $558mln and said it expected its annual earnings for
 2023 to exceed $2.2bln.
In comments to investors, Karp said -- the company was 
"building products for a world that is violent, disjointed, 
irrational, a world in which you have to show strength.
A world in which you really have to pick sides". 
The NHS previously used Palantir software to manage data 
during the COVID-19 pandemic, but its involvement in
the UK healthcare system has been opposed by
 privacy campaigners.
They have called on the UK government to end 
Palantir’s involvement in the NHS, citing the 
company’s involvement in developing 
mass surveillance for the National 
Security Agency in the US and
 GCHQ in the UK.
In 2017, Haaretz reported that Palantir was one of two
technology companies -- providing predictive systems
used for intelligence at Israeli security organisations
that the newspaper linked to the arrests of scores
of Palestinians - based on profiling of their social 
media activity.
Continuing Israeli attacks on hospitals and medical 
facilities in Gaza have been widely condemned.
On Monday, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the head 
of the World Health Organisation, said he was 
appalled by an assault by Israeli forces on 
the Indonesian Hospital in Beit Lahia in 
which at least 12 people, including 
patients, had been killed.
"Health workers and civilians should never have to be 
exposed to such horror, and especially while inside
 a hospital," Ghebreyesus said.
Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said that an MSF 
clinic in Gaza City had also come under fire.
On Saturday, up to 7,000 people inside Gaza City’s Al-Shifa 
Hospital, including premature babies, critically ill patients, 
displaced families and medical staff, were given just 
one hour to leave by Israeli troops.
Last month, thousands of NHS doctors signed an open 
letter calling on the UK government to condemn 
Israel’s attack on Gaza.
Earlier this month, hundreds of health workers protested 
outside the Department of Health and Social Care
 (DHSC) to condemn the UK government’s 
support for Israel.
A spokesperson for Health Workers for a Free Palestine 
said, “Palantir has come out in full support for Israel's 
bombardment of Gaza, received funding from the 
CIA, helped the NSA with their worldwide 
surveillance programme, and worked 
on artificial intelligence for US 
military drones."
"Businesses that trade in death should have no place 
in our healthcare system," the spokesperson added.
Palantir did not respond to requests for comment.
The DHSC did not answer MEE’s questions about health 
workers' concerns regarding Palantir’s support for 
Israel. Instead, a spokesperson sent a statement 
addressing data privacy concerns.
“Patients’ data has and always will remain under the full 
control and protection of the NHS, and it will not be 
accessed by the company that makes the 
software,” the statement said.
NHS England did not respond to MEE’s requests for comment
 about Palantir’s support for Israel. It said, “NHS England is 
conducting a fair and transparent procurement process 
for a supplier of the federated data platform, in line 
with public contracts regulations, and this 
process has not yet concluded.”

Mexicans Ask to End Genocide  in Front of the Israeli Embassy

Mexicans Ask to End Genocide
 in Front of the Israeli Embassy
November 16th, (teleSUR)
On Thursday, the Friendship and Common Platform for
 Palestine Support organizations gathered in front of 
the Israeli Embassy in Mexico City to denounce the 
murder of thousands of children at the hands of 
the Israeli occupation army.
The citizens lay on the floor pretending to be dead and 
placed a tarp on top of them with the names of 
Palestinian children murdered by the Zionist 
state between October the 7th and 25th.
"The only thing we want and dream of --- is for 

the genocide to end," said Lince, one of the 
women present at the unprecedented 
A representative of the friendship organization, Manuel 
Mavroleon, denounced that Mexican citizens "do not 
receive the true information about the conflict", 
which is why they promote this type of 
actions, and warned that it will be a 
contest ----- "where the majority of 
victims are going to be children."
"It's very sad because there are a lot of kids who are my 
age. Friends like me who have a life like me," said Fin, a 
young American woman who lamented the situation 
between Israel and Palestine.
Lince and Mavroleon harshly criticized Mexican President 
Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) for the decision
 not to break relations with Israel.
"We understand that the president is in a difficult situation. 
The United States demands that Mexico not take action 
on the matter or, rather, to take action in favour of 
Israel," the Friendship activist stated, adding that
 he is very disappointed that a president "who 
calls himself leftist" - does not take a clear 
position on a matter of international 
and human solidarity.
Lince opted for the breaking of commercial and diplomatic 
relations between Mexico and Israel ------- even if it is not
"forever but only as a provisional measure to pressure 
for the Israeli occupation to end and for us to have 
peace again."
Both social organizations will organize other protest actions
 this month. One of these will take place on Sunday, where
 Mexicans will march from the Israeli Embassy in Mexico 
to the Angel of Independence roundabout on 
Reforma Avenue.

Ukraine women demand demobilization

"Serfdom, not military service": 
Ukrainian women demand 
rotation for their husbands 
& their return to the family
November 16th, 2023 
(source: Interia 
retold by InoTV)
At the same time, women's protests were held in a number 
of major cities of Ukraine, demanding changes in the rules
 of military service and the introduction of the rotation of
 personnel. They pointed out -- that their husbands are 
depressed, tired and mentally exhausted - because 
they have been fighting at the front since the very 
beginning of the conflict, Interia reports.
Women's protests demanding demobilization took place on 
November 12 in major Ukrainian cities. Demonstrations 
were held in Odessa, Kiev, Dnipro, Zaporizhia, Poltava 
and Ternopil, among others. Women and children who
 took part in street actions demanded detailed 
conditions of service. 
"We demand temporary service", "It's time for others" 
and "We forgot what the pope looks like" were just 
some of the slogans that could be seen on the
 protesters' banners.
Moreover, Ukrainian women accuse the army command of 
not giving permission for soldiers to go on leave, which 
is why some children have not seen their fathers for 
almost two years. Wives and girls - called for the 
introduction of solutions on the basis of which 
military personnel could return home after
1.5 years of service, as well as to 
demobilize the soldiers who had 
previously fought at the front. 
Women speaking on behalf of their partners also noticed 
that many of them are depressed, tired and mentally 
exhausted. In this regard, they deserve rest and 
need professional psychological help. 

Meanwhile, according to protesting 
Ukrainian women, for many men, 
the army has become "serfdom".
"Our men are neither younger nor healthier than others... 
Return them home, replace them with others," said 
Elena, a protester from Dnipro. According to her, 
there are still Ukrainians who are able to go to 
the front. "You just need to walk down the 
street, visit sports and night clubs," 
she added. 
In turn, the wife of a military man from Zaporozhye noted 
that it is necessary to ensure that the same people do
 not serve all the time during the conflict.
Interia says that female protesters also tripled the protest
 in Kryvyi Rih -- Vladimir Zelensky's hometown. During the 
demonstration, the slogan "Army, not slaves" was heard. 
The demonstrators tried to convey how impossible it is to 
spend more than 600 days without rest. Meanwhile, many
military personnel.... found themselves in just such a
situation. A general mobilization --- was announced
in Ukraine on February 24, 2022 ------ the day the 
conflict began. Martial law was also imposed in 
the country, and on November 8 of this year, 
the authorities extended the general 
mobilization until February 
14, 2024.


South Koreans protest against 
enhancing military ties with 
US, Japan
November 13, 4:04pm
Protesters in Seoul demonstrated near the South Korean
 Defense Ministry against the government’s push for 
closer security ties with the US and Japan.
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin met with his South 
Korean counterpart Shin Won-sik, to discuss regional 
security issues. The defense chiefs of the US, South
 Korea and Japan agreed on Sunday to activate a 
real-time data-sharing operation on North 
Korean missile launches next month.
(Source: AFP)


Major pro-Palestinian march  held in London amid tight  police presence

Major pro-Palestinian march 
held in London amid tight 
police presence
November 11th, 4:02pm
A major pro-Palestinian protest has been held on
 Armistice Day in London, despite opposition by
 the UK government, and amid a tight police 
presence, as the Israeli regime continues
 its genocide of the Palestinian people
 in the besieged Gaza Strip.
Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the British
 capital city on Saturday to show their solidarity with 
the Palestinian people, calling for a humanitarian
 ceasefire... as the Israeli occupation forces 
continue to bomb and shell defenseless 
Palestinians in the coastal enclave.
Metropolitan Police Service announced on Friday, that the
 police presence would be “far greater and more complex 
than we’ve delivered before” amid concerns that certain 
groups may cause disruption and that some far-right 
elements may seek to ruin the march.
It added that throughout Saturday and Sunday, almost
2,000 officers from the Met, and other UK forces, will 
be on duty across central London as part of a major 
policing operation and officers: would draw on “an 
extensive set of powers to prevent any disruption 
whatsoever,” with tighter controls put on the 
movements of protesters.
The speakers at the event include Jeremy Corbyn, the 
former Labour leader; actors Juliet Stevenson and 
Maxine Peake; Husam Zomlot, the head of the 
Palestinian Mission to the UK; and others, 
who will deliver their speeches from a
 special stage.
The Guardian on Friday cited one of the organizers of the 
march from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) as 
saying -- that he expected people to be traveling from
all over the UK -- to march from Park Lane towards 
the US Embassy in southwest London.
Ben Jamal, the director of the PSC, said, “We think it is 
going to be huge. More than 500,000 people are 
expected to converge on London, making it 
one of the largest political marches
in British history,” a statement 
released by the PSC said.
The PSC said it “reasserts its concerns at the disgraceful 
remarks by [British} Home Secretary Suella Braverman,” 
as “she has sought to delegitimize the call for a cease-
fire, which is supported by the vast majority of the 
British public, smear those marching for peace 
and stirring up public unrest.”
Jamal said, “Contrary to the disgraceful rhetoric of Suella 
Braverman and other political leaders, hundreds of
 thousands of people from all walks of life, will 
come to London to march for peace, for a 
cease-fire, and for the rights of the 
Palestinian people.... to 
be respected."
The Apartheid Israeli regime forces --- have cut off water, 
food, medicine, and electricity to Gaza, while pounding
 the blockaded Palestinians from the air, ground, and 
sea, relentlessly targeting homes, hospitals, and 
places of worship ---- in the past 36 days.
According to Palestinian health officials, at least 11,078 
Gazans have been killed, including 4,506 children, and 
3,027 women in the Israeli attacks, launched after an
 operation by Hamas, in retaliation to the Apartheid
 Zionist Israeli regime forces' atrocities. 


Hungarian Workers' Party held 
a rally against involvement
the conflict in Ukraine
November 6th, 8:52pm
Budapest hosted a rally of the Hungarian Workers' Party 
for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine
against the involvement of Hungary in it.
This is reported by RIA Novosti.
Activists of the party brought posters 
"We want peace" and "Get out of 
NATO" to the rally.
Party chairman, Gyula Thurmer, said that the 
conflict is a war of the West against Russia.
Earlier, it was reported that a protest rally was held 
in Berlin against the supply of weapons to Ukraine, 
for the resignation of the government and the 
holding of early elections in Germany.

In the US, activists blocked  the Boeing plant --- with a  demand to stop the war  in Gaza

In the US, activists blocked 
the Boeing plant --- with a 
demand to stop the war 
in Gaza
November 6th, 5:49pm
Activists blocked the Boeing plant in the US
state of Missouri --- with a demand to stop 
supplying Israel and stop the fighting in
the Gaza Strip.
 On November 6, the protesters themselves announced 
this on the page of the anti-war movement in the 
social network X (formerly Twitter).
About 75 people participate in the campaign. They
 have blocked the approaches to the plant and are
 demanding that US President Joe and Congress 
influence the cease-fire in the Gaza Strip.
The Palestinians seek to restore the borders between
 the two countries along the lines that existed before 
the 1967 Six-Day War. Palestine wants to establish 
its own State in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, 
and make East Jerusalem its capital.

[Rhondda Records adds: 
Israel refuses
this --- and continues to
''cleanse'' or
kill the Palestinians.]

Mexicans Reject the Genocide  Perpetrated by Israel in Gaza

Mexicans Reject the Genocide
 Perpetrated by Israel in Gaza
November 6th (teleSUR)
On Sunday, thousands of Mexicans marched through the 
streets of Mexico City in rejection of the genocide that
 the Israeli occupation forces are perpetrating against
 the Palestinians.
Convened by over 100 social organizations, the protesters 
chanted phrases and carried signs ------ to denounce the 
terrorism of the Israeli State, which has murdered over 
9,500 Palestinians and left tens of thousands of 
people injured in the Strip.
As they advanced along the Reforma avenue toward the 
headquarters of the Mexican government, people
shouted phrases such as “Netanyahu, fascist, 
you are the terrorist!,” “Break relations with 
Israel!,” “Where are the sanctions against
 Israel?” and ”This is not a war, it is 
a genocide.”
This was the third national march organized by social
 organizations in solidarity with Palestine, which 
demand an immediate ceasefire, an end to the 
Zionist occupation of Palestinian territories, 
international sanctions on Israel, respect 
for human rights and a forceful stance 
regarding genocide --- by President 
Andres Manuel Lopez 
Obrador (AMLO).
A text reads, "Mexico with Palestine. In Mexico City, 
thousands of people concluded the demonstration 
in the Zocalo square demanding that President 
Lopez Obrador break diplomatic relations 
with Israel and calling for a ceasefire 
in Palestine."
Outside the National Palace, thousands of Mexicans paid 
tribute to the Palestinians murdered in Gaza through a 
traditional Day of the Dead offering. While this was 
happening --- people read statements and poems
 to demand that Mexico adopt a forceful stance.
For a whole minute, protesters threw themselves on the 
ground to simulate the thousands of Palestinians killed 
during the Israeli bombings. Then people painted 
a gigantic Palestinian flag in front of the
 National Palace.
So far, Mexico has condemned the indiscriminate attacks 
on the civilian population in Gaza ------ but has not cut 
diplomatic relations or taken a position against
 the Israeli state.
In Latin America, however --- other countries have made 
more forceful decisions. While Bolivia broke relations 
with Israel ------ Colombia and Chile summoned
 their ambassadors.

Tens of thousands turn out  for pro-Palestinian march  in Washington

Tens of thousands turn out 
for pro-Palestinian march 
in Washington
November 4th, 8:37pm
Thousands of protesters gathered in downtown
Washington on Saturday, November 4, for a 
pro-Palestinian rally --- the largest protest 
in the US... since the beginning of the 
Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.
Participants of the march gathered on Freedom Square at
 14: 00 (21:00 Moscow Time), and after that the organizers 
planned to go past the White House. It is noted that this
 event, as well as similar actions in other cities around
 the world, held on Saturday, call for a cease-fire in 
the conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip 
and the cessation of aid to Tel Aviv from
 the West.
"The time has come --- to stand up for the besieged people 
of Palestine! Gaza is being bombed every hour. Israel is 
depriving its residents of food, water and electricity. 
Tens of thousands more are likely to die. We must 
ACT!" read the website of the protest organizers.
Earlier, on November 3, a massive two-day march began 
in Istanbul -- in support of Palestine and against the US 
military bases. According to the report, the campaign
 of the Turkish humanitarian foundation --- "Human 
Rights and Freedoms" (IHH) -- called "Freedom 
Convoy for Palestine" will last until Sunday 
and end at the Incirlik air base -- in the 
province of Adana, in the south of
 the country.
In recent weeks, actions in support of the Gaza Strip in
 connection with the aggravation of the Palestinian-
Israeli conflict have been taking place all over the
 world. Earlier, on October 31, protesters broke 
into the US Congress building demanding a 
cease-fire in the Gaza Strip during a 
speech by Secretary of State 
Anthony Blinken. In this 
regard, the hearings
 were suspended 
several times.
The Palestinians seek to restore the borders between the
two countries, along the lines that existed before the 
1967 Six-Day War. Palestine wants to establish its
own State in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and
make East Jerusalem its capital. Israel 
.......refuses to comply.

Pro-Palestine rallies held in Rome

Pro-Palestine rallies
held in Rome
November 4th, 5:38pm
In the Italian capital Rome, rallies were held in
 support of Palestine, the newspaper la 
Repubblica reports.
According to the publication, about 1 thousand 
people took part in the action.
Earlier ------ thousands of people demonstrated
 in Madrid in support of the Palestinian people.

A rally supporting Palestine  is held in Brussels

A rally supporting Palestine
 is held in Brussels
November 1st, 5:27pm
Hundreds of demonstrators held a rally outside
 the US Embassy in Brussels, demanding an 
end to the fighting in the Gaza Strip.
This is reported by RIA Novosti.
Demonstrators with Palestinian flags chanted: 
"We demand an immediate ceasefire", 
"Freedom for Palestine".
Earlier, thousands of people demonstrated in
 Madrid in support of the Palestinian people.

RT correspondent -- showed  footage of a pro-Palestinian  rally in Istanbul

RT correspondent -- showed 
footage of a pro-Palestinian 
rally ------ in Istanbul
October 28th, 2:33pm
RT correspondent Allam Sbeihat showed footage of
 a rally in support of Palestine, which is taking 
place in Istanbul.
The rally takes place in different parts of the city.
Up to half a million people are taking part in it.
At the rally, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan 
called the situation in the Gaza Strip - a massacre -
and blamed the West for the bloodshed.
"(Responsibity for - RT) the massacre in Gaza lies 
entirely in the West, the conflict in the region, is
their brainchild," TASS quoted him as saying.
Erdogan also said ------ that Turkey
 will declare Israel a war criminal.
He called on Israel to immediately stop
 attacks on Gaza and "get out of the 
state of insanity."
Earlier, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
 called on citizens to rally ------ in support 
of Palestine.

London protest ------ Thousands call for end to Israel atrocities in Gaza

London protest
------ Thousands call
for end to Israel atrocities in Gaza
October 28th, 1:19pm
Thousands of people have once again taken to the 
streets in the British capital London - to call for
an immediate end - to Israel’s atrocities in
Gaza Strip.
Large crowds started to gather in central London 
on Saturday afternoon, while more rallies are 
expected in other cities across the UK,
including Manchester and Glasgow.
People in London were holding signs reading "Free
 Palestine, end Israeli occupation.” They were also 
chanting, "Stop arming Israel. Stop bombing Gaza.”
"We are all Palestinian" and "From the river to the 
sea, Palestine will be free," others were chanting.
UK Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, had previously
called on police chiefs -- to consider interpreting the 
"river to the sea" chant ------- as an "expression of a 
violent desire to see Israel erased from the world".
In a letter to chief constables in England and Wales, 
she had also warned that waving a Palestinian flag 
or singing a chant advocating freedom for Arabs 
in the region...... may be a “criminal offense”.
Thousands of Metropolitan Police officers are on 
duty to monitor events ---- as they expect more 
demonstrators to join the rally during the day.
According to the Metropolitan Police, large crowds 
are expected to gather around the Embankment,
 Whitehall, Strand, Westminster, and 
Waterloo Bridges.
Last weekend, an ''estimated'' 100,000 people 
marched through the capital --- demanding 
an end to Israel's bombing campaign in
 the populated Palestinian territory.
Similar numbers of officers were involved in policing 
demonstrations last weekend and 10 people were 
arrested on the day.
Demonstrations have been taking place around 
the world to call for fighting to stop and for aid
 to be allowed into Gaza.
The Israeli regime launched the war on Gaza on 
October 7 ---- and blocked water, food, and 
electricity to one of the most densely
 populated places in the world.
The airstrikes have so far killed more than 7700 people
 in the strip, the Gaza health ministry said Saturday. 
Virtually 19,743 people have also been wounded 
since the bombing began ------ three weeks ago.

New York: Arrests Made  as Hundreds of Mostly  Jewish Protesters -----  Call for Gaza Ceasefire

New York: Arrests Made 
as Hundreds of Mostly 
Jewish Protesters ----- 
Call for Gaza Ceasefire
October 28th, 11:26am
(FNA news agency)
Hundreds of people were arrested on Friday when police 
broke up a large demonstration of mostly Jewish New
 Yorkers who had taken over the main hall of Grand 
Central station in protest of Israeli war on Gaza, 
police and organizers said.
Wearing black T-shirts saying “Jews say cease-fire now” 
& “Not in our name,” at least 200 of the demonstrators
 were detained by New York Police Department 
officers and led out of the train station, their
 hands zip-tied behind their backs.
The massive sit-in was called by the group Jewish Voice
 for Peace - New York City, an anti-Zionist group, which
 said thousands of its members had attended what it
 described as an “emergency sit-in” -- blocking the 
main concourse of the city’s central rail station.
JVP put the number of arrests at more than 300.
Photos and videos showing police in the station 
alongside dozens of protesters... whose arms 
had been tied behind their backs.
The NYPD said the protesters were taken briefly into
 custody, issued summonses and released, and that
 a more exact number of detentions would be 
available on Saturday morning.
Source: Agencies


SOS --- SOS --- SOS --- SOS --- SOS ---SOS

In New York, thousands of people 
took part in a rally in support 
of Palestine
October 21st, 11:14pm
Several thousand people took to the streets of New York 
on October 21 to express support for Palestine and call
 for a cease-fire in the Middle East.
This is reported by TASS.
It is noted that the demonstration took place in the Bay
 Ridge area of New York's Brooklyn. There, according 
to the agency, one of the Islamic communities of 
the metropolis lives.
Earlier, a rally in support of Palestine 
was held in Madrid.

In London, ''about 100 thousand''  people took part in a rally in  support of Palestine

In London, ''about 100 thousand'' 
people took part in a rally in 
support of Palestine
October 21st, 4:21pm

In London, about 100 thousand people took part in 
a pro-Palestinian rally, the London police informs.
The police wrote about this.. on the 
social network X (formerly Twitter).
"According to our estimates, the number of 
demonstrators reaches 100,000 people,"
 the report says.
[Rhondda Records adds: London police estimates
of marches, according to most neutral observers
--- are 
usually about half the true figure.]

Thousands of protesters gather ------ outside Israel's Consulate General  in Istanbul

Thousands of protesters gather ------
outside Israel's Consulate General 
in Istanbul
October 18th, 8:40pm
A crowd of people gathered near the Israeli Consulate
 General in Istanbul, demanding a cease-fire in the 
Gaza Strip. On Wednesday, October 18, journalist 
Mirbek Bekbolsun Ahmad, told Izvestia from 
the scene of the events.
According to him, a large number of medical workers take 
part in the rallies — the demonstrators have banners and
 flags in their hands.
"Thousands of protesters gathered near the Israeli 
Consulate General in Istanbul. Doctors, nurses 
and other health workers in Turkey are 
holding large-scale rallies ------
support of Palestine," 
the journalist said.

Mass protests, in support of  Palestine began at German  Foreign Ministry building

Mass protests, in support of 
Palestine began at German 
Foreign Ministry building
October 18th, 7:55pm
Mass protests in support of Palestine have begun 
outside the German Foreign Ministry. This is
reported, on Wednesday, October 18, 
by Izvestia's correspondent,
 Vitaly Chashchukhin.
"The Palestinian protests are coming very close
------ to the state authorities in Germany," the
 journalist said.
The presented footage shows how people with posters 
are located under the windows of the German Foreign
Ministry. Then ''harsh detentions'' began, 
Chashchukhin said.
Several pro-Palestinian demonstrations were held in Berlin
 the day before. Residents of the city, gathered in the 
square in front of the Brandenburg Gate, lit candles, 
and laid out the flag of Palestine.
Also on the night of October 18, protests were held in a
number of other countries, including Jordan, Tunisia, 
Turkey, Syria, Iran and Lebanon. In Ankara, crowds 
of protesters blocked one of the routes, and in 
Istanbul, demonstrators marched to the 
Consulate General of Israel.

ČTK: a rally in support of Palestine  was held in the centre of Prague

ÄCTK: a rally in support of Palestine 
was held in the centre of Prague
October 18th, 7:25pm

According to law enforcement officials, up 
to a hundred people gathered for the rally.
"We consider it unacceptable and impossible for the 
Czech political representation to listen to Israeli 
statements that lead to collective revenge 
against the Palestinians in Gaza," said 
one of the participants of the rally.
It is noted that the protesters gathered 
in the city centre, and headed for the 
Czech government building.

 Haaretz: Police ''disperse'' the  anti-war rally in Israel's Haifa

Haaretz: Police ''disperse'' the 
anti-war rally in Israel's Haifa
October 18th, 6:13pm
Israeli police ---- forcibly dispersed an anti-war 
rally in Haifa, and three people were detained.
"Israeli police forcibly dispersed an anti-war protest 
in Haifa, and three demonstrators were detained 
for illegal assembly," Haaretz reports.
According to the newspaper.. before the protests, 
the police notified that they would not allow any
gatherings - "expressing support for Hamas" 
- or related to foreign policy and national 
security issues.
Earlier in Washington, a rally was held near the White
House, in support of the cessation of hostilities in 
the Gaza Strip.
Also, more than 5 thousand Australians went to the
 demonstration in solidarity with the population 
of Palestine.

A rally was held in Washington  in support of the cessation of  hostilities in the Gaza Strip

A rally was held in Washington
 in support of the cessation of
 hostilities in the Gaza Strip
October 16th, 7:53pm
In Washington, near the White House, a rally was held in 
support of the cessation of hostilities in the Gaza Strip.
This is reported by RIA Novosti.
According to the agency, dozens of activists demanded 
that US President Joe Biden... influence Israel to stop
 fighting in the Gaza Strip.
It is noted that the protesters came to the rally 
with placards "Stop the genocide in Gaza", 
"Free Palestine" and "Cease fire".
Earlier, more than 5 thousand Australians went 
to their demonstration --- in solidarity with the 
population of Palestine.

Christian Singer Honours Hezbollah 
at 2013 Concert.(English Subtitles)

UK to outlaw boycotts 
against Israel
May 11th, 9:38am (PressTV)
The British government has announced plans to ban
acts of boycott, effectively suppressing dissent 
on Israel.
The announcement was made during the Queen’s
 Tuesday speech, which Prince Charles delivered 
at the State Opening of Parliament on her behalf.
He said the government will introduce “legislation
 [that] will prevent public bodies engaging in 
boycotts that undermine community 
The bill is widely believed to be a heavy blow to
 supporters of Palestinian rights in Britain and 
an attempt to silence the Boycott, Divestment
 and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which aims 
to pressure the Israeli regime to put an end 
to its occupation of Palestine as well as its 
atrocities against Palestinians.
Pro-Palestinian groups in Britain denounced the
 proposed bill and said they would campaign
 against it.
The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and 
Friends of Al Aqsa (FOA) described the bill 
as an attack on free speech.
“In the case of Palestine, boycotts, divestment and 
sanctions (BDS) is a peaceful movement calling on 
Israel to comply with international law and end its
 illegal occupation of Palestine,” the FOA said in 
a statement.
“FOA remains committed to protecting the right of 
public bodies to make ethical choices through 
BDS,” it added.
Since 2005, the BDS movement has sought to 
sanction all Israeli-made products produced 
on illegally occupied Palestinian land.
The movement’s success in causing economic
damage to Israel, has prompted pro-Israel 
groups to brand the BDS... as an
 “existential threat.”
 If you want to mobilise against this
pro-Zionist move, you can start
by pressing the links below:

boycott disinvestment sanctions movement

Friends of Al-Aqsa

Palestine Campaign --- UK based organisation helping Palestinian cause

Ignorance is fascism

Give Venezuela back its gold


- from TeleSUR english

If supporting peace and stopping yet another rape of
a resource-rich country isn't for you, because YOU
read the Guardian - remember Libya, Iraq, etc...

Same game - lies, economic sanctions, demonisation 
--- then the call for a coup - to save the poor people!

waspi london every thurs

Mainstream Media's Go-To Syria Monitor
Revealed to Be Funded by UK Gov't --
Nobody Bats an Eyelid

The mainstream media, which has been uncritically citing
 the pro-opposition SOHR for years, has failed to report it
has come to be known - the outfit has taken money from
 the Foreign Office
(Sources - Media Lens/Russia Insider)
Wednesday June 6th, 2018

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, journalist Peter Hitchens
commented last month on the Syrian Observatory for
Human Rights (SOHR):

'Talking of war, and Syria, many of you may have noticed
 frequent references in the media to a body called the
"Syrian Observatory for Human Rights", often quoted
as if it's an impartial source of information about that
 complicated conflict, in which the British government
clearly takes sides. The "Observatory" says on its
website that it is "not associated or linked to any
political body."

'To which I reply: Is Boris Johnson's Foreign Office not a
 political body? Because the FO just confirmed to me
that "the UK funded a project worth £194,769.60 to
provide the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
with communications equipment and cameras."
 That's quite a lot, isn't it? I love the precision
of that 60p. Your taxes, impartially, at work.'

This figure was confirmed in communication with the
Foreign Office by independent political journalist Ian
Sinclair. (Email to Media Lens, May 17, 2018)

In 2011, Reuters reported that Rami Abdulrahman is 'the
fast-talking director of arguably Syria's most high-profile
human rights group', SOHR:

'When he isn't fielding calls from international media,
Abdulrahman is a few minutes down the road at his
clothes shop, which he runs with his wife.'

Given the tinpot nature of the organisation,
SOHR's influence is astonishing:

'Cited by virtually every major news outlet since an uprising
against the iron rule of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
began in March, the observatory has been a key source
of news on the events in Syria.'

Described by Reuters as an 'opposition group',
SOHR is openly pro-regime change:

'After three short spells in prison in Syria for pro-democracy
activism, Abdulrahman came to Britain in 2000 fearing a
longer, fourth jail term.

'"I came to Britain the day Hafez al-Assad died,
and I'll return when Bashar al-Assad goes".'

In December 2011, Stratfor, an influential research institute
formed of former US security officials, cautioned:

'Most of the [Syrian] opposition's more serious claims have
turned out to be grossly exaggerated or simply untrue ...
revealing more about the opposition's weaknesses
 than the level of instability inside the Syrian regime.'

Reports from SOHR and other opposition groups, 'like those
 from the regime, should be viewed with skepticism', Stratfor
argued: 'the opposition understands that it needs external
support, specifically financial support, if it is to be a more
 robust movement than it is now. To that end, it has every
reason to present the facts on the ground in a way that
makes the case for foreign backing.'

The Los Angeles Times described SOHR as 'a pro-opposition
watchdog'. And yet, as Reuters reported, Abdulrahman...
claims neutrality:

'"I'm between two fires. But it shows I'm being neutral if
both sides complain," he said, insisting he accepts no
funding and runs the observatory on a voluntary basis.'

Two years later, the New York Times
a modified funding model:

'Money from two dress shops covers his minimal needs for
 reporting on the conflict, along with small subsidies from
the European Union and one European country, that he
declines to identify.'

Thanks to Hitchens, we now know the country in question
 is Britain --- and the funding in 2012 was £194,769.60.

In 2013, we compared the reflexive respect afforded SOHR
 with the earlier casual rejection of reports on the death
 toll in Iraq published in 2004 and 2006 by the Lancet,
the world's leading medical journal:

'Figures supplied by SOHR, an organisation openly biased
in favour of the Syrian "rebels" and Western intervention,
 is presented as sober fact by... the world's leading news
agencies. No concerns here about methodology, sample
 sizes, "main street bias" and other alleged concerns
thrown at the Lancet studies by critics.'

In 2004, one of the Lancet co-authors, Gilbert Burnham of
 the prestigious Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of
Public Health in Baltimore, told us:

'Our data have been back and forth between many reviewers
 at the Lancet and here in the school (chair of Biostatistics
 Dept), so we have the scientific strength to say what we
 have said with great certainty. I doubt any Lancet paper
has gotten as much close inspection in recent years as
this one has!' (Dr. Gilbert Burnham, email to Media
October 30, 2004)

Despite this, the Lancet reports were subjected to ceaseless
attacks from the US and UK governments, and dismissal by
corporate journalists. David Aaronovitch wrote in The Times:

'And Harold Pinter invents a statistic. "At least 100,000 Iraqis
were killed by American bombs and missiles before the Iraqi
insurgency began." This is probably some mangling of a
controversial estimate of Iraqi civilian fatalities
published in The Lancet in 2004 and based, it
was claimed, on standard epidemiological
methods.' (Aaronovitch, 'The great war
of words,' The Times, March 18, 2006)

An op-ed in the Washington Times commented in December 2004:

'Or how about the constantly cited figure of 100,000 Iraqis killed
by Americans since the war began, a statistic that is thrown
about with total and irresponsible abandon by opponents
of the war.' (Helle Dale, 'Biased coverage in Iraq,'
Washington Times, December 1, 2004)

As we described at the time, the 'mainstream' hosted all
 manner of confused and baseless criticisms of this kind.

By contrast, a recent BBC article noted of the Syrian war:

'Over seven years of war, more than 400,000 people have
 been killed or reported missing, according to the Syrian
Observatory for Human Rights.'

No-one, it seems, would dream of challenging such a high
 figure supplied by a clothes shop owner supporting
regime change in Syria from Coventry. Nobody
 challenges the SOHR's methodology, or
of statistics being thrown
about with
irresponsible abandon.

Why? Because
the 2004 and 2006 Lancet reports

seriously undermined the US-UK case for
conquering Iraq, whereas
a high Syria
death toll is used to
damn the Assad
government and
to make the case
for Western

In a 2015 interview with RT, Abdulrahman was asked
 how he could trust the hundreds of 'activists'
supplying information from Syria. Claiming
that 'I know all of the activists working for
the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights',
 Abdulrahman said that he had last visited
 Syria in 2000. He added: 'But I know some
 of the Observatory activists through
common friends.'

Innumerable 'mainstream' reports of atrocities blamed on
Syrian government and Russian forces have used SOHR
as a key source. One of the highest profile claims
concerned an alleged massacre of 108 people,
including 49 children, in Houla, Syria on May
 27, 2012. The claim dominated the
 Independent on Sunday's front
cover, which read:


The text beneath read:

'There is, of course, supposed to be a ceasefire, which the
brutal Assad regime simply ignores. And the international
 community? It just averts its gaze. Will you do the same?
Or will the sickening fate of these innocent children
you very, very angry?'

As so often, SOHR loomed large in these accusations.

 The BBC reported:

'The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said
more than 90 people had died in the 24 hours since
 midday on Friday.'

The Guardian described how SOHR was
Western 'silence':

'The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
 issued an unusually harsh statement in the wake of
 the deaths --- accusing Arab nations and the
international community of being "partners"
 in the killing --- "because of their silence
about the massacres that the Syrian
regime has committed".'

But the picture was not quite so clear cut. Two weeks later,
the BBC reported the head of the UN Supervision Mission
in Syria, Major General Robert Mood, as saying of Houla:

 'the circumstances that led to these tragic killings are
still unclear'. Mood commented significantly:
'Whatever I learned on the ground in Syria...
 is that I should not jump to conclusions.'

On June 27, a UN Commission of Inquiry said that in
apportioning blame, it 'could not rule out any of
these possibilities': a local militia, possibly
operating together with, or with the
acquiescence of, government security
forces; anti-government forces seeking
to escalate the conflict; or foreign groups
with unknown affiliation. In August of the
same year, UN investigators released a
further report, which stated that they
had 'a reasonable basis to believe
 that the perpetrators... were
aligned to the Government'.
 (Our emphasis)

SOHR is omnipresent in the great Syrian atrocity claims
that have gripped our media for years. On April 14th,
Donald Trump bombed Syria, in response to an
alleged Syrian government chemical weapons
attack on Douma one week earlier. Reuters

'Heavy air strikes on the Syrian rebel-held town of Douma
killed 27 people including five children, the Syrian
Observatory for Human Rights said.'

On April 7, 2017, Trump launched a missile assault on Syria
 just 72 hours after an alleged chemical weapons attack on
 Khan Sheikhoun. Reuters reported:

'The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said
 the attack killed at least 58 people and was believed to
have been carried out by Syrian government jets. It
caused many people to choke and some to foam
 at the mouth.

'Director Rami Abdulrahman told Reuters, the assessment
that Syrian government warplanes were to blame, was
based on several factors such as the type of aircraft,
including Sukhoi 22 jets, that carried out the raid.'

In August 2013, Barack Obama came close to launching a
massive attack on Syria in response to an alleged Syrian
government chemical weapons attack on Ghouta. The
BBC reported:

'The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a UK-
based group that gets its information from a network of
activists across Syria, later said it had confirmed at
least 502 deaths.'

The Los Angeles Times reported:

'The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, generally
 regarded as one of the most reliable sources of
information on casualty figures in Syria, says
has confirmed 502 deaths, including
children and 137 women.'

Last February, the BBC reported:

'The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based
monitoring group, said at least 250 people had been
 killed in [Syrian government and Russian] air strikes
 and artillery fire, since then.

'It said it was the highest 48-hour death toll since
a 2013 chemical attack on the besieged enclave.'

The power of these claims lies in the fact that Western
 journalists have been unable to report from 'rebel'-held
areas in Syria. Veteran Middle East correspondent
Patrick Cockburn, made the point:

'All wars always produce phony atrocity stories – along
 with real atrocities. But in the Syrian case, fabricated
 news and one-sided reporting have taken over the
news agenda to a degree probably not seen since
World War One... The real reason that reporting
 of the Syrian conflict has been so inadequate
that Western news organisations have
entirely outsourced their
coverage, to the
rebel side.'

'Rebel' claims relayed by SOHR and others have been
uncontested, because they originated from 'areas
controlled by people so dangerous, no foreign
journalist dare set foot among them'.

Many atrocity claims relayed by SOHR and others have
been sourced from the White Helmets group in Syria.

Former Guardian journalist Jonathan Cook comments:

'In the western corporate media narrative, the White
Helmets are a group of dedicated and selfless rescue
 workers. They are supposedly the humanitarians on
whose behalf a western intervention in Syria would
have been justified – before, that is, Syrian leader
 Bashar Assad queered their pitch - by inviting
 in Russia.

'However, there are problems with the White Helmets.
They operate only in rebel – read: mainly al-Qaeda
and ISIS-held – areas of Syria, and plenty of
evidence shows that they are funded by
the UK & US to advance both countries'
 far-from-humanitarian policy
in Syria.'

In 2016, political analyst Max Blumenthal wrote:

'The White Helmets were founded in collaboration with
 USAID's Office of Transitional Initiatives — the wing
that has promoted regime change around the world
— and have been provided with $23 million in
funding from the department.'

Liberal corporate journalists and politicians have been
 impressed by the fact that SOHR and White Helmets
claims have been supported by ostensibly forensic
analysis supplied by the Bellingcat website, which
 publishes 'citizen journalist' investigations. As we
noted in a recent alert, Bellingcat is funded by the
 National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which
 is funded by the US government and is 'a
notorious vehicle for US soft power'.

We could link to thousands of corporate media articles
citing SOHR as a source. As in the above examples,
the vast majority of these claims are directed at
the same targets – the Syrian government and
 its Russian ally. To monitor the BBC website
in 2013, for example, was to witness what
 appeared to be a relentless propaganda
campaign promoting (yet one more)
Western 'humanitarian intervention'.

This would seem to be an extraordinary scandal, not
just for the BBC, not just for British corporate media
and democracy, but for media & democracy globally.

And yet, our media database search finds exactly one
national UK newspaper article containing the terms
'Peter Hitchens' and 'Syrian Observatory'. That, of
course, was the original May 13 piece in the Mail
on Sunday in which Hitchens reported the UK
government's £194,769.60 funding of SOHR.

His report has been ignored.


US support of violent neo-Nazis in Ukraine:
and how NGOs Pretend to be on "the Left"
Watch this video before you attend
of the events.

Every day of the week
Free Food available for the vulnerable and homeless.
See below for details. Pass this on to anyone who
 might find it helpful:

Here's a list of where free food is available for homeless and
 vulnerable within Cardiff. Please feel free to comment on any
 incorrect information, add details or point out any omissions.
 Thank you.

8.30 till 7.30pm - The Huggard Centre - Provides free soup
(home-made) and bread to anyone who calls in 7 days a week,
365 days of the year. Huggard offers free meals on many days
of the week (including weekends) which are cooked by
volunteers and served late afternoon. Huggard also provides
 home cooked meals and hot/cold drinks at greatly subsidised
 (a typical meal is £1.50) prices and ‘give-aways’ on a (first
come first served) regular basis through food stuffs nearing
their sell-by-date. If a homeless person has no income we
may be able to provide free food vouchers. A visit to our
centre and a chat to our kitchen staff will keep you in
 touch with what’s on offer.
The morning breakfast run - provided by The Wallich,
7.30am – Central Station, car park behind Burger King,
 8am – Top (where it meets Queens Street) of St. Johns
 Street, the Hayes, 8.30am – Museum steps.
8pm till 9pm - Paradise Run behind M & S.


10am till 12noon - Conway Road Methodist church in Canton.
6.30pm till 8pm - Salvation Army, Purple Bus
opposite Museum.
5.30pm till 7.30 pm - The Tavs Centre, Tavistock Road, Roath.
11pm till 12 Midnight - Private run by Hamish,
who drives around.

6.30pm till 8pm - Salvation Army,
Purple Bus opposite Museum.
9pm till 10pm - Private run by Coffee4Craig,
Museum steps.

6.30pm till 8pm - Salvation Army,
Purple Bus opposite Museum.
11pm - Private run by Margaret Ashford,
Cyncoed Methodist Church, who drives around.

11am - Calvary Baptist Church, Cowbridge Rd East.
6.30pm till 8.30pm - Salvation Army,
Purple Bus opposite Museum.
12 Midnight - Private run by Andy Webb,
who drives around.

11am - Brunch - The Tavs Centre, Tavistock Road, Roath.
12 Noon till 3.30pm - Food not Bombs,
Vegan food outside Central Market.
6.30 till 8.30pm - Salvation Army,
Purple Bus opposite Museum.

12 Noon - Rainbow of Hope, Broadway, off Newport Road.
12 Noon - St Peters Youth Hall, Bedford St, off City Road.
3pm - Amerpreet Singh Khalsa, Langer Seva society, the
 Queen Street end of Newport Road, outside Greggs and
Coffee#1. Any leftovers are then taken around those who
 sleep rough on the streets, but are reluctant to give up
their spots.
6.30pm - The City Temple, Cowbridge Rd East.

3pm till 4pm - The City Tabernacle on the Hayes.
5.30pm till 7pm - The Tavs Centre, Tavistock Road, Roath.
6.30pm till 8.30pm – Salvation Army,
Purple Bus opposite Museum.

11am - 1st, 3rd and 4th Saturday of every month,
The Saturday service, ‘Christian worship with a
hot meal’, Dewi Sant, St Andrews Crescent.

12 till 2.00pm, meal served at 12:30pm – 2nd and 4th
Saturday of every month, Quaker House, Charles Street

10.00am till 3.00pm, Mon to Friday - The Real Junk
 Food Project, Embassy Cafe, Cathays Youth &
Community Centre – Pay what you can afford.

Cuadrilla have no social licence to frack here
 or anywhere in Lancashire. We need to let
 them know this!

Thanks, you!
Anti-frackers RISING UP!

Doyle Vic posts:
Cheeky publicly funded profiteers cuadrilla are
bypassing environmental laws - make sure the
environment agency know that tax payers and
citizens will not allow such filthy shabbiness -

Stop Cuadrilla from breaking the rules on fracking

Faslane peace camp
always welcomes visitors...

you can come, any day.
We are located at Shandon near
Helensburgh the postcode
G84 8HL

Jump on the 316 bus to Coulport
 ...hope to see you soon.

It's Our NHS
There's a lot of anger about the chaos in the NHS.
A great letter in the Peterborough Telegraph
up with a very practical solution.
Shall we have a referendum?
SIGN UP bit.ly/2kWyuW8

forward planning and action to take in...
Keep up to date with CAAT’s campaigns – Sign up to
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Beit Sahour - Palestine!
Hosted by To Be There
and Singer cafe

Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance Community
An alliance of people spied on by Britain's political
secret police.
Follow us on Twitter @copscampaign

The sooner you can send in an account and any photos/video
 of arrests to Green and Black Cross (GBC), the better. Key
information to include for a witness statement is:
- When, where, who
- What else was happening on site? E.g. was the road closed
 bypolice, were other people/actions blocking the road?
- Any photos or videos of arrests or immediately before/after
You can find a witness statement template and some
advice on drafting statements on the GBC website here:
Please send all materials to gbclegal@riseup.net.


gwlad !
Land Ownership in Britain is one of the most unequal
 in the world. 0.3% of the population owns 69% of
 the land. More than a third is still owned by the
aristocracy whose ancestors seized it during
the Norman Conquest. During the enclosures
 our ancestors were violently thrown off the land
 and much of our current common land is being
 privatised. This affects us all, making our lives
 unaffordable and limiting our choices. As a
contribution to the week of action for land
 rights called by the Land Justice Network
 we organised a peaceful stroll in the
countryside around Stroud,

Remember that access to the land in the UK has
been won by mass trespass in the past and this
 peaceful and symbolically powerful tool can
work for us again. #RisingUp

Learn more about the issue here:

Our demands for change centre around:

1 – Distributed Ownership and Control
2– Long Term Stewardship, Not
Short Term Profit
3 –Increases in Land Value
should be Given to Society
4 – Proactive Community-centred Planning
5 – Transparency

For more details:

1932 and 1992 – Kinder Scout Trespass UK

Workers in cities and towns were not allowed access to walk
 on land around their homes and areas of natural beauty nearby.
 The land was privately held and often used as hunting grounds
for the wealthy. In 1932 over 400 people from Manchester and
Sheffield participated in a mass trespass on Kinder Scout in
the Peak District. They notified the local press and as a result
were met & had scuffles with game keepers & then the police;
five men were subsequently jailed. The movement that was kick
 started by this action led to the creation of our National Parks
 after World War II. The 60th anniversary of this event in 1992
was celebrated with another mass trespass. This started a
new movement that lead to the 'Right To Roam' Countryside
 and Rights of Way Act of 2000. This act gave a new right
access to most areas of open country in England
and Wales.


The news most see is massaged by an elite which
feeds off death & destruction (the BBC's Deputy
Head, for example, is the ex head of BAE, the
UK's near monopoly arms exporting company).

We need a strong committed Peace Movement
in Wales, which is not afraid to challenge the
Guardian-reading middle-class "leaders" ---
who keep backing the elite's wars in the
name of a fake "humanitarianism".

Please contact us here (01443) 732705
and we can hold a meeting to found a
led Peace Movement, that
walks the walk.

In the meantime, paste this link into your browser
if you'd like to see the pictures the BBC and UK's
boss media did not want you to see -- it explodes
  the lies of an "evil Syrian regime" -- by showing
Aleppo people after Syria's army liberated them.



Syrian Army Tribute for 2016

Since 2011, the Syrian armed forces have
 been fighting terrorists. It's time for the world
 to recognize them all, as our brothers in arms
against terrorism. Time to stand with Syria
 and not against it.


Stop The War Coalition

Stop the War Coalition

Web: http://stopwar.org.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/STWuk

Western "Leftwing" are Hypocrites

Unreliability, spinelessness
of the western 'left'

by: Andre Vltchek

It is tough to fight any real war. And it takes
guts, discipline & determination to win it.

For years and decades, the so-called 'left' in the West
has been moderately critical of North American (and
sometimes even of European) imperialism and neo-
colonialism. But whenever an individual or country
rose up and began openly challenging the Empire,
 most of the Western left-wing intellectuals simply
closed their eyes, and refused to offer their full,
unconditional support to those putting their
lives (and often even the existence of

their countries) on the line.

I will never forget all those derogatory punches
directed at Hugo Chavez, punches coming from
 members of the 'anti-Communist left', after he
 dared to insult George W. Bush at the United
Nations in 2006, calling him a "devil" and
choking, theatrically, from the sulfur that
was still 'hanging in the air' after the US
President's appearance at the General

I will not be dropping names here, but readers
would be surprised if they knew how many of
 those iconic leaders of the US left described
 Chavez and his speech as --- 'impolite',
productive', and even 'insulting'.

Western Imperialism killed tens of millions

Tens of millions of people have died because of
Western imperialism, after WWII. Under the horrid
leadership of George W Bush, Afghanistan and
have been reduced to ruins... But one has
remain 'polite', 'objective' and cool headed?

Well, that is not how real revolutions have been
 ignited. This is not how the successful anti-
colonialist wars are fought. When the real
battle begins, 'politeness' is actually mostly
 unacceptable, simply because the oppressed
 masses are endlessly pissed off, and they
want their feelings to be registered and
expressed by the leaders.

 Even the search for 'objectivity' is often out of
place, when still fragile revolutions have to face
 the entire monumental hostile propaganda of
the regime - of the Empire.

But the question is: do most of the Western leftists
 really support revolutions and anti-colonialist
struggles of the oppressed world?

I believe they don't. And this is clearly visible from
 reading most of the so-called alternative media
in both North America and Europe.

Whoever stands up, whoever leads his nation into
 battle against the Western global dictatorship, is
almost immediately defined as a demagogue. He
 or she is most likely christened 'undemocratic',
and not just by the mass and 'liberal' media, but
also on the pages of the so-called 'alternative'
 and 'progressive' Western press. Not all, but
some, and frankly: most of it!

Chavez actually received very little support from
 Western 'left-wing' intellectuals. And now when
 Venezuela is bleeding, the 'Bolivarian Republic'
can only count on a handful of revolutionary
Latin American nations, as well as on China,
Iran and Russia; def