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Now Russia has announced that Nord Stream-2... is
not damaged on one string... let's get back on the
streets, like the Czechs - who stand up to stop
the West's pro-war elites - forcing us into gas
prices way too high for the majority to pay.
- all for the USA to stay as ''top dog'' !

Mr Volodin, Speaker of the Duma:
"If Washington and the NATO countries supply 
weapons that will be used to strike civilian 
cities and attempt to seize our territories 
- as they threaten - this will lead to 
retaliatory measures -- using 
more powerful weapons." 

what is to be done now

US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 29/4/1938:

 "The first truth -- is that the liberty of a democracy is not
if the people tolerate the growth of private power
-- to a point 
where it becomes stronger... than their
democratic state itself. 
That, in its essence, is
Fascism: the ownership of Government 
an individual, by a group.... or by any
other controlling 
private power.

The second truth -- is that the liberty 
of a democracy 
isn't safe -- if its business system doesn't provide
employment and
 produce amd distribute goods
in such a way... as to sustain 
an acceptable
standard of living." 

Former US President Donald Trump, to Biden:
“First come the tanks --- then come the nukes. 
Get this crazy war ended, now. So easy to do.”

Scott Ritter: 
''NATO is a Suicide Pill for the World.
Pray that Russia Wins.''

Serbian President Vucic on West's current agenda:
"What worries me is that there is no longer a rational 
approach to solving problems. I saw this at the 
meeting with the Big Five. No matter what 
I said - and no matter what facts I gave -
no one wanted to listen to me. Reason 
no longer plays any role. They have 
their own agenda, and that is the 
defeat of Russia, and along the
way, anyone who gets in their
way......  will be mopped up."

Calgacus, in AD 84:
''Robbers of the world, having by their universal plunder 
exhausted the land, they rifle the deep. If the enemy is
rich, they are rapacious; if he is poor, they lust for 
control; neither the east nor the west has been 
able to satisfy them. Alone among men they 
covet with equal eagerness poverty and 
riches. To robbery, slaughter and 
plunder, they give the lying 
name of empire; they 
create a wilderness 
and call it peace.''

Bundestag (AfD) deputy Petr Bystron:

“You are bringing German tanks against Russia in Ukraine.
Your grandfathers already tried to do this then with the
Melniks and Banderas, as they do - again - now. And 
what is the result? Result, Russian tanks, are here 
in Berlin. And you pass by two of them every day 
on your way here. The Russians have over 
10,000 tanks and can mobilize 2 million 
men. Two hundred of our tanks are of 
no importance. This conflict cannot 
be won militarily."

Ursula von der Leyen: 
"When my own children join the armed forces, 
and it will be necessary to deploy them, then
I will indeed be afraid like any other mother."
Interviewer: "Is one of your 7
children in the armed forces?"
Ursula von der Leyen: "No, 

Giuseppe Biden: 
“18 FBI agents have verified - that Hunter
Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation!”

Alexander Solzhenitsyn:
"We know... they are lying.
They know they are lying.
They know that we know 
they are lying. We know 
that they know that we
Know they are lying.
And still...... they 
continue to lie."

Vadym Prystaiko, Ukraine's Ambassador to the UK:
"Most of the weapons supplied to the Ukrainian Armed
Forces from Western countries are outdated, they just
expired. If you want to dispose of it ------- give it to us."

Oleg Nesterenko:
''Given the fact that -- despite the pressure of
unprecedented Western sanctions Russia 
continues to maintain both healthy state 
finances, an insignificant public debt, a
trade surplus, and no budget deficit --
the confrontation in Ukraine, cannot 
but be won by Russia --- in one form
or another. The irreversibility of the 
process --- makes it inadvisable to 
'substantially' revise US strategy
toward Ukraine, which could be 
reflected in an additional signif-
icant increase in quantitative 
and qualitative... military and 
financial support, especially
since such an initiative...... 
proportionally increases 
the risks ------ of nuclear 
strikes on US territory.''

Condoleezza Rice, then US secretary 
of state ----- in her 2014 TV interview:
“In the long term.. we just want to change the
structure of [the EU’s] energy dependence. 
Make it more dependent on the North 
American energy platform, on the 
excellent abundance of oil and
gas found in North America.”

Hugo Dionísio:
''The total submission of the G7 countries and the EU
to the dictates of NATO, an organization created to
groom them, which today is confused with the EU 
itself; the blind application of all economic and
financial sanctions and guidelines; the lack of
protection mechanisms for the respective 
internal markets… All this has the effect 
that we are witnessing, which had been 
foreseen by so many silenced people - 
throughout this time. How they must
hate to be right.''

Michael Hudson:
''United States Treasury officials have told me that 
all they need to do is give little white envelopes 
filled with dollar bills and they’ve been able to 
control European politics.''

Charles Higham - a half-Jewish Briton 
whose family perished in Nazi camps: 
''....the US government could do nothing about the
collaborative ventures - including strategic ones - 
of US conglomerates, with Nazi Germany, during
the war. The only person to protest to Roosevelt 
about these practices.. was the Supreme Court 
Justice, Felix Frankfurter. Roosevelt... told him 
that - if he took prohibitive measures --- there 
was the expressed risk --- that Big Business 
would retaliate by stopping war production 
and that he, Roosevelt, could do nothing 
about it. Roosevelt suggested, that too 
many US political leaders were bound 
or held by Big Business, to hope for a
successful mobilisation of coercion. 
This marks the pathetic limits of the
true extent of US political power in 
relation to other dominant forces."

Posted by OohCanada on Moon of Alabama:
''2 weeks ago, the west announced Ukraine's new
package of weapons and the Russians stated the
western supply routes will be targeted ---- (west 
Ukraine got smashed) ---- This time, they were 
targeted with missles... that Nato didn't even
detect & instantly everyone walked it back.
''They look like fools and will either need to send those
 goods or just get it over with and fold. The Russians
 pointed to Ukraine's obsolete air defense as a huge
 weakness (they mean Nato's current systems
 Ukraine uses).
''The realization that they can bomb people in bed
 without a warning must have a few money men
 in the west stressed right out.''

Lula da Silva:
“We need to rescue the model of state institutions, 
public banks, and state-owned companies in the 
development of this country. Brazil is too big, to
renounce its productive potential.  It makes no 
sense to import fuels, fertilizers, oil platforms, 
aircraft and satellites. We have sufficient 
technical capacity and market, to 
resume industrialisation.”

Oleg Nesterenko:
''Only an extremely aggressive U.S. foreign policy,
backed by world military & monetary domination 
allows the US to occupy its current position. Any 
other state which had committed even a fraction 
of [its] crimes would be classified by the “inter-
national community” gathered around the US, 
as a criminal, pariah state and would be 
subject to a “legal” embargo more 
serious than that of North 
Korea, Iran and Cuba.. 

Lugansk republic’s acting head, Pasechnik:
"The situation at the front, is complicated by the 
fact that - today - we are fighting not only with
the Ukrainian army: there are many foreign 
mercenaries and instructors, in the 
ranks of the enemy. We know that 
thousands of mercenaries, from 
more than fifty countries, are 
fighting in the ranks of the 
Ukrainian Nazis, mainly 
from Eastern Europe."

''We are not at war with Ukraine, because by definition, we
cannot have hatred for ordinary Ukrainians. Ukrainian
traditions, are close to the people of 
Russia, just as
the heritage of the Russian 
people.. is inseparable
from the culture of 
Ukrainians. And...  the sooner
the citizens 
of Ukraine realize - that the West is 
fighting Russia with their hands, the more lives
will be saved. Many people 
have long realized
this ------- but they are 
afraid to declare it, for
fear of reprisals. 
The West does not plan to
save any
one's life --- at the expense of its
enrichment -- and other ambitions.''

''That sudden withdrawal of the Americans from
[Afghanistan] as it turned out, was largely due 
to focusing on Ukraine, where -- according to 
their estimates -- the preparation of the Kiev 
puppet regime.. for offensive anti-Russian 
actions, was going well. By the way, this 
was confirmed by US Secretary of State 
Blinken, who said that if the US military 
had not left Afghanistan --- Washington 
would not have been able to allocate 
so much money to Ukraine.''

Former US Senator Richard Blake:
“We don’t care how many Ukrainians will die. How
many women, children, civilians and military. We 
don’t care. Ukraine cannot take the peace 
decision. The peace decision can only be 
taken in Washington. But, for now, we 
want to continue this war --- we will 
fight --- to the last Ukrainian.”  

Jason Michael McCann:
''What journalists in the western media - in the US and
Europe didn't realise.. between 2014 and the Russian
invasion, was that these Ukrainian Nazis - both in the
US and in the Nazi battalions of the Ukrainians army 
- are important CIA assets. As ideological fighters,
they are committed to their hatred of Russia. The 
US State Department, trusts them more than any 
other political group or faction in Ukraine.These 
are the people that the US government has been
working with funding & training for almost eight 
decades. In the US’ global fight against Russia,
these Nazis have to be protected at all costs -- 
they are essential to the US plan in Ukraine.''

 saying in the US in the 1960's:
"War is good for business, invest your son."
saying in the US in the 2020's:
''War is good for business, invest 
your overweight, gender-fluid, 
adopted, educationally 
challenged, halfwit.''

A Russian Officer's wife speaks at a mourning rally
dedicated to Russian fighters killed in Makeyevka:
''The whole West is rallying to destroy us - us and our
children - but I assure you, our husbands and sons 
will not allow it... for the inconsolable widows, 
for the orphans. We will not forgive, and 
victory will definitely be ours.''

Rob Endert:
''If Bakhmut is the central logistic hub for the last
 defensive belt, then...  by putting Bakhmut in a 
difficult position prevents it from playing this
 vital logistic role. The current situation is 
already a Russian strategic success, 
even before Bakhmut has fallen.''

Pierre de Gaulle, Grandson of President de Gaulle: 
''I think that public opinion in France is beginning 
to understand what the malicious game of the
Americans is today. Using lies primarily when
communicating with allies within NATO -- the 
United States managed to use the Ukrainian 
crisis to destabilize Europe.''

R. Buckminster Fuller:
''Sadly we see enormous numbers of stranded poverty
stricken people, while potential abundance, is being
deliberately curtailed by governments subservient 
to the landlord’s will. Humanity is so accustomed 
to failure it still assumes failure to be normal and 
does not realize that it has literally earned – and
actually acquired - the capability to take care of
everyone on earth at a higher standard of living 
than ever - heretofore - experienced by anyone.
The really big fact is that we are going to have 
to go through, a complete mental resorting of 
what its all about. Then we are going to have 
to go about taking care of everybody, not as 
''on relief'' but with the same spontaneous 
welcome and love..... accorded a new-
born baby. Landlordism will no longer 
be able to extract a ransom. Money 
too, will become obsolete, with the 
ability to produce enough - to take 
care of all. The fact, that we now 
have the capability to support all 
life, and are not doing so, means 
we have to introduce... a new 
system. One that can make 
the world work.''

Dmitry Medvedev on May 11th, 2022:
''The US House of Representatives has approved a $40
billion aid package for Ukraine. Biden asked for less,
but - from the bounty - they threw in a couple more
billion. The money is huge and there will be a lot 
of hunters to share it, in the American military-
industrial complex. Not to mention, the banal 
thieves on both sides of the ocean. It is quite 
obvious that “aid” on such an unprecedented 
scale isn't at all explained by love for Ukraine
--- and not even support for its own economy.
goal.. is to continue a proxy war against 
Russia, the desire to inflict a heavy defeat 
on our country ---- to limit its economic 
development and political influence 
in the world.  It will not work.  Their 
printing press, due to which, the US
is constantly increasing its already 
inflated national debt --- will break 
faster. Not to mention.. the insane 
prices.. for gasoline and food, for 
the growth of which, Americans 
should thank their Russophobic 
authorities. But the goals of
special operation...
will be achieved.''

Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov:
''If you cannot sleep because of the Russian-Ukrainian
conflict, here are pieces of advice, to calm yourself.
Firstly, imagine this is happening in Africa. Imagine
it's happening in the Middle East. Imagine Ukraine 
as Palestine. Imagine Russia is the United States.''

Karl Marx from ‘Capital: A Critique 
of Political Economy, Volume I’: 
''The discovery of gold and silver in America, the
expiration, enslavement and entombment in 
mines, of the indigenous population of that 
continent, the beginnings of the conquest 
and plunder of India, and the conversion 
of Africa, into a preserve for the 
commercial hunting of black
skins.. are all things which 
characterize the dawn of 
the era of capitalist 
''These idyllic proceedings, are the chief moments 
of primitive accumulation. The different moments 
of primitive accumulation -- can be assigned in 
particular to Spain, Portugal, Holland, France, 
and England, in more or less chronological 
order. These moments are systematically
combined together ...at the end of the 
seventeenth century in England;- the 
combination embraces the colonies, 
the national debt....  the modern tax 
system --------------- and the system of 
protection. These methods depend
in part on brute force, for example, 
the colonial system. But, they all 
employ the power of the state --- 
the concentrated and organised 
force of society, to hasten, hot-
house fashion, the process of 
transformation of the feudal 
mode of production into the 
capitalist mode ---- and to 
shorten the transition.'' 

 President Putin:  ''The situation in the world is changing dynamically  and the outlines of a multipolar world order --- are  takingshape. An increasing number of countries  and peoples are choosing a path of free and  sovereign development based on thei

Chinese Foreign Ministry:
''85 percent of the world's population 
- has not imposed sanctions against 
Russia: only the majority represent
the international community." 

President Putin:
''The situation in the world is changing dynamically, 
and the outlines of a multipolar world order --- are 
taking shape. An increasing number of countries 
and peoples - are choosing a path of free and 
sovereign development based on their own 
distinct identity, traditions and values.''
''These objective processes... are being opposed by the
Western globalist elites, who provoke chaos, fanning
long-standing & new conflicts, and pursuing the so-
called containment policy, which, in fact, amounts 
to the subversion.. of any alternative, sovereign 
development options. Thus -- they are doing all 
they can, to keep hold onto the hegemony and 
power that are slipping from their hands; they 
are attempting to retain countries & peoples 
in a grip of what is essentially a neocolonial 
order. Their hegemony.. means stagnation
the rest of the world & for the entire 
civilisation; it means obscurantism, 
the cancellation of culture, and 
neoliberal totalitarianism.''

Timothy Leary (1920-1996):
"Almost everyone today is brain-damaged 
by our education, which is designed to 
produce docile automatons."

General Sherman, told his wife his purpose: 
''Extermination --- not of soldiers alone, that is 
the least part of the trouble --- but the people.''

Historian Lee Kennett, in 
his biography of Sherman:
“Had the Confederates somehow won, had their 
victory put them in position to bring their chief 
opponents before some sort of tribunal, they 
would have found themselves justified in 
stringing up President Lincoln and the 
entire Union high command --- for 
violation of the laws of war --- 
specifically, for waging war 
against noncombatants.”

Jeremy Kuzmarov:
“Former Bolivian President Evo Morales calls
for a global campaign --- to eliminate NATO.”

 Evo Morales:
“Julian Assange's detention --- represents an escalation, 
an intimidation: so that all the crimes against humanity
committed by the different governments of the United
States --- are never revealed. So many interventions,
many invasions, so much looting.”

Milagros Pichardo Pérez: 

''Even the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López
Obrador, directly asked his counterpart, Joe Biden, 
to release the founder of the WikiLeaks portal, to 
whom he "opens the doors of his country," and 
described him as "the best journalist of our 
time." He also considered, that the 
treatment he has received, only 
"for denouncing human rights 
violations", is worse than 
that of a criminal.''

The UN special rapporteur on torture, Nils Melzer, 
says Assange has suffered psychological torture: 
"How far have we sunk?" 

Robert Penn Warren wrote in his 1960 book:
“The Northerner, with his Treasury of Virtue, caused 
by his victory in the Civil War, feels as though he has 
an indulgence; a plenary indulgence, for all sins past
present & future. This indulgence is the justification 
for our crusades of 1917-1918 and 1941-1945, and 
our diplomacy of righteousness, with the slogan 
of unconditional surrender and universal 
rehabilitation --- for others.

 Thomas DiLorenzo:
''Lincoln’s war destroyed the voluntary union of 
the founding fathers and replaced it with an 
involuntary union held together by threat 
of invasion, bloodshed, conquest, 
and subjugation.''

Evo Morales:
“They think that some countries are the property 
of other nations. They think God put them there, 
so the world belongs to the U.S. and the UK. 
That’s why the rebellions and the 
uprisings will continue.”

Evo Morales:
“In politics we must ask ourselves: Are we with the
people or are we with the empire? If we are with
the people, we make a country; if we are with 
the empire, we make money. If we are with 
the people, we fight for life, for humanity; 
if we are with the empire, we are with 
the politics of death, the culture of 
death, interventions and pillaging 
of the people. That is what we 
ask ourselves as humans, 
as leaders: ‘Are we 
at the service of 
our people?’”

Yves Smith of 'Naked Capitalism':
“Despite the aggressive Western sanctions…....  Russia
has been very restrained, as far as counter-measures
are concerned. So, after loudly saying that the EU
wants nothing to do with Russian energy, or 
Russian pipelines... the EU should hardly 
be upset, if Russia is tired of laboring 
not to give them what they asked
for, an economic divorce. The 
problem is, Europe is now 
upset, that it’s getting 
what it acted like
it wanted.”

Catherine the Great, of Russia:
''A man ought to form, in his own mind, an exact
and clear Idea of what liberty is. Liberty is the
right --- of doing whatsoever the laws allow: 
and if any one citizen could do what the
aws forbid --- there would be no more 
liberty; because others would have 
an equal power of doing
the same.''  

''I would have loved to have been a 
rock n' roll star. But none of us
musical, and none of us
had any 

Jim Rickards:
“The economies of the US and the EU are in, or very
near to, recession. Inflation is out of control in the
West and commodity shortages will lead quickly 
to food shortages and more empty shelves in
supermarkets… as economic sanctions 
have backfired - with protests turning 
up at all spots in the global supply 
chain - including railways, 
trucking, warehouses, 
and ports…”

US Senator Lindsey Graham: 
"I like the path we are on. As long as we
help Ukraine with the weapons it needs 
and economic support, it will fight to 
the last man."

Jim Rickards:
“Almost everything you heard ---- about the 
war in Ukraine from US media.. was a lie.”

 Ex President of Ukraine Poroshenko 
who signed the Minsk Agreements:
“When I was signing it, I never intended to implement
it. We just needed more time - to get more weapons
from the West - in order to enable us to resolve the
problem of the Ukrainian East by the use of force.”

Martin Jay: 
"The once-golden relationship between the US 
and the EU is also coming to an end. A game 
of accusations will begin ---- which will be 
carefully developed over several weeks
in the media. The West needs to get 
out of the conflict in Ukraine and 
it needs a good reason to 
turn around."
What kids in the late 1940s used 
to sing, on the May day marches:
''Go home yankee, yankee go home!
We don’t want you anymore.
For the way of life you sell
Doesn’t suit us very well
And it wasn’t Errol Flynn 
that won the war!''

Rachel Marsden: 
“The conflict in Ukraine, risks creating the ultimate
nightmare for Western elites: an alternative group 
of allies, over which the West has no control, but 
with the capacity to offer opportunities that are
competitive with what their own governments 
or countries are offering… Western elites are 
doubling down in Ukraine to save the world 
order --- that protects their own selfish 
interests --- thinking that it’s the way 
to prevent... a parallel option from 
emerging. It’s as simple as that.
And they don’t care, if it’s the 
average citizen who has to 
pay the price”.

Camilo José Cela:
''There are two kinds of man: 
the ones who make history - 
and the ones who endure it.''

Dmitry Medvedev:
“Washington - in tandem with London - conned the
Europeans like a couple of shell-game tricksters.” 

Sergey Lavrov: 
“The European economy is impacted -- more than
anything else. The stats show that 40 percent 
of the damage caused by sanctions is borne 
by the EU --- whereas the damage to the 
United States is less than 1 percent.”

"My love is deep and wide like that of the sky. 
My only morality is to fight slavery.
 I do not care for the restrictions of caste or creed.
 I only know humanity and its service"

 Richard Price:
''Tremble, all ye oppressors of the world! Take warning,
all ye supporters of 
slavish governments, and slavish 
hierarchies! Call no more (absurdly and wickedly) 
reformation, innovation. You cannot now hold 
the world in darkness. Restore to mankind..
their rights; 
and consent to the correction
of abuses, 
before they and you are

Thomas Carlyle:
“Make yourself an honest man, and then 
you may be sure that there is one less 
scoundrel in the world.”

Eric Zuesse, on post-soviet US aims:
''President GHW Bush, secretly informed America’s
allies, starting on February 24th in 1990, “To hell 
with that! We prevailed, they didn’t” ie, “they still 
need to be totally and humiliatingly defeated 
by us; they need to be conquered.” This --- 
is the reality. No myth. America’s foreign 
policies are laser-focused on crippling if 
not destroying, all possible competitors.
Especially, all nations in Europe need 
to know this, and to reverse course 
because of it. Because --- if they 
don’t, then Europe’s economies 
will be crushed this coming 
winter, in order to keep up 
the US Government’s lies. 
It is.. their choice. Either 
continuing as American 
vassal-nations, or else, 
making a fundamental 
turn, toward freedom 
and justice.''

Martin Armstrong: 
“There is no way they can get out of this, other than
by default. If they default, they are worried about 
millions of people -- storming the parliaments of
Europe. This is really a tremendous financial 
crisis that we are facing. They have been 
borrowing year after year, since WWII ---
with zero intention of paying 
anything back.”

Angelo Giliano, Financial & Political Analyst:
''What the collective West needs to take into account
  now is ---- that they are not alone. They need to stop 
their imperialist way of approaching how they see 
the world. They tend to say the global world, but 
when they say the global world, they only mean 
maybe 15% of the population. But the problem 
now is, that they don't have the weight they 
used to have and they need to take into 
account that you have an emergent 
world and they are - we are - 
living in the last days of 
the imperialistic West.''

Cynthia Chung:
''Russia’s proclaimed support... in its letters to Lincoln,
would be put to the test - during the 
summer of 1863.
By then the South’s invasion 
of the North had failed
at Gettysburg and the 
violent anti-war New York
 draft riots also 
failed, and Britain - as a result -
was thinking 
of a direct military intervention
--- with the 
backing of France.

''What would follow, 
marks one of the greatest displays
support for another country’s sovereignty, to
ever occur in modern history. The Russian
Navy arrived on both the 
east and west
coastlines of the US in 
late September
and early October, in 1863. 

''The timing was highly coordinated.... due to intelligence
reports of when 
Britain and France were intending their 
military action. The Russian navy would stay along the
US coastline... 
in support of the Union, for 7 months! 
They never intervened in the American civil war but
rather.....  remained in 
its waters, at the behest of
Lincoln in 
case of a foreign power’s interference.

''If Russia had not done this, Britain and France would
most certainly, have 
intervened on the Confederate 
states behalf -- as they made clear they would and
the US 
-- would have most certainly broken in two.
At that point i
t was Russia’s direct naval support
that allowed the 
US to remain whole.''

US ''Defense'' Secretary, Lloyd Austin:
“The range of HIMARS, our GMLRS round, is 80 
kilometres and so that’s pretty good reach. It 
has allowed and will continue to allow, to get 
after those longer-range targets that they’ve
been unable to reach.”

Michael Hudson:
The philosophy of the IMF ever since world war II is
when third world countries can’t pay the debt, the 
IMF comes in with an austerity program and says 
you have to lower wages -- you have to break up 
labour unions, if necessary you have to have a
democracy, and you can’t have a democracy 
unless you’re willing to assassinate and 
arrest the labour leaders and the 
advocates of land redistribution 
...because a democracy means 
basically, rule by the financial
sector centred in the US. So.. 
finance capitalism ever since 
WWI and especially WWII and 
especially since 1980, is the 
nationalistic doctrine of US
banks and the US 1%, and 
the US financial sector ----
that's sort of merged into 
a symbiotic unit with the 
finance, insurance and 
real estate.''
''In other words, finance capitalism instead of trying 
to promote overall economic growth for the 99%,
instead of financing the industrialization of an
economy, with rising productivity and rising 
living standards, is now cannibalizing the 
industrial sector, and cannibalizing the 
corporate sector. As you’re seeing 
in the U.S., finance capitalism 
is the economic doctrine of 
deindustrialization... that 
has occurred in the US,
in England, and is now 
occurring in Europe.''

Michael Hudson:
''You need a strong enough government to check the
 power of an oligarchy and to prevent a creditor 
landowner oligarchy from developing. And 
libertarians... while pretending to be for 
liberty, they’re for a centrally planned 
economy --- but a centrally planned 
economy by the oligarchy, by the 
financial sector, and by the real 
estate owners. So every 
economy is planned. 
And the question is, 
who’s going to do
 the planning?''

Daniel Ortega, Sandinista:
''We are a poor country that wants to take the efforts
and resources.... now being invested in defense of 
the revolution and invest it in tractors and plows.
Imperialism cannot conceive of a free people, 
a sovereign people, an independent people. 
Because, simply and plainly, for them,
people is nothing more than
empty phrase.''

Michael Hudson:
''What you call the bad guys.. always call themselves
the good guys. What you call evil, calls itself good. 
So the question is, what kind of good guys you’re
going to have? The good guys that want to blow
up the world and impoverish society, which is 
what neoliberalism says are the good guys, 
or the good guys for the 99%, which 
America says are autocracies,
that we have to fight?''

Femi Akomolafe:
''Why are Westerners so dumb, that they 
cannot ask where their leaders... who 
can’t find the money to repair their 
shattered economies, suddenly 
find the money to provide 
weapons to Nazis,
in Ukraine?''

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov: 
“Our special military operation -- is meant to put an end
to the unabashed expansion
and the unabashed drive
full domination - by the US and its Western 
subjects on the world stage. This domination... is
built on gross 
violations of international law and
under some rules 
which they are now hyping
so much, 
and which they make up on a
case-by-case basis.”

Frantz Fanon: 
“When I search for Man in the technique and 
the style of Europe, I see only a succession 
of negations of man --- and an avalanche of 
murders. Leave this Europe where they are 
never done talking of Man, yet murder men
everywhere they find them, at the corner 
of every one of their own streets... in all 
the corners of the globe. For centuries 
they have stifled almost the whole of 
humanity in the name of a so-called 
spiritual experience. Look at them 
today, swaying between atomic 
and spiritual disintegration.”

June the 9th, in 1537, Pope 
Paul III's Bull Sublimis Deus:
''We...  who, although indignant, exercise the power of 
Our Lord on earth -- and fight by all means -- to bring 
the lost herd to the fold that has been entrusted to 
us nevertheless consider that the Indians are true
men and, that they are not only capable of under-
standing the Catholic faith, but, according to our 
information ...notwithstanding what has been 
said, or is said to the contrary, such Indians 
and all those who are later discovered by 
the Christians, may not be deprived of 
their LIBERTY BY ANY MEANS, nor of 
their properties, even if they are not 
in the faith of Jesus Christ; and of 
their properties and they will not 
be slaves, and everything that 
is done will be null and void.''

Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban 
on anti-Russian sanctions:
“Initially, I thought we had only shot ourselves in
the foot, but now it is clear, that the European
economy has shot itself in the lungs and it
is gasping for air. What we see right now,
is unbearable.” 

Ben Okri:
 "We have to find a new art and a new 
psychology, to penetrate the apathy 
and denial that are preventing us 
making the changes that are 
inevitable if our world is 
to survive."

Caitlin Johnstone:
''The majority of Americans think it’s just fine 
to use AR-15s (assault rifles) on foreigners....
it’s just not okay to use them on Americans.''

''Correction is grievous to him that 
forsakes the way: and he that 
hates reproof, shall die.”

Pepe Escobar:
“Geopolitically, and geoeconomically, 
Russia and China are in the process 
of eating NATOstan alive.”

CPRF Head, Gennady Zyuganov:
“We have a well-developed programme for new
industrialisation and innovations. I presented 
to you the programme of a new university 
created by Zhores Alferov, which today 
shows examples of how to train 
students of the future.”

Rosa Luxemburg:
''The fight is between 
socialism... and 

Arnold Joseph Toynbee:
''Of the 22 civilizations that have 
appeared in history, 19 of them 
collapsed when they reached
the moral state the US is 
in now.”

President Putin:
''The march of history is unstoppable 
and the attempts of the West to foist
its New World Order on the world 
are doomed to failure.''

Frederick Engels:
‘‘The fact is that there is no army in either Europe 
or America with so much brutality as the British. 
Plundering, Violence, Massacres – things that 
everywhere else are strictly and completely 
banished – are a time-honored privilege, a 
vested right of the British soldier … The 
sack of Lucknow (India) in 1858, will 
remain an everlasting disgrace to 
the British military service.’’

Tommy Cooper:
“You know, somebody actually complimented 
me on my driving today. They left a little note
 on the windscreen, it said 'Parking Fine.'”

Vladimir Putin:
"They should have realized that they 
would lose from the very beginning 
of our special military operation, 
because this operation also 
means the beginning of 
a radical breakdown 
of the US-style 
world order."

Cesar Chavez here:
''Though many of the poor.. have come to see 
the affluent middle class as its enemy, that 
class actually stands between the poor 
and the real powers in this society - 
the administrative octopus with
 its head in Washington, the 
conglomerates, the 
military complex.''

Marshall Berman:
''We come from ruins, 
but we're not ruined.'

Zhuang Zhou, (Zhuangzi): 
“Flow with whatever may happen 
...and let your mind be free: 
Stay centred by accepting 
whatever you are doing. 
This, is the ultimate.”

 Zhuang Zhou, (Zhuangzi): 
“The wise man knows that it is better to sit
on the banks of a remote mountain stream
than to be emperor of the whole world.”

Jesus Prayer - Prayer of the Heart:
"Lord Jesus Christ Son of God,
 have mercy on me, a sinner."

Zhuang Zhou, (Zhuangzi): 
“A path is made by walking on it.”

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov:
''From now on, we will never 
trust the Americans 
or the EU.''

Blair T. Longley:
''Money can never stop being measurement backed 
by murder. However, the successfulness of that
depends upon most people not understanding 
that, and not wanting to understand that.''

Blogger, re Assange:
“Mainstream journalism died not in a prison cell, 
not from a bullet in the head, not in a car 
explosion, not even hacked up in a 
Saudi consulate. It died the day it 
chose complicity by letting the 
best of them slip away into 
silence and oblivion.”

Dmitry Medvedev:
"Nobody in their right mind, wants higher prices 
and taxes, mounting tension along the borders,
Iskanders, hypersonic weapons, or ships with 
nukes a stone’s throw... from their house.
hope that the common sense of
neighbours eventually prevails. 
Yet if not, then, as they say, 
"they started it."

Pepe Escobar:
''NATO will continue to help Kiev to fight 
until the last Ukrainian cannon fodder.''

Fabio Vighi: 
“The purpose of the Ukrainian emergency... is 
to keep the money printer switched on while 
blaming Putin for the worldwide economic 
downturn. The war.. serves the opposite 
aim of what we are told: not to defend 
Ukraine but to prolong the conflict 
and nourish inflation - in a bid to 
defuse cataclysmic risk in the 
debt market, which would 
spread like wildfire 
across the whole 
financial sector.”

Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister:
''When the Second World War was
about to start --- 
Hitler gathered
most of the European countries 
under his banner.''
''Now the EU and NATO are also gathering
the same 
modern coalition for the fight,
and, by and large, 
for war with the
Russian Federation. We will 
look at this very carefully.''

Pepe Escobar:
''The European Commission is totally outside of any
sort of control. That’s how a stunning mediocrity 
like Ursula von der Leyen – previously the worst
Minister of Defense of modern Germany – was
catapulted upwards to become the current 
EC Fuhrer, dictating their foreign, energy 
and even economic policy.''

President Putin:
“…there is no middle way between being 
a sovereign country and a colony, no 
matter what you call a colony.” 

Alva Myrdal:
''The world, generally speaking, is now drifting on 
a more and more devastating course towards the
absurd target of extermination - or rather, to be 
more exact - of the northern hemisphere's
towns, fields, and the people who have
developed our civilization.''

Alva Myrdal:
''It does not just happen. It is disclosed by science that
practically one-half of trained intellectual resources
are being mobilized for murderous purposes.'' 

''We've always been at war with Eurasia.
We've never been at war with Eurasia.
Good news, brothers and sisters, 
this week's chocolate ration 
has gone up, from 
120 grams, to
98 grams!''

The smelly hippie:
''The best time to plant a tree, was 
20 years ago.. the other best time 
is now.''

Kim Il-sung:
“It is wrong to try to avoid the struggle 
against imperialism, under the pretext 
that independence and revolution are
important, but that peace... is still 
more precious. Peace secured 
by slavish submission, is 
not peace.”

Susan B. Anthony:
"Cautious, careful people, always 
casting about to preserve their 
reputations... can never effect 
a reform."

US commentator on The Saker:
''The world is being turned upside down, at a pace that is
simply breathtaking. I live in a small, rural Kansas farm
community and, thanks to media.. from TV to 
the cultural blitzkrieg has hit --- even here. 
In our
high school are not only “trans” 
students... but
“furries” — there are 3 
girls who “identify” 
as CATS. Thanks to the recent Biden
we now have to figure out, if
we’re willing to 
cancel the school
lunch program... in 
order to keep
boys out of girls’ rest
rooms and
off the 
girls sports teams.

Thanks to smartphones children’s minds are being
and occupied by the same satanic
forces - 
that dominate the coasts. No safe
anywhere. A 13-year-old boy here
who'd had his 
mind warped by online
tormented, tortured
and raped.... a 13
year old girl.
Right here, 
in our little rural
No more Mayberry.
And it happened

The 57th Motorized Infantry Brigade of Ukraine:
''We have big problems: with food, water, medical
supplies and the treatment of the wounded and
sick. We did not have any heavy weapons. The 
enemy’s heavy artillery, worked on us all day, 
& there was no response from our artillery. 
We all have various contusions or injuries 
we received.. in combat positions. There 
are many people.. with chronic diseases. 
We could no longer continue our service. 
We want to protect our homeland but we 
have a lot of problems that need to be 
solved and cured - now. We could not 
get this.. from the management. We 
will now be heading to the hospital 
for treatment. We express --- our 
distrust ---- to the leadership of 
the brigade --- the leadership 
of the battalion, as we have
a feeling... that they just 
want to dispose of us.''

President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev:
''Ensuring efficiency in public administration, 
introducing open government institutions, 
developing e-services, and fighting 
against corruption, are the main 
directions of state policy.''

Khosrow Golsorkhi:
''Why should it fit any literary school. Why imprison our 
poetry, which is our only effective art form, in literary
and stylistic schools? The place of a poem.. is not in
libraries, but in tongues and minds. Literature must 
retain the role it always had in social movements, 
for us too...  in the displacement of social order, 
and fulfill it. The role of literature is to awaken. 
The role of progressive literature is to create 
social movements and to help attain the
goals of the historic development 
of peoples."

Eugenio Maria de Hostos:
''Nearly all human beings love, but
 nearly none know how to love.''

Ramin Razaheri:
''Modern political history... begins in 1789,
because it begins with the fight against 
the absolute autocracy of monarchy &
humanity’s shift towards greater and 
greater democracy. It doesn't begin 
in 1688... with England’s Glorious 
Revolution, because all that faux
-revolution did, was legitimise 
monarchical oligarchy, which 
still exists today in England, 
in Saudi Arabia, in Morocco 
and in all the monarchies,
because that --- is what 
monarchy is: collusion 
on behalf of a few --- 
against democracy, 
equality, and 

Alva Myrdal:
''If only the authorities could be made to realize that 
the forces leading them on in the armament race, 
are just insane.''

Soame Jenyns:
''Great men whilst living must expect disgraces,
Dead, they're ador'd - when none desire 
their places.'' 

Marcus Tullius Cicero:
“Politicians are not born; they are excreted.”

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte:
“In terms of weaponry, we stand united here: 
that it is crucial for Russia to lose the war.  
As we can't have a direct confrontation 
between NATO troops... and Russia, 
what we need to do is make sure 
that Ukraine can fight that war, 
that it has access to all the 
necessary weaponry.”

The President of Mexico:
“How easy it is to say: ‘There, I send so 
much money for weapons, I provide the 
weapons and you provide the dead.’ 
It is immoral.”

Maria Zakharova, at the Saint 
Petersburg Economic Forum:
“If you’re looking for media objectivity, 
best not focus on the West’s portrayal 
of Ukraine.”

Edmund Burke on Western Liberal Democracy
as practiced in France's Third Estate, in 1790:
“Judge, Sir, my surprise when I found that a very great
proportion of the assembly (a majority, I believe, of 
the members who attended) ...was composed of
practitioners in... the law. Who could conceive 
that men who are habitually meddling, daring, 
subtle, active, of litigious dispositions, and 
unquiet minds... would easily fall back into 
their old condition of obscure contention - 
and laborious low, unprofitable chicanery. 
Who could doubt but that, at any expense 
to the state - of which, they understood 
nothing - they must pursue their private
interests, which they understand, but 
too well.” 

Karl Marx on Western Liberal Democracy 
as practiced in the United States:
“Nowhere do ‘politicians’ form a more separate,
powerful section of the nation, than in North 
America. There, each of the 2 great parties 
which, alternately, succeed each other in 
power, is itself --- in turn --- controlled by 
people who make a business of politics, 
who speculate on seats - in legislative
assemblies of the Union, as well as of 
the separate states - or who make a 
living... by carrying on agitation for 
their party and, on its victory, are
rewarded with positions.”

Joe Stalin: 
“Social Democracy and fascism, 
are not opposites, they
are twins.” 

Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker blog:
''A common Western Liberal Democratic criticism of
the parliaments of Cuba, Iran, China, etc...  is that 
there are too many people who are “unqualified”. 
They are accused of this, because they lack 
university degrees, whereas, in socialist-
inspired democracy, morality, devotion 
to the people and grassroots esteem, 
are seen as good qualifications for 
public office.''

Dominique Pire:
''Whether or not, one has won the 
Nobel Prize, each of us living in 
contact with our fellowmen,
feels a joint responsibility 
for all forms of suffering, 
both physical and moral.''

Joseph the Hymnographer: 
The things of the earth, in the earth let us lay;
The ashes with ashes, the dust with the clay:
But lift up the heart and the eyes and the love,
O lift up the soul to the regions above!

Edward Abbey:
''Our 'neoconservatives' are neither new nor 
conservative, but old as Bablyon and evil 
as Hell.''

Jose Marti:
''Man is not free to watch impassively 
the enslavement and dishonour of 
men, nor their struggles for 
liberty and honour.''

Head of R.F.'s Negotiations on Military Security 
& Arms Control in Vienna, Konstantin Gavrilov:
(If) “howitzers, HIMARS and MLRS (strike)
Russia, the response against decision-
making centres - will be immediate - 
not ruling out anything anymore.”

Bruce Lee:
“If you love life, don’t waste time, 
for time is what life is made up of.” 

Michael Hudson, economist:
''I suspect that a new world economic system 
is emerging. If it succeeds, the last century – 
since the end of World War I and the mess it 
left – will seem like a long detour of history, 
now returning to what seemed to be...  the 
basic social ideals of classical economics
 – a market free from rent-seeking 
landlords, monopolies and 
predatory finance.''

Charles Dickens:
''The American elite is almost beyond
redemption... Moral relativism has 
set in so deeply...  that the gilded 
classes have become incapable 
of discerning right from wrong. 
Everything can be explained 
away... especially by

 A Living Sacrifice:
Romans 12 vs 1-2
1. Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of
God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice,
holy and pleasing to God — this is 
true and proper worship. 
2. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be
transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then 
you will be able to test and approve what God’s
will is — his good, pleasing and perfect will.
Multi-billionaire Ted Turner, in 1996:
“A total population of 250-300 million 
people, a 95 percent decline from 
present levels, would be ideal.”
Henry Kissinger:
“Who controls the food supply, controls
the people; who controls the energy, 
can control whole continents; who 
controls money, can control 
the world.”
John Kenneth Galbraith:
“The process by which money is created 
is so simple, that the mind is repelled.”
''To protect the value of the government’s 
paper currency - you have to redeem it in 
taxes, and burn the revenues generated.''
''In 1961 every nation in Africa produced 
more than 100% of its own food supply,
today... almost none of them do. What 
happened? The IMF and the World 
Bank. For ''loans'', they had to
introduce ''austerity',' and
privatise everything, and 
then --- convert to cash
crops to feed the US.''
Michael Hudson:
''The choice confronting Global South countries: 
to starve, by paying their foreign bondholders &
bankers, or to announce, as a basic principle of
international law: 'As sovereign countries, we 
put our survival above the aim of enriching 
foreign creditors, who have made loans 
that have gone bad, as a result of their 
choice to wage a new Cold War. As for 
the destructive neoliberal advice that 
the IMF & World Bank have given us... 
their austerity plans were destructive
instead of helpful. Therefore, their 
loans have gone bad. As such, 
they have become odious.'''
Aleksey Zhuravko:
“The leaders of the West themselves created the
illusion of universal support for Zelensky, but in 
reality he looks like a donkey, in front of which
they constantly hold a “carrot”, which
invariably slips away. In fact, both 
him and the whole country, 
are simply being led to 
the slaughter.” 
Aleksey Zhuravko:
“They understand very well --- that all the “red lines”
drawn by Vladimir Putin, have long been crossed, 
so there is nothing to be ashamed of. After all,
in the end, it will still be up to Russia and its 
partners to restore Ukraine. Therefore, the 
goal of the West is to inflict maximum 
damage on this country. Ukraine 
can only be given - some penny 
loans for restoration, but with 
a mandatory repayment and 
at crazy interest rates.”
Batiushka, for the Saker Blog:
''Today the seven billion people of the Non-Western
world.... are ranged against the one billion of the
Western world. All the international foundations 
- the UN, IMF, WHO etc, are going to be remade. 
Why should some of them, at least, not be 
headquartered in Russia? Either in Saint 
Petersburg, or in Ekaterinburg, or in 
the Crimea.''
Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Security 
Council of the Russian Federation, June 3rd:
''The special operation in Ukraine has brought 
the confrontation between Russia & Western 
countries, led by the US, to a climax. Battles 
are going on, not only in the vast spaces of 
the Ukraine, but also in the economic, 
political and cultural spheres. The 
style of the Anglo-Saxons has not 
changed for centuries. And so... 
today they continue to dictate 
their terms to the world, 
boorishly trampling on 
the sovereign rights 
of States.''
Silvio Berlusconi, Il Giornale, June 4th:
''What the Ukrainian crisis has shown us, is that
the West is isolated from the rest of the world, 
and this is an alarm call for the present,
especially, for the future.''
St. John Chrysostom:
“The road to hell...  is paved with the skulls
erring priests, with bishops as
their signposts.” 

Michael Eric Dyson:
''I don't believe in that kind of American John Wayne
individualism, where people pull themselves up by 
their bootstraps. Someone changed your diapers.
And if that's the case, you ain't self-made.''

''American roulette: this is the correct name for 
so-called ‘Russian roulette’. It never existed in 
Russia, but was invented by a US writer for a 
work of fiction in 1937. Presumably he gave 
it the Russian name, as it sounded ‘exotic’ 
to him. Another crazy racist Russophobic 
invention, that only gun-obsessed 
cowboys, with their cult of 
violence, could think up.'' 

Alexander Perendzhiev:
“Such weapons and military equipment supplied by the
United States to official Kyiv pose a direct threat not
only to the Russian regions bordering Ukraine, but 
also directly to Moscow itself and to the Central
macroregion of the Russian Federation.. as a 
whole. That is, such a supply of weapons is 
an attempt.. to carry out direct aggression 
against our country from the parties.. are 
no longer Ukraine, but the United States! 
It is precisely in this way --- and not 
otherwise --- that these actions of 
official Washington... should 
be considered.”

Bernard Le Bovier de Fontenelle:
''It takes time to ruin a world, 
but time is all it takes.''

Mary Ritter Beard:
“Despite the modern dogma to the effect that 
women were a subject sex --- until the 19th 
century 'emancipated' them from history, 
women - in history - had demonstrated 
strong wills and purposes, had made 
assertions, and had directed or 
influenced all human destiny, 
including their own, since 
human life began.”

Chelsea Manning:
''Read everything. Ask your own questions. 
Be your own filter. Nobody is going to look 
at the world around you and tell you what 
important things are happening... that 
affect you and the ones you love.''

Marina Silva:
“Now more than ever, we need sustainable
development.. and not the kind of develop
-ment that we are seeing right now... That 
means, a country that is environmentally
sustainable, politically democratic, 
and socially developed”.

German chancellor Scholz, in Davos:
''Putin can never win in Ukraine because it is 
already obvious: that he could not achieve
a single one of his goals in Ukraine.''

Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov: 
''The arrogance of the Anglo-Saxon alliance... has no
limits. We are offered evidence of that...  every day. 
Instead of delivering on their obligations under the 
UN Charter and honouring, as is written in this 
charter -- the sovereign equality of states and
abstaining from interfering in their domestic 
affairs -- the West churns out ultimatums 
every day, issuing them through their 
ambassadors or envoys, to each - 
without exception - capital and, 
in so doing, blatantly black-
mailing them.''

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian:
''Since the 1980s, the US has withdrawn from 17
international organizations or treaties, including 
the UN Human Rights Council, the World Health 
Organization, the United Nations Educational,
Scientific and Cultural Organization, the Paris 
Agreement, the Iran nuclear deal... the Arms 
Trade Treaty, the INF Treaty, the Open Skies 
Treaty, among others.  Such a country, now
shamelessly disguises itself... as a referee 
of international rules --- shining a spotlight 
on where others come short, while turning
a blind eye to its outright violations. When 
US politicians eloquently cite the United 
Nations Convention on the Law of the 
Sea, to criticize other countries, are 
they aware of the fact that the US 
is not even a state party to 
the Convention?''

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian:
''The US is the top saboteur of the international order,
sticks to US centrism & exceptionalism and wantonly
withdraws from treaties, and organizations. It refuses
to sign or ratify the United Nations Convention on the 
Rights of the Child and Convention on the Elimination
of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, voted
against the Global Compact for Migration and the
Global Compact on Refugees, and remains the 
sole party obstructing negotiations for a 
verification protocol to the Biological 
Weapons Convention.'' 

Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov: 
''In 2015, the war in Donbass unleashed by the new
Ukrainian authorities who seized power in the
coup, was stopped. The Minsk agreements
were signed 
and guaranteed... by France
and Germany. All these 
years we called
on Kiev to honour its commitments.
Since the West had the decisive
influence on it we 
also worked
with the Europeans and the
Americans, appealing
to their conscience.
   have no conscience.''

Bill Hicks:
''Just a simple choice, right now, between fear 
and love. The eyes of fear, want you to put 
bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, 
close yourself off. The eyes of love,
instead, see all of us, as one.''

Valentin Varennikov:
"I have five reasons to love China: first, the Chinese
people are outstanding people, and China has a 
long history and culture; second, she has an 
amazing development rate today; third, the 
Chinese people have never threatened 
anyone, but the Chinese people have 
war brought to them by aggressors. 
However, they finally defeated the 
aggressors and embarked on 
the road of national 
 ''Fourth, China is our great neighbour... and China and
 Russia have traditional friendship. Fifth, the Chinese
 leaders - trained by the Communist Party of China - 
led the Chinese people to find the right direction 
of development in the world economic 
development system.''

Napoleon Bonaparte:
“The amateurs discuss tactics: the 
professionals discuss logistics.”

Pope Rodrigo Borgia (Alexander 6th): 
“Kill, enslave and rob non-whites.”

Deputy chair of the Russian Security Council, 
former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev:
“Any peace proposal built purely in the interest 
of NATO and the Western world order, should 
simply be ignored. Or rather, their authors... 
should be told to go in a certain direction.

President Kennedy:
“We all breathe the same air. We all cherish 
our children’s future. And we are all mortal.”

Christopher Black, international criminal lawyer:
''The struggle --- to defeat the fascists who control the
west will be difficult and we face the risk of common
destruction. But, they will not succeed. They are not
bleeding Russia dry in a war of attrition, as they like
to claim. It is the USA and its allies that are being 
bled dry by their own decisions and actions. It 
is that which can make them dangerous, for 
fascists are always dangerous. They 
must be stopped. They are our 
common enemy. Russia --- will 
stop them. We must support
that struggle. Our own 
future and well being 
depends on it.''

Nadezhda Krupskaya:
"We should try to link our personal lives 
with the cause for which we struggle, 
with the cause of building 

Tommy Cooper:
“A policeman stopped me and said:
Would you please blow into this bag,
sir? I said: What for, officer? He
said: My chips are too hot.”

 Bertolt Brecht: 
“The belly is still fertile, from 
which the foul beast sprang.” 


Christopher Black, international criminal lawyer:
''The new wave of fascism cannot overcome the rock
of progress and moral integrity, nor the will, of the
people of Russia, of China, of Cuba, of Syria, 
Vietnam, Venezuela, Iran, of India and South
Africa, of Egypt and Algeria, of the entire 
Middle East and Latin America, of Africa 
whose peoples are tired of colonialism 
and imperialism who see that the time 
of the West has come and gone... as 
they rise to face the common 
challenges of the world.''

Jules Renard:
''If I were to begin life again,
 I should want it as it was. 
I would only open my 
eyes a little more.''

Christopher Black, international criminal lawyer:
''The road to war... is a dead end for the West. It did not
solve or alleviate their situation in either of the world
wars. And the defeat of fascist forces, mainly by the
Red Army in 1945, did not end fascism in the west.
It just laid low, was unfashionable for a while, 
lurked in dark corners in Canada, the
S, Britain, France and Germany, 
Australia, Japan and
Latin America.''

Caitlin Johnstone:
“We live in a Narrative Matrix controlled by 
Plutocratic and Military Institutions, who
created an illusion of democracy.”  
Christopher Black, international criminal lawyer:
''The European egocentric and ignorant view of'
themselves as the superior beings of the world, 
which arose out of their ignorance of the world
and the dogmatism of the Catholic Church, and 
the later promotion by the Protestants of the 
individual as all important, instead of the 
collective society, which denied the 
identity of each with all and with 
nature, created a society that 
regarded others as outside 
them, and so, were not of 
them, but instead, things 
to be used and exploited 
just as they have used 
and exploited... the 
planet as a whole.''

Caitlin Johnstone:
“Who controls the Narrative controls the World.” 

Christopher Black, international criminal lawyer:
''The rise of fascism in Italy, then Germany, France, 
Spain and in the USA and Britain, during the 1930’s 
was due to the decision to use any and all methods 
to secure their control over the world. Mussolini, 
Hitler and Franco, were given support in Europe 
by industrial and financial capital. Japan was 
encouraged to attack Russia and China.
Fascism was the reaction of a pending 
collapse of the west, to try to save 
itself, in a desperate and futile 
attempt... that continues

Jules Renard:

''Laziness... is nothing more than the 
habit of resting before you get tired.''

Nadezhda Krupskaya:
''Soviet power, at the head of which, Ilyich then 
stood, was faced with the problem of creating 
a type of state machinery, such as the world 
had never before seen, one which relied on 
the masses... and which would remake the 
entire social fabric in a new, socialist way 
and reshape all human relations. First of 
all however, it was necessary to defend 
Soviet power --- against the enemy's 
attempts to overthrow it by force, 
and to undermine it from within. 
We had to strengthen our ranks.''

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching:
“Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself, is true 
wisdom.   Mastering 
others is strength;-
mastering yourself 
---- is true power.”
Winston Churchill:
“The truth - is incontrovertible. Malice 
may attack it, ignorance may deride 
it, but in the end, there it is.” 
Gilad Atzmon, Jewish writer and musician:
“It is certain that there is no ethnic or racial 
continuum between the Biblical Israelites 
and the (Ashkenazic) Khazarians who 
lead the Jewish state.” 
President Zelensky... of Ukraine:
“Ukraine will become Greater Israel.”
Heinz Dieterich, director of Centre for Transition
Sciences at the Autonomous Metropolitan
University, Mexico, coordinator at the
World Advanced Research Project:
“President Putin’s special military operation, to 
defend the people of Donbas from an imminent 
general offensive by a neo-Nazi regime in Kiev,
is not only fully justified in international law by 
Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations 
but is fully consistent with the military praxis 
and doctrine of the legitimate self-defense of 
States in the face of an imminent threat 
emanating from a neighbouring state, 
or enemy forces.” 
Mike Adams: 
“If Putin enforces his demand of accepting only rubles,
gold or bitcoin for energy exports, the dollar instantly
loses significant utility in the world. Those nations
that wish to buy energy from Russia - which 
includes most European nations - will need 
to first buy rubles, then trade rubles for 
energy. This gives rubles instant 
commodities backing. Putin’s 
latest move threatens the 
very future of the dollar
currency...  and may 
spell the beginning 
of the end... for 
the dollar.”

''We shall pull down these temples and this 
morality ; there is nothing but oppression 
in this world; we do not know sin; 
we shall break our clutches, pull 
down old dilapidated buildings 
and raise there new 
blue palaces." 

George Harrison:
''I'll tell you one thing for sure: once you get to
the point where you are actually doing things 
for truth's sake, then nobody can ever touch 
you again because you're harmonizing with 
a greater power.''

The key principle of the UN Charter, states: 
“The Organisation is based on the principle 
of the sovereign equality of all its Members.”

US Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen,
stating the new Bretton Woods framework: 
“The friend-shoring of supply chains to a large 
number of trusted countries - [who share] a 
set of norms and values about how to 
operate in the global economy.” 

Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov:
''By plundering other countries’ material assets.... the
Western countries have destroyed their reputation of
predictable partners who honour their commitments.
Nobody is safe from expropriation and “state piracy” 
now. Therefore, not just Russia but also many other
countries.... are reducing their reliance on the US 
dollar and on Western technologies and markets. 
I am sure --- that a gradual de-monopolisation of 
the global economy.... is not a distant future.''

Pepe Escobar:
''Ukraine was never about a military win. What 
is being accomplished, is the slow, painful 
destruction of the European Union (EU) 
economy, coupled with extraordinary 
weapons profits for the western 
military-industrial complex and 
creeping security rule, by 
those nations’ political 

Propergander, Saker commentator:
''The issue is not... that the US has no strategy. 
It is just that their prevailing strategy cannot
accommodate... the coordinated action of 
China and Russia cutting of supply, and 
causing supply inflation, to which there 
is no fiscal or monetary policy answer, 
and where war succeeds... in only 
exacerbating domestic pain.''

Pepe Escobar:
''NATO has already wasted $50 billion - and counting -
while the Russians spent $4 billion, give or take, and
already conquered Mariupol, Berdyansk, Kherson 
and Melitopol, created a land corridor to Crimea 
(securing its water supply), controls the Sea 
of Azov and its major port city, and liberated
strategically vital Volnovakha & Popasnaya 
in Donbass, as well as Izyum near Kharkov. 
That doesn’t even include Russia hurling 
the entire, collective west into a level of 
recession not seen since the 1970s.''

Shakespeare’s mad, senile “King Lear”:
“I shall do such things, I know not what 
they are. But they shall be - the terror 
of the Earth”. 

Thierry Meyssan:
''On November the 2nd, in 2021, Dmitryo Yarosh
became an advisor to 
General Zaluzhnyi -- the
of the Ukrainian Armies.
All Banderite para-military organizations 
- 102,000 men - were incorporated into 
the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A plan 
of attack on Crimea and Donbass,
drawn up. NATO, which
already had 
instructors on site
sent weapons. ''

“I warn you against shedding blood, 
indulging in it and making a habit 
of it, for blood never sleeps.”

Peacenik, Saker commentator:
''Bet you can’t guess the number one Senator 
in 2020 in Merchant of Death donations?
Its Bernie Sanders.''

Confucius, 551-479 BC, Chinese Teacher:
“Above all it is essential to refer to things by their
correct names. If things are not referred to by 
their correct names, then our language will 
not reflect reality. If our language does not 
reflect reality, then our actions will not 
reflect reality, and will be exercises 
in futility.” 

Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer: 
"We are at war, forget about 
blaming our own President 
and focus on the enemy.'' 

Uncle Bob, Saker commentator:
''The swastika was the symbol of the Finnish 
Air Force... until 2020. They removed it...
and without announcements.''

Declan Hayes on NATO’s expansion to Finland
and how it would undermine Russia’s security:
“The Kola Peninsula, which lies almost completely
inside the Arctic Circle, is pivotal to Russia’s 
Northern fleet. It is... the crux of Russia’s 
military establishment in the western 
Arctic, and its air and maritime 
capabilities - are essential to 
Russia’s homeland defense, 
Arctic defense and overall 
defense capabilities.'' 
''Because Kola’s Severomorsk-1 air base, Gadzhiyevo
submarine base... and Okolnaya submarine support
base are critical to Russia’s operational readiness 
and its ability to defend Russia’s maritime space 
in the Arctic, Russia cannot allow this deluded 
warrior woman to launch Armageddon.''
''The Kola Peninsula is also home to systems, such as
RS-24 YARS - located at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome -
which are a core deterrent to U.S. and NATO attack
systems. Russia’s Grom-2019 exercises, showed 
her ability to use Kola’s arsenal of ballistic and 
cruise missiles to defend her position; not only 
in the Arctic but further south along the entire 
Finnish border, as well in contiguous regions 
where Russia’s core strategic interests
at stake.”

Cloud Of Fennoscandia, Saker commentator:
''We have been promised...  a national vote on defence
matters for years and years, but gallups have shown 
time after time -- that Finnish People do not want to 
be part of any military cliques. Now our globalist 
President and Schwab/WEF groomed, socialist 
PM did see (arrange?) their momentum. And 
all of a sudden, we, the People, and vote, 
are not needed.''


V.I. Lenin’s “Imperialism, the Highest Stage 
of Capitalism” (1912) Ch. 2, The Banks
Their New Role: 
“the beginning of the twentieth century marks the
turning point from the old capitalism to the new, 
from the domination of capital in general, to 
the domination of finance capital.”

Michael Hudson: 
''… we’re seeing, in the last few months, the beginning
of a war that’s going to go on for – I think – 20 years, 
maybe 30 or 40 years. The world is splitting away. 
It won’t be a pretty sight --- because the United 
States and its European satellites are trying 
to prevent an inevitable break away, that
they cannot prevent, any more than 
Europe’s landlord class... could 
prevent industrial capitalism 
from developing in the
19th century.''

Scott Ritter:
''US military personnel, whose traditions are born 
from the heroic sacrifices - made by hundreds of
thousands of their fellow soldiers, sailors, and 
airmen - who gave their lives, to defeat Nazi 
Germany, are today providing weapons and 
training, to Ukrainians... whose bodies and 
banners bear the markings of Hitler’s 
Third Reich.''

Saker commentator Steve from Oz:
''Many professional commentators, are not 
aware that liberalism is the political arm 
of economic individualism, and is 
therefore anti-community.''

Elizabeth Peratrovich:
''Asking you to give me rights 
implies that they are yours 
to give.''

Charles Dickens:
“Have a heart that never hardens, 
a temper that never tires, and
 a touch that never hurts.”

Deputy Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian
Federation Pyotr Tolstoy, talking to  La Republica:
“Despite the help from Europe and the hysteria of 
Boris Johnson or Mario Draghi, we will finish the
operation when we see fit. I think we will stop 
at the border with Poland.”

The scientific service of the Bundestag: 
“Only if - in addition to the supply of weapons -
the instruction of the conflict party or training
in such weapons, were also an issue, would 
one leave the secure area of non-warfare.”

The Bible: 
''Nothing is innocent in man.''

Shep, Saker commentator:
''What is suspicious about the nationwide display of
Ukraine flags is that it all seems pre-organized and
done at a fairly large scale. I think there is an
intimidation factor here. The flag display 
shuts down anyone who wants to 
side with Russia.''

Mr. Enzweiler, a retired US Air Force, USAID 
contractor and US Foreign Service Officer:
''CFR President, Mr. Haass, is the spokesperson 
for Washington officialdom, on foreign policy. 
Haass presents three possible war-ending 
scenarios. Pouring more weapons into 
Ukraine and prolonging the war, is 
Haass’s recommendation under 
all three scenarios.''

Mr Haass in his seminal statement: 
"Whatever goals the West ultimately settles on,
 requiring that the war end with a formal peace
 agreement, should not be one of them."

Parfois (Saker commentator):
“To limit energy sanctions, the US attempted to bring
Syria to heel, so they could build pipelines across 
its territory and bring natural gas and oil from the
Middle East and avoid the present crunch, but 
that failed, so now they are scrambling.”

Yuri Podolyaka, Russian human:
''The battle goes on, not for some town in 
Donbass and not even for all of Ukraine. 
The battle is between radically different 
worlds. The battle is for the sake of one 
of the worlds winning - and going on to 
build on our beautiful Earth the 
civilization of the future.''
''Their side uses threats, murders, violence, 
provocations and spreading total hatred. 
Our side tries to bring to the world – 
which so far is not really listening – 
completely different values. And 
for that reason, we have to win. 
Because if we lose, they will 
wipe us off the map. We and 
our children will be either 
killed -- or turned into the 
'cesspool of hatred' that
they turned Ukraine 
into... in a mere 
8 years.'' 
''But I’m absolutely sure that this process is reversible
and, leaning on our ideology, we would not just win 
in Ukraine... and resurrect the Ukraine we still 
remember – the people and the country, not 
to mention the government. But the end 
goal is to win the battle in Washington. 
As paradoxical as it may sound today, 
we need to help American people to 
get rid of the bloodsuckers... that 
today are violating hundreds of 
millions - or even billions - of 
people across the planet, 
with their hatred.''

Michael Hudson:
''...basically the oil companies and the US are 
going to let the third-world countries go into 
a crisis. If they default on their bonds, then 
the US and the bond-holders... get to treat 
Latin America like they treated Argentina 
or Venezuela, and grab whatever assets 
they have outside of their country. Like 
Venezuela had investments in the US
and gold that it left in the Bank of 
England that were grabbed.
''There’s going to be a huge asset grab. That 
is supposed to be how this unfolds, and the 
most obvious assets to the grabbed, are 
going to be in Latin America and Africa. 
Maybe some Asian deficit countries. So 
this is the weakest link, and that’s why 
there’s this fight within the IMF.. at the 
upcoming meetings, to create these 
special drawing rights, to give them 
money: on the condition that there
 is a class war.''
''...what we’re seeing, really, isn’t a war 
between NATO and Russia. It’s a class 
war of the neoliberals against labour 
across the world, to establish the 
power of finance over labour.''
''If you read what Klaus Schwab says at the World
Economic Forum, he said there are 20% too many
people in the world, especially in the Global South.
This is what all the big foundations are for. The
billionaires, they all say, ‘We’ve got to thin out 
the population, there’s too many consumers 
that don’t produce enough wealth for us.’ If
they produce wealth for themselves, that 
doesn’t count, because that’s not for us, 
and we don’t get it.'' 
''Obviously, anyone who looks at the basic 
economic trends can see that this is 
inevitable—and you have to assume 
that this was discussed as part of 
the whole big neoliberal plan of 
the Biden administration and 
the Deep State behind it.''

The Saker commentator, R. Robertson:
''Neoliberal economists and
their lawyers have decided,
1. Contracts must be honored in Euros 
or Dollars as the contract stipulates.
2. Those Euros and Dollars will then
 be canceled, per sanctions.
3. EU oligarchy gets free sh*t to sell 
to EU customers at very high prices.
It is the ultimate in wealth production. Pay
nothing for something, and sell it at very 
high prices during crisis. Western 
oligarchs becoming history’s 
greatest State Welfare 
Queens. Which they 
already are.''

Zero Hedge commentator 
“In exchange for so-called Schrödinger Euros,
Vladimir Putin ´the merciless´ has decreed 
the creation of Schrödinger NatGas, 
whereby GazProm will thus “print” 
cubic metres of natgas - with a 
keyboard - 100% for free and 
then transfer such gas over 
to the EU purchaser’s 
storage tanks, in the 
EU albeit now under 
“frozen” status.''
''So Russia never gets to use such euros – 
which actually never see the light of day
 – and accordingly are not inflationary in 
any and every sense of the term, as 
nobody else can use them either, 
and Europe never gets to burn 
such gas – which actually 
never sees the light of... 
pilot – and, accordingly, 
does not contribute to
global warming!''
''Thus by not entering into any economy at all in
no way, shape, or form, the EU and Russia can
exchange lots of nothing for free, and Greta 
will squirm with delight. Easy see ?''

John V. Walsh, April 28th, 2022:
''Out of 195 countries only 30 have 
honoured US sanctions on Russia.''

John V. Walsh, April 28th, 2022:
''At the recent G-20 Summit a walkout led by the