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Quotations Page

John Denver:
''There has never been a time on Earth like we see today. 
What we need are more ways to experience our inter-
connectedness - it is a precursor to deep love. So,
 in this quickening light, with the dawn of each 
new day, let us look for love. Let us no longer 
struggle. Let us ever become.. who we most 
want to be. As we begin to be who we truly 
are, the world will be a better place.''

Albert Schweitzer:

The first step in the evolution of ethics, 
is a sense of solidarity with other 
human beings.''

Writer Whitney Webb: 
“What they want, is for you to get used to 
the idea of ratting out your neighbours.”

Soame Jenyns:
''Those who profess outrageous zeal for the liberty 
and prosperity of their country, and at the same
infringe her laws, affront her religion
and debauch 
her people, are but
despicable quacks.''

Ibn Hazm:
''If you attend, only behave like a man wishing to 
expand his knowledge and seeking a higher 
reward from God. Do not act like a man 
content with what he holds...  who is 
waiting for a 'weakness' (from some-
one) to criticize (it or him), or for an 
oddity to raise. This will be acting 
like vile people, who have never 
mastered science.''

Richard Price:
''The noblest principle in our nature, is the regard to 
general justice, and that good-will which embraces 
all the world.''    

Naom Chomsky:
''We may recall that ...Winston Churchill authorized 
the use of chemical weapons "against recalcitrant 
Arabs as an experiment," denouncing the 
"squeamishness" of those who objected 
to him "using poisoned gas against 
uncivilised tribes," mainly Kurds, 
a policy he strongly favoured,
expecting that it "would 
spread a lively terror." 
''For England itself, he had somewhat different plans. 
As Home Secretary in 1910 he had secretly proposed 
sterilization of 100,000 "mental degenerates" and the 
dispatch of tens of thousands of others to state-run
labour camps so as to save the "British race" from
inevitable decline if its "inferior" members are 
allowed to breed, ideas that were within the 
bounds of enlightened opinion of the day,
but have been kept secret in Home
files because of their
after  they were
taken up by

Frank Herbert:
''Power does not corrupt... What it does 
do, however, is attract the corruptible.''

''Reports in the '90s, before the non-stop post 911 era 
shut down decent scientific social studies, proved 
that abusers are attracted to jobs like cops, 
teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers
and banking... and anywhere money is 
handled, such as benefits offices and 
AP departments\treasury, passport
offices, DMV and information 

Dmitry Kozak, President Vladimir Putin’s
deputy chief of staff --- who is Ukrainian:
“I support those assessments that exist within Ukraine,
 that the start of hostilities is the beginning of the end
 for the country. This is a self-inflicted shot, a shot
 not in the leg, but in the temple.”  

Seymour Hersh, honest US writer:
''The day after 9/11, we should have gone to Russia. 
We did the one thing that George Kennan warned 
us never to do - to expand NATO too far.''

James Otis Jr.:
''What must be the wealth that
aided by power,
cannot exhaust!''

John Cruddas, British MP: 

''Labour has broken its covenant
with the working class.''

''You pray for good health and a body that will be 
strong in old age. Good - but your rich foods 
block God's answer and tie his hands.''

Jonathan Swift:
''Vision is the art of seeing
what is invisible to others.''

Matthew Ehret:
''The only pathway to avoiding the collapse of the financial 
system & a thermonuclear war, is to be found in imposing 
Natural Law, vigorously, upon the claimed “debts” which 
Wall Street, & the City of London, wishes to have bailed
out. The expression of this Natural Law takes the form 
of the restoration of Glass-Steagall laws across the 
trans-Atlantic economies - eliminating the $1.5 
quadrillion debt bomb, before it explodes - and 
returning to the principles of national banking 
for all countries. Under such a reform, and by
joining in common interest with other states
in the Eurasian zone --- a commitment to 
progress and security can be realized, 
and such poisonous agendas as the 
Great Reset, can be avoided.''

Thaddeus Stevens, US House of Representatives:
''I wish the Indians had newspapers of their own.
If they had -- you would have horrible pictures of
the cold-blooded murders of inoffensive Indians.''

Nicholas Murray Butler:
''The world is divided into three kinds of people: 
A very small group that makes things happen; 
a somewhat larger group that watches things 
happen; and a great multitude that never 
knows what has happened.''

Aretha Franklin:
''I think, it would be a far greater 
world if people were kinder and
more respectful to each other.''

This, from The Australian, the Murdoch
owned national newspaper of Australia:
“Zhao is a piss and wind functionary --- a bureaucrat 
perfectly suited to serving a totalitarian government. 
Wolf warrior? More a propaganda panda. Think of 
Squealer from George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’, the 
obsequious manipulator, who, at the behest of 
his master, Napoleon, spreads disinformation 
throughout the socialist collective to bolster 
the supremacy of his fellow pigs.”

Autralian blogger:
''Three Australian PM's who sought better tries with Asia
were ousted with the help of the US & UK. Those who
obediently follow the US are rewarded with lucrative 
positions brokered by the US.''

''The man who has sufficient power over himself 
to wait until his nature has recovered its even 
balance, is the truly wise man, but such 
beings are seldom met with.''

Germaine Greer:
''Evolution is what it is. The upper classes have 
always died out; it's one of the most charming 
things about them.''

On the West's terror on China, Finian Cunningham:
''Due to the 2-decade-old US-led war in Afghanistan 
there has been a serious problem for the Chinese 
authorities - from the radicalization of the Uyghur 
population. Thousands of fighters from Xinjiang 
have trained with the Taliban in Afghanistan, &
taken their “global jihad” to Syria, and Central 
Asian countries. It's their stated objective: to 
return to Xinjiang & liberate it as a caliphate 
of East Turkestan, separate from China.''

Top French Military Commander
Colonel Jacques Hogard:

''This NATO aggression against Serbia over Kosovo in
1999, constitutes a violation of international law, a 
violation of respect for the sovereignty of States, 
a violation of intangible respect of borders.''

Albert Schweitzer:

''Example is not the main thing 
in influencing others. It is the 
only thing.''

In 1787, Virginia governor, Edmund Randolph: 
“Our chief danger, arises from the democratic
 parts of our constitutions.” 

Winston Churchill: 
"The best argument against democracy 
is a five-minute conversation with the 
average voter."
'Reply from average voter:
''Talk about the pot 
calling the kettle black.''
Reply from woke US person:
''Excuse me but the correct
 term now is Kettle of Color.''
Reply from average voter:
''Excuse me, but the 'correct' 
term now, is kettle of colour,
but I prefer to keep it black.''

Charles W Pickering:
"A healthy democracy requires a decent society; 
it requires that we are honorable, generous, 
tolerant and respectful."

Huey P. Newton: 
''During those long years in Oakland public schools, 
I didn't have one teacher who taught me anything
relevant to my own life, or experience. Not one 
instructor ever awoke in me a desire to learn 
more or to question or to explore the worlds 
of literature, science, and history. All they 
did was try to rob me of the sense of my 
own uniqueness and worth, and, in the 
process, nearly killed my urge to 

Jack London:
“And who knows what Romance, what Adventure, what Love, 
is lurking around the next turn of the road, ready to leap out 
on us, if we’ll only travel that far?”

Huey P. Newton:
''I think what motivates people is not great
 hatred, but great love...  for other people.''

Putin, in his January 27th 2021 Davos speech: 
''We are ready for this, we want this, and we will strive 
to make this happen. But love is impossible, if it is 
declared only by one side. It must be mutual.''

Yevgeny Zamyatin:
“I am aware of myself. And, of course, the only things 
that are aware of themselves and conscious of their
 individuality, are irritated eyes, cut fingers, sore 
teeth. A healthy eye, finger, tooth, might as
not even be there. Isn't it clear that
consciousness is
just sickness?”

Frank Harris:
''Since Luther, we have been living 
in a centrifugal movement, in a 
wild individualism, where all 
ties of love and affection 
have been loosened...''

In his book, Killing Hope, author and journalist William Blum:
''The United States remains committed to its all- too- familiar 
policy of establishing and/or supporting the most vile 
tyrannies in the world, whose outrages against their 
own people confront us daily in the pages of our 
newspapers: brutal massacres; systematic, 
sophisticated torture; public whippings; 
soldiers and police firing into crowds; 
government supported death squads; 
tens of thousands of disappeared 
persons; extreme economic 

Ludwig Quidde:
''The security of which we speak, is to be attained
by the development of international law, through 
an international organization, based on the
principles of law and justice.''

Professor, S. Eastern Norway University, Glenn Diesen:
''Liberal hegemony as a value-based international order 
contradicts the concept of a rules-based order. A rules
based system infers the consistent application of 
international law, while a values-based system 
endows the liberal hegemon with the 
prerogative of a selective and 
inconsistent application 
of international laws 
and rules.''

 An editor at Russia in Global Affairs journal, Glenn Diesen:
''The West will insist on maintaining that liberal hegemony
- due to a commitment and belief in liberal values, among 
elites (although that is no longer uniform) - while Russia 
and China will reject a value-based system instrumental
to imposing an untenable unipolar order. There is no 
going back, as the world has moved on, although 
the West is not yet ready to move forward.''

  James Allen:
''Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, 
but are unwilling to improve themselves; they
 therefore, remain bound.''

Simone Weil:
''The only way into truth, is through 
one's own annihilation; through 
dwelling, for a long time, in a
of extreme and total 

 Gamal Abdel Nasser:
“The age of isolation is gone. And gone are the days 
in which barbed wire served as demarcation lines, 
separating and isolating countries from one 
another. No country can escape looking 
beyond its boundaries, to find the 
source of the currents which 
influence how it can live 
with others.”

Benito Juárez:
''Among individuals, as among nations,
respect for the rights of others,
 is peace.''

Arundhati Roy:
“Historically... pandemics have forced humans to 
break with the past & imagine their world anew. 
This one is no different. It is a portal, a gate-
way, between one world and the next.” 

Gabriel García Márquez:
''It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams 
because they grow old, they grow old because 
they stop pursuing dreams.''

Thomas Paine:
"He that would make his own liberty secure, must 
guard even his enemy from oppression; for, if he 
violates this duty, he establishes a precedent, 
will reach to himself." 

''Two weeks to Flatten the Curve, 
they said. This is a long
two weeks...''

''You will not hear one doctor say,
an apple a day keeps the doctor

Randal Cremer:
''All the vested interests, and people who profit by war, 
will, with the journals they control, resolutely oppose
any reduction of armaments.''

Nina Simone:
''I’ll tell you what freedom is to me. No fear!''

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan:
"Today’s world is travelling in some strange direction. 
You see that the world is going toward destruction 
and violence. And the speciality of violence, is to 
create hatred among people, and fear. I am a 
believer in non-violence, and I say, that no 
peace or tranquillity will descend upon 
the people of the world, until non-
violence is practiced, because 
non-violence is love, and it 
stirs courage in people."

Jiddu Krishnamurti:
''It is no measure of health -- to be well-
adjusted to a profoundly sick society.'' 

 Swami Vivekananda:
“Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.” 

In 2014, after US sanctions on Russia's space
industry, the then deputy PM, Dmitry Rogozin: 
''The US should use a trampoline
 to send its astronauts to space.'' 
In 2020, after a SpaceX launch, Elon Musk:
 “The trampoline is working!”
Now, chief of Russia's Space Agency,
Roscosmos, in 2021, Dmitry Rogozin:
 “Apparently, the trampoline 
only works so-so.”

Proverbs 24:17 New King James Version:
Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, 
And do not let your heart be glad 
when he stumbles;

Bertolt Brecht:
“The first time it was reported that our friends were 
being butchered, there was a cry of horror. Then a 
hundred were butchered. But when a thousand 
were butchered and there was no end to the 
butchery, a blanket of silence spread.
When evil-doing comes like falling 
rain, nobody calls out "stop!"

Stephen Gaskin: 
“Enlightenment --- is getting off 
your tail and doing something.”

Louis Bromfield:
''This other war, the war on the destruction of natural assets,
is one that will never be finished. Our weakness in this vast 
war is largely ignorance ---  that most of our citizens do not 
realize what is going on under their very feet.''

Jakob Wassermann:
“The way individuals live together:  the truth of each individual 
is only the truth of his own narrow perspective. The entirety 
of mankind and of human qualities is always seen through 
a prism, where its colours are broken. Observation is so 
utterly different from experience; there is no hope of 
fusing their contradictions, as the I and the not I 
have been foes, from the world's beginning.”

Mao Zedong:
''I have witnessed the tremendous energy 
of the masses. On this foundation, it is 
possible to accomplish any task 

''Joe'' Biden:
“I think it’s about time we stop... apologizing for 
our support for Israel... It is the best $3 billion
investment we make. Were there not an
Israel, the United States of America
would have to invent an Israel, 
to protect her (sic) interests 
in the region.”

Alessandro Manzoni:
''Bullies, oppressors, and all men who do violence 
to the rights of others are guilty, not only of their 
own crimes, but also of the corruption they 
bring into the hearts of their victims.''

Boris Gryzlov, Russia's Contract Group delegation
head, regarding Donbass becoming part of Russia:
[Kiev's actions are] "absolutely irresponsible 
and aggressive." [and] "set themselves up 
for its certain implementation."

Eva Bartlett, Canadian independent journalist, 
& activist. Reach her on Twitter @EvaKBartlett:
''Western media have, predictably, remained silent 
on Ukraine's crimes, painting the defenders of 
Donbass as “pro-Russian separatists” - with 
no context as to what people in Donbass 
actually want. From what I heard there, 
all they want, is autonomy from the 
criminal government in Ukraine 
and, above all, an end to
the war.''

Linus Pauling:
''The way to get good ideas 
is to get lots of ideas - and 
throw the bad ones away.''

Muhammad Ali:
''My way of joking, is to tell the truth. 
That's the funniest joke in the world.''

Peter De Vries:
''Everybody hates me because
I'm so universally liked.''

Angela Walker, about Joe Biden: 
“Well, I worked for him and I can tell you
he is incompetent and in it for power, 
the compassion image is
bulls**t optics.” 

Stephen Gaskin: 
''Now, truth’s a funny trip, because if you really up and 
try to do it, there’s going to be some resistance. If you
are going to try to speak some truth, there’s going to 
be somebody around who’s got a hand in the till or a 
skeleton in their closet, or an ace up their sleeve,
some extra ego in their back pocket.... who is
going to want you to talk. There are various 
ways that they’ll try to keep you from talking, 
and you have to pay attention to them. If you 
start to say something that’s true, insist on 
saying it until you’re finished saying it.
not let yourself be interrupted
when you 
are speaking truth,
because it 
cheapens the
truth, to let 
it be
''It is also possible to be a pain in the rear about truth, 
or anything else. I have been helped sometimes by 
an old yogic saying, “Truth is good, but it also 
needs to be helpful, necessary, and kind.”''

Charles Sumner:
''Senators undertake to disturb us.. by reminding us of 
the possibility of large numbers swarming from China;- 
but the answer to all this is very obvious & very simple. 
If the Chinese come here they will come for citizenship 
or merely for labour. If they come for citizenship, then,
in this desire, do they give a pledge of loyalty to our 
institutions; and where is the peril in such vows? 
They are peaceful & industrious;-  how can 
their citizenship be the occasion
of solicitude?

Zbigniew Brzezinski, in 1970: 
“The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance 
of a more controlled society. Such a society would be 
dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional 
values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost 
continuous surveillance over every citizen and 
maintain up-to-date complete files containing 
even the most personal information about 
the citizen. These files will be subject to
instantaneous retrieval by 
the authorities.”

George Thomas "Mickey" Leland: 
''I am as much a citizen of the world, as I am of this country.
To hell with those people who are critical of what I am able
 to do, to help save people’s lives.... I don’t mean to sound 
hokey, but I grew up on the Christian ethic, which says 
we are supposed to help the least of our brothers.''

Hazrat Inayat Khan:
''It is not meant at all that people should be able to 
perform wonders or miracles;- it is only intended 
that they should live a fuller life & become real 
human beings... in order to bring about better 
conditions in the world. What do we want?.. 
We want human beings. It is not necessary
that everyone should become religious, or 
exceedingly pious, or too good to live. We 
want wise men in business, in politics, in 
education, in all walks of life; those who 
do not live only on the surface and 
those who do not believe only in 
matter, but who see life, both 
within & without. It is such 
souls, who will produce 
beauty; it is such souls 
who will harmonize the 
world... who will bring 
about the conditions 
we need today.''

Prince Philip of Mountbatten in a 1988 interview::
“The more people there are, the more resources 
they will consume, the more pollution they will
the more fighting they will do. We have
no option.... 
If it is not controlled voluntarily, it
will be controlled 
involuntarily, by an increase
in disease, 
starvation and war. In the event
I am reincarnated, I would like to
as a deadly virus, in order to
something to solve

Dr Richard Price:
''What has the love of their country hitherto been 
among mankind? What has it been but a love of 
domination; a desire of conquest, and a thirst 
for grandeur and glory, by extending territory, 
and enslaving surrounding countries? What 
has it been but a blind and narrow principle, 
producing in every country a contempt of 
other countries, and forming men into 
combinations and factions against 
their common rights and liberties? 
''What was the love of their country among the Jews,
but a wretched partiality to themselves and a proud 
contempt of all other nations? What was the love of 
their country among the old Romans? We have 
heard much of it; but I cannot hesitate in 
saying that, however great it appeared 
in some of its exertions... it was, in 
general, no better than a principle 
--- holding together a band of 
robbers, in their attempts 
to crush all liberty,
their own.''

George Washington:
''If the freedom of speech is taken away 
then dumb and silent we may be led, 
like sheep to the slaughter.''

World tennis champion Novak 
Djokovic's dad, Srdjan Djokovic:
"All normal people in the world love him. 
Have you ever wondered why he plays 
best in China? He feels love there, real 
love – something he is not allowed to 
experience in the west. In the west 
they think that only they exist, but 
they are only a fifth of the world.
The western media... have only 
focused on Federer and Nadal, 
and didn't pay any attention
Novak. That was the
only way 
to stop him.''

“Just to tell you a small story, I first practiced with 
Novak when I was 500 or 600 in the world. He was 
already number one and had just won Wimbledon. 
I thought, ‘OK, he’s not going to speak to me' 
- because the guy was a god for me. I was 
really shy, [but] he was talking to me like 
I was a friend. He’s never changed - he’s 
always been a great sport, and a great
friend. He’s a great guy.”

Nikos Kazantzakis:
''What a miracle life is, and how alike are 
all souls, when they send their roots 
down deep and meet and are one!''

 CEO of Pento Portfolio Strategies, Michael Pento: 
“What is going to happen when the multiple trillions of dollars 
in junk bonds, that have been pushed to the lowest yields to 
treasuries ever, the lowest nominal yields ever, blow up?
The entire fixed income market, which is exponentially 
bigger than GameStop, is about to blow, due to
insolvency and inflation. Watch out!

Ella Josephine Baker:
“One of the things that has to be faced, is the process of waiting
 to change the system - how much we have got to do - to find out 
who we are, where we have come from and where we're going.”

Nikos Kazantzakis:
''Nothing is nearer to us than heaven. 
The earth is beneath our feet, and 
we tread upon it, but heaven is
 within us.''

Dan Glazebrook:
''Enter Hadi - “empire’s man”, as Blumi puts it. Vice President 
under Saleh, for almost two decades, Hadi... was a reliable
regime stooge, but without Saleh’s growing impertinence.
Ordained by the priesthood of global capital, his official 
mandate was to embark on a process of 'reconciliation' 
and prepare the country for elections. Instead, he made
a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood, which allowed him 
to sideline the country’s two main popular movements 
- Ansar Allah in the north, and Hirak, the separatist 
movement in the South - and proceeded to steam-
roller the country into membership of the WTO.
''This process required the usual - long discredited – “shock
 therapy”, of unrestrained privatization. Hadi immediately 
privatized 11 of the 12 main sectors of the economy, 
with 78 of 160 “subsectors” listed for immediate 
“liberalization”. At the same time, he exposed 
Yemen’s private sector to instant “free market”
 competition from global multinationals, costing
 thousands of jobs. In other words, says Blumi, 
Hadi “proceeded to literally sell off Yemen, to 
Saudi and Qatari interests...under no legal or 
electoral pressure, Hadi’s government was 
the ideal vehicle to plunder Yemen”.

Sayyed Nasrallah to Israelis: 
''Stop Playing with Fire, We 
are in the Resistance Era.''

Germaine Greer:
''Even crushed against his brother in the 
Tube, the average Englishman pretends 
desperately, that he is alone.''

Ramiro Funez, political commentator:
''The illusion known as the "American Dream" has been unveiled. 
The year 2020, which is symbolic of clear vision, has exposed
 the multiple and interconnected crises bringing down the US 
empire. The house of cards is crumbling before our own eyes.
 Poverty and unemployment... are skyrocketing. Homelessness
is rising. Police killings & foreign occupations are intensifying. 
the infrastructure is crumbling. Meanwhile, the United States -
the richest and most powerful country on the planet - has the 
highest COVID-19 infection and death rates. To top it off, the 
myth that true political change in the US comes from the 
ballot box, is being dispelled. Election season calamity, 
a symptom of growing political instability, is rocking 
the foundations of the so-called "American Dream", 
like an earthquake. Millions of immigrant families 
(including my own) are now realizing that the 
United States is a crumbling empire. If
want futures marked by peace & 
prosperity, we should not look to 
Washington and Wall Street.
should look to Tehran,
and Caracas.''

Edmond François Valentin About:
''Marriage, in life, is like a 
duel in the midst of a battle.''

A Palestinian:
"Don't ever blame the Jews for the evil deeds of Zionists; 
they are not the same people.  The Jews walk with God, 
and the Zionists walk with the Devil."

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov: 
“Those people who are responsible for foreign policy
in the West do not understand the need for mutually
respectful conversation. Probably, we should just 
stop communicating with them for a while.”

Sardar Patel:
''Faith is no good in the absence of strength. 
Faith and strength, both are essential to 
accomplish any great work.''

Ibn Hazm:
''The use of science in the practice of virtue, is 
considerable: the man who knows the beauty
virtue, will follow it, however possible.

the evil of wrong, he will avoid it,
possible. He listens to worthy
praise, and 
keeps his distance from
unworthy praise. 

From this, it is derived that science has a 
part in every virtue, and that ignorance 
has a part in every vice.

A man who is 
illiterate and who still
practices virtue, 
must be extremely
pure, a virtuous 

This is the state of Prophets, 
God conveyed goodness 
to them,
without them acquiring it 
from men.''

Bertolt Brecht:
''The worst illiterate is the political illiterate, 
he doesn’t hear, doesn’t speak, nor 
participates in political events.... 
He doesn’t know the cost of life, 
the price of a bean, of a fish, of 
the flour, of the rent, of the 
shoes and of the medicine, 
all of which, depends on 
political decisions.'' 
''The political illiterate is so stupid, that he is proud 
and swells his chest, saying that he hates politics. 
The imbecile doesn’t know that, from his political 
ignorance, is born the prostitute, the abandoned 
child, and, the worst thieves of all, the bad 
politicians, the corrupted flunkies of the 
national and multinational companies.”

Thomas Paine:
''Suspicion, is the companion of mean 
souls, and the bane of all good society.''

August Strindberg:
“I, too, am beginning to feel an immense need 
to become a savage and create a new world.”

Robert Norton Noyce:
''If ethics are poor at the top, that behaviour 
is copied down through the organization.'' 

Malcolm Kendrick, doctor, author
and GP in the NHS in England:
''During January, it has been reported, more than 450 people
were catching Covid-19 every day while in hospital in 
England for other medical reasons. Which means 
that, over the course of the month, nearly one
in 10 people in hospital were infected.
One in 10… 10 percent... 
''This figure is also likely to be significantly underestimated. 
My own experience is that hospital managers are 
extremely keen to find any possible explanation 
for a positive test, other than that their patient 
caught it while in hospital. They must have 
got it at home, or in the ambulance, or in 
a care home, etc.''

Sinclair Lewis:
"When fascism comes to America 
it will be wrapped in the flag 
and carrying a cross."

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan:

"The British feared a nonviolent Pashtun more than a 
violent one. All the horrors the British perpetrated
the Pashtuns had only one purpose:
to provoke 
them to violence."

Blogger, replying to Biden's speech claiming
US ''moral leadership'' of the whole world:
‘moral leadership & defend democracy’.... 
It's not April yet, and this fool is cracking
 jokes...  But it was a funny one:  "moral 
& democracy"  - Haaaaaaaaaaaa. 

Almeida Garrett:
''I ask the political economists and the moralists
 if they have ever calculated the number of
 individuals who must be condemned to 
misery, overwork, demoralisation, 
degradation, rank ignorance, 
overwhelming misfortune 
and utter penury, in 
order to produce 
  one rich man.''    

Simone Weil:
''When once a certain class of people 
has been placed by the temporal 
and spiritual authorities outside 
the ranks of those whose life 
has value --- then nothing 
comes more naturally 
to men than murder.''

 Ilya Tsukanov:
''Recently CBS asked what US citizens 
think is the biggest threat to the USA.
57% of those surveyed, named other 
people in the US. Only 7% think that 
the biggest threat is other states.'' 

Dr. Thomas M. Lister:

''The only country that stands in the way of their goal of a 
Zionist Rothschild's New World Order, is Russia; & that's
 because President Vladimir Putin, is her leader.  Should
 President Putin be removed from power, what Zionists 
have done to the US & the Middle East, they will then
do to Mother Russia, because real Jews & Christians 
within Russia, will not have the power to stop them.'' 

Sardar Patel:
''The negligence of a few could easily send a ship to the 
bottom, but if it has the wholehearted co-operation of 
all on board, it can be safely brought to port.''

Franklin D. Roosevelt:

''If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science 
of human relationships - the ability of all peoples, of all 
kinds, to live together, in the same world at peace.''

''Our life is our own to-day, to-morrow you will be dust, 
a shade, and a tale that is told. Live mindful of death; 
the hour flies.''

Rudyard Kipling:
“There is no sin so great as 
ignorance. Remember this.”

José Martí:
''He who could have been a torch 
& stoops to being a pair of jaws 
is a deserter.''

André Gide:
''Everything has been said before... but since 
nobody listens, we have to keep going back 
and beginning all over again.''

Jane Fonda:
''Some people are surprised that the Republicans are waging a war
 on women, or that they voted against equal pay for women. I'm not
 surprised at all. In some ways, it may be a good thing. They're
 defending the patriarchy, which is a wounded beast! And 
wounded beasts are always dangerous.''

Sir Gerald Kaufman, UK MP, after visiting Gaza in 2009:
"My grandmother was ill in bed, when the Nazis came to her
home town.  A German soldier shot her dead in her bed.  My 
grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers 
murdering Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza.  The present 
Israeli government ruthlessly and cynically exploits the 
continuing guilt from gentiles over the slaughter of 
Jews in the Holocaust, as a justification for their
murder of Palestinians."   

''Corbyn's labour was a threat to certain people 
and it has been dealt with. Starmer and the 
blairites now own the party.
I wonder what Hardie and Bevan might have said 
if someone told them that, in 2020, their labour 
party would be governed by a right wing,
 titled, millionaire zionist.......
And Labour keep sending me emails 
begging for money....... hahahahaha''

Arnon Soffer, adviser to PM Ariel Sharon in
2004, said, of the "Palestinian problem":  
"We will have to kill and kill
and kill. All day, every day." 

Syrian President Bashar Assad to Syria's press in 2019: 
''All US presidents commit crimes and end up taking the 
Nobel Prize and appear as a defender of human rights 
& the ‘unique’ & ‘brilliant’ US or Western principles, 
but all they are, is a group of criminals who only 
represent the interests of the USA's lobbies of 
large corporations in weapons, oil & others. 
Trump speaks with transparency to say, 
'We want the oil.' I tell you, he [Trump] 
is the best US president. Why? Not 
because his policies are good.. but 
because he's the most transparent 
US president.  What do we want... 
than a transparent foe?”

Adam Phillips:
A guy goes in to see a psychologist.
He says, "It seems I can't make any 
friends. Can you help me, you 
fat slob?"

As the Chinese say farewell to Donald,
the most common words and phrases 
under the Global Times posts include:

 ''Destruction, dishonest, selfish, populism, 
McCarthyism, unilateralism, protectionism, 
anti-globalization, untrustworthy, messy, 
crazy, arrogant, uncertainty, low-credit, 
funny, laughable, gravedigger of US 
hegemony, and enemy to pro-US 

Martin Luther King Jr.:

''It is either nonviolence or nonexistence and the alternative
 to disarmament, the alternative to a greater suspension in 
nuclear tests, the alternative to strengthening the United 
Nations and thereby disarming the whole world, may 
well be a civilization plunged into the abyss of 

Frank B. Kellogg:

''It is idle to say that nations can struggle to outdo each 
other in building armaments and never use them. 
History demonstrates the contrary, and we 
have but to go back to the last war, to 
see the appalling effect of nations 
competing in great armaments.''

Patrice Lumumba wrote to his wife 
and children days before his death
after the CIA and Belgian torture:

"No brutality, mistreatment or torture has broken me 
because I prefer to die with my head held high, with 
unshakable faith and deep trust in the future of my 
country, than to live in submission and trampling 
on sacred principles." 

Martin Luther King Jr.:

''It is not enough, to say we must not wage war. 
It is necessary to love peace and sacrifice for it.''

''There are a hundred thousand people with COVID in 
hospitals in the United States. And this is presented 
as a disaster. I'm sorry, but it's not a disaster, it's
disgrace. One hundred thousand patients, in a 
country of 350 million, is not a disaster, it is a 
very low figure. How poor the American health 
care system is, if they treat people in tents. It
a shame and disgrace. My naive hope for a 
pandemic, was that governments would start 
paying more attention to strengthening their
national health systems. That's logical, isn't
 it ? For decades, we have seen the decline 
in the number of hospitals, beds per capita 
and so on... We almost don't know what 
quality medical care is, especially free 
of charge. We see the same situation 
all over the world. The pandemic has
struck. & governments continue to
 increase military budgets and cut 
funding for health systems. They 
are ready to lose a huge part of 
the budget due to lockdowns... 
but still do not care about their
health systems. What nonsense! 
And we see it in every country. 
People, instead of using the 
situation to demand improve-
ments in the national health 
system, are obsessed with
conspiracy theories......
scared to death
the virus.''

Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet and
author of 'The COVID-19 Catastrophe':
“Workers have been bullied and forced to see patients 
who clearly have or are suspected of having Covid-19 
- without PPE. When they raise concerns, they are 
belittled or threatened. It’s horrifying to see the
lack of concern by some NHS management.”

Sylvia Townsend Warner:
“Truth has beauty, power, and necessity.”

Julius Caesar:
“If you must break the law, do it to 
seize power: in all other cases, 
observe it.”


Sardar Patel:
''It is the prime responsibility of every citizen to feel that 
his country is free, and to defend its freedom is his duty.'' 

Phil Ochs:
''Leaving America is like losing twenty 
pounds, and finding a new girlfriend.''

German Foreign Minister, Herr Maas:
“We do not need to talk about European sovereignty
 if it means that, in the future, we will only do every-
thing Washington wants. The federal government 
will not change its position on Nord Stream 2.”

Top French Military Commander,
Colonel Jacques Hogard:

''Europe Died When NATO Illegally
 Ripped Out Serbia's Heart in 1999'' 

Matt Groening:
“Aren’t we forgetting the true meaning of 
Christmas. You know, the birth of Santa?”

Jane Fonda:
''I grew up with a deep belief that, wherever 
our troops fought, they were on the side of
 the angels. I took every chance I could, to 
meet with US soldiers. I talked with them 
and read the books they gave me about 
the war. I decided I needed to return to 
my country and join with them -- active 
duty soldiers and Vietnam Veterans in
particular -- to try and end the war.''

A.N.R. Robinson:

''A union which is not based on justice,
on human rights and realism
is no real unity and 
will not last...''

Jane Fonda:
''What we view in the media - and who presents it to us - 
does so much to determine how we think, how we feel 
about ourselves, and how we view the world.''

Frank B. Kellogg:
''Certain it is, that a great responsibility rests upon the statesmen
 of all nations, not only to fulfill the promises for a reduction in 
armaments, but to maintain the confidence of the people
 of the world, in the hope of an enduring peace.''

Ella Josephine Baker:
“Until the killing of black men, black mothers' sons, becomes 
as important to the rest of the country as the killing of a white 
mother's sons, we who believe in freedom, cannot rest, until
 this happens.”

Character in US film The Day After (1983):
''Stupidity has a habit of getting its way.''

Phil Ochs:

''Leave the old and dying America and use your creative energies 
to help form a new America, which would be de-militarized, more
 humanistic, where the police are less hostile and closer to the 
community, where the wealthy are not given unleashed power 
for the exploitation of the people. And, mostly, because it's now
 a matter of life and death, reassert an ecological balance with 
the environment, which means the people in the oil companies
 and the car companies and the space industry and all the other 
industries will have to be brought into account, so that there will 
be a new definition of government which has to be closer to the 
people and less close to special interests --- which are far more 
harmful than any revolutionaries.''

Dr Lisa McKenzie:
''UNICEF, the United Nations agency responsible for 
providing humanitarian and developmental aid to 
children, which usually works in third world 
countries sending back reports and images 
of starving black youngsters with swollen 
bellies, has stepped into the breach to 
help feed British families.The agency 
has announced there is a ‘domestic 
emergency’ and, for the first time 
since it was founded 74 years 
ago, will provide emergency 
aid to the sum of £25,000, to 
provide breakfast boxes for 
about 1,800 children during
December's school break
 in South London.''

Dilma Rousseff:

''The current generation of world leaders - our generation - is 
also being called to face significant challenges concerning 
peace, collective security and the environment. We have 
been unable to solve old disputes and to prevent new 
threats. The use of force is incapable of eliminating 
the underlying causes of conflict.''

Ella Josephine Baker:
“Oppressed people, whatever their level of formal education, 
have the ability to understand and interpret the world around 
them, to see the world for what it is, and move to transform it.”

Robert Norton Noyce:
“Don’t be encumbered by history, just 
go out and do something wonderful.”

Inayat Khan:
 ''If we respond to goodness, goodness becomes our property.
 If we respond to evil, then evil becomes our property. If we 
respond to love, then love becomes our possession.''

Ella Josephine Baker:
“Give light and people will find the way.”

''Please not yourself the flattering crowd to hear;
'Tis fulsome stuff, to please your itching ear.
Survey your soul, not what you appear,
But what you are.''

Ken Dodd:
“I told the Inland Revenue I didn't owe them 
a penny, because I lived near the seaside”

Jonathan Swift:
''A man should never be ashamed to own that he has 
been in the wrong, which is but saying... that he is 
wiser today, than yesterday.''

Ibn Hazm:
''If you attend our meetings, strictly adopt three 
attitudes; there is no fourth. First:  You can lock 
yourself in the silence of ignorance. Second: If 
you do not behave as such, ask questions a 
man seeking to learn asks. This man will 
ask only about what he does not know, 
not about what he knows. Third: You 
can answer like a scientist, refuting 
clearly the other’s arguments. If 
you are not capable of that,
not insist.''

US Secretary of State Pompeo:
''Venezuela's electoral fraud has already been committed. 
The results announced by the illegitimate Maduro regime 
will not reflect the will of the Venezuelan people. What is 
happening today is a fraud and a sham, not an election.''
Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza: 
“A zombie has spoken! Although, according to his Boss,
 there was fraud in the US elections. Secretary Pompeo,
take truth calmly and resignedly: in Venezuela, your 
failure is absolute.''

Norman Finkelstein:
“I think Israel, as a number of commentators pointed out, is 
becoming an insane state. And we have to be honest about 
that. While the rest of the world wants peace, Europe wants 
peace, the US wants peace, but this state wants war, war 
and war.”

Sylvia Townsend Warner:
“Nine people out of ten (in Germany and England, 
perhaps ten people) would rather wait for their 
rights than fight for their rights.”

Jonathan Swift:

''We have enough religion to make us hate, 
but not enough to make us love one another.''

''Let the wicked see the beauty of virtue, 
and pine at having forsaken her.''

Mu Lu :

''Whether or not the West will accept it, 
the belief the West is the centre of the 
world, will eventually come to an end.''


''We consume our tomorrows 
fretting about our yesterdays.''

''But when to-morrow comes, yesterday's morrow 
will have been already spent: and lo! a fresh 
morrow will be for ever making away with
 our years, each just beyond our grasp.''

Jonathan Swift:
''The best doctors in the world are Doctor 
Diet, Doctor Quiet, and Doctor Merryman.''

Tom Fowdy:
''By limiting access to China’s AI and rare earth metals, 
Beijing is responding to [President Trump’s] endless 
stream of sanctions. But this latest move is set to 
cause big problems for the companies that work 
with the US military. The new regulations are
to control items said to be vital to the
national security ---- including
military items, 
strategic technologies,
intelligence algorithms,
most strikingly, rare
mineral exports.'' 

James Allen:
''The law of harvest is to reap more than you sow. 
Sow an act, and you reap a habit. Sow a habit 
and you reap a character. Sow a character 
and you reap a destiny.''

Graham Hryce, Australian journalist and former media lawyer:
''Nine soldiers who had served in Afghanistan (a particularly 
vulnerable group of veterans, even before recent events) 
have committed suicide in the past three weeks. The 
soldiers – one woman and eight men – were aged
from their early 20s, to their 50s.''

 Jonathan Swift:
''Satire is a sort of glass, wherein beholders do 
generally discover everybody's face but their own.''

  James Allen:
''If your real desire is to be good, there is no need to wait 
for the money before you do it; you can do it now, 
this very moment, and just where you are.''

Hassan Rouhani, Iran's President:

''The relationship between Iran and the United States, is 
a complicated and difficult question. There is a chronic 
wound, which is difficult to heal. However, it is not
impossible --- provided there is goodwill and 
mutual respect between the two countries.“

Aneurin Bevan:
''No society can legitimately call itself civilized, 
if a sick person is denied medical aid because 
of lack of means.''

Carlos Saavedra Lamas:
''Unemployment is a great tragedy. The man who 
goes about hopelessly seeking work, in order to 
earn bread for his children, is a living reproach 
to civilization.''

Ken Dodd:
“The man who invented cats’ eyes, got the idea 
when he saw the eyes of a cat in his headlights.
If the cat had been going the other way, he 
would have invented the pencil sharpener.”

 Aneurin Bevan:
''We could manage to survive without money changers 
and stockbrokers. We should find it harder to do 
without (industrial) workers and those who 
cultivate the land.”

Roger McGough:
''I wanna be the leader
I wanna be the leader
Can I be the leader?
Can I? I can?
Promise? Promise?
Yippee I'm the leader
I'm the leader
OK what shall we do?''

Ibn Hazm:
''Anyone who criticizes you, 
cares about your friendship. 
Anyone who makes light of your faults, 
cares nothing about you.''

Ramin Mazaheri:
The United States - repeatedly - has the worst 
elections of all the Western core democracies.
That’s not “Iranian meddling”, but Harvard, 
& their 2019 Electoral Integrity Index. They 
ranked US elections just 57th in the world. 
One wonders how much further they will 
fall in this year’s ranking? If we honestly 
ask if US elections have integrity, I think 
everyone has the same answer, and it’s 
as serious as a heart-attack: You don’t 
want to go there. US elections cannot 
withstand serious scrutiny.''
Ken Dodd:
“I used to think I was marvellous in bed 
until I discovered that all my girl friends 
suffered from asthma.”

Sardar Patel:
"Work is undoubtedly worship, but laughter is life. 
Anyone who takes life too seriously must prepare 
himself for a miserable existence. Anyone who 
greets joys and sorrows with equal facility, 
can really get the best of life." 

Daisy Bates:

''We will join hands with you as women of this country.... 
We will kneel-in, we will sit-in until we can eat at any 
counter in the United States. We will walk until we 
are free, until we can walk to any school and take 
our children to any school in the United States. 
And we will sit-in, and we will kneel-in and we 
will lie-in, if necessary, until every Negro in 
America can vote.''

Ken Dodd:
“My dad knew I was going to be a 
comedian. When I was a baby, he 
said, ‘Is this a joke?’.”

Ibn Hazm:
''If you advise someone on the condition that they 
have to accept it, then you are an oppressor.''

Gene Debbs:
''Wars, throughout history, have been waged for conquest 
and plunder… the working class who fight all the battles,
the working class who make the supreme sacrifices, the 
working class who freely shed their blood and furnish 
their corpses, have never, yet, had a voice in either 
declaring war or making peace. It is the ruling 
class that invariably does both. They alone 
declare war and they alone make peace.''

Ken Dodd:
“Tonight, when you get home, put 
a handful of ice cubes down your 
wife’s nightie and say: ‘There’s 
the chest freezer you always 
Ibn Hazm:
''Whoever harms his kinship and his neighbours
is worse than them. Whosoever returns ill that 
he receives from them is like them. Whosoever 
does not return ill done to him, is the master, 
the best and most virtuous amongst all.''

Gene Debbs:
''Getting a living under capitalism... is so precarious, 
so uncertain, fraught with such pain and struggle,
that the wonder is, not that so many people 
become vicious and criminal, but that so 
many remain in docile submission to 
such a tyrannous and debasing 

''The authorities care - so much - to protect us
from the invisible virus. That's all. Everything
else, they don't give a toss about.''

Sardar Patel:
''Take to the path of truth and justice. Don't misuse 
your valour. Remain united. March forward in all 
humility, but fully awake to the situation you 
face, demanding your rights with firmness.''

Sardar Patel:

''Little pools of water tend to become stagnant and 
useless, but if they are joined together to form a 
big lake, the atmosphere is cooled and there is 
universal benefit.''

''The abode of God, too, is wherever is earth and 
sea and air, and sky and virtue... Whatever you
behold and whatever you touch, that is God.''

Gene Debbs:

''Years ago I recognized my kinship with all living things,
and I made up my mind that I was not one bit better 
than the meanest on the earth. I said then, and 
I say now, that, while there is a lower class, 
I am in it; while there is a criminal element, 
I am of it; while there is a soul in prison, 
I am not free.''

Tommy Makem: 
''The victims of social injustice, since time eternal, 
have always been without the resources and the 
ability to fight back. They are defenseless and 
voiceless. The sad aspect of social injustice, 
is that the defenseless and voiceless, are 
the ones who most need a defense and 
a strong, vibrant voice.''

''As far as the stars are from the earth, and 
as different as fire is from water, so much 
do self-interest and integrity differ.''

United Nations:
''Each year one journalist gets the Pullitzer
and one hundred get shot. Each year 
journalists are killed to be silenced:
now YOU can be their voice.''

Carlos Saavedra Lamas:
''A war of aggression, a war which is 
not for the defense of one's country,
is a collective crime.''

Finian Cunningham:
''The American Century or Pax Americana
 is turning into “Pox Americana.'' 

Sardar Patel:
''Manpower - without Unity - is not a strength, 
unless it is harmonized and united properly 
--- then, it becomes a spiritual power.''


Hazrat Inayat Khan:
''What can really be called good or bad 
right or wrong - is what comforts the 
mind and what causes it discomfort. 
It is not true, although it appears
so, that it is discomfort that 
causes wrongdoing.
In reality, it is wrongdoing which
causes discomfort, and it is
right-doing which gives

Albert Einstein:
''Two things are infinite: the universe and human 
stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe...''

 Caitlin Johnstone:
''If you’ve ever wondered how the the US is so successful 
in getting other nations around the world to align with its 
interests, this is how:- it’s not that the US is a good actor 
on the world stage, or a kind friend to its allies, it’s that 
it will destroy you, if you disobey it. Australia is not 
aligned with the US to protect itself from China. 
Australia is aligned with the US to protect 
itself from the US. As a Twitter follower 
recently observed, the US doesn’t 
have allies, only hostages.''

Caitlin Johnstone:
''The primary difference between the coup in Australia 
and the one in Bolivia, was that the Bolivians refused 
to roll over and take it, while we shrugged, and said 
'No worries mate.' We had every option to become 
a real nation & insist on our own self-sovereignty, 
but we, unlike the Bolivians, were too thoroughly 
propagandized and placid. Some hostages 
escape, some don’t.''

Caitlin Johnstone:
''The US empire got rid of Whitlam, and then -- when we 
elected, in 2007, a prime minister who was considered 
too friendly with China -- they did it again;- in order to 
facilitate the Obama administration’s “pivot” against 
Beijing, the pro-China Kevin Rudd was replaced by 
the compliant Julia Gillard.'' 

''NHS staff and police are exposed to greater numbers of 
high risk people and cross lockdown boundaries. Some 
still regularly go shopping in uniform - did they miss the 
research earlier in the year on long term survival of the 
virus under certain conditions? If the government fear 
campaign is to be believed, the staff in public services 
should either not be working or be housed in barracks 
where they can be washed and fed, & not permitted to 
shop, and not return home, until at least 7 days after 
their tour has ended.''

Another blogger:
''There is too much talk about the EU and what it is doing.
The EU is a vassal state, founded by the CIA, to make it
easier to control.  The EU will do whatever it is told to 
do, despite its internal shambles and squabbling.
Chaos suits the banking oligarchy of the US just 
fine. Manipulation is easier that way. Also, the 
EU is fully-occupied by a US military and that 
includes the Balkans (Camp Bondsteel).''

Matthew Ehret:
''Overall, the spirit of the growing New Silk Road 
is fast moving from a simple east-south trade 
route towards a global program stretching 
across all of Africa, to the Middle East, to 
the High Arctic and Latin America. While 
this program is driven by a longer view 
of the past and future than most 
westerners realize, it is quickly 
becoming evident that it is the 
only game in town with a 
future worth living in.''

Matthew Ehret:
''While China has committed to the enlightened idea 
that human society is more than a “sum of its parts”,
the Cold Warriors of the west have chosen to hold 
on to the obsolete notions of human nature, that 
suppose we live in a world of “each vs. all”. 
These obsolete notions are premised on 
the (bestial) notion that our species is 
destined to do little more than fight for 
the diminishing returns of scraps in a 
closed-system struggle for survival, 
where only a tiny technocratic 'elite' 
of gamemasters naming themselves 
as “alphas” --- control all the levers 
of our production and consumption 
from above.''

Norman Schwarzkopf:
''The more you sweat in peace, 
the less you bleed in war.''

''In peace, sons bury their fathers. 
In war, fathers bury their sons.''

Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam, cousin of Muammar Gaddafi: 
''Everything that has happened during the Libyan conflict 
or around it, since 2011, is a continuous attempt to 
plunge the country into even greater chaos --- and 
divide it. Humiliating agreements were concluded 
with a number of states that previously wouldn’t 
have dared to approach the Libyan shores; and 
now they seek to enter the country and 
dominate Africa at its expense.''


Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam, cousin of Muammar Gaddafi: 
''I can say that these external negotiations, taking place 
in one or another third country, only distract from the 
true settlement of the conflict. A solution to the 
conflict should be sought within Libya. I’d like 
to point out that 70 per cent of Libyans are 
not represented at the negotiations, and 
those who do participate in them 
should be in prison.''

Patrick Cockburn:
''Instead of relying on experienced public health 
experts, with a successful record in finding, 
containing and isolating people infected 
with HIV & TB, the government handed 
the project over to the private sector
- pouring great sums of money into 
the creation of a new, but in Sage’s 
judgement, dysfunctional system.'' 

Patrick Cockburn:
''No less than 1,114 consultants from Deloitte, few 
of whom are likely to be public health experts, are 
now employed by the government  to organise the
Test, Trace and Isolate, with each of them earning 
a daily fee of up to £2,360. Other consultants such 
as those working for the Boston Consulting Group
are even more munificently rewarded, earning as 
much as  £7,000 a day, or £1.5m a year.''

A German statesman asked a general in World War 1
- who wanted to press on with a calamitous offensive: 
“Where does the incompetence end 
and the crime begin?”

Former CIA officer John Stockwell:
“For about twenty-five years, the CIA trained and 
organized police and paramilitary officers from 
around the world, in techniques of population 
control, repression, and torture. Schools were 
set up in the United States, Panama and Asia, 
from which, tens of thousands graduated. In 
some cases, former Nazi officers from 
Hitler’s Third Reich, were used as 

Victor Marchetti, senior CIA official from 1955 to 1969: 
“We were supporting every half-assed dictator, military 
junta, oligarchy, that existed in the Third World, as long 
as they promised to, somehow, maintain the status quo, 
which would, of course, be beneficial to US geopolitical 
interests, military interests, big business interests and 
other special interests.”

William Blum:
''The US has endeavored to overthrow more than fifty 
foreign governments; grossly interfered in democratic 
elections in at least thirty countries; attempted to 
assassinate more than fifty foreign leaders; 
dropped bombs on the people of more 
than thirty countries; and attempted 
to suppress a populist or nationalist 
movement, in twenty countries.''

George Jackson:
“The US has established itself as the mortal enemy 
of all people’s government, all scientific-socialist 
mobilization of consciousness everywhere on 
the globe, all anti-imperialist activity 
on earth.”

Gabriel Rockhill:
''To establish itself as the global military hegemon, 
and international guard dog of capitalism, the U.S. 
government & National Security State, have relied 
on the help of the significant number of Nazis & 
fascists it integrated into its global network of 
repression: including the 1,600 Nazis brought 
into the U.S. through Operation Paperclip, the 
4,000 integrated into the Gehlen organization, 
the tens, or even hundreds of thousands, that 
were reintegrated into the postwar, or rather 
transwar regimes, in fascist countries, the 
large number who were given free passage 
to the Empire’s backyard (Latin America) & 
elsewhere, as well as the thousands or tens 
of thousands integrated into NATO’s secret 
stay-behind armies. This global network of 
seasoned anti-communist assassins, has 
also been used to train terrorist armies 
around the world to participate in dirty 
wars, coups d’état, destabilization 
efforts, sabotage, and terror 
''All of this has been done under the cover of a liberal 
democracy, and with the assistance of its powerful 
culture industries. The true legacy of WWII, far from 
being that of a liberal world order that had defeated 
fascism, is that of a veritable fascist international, 
developed under liberal cover, in order to try and 
destroy those who had actually fought and won 
the war against fascism: the communists.''

Columbia University's Centre for Poverty and Social Policy:
''We have an economy that works for those at the top of the 
food chain, but nearly everyone else is desperately trying 
to keep afloat.''

Brian Cloughley:
''According to the Christian website, St Basil’s, 
the olive tree “is a symbol of peace, prosperity, 
health, wellness, abundance and food.” And 
Israel Olive Bond concurs, observing that it 
“has been an important component of 
Jewish and Israeli culture throughout 
history” being “mentioned frequently
in the Bible in the context of blessings, 
fruitfulness, and health” & “eventually 
became linked to the concept of 
putting down roots in the land.”
Which is, no doubt, why Israelis 
continue destroying Palestinian 
olive trees.''

Brian Cloughley:
According to independent monitors, some 4,000 
Palestinian olive trees were destroyed by Israeli 
settlers and soldiers in the period January-
July, 2020...'' 

Brian Cloughley:
''In spite of the fact that the Stockholm International 
Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), 2014 Yearbook, 
recorded that Israel had 80 nuclear warheads, 
the (UK) government’s answer was:
“Israel has not declared a nuclear weapons programme. 
We have regular discussions with the Government of 
Israel on a range of nuclear-related issues. The 
Government of Israel is in no doubt as to our 
views…”  In one respect, the answer was 
clearly indicative of policy, in that Israel
is certainly in no doubt about the views 
of Britain (and France and the U.S. and 
very many others) concerning its illegal 
nuclear weapons: it is most unlikely that 
any international action will be taken to 
limit Israel’s nuclear arsenal (now 
numbering at least 90 warheads,
according to SIPRI) or in any 
way interfere with its 
nuclear posture.''

Brian Cloughley:
''The certain things are, that Israel will carry on 
destroying Palestinian houses and olive trees, 
while the countries of the Western world keep 
extending olive branches to its nuclear bombs.''
[ You can read Brian's  full article on this at;
olive-branches-and-nuclear-bombs-in-israel/ ]

Edward Wolff, in his November 2012 
study “The Asset Price Meltdown”:

''Between 1983 and 2010... the largest gains in relative 
terms, were made by the wealthiest households. The 
top one percent saw their average wealth (in 2010
dollars) rise by 71%. The remaining part of the top 
quintile experienced increases from 52 to 101%, 
and the fourth quintile by 21%, while the middle 
quintile lost 18% and the poorest 40 percent
lost 270%!'' 

Eric Zuesse, US writer and investigative historian:
''Though violence will be going up in such a society, 
the results will be very different, if it is between 
races, than if it is between classes. The top 
class, obviously, don’t want it to be a class-
war; and so their media, instead, promote 
there being a race-war. The situation is 
the same, in the UK.''

Dr Lisa McKenzie:
''The Culture War is nothing but a bourgeois distraction 
from the only war that really matters --- Class War.''


Robert Shule:
''US companies are not seriously interested in research and 
development (R&D). Their focus has always been on sales; 
i.e. selling the same old stuff to the maximum extent that 
they can. After all, R&D costs money, and that digs into 
profits. There are many examples of many industries 
where the U.S.A. took an initial lead, but then never 
invested to update their products. Perfect example 
is the auto industry. Though Ford originated mass 
car production in the U.S., how many more foreign
made autos does one see on US roads nowadays? 
I predict that the computer, electronics & software 
industries are quickly going in the same direction. 
Ten years from now, Microsoft will be history.''

Swordfish (tech blogger):
''Just check how much China invests in education, training, 
and the production of tech-related products. They have 4.7 
million STEM graduates, against 570k in the US. China’s
system makes sure that the country receives the max 
benefit of that knowledge base for the country’s 
development. To put it in a nutshell, China’s 
administrative system is coherent, well 
organized and flawless and is driven by 
one goal; to make China the world’s top 
economic powerhouse. The subversion, 
sanctioning and invasive methods that 
the US is trying to use, simply won’t 
work against China. The leaders in 
the US should give up their gunboat 
diplomacy --- and learn to work as 
partners, in a multipolar world.''

Francis Lee:
''We are now at the beginning of the most serious series 
of financial/economic crises since the great depression 
of the inter-war period and the beginning of a new cycle 
2000, 2008, 2020. These are no bog-standard business 
cycles of short, relatively painless duration, as was the 
case in the early '80s and '90s, it is an epochal event -- 
which will lead to fundamental political and economic 
reconfigurations; the end of an era, no less. The ancien
regime is collapsing; this is hardly surprising, since it 
has very little idea of what it is dealing with --- and is 
attempting to fight today’s battles, with yesterday’s 
weapons and tactics.''

Francis Lee:
''Much capital is now effectively redundant. It is ripe 
for liquidation - but the economic consequences of 
this process would be social and political dynamite. 
So there seem to be three alternatives. Firstly, that 
governments and central banks somehow stave off 
the present catastrophe: but this will only postpone 
the inevitable; secondly, the necessary destruction 
of capital values (devalorization of capital) will take 
place. This will involve a massive struggle for 
political power between the haves and have 
nots of this world. Either the system will 
reconstitute itself -- and go forward to a 
fresh round of accumulation  --  or the 
system as we know it, will be replaced 
by another, more viable economic and 
political system. Political struggle will 
determine the outcome.''

Bertolt Brecht:
''Because things are the way they are,
 things will not stay the way they are.’’ 

Ayn Rand:
''We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore 
the consequences of ignoring reality.''

Marx, Capital Volume 3, p.404:
''The ultimate reason for all real crises, remains 
the poverty and restricted consumption of the 
masses, as opposed to the drive of capitalist 
production to develop the productive forces
--- as though only the absolute consuming 
power of society constituted their limit.'' 

“Only the Dead Have 
Seen the End of War”

Proverbs 28:15:
''As a roaring lion, and a ranging bear; so
 is a wicked ruler over the poor people.''

Newsroom saying in the West:
“Make it sing, make it dance, 
but, above all, make it up.”


Eric Zuesse:
''Scientific studies have demonstrated that the 
wealthier a person is, the less compassion 
the individual tends to have, for people 
who are suffering.''

Josiah Stamp:
“Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. 
If you want to continue to be slaves of the bankers, and 
pay the cost of your slavery, then let the bankers 
continue to create money and control credit.”  

US political operative Karl Rove: 
''We're an empire now and we create our own reality.''

Novelist and journalist Nirpal Dhaliwal:
''With their media, economy and capital city wholly 
dominated by foreigners, the British are now a 
colonised people --- trudging exhaustedly 
towards a globalised extinction, boxing 
with shadows to distract themselves 
along the way.''

Novelist and journalist Nirpal Dhaliwal:
''Britain’s inequalities have not disappeared, 
but protesters take to the streets only once 
the American (sic) signal has been given.''

 Scott Ritter:
''America, long ago, ceased functioning as a beacon 
of democratic values to which the world could look 
for guidance and support. But the Trump-Biden 
debate exposed our true dysfunction. We are 
now little more than the laughing stock of 
the world, armed with nuclear weapons. 
And if that does not scare you, 
nothing will.''

''The US has no equivalent to Soleimani 
for Iran to take revenge.''

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps' Chief, General 
Hossein Salami, in a message directed at Trump: 
“If a hair comes off an Iranian head, 
we will blow up all your fluff.”  

1951 speech by then Congressman John Kennedy:
“I should have hoped that with our traditional concern 
for other peoples, our generosity, our desire to relieve 
poverty and inequality, we would — whatever else 
happened — have made friends throughout this 
world. It is tragic that, not only have we made 
no new friends, but have lost old ones.” 

Eric Zuesse:
''Whatever democracy America might once have had 
is gone now. It has become replaced by a land of 
mass-deceptions, which are bought and sold.''

James Baldwin:
 “Ignorance, allied with power, is the most
 ferocious enemy justice can have.”

Egon von Greyerz: 
''The Chinese understand the long game and they 
have infinite patience. They have always known 
that they never needed to attack the US,
financially or militarily, because China 
has invariably understood, that the 
US would self-destruct.''

''The world has moved on from the west's grotesque
rules based barbarism and ritual crimes against 
humanity. The entreaties from the east to the 
UN this past week, to strengthen and uphold 
the charter, are an indication of where 80%
of the world will exist, while the 20% 
west implodes.''

Herman Melville: 
''There is sorrow in the world,
but goodness too;
and goodness
 that is not greenness, either,
no more than sorrow is.
Pompeo, at Texas A&M University, April 15, 2019:
 “I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated,
 we stole. We had entire training courses.”

Javad Zarif (@JZarif) September 20, 2020:
“The issue with mythomaniacs — who just can’t
help themselves in their pathological
is that they actually get lost in 
their own web of deceit.” 

Leader of Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah 
movement, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi:
''The policies of the US and Israel have only 
caused crises and wars across the world.'' 

Herman Melville: 
''There is nothing namable but that some