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Quotations Page

Samuel Johnson:
''When making your choice in
life, do not neglect to live.''

Herman Melville: 

''Truth is the silliest thing under the sun. Try to get a living 
by the Truth and go to the Soup Societies. Heavens! Let 
any clergyman try to preach the Truth from its very 
stronghold, the pulpit, and they would ride him 
out of his church on his own pulpit bannister.''

Leo Tolstoy: 
''The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.''

Herman Melville: 
''The march of conquest through wild provinces, may 
be the march of Mind; but not the march of Love.''

Leo Tolstoy on Capitalism's ''elite'':

''I sit on a man's back, choking him and making him
carry me, and yet assure myself and others, that I 
am very sorry for him and wish to ease his lot by 
all possible means - except by getting off his back.''

Herman Melville: 

''Toil is man's allotment; toil of brain, or toil of hands, or a 
grief that's more than either, the grief and sin of idleness.''


''The USA is so lucky. Wherever they start fighting
terrorism, they manage to find oil reserves.''

After the US was criticised for the Bolivia coup,
Tesla corporation’s founder, Elon Musk tweeted: 

''We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it.'' 

Mark Twain:

''If voting made any difference,
they wouldn't let us do it.'' 

Herman Melville: 

''In this world, shipmates, sin that pays its way
 can travel freely, and without passport; 
whereas Virtue, if a pauper, is
 at all frontiers.''

 Will Rogers:

''America has the best politicians... 
money can buy.''

Herman Melville: 

''A man thinks that by mouthing hard words
 he understands hard things.''

Groucho Marx: 

“Those are my principles;
if you don’t like them… 
well, I have others.”

Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi:

''Division leads to Rivalry,
which leads to Chaos,
which leads to Poverty''

Herman Melville: 

''Truth is in things, and not in words.''

German teacher, Arturo Gallegos:

''There is a reason why “refugees” are encouraged,
admitted, and supported (housing, schooling, and
even grants are paid for by German taxpayers).

''The root of the crisis lies in contradictions found 
in the capitalist world economy. That is to say,
the mass influx of refugees results in the rise
of cheap labour, in turn increasing the profits
of the bourgeoisie, which, ultimately,
strengthens the reserves of finance
capital - the life force of the 
parasitic bourgeoisie.

''Meanwhile the common German proletariat must face 
everyday conflicts resulting from the refugee crisis.

''The lack of a concrete, class based analysis and the
absence of any systematic evaluation of the armed
conflicts in the middle-east, prevents so-called 
“progressives”, from focusing on the root of 
the crisis at hand. Namely, that the refugee
crisis, is the result of neoliberal policies
imposed on sovereign nations.

''The goal of the bourgeoisie is, essentially, to achieve 
the “3d-worldization” of the industrialized countries;-
a process that attempts to nullify the rights and 
improved conditions of the working class, 
reluctantly given by the bourgeoisie, for
the sake of staving of the looming
threat of existing socialism.

''This criminal action has nothing to do with identity politics, 
such as immigration status, sexual preference, or ethnic 
strata.  All of the banners representing identity politics,
are alienable and therefore hypocritically defended by
the bourgeoisie. The only banner that is unalienable,
and presents a true danger to the ruling bourgeoisie,
is the banner of a united proletariat.''

Hazrat Inayat Khan:

''The bubble does not last long; it soon breaks,
but with its break, it joins a mighty ocean.
So with us. When, by warmth of heart, 
we can break our limited self, 
we merge in the One, the 
unlimited. When our
limited kingdom is
lost from our sight, 
we inherit the 
of God.''

How many potatoes does it take to kill an Irishman? 


Blogger, reacting to proposed coup in Venezuela:

''I do not recognize Trump, as President of the
USA. I recognize only the legitimate President
- Netanyahu. ''


“Madness is rare in individuals, but in
groups, parties, nations, and ages,
it is the rule.”

Slavoj ZIzek:

Until the rich world
thinks 'one world,'
migration will

In September 2018, both Al Skeilbiyyeh and Mhardeh

were attacked by Western-backed armed groups, 
who targeted the towns with prohibited cluster
munitions. In Mhardeh, thirteen civilians were
martyred, as a result of this heinous attack,
which was barely acknowledged by the
western media, or the international

Mhardeh resident, Shadi Yousef Shehda, lost
his mother Afifeh, his wife Rama, his eldest
daughter Maria, a 6-year-old son, Fadi and
his two-year-old daughter, Stefani, who
martyred on September 7th, 2018
--- “sliced to pieces” by the missiles
launched by the extremist groups.

“I offered to my mother, Syria, the most precious things
in my life - my mother, my wife and my three children -
but, despite this, I celebrated Christmas in Mhardeh, 
because Mhardeh is the ‘Sun City”, the source of
life. In spite of everything, I am ready to sacrifice
myself, for Mhardeh and for Syria. My family
watered the soil with their blood and I am
ready to do the same”

During his Christmas Eve sermon

in 1967, Martin Luther King said:

“We must either learn to live together
as brothers, or we are going to
together, as fools”.

Russia's Foreign Minister, Lavrov, on the
US' recent statements 'de-legitimising'
Venezuela's socialist government:

“Very alarming - and it indicated that the
 US policy of destabilizing governments
 it does not like, remains a priority.”

Cesar Chavez:

“I became a vegetarian after realizing
that animals feel afraid, cold, hungry
and unhappy, like we do. I feel very
deeply about vegetarianism, and
the animal kingdom. It was my
dog, Boycott, who led me... to
question the right of humans
to eat other sentient beings.”

Cesar Chavez:

“We need, in a special way, to work twice as hard
to help people understand, that the animals are
fellow creatures, that we must protect them
and love them, as we love ourselves.”

Cesar Chavez:

“We know we cannot be kind to animals, until we
stop exploiting them - exploiting animals in the
name of science, exploiting animals in the
name of sport, exploiting animals in the
name of fashion, and, yes, exploiting
animals, in the name of food.”

The Quran (49:11):

"O you who believe! No people shall ridicule other people,
for they may be better than they. Nor shall any women
ridicule other women, for they may be better than
they. Nor shall you slander one another, nor
shall you insult one another with names.
Evil is the return to wickedness, after
having attained faith. Whoever
does not repent - these are
the wrongdoers."


“For greed, all of nature, is too little.”

US State Department mandarin George Kennan, in 1948:

“We have about 50 percent of the world’s wealth, but
only 6.3 percent of its population. Our real task, in
the coming period, is to devise a pattern or

relationships, which will permit us to
maintain this position of disparity.
To do so, we'll have to dispense
with all sentimentality and

John Wight:

''We have arrived at a moment
when the continuation of the
 status quo, is death itself.''

Oscar Wilde, on the Death Scene
 in Charles Dickens “Little Nell”:

“You'd have to have
 a heart of stone,
 not to laugh.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan:

''Love itself is the healing power and the remedy for all pain. 

''There is no greater power than love. All strength comes
with the awakening of love in the heart. If there is any
protecting influence in the world, it is no other than
love. In all aspects of life, wherever we find
protection, its motive is always love, and
no one can have trust in any protection,
however great, except the protection
that love offers. If a giant were to
frighten a child, the child would
say, 'I will tell my mother...' The
strength and power of any man
is too small in comparison with
love's protection, which the
mother affords her child.
Love can heal, better
than anything in
the world.''

Darius Shahtahmasebi legal and political analyst, currently
specialising in immigration, refugee and humanitarian law:

"The US is still offended by the idea that it could
possibly be doing anything wrong, at any time."

Laurie Calhoun, author of ‘We Kill Because We
 Can’, an in-depth look at the US’ drone war:

''Apostate operators and sensors have become
 disenchanted with the profession, and are
 plagued by feelings of regret and guilt -
for having agreed to kill, on command, 
people who never threatened them, 
personally, with death.''

Christopher Aaron, ex image analyst at Langley,
Virginia & in Afghanistan as intelligence liaison:

''The cognitive dissonance amongst those who work
 in an office, killing people on the other side of the
planet, remotely, and then leave work and go to
the grocery store, the gym, or to their families,
 can only be suppressed for so long.''

Heather Linebaugh, high-school graduate, looking for
a way out of rural Pennsylvania, now 'whistle blower':

“I was under the impression that America was saving
the world --- like, that we were Big Brother and we
were helping everyone out. It’s so primitive - raw,
stripped-down death. This is real. It’s not a joke.”

Heather Linebaugh, who later committed suicide:

''You see someone die because you said it was okay
 to kill them. I was always shaking. Sometimes I
would just go to the bathroom and just sit on
the toilet. I mean, just sit there in my
uniform, and just cry.''

Christopher Aaron, ex image analyst at Langley,
Virginia & in Afghanistan as intelligence liaison:

''How many more ‘terrorists’ have we now created
from those impressionable boys, who see the
prophecy of their teacher come true?''

Hazrat Inayat Khan:

''Here are two things: knowing and being. It is easy

to know truth, but most difficult to be truth. It is
not in knowing truth, that life's purpose
accomplished; life's purpose is
accomplished, in being truth.''

Satanist doctrine:

"Do what thou wilt
the whole of the law."

Anonymous, from the sixties:

Ahhhhhh those were the days ..good music...
good pot ..cold beer and sweet hippie chicks
dressed in loose sun dresses, no bras, and 
sweet hairy pussies!!!

Book of James, (Jesus' brother), ch1, vs 6-9:

"But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering.  For
he that wavers is like a wave of the sea, driven
with the wind and tossed.  For let not that man
(or woman) think that he shall receive any
thing of the Lord.  A double -minded man
is unstable in all his ways."

Jeannette Rankin:

“You can no more win a war,
 than you can win an

John White:

''Something of the order of 70-80,000 Syrian soldiers
have perished. This constitutes a staggering toll, in
a country whose army stood at 220,000 at the start
of the conflict. More crucially, it is a toll that could
not possibly have been borne, without the solid
support of the Syrian people for the army and
its government, led by President Bashar
 Assad, over these past eight years.''


''Just how many wars has Islam started
in the past 1,000 years, or so?  They
have been attacked, more often
than not, by Christians... All
the religions are foolish but
Christianity is particularly
so, when it preaches
peace, yet creates
 endless war.''

Prophet Muhammad (SAW):

“O mankind, your Lord is One and your father is one.
You all descended from Adam, and Adam was
created from the earth. He is most honoured
among you, in the sight of God, who is
most upright. No Arab is superior to
a non-Arab, no coloured person to
a white person, or a white person
to a coloured person, except by
Taqwa (piety).”

Hindustani saying:

''No matter how much wealth you have, if you do
 not have the treasure of virtue, it is of no use.''

George Washington:

They, the Jews, work more effectively against us,
than the enemy’s armies. They are a hundred
times more dangerous to our liberties and
the great cause we are engaged in…
It is much to be lamented that each
state, long ago, has not hunted
them down as pests to society
and the greatest enemies we
have, to the happiness
 of America."

Thomas Jefferson, 1798:

''It is true that we are completely under the saddle
 of Massachusetts and Connecticut, and, that
they ride us very hard, cruelly insulting
feelings, as well as exhausting
strength and substance.''

Thomas Jefferson, just before his election as President:

''[S]eeing that we must have somebody to quarrel with,
I had rather keep our New England associates for that
purpose, than to see our bickerings transferred to
others. They are circumscribed within such
narrow limits, and their population so full,
their numbers will ever be the minority,
and they are marked, like the Jews,
with such perversity of character,
as to constitute, from that
circumstance, the natural
division of our parties.''

James H. Thornwell, 1859:

''There is at work in this land
a Yankee spirit and an
American spirit.''

Clyde Wilson:

''It was not the Union that our Southern forefathers
seceded from, but the deadly combination of
Yankee greed and righteousness.''

Sergei Glazyev, a key adviser to President Putin:

“if the US keeps contradicting international law…
the first measure we would have to take - 
together with China and other countries
who are suffering from US aggression - 
would be to get rid of the dollar as
the key international currency.”

Sergei Glazyev, a key adviser to President Putin:

“China... has created the most progressive system
in the world for directing economic development, 
combining planning with market self-regulation 
and subordinating private initiative to the
needs of raising the general welfare,
through an increased volume and
efficiency of production.”

 China's Foreign Minister, Wang Yi:

“The great problem, for the world community, is
the struggle against the unilateral world order.
The BRICS countries are responsible for
forming a common position, and 
a joint position, against the
unilateral world order.”

Sun Tzu's The Art of War, says:

''A wise man shall never seek war,
both sides will lose many men,
regardless of who wins
 or loses.''

Hazrat Inayat Khan:

''He who is afraid of vice is subject to vice;
He who is addicted to vice is its captive;
He who acquaints himself with vice
is the pupil of vice;
He who learns his lesson from vice,
who passes through it, and rises
above it, is master and

Andre Vltchek:

''Many 'progressive' Western intellectuals are
denouncing global injustice, and Western
(North) imperialism - but are unwilling to
struggle or even vote for, an egalitarian
planet. In a way, there is no real left in
the West, anymore. The real left, is
internationalist. The Western left
is only interested in & struggles
for, privileges for its people: 
(shorter working hours,
better medical care,
higher wages, etc.),
mostly at the expense
of the poor and semi-
colonized world, or
call it, the 'South'.''

Costantino Ceoldo, freelance writer:

''If it is true that none of the US imperial adventures
of the last few years, would have been possible,
without the help & complicity of the European
Union, it is also true, that European rulers
belong to the same Superclan, that is
on its way to its own end.''

Dmitry Babich:

''The EU has lost every referendum they
have organised in the last fifteen years.''

Karl Marx, in 1882:

“An international movement of the proletariat
is possible only among independent nations.
The little bit of republican internationalism
-- between 1830 and 1848 -- was grouped
around France, [and] increased French
chauvinism, in such a way, as to cause
the world-liberating mission of France,
and with it, France’s native right to be
in the lead, to get in our way, every
day, even now.”

Peter Koenig, international observer for the
Presidential Economic Advisory Commission:

"…It is absolutely clear who is behind the food
and medicine boycotts (empty supermarket
shelves), and the induced internal violence
[in Venezuela]. It is a carbon copy of what
the CIA, under Kissinger’s command, did
Chile, in 1973, which led to the murder
the legitimate and democratically

elected President Allende, and to
the Pinochet military coup."

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister:

“Let me control the media, and I will
turn any Nation into a herd of Pigs”.

John Bolton, in 2002, threatening Jose Bustani, 
the head of the OPCW and his family, because
 he ran the OPCW as a neutral organisation:
“You have 24 hours to leave the organisation, and if
you don’t comply with this decision by Washington,
we have ways to retaliate against you. We know
where your kids live. You have two sons in
New York.”

José Bustani, retired Brazilian diplomat and former head of
the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons:

“My family is aware of the situation, and we are
prepared to live with the consequences

of my decision.”

José Bustani,:

“The problem with this man is that he’s so ideological,
so brutal; he doesn’t open the door to dialogue.
I don’t know how people can work for him.”

José Bustani:

“John Bolton is a bully.”

Blogger on RT:

''Remember also, that Bustani stood up to him, 
but the US led a coup & drummed up support
to have Bustani removed, by threatening
those who did not support the US, with
losing US aid. Bustani left with dignity
and respect. One can only assume,
with the reports on Syria and the
UK, that Bustaini's replacement
was in the pocket of the US, as
 is the new head of the OPCW.''


Andre Vltchek:

''Samir believed that all the evil comes from
global capitalism. That it is a direct result 
- a bi-product - of capitalism. I have been
arguing that it's what Carl Gustav Jung
called the 'pathological culture of the
West', that Western culture is,
essentially, sick, and that
both imperialism and
extreme forms of
capitalism, are
the direct and
logical result,
of such a

Adolph Hitler on April 13th, 1923, in Munich:

"Always, before god and the world, the stronger
 has the right to carry through what he wills.
The whole of nature is a mighty struggle
between strength and weakness, an
eternal victory of the strong, 
the weak."

Benjamin Netanyahu, August 29th 2018,
at the Negev Nuclear Weapons Centre:

"The weak crumble, are slaughtered and are
erased from history, while the strong, for
good or for ill, survive. The strong are
respected, and alliances are made
with the strong, and, in the end,
peace is made, with
the strong."

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov
speaking at a news conference with his
Turkish counterpart, August 15th, 2019:

“The dollar’s days as a global
  trade currency, are numbered”. 

Major General, Qiau Liang, in 2016:

“The US needs a large ‘capital return’, to support the
daily life of the Americans, and the US economy.
Under such circumstances, [any nation that]
blocks the return of capital to the US, is the
enemy of the US. We must understand this
matter, clearly. To effectively contain the
US, other countries shall think more, on
how to cut the capital flow to the US,
while formulating their strategies”.

Tyler Durban:

''With a strong dollar, trading partners’ currencies devalue,
their interest and capital payments soar and, traditionally,
they are pushed to the IMF for a dose of austerity and the
sale of their national assets. This is the ‘play’, which
Russia and China intend to end. They have set up
alternatives to the Word Bank and to the IMF,
to which Turkey may have recourse –
instead of being forced into an
IMF programme.''

Saint Alexander Nevsky, defender of Russia:

  "God is not in force, but in Truth."

Andre Vltchek, philosopher, novelist,
filmmaker and investigative journalist:

''Historically and culturally, Islam is a socialist religion.
In many countries, in almost all of them, because of
the West and its Saudi allies, Islam has been
derailed, kidnapped and used against
the people.''


''There are 3 things you cannot hide.
The sun, the moon and the truth.''

Andre Vltchek:

''The West was mainly to blame for this state of Islam.
London, particularly, has been supporting and
spreading Wahhabism. Both Washington and
London, kept overthrowing one socialist
Muslim government after another, from
Iran to Indonesia and Afghanistan,
putting on the throne, the most
regressive, brutal and greedy
rulers, who have been using
Islam, as a cover for their
collaboration with
 the West.''

Philip Giraldi:

''Yulia Skripal has recently announced, that
she intends to return to her home in Russia
- leading to the conclusion, that even one
the alleged victims, does not believe
narrative being promoted by the
and American governments.''

George Galloway, MP for 30 yrs, film-maker, writer & orator:

''The media here have completely ignored the statement
of the head of the anti-terrorist squad of Scotland Yard -
that he had "No" evidence of Russian state involvement
in the crime in Salisbury, preferring instead, the cheap
barroom brawling of the British prime minister on the
floor of the House of Commons, cheered on by the
vulgar popular press and their more refined elder
sisters in the upmarket papers and on the BBC.''

 Daniel, blogger (edited):

''It's out of fashion to hate jews today. Muslims have
taken over that position, as the new target for the
misdirected anger of the ignorant and brain-
washed masses. And whether there were
1.5 million jews killed by Nazi Germany,
or 6 million, doesnt really matter. It was
horrible. It was bad. But that generation
is almost gone now: there is no excuse
for zionists who use this tragedy as
justification to act against the

palestine people, exactly as
the nazi germans acted
against the jews, in
the '30s and '40s.'' 

 Daniel, blogger (edited):

''I am more outraged about the fact that
many uneducated people, today, only
know about jews being persecuted
and murdered by the nazis.''

 Daniel, blogger (edited):

''The first wave of victims were handicapped and
chronically ill people, then they went after the
social democrats, the communists, the
labour unions, priests, various
christian sects.''

 Daniel, blogger (edited):

''Attacks against ethnic/cultural minorities
were not only against jews. The romani
people suffered more than the jews - if
you look at the percentage of the
entire ethnic population killed.''

 Daniel, blogger (edited):

''The victims were many. In Mein Kampf,
makes a list of the enemies
that he wanted to destroy.
first was the communists.
came the jews.
Food for thought.''

 Daniel, blogger (edited):

''Read more about history, people, and don't just look
at state or corporate approved documentaries,
spewed out by the old mainstream media.''

Andre Vltchek:

''[China] is smeared, in the West (North) by both
the mainstream and often by the left (which
just cannot accept that an Asian, non-
Western country, is capable of
building a much better society
than anything that was ever
created in Europe and
North America... and
without plundering
the rest of the

John 8:44:

''You belong to your father, the devil, and you
want to carry out your father’s desires. He
was a murderer from the beginning, not
holding to the truth, for there is no
truth in him. When he lies, he
speaks his native language,
for he is a liar, and the
father of lies.''

John Lennon:

“You either get tired
fighting for peace,
or you die.”

Vladimir Ilych Lenin:

“All over the world, wherever there are capitalists,
freedom of the press means freedom to buy up
 newspapers, to buy writers, to bribe, buy and
 fake ‘public opinion’ for the benefit of the

Catholic theologian G.K. Chesterton:

"Angels can fly, because they
take themselves lightly."

Sufi-Zen poet Thomas Burns:

“May you be ridiculously happy!”

Lawrence Ferlinghetti:

Pity the nation whose people are sheep,
and whose shepherds mislead them.

Pity the nation whose leaders are liars,
whose sages are silenced,
and whose bigots haunt the airwaves.

Pity the nation that raises not its voice,
except to praise conquerors and acclaim the bully as hero
and aims to rule the world with force and by torture.

Pity the nation that knows no other language
but its own and no other culture but its own.

Pity the nation whose breath is money
and sleeps the sleep of the too well fed.

Pity the nation — oh, pity the people
who allow their rights to erode
and their freedoms to be
washed away.

My country, tears of thee, sweet land of liberty.


''Food for thought... Syria's vice president is a woman
 and half of the parliament are made up of women
 from all sects. For some reason, this is never
 mentioned. Probably because it kills the
'Assad is a dictator' narrative.''

OpEd columnist John Wight:

“Only when we are living in a world
 in which sanctions are imposed
 ‘on’ the United States, rather
than ‘by’ the United States...
will we know justice reigns.”

Andre Vltchek, philosopher, novelist,
filmmaker and investigative journalist:

''Iran is already a semi-socialist country, which has 
been greatly influenced by Venezuela and other
progressive Latin American nations. That, is
something that we are not supposed to know.

Iran is also putting great emphasis on social
services, like healthcare, culture, education,
& public transportation. Tehran is shockingly
elegant, clean and an impressive city, full of
arts and culture. The people are educated
 and knowledgeable, and very open. Even
now, Iran is moving closer and closer to
Russia, left-wing S. American countries,
 and China. The visa regime for Russian
citizens has been abolished, and Iranians
travel visa-free, to the Russian Federation.

Many are now fascinated with China; when
was in Teheran, there was a Chinese film

festival. Together with Russia, China,
Cuba & Venezuela, Iran has become
 an important bastion of anti-
imperialism.That is why
it is hated in the West,
 of course.''

Hazrat Inayat Khan:

''The wise man should keep the balance between
love and power; he should keep the love in his
nature ever increasing and expanding, and at
the same time strengthen the will, so that the
heart may not easily be broken.''

Hazrat Inayat Khan:

''There are two essential duties, for the man
of wisdom and love; that is, to keep the love
in our nature ever increasing and expanding
and to strengthen the will so that the heart
may not be easily broken. Balance is ideal
in life; man must be fine and yet strong,
man must be loving and yet powerful.''

Hazrat Inayat Khan:

Love produces harmony
and harmony creates beauty.
Therefore the chief motto in life
'Love, harmony and beauty'.

 Love is the nature of life,
beauty is the outcome of life,
harmony is the means by which
life accomplishes its purpose,
 and the lack of it, results in

 Love develops into harmony,
and of harmony is born beauty.

Jesus Christ:

"Your fathers work, you will do."

Our Father Among the Saints, John
Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople:

''Enter into the Church - and wash away your sins.
For here there is a hospital and not a court of law.
Do not be ashamed again to enter the Church, be
ashamed when you sin, but not when you repent.''

Bekhteev's poem ‘Come
to your senses, upper classes!’:

And once more their hearts are full of intrigue,
And once more treachery and lies are on their lips,
And life writes into the chapter of the last book
The vile treason of the grandees who knew it all.

Netanyahu in Fink's Bar in Jerusalem in 1990:

"America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry,
chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece - until
there is nothing left but the world's biggest
welfare state that we will create & control.
Why? Because it is the will of God, and
America is big enough to take the hit,
so we can do it again and again and
again. This is what we do, to
countries that we hate. We
destroy them very slowly
and make them suffer,
for refusing to be
our slaves."

US economist Barry Eichengreen:

"It costs only a few cents for the Bureau of Engraving
 and Printing to produce a $100 bill, but other
countries had to pony up $100 of actual
 goods, in order to obtain one."

George Gordon Noel Byron:

“If youth but knew; if age but could.
Wives in their husbands’ absences grow subtler,
And daughters sometimes run off with the butler.”


''Old doesn't mean decrepit. Older people possess Wisdom,
because of a whole life time of experience. Also, instead
of coming from EGO and Intellect, they are often in touch
with the higher level of Intuition and Wisdom. That's why
Native Americans have such a high regard for their Elders.
Of course the White society movie & advertising industry
only has regard for Youth. Wisdom is not respected.''

Jay Tharappel:

''Anti-Stalinism is what became of Marxism
after a century of ideological inbreeding
within a Eurocentic echo-chamber,
without being rejuvenated and,
to a degree, corrected by,
post-colonial criticism.''

Andre Vltchek, philosopher, novelist,
filmmaker and investigative journalist:

''The West 'kidnapped' 'left-wing', as it kidnapped Islam.
 'Interest groups' and individualism fully infiltrated
what used to be an internationalist and highly
disciplined movement. In the West, what is
called 'left', is now some kind of anarcho-
syndicalism (a totally Western concept
that could never be supported in such
 places as Asia), sprinkled with sexual
orientation and gender identity. It's not
a revolutionary block, very far from it.
It is a 'selfie-Left' -  a totally toothless
nonsense. Creative Marxism, is now
in China, Latin America, and in other
non-Western countries. Communism
 is definitely not dead, as they want
you to believe in London, Paris or
New York. It evolved, it's evolving.
But its essence is the same -
Internationalism, the mortal
fight against Western
imperialism, and
 equality for all.''

 George Orwell, in his novel, 1984:

''He who controls the past, controls the future.
He who controls the present controls the past.''

Adolf Hitler:

“The wealth of Great Britain is the result -
less of a perfect commercial organisation
- than of the capitalist exploitation of the
three hundred and fifty million Indian
slaves. They know very well, that
it’s the possession of India, on
which the existence of their
Empire, depends.”

Jay Tharappel:

''When the British arrived in Bengal (India) it
was one of the richest places in the world,
and when they left, it was reduced to the
poorest place in the world. When the
British won their first victory on
Indian soil in 1757, India owned
roughly 24% of global income,
and when the British left,
was 4%.''

Adolf Hitler:

“What India was for England,
the territories of Russia will
be, for us.”

To justify the partitioning of Palestine
to make way for Israel, Churchill said:

“I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong
has been done to the Red Indians of America
or the black people of Australia… by the fact
that a stronger race, a higher-grade race…
has come in and taken their place”.

US Army General Jacob H. Smith's order,
upon the start of the Philippines War:

 “Kill everyone over 10 years old.”


“As a result of the extensive colonial policy,
the European proletarian, partly, finds
himself in a position when it is not
his labour, but the labour of the
practically enslaved natives
in the colonies, that
maintains the
whole of


“The British bourgeoisie, for example, derives
more profit from the many millions of the
population of India and other colonies,
than from the British workers. In
certain countries, this provides
the material and economic
basis --- for infecting the
proletariat with colonial

Henri Van Kol of the Dutch Socialist Workers’ Party
at the 2nd International, on the 14th of July, 1889:

“Suppose we bring a machine to the savages of central Africa.
What will they do with it? Perhaps they will start up a war
dance around it. Perhaps they will kill us or even eat us.”

Rogozin, on Rossiya-24 tv, January 29th 2016:

"The US cannot separate its segment of the ISS
in such a way that it will continue flying. Few
people know, that the Russian segment can
be autonomous. We can separate from the
ISS tomorrow and stay on the orbit,
working there. The Americans
cannot do that, they are
absolutely tied to us,
they are nothing
without us."

Gerald Celente:

"Currency wars, trade wars, world wars.''

Robert Tressell:

“Every man who is not helping to bring about
a better state of affairs for the future, is
helping to perpetuate the present
misery, and is, therefore, the
enemy of his own children.
There is no such thing as
being neutral: we must
either help, or hinder.”

Singer/songwriter and peace activist, Phil Ochs:

''One good song with a message
can bring a point more deeply,
to more people, than a
thousand rallies.''

Singer/songwriter and peace activist, Phil Ochs:

Show me a prison, show me a jail
Show me a prisoner whose face has grown pale
And I'll show you a young man
With many reasons why
There but for fortune, go you or I.

Show me an alley, show me a train
Show me a hobo who sleeps out in the rain
And I'll show you a young man
With many reasons why
There but for fortune, go you or I

Show me a country where the bombs had to fall
Show me the ruins of buildings so tall
And I'll show you a young land
With so many reasons why
There but for fortune, go you or I
You or I.

Singer/songwriter and peace activist, Phil Ochs:

''Leave the old and dying America and use your
creative energies to help form a new America,
that would be de-militarized, more humanistic,
 where the police are less hostile, and closer
the community, where the wealthy are not

given unleashed power for the exploitation
of the people. And mostly because it's now
a matter of life and death --- reassert the
ecological balance with the environment,
which means people in the oil companies
and car companies & the space industry
- and all the other industries - will have to
brought into account, so that there will
a new definition of government, which
to be closer to the people & less close

to special interests --- which are far more
 harmful than any revolutionaries.''

After Phil Och's death, the FBI
continued to consider him as:
"Potentially dangerous"

Singer/songwriter and peace activist, Phil Ochs:

"In an ugly world, the only
 true protest, is beauty" 

William Blake:

Every night and ev'ry morn,
some to misery are born.

Every morn and every night,
some are born to sweet delight.

Some are born to sweet delight.
Some are born to endless night.

Paul Craig Roberts:

“The 'War on Terror' is really a war on Muslim countries
with foreign policies independent of Washington and
Israel; it is a war on US civil liberty, and a war on
Middle Eastern countries in the way of Israeli
territorial expansion. But Washington
pretends it's a 'war for democracy' - 
'war for freedom from terrorism.' ”

Henry Kissinger, adviser to 6 US Presidents:

"The chief task of the USA is now
 the depopulation of the world."

Napoleon Bonaparte:

"Never interrupt your enemy, 
when he is making a mistake"

Mao Zedong, known as Chairman Mao:

"There is great disorder under the sky,
so the situation is excellent!"

Professor, Practice of Public Policy, Kishore Mahbubani:

“The era of Western domination is coming to an end.
Western elites should lift their sights from their
domestic civil wars and focus on the larger
global challenges. Instead, they are, in
various ways, accelerating their
irrelevance and disintegration.”

The International Court at the Hague
 ruled, on June 26, 1986, as follows:

“The International Court at the Hague decides that
 the United States of America, by training, arming,
 equipping, financing and supplying the ‘contra’
 forces; or otherwise encouraging, supporting
 and aiding military and paramilitary activities
 in and against Nicaragua, has acted, against
 the Republic of Nicaragua, in breach of its
obligation under customary international law
 not to intervene in the affairs of another State.”


George W. Bush:

 "If any country takes an American
before the ICC we will bomb The Hague."

Charles Pierson, lawyer, & a member of 

Pittsburgh Anti-Drone Warfare Coalition:

"The American Servicemembers’ Protection Act
 empowers the US president to use “all means
 necessary and appropriate” to free US citizens
 (civilian or military --- despite the Act’s name)
 who may in the future be prosecuted by the
 International Criminal Court in The Hague."

Former CIA agent John Stockwell:

“I don’t mean to abuse you with verbal violence, but
you have to understand what your government
and its agents are doing. They [the Contras] go
into villages, they haul out families. With the
children forced to watch, they castrate the
father, they peel the skin off his face, they
put a grenade in his mouth and pull the pin.
With the children forced to watch they gang-
rape the mother, and slash her breasts off.
And sometimes for variety, they make the
parents watch while they do these things
to the children.”

Ex US president Ronald Reagan:

''The Contras are the moral equivalent 
of our Founding Fathers.''

Historian William Blum:

“Americans are like the children of a mafia boss
who do not know how their father makes his
living, but then they are shocked when
someone throws a firebomb through
 their living-room window.”

War & Peace (page 429), Anna Pavlovna:

''Europe will never be a sincere ally of ours.''


''If you imply that Serbia started a war against
the Austro-Hungarian Empire, then you are
dead wrong - and you are just spreading
the usual German propaganda.

''The assassination of Franz Ferdinand in Bosnia
was not planned, or organized, by Serbia.
Ultimatum on Serbia, and the war
followed, was not in Serb
at all.

''In WW1 Serbia lost 1 THIRD of its male population.
It is the equivalent of what happened to the USSR
in WW2, or even worse.

''Serbia was a tiny country, compared to the huge
Austro-Hungarian Empire, so one must be really
cynical, to accuse Serbia of starting that war.''

Woodrow Wilson, before the US entered WW1:

"I promise you, this war will be the last one
the war that will end all wars." 

Hitler, before WW2:

"This will be the war of all wars. The last war
ever to be fought. To unite humanity and
countries in one civilization and
under one
glorious flag." 

 Charles Xll, in the 18th century, just before Sweden
 lost both the war - and the status of a great power:

"Russia is a dwarf, I will put her on her knees."

Friedrich, in the 18th century, just before
the Russian army entered Berlin in 1759:

"I will conquer backward Russia."

Napoleon, in the 19th century, just before
 the Russian army took Paris, in 1814:

 "Russia - a colossus on clay legs."

 Hitler, in the 20th century, just before he committed
 suicide, when the Red army entered Berlin, in 1945:

"I will conquer the USSR before the end of the year."


''War with Russia is total war. Every century in history
Russia participated in such a war. And became the
biggest country in the world. Somehow... Is it
not strange?''

F. William Engdahl: 

“Putin’s speech talked about nuclear primacy, and
the Russian response, and he outlined the military
developments they had quietly brought online
--- since Washington unilaterally tore up the
ABM Treaty in 2002/2003. So he outlined an
awesome array of missiles; hypersonic

low flying, stealth missiles, carrying
warheads on unpredictable
invisible against any
prospective missile
and air defence systems...  

unmanned submersible vehicles
at great depths, that could go
many times faster than the
speed of any submarine's 
cutting edge torpedoes;
and commentators in
the West like CNN said:
“Oh, this is just bluff. and so forth.”
It’s indeed, game set and match
over - for
the empire. There’s
no more military
against Russia.”


Joe Quinn, co-author of 9/11: The Ultimate Truth:

''Raytheon stock surged on Friday morning, after
59 of the company's Tomahawk missiles were
used to strike Syria, in Donald Trump's first
major military operation as President. If it
had been publicly revealed how badly the
Tomahawks really did, Raytheon stock
would have lost a similar amount.''


''Please watch this on utoob.....and spread the word...
jimmy Dore show, title: chemical attacks in Syria
proven to be false, start at 16:19...  John Kerry

admits that Saudi Arabia will pay the cost for
the US to destroy Syria, as the US destroyed
Iraq.....  hey USA, why do you listen to FOX
and CNN lies when you can watch CSPAN
and see and hear the evil coming right
out of your politicians mouths....''

Bolivia's President Morales:

''You cannot pretend you are upholding
international law - while breaking
international law.''

The Kremlin:

''Missiles must hit terrorists
- not a government which
  fights terrorists.''

President Assad of Syria, in 2017:
(noting that, in spite of all the
Western pressure on every
country, including India, to
join the embargo against
the Syrian people, India
wouldn’t cease its
relationship with

“We respect the Indian position a lot, because,
first of all, it’s based on the international law,
it’s based on the United Nations' charter,
it’s based on the morals of the world,
of human civilizations first, and
Indian civilization second,
and, secondly, it's based
on the Indian people’s

Global Times Op-Ed:

''The West is only a small fraction of the world,
& is nowhere near the global representative it
once thought it was.  The silenced minorities
within the international community need to
realize this, and prove just how deep their
understanding is, of such a realization...
proving it to the world through action."

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, (The Brothers Karamazov):

“Above all, don't lie to yourself. The man who lies
to himself and listens to his own lie, comes to a
point that he cannot distinguish the truth with-
in him, or around him and so loses all respect
for himself and for others. And having no
respect, he ceases to love.”

New Silk Strategies' staff:

''This is the Western world where you are now,
a world where hate holds sway over love,
profound ignorance over
knowledge and

Thomas Paine:

“It is impossible to calculate the moral mischief, if I
may so express it, that mental lying has produced
in society. When a man has so far corrupted and
prostituted the chastity of his mind, as to
subscribe his professional belief to
things he does not believe, he has
prepared himself for the
commission of every
 other crime”

Smedley Butler, Marine Major General, USMC.:

“ I believe in adequate defense at the coastline,
 and nothing else. If a nation comes over here
to fight, then we’ll fight. The trouble with
America, is that, when the dollar only
earns six percent over here, then it
gets restless and goes overseas
to get 100 percent... Then the
flag follows the dollar, and
the soldiers follow the flag.

I wouldn’t go to war again, as I have done, to protect
 some lousy investment of the bankers. There are
only two things we should fight for. One is the
defense of our homes, and the other is the
 Bill of Rights. War for any other reason
 is simply a racket.

''There isn’t a trick in the racketeering bag that the
military gang is blind to. It has its “finger men”
point out enemies; its “muscle men”, to
enemies; its “brain men” to plan
preparations; and a “Big Boss”,


''It may seem odd for me, a military man, to adopt such
a comparison. Truthfulness compels me to...  I spent
thirty-three years and four months in active military
service, as a member of this country’s most agile
military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all
commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant
to Major-General. And, during that period, I
spent most of my time being a high-class
muscle- man for Big Business, for Wall
Street and for the Bankers…..

''In short, I was a racketeer,
a gangster for Capitalism."

George Bush senior:

"If the people knew what we'd been up to
 they'd be coming after us --- with ropes!"

President Assad, of Syria:

“The only thing that moves you, is
people that you trust, people who
are level-headed, people who are
thoughtful, people who are moral,
ethical, that's what should move
anything inside you, whether
positive or negative. Some-
one like Trump, will move
nothing for me.”

Arundhati Roy, in 2001, reacting to the Western “War on Terror”:

“When he announced the air strikes, President George Bush said, 
"We're a peaceful nation." America's favourite ambassador,
Tony Blair, ...echoed him: "We're a peaceful people."
now we know. Pigs are horses. Girls are
boys.  War
is Peace.”

Addressing the accusations of meddling in the
US election, Russian President Vladimir Putin:

''Presidents come and go, and even the
parties in power change, but the main
political direction does not change.
That’s why, in the grand scheme
of things, we don’t care who is
the head of the United States;
we know, more or less, what
is going to happen. So, in
this regard, even if we
wanted to, it wouldn't
make sense for us
to interfere.''


''A friend in an African country once told me
"these Western soldiers are fat, like little
babies, they could not walk for an hour
in Africa, without panting like a dying
goat and drinking water" in his own
words:- the soldiers are weak, over-
fed - and cannot last in a long fight.
So, while the Western soldiers went
into Africa to learn about Africa, the
African soldiers were learning about
the Western soldiers: and my friend
mentioned to me, how they looked
down on the fat slobs.''

Dmitry Orlov:

''I hope that the US doesn’t plan to attack anyone
either, because, given its recent history, this
won’t work. Threatening the whole planet
and forcing it to use the US dollar in
international trade (and destroying
countries, such as Iraq and Libya,
when they refuse); running huge
trade deficits with, virtually, the
entire world and forcing reserve
banks around the world to buy up
US government debt; leveraging
that debt, to run up colossal
budget deficits (now around
a trillion dollars a year); and
robbing the entire planet by
printing money and spending
it on various corrupt schemes
— that, my friends, has been
America’s business plan
since around the 1970s.
And it is unraveling
before our eyes.''

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank President, Jin Liqun:

“There is not a trade war between the US and China,
it is a US trade war against the world.”

Greek philosopher, Sextus Empiricus:

'The mills of the gods grind slowly,
but they grind small.'

John Lennon:

“The trouble with the government as it is,
is that it doesn’t represent the people.
It controls them.”


''So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom,
those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active
and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any
number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles
upon sleeping men.''

Mark Twain:

''Never argue with stupid people,
they will drag you down to their level
and then beat you with experience.''


''Dying of radiation sickness, alone in a ditch, in
his own vomit and shit, the average Canadian
might consider that his life was wasted by
living voluntarily in a cartoon universe,
but perhaps not even that much, will
get through the cast iron of
Canadian wilful ignorance
and stupidity.''

Friedrich Von Logau, (poem, 'Retribution'):

Though the mills of God grind slowly,
yet they grind exceeding small;
Though with patience he stands waiting,
 with exactness grinds he all.

Sun Tzu, The Art of War:

“There are not more than five musical notes,
 yet the combinations of these five give rise
to more melodies than can ever be heard.”

Sun Tzu, The Art of War:

“There are not more than five primary colours,
yet in combination they produce more hues
 than can ever be seen.”

Sun Tzu, The Art of War:

“There are not more than five cardinal tastes,
yet combinations of them yield more flavours
 than can ever be tasted.”

Sun Tzu:
“Wheels of justice grind slow, but grind fine.”

Margarita Simonian beautifully summarizes the feelings

that the West's hatred elicits in the Russian population:

“All your injustice and cruelty, inquisitorial hypocrisy
and lies: you forced us to stop respecting you. You
and your so-called “values.” We don’t want to live
like you live, anymore. For fifty years, secretly
and openly, we wanted to live like you, but
not any longer. We have no more respect
for you, and for those among us that you
support, and for all those people who
support you. For that, you only have
yourself to blame. Our people are
capable of forgiving a lot. But we
don’t forgive arrogance, and no
normal nation would. Your only
remaining Empire, would be
wise to learn the history of
its allies:-  all of them, are
former empires - to learn
the ways they lost their
empires. Only because
of their arrogance.
White man’s
burden, my
(this last sentence in English
in the original text – trans.)


"Money, it must have intrinsic value – independent of
 any other object, and contained in the money itself."

James Howard Kunstler

"Yesterday’s 724-point dump in the Dow Jones
Industrial Average, is liable to not be a fluke
event, but the beginning of a cascade into
 the pitiless maw of reality."

(Newly re-elected, in a record poll turnout, and
the highest ever % of the vote) President Putin:

“We are not threatening anyone, not going to
attack anyone, or take away anything from
anyone, with the threat of weapons... We, 
not need anything. Just the opposite.”

“And to those who, in the past 15 years, have
tried to accelerate an arms race, and seek
unilateral advantage against Russia, have
introduced restrictions & sanctions that
are illegal from the standpoint of inter-
national law -- aiming to restrain our
nation’s development, including in
the military area -- I will say this:
everything you have tried to
prevent through such a policy
has already happened. No one
has managed to restrain Russia.”

“Any use of nuclear weapons against
Russia or
its allies, weapons of short,
medium, or any
range at all, will be
considered as a
nuclear attack
on this country.
will be immediate
- with
all the attendant

be no doubt

about this, 

US Deputy Sec. of Defense Bob Work, in Summer 2016:

 “Our adversaries [Russia], quite frankly, are
 pursuing enhanced human operations
it scares the crap out of us.”

The latest (2017) PIRLS tests.
Top 10 for primary reading:

1. Russia
2. Singapore
3. Hong Kong
4. Republic of Ireland
5. Finland
6. Poland
= Northern Ireland
8. Norway
= Taiwan
= England

(Scotland and Wales did not take part)

A spokesperson for the UK Government’s Dept of Education:

''As everyone knows, whilst Britain has a world class education
system that is the envy of every nation, Russia is a poor country
where nothing works and everyone is force-fed a constant diet
 of Kremlin propaganda. Given that this is the case, we simply
refuse to believe that it is possible for Russian children to
 have better reading results than British children, and it
is obvious to us that the explanation for these results
must be a more sinister one.”

T.R. Fehrenbach’s This Kind of War -
history of 1950-1953 Korean War:

 “You may fly over a nation forever,
you may bomb it, atomize it, pulverize it

and wipe it clean of life. But if you desire to
defend it… you must do this on
the ground,
the way the Roman legions did: by putting
your young men, in
the mud.”

Desiderius Erasmus:

''War is delightful to those who
 have had no experience of it.''

German philosopher Hegel:

“What experience and history teach us is this:
people and governments, never have learned
anything from history, or acted on principles
deduced from it.”

President Xi Jinping:

''We Chinese people do not believe in evil, nor are we afraid of
it. We do not make trouble, nor are we afraid of it. No country
should ever expect China to trade away its core interests or
swallow the bitter fruit that undermines its sovereignty,
security and development interests.''

Winston Churchill:

“The farther backward you can look, the
 farther forward you are likely to see.”

Ali Khamenei:

"We can nullify US sanctions, using
methods such as eliminating the dollar"

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev:

''The world should not be dominated by
 one currency. It is necessary to build
 a new system of international
 financial relations.''

Hermann Hesse:

“If you hate a person, you hate something
in him that is part of yourself. What isn't
part of ourselves, doesn't disturb us.”

Abraham Lincoln, November 21st, 1864:

''As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned
and an era of corruption in high places will follow and
the money power of the country, will endeavour to
prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices
of the people - until all wealth is aggregated in
a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.''

Ed Flaherty, Iowa City Chapter of Veterans for Peace:

“It is about today, about our pressing need to reverse
 the war-momentum and to take up the sweet burden
 of creating lasting peace.”


"it is not the brains that matter most,
but that which guides them—the
character, the heart, generous
qualities, progressive ideas."

Russian Orthodox Elder, Zosima, in
Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov (1881):

“Loving humility is marvelously strong, the strongest of all things.
Every day and every hour, every minute, walk round yourself and
 watch yourself, and see that your image is a seemly one.”


''There were more native Americans in the Americas
than people of Europe, in the 1500s, yet, by 1900,
few of the aboriginal people were left. ''


''22 US veterans per day commit suicide.
PER DAY, just think about that.''

Charles Bukowski:

“The problem with the world is, the
intelligent people are full of doubts,
while the stupid ones are full of

Ukrainian nationalist Nikolai Mikhnivsky:

“All people are your brothers,
just not Muscovites, Poles,
Hungarians, Romanians,
Jews, your enemies,
and so on.”

Walid Al-Moualem, Syrian Deputy PM's
Statement at the UN General Assembly:

''For more than 6 years, Syrians have made
great sacrifices to defend their country, in
the face of a terrorist war of unprecedented
brutality. The Syrian people have stood their
ground against all odds, because they knew
 that this was a war that sought to eliminate
their country & with it, their own existence.
They are an example to follow by any people
who might face now or in the future, similar
attempts to break their will and deny them
their freedom and sovereignty.''

VV Putin:

 "We will soak them even on their toilets.
Our job isn't to judge them, but to send
them to God. Let Him sort them out."

Report from the Ron Paul Institute:

"According to the International Organization for Migration,
almost 67% of the over 600,000 who went back in the first
seven months of this year, returned to Aleppo province."

Libbre David 37:

''To communicate anything to a Goy about
our religious relations would be equal to
the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim
knew what we teach about them,
they would kill us openly.''

Szaaloth-Utszabot, The Book of Jore Dia 17:
''A Jew should and must make a false oath
when the Goyim asks if our books
anything against them.''

 In his 2017 work report to the General Assembly,
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres:

"Our world is in trouble. People are hurting and angry.
They see insecurity rising, inequality growing,
conflict spreading and climate changing."

Thomas Jefferson:

 “The modern theory of the perpetuation of debt
 has drenched the earth with blood, and crushed
 its inhabitants under burdens ever accumulating.”

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres:

"The use of nuclear weapons should be unthinkable.
Even the threat of their use can never be condoned."

US commentator, Wil Wheaton:

“If the world was a bar, America would be the angry drunk
waving around a loaded gun. Yeah, the other people in
bar might be afraid of him, but they sure as hell
respect him.”

Editorial in China's state-run Global Times:

"If the US and South Korea carry out strikes and try
 to overthrow the North Korea regime and change
 the political pattern of the Korean Peninsula,
China will prevent them from doing so."

Eric Zuesse:

''The only international poll that has asked the question
'Which country do you think is the greatest threat to
peace in the world today?' found that, by an over-
whelming margin, the US was named by more
people throughout the world, than any other.
But US citizens chose Iran.'' 

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri:

"Israel and terrorism are the two main threats that
Lebanon and the whole Middle East region
facing today."

Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State:

''Military men are just dumb stupid animals
to be used as pawns in foreign policy.''


''The state Department and enablers are the Deep State,
but without the gullible and stupid public, they could
not exist. These gullible souls, especially the misled
"Christians," who like to repeat the inanity "I stand
with Israel," are what can be called
the Shallow

 Nelson Mandela, first black President of South Africa:

"No country can claim to be the policeman of the world
and no state can dictate to another what it should do.
Those that, yesterday, were friends of our enemies,
have the gall today to tell me not to visit my brother
Gaddafi. They are advising us to be ungrateful and
forget our friends of the past.

"Mister Obama, a person was killed with your direct involvement
whom Nelson Mandela called his brother and thanked for help
in gaining democracy. True democracy, and not the one
invented in the Oval Office."

President James Garfield, 1881; 2nd assassinated US president:

“Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute
 master of all industry and commerce… And when you realize that
 the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another,
 by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told
how periods of inflation and depression originate.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan:

''Love is the current coin of
 all peoples, in all periods.''

Robert Tressell, author of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists:

"Poverty is not caused by men and women getting married; it's not
caused by machinery; it's not caused by "over-production"; it's not
caused by drink or laziness; & it's not caused by "over-population".
 It's caused by Private Monopoly. That is the present system. They
have monopolized everything that it is possible to monopolize; they
 have got the whole earth, the minerals in the earth and the streams
that water the earth. The only reason they have not monopolized
the daylight and the air is that it is not possible to do it. If it were
 possible to construct huge gasometers and to draw together and
 compress within them the whole of the atmosphere, it would have
been done long ago, and we should have been compelled to work
for them in order to get money to buy air to breathe. And if that
 seemingly impossible thing were accomplished tomorrow, you
 would see thousands of people dying for want of air - or of the
 money to buy it..."

US President, Donald Trump:

''The relationship developed by President Xi and myself, I
 think, is outstanding. We look forward to being together
 many times in the future. And I believe lots of very
 potentially bad problems, will be going away.''

Trump's new US Director of Trade, 'Pete' Navarro:

"China is a despicable, parasitic, brass-
knuckled and totally totalitarian power.''

John F. Kennedy:

''The United States, as the world knows,
will never start a war."


''Just continue the Mexican wall around the
 entire US circumference, we'll all be happy.''

James Butterfill, ETF Securities:

''If you think... what would be the largest economy in
the next 10 years, it could well be China. Ultimately
the US has about 200 million people, deemed to be
middle class, whereas China by say 2025, will have
probably, around 700 million people deemed to be
middle class. You can just see where this is going
and where consumerism will be based. On current
growth rates, it could well achieve that. There has
been, perhaps - in our view - too much pessimism
over Chinese growth. It does have some problems
- such as a considerable credit bubble that it needs
to deal with. But, ultimately, it has this very large
backdrop of a middle class, that will really drive
 growth in the coming years.''

Economist Ivan Danilov, on Moody's downgrading
of China's sovereign credit rating from Aa3 to A1:

"The US is sending China and Russia a message –
 that 'all the elements of financial infrastructure
 that you do not take away from Washington in
 time --- will be used against you, in time.' It is
 worth listening to this message, and drawing
 the right conclusions from these first volleys
 of this new stage of the global financial war."

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis:

“There has been no change to our
continued extraordinary efforts to
 avoid innocent civilian casualties.”

Belkis Wille, Iraq researcher for Human Rights Watch:

“Remarkably, when I interview families at camps,
who have just fled the fighting, the first thing they
complain about, is not the 3 horrific years they've
spent under ISIS, or the last months of no food or
clean water, but the US airstrikes. Many told me
that they survived such hardships, and almost
made it out with their families, only to lose all
their loved ones in a strike, before they had
 time to flee.”


Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator at the Financial Times:

"The hopes of a brave new world of progress, harmony & democracy,
raised by the market opening of the 1980s and the collapse of the
 Soviet Union between 1989 and 1991, have turned into ashes."

 Former USSR President, Gorbachev:

 “Plainly speaking, the US has already
 dragged us into a new Cold War,
by trying to openly implement
idea of triumphalism.
What’s next?

 Unfortunately, I cannot be sure
 that the Cold War will not bring
 about a ‘hot’ one. I’m afraid
they might take the risk.”

President Xi, at the UN Office at Geneva, this January:

"We should advance democracy in international relations
and reject dominance by just one, or several, countries.
All countries should jointly shape the
world's future,
write international rules, manage global affairs -- and
ensure that development outcomes are shared by all."

Grace Lee Boggs, author, activist, philosopher and feminist:
“Love isn't about what we did yesterday; it's about
 what we do today and tomorrow and the day after.”

"I’ve come to believe that you cannot change any society
unless you take responsibility for it, unless you see your-
self as belonging to it -- and responsible for changing it."

“At the core of the problem is an obsolete factory model
of schooling that sorts, tracks, tests, rejects or certifies
 working-class children --- as if they were products on
an assembly line. The purpose of education, can't be
only to increase the earning power of the individual,
or to supply workers for the ever-changing slots of
the corporate machine. Children need to be given
a sense of the 'unique capacity of human beings
 to shape and create reality in accordance with
 conscious purposes and plans.”

Professor, Practice of Public Policy, Kishore Mahbubani:

“Viewed against the backdrop of the past 1,800 years...  the
recent period of Western relative over-performance against
other civilizations, is a major historical aberration. All such
aberrations come to a natural end, and that is happening

Zhang Xiangzhong, forest management official:

"Planting a tree in the soil is a skill,
 but preserving it for the long term,
 is an art." 

Zhang Weiwei, director, Inst. of
 China Studies, Fudan University:

"Political legitimacy comes from
 competence and prosperity,"

Mao Zedong, in 1934:

"We won't have the support of the people,
 if we cannot strive for the people's benefit."

Xi Jinping, in 2012.

"To meet the people's desire for
a happy life ~ is our mission."

UK Tory election campaign guidelines:

''Under no circumstances debate policies
 or acknowledge Tory failures, just go
 all out attack on Corbyn.''

Unite union general secretary Len McCluskey:

“Theresa May fought an underhand, depressing campaign
 and has been well and truly humbled. People do not want
Tory business as usual, they do not want a politics built
on fear that spreads despair, and they certainly do not
 want a lame duck prime minister. Credit for this must
 go to Labour, led by Jeremy Corbyn, which has
pulled off the biggest political reawakening
of the century."

 Algerian writer Kamel Daoud:

 "Daesh has a mother, the invasion of Iraq.
But it also has a father, the ideological
 industry of Saudi Arabia."

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in October:
"Afghanistan is responsible for 90% of the world’s
illicit opiates such as heroin, & opium production
increased by 43% just in the past year."

US permanent representative to the UN, Haley:

 ''America is the moral conscience of the world."

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova:

 "Now it's clear what's happening on the planet: after every
 demonstration of American conscience, Russia has had
to strain its brains to bring the world from the [brink].
Taking a look back at the results of US foreign policy
 of the last decade, one can assume that Washington
 is more suited to the role of another 'global' organ…"

"And another thing.. The UN is not an instrument promoting
 America's or anyone else's values. The UN is a chance
given to humanity to prevent new world wars, which
 come about as a result of an overabundance of
feeling, about one's own exclusivity."

Winston Churchill:

"Occasionally, our American friends experience the
need to wash their conscience in a bidet. The fact
 is that later, they make us drink the water. "

Ammar Waqqaf, director, the UK-based think tank Gnosos,
commenting on all the US airstrikes on Syrian troops:

“This is being used as a principle, to prevent the Syrian Army
 from restoring Syrian sovereignty, against rebels, against
Daesh [Arabic pejorative term for IS]. In a sense, about
a year
ago, the US were passively using IS forces to
put pressure
on the Syrian Army. Now they seem
to be actively
protecting them, and this
is madness.”

Russia's President Putin, on March 1st, 2018:

“There is no reason, after 1991, or certainly
after 2000, for the existence of NATO,
other than the reason given when
NATO was created, by the first
secretary general of NATO:
[General Hastings Lionel Ismay,

1st Baron Ismay KG, GCB,
to keep the Russians out,
the Germans down, and
the Americans in.”

In November 2011, German Minister
of Finance, Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble:

“In Germany, at no time since
the 8th of May 1945, have we
 been fully sovereign”.


''Germany is still occupied. Through an agreement
the US controls German media, education, and
just about everything else, until 2099.''

Hassan Sakr, head of foreign affairs,
the Syrian Social Nationalist Party:

"The Americans are still working on the Israeli agenda
 which is summarized as: dividing the region into
religious and ethnic pieces, and this is obvious
their position re the Kurdish referendum."

Political thinker, Shaktiman:

"Is it worth it, to live in a country where you must look
over your shoulder 24/7, because some idiot may
use explosives to blow up you and your loved
 ones, to Kingdom Come?

"Is freedom the right to lie and force everyone to call it truth?
Is promoting cowardice in our citizenry in the face of tyranny
 and injustice worth it? Bombing our neighbours in this world
 and killing their children, has created a mountain of hatred
 from the world. The US citizen must speak up, or perish.

"Israel has already threatened that if it doesn't get its way,
 change regimes where Israel and the US so choose and
 more so to become "Greater Israel", (if one can call it
then Israel will unilaterally launch nukes
against the world."

Pope Francis:

“Why are deadly weapons being sold to those who plan to
 inflict untold suffering?...simply for money: money that is
 drenched in blood, often innocent blood."

Sayyed Nasrallah, Hezbollah leader:

 “For all those fighting in the ranks of the enemy in Syria,
 I tell you -- this project is over. Netanyahu visited Putin
to beg him, because he fears the defeat of ISIL, for its
defeat means Israel’s defeat and the victory of the
resistance axis in the region. I call on you to
abandon the US/Israeli front and join the
 resistance front… since the beginning,
 I have assured you that the resistance
 axis will never be defeated, neither
 in Syria nor in Iraq or Yemen."

The Miner’s Next Step, in 1912:

‘All leaders become corrupt, in spite of their own
good intentions. They become “gentlemen”,
they become MPs and have considerable
social prestige because of this power.’

‘As any increase in the power of the rank and file
 lessens the power and prestige, the leader then
has an interest – a vested interest – in
stopping progress.’

‘The order and system is based on the suppression
 of the men, from being independent thinkers, into
 being “the men” or “the mob”.’

Eric Hobsbawm:

"It seems that American patriotism measures itself
against an outcast group. The right Americans are
the right Americans because they are not like the
wrong Americans, who are not really Americans."

Malcolm X:

"You just know you're in The South
when you cross the Canadian border."

Angela Davis, black, communist,
 feminist, US intellectual, in 2015:

I think feminism,
radical feminism, radical anti-racist

and anti-capitalist feminism, helps us to do the
reconceptualisation that is necessary, in order
to produce a left that is more in line with the
 vast changes that have occurred in the era
of global capitalism, recognising the
feminisation of the working class,
the structural shifts in the global economy,
and the fact that some industries are largely
populated by women, industries that rely on
reproductive labour, of care industries,

domestic service, health care, etc.
It seems
to me that in many ways
unions around the
world, are not
willing to recognise those changes.

 To organise the unorganised,
at this moment,
 is to organise

Paramhansa Yogananda:

Father, I will drink vitality from the fountains
of sunshine. I will drink peace from the silver
fountain of mooned nights. I will drink Your
 power in the mighty cup of the wind. I will
 drink Your consciousness in all the little
cups of my thoughts. I will drink Your
 joy in my joy. I will drink Your Bliss
 in my blissful thoughts.  

       Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, 19/3/2014:

"What has happened in Crimea is a response to the
 format that made Ukrainian democracy collapse.
And there is only one reason for this: the anti-
Russian policy of the US and some European
countries. They seek to encircle Russia, in
order to weaken and eventually destroy it.
There is a certain transnational elite that's
 been cherishing this dream, for 300 years."

Ilya Kharlamov:
"On the one hand, NATO has said that a dialogue with
 Moscow is necessary, mentioning joint threats that
could be dealt with together. On the other hand,
the bloc has tirelessly spread wild speculations
on Moscow's supposedly bloodthirsty plans,
 which have to be stopped. This is not a
 mixed message, but a chronic
cognitive dissonance."

Vladimir Jabotinsky, Jewish Daily Bulletin, 1935:

“There is only one power which really counts. The
 power of political pressure. We Jews are the most
powerful people on earth, because we have this
 power, and we know how to apply it.”

Pope Francis:

“Power is like drinking gin on an empty stomach.
You feel dizzy, get drunk, you lose your balance,
 and you will end up hurting yourself and those
 around you, if you don’t connect your power
with humility and tenderness.”  

Admiral Moorer, Chief of US Naval Operations
and Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff:

“No American president can stand up to Israel.”

Netanyahu on Christian Zionists

Naim Qassem, Hezbollah's deputy
 secretary-general, on Palestine:

“One state means war. Two states means peace
under their conditions, which will lead us to war.”

Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer:

 “Our goal is to make sure that we maintain
America’s dominance around the world.”

Conn Hallinan:

"According to the CIA, 'by 2030 Asia will have
 surpassed N. America and Europe combined
 in terms of global power --- based on GDP,
population size, military spending and
technological investments.' By 2025
 two-thirds of the world will live in
Asia, 7% in Europe, and 5% in
 the US. Those are the
 of eclipse."

The Chinese poet, Lao Tzu:

"Those who have knowledge, don't predict;
 those who predict, don't have knowledge."

Mark Twain:

“It's easier to fool people
 than to convince them
they have been

Otto von Bismarck:

 ''We must cultivate among the Ukrainians, a people
 whose consciousness is altered to such an extent,
 that they begin to hate everything Russian.''

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei:

“The sorrowful story of Palestine and the excruciating
 sadness felt, because of the oppression against this
 patient, enduring & resistant nation, truly distresses
any individual who seeks freedom, truth & justice,
and it thrusts an agonizing pain and suffering
one’s heart.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan - 'Our Sacred Task':

"The principal thing that the Message has
to accomplish in this era, is to create the
realization of the divine spark in every soul
-- that every soul according to its progress,
 may begin to realize for itself, the spark
of divinity within. This is the task
that is before us.

Now you may ask, what is the Message? The Message is
this: that the whole of humanity, is as one single body,

 and all the nations, communities and races, are the
different organs, and the happiness and well-being
of each of them, is the happiness and well-being of
the whole body. If there is one organ of the body in
 pain, the whole body has to sustain a share of the
strain of it. That, by this Message, mankind may
begin to think that his welfare and his well-being
 is not in looking after himself, but it is in looking
after others --- and, when in all, there will be
reciprocity, love and goodness towards
another, the better time will come."

John Swinton (1829–1901), Scots-US
journalist, and newspaper publisher:

"There is no such a thing in America as an independent press,
unless it is out in country towns. You are all slaves. You know
it, and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to express
an honest opinion. If you expressed it, you would know before-
hand that it would never appear in print. I am paid $150 for
keeping honest opinions out of the paper I am connected
with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for doing
similar things. If I should allow honest opinions to
be printed in one issue of my paper, I would be like
Othello before 24 hours: my occupation would be
gone. The man who would be so foolish as to
write honest opinions would be out on the
street hunting for another job. The business of a
New York journalist is to distort the truth, to lie
outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet
of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race
for his daily bread, or for what is about the same
 — his salary. You know this, and I know it; and
what foolery to be toasting an "Independent
Press"! We are the tools and vassals of rich
men behind the scenes. We are jumping-jacks.
They pull the string and we dance. Our time,
our talents, our lives, our possibilities, are
all the property of other men. We are
intellectual prostitutes".

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad:

"The mainstream media has failed. Their
version has been discredited. It is in
the alternative media that we must
seek the truth."

US writer and investigative historian, Eric Zuesse:

"On 15 August 2007, the BBC headlined “Wikipedia
 Shows CIA Page Edits,” and Jonathan Fildes
reported that, “An online tool that claims
 to reveal the identity of organizations
that edit Wikipedia pages, revealed
 that the CIA was involved in editing
 entries.” I.e.: What the CIA doesn’t
 like, they can (and do) eliminate
 or change."

Ji Xinping:

"Remembering history is to open up to the
 future ----- forgetting history is a betrayal"

Philosopher Søren Kierkegaard:

 “Life can only be understood backwards
 . . . but it must be lived forwards.”

Public Library of US Diplomacy, Sarah Harrison:
 “Our work, is dedicated to making
sure history belongs to everyone.”

Italian psychoanalyst, Dr. Roberto Assagioli,
on the effect of watching Western Television:
"Like drinking mental poison!"

Psychologist Stanley Milgram:

''Often it's not so much the kind of person
 a man is, as the kind of situation in which
 he finds himself, that determines how he
will act.''

Hazrat Inayat Khan:

"Peace is perfected activity; that is perfect
 which is complete in all its aspects,
balanced in each direction and
 under complete control of
 the will."

Kurt Koch, president, Pontifical
 Council for Promoting Christian Unity:

"We should not fear a strong Islam,
 but a weak Christianity."

The head of the Synodal Dept. for Church & Society
 Relations (Moscow Patriarchate), Vsevolod Chaplin:

“Any fight against terrorism is moral;
we can even call it a holy fight.
Secularism will never be able to cope with the
challenge of religious fanaticism and extremism
coming to Europe today. Secularism will always
 lose to religious or pseudo-religious extremism.
 Even if secularism successfully beats off
religious and public radicalism with the
help of power and money for some
time, it won’t last long, only
 for 20-30 years.”

Pope Francis:

"We need to embrace technological transformations of the
 economy and of life, without resigning ourselves to the
 ideology that seems to be gaining a foothold wherever
 one looks, and which envisions a world in which only
 half, or maybe two-thirds, of employable people
 actually work and the others are maintained
with a welfare cheque. Without work one
 can survive,  but to live, you need work.”

Paul Craig Roberts, economist:

"I am convinced that if robotics is going to supplant
human labour, patents will have to be socialized,
and income distributed on a relatively equal
 basis, throughout society."


 "To learn who rules over you --- simply find
out who you are not allowed to criticise."

http://www.politforums.net/ukraine/1424105683.html  says:

- President Petro Poroshenko (Waltman) – Jew. - Acting President
Turchinov (Kogan) – Jew. Prime Minister – Yatsenyuk (Buckeye) -
Jew. - Minister of Finance – Alexander Shlapak– Jew. Secretary of
Council of NAT. security and defence – Andrew Parubiy – Jew, a
homosexual. Vice Prime Minister – Vladimir Groisman– a Jew. -
Interior Minister Arsen Avakov – Armenian Jew, a homosexual. -
Minister of Culture – Sergei Nischuk - Jew, Mason, homosexual.
- Director of the national Bank – Stepan Kubiv – Jew. - Head
of administration of President - Sergey Pashinskiy– Jew.

Opposition: - Julia Tymoshenko (Celia, Walter) was
 a Jew. - Vitali Klitschko (Etinzon) – a Jew by his father.
- Oleg Tyagnibok (frotman) – a Jew by the mother.
- Dmitry (Avdimou) Yarosh– Jew, the Hasid.
The oligarchs in Ukraine – all Jews: I. Kolomoisky,
E. Horowitz, G. Bogolyubov, P. Poroshenko, Firtash,
Sergei Levochkin, V. Gaiduk, V. Nemirovsky,
K. Zhevago, V. Pinchuk, E. Prutnik, A. Martynov,
V. Kostelman, E. Segal, B. Kolesnikov, A. Feldman,

In the Ukrainian government there are no
Ukrainians. Draw your own conclusion.

Paul Craig Roberts, economist:

"Frontline journalists, such as Chris Hedges, who
 have seen and reported a lot, have concluded
 that the fate of the world is in such few hands
 that act only in their narrow self-interests,
 that only revolution can correct the
 imbalance between the interest
 of a handful of oligarchs and
the mass of humanity.
 Hedges’ position is
 not an easy one
 with which
  to argue."

Syria's president Assad:

''Our optimism starts with a possible improvement in
 relations between the US and Russia -- not between
 Russia and the West, because the European Union
does not exist on the political map."

Russia's President Putin:

"America is the only country to use a nuclear weapon
on an unarmed country - one which didn't have
nuclear weapons. Did you expect us to
 forget this, to just wipe it out of
our minds? - No."

The former Foreign Minister of Nicaragua, and
 former President of the UN General Assembly,
 Father Miguel D’Escoto:

 “What the U.S. government is doing in Syria
 is tantamount to a war of aggression, which,
according to the Nuremberg Tribunal, is the
worst possible crime a State can commit
 against another State.”

Former US President Jimmy Carter says, of his own country:

"Now it’s just an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery
 being the essence of getting the nominations for
president or being elected president. And the
 same thing applies to governors, and U.S.
 Senators and congress members."

Nazi propagandist Josef Goebbels:

"The English follow the principle that, when
 one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it.
They keep up their lies, even at the risk of
looking ridiculous."

In 2012, then President, Dmitry Medvedev, said
about CIA dirty tricks on Communist Zyuganov
--- after Yeltsin's 2nd-round win of 54% to 40%:

 "There is hardly any doubt who won [the '96
 vote]. It was not Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin."

President Assad of Syria:

"The blood of our soldiers is on the hands of the
hirers of murderers. These people who created,

 supported, and armed, these beasts in human
 form, calling them the ‘opposition’, to justify
 themselves to their own conscience and
 to their voters."

"Yes, the blood of our soldiers is on your hands,
 ladies and gentlemen, the patrons of terrorists
 from the US, UK, France and other countries,
 and their bands of sympathizers."

In response to JFK’s assassination, President
Truman - who set up the CIA - wrote publicly:

    “I think it has become necessary to take another
    look at the purpose & operations of our Central
 Intelligence Agency — the CIA.”

    “I decided to set up a special organization charged
     with the collection of all intelligence reports from
     every available source (the Departments of State,
             Defense, Commerce, Interior), and to have those         
 reports reach me as President --- without any
department “treatment” or interpretations.”

    "The most important thing about this move --- was
    to guard against the chance of intelligence being
     used to influence or lead the President into unwise
    decisions and I thought it was necessary that the
 President do his own thinking and evaluating.”

    “For some time, I've been disturbed by the way
     that the CIA has been diverted from its original
     assignment. It has become an operational and,
    at times, a policy-making arm of Government.
 This has led to trouble and may have
compounded our difficulties in
several explosive areas.”

 “I never had any thought, when I set up the CIA,
 that it would be injected into peacetime cloak &
dagger operations. Some of the complications &
 embarrassment, I think we have experienced,
are, in part, attributable to the fact that this
quiet intelligence arm of the President has
been so removed from its intended role,
 that it is being interpreted as a symbol
 of sinister and mysterious foreign
 intrigue—and a subject for cold
 war enemy propaganda.”

    “But there are now some searching questions
 that need to be answered. I, therefore, would
 like to see the CIA be restored to its original
 assignment, as the intelligence arm of the

Mark Taliano, writer:

“Syria was prosperous, with a growing economy.
 It had food sovereignty, with a “strategic” stock
 of millions of tons of high quality wheat, not the
 “Franken-food” bio-tech variety; it had a strong
 central bank with no usurious IMF loans; it had
 a popular, reformer President; it had a mostly
well-educated, secular, pluralist, forward-
looking population; and it was the fourth
 safest country in the world.”

President Truman, in 1964, publicly wrote:

“The CIA was set up by me for the sole purpose
 of getting all the available information to the
 President. It was not intended to operate
as an international agency engaged
in strange activities.”

Lakhdar Brahimi, ex UN & Arab League Special
 Envoy to Syria, after he had resigned in 2014:

 “Everybody had their agenda and the interests of
 Syria's people, came second, third, or not at all.

US psychologist, Timothy Leary,
on watching Western television:

 "The plug-in drug."

Colonel General Leonid Ivashov, President, the
 International Centre of Geopolitical Analysis:

"If the data on the Russia-NATO power balance
 in the Western direction is analyzed, as well as
 the military activity build-up rate at our borders,
the scale of combat equipment deployment, if
 the grade of Russia demonization is estimated,
 one can say that preparation to a real war is
taking place. [Such] acts are usually under-
taken at the forefront of a war [and it is
evident] that the US is preparing for a
[potential] nuclear conflict......"

 Vladimir Putin, at
Petersburg economic forum:

 “Russia does not want war and does not intend
 to start a war. But - today - Russia can see that
the explosion of a global war is almost unavoid-
able & is prepared, and will continue preparing.
 Russia doesn't want a war, but is not afraid of
a war. Those who get Russia involved in this
process, will learn the real meaning of pain.”

Mark Taliano, writer:

“The Western assault on this country...
is an assault on our common humanity
and an assault on Syria’s progressive
 and forward-looking future.”

Petrol station sign in Johannesburg:

 "If we can 'rest in peace',
 why can't we live in peace?"

Mark Taliano, writer:

“Syria’s stand against the Western agencies
of death and destruction, is a stand for all of
 humanity against the dark forces that fester
 beneath our politicians’ empty words and
the courtesan media’s toxic lies.”

Fidel Castro's farewell in his last official appearance
 at the 7th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party
 on April 19th, 2016:

"I'll be 90 years old soon. Soon I'll be like all the
others. The time will come for all of us, but the
 ideas of the Cuban communists, will remain as
 proof on this planet, that if they are worked at
with fervour and dignity, they can produce the
material and cultural goods that humans need
and we need to fight without truce
to obtain them."

President of the International Institute for
 Scientific Cooperation, Elena Ponomareva:

"In the USSR, people were willing to die for
 their ideas. In 1989, the Soviet leadership
 surrendered in disgrace, although it was
 not Gorbachev's team, that had created
the great Soviet Union. As soon as the
 USSR was deprived of its strategic
 vision and the global project it had
been implementing, the country
 lost its power instantly."

Mohammed Ali:

“I’ve never seen 100 nationalities getting along in peace,
and done better than these people have. As far as what
they believe or what they worship - that’s their business.
But truth is truth - I saw nothing but peace & tranquillity.
I think that this should be promoted more. These people
don’t want anything, but peace: they don’t want any
trouble, they don’t have violence in the streets, or
among the peoples. Their leader Mr. Brezhnev,
is a peaceful, humble man.”

Fidel Castro:

“Just ideas will triumph,
 or disaster will triumph.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin:

“Many of the Euro-Atlantic countries are actually
rejecting their roots, including Christian values
that constitute the basis of Western civilization.
They're denying moral principles & all traditional
identities, national, cultural, religious, and even
secular. They are implementing policies, that
equate families with same-sex partnerships,
worship of God with worship of Satan. I am
convinced, that this opens a direct path to
degradation and primitivism, resulting in
 a profound demographic & moral crisis.”


''Anyone who rises to his feet even
stronger after a fall, can hardly be
 said, to have fallen at all.''

Sahra Wagenknecht, Vice President of Germany's
Leftist Party, said in Parliament, on November
23rd, to Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel:

"Where does political Islam have its most important
 basis? These are the Islamic dictatorships on the
Gulf, which finance & upgrade terrorist murder
 bands, worldwide. According to the Federal
Government's own findings, it is also Turkey,
which plays a key role in the organization and
 arming of terrorists. We find it astonishing that
the Christian-social anti-Islamic militants from
 Bavaria do not seem to mind at all, that in the
 first half of 2016, Turkey outstripped 25th
place in the ranking countries of German
armaments exports, & that Saudi Arabia
& Qatar too, have more German arms
than ever before. What kind of
 mad politics is this?"

Barack Obama:

“I believe in American exceptionalism
 with every fibre of my being.” 

Minna Thomas Antrim:

"Between flattery and admiration,
 there often flows a river of

Former US President Jimmy Carter, on the US
Supreme Court's decision to enable unlimited
secret money (including foreign cash) to pour
 into the US' political and judicial campaigns:

"It violates the essence of what made America
a great country in its political system. Now it’s
just an oligarchy with unlimited political bribes
 being the essence of getting the nominations
 for president, or being elected president. And
the same thing applies to governors, and US
 Senators and congress members. So... now
we’ve just seen a subversion of our political
system, as a payoff to major contributors,
who want and expect, and sometimes get,
 favors for themselves, after the election's
 over. At the present time the incumbents,
Democrats & Republicans, look upon this
unlimited money --- as a great benefit to
themselves. Somebody that's already in
Congress, has a great deal more to sell.”

(He was then cut off by the program.)

Bertrand Russell:

"Three passions have governed my life:
The longings for love, the search for knowledge,
And unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.
Love brings ecstasy and relieves loneliness.
In the union of love I have seen
In a mystic miniature the prefiguring vision
Of the heavens that saints and poets have imagined.
With equal passion I have sought knowledge.
I have wished to understand the hearts of men.
I have wished to know why the stars shine.
Love and knowledge led upwards to the heavens,
But always pity brought me back to earth;
Cries of pain reverberated in my heart
Of children in famine, of victims tortured
And of old people left helpless.
I long to alleviate the evil, but I cannot,
And I too suffer.
This has been my life; I found it worth living."

M. Cartmill:

"As an adolescent I aspired to lasting fame, I craved
 factual certainty, and I thirsted for a meaningful
vision of human life - so I became a scientist.
This is like becoming an archbishop
so you can meet girls."

Mark Twain:

"The man who does not read good books has no
 advantage over the man who cannot read them." 

Douglas Adams:

"Plenty of people did not care for him much, but
 then there's a huge difference between disliking
somebody -- maybe even disliking them a lot --
 and actually shooting them, or strangling them,
 dragging them through the fields, and setting
 their house on fire. It was a difference which
 kept the vast majority of the population
 alive, from day to day."

Bertrand Russell:

"Aristotle maintained that women have fewer teeth
 than men; although he was twice married, it never
 occurred to him to verify this statement by
 examining his wives' mouths."

Writing for the E.U.'s Institute for Security Studies,
 Thomas Ries, Swedish Inst. of International Affairs:

 “The percentage of the population who are poor
 and frustrated will continue to be very high, the
 tensions between this world and the world of the
 rich will continue to rise, with the corresponding
consequences. Since we will hardly be able to
overcome the origin of this problem by 2020,
i.e., the functional defects of society, we will
 have to protect ourselves more strongly.”

Bertrand Russell:
"Most people would sooner die
 than think; in fact, they do so." 

Albert Einstein:

"The purest form of madness is to leave everything
 as it is... and just hope that something changes."

Sun Tzu:
"Opportunities multiply
as they are seized."

Albert Einstein:

"There are only two ways to live your life.
 One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything
 is a miracle."

Carl Sagan:

"How is it that hardly any major religion has looked
 at science and concluded, "This is better than we
 thought! The Universe is much bigger than our
 prophets said, grander, more subtle, more elegant
--- God must be even greater than we dreamed"?
 Instead they say, "No, no, no! My god is a little
god, and I want him to stay that way." A religion,
old or new, that stressed the magnificence of the
 Universe, as revealed by modern science, might
 be able to draw forth reserves of reverence and
awe, hardly tapped by the conventional faiths.
Sooner or later, such a religion will emerge."

Calvin and Hobbes:
"Oh, greatest of mass media, thank you for elevating
 emotion, reducing thought, and stifling imagination.
Thank you for the artificiality of quick solutions and
 for the insidious manipulation of human desires,
commercial purposes. This bowl of lukewarm
 tapioca represents my brain. I offer it in humble
 sacrifice. Bestow thy flickering light forever."

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel:
"Uneducated people delight in argument & fault-
finding, for it is easy to find fault, but difficult
to recognize the good and its inner necessity.
Education in its early stages always begins
 with fault-finding, but when it is complete,
 it sees the positive element in everything.
 In religion, it is equally easy to say that
 this or that is superstition, but it is
 infinitely more difficult to
comprehend the truth
 which it contains."

Carl Sagan:

"Is our self-esteem so precarious... that nothing
 short of a universe custom-made for us will do?"

St. Augustine:

"Often, a non-Christian knows something about the
 earth, the heavens, and the other parts of the world,
about the motions and orbits of the stars and even
 their sizes and distances,... and this knowledge he
 holds with certainty from reason and experience. It
is thus offensive & disgraceful for an unbeliever to
hear a Christian talk nonsense about such things,

 claiming what he is saying, is based in Scripture.
 We should do all that we can, to avoid such an
 embarrassing situation, which people see as
 ignorance in the Christian and laugh to scorn."

Andrew Kuchins, Russia expert at Georgetown
 University and former head of Carnegie Moscow
 Centre, in a new report on US-Russian relations:

"The risk of a nuclear conflict may be higher
 today -- than at any time since the 1980s.
Unfortunately, societies and political
establishments seem, in large
 part, unaware.... that this
existential threat

Former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower:

“We will bankrupt ourselves in the
vain search for absolute security.”

Mark Twain:

"If you don’t read newspapers you are uninformed.
But if you do read them, you are misinformed."

Truth teller Edward Snowden:

"If we want to have a better world we can’t hope
 for an Obama, and we should not fear a Donald
 Trump. Rather, we should build it ourselves."

President Putin, in 2012:

"The key feature of the new era, is that
no single country can cope with global
problems in the economy and politics
on its own. Risks will prevail, if each
goes ahead with playing their own
game, if the delusion that chaos
 can be kept under control, is
 not brushed aside."


"We must learn to live in a different way from before
--- we can no longer tolerate a world where the
principle is of winner takes all --- but, instead,
win-win cooperation and an understanding
 that no country can exist alone, or be
 above others.

"China's own stability and prosperity rests on
the stability and prosperity of her neighbours,
such as Russia and others across the world:
this is also evident, in that, what 1 country
needs, only another country can provide
better, and vice versa, and only with
cooperation towards each other's
needs, can we live and prosper

"if history has taught us anything -- it is that
 in each of us there is something of the other,
 and the world needs to act accordingly".


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton walk in to a bar.

Donald leans over, and with a smile on his face, says,
“The media's really tearing you apart for that Scandal.”

Hillary: “You mean my lying about Benghazi?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “You mean the massive voter fraud?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “You mean the military not getting
 their votes counted?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “Using my secret private server with
 classified material to Hide my Activities?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “The NSA monitoring our phone calls,
emails and everything Else?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “Using the Clinton Foundation as a cover for
tax evasion, Hiring Cronies, And taking bribes from
foreign countries?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “You mean the drones being operated in
 our own country without The Benefit of the law?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “Giving 123 Technologies $300 Million, and
 right afterwards it Declared Bankruptcy and was
 sold to the Chinese?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “You mean arming the Muslim Brotherhood
 and hiring them in the White House?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “Whitewater, Watergate committee,
Vince Foster, commodity Deals?”

Trump: “No the other one:”

Hillary: “Turning Libya into chaos?”

Trump: “No the other one:”

Hillary: “Being the mastermind of the so-called
 “Arab Spring” that only brought chaos, death
 and destruction to the Middle East and North

Trump: “No the other one:”

Hillary: “Leaving four Americans to die in Benghazi?”

Trump: “No the other one:”

Hillary: “Trashing Mubarak, one of our few
Muslim friends?”

Trump: “No the other one:”

Hillary: “The funding and arming of terrorists in
 Syria, the destruction and destabilization of
that nation, giving the order to our lapdogs in
Turkey and Saudi Arabia to give sarin gas to
the “moderate” terrorists in Syria that they
ventually used on civilians, and framed
 Assad, and if not for the Russians and
Putin, we would have used that as our
pretext to invade Syria, put a puppet
power, steal their natural resources,
leave that country in total chaos,
just like
we did with Libya?

Trump: “No the other one:”

Hillary: “The creation of the biggest
crisis since WWII?”

Trump: “No the other one:”

Hillary: “Leaving Iraq in chaos? ”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “The DOJ spying on the press?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “You mean HHS Secretary Sibelius
shaking down health insurance Executives?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “Giving our cronies in SOLYNDRA
$500 MILLION DOLLARS and 3 months later
 they declared bankruptcy and then the
 Chinese bought it?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “The NSA monitoring citizens’ ?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “The State Department interfering with an
Inspector General Investigation on departmental
 sexual misconduct?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “Me, The IRS, Clapper and Holder
 all lying to Congress?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “Threats to all of Bill’s former mistresses
to keep them quiet?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “You mean the INSIDER TRADING of
 the Tyson chicken deal I did where I invested
$1,000 and the next year I got $100,000?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “You mean when Bill met with Attorney
 General, Loretta Lynch, just before my hearing
with the FBI, to cut a deal?”

Trump” “No, the other one.”

Hillary: ” You mean the one where my IT guy
 at Platte River Networks asked Reddit for
help to alter emails?”

Trump” “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “You mean where the former Haitian Senate
 President accused me and my foundation of asking
him for bribes?”

Trump” “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “You mean that old video of me laughing
 as I explain how I got the charges against that
 child rapist dropped by blaming the young girl
for liking older men & fantasizing about them.
Even though I knew the guy was guilty?

Trump” “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “You mean that video of me coughing up
 a giant green lunger into my drinking glass then
 drinking it back down?”

Trump” “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “You mean that video of me passing out
on the curb and losing my shoe?”

Trump” “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “You mean when I robbed Bernie Sanders
of the Democratic Party Nomination by having
the DNC rig the nomination process so that I
would win?”

Trump” “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “You mean how so many people that
opposed me have died in mysterious ways?”

Trump” “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “Travel Gate? When seven employees of
the White House Travel Office were fired so that
 friends of Bill and mine could take over the
travel business? And when I lied under oath
during the investigation by the FBI, the
Department of Justice, the White House
 itself, the General Accounting Office,
House Government Reform and
Committee, and the

Trump” “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “The scandal where, (while I was Secretary
of State), the State Department signed off on a deal
to sell 20% of the USA’s uranium to a Canadian
corporation that the Russians bought, netting a
 $145 million donation from Russia to the Clinton
 Foundation and a $500,000 speaking gig for Bill
 from the Russian Investment Bank that set up
the corporate buyout? That scandal?”

Trump” “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “That time I lied when I said I was under
sniper fire when I got off the plane in Bosnia?”

Trump” “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “That time when after I became the First
 Lady, I improperly requested a bunch of FBI files
 so I could look for blackmail material on
government insiders?”

Trump” “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “That time when Bill nominated Zoe Baird
as Attorney General, even though we knew she
 hired illegal immigrants and didn’t pay payroll
taxes on them?”

Trump” “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “When I got Nigeria exempted from foreign
aid transparency guidelines despite evidence of
 corruption because they gave Bill $700,000 in
 speaking fees?”

Trump” “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “That time in 2009 when Honduran military
 forces allied with rightist lawmakers, ousted
 democratically elected President Manuel
Zelaya, and I as then-Secretary of State
sided with the armed forces and fought
global pressure to reinstate him?”

Trump: “No, the other one.”

Hillary: “I give up! … Oh wait, I think I’ve got it!
 When I stole the White House furniture, and
silverware, when Bill left Office?”
Trump: “THAT’S the one!

Lord Acton:

“…the issue which has swept down the centuries
and will have to be fought, sooner or later, is the
people versus the banks.”

The US Constitution:

"Congress shall have the power to coin
money and regulate the value thereof."

(Ex)Federal Reserve Chair, Alan Greenspan:

"The Federal reserve is an independent
agency and that means, basically, that
there's no other agency of government
that can overrule the actions we take."

Andrew Jackson (Trump's hero) 10 July 1832:

"It is not our own citizens only who are to receive the
 bounty of our Government. More than eight millions
of the stock of this bank, are held by foreigners. Is
there no danger to our liberty and independence
 in a bank that, in its nature, has so little to bind
to our country? Controlling our currency,
our public moneys, and holding
thousands of our
citizens in dependence
--- it would be more
formidable and
dangerous than the naval
military power of the enemy."

Josiah Stamp director, Bank of England, 1928:

 “If you want to continue to be slaves of the banks
and to pay the cost of your own slavery, then let
the bankers continue to create money and
control credit.”

Rockefeller’s General Education Board in 1906:

 “We shall not try to make these people or any
 of their children into philosophers, or men
learning, or men of science. We shall
search for embryonic great artists,
painters, musicians, nor lawyers,
 doctors, preachers, politicians,
or statesmen, of whom, we
 have an ample supply.”

Chris Hedges:

"Voltaire was the most famous man
of the 18th century. Today the most
famous “person” is Mickey Mouse."

"Woe unto them
 that call evil good,
and good evil."

Eduard Popov:

"Restoring the violated principle of national
sovereignty instead of the idea of 1 nation’s
global domination, restoring the ‘blooming
complexity’ of the world’s cultures instead
of an imposed & dull liberal “post-culture”,
& affirming solid moral principles, instead
 of immoral promiscuity --- this is a sample
program, which is shared by the majority
of humans. Most of humanity is opposed
 to the dominant quasi-religion of US neo
-liberalism --- or, rather, the ideology
Pax Americana, is opposed to
majority of humanity."

Historian & political scientist, Andrei Fursov:

"The problem is.. America consumes
 far more than it produces. With only
 5% of the world's population, the US
 consumes 40% of world output, and
 produces 70% of the world's waste.
 It is clear that, sooner or later,
Americans will be forced to
 cut their overconsumption."

Thomas Jefferson:

"The mass of mankind has not been born with
 saddles on their backs, nor a favored few
booted and spurred, ready to ride them
 legitimately -- by the grace of God."

Vladimir Putin:

    “It is extremely dangerous to encourage people
    to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the
    motivation. We are all different, but when we
   ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not
    forget that God created us equal.”

Hillary Clinton:

    "The United States is an exceptional nation."

F. William Engdahl:

"US elections are no longer democratic.
 Elections are rigged;-  the electronic
 voting machines can be programmed.
 Any semblances of democracy that
 used to be there, up to the 1970s,
 are gone."

Jacob G. Hornberger:

"US officials just arrested a national-security
state official, and charged him with stealing
US national-security state secrets. What are
the secrets he stole? He stole secret codes
that enable US officials to hack into the
computers of foreign regimes!"

Noam Chomsky in 'Media Control', 2002:

"One of the questions asked in the study was,
 'How many Vietnamese casualties would you
 estimate there were during the Vietnam war?'
 The average reply, on the part of Americans
today, is about 100,000. The official figure is
about 2 million. The actual figure is probably
 3 - 4 million. The people who conducted the
 study raised an appropriate question: 'What
would we think of German political culture
 if, when you asked people today how many
Jews died in the Holocaust, they estimated
about 300,000? What would that tell us
about German political culture?'"

 Jim Morrison, of The Doors:

"Whoever controls the media
 controls the mind."

Paul Street, US journalist:

"The most essential (& insidious) service in support
 of the corporate system, comes from traditionally
'liberal left' 'vanguards', most notably the UK's
Guardian newspaper. They perform the vital
function of bringing self-described liberals
 into the pro-interventionist (pro-war) camp
-- a function the right-wing press would
 have no hope of accomplishing."

Ex-Guardian journalist Jonathon Cook, on the MSM:
(Main Stream Media)

"It is okay to criticise individual western policies as
 flawed, especially if done so respectfully, but not
to suggest that the whole direction of western
foreign policy is flawed - that it is intended
to maintain a system of control over and
exploitation of weaker nations. Policies
can be dubious, but not our leaders’

moral character."

Simon Wood, journalist:

"Much is made of the 'fact' that the news-
paper is owned & run by The Scott Trust,
originally created in 1936 “to safeguard
the title’s journalistic freedom.” But the
Guardian isn't owned by a trust at all.
 In 2008, the trust was replaced by a
limited company that was re-named
“The Scott Trust Limited.”

"Though not a trust at all, but simply
 a profit-making company, it is still
referred to frequently as ‘The Scott
 Trust,’ promulgating the widely-held
 but mistaken belief in the Guardian’s
 inherently benign ownership structure."

Simon Wood, journalist:

"The role of the corporate media is to protect,
 promote and legitimize, the destructive and
 amoral aims of profit-seeking private power.

"Any journalist or columnist working within that
 system is actively aiding the corporate media
 achieve this goal. These gatekeepers, espec-
ially those regarded as liberal, are therefore
 culpable in the illegal wars and rapacious,
 planet-destroying actions of the worst

 "A right-thinking journalist of conscience would
extricate themselves from the machine, as the
aforementioned Jonathon Cook and Nafeez
Ahmed have done, along with famed
 journalists such as John Pilger.

"With enough big names breaking free, the
dream of a mass-market, ad-free, donation-
based investigative journalism enterprise,
 employing the best writers, would be
one step closer to reality."

Professor Sunaina Maira:

"The myth of a de-occupied Gaza and of the threat of
 rockets obscures the reality that this is a population
 that Israel is focused on devastating, starving, and
 annihilating. Israel wishes to maintain dominance
 over Palestinians by reducing the “demographic
threat”, in the context of a rising Palestinian
 population, and to undermine any possibility
 of unity between Hamas and Fatah and of
a contiguous, viable Palestinian state.

 "The siege of Gaza co-exists with a cantonization of
 the West Bank, the peripheralization & Judaization
of Jerusalem, & the repression & subjugation of
Palestinians in Israel. I view this as a condition
 of settler colonialism, where a settler colonial
state aims not just at the displacement and
dispossession, but also the elimination,
 of the indigenous population."

Sergei Mikhailov, senior research fellow at

 the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies:

"I think, after these elections, the Americans
 will have a clearer understanding of the gap
 between their vision of the world --- and the
one imposed on them by the political elite."

Reagan’s Secretary of State Alexander Haig:
“There are worse things than nuclear war.”

Lt Cl David Mills & Wayne H. Cox, USAF manager's
end of year report after Greenham Common peace
 woman Ann Harrower's leg was crushed, in 1983:

‘The Greenham bylaws went into effect, the
 superfence was constructed and we hit
 one peacewoman with a vehicle.’
‘It has been a productive year.
You should be proud of your

Prince Aleksandr Nevskii in the 13th century:

 "Go tell all in foreign lands, that Russia lives! Those
 who come to us in peace will be welcome as a guest.
But those who come to us sword in hand, will die by
the sword! On that, Russia stands, and forever will
we stand!

Mike Whitney, author:

"The CIA continues to back all manner of
 dodgy groups (Death squads in Nicaragua
and Iraq, neo-Nazis in Ukraine, jihadists in
 numerous locations) -- provided they help
 to advance the imperial agenda. National
security and the safety of the American
 people, simply never factor into elite
decision making. What drives the
policy is oil, power, money and
 Israel. Nothing else matters."

Blogger on RT:

"Russia has a 1,000-year-long history.
US has a 240-year-long criminal record."

Mike Whitney, author:

"The use of proxies has been used to confuse the
 public about what is really going on in Syria, but
 the facts are plain to see. The invasion's goal is
 to replace Bashar al Assad with a US-stooge,
splinter the country into multiple parts, and
 control vital pipeline corridors. Washington
 wants to create conditions on the ground
 that forever prevent the reemergence of
a strong, secular central government
 that can openly oppose US commercial
 interests, US regional hegemony, or
pose a threat to Israel.
That’s the whole ball o’ wax."

Vladimir Putin:-

"Russia believes that international law -
not the right of the strong, must apply.
And we believe that every country,
every nation, is not exceptional,
but unique, original and benefits
 from equal rights, including the
right to independently choose
 their own development path."

Rick Sterling, investigative journalist &
 member of Syrian Solidarity Movement:

"Some foreign governments seeking “regime change”
 in Damascus, have poured huge amounts of money
into what is called “smart”, or “soft power”...

"There is the Syrian Justice and Accountability
 Centre, initiated by Secretary of State, Hillary
Clinton, to prepare for victor’s justice. There's
the Syrian Network for Human Rights, which
largely ignores the deaths of Syrian soldiers
and seeks US/NATO intervention. There is
the Syrian Civil Defense, also known as
the White Helmets, a support group for
Al Qaeda/Nusra but most importantly
 a political lobbying tool, actively
 campaigning for US/NATO

"All of these organizations, and many more,
are said to be “Syrian” and “independent.”
But they were all created after the conflict
began and they are all funded by foreign
governments that seek to overthrow
the Syrian government."

US Defense Intelligence Agency report August 2012:

 AND AQI [“Al Qaeda in Iraq,” now known as ISIS
or the Islamic State] ARE THE MAJOR FORCES

Mike Whitney, author:

"We need to realize, our approach to terrorism
 is all wrong. Terrorism can't be defeated by
nipping at the edges, or killing individual

 agents or groups. That hasn’t worked &
that won’t work. The cancer has to be
eradicated at its source, which, in all
probability means either dismantling
or reigning in, the CIA, and bringing
its deep-state paymasters to justice.
 That is how one wins the war on


"US exceptionalism is nothing but a euphemism
 for immunity, discrimination and propaganda
-- to excuse and defend war crimes
by the US Corporation."


Ursula Haverbeck:

"The key to the demon mind is its ability to broad-
fake realities into the minds of the sheople
broadcast the fake effects to sheople, as
agreeing with and complying with it.
can't think, they can go along with
the herd
on TV, that's its tool in a nutshell."

Hillary Clinton:

“The transition to democracy in Syria has begun.”

Jose Marti:

 “There are two kinds of people in the world:
those who love and create, and those who
hate and destroy.”

Daniel Kovalik Int. Human Rights teacher at
 the University of Pittsburgh School of Law:

"There is no doubt that the US has proven itself to
 be of the latter kind; indeed, the very nature of US
 foreign policy is destruction. Given this, it's at best
 foolish and naïve, for people of any political stripe
-- but particularly self-defined leftists -- to put any
stock in the notion that the US is acting in the
 defense of human rights, or democracy, or any
 such lofty goals, in intervening militarily abroad.

"There is only one proper goal then, of people of
good will:-  to oppose US military intervention,

 with every fibre of our being."


 "They make a desert, and call it peace."

Thomas Jefferson:

"I tremble for my country...
I consider that God is just."

US President Dwight D Eisenhower,
ending a final address to his people:

"We pray that, in the goodness of time, all peoples
 will come to live together, in a peace guaranteed
 by the binding force of mutual respect and love.
 As one who has witnessed the horror and the
 lingering sadness of war - as one who knows
 that another war could utterly destroy this
 civilization which has been so slowly and
painfully built over thousands of years -
 I wish I could say tonight that a
 lasting peace is in sight."

Andrey Fursov, analyst:

"We can hardly forget the events of September 11th
 - since this provocation forged the last, desperate
offensive by the most aggressive segment of the
 Anglo-American elite - seeking to save itself
the expense of the majority of humanity."

Former Green Beret soldier who served in Syria:

"No one on the ground believes in this mission
 or this effort -- they know we are just training
 the next generation of jihadis -- so they are
sabotaging it, saying, ‘F*ck it, who cares?’
I don't want to be responsible for Nusra
guys saying they were trained by

Chalmers Johnson, analyst and CIA veteran:

"The Patriot Act, adopted on October the 26th, 2001,
dramatically increased the powers of investigating

 authorities, strengthened control over the US
 population, and gave a leg up to police
arbitrariness. Thus, in the name of
fighting terrorism, a police state
was institutionalized in
 the United States."

Journalists John Stanton and Wayne Madsen:

"As often happens in history, an event solving short
-term issues, creates medium-term challenges.
solve the problem of the medium-term, medium-

term measures are necessary, which, in turn,
 generate long-term, systemic problems,
cannot be resolved without
changing the system."

Pope Francis:

“The progressive transformation of the entrepreneur into
 a speculator, is an economic illness. The speculator is
 the same as a mercenary, who has no company and
 sees workers only as a means to make profits,"

Jeremy Corbyn, January the 6th, 2012:
"Left parties have lost office in Europe because
of their inability to articulate an alternative to
 austerity and cuts.

 "The right offers individualism, a huge and
growing wealth gap and a mean and
divided society.

"Socialism is --- the sharing of wealth, the
contribution of ability for the common good,
and unity in defending our achievements
against attack. It's also our only hope." 

Frank Field's quotation here shows him
up for what he is: an elitist who holds
the members in total contempt.

Owen Smith's hero, Aneurin Bevan:

 “The right wing of the Labour party would rather
 see it fall into perpetual decline, than abide by
 its democratic decisions.”

Relationship psychologist Oliver James:

    "The only way out is the one that, thank goodness,
   will now be taken --- which is to get rid of the right
  wing Blatcherites who make up three quarters of
  the Parliamentary Labour Party. A bunch of, you
  know, people like Caroline Flint. Second rate,
 low grade politicians. The sort of detritus.
 The rubbish that’s been cleared out and
  left at the end of new Labour."

Aneurin Bevan:

“Soon, if we are not prudent, millions of people
 will be watching each other starve to death
through expensive television sets”

Aneurin Bevan:

"If freedom is to be saved and enlarged,
poverty must be ended. There is
 no other solution."

 Vladimir Putin:

"The meaning of our whole life and existence
 is love. This is a multifaceted phenomenon;
it lies at the heart of any of our behaviours."

Aneurin Bevan:

"It is not possible to create peace in the
Middle East, by jeopardizing the peace
 of the world."


“The only mistake I made was
trusting the Americans and
the Westerners.” 

George Carlin:

"That's why they call it the American Dream,
because you have to be asleep to believe it." 

Sir John Sawyers, MI6:

"The American unipolar world existed for
a short while -- and is already finished."

US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard:

“Escalating the war to overthrow Assad will make
 things even worse. It will cause more suffering
and chaos and strengthen ISIS and Al-Qaeda
 to the point where they may be able to take
over all of Syria. This would be disastrous,
 including a genocide against religious
 minorities, secularists, atheists, and
anyone who refuses to accept the
 extremist Wahabi theology.
The refugee crisis will increase
 exponentially, and it could lead to
a direct confrontation with Russia.”

(ex) US President Obama:

"My patience ran out
 on President Assad
 a long time ago."

US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard:

"The war on Syria is illegal
 and counter-productive."

(ex) US President Obama:

 “For the sake of the Syrian people, the time
 has come for President Assad to step aside.”

The United States Peace Council (USPC):

"It is one thing for Syria's people to oppose
 their government if they choose to. It is
another thing for foreigners to take
the position of “Assad must go!”
The latter is a clear imperialist
demand that violates the 
international law."

German think tank, Firil Centre For Studies:

 "Approximately 360,000 foreign terrorist mercenaries
 fought in Syria, against the legitimate government of
 Syria, between April 10, 2011 and January 31, 2016."


Modern Olympics' founder, Pierre de Coubertin:

“We shall have no peace until the prejudices
 which now separate the different races
shall have been outlived.”

Sadiq Khan, 29th of June, 2016:

"I've said it loudly and clearly, and
 I'll say it again. I'm not going to get
 involved in the leadership contest".

Sadiq Khan, August 21st, 2016:

"I think Owen Smith is the right leader for our party."

Mr Anthony Blair:

 'We are all Thatcherites now'.

 Ms Garcia claimed for benefits after her marriage
 had broken down, and she’d been forced to give
 up her job in finance to look after her 3 children.
 She had been struggling to pay her rent, and
contacted the DWP, to see what support
 she could receive...

Ann Goode, of the Jobcentre Plus office, Bromley:

"None of these names - Miss Cecilia Garcia - None
 of them are English names… why are we running
 around for these people? Do you know I resent
even doing this work because if I had a person
 who said:  ‘I really want a job, I want to go on
 your caseload’, yes, all the time, every day of
the week. But not some scrounging b*****d
 that’s popping out kids like pigs."

Ken Loach, prize-winning film director:

“I hope that people will recognise the impact that the
 state is having on people who're in need of financial
support and being put through a system, in which,
they are almost set up to fail.”

“A classic case in point is a doctor can say you are
 not fit to work but the state insists on assessing you
 again – they have picked an American multi-national
 to do the assessing; they are not doctors, but health
 professionals, using a series of questions that they
 reel off.

“They use a points system that makes a sick man
 or woman have to keep looking for work – it is
consistently cruel.”


"99.99% of UK politicians...
 give the rest a bad name."


"One UK MP claimed for a bag of manure
 on expenses. So, he was taking the sh*t
 as well as the p*ss."

July 1st, China's Communist Party Chair, Xi Jinping:

"The world is on the verge of radical change. We see
 how the European Union is gradually collapsing, as
 is the US economy -- it is all over for the new world
 order. So, it will never again be as it was before, in
 10 years we will have a new world order, in which
 the key will be, the union of China and Russia. "

Dresden James:

"When a well-packaged web of lies has
 been sold gradually to the masses
over generations, the truth will
seem utterly preposterous
 and its speaker a raving

July 1st, China's Communist Party Chair, Xi Jinping:

"We are now seeing the aggressive actions on the part
of the United States, regarding both Russia and China.
I believe that Russia & China could create an alliance
toward which NATO will be powerless and which will
put an end to the imperialist desires of the West."

Syria's President Assad:

"Russian politics is not based on
making deals. It's based on values."

Russia's President Putin:

"We are not only able to feed ourselves, taking
 into account our lands and water resources - 
Russia is able to become the largest world
supplier of healthy, ecologically clean and
high-quality food, that Western producers
 have long lost - especially given the fact
 that demand for such products in the
world market, is steadily growing,"


"A UK woman was sent to hospital
after eating a horse meat burger...
Her condition is said to be stable."

James Madison:

"I believe there are more instances of the
 abridgement of freedom of the people by
 gradual and silent encroachments by
 those in power, than by violent and
 sudden usurpations."

Frantz Fanon,
The Wretched of the Earth:

“The unpreparedness of the educated classes,
the lack of practical links between them and
 the mass of the people, their laziness, &, let
 it be said, their cowardice at the decisive
 moment of the struggle, will give rise to
 tragic mishaps.”


“My armored divisions go into enemy
countries only after our propaganda
deprives its people of the will to

Sharon Beder:

“The purpose of this propaganda onslaught
has been to persuade a majority of people,
 that it is in their interests to eschew their
own power as workers and citizens, and
 forego their democratic right to restrain
 and regulate business activity. As a
result, the political agenda is now
 largely confined to policies aimed
 at furthering business interests.”

Philosopher, Andre Vltchek:

"In the West, people have been tolerating their
 insane political system, in exchange for the
 countless privileges they are getting from
their countries' plundering of the planet,
& violating entire nations & continents.
But in Africa, Asia & elsewhere, those
 "un-people" have no choice at all."

Phil Butler:

"What does Brexit really mean?" In the long term,
the only term that counts, Brexit means humanity
can take a "U-Turn" --- if need be. People are not
ordained to ride a freight train into disaster, but
we can if we wish. Brexit is about freedom, more
so, than some ruling on same-sex marriage. It is
about civilization, about a people deciding self-
determination, rather than giving up all to think
 -tanks and elitist officials, blindly mewing like
sheep, until the bitter end. True enough, the
 banksters and Oligarchs may have concocted
 the whole scheme, but Brits can make another
"U-Turn" if this be the case. Britain has shown
world: people are still the most important
commodity, in a world
dominated by the
money grubbers.
Bravo #Brexit voters."

Clarissa Pinkola Estes:

'It is not given to us to know which acts or
by whom, will cause the critical mass to tip
 toward an enduring good. What's needed for
 dramatic change is an accumulation of acts,
 adding, adding to, adding more, continuing.

"We know that it does not take ‘everyone on
 Earth’ to bring justice and peace, but only a
 small, determined group who will not give up
 during the first, second, or hundredth gale."

The great Indian warrior-chief, Sitting Bull:

"There are things they tell us that sound good
 to hear ---- but when they have accomplished
their purpose they will go home ---- and will
not try to fulfill our agreements with them."

Paul Craig Roberts, 24th of march 2015:

“As far as I can tell from my many media
 interviews with Russian media, there is
 no Russian awareness of the Wolfowitz
 Doctrine. Russians think that there is
some kind of misunderstanding about
Russian intentions. Russia's media
 does not understand - that Russia is
unacceptable, because Russia is not
 a US vassal. Russians believe all the
Western bullshit about “freedom and
democracy” and believe that they're
 short on both - but making progress.
 In other words Russians have no idea
that they're targeted for destruction.
 - If the Russians and Chinese do not
expect a pre-emptive nuclear attack
 from Washington, they will be

The US ambassador to Moscow, John F.Tefft:

“We will displace Putin from office and install our
own people as leaders of the Russian government.”

President of the International Institute for
 Scientific Cooperation, Elena Ponomareva:

 "Americans constantly proclaim their
superiority over other nations, their
 aspiration to domination. By sheer
force of will, they make the whole
country work for this idea to
become true. However,
 America has not seen
an independent president
since the times of Richard Nixon.
 Obama is hopeless when it comes
to political will. American presidents
 express the will of many multinational
& US corporations who fund elections.
 It is those corporations, who make the
core of the US political system, today."

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in 1934:

"One of my principal tasks is to
 prevent bankers and business-
men from committing suicide!"


'When hearts unite, they can
 break even mountains.'

Andre Vltchek:

"Since the beginning, the US presidents
(all of European stock, of course), have
 been promoting slavery, extermination
campaigns against native populations
 across North America, barbaric wars
 of aggression -- against Mexico, and
 other Latin American countries, the
Philippines, etc. Has anything at all
changed? I highly doubt it. Donald
 Trump is horrendous, but he is also
honest. Both Presidents Clinton &
 Obama, were great speakers.. but
also unrepentant mass murderers."

Sam Adams:

"It is in the interest of Tyrants to reduce
 the people to Ignorance and Vice. For
they cannot live in any Country
where Virtue and Knowledge
 prevail... For this Reason, it
 is always observable, that
 those who are combined
to destroy the People’s
 Liberties, practice
every Art to
 poison their

Adolf Hitler:

"Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise,
terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the
war of the future."

Frederic Bastiat:

"When misguided public opinion honours what
 is despicable and despises what is honorable,
 punishes virtue and rewards vice, encourages
 what is harmful & discourages what is useful,
 applauds falsehood and smothers truth under
 indifference or insult, a nation turns its back
on progress and can be restored only by the
 terrible lessons of catastrophe."

'Sir' Walter Raleigh's 'History of the World':

 “Whosoever commands the sea,
 commands the trade; whosoever
 commands the trade of the world,
commands the riches of the world
 and, consequently, the world itself.”

Halford John Mackinder, in 1904:

 “Who rules East Europe,
commands the Heartland;
who rules the Heartland,
 commands the World-Island;
 who rules the World-Island,
commands the world.”

John Halford Mackinder:

 "Those who control EURASIA control the WORLD."  

Dostoevsky's The Idiot:

 “Beauty will save the world.”


Vladimir Putin, Munich Conference
on Security Policy, February 2007:

    "Let’s say things as they are: one hand
 distributes charitable help, and the other
hand, not only preserves economic back-
wardness, but also reaps the profits thereof.

"Increasing social  tension in the depressed
regions, inevitably results in the growth of
radicalism and extremism -- and feeds
terrorism and local conflicts.

"And if all this happens in, shall we say,
 a region like the Middle East, where
there is increasingly the sense that
 the world at large is unfair, then
 there is the risk of global


Andre Vltchek:

"Russia and China are forming
an incredible defensive wall
to protect humanity from
Western terrorism."

Hazrat Inayat Khan:

"Loving truth, seeking truth, looking for truth,
 then living the truthful life...  opens all doors."

President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin:

"I am the wealthiest man not just in Europe but in the
 whole world. I collect emotions, I am wealthy in that
 the people of Russia have twice entrusted me with
the leadership of a great nation such as Russia – I
 believe that is my greatest wealth."

Big Wolf of the Lakota, Justin Irwin, who
wed a Russian citizen & moved to Russia:

 "We now live among the pale-faces with
our two children, and are going to build
 a bath-house and a barn."

US author, researcher and strategic
 risk consultant, F. William Engdahl:

"The common golden thread binding the 3 great
Eurasian cultures & nations, China, Iran, Russia
...is their principled insistence that ------ as with
individual human beings, so with nations ------ 
borders & national sovereignty, are inviolable
principles. Their growing cooperation, based
on respect for national sovereignty --- may
just save the world from self-destruction.
That would be to the good."

Justin Irwin (Big wolf):

"The present day Indian isn't afraid of work.
 A large wigwam for a friendly family, though
 not on the prairie...... what could be better?"

Political scientist, Leonid Krutakov:

"The conflict in the Middle East produces
an excess of 800,000 barrels of oil, daily.
As long as these illegal oil channels are
 still working, it means that someone
needs them to work. Any type of
 illegal oil, cuts oil prices down.
There are political forces and
 transnational companies that
 profit from this conflict."

Fidel Castro (in 1973!):

 "Cuban sanctions will end, when
 a black president is ruling the US
 - and the pope is Latin American." 

Samuel Huntington:

"The West won the world, not by the superiority
 of its ideas or values or religion, but rather, by
its superiority in applying organized violence.
Westerners often forget this fact;
 non-Westerners never do.”

Pavel Shipilin, popular Russian blogger:

"Our interest is the return of the former status
of the UN, which must be the only hegemonic
 pole of the world. Not the USA, not Russia,
 and not China."

John F. Kennedy:

 “Domestic policy can only defeat us;
 foreign policy can kill us.”

Winston Churchill:

 "No one ever lost a penny
  betting on American stupidity".

Robert F. Kennedy:

“Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of
 their peers, the censure of their colleagues, the
 wrath of their society.  Moral courage is a rarer
commodity than bravery in battle, or great
 intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital
quality...... for those who seek to change a
that yields most painfully to change.”

Milton Friedman (boo!):

"Only a crisis — actual or perceived — produces
 real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions
 that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying
 around. That, I believe, is our basic function: to
 develop alternatives to existing policies, to
keep them alive and available, until the
 politically impossible, becomes the
 politically inevitable."

US political analyst Randy Martin

“The Greek crisis has been going on for 5 years
... and more. You can bet that Washington has
already drawn up plans on how to administer
 Europe politically & financially, if the situation
 demands that intervention. And that situation
 is becoming more and more apparent, almost
by the day.”

Groucho Marks:

 “I find television very educational & entertaining.
 Every time someone switches it on, I go into
 another room and read a good book.”

US political analyst Randy Martin:

“Don’t forget that the NATO military alliance
 of 28 members is really just US military power
 --- outsourced in various European disguises.
NATO formations across Europe, are therefore
 tantamount to US military occupation of Europe.
This is exactly what Russian government figures
 have, perceptively, been saying, for a long time.”

Dan Glazebrook:

"Yugoslavia dismembered; its resources plundered
at the expense of its desperate and impoverished
 people; & Kosovo turned into a provider of shock
 troops for regime change in Syria, & a transit hub
 for heroin & organ trafficking. If this is what NATO
 calls a success, we must all pray for failure." 

Russian scientist Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev:

"Divided, they will destroy us immediately. Our
 strength is in unity, in the army, in benevolent
 nepotism, in multiplying the peoples' gains,
 and in the natural growth of our inner
wealth and love for peace."

Sun Tzu:

"The supreme art of war,
 is to subdue the enemy
 without fighting."

Sun Tzu:

"Be extremely subtle, even to the point of
formlessness. Be extremely mysterious,
 even to the point of soundlessness.
Thereby you can be the director of
the opponent's fate."

Sun Tzu:

  "The war should be fought swiftly
 to avoid economic losses: no
 long war ever profited
 any country."

Charles Wilson, CEO of Ford, in 1945:

"America needs a permanent
war economy."

Johann von Goethe:

"We do not have to visit a madhouse
 to find disordered minds; our planet is
 the mental institution of the universe."

US political analyst Randy Martin:

 “What is taking shape in Europe and more so in
 the United States, is the complete subjugation
 of government by finance capital. It is not an
 exaggeration or empty jargon to say that we
in the West, are succumbing to the rule of
financial fascism.”

Chris Lowe:

"Stupidity, combined with arrogance
a huge ego, will get you a long way."

1925 US school biology textbook
 ('A Civic Biology Presented In Problems'):

"The Races of Man. At the present time there exist
 upon the earth five races … the highest type of all,
the Caucasians, represented by the civilized white
inhabitants of Europe and America."

Michael Moore:

"I think that there's something in the American
 psyche, it's almost this kind of right or privilege,
 this sense of entitlement ------ to resolve all our
conflicts with violence. There's an arrogance
 to that concept if you think about it. To have
 to sit down and actually talk, to listen, to
 compromise ------ that's hard work."

UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn:

“The experience of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya has
 convinced many of our own people that the elite’s
 enthusiasm for endless military interventions has
 only multiplied the threats to us --- while leaving
death and destabilisation in their wake. It is the
 conflict in Syria and the consequences of the
Iraq war which have created the conditions for
Isis to thrive and spread its murderous rule.”

Aisha Gaddafi (his daughter and heir):

 "Gaddafi is not in Libya, he is in
 the hearts of Libyans".

William Pollard:

"The arrogance of success is to think that
 what you did yesterday, will be sufficient
for tomorrow."

The Centre for American Security:

 "The era of unchallenged US
   dominance of space, is over."

Moshe Safdie:

"He who seeks truth shall find beauty.
He who seeks beauty shall find vanity.
 He who seeks order shall find
 gratification. He who seeks
 gratification shall be disappointed.
He who considers himself the servant
of his fellow beings shall find the joy
of self-expression. He who seeks
 self-expression, shall fall into
 the pit of arrogance."

Samuel Butler:

"The truest characteristics of ignorance
 are vanity and pride and arrogance."

Thomas Sankara:

"Let there be an end to the arrogance of the
 big powers, who miss no opportunity to put
 the rights of the people in question. Africa's
absence from a club of those who have the
 right to veto, is unjust - & should be ended."

Richard Hammond:

"I like to think that my arrogance, impetuosity,
impatience, selfishness and greed ---- are the
 qualities that make me the lovable chap I am."

Steffi Graf:

"You can have a certain arrogance, and I think
that's fine, but what you should never lose,
respect for others."

(ex) UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon:

“The future of President Assad must be
 decided by the Syrian people. I think it's
 totally unfair & unreasonable to paralyze
 all this political negotiation. This is not
acceptable. It is not fair. Many Western
 countries oppose the Syrian government
 position. Meanwhile, we have lost years.
 250,000 people, have been killed. There
 are 13 million refugees, or internally
displaced. Over 50% of hospitals,
schools and infrastructure, has
 been destroyed in Syria.”

US National Lawyers Guild's Robin Alexander:

“The US would do well to incorporate some
of the security checks & practices that are
routine in Venezuela - to improve both the
 level of participation, and the credibility,
our elections.”

Abraham Lincoln:

“If there is anything that links the human
to the divine, it is the courage to stand by
a principle when everybody else rejects it.”

(ex) President Obama on October 3rd, 2015:

 “We’re not going to make Syria a proxy war
between the United States and Russia.”

Nikhil Saluja Quotes:
"You will always see what's wrong
when you are right.  But you will
never see what is right, when
are happy doing wrong."


People of high attitude, deserve the
standing ovation of your highest finger

Nikhil Saluja Quotes:
"My girlfriend hates when I make jokes
about her weight. She really needs to
lighten up."


 It's one thing, if a person owns up to their
and makes an effort to change.
But if a person
disregards your feelings,
ignores boundaries,
and continues to
treat you in a harmful way,

 they need to go.

Sigmund Freud -- after his visiting
 professor tenure in the US:

"I came to America, meeting a generation
of neurotic paranoids.  I left America ----
 seeing a generation of violent lunatics."

President Putin:

"...be in harmony with nature, and build
societies that obey the laws of nature".

Wikileaks’ book (7th Chapter) concludes:

“Instead of wasting time and resources lamenting
the effects of the cables on international relations
 and harassing Wikileaks, the United States needs
 to overhaul its foreign policy. Continuing to view a
state such as Russia as a rival in a zero-sum game
 --- as well as an energy resource and an emerging
 market --- instead of as representing a people,
only perpetuates conflict.”

 A politically correct woman turned on a man
 who opened a door for her. "There's no need
to hold the door for me, just because I'm a
 lady," she declared. "I didn't do it because
you're a lady," he replied calmly; "I did it
because I'm a gentleman".

Former EU Commissioner Günter Verheugen:

"Peace is possible only if no one
 wants to dominate the other."

US President 'Teddy' Roosevelt:

"The Pacific shall be ours forever and the
 Philippine islands shall be ours forever,
which, we shall take the mainland
of asia,
to dominate".

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, in Bejing:

"In this venue I announce my separation from
the US --- both militarily and in economics."

 President Putin:

"We can't be a country that trades people
like commodities, to make the pockets
of a few people happy. If we do - once
 we follow that path - we are finished
 as a country".

Oxfam, on the European Union:

 “Political decisions are influenced more and more
 by rich elites, who twist the rules to their advantage
 & undermine political institutions. Austerity policies
 and unjust tax systems serve the powerful through-
out Europe.”

J. M. Keynes:

 "Capitalism is the astounding belief
 that the most wickedest of men will
 do the most wickedest of things ---
for the greatest good of everyone."

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.:

"There is a tragic flaw in our precious Constitution,
& I don't know what can be done to fix it. This is it:
 Only nutcases want to be president".

US President 'Teddy' Roosevelt:

"Walk softly, and carry a big stick."


"The moral is to the physical
 as 3 is to 1"

UK Foreign Affairs Committee on Syria:

"The strategy is 'incoherent' and air-strikes
could be illegal if not authorised by the UN."

Pope Francis:

"The important thing is not to run on our own.
 We need to run together, with the ball being
passed from hand to hand."


 "There are only two forces in the world,
the sword and the spirit. In the long run
 the sword will always be conquered by
 the spirit."

CIA Director William Casey (1st staff meeting, 1981):

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete
 when everything the American public believes, is

Vladimir Putin, to the UN, in September 2015:

 "Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress,
 we got violence, poverty and social disaster -- and
 nobody cares a bit about human rights, including
 the right to life. I cannot help asking those who
have forced that situation: Do you realize what
 you have done?"

Dimitry Orlov, of cluborlov.blogspot, says
a better translation of Putin's quote is:

 "“How can you, even now, fail to understand
what a mess you have made?”

US House Intel. Committee Chair, Devin Nunes:

“I think we are containing IS within the borders of
 Iraq & Syria. Outside of that we’re not doing much.”

Lord Palmerston's famous aphorism (in full):

"Therefore I say that it is a narrow policy to suppose
 that this country or that is to be marked out as the
 eternal ally or the perpetual enemy of England. We
 have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual
 enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual,
 and those interests, it is our duty to follow. When
we find other countries marching in the same
course, and pursuing the same objects as
ourselves, we consider them as our friends,
and we think for the moment that we are on
 the most cordial footing; when we find other
 countries that take a different view, and
thwart us in the object we pursue, it is our
 duty to make allowance for the different
manner in which they may follow out the
 same objects. It is our duty not to pass
 too harsh a judgment upon others,
because they do not exactly see things
 in the same light as we see; and it is our
 duty not lightly to engage this country
 in the frightful responsibilities of war,
because from time to time we may find
 this or that Power disinclined to concur
 with us, in matters where their opinion
and ours, may fairly differ".

Xi Jinping on Russia & China's relationship:

"Our people have a relationship that
is special beyond that of any other
 - it is both natural and permanent."

US diplomat, adviser, George Kennan:

“The greatest service this country
 could render the rest of the world
 would be to put its own house in
order, and to make of American
civilization... a true example of
decency, humanity & societal
 success -- from which, others
could derive whatever they
might find useful to their

(ex) US President Obama:
“I don’t really even need
George Kennan right now.”

Robert Heinlein:

 "Never appeal to a man's better
he may not have one."

Barbara J. Brothers, US scientist:

"Russians have a sense of connectedness
 to themselves and to other human beings,
 that is just not a part of American reality.
It's not that competitiveness doesn't exist;
 it is just that...  there always seems to be
 more consideration & respect for others,
 in any given situation."

Russia's Deputy PM, Dmitry Rogozin:

“The West handles the Islamic world
 the way a monkey handles a grenade.”

The late Libyan leader, Muamar Gaddafi:

  "Now listen you, people of NATO. You’re bombing
a wall which stood in the way of African migration

 to Europe, and in the way of Al-Qaeda terrorists.
This wall was Libya. You are breaking it. You are
 idiots, and you will burn in Hell for the thousands
 of migrants from Africa & for supporting Al-Qaeda.
It will be so. I never lie. And I do not lie now."


"For 222 out of 239 years – or 93% of
 the time – America has been at war."

US writer, Tom Engelhardt:
"No antiwar movement, of any significance,
proved to have staying power in this country.
 In some sense, most of us accepted our new
role as a surveilled and protected populace,
 whose order of the day was --- do not get

The UK's DailyTelegraph:

 "The analysis of the histories of the almost 200
 countries in the world, found only 22 that have
never experienced an invasion by the British."

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn:

"They hated Russians. They hated Christians.
 Driven by ethnic hatred, they tortured and
 slaughtered millions of Russians, without
 a shred of human remorse."

Deep Purple ex-vocalist Joe Lynn Turner
(On his Crimea concert tour, despite the
US/EU bans on musicians which many

 famous 'stars' are obeying):

"In Crimea, Russia --- I have found truth.
I'm not afraid of sanctions. America is
not the country I grew up in, and I am
uncomfortable there. I think I have
 found the place and people that truly
stand for truth and freedom: Russia."

Russian Hieromonk, Onisim:

“We should explain & demonstrate to youth
 the meaning of the Orthodox faith—what it
includes and what union with God means,
 in what consists the path to salvation,
 and what is the task of the Christian:
 both for one’s own soul, and for the
mission in this world.”

US political analyst Zbigniew Brzezinski:

 "After eliminating communism
the major threat to the West
 is Christian Orthodoxy."

UNESCO Ambassador and actor Peter Ustinov:

 "Serbs are subhuman."

(ex) Ukrainian PM, Yatsenyuk:

"Those Russian terrorists in our country's
South-East, are subhuman."

P. Gubarev, progenitor of Novorossiya:

 “Everywhere, ordinary people are confronted
with what degrades them into enslaved cattle
and forces them to exist in a kind of charmed
circle. Even in the esteemed West, the much
 praised welfare state... is a thing of the past.

“Everywhere, the rich are becoming more &
more of a closed caste, the middle class is
being eroded, & the majority of people are
 being impoverished.

“Everywhere, the majority of people are being
pushed away from power. The 21st Century
will become
the ‘bitter age’ for the masses.
The trend is
obvious - the rich will become
even richer and
more powerful, and their
subjects are waiting
for progressive

“For the first time in many centuries, they're
becoming, physically and mentally, weaker
than their masters. Ukraine’s place in the
 new reality is unfortunate. It will become
 one of the poor, diseased states.”

Russian Orthodox Church priest, Vsevolod Chaplin:

“We've proposed the economic system of socialism,
 and, if not for the military influence on the situation
 by the West, this situation would have been resolved
 by economic methods and not by military or political
pressure. Otherwise, the entire world would already
be socialist, because it's the best system. Of course
 we like socialism.”

 Alexander Medvedev, deputy head, Gazprom:

“Ukrainian transit won’t be used any more
 even if the sun and moon switch places.”

Barry Sanders:

"The greatest single assault on the environment
-- on all of us around the globe -- comes from one
 agency: the Armed Forces of the United States."

Sara Flounders:

"By every measure, the Pentagon is the largest
 institutional user of petroleum products, and
 energy in general. Yet the Pentagon has a
blanket exemption in all international
climate agreements."

Eminent journalist and filmmaker John Pilger::

 “Since 1945, over a third of the membership
of the United Nations -- 69 countries -- have
some, or all, of the following at the
hands of
America's modern fascism: they
have been
invaded, their governments
their popular movements
their elections subverted,
their people
bombed & their economies
of all protection, their societies

 subjected to a crippling siege, known
as ‘sanctions’.”

William Blum, US author:

"Why will there never be a coup d'état in Washington?
Because there's no American embassy there."

Tom Engelhardt:

“War without an antiwar movement, turns out
 to mean war without pause, war without end.”

Russia's new official Naval Doctrine,
page 20, section 54:

"A defining factor in relations with NATO remains
 that, for Russia, the following is unacceptable:
the alliance’s plan to move its infrastructure
 to the borders of Russia, and the attempts
 to give the alliance a global role."

William Blum, US author:

"Until people understand fully the worldwide suffering
 American policy has caused, we will never be able to
 stop the monster."

VV Putin in 2014:

"Everything America touches,
 becomes Libya"


Harvard academic Elaine Scarry:

 “Current scientific research shows that
 even a smaller nuclear arsenal, if used
in a major exchange, will still produce
a nuclear winter, causing a drop in the
 average temperature across earth,
 larger than what occurred in the Ice
 Age, 18,000 years ago, reducing
 rainfall by 45 percent…

“This new research also models what
 will happen, if a tiny fraction (.015%)
 of today’s total arsenal, is used in a
regional exchange of 50 Hiroshima-
size weapons: 44 million people will
die at once; 1 billion will die from

Albert Einstein:

 "People say that it is intelligence
which makes a great scientist.
 I say they are wrong:
it is character."

Henry Kissinger:

 “The demonization of Putin is not a policy.
 It’s an alibi for not having a policy.”

Vladimir Putin:

“As you know, the modern world, especially the
 Western world, is highly monopolised, & many
 Western countries -- whether they want to hear
this, or not -- have, voluntarily, given up a
considerable part of their sovereignty. To some
 extent, this is a result of the politics of blocs.
 Sometimes we find it very difficult to come to
terms with them on geopolitical issues. It is
 hard to reach an agreement with people who
 whisper, even at home, for fear of being over-
heard by the Americans. This is not a joke,
 or a figure of speech.”

Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Lakota Indian:

"It is the mothers, not the warriors, who
create a people and guide their destiny." 

Karen Garcia:

 “When police officers can stalk, threaten, harass,
 assault, arrest, injure and kill black people for the
 crime of merely existing, I think it’s high time that
 the USA declares itself a state sponsor of terrorism.”

Former Soviet PM, Yevgeny Primakov:

"We cannot conduct reforms that
 affect the people adversely. If therapy
 drags out for decades and no gleam of
light is seen, it is certainly not in the
 interests of the country, not in the
 interests of the people."

Yevgeny Primakov:

"Can we still speak of Russia's interest in
having the S. East remain part of Ukraine?
 My answer is yes; I believe it is necessary.
 Only on this basis can the Ukrainian crisis
 be managed."

"Another question: should renouncing the
 unification of Crimea and Sevastopol with
Russia become a "concession" to the US
and its European allies? My answer is no,
 this should not be a bargaining chip in
 the negotiations."

"If the Minsk Agreements are not followed,
 should Russia in an extreme case send its
 regular troops to help militias? My answer:
 categorically no. If this happened, it would
beneficial for the US, which would use
situation to keep Europe under its
for an entire century."

"Furthermore, this position would not mean
 that we are refusing to support the militias,
 who are striving for particular status within
 the structure of a Ukrainian state."

Chief Luther Standing Bear, Oglala band of Sioux:

 “We did not think of the great open plains, the
 beautiful rolling hills, and the winding streams
 with tangled growth, as ‘wild’. Only to the white
 man was nature a ‘wilderness’ and only to him
 was the land ‘infested’ with ‘wild’ animals and
 ‘savage’ people. To us it was tame. Earth was
 bountiful and we were surrounded with the
blessings of the Great Mystery. Not until the
 hairy man from the east came and with
brutal frenzy, heaped injustices upon us
and the families we loved, was it ‘wild’ for
us. When the very animals of the forest
began fleeing from his approach, then it
was that, for us, the ‘wild west’ began.” 

US General Sherman:

 "We must act with vindictive earnestness against
 the Sioux, even to their extermination:  men,
 women and children."


"We are a nation of gangsters and racketeers --
 whose purpose serves our supra-nationalism
of capitalism and our cultural and economic
 assault upon others."

Count Destutt de Tracy, 1754-1836:

“A theft of greater magnitude and still more ruinous,
 is the making of paper money; it is greater because
 in this money, there is absolutely no real value; it is
 more ruinous because, by its gradual depreciation
during the time of its existence, it produces the
effect which would be proration of the coins. All
those iniquities are founded on the false idea
 that money is but a sign.”

George Washington, 1732-1799:

“If ever again our nation stumbles upon
unfunded paper, it shall surely be
like death to our body politic.
This country
will crash.”

The motto of the SS was:

"Hate is our prayer."

 Yugoslavia & Serbia President, Slobodan Miloševic:

“Look at us and remember - they will do the same
 to you if you disunite and go soft. The West - this
 mad guard dog - will sink its teeth in your throat.
 Brothers, remember Yugoslavia’s fate! Do not
them do the same thing to you! Russians,
what do
you need Europe for? It’s hard to find
a nation that
is more self-reliant than you.
Europe needs you but
not the opposite.
It's three of you - three entire countries!
ut there's no unity! You have everything
you need
and it is your own: lots of land,
energy, water, science,
industry and

When we had Yugoslavia and were

 united, we felt ourselves as a great
power, able to
move mountains.
Now, because of our stupidity &

 unwillingness to listen to each
other, Yugoslavia
doesn't exist
anymore & we're all 'unwanted

 warts' on Europe's political
map - new
markets for their
expensive stuff and

 American democracy”.

Vladimir Putin:

“Russia has no intention of taking an active
 role in thwarting those who are attempting
 to construct their New World Order --- until
 their efforts start to encroach on Russia’s
 key interests, that is.

“Russia would prefer to stand by & watch
 them give themselves as many lumps as
their poor heads can take. But those who
manage to drag Russia into this process,
 through disregard for her interests, will
be taught the true meaning of pain.”

Udo Ulfkotte ex-CIA stooge & ex-editor
of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:

“The German and US media is trying to bring war
 to the people in Europe --- to bring war to Russia.
This is a point of no return and I'm going to stand
 up and say: it is not right what I have done in the
 past, to manipulate people, to make propaganda
 against Russia --- and it is also not right, what my
 colleagues are doing and have done in the past,
 because they are bribed to betray the people ---
 not only in Germany, but all over Europe.”

German author GUNTHER GRASS:

"Is it not time for us Germans to reconsider --
whether we are of the West at all? are not
 our myths, legends, literature, fairytales,
 our music and philosophies, our poems &
character, closer to our Russian cousins,
 than we could ever be with the atlanticists?
 Why do we continue to refuse to hear the
call of the East -- where we truly belong --
with our Russian cousins?"

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov:

“A trend of not acknowledging Russians as one of
 them, has existed in Western Europe for centuries,
 despite the fact that for at least 300 years we have
 been an inseparable part of European culture and
 politics. The periods of Russia's most active
 participation in European affairs, were marked
 by stability and peace on the continent."

Confucius on 'The Rectification of Names':

"If language is not correct, then what is said is not
 what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant,
 then what must be done, remains undone; if this
 remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate;
 if justice goes astray, the people will stand about
 in helpless confusion. Hence there must be no
 arbitrariness in what is said. This matters,

The BBC, France 24, Deutsche Welle,

 Fox News, CNN, the New York Times:
"Russia has invaded eastern Ukraine."

Mark Twain:

"The loud little handful, as usual, will shout for the war.
 The pulpit will, warily and cautiously, object, at first;
 the great, big, dull bulk of the nation will rub its sleepy
 eyes and try to make out why there should be a war,
 and will say, earnestly and indignantly, 'It is unjust
 and dishonorable, and there is no necessity for it.'
Then the handful will shout louder. A few fair men on
 the other side will argue and reason against the war
 with speech and pen, and at first will have a hearing
 and be applauded; but it will not last long; those
 others will outshout them, & presently the anti-war
 audiences will thin out and lose popularity. Before
 long you will see this curious thing: the speakers
 stoned from the platform, & free speech strangled
 by hordes of furious men who in their secret hearts
 are still at one with the stoned speakers, as earlier,
but do not dare say so. And now the whole nation,
pulpit and all, will take up the warcry, & shout itself
 hoarse, and mob any honest man who ventures to
 open his mouth; & presently such mouths will cease
 to open. Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies,
 putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked,
 and every man will be glad of those conscience-
soothing falsities, and will diligently study them,
and refuse to examine any refutations of them; &
 thus he will by and by convince himself the war is
 just, & will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys
 after this process of grotesque self-deception."


"The Parties undertake, as set forth in the Charter
of the United Nations, to settle any international
dispute in which they may be involved by peaceful
means, in such a manner that international peace
and security and justice are not endangered, and
to refrain in their international relations from the
threat or use of force in any manner inconsistent
with the purposes of the United Nations."

Putin advisor, Sergei Glazyev:

“The main task the American puppet masters
 have set for the (Kiev) junta is to draw Russia
 into a full-scale war with Ukraine. It is for this
purpose that all of these heinous crimes are
 committed – to force Russia to send troops
to Ukraine to protect the civilian population.

The bankruptcy of the US financial system,
which is unable to service its foreign debt,
the lack of investments to finance a break-
through to a new technological order and
to maintain America’s competitiveness,
and a potential defeat in the geopolitical
 competition with China: to resolve these
 problems, Americans need a new world

Paul Craig Roberts:

"Unless European governments recognize
the danger in Washington’s aggression
--- and dissolve NATO --- planet earth
long to live."

Point 40 of Syriza's 40 Point Manifesto:

 "Closure of all foreign bases in Greece
 and withdrawal from NATO."

Nikolai Patrushev,  Russia’s Security Council:

"The territory of the United States itself,
 which essentially established unilateral
military control over all the allies, is not
included in NATO’s zone of responsibility."

Otto Von Bismarck:

"The secret of politics? Make
 a good treaty with Russia."

Charles de Gaulle:

'Patriotism is when love of your own people
 comes first; nationalism is when hatred for
people other than your own, comes first.'


"All foreign wars are waged for power and money.
They are nothing but the pillage, theft and rape,
other countries' treasures."

Albert Einstein (On the USA):

''Everywhere you look, people are made to work
very, very hard in order to enrich the private few.
This is done, not so much by direct physical
force, but by subconsciously compelling people
 to comply with rules and regulations and laws,
created and designed for the benefit of the
 private few, and their capitalism."

 Vladimir Putin:

"We are a social welfare state. We can not be a
 country that just trades people in order to make
 the pockets of some bankers happy. If we do
 that, we cease to exist as Russia".

Marcus Tullius Cicero:

“A nation can survive its fools, & even the ambitious.
But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy
 at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and
 carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves
 amongst those within the gate freely, his sly
 whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard
the very halls of government itself.

“For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in
 accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their
face & their arguments. He appeals to a baseness
 that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the
 soul of a nation, he works secretly & unknown in
 the night, to undermine the pillars of the city. He
 infects the body politic, so that it can no longer
 resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor, is
the plague.”

Tony Rooke, who won a law suit v the BBC:
“The fact that the BBC reported the collapse
WTC 7 - 23 minutes before it actually fell -

 indicates that the UK was aware of the 9/11
before they actually happened. The

 direct implication is that they were working
 with the ‘terrorists’ --- all arguments as to
the terrorists actually were, aside.”

George Orwell:

 “Political language is designed to make
 lies sound truthful & murder respectable
 and to give an appearance of solidity to
 pure wind.”

Saudi Arabia’s Brigadier General Asiri:

 “All we're trying to do, is make sure
that there is security in Yemen.”

Lazarus Long in Robert Heinlein's book:
(often misattributed to Mark Twain...?)

“Never try to teach a pig to sing –
it wastes your time and annoys the pig.”

Saudi Arabia's founder, King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud:

 “The good or evil -- for us -- will come from Yemen.”

Harold Pinter's 2005 Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech:

“We have brought torture, cluster bombs, depleted
 uranium, innumerable acts of random murder, misery,
 degradation and death to the Iraqi people and call it
 ‘bringing freedom and democracy to the Middle East’.
How many people do you have to kill before you
 qualify to be described as a mass murderer and a
war criminal? One hundred thousand? More than
 enough, I would have thought. Therefore it is just
 that Bush and Blair be arraigned before the
International Criminal Court of Justice.”

Retired US Air Force Lieutenant
Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski:

“What the US government is focused on
 is putting arms out there and creating
 bias for those arms. The US taxpayer
 subsidizes foreign weapon sales. So
we're always out there, our govern-
ment is always out there looking for
 places to market our weapons.
US foreign policy is aimed at creating
markets for US weaponry and is good
at it, not at solving crises, promoting
 good governments, etc.
That’s not our expertise. We don’t
time and money on that. We
spend time
and money on creating
consumers for
our weapons.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr:

 "We are called to play the Good Samaritan
on life’s roadside, but that will be only an
initial act. One day we must come to see
 that the whole Jericho Road must be
 transformed so that men and women will
 not be constantly beaten and robbed as
 they make their journey on life’s highway.”


 “If you know the enemy and know yourself,
you need not fear the result of a hundred
 battles. If you know yourself but not the
 enemy, for every victory gained you will
 also suffer a defeat. If you know neither
 the enemy nor yourself, you will
 succumb in every battle.”

Prominent neoconservative Richard Perle:

“There will be no stages. This is total war.
 We are fighting a variety of enemies. There
 are lots of them out there... If we just let our
 vision of the world go forth and we embrace
 it entirely and we don’t try to piece together
clever diplomacy, but just wage a total war,
our children will sing great songs about us
years from now.”

Todd E. Pierce:

“When we allow our 'Conservative Revolutionaries'
 (or neoconservative militarists or proto-fascists
 or whatever term best describes them) to make
 foreign policy, the US loses legitimacy in the
 world as a 'rule of law' state. Instead, we
 present a 'fascist' justification for our
 wars, which is blatantly illicit.”

Todd E. Pierce:

“As the American political establishment
 has become so enamored with war & the
 “warriors” who fight them, it has become
 child’s play for our militarists to manipul-
  ate the US into wars or foreign aggression,
 through promiscuous economic sanctions
 or by inciting and arming foreign groups to
destabilize the countries that we target.”

Qu Xing, China’s ambassador to Belgium:

“The United States is unwilling to see
its presence in any part of the world
being weakened, but the fact is, its
 resources are limited, & it will be, to
some extent, hard work to sustain
its influence in external affairs.”

Iran's Navy Commander
 Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari:

"The world has 9 important waterways
 and Iran controls 5 of them."

George Friedman, head of Stratfor, Feb 4, 2015:

"The primordial interest of the United States,
over which for centuries we have fought wars
 - the First, the Second and the Cold Wars - has
 been the relationship between Germany and
Russia, because, united, they are the only
that could threaten us;-  and to
make sure, that
that doesn't happen."

Richard Sakwa:

"What is the point of the EU, if it cannot
 even prevent war on its own continent?"


“The best slave is the person
who believes they are free.” 

Field Marshal Montgomery:

 “Rule 1, on page 1 of the book of war, is:
 ‘Don't march on Moscow’. Various people
 have tried it, Napoleon and Hitler, and it's
no good. That is the first rule. [Rule 2] is:
Do not go fighting with your land armies
in China.


An academic was walking in a lane,
 and came face to face with a tramp.
 The lane was too narrow for the two
 to pass. The academic drew himself
 up to his full height, saying: "I never
 make way for fools!" Smiling broadly,
 the old tramp stepped aside & said:
 "I always do, sir."


'the sun, the moon, the planets, the air,
the water and the earth are all serving you,
aiding life's purpose and preparing your food.
Yet you regard all this unthankfully, absorbed
in your own little troubles which are as nothing
before the great forces of nature, always
working, night and day'.

John F. Kennedy:

“What kind of peace do we seek? Not a
Pax Americana enforced on the world

 by American weapons of war. Not the
peace of the grave or the security of
slave. I am talking about genuine
the kind of peace that makes
life on
earth worth living.”

NATO General Secretary Mr. Woerner
 in Brussels on the 17th of May, 1990:

“The fact that we are ready not to place
a NATO army outside German territory,
gives the Soviet Union a firm security

 Pablo Iglesias, leader of Spain's Podemos:

"One shouldn't forget that the EU supported
 the illegal change of power in Ukraine, and
coming of a neo-Nazi party to Ukraine's
 government. Some European leaders took
part in public events in
with neo-Nazis
. This is too far from
European values."

George Friedman on what to do in Ukraine:

 "We must do as the British did. They did not
 at one time occupy India, but simply took
 control of individual Indian kingdoms and
set them against each other --- and they
placed their officers in the Indian Army."

Professor Michel Chossudovsky:

“What distinguishes the Bush and Obama
 administrations, is that the concentration
 camps, targeted assassinations & torture
 chambers, are now openly considered as
 legitimate forms of intervention, which
 sustain ‘the global war on terrorism’ and
 aid the spread of ‘Western democracy.’”

President of Syriza, 40-year-old Alexis Tsipras:

"Today the Greek people has written history,
 Hope has written history... Greece is turning
a page. Greece is leaving the austerity of
 catastrophe and fear... there are no losers
 and winners. Those who've been defeated
 are the elite & oligarchs. We're regaining
 our dignity, our sovereignty again."

Rob Urie, author:

"The economic policies forced on Greece
 were more draconian than in the US and
 European core, but by degree -- not type.
Wall Street, which includes major German
and French banks, has used manufactured
 crises to affect ‘soft’ coups around the globe
 for decades. Debt is used as a weapon. The
Greek people have a very difficult battle to
fight. But the neo-liberal coup is international.
 Americans and Northern Europeans who think
 they are on the ‘winning’ side, just haven’t had
 their jobs and life savings stolen - yet. To one
 degree or another, we are all Greeks now."

Paul Craig Roberts:

"The Greek economic crisis is the result of
austerity policies forced on Greece's people
 in order to prevent the private banks from
 making losses on their loans to Greece.
 "The purpose of the austerity policy was to
 establish that Greek people are responsible
 for the bankers' mistakes, not the bankers;
to make ordinary people cover the bankers'
losses, by accepting cuts in
ensions, public services, and by selling
off public assets at bargain prices to the
banks' clients.
"IMF loans and conditionality programs
are the
mechanism by which countries
are looted. No
state has ever benefited
from an IMF program:
only the creditors
of the country benefit."

The International Union of Food Workers:

 “Austerity isn't the product of a deficient
of macroeconomics, or a failure of
‘social dialogue,’
it is a conscious blue-
print for expanding corporate

Rob Urie, author:

"E.C.B. bankers might really believe that
‘expansionary austerity’ policies would
allow Greeks to pay un-repayable debts,
 but, by implementing policies that have
a long history as imperial plunder, they
have that history to answer for.
 "The serial capitulation by the so-called
 European left, to these neo-imperialist
policies, only makes sense if the Party
 leaders see themselves on the ‘inside’
of the imperial divide."

First Nation saying:

"When the last tree is cut, when the last river
has been poisoned, and when the last fish has
been caught, only then you will find out that
you can't eat money."

Eduardo Galleano:

 "It would be strange if the remedy
 should come from the United States,
 the same place which brings us
the disease."

Haile Selassie I Of Ethiopia:

"Until the philosophy which holds one race
 superior and another inferior, is finally and
 permanently discredited and abandoned,
 everywhere is war; and until there are no
 longer 1st-class and 2nd-class citizens of
 any nation, until the colour of a man's skin
is of no more significance than the colour
 of his eyes, and until basic human rights
 are equally guaranteed to all without regard
 to race, there is war; and until that day, the
dream of lasting peace, world citizenship,
 and the rule of international morality, will
 remain but a fleeting illusion to be pursued,
 but never attained. Now, everywhere is war."   


Andre Vltchek:

"Humankind rests on the brink of annihilation,
 for no other reason than the American pursuit
 of unlimited profit.  They are the extremists of
 the capitalist system."

Chief of Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces,
General Viktor Muzhenko:

“No Russian troops are fighting against us:
the only Russian citizens who are fighting
in the contested region, are residents in
that region, or of Ukraine, and also some
Russian citizens who are members of
illegal armed groups.

 Paul Craig Roberts:

“As long as Washington controls Europe, Russia
 has no prospects of being a part of the West,
unless Russia becomes Washington’s puppet
state, like Germany, Britain, and France.”

Mike Harris, an editor of Veterans Today:

“It’s time for the US to grow up and start
being a better world citizen. Our foreign
 policy has been hijacked, and the US is
 run by a criminal cabal sitting in the city
 of London and Israel. And it is time for
 the American people to seize control
of their own government & end this
corruption and put these people in
 prison or hang them for treason,

Alexandr Solzhenitzyn:

“In keeping silent about evil, in burying it
 so deep within us that no sign of it appears
 on the surface, we are implanting it, and it
 will rise up a thousand fold in the future.
When we neither punish nor reproach
evil-doers, we aren't simply protecting
their trivial old age, we are thereby
ripping the foundations of justice
from beneath new generations.”

Andre Vltchek:

 "We must hope that the skillful diplomacy
 we have seen employed by both Russia
 and China, the increased pace of their
bilateral cooperation with each other
and their increased steps to achieve
 multilateral cooperation throughout
 the world, from Latin America to
Africa and Europe and Asia, will
change the power dynamics of
 the world sufficiently to prevent
 the Americans and their allies
from achieving their aims, so that
 the peoples of the world can live in
 peace and devote their energies to
 solving humanity’s pressing problems."

Lao Tzu:

"To know the truth is the best thing.
To know that you do not know is
the second best.
To pretend to know
when you do not know, is a disease."

Ara Stepanyan, the executive secretary of
the Academy of Geopolitical Issues, when
asked, on the 12th of December, in 2013:
'If Ukraine were to join the Customs Union,
 what would the European Union do?':

"First of all, they will impose sanctions
 against individual leaders or politicians
 in Ukraine - those who sign the Customs
 Union. If they have accounts, they will
arrested as criminal, anti-democratic
 ...and so on. Then they will permanently
 organize and provoke riots, rallies and,
 of course, form public opinion, as they
 do today, by saying that the police
allegedly applied excessive force."

Paul Craig Roberts:

“While Washington presents Europe
with war and sacrifice, Russia and
 China offer trade and friendship.”

Adolf Hitler, in Mein Kampf:

"But when we speak of new territory
 in Europe to-day, we must principally
think of Russia and the border States
 subject to her."

 Arnold Toynbee, historian:

 "The West's policy toward Russia
 is one of aggression."

Paul Craig Roberts:

"Washington is comprised of 3 elements:
 Arrogance, Hubris, and Evil. There is
nothing else there."

President Eisenhower:

“Unleashing of the atomic infernos on mostly
 civilian populations was simply this: an act of
 supreme terrorism and of barbarity callously
 calculated by the US planners to demonstrate
 their country’s demonic power to the rest of
the world - and the Soviet Union in particular.”

Bertrand Russell:

"War does not determine who is right
 - only who is left."

Nathan Mayer Rothschild:

"Buy when there is blood on the streets".

Wesley Clark, former Supreme Commander of NATO:

 "We're going to take out 7 countries in 5 years,
starting with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya,
 Somalia, Sudan, and, finishing off, with Iran."

Paul Craig Roberts:

"Only three countries stand in the way
 of Washington’s hegemony over the
 world -- Russia, China, and Iran."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in 2002:

“Once we squeeze all we can out of the
 United States, it can dry up and blow away.”

Dr. Roslyn Fuller:

"Years of sitting back and hoping that
 someone else will take care of this
 mess, is all catching up on us now."

The 1950's US ambassador to Cuba, Earl T. Smith:

 “I ran Cuba from the sixth floor of the US embassy.
The Cubans’ job was to grow sugar and shut up.”

Evo Morales, President of Bolivia:

“La lucha que dejó Che Guevara,
 vamos a cumplir nosotros”
"We will finish the fight
 that Che Guevara started."

Frantz Fanon:

"The settler's work is to make even dreams
of liberty impossible for the native.
The native's work is to imagine all possible
 methods for destroying the settler."

Former President of Brazil, Lula:

"Democracy is not a pact of silence,
but a society in movement, in
search of new achievements."

President José Mujica of Uruguay:

"Humanity will emerge from pre-history
 the day barracks become schools."

President al-Assad of Syria:

"Despair is the beginning and essence of defeat
 and defeat is primarily psychological."

sheik imran hossein:

"The world is being taken for a ride by the great
western countries & their systems, for everything.
It is a case of do as I tell you and not do as I do.

"Rightly, both the US and UK should be bankrupt.
To recover, they should be selling their banks,
industries and other assets, at fire-sale prices.
That was what the Asian countries were
 forced to do, after currency traders forced
many of them almost into bankruptcy.

"But the bankrupt powerful countries of the West
don’t have to do that. They carry out Quantitative
Easing, print money (issue cheques) and refinance
their banks and bankrupt industries: and they talk
about transparency in business practice!"

William Wordsworth:
"Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers."

Cypriot economics professor, Andreas Theophanous:

"There’s a huge solidarity deficit in the European Union
 and in the Troika, which is much higher than any fiscal
 deficit or public debt of any country in the European south."

Hugo Chavez:

"If I keep quiet, the stones would cry out
for the people of Latin America,
who are willing to be free
after 500 years of colonialism."

Before Chavez underwent his last operation,
 he explained why he had chosen Maduro:

"He's one of the young leaders with the greatest ability
 to continue, if I'm unable to: with his firm hand, with his
 gaze, with his heart of a man of the people, with his gift
 for people, with his intelligence, with the international
recognition he's earned, with all his leadership skills."

Nicolas Maduro, Chavez' successor:

"Our people will never again see the
bourgeoisie plundering this country.

Better to be dead, than traitors to
the people and to Chavez!"

Nicolas Maduro:

"Be dignified inheritors of the giant man.
Let there be no weakness, no violence.
Let there be no hate. In our hearts
there should only be one sentiment:
Love. Love, peace and discipline."

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega:

"The US is not supporting liberty,
they are promoting servitude"

(ex) US President Obama:

"No country on earth would tolerate missiles
raining down from outside its borders."

James Fetzer, an editor at Veterans Today:

"The United States has become the greatest aggressor
nation in the world --- and our country is increasingly
resembling the Third Reich, where history is going to
record that the United States descended into that
deep, dark, black abyss, typified by war criminals."

Imam Ali (A):

"A cunning enemy is better than a foolish friend!"

Ex (Lol) Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper:

“As long as I am Prime Minister, whether it is at the UN
the Francophonie or anywhere else, Canada will take
a stand
of unwavering support for Israel - whatever the
cost to Canada.”

Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881):

“..the world is governed by very different
personages from what's imagined by
those who aren't behind the scenes.”

Woodrow Wilson,(1856-1924):

"Since I entered politics, I have chiefly
had men’s views confided to me privately.
Some of the biggest men in the United States,
in the field of commerce and manufacture,
are afraid of something. They know that
there is a power somewhere so organised,
so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked,
so complete, so pervasive, that they had
better not speak above their breath
when they speak in condemnation of it.”

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933:

“The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know,
that a financial element in the larger centres has
owned the government since the days of
Andrew Jackson.”

In America one slave law decreed:

"Slaves have no souls, no wit, no intelligence, and no will.
Their life is concentrated in their muscles."

José Luis Centella:

"The Spanish left, as is the case in the rest of Europe,
faces the challenge of showing there are alternatives
to capitalism. Doing this requires learning from all
previous historical processes, but not copying them."

Ali Larijani:

“...in the past two years the US has sold more than
USD 18 billion in arms in the Persian Gulf region.”

José Luis Centella:

"What fascism attempts to do is to identify the
your neighbour, as the enemy, to
leave capitalism unscathed.
The role of our
party is to show who the real enemy is:
system which has plundered Spain as it
has many other countries."

Iran’s Expediency Council Chairperson
Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani:

“Through injustice, they first make people
 reach the end of their tether... and then
deceitfully turn them against each other.”

George Bernard Shaw

"If history repeats itself, and the unexpected
always happens, how incapable must Man
be, of learning from experience."

Stephen Biko:

"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor
is the mind of the oppressed."

José Luis Centella:

"The European left must be conscious
that at this time in history, Europe is in the
rearguard in this confrontation with capitalism.
Today we in Europe have to learn, as opposed
to teach."

French political analyst Coralie Delaume:

 "The size of debts and budget deficits are the
 only things that Europe worries about today.
 European Monetary Union is getting weaker
 by the day. Stupefied Europeans no longer
 understand what awaits them... From an
economic and political standpoint, the
European Union is a spherical fiasco
 in a vacuum: No matter which side
 you look at it from, your gaze is
met with catastrophe"

President Rafael Correa:

"That societies control markets
- and not the other way around -
is an aspiration of the movement
of Ecuador & the other progressive
countries in Latin America."

The former Iranian President Ahmadinejad:

"We have to be astute, alert. If we do not
propose a new future world order, we will
inherit one created by slave owners and
capitalists, who will impose and control
the new system."

Howard Zinn:

“Terrorism has replaced Communism as
the rationale for the militarization of the
country, for military adventures abroad,
and for the suppression of civil liberties
at home. It serves the same purpose;-
to create hysteria.”

Israeli Premiere Shimon Peres, in April 1963:

“I can tell you forthrightly, that we will not
introduce atomic weapons into the region.
We certainly will not be the first to do so.
We have no interest in that. On the
our interest is in de-
escalating the armament

tension, even in total

UK Stop the War Coalition:

“The US and its allies remain silent
over Israel's covert nuclear arsenal
--- the only one in the Middle East."

Major General Zhang Zhaozhong:

"China will not hesitate to protect Iran,
even with a Third World War."

Professor Noam Chomsky:

"There is no justification for targeted assassination..
Bush administration policy was to kidnap suspects
and send them to secret prisons where they were
not treated very nicely, as we know. But Obama's
 administration has escalated that policy
to 'you
don't kidnap them, but you kill them.'
remember, these are suspects."

Vladimir Kondakov, shaman:

"Do you think the world is based on the good?
No, it is based on a balance of the good and
the evil. Now, the evil prevails, and it is not
that God is evil or weak. Evil is in humans."

Anthropologist Margaret Mead:

"Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has."

Eglantyne Jebb, founder, Save the Children:

“All wars, whether just or unjust, disastrous
or victorious, are waged against the child.”

One of the US’s richest men, Warren Buffett:

"Sure there’s class warfare... and my class is winning.”

Bobby Sands:

"Our revenge will be the laughter of our children."

Naomi Klein, on the '99%' movement:

“We found each other... this time we have to succeed.”

Vice Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham:

"The inconvenient truth is that Libya was
only feasible, because US forces first
destroyed Libya's air defences and
then provided 75% of all air
support missions."

Tom Engelhardt:

“In the badlands and backlands of the planet,
 however, the spectacle of slaughter never ends,
even if the only Americans watching are some-
times unnerved drone video analysts. Could
 there be a sadder tale of a demobilized
citizenry, than that?”

President Assad of Syria

"Is this a revolution and are these revolutionaries?
By God, I say they are a bunch of criminals." 

The late Hugo Chávez
(to the 2011 UN General Assembly):

“For us, it is obvious that the UN is not
improving, nor will it improve from the

If the Secretary General, along with
the President of the International
Criminal Court, take part in an act
of war --- as in the case of Libya ---
nothing can be expected from the
current structure of this organization
and there is no longer time for reform.”

“It is unbearable that there is a Security
Council that turns its back, whenever it
wants to, on the clamour of the majority
of nations, by deliberately failing to
acknowledge the will of the General
Assembly. If the Security Council
is some sort of club with privileged
members,  what can the General
Assembly do? Where is its room for
maneuver, when Security Council
members violate international law?

“If we do not make a commitment, once
and for all, to rebuild the United Nations,
this organization will lose its remaining
credibility. Its crisis of legitimacy will
be accelerated until it finally implodes.
In fact, that is what happened to its
immediate predecessor: the League
of Nations.”

Fidel Castro:

"At a time when NATO, spearheaded by the
US, France and the UK, is warring to gain
control of resources in key Middle Eastern
& African states, Palestine’s long fight for
statehood will be overwhelmingly endorsed
by the General Assembly on September 20th.

"Whether this inalienable right of its people,
who have never given up the struggle, will
be more than a symbolic 194th seat ---
depends on whether the UN can regain
its role as an organization taking positive
action for world peace, rather than being
utilized for neocolonial wars."

Walter Lippman:

“The news and the truth are not the same thing”

Algerian State Minister Abdelaziz Belkhadam:

“The Arab League is no longer a league, and it’s
far from Arab, since it asks the Security Council
to intervene against 1 of its founding members,
and calls upon NATO, to destroy the resources
of Arab countries.”

Bolivian President Evo Morales:

"This millennium belongs to the peoples
and not the oligarchies, if we want real
equality, & freedom for all, worldwide."

Gerald Celente:

“When people have nothing left to lose, they lose it.”

The Rev. Martin Luther King:

“There was a time when the church was very
powerful. It was during that period that early
Christians rejoiced, when they were deemed
worthy to suffer for what they believed.

"In those days the church was not merely a
thermometer that recorded the ideas and
principles of popular opinion; it was the
thermostat that transformed the mores
of society.”

Bolivian President Evo Morales:

"Capitalism is not the solution to the current
problems of mankind. Mankind is waiting for a
new political thesis about the rights of Mother
Earth, of natural resources, of life in general."

Vladimir Putin:

"The models of development based on growing debt
don't work."

Bolivian President Evo Morales:

"Cuba is always a source of inspiration
and despite an economic, commercial
and financial blockade imposed by the
US for half a century ------ it represents
the first country in solidarity with the
rest of the world. That solidarity is
unmatchable: I can never find
the means to repay it."

Nouriel Roubini:

"Karl Marx had it right. At some point,
capitalism can destroy itself. You cannot
keep on shifting income from labour to capital
without having an excess capacity and a lack
of aggregate demand. That’s what has happened."

Brian Willson:

"We've become addicted to a material way of life
that requires imperial policies ------ to extract all
these resources around the world, funnel them
to 4.6% of the world's population; demeaning,
impoverishing, murdering, maiming people all
over the world, who are in the way of our
precious metals needed for our cell
phones and our computers, in
the Congo...

"And we are facing a massive correction
of our wayward ways in the West."

Paul Craig Roberts:

"There is nothing left of the American character.
Only a people who have lost their soul could
tolerate the evil that emanates from Washington."

Financial analyst Max Keiser:

"London is the world’s capital of fraud".

Noam Chomsky:

"As long as the general population is passive,
apathetic, diverted to consumerism or hatred of
the vulnerable, then the powerful can do as they
please, and those who survive will be left to
contemplate the outcome."

Malcolm X:

"If you're not careful, the newspapers
will have you hating the oppressed
and loving the people doing the

Ayatollah Khomeini:

“Muslims must awake. Today is not a time
for each Muslim to lead a special existence
in some corner. This cannot be. At a time
like this, when the policy of the superpowers
is to devour every part of the world, Muslims
must awake... I do not have a hope in most of
the governments, but the nations must awake
and come under the banner of Islam...”

Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar:

“A person who, irrespective of religious creed,
aspires for spiritual expansion, or who does
something concrete, is a Tantric.

"Tantra is neither a religion nor an 'ism'.
Tantra is a fundamental spiritual science.
So wherever there is any spiritual practice,
it should be seen that it rests on Tantra.

"Where there is no spiritual practice, where
people pray to God for the fulfilment of
narrow worldly desires; where people’s only
slogan is “Give us this and give us that” –
only there, is Tantra discouraged.

"Only those who do not understand Tantra,
or even after understanding Tantra,
do not want any spiritual practice,
oppose the cult of Tantra.”

Jesus Christ:

"In the house of my father are many mansions."

The Prophet:

"Each soul has its own religion."

Gaddafi, at the 2008 Arab Summit:

"How can we accept that a foreign power comes to
topple an Arab leader while we stand watching?
Saddam had once been an ally of Washington...
but they sold him out. Your turn is next.
Where is the Arabs' dignity, their future,
their very existence? Everything has

Malcolm X:

"Look at yourselves. Some of you teenagers,
students. I belong to a generation ahead of
you - how do you think I feel to have to tell

'We, my generation, sat around like a knot
on a wall, while the whole world was
fighting for its human rights..
'and you've got to be born into a society
where you still have that same fight.'

What did we do, who preceded you ?
I'll tell you what we did. Nothing.

And don't you make the same
mistake we made...."

Michael O'Hanlon, the Brookings Institution:

"Make no mistake about it. If you look at
the casualties from violence, Iraq is still
comparable to Afghanistan today.

"That's counter- intuitive to most people, who
think of Afghanistan as going up in flames and
Iraq as settling down. But in fact, while Iraq's
violence is 90% reduced from what it used to be,
it's still much higher than most of the region."

Former CIA officer Michael Scheuer:

"We have backed the wrong horse for 50 years.
To think that the Egyptian people are going to
forget that we backed dictators for 50 years,
I think, is a pipe dream."

Iranian Blogger:

"Today, the USA and Britain are
the most hated countries in the world."

Russian Prime Minister Valdimir Putin:

"How can one intervene in defense of the
civilian population, while adopting methods
that are increasing the number of victims?"

Calon Lan (Welsh folk song):

''I ask not for ease and riches

Nor earth's jewels for my part

But I have the best of wishes

For a pure and honest heart.''

Mwambustya Ndebesa, lecturer,
Uganda's Makerere University:

"Unity should be for the transformation of society
to live a better life --- but if it is for enslavement,
then you first gain independence, & then you can
negotiate how you can cooperate on equal terms."

Dr Martin Luther King:

“We know through painful experience that freedom
is never voluntarily given by the oppressor;
it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Russia:

"..the US has overstepped its national borders in every
way. This is visible in the economic, political, cultural
and educational policies it imposes on other nations.
Well, who likes this? Who is happy about this?"

George H. Bush:

"Whatever the US says, goes".

Fidel Castro:

"Intellectuals can perhaps provide an enormous
service to humanity...... It is not about trying to
save humanity in terms of millenniums, maybe
not even in terms of centuries. The problem
is that our species is facing new problems,
and has not even learned to survive."

"If we can achieve intellectuals’ understanding of
the risk that we are experiencing at this moment,
to which a response cannot be postponed, perhaps
they will manage to persuade the most self-satisfied,
incapable beings ever to have existed: we politicians."

District governor of Arghandab, Southern
Afghanistan, Shah Muhammed Ahmadi:

"We've had to destroy many villages, to make them safe."

Paul Craig Roberts:

"The US government is a duplicitous entity whose
raison d’etre is to control every other country."

Martin Luther King Jr.

"The greatest purveyor of violence in
the world today — my own government."

Ho Chi Minh:

"Vietnam will be free, independent and sovereign.
The enemy will be defeated & the Vietnamese people
will build a Vietnam ten times more beautiful."

Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan:

"Our prayers, cries and screams have
echoing in the sky for 1,300 years.
Nobody is superior to anyone in these lands,
not the Sunni to the Shiites, not the Turkish
to the Kurdish, the Laz to the Circassian
or the Persian to the Arabs. We are all the
same in this land, together, brothers."

Ex UK Prime Minister Tony Blair:

“We invaded Iraq because the Arabs
need someone to run their affairs.”

Former President of Iran, Ahmadinejad :

"Americans are worse than the most dictatorial dictators.
They assassinate nuclear scientists because they're
not strong enough to counter the Iranian nation,
and think a nation will step back with the
assassination of its loved ones."

Mahatma Gandhi:

"Fear has its uses... but cowardice has none."

William K. Black:

"The best way to rob a bank is to own one."

John Connally, Nixon's Treasury secretary:

"The dollar is our currency, but your problem."

Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, Minister of
Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba:

"It is widely acknowledged that the principal cause
of the alteration of the world climatic system
is the pattern of unsustainable production and
 consumption that prevails in the developed countries."

William Colby, former CIA Director:

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone
of any significance in the major media."

Bruce Lee’s character in “Enter The Dragon”:

“Remember, the enemy has only images and
illusions behind which, he hides his true motives;
destroy the image - & you will break the enemy.”

Ayatollah Kamenei, Iran's leader:

“The extensive propaganda of the enemy to
spread Islamophobia, its offhand efforts to create
discord among Muslim sects, to incite sectarian
prejudices, to bring about pseudo-confrontations
between the Sunnis and the Shi’ah, to create
disunity between Islamic states & to aggravate
their differences, to change them into hostility
and unsolvable conflicts, its employment of
intelligence & espionage outfits to propagate
corruption & immorality amongst the youth —
all these are nervous & bewildered responses
to the steady and firm advances of the Islamic
Ummah towards awakening, honour & freedom.”

The International Monetary Fund ( ! ):

“Violent protests could break out in countries
worldwide  if the financial system is not
restructured to benefit everyone,
rather than a small elite.”

Joe Stack before crashing a plane into the IRS:

"The communist creed: From each according to
his ability, to each according to his need.

The capitalist creed: From each according to
his gullibility, to each according to his greed".


"Fear the supplication of the oppressed:
because between them and God
there is no barrier."

Abraham Lincoln, 1st Republican President of the US:

"Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side;
my greatest concern is to be on God's side."

Thomas Paine, to US Citizens, January 29th, 1803:

"Where the election is a fiction, representation
is a fiction also. Like will always produce like."


"Give me the power to control any nations money
and I care not who makes it's laws"

Rothschild's mother:

"If my sons do not want war...
...there will be no war"

Cuba's Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodríguez:

"In order to survive, a leap in the consciousness
of humanity is essential, one which is only
possible via the dissemination of truthful
information about those issues which are
hidden or ignored by most politicians,
not published by the press, and which
people find so horrifying, as to seem

US newspaper oligarch, William Hearst:

“You furnish the pictures,
 and I’ll furnish the war”

William Pfaff in 2003:

"People outside the United States
have stopped believing the American story."

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, former Sephardi Chief Rabbi
of Israel; founder & spiritual leader of the Shas
Party, a major party in Israel's government NOW!:

"Goyim [non-Jews] were born only to serve us.
Without that, they have no place in the world;
only to serve the People of Israel. Why are
gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow,
they will reap. We will sit like a master & eat."


"The antidote for 50 enemies is 1 friend."

Fidel Castro:

"Do away with the philosophy of plunder
and you will have done away forever,
with the philosophy of war!"

Martin Luther King Jr:

“The paralysis of analysis.”


"You will never do anything in this world without courage.
It is the greatest quality of the mind, next to honour."

Karl Marx:

"The philosophers have only interpreted the world
in various ways;- the point is to change it."

Evo Morales, President of Bolivia:

"The mining communities were great
revolutionaries, aiming to transform."

Fidel Castro:

"Here is a conclusion I’ve come to after many years:
among all the errors we may have committed, the
greatest of them all --- was that we believed that
someone really knew something about socialism
or that someone actually knew how to build

Dr Martin Luther King:

"We must rapidly begin the shift from a ‘thing-
oriented’ society to a ‘person-oriented’ one.
When machines, computers, profit motives
and property rights, are considered more
important than people, the giant triplets
of racism, materialism, and militarism,
are incapable of being conquered.”

From “When Silence Is Betrayal,”
Riverside Church, April the 4th, 1967.

Fidel Castro:

"Why can't the world act like a family?
We have no other planet to move to.

"Venus, named for the god of love, is
terribly hot. The star closest to Earth
is four light years away.

"We can't move. Our life is here, on
this planet, the only one we truly have.

"I think we have to behave like a family
and share what we have: some have oil,
some food, those beyond, doctors…

"Why can't we think of the earth as the
home of a single human family?"

Blogger on Press TV:

"Democracy - two wolves and a sheep
voting on what to have for dinner."


“Let humanity be the ultimate measure of all that you do”

Mahatma Gandhi:

“When I despair, I remember that all through
history the way of truth & love has always won.

There have been tyrants & murderers and for
a time they seem invincible, but in the end,
they always fall – think of it - always.”

Marcio Porto, FAO representative:

"Many seem to be unaware of the fact
that producing food is a science, and
one of the most important and
dynamic ones."

The late Wangari Maathai:

"..soil is lost through wind erosion in areas
where the land is devoid of vegetative cover.
Losing topsoil should be considered analogous
to losing territory to an invading enemy."

Fidel Castro:

"We have a responsibility to provide information
about the situation. To produce the amount of
wheat the country consumes, 400,000 hectares
of this crop is needed --- with a yield equivalent
to that attained in the United States."

"We have to inform the people of what can be
extracted from every square metre of land
in our country."

Erik Reinert:

"Countries that do not add value to their raw materials
and which do not support their own industries through
subsidies and other measures, will remain poor".

President Evo Morales:

"We have to share the few things we have,
rather than what we have left over."

Statement adopted by the New York City
general assembly at Occupy Wall Street:

We come to you at a time when corporations,
which place profit over people, self-interest
over justice, and oppression over equality, 
run our governments.”

Albert Einstein:

"Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be
achieved by understanding. You cannot subjugate
a nation forcibly unless you wipe out every man,
woman, and child. Unless you wish to use such
drastic measures, you must find a way of
settling your disputes without resort to arms".

British Army Journal (1949):

"The best defense against the atom bomb
is not to be there when it goes off."

J. M. Barrie:

"Temper is a weapon we hold by the blade."

A. Solzhenitsyn:

"One should never direct people towards happiness,
because happiness too is an idol of the market-place.
One should direct them towards mutual affection.
A beast gnawing at its prey can be happy too,
but only human beings can feel affection for each other,
and this is the highest achievement they can aspire to."

President José Mujica of Uruguay:

"Peace is the antidote for
 the hate generated by wars."


“I hate the judge who loves money,
the scribe who loves war,
chiefs who do not guard their subjects,
and nations without vigour.

I hate houses without dwellers,
lands untilled,
fields that bear no harvest,
landless clans,
the agents of error,
the oppressors of truth.

I hate him who respects not father or mother,
those who make strife among friends,
a country in anarchy,
lost learning,
and uncertain boundaries.

I hate journeys without safety,
families without strength,
lawsuits without reason,
ambushes and treasons,
faults in counsel,
and justice unhonored.

I hate a man without a trade,
a labourer without freedom,
a society without teachers,
false witnesses before a judge,
the undeserving exalted to high position.”

Pope St. Gregory I:

  "Those who make private property of the gift of God
pretend in vain to be innocent. For, in thus retaining
the subsistence of the poor, they are the murderers
of those who die every day for the want of it."

Pope Francis:

“A people that cares neither for its youth
nor for its older people, has no future.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan:

"It is not necessary that everyone should become
 religious, or exceedingly pious, or too good to live.

We want wise men in business, in politics, in
 education, in all walks of life; those who do not
 live only on the surface and those who do not
 believe only in matter, but who see life both
within and without. It is such souls who will
produce beauty; it is such souls who will
 harmonize the world, who will bring about
 the conditions we need today."

Black Elk:

"The first peace, which is most important, is that
 which comes within the souls of men when they
 realize their relationship, their oneness with the
 universe and all its powers, and when they realize
 that at the centre of the universe dwells the Great
 Spirit, and that this centre is really everywhere, it
 is within each of us."

Mahatma Gandhi:

“It's the action, not the fruit of the action, that's
 important. You have to do the right thing. It may
 not be in your power, may not be in your time,
that there'll be any fruit. But that doesn't mean
you stop doing the right thing. You may never
 know what results come from your action. But
 if you do nothing, there will be no result.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan:

"You can have all good things - wealth, friends,
kindness, love to give and love to receive ---
 once you have learned not to be blinded by
learned to escape from disappointment
and from repugnance at the idea that things
are not as you want them to be."

Black Elk, Oglala Sioux & Spiritual Leader (d.1950):

“Peace will come to the hearts of men, when
 they realize their oneness with the universe.
 It's everywhere: the Holy Land is everywhere.”

Seneca the younger:

"Religion is regarded by the common people
 as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers
 as useful"

Hazrat Inayat Khan:

"Gentleness, mildness, respect, humility, modesty,
self-denial, conscientiousness, tolerance and
 forgiveness, are considered by the Sufi, as the
 attributes which produce harmony within one's
 own soul, as well as within that of another."

Investigative journalist Peter Oborne:

‘The men and women who advocated the
 Iraq invasion, remain dominant in British
 public life. Those who opposed it remain
 marginal and despised.’

In "Pride and Prejudice" Jane Austen:

"I have no pretension whatever to that kind
of elegance which consists in tormenting
 a respectable man."

"Thou shalt not bear false witness
 against thy neighbour."

Strategic risk consultant & lecturer William Engdahl:

"The Eurasian Century today is inevitable and
 unstoppable. Built on different principles of
 cooperation rather than domination, it just
 might offer a model for the bankrupt US
and the soon-bankrupt EU, to build up
true prosperity not based on looting
and debt slavery."

US President, General Eisenhower:

“I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can,
only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility,
 its stupidity. Every gun that is made, every war-
ship launched, every rocket fired, signifies, in
final sense, a theft from those who hunger
are not fed, those who are cold & are not
clothed. This world in arms, is not spending

money alone. It is spending the sweat of its
 labourers, the genius of its scientists, the
hopes of its children. This is not a way
of life at all, in any true sense. Under
the clouds of war, it is humanity
hanging on a cross of iron.”

Inayat Khan:

''Among millions of believers in God, there is
 hardly one who makes God a reality. To so
 many He is an imagination, to many He is
 in a mosque, a church, or a temple. Many
wonder if God is, really.

''Many others think God is goodness, He is a personality
separate from us, He is most high, most pure, most
beautiful, but He is separate and difficult to reach.
Many think that as it takes so long to reach this
planet or that, God must be further away still.

''The purpose of one's whole life is to make God a reality...
if you will seek for good in everything, you will always
find it, for God is in all things, and, still more, He is
in all beings.

''Seek Him in all souls, good and bad, wise and foolish,
attractive or unattractive, for in the depth of each,
there is God... He is all around and about us at
every moment, we are living His life, we are
breathing His breath ------ and yet we are
ignorant of the perfection of beauty
which unites and inspires
every soul.''

Lao Tse:

"The wise puts himself last,
 finds himself in the lead."

John Lennon:

“The people have the power, all we have to do
is awaken that power in the people. The people
are unaware. They are not educated to realize
that they have power. The system's so geared
that everyone believes the government will
everything. We are the government.”

The Book of Odes:

‘A bird sings out to draw a friend’s response.’

  Hazrat Inayat Khan:

The innermost being of mankind is the real being of God.
All meditation and contemplation, are taught with this
purpose: to harmonize one's innermost being with
God, so that He is seeing, hearing, thinking
through us, and our being is a ray of His
light. In that way, we are even closer
to God, than the fishes are, to the
ocean, in which, they have
their being.''

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