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The Miners' Next Step and Donbass news

The Miners' Next Step

In 1912 - this year that will be 110 years ago -
some of the best minds in Wales met 
produced a pamphlet:- 'The Miners' Next
Step' to guide miners to a 
better world,
so working people can build 
a future
without parasites or back-stabbers,
or bosses, or short-sighted greed.

Just like the people of Donbass, who, before
Russia's revolution, lived in the Free Lands
and worked to build their world... with love.

Their vision became - unfairly, in my opinion -
labelled as anarcho-syndicalism..... so was
discounted as a way forward by socialists
in Wales and the U.K.

Yet their analysis is as relevant today,
as ever, on questions like true
democracy and leadership.

Their pamphlet can be accessed
online, and I would urge you to
read it! If you want to create a
fab future for your loved ones..

P.S. hope you like the song!


The people of Donbass (pictured) are united and organised..

The Donbass and Wales and
The Miners' Next Step

people of Donbass run their own army, police and civil
affairs, and run a successful economy, based on soviet
style factory 
and mine local democracy --- so they
decide how 
their buildings and parks, facilities
and arts and 
crafts, fulfill their needs
and values.

Because the Kiev government - brought into being
by US money and the Maiden violent insurrection
and coup - helped to power, extreme nationalist
forces.. the rest of Ukraine is trapped and
being stripped of its material wealth.

Local oligarchs, bowing to a West desperate to
keep its old role, as ''the chosen ones'' - plus
a group of psychotic 'US 'neo-cons'', who
genuinely welcome a ''decider'' world
war, now run things in Ukraine.
Millions of Ukrainians are leaving the country...
as prices rise and their economy is stripped,
and the war on the Donbass, backed by
 US-led NATO, is an open sore.

All in the middle of  a pandemic
and the Earth being poisoned
against humanity...  well!

And the miners of Wales who met in 1912,
planned.. then explained... how to work 
and achieve a better life, by realising
dreams of the vast majority.

Their solution was to use the power
of organisation, to create

They, at that time, planned to have 
lodges use their organisational
skills.. to set up many businesses...

but any organisation can, right now,
call on a number of volunteers to
gladly work an hour a month...
and many will be happy to do
more. From each, according
to their ability and to each,
according to 
their need. 

the spirit. 

It's simple... and the only way
to achieve a beautiful world,
is bit by bit, until it's done. 

If three people or a few hundred
give one hour a month...  then
an affordable child nursery
for working parents, or a 
centre to entertain the
children after school,
are all possible.

 The reward?

No-one has to fight against anyone,
or rob or borrow money, as people
will volunteer, either their time,
gifts, or 
money, to a cause
benefits all in your

Love will grow even stronger
in your community.

The better place everyone wants,
will grow slowly, in peace, 
like a baby grows in
the womb.

That's the miners' Next Step 2.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   

This does not mean, by the way, that 
public ownership is a bad thing, but
that creative thinking is necessary.

We have seen how nationalised industries
 lack democratic accountability, and can
be used badly, by both Labour & Tory
governments --- as milk cows by the
private sector, or to massage the
unemployment figures.

And time and time again, after the public
has paid for 
investments, to make them
profitable...  they are ''re-privatised''.  

There are alternatives to the old failed model
of public ownership, as seen in this country.
Worker co-ops, Foundations, even charity
status... could be tried.

There's nothing especially socialist, about
nationalisation - Tories, even fascists use
it, when private ownership has failed..

successful public ownership and
control... that brings real lasting
benefits, that's what we want!

The 'National Coal Board' closed more
collieries down, than even Thatcher!

The Miners' Strike mementos of love

Many many thanks to Richard Gould,
a true genius, who has his own
group, yet gave up his time
to generate the music.

Also to Ceri of Big Pit, who might not
necessarily have agreed with the
politics, but was so generous
with his time and photos.

And to the Clydach Vale lake and cafe,
which is the best nearby example
of what is possible!

And last, but definitely not least,
a massive thank you to Becs...
who has the smile to warm
the world - and the guts
and generosity - to
appear on video.

DAN news info about Donbass

DPR steelworks operate 
at 50% of capacity level
January 21st, 5:13pm (DAN) 
DPR smelters production amounted to 41 bln roubles
in 10 months of 2021, the Ministry of Industry and
 Trade said.
"The production rate grew by 19% in the ten months 
of 2021 and amounted to 41.3 bln roubles in the 10
 months of 2021. The  capacity utilization grew 
during 2020 and the 10 months of 2021 by 
12.4% to attain 49%," the report reads.
The total of 54 steel enterprises 
are operating in the DPR.
"Steelworks contribution to the industrial goods
 exports is more than 82%. The importers are 
the LPR and Russia. The export share of 
smelters increased by 9.3% last year." 
[Rhondda Records adds: dare
we ask, what about Wales?]


More than 60,000 people
 take part in Baptism Day 
celebrations in DPR
January 20th, 6:55am (DAN)
 More than 60,000 people visited Orthodox 
churches on Baptism day, the Interior 
Ministry said on Wednesday.
"Ceremonies took place in 131 cathedrals 
in 55 townships across the DPR, 
gathering 60,000 people."
Order was ensured by 330 policemen, an 
additional 150 officers were on duty at 
bathing locations. No public order 
violations have been recorded.
The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord 
- or Theophany - is the feast day 
commemorating the baptism 
of Jesus in the Jordan River
 by John the Baptist.
Orthodox Christians take the traditional 
plunge into freezing waters today,
the annual celebrations.

DPR Office thanks OSCE
 for monitoring Stirol 
January 18th, 2:24pm (DAN)
 The Donetsk People’s Republic Office at the 
Joint Centre for Control and Coordination 
has expressed gratitude to the OSCE 
Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, for 
working in the Strirol plant area
in recent days.
Earlier, the SMM said that “on January 16th and 17th 
it followed up on the reports of a possible ammonia
 leak at the plant in Gorlovka.”
“The SMM observed a calm situation there and 
will continue to follow up on the information,”
 it said.
“We’re thankful to the Mission for its immediate
 monitoring of the situation,” the DPR Office 
said, reminding that on January the 15th, 
Ukraine disseminated information: 
...alleging a leak of poisonous 
chemicals in the plant area.”
The Ukrainian yellow mass media copied the 
report, without presenting any facts or 
evidence of the accident.
“We urge Ukraine, to stop speculations on the
chemical topic”, in order not to mislead the
 international community, and not to 
threaten the local population,” the 
DPR Office at the JCCC said.

DPR allocates 15 bln RUB of
support to families with 
children since 2015
January 14th, 11:53am (DAN) 
The DPR has allocated more than 4 bln roubles
 to families with children in 2021, the Ministry 
of Labour and Social Policy said.
"The average monthly number of recipients was 
82.2 thousand people; the total expenditure 
was 4.2 bln roubles," the statement reads.
Eight of 14 social benefits are covering families with
 children. Among those, are pregnancy benefits and
baby bonus, children-under-three allowances, 
assistance for single parents, benefits for 
large families, etc.
The payments are being made since 2015, the
 total amount of payments, is 15 bln roubles. 


 DPR budget flush with
cash from businesses
January 13th, 7:08pm (DAN) 
Donetsk People’s Republic's budget revenue from
 businesses increased by 21.8 percent in 2021 
year-on-year, the DPR Tax and Revenues 
Ministry said in a preliminary report
 received by the Donetsk
 News Agency.
The Ministry expects to meet the overall revenue
target at 104.7 percent. The following is the 
contribution by major revenue sources
 (% of target): income tax - 104.1, profit
tax - 105.5 %, turnover tax - 103.5 %, 
excise tax on manufactured excised 
products - 105.1% including petrol-
eum products (102.4 percent), 
simplified tax - 101.5 percent 
and land tax - 102.6 percent. 
A larger number of taxpayers contributed 
to the budget revenue increase.
Insurance payments from businesses in 2021 are
 expected to meet the target at 129.7 percent, a 
31 percent increase year-on-year, the
 Ministry said. 
In 2022, the Tax and Revenues Ministry will 
work towards creating a friendly business
environment, full budget revenue 
collection, protecting domestic 
producers and bolstering 
economic activity... by
improving the quality 
and effectiveness of
 tax administration. 

Tearing down blockade:
New economic reality 
arises for Donbass
January 12th, 1:39pm (DAN) 
DPR and LPR-made products, are actively entering
the Russian market, as many Donbass enterprises 
are shifting their focus onto exports, the DPR 
Ministry of Industry and Trade told Donetsk 
News Agency on Wednesday.
"The decree of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, 
creates a new economic reality for our industrial
enterprises, as it officially opens up the market
opportunities necessary for our industries.
This political decision tears down the 
economic blockade imposed by 
Ukraine," the statement reads.
It says that DPR industry is currently shifting its focus
 to exports: in the last 10 months of 2021 exports 
grew by 10% --- with shipments to Russia 
contributing 80.1 % to the total exports.
The Yenakiyevo meat processing plant has shipped
 the first 1,500 kilograms of sausage products to
 Russia’s Rostov region, the Donetsk People’s
 Republic Agro-industrial Policy and Food 
Ministry reported, on Tuesday.
Russian President, Vladimir Putin, signed a decree on
 November 15th to ease the access of Donbass-made
products to Russian markets.
The decree orders to develop the legislation to
 recognise DPR and LPR certificates of origin 
and make Donbass-made products eligible, 
on equal terms with Russian goods, for 
state and municipal procurement,
purchases by certain types
legal entities.

DPR pays 1 billion RUB compensation
 to victims of Ukrainian aggression
January 10th, 10:29am  (DAN)
Lump sum compensations paid to DPR residents 
for damage to health and wellbeing caused by 
Ukrainian armed aggression have totalled 
1 billion roubles, the Ministry of Labour 
and Social Policy told DAN.
"The total sum of one-time payments made to DPR 
residents who suffered damages, following the 
Ukrainian aggression has totalled 985.7 million
 roubles since 2014, there were 14 partial 
tranches," the statement reads.
Last year, the total of 301.2 million roubles 
in compensations were paid.
The payments are made under the 2014 Law on 
Urgent Social Measures to Protect DPR 
Residents in the Circumstances of 
Ukrainian Army and Armed 
Formations Aggression.
Families of killed or deceased, including service 
members or law enforcement members, as a 
result of the aggression;  civilians qualified 
as persons with disability as a result of an 
injury or trauma incurred as a result of the 
aggression; injured or disabled without 
obtaining a disabled person status are 
entitled to compensations of 50,000 - 
800,000 hryvnia, paid in roubles. 

DPR to increase welfare benefits 
for 27 groups of recipients from 
January 1st, 2022 - official
December 30th, 1:20pm (DAN) 
Welfare benefits in the Donetsk People’s Republic will
 increase for 27 groups of recipients starting January
 1st, 2022, DPR Labour and Social Policy Minister,
 Larisa Tolstykina, said at a press briefing at
Donetsk News Agency on Thursday.
''DPR Head Denis Pushilin’s Decree No 414 dated 
December 28th, 2021, increased 11 of the 14
of benefits for 27 groups of recipients
January 1st, 2022,” Tolstykina said.
 increase ranges between
5 and
 140 percent.”
Special attention is paid to families with children,
 individuals with disabilities and persons in 
difficult circumstances, she added.
Maternity allowances will increase to 8,000 rubles.
 Childbirth allowances paid in the first three years 
will amount to 7,000. Survivor's benefits will 
increase to 7,885 rubles and the allowance 
with the nursing supplement for disabled 
children and lifelong disabled persons,  
will reach 7,500 to 16,000 rubles 
depending on the category.
“The DPR is launching new payments in 2022, similar 
to the children’s benefits in Russia’s Rostov region.
 They are a lump sum payment of 17,450 rubles 
when a baby is handed over to a family, a 
30,000-ruble lump sum payment to a new 
adoptive family, and supplementary 
payments to foster parents per 
child with disabilities in the 
amount of 4,500 rubles,”
 the minister said.
Payments to low-income families will increase to 4,000
 rubles while supplement payments per child, will
 increase to 1,500 rubles. Persons who are not 
entitled to an old age pension, and disabled 
persons will get 7,300 to 8,000 rubles.

 compensation for taking care of 1st 
disability group persons and elderly 
persons over 80 years of age, will 
increase from 500 rubles to 
1,200 rubles.
Every month, the DPR pays welfare 
benefits to some 125,000 residents.
Benefits last increased on July 1st, 2021 
in accordance with DPR Head Denis
 Pushilin’s decree.. which allocated 
more than 500 million rubles from
 the Republic’s budget, for
 the purpose.

Arthouse producers building
 first film studio in DPR
Donetsk, December 24th, 6:14am (DAN)  
They shot the feature film “Intent” in the Donetsk
 People’s Republic... and ran it in many towns in 
Russia and the Czech Republic, and now they 
are building their own studio at a fantastic 
rate. The Donfilm group’s ambition is to 
achieve what others have never been 
able to accomplish, namely...  turn 
Donbass into a film-making centre.
The arthouse film “Intent” was screened in 2019 and 
has been available on YouTube since 2020. The 
views count reached 2.5 million. “Intent” rather
 looks like a post-modernist fairy-tale puzzle. 
It is a story of a boy’s journey... to a higher 
plane of existence where he watches the 
struggle of notions that govern our 
routine life on Earth. 
Donfilm founder, Dmitry Zodchiy, who authored
directed “Intent” defines its genre as
“trickster film.“
”INTENT” (2019)
Enthusiasts shot the film without the assistance
government bodies or commercial companies 
but by using Zodchiy’s money. Viewers helped 
launch the construction of the first film 
studio in the DPR after a money raising
action, on the Donfilm website. 
The construction site, is located in the outskirts of 
the town of Shakhtyorsk in the eastern part of the 
Republic. The work on the main building and 
adjacent pavilions, is nearing completion.
Donfilm participants hope... that a village with its own
 infrastructure will spring up in the area in the future. 
It will  include a park, a children’s playground, a 
cinema house, a concert stage , a store and 
houses for the staff and studio guests.
will also accommodate shops to
produce costumes, stage sets
and props. 
The immediate plans, are to create prerequisites
 shooting a second film. According to Dmitry 
Zodchiy, it might begin as early as the first 
half of 2022.
Find more information on the Donfilm studio and 
the Donbass film production timeline, in the 
Russian language version of the Donetsk 
News Agency.

DPR, LPR announce website 
to gather data on Ukraine’s 
war crimes
November 25th, 3:12pm (DAN)
The Donbass Republics have launched a website that will
gather information on Ukraine’s war crimes and missing
persons. It was presented at Thursday's online
conference: “The Seared Memory of 
Ukrainian army’s war crimes... 
and new
information on the massacres 
of civilians.”
“The website is expected to consolidate our efforts,
 provide authentic information on the number of
 casualties during the conflict, show progress 
in our work and tell what made mass graves 
come about.  A large number of people are
 missing. The website will post the stories 
of the people who experienced Ukrainian 
aggression & lost their kin, since 2014,” 
LPR Public Chamber member, Sergey 
Belov, said.
The website address is donbasstragedy.info.
 It contains a photo gallery and a feedback window. 

Any resident of the region can contribute their 
stories.. share their information about a mass 
grave or send photos. It is planned to launch 
website versions in several languages...
 including French and German.
This last summer, the DPR and the LPR stepped up 
the search for missing persons. They established
 specialized bodies which included officials, law
enforcers and experts. These bodies were 
tasked with organizing the search for the 
missing persons, composing a register 
of the missing, gathering information 
on them, creating a database of the 
missing and deceased and their 
relatives, and coordinating 
exhumation efforts, the
identification of bodies 
and... handing them 
over to relatives.
In the DPR, the first exhumation was carried out in
 Snezhnoye’s Ovsyanoe cemetery on August 19th. 
As of now, the remains of 150 unidentified Donbass 
conflict victims have been exhumed in the DPR, 
since 2014.


DPR development Programme 
provides for 70% GDP increase
Donetsk, November 24th, 1:33pm (DAN) 
The DPR Social and Economic Development
 Programme previews a 70 pc GDP increase 
by 2025, and a similar increase in exports, 
the Minister of Economic Development 
of the Republic, Alexey Polovyan,
 told DAN.
“The expected result of the implementation of the
 Programme for 2022-2024, is: the growth of GDP 
by more than 70% (compared to 2020); a more 
than 70% growth of the GDP per capita. Also, 
by 2025, we are aiming at an increase in 
exports by 70%, and an increase in the 
foreign trade balance by almost 30%,” 
the minister said.
He added that one of the key targets of the Programme
 is to at least double wages in the industry and the coal
 sector. Earlier, it was reported that the average 
monthly salary is expected to be increased 
by 2.3 times.
The Socio-Economic Development Programme
 2022-2024.... was adopted in September.
It includes:
 raising wages and pensions,
creating tens of 
thousands of jobs,
measures to support 
and infrastructure development. 

 DPR coal and energy sector
 to receive 5 bln roubles
 of investment
Donetsk, November 12th, 4:37pm (DAN)
 The investments into DPR coal and energy sectors 
will amount to five billion roubles (USD 70 mln),
Deputy Minister of Coal and Energy,
Vasilenko, said, at the round
organized by the Donetsk
 Republic social movement.
"The investment programmes provide for 1 bln roubles
 subsidies in 2022-2024 for coal enterprises and 1 bln
 roubles subsidies for overhaul projects of energy
 companies in 2023-2024," he said.
Investment programmes cover the reconstruction of the 
energy unit No.10 of the Starobeshevo coal power plant,
 repair works at the cooling tower No.2 of the Zuevo coal 
power plant, to provide for a more flexible management 
of the station's resources, and to put all three power 
units into operation.
Earlier reports said that the Republic plans to 
produce 21.2 mln tons of coal, in three years. 

DPR Post issues postal card
 on the October Socialist 
Revolution anniversary
November 1st, 4:28pm (DAN)
 DPR State Post issued post cards with an 
original stamp, for the Day of the Great 
October Socialist Revolution.
"The "Soviet Holidays" series... is supplemented 
with a postal card commemorating one of the 
greatest holidays of the Soviet state. Postal 
cards with the "Great October Socialist 
Revolution" stamps... were issued on 
November 3rd, 2021," the Post said.
Cards are available at the Post shop,
at 72 
Artyoma Street, Donetsk. 
The October Revolution was a revolution in Russia 
led by the Bolshevik Party of Vladimir Lenin. 

November 7th, 2021 marked the 104th 
anniversary... of the uprising in 
Petrograd (St Petersburg). 
The following day, the Winter Palace (the seat of the
 Provisional government located in Petrograd, then 
capital of Russia) was captured. This coup, is 
considered to have started the creation of
the state 
known as... the Soviet Union.


Donbass Post
 issues its first 
stamp featuring metal & coal
Donetsk, October 25th, 11:03am (DAN)
 DPR State Post has issued a metal stamp, 
for the first time ever, featuring samples 
of coal: to commemorate the 300th 
anniversary of the discovery of 
coal deposits in Donbass.
"We are extremely proud to present our new 
"stamp in metal" - an installation combining
the real rock and metal," the press
issued by the
Post, says.
The stamp is made of brass, it is 
30 mm in diameter, its weight, 
is 17 grams.
The installation is decorated with 
a guiding star, and mining tools.
The first-day-envelope, with a black-and-
gold lining is also available for purchase.
The price of the commemorative sign is 
900 rubles, the envelope in a frame 
costs 1,000 rubles, at the store
 72, Artyoma street. 

DPR Post issues stamps featuring 
Welsh engineer John Hughes, 
founder of Donetsk
April 2nd, 2021 at 2:28pm
 (DAN news agency) 

The DPR's State Post has issued a postal stamp featuring 
John James Hughes, a Welsh engineer, businessman and 
founder of the city of Donetsk.
The stamp is decorated with Donetsk coat-of-arms and 
Hughes portrait. The stamp can be used for registered 
letters with receipt up to 20 gr, in accordance with the 
current fee rate of 44 rubles.
The number of copies issued is 30,024.
The envelope for the new stamp features pictograms 
representing industrial objects and clippings of 
Donbass geological map.
Hughes moved to the Russian Empire, in the summer of 1870, 
at the age of 55, as Millwall Iron Works Company received an 
order, from the Imperial Russian Government, for the plating 
of a naval fortress being built at Kronstadt on the Baltic Sea.
He immediately started to build metal works close to the 
river Kalmius, at a site near the village of Alexandrovka.
Over the next twenty years, the works prospered and
first under John Hughes and then, after
his death, in 1889, 
under the management of
four of his sons.
John Hughes died on June 17th, in 1889,
a business trip to St Petersburg.
According to some sources, Hughes taught
to write, and could only read
capital letters.

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