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Lawyers Warn:
‘No Jab, No Job’ 
Policies in UK
 Set to Spark Deluge of
Employment Tribunals
August 2nd, 1:33pm (FNA)
 Lawyers expect a wave of legal action against UK 
companies over attempts to make sure staff are 
double-vaccinated against COVID, amid 
growing fears of draconian “no jab,
job” policies in the workplace.
Trade unions have criticised the government for 
encouraging the idea of mandatory vaccination 
for office staff: after transport secretary Grant
 Shapps, said it was a “good idea” for 
companies to insist staff are double-
jabbed, The Independent reported.
Tech giant Google, has said mandatory jabs for US employees 
will later be rolled out to staff in 40 countries where it operates, 
and Mr Shapps said he expected some British firms will soon 
“require” full vaccination.
Employment lawyers told The Independent that British companies 
had been in touch to explore their options on putting COVID 
vaccination requirements in place.
“We’re definitely going to see a lot of employment tribunals on this,” 
said Elissa Thursfield, head of employment lawyer and a director 
at Gamlins Law – predicting a wave of vaccine-related 
discrimination claims in the months ahead.
Lawyers and union chiefs warned that a blanket approach to 
making jabs mandatory could breach the Equality Act by 
discriminating against some groups, including those 
with disabilities or certain religious beliefs.
“Having a blanket policy is almost always dangerous – it’s 
fraught with legal difficulties,” said Thursfield, adding, 
“For existing staff, if you don’t have a clause in your 
contract that says you can receive mandatory 
instructions on health, which is rare, that’s 
potentially a breach of contract, as well as
 the discrimination claims.”
She added, “If the government pushes any further on this,
 in terms of encouraging employers, they are going to 
start getting into hot water.”
Charlie Thompson, an employment partner at law firm 
Stewarts, also predicted legal action against 
companies that don’t consider their 
vaccine policy carefully enough.
“If you’re not able to go back to your existing job, or you’re 
denied a job, and the employer’s justification [for 
vaccination] doesn’t stack up, then I can see
 legal claims,” he said.
Responding to Shapps’ encouraging remarks about companies 
asking staff to get the jab, Labour leader Keir Starmer said he
 did not think “no jab no job” policies were wise.
“I don’t agree with that,” said Keir.
“For day-to-day routines, access to the office, access to health 
services or dentistry or even food – I don’t agree with vaccine 
passports for day-to-day access,” said the Labour leader.
Downing Street has made clear the government has no plans to
bring legislation to make full-vaccination mandatory for entry
into offices.
Unison General Secretary Christina McAnea said the government 
should not be encouraging any form of “coercion” when it comes
 to employees getting the vaccine before returning to work.
“Only with widespread take-up can the virus be defeated,” she 
said, adding, “Achieving this requires persuasion and 
encouragement – not compulsion and coercion. 
Forcing people can only lead to needless 
confrontation at work and legal cases
 that could drag on for years.”
Unite’s National Health and Safety Adviser Rob Miguel said COVID
 vaccine compulsion would be a “bad” way for companies to 
encourage a return to work, and is “embroiled with issues 
such as equalities, human rights, privacy and 
ethical breaches”.
Goldman Sachs raised alarm bells last month when it sent a memo 
to UK staff saying the company “strongly encouraged” them to 
report their COVID vaccination status before returning to the 
office – before clarifying vaccination was not compulsory.
In the US, companies are beginning to be more severe in their 
demands. Google and Facebook, along with Delta and United 
airlines, have said full vaccination will be mandatory for staff.
The Independent understands leading UK companies are 
examining how they can make sure staff are double-
jabbed, despite potential legal difficulties.
Some keen on getting offices fully-staffed say employees have 
told them they are uncomfortable about returning to the office 
until all their colleagues are vaccinated.
Others have said they would not try to enforce 
any rules about the COVID vaccine.
Imran Hussain, director at Harmony Financial Services, said 
it would be “ridiculous” to try to draw up a policy about 
“The whole idea is highly undemocratic and draconian,” he said, 
adding, “People should be allowed to make their own decisions 
and if they wish to take the jab, that’s great.”
The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) warned 
against blanket mandatory policies on vaccination.
A spokesperson for the CBI said, “The bar for compulsory 
vaccination is high, and there will be few industries where 
this approach would be appropriate."
“However, in some sectors it could prove necessary. 
Wherever possible, businesses will be approaching 
questions like this trying to bring their staff with 
them,” the spokesperson added.

Poll Suggests Tories 
at Risk of Losing 
‘Blue Wall’ Seats
July 31st, 1:04pm (FNA)
 Prime Minister Boris Johnson is at risk of losing several seats
 in Conservative “blue wall” heartlands, a new poll suggested.
YouGov conducted research in 53 constituencies in the South 
and East of England currently held by the party, which voted 
Remain in the 2016 EU referendum and have a higher-than-
average concentration of university degree holders, The 
Independent reported.
It said vote intention in the “blue wall” stands at 44% for the
 Conservatives, 24% for Labour, 18% for the Liberal 
Democrats, 9% for the Greens, and the rest for 
other parties.
YouGov research manager Patrick English wrote, “The 
Conservatives could be set to lose up to 16 seats in
 their ‘blue wall’ heartlands if an election was 
held tomorrow.”
On the vote intention findings, he noted, “That represents a 
change of minus eight for the Conservatives from their 2019
 performance in these constituencies, plus four for Labour, 
a surprising six-point drop for the Liberal Democrats, and 
a sizeable seven-point gain for the Greens."
“The Conservatives are falling almost twice as fast in the blue 
wall as they are nationally, with the latest YouGov poll 
showing them five points down on their 2019 
general election showing,” he continued.
Concerns over the Government’s handling of Brexit and the 
need for people to have a say on local housing develop-
ments were among the issues to feature in the
responses of those surveyed.
English also stated the research suggested the Conservatives’ 
by-election defeat in Chesham and Amersham was “no 
isolated incident”.
The Tories held the Buckinghamshire seat with a majority of
 more than 16,000 in 2019 but the Lib Dems won it by 8,028 
votes last month.
“If the swings were uniform across all constituencies, Labour 
would be set to gain a total of nine blue wall seats and the 
Liberal Democrats three," English added, saying, “While
 it would not be anywhere near enough to offset the 
party’s losses in the so-called red wall in 2019, 
Labour punching holes in traditional Tory 
foundations will send alarm bells ringing 
across Conservative Associations and 
MPs in the South.”

Catholic church spent millions 
meant for Canada residential 
school victims on lawyers & 
expenses - court documents 
seen by media
July 29th,, 2:27pm (RT)
Millions of dollars that were supposed to go to Canadian 
residential school survivors -- as part of a 2005 settle-
 -- were reportedly spent by the Catholic Church
lawyers, fundraising, administration costs
 unapproved loans.
At least 150,000 indigenous children were forced to attend
 some 140 residential schools across the country, which 
were funded by the federal government and run by 
churches. The children had been forcibly taken 
from their families in order to strip them of
 their cultural identity.
Under the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement 
(IRSSA) between the Canadian federal government,
 indigenous representatives and the various 
church bodies that operated the schools, 
more than Can$3 billion (US$2.4 billion) 
has been paid to compensate 
survivors, as of March 2021.
While the other churches have apparently paid their amounts
-due in full, the Catholic Church has failed to meet its quota.
 Besides being required to make a lump cash payment of 
Can$29 million (US$23.2 million) and provide Can$25 
million (US$ 20 million) of “in-kind services,” the 
church was to give its “best efforts” to raise 
Can$25 million (US$20 million) 
for survivors.
The church had claimed to have paid most of the cash amount 
and fulfilled its “in-kind services” commitment. In 2015, it 
invoked the “best efforts” clause in court, where a judge
 absolved it of the legal obligation to pay the remaining 
unpaid sum of $21 million (US$16.8 million) from that 
fundraising campaign.
In recent weeks, it has emerged that the church was able to 
raise around $300 million (US$240 million) for construction
 and renovation projects during the same time period that
 it claimed it could only raise a total of $3.9 million
 million) for residential school survivors.
Now, court documents accessed by CBC news reportedly 
contradict the church’s claims. A federal government 
“factum” document that summarized the evidence 
from the 2015 court case...  pointed to “a large 
number of serious accounting discrepancies 
that are alarming to Canada.”
The church had also not filed its mandatory annual financial
 statements to the government until 2012 – five years after 
IRSSA went into effect in 2007, according to the 
documents seen by the CBC.
From the Can$29-million cash payment, some $2.7 million 
(US$2.1 million) was reportedly paid to lawyers and an 
additional $2.3 million (US$1.84 million) was spent
administration expenses --- something no
church group claimed.
As well, Can$1.6 million (US$1.28 million) was claimed as 
donations made to projects 'related' to indigenous issues. 
These projects were not covered in the approval process 
and no explanation or invoices have reportedly been 
provided to back these claims.
The church’s accountant testified that it had provided the 
Can$25 million of “in-kind services” but he had admitted 
that he relied only on “minutes of meetings” supplied by 
church officials.
As for the Can$25-million fundraising campaign that eventually 
only raised $3.9 million, the accountant told the court that many
 donations came with a “string attached” that instructed him 
on where to put the money. This was, again, apparently 
contrary to the agreement.
Federal government lawyers had also asked the judge to 
declare the church had not fulfilled its obligations and 
order an independent review of the expenses,
other recommendations.
However, ahead of the 2015 hearing on the case, the judge 
approved a controversial $1.2 million (US$962,418) church
 buyout proposal and the case was closed... without it 
having to justify any expenditure.
Court officials recently declined to make that 2015 court 
document public. The Federation of Sovereign 
Indigenous Nations, which represents First 
Nations communities in Saskatchewan 
province, claimed this refusal was an 
example of “systemic racism.”
A Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB)
 official, told CBC news that it is “committed to 
continue engaging and listening”... but 
declined to comment on the issue.
In recent months, more than 1,000 unmarked graves 
believed to belong to indigenous children have been 
found at former residential school sites across the 
country. The discoveries have prompted public
 anger --- over the failure of government and 
church bodies, to properly address what 
has been termed as “cultural genocide.”

UK MPs warn of collapse of 
country’s ‘hollowed out’ 
justice system - due to 
stagnant pay & years
 government cuts
in legal aid
July 27th, 3:02pm (RT)

A UK parliamentary committee has warned that the 
country’s “hollowed out” justice system is at risk 
of failure because of poor pay for public defence 
lawyers, for many of whom a career in legal aid
 has become “less attractive.”
In a new report, the House of Commons Justice Committee 
has urged the government to consider implementing 
major reforms and conduct a review on how it funds 
legal aid. In this system, the state pays defence 
counsel fees for defendants who cannot 
afford to hire their own lawyer.
The report, titled ‘The Future of Legal Aid’, noted that there
 had not been any increase in criminal legal aid fees for 
the past 20 years. This has contributed to a “growing
 imbalance” between the ability of criminal law firms 
to recruit and retain staff – with many preferring to
 join the better-paying Crown Prosecution 
Service (CPS) instead.
“It is fundamental to our adversarial justice system that 
criminal defence services have sufficient resources to 
provide high-quality representation to suspects and 
defendants,” noted the MPs who recommended that
 the government should look into linking legal aid 
fees to CPS pay rates.
Without significant reform, the report warned of a shortage 
of qualified criminal legal aid lawyers. This “shift in the 
balance” between prosecution and defence could 
“compromise the fairness of the criminal justice 
system,” it added.
Committee chairman Bob Neill said years of government cuts 
to reduce the legal aid bill had “hollowed out key parts of the
 justice system.” As a result of fixed fees, he said, the 
number of people receiving legal aid is falling while
 legal aid firms are struggling since the costs
 involved in complex cases cannot 
be covered.
“The legal aid system is there to ensure that everyone has 
access to justice. If the most vulnerable in society are 
being left to navigate the justice system on their own 
then fairness is lost and the system has failed,” 
Neill said.
The committee also pointed to reports by legal aid providers 
of a “culture of refusal” at the Legal Aid Agency, which is the
 body within the Ministry of Justice that oversees legal aid 
in England and Wales.
However, witnesses had told the committee that the agency 
was seen as “the voice of the Government against the 
profession” and looked for the “slightest slip” to 
deny applications for legal aid.
The MPs called for “fundamental changes” to the legal aid 
system, which needed to be made “more flexible” to 
ensure that there is a “consistent pipeline of legal
 aid lawyers” to help the most vulnerable.
Earlier in the year, a report by the House of Lords Constitution
 Committee had urged the government to increase the legal 
aid budget, which had seen a “radical reduction” by almost 
40% in under a decade.
The report said this had - “exacerbated barriers for accessing
 legal representation” and recommended that the government 
increases the legal aid budget to “meet the new challenges for
 access to justice that have arisen during the pandemic.”
That report also warned that the funding cuts to courts and
 tribunals had led to a backlog of court cases in England 
and Wales that had reached “crisis levels.”

Hundreds of children sexually abused 
over several decades in London 
council's care on a scale ‘hard
 to comprehend’ – inquiry
July 27th, 12:58pm (RT)

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has 
found that more than 700 children in the care of 
London's Lambeth Council were abused for 
several decades, as part of a “toxic 
power game.”
In a Tuesday report, the inquiry alleged that children in 
the care of Lambeth Council “were subjected to levels 
of cruelty and sexual abuse that are hard to 
comprehend” at three care homes – 
Shirley Oaks, South Vale, and 
Angell Road: “where violence 
and sexual assault were 
allowed to flourish.”
Since the 1960s, Lambeth Council allegedly received 
complaints of sexual abuse from 705 former 
residents of the care homes, however only 
one senior employee” was ever 
disciplined by the council.
“The report finds, that the true scale of the sexual abuse 
against children in Lambeth's care will never be known,
 but it is certain to be significantly higher than is 
formally recorded,” declared the inquiry, which
 also alleged that black children in the care of 
the council experienced racism and 
“abusive treatment.”
Following the revelation that a child who was found dead 
at Shirley Oaks in 1977... had complained about sexual 
abuse in the care home, the inquiry is now calling on 
the Metropolitan Police --- to consider whether a 
criminal investigation into the circumstances 
surrounding the death, should be launched.
Inquiry Chairwoman Alexis Jay – who led the similar 2014 
investigation into Rotherham child sexual abuse, which 
found at least 1,400 victims and implicated members of 
the council – said the children in Lambeth “became 
pawns in a toxic power game” between “the 
Council and central government.”
“There was a vicious and regressive culture, for which a 
succession of leading elected members were mainly 
responsible, aided and abetted in some instances 
by self-serving senior officials,” Jay declared, 
adding that the culture “contributed to 
allowing children in their care to 
suffer the most horrendous 
sexual abuse.”
Lambeth Council formally apologised, on Tuesday, for its 
failure to protect vulnerable children, with council leader 
Claire Holland, calling the report “deeply shocking.”
“On behalf of the council, I want to restate our profound 
and sincere apology, to all victims and survivors of 
abuse and neglect while in Lambeth's care,” she 
said, before going on to blame the “council of
 the past.”
Holland argued that while the council accepts its 
“inexcusable failings” and that it “failed so many,”
 there is a “big difference between the council of 
the past with Lambeth of today,” which is a 
“different, more child-focused and positive
 place for young people.”
The council also promoted its redress scheme, 
which allows victims of the abuse to apply for
 financial compensation and free counselling.

China’s hammer blow to
 private education shows
 it will do --- whatever it
 to meet its goals
by Tom Fowdy
July 26th, 12:31pm (RT)
Tom Fowdy, is a British writer and analyst of politics and
 international relations with a primary focus on East Asia.
Perceived as promoting inequality and a hindrance to birth rates, 
tutoring in China has suddenly been transformed into a non-
profit industry. It’s a ruthless reminder that Xi Jinping will
 always put the needs of society first.
In a spectacular display of government authority, China has, 
with the stroke of a pen, demolished its $120-billion private 
education industry by forcing it to reform into a non-profit
 initiative. The move has cost at least one billionaire 
his fortune.
It follows a number of crackdowns waged by Beijing against
 various sectors of the economy which were deemed to 
contravene the national interest. The ruthlessness of 
such sudden decision-making has undoubtedly 
shocked Western observers and capitalist 
advocates, yet its purpose appears to
 be twofold.
As highlighted by Reuters, Beijing is dismantling a sector 
that is not only exacerbating the inequality of education 
among rich and poor, but is also increasingly perceived
 as an obstacle to the country’s fertility rates. So, now...
hammer has come down on it, as a social disruption.

shows that Beijing is prepared to do whatever it takes
 to meet its national goals, and is another example of 
how the Chinese Communist Party’s authority has 
stiffened against the creeping liberalization
 the West once welcomed.
Education is of exceptional importance in E. Asian societies,
 and is often considered a determining factor in a family’s
 status. Parents invest heavily in their children’s future,
 and, as a result, the systems in these countries often 
turn out to be extremely competitive, resulting in an
 intense commitment towards extra-curricular and 
out-of-school private study.
This has sparked the development of a huge private education
 and tutoring sector, with parents investing vast amounts of 
money to ensure that their children can be among the very 
best. It is admirable yet strenuous, and it inevitably has a
 knock-on effect on fertility rates --- as each child,
becomes a massive investment.
The example of neighbouring South Korea, which is fully 
developed, illustrates how in a capitalist society, the 
zealous over-competitiveness of the education 
system is having negative effects on society. 
High-school-age children typically go to 
school, only to attend private ‘Hagwon’ 
classes afterwards, which often offer 
miserable working conditions for
 teachers involved.
As a country that is developing fast, China has increasingly 
been heading in the same direction. Despite being a 
communist state, this has created a growing urban
-rural divide, where the wealthy children of cities 
such as Shanghai, are able to afford these 
educational boosters, but the poorer 
children of the provinces, are 
left behind.
This is an obstacle for future growth. Beijing, also, now sees this
 arrangement as dragging down its birth rate, which has become 
a national priority. A new white paper called for extensive reform
 - to enable people to be able to afford more children, including in 
education and healthcare.
As a result, Beijing has clamped down hard on this sector by
 instantaneously transforming it into a non-profit, sending 
shares plunging. The goal is not to end tutoring, but to 
make it more affordable and accessible to all, so the
 vices of inequality and capitalism cannot strangle 
society. It’s a stark reminder that although China
 embraces market economics, it is nonetheless 
still a communist state and, under Xi Jinping,
 it is, in many ways, hardening its resolve
be so.
And this is, of course, precisely why the West does not like Xi. 
The CPC chairman has reversed the trajectory of liberalisation
 in society, which Western observers once hoped would see 
China ‘evolve’ into a democracy. Instead, Xi has centralized 
and consolidated CPC rule.
His strategy is not so much tyranny, as has been caricatured, 
but based on an increasing belief that if China’s problems are 
to be overcome, the political will invested into it needs to more 
resolute. The education saga helps explain why. If the private 
education system was simply allowed to spiral out of control 
as a capitalist initiative – which is acceptable from a Western 
point of view – it would become an obstacle for the country’s
 other socio-economic goals and development.
Increasingly, we see this kind of ruthlessness shape Xi’s leader-
ship of the country – such as at the start of the pandemic, when 
he imposed a lockdown in Wuhan, which was condemned by
 the West at the time, yet ultimately paid off. Although the
uncompromising nature of the Xi era has put China on 
a collision course with the West, it nonetheless may 
be what the country truly needs... to move forward. 
Many of his actions are arguably ‘necessary evils’ 
in the pursuit of a longer strategy, even if one 
believes they are morally troubling, or even
The South Korean model of education is a warning sign of what 
can happen if an over-competitive educational culture is super
-seded by the demands of profit. Xi has just made sure this will
 not happen in China. It shows how the state is continuing to
 dominate Chinese society and drive forward its vision for
 the future, even if it means culling billionaires along
 that road.


‘Filthy, disgusting & selfish’: 
Australian ''leaders'' blast 
anti-lockdown protesters, 
unleash ‘strike force’
 track them down
July 25th, 4:38am (RT)
Australian police have already issued hundreds of fines 
in the wake of mass anti-lockdown rallies, and are 
looking for more info' about the violators, as 
state ''leaders'' condemn protesters, for
ndangering other people’s lives.
In just 24 hours after Saturday’s mass protest, police in 
New South Wales issued 510 penalty infringement 
notices, Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboys 
said, --- according to the Sydney Morning 
Herald. He vowed that the authorities 
will continue to investigate the acts 
of “violent, filthy, risky” behaviour.
A strike force is set up right at this moment, that
to ask for people to bring forward any
video files or 
telephone footage that they have,
of ''that sort 
of behaviour''.
NSW Police Minister David Elliott earlier announced that 
at least 22 veteran detectives will be working as part of
 a special unit - to identify and track down people who
 attended the rallies.
State Premier Gladys Berejiklian echoed these sentiments, 
saying she was “absolutely disgusted” by the mass 
gatherings, and urging anyone who recognized 
any of the activists, to contact the
police - immediately. 
''I’m just so utterly disgusted, disappointed and heartbroken
 that people don’t consider the safety and wellbeing of their 
fellow citizens.''
NSW reported 2 deaths and 141 new cases of Covid-19 on 
Sunday, which is slightly lower than the day before. 

The ''authorities'', however, have hinted that as the
 protest risks turning into a superspreader event,
the month-long lockdown in Sydney...
 might be
extended even further.
“We don’t want a setback, and yesterday could have been a 
setback – time will tell,” Berejiklian said. The state’s current 
lockdown rules bar residents from leaving home except to 
obtain food and other “essential” goods and services, for
 medical care, including vaccinations, and for outdoor 
exercise and “essential” work.
Over HALF of Australia’s population is now under stay-at-
home orders as South Australia becomes the third state
 to enter lockdown.
The state of Victoria, in the meantime, recorded only 11 new 
cases, but Premier Daniel Andrews blasted the protesters 
for putting “many other people in real danger,” and said:
 that he could not rule out that the state’s own lockdown 
will also be extended.
''We can’t vaccinate against selfishness, and these people 
should be ashamed, absolutely ashamed, it’s just wrong.''
Since the pandemic began, Australia has repeatedly staved 
off the spread of Covid-19, with some of the world’s most 
draconian lockdown measures, -in pursuit of driving new 
cases down to zero even at the expense of civil liberties.
 Over the course of the pandemic, the country recorded
 just over 32,700 cases and 916 total deaths.
On Saturday, thousands of people sickened by perpetual 
restrictions and confinement, marched through major 
Australian cities, chanting “Freedom!” and clashing 
with police who were deployed to disperse these
 “illegal gatherings.”

July 24th, 12:55pm (RT) 
UK police ABANDONED investigations into 
over 1,000 crimes daily in 2020, with one 
in seven probes dumped within 24 
hours - reports.
Police forces across the UK reportedly wrote off over 1,000 
crimes a day last year. Investigations into serious crimes
 like threats to murder, rapes, assaults and arson -- were 
apparently closed within 24 hours during the pandemic.

Assange's Lawyer Says: 
It's Not Worth Trusting US 
Guarantees for Extradition
July 24th, 1:14pm (FNA)
 It is not worth trusting the 'guarantees' given by the United 
States for the extradition of Julian Assange as Washington 
has repeatedly violated such obligations, WikiLeaks 
founder's lawyer, Baltasar Garzon, said.
"The United States has systematically violated guarantees 
provided in other extradition processes, with European 
countries. In fact, it is a common practice to give 
guarantees for extradition---  and then not take 
them into account ... So, these international 
obligations, which the United States wants 
to sign, should not be accepted by a UK 
court," Garzon told Sputnik.
He further added that he hoped that the High Court in London
 would ratify the decision of the first instance court to deny 
extradition and "put an end to this case, which should 
never have happened in the first place".
According to the lawyer, it is vital, since Assange's case is 
not only about him, personally, or the WikiLeaks, but 
affects the basic principle of the freedom of press.
The US has long sought the extradition of the whistleblower, 
who was accused of espionage and computer fraud after 
WikiLeaks published thousands of classified US military 
records and diplomatic cables.
In January, a UK district court ruled not to extradite Assange, 
citing health reasons and the risk of suicide in the US prison 
system, but decided that he must wait in prison for the 
outcome of the appeal process, which, according to
 his defense, might take years. However, in early 
July, the US received limited permission to 
appeal the decision.
The hearing is expected to start in November.
The US has reportedly assured Assange that he can serve 
any jail time in his native Australia should he be tried and 
The WikiLeaks founder was arrested in London in April 2019, 
and sentenced to fifty weeks in prison for breaking his bail 
in 2012, when he took refuge inside the Ecuadorean 
Embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he 
was facing sexual assault charges which were 
later dropped. Assange has been held in a top 
security prison in Belmarsh since 2019, 
pending an appeal in an extradition 
case initiated by the United States.

China Rebukes Washington
for Covering Up Biological 
July 23rd 11:59am (FNA)
 A Chinese diplomat urged the United States to cooperate with 
the international community, on origin-tracing of COVID-19, 
instead of covering up information on its biological 
"If the US indeed aspires for truth and transparency, they must 
agree to an international investigation on the coronavirus,
identify the source of the epidemic in the US and the 
reasons for its incompetent response," Chinese 
Ambassador to Russia, Zhang Hanhui, said on
Wednesday, Xinhua reported.
Washington "has to answer the existing questions about 
biological experiments in the US and other countries, 
where the Americans also have a number of
laboratories", he told a press conference.
Washington scrupulously studied the situation in 
other countries, but hid the situation of its own.
Meanwhile, it displayed a non-scientific approach to 
researching the origins, Russian news agency Tass
quoted Zhang as saying.
"This is a job for scientists -- while the Americans posed
this question and this task to their intelligence services:
for the CIA to determine the origins of the coronavirus," 
he said.
China has always upheld the principles of openness,
transparency and cooperation on the COVID-19 
origins investigation, but some US politicians 
only doubted "the statements of scientists, 
contrasting them against conspiracy 
theories, therefore politicizing the
 matters of science",
 Zhang added.

Why UK Reporters Fear 
New Official Secrets Act 
Would Prevent Journalism 
‘In The Public Interest’
July 22nd, 11:48am (Sputnik)
The original Official Secrets Acts was created in 1911 
and was reformed in 1920 and 1939 with an entirely
 new version in 1989. But the Home Secretary, Priti
 Patel, says the legislation hasn't kept pace with
 the digital age, and needs to be updated.
A Home Office consultation on changes to the Official 
Secrets Act closes at midnight on Thursday, July 
22nd --- and journalists up and down the country 
are warning it could be used to prevent matters 
of “public interest” from being disclosed.
Under the proposals journalists who publish information 
based on leaked documents or data, could be jailed for 
up to 14 years.
Veteran BBC foreign correspondent John Simpson is 
among dozens of prominent journalists who have 
warned of the dangers of the changes, which he 
claimed would put reporters in the same 
category as spies.
Netflix is currently airing a film, Official Secrets, in which 
Kiera Knightley stars as Katharine Gun, an employee at 
GCHQ who faced jail after she leaked an email in which 
she and her colleagues were asked to find incriminating
 material which could be used to blackmail members of 
the UN Security Council --- to force them to vote for a 
second resolution on invading Iraq in 2003.
Gun leaked the email to peace campaigner, Yvonne Ridley, 
who then passed it on to Observer journalist Martin Bright
 - who wrote a front-page article which embarrassed Tony 
Blair’s government.
Ultimately, the second resolution wasn't passed, but
 and the United States invaded Iraq anyway,
on the 
spurious pretext of searching for Saddam 
Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction,
 which were never found.
Gun, who intended to claim she had acted in the “public interest”, 
was never prosecuted because to do so would have been too
 embarrassing for GCHQ and the government.
Daniel Cuthbert, co-author of the Open Web Application Security
 Project, said: “What is being proposed is incredibly dangerous 
and is a direct attack against the free press. The official secrets
act has a place --- but not classifying journalists as spies, to 
stem whistleblowing.”
The News Media Association’s legal policy and regulatory affairs
 director Sayra Tekin said: "As part of any thriving democracy, 
the public and a responsible press must be free to shed light 
on the state’s injustices.''
"The proposed measures will deter whistleblowers from coming 
forward with vital information which the public have a right to 
know and place a chill on investigative journalism, which 
holds power to account."
She urged the government to “reconsider these measures.”  
The Sun newspaper, in an editorial on Wednesday 21 July, said: 
"The Home Office bid to criminalise journalists’ public interest
 scoops is shameful. Such a chilling clamp would be wildly 
out of step with other democracies too…(It) is a licence
 for cover-ups - of disastrous failures, criminal 
negligence or career-ending hypocrisies... 
like The Sun’s Matt Hancock revelations."
Earlier this month Health Secretary Matt Hancock resigned 
after The Sun published an image from a CCTV camera in
 his office showing him kissing an aide, Gina Coladangelo,
 in breach of coronavirus restrictions issued by his own 
Department of Health.
The new Official Secrets Act could also have prevented
publication of the MPs’ expenses scandal, which was 
exposed by The Daily Telegraph in 2009 and led to a 
number of MPs being prosecuted, and many others 
stepping down at the next election.
Times crime reporter Sean O’Neill said it would “severely 
restrict the ability of journalists to report on misconduct 
and wrongdoing in the police, the military, the NHS, the 
intelligence services and Whitehall departments.”
A Home Office spokesperson told the Press Gazette: 
"Freedom of the press is an integral part of the UK’s 
democratic processes --- and the government is 
committed to protecting the rights and values
 that we hold so dear. It is wrong to claim the
 proposals will put journalists at risk of 
being treated like spies and they will, 
rightly, remain free to hold the 
government to account."

Beijing renews its call for 
Fort Detrick biolab probe 
as 4.7 million Chinese 
petition WHO to search 
in US for Covid origins
July 21st, 10:52am (RT)
The Chinese foreign ministry has backed calls - for an 
investigation into the Fort Detrick biolab as an origin
 of the Covid-19 pandemic - after 4.7 million Chinese 
petitioned the WHO to send experts to the 
Maryland facility.
Speaking on Wednesday, foreign ministry spokesman Zhao
 Lijian, said that the Chinese people had delivered a clear 
message in signing a petition, created by state-run news 
agency The Global Times, calling for a World Health 
Organization (WHO) investigation into the Fort
 Detrick biolab. 
“In less than five days, about five million people participated. 
The rising numbers represent the aspirations of the Chinese
 people and show their anger at some people in the US for
 political manipulation through the issue of traceability,” 
he stated. 
The foreign ministry spokesman said that the responsibility 
to investigate their own lab must lie with the US. He claimed 
that reports of an unknown respiratory disease that caused 
pneumonia in Virginia in summer 2019 and the decision to 
terminate some operations at the Maryland biolab, was 
suspicious - and worthy of a probe.
In 2019, the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention 
issued a “cease and desist order” to halt operations at the 
germ lab, amid safety concerns.  Zhao also cited a large-
scale outbreak of e-cigarette disease, in Wisconsin, that 
same year.
As of Wednesday morning, around 4.7 million Chinese 
citizens have signed the petition which calls on the
 WHO to investigate the US lab as a potential origin 
for the Covid-19 pandemic.
The petition was launched last week as WHO chief Tedros 
Adhanom Ghebreyesus blasted Beijing for failing to 
provide the raw data from the early days of its 
spread in China. “We owe it to the millions 
who suffered and the millions who died
 to know what happened,” he said.
WHO experts spent around four weeks in China, earlier this 
year. Their report suggested that cases identified in Wuhan
 in 2019, were believed to have been acquired from
zoonotic source, as many reported visiting or 
working in the Huanan Wholesale 
Seafood Market.” 

US, Canada practiced ‘indigenous 
child removal’ to destroy tribes: 
Native historian
July 19th, 11:06am (PressTV)
The United States and Canada have a long history of 
separating indigenous children from their parents 
and putting them in state-run boarding schools, 
supposedly to prepare them to be assimilated
 into society, but the real intent behind the 
centuries-old colonial program has been 
to destroy the native tribes and steal 
their land, says a Native American 
historian and journalist.
“It's important to remember the intent behind native child 
removal is to destroy the family, because if you destroy 
the family, you destroy the nation, you destroy the 
tribe,” Nick Estes said on Press TV's 
The Communique.
“And if the tribe isn't strong, they're not going to resist 
against any kind of, you know, attacks on the land, 
and that was, that was the clear intent," added 
Estes, who is also a host of The Red Nation 
Podcast and the author of Our History Is 
the Future: Standing Rock Versus the 
Dakota Access Pipeline, and the Long
 Tradition of Indigenous Resistance.
He said that calling those indigenous residential institutes 
that were paid by the US and Canadian authorities to cut 
children off from their families and their culture, 
“schools”... would be a misnomer.
"School is a misnomer. It is not the correct definition because 
these were not schools. Children didn’t go here, and get 
educations which they could apply to the realities that
 they faced at home on reservations. The skills they 
learned, were almost useless,” he said, adding, 
“They were drilled with military discipline and 
taught flag worship, to a point that, around
time the United States entered WWI, 
the enlist rate of Native people was
beyond that of the average 
US citizen's.”
He said, at that particular period more than 80 percent of 
Native Children...  went through boarding schools run by 
the federal government or Churches. "At that particular 
moment in time, about 84 percent of children went to 
boarding schools, whether they were federally run 
or, you know church-run boarding schools," 
he said.
Canada mass graves
A series of mass graves have been discovered in Canada, 
at various Indigenous Residential Schools, containing
remains of over 1,600 indigenous children. 
The separation of Native children from their families was a 
brutal program to cut them off from their Native cultures, 
families, languages, and heritage, and to indoctrinate 
them with the White colonial system.
Historians and journalists who have researched and 
documented these systems, found out that these 
boarding schools were regarded as a “prey-
ground” for predatory priests and other 
officials, who would terrorize Native 
children as they bathed or slept, 
permanently breaking and 
damaging their body and 
soul, to fulfill their 
beastly desires.
Estes, who is himself a citizen of the Lower Brule Sioux 
Tribe, and also an Assistant Professor in the American 
Studies Department at the University of New Mexico, 
said the sad event of discovering the mass graves 
of the Native children at these boarding schools 
in Canada, was to be expected.
He said, however, that the Canadian government has yet to 
unveil the full scope of this tragedy, given the large 
number of children who were going through 
those systems, for a long span of time.
"It is Indian child removal - taking the children from their 
families and placing them in White institutions," he said,
adding, “Whether it is run by the Church, the federal 
government, or a private home, if we think about it 
in terms of child removal, the scope of it spans
several centuries."
He said the Canadian government had in the past launched 
“a truth and reconciliation” commission --- to discover and 
reveal the wrongdoing of the government, but it failed to
 find the ratio between the Native population and the 
number of Native children who died.
The journalist noted that as early as the 1800s, churches 
were being paid to basically take Native children from
 their families to give them schooling and
 "civilize" them.
He pointed out that the tribes have always been very 
resistant, not selling their lands to the government 
and the white settlers.
"The United States policymakers that backed boarding 
schools called the children hostages for ‘the good 
behaviour’ of their parents. And, if children 
were not sent to boarding schools, parents 
were withheld rations, they were withheld 
any kind of support that they would have 
gotten from the federal government," 
he said.
Estes said the government system of separating the 
Native children from their parents, continued to the 
present day.
"Native children are overrepresented in the foster care 
system. Because Native families are considered, you 
know, inept at taking care of their own children," 
he said.
In the meantime, Native families have been denied 
access to adequate employment, decent homes, 
or just the basic necessities to have a safe, 
clean home for their children, the 
journalist noted.
"And it's seen as native people's fault," Estes said.

 Shock findings: UK teachers 
receiving govt. 'Diktats' 
punish pro-Palestine
July 16th, 4:54pm (PressTV)
by Robert Carter
Accusations of a state-led anti-Palestine crackdown
 in British schools... have been proven true...  after
the release of a case study by Muslim-advocacy
group, Cage.
Watch the video here - and prepare to be shocked:

Group: Probe into indigenous 
remains in Canada  has still
scratched the surface'
July 16th, 6:43am (PressTV)
A Canadian indigenous group says more unmarked 
graves are expected to be found near former 
church-run residential schools, as
 investigations continue.
The Tk'emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation made the 
statement after releasing on Thursday its first full
 report on the discovery of 215 unmarked graves 
at the site of a former residential school in May.
The First Nation’s leadership announced on May 27th
 that 215 unmarked and previously undocumented 
grave sites have been found, using ground-
penetrating radar, at the site of the former 
Kamloops Indian Residential School in
 Kamloops, British Columbia.
The group said ground-surveying research in areas 
close to the school shows there could be as many 
as 200 potential burial sites there, and that the
 number could increase as much of the area 
has yet to be surveyed.
Sarah Beaulieu, a ground-penetrating radar specialist 
who presented the findings, said the investigation has
 “barely scratched the surface,” covering just under
 two acres of the total 160-acre residential
school site.
“This is a long process that will take significant time and
resources. They were children, robbed of their families
and their childhood,” 
she said at a press conference.
“We need to now give them the dignity that they
never had. Those are our next steps.”
Beaulieu went on to say that the previous discovery of a child’s
tooth, a juvenile rib bone found by a tourist, and the stories of
elders and knowledge keepers... led to the search of an 
orchard area around the former Kamloops Indian 
Residential School site.
“All residential school landscapes are likely to contain burials
 and missing children,” she stressed. “And remote sensing 
such as [ground-penetrating radar] merely provides some 
spatial specificity to this truth.”
Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc Chief Rosanne Casimir, who revealed
 the discovery in May, said during the Thursday’s presentation 
that the next step for her First Nation is to form a team of 
archeologists and technical experts to employ more
 radar to scour the rest of the grounds.
“We are not here for retaliation. We are here for truth telling,” 
Casimir said. “We are here today to honor the missing 
children in our caretakership who have experienced
 unthinkable circumstances leading to their death 
and whose remains were placed in
 unmarked graves.”
Casimir reiterated a call for the Canadian government and 
the Roman Catholic Oblates of Mary Immaculate, which 
ran the school, to release records: that will enable the
 First Nation to identify the remains.
Casimir reiterated a call for the Canadian government to 
release attendance records to begin the process of
 identifying potential victims.
“Every student who ever attended the Kamloops residential 
school is documented in those records,” she said. “We are
 loath to put the responsibility of identifying those lost on 
the survivors … who have been traumatized and 
re-traumatized already.”
Casimir also called on the Catholic church to release its 
records, taking aim at an institution that has faced 
growing criticism over its failure to
 compensate survivors.
“The Roman Catholic church has repeatedly refused to 
accept responsibility or formally apologize for its direct 
role in the numerous and horrific abuses committed … 
through the residential school system,” she said.
Canada has been grappling with its past treatment 
of indigenous people in recent months.
Since May, hundreds of unmarked graves of children have
been discovered at former residential schools, run for 
indigenous children forcibly separated from their 
families in what has been called
 “cultural genocide.”
Two more Catholic churches have been set ablaze 
in indigenous communities in western Canada.
The victims, most of them children, died of disease, 
malnutrition, neglect, and other causes at the 
schools, where physical, as well as sexual 
abuse, was rife.
The discovery of more than 1,000 unmarked graves at 
former indigenous residential schools has convulsed
 Canada, provoking anger and grief in indigenous 
More than a dozen churches across Canada have been 
burned in recent weeks, and statues of Britain’s Queen 
Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria — who reigned over the 
country when the first residential schools were opened 
in the late 1800s — were torn down by protesters.

UK: More Than 1mln Children 
from Key Worker Families 
Living in Poverty
July 14th, 10:31am (FNA)
More than a million children from households in the 
frontline of the fight against the coronavirus 
pandemic, are living in poverty, according
 to new research published by the TUC.
The study found that one in five children of key workers 
in England, Scotland and Wales, were living below the 
official breadline – rising to almost one in three in 
the worst-affected region, the North-East, The
 Guardian reported.
The TUC said low pay and insecure hours – widespread 
in occupations such as social care, supermarkets and 
delivery drivers – were the main reasons for in-work 
poverty among key workers.
Frances O’Grady, the TUC’s general secretary, said, 
“Every key worker...  deserves a decent standard of 
living for their family. But too often their hard work
 is not paying off, like it should. And they struggle
 to keep up with the basic costs of family life."
“The prime minister [Boris Johnson] has promised to 
‘build back fairer’. He should start with our key 
workers. They put themselves in harm’s way 
to keep the country going through the 
pandemic. Now, we must be there
 them, too," O’Grady said.
“This isn’t just about doing the right thing by key workers. 
If we put more money in the pockets of working families,
 their spending will help our businesses and high 
streets recover. It’s the fuel in the tank that
economy needs,” he said.
The report, prepared for the TUC, by the consultancy
firm, Landman Economics and using the government 
definition of key workers --- found that 29% of the 
children of key-worker households in the North
-East, were living in poverty, followed by 
London (27%), the West Midlands (25%)
 and Yorkshire and the Humber (25%). 
The lowest rates were in the East of 
England (15.5%) and the South-
West (15.6%). 
[Figures for Wales? Where are they? - Rhondda Records]
The TUC said that as well as pay and hours, high housing costs
 were reducing the amount of money key worker households 
could spend on groceries and utility bills. Support through 
universal credit, to be cut by £20 a week in the autumn, 
after a temporary pandemic uplift, was not enough to 
guarantee that families avoid poverty.
Current government policies were likely to increase child 
poverty rates, because as well as cutting universal credit
 ministers had capped pay rises for key workers in the 
public sectors, leading, in some cases, to cuts in
 when adjusted for inflation.
The TUC said these policies would put brakes on Britain’s 
recovery --- because curbs on household spending would 
restrain business activity and have knock-on effects on
 wage growth for other workers.

Over 1,250 Irish artists 
pledge to boycott Israel 
in protest at mistreat-
ment of Palestinians
July 10th, 10:24am (PressTV)
Hundreds of Irish artists...  including actors, novelists, 
playwrights, poets, designers, composers, architects,
 painters, sculptors, filmmakers and others, have
 expressed solid support -- for the international 
anti-Israel movement of Boycott, Divestment,
 and Sanctions (BDS) -- and announced that 
they intend not to perform or exhibit in the
 Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.
The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) 
announced that its "Irish Artists’ Pledge to 
Boycott Israel" has just passed the 
1,250 signatory mark.
The IPSC said the boycott of Israel also means that the 
cultural workers would not accept any funding from
 institutions linked to the Tel Aviv regime.
The pledge signed by the artists stated that the boycott 
would continue, “until such time as Israel complies 
with international law and universal principles 
of human rights”.  
The Irish artists’ pledge was initiated by 
renowned composer, and IPSC 
co-founder, Raymond Deane.
It commits signatories to refrain from performing in Israel. 
The campaign was launched by the Ireland-Palestine 
Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) in August 2010.
Irish singer and songwriter Damien Dempsey hoped the
 boycott would encourage young people in Israel who 
disagreed with the regime to “speak out”.
Musician Donal Lunny said he was taking part to 
“express solidarity with the Palestinian people”.
When asked about the boycott’s chances for success,
 Eoin Dillon, a performer with Irish and world music 
band Kila, said: “It worked in South Africa.”
The BDS movement was initiated in 2005 by over 170
 Palestinian organizations that were pushing for 
“various forms of boycott against Israel until it 
meets its obligations under international law.”
Thousands of volunteers worldwide have since then 
joined the BDS movement, which calls for people 
and groups across the world to cut economic, 
cultural and academic ties to Tel Aviv, to 
help promote the Palestinian cause.

Western Scientists Face
Government Probes, 
Death Threats, for 
Opposing Lab-Leak
Theory, Report Says
July 6th, 10:50am GMT (Sputnik)
Prominent US and Australian scientists focused on the 
COVID-19 origins tracing are now facing tremendous
 political pressure, and some have been sidelined for 
not yielding to politicians-driven conspiracy theory 
on the matter and received anonymous threatening
 letters with bullets, the Global Times learned from 
people familiar with the matter.
Chinese experts have urged the US to stop
 the origin-tracing research and
conduct a 
comprehensive investigation
in the US.
Since the Biden administration ordered, in May, US 
intelligence agencies to report on COVID-19 origins 
within 90 days several US scientists have been put 
at the centre of a political storm. These scientists, 
have been facing the suppression of Republicans.
For example, Anthony Fauci, who advises US President, 
Joe Biden and leads the National Institute of Allergy and
 Infectious Diseases, has been a target of the GOP. Elise
 Stefanik, the House Republicans conference chair,
 a fundraising email recently with the subject
"Fire Fauci"
 & senator Josh Hawley also tweeted
that Fauci's 
recently released emails and
investigative reporting
 about COVID-19
origins, are ''shocking''. The time has 
come for him to resign, and for a full
investigation into the
origins to take place, 
according to
US media reports.
Under such growing political pressure, Fauci has been 
increasingly... ambiguous in his rhetoric. Another US 
scientist, who also took part in the WHO-China joint 
team, on the research of the origins, has also been
 a target of such attacks, the Global Times learned. 
After collaborating in the project with China,
 Daszak, president of the EcoHealth
Alliance, was 
recused from UN-backed
work on the origins of
 the epidemic. 
A source close to the matter told the Global Times earlier
 that the US scientist is being personally threatened by 
emails, phone calls and messages on social media, 
and people who attacked him generally have far-
right and even white supremacist leanings. 
GOP members of Congress are whipping
 those extremists up, now.
"There is a coordinated political campaign to undermine 
anyone involved in the origins work if they do not fit the 
lab leak narrative. This is coming mainly from the right
-wing circles in the US, Australia, and in Europe,
 the UK", the source said.
In the meantime, some so-called "international scientists" 
seeking attention, have been making grandstanding 
campaigns, by issuing open letters to call for an 
investigation into the COVID-19 origins.
It's revealing that some so-called "international scientists" 
who recently called for a COVID-19 origins inquiry, were 
politicians with political agendas. But many scientists 
who truly uphold the spirit of science - objectivity 
and impartiality - have been attacked by some 
governments and extremists, or even 
received death threats, the Chinese
 Foreign Ministry spokesperson... 
Wang Wenbin said at Monday's 
routine press conference. 
Wang said that the right idea, was to carry out more 
in-depth, detailed scientific studies in a wider range.
Facing Death Threats, Unable to Continue Work
Letting politics override science is not only prevailing in the 
US but also in Australia. Evolutionary biologist Edward 
Holmes at the University of Sydney, who released an 
open letter back last April, is being probed by the 
Australian government.
In the letter, Holmes claimed that there was no evidence that
 SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 in humans,
 originated in a lab in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei 
Province. Like many others who oppose the lab-
leak theory, Edward Holmes has received a 
number of threatening letters with real 
bullets, the Global Times learned, 
from the people familiar with
 the matter. 
He was threatened that, if he continued expressing 
opinions on the origins of the virus, he may face 
even further crackdowns, a source close to the 
matter said. Due to the tremendous pressure 
Holmes faces, he is undergoing psycho-
therapy... and is unable to carry out 
normal scientific research work, 
the source said.
According to a Sydney Morning Herald report in October 
2020, Holmes became the target of online harassment 
after he co-authored a paper in Nature Medicine 
debunking the ''pervading conspiracy theory'' 
that the virus was engineered in, or escaped 
from, a laboratory in Wuhan. He also 
received "death threats" from 
conspiracy theorists, the 
report said.
Though the US government and politicians have been 
pushing forward their political agenda --- in bashing 
China with the lab-leak theory, targeting a number 
of global scientists, and the Wuhan Institute of 
Virology (WIV), most scientists spoke out and 
dismissed the theory, reiterating that the
 most likely scenario, is that the virus 
has a natural origin. 
For instance, Danielle Anderson, the only foreign scientist 
who once worked at the WIV, was quoted as saying in a 
Bloomberg report, on June 28th, that no one she knew 
at the Wuhan institute was ill toward the end of 2019. 
Recently the Wall Street Journal falsely claimed that
three researchers from the lab were hospitalised 
with flu-like symptoms in November 2019. She 
also described the place as having the
 highest biosafety designation with 
very strict procedures. 
After she told Health Feedback that it's "simply false" to label
 the WIV as a bioweapons research lab, she had her name 
"trashed so viciously by extremists she had to call in the 
police", the Sydney Morning Herald reported on Sunday. 
"I really find it hard to think that if something escaped from
 a laboratory it would be this difficult to prove that concept. 
Among other things, it is an unknown virus that has no 
signs of genetic engineering inside", said Massimo 
Galli, director of Infectious Diseases at Milan's 
Luigi Sacco Hospital, the Adnkronos reported
 on June 22nd.  
He said that there is a 99-percentage chance that the spread 
of the virus is a natural event. "This story of the laboratory
 virus, does not have the slightest basis, from a scientific
 point of view, to be carried forward," added Galli.
Next Country for Tracing Virus Origins: the US
The US National Institute of Health issued a new antibody
 testing study, that suggested the virus was present in 
some states in late December 2019, earlier than the
 first case reported in the country in January 2020. 
With some US scientists reporting earlier cases, 
Chinese scientists have urged that these cases 
should serve as evidence for the next stage: 
virus-tracing investigations in the US. 
In the All of Us study, by the US institutes released on June 15th,
 researchers analyzed more than 24,000 stored blood samples
 contributed by programme participants across all 50 states 
between January 2 and March 18, 2020.
"In this study, the first positive samples came from participants
 in Illinois and Massachusetts, on January 7th and 8th, 2020, 
respectively, suggesting that the virus was present in those
 states in late December," it said. 
However, the study authors noted several limitations to their 
study. While the study included samples from across the 
US, the number of samples from many states was low.
Fort Detrick laboratory
Yang Zhanqiu, a virologist from Wuhan University, told the Global 
Times on Monday that the research has shown the epidemic in 
the US probably emerged earlier than in Wuhan. In other words, 
the epidemic in the US was probably caused by a domestic 
virus, rather than one transmitted from Wuhan.
But more large-scale epidemiological surveys are needed in the 
US to identify the relationship between these cases and those 
in other countries and regions, including Wuhan, to 
determine the origin and transmission route of 
the virus.
Yang mentioned the outbreaks of flu and pneumonia-related to
the use of E-cigarette in the US prior to the COVID-19 pandemic,
calling for the US to release epidemiological surveys into these
outbreaks -- if they did any -- to find out if they were
 COVID-19 cases. 
The US has nearly all the variants spreading around the world, 
based on this, the virus most likely originated in the US 
rather than the Wuhan lab, according to Yang. 
This article was originally 
published by Global Times

Postal voting on demand is an 
affront to British democracy
and George Galloway may be
 about to shine a light on it
July 5th, 2:59pm (RT)
Paul A. Nuttall is a historian, author and a former 
politician. He was a Member of the European 
Parliament between 2009 and 2019... and
a prominent campaigner for Brexit.
Britain claims to be a bastion of democracy but its largest 
political parties do nothing -- as that very democracy is 
being perverted by the postal-vote system.
Following Labour’s surprise victory in the Batley and Spen 
by-election, Sir Keir Starmer, the party leader, declared 
that “Labour is back.” It seems a somewhat strange 
assertion, considering that his party’s majority had
 been cut --- from over 3,000 to 323 during the by-
election. It also might be a little premature, as 
George Galloway, the Workers Party of Great 
Britain candidate, said that he is mounting a 
legal challenge, to have the result set aside. 
Last night, on his talk show, the Mother of All Talk Shows 
(MOATS), Galloway announced the basis of his challenge. 
He listed a host of reasons, including the telling of 
untruths about a candidate, the removal of his 
posters by the local council, the lack of a 
recount, overspending, and alleged
 postal-vote manipulation. 
The one that interested me most was the postal vote issue. 
Now, I have some experience of this, having stood and 
campaigned in too many elections to recount. I have 
also voiced concern about postal vote fraud, for 
over a decade, and Galloway may well be on
something here. But before I get into it,
let me 
just describe how we got to
this point.
Prior to 2000, if an elector wanted a postal vote, then they 
had to give a ''good reason'' why they could not attend a 
polling station in person...  They may be old, infirm, in 
the armed forces, or on holiday. However, Tony Blair’s
 government changed the system, to allow for postal 
vote on demand, so no reason was required. Blair’s 
government argued that it would lead to greater 
engagement in politics. They pointed to the 
paltry 24% turnout at the 1999 European 
Elections, as proof that something had 
to change. So, in some ways, it could
 be argued that some alteration of
system was necessary.
But, as with many political decisions, it has had unintended
consequences, and the overriding one has been corruption. 
Now, I will just name a few: In 2002, Muhammed Hussain, a 
Blackburn councillor, was prosecuted, and jailed for three 
and a half years, after being found guilty of conspiring to 
defraud local elections. Judge Peter Openshaw said that 
Hussain’s actions were of a scale unknown in Britain for
 a hundred years; he then exposed the postal-voting 
system, for being “wide open to fraud.” 
In 2008, Mohammed Choudhary, former Labour Mayor of 
Peterborough, was jailed for nine months following the 
uncovering of a postal vote-rigging scam... where 
applications were made for ballot papers to be 
sent to different addresses. 
In 2015, Lutfur Rahman, the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, was 
removed from office because of a number of irregularities
 including ballot tampering, and the fact that ballots were 
double-cast, or cast from false addresses. The judge 
who presided over the Rahman case, was Richard 
Mawrey QC, who himself had previously called
 postal voting on demand to be scrapped.
asserted in 2014 that “postal voting on 
demand, however many safeguards 
you build into it...  is wide open to 
fraud,” making “election rigging 
a possibility and, indeed, in 
some areas, a probability”. 
In 2019, Steve Baker, the Conservative MP for Wycombe,
wrote that he had received “accounts of candidates 
visiting electors’ homes, demanding postal votes 
are completed in front of them, and then taking
 them away.” He rightly concluded that:
simply cannot go on.”
The UK prides itself on being a bastion of democracy, yet 
our main political parties sit by idly whilst that very same
 democracy, is being perverted by the postal-vote system.
 Why do they do this and why do they refuse to tackle the 
issue? Well, maybe it is because, possibly, they benefit 
from it.
Whenever I challenged postal vote on demand following 
elections, it was passed off as sour grapes by my 
opponents. But it was nothing of the sort. My 
complaints were based on a sense of fair 
play and on the fact that the current 
postal vote system has failed to 
achieve its stated objective, 
which was to increase 
voter turnout. 
For example, the turnout in the 1997 General Election, the 
last, before postal vote on demand, was 71.3%...  yet the
 turnout in the 2019 General Election was down to 67.3%.
There is absolutely no legitimate argument 
for retaining
this system, which, as has been 
shown time and time
again, makes it easier
 to commit fraud.
Now, I suspect George Galloway and I have little common 
ground politically beyond our support for Brexit and the 
Union. But if his court case shines a light on the 
corruption involved in postal voting on demand, 
then he should be backed by all those who 
support democracy and fairness.
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The statements, views and opinions expressed 
in this column are solely those of the author 
and do not necessarily represent those
 of RT.

Batley and Spen:
 Labour narrowly wins
 seat in parliamentary 
July 2nd, 1:58pm (PressTV)
Former MP, George Galloway, from the Workers
Party of Britain, came 3rd i
the bitterly-fought
contest --- vowing to challenge 
the result of the contest in the courts and
take legal 
action "on multiple grounds"
to get 
the election result "to be 
set aside."
UN human rights experts 
urge Vatican to halt 
child sex abuse
June 21st, 2pm (PressTV)

UN human rights experts have expressed grave concern 
over numerous allegations of child sexual abuse in 
Catholic Churches around the world -- urging the 
Vatican to put an end to violence committed
by members of these institutions, 
against children.  
In a letter released on Monday, the experts called on: 
"the Holy See to take all necessary measures to stop
 and prevent, the recurrence of violence and sexual 
abuse against children in Catholic institutions and
 to ensure those responsible are held to account 
and reparations are paid to victims."
They also voiced concern... about measures adopted 
by the church to "protect alleged abusers, cover up 
crimes, obstruct accountability of alleged abusers
and evade reparations due to victims"... adding 
that there had been persistent allegations of 
obstruction and a lack of cooperation with 
legal proceedings... to prevent any
accountability or reparations.
The experts further urged the Vatican to cooperate 
fully, with law enforcement in the countries 
concerned, and to hold off signing 
agreements, in order to evade 
accountability for church 
members accused 
of abuse.
They also said they are concerned about “continued 
attempts to undermine legislative attempts to 
prosecute child sex offenders.”
The letter was penned by the special rapporteurs on 
the sexual exploitation of children; on cruel and 
degrading treatment; on the promotion of
justice and reparation; and on the
rights of 
persons with disabilities.
The four special rapporteurs, who do not speak for
 the United Nations, but report their findings to it, 
had written to the Vatican, in April.
There are widespread accusations that the Catholic 
Church not only ignored, but even covered up, 
cases of child abuse.
Back in September 2018, a leaked study found that 
Catholic priests in Germany sexually abused
 thousands of children, over the course of 
nearly seven decades.
The document, which was compiled by three German
 universities, showed that evidence, in many cases,
 was destroyed or manipulated.
According to the study, clerics accused of sexual abuse 
were often transferred to another location, without 
providing "appropriate information" about them 
to the new site.
Only one third of those accused were subject to 
disciplinary hearings by the Church, and 
sanctions imposed, were, at most, 
minimal, the report said.
Also in August the same year, a devastating US grand 
jury report was published, that decried a systematic
 cover-up by the US Catholic Church.
A grand jury in the US state of Pennsylvania released 
the findings of the largest-ever investigation of sex
 abuse in the US Catholic Church, finding that 301 
priests in the state had sexually abused minors 
over the past 70 years.
More than 1,000 child victims were identifiable, but
 the "real number" was "in the thousands," the 
grand jury estimated.
Victims were often traumatized for life, driven to
 drugs, alcohol and suicide, the grand jury said.
The report was thought to be the most comprehensive
 to date into abuse in the US church, since The Boston
 Globe first exposed pedophile priests, in the state of 
Massachusetts, in 2002.
Pedophilia in Catholic churches has done
 enormous damage to its image.
Pope Francis, who was appointed in 2013 with a mandate
 to overhaul the Vatican, said that there would be a "zero 
tolerance" approach to clerical sex abuse. He promised
 to take strong action in response to accusations of 
cover-ups and leniency by the Vatican.
However, Francis has been accused of being too soft on 
pedophiles. His credibility on the issue has been hit by 
a series of missteps - and victims' organizations 
maintain that the Church remains reluctant to 
hand pedophile priests over to any criminal 
justice authorities.


Sitting on a ‘TIME BOMB’: 
Deutsche Bank issues grim
post-pandemic warning
on US economy
June 12th, 9:56am (RT)

Further disregarding inflation.. will push the global 
economy to a major crisis, according to the latest 
report issued by Deutsche Bank economists, 
who point the finger at the US's
printing policies.
Germany’s largest lender warned that the unprecedented
levels of cash being injected into the economy, while
 inflation fears are being dismissed, will lead to 
excruciating economic pain, if not in the
term, then in 2023, and beyond.
The report points to the US's “breath-taking” monetary 
stimulus, that is reportedly comparable with that seen 
around World War II.
“Then, US deficits remained between 15-30% for four years. 
While there are many significant differences between the 
pandemic and WWII we would note that annual inflation 
was 8.4%, 14.6% and 7.7% in 1946, 1947 and 1948 after
 the economy normalized and pent-up demand was 
released,” Deutsche Bank notes.
Moreover, the experts forecast dire impacts from the Federal 
Reserve’s new framework that supports tolerating higher
 inflation for the benefit of a full recovery of the country’s
 economy, after the slumber caused by the Covid-19 
“The consequence of delay... will be greater disruption of 
economic and financial activity than would be otherwise
 be the case, when the Fed does finally act,” Deutsche’s 
economists wrote, in the first report of the new
titled “Inflation: The defining macro
story of 
this decade.”
“In turn, this could create a significant recession, and
off a chain of financial distress around the world, 
particularly in emerging markets,” the
eport added.
According to the bank’s analysts, neglecting inflation 
leaves global economies “sitting on a time bomb.”

 Pro-Palestinian protesters in UK
storm Runcorn factory
 supplying drone
 to Israel
June 11th, 10:42am (PressTV)
Pro-Palestinian activists have taken over an aerospace
 factory in the northwestern British town of Runcorn, 
which reportedly supplies parts for drones 
produced by Israeli arms manufacturer
 Elbit Systems.
The protesters scaled the roof of the APPH facility, 
which is owned by Canadian firm Heroux-Devtek, 
sprayed red paint on the walls of the premises 
and waved red flares.
Palestine Action said in a statement that its members 
“stormed, scaled, and occupied” the premises of the 
military equipment manufacturer at 4.30 a.m. local 
time on Thursday.
“So far, activists have broken into the factory to 
dismantle drone and aircraft machinery, have 
destroyed property including floodlights, 
ventilators, windows & cameras, have 
sprayed blood-red paint across the
premises, and are currently 
occupying the roof --- to 
prevent operations at
 the site,” the organ-
ization said.
Palestine Action, which describes itself as a direct-
action network of groups and individuals, said the 
Runcorn facility manufactures military technology 
and landing gear for Elbit's long-endurance 
unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which 
were used in the Israeli onslaught 
on the besieged Gaza Strip.
At least 260 Palestinians, including 66 children, were 
killed in the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip
11 days of the conflict that began on May 10th.
 Israel’s airstrikes also brought widespread
 devastation to the already impoverished
The Gaza-based resistance movements responded 
by launching over 4,000 rockets into the occupied
 territories, some reaching as far as Tel Aviv and 
even Haifa and Nazareth to the north.
Palestine Action said it would target other 
Elbit-owned locations in the United Kingdom.
Commenting on the protest, local Labour MP 
Mike Amesbury said, “People have got a 
right to protest, but it must be done 
“I would be very disappointed, if any components 
used for military hardware involved in the Israeli-
Palestinian conflict are being manufactured in 
my constituency,” he noted.
Martin Brassard, president and chief executive officer
of Heroux-Devtek, confirmed that all staff had been 
sent home and the company was working with the 
police to resolve the situation.
On Wednesday, Palestine Action targeted the head-
quarters of LaSalle Investment Management – a 
subsidiary of real estate giant, Jones Long 
LaSalle, who are landlords of the building
where Israeli arms company 
Elbit runs
its main office in 
central London.
The pro-Palestinian activists had earlier targeted sites
 linked to the company in the county of Kent and the 
Greater Manchester area, among other places.

Israeli minister supports calls 
for Jews to arbitrarily open
fire on Arabs
June 2nd, 2:33pm (PressTV)

Israel’s Public Security Minister, Amir Ohana, 
has backed calls for Jews to open fire at the
 Arab residents, in the mixed city of Lod.
Last week, Ofer Cassif, a member of Israel’s Knesset, 
for an alliance of Arab political parties, the Joint List,  
decried as ''incitement'', the call by Amichai Langfeld 
--- with the Lod city council --- to Jewish gun owners, 
to ‘protect their communities.’ The call was 
in the presence of Lod's Mayor,
 Yair Revivo.
In a letter to Ohana, Cassif warned that "there is an explicit 
call for armed people to take the law into their own hands 
and even to use live fire… all of this under the auspices 
of the Lod mayor, who stood beside the inciter."
"Without immediate intervention - on your part - to stop the 
blatant incitement, from escalating to violence, a horrible
 tragedy may occur," Cassif added in the letter.
But the Israeli minister defended that call as “legitimate.”
"I disagree that it is incitement. The call to citizens to defend 
themselves against their attackers, with the means of fire
arms, for which, they have a legal license, among others, 
is a legitimate call," Ohana wrote in reply.
Ohana also said the law allows people “to
 act in self-defense, in their time of need.”
Cassif’s disputed the minister’s remarks, saying, "There is 
no dispute as to whether someone can defend their lives 
...or those of others. But we are not discussing self-
defense --- as the inciting words of Mr. Amichai 
Langfeld, are not a call for self-defense... but
 for organized groups to come to a specific
place and walk around 
there while carry
-ing weapons
 – that is, to establish
 illegal militias."
"In addition, the events of the past weeks, as well as journalistic
 investigations... prove that a large amount of those who heeded
 the calls aren't interested in protection, but rather in attacking 
Arab civilians, whoever and wherever they may be. That is, 
peaceful citizens, with nothing to do with acts of
Cassif wrote in reply.
Tensions were high in Jerusalem al-Quds recently amid acts of 
aggression by Israeli soldiers and settlers, and an imminent 
forced eviction of Palestinians from the Sheikh Jarrah 
neighbourhood of the city, by the Israeli authorities.
It was the trigger for protests in al-Quds and the occupied territories. 
Then followed the 11-day Israeli bombardment of the besieged Gaza
Strip, which began on May 10th, and killed over 250 Palestinians.

 UK act of parliament
authorizes torture and rape 
under "certain circumstances"
May 11th, 10:49am (PressTV)

Proposed legislation giving police sweeping 
powers to decide whether protests are 
justified, the power to impose start 
and finish times - and even the 
right to disband one-person 
protests...  has led to 
nationwide protests.
The legislation includes vague criteria such as 
being “too loud” or a “nuisance” as being 
sufficient justification for any action 
undertaken by UK police 
during protests.  
The protestors feel that the Police, Courts, 
Sentencing and Crimes bill, violates their 
right to free speech and all UK subjects' 
right to assembly.
Laws have also been passed by HM government 
which would result in undercover agents being 
granted Criminal Conduct Authorizations 
authorizing them, as the name implies,
 to engage in criminal conduct 
including rape, murder and 
torture --- without any 
legal culpability.
One controversial bill, the Overseas Operations Bill, 
stipulates a statute of limitations on war crimes 
prosecutions against British troops, 
effectively legalizing war crimes, 
including torture, rape and 
other crimes.
Currently people all over Britain are out protesting 
against a controversial new law that would,
essentially, make protesting illegal and
 slap harsh sentences on those who 
fail to comply.
The movement called 'Kill the Bill', seeks to stop 
this legislation while it's still in passage through 
Parliament. However, in recent months the UK
also passed two other laws, that effectively 
and explicitly allows undercover agents in 
Britain to commit any crime, and gives 
British troops immunity from war 
crimes prosecutions, the latter 
of these, has gone largely 
unnoticed, by the British 
public at large.
The Police State
The British government has spent the last few months
enacting, or attempting to enact, extremely worrying
These bills will completely destroy any shred of Britain's 
democracy. There are three bills, two of which have 
already been passed and the third is currently 
pending, which will completely alter 
British democracy.
Although there was considerable debate in Parliament,
 these controversial and worrying bills were barely
 covered by the mainstream media.
Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill
The first cause for concern is the Police, Crime, 
Sentencing and Courts Bill, also known as the
 anti protest bill. This is the bill at the centre 
of kill the bill protests, that are currently 
underway all over the United Kingdom.
The second bill is the Covert Human Intelligence 
Sources, CHIS, Act, also nicknamed the Spy 
Cops bill.
And finally, the third, is the 
Overseas Operations Act 2021.
Despite the fact that these bills are extremely archaic,
 authoritarian and threaten civil liberties - along with 
international law - the British public is almost 
completely unaware of their existence, with
 perhaps, the sole exception being the anti 
protest bill, simply because of the wide-
spread unrest and protests that it has 
caused in the country.
On March 17th, 2021, a vigil was held for 33 year old 
Sarah Everard, whose body was found earlier that
 month, in London.
Wayne Couzens, 48, a serving officer in the London
Metropolitan Police is accused of murdering her 
and is currently in custody pending trial.
The largely peaceful vigil turned violent when police 
attempted to disperse and shut down the event.
Scenes of women being violently dragged, arrested 
& manhandled by the police were met with disgust
 and shock. The vigil --- and the violent arrests that 
took place there, occurred just as a new piece of 
legislation was being introduced, which helped
 spark the kill the bill movement.
In March 2021, Britain's Tory government under 
Boris Johnson, introduced the Police Crime, 
Sentencing and Courts Bill.
The goal of this mammoth piece of legislation is 
essentially to shake up the criminal justice 
system in England and Wales.
The reason people are so upset about it --- is because
 it gives the police sweeping new powers where they
 can randomly decide whether a protest is justified 
or unjustified, and shut it down on the spot. This 
even includes protests by a single person, not 
only that, but the police would also be able
 impose a start and a finish time.
The criteria proposed for shutting down a protest
 includes vague arbitrary language, like being 
"too loud", or "a nuisance".
Home Secretary Priti Patel when asked about 
what these things mean, couldn't even give
 straight answer.
People who refuse to comply with police orders can 
be fined up to 2,500 pounds. The punishment for 
defacing or damaging memorials, has been
 increased from three months to 10 years.
This comes in the wake of 'Black Lives Matter' protests 
in the summer of 2020 when the statue of slave trader, 
Edward Colston, was thrown into Bristol docks.
In order to help ease the passage of this bill through 
Parliament the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as well 
as Home Secretary, Pritti Pattel, have deflected: by 
pointing to other things in the bill that would give 
life sentences to killer drivers, for example, or 
harsher sentencing for premeditated child 
murder, and serious violence against 
emergency workers.
But this doesn't address the concerns with giving police 
sweeping powers to disband protests --- given that free 
speech and the right to free assembly are considered 
pillars of a liberal democracy, many view the 
legislation as authoritarian, and a violation
 of the Human Rights Act.
As a result, protests have erupted in response all over
Britain --- including London, Bristol, Birmingham, 
Liverpool and other major cities, with hundreds
being arrested and detained by police 
almost weekly.
Currently, the anti protest bill has passed its first and 
second readings and it is at the Committee stage... 
While this act is currently still pending, there are
 two others that are just as dangerous that have
 been largely unnoticed and unreported, while
 having made their way through Parliament 
and becoming law.
The Covert Human Intelligence Sources bill, or CHIS 
Bill, which is also nicknamed the Spy Cops Bill, 
gives undercover agents permission to commit
 crimes through a so called Criminal Conduct 
Authorization. This could include rape, 
torture, murder, and other
 violent crimes.
These criminal conduct authorizations are not just 
for MI5, Britain's domestic security service --- but 
also for any police force in Britain. this includes
 agencies like the gambling Commission, the 
Food Standards Agency, the Home Office, 
the Ministry of Justice, and several
government departments.
Undercover officers can commit criminal acts, if it's 
in the interest of national security, and also in the 
economic interests of the United Kingdom. 
Unions and other direct action groups 
have previously been targeted in the 
past --- by undercover police --- 
and infiltrated.
We've seen police disproportionately target left wing 
groups, activists and ordinary protesters, while 
providing cover to right wing and far 
right groups.
The Guardian reports that Scotland Yard, in 2019, had 
been forced to pay a total of more than £700,000 - in 
compensation to 153 anti fascist campaigners, who 
were arrested by police during a demonstration -
 and detained for up to 14 hours.
The Guardian also disclosed, in 2018, that The London 
Metropolitan Police had used over two dozen officers, 
to infiltrate left wing groups as part of an undercover 
spying campaign, that spanned 37 years.
When the time came for parliament to vote on this bill, 
the Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, did not tell his 
party to vote NO, and oppose the bill. Instead, he
told them to abstain. And... given that this is a 
piece of Tory legislation, and the Tories were 
bound to vote overwhelmingly 'YES' -----  the 
majority of labour being whipped to abstain 
...had the effect of simply letting the bill
through the House of Commons 
unopposed; a complete gift 
to the conservatives.
There were However, 34 Labour MPs who decided to
rebel and vote against the legislation -- among them
former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. For breaking
the ''whip'', various Labour MPs, including 7 front
benchers, were punished, by Stormer, for voting 
against it:-  like Nadia Edith Whittome, the MP
Nottingham East, who was sacked, as 
a consequence.
Once the Spy Cops Bill reached the House of Lords an 
amendment was put forward to make sure that under-
cover agents could not commit murder, rape and 
torture as part of their duties.
The amendment was passed, removing some 
of the most heinous crimes from a heinous bill.
Nonetheless, when the bill was sent back to the 
House of Commons, the amendment to ban 
murder, rape and torture... was removed.
The CHIS Bill was passed more or less in its 
original form: allowing undercover agents
do whatever they like.
It was passed through Parliament and received Royal 
Assent on March 1st, 2021. And at every step of the 
way, the bill went through virtually unopposed.
Even amendments to ban the use of children, or
limit the scope of the crimes that undercover
agents could undertake, were all defeated.
It goes without saying that such carte blanche to 
commit crimes and a Licence to Kill in the wrong 
hands, can be devastating --- and gives the state 
extraordinary powers over the lives of 
ordinary citizens.
It is reckless at best and authoritarianism at worst. 
Another extremely concerning bill that also has 
made its way through Parliament and just 
become law is the Overseas Operations 
Bill. This bill completed its passage 
through Parliament on April 
29th, 2021.
The overseas bill proposes a so called presumption 
against prosecution for servicemembers overseas
 and essentially gives British soldiers immunity
 from being prosecuted for war crimes.
It introduces a statute of limitation of five years, 
meaning that, if an alleged crime took place 
more than five years ago, it will not be 
considered by the courts or the 
Ministry of Defence.
The reason the British government wants to pass this
 bill is because it claims to protect British troops from 
what it calls "vexatious claims of war crimes and 
other atrocities". Essentially, the British 
government is saying it thinks war 
crimes allegations are annoying,
 and wants to ban older 
ones altogether.
Previously, the UK had opened two investigations into 
war crimes by UK troops. In 2014, it set up Operation 
Northmoor to investigate war crimes in Afghanistan, 
and then in 2010, The Iraq Historic Allegations 
Team, or IHAT for war crimes in Iraq.
Years later, and not a single British soldier has ever 
been prosecuted for crimes in these investigations, 
despite the inquiries making recommendations - to 
do so when evidence of cover ups was discovered.
Instead, the British government shut down Operation 
Northmoor, and IHAT, without bringing charges on a 
single case. And just to further illustrate their 
animosity, Operation Northmoor was closed 
before any Afghans were even interviewed.
The British government thinks that these war crimes 
investigations are a waste of time and money and
 that people were unjustly accusing British troops 
...so it wants to introduce a statute of limitation
 which gives all British soldiers immunity from 
prosecution for war crimes, torture, and for
other heinous crimes older than five years.
This bill has been rightly, if insufficiently, criticised
 its violations of the Geneva Conventions, the 
Convention Against Torture and other cruel,
 inhumane or degrading treatment 
or punishment.
The bill was passed with an overwhelming majority 
of Tories voting YES ...and UK's Labour abstaining.
Jeremy Corbyn was one of few labour MPs to vote 
against it, saying that: the overseas operations bill 
violates essential rule of law principles, including
 the absolute prohibition of torture. It also fails to 
protect the safety, well being, and rights of our 
military personnel.
The House of Lords actually managed to pass an 
amendment, which would not give immunity for
war crimes, torture crimes against humanity
 and genocide.
However, once this was sent back to the House 
of Commons, the amendment was defeated.
The overseas operations bill ultimately made it 
into law: allowing these heinous crimes to be
 protected by the government. It received 
Royal Assent on April 29th, 2021. 
And while the British government claims that this 
doesn't violate the Human Rights Act of 1998 -- it 
still included a clause allowing itself to derogate
 from the European Convention of Human 
Rights...  if it wishes to do so.

Zionist Entity Says
 ‘Rejects ICC Authority’ 
to Investigate War Crimes
April 9th, 11:33am (al Manar)
The Zionist entity said on Thursday that it rejects 
the International Criminal Court’s authority to 
investigate war crimes committed by the 
occupation regime in the West Bank, 
Gaza Strip, and east Al-Quds
According to Hebrew media sources, the Zionist 
regime will send its response via a letter, where 
it will argue that The Hague “lacks jurisdiction”
 in the matter.
According to the Associated Press, the notifications 
were sent to all signatories of the Rome Statute,
 court’s founding charter, as well as the
entity and Palestinians, on
March 9th.
Under Article 16 of the Statute, an ICC investigation or 
prosecution can be deferred for up to a year  --  on a 
request from the UN Security Council, which must 
first approve the appropriate resolution.
The occupation regime is not a party to the Rome Statute 
and has impudently protested the court’s decision, 
claiming that it is “capable of conducting its 
own investigations.”
Source: Israeli media

John Hughes stamps issued by Donetsk

DPR Post issues stamps featuring 
Welsh engineer John Hughes, 
founder of Donetsk
April 2nd, 2021 at 2:28pm
 (DAN news agency) 

The DPR's State Post has issued a postal stamp featuring 
John James Hughes, a Welsh engineer, businessman and 
founder of the city of Donetsk.
The stamp is decorated with Donetsk coat-of-arms and 
Hughes portrait. The stamp can be used for registered 
letters with receipt up to 20 gr, in accordance with the 
current fee rate of 44 rubles.
The number of copies issued is 30,024.
The envelope for the new stamp features pictograms 
representing industrial objects and clippings of 
Donbass geological map.
Hughes moved to the Russian Empire, in the summer of 1870, 
at the age of 55, as Millwall Iron Works Company received an 
order, from the Imperial Russian Government, for the plating 
of a naval fortress being built at Kronstadt on the Baltic Sea.
He immediately started to build metal works close to the 
river Kalmius, at a site near the village of Alexandrovka.
Over the next twenty years, the works prospered and
first under John Hughes and then, after
his death, in 1889, 
under the management of
four of his sons.
John Hughes died on June 17th, in 1889,
a business trip to St Petersburg.
According to some sources, Hughes taught
to write, and could only read
capital letters.

and Taking 
Away OUR RIGHTS: with a never-
ending lockdown that Labour MPs support!

Neil Clark, journalist, writer and broadcaster:
''The sad and rather shocking truth, is that the 
current UK Parliament could quite happily 
keep us locked down indefinitely. 
Remember, MPs get their £81K 
annual salaries (plus perks) 
paid in full, each month, 
whatever happens. 
And... there is no 
general election 
due until 2024. 

''The only way the restrictions will end, is 
the public have had enough of them and 
stop complying in large enough numbers. 
Otherwise, what incentive is there for 
well-heeled, power-crazed, lock
addicted political class to
lift them, 
especially with the 
next general 
election so
far away?''


Planning ahead? Firms land 
Covid passport contracts
 that could last until 2023 
...even as UK govt hints
 could be dropped
July 30th, 3:06pm (RT)

The British government has awarded potentially years-long 
contracts to help develop a domestic vaccine passport, as 
Downing Street simultaneously hints that the whole idea 
could be abandoned... if enough people get the jab.
The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) published
 information earlier this week on two new contracts with 
private tech firms hired to work on the country’s 
“Covid-19 certification programme.”
US-based Entrust will receive close to £840,000 ($1.2 million) 
for the development of the NHS health pass. The deal will 
last until at least July next year but pricing for a two-year 
contract is already detailed in official documents, 
suggesting that the UK government may be 
eyeing a long-term arrangement.
While the contract was made available to the public online, 
information about specific services that Entrust will be 
providing has been completely redacted, with several 
pages of the document blacked out. 
The US tech company was awarded £250,000 earlier this 
year as part of its ongoing work on the health pass 
program. The contract raised eyebrows, after it 
was revealed that Entrust had openly boasted: 
about how Covid-19 vaccine passports could 
be retooled to create national IDs as part of 
the “infrastructure of the new normal.”
The DHSC also signed a 2nd vaccine passport contract 
this week, worth up to £873,000, with Cambridge, 
Massachusetts IT firm, Akamai Technologies.
 Like the agreement with Entrust, the one-
year deal is designed... so that it can be 
seamlessly extended for an additional 
12 months. The US firm pocketed 
£50,000 in May, as part of its
 involvement in the creation
 of the digital vaccine ID.
Akamai, which specializes in cybersecurity
purchased online identity
management company,
in 2019. 
In total, the government has now spent nearly
£23.6 million 
($32.9 million) on its Covid
certification programme,
 iNews reported.
The new contracts coincide with the introduction of new 
features on the NHS app', that will allow it to serve as a 
digital vaccine certificate. 
In a controversial reversal of its position on domestic 
health IDs, the government revealed last week that, 
starting from the end of September, proof of 
vaccination will be required... in order to 
enter nightclubs and attend events
 involving large crowds. 
With around 70% of adults in the country already vaccinated, 
UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab suggested on Thursday 
that the threat of the vaccine passport may be enough to 
“cajole” young people into getting the shot. 
“Once we’ve done that, the wider questions of vaccine 
certification become much less relevant and salient,”
 Raab said, suggesting that the whole plan could be 
dropped if vaccine uptake increases over the next
 two months. 
But the newly inked contracts seem to be sending mixed 
messages about the government’s intentions for the 
controversial health certificate. A spokesperson for
 the health department insisted back in June that
 the NHS app used to certify vaccination status 
would not be used as a national ID system, 
describing the scheme as a “simple and 
secure means” to allow for 
international travel. 

100,000+ Britons sign petition to
outlaw discrimination against 
unvaccinated as govt moves 
forward with Covid 
vaccine passports
July 20th, 11:32am (RT)
More than 100,000 people have called on the British 
government to review its plans to bring in vaccine 
passports and prevent discriminatory policies
 against people who have refused to be part 
of the national inoculation programme.
A petition which started in February has gathered pace 
on Tuesday, with thousands adding their names to the 
growing list of people, calling for the government 
to do more to prevent legalised ‘discrimination’ 
against people who aren’t vaccinated against 
“The Government must specifically outlaw discrimination 
based on vaccine status, this includes access to private 
businesses, jobs and public life. No individual should 
ever feel coerced into having a vaccine,” the 
petition states.
Tens of thousands of people signed the petition on Tuesday
 morning, following a day of unrest in the capital, in which, 
hundreds of angry protesters clashed with police, having
 called for the arrest of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
Links to the petition have been widely shared across Twitter, 
with English band Right Said Fred receiving more than 
1,200 retweets on their call for people to sign. 
Others vented their anger in other ways on Twitter, calling 
once again, for the prime minister to be arrested. Many 
went as far as comparing the Covid-19 restrictions to
 Adolf Hitler’s Germany, with ‘Nazi’ trending on the 
social media platform. 
On Monday, people gathered outside the Palace of Westminster
 to protest measures aimed at preventing the continued spread
 of Covid-19 virus. While Monday, termed ‘Freedom Day’, saw 
the last of the major restrictions lifted, the government has 
laid out plans to mandate the use of vaccination 
certificates at crowded venues in England.
Despite having one of the world’s highest vaccination rates 
against Covid-19, many young people have elected not to 
get jabbed. Under the government’s current plans, 
unvaccinated individuals will be prohibited from 
entering venues - such as nightclubs - from 
September. Johnson’s government had, 
previously, ruled out the idea of
making the 
entry to venues be
dependent on 
The government’s U-turn came just hours after nightclubs 
were allowed to open for the first time in 16 months.
 the condemnation of Johnson’s plans, some
suggested, that mandatory vaccination
will help provide peace of mind
to some 
Covid-wary clubbers and others 
attending large gatherings.

UK government document 
quietly introduces vaccine
 passports by the back door 
and points to a third lock-
down this winter
July 13th, 2:53pm (RT)
By Kit Klarenberg, an investigative journalist exploring
role of intelligence services in shaping politics & 
perceptions. Follow him on Twitter @KitKlarenberg
For all the government’s bluster about ‘irreversibly’ reopening 
Britain after July 19, official documents paint a very different 
picture, suggesting lockdowns could well return and Covid
 passports may become the norm.
Sajid Javid’s elevation to UK Health Secretary ushered in a new
 tone on the part of all government ministers in respect of 
coronavirus. In a flash, the ambiguity and equivocation
 that had typified official statements about lockdown 
for so long vanished, and swaggering confidence 
about a full and permanent reopening of the 
country in the very near future.. became de 
rigueur across every Whitehall department.
“We must learn to live with Covid,” Javid forcefully asserted on 
June 28, the same day he assumed the post. This bullishness 
hasn’t faltered since, despite a backlash from some sections 
of the scientific community, and a not insignificant amount 
of public support for certain restrictions enduring, perhaps
 permanently. On July 12, he confirmed that the country 
was pushing full steam ahead with its unlocking road
-map, with all businesses free to reopen and all 
limitations on human contact over... in a 
week’s time.
“We’ve all been yearning to get there, and we all want this to 
be a one-way journey,” Javid told the House of Commons.
However, an official guide to “moving to step four of the roadmap”
 – i.e. a full cessation of pandemic restrictions –quietly published
 the previous Saturday– is far less strident and optimistic.
For one, it reveals that, in September, the government will “under
take a review to assess the country’s preparedness for autumn 
and winter, which will consider whether to continue or 
strengthen public and business guidance” in the lead
-up to December, “including on face coverings and 
test, trace and isolate,” and with “remaining 
regulations” also to be assessed.
In other words, it’s sensible to expect 
another lockdown before 2021 is over.
There have of course been numerous insinuations over the past
 six months that a true return to normality isn’t in the offing 
anytime soon. For example, in explaining the postpone-
ment of “freedom day” in June, Prime Minister Boris
 Johnson suggested the UK could be in for a “rough 
winter for all sorts of reasons,” as there might be 
“some new diseases, some new horror that we 
simply haven’t budgeted or accounted for” on 
the horizon as yet unforeseen.
Still, black-and-white confirmation that whatever freedom is 
achieved on July 19TH will be short-lived, and subject to 
change further down the road, can only be considered 
a perturbing disappointment. Even more disquieting, 
though, is the section of the document relating to the 
NHS COVID Pass, or “vaccine passport.” It states 
Whitehall will be “encouraging and supporting 
businesses and large events” to use the Pass 
in “high-risk settings” to “help to limit the risk 
of infection.”
“The government will work with organisations that operate large,
 crowded settings --- where people are likely to be in close 
proximity to others outside their household to encourage 
the use of the NHS Covid Pass,” the passage continues.
 “If sufficient measures are not taken to limit infection, 
the government will consider mandating the NHS 
Covid Pass in certain venues at a later date.”
It was only in May that citizens were told in no uncertain terms 
there was “no chance” UK laws would be changed to mandate
 the use of vaccine passports, with plans to that effect having 
been unambiguously scrapped. This new protocol could, 
however, make vaccine passports a fait accompli, 
achieved via the backdoor, with culpability for the 
volte face deposited squarely on the shoulders of 
“businesses and large events” and their patrons
 for not responsibly taking “sufficient measures”
 to “limit infection.”
A similar carrot-and-stick approach was evident in an announce-
ment made by French President Emmanuel Macron the same day
 Javid spoke of a “one-way journey.” He outlined how, as of 
August, anyone over the age of 12 entering a café, cinema, 
cultural centre, hospital, museum, restaurant, theatre, 
theme park, or train in France will need to possess a 
special Covid health pass. Perversely, Macron was 
also keen to stress that “vaccination is not 
immediately obligatory for everyone.”
Essentially, no one’s forcing you to get vaccinated – it’s just that 
most spheres of daily life and activities, both indoor and out, will 
be entirely off limits until you do. The Catch-22 situation the UK 
government is subtly contriving in order to impose vaccines, 
and vaccine passports, on the public seems particularly 
insidious, given official data indicates that 87% of 
England’s population aged 18 and over have 
received their first vaccination, without the 
clear threat of not being able to enjoy 
drinks with friends in a pub, among 
other mundane exploits, hanging 
over them.
Moreover, the experience of Israel shows that vaccine certificates
 quickly become redundant – in fact, it was just three months after 
Tel Aviv made a “green pass” mandatory for accessing indoor 
spaces that they were scrapped. After all, as the policy had 
served as such a stirring incentive to get vaccinated... all 
Israeli adults had received both doses by April, meaning
 there was no need to inspect anyone’s pass.
One needn’t be a cynic to suggest that darker motives lie behind the
 push for vaccine passports. The dire surveillance implications of 
such a resource were starkly outlined in an April briefing note 
from civil liberties organization Big Brother Watch, which 
cautioned that COVID certificates “would become de 
facto identity cards if they were introduced, and 
would likely be retained and expanded in 
purpose and data over time,” marking
 “a profound impact on citizens’ right 
to privacy in the modern context.”
“The UK has a proud history of opposition to identity systems and
 personal checks. COVID-status certificates would turn the UK into
 a two-tier, checkpoint society and mark a serious break from our
 long-guarded democratic traditions, of which respect for privacy
 is key,” Big Brother Watch warned. “The combination of apps 
with sensitive health data and the subversion of everyday 
businesses and events into checkpoints could constitute 
the biggest expansion of surveillance ever seen in
 the UK.”
Evidently, for all Downing Street’s newfound cheerfulness and
 libertarian rhetoric, the nine most terrifying words in the
English language very much remain, “I’m from the 
Government, and I’m here to help.”
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UK govt gave contract to IT firm
 that is ‘openly plotting’ to turn 
vaccine passports into
a UK 
national ID card,
 group warns
June 21st, 3:48pm (RT)
The British government has been accused of aiming
 to covertly implement a national ID programme,
 after it partnered with a company that has 
advocated turning vaccine passports 
into a multi-purpose document.
Entrust, an IT firm that bills itself as a “global leader
 in identities, payments, and data protection,” was
 awarded a contract by the Dept of Health and
Social Care last month, to work on the UK’s 
Covid-19 vaccine certificate system. 
The company was given £250,000 ($346,000) to provide
 cloud-computing services for the government’s Covid
-status certification scheme, iNews reported. The 
contract is due to expire in March 2022, but the 
government has the option of extending it for
 an additional year. 
Health Secretary Matt Hancock stated last month that 
proof of vaccination will be “necessary”... for inter-
national travel, and in recent weeks, reports have
 emerged, claiming that the UK government may 
require the documents - of people attending 
sporting events or other large gatherings. 
Judging from Entrust’s own stance on the issue, it’s 
possible that the government may have even more 
ambitious plans for the digital certificate.
 In a February blog post published on the company’s
 website, Jann Markey, Entrust’s product marketing 
director, argued that the advent of vaccine pass-
could be used as an opportunity to roll out
a national
 ID as part of “the infrastructure
of the new normal.”
“Consider a national ID strategy: With the infrastructure 
and investment necessary to ensure a viable vaccine 
passport, why not redeploy this effort into a national 
citizen ID programme that can be used for multiple 
purposes including the secure delivery of govern-
ment services, secure cross-border travel, and 
documentation of vaccination,” the blog,
explores vaccine passports in
the “post-
pandemic world,” states. 
Notably, the US-based company has already helped 
Albania, Ghana, and Malaysia, deploy national ID 
systems, iNews said. 
Entrust’s partnership with the UK government has 
already raised alarm among civil liberties 
organisations and lawmakers. 
Tory MP David Davis, a member of the anti-lockdown 
Covid Recovery Group, demanded an explanation 
from the government. He told iNews that it was 
“extraordinary”... that the health department 
could ink deals with such companies -- with-
out first getting permission from Parliament, 
adding that it was particularly worrying that 
a contract could be given to a firm “with this
 sinister attitude to surveillance of citizens.”
Former Conservative leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith 
echoed similar displeasure, claiming that the 
contract contradicts the “stated position of
 the government” and should be nixed. 
Big Brother Watch, a privacy and civil liberties group, 
said the Entrust contract represents an attempt by 
the government to issue ID cards “by the
 back door.”  
“The fact that the government has done a deal with Entrust,
 a company which is openly plotting a route from vaccine 
passports to digital identity cards, only underlines what
 a serious threat Covid passes would be... to our civil 
liberties and our privacy,” the organisation’s head 
of research, Jake Hurfurt, warned. 
A health department spokesperson insisted that the NHS 
app used to certify vaccination status will not be used
 a national ID system, describing the scheme as a 
“simple and secure means” to allow for inter-
national travel. Entrust declined to
when contacted
by iNews. 
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Questions Raised: as UK COVID-19
Rise Less Than Half PM’s Forecast
and Deaths Still Low
June 20th, 5:08pm GMT (Sputnik) 

UK Hospital admissions with COVID-19 were up 
by almost 40 per cent on the previous week to
 226 daily, but deaths, had risen by just 12.5 
per cent — and the overall trend remained 
flat some four weeks after case numbers 
began to rise again, in late May.
The British government's latest COVID-19 lockdown
 extension has been called into question as data 
shows the rise in cases falling below 
official predictions.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his chief advisors
 warned - on June 14th - that the number of new
was set rise by 64 per cent a week,
as they 
announced a 4-week delay to the 4th 
and final stage of lifting restrictions from
 21 June to 19 July, in response to the 
more-infectious Delta variant.
Fears of ‘Lockdown Without End’ as BoJo Faces 
Ferocious Tory Backlash over ‘Freedom Day’ Delay
But the latest Public Heath England data released on 
Sunday afternoon, showed just six deaths recorded 
on Thursday --- while the number of positive tests 
recorded was 9,284 — a seven-day rise of 31%.
Hospital admissions were up by almost 40 per cent on
 the previous week to 226 daily, but deaths, had risen
 by just 12.5 per cent — and the overall trend stayed 
flat some four weeks after case numbers began to 
rise again in late May, when pubs and restaurants 
were allowed to serve indoors again.
Lockdown sceptics asked how that squared with 
Downing Street's commitment to "data, not dates".
Conservative MP Mark Harper, chairman of the 70-
strong COVID Recovery Group of Tory back-
benchers, pointed to top government 
pandemic advisor Dr Susan Hopkins' 
''comments'' to the BBC's Nick 
Robinson, that annual winter 
lockdowns may be 
The data also showed that by Saturday evening, 81.6 per 
cent of UK adults - almost 43 million - had been given
 at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and 59.5 
per cent had already had their booster jab.
Former Brexit Party leader and broadcaster Nigel Farage 
told Fox News, that the immunisation programme had 
broken the link between cases and deaths, stressing 
the rise in cases was mainly among the young, who 
are not at risk of serious illness.

France to end mandatory
 outdoor masks and 
Covid-19 curfew
June 16th, 3:02pm (FRANCE 24)
France, on Wednesday, said it was ending 
the obligation to wear masks outside and 
would bring forward the lifting of a night-
time curfew, as Covid infections fall and
the country's vaccine drive picks up. 
Prime Minister Jean Castex said the 
requirement for people to wear 
masks outdoors - in much of
the country - would be lifted 
from Thursday, with some 
The unpopular 11pm Covid curfew, 
will be scrapped on June 20th, ten
days earlier than initially planned.

I’m not given to hyperbole, but 
the coming week is one of the 
most important in UK history
 – if not the most important  
by Neil Clark
June 10th, (RT)
Neil Clark is a journalist, writer, broadcaster and 
blogger. His award winning blog can be found at 
He tweets on politics and 
world affairs @NeilClark66
I’m not given to hyperbole, but the coming week is 
one of the most important in British history – if not
 the most important  
If Covid-19 ‘Freedom Day’ on June 21 is postponed, 
as seems likely, and the public complies with it, 
Britain will never return to normal. If curbs 
can’t be lifted when deaths ‘with’ the 
virus are near zero, when will they
 ever be?
Don’t say you weren’t warned. Having predicted correctly, 
before Christmas, the very day (January 4th) when Boris 
Johnson would announce the next lockdown, on January 
1st, 2021, I tweeted: ‘My inside source says that there'll 
be no significant easing of restrictions until July at the 
earliest. Govt mentioning Easter, as they need to take
 backbenchers with them & want public compliance.’ 
 The tweet received some abusive replies. “Drivel,” wrote 
Pete Hayward. “What a load of rubbish,” said Phil Moor. 
How ludicrous to say restrictions will still be in force 
deep into 2021!  
Now, however, here we are in June, and we are still living 
under restrictions. And in terms of overseas travel, more 
restrictions than we had last summer, before anyone 
was vaccinated!  
We can talk about the government moving the goalposts,
 but in truth, they’ve uprooted the goalposts and taken 
them off the pitch altogether. ‘Three weeks to flatten 
the curve’ has proved to be the longest three weeks
 in history. Currently, it’s 63 weeks and counting. 
Back in January, we were told by Health Secretary Matt 
Hancock that once the “most vulnerable” had been 
vaccinated, our freedoms would be restored. But 
then we had to vaccinate the over-50s. The 
over-40s. The over-25s.   
Now we’re told that we should delay the June 21st unlocking 
until everyone has had their second jabs. After that – rest 
assured – it’ll be ’until the children are vaccinated’. And 
then ‘we need to wait until everyone has had their 
booster jabs’. 
The much-maligned ‘conspiracy theorists’ who predicted that
 this thing was never meant to end and that every time 
restrictions are supposed to end, they’ll find new 
excuses to keep them (with the latest being 
‘variants’), have been proven right. The 
question everyone needs to be asking
is - If restrictions aren’t lifted in high 
summer when deaths ‘with’ Covid-19 
fall to close to zero, as they've done 
this month, then when will they
 be lifted? 
I’m not given to hyperbole, but the coming week will, 
I believe, be one of the most important – if not the 
most important – in British history.  
Because if Johnson does, as expected, announce a 
postponement of ‘Freedom Day’ on Monday and 
there is not a major (and I mean major) public 
backlash, the delay will not just be for two 
weeks or even a month. It will be forever.  
If people – and businesses – simply ‘take it on the chin‘, 
even if it means the destruction of their livelihoods and 
everything they have worked and strived for, then the 
government will take it as a green light to maintain a 
level of restrictions throughout the summer, before 
more lockdowns/increased restrictions are 
imposed in the autumn, and once again 
we’ll be told it's “to protect
the NHS”.    
Public acquiescence will mean it’ll be full steam ahead 
for the next phase of the ‘Great Reset’ – which means 
an extension of domestic vaccine passports (already 
being used for England’s home games in the Euros 
football tournament), and a genuine, permanent 
end to ‘free movement’ for the masses.  
If you’re enraged by the sight of Johnson arriving in 
Cornwall in a large jet for the G7 bash and tweeting 
about how he was going to ‘Build Back Better’ and 
‘greener’, while ordinary Brits are not allowed to 
go abroad on holiday, well, get used to it, 
because this is the ‘one rule for us, one
 rule for you’ future that the Davos set 
is planning for us.  
That the UK political elites had no intention of voluntarily 
restoring the basic freedoms we all enjoyed prior to 
March 2020 – and have been pursuing a sinister 
and very authoritarian anti-human globalist 
agenda that had nothing to do with fighting 
a virus – was clear to anyone who paid 
close attention to what they 
actually said.  
In April 2020, Home Secretary Priti Patel said, “The fact
 is we will not go back to how we were in early March 
– there will be new norms that will inevitably come 
off -- the way social distancing is dominating our 
lives and has affected society. We would expect 
''social distancing',' in every single work area, 
whether it’s an office or a construction site, 
and on public transport, going forward.” 
A couple of weeks later she declared: “I think we all 
recognise now: social distancing is here to stay”, 
adding, “Our lives are going to be very different”. 
On May 22nd, 2020, Scottish First Minister Nicola 
Sturgeon tweeted about a path to ‘a new normal’,
 not to normal.   
This week, we learned the Scottish government is 
planning to extend ‘emergency’ powers until at 
least March 2022, with the option of a vote to 
extend them still further, until the end of 
September 2022. 
We also have lockdown hardliner Susan Michie, a 
member of both SAGE and ‘Independent SAGE’, 
saying on television... that we’ll have to be 
wearing masks and socially distanced 
from our fellow human beings ‘forever’. 
To add insult to injury, she laughed, when she said it, too.  
In openly admitting there is no plan to return us to the 
world of early March 2020, a world without anti-social 
distancing, travel curbs & mandatory face coverings, 
Patel, Sturgeon et al are only echoing the words of 
 World Economic Forum’s founder, Klaus Schwab, 
co-author of the book ‘The Great Reset’, who
made it very clear the ‘New Normal‘ is
meant to 
be permanent.  
“The people assume, we are just going back to the good
old world which we had - and everything will be normal 
again: how we are used to, in the ''old fashioned'' way. 
This is, let’s say, fiction, it won't happen, the cut which 
we have now, is much too strong, in order not to leave
 traces,” he has said. 
The chances of the Great Reset being derailed don’t look 
good. Furlough – always a very good guide to what the 
government has planned – has been extended until the
 end of September. With plans to vaccinate school-
children, it’s worth remembering that the Covid-19 
vaccines only have emergency approval, and if 
the ‘emergency’ is declared ‘ended’, what 
happens then? 
However, all is not yet lost.  
Opposition to restrictions is growing by the day – and many 
people who have up to now accepted lockdowns are saying
 “enough is enough”. Andrew Lloyd Webber, the impresario, 
has announced he will open his London theatres, without 
social distancing on June 21st, come “hell or high water” 
and said he is prepared to be arrested. There are also 
reports that the nightclub sector may open its doors 
on June 21st too --- regardless of what Johnson 
announces on Monday. Such defiance is what 
we need to see a lot more of – providing that 
the full reopening does not involve the use
 of vaccine passports.  
Freedom in Britain hasn’t been lost for good just yet, 
but, make no mistake, it is in terrible danger. The 
next seven days will prove absolutely crucial. 
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More than half of the people living in
believe their freedoms 
have been overly restricted during
the Covid-19 pandemic
May 5th, 8:30am (RT)
A survey has shown that 53% of citizens living 
in democracies feel their freedoms are being 
infringed upon by their government’s 
response to Covid-19, and the 
dissatisfaction has grown 
since last year.
The study, conducted by the Alliance of Democracies 
Foundation & brand tracking firm Latana, published 
Wednesday, claimed that in democratic countries, 
citizens have become less satisfied by their 
government’s response to the pandemic, 
over the course of the past year. 
Polling over 53,000 individuals in 53 democracies,
 the survey shows that while 70% of people were 
satisfied with their government’s response in 
spring 2020, satisfaction had fallen to 51% 
in spring 2021. 
Concern that governments are doing too much to 
limit personal freedoms has increased too, with 
53% saying their freedoms had been overly 
restricted in spring 2021, versus 45%
spring 2020.
“We now need to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic, 
by delivering more democracy & freedom to people 
who want to see their country become more
democratic,” said Anders Fogh Rasmussen, 
Chair of the Alliance of Democracies 
The survey, which also looks at other issues relevant 
to many democratic nations, suggests that people 
believe economic inequality to be the biggest 
threat to democracy. Foreign interference 
was seen as a lesser threat, with nearly 
half concerned by the impact of US 
interference on their democracy. 
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 UK govt tenders suggest London 
could secretly be preparing
 lockdowns to last
 at least 2022
by Kit Klarenberg
April 27th, 10:20pm (RT)
Kit Klarenberg is an investigative journalist 
exploring the role of intelligence services
 in shaping politics and perceptions. 
Follow on Twitter @KitKlarenberg
 UK citizens are prepared for a “great British summer” 
due to the progress of the UK’s vaccination program.
 However, quietly-published government contracts 
reveal the promised roadmap out of lockdown 
could, in fact, be a red herring.
On April 26th, the UK government published a tender 
in search of 60 new “covid marshals” in the district 
of Hertfordshire. The contract, offered to “public 
security, law and order [and] compulsory social 
security services” providers, is set to run from
July 2021-January 2022, costing £3 million.
Marshals were introduced in October 2020 to help 
businesses manage queues, to ensure adherence 
with social distancing measures, remind people
 to wear face coverings, where necessary, and 
regularly clean frequently-touched surfaces. 
As Britain’s BBC state broadcaster has acknowledged,
though, they don’t actually have any legal mandate 
to enforce rules. Officials merely “hoped” they’d 
make life at least slightly easier for those 
authorities – such as police – actually 
invested with such powers.
According to the new tender, these individuals are
 expected – using “an intelligence led approach” 
– to “provide practical support, to aid and 
encourage compliance,” help “introduce
 measures to aid public and business 
awareness and understanding of 
regulations and guidance,” and 
disseminate Covid-19 guidance,
 “including.... where additional 
local restrictions are in place.”
While the job description sounds like something to
 expect in the Covid-era, the timing may raise quite 
a few eyebrows. According to Whitehall’s official 
roadmap, due to the “success” of London’s
 national vaccination program, “no earlier 
than June 21st, the government hopes
be in a position to remove all legal
 limits on social contact.”
In March, Health Secretary Matt Hancock was reportedly 
“more optimistic than ever” of a “great British summer”
 imminently impending. Not long after, Transport Sec.,
 Grant Shapps, said, with much fanfare, that: “for the 
first time, people can start to 'think about' visiting 
loved ones abroad, or perhaps a summer holiday.”
 Where Britons could head to, what encumbrances on 
their liberty they would face upon returning, and how 
much restrictions – such as PCR tests – would add 
to their trip bill, was unstated.
That a “great British summer” wasn’t on the cards, 
contrary to official pronouncements, was in any 
event, hinted in mid-April, when the Association 
of Independent Festivals – which represents 
approximately 40 percent of the country’s 
festival calendar – revealed over 90% of 
its members were 'unable' to convene 
events in 2021 without state-backed 
insurance, which remains 
However, a document stating that Covid marshals 
will be required to... “encourage compliance”, 
among members of the public until the start
 of next year ,at least, appears to be the 1st
 black-and-white confirmation, coming 
directly from the UK government.
 The tender strongly implies, what ministers have, so 
far, been unwilling to concede: the global pandemic 
isn’t anywhere near over yet, resultant lockdowns 
are likely, and citizens’ lives will continue to be
 adversely affected far beyond the 
foreseeable future.
An even longer period of uncertainty is even more 
heavily insinuated, by a separate tender for a 
“COVID Public Information Campaign” in 
Northern Ireland, which calls for “an
dvertising contractor, to build on
continue to deliver, a
campaign on 
Published not long after Hancock’s munificent prophecy,
 the contract is set to run for two years from April 2021,
 and to cost £2 million.
Residents of the UK should, by this point, be thoroughly
 ''accustomed'' to optimistic ministerial forecasts in 
respect of Covid, leading only to disappointment.

 When the country first entered lockdown in 
March 2020, Johnson pledged it would last
 just three weeks.
That period of confinement eventually ended four months 
later, and the Prime Minister unveiled plans to return the 
country to “normal” by Christmas. A 4-week lockdown
 was “temporarily” reimposed in November, rules were
 relaxed for Yuletide, then partially reimposed, before 
a full lockdown was, again, applied in January.
Johnson has since alleged that lockdowns, not vaccines,
 are the key driving force behind the country’s much-
reduced Covid casualties and caseload, and “the 
majority of scientific opinion” remains “firmly” of
 the view “there will be another wave of Covid at 
some stage this year.” Evidently, now is very 
much not the time to be booking holidays,
 or expecting “normality” - whatever that
 means by this point - to come flooding
 back, anytime soon.
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WHO Won't Support 
COVID Passports
April 6th, (teleSUR)

Several countries are touting the initiative of 
COVID-passports or immunity passports as 
a safe means to travel and fully reopen
 their economies.
The World Health Organization (WHO) rejected 
on Tuesday the use of COVID passports amid 
concerns it would not prevent the 
virus's spread.
During a press conference, the WHO spokesperson, 
Margaret Harris, said the experts “are not certain
this stage, that the vaccine prevents
Likewise, the official raised concerns that the use of 
these passports could be discriminatory; hence the 
WHO won't endorse it. Getting tested is a requisite 
for an immunity passport. However, in many 
countries, thousands cannot access a 
test;  therefore, these passports 
exclude the majority.
Several countries are touting the initiative of COVID-
passports or immunity passports as a safe means 
to travel and fully reopen their economies. Last 
year Chile announced it intended to issue the 
world´s first immunity passports. Germany, 
Italy, and the U.S., have publicly backed 
the alternative.
 (See our Health Page, for much, much more...)


'Divisive and Discriminatory': 
70 UK MPs Sign Pledge to 
Oppose Government's 
COVID Passport Plans
by Oleg Burunov
April 2nd, 5:56am (RT)
On Thursday, UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said 
there wlll "definitely" be a role for vaccine passports
 for Britons going abroad --- and that a similar COVID 
certification scheme may be "useful" within Britain.
Over 70 UK lawmakers, including 40 Conservatives, have 
warned the British government over its plans to use 
COVID-19 vaccine passports within the country.
On Thursday, a cross-party group of politicians signed a 
pledge to oppose the move --- vowing they will oppose
divisive and discriminatory use of COVID status 
certification to deny individuals access to 
general services, businesses, or jobs".
The signatories include ex-Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan 
Smith and former Cabinet ministers Esther McVey, 
Andrew Mitchell, and Sir John Redwood, as well 
as leading Tory COVID rebels, Mark Harper 
and Steve Baker.
One more signatory is Sir Graham Brady, chair of the 1922 
Committee of Tory backbenchers, who described COVID-
status certification as something that "would be divisive
 and discriminatory".
"With high levels of vaccination protecting the vulnerable 
- and making transmission less likely - we should aim to 
return to normal life, not to put permanent restrictions 
in place", Brady added.
Also signing the pledge was a 20-strong group of Labour MPs, 
among them former Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott 
and ex-Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.
Labour peer Baroness Shami Chakrabarti, who also joined the
 campaign, dubbed the possible introduction of internal COVID 
passports "an authoritarian step too far".
The pledge's signatories included almost all Liberal Democrat 
MPs, with their party leader Sir Ed Davey earlier labelling the
 use of COVID passports within Britain "illiberal" and 
"As we start to get this virus properly under control, we should 
start getting our freedoms back, vaccine passports - essentially
 COVID ID cards - take us in the other direction", Davey argued.
He was echoed by another signatory, Sam Grant, of the UK-based 
rights group Liberty, who asserted that any COVID passport 
system may lead to a "two-tier society" as well as
 "inequality and division".
The campaign comes as UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, 
told reporters on Thursday that "there's definitely going to
 be a world in which international travel will use vaccine 
He also admitted that a similar COVID certification scheme to
 show if someone has had a vaccine "will be useful" within
 the UK. The remarks followed Johnson saying last week 
that pub goers could be asked to show a COVID-19 
vaccine certificate.
The Daily Telegraph has, meanwhile, reported that COVID 
passports may be tested within weeks -- at several pilot 
events, including the FA Cup Final, the World Snooker 
Championships, and the Brit Awards. 
A UK government spokesperson, however, reportedly said 
that "no decisions" on the matter have been taken yet and 
that "it might be a tool we look at as part of pilots, but no
 more than that".

 Over 60 Lawmakers Urge 
UK Home Secretary to
End Ban on Protests
20.03.2021 (Sputnik) 
Over 60 members of the UK parliament, have written 
to Home Secretary Priti Patel demanding he lift the
 ban on protests during the COVID-19 pandemic 
and deeming it a violation of human rights, 
activists who helped put together the
 letter, said Saturday.
The letter, coordinated by the campaign groups Liberty 
and Big Brother Watch, was signed by Conservative 
and Labour MPs, Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed 
Davey & a number of peers. It quotes Articles 
10 and 11 of the European Convention of
Human Rights which protect the rights
 to freedom of expression and 
freedom of assembly.
"We must all be able to stand up to power and have 
our voices heard. In a healthy democracy, protest 
is a critical way we can fight for what we believe 
in. The Government’s current quasi-ban on 
protest is completely unacceptable," Head 
of Policy and Campaigns at Liberty, Sam 
Grant said, according to a statement
Big Brother Watch.
"A country cannot be described as a democracy if 
people do not have the freedom to protest," Big 
Brother Watch director Silkie Carlo added.
This comes after controversy arose last week 
over police handling of peaceful protests 
organised at the vigil at Clapham 
Common in memory of Sarah 
Everard, a woman who was 
kidnapped and murdered 
as she walked home 
in London.
Further protests are planned for today by anti-lockdown
campaigners, even though these gatherings are not 
considered as a "reasonable excuse" for leaving 
the house under the current regulations.
"The Home Secretary must immediately issue guidance to
all police forces, to ensure socially distanced protests 
can go ahead -- and create an explicit exemption for 
protests in the current regulations. Those in power 
have made clear that they want to silence dissent 
and drastically curtail our right to free
Grant said.
Carlo added that the "harrowing scenes" of Metropolitan 
Police officers using force against women at Clapham 
Common were "avoidable and wrong."
Met Police officers were criticized for arresting women 
who were attending Everard's vigil last Sunday. The
 Home Office said it was still illegal for people to 
attend protests at a time when regulations are
 in place to prevent wide transmission of the 
COVID-19 virus.
Everard, a 33-year-old marketing executive, disappeared 
as she walked home on the evening of March 3rd. Her 
body was found hidden in a builder's bag in an area 
of woodland in Ashford, Kent on Wednesday.

 ‘Law is a mess’: UK parliament committee 
blasts govt over failure to protect ‘right to
 protest’ after Sarah Everard vigil outrage
March 19th, at 18:02pm (RT)
The British government failed to make it clear that 
protests were still permissible under Covid-19 
restrictions and confused both the public and 
the police on the issue, a parliamentary 
committee has concluded.
The restrictions on gatherings introduced by the
 government during the pandemic have been 
“confusing” and ambiguous, the parliament’s
 Joint Committee on Human Rights said in a 
statement on Friday, adding that protests 
have never been “completely illegal” 
even during lockdown, if 
held properly.
The “confusing” nature of the government regulations 
has left the public “unsure of their rights and at risk of
 arbitrary or discriminatory decision-making,” the 
statement said. The government imposed a 
general ban on gatherings but failed to 
make protests an exemption from this 
rule – in a move that the committee 
argued violated the 1998 Human 
Rights Act and the European 
Convention of Human Rights.
“The law on the right to protest during the pandemic
 been a mess & the right to protest has not been 
protected,” the committee’s head, Harriet Harman, 
said. The lawmakers looked into how different 
protests in the UK unfolded since the 
government started imposing 
restrictions, due to the
-19 epidemic.
The UK has seen quite a number of high-profile rallies 
last year, including the Black Lives Matter protests,
 demonstrations by the defenders of monuments 
targeted by iconoclasts, as well as marches 
against national lockdowns.
Most recently, the Reclaim These Streets movement 
organized a number of vigils in commemoration of 
Sarah Everard, a victim of apparent kidnapping 
and murder. One such event in the Clapham 
Common area of London, where Everard 
went missing, ended up in clashes with 
police, after UK law enforcement 
deemed it illegal, under the 
current rules.
The incident sparked public outrage and led to another 
rally outside of New Scotland Yard as well as calls for 
Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick to 
resign. The commissioner herself maintained her 
position that “unlawful gatherings are unlawful 
gatherings,” adding that she did not consider
The parliamentary committee blamed the developments 
on the government. “The events of last weekend show 
clearly how the lack of clarity and level of uncertainty 
in the law is unacceptable and must be remedied as 
a matter of urgency,” Harman said.
The committee also drafted some amendments to the 
regulations that would “guarantee the right to protest
 in public outdoor places, if done safely” by putting it 
on the same footing as picketing and communal 
Earlier, a legal complaint filed by those seeking to make 
organized vigils permissible under lockdown, was 
defeated in the High Court, which ruled it was
to the police to decide whether the right
protest clashes with the broader public 
health considerations - and a ban on 
mass gatherings amid the pandemic.
The UK government has, so far  not reacted 
to the parliamentary committee’s statement.

UK Labour Party losing 
250 members a day -
since Sir Keir Starmer
 became leader - media
July 25th, 3:07pm (RT)
The UK Labour Party has lost 120,000 members – or a
 rate of 250 members per day – since Keir Starmer 
was elected leader last year, sending the party 
into a financial crisis, according to a 
new report.
The Labour Party now has just 430,000 members – a huge 
drop from the 550,000 who were in the party under the
leader Jeremy Corbyn – after numbers started
to drop 
when Starmer was elected leader in April
2020, the 
Times has learned.
According to the article, Labour has lost up
 to £500,000 per month, from the exodus.

Because of the drop in members, plus other costs 
such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the millions
pounds that Labour has spent in legal costs 
during its campaign against anti-Semitism, 
Labour Party General Secretary, David 
Evans, reportedly announced to party 
staffers this week ---- there was only
 one month’s worth of employee pay 
left in Labour’s reserves, and that 
jobs would have to be cut.
It is estimated that the amount left in Labour’s
 is just £1.5 million, leaving the party
for donors.
Despite Labour’s loss of members and its subsequent 
financial crisis, the Times noted that the party has 
been “attracting wealthy backers” under Starmer, 
including Sir Trevor Chinn, the president of the 
Movement for Reform Judaism and a financial 
supporter of the Labour Friends of Israel.
Starmer’s leadership of the Labour Party has been defined 
by its more centrist turn following the socialist leadership 
of Corbyn, and an attempt to crackdown on perceived 
cases of anti-Semitism in the party.
In October 2020 – just months after he stood down as leader
 of the party following its 2019 election defeat – Corbyn was
 suspended from Labour. Though Corbyn was reinstated to 
the party the following month after protests by members, 
left-wing politicians, and the former US presidential 
candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, Starmer did not
 the Labour whip to him.


Inept Labour’s week from hell 
shows why England now feels
 like a one-party state
July 23rd, 8:46am (RT)
Paul A. Nuttall is a historian, author and a former politician.
 He was a Member of the European Parliament between 
2009 and 2019 and was a prominent campaigner 
for Brexit.
Internal purges, cash woes, redundancies, and now self-isolation 
for its leader. It’s been a disastrous week for the Labour Party, 
illustrating exactly why the Tories are impregnable, no matter 
how ‘useless’ Boris Johnson is.
If you think Boris Johnson has had a torrid few days, spare a 
thought for poor Sir Keir Starmer. His week started when the 
Labour Party’s National Executive Committee  governing 
body voted to ban a number of hard-Left organisations. 
The controversial decision had the backing of Starmer. The 
groups banned were Resist, Labour Against the Witchhunt, 
the Labour In Exile Network, and Socialist Appeal, which 
describes itself as a Marxist voice of Labour and youth. 
It is estimated that around 1,000 members will be 
removed from the party, as a result of 
the decision.
The move was criticised by John McDonnell, the former 
Shadow Chancellor, who said, “standard Blairite fare
 try show how strong a leader you are... by taking
 your own party, but bizarre to do it by expelling 
people, most of whom have left already.”
McDonnell is of course right, as Labour’s membership has
 plummeted under Starmer’s leadership, losing over 50,000
 last year alone. Moreover, those who remain members are
 not entirely sold on Starmer. A recent poll found that 67% 
have a favourable opinion of their leader, but 31% have 
an unfavourable opinion. This is far from a unified 
party, never mind an effective opposition.    
The decision to provoke a fight with the hard Left has been 
criticised by the powerful Momentum organisation, which 
played an integral role, during the leadership of Jeremy 
Corbyn. Momentum complained that “at a time when 
the Tory government is allowing the pandemic to rip 
through the country, the Labour leadership has 
once again turned inwards.”
It is evident that this battle for the heart and soul of the party
 is far from over, especially as Momentum has influence 
over a number of large local Labour associations.
Then came the news that the party is losing cash like water 
passing through a sieve. David Evans, Labour’s General 
Secretary, claims that the party’s finances have suffered 
because of the fall in membership and the use of funds 
to deal with anti-Semitism cases. He allegedly told
that the financial reserves are so low, that
they only 
cover one payroll. As a result, the
party is being 
forced to lay off a
quarter of its workers.
Labour’s idea, of reducing its staff through ‘voluntary 
redundancies’ has also gone down like a lead balloon
 with the trade unions, who are the party’s largest 
donors. A co-authored letter from the Unite and 
GMB trade unions, concluded with a scathing 
attack on party management. It stated that 
''we note that the lack of clarity, trust, and 
openness with staff is breeding a climate 
of anxiety and fear amongst staff --- 
impacting on their mental health.''

'' It is simply not the way we would expect
an organisation like the 
Labour Party,
to undertake work
 of this nature.''

It is never a 
good idea to
upset your 
To top off this disastrous week for Starmer, he now has to
 self-isolate for a fourth time, as one of his children tested 
positive for Covid. Former Labour PM Harold Wilson once
 said that “a week is a long time in politics” but, for poor 
Sir Keir, it must have felt like an age, & Saturday surely
 cannot come quickly enough. Indeed, the recent 
surprise victory in Batley and Spen... must 
already seem like a lifetime ago.
Now, before we go any further, I want to make it clear that I 
am no fan of the Labour Party. I have had too many run-ins 
with it over the years, particularly over Brexit. I do believe, 
however, that the country requires a strong opposition. In
 its absence, what we have in England is virtually a one-
party state -- where the Tories are allowed to emerge 
from crises, relatively unscathed. Take, for example, 
the Matt Hancock affair and the Dominic Cummings
 revelations. In years gone by, the Labour Party 
would have benefited from these squalid
 incidents, yet, in its current state, it is 
unable to make any headway.  
Much of the mess Labour finds itself in must be laid at 
Starmer’s door. In backing the NEC in its confrontation
 with the hard Left, Starmer obviously wants to imitate
 former leaders Neil Kinnock and Tony Blair, who both
 benefited from taking on the militants. Indeed, in the 
long term, the actions of the NEC are probably in the
 interest of the party; but they are not in the interest 
of the country, in the short term.
What the UK needs right now is an effective opposition 
and Labour cannot be that if they are fighting each 
other. You would - usually - have more chance of 
seeing a flying pig, than have me agreeing with 
Diane Abbott, but I have to admit that she was 
right, when she said that Labour must start 
“fighting the Tories” and “not each other.” 
They owe it to the country, 
and to voters of all stripes.  

Labour Muslims ''infuriated'' by 
insinuation that Keir Starmer’s
 opposition to anti-Semitism 
caused ‘haemorrhaging’ 
of their votes
June 21st,  11:32am (RT)

An anonymous Labour official has stirred Muslim anger 
by implying the community is inherently anti-Semitic.
 A loss of Muslim votes may cost the party its long-
seat in the Batley and Spen by-election.
On Sunday, the Labour Muslim Network (LMN) sent a letter
 to the party leadership -- decrying a comment made by an 
unidentified Labour official to the Daily Mail. The source 
said the party was “haemorrhaging votes among 
Muslim voters, and the reason for that, is what 
Keir has been doing on antisemitism.” Keir 
Starmer, the official said, “challenged 
Corbyn on it, and there's been a 
backlash among certain 
sections of the

LMN called the remark “patently vile, Islamophobic”
“this racism needs to be challenged urgently
publicly, by the Labour leadership & the party as
whole.” The sentiment was shared by several 
Labour politicians, including Kim Johnson, 
Zarah Sultana and Anneliese Dodds.
Deputy Leader, Angela Rayner, responded by calling the 
comments “completely unacceptable” and saying they 
were “not condoned or sanctioned in any way by the 
Party”. The identity of the “senior official” however,
 was not immediately revealed.
The remarks were part of a story about Labour’s struggle 
to hold on to its West-Yorkshire stronghold of Batley and 
Spen, and how the late intervention of former Glasgow 
MP – host of his own show at RT –  George Galloway,
 in the by-election campaign.. may give a win to the 
Tories. If Labour candidate Kim Leadbeater loses, 
the constituency is likely to have a Conservative 
representing it, for the first time since 1997.
Leadbeater, the sister of slain MP Jo Cox, is on the receiving
end of growing discontent among Muslim Labour voters, 
with what they see as Starmer taking them for granted.
“Keir took the time to condemn 2 idiots for being antisemitic 
last month but he won’t condemn the Israeli government for 
killing innocent people,” a 33-year-old Muslim man in 
Batley and Spen, told the Guardian. “I’ve voted 
Labour my whole life, but I won’t be blindly 
giving them my vote any more.”
Starmer assumed his leadership position on the back of a 
campaign against his predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn, who
 was accused of condoning anti-Semitism. Ousted from 
power, Corbyn was, later, effectively suspended from 
party ranks in October last year for failing to accept 
a report on the same issue. Corbynistas believe 
anti-Semitism issues were blown out of 
proportion, to stage a party coup.
Galloway, who like Corbyn has been championing various 
Muslim causes for decades, is cherishing an opportunity 
of leeching Muslim voters, from Starmer’s Labour. He is 
also exploiting the dwindling support for another group 
of traditional Labour supporters – the white working 
class. They “despise” the party, which has been 
pushing things like “LGBTQI agenda” and 
“identity politics”, that are irrelevant to 
those people, he explained to the 
Daily Mail.
Galloway runs from the Workers Party of Britain and is polling
 at 6% in the West Yorkshire constituency, behind 47% for 
Tories and 41% for Labour. He hopes that on the ballot 
day, on July 1st, Labour will finish third.
The backlash to the “Islamophobic” remarks is the latest 
example of a growing rift between Labour and Muslim 
voters. Last week, five local Muslim organizations in 
Batley and Spen warned in an open letter, that the 
party “has not been proud of our support.” In 
particular, the letter said, the party has to 
“resolve the issue of Islamophobia” 
within its ranks -- and take a firm 
stance: in support of Palestinian
rights, which would “go beyond 
the usual political rhetoric.”
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UK Labour Party's Ex-Head 
Calls Current Leadership 
'Weak' Over Poor 
Election Results
May 16th, 11:12pm (Sputnik) 
 Former leader of the United Kingdom's main 
opposition party, Jeremy Corbyn, slammed
 the current Labour leadership as being 
"weak" following the party's record
election performance.
"The loss was enormous last week. And the loss 
was also to third parties such as the Green 
party --- of disillusioned Labour voters 
because they felt, I believe, that the 
opposition is not strong enough, 
to win against the government. 
Do I take responsibility for it?
 No," Corbyn told the Calling
 Peston political podcast.
He also noted that the loss had nothing to do with 
the party's policies, since Labour proposed "a 
set of popular policies in the last manifesto —
 green industrial revolution, investment in
economy, equality legislation,
education services,
all of 
those things."
According to Corbyn, the party showed a stable 
performance in elections during his tenure from
 2015 to 2020, snatching an impressive win in