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Journalist Who Broke 
'Tarmac Meeting' Story 
About Clinton - Found 
Dead, ''Presumably''
 Committed Suicide
by Tim Korso
June 13th, 7:15pm GMT (Sputnik)

The Alabama TV anchor previously indicated that he 
has been receiving a lot of death threats ever since 
he broke the story, which sparked allegations in 
2016, that the Clintons tried to bury the FBI 
investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of
private email server, during her time
secretary of state.
Christopher Sign, a 45-year-old TV anchor, was found 
dead, on June 12th, at his home in Hoover, Alabama.
 Local police checked his home after "a person 
down" call around 8:00 am.
According to Hoover police Lieutenant, Keith Czeskleba, 
his death is being investigated as a suicide, although 
no details as to why this theory is predominant,
available at the moment.
Sign is survived by his wife Laura and three sons.
The journalist's colleagues were shocked by his 
sudden death, expressing condolences over his 
untimely passing.  
"Chris was a tremendous leader in our newsroom. He
 worked with our reporting staff, on a daily basis, but 
also worked behind the scenes with the I-Team and 
with news managers, on coverage of major events. 
He was passionate about journalism, and showed 
it each and every day, as he pushed himself and 
his colleagues, to be the best", Sign's employer, 
ABC 33/40 said, in a tribute.
The TV anchor shot to fame after breaking a scandalous 
story about Bill Clinton's meeting with then-Attorney 
General Loretta Lynch, in June 2016 on the tarmac 
at Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport.
The event, which is often dubbed as the "tarmac meeting", 
sparked controversy since it took place at the same time 
as the FBI was probing Clinton's wife, Hillary, over her 
alleged use of a private email server, instead of the 
government-issued one, when she served as 
secretary of state. The attorney general, 
however, insisted that no matters 
related to the investigation had 
been discussed during that 
meeting with Clinton... 
which she described 
as "primarily social".
The probe looked into whether Hillary Clinton received 
correspondence marked as confidential via her private
 email server... instead of a properly protected govern-
ment one. The email server scandal is presumed to 
have been one of the reasons why the Democratic 
candidate lost to Donald Trump in 2016's election. 
Then FBI Director James Comey refused to recommend 
opening a criminal case against Clinton at the end of
probe, only slamming her for being "extremely
in handling her work emails.
Christopher Sign's breaking news story about the "tarmac
 meeting", not only made him famous and allowed him to 
publish a book, called "Secret on the Tarmac", but also 
resulted in him and his family getting numerous death 
threats, and suffering from harassment.
"My family received significant death threats shortly after 
breaking this story. Credit cards hacked. You know, my 
children, we have code words. We have secret code 
words that they know what to do", Sign said, while 
describing his life, after breaking the story, in an 
interview with Fox News.
The journalist also shared his take on the tarmac story, 
claiming that what happened there was...  "a bit
 in his opinion. He dismissed Loretta
explanations, and insisted it was
a "planned 
meeting", rather than
a "coincidence".

'Dangerous and deadly': 
Severe drought grips
 Western USA
June 13th, 5:58pm (PressTV)
Lakes at historically low levels, unusually early forest 
fires, restrictions on water use and now a potentially 
record heat wave: even before summer's start; the 
US West is suffering the effects of chronic drought
 made worse by climate change.
Eighty-eight percent of the West was in a state of drought
 this week, including the entire states of California, 
Oregon, Utah and Nevada, according to 
official data.
In a particularly stark symptom of this trend, which is 
affecting more than 143 million Americans, Lake 
Mead -- the country's largest reservoir, lying at 
the border of Nevada and Arizona -- now 
stands at its lowest level since its 
creation in the 1930s.
The lake, formed when the massive Hoover Dam was built 
across the Colorado River not far from Las Vegas, stands 
at just 36 percent of capacity, below even a record set
 in 2016.
Authorities expected something like this -- but not
 until August.
The situation in northern California, which normally 
receives ample precipitation in the winter and spring,
 is no better. Lake Oroville, the state's second largest 
reservoir and a key part of a network providing 
potable water to 27 million Californians, is 
165 feet (50 metres) lower than in 2019.
Widespread water-use restrictions appear inevitable 
over the coming months, with potentially serious 
ramifications for Western states, in particular for
 irrigation-dependent farmers -- who provide 
much of the country's fruits
 and vegetables.
In California, whose vast almond groves supply 80 percent 
of world production, some farmers have already begun 
uprooting trees to save water.
As of April 1st, the date traditionally marking the area's last 
snowfall, the snowpack on the upper slopes of the Sierra 
Nevada -- source of roughly a third of all water used in 
California -- was at only 60 percent of average.
"Really, one thing unique this year is that as snow melted, 
the runoff ended up soaking into dry soils and ended up 
evaporating," never reaching Lake Oroville, John 
Yarbrough, an official with the California 
Department of Water Resources, 
told AFP.
"So that's what was unusual this year, how 
little runoff we got from that snowpack."
'Rare, dangerous and deadly'
According to the US Drought Monitor, one third of California
 is currently experiencing "exceptional drought," the 
worst level.
And dry soils and water-deprived vegetation create the 
conditions for even higher temperatures, feeding a 
devastating vicious circle.
Not surprisingly, the southwestern USA, is bracing for an 
extreme heat wave this coming week, with temperatures
 some 20 degrees Fahrenheit (11 Celsius) higher than 
seasonal norms and with highs of up to 120 
Fahrenheit expected in some spots.
Meteorologists have issued heat warnings, saying that Las 
Vegas, for example, could hit 115 Fahrenheit, surpassing a
 record established in 1940.
Such conditions are "rare, dangerous and deadly," said 
the National Weather Service bureau in Phoenix, Arizona
 -- where the thermometer is expected to hit 118 degrees
 on Friday.
Authorities are particularly concerned about forest fires, 
which have arrived unusually early this year and with 
rare intensity. As of the end of May, fires in California 
had already destroyed five times as much vegetation 
as they had last year, at this point.
Most experts say that even if drought is an expected 
part of life in the Southwest, the situation has clearly 
been worsened by climate change.
A study published last year in the journal Science 
estimated that human-caused climate change 
worsened the impact of drought by 46%,
 from 2000 to 2018.
"We're already living in a new climate, that is a different 
climate than when many of our systems were designed 
and built 50 or 100 years ago," Noah Diffenbaugh, a 
climatologist with Stanford University, told AFP.
"And it's a climate in which these water deficits 
primarily result from the influence of warming
He said he believes the risks presented 
by climate change can still be managed.
But to do so, he said, it is vital "to not just 
catch up with the climate change that's
 already happened, but to 
leapfrog ahead."
(Source: AFP)

Extinction Rebellion Activists 
March Through Falmouth,
 Cornwall on 2nd Day 
of G7 Summit
June 12th, 11:07am GMT (Sputnik)
The environmental movement earlier promised to 
organise several major events in Cornwall over 
the weekend to demand that governments,
 corporations, and the media pay more 
attention to climate issues across
 the globe.
Sputnik is live from Falmouth, Cornwall, where 
environmental activists from the Extinction 
Rebellion are organising a rally to march 
through the town on the second day of
 the 47th G7 summit, urging global 
leaders to act against
 climate change.
Previously, XR members held a rally in the city of
 St Ives, blocking roads and accusing politicians 
of failing "to respect the global climate 
commitments they made in Paris
 in 2015". 
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 Pro-Palestinian protesters in UK
storm Runcorn factory
 supplying drone
 to Israel
June 11th, 10:42am (PressTV)
Pro-Palestinian activists have taken over an aerospace
 factory in the northwestern British town of Runcorn, 
which reportedly supplies parts for drones 
produced by Israeli arms manufacturer
 Elbit Systems.
The protesters scaled the roof of the APPH facility, 
which is owned by Canadian firm Heroux-Devtek, 
sprayed red paint on the walls of the premises 
and waved red flares.
Palestine Action said in a statement that its members 
“stormed, scaled, and occupied” the premises of the 
military equipment manufacturer at 4.30 a.m. local 
time on Thursday.
“So far, activists have broken into the factory to 
dismantle drone and aircraft machinery, have 
destroyed property including floodlights, 
ventilators, windows & cameras, have 
sprayed blood-red paint across the
premises, and are currently 
occupying the roof --- to 
prevent operations at
 the site,” the organ-
ization said.
Palestine Action, which describes itself as a direct-
action network of groups and individuals, said the 
Runcorn facility manufactures military technology 
and landing gear for Elbit's long-endurance 
unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which 
were used in the Israeli onslaught 
on the besieged Gaza Strip.
At least 260 Palestinians, including 66 children, were 
killed in the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip
11 days of the conflict that began on May 10th.
 Israel’s airstrikes also brought widespread
 devastation to the already impoverished
The Gaza-based resistance movements responded 
by launching over 4,000 rockets into the occupied
 territories, some reaching as far as Tel Aviv and 
even Haifa and Nazareth to the north.
Palestine Action said it would target other 
Elbit-owned locations in the United Kingdom.
Commenting on the protest, local Labour MP 
Mike Amesbury said, “People have got a 
right to protest, but it must be done 
“I would be very disappointed, if any components 
used for military hardware involved in the Israeli-
Palestinian conflict are being manufactured in 
my constituency,” he noted.
Martin Brassard, president and chief executive officer
of Heroux-Devtek, confirmed that all staff had been 
sent home and the company was working with the 
police to resolve the situation.
On Wednesday, Palestine Action targeted the head-
quarters of LaSalle Investment Management – a 
subsidiary of real estate giant, Jones Long 
LaSalle, who are landlords of the building
where Israeli arms company 
Elbit runs
its main office in 
central London.
The pro-Palestinian activists had earlier targeted sites
 linked to the company in the county of Kent and the 
Greater Manchester area, among other places.

it’s ‘too early’ to say whether
 Covid-19 restrictions will be
 lifted as planned, on June
the 21st
June 6th, 11:07am (RT)
Health Secretary Matt Hancock cannot confirm 
whether the UK’s current coronavirus rules 
will be eased as planned on June 21st, or 
delayed.... due to the fast-spreading 
Indian strain.
Hancock told Sky News on Sunday that, though 
hospitalisations for Covid-19 are currently low, 
“it’s too early to make a final decision” on 
whether the restrictions will be lifted
this month.
“We’re not saying no to the 21st of June, at this point,” 
he noted, adding, however, that the government would 
“keep watching the data for another week,” including 
the “link from the number of cases to the number of 
people who end up in hospital.”
“It is absolutely true that the number of people ending up
 in hospital is broadly flat at the moment, whereas the 
number of cases is rising, showing that the link is 
not absolute as it once was,” he said.
The final stage of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s 
lockdown-lifting plan, June 21st was originally
as the date all restrictions would be gone 
– including the current ban on nightclubs – 
provided case numbers were low and
 vaccination rates high.
It has been reported that the government is considering 
an alteration to the so-called Covid-19 road map that 
would retain many of the restrictions currently in 
place, such as masks, social distancing, and 
working from home. July may, instead, be
 the month ...when the full lifting of 
limitations takes place, if June 
is deemed too soon.
During the interview, Hancock also revealed that the 
Covid-19 vaccination would be made available to the
 under-30s from next week and called on older Brits 
who’ve been vaccinated once --- to take up their 
second dose.
“Everybody must go and get their second jab, because 
the first isn’t as effective on its own,” the minister 
warned. “We all need to go and get vaccinated 
and, that way, we will break the link between
 the number of cases and the number 
of hospitalisations.”
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Israeli minister supports calls 
for Jews to arbitrarily open
fire on Arabs
June 2nd, 2:33pm (PressTV)

Israel’s Public Security Minister, Amir Ohana, 
has backed calls for Jews to open fire at the
 Arab residents, in the mixed city of Lod.
Last week, Ofer Cassif, a member of Israel’s Knesset, 
for an alliance of Arab political parties, the Joint List,  
decried as ''incitement'', the call by Amichai Langfeld 
--- with the Lod city council --- to Jewish gun owners, 
to ‘protect their communities.’ The call was 
in the presence of Lod's Mayor,
 Yair Revivo.
In a letter to Ohana, Cassif warned that "there is an explicit 
call for armed people to take the law into their own hands 
and even to use live fire… all of this under the auspices 
of the Lod mayor, who stood beside the inciter."
"Without immediate intervention - on your part - to stop the 
blatant incitement, from escalating to violence, a horrible
 tragedy may occur," Cassif added in the letter.
But the Israeli minister defended that call as “legitimate.”
"I disagree that it is incitement. The call to citizens to defend 
themselves against their attackers, with the means of fire
arms, for which, they have a legal license, among others, 
is a legitimate call," Ohana wrote in reply.
Ohana also said the law allows people “to
 act in self-defense, in their time of need.”
Cassif’s disputed the minister’s remarks, saying, "There is 
no dispute as to whether someone can defend their lives 
...or those of others. But we are not discussing self-
defense --- as the inciting words of Mr. Amichai 
Langfeld, are not a call for self-defense... but
 for organized groups to come to a specific
place and walk around 
there while carry
-ing weapons
 – that is, to establish
 illegal militias."
"In addition, the events of the past weeks, as well as journalistic
 investigations... prove that a large amount of those who heeded
 the calls aren't interested in protection, but rather in attacking 
Arab civilians, whoever and wherever they may be. That is, 
peaceful citizens, with nothing to do with acts of
Cassif wrote in reply.
Tensions were high in Jerusalem al-Quds recently amid acts of 
aggression by Israeli soldiers and settlers, and an imminent 
forced eviction of Palestinians from the Sheikh Jarrah 
neighbourhood of the city, by the Israeli authorities.
It was the trigger for protests in al-Quds and the occupied territories. 
Then followed the 11-day Israeli bombardment of the besieged Gaza
Strip, which began on May 10th, and killed over 250 Palestinians.

Sex Abuse of Minors
Added as
Crime in
Updated Vatican
by Sofia Chegodaeva
June 1st, 10:01am GMT (Sputnik)
The Vatican’s Canon Law is its in-house legal system 
that covers the 1.3-billion-strong Catholic Church 
The sexual abuse of minors has been added as a crime
 in the updated version of the Vatican canon, the new 
provision released on Tuesday shows. 
The updated document has been published following 14
years of research, with the most important changes
 related to Articles 1395 and 1398 -- which address
 problem of sexual abuse. The latest revision 
toughens sanctions for priests who abuse
 minors, as well as adults, and for those 
who commit fraud, or ordain women.
It is the most extensive revision to the Catholic
Church law 
since the current code was
approved by Pope John Paul, 
in 1983,
media reports say. The 7-book code 
contains about 1,750 articles.

 UK act of parliament
authorizes torture and rape 
under "certain circumstances"
May 11th, 10:49am (PressTV)

Proposed legislation giving police sweeping 
powers to decide whether protests are 
justified, the power to impose start 
and finish times - and even the 
right to disband one-person 
protests...  has led to 
nationwide protests.
The legislation includes vague criteria such as 
being “too loud” or a “nuisance” as being 
sufficient justification for any action 
undertaken by UK police 
during protests.  
The protestors feel that the Police, Courts, 
Sentencing and Crimes bill, violates their 
right to free speech and all UK subjects' 
right to assembly.
Laws have also been passed by HM government 
which would result in undercover agents being 
granted Criminal Conduct Authorizations 
authorizing them, as the name implies,
 to engage in criminal conduct 
including rape, murder and 
torture --- without any 
legal culpability.
One controversial bill, the Overseas Operations Bill, 
stipulates a statute of limitations on war crimes 
prosecutions against British troops, 
effectively legalizing war crimes, 
including torture, rape and 
other crimes.
Currently people all over Britain are out protesting 
against a controversial new law that would,
essentially, make protesting illegal and
 slap harsh sentences on those who 
fail to comply.
The movement called 'Kill the Bill', seeks to stop 
this legislation while it's still in passage through 
Parliament. However, in recent months the UK
also passed two other laws, that effectively 
and explicitly allows undercover agents in 
Britain to commit any crime, and gives 
British troops immunity from war 
crimes prosecutions, the latter 
of these, has gone largely 
unnoticed, by the British 
public at large.
The Police State
The British government has spent the last few months
enacting, or attempting to enact, extremely worrying
These bills will completely destroy any shred of Britain's 
democracy. There are three bills, two of which have 
already been passed and the third is currently 
pending, which will completely alter 
British democracy.
Although there was considerable debate in Parliament,
 these controversial and worrying bills were barely
 covered by the mainstream media.
Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill
The first cause for concern is the Police, Crime, 
Sentencing and Courts Bill, also known as the
 anti protest bill. This is the bill at the centre 
of kill the bill protests, that are currently 
underway all over the United Kingdom.
The second bill is the Covert Human Intelligence 
Sources, CHIS, Act, also nicknamed the Spy 
Cops bill.
And finally, the third, is the 
Overseas Operations Act 2021.
Despite the fact that these bills are extremely archaic,
 authoritarian and threaten civil liberties - along with 
international law - the British public is almost 
completely unaware of their existence, with
 perhaps, the sole exception being the anti 
protest bill, simply because of the wide-
spread unrest and protests that it has 
caused in the country.
On March 17th, 2021, a vigil was held for 33 year old 
Sarah Everard, whose body was found earlier that
 month, in London.
Wayne Couzens, 48, a serving officer in the London
Metropolitan Police is accused of murdering her 
and is currently in custody pending trial.
The largely peaceful vigil turned violent when police 
attempted to disperse and shut down the event.
Scenes of women being violently dragged, arrested 
& manhandled by the police were met with disgust
 and shock. The vigil --- and the violent arrests that 
took place there, occurred just as a new piece of 
legislation was being introduced, which helped
 spark the kill the bill movement.
In March 2021, Britain's Tory government under 
Boris Johnson, introduced the Police Crime, 
Sentencing and Courts Bill.
The goal of this mammoth piece of legislation is 
essentially to shake up the criminal justice 
system in England and Wales.
The reason people are so upset about it --- is because
 it gives the police sweeping new powers where they
 can randomly decide whether a protest is justified 
or unjustified, and shut it down on the spot. This 
even includes protests by a single person, not 
only that, but the police would also be able
 impose a start and a finish time.
The criteria proposed for shutting down a protest
 includes vague arbitrary language, like being 
"too loud", or "a nuisance".
Home Secretary Priti Patel when asked about 
what these things mean, couldn't even give
 straight answer.
People who refuse to comply with police orders can 
be fined up to 2,500 pounds. The punishment for 
defacing or damaging memorials, has been
 increased from three months to 10 years.
This comes in the wake of 'Black Lives Matter' protests 
in the summer of 2020 when the statue of slave trader, 
Edward Colston, was thrown into Bristol docks.
In order to help ease the passage of this bill through 
Parliament the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as well 
as Home Secretary, Pritti Pattel, have deflected: by 
pointing to other things in the bill that would give 
life sentences to killer drivers, for example, or 
harsher sentencing for premeditated child 
murder, and serious violence against 
emergency workers.
But this doesn't address the concerns with giving police 
sweeping powers to disband protests --- given that free 
speech and the right to free assembly are considered 
pillars of a liberal democracy, many view the 
legislation as authoritarian, and a violation
 of the Human Rights Act.
As a result, protests have erupted in response all over
Britain --- including London, Bristol, Birmingham, 
Liverpool and other major cities, with hundreds
being arrested and detained by police 
almost weekly.
Currently, the anti protest bill has passed its first and 
second readings and it is at the Committee stage... 
While this act is currently still pending, there are
 two others that are just as dangerous that have
 been largely unnoticed and unreported, while
 having made their way through Parliament 
and becoming law.
The Covert Human Intelligence Sources bill, or CHIS 
Bill, which is also nicknamed the Spy Cops Bill, 
gives undercover agents permission to commit
 crimes through a so called Criminal Conduct 
Authorization. This could include rape, 
torture, murder, and other
 violent crimes.
These criminal conduct authorizations are not just 
for MI5, Britain's domestic security service --- but 
also for any police force in Britain. this includes
 agencies like the gambling Commission, the 
Food Standards Agency, the Home Office, 
the Ministry of Justice, and several
government departments.
Undercover officers can commit criminal acts, if it's 
in the interest of national security, and also in the 
economic interests of the United Kingdom. 
Unions and other direct action groups 
have previously been targeted in the 
past --- by undercover police --- 
and infiltrated.
We've seen police disproportionately target left wing 
groups, activists and ordinary protesters, while 
providing cover to right wing and far 
right groups.
The Guardian reports that Scotland Yard, in 2019, had 
been forced to pay a total of more than £700,000 - in 
compensation to 153 anti fascist campaigners, who 
were arrested by police during a demonstration -
 and detained for up to 14 hours.
The Guardian also disclosed, in 2018, that The London 
Metropolitan Police had used over two dozen officers, 
to infiltrate left wing groups as part of an undercover 
spying campaign, that spanned 37 years.
When the time came for parliament to vote on this bill, 
the Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, did not tell his 
party to vote NO, and oppose the bill. Instead, he
told them to abstain. And... given that this is a 
piece of Tory legislation, and the Tories were 
bound to vote overwhelmingly 'YES' -----  the 
majority of labour being whipped to abstain 
...had the effect of simply letting the bill
through the House of Commons 
unopposed; a complete gift 
to the conservatives.
There were However, 34 Labour MPs who decided to
rebel and vote against the legislation -- among them
former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. For breaking
the ''whip'', various Labour MPs, including 7 front
benchers, were punished, by Stormer, for voting 
against it:-  like Nadia Edith Whittome, the MP
Nottingham East, who was sacked, as 
a consequence.
Once the Spy Cops Bill reached the House of Lords an 
amendment was put forward to make sure that under-
cover agents could not commit murder, rape and 
torture as part of their duties.
The amendment was passed, removing some 
of the most heinous crimes from a heinous bill.
Nonetheless, when the bill was sent back to the 
House of Commons, the amendment to ban 
murder, rape and torture... was removed.
The CHIS Bill was passed more or less in its 
original form: allowing undercover agents
do whatever they like.
It was passed through Parliament and received Royal 
Assent on March 1st, 2021. And at every step of the 
way, the bill went through virtually unopposed.
Even amendments to ban the use of children, or
limit the scope of the crimes that undercover
agents could undertake, were all defeated.
It goes without saying that such carte blanche to 
commit crimes and a Licence to Kill in the wrong 
hands, can be devastating --- and gives the state 
extraordinary powers over the lives of 
ordinary citizens.
It is reckless at best and authoritarianism at worst. 
Another extremely concerning bill that also has 
made its way through Parliament and just 
become law is the Overseas Operations 
Bill. This bill completed its passage 
through Parliament on April 
29th, 2021.
The overseas bill proposes a so called presumption 
against prosecution for servicemembers overseas
 and essentially gives British soldiers immunity
 from being prosecuted for war crimes.
It introduces a statute of limitation of five years, 
meaning that, if an alleged crime took place 
more than five years ago, it will not be 
considered by the courts or the 
Ministry of Defence.
The reason the British government wants to pass this
 bill is because it claims to protect British troops from 
what it calls "vexatious claims of war crimes and 
other atrocities". Essentially, the British 
government is saying it thinks war 
crimes allegations are annoying,
 and wants to ban older 
ones altogether.
Previously, the UK had opened two investigations into 
war crimes by UK troops. In 2014, it set up Operation 
Northmoor to investigate war crimes in Afghanistan, 
and then in 2010, The Iraq Historic Allegations 
Team, or IHAT for war crimes in Iraq.
Years later, and not a single British soldier has ever 
been prosecuted for crimes in these investigations, 
despite the inquiries making recommendations - to 
do so when evidence of cover ups was discovered.
Instead, the British government shut down Operation 
Northmoor, and IHAT, without bringing charges on a 
single case. And just to further illustrate their 
animosity, Operation Northmoor was closed 
before any Afghans were even interviewed.
The British government thinks that these war crimes 
investigations are a waste of time and money and
 that people were unjustly accusing British troops 
...so it wants to introduce a statute of limitation
 which gives all British soldiers immunity from 
prosecution for war crimes, torture, and for
other heinous crimes older than five years.
This bill has been rightly, if insufficiently, criticised
 its violations of the Geneva Conventions, the 
Convention Against Torture and other cruel,
 inhumane or degrading treatment 
or punishment.
The bill was passed with an overwhelming majority 
of Tories voting YES ...and UK's Labour abstaining.
Jeremy Corbyn was one of few labour MPs to vote 
against it, saying that: the overseas operations bill 
violates essential rule of law principles, including
 the absolute prohibition of torture. It also fails to 
protect the safety, well being, and rights of our 
military personnel.
The House of Lords actually managed to pass an 
amendment, which would not give immunity for
war crimes, torture crimes against humanity
 and genocide.
However, once this was sent back to the House 
of Commons, the amendment was defeated.
The overseas operations bill ultimately made it 
into law: allowing these heinous crimes to be
 protected by the government. It received 
Royal Assent on April 29th, 2021. 
And while the British government claims that this 
doesn't violate the Human Rights Act of 1998 -- it 
still included a clause allowing itself to derogate
 from the European Convention of Human 
Rights...  if it wishes to do so.

UK Economists Warn: 
Almost Three-Quarters 
of A Million Businesses
 ‘at Risk of Failure over 
Next Three Months’
May 4th,12:30pm (FNA)

 Almost three-quarters of a million businesses
in the UK 
are “at risk of failure over the next
3 months” ...
because of the fallout from the
pandemic, economists warned.
The figure has prompted Labour calls for the Chancellor, 
Rishi Sunak, to ease the pressure by allowing bosses to 
convert government loans to a “student-style” arrange-
ment, that would give them more time to repay, The
 Independent reported.
Firms are being dragged down by more than £75bln of 
COVID debt from the government’s bounce-back loan 
scheme and similar initiatives, Labour said.
But the Treasury watchdog has estimated that £27.2bln 
of these liabilities will never be repaid – inflicting a huge 
cost on the taxpayer, on top of the loss of jobs
 and livelihoods.
“We need to get the economy firing on all cylinders again, 
but that won’t happen with businesses bogged down by 
debt,” said Anneliese Dodds, the shadow chancellor.
The warning comes as Keir Starmer steps up his pressure 
on Prime Minister Boris Johnson, over sleaze allegations,
pledging to “clean up our politics”.
The Labour leader said, “When I was director of public 
prosecutions, I was not afraid to prosecute MPs who 
had broken the rules over MPs’ expenses. As prime 
minister, I would not be afraid to overhaul a
that still allows power to
be abused.”
Labour has compared the possible cost of Johnson’s flat 
makeover – No 10 has not denied it could have reached 
£200,000 – with the property market up and down the 
The sum would pay for a terraced house in the UK (at an 
average price of £203,000), a flat in the Southeast 
(£202,000) and a semi-detached house in the 
East Midlands (£195,000) or the Northwest 
(£198,000), it said.
The warning of widespread business failure comes in an
analysis by the London School of Economics, using the 
latest Business Insights and Impact survey.
It calculated that, in the two weeks to April 4th, over 
740,000 businesses, employing 1.9 million staff, had 
“low” or “no” confidence they would survive.
“Should all these businesses exit, roughly 1.9 million jobs 
would be lost,” Professor John Van Reenen and Peter
Lambert wrote.
“The knock-on effects of this would be severe in terms of 
financial and macroeconomic stability. Unsurprisingly, 
the smaller the firm, the greater the risk of failure,”
 he said.
But the authors acknowledged that the proportion of 
companies reporting “low” or “no” chance of 
survival had fallen by one-third, since “the 
January 2021 peak”.
Sunak has won praise for his bounce-back loan scheme, 
saying recently it had “worked so effectively that it 
issued three loans every minute, since its
last May”.
But Dodds said, “The chancellor should free up British 
businesses, to drive the recovery, making his loan 
schemes smarter, so that companies only have 
to start repaying, when they’re making 
a profit.”

Snowden: Assange prosecution 
shows Biden’s lip service 
to press freedom
May 4th, 10:29am (PressTV)

American whistleblower Edward Snowden says the 
US government still seeks to jail WikiLeaks founder 
Julian Assange for the act of journalism, despite
President Joe Biden's claim of praise for
 independent media" on World
Freedom Day.
Snowden tweeted on Monday that, “This would be more 
persuasive if the White House weren't aggressively 
seeking an 175-year sentence for the publisher of 
award-winning journalism of global importance
despite pleas from every significant press 
freedom and human rights organization.” 
While the Biden administration continues to pursue an 
18-count indictment, against the founder of the whistle-
blower website WikiLeaks, US Secretary of State Antony 
Blinken hailed what he called... the "US devotion to press
 freedom” --- and “the safety of journalists worldwide.” 
Biden also highlighted the importance of “truth-tellers 
who refuse to be intimidated” while celebrating World
 Press Freedom Day.
Assange faces nearly two centuries behind bars, with 
most charges linked to the publication of classified 
material – such as the Iraq and Afghan war logs – 
leaked in 2010, by former army intelligence 
analyst, Chelsea Manning. 
The WikiLeaks founder had been in some form of 
incarceration since June 2012 when he sought 
sanctuary at the Ecuadorean Embassy 
in London.
Assange was arrested in 2019, after Ecuador 
revoked his asylum, and has been locked up
at a 
maximum security prison in London,
ever since, 
as the US extradition
process, is ''debated''.
Snowden was joined by a number of journalists & activists 
demanding Assange’s release on World Press Freedom Day,
 including Australian MP, Andrew Wilkie, who tweeted that:
"Today on #WorldPressFreedomDay I’m calling again for
 the release of Julian Assange from Belmarsh prison. All 
Assange did was release information in the public
Journalism is not a crime and no one
should be punished for
 doing the right thing.
#FreeAssange #auspol #politas"
Earlier this year, some two dozen civil liberties groups
including the Freedom of the Press Foundation, the 
ACLU, Amnesty International and the Committee to 
Protect Journalists – told Biden’s Justice Depart-
ment that Assange’s prosecution "represents a 
grave threat to press freedom."
A UK judge ruled in January that the founder of WikiLeaks 
should not be extradited to  the United States to face trial.
District Judge Vanessa Baraitser at London's Old Bailey 
expressed fears Assange could commit suicide, thus 
blocking his transfer to the US, where he will be 
prosecuted for publishing secret US military 
She said if detained in the United States, Assange "faces the 
bleak prospect of severely restrictive detention conditions 
designed to remove physical contact and reduce social 
interaction and contact with the outside world, to a
Stella Moris, Assange’s partner, has said Britain would be on 
stronger ground campaigning against authoritarian regimes 
if it pressed the Biden administration to drop its call to 
extradite Assange.
Moris, who has campaigned for Assange’s release, said 
Britain is damaging its reputation by keeping him in jail 
for so long.

Zionist Entity Says
 ‘Rejects ICC Authority’ 
to Investigate War Crimes
April 9th, 11:33am (al Manar)
The Zionist entity said on Thursday that it rejects 
the International Criminal Court’s authority to 
investigate war crimes committed by the 
occupation regime in the West Bank, 
Gaza Strip, and east Al-Quds
According to Hebrew media sources, the Zionist 
regime will send its response via a letter, where 
it will argue that The Hague “lacks jurisdiction”
 in the matter.
According to the Associated Press, the notifications 
were sent to all signatories of the Rome Statute,
 court’s founding charter, as well as the
entity and Palestinians, on
March 9th.
Under Article 16 of the Statute, an ICC investigation or 
prosecution can be deferred for up to a year  --  on a 
request from the UN Security Council, which must 
first approve the appropriate resolution.
The occupation regime is not a party to the Rome Statute 
and has impudently protested the court’s decision, 
claiming that it is “capable of conducting its 
own investigations.”
Source: Israeli media

John Hughes stamps issued by Donetsk

DPR Post issues stamps featuring 
Welsh engineer John Hughes, 
founder of Donetsk
April 2nd, 2021 at 2:28pm
 (DAN news agency) 

The DPR's State Post has issued a postal stamp featuring 
John James Hughes, a Welsh engineer, businessman and 
founder of the city of Donetsk.
The stamp is decorated with Donetsk coat-of-arms and 
Hughes portrait. The stamp can be used for registered 
letters with receipt up to 20 gr, in accordance with the 
current fee rate of 44 rubles.
The number of copies issued is 30,024.
The envelope for the new stamp features pictograms 
representing industrial objects and clippings of 
Donbass geological map.
Hughes moved to the Russian Empire, in the summer of 1870, 
at the age of 55, as Millwall Iron Works Company received an 
order, from the Imperial Russian Government, for the plating 
of a naval fortress being built at Kronstadt on the Baltic Sea.
He immediately started to build metal works close to the 
river Kalmius, at a site near the village of Alexandrovka.
Over the next twenty years, the works prospered and
first under John Hughes and then, after
his death, in 1889, 
under the management of
four of his sons.
John Hughes died on June 17th, in 1889,
a business trip to St Petersburg.
According to some sources, Hughes taught
to write, and could only read
capital letters.

and Taking 
Away OUR RIGHTS: with a never-
ending lockdown that Labour MPs support!

Neil Clark, journalist, writer and broadcaster:
''The sad and rather shocking truth, is that the 
current UK Parliament could quite happily 
keep us locked down indefinitely. 
Remember, MPs get their £81K 
annual salaries (plus perks) 
paid in full, each month, 
whatever happens. 
And... there is no 
general election 
due until 2024. 

''The only way the restrictions will end, is 
the public have had enough of them and 
stop complying in large enough numbers. 
Otherwise, what incentive is there for 
well-heeled, power-crazed, lock
addicted political class to
lift them, 
especially with the 
next general 
election so
far away?''


I’m not given to hyperbole, but 
the coming week is one of the 
most important in UK history
 – if not the most important  
by Neil Clark
June 10th, (RT)
Neil Clark is a journalist, writer, broadcaster and 
blogger. His award winning blog can be found at 
He tweets on politics and 
world affairs @NeilClark66
I’m not given to hyperbole, but the coming week is 
one of the most important in British history – if not
 the most important  
If Covid-19 ‘Freedom Day’ on June 21 is postponed, 
as seems likely, and the public complies with it, 
Britain will never return to normal. If curbs 
can’t be lifted when deaths ‘with’ the 
virus are near zero, when will they
 ever be?
Don’t say you weren’t warned. Having predicted correctly, 
before Christmas, the very day (January 4th) when Boris 
Johnson would announce the next lockdown, on January 
1st, 2021, I tweeted: ‘My inside source says that there'll 
be no significant easing of restrictions until July at the 
earliest. Govt mentioning Easter, as they need to take
 backbenchers with them & want public compliance.’ 
 The tweet received some abusive replies. “Drivel,” wrote 
Pete Hayward. “What a load of rubbish,” said Phil Moor. 
How ludicrous to say restrictions will still be in force 
deep into 2021!  
Now, however, here we are in June, and we are still living 
under restrictions. And in terms of overseas travel, more 
restrictions than we had last summer, before anyone 
was vaccinated!  
We can talk about the government moving the goalposts,
 but in truth, they’ve uprooted the goalposts and taken 
them off the pitch altogether. ‘Three weeks to flatten 
the curve’ has proved to be the longest three weeks
 in history. Currently, it’s 63 weeks and counting. 
Back in January, we were told by Health Secretary Matt 
Hancock that once the “most vulnerable” had been 
vaccinated, our freedoms would be restored. But 
then we had to vaccinate the over-50s. The 
over-40s. The over-25s.   
Now we’re told that we should delay the June 21st unlocking 
until everyone has had their second jabs. After that – rest 
assured – it’ll be ’until the children are vaccinated’. And 
then ‘we need to wait until everyone has had their 
booster jabs’. 
The much-maligned ‘conspiracy theorists’ who predicted that
 this thing was never meant to end and that every time 
restrictions are supposed to end, they’ll find new 
excuses to keep them (with the latest being 
‘variants’), have been proven right. The 
question everyone needs to be asking
is - If restrictions aren’t lifted in high 
summer when deaths ‘with’ Covid-19 
fall to close to zero, as they've done 
this month, then when will they
 be lifted? 
I’m not given to hyperbole, but the coming week will, 
I believe, be one of the most important – if not the 
most important – in British history.  
Because if Johnson does, as expected, announce a 
postponement of ‘Freedom Day’ on Monday and 
there is not a major (and I mean major) public 
backlash, the delay will not just be for two 
weeks or even a month. It will be forever.  
If people – and businesses – simply ‘take it on the chin‘, 
even if it means the destruction of their livelihoods and 
everything they have worked and strived for, then the 
government will take it as a green light to maintain a 
level of restrictions throughout the summer, before 
more lockdowns/increased restrictions are 
imposed in the autumn, and once again 
we’ll be told it's “to protect
the NHS”.    
Public acquiescence will mean it’ll be full steam ahead 
for the next phase of the ‘Great Reset’ – which means 
an extension of domestic vaccine passports (already 
being used for England’s home games in the Euros 
football tournament), and a genuine, permanent 
end to ‘free movement’ for the masses.  
If you’re enraged by the sight of Johnson arriving in 
Cornwall in a large jet for the G7 bash and tweeting 
about how he was going to ‘Build Back Better’ and 
‘greener’, while ordinary Brits are not allowed to 
go abroad on holiday, well, get used to it, 
because this is the ‘one rule for us, one
 rule for you’ future that the Davos set 
is planning for us.  
That the UK political elites had no intention of voluntarily 
restoring the basic freedoms we all enjoyed prior to 
March 2020 – and have been pursuing a sinister 
and very authoritarian anti-human globalist 
agenda that had nothing to do with fighting 
a virus – was clear to anyone who paid 
close attention to what they 
actually said.  
In April 2020, Home Secretary Priti Patel said, “The fact
 is we will not go back to how we were in early March 
– there will be new norms that will inevitably come 
off -- the way social distancing is dominating our 
lives and has affected society. We would expect 
''social distancing',' in every single work area, 
whether it’s an office or a construction site, 
and on public transport, going forward.” 
A couple of weeks later she declared: “I think we all 
recognise now: social distancing is here to stay”, 
adding, “Our lives are going to be very different”. 
On May 22nd, 2020, Scottish First Minister Nicola 
Sturgeon tweeted about a path to ‘a new normal’,
 not to normal.   
This week, we learned the Scottish government is 
planning to extend ‘emergency’ powers until at 
least March 2022, with the option of a vote to 
extend them still further, until the end of 
September 2022. 
We also have lockdown hardliner Susan Michie, a 
member of both SAGE and ‘Independent SAGE’, 
saying on television... that we’ll have to be 
wearing masks and socially distanced 
from our fellow human beings ‘forever’. 
To add insult to injury, she laughed, when she said it, too.  
In openly admitting there is no plan to return us to the 
world of early March 2020, a world without anti-social 
distancing, travel curbs & mandatory face coverings, 
Patel, Sturgeon et al are only echoing the words of 
 World Economic Forum’s founder, Klaus Schwab, 
co-author of the book ‘The Great Reset’, who
made it very clear the ‘New Normal‘ is
meant to 
be permanent.  
“The people assume, we are just going back to the good
old world which we had - and everything will be normal 
again: how we are used to, in the ''old fashioned'' way. 
This is, let’s say, fiction, it won't happen, the cut which 
we have now, is much too strong, in order not to leave
 traces,” he has said. 
The chances of the Great Reset being derailed don’t look 
good. Furlough – always a very good guide to what the 
government has planned – has been extended until the
 end of September. With plans to vaccinate school-
children, it’s worth remembering that the Covid-19 
vaccines only have emergency approval, and if 
the ‘emergency’ is declared ‘ended’, what 
happens then? 
However, all is not yet lost.  
Opposition to restrictions is growing by the day – and many 
people who have up to now accepted lockdowns are saying
 “enough is enough”. Andrew Lloyd Webber, the impresario, 
has announced he will open his London theatres, without 
social distancing on June 21st, come “hell or high water” 
and said he is prepared to be arrested. There are also 
reports that the nightclub sector may open its doors 
on June 21st too --- regardless of what Johnson 
announces on Monday. Such defiance is what 
we need to see a lot more of – providing that 
the full reopening does not involve the use
 of vaccine passports.  
Freedom in Britain hasn’t been lost for good just yet, 
but, make no mistake, it is in terrible danger. The 
next seven days will prove absolutely crucial. 
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More than half of the people living in
believe their freedoms 
have been overly restricted during
the Covid-19 pandemic
May 5th, 8:30am (RT)
A survey has shown that 53% of citizens living 
in democracies feel their freedoms are being 
infringed upon by their government’s 
response to Covid-19, and the 
dissatisfaction has grown 
since last year.
The study, conducted by the Alliance of Democracies 
Foundation & brand tracking firm Latana, published 
Wednesday, claimed that in democratic countries, 
citizens have become less satisfied by their 
government’s response to the pandemic, 
over the course of the past year. 
Polling over 53,000 individuals in 53 democracies,
 the survey shows that while 70% of people were 
satisfied with their government’s response in 
spring 2020, satisfaction had fallen to 51% 
in spring 2021. 
Concern that governments are doing too much to 
limit personal freedoms has increased too, with 
53% saying their freedoms had been overly 
restricted in spring 2021, versus 45%
spring 2020.
“We now need to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic, 
by delivering more democracy & freedom to people 
who want to see their country become more
democratic,” said Anders Fogh Rasmussen, 
Chair of the Alliance of Democracies 
The survey, which also looks at other issues relevant 
to many democratic nations, suggests that people 
believe economic inequality to be the biggest 
threat to democracy. Foreign interference 
was seen as a lesser threat, with nearly 
half concerned by the impact of US 
interference on their democracy. 
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 UK govt tenders suggest London 
could secretly be preparing
 lockdowns to last
 at least 2022
by Kit Klarenberg
April 27th, 10:20pm (RT)
Kit Klarenberg is an investigative journalist 
exploring the role of intelligence services
 in shaping politics and perceptions. 
Follow on Twitter @KitKlarenberg
 UK citizens are prepared for a “great British summer” 
due to the progress of the UK’s vaccination program.
 However, quietly-published government contracts 
reveal the promised roadmap out of lockdown 
could, in fact, be a red herring.
On April 26th, the UK government published a tender 
in search of 60 new “covid marshals” in the district 
of Hertfordshire. The contract, offered to “public 
security, law and order [and] compulsory social 
security services” providers, is set to run from
July 2021-January 2022, costing £3 million.
Marshals were introduced in October 2020 to help 
businesses manage queues, to ensure adherence 
with social distancing measures, remind people
 to wear face coverings, where necessary, and 
regularly clean frequently-touched surfaces. 
As Britain’s BBC state broadcaster has acknowledged,
though, they don’t actually have any legal mandate 
to enforce rules. Officials merely “hoped” they’d 
make life at least slightly easier for those 
authorities – such as police – actually 
invested with such powers.
According to the new tender, these individuals are
 expected – using “an intelligence led approach” 
– to “provide practical support, to aid and 
encourage compliance,” help “introduce
 measures to aid public and business 
awareness and understanding of 
regulations and guidance,” and 
disseminate Covid-19 guidance,
 “including.... where additional 
local restrictions are in place.”
While the job description sounds like something to
 expect in the Covid-era, the timing may raise quite 
a few eyebrows. According to Whitehall’s official 
roadmap, due to the “success” of London’s
 national vaccination program, “no earlier 
than June 21st, the government hopes
be in a position to remove all legal
 limits on social contact.”
In March, Health Secretary Matt Hancock was reportedly 
“more optimistic than ever” of a “great British summer”
 imminently impending. Not long after, Transport Sec.,
 Grant Shapps, said, with much fanfare, that: “for the 
first time, people can start to 'think about' visiting 
loved ones abroad, or perhaps a summer holiday.”
 Where Britons could head to, what encumbrances on 
their liberty they would face upon returning, and how 
much restrictions – such as PCR tests – would add 
to their trip bill, was unstated.
That a “great British summer” wasn’t on the cards, 
contrary to official pronouncements, was in any 
event, hinted in mid-April, when the Association 
of Independent Festivals – which represents 
approximately 40 percent of the country’s 
festival calendar – revealed over 90% of 
its members were 'unable' to convene 
events in 2021 without state-backed 
insurance, which remains 
However, a document stating that Covid marshals 
will be required to... “encourage compliance”, 
among members of the public until the start
 of next year ,at least, appears to be the 1st
 black-and-white confirmation, coming 
directly from the UK government.
 The tender strongly implies, what ministers have, so 
far, been unwilling to concede: the global pandemic 
isn’t anywhere near over yet, resultant lockdowns 
are likely, and citizens’ lives will continue to be
 adversely affected far beyond the 
foreseeable future.
An even longer period of uncertainty is even more 
heavily insinuated, by a separate tender for a 
“COVID Public Information Campaign” in 
Northern Ireland, which calls for “an
dvertising contractor, to build on
continue to deliver, a
campaign on 
Published not long after Hancock’s munificent prophecy,
 the contract is set to run for two years from April 2021,
 and to cost £2 million.
Residents of the UK should, by this point, be thoroughly
 ''accustomed'' to optimistic ministerial forecasts in 
respect of Covid, leading only to disappointment.

 When the country first entered lockdown in 
March 2020, Johnson pledged it would last
 just three weeks.
That period of confinement eventually ended four months 
later, and the Prime Minister unveiled plans to return the 
country to “normal” by Christmas. A 4-week lockdown
 was “temporarily” reimposed in November, rules were
 relaxed for Yuletide, then partially reimposed, before 
a full lockdown was, again, applied in January.
Johnson has since alleged that lockdowns, not vaccines,
 are the key driving force behind the country’s much-
reduced Covid casualties and caseload, and “the 
majority of scientific opinion” remains “firmly” of
 the view “there will be another wave of Covid at 
some stage this year.” Evidently, now is very 
much not the time to be booking holidays,
 or expecting “normality” - whatever that
 means by this point - to come flooding
 back, anytime soon.
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WHO Won't Support 
COVID Passports
April 6th, (teleSUR)

Several countries are touting the initiative of 
COVID-passports or immunity passports as 
a safe means to travel and fully reopen
 their economies.
The World Health Organization (WHO) rejected 
on Tuesday the use of COVID passports amid 
concerns it would not prevent the 
virus's spread.
During a press conference, the WHO spokesperson, 
Margaret Harris, said the experts “are not certain
this stage, that the vaccine prevents
Likewise, the official raised concerns that the use of 
these passports could be discriminatory; hence the 
WHO won't endorse it. Getting tested is a requisite 
for an immunity passport. However, in many 
countries, thousands cannot access a 
test;  therefore, these passports 
exclude the majority.
Several countries are touting the initiative of COVID-
passports or immunity passports as a safe means 
to travel and fully reopen their economies. Last 
year Chile announced it intended to issue the 
world´s first immunity passports. Germany, 
Italy, and the U.S., have publicly backed 
the alternative.
 (See our Health Page, for much, much more...)


'Divisive and Discriminatory': 
70 UK MPs Sign Pledge to 
Oppose Government's 
COVID Passport Plans
by Oleg Burunov
April 2nd, 5:56am (RT)
On Thursday, UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said 
there wlll "definitely" be a role for vaccine passports
 for Britons going abroad --- and that a similar COVID 
certification scheme may be "useful" within Britain.
Over 70 UK lawmakers, including 40 Conservatives, have 
warned the British government over its plans to use 
COVID-19 vaccine passports within the country.
On Thursday, a cross-party group of politicians signed a 
pledge to oppose the move --- vowing they will oppose
divisive and discriminatory use of COVID status 
certification to deny individuals access to 
general services, businesses, or jobs".
The signatories include ex-Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan 
Smith and former Cabinet ministers Esther McVey, 
Andrew Mitchell, and Sir John Redwood, as well 
as leading Tory COVID rebels, Mark Harper 
and Steve Baker.
One more signatory is Sir Graham Brady, chair of the 1922 
Committee of Tory backbenchers, who described COVID-
status certification as something that "would be divisive
 and discriminatory".
"With high levels of vaccination protecting the vulnerable 
- and making transmission less likely - we should aim to 
return to normal life, not to put permanent restrictions 
in place", Brady added.
Also signing the pledge was a 20-strong group of Labour MPs, 
among them former Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott 
and ex-Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.
Labour peer Baroness Shami Chakrabarti, who also joined the
 campaign, dubbed the possible introduction of internal COVID 
passports "an authoritarian step too far".
The pledge's signatories included almost all Liberal Democrat 
MPs, with their party leader Sir Ed Davey earlier labelling the
 use of COVID passports within Britain "illiberal" and 
"As we start to get this virus properly under control, we should 
start getting our freedoms back, vaccine passports - essentially
 COVID ID cards - take us in the other direction", Davey argued.
He was echoed by another signatory, Sam Grant, of the UK-based 
rights group Liberty, who asserted that any COVID passport 
system may lead to a "two-tier society" as well as
 "inequality and division".
The campaign comes as UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, 
told reporters on Thursday that "there's definitely going to
 be a world in which international travel will use vaccine 
He also admitted that a similar COVID certification scheme to
 show if someone has had a vaccine "will be useful" within
 the UK. The remarks followed Johnson saying last week 
that pub goers could be asked to show a COVID-19 
vaccine certificate.
The Daily Telegraph has, meanwhile, reported that COVID 
passports may be tested within weeks -- at several pilot 
events, including the FA Cup Final, the World Snooker 
Championships, and the Brit Awards. 
A UK government spokesperson, however, reportedly said 
that "no decisions" on the matter have been taken yet and 
that "it might be a tool we look at as part of pilots, but no
 more than that".

 Over 60 Lawmakers Urge 
UK Home Secretary to
End Ban on Protests
20.03.2021 (Sputnik) 
Over 60 members of the UK parliament, have written 
to Home Secretary Priti Patel demanding he lift the
 ban on protests during the COVID-19 pandemic 
and deeming it a violation of human rights, 
activists who helped put together the
 letter, said Saturday.
The letter, coordinated by the campaign groups Liberty 
and Big Brother Watch, was signed by Conservative 
and Labour MPs, Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed 
Davey & a number of peers. It quotes Articles 
10 and 11 of the European Convention of
Human Rights which protect the rights
 to freedom of expression and 
freedom of assembly.
"We must all be able to stand up to power and have 
our voices heard. In a healthy democracy, protest 
is a critical way we can fight for what we believe 
in. The Government’s current quasi-ban on 
protest is completely unacceptable," Head 
of Policy and Campaigns at Liberty, Sam 
Grant said, according to a statement
Big Brother Watch.
"A country cannot be described as a democracy if 
people do not have the freedom to protest," Big 
Brother Watch director Silkie Carlo added.
This comes after controversy arose last week 
over police handling of peaceful protests 
organised at the vigil at Clapham 
Common in memory of Sarah 
Everard, a woman who was 
kidnapped and murdered 
as she walked home 
in London.
Further protests are planned for today by anti-lockdown
campaigners, even though these gatherings are not 
considered as a "reasonable excuse" for leaving 
the house under the current regulations.
"The Home Secretary must immediately issue guidance to
all police forces, to ensure socially distanced protests 
can go ahead -- and create an explicit exemption for 
protests in the current regulations. Those in power 
have made clear that they want to silence dissent 
and drastically curtail our right to free
Grant said.
Carlo added that the "harrowing scenes" of Metropolitan 
Police officers using force against women at Clapham 
Common were "avoidable and wrong."
Met Police officers were criticized for arresting women 
who were attending Everard's vigil last Sunday. The
 Home Office said it was still illegal for people to 
attend protests at a time when regulations are
 in place to prevent wide transmission of the 
COVID-19 virus.
Everard, a 33-year-old marketing executive, disappeared 
as she walked home on the evening of March 3rd. Her 
body was found hidden in a builder's bag in an area 
of woodland in Ashford, Kent on Wednesday.

 ‘Law is a mess’: UK parliament committee 
blasts govt over failure to protect ‘right to
 protest’ after Sarah Everard vigil outrage
March 19th, at 18:02pm (RT)
The British government failed to make it clear that 
protests were still permissible under Covid-19 
restrictions and confused both the public and 
the police on the issue, a parliamentary 
committee has concluded.
The restrictions on gatherings introduced by the
 government during the pandemic have been 
“confusing” and ambiguous, the parliament’s
 Joint Committee on Human Rights said in a 
statement on Friday, adding that protests 
have never been “completely illegal” 
even during lockdown, if 
held properly.
The “confusing” nature of the government regulations 
has left the public “unsure of their rights and at risk of
 arbitrary or discriminatory decision-making,” the 
statement said. The government imposed a 
general ban on gatherings but failed to 
make protests an exemption from this 
rule – in a move that the committee 
argued violated the 1998 Human 
Rights Act and the European 
Convention of Human Rights.
“The law on the right to protest during the pandemic
 been a mess & the right to protest has not been 
protected,” the committee’s head, Harriet Harman, 
said. The lawmakers looked into how different 
protests in the UK unfolded since the 
government started imposing 
restrictions, due to the
-19 epidemic.
The UK has seen quite a number of high-profile rallies 
last year, including the Black Lives Matter protests,
 demonstrations by the defenders of monuments 
targeted by iconoclasts, as well as marches 
against national lockdowns.
Most recently, the Reclaim These Streets movement 
organized a number of vigils in commemoration of 
Sarah Everard, a victim of apparent kidnapping 
and murder. One such event in the Clapham 
Common area of London, where Everard 
went missing, ended up in clashes with 
police, after UK law enforcement 
deemed it illegal, under the 
current rules.
The incident sparked public outrage and led to another 
rally outside of New Scotland Yard as well as calls for 
Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick to 
resign. The commissioner herself maintained her 
position that “unlawful gatherings are unlawful 
gatherings,” adding that she did not consider
The parliamentary committee blamed the developments 
on the government. “The events of last weekend show 
clearly how the lack of clarity and level of uncertainty 
in the law is unacceptable and must be remedied as 
a matter of urgency,” Harman said.
The committee also drafted some amendments to the 
regulations that would “guarantee the right to protest
 in public outdoor places, if done safely” by putting it 
on the same footing as picketing and communal 
Earlier, a legal complaint filed by those seeking to make 
organized vigils permissible under lockdown, was 
defeated in the High Court, which ruled it was
to the police to decide whether the right
protest clashes with the broader public 
health considerations - and a ban on 
mass gatherings amid the pandemic.
The UK government has, so far  not reacted 
to the parliamentary committee’s statement.

UK Labour Party's Ex-Head 
Calls Current Leadership 
'Weak' Over Poor 
Election Results
May 16th, 11:12pm (Sputnik) 
 Former leader of the United Kingdom's main 
opposition party Jeremy Corbyn slammed
 the current Labour leadership as being 
"weak" following the party's record low 
election performance.
"The loss was enormous last week. And the loss 
was also to third parties such as the Green 
party --- of disillusioned Labour voters 
because they felt, I believe, that the 
opposition is not strong enough 
to win against the government. 
Do I take responsibility for it?
 No," Corbyn told the Calling
 Peston political podcast.
He also noted that the loss had nothing to do with 
the party's policies, since Labour proposed "a 
set of popular policies in the last manifesto —
 green industrial revolution, investment in
economy, equality legislation,
education services,
all of 
those things."
According to Corbyn, the party showed a stable 
performance in elections during his tenure from
 2015 to 2020, snatching an impressive win in 
2017 with over 40% of the votes — the highest
 since 1997. He stressed that some losses 
were later expected over the Brexit issue
 and after the introduction of the first-
past-the-post voting system.
Corbyn has been blamed by the media and the new 
leadership, headed by Keir Starmer, for tarnishing
 Labour's image, which ultimately led the party to 
a disastrous loss of 300 house seats.
The UK held local elections in the first week of May, 
during which Labour lost control of eight councils 
and more than 300 seats. One of the councils the
 party lost, County Durham, was the first one the 
party ever ran - and had been under its control 
for more than 100 years.

BREAKING: Starmer's 
''approval'' rating 
has fallen to 
minus 48.
YouGov poll on whether Starmer
 is doing well or badly:
Well: 17% (-9)
Badly: 65% (+15)
[Net rating: -48]
Worst-ever rating 
for Starmer 
*by far*.
Corbyn's lowst point ever, was minus 40
...and most Labour MPs rushed to stab
him in the back.


Labour’s humiliating defeat
 signals its death & Keir 
Starmer, not Jeremy
 is the man
with its blood 
his hands
by Neil Clark
May 7th (RT)

Neil Clarkis a journalist, writer, broadcaster and
His award winning blog can be found at 
www.neilclark66.blogspot.comHe tweets on
politics and 
world affairs @NeilClark66

The blame for the crushing loss in Thursday’s by-election,
 in a northern ‘Red Wall’ seat Labour has held since 1974, 
lies with Blairite ‘centrists’, who set out to destroy
– and have ended up destroying the
party itself.
Hartlepool is a coastal town in N. Eastern England with 
a fascinating history. Out on its headland, the Heugh 
Battery Museum bills itself as the only World War I 
battlefield in Great Britain. A nearby plaque marks
 the spot... where the first shell from a leading 
German battle cruiser struck at 8:10am on 
December 16, 1914, and also records the 
place where, during the bombardment, 
the first soldier was killed on British 
soil by enemy action in the war.
Close by, looking out over the North Sea, there’s a 
Russian cannon, which was captured by British
 forces at the Battle of Sevastopol during the 
Crimean War in the 1850s, and sent up to
 Hartlepool by ship from London.
Perhaps - after this Thursday - there needs to be 
another historical plaque installed in Hartlepool. 
One commemorating the death of the UK 
Labour Party. 
Labour’s defeat in Hartlepool wasn’t a ‘bad’ result, 
it was utterly catastrophic. The party attained
28.7% of the vote, a full 23 points behind
Tories, doing far worse, than even the
opinion poll had suggested.
Even before polling day, Labour ‘centrists’ were 
getting their excuses in. Predictably, they’re
 blaming Jeremy Corbyn, the man who 
stopped being the party’s leader 
more than a year ago.
It’ll take much longer to rid the party of his ‘toxic’ legacy,
 the dominant neocon/Blairite narrative goes. The 
people who supported a ‘chicken coup’ against 
Corbyn -- after just nine months -- now tell us 
Starmer, who’s been leader for 13 months, 
and up against the worst UK government 
of all time, needs more time. Or... to
a former MP, if Labour loses
 Hartlepool, it’ll be a case of
 ‘Long Corbyn’.
What tommyrot.
Just four years ago - in June 2017 - Labour, under Corbyn, 
not only held Hartlepool, but did so with its highest share 
of the vote (52.5%) since 2001. But for the Corbyn-hating 
‘moderates’, who, funnily enough, all seem to be strong 
supporters of the far-from-moderate Iraq War, it’s as if
 the 2017 general election never happened. In fact, the
 way that election – which Corbyn came very close to 
winning – has been airbrushed out of history reminds
 one of the late Harold Pinter’s Nobel Prize lecture in 
2005, when he condemned US foreign policy crimes
...before saying: “It never happened. Nothing ever 
happened. Even while it was happening it wasn’t 
happening. It didn’t matter. It was of no interest.”
The 2017 election is never referred to, because it goes 
against the dominant narrative. Labour was supposed 
to have been thrashed out of sight four years ago, but 
to the horror of the neocon Establishment it wasn’t. In 
fact, under the ‘unelectable’ Corbyn, Labour achieved 
their biggest increase in the popular vote since 1945 
(a whopping 9.6% up from 2015), and came to within
 a whisker of a shock victory. 
Enthused by his message of positive change, and by 
popular policies such as bringing the railways back
 into public ownership, millions of Labour voters, 
who had stayed at home in previous elections, 
came out to put their cross in the Labour box. 

Of course, the Establishment set out with
 renewed vigour --- to make sure it would 
never happen again. Part of the reason
 Labour did so well in 2017... and held
 to its Northern strongholds, was 
because it had pledged to respect
the 2016 EU 
referendum result.
So an operation was mounted, with the Trilateral 
Commission member, Sir Keir Starmer, playing
 a key role, as Shadow Brexit Secretary, to get 
Labour to change its policy --- and adopt an 
electorally suicidal stance of supporting 
a second referendum. It was electorally 
suicidal, because 78% of Labour’s 45 
target seats in England and Wales 
voted Leave in 2016, many of 
them quite strongly. 
Not only that, but there was a ratcheting up of the 
political weaponisation of anti-Semitism, which 
again, was about ruining Corbyn’s chances.
To his own --- and his party’s --- detriment, Corbyn 
didn’t fight back against the wreckers. He should 
have done more to resist the change in policy on
 Europe and should have sacked Starmer (in fact,
 he should never have appointed him in the first 
place). He should have pushed back harder,
 much harder, against those smearing him. 

With the mass membership on his side, he 
should have gone on the front foot against
 his Blairite enemies. But Corbyn did none
 of those things.
Instead, having come so close to victory in 2017, he
 led Labour to a heavy defeat in 2019 with most of 
the damage being done in pro-Brexit Northern 
‘Red Wall’ seats. But even in 2019, Corbyn 
managed to hold on to Hartlepool... The 
party’s share of the vote nationally, was 
still higher than in 2010 and in 2015.. It
a bad result, but not the absolute 
disaster it was portrayed as.
Things have got a whole lot worse, since then. Starmer, 
a man described as so wooden, birds try to nest in him, 
inspires no one. His disapproval rating in April, rose to
 50% in April, and was 44% among Labour voters. The
 witch hunt against Corbyn, and his supporters, 
cheered on by vindictive, elitist, anti-populist 
Blairites who loathed the way party member
ship had soared under Corbyn, has left 
Labour short of activists to do the
 work of election
The ‘Bitterites’ set out to politically assassinate Corbyn, 
believing that once he had gone and all his supporters 
had been purged, ‘normal service’ would be resumed;
but their internal sabotage from 
2015-19, ended up
killing the party, too.
Labour is in a right mess, and although the Tories 
don’t deserve to win for what they’ve done to the
 country these past 13 months, ‘HM Opposition’ 
-- whose only ‘opposition’ to the government 
this past year has been to berate Johnson 
and co. for not locking us plebs down 
earlier and harder – most certainly 
don’t deserve to win either. 
In fact, the best thing that could happen is that Labour 
- as it’s currently constituted - is formally put out of its
 misery. Destroyed - not by Corbyn - but by those who 
simply couldn’t stomach the prospect of an anti-war 
UK prime minister who would threaten the hawkish 
foreign policy consensus.
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UK Trade Union Leader Warns -
Keir Starmer Is Turning Labour
Into 'Party of Establishment'
by Jason Dunn
21.03.2021, 8:21pm GMT 
Sir Keir Starmer has become the subject of criticism 
by the left-wing of Labour -- as he is accused of 
leading the party in a right-wing trajectory and
 away from the socialist policies of his 
A leading British trade unionist has accused Sir 
Keir Starmer of trying to turn Labour into an 
"establishment" party --- and risking his 
chances at the next general election.
Len McCluskey, the general secretary of Unite, said
that the opposition leader could be "ditched into 
the dustbin of history" unless he changes his 
current approach and reaffirms Labour's 
dedication to radical politics. 
Speaking to LBC radio on Sunday, Mr McCluskey, an ally
of the former leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and large donor 
to the party, criticised Sir Keir for missing "the 
opportunities” of the ongoing coronavirus 
“The truth of the matter is, at the moment, the direction
we are travelling - that he seems to be taking us down -
 is to turn Labour into a party of the establishment", 
he said.
McCluskey warned that if that were to happen "he will not 
become prime minister in 2024, he will be ditched into the
 dustbin of history".
“I am urging Keir to look at his pledges, to reject the siren 
voices of the ghouls of New Labour and to stick to the
radical policies that will win back the Red Wall seats", 
the Unite leader said.
Mr McCluskey highlighted Sir Keir's treatment of the left 
such as the removal of the whip from Mr Corbyn last 
year, as causing a rift between the leadership and 
his largest donor.
He stressed that the leader had stood in his election 
campaign on a left-wing programme, similar to 
Labour's 2017 and 2019 manifesto, but claims 
he has now dropped those promises, during 
his leadership tenure.
These included commitments to free movement,
as well as opposing increasing corporation tax.
“At the moment nobody quite knows what Keir stands 
for, nobody quite knows what Labour stands for", 
Mr McCluskey told the outlet.
McCluskey predicted that Starmer could be the next 
prime minister in 2024, "not an overall majority, but 
a hung parliament - if he wins back the red seats 
by arguing on the radical platform that he was 
elected on".
“He was elected to make the moral case for socialism, 
he was elected on ten pledges that people said were 
Corbynist", he added.
His comments follow an acknowledgement by Sir 
Keir that the Conservatives have seen a "vaccine 
bounce" in opinion polling, as an explanation for
why Labour is losing ground to the Tories, in 
recent voter intention surveys.
Sir Keir has received criticism by some Labour members
--- for being too ready to abstain or support government 
motions, police spies, and Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, 
and for not pushing for a convincing alternative to the 
Conservatives handling of the pandemic.
Others have pointed to Sir Keir's purging of left-wing 
members from the party such as the suspension of 
Jeremy Corbyn and the removal of Rebecca Long-
Bailey from the shadow cabinet.
The Labour frontbench claims that these moves were 
part of the party's commitment to deal with incidents 
of antisemitism, which plagued his predecessor.
Electoral Chances?
While Starmer's 10 election pledges were largely 
consistent with the values of the Corbyn leader-
ship, he has been criticised for moving the
 party towards the centre.
While some of his supporters have hailed his ascension 
to the top job as an improvement in terms of voter 
approval ratings, Sir Keir has seen his support 
among the public decline, as his positioning is
seen to drift away from Labour's radical 
stances in recent years.
Corbyn was historically unpopular as a party leader, 
seeing net satisfaction ratings of as low as -60 and
ultimately resigned after losing the 2019 election. 
However, the 2017 general election saw the Labour Party 
receive its biggest increase in the vote since 1945, and 
secure a hung parliament.
It was also the only time any Labour Party platform - 
which included the renationalisation of rail and an 
end to austerity - had resulted in an increase in 
both the overall vote and the number of  seats
in parliament, since Tony Blair's landslide
victory in 1997. 

Deputy Leader Says Labour Could 
Suspend ‘Thousands’ of Members 
over  'Antisemitism'
December 1st,  2020  (FNA)
 The Labour Party will suspend “thousands and thousands” of 
members unless they “get real” about antisemitism, Angela 
Rayner warned, as an internal row rages over the 
removal of the whip from Jeremy Corbyn.
Following Keir Starmer’s decision not to allow Corbyn to sit as a 
Labour MP over his reaction to the Equality and Human Rights
 Commission (EHRC) report, dozens of constituency parties 
are reported to have passed motions in support of the 
former leader – despite the party’s General Secretary 
David Evans banning them from doing so.


UK Labour candidate
 trained with Israeli 
army: Report
March 13th (PressTV)
A British Labour Party candidate for the party’s election
this year, has reportedly been trained with the Israeli 
military forces.
Izzy Lenga, an officer in the Jewish Labour Movement, 
is running for the party’s new National Women’s 
Committee, as a right-wing candidate.
The movement worked for years, to oust 
the party’s former leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Corbyn, well known for his support of the Palestinian 
cause, has repeatedly been described by pro-Israeli 
lobbies in Britain, as a threat to the life of Jews in
 the country.
The US-based Electronic Intifada — an online publication 
covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — released a 
photo of her wearing an Israeli army uniform, 
wrapped in an Israeli flag and carrying an 
assault rifle.
Lenga once “proudly” displayed the photo 
on social media networks, said the report.
Citing Israeli experts Dena Shunra and Daniel Shunra, 
the website said that the uniform and epaulets seen 
in the photo suggest that Lenga took part in Marva, 
a paramilitary course overseen by the Israeli army.
The Marva program provides weapons and training, 
Zionist political indoctrination, and visits to 
military bases.
It also recruits Jewish people aged 18-25, from around 
the world, offering them incentives to become Israeli 
settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories.
Many participants in the course, have stayed in 
claiming citizenship & joining the military.
In 2015, Lenga became an officer with the campus society 
in Birmingham, which is affiliated to the Union of Jewish 
Students (UJS).
At the same time, she was also elected to
 the leadership committee of the UJS.

Labour Leader Keir
'Must Give 
Evidence' to Inquiry, 
Say Activists 'Fitted 
by Spycops'
by Mohamed Elmaazi
15:22 GMT 05.02.2021 (Sputnik)
A collection of activists who were found to have been 
wrongfully prosecuted and convicted in 2009, are 
demanding that the former chief prosecutor 
answer questions before the ongoing 
Undercover Policing Inquiry.
Environmental activists who were wrongfully convicted 
have called upon UK Labour Party leader Keir Starmer 
to answer questions at the Undercover Policing Inquiry
 (UCPI), for his role in an alleged coverup of the use of 
undercover police when he was Director of Public 
Prosecutions. The activists in question were 
arrested, whilst planning a protest against 
Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal-fired power station, 
in Nottinghamshire, England, in April 2009.
The open letter, which has received scant media coverage 
since its publication on 4 February 2021, alleges that 
Starmer, "may have been involved in a cover-up of 
police and prosecutors orchestrating wrongful 
"A decade ago, this month, the world learnt that Mark Kennedy 
was a Metropolitan Police officer spying on environmentalists.
 This information led to the collapse of a trial where six 
environmental campaigners were accused of 
conspiring to occupy a coal-fired power 
station", the letter published via the 
Campaign Opposing Police 
Surveillance (COPS) 
website explains.
In a separate trial, "the convictions of 20 campaigners for 
conspiring to occupy the same coal-fired power station 
were quashed by the Court of Appeal, because the 
prosecution failed to disclose information about 
Mark Kennedy’s involvement that would have 
helped their defence", COPS add.
Starmer, as chief prosecutor at the time of the trial, 
commissioned a report headed by former Court of 
Appeal judge Sir Christopher Rose Report into the 
withholding information about the role of under-
cover police in the two cases. The Rose Report 
ultimately determined that the, "failings were 
individual, and not systemic". However, the 
findings of the Rose Report appeared to be 
contradicted by further evidence of activist 
groups being infiltrated by police with the 
latter's role not being disclosed to
 the defendants.
"Why did Keir Starmer ask for three reviews into CPS 
failings relating to undercover policing that were kept 
from public view, before commissioning the Rose 
report?", the signatories to the letter asks.
"What action was taken by Keir Starmer after the Rose report 
was shown to be wrong, to uncover other miscarriages of
 justice?", the letter adds.
Crucially, the letter points out that a report commissioned by 
then-Home Secretary Theresa May into possible miscarriages
 of justice identified "83 activists who were convicted in trials
 involving an undercover officer, over three decades", and 
ask how it is, that the CPS inquiry, "has, to date, 
discovered nobody whom the media and 
campaigners hadn't already identified".
Labour's current leader has, as of yet, not responded to the 
letter signed by 18 men and women who were, "arrested 
and charged with conspiracy, or arrested, charged and 
wrongfully convicted of conspiracy", with the former 
undercover officer, Mark Kennedy.
The UCPI was initiated by Theresa May when it was discovered 
that the police had been secretly recording the lawyer-client 
conversations of the family of Stephen Laurence, who was 
murdered in a racist attack, in 1993. Stephen Lawrence's 
family continued to push for their son's killers to face 
justice after a botched police investigation resulted 
in a separate inquiry to determine that the 
Metropolitan Police were "institutionally 
racist". After the UCPI was set-up, the 
Metropolitan Police admitted to 
infiltrating and surveilling over 
1,000 political, environmental 
and social justice groups, 
since 1968.


Corbyn Suspended for
Telling the Truth
A New Socialist Party
Is Required
by Tommy Sheridan 
31/10/2020 (Sputnik)
The other day a thoroughly decent and honest man 
suffered a grave injustice. A man who has a peer-
less record in opposing racism and anti-Semitism 
was suspended by the political party he has been 
a member of for over fifty years, has represented 
it in the British Parliament since 1983 and was 
its leader from 2015-20.
Irony died in Britain yesterday when Jeremy Corbyn was 
suspended by the Labour Party with the consent and 
probable collusion of the man who succeeded him 
as leader, Sir Keir Starmer.
We now have a Tory leader in 10 Downing Street who is 
famed for his racist views, including referring to black 
Africans as “piccaninnies” with “watermelon smiles”.
A racist Prime Minister nostalgic for the days of slavery 
and brutal exploitation and ownership of black people 
was elected by the people of England in preference 
to a man whose whole life has been dedicated to 
fighting racism and injustice.
Corbyn Was Betrayed by His Own
Party Bureaucracy in 2017
Jeremy Corbyn would have won the 2017 General Election 
if his campaign had not been sabotaged from within by 
Labour opponents. They hated him more than the 
Tories and refused to accept the democratic will 
of the Labour Party masses who elected Corbyn 
leader, not once but twice with a bigger majority 
the second time round in 2016. 
He led a remarkable 2017 election campaign which inspired 
millions and confounded all the opinion polls and political 
pundits as he came within a whisker of winning. He 
smashed the Tory majority and rocked the British 
Establishment. A genuine socialist was almost 
elected to lead the UK. Millionaires and 
billionaires were petrified that they 
would be forced to pay their taxes 
and public services would no 
longer be up for sale. 
Corbyn would have won if staff at the heart of the 
Labour Party had not actively undermined him.
Paid Labour Party staff expressing disgust for the 
elected leader of their party and hoping for a bad 
election result and undermining the effectiveness 
of the campaign wherever possible is what the 
right wing did with gusto. And - after the close 
call of the 2017 general election - the powerful 
and rich who make up the British Establishment 
and mainstream media declared war on Corbyn 
from every angle, but specifically colluded to 
weaponise the scourge of anti-Semitism and 
throw every slur and empty accusation 
against Corbyn that was possible 
to muster.
After 2017 Close-Call, Anti-Semitism 
Was Weaponised Against Corbyn
An incredible narrative was created whereby a man that 
had done more in his life to confront and combat racism 
and anti-Semitism than anyone in British politics, was 
cast as an anti-Semite. It was bizarre, ridiculous, and 
obscenely unfair and inaccurate but it was effective 
in creating a wholly false perception. An inordinate 
number of Labour anti-Semitism stories, headlines 
and even documentaries were produced and by 
2018 polls of Jewish voters indicated an 
incredulous number believed the Labour 
Party was anti-Semitic while the problem 
in the Tories and Lib-Dems was perceived 
to be minor.
Labour Became Huge Under Corbyn – 
Over 500,000 Members
Jeremy Corbyn attracted hundreds of thousands of new 
members to the Labour Party and transformed it into the 
biggest membership party in Europe with well over 
500,000 signed up to his brand of socialism. The 
number of party members ever subjected to 
accusations of anti-Semitic behaviour never 
surpassed more than 300, so the anti-Semitic 
‘problem’ in Labour amounted to 0.1% of its 
membership at most but the coordinated 
media led campaign aided and abetted 
by Labour right wing MPs, created a 
deeply warped and distorted picture 
that almost 62% of party members 
were anti-Semitic.
This was the result of a well-coordinated media 
campaign led by the BBC to traduce the 
character of Corbyn and the Labour 
Party under him.
Feeding from the false narrative and whipped up 
hysteria created by the media the Equality and 
Human Rights Commission (ECHR) decided to 
launch a formal investigation into claims of 
anti-Semitism within Labour to establish if 
they had breached the Equality Act 2010 
and were guilty of acting unlawfully in 
relation to anti-Semitic actions. This 
decision was taken in May 2019 amid 
the Brexit crisis and talk of an early 
general election. The fact the ECHR 
acted on the basis of complaints 
from vehemently anti-Corbyn 
organisations indicates just 
how loaded the dice was 
from the outset.
Anti-Semitism is Abhorrent --- but 
Jeremy Corbyn is Not an Anti-Semite
All anti-Semitic behaviour and opinions should be 
condemned and confronted unreservedly. Of that 
there should be no doubt or debate. But the 
accusations of anti-Semitism against the 
Labour Party have been overstated and 
used politically to undermine Labour 
and Corbyn. Anti-Semitism is a problem 
in society as a whole. An ugly repulsive 
problem. But to suggest Labour has a 
bigger problem than other parties or 
that Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite 
is patent nonsense and lies.
Unlike the Corbyn detractors, Labour’s 2020 ‘No 
Place For Antisemitism’ Report provides hard 
facts refuting media and ECHR allegations 
that Labour under Corbyn did not address 
anti-Semitism complaints.
The Labour Party expelled 45 members in relation to 
antisemitism in 2019, compared to 10 in 2018 and 
1 in 2017.
After rule changes passed at Conference in September 
2019 gave NEC panels the power to expel, twice the 
number of people were expelled in two months than 
had been expelled during the whole of 2018.
NEC Disciplinary Panels heard 274 cases relating to 
antisemitism in 2019, a tenfold increase on the 28 
cases heard in 2017.
In 2019, 149 members were removed from the party as 
a result of disciplinary processes relating to anti-
semitism, either being expelled or quitting the 
party as proceedings progressed.
The Labour Party suspended 296 members in relation to 
antisemitism in 2019, compared to 98 in 2018 – itself a 
big increase on the previous year”.
Once you have read the facts contained in this Report and 
considered that the lengthy ECHR Report which took 
almost 18 months to compile concludes that Labour 
is guilty of “unlawful acts of indirect discrimination 
and harassment for which the Labour Party is 
responsible” based on the conduct of TWO 
Labour Party members, Ken Livingston and 
a Councillor called Pam Bromley, you can 
reasonably conclude that when Corbyn 
said the allegations of anti-Semitism 
against Labour were “overstated” 
he was stating a fact.
Corbyn was a clear and present danger to the rich and 
powerful British Establishment and his sympathy with
 the Palestinian people and willingness to call out 
Israel’s human rights abuses made him dangerous 
on an international plain also. America and Israel 
could not tolerate a pro-Palestinian British Prime 
Minister. The anti-Semitism campaign was a 
conscious and dishonest scheme to under-
mine his electoral credibility and the BBC 
played a blinder in promoting the lie at 
every available opportunity.
A New Trade Union Supported 
Socialist Party is Now Urgent
The suspension of Jeremy Corbyn from Labour is an 
attack on him and every single socialist still in that 
party. Jeremy is now suffering the consequences 
of being popular on the one hand but being far 
too pliable on the other. The day Jeremy stood 
back & allowed socialists like Chris Williamson 
to be suspended was the day he succumbed to 
the right-wing bullies within the Labour Party 
hierarchy. Chris was a loyal lieutenant of 
Corbyn. A very capable and popular 
crusader for socialism. 
When the right wing went after him with the anti-Semitism slur 
Jeremy should have resisted and stood with Chris. Instead he 
sought to avoid an internal battle and that was his ultimate 
undoing. Jeremy had the backing of the members but not 
the comfortable and right-wing bureaucracy who used 
their influence to stifle Corbyn and undermine his 
2017 election campaign.
The new Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is determined to turn 
the party back into a Tory second eleven like in the red Tory 
Tony Blair days.
The challenge to other socialist Labour MPs and the trade union 
leaders who support socialist policies which will actually 
improve the lives of their members is clear. If you can’t 
fight for the former leader of your party who raised the 
hopes of millions & came so close in 2017 to winning, 
then you are not worthy of the description of socialist. 
The time has come for a party of workers that promotes 
socialism with guile, enthusiasm, and pride. Instead of 
funding Starmer’s Tory Party Mark II, the trade union 
movement should fund a real socialist party --- 
committed to changing the lives of millions 
for the better.
The suspension of Corbyn must be the crossing of the Rubicon 
for the socialist and trade union movement. Labour is already 
irrelevant in Scotland. It will become irrelevant in England 
as well soon. The time for a new force backed with trade 
union organisation and resources, is now.

Ernesto "Che" Guevara's Birth Day

 Today, June 14th, in 1928,
Ernesto "Che" Guevara,
physician, Marxist revolutionary, 
author, guerrilla leader, diplomat 
and military theorist, is born.
"Che" was a major figure of the Cuban Revolution, 
and his face has become a worldwide symbol
revolutionary love.
As a young medical student, Guevara traveled through
 South America, and was radicalized by the poverty, 
hunger, and disease, he witnessed. His desire to 
help overturn the capitalist exploitation of Latin 
America, by the United States, prompted his 
involvement in Guatemala's social reforms 
under President Jacobo Arbenz... whose 
eventual CIA-assisted overthrow on the 
orders of the United Fruit Company,
 solidified Guevara's political ideas.
 Later in Mexico City, Guevara met Raúl and Fidel Castro, 
joined their 26th of July Movement, and sailed to Cuba 
aboard the yacht Granma, to overthrow the U.S.-
Cuban dictator, Fulgencio Batista.
 Guevara was promoted to 2nd-in-command, and 
played a pivotal role in the two-year guerrilla 
campaign that deposed the Batista regime.
Following the Cuban Revolution... Guevara performed
number of key roles in the new government. These 
included instituting agrarian land reform as minister 
of industries, helping to spearhead a nationwide
 literacy campaign, serving as both national 
bank president and instructional director
for Cuba's armed forces, and as a 
diplomat, on behalf of 
Cuban socialism.
 Such positions also allowed him to play a central role 
in training the militia forces who repelled the Bay of 
Pigs Invasion by the US.
Guevara was a prolific writer and diarist, composing a 
seminal guerrilla warfare manual. His experiences and 
studying of Marxism–Leninism led him to understand
 that the Third World's underdevelopment and 
dependence, was a result of imperialism, 
neocolonialism & monopoly capitalism, 
with the remedy being... revolution.
 Guevara left Cuba in 1965 to foment continental revolutions 
across both Africa and South America, first unsuccessfully 
in Congo-Kinshasa and later in Bolivia, where he was 
caught by CIA-assisted Bolivian forces, and shot.
''I know you're here to kill me. 
Shoot, coward, you are only 
going to kill a man.''
''Better to die standing, than
 to live on your knees.''
''The true revolutionary is guided by a 
great feeling of love. It is impossible 
to think of a genuine revolutionary 
lacking this quality.''
''Above all... always be capable of feeling 
deeply, any injustice committed against 
anyone, anywhere in the world. This is
the most beautiful quality in a 
''Those who kill their own children and discriminate 
daily against them, because of the colour of their 
skin; those who let the murderers of blacks 
remain free, protecting them, and further-
more...  punishing the black population 
because they demand their legitimate 
rights, as free men --- how can those 
who do this... consider themselves 
guardians of freedom?''
''I am not a liberator. Liberators, do not
exist. The people liberate themselves.''
''How easy it is to govern, when one 
follows a system of consulting the 
will of the people, and one holds 
as the only norm all the actions
which contribute to the well 
being of the people''.

UK could experience lockdowns 
for 'SEVERAL YEARS' despite 
vaccination program, SAGE 
member warns
February 9th (RT) 
A member of the UK government's Scientific Advisory Group for
 Emergencies (SAGE) has claimed that lockdowns could be a 
part of people's lives for "several years" as variants of 
Covid-19 mutate.
Professor Sir Ian Boyd, who teaches at the University of St 
Andrews' School of Biology, warned this week against the 
frequent lifting of lockdowns because "it simply fuels a 
new wave of disease" that can cause the virus to
 replicate more and mutate into new strains.
"There are a lot of reasons for taking pain now, in order to 
create conditions for controlled release from [restrictions] 
a lot easier," he argued, adding, "Otherwise we risk just 
passing through phases of various levels of lockdown 
and release."
Boyd said that lockdowns "could go on for a long time," despite
 the UK's mass vaccination program. "My suspicion is that we 
will experience a damped oscillation of control-release for a 
long time to come — perhaps several years."
Brits reacted negatively to the prospect of lockdowns 
still being used in several years, calling it "madness."
"Ok. This is ridiculous now,"tweeted journalist James Melville, 
while another social media user argued the country "won’t 
survive" years of lockdowns.
"If you are waiting to live, love, and laugh with others again 
until things get back to normal, that normal may never
 come,"commented church pastor Regan Blanton 
King. "Going forward, it is important that we 
prioritise faith and family and lobby
 for freedom."
Experts have frequently told Brits that the UK would start 
returning to normal once the majority of the population is 
vaccinated. Mutations of the virus, however, have led to 
an increased concern over whether the vaccines will 
work efficiently against new strains.
At least 147 cases of the South African variant, deemed to be 
a faster-spreading strain Of Covid-19, have been recorded 
in the UK, though officials fear the number could 
be higher.
Brits seem to have become increasingly fed up with lockdowns,
 which have been implemented in various tiers since March 
2020, according to data which shows more people are 
leaving their homes to go shopping. Most shops are 
forbidden from opening, but stores deemed 
essential like supermarkets, newsagents, 
and pharmacies remain open, while 
others remain open only for 
click-and-collect services.


Beijing hopes Washington will follow 
China’s lead & invite WHO to the US 
in search for origin of Covid-19
February 2nd  (RT)
The Chinese Foreign Ministry has urged Washington 
to invite the WHO to conduct traceability testing in 
the US, citing the fact the American authorities 
found Covid-19 antibodies in blood donations 
as early as December 2019.
Speaking on Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman 
Wang Wenbin, told reporters that Beijing has always 
maintained close communication and cooperation 
with the World Health Organization (WHO) on 
Covid-19 traceability, and he said it was 
time the US followed suit. 
“I hope that the United States will adopt a positive, scientific, 
and cooperative attitude on traceability issues -- as well as 
maintain transparency, like China -- & invite WHO experts
to the United States to conduct traceability research 
make positive contributions to international 
epidemic cooperation & scientific 
Wang said.
The spokesman told reporters that traceability testing 
a very complex issue, with many clues, reports 
studies needing to be taken into account.
“I will give you an example. According to a research report 
by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention... 
there were antibodies to the new coronavirus in some 
American blood donations in December 2019. This 
means... that the new coronavirus may have 
appeared in the United States at that time, 
earlier than the official US report,” Wang 
stated, reinforcing Beijing’s call for 
Washington to invite the WHO
 to America.
Wang continued to point out that China has conducted 
multiple rounds of in-depth exchanges and shared 
a lot of information and research results with 
international partners, including the WHO. 
WHO experts are currently in China investigating the source 
of Covid-19, and they visited a wet market in Wuhan on 
Sunday. It has been widely suggested that a Chinese 
wet market was the environment where Covid-19 
first passed to humans. 
Scientists are still exploring a number of 
theories relating to the origins of the virus.
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Social Distancing May 
Remain in Place All 
 in UK: 

Experts Say 
Vaccine Would Have 
to Be 85 Percent Effective to Stop 
A Surge in Deaths
 Under Life 
as Normal
January 31st  FNA)
Social distancing may remain in place until the end of 
the year - while coronavirus vaccines would have to 
be 85 percent effective to prevent a surge in deaths
 if restrictions were totally relaxed, scientists 
warned on Saturday.
Modelling passed to Downing Street warns that the UK 
would see a large spike in deaths if inoculation fails to
 significantly cut transmission.
A paper commissioned by SAGE subgroup SPI-M and 
produced by modellers at the University of Warwick 
showed a "high uptake" was also vital to get the 
country back to normal without risking a third 
wave of coronavirus.
It also warned that even with Britain's breakneck vaccine 
rollout underway, the decline in deaths is slow - and finds
 that even in a best-case scenario, lockdown would have 
to be kept in place until June to prevent another 
significant spike in deaths, according to 
the Telegraph.  
The paper said, "Only vaccines that offer high infection-
blocking efficacy with high uptake in the general 
population, allow for the relaxation of non-
pharmaceutical interventions, without 
a huge surge in deaths."
Experts think efficacy is currently at 60 percent 
but it is still an unknown.
SPI-M's other modelling groups at Imperial College London 
and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 
have reportedly reached similar conclusions.
Even in the best case scenario - where vaccines stop 85% of 
transmissions - lockdown will have to stay in place until May.
If lockdown was lifted mid-February, a third surge of 
infections would follow by April, the modelling found.
While efficacy at 85 percent would mean deaths peak at 1,000 
deaths a day, at 60 percent daily deaths would rise by an 
average of 500 to 1,500 a day.  
Dr Sam Moore, one of the paper's authors, said, "If we get 
very high infection blocking then this could almost be 
what delivers us from it, but it would have to be very 
high. Even vaccines with 85 percent infection 
blocking, are insufficient to drive 'R' below 
one on their own."
Because the R rate is now above three social distancing 
measures have to stay in place for longer for the 
vaccine to take effect without risking 
more deaths.
If the vaccine does provide a 60 percent block against 
coronavirus transmission, as experts have suggested, 
lockdown could end at the end of May, according to
 the Warwick model.
But a ban on large events and other social distancing 
restrictions would still need to be in place until the 
end of the year.      
A Government spokesman said, "At this early stage in 
the vaccination programme, scientists do not have 
sufficient data to advise how the vaccine may 
affect onward transmission." 
It comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson forced the 
EU into an extraordinary double climbdown during a 
dramatic late-night intervention to protect the UK's 
record-breaking vaccine rollout.
During two phone calls just 30 minutes apart, the prime 
minister made European Commission President Ursula 
von der Leyen ditch plans to stop 3.5 million doses of
 the Pfizer jab from reaching the UK from a factory in 
Belgium and abandon the "nuclear option" of 
imposing a hard border on Northern Ireland 
to prevent them reaching the UK.
Following his diplomatic victory, Britain on Friday 
recorded a daily record for first-dose jabs – 
487,756 – to bring the total to almost 
8.4 million.
In his phone calls, Johnson warned von der Leyen that 
her actions risked denying millions of UK pensioners 
their second Pfizer injections. 
She immediately capitulated in a tweet sent 
out shortly before midnight, on Friday. 
As part of an implicit "peace deal" with the EU, No 10 Friday 
adopted a conciliatory tone. Cabinet Office Minister Michael 
Gove said the EU recognised that it had "made a mistake" 
and both sides agreed on the need for a "reset".
Northern Ireland's First Minister Arlene Foster was less 
diplomatic, branding the EU's move an "incredible act 
of hostility". 


Halfway through this winter of Covid,
 overall mortality is around normal 
for this time of year. Something 
doesn’t add up
January 21st  (RT)

by Peter Andrews, Irish science journalist 
and writer based in London. He has a 
background in the life sciences, and 
graduated from the University of 
Glasgow with a degree in genetics

Although the numbers of deaths attributed to the virus 
in the UK are higher than they’ve ever been, in total, 
not many more people are dying than in any other 
cold season. Is the mainstream media finally 
waking up to this?

A recent article in the Telegraph is one of the first in a 
mainstream outlet to even suggest a challenge to the 
official coronavirus narrative. These days, that 
narrative claims that the ‘second wave’ is 
actually deadlier than the first. (Recently, 
some Branch Covidians have been 
claiming a ‘third wave’, but there
not yet a united front on that.)

The basic reasoning of the article is sound, even if it is 
long overdue. It laments how, every day, the media 
solemnly reports the latest Covid deaths' figures. 

Presenting this figure in isolation results in graphs 
that do, indeed, seem to show that we are at the 
height of a second, worse phase of a pandemic. 
But, like any statistics, daily death numbers are 
meaningless without context, which the media 
rarely provides.

They do not provide context because, if they did, the public 
might see a graph such as the one from a Telegraph article.
 It quite clearly shows the spring spike in overall mortality, 
which was caused by Covid (plus lockdowns). After that 
ends in summer, we see… nothing. Overall mortality 
ever since, even through this winter, hovers at 
around the five-year average. And overall 
mortality, as I’ve repeatedly pointed out, 
is the only true way to know whether 
you are in a pandemic or not – all 
other figures can easily be fiddled.

Out of whack

So, why are the excess death data & the Covid deaths data 
so out of whack? And why isn’t Covid killing lots and lots of 
people this winter, as it did in spring? Even if you ascribe all 
excess deaths to Covid and none to lockdown, there really 
does not seem to be anything out of the normal variation 
in total deaths from year to year. And surely, by now, the 
toll of unnecessary deaths caused by untreated cancer, 
heart disease, depression and so on, has at least 
begun to register.

One reason coronavirus might not be slaying all around it this 
winter is because, well, this is not its first winter. Remember: it 
is called Covid-19, as in 2019. Of course, the official version of
 history states that the virus didn't reach Western civilisation 
until the spring of 2020, but evidence for this assertion is 
based on dodgy polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests 
and a profound rejection of common sense. (By the 
way, how many people do you know who had a 
severe bout of pneumonia-like symptoms 
last winter?)

But the main reason for the disparity is obvious: mass PCR 
testing. Under the current regime (science is the wrong word), 
a ‘Covid death’ is someone who dies having tested positive for
 Covid within the previous 28 days. When you test all hospital 
patients, as the UK does, then some of them will turn out to be 
positive – how many depends largely on the way you do the 
tests. And the more tests you do, the more ‘Covid deaths’ 
you will generate. It is that simple. Dr Mike Yeadon has 
written extensively on this, which he calls the PCR 
false positive pseudo-epidemic.

Too little, too late

In another time, it might have been shocking that it took so long 
for the science editor of a broadsheet newspaper to wonder 
why, in the midst of a killer pandemic the world’s not seen
 for a century or so, the number of people dying in the 
country is ordinary. Better late than never I suppose, 
but do not take this as a sign that reinforcements 
are coming. Even this article makes absolutely 
sure to pledge allegiance to Covid orthodoxy, 
stating without evidence: “severe restrictions 
were … clearly essential to control the 

Most people do not get their information by sifting through 
government-issued statistics on websites designed to 
hinder you. But there used to be a word for someone 
who got paid to do exactly that and then tell the 
public, in plain English, what they found. Oh, 
that’s right – we used to call those people 
‘journalists’. There don’t seem to be many 
of them about these days, not even at
 the Telegraph.
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Police chief mocked after declaring
British ‘civic duty’
is snitching on
neighbours who violate
Covid-19 rules
(RT updated October 30th, 2020) 

A UK Chief constable has been deluged with mockery 
and Hitler memes, after arguing it’s every resident’s 
duty to turn in neighbours and local businesses for 
breaking lockdown rules and complaining about
how British culture reviles snitches.

UK residents who report their neighbours and local 
businesses to the police for violating the country’s 
increasingly stringent Covid-19 control measures 
are just doing their “civic duty” and should be 
praised, not ostracized, Merseyside chief 
constable Andy Cooke told the Daily
on Wednesday.

“People are doing a civic duty in contacting us for the 
right reasons,” he stated, insisting “the vast majority 
of people across the country are really concerned 
about this” and “any information that you can give 
us, in relation to breaches, will save lives, and
why people are [reporting to the police].”

Lamenting that the practice of turning one’s neighbour in
to the authorities for minor infractions wasn’t more widely 
accepted among respectable Brits, Cooke blamed a 
“sneering culture” for placing rats at the bottom of
the social hierarchy.

His remarks weren’t received well on social media, where 
users were quick to pull out the Nazi pics & Orwell quotes.

“This is what Hitler and Stalin demanded 
of their people,” one user pointed out. 

Others suggested the cops focus on fighting real crime. 
Merseyside saw a 6.3 percent increase in violent crime 
over the past year, according to statistics released
 in July.

A few played along, tweeting that they could “hear voices 
of people having fun and not living in fear” and “even
saw two people hugging, no face masks they were 
even smiling.”

Several suggested the strategy of enlisting civilians
police their neighbours would backfire, both by 
destroying trust in the police and by creating 
suspicion in communities.

Cooke’s paean to the common snitch came on the heels 
of similar comments by West Midlands Police and Crime 
Commissioner David Jamieson, who said in a Tuesday
 interview that police would not hesitate to break up 
Christmas and other holiday celebrations if they 
“flagrantly” violated the government’s rules 
on gatherings.

National Police Chiefs Council chair Martin Hewitt also promised 
“quicker enforcement” of “blatant” rule violations earlier this 
week, urging members of the public to report “egregious 
breaches” - like pubs being open past the 10pm cutoff - 
that “put everybody at risk.” As of Wednesday, the 
NPCC had issued 20,223 fines for violations of the 
Covid-19 restrictions, including 980 spot tickets
 for breaking lockdown.

Unlike Jamieson, however, Hewitt declined to speculate 
on whether his officers would be breaking up Christmas 
parties, instead merely urging the public to take heed 
of the rules in whatever part of the country they 
opted to spend the holiday. 

Despite a steep fall in the number of deaths with Covid-19 
from the pandemic’s peak earlier this year, the UK has
 introduced a strict three-tier lockdown nationwide, 
barring people from congregating in groups larger 
than six and prohibiting home visits.


Britain died for me this week. It’s become 
a Covid-obsessed police state, and I don’t 
understand what it stands for anymore
by Chris Sweeney. November 7th, 2020 

Chris Sweeney is an author and columnist who has written 
for newspapers such as The Times, Daily Express, The 
Sun and Daily Record, along with several international-
selling magazines. Follow him on Twitter 

I’ve always been proud to say I’m British – until now. The
 authorities’ bloody-minded determination to implement
lockdown rules at the expense of people’s wellbeing 
is not what our great country should be about.

Sometimes you can be too close. You are looking, but you
don’t see it. That’s where I found myself this week with 
the current state of Britain --- amid another round of 
ever tighter restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Don’t get me wrong. There are loads of things I’ve always 
loved about my country – our traditional British good 
manners for example. Rather than see it as a sign 
of weakness, I pride myself on our reputation 
for queuing in an orderly fashion. I also like 
that we hold the door open for the person 
behind us.

I admire our outstanding National Health Service, which 
allows everyone to access medical treatment without 
having to dig out a credit card or an insurance plan. 
And I enjoy flying British Airways over far-flung 
lands, offering me some form of attachment 
– even if it is superficial.

I won’t apologise for tea being regarded as the boring 
and bland equivalent to freshly ground coffee – it’s 
our drink, and I love it. And the way we honour 
our war heroes with the humble poppy, is
 thoroughly respectful.

But this week, some of that pride in being British 
died for me. It’s a very different sentiment I’m 
feeling. Beyond disillusionment. Fury even.

How could Britain have fallen so far 
in the way it treats its own people?

It began with the horrifying detention of a 97-year-old
grandmother by police in the Yorkshire town of Market
Weighton. Her daughter, a qualified nurse, wanted to 
bring her home from a care home, to look after her 
during lockdown, and quietly wheeled her out of
 the home.

However somewhere along the line, a jobsworth felt 
the need to justify their existence & reported what 
had happened. The episode ended with her grand-
daughter in tears filming a video, showing her 
mother in handcuffs inside a squad car, 
while the 
old woman sat in another car, 

The police’s response? They were responding 
to “a report of assault.” Incredible.

The horror continued, as students at the University of
 Manchester’s Fallowfield ''halls of residence'', awoke 
to find workers erecting fences around their facility 
to ensure they couldn’t leave. They were being 
installed, following government guidelines 
asking students not to return to their 
permanent homes.

One student said: “They're huge metal barriers, they're 
connected to one another and there's literally no gaps
….it makes it feel like we're in a prison.”

In what version of the United Kingdom do we keep our 
bright, young people caged like dogs? Unsurprisingly, 
some of the outraged students began to rip them 
down, causing even more angst.

Protests of more than two people 
will be ILLEGAL under updated
 rules for UK national lockdown

Another university using its power to force students 
to bend to its will, is world-famous Cambridge. It 
announced that anyone who leaves its halls 
of residence, won’t be able to graduate or 
progress to the next year. That’s despite 
each paying at least £9,250 per 
academic session.

Then there was the Ripped Gym in Harlow, Essex. It 
opted not to close --- in breach of the government’s 
latest lockdown. The morality of that is debatable, 
but the gym claims it didn’t sell any long-term 
memberships and offered only day passes. 
Whatever you think of the decision, what
 is beyond argument is that it didn’t need 
four police cars and approximately 20 
officers to descend in a raid-style 

Were they expecting John Gotti? Rather, it was a well-
meaning business owner & some locals on treadmills. 
The owner ended up being dragged away & was still 
in police custody, at the time of writing.

Contrast this with the most tragic occurrence, the death
 of Corey Liversedge. This 16-year old from Aberdeen-
shire took his own life, as anxiety overcame him as 
a result of the suffocating nature of lockdown.

His grieving parents summoned the bravery to raise 
awareness of his plight, with his mother saying, “It’s 
not just children with diagnosed mental health 
conditions — it can happen to any child, and 
Corey was any child.”

Britain used to be a nation that cared. But now, it seems
 that the priority is treating any slight infraction of lock-
down rules like a terrorist attack, while vulnerable 
people are left to struggle along on their own, 
without help from the wider community.

The complete lack of emotional intelligence from 
our authorities was evidenced by London police 
arresting 104 people in a single night for 
breaching regulations.

What happened to community engagement? Aren’t we 
all supposed to be on the same side? Incredibly, it’s 
now even illegal for anyone to enter or leave Wales
---  unless it is covered by the contentious term of 
“essential travel.” The police, of course, are 
monitoring the roads and pulling over cars 
to conduct checks.

Yes, the pandemic is a serious situation and we 
should not be complacent about 48,000 people 
dying. Precautions have to be taken.

But what is happening across the UK is nothing short 
of barbaric. Our police have turned into robots, 
carrying out whatever they are asked to, 
no matter how cruel or wrong.

The government has forgotten what a wonderful 
population they are tasked with representing, 
and are treating us all like North Korea 
does dissenters.

They say you never really truly appreciate something 
until it’s gone. And I’m petrified that the courteous, 
courageous sprit that defines Britain, is on the 
point of disappearing for good, crushed by 
the uncaring iron first of the Covid-
obsessed authorities.

We deserve better than this.

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COVID19 in the UK the story so far...
please see our Health page.

United Nations Universal Declaration on Bioethics and 
Human Rights, Article 6 - Consent: Any preventive, 
diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention 
is only to be carried out with the prior, free and 
informed consent of the person concerned. 

Article 3 - Human dignity and human rights: 
The interests and the welfare of the 
individual should have priority over 
the sole interest of science 
or society.


Roger Waters formerly of Pink Floyd, in an open letter,
 calls on his fellow musicians to boycott the Zionist
Israeli regime and follow the example of the cultural
boycott against the ex South African Apartheid regime.

“Given the inability or unwillingness of our governments
 [to act] …. I write to you now, my brothers and sisters …
 to ask you to join with me, and thousands of other artists
 around the world, to declare a cultural boycott on Israel,”
Roger Waters says in his letter.

Waters says the Zionist regime has been found guilty of
 major breaches of human rights and international law
 by international organizations, UN officials and the
International Court of Justice.

He touches on two such cases, saying the regime has been
 identified as perpetrating the “crime of Apartheid”, including
 in a statement on March 9th, 2012 by the UN Committee on
the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and the “crime of
ethnic cleansing” including in East Jerusalem (al-Quds).

Waters adds that he has been a member of the Boycott,
 Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against the
 Israeli regime’s occupation of the Palestinian lands and
 Tel Aviv’s violations of Palestinian human rights for 7
 years, and now wants other musicians to also join
anti-Israeli front.

“Please join me and all our brothers and sisters in global
 civil society in proclaiming our rejection of Apartheid in
 Israel & occupied Palestine, by pledging not to perform
 or exhibit in Israel or accept any award or funding from
 any institution linked to the government of Israel, until
 such time as Israel complies with international law
universal principles of human rights.” 

The former Pink Floyd Musician also says he has recently
 faced a boycott by the US media after his November 29th,
 2012 address at the UN on behalf of the Russell Tribunal.

In the address, he sought accountability for the Zionist
 regime’s violations of the international law and the lack
 of United Nations resolve that prevents the Palestinian
 people from achieving their inalienable rights,
the right of self-determination.



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Cash Spent On Privatising

NHS ‘Doubled’

Friday 13th January 2017
 by Lamiat Sabin

Purged Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn - before the present
boss grovelled to Zionists and quarantined him, revealed
how the huge amount of cash spent on privatising
parts of the NHS, has more than doubled,
under the Tories.

Mr Corbyn said: “The Conservatives are privatising
 our NHS by stealth, despite the repeated failures
 and costs of private provision.

“It saddles us with an expensive and unnecessary
internal market. It puts tax avoidance, not patient
 care, at the heart of its management. It also
 promotes excessive boardroom pay and
grotesque inequality.

“Health privateers are earning huge sums at
taxpayers’ expense, yet health workers are
 faced with a pay freeze.

“When health services are privatised, the brakes
 come off the pay - of the executives in charge.”

Health Emergency campaign director, John Lister,
 told the Star that it was “bizarre” how local clinical
 commissioning groups choose to divert cash into
 private companies, when investment needs to
 stay within the NHS.

He added: “Companies only want to pick up
profitable services such as elective care
and are not interested in taking the load
off under-pressure departments such
as A&Es.

“Despite the financial freeze, none of these firms
are making much money -- because the margins
 are small. It’s a pointless fracturing of the NHS.
The Health and Social Care Act 2012, was
 brought in by the Tories to facilitate this.”

Mr Corbyn says his new proposal would require
that no public-sector department or government
contracted firm, could pay top executives over
20 times the salary of the lowest-paid worker.

Patients and health workers are denied quality
 of care and sufficient resources -- because the
 pay of bosses in the sector skyrockets. He said
 that the policy “will apply to the private health
 companies who bid for NHS contracts and pay
 their top executives indefensible & sometimes
 obscene amounts.

“Shrinking the widening pay gap in health will
aid Labour’s plans to end health privatisation
 and bring services into a secure, publicly
 provided NHS.”

(source - Morning Star)


How to select or reselect your MP

New edition by Dave Osland. £4 from left-wing
bookshops, or Five Leaves Bookshop, Notts.

Post free to mail order customers via
0115 8373097 or via PayPal on

Rhondda Records exists to express the Rhondda's
vision --- when it was confident, powerful, caring,
and socialist.

A Rhondda very aware
of the media's poisonous
tricks -- how they con working class people into
attacking each other, or racial groups, or, often,
even their best allies and friends... instead of
seeing their real enemies:--- an elite who hate
the very idea that working people can think,
create, or achieve a fairer society.

Thatcher said her proudest achievement was
Blair and New Labour - who parachuted in
careerists and expenses fiddlers - to stop
local Labour members having a say, and
who made genuine socialist MPs leave
the Labour party in disgust and many
members and voters to despair...
and the young to stop voting.

Jeremy Corbyn was always attacked because
he was trying to reverse all that New Labour
corruption --- that's why membership was
flooding in all over the UK - watch this
video in Kilburn, London: don't believe
the dripping poison of the media and
the corrupt MPs -- and understand
Jeremy's role !



March 22nd, 2018 
Karl Rogers Analysis, UK
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On 20 March, the Labour Party appointed Jennie Formby
as its new general secretary. The right-wing press
immediately attacked her appointment.

 Ignoring her formidable record as a union organiser and
work in the NEC, Formby has been represented as
Jeremy Corbyn’s puppet - and as evidence of his
 “hard-left” seizure of the Labour Party machine.
But it’s obvious why the press barons
running scared.

Media red scaremongering

Formby barely had time to update her Linkedin profile
and Twitter feed...  before the right-wing press came
gunning for her. Predictably, the billionaire-owned
 propaganda machine, spun the news of her
 appointment, as a sinister seizure of power
by Corbyn & Unite leader Len McCluskey.

The Telegraph ran the headline: Corbyn and McCluskey
 tighten grip on Labour party as ally Jennie Formby
 appointed party’s new general secretary. The
 Express went with: Corbyn cements grip on
Labour as hard-left union boss Formby
named general secretary. The Sun
also framed the appointment as
an imposed “hard-left” takeover
 of the Labour Party. And The
Times declared “moderates
are no longer welcome”
 in the Labour Party.

Heather Stewart, political editor of The Guardian,
termed the appointment a “coronation” and
declared it the culmination of Corbyn’s
“two-year battle” to gain “complete
 control of the party machine”.

She has been a member of the Labour Party for 40 years.

She was regional officer in the UK’s largest trade union
– Unite – for 17 years. In 2004, she became the national
officer for Unite’s Food, Drink, and Tobacco Sector.

Between 2013 and 2016, she was political director
 of Unite, before becoming the southeast regional
secretary. She has been on the NEC for
seven years.

In other words, her appointment to general secretary of
the Labour Party, is the result of her experience and
abilities as a trade union organiser.

As Corbyn said, when he congratulated Formby:

''Her talent, experience and commitment to the Labour
and Trade Union movement, makes me confident
will play a crucial role in building on last
inspiring General Election advance
and taking
our party forward to victory.''

Her predecessor, Iain McNicol, said:

''As someone who has dedicated her life to fighting for
workers’ rights, equality and social justice, I know
Jennie will put all the commitment, drive and
organising talent, into getting Labour into
government and Jeremy into Number 10.''

Running scared

The press is scared of Formby......
she will be good at her job.

Get Involved!


Jewish Labour Movement Chair & exec
call for investigation into Israeli

5th of February 2017
by Mike Sivier

This is deeply disturbing information
 from the Skwawkbox. Read:

Riverside Labour MP Louise Ellman is Chair of the JLM
(Jewish Labour Movement) and vice-Chair of Labour
Friends of Israel (LFI). The former organisation is
highly controversial because of its affiliation with
 the openly pro-apartheid Israeli Labour Party
‘Havoda’ and the latter as it was specifically
mentioned by the Israeli
embassy operative
filmed by an
undercover Al Jazeera reporter,

 in connection with his actions: in setting up
pro-Israeli groups
inside the Labour party.

Supporters of both groups have been prominent
in the discredited, but persisting, antisemitism
smear against the national party.

And it appears that Ms Ellman and her allies in
 Riverside CLP – in spite of the obvious conflict
 of interest – have no intention of allowing
members to add their voices to the calls
for a full Labour investigation into the
 infiltration of the party by a foreign

Source: JLM Chair and exec block CLP call
for investigation into Israeli interference:



REVEALED: NUS official colluded with
Israeli embassy to oust student leader
Middle East Eye

by Mike Sivier
of Vox Political

The worms are coming out of the woodwork now.

Shall we pencil in the Union of Jewish Students
as one of Shai Masot’s “front” organisations for
 the Israeli government?

A senior official from the UK’s National
 Union of Students, has been covertly
filmed conspiring --- to oust the NUS
president Malia Bouattia as part of a
 sting involving the Israeli embassy.

An undercover Al-Jazeera reporter – known
only as Robin – posed as a political activist
with links to the now disgraced Israeli
diplomat Shai Masot - to investigate
 the influence the Israeli embassy
 exerts on British politics.

“Robin” is heard discussing how to oust
Ms Bouattia from her position as NUS
president with NUS Vice President
Richard Brooks --- after Masot
 introduces him as the Chair
of the Young Labour
Friends of Israel.



Ms Walker, a lifelong anti-racist campaigner and
 socialist, was suspended from the Labour Party
 in May, amidst allegations of anti-Semitism. She
was reinstated but has been suspended again, 
after apparently being “set up” at a training
event organised by the Jewish Labour
Movement during the party’s national
conference in September.

She writes: “I was suspended from the Labour Party
in May of this year, amidst what appears to have
a breach of Data Protection law, by Iain
McNicol, as
General Secretary of the
Labour Party.

“I was suspended for the alleged (subsequently
cleared) charge of antisemitism. As a Jewish
person, whose partner is Jewish, this was

“Since May I have continued to be targeted by
 the media, in print, online and in other places.

“Currently I am suspended for questions asked at
 a training session on ‘Confronting Antisemitism
& Engaging Jewish Voters’ at this year’s Labour
Conference, after being unethically filmed by a
 Jewish Labour Movement campaigns officer
who is also a Labour councillor. It seems this
training was not a ‘safe space for all Jews’
by any means.

“As soon as the first article was released before
my notification had even arrived, trolls circled
the kill, posting spooky blacked up faces
worse) to my Facebook account. The
& national newspapers led the
querying my Jewish identity (a
racist move
in itself), my work as an
anti-racist activist
and my political

“When my suspension was lifted, things got worse.
Indignation at my alleged breach reached the heights
 of irony, when Nigel Farage, anxious not to miss out
on the fun being had by among others, the Spectator,
a number of Labour MPs and officers of the Party...
 dedicated an article in Breitbart, and a good
of righteous indignation on national
TV, to
publicly calling me out as a racist.

“The widespread hate campaign against me, led
to public abuse, strangers shouting ‘racist’ as I
walked to the tube. With the murderous racist
political discourse now taking the place of
debate, I became conscious I was
recognisable on the street.

“My story is just one of many where Labour members
have found themselves in a similar position. While
 this may not be the only case where a breach has
 occurred, as I was abroad at the time, it may well
be the most provable.

“We invite anybody who has a personal interest
in this case, or the wider public, to contribute.”

Solicitor Martin Howe, representing Ms Walker,
added: “Jackie Walker has faced a barrage of
 hurtful, threatening & nasty abuse since the
 private details of her investigation by the
Labour Party over alleged anti-Semitism
leaked to the press before she even
of her suspension by the Party.

“This apparent breach of her private data has
had a devastating impact on her public and
private well-being and has led directly to her
being pre-judged & unfairly cast as a racist
-- before she was given any opportunity to
her side of the story.

“Data Protection laws are there to protect all
of us and any breach is a very serious matter.”

If you would like to contribute to her fund,
details are on the web page.

Source: CrowdJustice –
Crowdfund public interest law

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 to share it. Politics is about everybody – so
try to get everybody involved!


Get Involved!

– If you feel you’ve been ‘purged’,
take this online survey:


or this one:


– Request all your own data that
the Labour Party holds on you:


– Sign the petition in support of
Jeremy Corbyn, if you agree:




“Any member who is suspended & intends
to appeal the decision should throw in a
 ‘Subject Access Request in accordance
with the Data Protection Act’ --- for ALL
 data that the Labour Party hold on them.

The Labour Party are Data Controllers and
 therefore have to, by law, provide you with
 all material/information they hold on you.”

If anyone is in contact with anyone who
was barred from voting --- please can
you pass this info on:

The Labour leadership election was under the
jurisdiction of the electoral reform services.

If you were unfairly deprived of your vote you
can call them on 0208 365 8909 and lodge
 your complaint, and inform them of your
Data Protection request.


The notification letters barring new members
did not give a clear reason, or information on
how to appeal, so Vox Political suggests that
 anyone in this situation, could also contact
 Liz Davies here: http://www.whycantivote.com

She is a barrister --- who can
advise members on what to do.



1)  "Military action was not a last resort".

2) UK government "undermined the
of the UN security council.

3) Weapons of Mass Destruction presented
 "with a certainty that was not justified".

4) UK forces were "ill-prepared".

5a) "The government failed to
achieve its stated objectives."

5b) Post-war planning: Blair "should
 have known what might happen".

6) Chilcot says Blair also "overlooked the
 threat the invasion would pose to Britain."


Blair to Face Law

The former prime minister has been put on notice
 by families of dead servicemen, that he will face
 legal action, for his part in the illegal Iraq war.

They are being crowd-funded now, and
have raised so much money, that Blair
probably heading for a big fall...

Shadow Commons leader Paul Flynn:
the Iraq Inquiry's findings are an "utter
 condemnation" of his terrible decision
 --- and his prosecution should now be
given "serious consideration".

Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond:
"I would like to see Blair investigated by
International Criminal Court (ICC),
the crime of a war of aggression,
face parliamentary action to
him holding public office
ever again."

A former British ambassador to the UN:
 "The UK was pushed into entering
military action, too early."

Stop the War Coalition Convener Ms German:
“This is an incredibly damning report for Tony Blair.
It will not call for legal sanctions, but it says that
Blair is culpable for the war, in many ways.

“He needs to be driven out of public life. He is
still part of the Labour Party. We need to make
 sure that truth & justice prevails. There must
 be legal action against Blair, & he should no
 longer be considered fit for any office.”

CND general secretary Kate Hudson:
 “The report shows that Tony Blair had
no respect for cabinet procedure, no
respect for Parliament, & no respect
for international law.

“Chilcot reveals the evidence that must now be
 used to bring Tony Blair to justice. This is our
 demand. Only when justice is served, can we
prevent disasters like the Iraq war from ever
happening again.”

 Iraqi journalist Juma al-Quraishi:
"Everyone who took part in the war against Iraq
should be condemned, either Britain, or others."

Baghdad resident Ali al-Saraji:
"Ex-UK prime minister, Tony Blair, destroyed
 our country. From 2003, to now, our country
has been the scene of destruction, killing,
massacres, explosions and sectarianism."

A defiant Blair refuses to accept accusations
 from service families that he was wrong and
reckless, and he insists that he would make
 the decision again, 'come what may'.

 Families of some of the 179 military personnel
 killed in Iraq, say the former PM is "a terrorist".

 Jeremy Corbyn has offered an apology,
 on Labour's behalf, for the "stain on
our party and our country".


Tony Blair: Guilty In The
 Eyes Of The Public
August 1st
by Steve Sweeney

Teflon Tony Blair escaped justice yet again yesterday -
after High Court judges blocked a private prosecution
against the former PM for war crimes over the
invasion of Iraq.

Campaigners accused the Establishment of a “concerted
 and coordinated effort” to exonerate Mr Blair for his role
 in the Iraq war, in which one million people were killed.

Stop the War Coalition convener Lindsey German branded
Mr Blair as “the most protected war criminal in the world.”
However, she said: “In the court of public opinion
he has
long been found guilty.”

Iraqi General Abdul Wahed Shannan al-Rabbat had sought
 a private prosecution against Mr Blair, along with then
foreign secretary Jack Straw and attorney general
 Lord Goldsmith.

He accused Mr Blair of committing a “crime of aggression”
 by invading Iraq in 2003 and his lawyers asked permission
 from the High Court to seek judicial review to get the
Supreme Court to overturn a 2006 House of Lords
ruling that there is no such crime under the law
 of England and Wales.

Gen al-Rabbat brought the case after Westminster magistrates
refused to issue summonses in November last year claiming
 the trio had immunity from prosecution for decisions taken
 while in government.

However the appeal was dismissed yesterday by the Lord
 Chief Justice as having “no prospect” of succeeding.

But Michael Mansfield QC said that the findings of the
Chilcot Report justified the prosecution of Mr Blair.

He said that the inquiry showed Saddam Hussein did not
pose an urgent threat to British interests and that the
 intelligence regarding weapons of mass destruction
 had been presented with “unwarranted certainty.”

The QC said that as the international crime of a war of
aggression had been accepted at the time of the
Nuremberg trials of nazi war crimes, it was the
duty of British courts to follow the example
and prosecute those responsible for the
 Iraq war.

The Nuremberg judges had said that war “is essentially
 an evil thing. Its consequences are not confined to the
 belligerent states alone, but affect the whole world.

“To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an
international crime; it is the supreme international crime
differing only from other war crimes in that it contains
within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament general secretary
Kate Hudson branded the decision as “hugely
disappointing” and said that “justice had
been left undone.”

She said: “Last year’s Chilcot report showed that Blair
had no respect for Cabinet procedure, no respect for
Parliament and no respect for international law.

“Iraq was devastated by the war Blair led Britain into,
 millions of innocent Iraqis were killed, British
were killed and terrorism has
spread across the
Middle East.

“Chilcot revealed the evidence that must now be used
 to bring Blair to justice. Only when justice is served
can we prevent disasters like the Iraq war from
happening again.”

(Source - Morning Star)



A huge drop in working-class Labour MPs,
caused a massive drop in support among
 voters with similar backgrounds, reveals
 research seeking to explain why support
has dwindled in the party’s heartlands.

The study says past leaders like Kinnock
 and Blair made a concerted effort to pick
 “more and more middle-class candidates
to run for office, during the 80s and 90s,
 as part of an effort to rebrand” -- which
had initial successes at the ballot box.

But this “conscious electoral strategy”
stored up problems, as working-class
 voters who initially, just didn’t vote in
response, now seek an alternative.

The solution? Trust each constituency to put
forward its own candidates, and don't impose
 ‘party-approved’ choices who can't do the job.

Now, unfortunately, there are "entryist"  MPs who, for
decades, have been groomed by CIA cold war relic
organisations -- like the Atlantic Council -- and are
now trying to misdirect the Labour Party towards
cuts, a militarised police, and a US war agenda...

- and their anti-Corbyn slant is hobbling Labour.

‘How Can I Deselect My Labour MP?’ A Short Guide
to Reselection and Democratic Accountability
by Eric Sim, excellent free advice here:




Chris Bryant, the Rhondda's dodgy MP,
was on TV -- as soon as the PLP coup
started -- telling us that Jeremy MUST
go, because it was the ONLY way to
act in the Labour Party's interest...

Chris Bryant's voting record:
from TheyWorkForYou.com

On Tuition Fees:

On 27 Jan 2004:
Chris Bryant voted in favour of university tuition
fees increasing from £1,125 per year, to up to
£3,000 per year.

On 31 Mar 2004:
Chris Bryant voted to allow university tuition fees
 to increase from £1,125 per year, to up to £3,000
 per year.

On 31 Mar 2004:
Chris Bryant voted for the introduction of variable
university tuition fees (top-up fees) of up to £3,000
per year in place of the previous fixed fee of £1,250
per year.

On 31 Mar 2004:
Chris Bryant voted to allow university tuition fees
to increase from £1,125 per year to up to £3,000
per year, and to make other changes to higher
education funding and regulation arrangements.

On 14 Sep 2004:
Chris Bryant voted against: the immediate abolition
 of all tuition fees, the re-introduction of maintenance
grants of up to £2,000 for students from low-income
homes, and changes to the country's higher
education system.

On 14 Sep 2004:
Chris Bryant voted to reject the Liberal
Democrat policy of abolition of tuition fees.

On 25 May 2016:
Chris Bryant was absent for a vote on Queen's
Speech - Forcing Schools to Become Academies
- Further Rises in University Tuition Fees

On Human Rights:

Consistently voted for introducing ID cards

Almost always voted for requiring the mass
retention of information about communications

Generally voted for mass surveillance of
people’s communications and activities

On the Environment:

Generally voted against greater regulation
 of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to extract
 shale gas

On Special Interests:

Almost always voted against limits
 on success fees paid to lawyers in
no-win no fee cases

Generally voted against a
statutory register of lobbyists

On War or Peace:

Generally voted for use of UK military
 forces in combat operations overseas

Consistently voted for the Iraq war

Consistently voted against an
 investigation into the Iraq war

Generally voted for replacing Trident
 with a new nuclear weapons system

On 2 Dec 2015:
Voted to support UK airstrikes in Syria
[without UN authorisation]

On 2 Dec 2015:
Voted to support UK airstrikes in Syria
[without UN authorisation]

On Independence:

Generally voted for more EU integration


Chris Bryant Labour MP
From Wikipedia

(aka 1962-1986: Mr Christopher John Bryant
1986-1991: The Reverend Christopher John
Bryant, 1991-2001: Mr Christopher John
Bryant, 2001-: Mr Christopher John
Bryant MP.)

Born in Cardiff, to a Scottish mother & a Welsh
 father, Bryant grew up in Cardiff, Wales (where
 his father worked for 5 years), and Cheltenham.

He was educated at Cheltenham College, an
independent school for boys in the spa town
of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, where he
was captain of the school swimming team,
and Mansfield College at the University of
Oxford, where he graduated in 1983, with
 a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in English.
 This was later promoted to a Master of
Arts degree (MA (Oxon)), as per tradition.

After completing his first degree, Bryant began
 training to be a priest in the Church of England
at Ripon College, Cuddesdon, in Oxfordshire.
There, he obtained a degree in theology.

Although a member of the Conservative
 Party, and an elected office-holder in the
 Oxford University Conservative Association,
he joined the Labour Party in 1986, after
leaving Oxford.

He was ordained deacon in 1986 and priest in
1987. He served as a Curate at the Church of
 All Saints, High Wycombe, from 1986 to 1989;
then as a Youth Chaplain in Peterborough,
as well as travelling in Latin America.

In 1991 Bryant left the ordained ministry, after
deciding that being gay and being a priest,
were incompatible. Statements made by
 Richard Harries, then Bishop of Oxford,
 also influenced his decision.

After leaving the priesthood in 1991, Bryant
worked as the election agent to the Holborn
 and St Pancras Constituency Labour Party,
 where he helped Frank Dobson hold his seat
 in the 1992 general election.

From 1993, he was Local Government officer
for the Labour Party; he lived in Hackney and
 was elected to Hackney Borough Council in
1993, serving until 1998. He became Chair of
the Christian Socialist Movement.

 He is both a member of the Labour Friends
 of Israel and Labour Friends of Palestine &
 the Middle East. From 1994 to 1996 he was
 London manager of the leader-grooming
 "charity", Common Purpose.

 He was Labour candidate for Wycombe, in the
 1997 general election (he lost by 2,370 votes),
and Head of European Affairs for the BBC,
from 1998.

His selection for the very safe Labour seat of
Rhondda, South Wales in 2000, shocked many
 people given Bryant's background – gay, an ex-
Anglican vicar, and someone who was a Tory,
while studying at Oxford, and a member now,
of the Henry Jackson Society 'think tank' ---
 described by The Guardian newspaper as
 'neoconservative'. It is pro-US, pro-NATO
and pro-military intervention, as well as
being fundamentally anti-socialist.

 Fifty-two people applied for the candidature
and a local councillor was hot favourite to
 win, before Bryant was parachuted in.

In 2004, a photograph of Mr Bryant in his
 underpants, which he had posted to a gay
 dating website, was published in 'papers.

When an interviewer suggested he was
 a 'disgrace to the Rhondda', he replied:
"They can't get rid of me."

His pay, allowances and some expenses:

The basic annual salary for an MP, from
April 1st, 2016 is £74,962.  MPs also get
 expenses: to cover the costs of running
 an office, employing staff, having some-
where to live in London, plus, in their
constituency and travelling between
 Parliament and their constituency.

His MP's expenses story:

Chris Bryant changed second home
 twice to claim £20,000: the deputy
leader of the House of Commons,
 "flipped" his second home twice,
 in 2 years, allowing him to claim
 almost £20,000 for renovations
 and fees.

Chris Bryant, MP for the Rhondda, split over
 £92,000 of expenses between 3 properties
 in Wales and London --- within five years.

In 2004, he attempted to claim £58,000 to
 overhaul his second home in Wales, after
allegedly complaining that properties in
his constituency were "terrace or mine
 owners' houses".

Mr Bryant, a former Church of England clergyman,
wanted the money for a new bathroom & kitchen,
 and to demolish his conservatory. He'd bought the
 detached house for £97,500, under a year earlier.

 He submitted a claim to the Commons fees office for
 £58,493.26 --- almost 3 times the annual maximum.
 He noted that the claim exceeded his allowance.

His alleged justification was disclosed... in
 correspondence between Commons officials.
 By email, an official wrote: "He had problems
finding a suitable property because in the
Rhondda there is a choice mainly of terraced
 property or mine owners' houses." When
approached by the Daily Telegraph,
Mr Bryant said: "I have never said
 or thought anything of the sort".

 In all, he successfully claimed over £13,000
 for renovations, repairs & appliances, in 2004.
Along with other bills, his annual claim was

In April 2005, he flipped his expenses to his flat in
 west London, which he bought for £400,000 in April
 2002. He also claimed £630 a month for mortgage
 interest, along with other bills. After claiming over
 £3,600 over 3 months, he sold the flat in July 2005
 for £477,000.

Mr Bryant used his profits to buy a more expensive
 flat in west London, which was valued at £670,000.
 He immediately flipped his second home expenses
 there, claiming almost £6,400 in stamp duty, legal
fees and mortgage fees, incurred in the purchase.

He then began claiming interest of £1,000 a month
on the mortgage. He also claimed a further £6,000
 a year for the flat's service charge and ground rent.

In all, he claimed £92, 415 in second
home expenses, from 2004 to 2009.

Mr Bryant said at the time: "I moved flat in
 London, so as to be closer to Parliament."

Research by Channel 4 News in 2015 found that
at least 46 MPs had this kind of system in place
– a move one Labour backbencher described as
“a new fiddle”. Channel 4 reported then:

“Our investigation found that many of the MPs