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21CW reports that DU munitions are probably 
being (or going to be) used in Ukraine ...OMG 
... if true, this is a terrible war-crime
Good Luck everyone... 

We know our contribution is little, but
in today's circumstances, where the
USA is pushing for war in Europe,
by using their 'clients' in Kiev...
which could end all life.. we
will continue on all days
...to pass on the most
pertinent news on
the Peace Page.

'Peace Love' below.....
is, Poet claims, ''delicious'' reggae.
If you support its message - and
we hope you do - 
please 'like'
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press the
subscribe button today. 
Support peace and love.

Journalist: To end war ------
prosecute US, UK officials
who wage(d) it illegally
October 22nd, 10:12pm (PressTV)
The world must finally put an end to the impunity of war
 criminals, by holding US and UK officials responsible 
for launching the illegal war on Iraq, done without
 the approval of the UN Security Council, and 
prosecuting them --- under the Nuremberg 
principles, US journalist Don DeBar said.
DeBar made the remarks in an interview with Press TV while
commenting on a report which has revealed that the British
military inquiries into abuse against Iraqi nationals... have
been closed without a single prosecution being brought,
even though the credibility of many "shocking and 
shameful incidents" during the war in the Middle 
Eastern country, have been confirmed.
British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said in a statement 
this week that the Service Police Legacy Investigations, 
which was looking at claims of abuse in Iraq, had now 
"officially closed its doors."
In March 2003, the US and Britain invaded Iraq in blatant
 violation of international law and under the pretext of 
finding WMDs; but no such weapons were ever 
discovered in Iraq.
More than one million Iraqis were killed - as the result of
 the US-led invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq
--- according to the California-based investigative 
organization, Project Censored.
The US war in Iraq cost US taxpayers $1.7 trillion with
 an additional $490 billion in benefits owed to war
expenses that could grow to more than
$6 trillion over the
 next four decades counting
interest, according to a study
 called Costs of
War Project  ---  by the Watson Institute for 
International Studies at Brown University.
DeBar told Press TV that the Iraq war 
was illegal from the very beginning.
"It is illegal for a nation to make war on another nation if it 
does not have the approval of the UN Security Council, if 
any of those nations are signatories to the original UN 
Charter. And it’s been adopted - that happened with 
the US, as a charter member of the UN -- and it was 
approved by the US Senate in the 1940s.

the US involvement in Iraq from
the beginning, and 
the UK involvement in Iraq
from the beginning, 
was illegal,” he said.
“And under the Nuremberg standards, which would then
 apply, each and every death consequent – intentional 
or not - to either US or UK military action there, or 
condoning of the US action there, by the media 
or public officials, or any act facilitating that, 
is an individual war crime. And, by the way,
 there’s a death penalty for that,” the 
journalist noted.
“No one will prosecute these people. That’s why I started
 with the word impunity. And we might bookend with that
 because that’s the problem. And until the world puts an
 end to that impunity, until the world sees the major 
contradiction in all international relations, is US, 
UK, and EU imperialism, then it’s going to 
continue until this eats our species,” 
he stated.
A damning White House memo had revealed details of the
 so-called “deal in blood” forged by former British Prime
 Minister Tony Blair and US President George W. Bush
 over the Iraq war.
The document, titled “Secret... Memorandum for the
 President”, was sent by then-US Secretary of State 
Colin Powell to President Bush on March 28th,
a week before Bush’s summit with Blair
at his 
Crawford ranch in Texas.
The sensational memo, revealed that Blair had agreed to
 support the war a year before the invasion even started
 while publicly, the British prime minister was working
 find a diplomatic solution to the crisis.
The document also disclosed that Blair agreed to act as a
 spin doctor for Bush and convince a skeptical public that 
Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass
 Destruction, which actually did not exist.
In response, Bush would flatter Blair and give the 
impression that London was not Washington’s 
poodle but an equal partner in the
 “special relationship.”
Powell told Bush that Blair “will be with us” on the 
Iraq war, and assured the president that “"the UK 
will follow our lead in the Middle East."
Blair has always denied the claim that he and Bush 
signed a deal “in blood”, at Crawford, to launch a 
war against Iraq that began on March 20th, 2003, 
that has killed hundreds of thousands of people.
The Powell memo, however, showed how Blair and 
Bush secretly prepared the Iraq war plot behind 
closed doors at Crawford.
Powell told Bush: “He will present to you the strategic, 
tactical and public affairs lines, that he believes will 
strengthen global support for our common cause.”
Dan Welch: Mourn the millions of victims 
of US war policy, not its chief apologist
US political commentator Daniel Patrick Welch 
decries the use of official funerals, like Colin 
Powell's. Powell died on Monday, at the age 
of 84, due to complications from COVID-19.
Both Democrats and Republicans lauded the four-
star general as a giant of public service and an 
African-American hero. They praised the US’s 
first Black secretary of state, and his leader-
ship and integrity.
Former US President Donald Trump, however, 
lambasted the media on Tuesday for what he 
said was too-favorable coverage of Powell
 following his death.
"Wonderful to see Colin Powell, who made big 
mistakes on Iraq and - famously - so-called 
weapons of mass destruction, be treated 
in death so beautifully by the Fake 
News Media. Hope that happens 
to me someday," Trump said
 in a statement.


 21 killed, including 18 children, 
in shooting at Texas 
elementary school
May 25th, 11:15am (al Manar)
A gunman has shot dead 18 young children and three
 adults at an elementary school in the US state of
 Texas, in the deadliest US school shooting since 
the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut, 
which left 20 children and six staff killed.
Texas State Senator Roland Gutierrez, of San Antonio
 said on Tuesday, he was briefed by state police on 
the latest fatalities at Robb Elementary School in
 Uvalde, The Associated Press reported.
“I was just briefed by the Texas Rangers, 18 children
 have passed on,” Gutierrez told CNN, adding three
 adults had also been killed.
Additionally, 3 people wounded in the 
attack reportedly, were hospitalized 
...in a serious condition.
US President Joe Biden denounced the US 
gun lobby, and vowed to end the nation’s 
cycle of mass shootings.
“It’s time to turn this pain into action for every 
parent, for every citizen of this country,” 
Biden said, his voice heavy 
with emotion.
“It’s time for those who obstruct or delay or 
block commonsense gun laws — we need 
to let you know that we will not forget,”
 he said.
The militant, identified by law enforcement, as 
18-year-old Salvador Ramos, was also killed, 
Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, said, in a
conference.. earlier in the day,
after the attack in Uvalde.
The incident is the latest in a spree of deadly
shootings in the US, where horror at the 
cycle of gun violence... has failed to 
spur enough action to end it.
The governor said Ramos was a student at 
Uvalde High School. Uvalde Police Chief, 
Pete Arredondo, said it appears... that 
Ramos acted alone.
Arredondo said there were “several injuries.”

 University Health officials said a 10-year-
old girl and a 66-year-old woman, were 
being treated at University Hospital, 
and were in a critical condition.
Abbott said the gunman was believed to have 
shot his grandmother, before heading to
Elementary School, at around
abandoning his vehicle and 
entering with a handgun...
and possibly, also a rifle.
Source: Agencies (edited by 
Al-Manar English Website)

West Nabs Ukraine Wheat
As 8.7 Million Ukrainians
May 24th, 9:39pm
The Russian Defense Ministry reports that 
the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, is 
deteriorating: "8.7 million people are 
starving, 22.8 % of children under 
the age of five suffer from 
The ministry pointed out: that Western countries 
want to export grain from Ukraine as quickly as 
possible, while declaring humanitarian support.

Hungary’s government gets 
emergency powers from 
Wednesday — Orban
May 24th, 6:32pm (TASS)
 Hungary’s government will get emergency powers
 from Wednesday --- amid the conflict in Ukraine, 
which has caused economic turmoil in Europe
--- the country’s Prime Minister 
on Tuesday.
According to him, the conflict in Ukraine 
threatens the energy and financial 
security of the country.
"We see that the war and the sanctions of Brussels
 have led to huge economic shocks and a sharp 
rise in prices. The world is on the brink of an 
economic crisis," he said in a video message 
on Facebook (owned by Meta corporation,
outlawed in Russia as an extremist 
The state of emergency will take
 effect at midnight, he said.
Earlier...  Orban stressed --- that the imposition
of an embargo on Russian oil imports --- would 
cause "serious supply problems" in Hungary,
undermine the country's energy security, 
and result in a "price shock" for its 
population and businesses. 
He noted that his country opposes ill-considered
sanctions against Russia -- which, according to 
him, are comparable to the action of an atomic
bomb, and lead to famine and unprecedented 
mass migration. 
Orban also noted that the European Commission's (EC)
plan to phase out Russian fossil fuels by 
presented last week --- does not 
proposals for additional 
funding for
"the most 
concerned members 
of the landlocked

“You will beg Russia”: 
British residents criticize
government for refusing 
fuel from Russian
May 23rd, 10:48am 
Source: Gazeta.ru
Dissatisfied Britons fired criticism at the management
of local Sainsbury’s petrol stations, which decided to
refuse fuel supplies from Russia. The latter intends
to introduce a complete ban, by the end of this 
year – so far, it only concerns diesel.
The owners of the largest network of petrol stations
 have already faced extreme indignation from the
 British consumer.
In total, the network of companies, according to the 
Birmingham Mail, has about three hundred gas
 stations. According to the indignant British, 
Britain will soon rush to desperately beg 
Moscow to supply fuel.
“All this will backfire on Boris Johnson, who is
entangled in this country’s economy, and 
everything else, but he is giving away so 
much money to Ukraine and increasing 
the cost of living for us. All he needs -
to wake up as soon as possible,”
said one user.
With heated criticism of the fuel company, and, at 
the same time, of their own government, the 
British spoke in unison on social networks.
“How will this affect Russia? It’s only a matter of time
 before you beg for fuel from Russia again. This
 government has no brains. Other countries 
will be more than happy to take this fuel, 
since it is required in every country,” 
another rages.
“Everything is one-sided about Ukraine. Why? 
Meanwhile, terrorists have been bombing 
and killing innocent people for over 
13 years.”
Meanwhile, the price of diesel in Britain continues to
 skyrocket – just this month, its price reached record 
levels, reaching a sad 180.29 pence per litre (which 
is about 133 rubles).
Such a depressing increase in the fuel price tag, 
according to experts, is observed solely due to
the short-sighted decision of the British 
authorities, to refuse the supply of 
Russian raw materials.

 US Southern Baptist leaders 
stonewalled, denigrated sex
 abuse victims: Report
May 23rd 6:07am (PressTV)
Leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention, the
 largest Protestant denomination in the US, 
silenced and denigrated sexual abuse 
survivors over two decades ago, a 
new investigation has revealed.
According to the scathing 288-page investigative
report by Guidepost Solutions, released Sunday, 
a few senior members of the largest Protestant 
Christian denomination in the US, aided by 
counselors, stonewalled and denigrated 
sex abuse victims to protect their
For about two decades, these survivors and other
 concerned Southern Baptists had repeatedly 
shared allegations of sex abuse in the 
church... with the SBC's executive 
committee, "only to be met, time 
and time again, with resistance, 
stonewalling, and even outright 
hostility from some within the 
EC," the report based on a 7
month investigation states.
"Our investigation revealed that, for many years, 
a few senior EC leaders, along with outside 
counsel... largely controlled the EC's 
response to these reports of abuse
 ...and were singularly focused on 
avoiding liability for the SBC," 
notes the report.
"In service of this goal, survivors and others who
 reported abuse, were ignored, disbelieved, or 
met with the constant refrain that the SBC 
could take no action.. due to its polity 
regarding church autonomy  ---  even 
if it meant that convicted molesters
continued in the ministry -- with no
or warning to their current
or congregation.”
The report noted that an EC staffer had kept a list of
 Baptist ministers accused of abuse, but there was 
no indication anyone “took any action to ensure 
that the accused ministers were no longer in 
positions of power at SBC churches”.
“While stories of abuse were minimized, and survivors
 were ignored or even vilified, revelations came to 
light, in recent years, that some senior SBC 
leaders had protected or even supported 
alleged abusers,” the report states.
SBC President Ed Litton, in a statement, Sunday, said
 he was “grieved to my core” for the victims, calling
 on Southern Baptists...  to prepare to change the 
denomination's culture and implement reforms.
“I pray Southern Baptists will begin preparing today 
to take deliberate action to address these failures 
and chart a new course when we meet together 
in Anaheim,' Litton said, referring to the June 
14-15 meeting of the 13 million-member 
denomination in California City.
The report makes key recommendations such 
as forming an independent commission and 
establishing a permanent administrative 
entity to oversee comprehensive long-
term reforms concerning sexual 
abuse and related misconduct 
within the SBC.
The Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-
News reported in 2019 that more than 700 victims 
had been abused by pastors, leaders, and 
volunteers in Southern Baptist 
The report, is reminiscent of the 
Roman Catholic Church scandal.
In 2002, the Boston Globe published a shocking report
 about predator priests who had preyed on young boys 
and girls and church leaders covering up the scandal.
The widespread child sexual abuse cases gave
 impetus to efforts by legislators to make it 
easier to prosecute such cases.
The leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, said
 in an official Vatican statement released on August 
16th, 2018, that he was “on the side” of the sexual
 abuse survivors.
"Victims should know that the Pope is on their side.
 Those who have suffered are his priority, and the
 Church wants to listen to them to root out this 
tragic horror that destroys the lives of the 
innocent," the Vatican statement said.
"There are two words... that can express the
feelings, faced with these horrible crimes: 
shame and sorrow," it added.

Anti-Russian sanctions have led to
unrest in the world. Rally against
rising prices in Moldova
May 22nd, 1:46pm
Source: socialistii.md
The centre-right Pro Moldova party joined the 
anti-government rally of Moldovan socialists.
The extra-parliamentary centre-right Pro Moldova
party joined the rally organized by the Bloc of
Communists and Socialists, against the rise 
in prices, due to the government's actions. 
About 60 people took part in the action.
“We did not come here to play along with the socialists
or anyone else. Residents of the country, regardless 
of what political views they share -- are tired of
prices, and they've risen for everything.
believe the government should resign. 
the country has the highest inflation. 
There is not even one like it in 
Ukraine and Russia,” the 
party representative
Last week the inflation rate in Moldova 
reached a record high ------ of 27.07%.

NATO, UK, Mulling Pumping Up 
Moldova with Bloc's Standard 
Weapons, Same as Ukraine
May 21st, 9:56am (FNA)
The UK has begun talks with its international allies..
on delivering sophisticated weaponry to Moldova 
amid the ongoing reshaping of the European
 system, the country's Foreign
Liz Truss said.
In a Friday interview with the Telegraph, the foreign
 secretary said --- that she would like to see the 
country, which is located to the South-West 
of Ukraine, "equipped to NATO standard".
Her statement comes against the background of
Moldova not being a member of NATO, and the
consistent fears that the ongoing conflict in 
Ukraine could spill over into the territory 
of other regional countries, especially 
those that also have... political 
contradictions and examples 
of separatism.
"I would want to see Moldova equipped to NATO
 standard. This, is a discussion we are having
our allies," Truss said, adding, "Putin -
has been 
absolutely clear, about his
ambitions --- 
to create a greater
Russia – and just 
because his
'attempts' to take Kiev 
were not successful, it
does not mean 
abandoned those
Apart from reorganizing the military and defense 
of Moldova, citing Russia's alleged "possible
 aggression" towards it, the primary goal 
for the UK, according to Truss, is 
Ukraine, and bringing its army
...to the standards of the 
North Atlantic alliance.
To that end, the UK, the United States, France, and
 Germany are reportedly discussing whether to 
sign a security guarantee for Ukraine, to 
continue providing weaponry and 
support in the long run.
"What we’re working on at the moment is a joint
 commission with Ukraine and Poland on up-
grading Ukrainian defences to NATO 
standard," Truss told the outlet, 
adding, "So we will scope out 
what that looks like - what
Ukrainians need. The
question then... is how 
do you maintain that
over time?"
The foreign secretary wondered, however, how
 exactly, the UK and its allies were going to 
maintain that Kiev "is permanently able to 
defend itself and how do we guarantee 
that happens?" She indicated that 
such a topic was the focal point 
of talks recently.
"And that also applies to other vulnerable states 
such as Moldova," she said, adding, "Because 
again, the threat is broader from Russia, we 
also need to make sure that they are 
equipped to NATO standards.”
NATO would give weapons to Moldova to replace
 Soviet-era equipment, as well as training for 
Moldovan military personnel, if the military 
alliance agrees on the matter, according
 to the report.
Following a series of recent explosions in the
breakaway region of Transnistria, Moldova's
authorities warned -- that the country was 
facing "a very dangerous new moment", 
and that forces were attempting to stir 
tensions. Still, the nation's President 
Maya Sandu said --- late last month 
that the explosions in Transnistria
were connected with the internal 
struggle in the republic, and not 
with the attempts of external 
forces to involve the country
 in a war.
However, these fears are fueled, among other things,
 by the statements of Kiev itself, where not just 
militants from the nationalist battalions, but 
also an adviser to the presidential office 
have stated recently that Ukraine was 
ready to occupy Transnistria, "if
will be a request for it".
Earlier this week, French President Emmanuel 
Macron, in a meeting with Sandu, said the 
crisis in Ukraine could expand 
to Moldova.
"The Russian invasion of Ukraine poses a threat to 
the stability of the whole region --- especially for
 Moldova. The recent incidents in Transnistria 
show that the spread of the conflict to the 
neighboring countries is not ruled out. 
France is closely following the 
security situation and all the 
attempts to infringe on the 
stability, sovereignty and 
territorial integrity of 
Moldova," Macron 
Fears that Moldova and Transnistria could be 
sucked into the Ukraine crisis are growing. 
Pro-Russia separatists have ruled the 
primarily Russian-speaking territory 
of Eastern Moldova, since 1992, 
following a brief war in which 
Moscow intervened on the 
insurgents' side.
Transnistria, which has a Russian and Ukrainian
 majority, has been attempting to separate from
 Moldova, since the dissolution of the Soviet 
Union, fearing Moldova's integration with 
Romania. Transnistria established a de 
facto independent state in 1992, 
following a failed attempt by 
Moldovan authorities to 
resolve the problem 
by force.

London to provide long-range 
artillery, anti-ship missiles, 
night vision, elec. jamming
plus supply lift drones...
to Kiev
May 19th, 3:02pm (TASS)
 Britain’s new package of military aid to Ukraine will
 include long-range artillery, shore-to-ship missiles 
and drones, as follows from a news release... 
issued by the office of PMi Boris Johnson
following a conversation with the
Ukrainian President, Vladimir
on Thursday.
"Noting the recent announcement of an additional
 £1.3 billion, in UK military aid for Ukraine, the
Prime Minister set out -- the support 
to Ukraine’s defense, including long-range
 artillery, shore-to-ship missiles and
drones," the news
release reads.
Johnson also touched upon the global food price 
hikes against the background of the conflict in 
Ukraine and discussed with Zelensky "options 
to open up critical sea and land supply routes 
for Ukrainian grain stocks." Both sides.. 
committed.. "to direct their teams to
 work urgently on the next steps."
"The leaders discussed progress in negotiations and
 agreed to step up work with allies, including the
France and Germany, to define the longer-
security architecture for Ukraine,"
communique said.
On May 7th, Britain said that it would spend an extra
 £1.3 billion on military, economic and humanitarian
 support for Ukraine. Earlier, Johnson said that this
 package of aid would include --- radio-electronic 
warfare means, including GPS signal jamming
 equipment, counter-battery radars and 
night vision instruments.
At the end of April, Britain’s Defense (sic) Secretary,
 Ben Wallace confirmed that London was going to
 supply to Kiev Brimstone high-tech missiles, 
adding that the missile in question, was 
meant for ground forces and not naval 
ships. Also, Britain declared the 
intention to provide to Kiev 
heavy lift drones --- for 
delivering supplies 
to troops.
Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24th,
launched a special military operation in Ukraine
following a request for assistance, from the 
leaders of the Donbass republics. The US,
EU, UK & a number of other countries, 
imposed their large-scale [illegal]
on Russia.

UK Chancellor Admits 
Government ''Can’t'' 
Stop Inflation
May 19th, 1:37pm (FNA)
Chancellor Rishi Sunak, stated there is nothing
 government can do to stop rising inflation 
impacting Britain’s families, as he resists a
clamour from Conservatives --- including 
former chancellor Kenneth Clarke ---
urgent help for those struggling
price hikes.
Instead, Sunak used a speech to the Confederation 
of British Industry (CBI) to promise tax breaks for
 business in the autumn Budget, aimed at 
stimulating sluggish productivity, The 
Independent reported.
As inflation topped 9 percent for the first time in 40
years, and experts warned that the true rise in 
living costs was closer to 11 percent, for the 
poorest families, the chancellor said he was
''powerless'' to stem global pressures such 
as the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and 
supply chain disruptions.
“There is no measure - any government could take -
no law we could pass, that can make these global
 forces disappear overnight. The next few months 
will be tough,” he added.
Meanwhile, the Bank of England governor Andrew 
Bailey, noted he felt “helpless” to stop inflation.
Former Tory chancellor Kenneth Clarke made a 
dramatic intervention, calling for welfare 
increases for the worst-off and 
dismissing Sunak’s 5p cut in 
fuel tax and proposed 1p 
reduction in income tax 
as “a complete waste 
of time”.
“I would have done it in the spring statement, raised
 universal credit,” he told LBC radio, adding, “The
 people you’ve got to protect from any fall in 
living standards, if you can, of course, 
the poorest of the poor and the
 lowest paid.”
Tory backbencher Robert Halfon, chair of the
 Commons’s Education Committee, noted it 
was a “no-brainer” to put a windfall tax on 
energy companies, to help the poorest 
households pay their bills.
While he said he recognised government concerns
 that a levy on North Sea firms could deter 
investment, he added that “desperate 
times call for desperate measures 
and we must do this, and we 
must do it quickly”.
Treasury Select Committee chair Mel Stride told 
The Independent it was “definitely” time for the 
chancellor to implement a windfall levy and 
...“channel savings in government, into 
transfer payments targeted on those
 most impacted” by soaring prices.
And senior Conservative Sir Bernard Jenkin called for
 a £13.5bln “summer package” of support for the 
most vulnerable, including the reinstatement of 
the £20 uplift to universal credit scrapped by 
Sunak in October and the abolition of VAT
 on domestic fuel.
Without immediate action, he warned MPs, “we 
are creating possibly a worse recession than 
is already expected”.
Paul Dales, chief UK economist at Capital Economics, 
added even more pressure when he told The
 Independent that the Treasury should 
reconsider the effect of its cost
 of living policies.
“They need to come up with more measures to
 support those who need it most --- not those 
actions which are going to make their core 
supporters happier. Prices are rising at a 
faster rate than incomes.... Consumer 
confidence is already at the second 
lowest level on record before we’ve 
even seen inflation peak,” he said, 
noting, “You need interest rates
 to be higher, to bring inflation 
back down.”
Dales added that the Bank of England’s key 
rate ought to rise as high as three percent
 in the months ahead.
Several leading economic think tanks, including
 the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) and the
 Resolution Foundation, have warned 
inflation is now disproportionately 
hitting the country’s
 poorest families.
The IFS found the bottom 10 percent of UK 
households by income faced an inflation
 rate of 10.9 percent in the 12 months
 April. This --- was 3 percentage
higher than the inflation
experienced by the
10 percent.
“Most of this difference comes from the fact that 
the poorest households spend 11 percent of 
their total household budget on gas and 
electricity, compared to 4 percent for 
the richest households,” the 
IFS announced.
“The living standards implications of this economic
 crisis are huge, but the government has the power 
to support those hardest hit, by bringing forward
 benefits uprating – something which is needed 
to prevent this parliament being the worst on 
record for living standards,” said Jack 
Leslie, senior economist at the 
Resolution Foundation.
Jake Berry, chair of the Northern Research Group 
of Tory MPs, backed the return of the uplift and 
“something radical on VAT” too.
“It’s now or never; now is the time for government 
to act. Urgency is required, people can’t wait to
 the November budget to pay their bills,” 
he added.
But Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered his MPs 
to vote down Labour’s demands for an emergency
 budget to tackle the cost of living crisis, as well 
as Liberal Democrat proposals to slash VAT 
from 20 to 17.5 percent... to save the 
average family £600.
Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer taunted the prime
 minister in the Commons, saying he “can’t make
 his mind up” about a windfall tax, to help 
alleviate the cost of energy bills, even 
though it was “inevitable” he would 
eventually cave in to pressure.
Sir Keir added that every day that the government 
holds back on windfall tax on energy companies,
it costs consumers £53mln in additional energy 
costs, at a time when BP and Shell alone made
 £12.37bln profit in the first three months 
of 2022.
Though Sunak has said a windfall tax remains “on 
the table”, Treasury sources indicated that no 
decision on a package of help is likely until 
the next review of the energy price cap, in 
August, when regulator Ofgem is
to announce rises of
up to £1,000 for 
the autumn.
Sunak promised the CBI annual dinner in London that
 “where we can act, we will” ...on the cost of living 
crisis, including splashing money in the Budget 
...on tax breaks and allowances designed to 
reward businesses that invest in capital, 
innovation and training.
“We need you to invest more, train more, and innovate
 more,” he told his business audience, adding, “In the
 autumn Budget, we will cut your taxes to encourage
 you to do all those things.”
James Smith, research director at the Resolution
 Foundation think tank, raised questions over the
 balance of priorities in Sunak’s speech.
“The chancellor is right... to focus on restarting growth 
tomorrow, and that more private sector investment is 
crucial to that,” Smith told The Independent, adding
 “But he also needs to make sure he provides 
targeted support to low- and middle-income
 families today who are being hit hardest
 by the inflation surge.”
Shadow business secretary Jonathan Reynolds 
also critiqued the government’s strategy.
“The government’s inability to deal with the cost of
 living crisis & tax rises at the worst possible time
 has seen business investment fall in the first 
quarter this year,” he said, adding, “They 
should bring forward an emergency 
budget now with proper support for 
businesses --- including a cut in 
business rates for small firms 
--- and support for energy-
intensive industries.”
And Liberal Democrat Treasury Spokesperson
 Christine Jardine... stated, “Rishi Sunak is 
promising tax cuts for businesses while 
hiking taxes for families. It shows he’s 
completely out of touch with those 
struggling with soaring bills and 
fuel prices."
“Every day that goes without any extra support, 
more people are being plunged into debt and 
poverty. If the chancellor was serious about 
helping people cope, he’d announce an 
emergency tax cut now,” Jardine


 A New International 
Currency is Being Born
March 14th (Sputnik) 
The member states of the Eurasian Economic
Union (EAEU) and China will develop a project
for an independent international monetary and
financial system. This was agreed upon by the
participants in the economic dialogue “A New 
Stage of Monetary, Financial and Economic 
Cooperation between the EAEU and the PRC.
Global Transformations: Challenges and
Solutions”, which was held on March 
11th, via videoconference.
It is envisaged that the system will be based 
on a new international currency, which will 
be calculated as an index of the national 
currencies of the participating countries 
and commodity prices. The first draft 
will be submitted for discussion by 
the end of March. 
As Sergei Glazyev, Minister for Integration and
Macroeconomics of the EEC, emphasized, 
China was the first in the world to move
to the stage of national economic 
[Rhondda Records adds What is sad, isn't that US
hegemony will fail as the dollar loses its grip,

but that the British pound will fall with it,
and guess who will suffer?

Our insufferable yacht owning masters?

Guess again.]

Africa Day  2022

 Today, May the  25th, is
Africa Day 
Formerly African Freedom Day and 
African Liberation Day, Africa Day
is the annual commemoration of
the foundation of the 
Organisation of 
African Unity, 
on May 25th
in 1963. 
It is celebrated in various countries on the 
African continent --- and around the world. 
The organisation was transformed into the African
Union on July 9th, 2002 in Durban, South Africa.
Message of the Chairperson of the African Union
Commission on the occasion of the celebration
 of Africa Day on May 25th, 2022.
Fellow Africans,
Dear Brothers and Sisters of the 
Continent and in the Diaspora,
On this day of celebration of Africa Day, I am very
 pleased to express my wishes of health and 
prosperity to each and every one of you, 
whether you are from the Islands or 
the Diaspora.
The date of May 25th has a double evocative power.
 On the memorial level... it takes us back to the 
youthful freshness of the first moments of the 
OAU. At the geopolitical & institutional level,
it constantly questions our individual and 
collective capacity to build the Africa 
then dreamed of by our 
founding fathers.
In the trajectory of its evolution, the OAU transformed
 into the African Union, thus manifesting a paradigm
 shift for strategic adjustment and operational
 efficiency with the sole objective of giving 
substance and consistency to "the Africa 
we want". More than in the past, the 
challenges are ever more numerous 
and sometimes more complex, 
making it more difficult to 
meet them successfully.
For example, for the past ten years... Africa has been
 confronted with the challenges of terrorism, violent 
extremism...  and transnational crime (human 
trafficking, drug trafficking, arms trafficking).
Terrorism in particular, is constantly gaining
 ground. Today, many States devote a good 
part of their resources and energies to 
fighting or protecting themselves 
against this phenomenon, thus 
depriving vital sectors such 
as health and education of 
the resources they need.
The Continent is also faced with the disasters
 generated by bad governance, which can no 
longer be concealed by the demand for 
transparency imposed by a population 
that is increasingly open to the world
 through the new information and 
communication technologies.
Phenomena such as corruption, inter-community
 conflicts, recent waves of unconstitutional 
changes, etc.. are the most visible avatars 
of this governance.
Massive youth unemployment and the persistent
 precariousness of the women of the Continent 
are other challenges that call for urgent 
responses, because this category of 
the African population no longer 
accepts to be --- a passive 
spectator of its destiny. 
In addition to all these constraints, there is the
 economic crisis which is burdened by the debt, 
the climate and energy crisis which, in turn, 
affects food prices through the exorbitant 
cost of transport, while the health crisis 
following the outbreak of COVID-19... 
weakens the production capacities 
of the various economic agents.
More recently, Africa has become the collateral victim 
of a distant conflict, that between Russia and Ukraine.
 By profoundly upsetting the fragile global geopolitical
 and geostrategic balance, it has also cast a harsh
 light on the structural fragility of our economies.
The most emblematic sign of these fragilities is the
 food crisis following the climatic disorders, the 
health crisis of COVID-19, amplified today by 
the conflict in Ukraine. This crisis is 
characterised by a shrinking world 
supply of agricultural products 
and a soaring inflation of 
food prices. 
So, what to do in the face of all these challenges?
The African Union reacted rationally through a series
 of actions and an abundant normative production
 stated in Decisions, Conventions and Strategies,
 determining the mechanisms of action to attain
 the desired objectives.
There is, for example, the courageous Institutional 
Reform of the African Union undertaken since 
2016 and whose aim is to improve the 
governance of the Institution and 
make it a key player
 in multilateralism.
Then there is the African Continental Free Trade Area
 (AfCFTA), which entered into force in 2021, making
 Africa the largest common market in the world 
and accelerating Continental integration. It 
reinforces the measures taken in terms of 
free movement of persons and goods. 
Determination and solidarity were clearly 
demonstrated in the face of the outbreak 
of the COVID-19 pandemic. The strong 
mobilisation of African leaders and 
the effective coordination provided 
by the African Union in the 
Continental Response are 
testimony to  the ability 
of Africa to face the 
challenges --- in a 
united, resolute 
In a short period of time, less than two years, 
some of our Member States have succeeded 
in setting up COVID-19 vaccine production 
plants on their territories.
In response to the food and nutrition crisis, which has
 obvious consequences for the health of the peoples,
the African Union has taken a number of initiatives,
 the most important of which is the Comprehensive 
Africa Agriculture Development Programme 
(CAADP). In addition, it has symbolically 
decided to dedicate the Year, 2022, "to 
building resilience in food and nutrition
 security on the African Continent: 
Strengthening Agri-food systems 
and health and social production 
systems to accelerate socio-
economic, and human 
capital development’’.
The AU Commission has also worked to address, 
as far as its resources allowed, concerns about 
Health, Education, Infrastructure, Energy, 
Science and Research, the sectors 
whose promotion and realisation, 
are necessary conditions for the 
development of Africa.   
The results have not always matched our ambitions.
 But we are on the right path. From the focussed
 pooling of all our energies and geographically
 dispersed resources will emerge a new 
Africa, "the Africa we want".
There is only one condition: to identify and point out,
without complacency, the evils that plague our
actions & hinder the effective implementation 
of our Decisions, Treaties, Conventions and 
Strategies in order to provide them with 
the appropriate treatment. 
Fellow Africans, it is to this exercise of reflection that I
 would like to invite you on this memorable Day, where
 the festive activities, quite understandably should 
not relegate to the background, our 
essential concerns.
Wishing you a happy celebration
--- to all of you. 
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starmer is not amused

 Starmer's 'Hypocritical' Demand
 for Partygate Report --- After 
Labour Probe Delayed Again
January 29th, 4:40pm (Sputnik)

Leaks in April 2020 from barrister Martin Forde's
 inquiry into the Labour row over anti-Semitism 
in its ranks, indicated that senior party staff
 deliberately undermined the former leader 
Jeremy Corbyn's chances of winning 
the 2017 snap general election. But 
elected party officials are yet to 
have sight of his report.
British opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer has been
 accused of hypocrisy --- after he demanded the 
release of a report into the 'Partygate' scandal.
Left-wing members and supporters of Starmer's
Labour Party took to social media to ask when 
a long-delayed Forde Report into anti-Semitism 
and internecine warfare in the official 
opposition, would finally see the
 light of day.
That was after the Labour leader tweeted his latest
 demand for the publication of civil servant Sue 
Gray's inquiry into alleged staff parties at 10 
Downing Street during the COVID-19 lock-
down — while pre-empting its findings 
with a repeat of his call for Prime 
Minister Boris Johnson 
to resign.
Gray's report, originally set for release last week, 
has been delayed again after Metropolitan Police 
Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick announced
 a formal investigation had been opened. She 
asked Gray to omit details of possible 
breaches of temporary laws against 
socialising brought in during the 
pandemic — offences only 
punishable with a fixed 
penalty fine similar to 
a parking ticket.
That prompted Johnson's critics to change tack, from
 demanding a police probe to accusing Dick, who was
 appointed by Labour Mayor of London Sadiq Khan
 in 2017, of corruptly trying to protect the PM.
Leaks from the Forde Inquiry in April 2020 — the
 month Starmer was elected leader - revealed 
that Labour ''apparatchiks'' deliberately 
sabotaged the party's campaign, in 
the 2017 snap general election, in 
a bid to undermine Starmer's
-wing predecessor, 
Jeremy Corbyn.
Party officials have confirmed reports citing inside
 sources last July, that the party's financial woes 
since Starmer took over, were partly due to
million spent dealing with legal claims
 those accused in the leak - while the
slump in membership, from 550,000 
to around 400,000... severely 
cut income.
Replies to Starmer's tweet called him out
 for "hypocrisy" and stalling.
Martin Forde QC had promised his report would be
 delivered at a meeting of Labour's ruling National 
Executive Committee (NEC) on Tuesday. But the 
barrister wrote to the party on Monday saying 
it was not yet ready — while claiming it was 
"largely completed and we hope to be in a 
position to deliver it next month."
"We’ve been let down," Labour General Secretary 
David Evans reportedly told the NEC, calling the 
latest delay a source of professional 
The same meeting voted by 23 to 14 against a motion 
to re-admit Corbyn to Labour's Parliamentary group. 
Starmer ordered his former boss suspended from 
the party in October 2020 and withdrew the 
Labour whip from him --- after Corbyn 
insisted that anti-Semitism claims 
against the Labour party, had
exaggerated by
its enemies.

The bakers’ disaffiliation
from Labour --- a wake-up
call to the whole movement
September 29th, (Morning Star)
The decision by the bakers’ union to disaffiliate 
from Labour ends an historic relationship older 
than the party itself.
President Ian Hodson notes that Keir Starmer 
should “hang his head in shame”, at having 
provoked the end of ties that stretch 
across three centuries.
With motions opposed by the leader’s office... passing 
every day, the resignation of his shadow employment 
rights minister, exposing his role in blocking support 
for raising the minimum wage and statutory sick pay 
and now the disaffiliation of a union that helped to 
found the party -- conference 2021 is looking less
like a car crash for Starmer, than a multi-
vehicle pile-up.
Labour apparently made numerous promises to the bakers 
that it would take steps to resolve the crisis provoked by 
its threat to “auto-exclude” their president. Its failure to 
deliver on these promises, in time to prevent today’s 
momentous decision, indicates incompetence or 
duplicity; with Starmer’s team, it is difficult
know which.
The reasons the union gives for disaffiliation touch 
on two key features of Keir Starmer’s leadership.
The first is the targeting of Hodson in the first place.
The decision to ban membership of four left organisations 
this summer, reflects the extreme intolerance and 
authoritarianism that characterise Labour’s 
“new management.”
Transparently a bid to hound out socialists, the party 
machine’s behaviour since ---  excluding members 
for having had dealings with these groups before 
they were banned... demanding that members 
prove a negative, by providing evidence that 
they did not support these organisations — 
are a travesty of justice... which 
demonstrates the contempt in 
which Labour officialdom 
holds Labour members.
In picking on Hodson, Labour threw a gauntlet to the bakers. 
As general secretary Sarah Woolley says, BFAWU members 
saw the attack on their president as an attack on them. 
“When you pick on one of us you pick on all of us,”
 the union statement reads; “that’s what 
solidarity means.”
The BFAWU here is grappling with a fundamental question 
for the whole left: how do we respond --- to the smearing 
and persecution of thousands of committed socialists 
& trade unionists, by the current Labour leadership? 
How do we stand with them?
The second is the question on so many trade 
unionists’ lips: what is the Labour Party 
doing for us?
Why is it opposing pay rises for key workers who have 
kept the country running through an unprecedented 
crisis? Why is it opposing higher sick pay, in a 
global pandemic — when union after union 
has reported its members being terrified 
even to get tested for Covid, because 
they can’t afford time off sick?
The two aspects are of course interlinked. Labour’s 
current leadership are, to quote Hodson, “in the 
bosses’ pocket.” And it is engaged in an all-
consuming campaign to smash the radical
 left, that gave hope of real change to so 
many in the party’s very recent past.
Its purges of a left that was easily routed at the last 
leadership election, like its desperation to change 
rules around reselecting MPs... that posed no 
threat to any sitting MP, might smack
 of paranoia.
But they reflect a Labour right that understands the left 
is popular.. and that its socialist programme commands 
wide public sympathy. No chance, however small, of
left resurgence can be allowed. We must never 
underestimate the ruthlessness of the right - 
but its very extremism is testament to the 
potential it knows the left still has.
The bakers are a fighting union. Their McStrike campaigns 
have given them one of the highest profiles of any union 
among the young, and the delegates who have voted to 
disaffiliate are poorly paid workers, mostly from old 
“red wall” seats.
If Labour loses people like these, its chances of electoral 
recovery shrink still further. All affiliated unions have 
good reason --- to make the bakers’ departure
wake-up call.


UK Labour leader says it’s ‘not right’ 
to claim only women have cervixes
September 26th, 11:25am (RT)
Keir Starmer, the leader of the opposition Labour Party, 
claimed on Sunday that people should not say only 
women have a cervix, calling it “not right,” after 
one of his MPs received threats online for 
making the statement.
When asked by BBC presenter Andrew Marr whether it 
was “transphobic to say only women have a cervix,” 
Starmer replied, “It’s something that shouldn’t be 
said. It’s not right.”
Pressed on whether someone who does think only women 
have a cervix, would be welcome in the Labour Party, 
Starmer said, “We need to have a mature, respectful 
debate about trans rights and… bear in mind that 
the trans community, are among the most 
marginalised and abused communities.”
“Wherever we’ve got to in the law, we need to go further,
 and we want to go further,” he continued, concluding, 
however, that the Labour Party conference would be
 “a place which is safe for that debate to take place.”
Starmer made the comments, after the Labour MP for 
Canterbury, Rosie Duffield, received threats online 
for saying “only women have a cervix”. In 
response to the threats, she said she 
would feel unsafe attending this 
week’s conference. Starmer 
told Marr he had assured 
Duffield she would be 
safe at the event.
Many social media users criticised Starmer’s
accusing him of “denying the
biological truth and 
existence of
the female sex”.
“Keir Starmer has blown it. He’s not getting my vote,”
 tweeted one woman, while another predicted the 
stance would “haunt” the Labour Party leader 
for the rest of his career.
“I am afraid that it is the case that only women have a 
cervix. Not altogether sure how this biological fact 
ever became remotely controversial,” opined 
Mark Seddon, the ex-media adviser to
 United Nations General
Assembly president 
Fernanda Espinosa.

Labour Shadow Foreign Secretary 
Lisa Nandy: Claims Iran Building 
Nukes and Backs Arming Israel 
by James Tweedie
September 2nd, 1:40pm (Sputnik)
Israel has long accused Iran of covertly developing 
its own nuclear weapons, in breach of the Nuclear 
Non-Proliferation Treaty and the JCPOA nuclear 
deal with the US, Russia, China, and the 
European Union.
Labour Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy has 
said she opposes a ban on arms sales to Israel - 
claiming Iran is developing nuclear weapons.
The Wigan MP made the comments at a Jewish 
Representative Council (JRC) meeting, in her 
hometown of Manchester, on Wednesday.
She said neither she, nor Shadow Middle East Minister 
Wayne David, "support the blocking of the sale of 
weapons to Israel that helped it deflect rocket 
attacks" during May's Israeli offensive on the 
besieged Gaza Strip, adding: "Israel has a 
right to defend itself and Israel's citizens 
have a right to live in peace 
and security".
"We have to be very cautious in relation to Iran", Nandy 
said. "This is a state that is still using... developing 
nuclear weapons, that has shown no signs of 
dropping their hard-line approach".
Nuclear Deal
Claims by Israel — the only country in the Middle East that 
reportedly has nuclear arms - that Iran is trying to get the 
bomb, have proven a political obstacle to US President
 Biden's stated intent to return to the 2015 Joint 
Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) deal 
with Iran... which his predecessor Donald 
Trump officially withdrew from, in 2018.
The JCPOA saw sanctions on Iranian oil exports imposed in
2006, lifted, in return for access to International Atomic 
Energy Agency inspectors to Iranian nuclear facilities.
Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a fatwah 
or religious judgment against nuclear weapons in the 1990s, 
and has restated that position several times since 2003. But 
in January, the government began enriching uranium to 20 
percent fissile material content — not pure enough for a 
nuclear weapon, but above the level used in most 
power stations.
Iran's new conservative President Ebrahim Raisi has taken a 
much harder line with Washington's readmittance to the 
JCPOA, than his predecessor, Hassan Rouhani.
Nandy also backed the Conservative government's decision 
to boycott this September's 20th anniversary reconvening 
of the World Conference Against Racism held in the South 
African city of Durban, in 2001, saying: "We shouldn't be 
supporting the promotion of anti-Semitism".
The Israeli and the US delegations walked out of the 2001 
conference... in protest...  even after they had forced the 
removal of criticisms of Israel from the final declaration.
Solidarity Denied
The frontbencher also accused unnamed individuals of 
exploiting the Palestinian struggle for statehood, to 
"spout hate and divide people".
Britain's Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) is 
organising protests against next week's annual 
Defence and Security Equipment International 
(DSEI) arms fair at London's ExCel convention 
centre, under the slogan: "Stop Arming Israel".
Young Labour chair, Jess Barnard, tweeted, on Tuesday, 
that party officials had informed her PSC was effectively 
barred from the Labour conference in Brighton, at the 
end of September — along with former leader and 
Islington North MP, Jeremy Corbyn.
— Jess Barnard (@JessicaLBarnard) August 31, 2021
Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer ordered Corbyn's suspension 
from the party and its parliamentary group, last November... 
after he challenged an Equality and Human Rights 
Commission report, alleging Labour was riddled 
with anti-Semitism.
Nandy told Wednesday's meeting that Luciana Berger, one 
of six Labour MPs who defected to the now-defunct anti-
Brexit Change UK party, should be readmitted and 
promptly selected as a parliamentary candidate.
"I want her in parliament, because she is one of the best 
MPs we have ever had", she said, of the Jewish former 
party member.

 Poor Ken:  Corbyn-Ally 
Director Loach Expelled
 From Labour Party...
Starmer's 'Purge'
by James Tweedie
August 14th, 4:39pm (Sputnik)

The 85-year-old director said he had been expelled 
for... failing to "disown" other targets of Sir Keir 
Starmer's "witch hunt" against left-wingers, 
and that the Labour chief would never
 lead a "party of the people".
British left-wing film director Ken Loach has been 
expelled from the Labour Party, for backing other
 targets of leader Sir Keir Starmer's "witch hunt".
Loach, a prominent supporter of suspended 
former party leader, Jeremy Corbyn,
the news on Saturday.
The "Kes" director hinted that he had joined 
Geronimo the Alpaca on Starmer's hit list, 
for his refusal to "disown" members of 4
left-wing factions banned last month by 
the party leadership — and said former
 director of public prosecutions, Sir 
Keir, was no man of "the people".
"Well, I am proud to stand with the good friends and 
comrades victimised by the purge. There is indeed 
a witch hunt", Loach charged. "Starmer and his 
clique will never lead a party of the people. 
We are many, they are few. Solidarity".
Labour's top administrative body, the National Executive 
Committee (NEC), agreed, in July, to collectively 
proscribe the groups: Socialist Appeal, Labour 
Against the Witch Hunt, the Labour in Exile 
Network, and Resist — potentially leading 
to the expulsion of some 1,000 party 
At the same time, it emerged the party was laying off 
long-serving staff at its HQ, due to a cash shortage 
caused by the mass exodus of members, while 
also hiring scores of short-term employees, 
to help identify new targets for 
disciplinary action.
Corbyn's former shadow home secretary, John 
McDonnell — who is closely associated with 
Socialist Appeal — denounced the 
expulsion of "such a fine
 socialist" as a 
Yet McDonnell also recently welcomed the defection 
to Labour... of former Conservative MP and 
Parliamentary speaker, John Bercow, 
who was chair of the Conservative 
Students when that organisation 
produced "Hang Nelson 
Mandela" t-shirts.
Loach also drew support on Twitter from left-wing
 Labour MPs, trade union leaders, and the former 
Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, 
of the Syriza party.
Loach gained fame in the 60s for his "kitchen sink" 
social dramas, such as "Cathy Come Home",
 Cow", and "Kes".
But his 1995 film "Land and Freedom"... set during the 
Spanish Civil War, was controversial for its sectarian 
claims of atrocities by Soviet-backed Republican 
forces resisting the fascist takeover, led by 
General Francisco Franco - yet glorifying
 the six-day May 1937 Trotskyist POUM 
insurrection in Barcelona, against
 Socialist-led government
the republic.
Loach's last two films "I, Daniel Blake" and "Sorry We 
Missed You" deal with the lives of a benefit claimant 
and package delivery drivers.
The latest polls show Starmer's Labour still trailing 
Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Tories... by around
 ten percentage points.. despite a string of recent 
government rows and scandals.
UK Labour Party losing 
250 members a day -
since Sir Keir Starmer
 became leader - media
July 25th, 3:07pm (RT)
The UK Labour Party has lost 120,000 members – or a
 rate of 250 members per day – since Keir Starmer 
was elected leader last year, sending the party 
into a financial crisis, according to a 
new report.
The Labour Party now has just 430,000 members – a huge 
drop from the 550,000 who were in the party under the
leader Jeremy Corbyn – after numbers started
to drop 
when Starmer was elected leader in April
2020, the 
Times has learned.
According to the article, Labour has lost up
 to £500,000 per month, from the exodus.

Because of the drop in members, plus other costs 
such as the Covid-19 pandemic, and the millions
pounds that Labour has spent in legal costs 
during its campaign against anti-Semitism, 
Labour Party General Secretary, David 
Evans, reportedly announced to party 
staffers this week ---- there was only
 one month’s worth of employee pay 
left in Labour’s reserves, and that 
jobs would have to be cut.
It is estimated that the amount left in Labour’s
 is just £1.5 million, leaving the party
for donors.
Despite Labour’s loss of members and its subsequent 
financial crisis, the Times noted that the party has 
been “attracting wealthy backers” under Starmer, 
including Sir Trevor Chinn, the president of the 
Movement for Reform Judaism and a financial 
supporter of the Labour Friends of Israel.
Starmer’s leadership of the Labour Party has been defined 
by its more centrist turn following the socialist leadership 
of Corbyn, and an attempt to crackdown on perceived 
cases of anti-Semitism in the party.
In October 2020 – just months after he stood down as leader
 of the party following its 2019 election defeat – Corbyn was
 suspended from Labour. Though Corbyn was reinstated to 
the party the following month after protests by members, 
left-wing politicians, and the former US presidential 
candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, Starmer did not
 the Labour whip to him.


Inept Labour’s week from hell 
shows why England now feels
 like a one-party state
July 23rd, 8:46am (RT)
Paul A. Nuttall is a historian, author and a former politician.
 He was a Member of the European Parliament between 
2009 and 2019 and was a prominent campaigner 
for Brexit.
Internal purges, cash woes, redundancies, and now self-isolation 
for its leader. It’s been a disastrous week for the Labour Party, 
illustrating exactly why the Tories are impregnable, no matter 
how ‘useless’ Boris Johnson is.
If you think Boris Johnson has had a torrid few days, spare a 
thought for poor Sir Keir Starmer. His week started when the 
Labour Party’s National Executive Committee  governing 
body voted to ban a number of hard-Left organisations. 
The controversial decision had the backing of Starmer. The 
groups banned were Resist, Labour Against the Witchhunt, 
the Labour In Exile Network, and Socialist Appeal, which 
describes itself as a Marxist voice of Labour and youth. 
It is estimated that around 1,000 members will be 
removed from the party, as a result of 
the decision.
The move was criticised by John McDonnell, the former 
Shadow Chancellor, who said, “standard Blairite fare
 try show how strong a leader you are... by taking
 your own party, but bizarre to do it by expelling 
people, most of whom have left already.”
McDonnell is of course right, as Labour’s membership has
 plummeted under Starmer’s leadership, losing over 50,000
 last year alone. Moreover, those who remain members are
 not entirely sold on Starmer. A recent poll found that 67% 
have a favourable opinion of their leader, but 31% have 
an unfavourable opinion. This is far from a unified 
party, never mind an effective opposition.    
The decision to provoke a fight with the hard Left has been 
criticised by the powerful Momentum organisation, which 
played an integral role, during the leadership of Jeremy 
Corbyn. Momentum complained that “at a time when 
the Tory government is allowing the pandemic to rip 
through the country, the Labour leadership has 
once again turned inwards.”
It is evident that this battle for the heart and soul of the party
 is far from over, especially as Momentum has influence 
over a number of large local Labour associations.
Then came the news that the party is losing cash like water 
passing through a sieve. David Evans, Labour’s General 
Secretary, claims that the party’s finances have suffered 
because of the fall in membership and the use of funds 
to deal with anti-Semitism cases. He allegedly told
that the financial reserves are so low, that
they only 
cover one payroll. As a result, the
party is being 
forced to lay off a
quarter of its workers.
Labour’s idea, of reducing its staff through ‘voluntary 
redundancies’ has also gone down like a lead balloon
 with the trade unions, who are the party’s largest 
donors. A co-authored letter from the Unite and 
GMB trade unions, concluded with a scathing 
attack on party management. It stated that 
''we note that the lack of clarity, trust, and 
openness with staff is breeding a climate 
of anxiety and fear amongst staff --- 
impacting on their mental health.''

'' It is simply not the way we would expect
an organisation like the 
Labour Party,
to undertake work
 of this nature.''

It is never a 
good idea to
upset your 
To top off this disastrous week for Starmer, he now has to
 self-isolate for a fourth time, as one of his children tested 
positive for Covid. Former Labour PM Harold Wilson once
 said that “a week is a long time in politics” but, for poor 
Sir Keir, it must have felt like an age, & Saturday surely
 cannot come quickly enough. Indeed, the recent 
surprise victory in Batley and Spen... must 
already seem like a lifetime ago.
Now, before we go any further, I want to make it clear that I 
am no fan of the Labour Party. I have had too many run-ins 
with it over the years, particularly over Brexit. I do believe, 
however, that the country requires a strong opposition. In
 its absence, what we have in England is virtually a one-
party state -- where the Tories are allowed to emerge 
from crises, relatively unscathed. Take, for example, 
the Matt Hancock affair and the Dominic Cummings
 revelations. In years gone by, the Labour Party 
would have benefited from these squalid
 incidents, yet, in its current state, it is 
unable to make any headway.  
Much of the mess Labour finds itself in must be laid at 
Starmer’s door. In backing the NEC in its confrontation
 with the hard Left, Starmer obviously wants to imitate
 former leaders Neil Kinnock and Tony Blair, who both
 benefited from taking on the militants. Indeed, in the 
long term, the actions of the NEC are probably in the
 interest of the party; but they are not in the interest 
of the country, in the short term.
What the UK needs right now is an effective opposition 
and Labour cannot be that if they are fighting each 
other. You would - usually - have more chance of 
seeing a flying pig, than have me agreeing with 
Diane Abbott, but I have to admit that she was 
right, when she said that Labour must start 
“fighting the Tories” and “not each other.” 
They owe it to the country, 
and to voters of all stripes.  

BREAKING: Starmer's 
''approval'' rating 
has fallen to 
minus 48.
YouGov poll on whether Starmer
 is doing well or badly:
Well: 17% (-9)
Badly: 65% (+15)
[Net rating: -48]
Worst-ever rating 
for Starmer 
*by far*.
Corbyn's lowst point ever, was minus 40
...and most Labour MPs rushed to stab
him in the back.


Labour’s humiliating defeat
 signals its death & Keir 
Starmer, not Jeremy
 is the man
with its blood 
his hands
by Neil Clark
May 7th (RT)

Neil Clarkis a journalist, writer, broadcaster and
His award winning blog can be found at 
www.neilclark66.blogspot.comHe tweets on
politics and 
world affairs @NeilClark66

The blame for the crushing loss in Thursday’s by-election,
 in a northern ‘Red Wall’ seat Labour has held since 1974, 
lies with Blairite ‘centrists’, who set out to destroy
– and have ended up destroying the
party itself.
Hartlepool is a coastal town in N. Eastern England with 
a fascinating history. Out on its headland, the Heugh 
Battery Museum bills itself as the only World War I 
battlefield in Great Britain. A nearby plaque marks
 the spot... where the first shell from a leading 
German battle cruiser struck at 8:10am on 
December 16, 1914, and also records the 
place where, during the bombardment, 
the first soldier was killed on British 
soil by enemy action in the war.
Close by, looking out over the North Sea, there’s a 
Russian cannon, which was captured by British
 forces at the Battle of Sevastopol during the 
Crimean War in the 1850s, and sent up to
 Hartlepool by ship from London.
Perhaps - after this Thursday - there needs to be 
another historical plaque installed in Hartlepool. 
One commemorating the death of the UK 
Labour Party. 
Labour’s defeat in Hartlepool wasn’t a ‘bad’ result, 
it was utterly catastrophic. The party attained
28.7% of the vote, a full 23 points behind
Tories, doing far worse, than even the
opinion poll had suggested.
Even before polling day, Labour ‘centrists’ were 
getting their excuses in. Predictably, they’re
 blaming Jeremy Corbyn, the man who 
stopped being the party’s leader 
more than a year ago.
It’ll take much longer to rid the party of his ‘toxic’ legacy,
 the dominant neocon/Blairite narrative goes. The 
people who supported a ‘chicken coup’ against 
Corbyn -- after just nine months -- now tell us 
Starmer, who’s been leader for 13 months, 
and up against the worst UK government 
of all time, needs more time. Or... to
a former MP, if Labour loses
 Hartlepool, it’ll be a case of
 ‘Long Corbyn’.
What tommyrot.
Just four years ago - in June 2017 - Labour, under Corbyn, 
not only held Hartlepool, but did so with its highest share 
of the vote (52.5%) since 2001. But for the Corbyn-hating 
‘moderates’, who, funnily enough, all seem to be strong 
supporters of the far-from-moderate Iraq War, it’s as if
 the 2017 general election never happened. In fact, the
 way that election – which Corbyn came very close to 
winning – has been airbrushed out of history reminds
 one of the late Harold Pinter’s Nobel Prize lecture in 
2005, when he condemned US foreign policy crimes
...before saying: “It never happened. Nothing ever 
happened. Even while it was happening it wasn’t 
happening. It didn’t matter. It was of no interest.”
The 2017 election is never referred to, because it goes 
against the dominant narrative. Labour was supposed 
to have been thrashed out of sight four years ago, but 
to the horror of the neocon Establishment it wasn’t. In 
fact, under the ‘unelectable’ Corbyn, Labour achieved 
their biggest increase in the popular vote since 1945 
(a whopping 9.6% up from 2015), and came to within
 a whisker of a shock victory. 
Enthused by his message of positive change, and by 
popular policies such as bringing the railways back
 into public ownership, millions of Labour voters, 
who had stayed at home in previous elections, 
came out to put their cross in the Labour box. 

Of course, the Establishment set out with
 renewed vigour --- to make sure it would 
never happen again. Part of the reason
 Labour did so well in 2017... and held
 to its Northern strongholds, was 
because it had pledged to respect
the 2016 EU 
referendum result.
So an operation was mounted, with the Trilateral 
Commission member, Sir Keir Starmer, playing
 a key role, as Shadow Brexit Secretary, to get 
Labour to change its policy --- and adopt an 
electorally suicidal stance of supporting 
a second referendum. It was electorally 
suicidal, because 78% of Labour’s 45 
target seats in England and Wales 
voted Leave in 2016, many of 
them quite strongly. 
Not only that, but there was a ratcheting up of the 
political weaponisation of anti-Semitism, which 
again, was about ruining Corbyn’s chances.
To his own --- and his party’s --- detriment, Corbyn 
didn’t fight back against the wreckers. He should 
have done more to resist the change in policy on
 Europe and should have sacked Starmer (in fact,
 he should never have appointed him in the first 
place). He should have pushed back harder,
 much harder, against those smearing him. 

With the mass membership on his side, he 
should have gone on the front foot against
 his Blairite enemies. But Corbyn did none
 of those things.
Instead, having come so close to victory in 2017, he
 led Labour to a heavy defeat in 2019 with most of 
the damage being done in pro-Brexit Northern 
‘Red Wall’ seats. But even in 2019, Corbyn 
managed to hold on to Hartlepool... The 
party’s share of the vote nationally, was 
still higher than in 2010 and in 2015.. It
a bad result, but not the absolute 
disaster it was portrayed as.
Things have got a whole lot worse, since then. Starmer, 
a man described as so wooden, birds try to nest in him, 
inspires no one. His disapproval rating in April, rose to
 50% in April, and was 44% among Labour voters. The
 witch hunt against Corbyn, and his supporters, 
cheered on by vindictive, elitist, anti-populist 
Blairites who loathed the way party member
ship had soared under Corbyn, has left 
Labour short of activists to do the
 work of election
The ‘Bitterites’ set out to politically assassinate Corbyn, 
believing that once he had gone and all his supporters 
had been purged, ‘normal service’ would be resumed;
but their internal sabotage from 
2015-19, ended up
killing the party, too.
Labour is in a right mess, and although the Tories 
don’t deserve to win for what they’ve done to the
 country these past 13 months, ‘HM Opposition’ 
-- whose only ‘opposition’ to the government 
this past year has been to berate Johnson 
and co. for not locking us plebs down 
earlier and harder – most certainly 
don’t deserve to win either. 
In fact, the best thing that could happen is that Labour 
- as it’s currently constituted - is formally put out of its
 misery. Destroyed - not by Corbyn - but by those who 
simply couldn’t stomach the prospect of an anti-war 
UK prime minister who would threaten the hawkish 
foreign policy consensus.
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UK Trade Union Leader Warns -
Keir Starmer Is Turning Labour
Into 'Party of Establishment'
by Jason Dunn
21.03.2021, 8:21pm GMT 
Sir Keir Starmer has become the subject of criticism 
by the left-wing of Labour -- as he is accused of 
leading the party in a right-wing trajectory and
 away from the socialist policies of his 
A leading British trade unionist has accused Sir 
Keir Starmer of trying to turn Labour into an 
"establishment" party --- and risking his 
chances at the next general election.
Len McCluskey, the general secretary of Unite, said
that the opposition leader could be "ditched into 
the dustbin of history" unless he changes his 
current approach and reaffirms Labour's 
dedication to radical politics. 
Speaking to LBC radio on Sunday, Mr McCluskey, an ally
of the former leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and large donor 
to the party, criticised Sir Keir for missing "the 
opportunities” of the ongoing coronavirus 
“The truth of the matter is, at the moment, the direction
we are travelling - that he seems to be taking us down -
 is to turn Labour into a party of the establishment", 
he said.
McCluskey warned that if that were to happen "he will not 
become prime minister in 2024, he will be ditched into the
 dustbin of history".
“I am urging Keir to look at his pledges, to reject the siren 
voices of the ghouls of New Labour and to stick to the
radical policies that will win back the Red Wall seats", 
the Unite leader said.
Mr McCluskey highlighted Sir Keir's treatment of the left 
such as the removal of the whip from Mr Corbyn last 
year, as causing a rift between the leadership and 
his largest donor.
He stressed that the leader had stood in his election 
campaign on a left-wing programme, similar to 
Labour's 2017 and 2019 manifesto, but claims 
he has now dropped those promises, during 
his leadership tenure.
These included commitments to free movement,
as well as opposing increasing corporation tax.
“At the moment nobody quite knows what Keir stands 
for, nobody quite knows what Labour stands for", 
Mr McCluskey told the outlet.
McCluskey predicted that Starmer could be the next 
prime minister in 2024, "not an overall majority, but 
a hung parliament - if he wins back the red seats 
by arguing on the radical platform that he was 
elected on".
“He was elected to make the moral case for socialism, 
he was elected on ten pledges that people said were 
Corbynist", he added.
His comments follow an acknowledgement by Sir 
Keir that the Conservatives have seen a "vaccine 
bounce" in opinion polling, as an explanation for
why Labour is losing ground to the Tories, in 
recent voter intention surveys.
Sir Keir has received criticism by some Labour members
--- for being too ready to abstain or support government 
motions, police spies, and Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, 
and for not pushing for a convincing alternative to the 
Conservatives handling of the pandemic.
Others have pointed to Sir Keir's purging of left-wing 
members from the party such as the suspension of 
Jeremy Corbyn and the removal of Rebecca Long-
Bailey from the shadow cabinet.
The Labour frontbench claims that these moves were 
part of the party's commitment to deal with incidents 
of antisemitism, which plagued his predecessor.
Electoral Chances?
While Starmer's 10 election pledges were largely 
consistent with the values of the Corbyn leader-
ship, he has been criticised for moving the
 party towards the centre.
While some of his supporters have hailed his ascension 
to the top job as an improvement in terms of voter 
approval ratings, Sir Keir has seen his support 
among the public decline, as his positioning is
seen to drift away from Labour's radical 
stances in recent years.
Corbyn was historically unpopular as a party leader, 
seeing net satisfaction ratings of as low as -60 and
ultimately resigned after losing the 2019 election. 
However, the 2017 general election saw the Labour Party 
receive its biggest increase in the vote since 1945, and 
secure a hung parliament.
It was also the only time any Labour Party platform - 
which included the renationalisation of rail and an 
end to austerity - had resulted in an increase in 
both the overall vote and the number of  seats
in parliament, since Tony Blair's landslide
victory in 1997. 

Deputy Leader Says Labour Could 
Suspend ‘Thousands’ of Members 
over  'Antisemitism'
December 1st,  2020  (FNA)
 The Labour Party will suspend “thousands and thousands” of 
members unless they “get real” about antisemitism, Angela 
Rayner warned, as an internal row rages over the 
removal of the whip from Jeremy Corbyn.
Following Keir Starmer’s decision not to allow Corbyn to sit as a 
Labour MP over his reaction to the Equality and Human Rights
 Commission (EHRC) report, dozens of constituency parties 
are reported to have passed motions in support of the 
former leader – despite the party’s General Secretary 
David Evans banning them from doing so.


UK Labour candidate
 trained with Israeli 
army: Report
March 13th (PressTV)
A British Labour Party candidate for the party’s election
this year, has reportedly been trained with the Israeli 
military forces.
Izzy Lenga, an officer in the Jewish Labour Movement, 
is running for the party’s new National Women’s 
Committee, as a right-wing candidate.
The movement worked for years, to oust 
the party’s former leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Corbyn, well known for his support of the Palestinian 
cause, has repeatedly been described by pro-Israeli 
lobbies in Britain, as a threat to the life of Jews in
 the country.
The US-based Electronic Intifada — an online publication 
covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — released a 
photo of her wearing an Israeli army uniform, 
wrapped in an Israeli flag and carrying an 
assault rifle.
Lenga once “proudly” displayed the photo 
on social media networks, said the report.
Citing Israeli experts Dena Shunra and Daniel Shunra, 
the website said that the uniform and epaulets seen 
in the photo suggest that Lenga took part in Marva, 
a paramilitary course overseen by the Israeli army.
The Marva program provides weapons and training, 
Zionist political indoctrination, and visits to 
military bases.
It also recruits Jewish people aged 18-25, from around 
the world, offering them incentives to become Israeli 
settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories.
Many participants in the course, have stayed in 
claiming citizenship & joining the military.
In 2015, Lenga became an officer with the campus society 
in Birmingham, which is affiliated to the Union of Jewish 
Students (UJS).
At the same time, she was also elected to
 the leadership committee of the UJS.

Labour Leader Keir
'Must Give 
Evidence' to Inquiry, 
Say Activists 'Fitted 
by Spycops'
by Mohamed Elmaazi
15:22 GMT 05.02.2021 (Sputnik)
A collection of activists who were found to have been 
wrongfully prosecuted and convicted in 2009, are 
demanding that the former chief prosecutor 
answer questions before the ongoing 
Undercover Policing Inquiry.
Environmental activists who were wrongfully convicted 
have called upon UK Labour Party leader Keir Starmer 
to answer questions at the Undercover Policing Inquiry
 (UCPI), for his role in an alleged coverup of the use of 
undercover police when he was Director of Public 
Prosecutions. The activists in question were 
arrested, whilst planning a protest against 
Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal-fired power station, 
in Nottinghamshire, England, in April 2009.
The open letter, which has received scant media coverage 
since its publication on 4 February 2021, alleges that 
Starmer, "may have been involved in a cover-up of 
police and prosecutors orchestrating wrongful 
"A decade ago, this month, the world learnt that Mark Kennedy 
was a Metropolitan Police officer spying on environmentalists.
 This information led to the collapse of a trial where six 
environmental campaigners were accused of 
conspiring to occupy a coal-fired power 
station", the letter published via the 
Campaign Opposing Police 
Surveillance (COPS) 
website explains.
In a separate trial, "the convictions of 20 campaigners for 
conspiring to occupy the same coal-fired power station 
were quashed by the Court of Appeal, because the 
prosecution failed to disclose information about 
Mark Kennedy’s involvement that would have 
helped their defence", COPS add.
Starmer, as chief prosecutor at the time of the trial, 
commissioned a report headed by former Court of 
Appeal judge Sir Christopher Rose Report into the 
withholding information about the role of under-
cover police in the two cases. The Rose Report 
ultimately determined that the, "failings were 
individual, and not systemic". However, the 
findings of the Rose Report appeared to be 
contradicted by further evidence of activist 
groups being infiltrated by police with the 
latter's role not being disclosed to
 the defendants.
"Why did Keir Starmer ask for three reviews into CPS 
failings relating to undercover policing that were kept 
from public view, before commissioning the Rose 
report?", the signatories to the letter asks.
"What action was taken by Keir Starmer after the Rose report 
was shown to be wrong, to uncover other miscarriages of
 justice?", the letter adds.
Crucially, the letter points out that a report commissioned by 
then-Home Secretary Theresa May into possible miscarriages
 of justice identified "83 activists who were convicted in trials
 involving an undercover officer, over three decades", and 
ask how it is, that the CPS inquiry, "has, to date, 
discovered nobody whom the media and 
campaigners hadn't already identified".
Labour's current leader has, as of yet, not responded to the 
letter signed by 18 men and women who were, "arrested 
and charged with conspiracy, or arrested, charged and 
wrongfully convicted of conspiracy", with the former 
undercover officer, Mark Kennedy.
The UCPI was initiated by Theresa May when it was discovered 
that the police had been secretly recording the lawyer-client 
conversations of the family of Stephen Laurence, who was 
murdered in a racist attack, in 1993. Stephen Lawrence's 
family continued to push for their son's killers to face 
justice after a botched police investigation resulted 
in a separate inquiry to determine that the 
Metropolitan Police were "institutionally 
racist". After the UCPI was set-up, the 
Metropolitan Police admitted to 
infiltrating and surveilling over 
1,000 political, environmental 
and social justice groups, 
since 1968.


Corbyn Suspended for
Telling the Truth
A New Socialist Party
Is Required
by Tommy Sheridan 
31/10/2020 (Sputnik)
The other day a thoroughly decent and honest man 
suffered a grave injustice. A man who has a peer-
less record in opposing racism and anti-Semitism 
was suspended by the political party he has been 
a member of for over fifty years, has represented 
it in the British Parliament since 1983 and was 
its leader from 2015-20.
Irony died in Britain yesterday when Jeremy Corbyn was 
suspended by the Labour Party with the consent and 
probable collusion of the man who succeeded him 
as leader, Sir Keir Starmer.
We now have a Tory leader in 10 Downing Street who is 
famed for his racist views, including referring to black 
Africans as “piccaninnies” with “watermelon smiles”.
A racist Prime Minister nostalgic for the days of slavery 
and brutal exploitation and ownership of black people 
was elected by the people of England in preference 
to a man whose whole life has been dedicated to 
fighting racism and injustice.
Corbyn Was Betrayed by His Own
Party Bureaucracy in 2017
Jeremy Corbyn would have won the 2017 General Election 
if his campaign had not been sabotaged from within by 
Labour opponents. They hated him more than the 
Tories and refused to accept the democratic will 
of the Labour Party masses who elected Corbyn 
leader, not once but twice with a bigger majority 
the second time round in 2016. 
He led a remarkable 2017 election campaign which inspired 
millions and confounded all the opinion polls and political 
pundits as he came within a whisker of winning. He 
smashed the Tory majority and rocked the British 
Establishment. A genuine socialist was almost 
elected to lead the UK. Millionaires and 
billionaires were petrified that they 
would be forced to pay their taxes 
and public services would no 
longer be up for sale. 
Corbyn would have won if staff at the heart of the 
Labour Party had not actively undermined him.
Paid Labour Party staff expressing disgust for the 
elected leader of their party and hoping for a bad 
election result and undermining the effectiveness 
of the campaign wherever possible is what the 
right wing did with gusto. And - after the close 
call of the 2017 general election - the powerful 
and rich who make up the British Establishment 
and mainstream media declared war on Corbyn 
from every angle, but specifically colluded to 
weaponise the scourge of anti-Semitism and 
throw every slur and empty accusation 
against Corbyn that was possible 
to muster.
After 2017 Close-Call, Anti-Semitism 
Was Weaponised Against Corbyn
An incredible narrative was created whereby a man that 
had done more in his life to confront and combat racism 
and anti-Semitism than anyone in British politics, was 
cast as an anti-Semite. It was bizarre, ridiculous, and 
obscenely unfair and inaccurate but it was effective 
in creating a wholly false perception. An inordinate 
number of Labour anti-Semitism stories, headlines 
and even documentaries were produced and by 
2018 polls of Jewish voters indicated an 
incredulous number believed the Labour 
Party was anti-Semitic while the problem 
in the Tories and Lib-Dems was perceived 
to be minor.
Labour Became Huge Under Corbyn – 
Over 500,000 Members
Jeremy Corbyn attracted hundreds of thousands of new 
members to the Labour Party and transformed it into the 
biggest membership party in Europe with well over 
500,000 signed up to his brand of socialism. The 
number of party members ever subjected to 
accusations of anti-Semitic behaviour never 
surpassed more than 300, so the anti-Semitic 
‘problem’ in Labour amounted to 0.1% of its 
membership at most but the coordinated 
media led campaign aided and abetted 
by Labour right wing MPs, created a 
deeply warped and distorted picture 
that almost 62% of party members 
were anti-Semitic.
This was the result of a well-coordinated media 
campaign led by the BBC to traduce the 
character of Corbyn and the Labour 
Party under him.
Feeding from the false narrative and whipped up 
hysteria created by the media the Equality and 
Human Rights Commission (ECHR) decided to 
launch a formal investigation into claims of 
anti-Semitism within Labour to establish if 
they had breached the Equality Act 2010 
and were guilty of acting unlawfully in 
relation to anti-Semitic actions. This 
decision was taken in May 2019 amid 
the Brexit crisis and talk of an early 
general election. The fact the ECHR 
acted on the basis of complaints 
from vehemently anti-Corbyn 
organisations indicates just 
how loaded the dice was 
from the outset.
Anti-Semitism is Abhorrent --- but 
Jeremy Corbyn is Not an Anti-Semite
All anti-Semitic behaviour and opinions should be 
condemned and confronted unreservedly. Of that 
there should be no doubt or debate. But the 
accusations of anti-Semitism against the 
Labour Party have been overstated and 
used politically to undermine Labour 
and Corbyn. Anti-Semitism is a problem 
in society as a whole. An ugly repulsive 
problem. But to suggest Labour has a 
bigger problem than other parties or 
that Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite 
is patent nonsense and lies.
Unlike the Corbyn detractors, Labour’s 2020 ‘No 
Place For Antisemitism’ Report provides hard 
facts refuting media and ECHR allegations 
that Labour under Corbyn did not address 
anti-Semitism complaints.
The Labour Party expelled 45 members in relation to 
antisemitism in 2019, compared to 10 in 2018 and 
1 in 2017.
After rule changes passed at Conference in September 
2019 gave NEC panels the power to expel, twice the 
number of people were expelled in two months than 
had been expelled during the whole of 2018.
NEC Disciplinary Panels heard 274 cases relating to 
antisemitism in 2019, a tenfold increase on the 28 
cases heard in 2017.
In 2019, 149 members were removed from the party as 
a result of disciplinary processes relating to anti-
semitism, either being expelled or quitting the 
party as proceedings progressed.
The Labour Party suspended 296 members in relation to 
antisemitism in 2019, compared to 98 in 2018 – itself a 
big increase on the previous year”.
Once you have read the facts contained in this Report and 
considered that the lengthy ECHR Report which took 
almost 18 months to compile concludes that Labour 
is guilty of “unlawful acts of indirect discrimination 
and harassment for which the Labour Party is 
responsible” based on the conduct of TWO 
Labour Party members, Ken Livingston and 
a Councillor called Pam Bromley, you can 
reasonably conclude that when Corbyn 
said the allegations of anti-Semitism 
against Labour were “overstated” 
he was stating a fact.
Corbyn was a clear and present danger to the rich and 
powerful British Establishment and his sympathy with
 the Palestinian people and willingness to call out 
Israel’s human rights abuses made him dangerous 
on an international plain also. America and Israel 
could not tolerate a pro-Palestinian British Prime 
Minister. The anti-Semitism campaign was a 
conscious and dishonest scheme to under-
mine his electoral credibility and the BBC 
played a blinder in promoting the lie at 
every available opportunity.
A New Trade Union Supported 
Socialist Party is Now Urgent
The suspension of Jeremy Corbyn from Labour is an 
attack on him and every single socialist still in that 
party. Jeremy is now suffering the consequences 
of being popular on the one hand but being far 
too pliable on the other. The day Jeremy stood 
back & allowed socialists like Chris Williamson 
to be suspended was the day he succumbed to 
the right-wing bullies within the Labour Party 
hierarchy. Chris was a loyal lieutenant of 
Corbyn. A very capable and popular 
crusader for socialism. 
When the right wing went after him with the anti-Semitism slur 
Jeremy should have resisted and stood with Chris. Instead he 
sought to avoid an internal battle and that was his ultimate 
undoing. Jeremy had the backing of the members but not 
the comfortable and right-wing bureaucracy who used 
their influence to stifle Corbyn and undermine his 
2017 election campaign.
The new Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is determined to turn 
the party back into a Tory second eleven like in the red Tory 
Tony Blair days.
The challenge to other socialist Labour MPs and the trade union 
leaders who support socialist policies which will actually 
improve the lives of their members is clear. If you can’t 
fight for the former leader of your party who raised the 
hopes of millions & came so close in 2017 to winning, 
then you are not worthy of the description of socialist. 
The time has come for a party of workers that promotes 
socialism with guile, enthusiasm, and pride. Instead of 
funding Starmer’s Tory Party Mark II, the trade union 
movement should fund a real socialist party --- 
committed to changing the lives of millions 
for the better.
The suspension of Corbyn must be the crossing of the Rubicon 
for the socialist and trade union movement. Labour is already 
irrelevant in Scotland. It will become irrelevant in England 
as well soon. The time for a new force backed with trade 
union organisation and resources, is now.

the NHS 
and Taking 
The article below appeared in 2017 - 
do you think they've stopped since?

Since this year - 2022 - OAPs and you
now have to have ear-syringing done
Lawyers Warn:
‘No Jab, No Job’ 
Policies in UK
 Set to Spark Deluge of
Employment Tribunals
August 2nd, 1:33pm (FNA)
 Lawyers expect a wave of legal action against UK 
companies over attempts to make sure staff are 
double-vaccinated against COVID, amid 
growing fears of draconian “no jab,
job” policies in the workplace.
Trade unions have criticised the government for 
encouraging the idea of mandatory vaccination 
for office staff: after transport secretary Grant
 Shapps, said it was a “good idea”... for 
companies to insist staff are double-
jabbed, The Independent reported.
Tech giant Google, has said mandatory jabs for US employees 
will later be rolled out to staff in 40 countries where it operates, 
and Mr Shapps said he expected some British firms will soon 
“require” full vaccination.
Employment lawyers told The Independent that British companies 
had been in touch to explore their options on putting COVID 
vaccination requirements in place.
“We’re definitely going to see a lot of employment tribunals on this,” 
said Elissa Thursfield, head of employment lawyer and a director 
at Gamlins Law – predicting a wave of vaccine-related 
discrimination claims in the months ahead.
Lawyers and union chiefs warned that a blanket approach to 
making jabs mandatory could breach the Equality Act by 
discriminating against some groups, including those 
with disabilities or certain religious beliefs.
“Having a blanket policy is almost always dangerous – it’s 
fraught with legal difficulties,” said Thursfield, adding, 
“For existing staff, if you don’t have a clause in your 
contract that says you can receive mandatory 
instructions on health, which is rare, that’s 
potentially a breach of contract... as
well as
 the discrimination claims.”
She added, “If the government pushes any further on this,
 in terms of encouraging employers, they are going to 
start getting into hot water.”
Charlie Thompson, an employment partner at law firm 
Stewarts, also predicted legal action against 
companies that don’t consider their 
vaccine policy carefully enough.
“If you’re not able to go back to your existing job, or
denied a job, and the employer’s justification
vaccination] doesn’t stack up, then I can see
 legal claims,” he said.
Responding to Shapps’ encouraging remarks about companies 
asking staff to get the jab, Labour leader Keir Starmer said he
 did not think “no jab no job” policies were wise.
“I don’t agree with that,” said Starmer.
“For day-to-day routines, access to the office, access to health 
services or dentistry or even food – I don’t agree with vaccine 
passports for day-to-day access,” said the Labour leader.
Downing Street has made clear the government has no plans to
bring legislation to make full-vaccination mandatory for entry
into offices.
Unison General Secretary Christina McAnea said the government 
should not be encouraging any form of “coercion” when it comes
 to employees getting the vaccine before returning to work.
“Only with widespread take-up can the virus be defeated,” she 
said, adding, “Achieving this requires persuasion and 
encouragement – not compulsion and coercion. 
Forcing people can only lead to needless 
confrontation at work and legal cases
 that could drag on for years.”
Unite’s National Health and Safety Adviser Rob Miguel said COVID
 vaccine compulsion would be a “bad” way for companies to 
encourage a return to work, and is “embroiled with issues 
such as equalities, human rights, privacy and 
ethical breaches”.
Goldman Sachs raised alarm bells last month when it sent a memo 
to UK staff saying the company “strongly encouraged” them to 
report their COVID vaccination status before returning to the 
office – before clarifying vaccination was not compulsory.
In the US, companies are beginning to be more severe in their 
demands. Google and Facebook, along with Delta and United 
airlines, have said full vaccination will be mandatory for staff.
The Independent understands leading UK companies are 
examining how they can make sure staff are double-
jabbed, despite potential legal difficulties.
Some keen on getting offices fully-staffed say employees have 
told them they are uncomfortable about returning to the office 
until all their colleagues are vaccinated.
Others have said they would not try to enforce 
any rules about the COVID vaccine.
Imran Hussain, director at Harmony Financial Services, said 
it would be “ridiculous” to try to draw up a policy about 
“The whole idea is highly undemocratic and draconian,” he said, 
adding, “People should be allowed to make their own decisions 
and if they wish to take the jab, that’s great.”
The Confederation of British Industry (CBI), warned 
against blanket mandatory policies on vaccination.
A spokesperson for the CBI said, “The bar for compulsory 
vaccination is high, and there will be few industries
this approach would be appropriate."
“However, in some sectors it could prove necessary. 
Wherever possible, businesses will be approaching 
questions like this trying to bring their staff with 
them,” the spokesperson added.

Planning ahead? Firms land 
Covid passport contracts
 that could last until 2023 
...even as UK govt hints
 could be dropped
July 30th, 3:06pm (RT)

The British government has awarded potentially years-long 
contracts to help develop a domestic vaccine passport, as 
Downing Street simultaneously hints that the whole idea 
could be abandoned... if enough people get the jab.
The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) published
 information earlier this week on two new contracts with 
private tech firms hired to work on the country’s 
“Covid-19 certification programme.”
US-based Entrust will receive close to £840,000 ($1.2 million) 
for the development of the NHS health pass. The deal will 
last until at least July next year but pricing for a two-year 
contract is already detailed in official documents, 
suggesting that the UK government may be 
eyeing a long-term arrangement.
While the contract was made available to the public online, 
information about specific services that Entrust will be 
providing has been completely redacted, with several 
pages of the document blacked out. 
The US tech company was awarded £250,000 earlier this 
year as part of its ongoing work on the health pass 
program. The contract raised eyebrows, after it 
was revealed that Entrust had openly boasted: 
about how Covid-19 vaccine passports could 
be retooled to create national IDs as part of 
the “infrastructure of the new normal.”
The DHSC also signed a 2nd vaccine passport contract 
this week, worth up to £873,000, with Cambridge, 
Massachusetts IT firm, Akamai Technologies.
 Like the agreement with Entrust, the one-
year deal is designed... so that it can be 
seamlessly extended for an additional 
12 months. The US firm pocketed 
£50,000 in May, as part of its
 involvement in the creation
 of the digital vaccine ID.
Akamai, which specializes in cybersecurity
purchased online identity
management company,
in 2019. 
In total, the government has now spent nearly
£23.6 million 
($32.9 million) on its Covid
certification programme,
 iNews reported.
The new contracts coincide with the introduction of new 
features on the NHS app', that will allow it to serve as a 
digital vaccine certificate. 
In a controversial reversal of its position on domestic 
health IDs, the government revealed last week that, 
starting from the end of September, proof of 
vaccination will be required... in order to 
enter nightclubs and attend events
 involving large crowds. 
With around 70% of adults in the country already vaccinated, 
UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab suggested on Thursday 
that the threat of the vaccine passport may be enough to 
“cajole” young people into getting the shot. 
“Once we’ve done that, the wider questions of vaccine 
certification become much less relevant and salient,”
 Raab said, suggesting that the whole plan could be 
dropped if vaccine uptake increases over the next
 two months. 
But the newly inked contracts seem to be sending mixed 
messages about the government’s intentions for the 
controversial health certificate. A spokesperson for
 the health department insisted back in June that
 the NHS app used to certify vaccination status 
would not be used as a national ID system, 
describing the scheme as a “simple and 
secure means” to allow for 
international travel. 

100,000+ Britons sign petition to
outlaw discrimination against 
unvaccinated as govt moves 
forward with Covid 
vaccine passports
July 20th, 11:32am (RT)
More than 100,000 people have called on the British 
government to review its plans to bring in vaccine 
passports and prevent discriminatory policies
 against people who have refused to be part 
of the national inoculation programme.
A petition which started in February has gathered pace 
on Tuesday, with thousands adding their names to the 
growing list of people, calling for the government 
to do more to prevent legalised ‘discrimination’ 
against people who aren’t vaccinated against 
“The Government must specifically outlaw discrimination 
based on vaccine status, this includes access to private 
businesses, jobs and public life. No individual should 
ever feel coerced into having a vaccine,” the 
petition states.
Tens of thousands of people signed the petition on Tuesday
 morning, following a day of unrest in the capital, in which, 
hundreds of angry protesters clashed with police, having
 called for the arrest of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
Links to the petition have been widely shared across Twitter, 
with English band Right Said Fred receiving more than 
1,200 retweets on their call for people to sign. 
Others vented their anger in other ways on Twitter, calling 
once again, for the prime minister to be arrested. Many 
went as far as comparing the Covid-19 restrictions to
 Adolf Hitler’s Germany, with ‘Nazi’ trending on the 
social media platform. 
On Monday, people gathered outside the Palace of Westminster
 to protest measures aimed at preventing the continued spread
 of Covid-19 virus. While Monday, termed ‘Freedom Day’, saw 
the last of the major restrictions lifted, the government has 
laid out plans to mandate the use of vaccination 
certificates at crowded venues in England.
Despite having one of the world’s highest vaccination rates 
against Covid-19, many young people have elected not to 
get jabbed. Under the government’s current plans, 
unvaccinated individuals will be prohibited from 
entering venues - such as nightclubs - from 
September. Johnson’s government had, 
previously, ruled out the idea of
making the 
entry to venues be
dependent on 
The government’s U-turn came just hours after nightclubs 
were allowed to open for the first time in 16 months.
 the condemnation of Johnson’s plans, some
suggested, that mandatory vaccination
will help provide peace of mind
to some 
Covid-wary clubbers and others 
attending large gatherings.

UK government document 
quietly introduces vaccine
 passports by the back door 
and points to a third lock-
down this winter
July 13th, 2:53pm (RT)
By Kit Klarenberg, an investigative journalist exploring
role of intelligence services in shaping politics & 
perceptions. Follow him on Twitter @KitKlarenberg
For all the government’s bluster about ‘irreversibly’ reopening 
Britain after July 19, official documents paint a very different 
picture, suggesting lockdowns could well return and Covid
 passports may become the norm.
Sajid Javid’s elevation to UK Health Secretary ushered in a new
 tone on the part of all government ministers in respect of 
coronavirus. In a flash, the ambiguity and equivocation
 that had typified official statements about lockdown 
for so long vanished, and swaggering confidence 
about a full and permanent reopening of the 
country in the very near future.. became de 
rigueur across every Whitehall department.
“We must learn to live with Covid,” Javid forcefully asserted on 
June 28, the same day he assumed the post. This bullishness 
hasn’t faltered since, despite a backlash from some sections 
of the scientific community, and a not insignificant amount 
of public support for certain restrictions enduring, perhaps
 permanently. On July 12, he confirmed that the country 
was pushing full steam ahead with its unlocking road
-map, with all businesses free to reopen and all 
limitations on human contact over... in a 
week’s time.
“We’ve all been yearning to get there, and we all want this to 
be a one-way journey,” Javid told the House of Commons.
However, an official guide to “moving to step four of the roadmap”
 – i.e. a full cessation of pandemic restrictions –quietly published
 the previous Saturday– is far less strident and optimistic.
For one, it reveals that, in September, the government will “under
take a review to assess the country’s preparedness for autumn 
and winter, which will consider whether to continue or 
strengthen public and business guidance” in the lead
-up to December, “including on face coverings and 
test, trace and isolate,” and with “remaining 
regulations” also to be assessed.
In other words, it’s sensible to expect 
another lockdown before 2021 is over.
There have of course been numerous insinuations over the past
 six months that a true return to normality isn’t in the offing 
anytime soon. For example, in explaining the postpone-
ment of “freedom day” in June, Prime Minister Boris
 Johnson suggested the UK could be in for a “rough 
winter for all sorts of reasons,” as there might be 
“some new diseases, some new horror that we 
simply haven’t budgeted or accounted for” on 
the horizon as yet unforeseen.
Still, black-and-white confirmation that whatever freedom is 
achieved on July 19th will be short-lived, and subject to 
change further down the road, can only be considered 
a perturbing disappointment. Even more disquieting, 
though, is the section of the document relating to the 
NHS COVID Pass, or “vaccine passport.” It states 
Whitehall will be “encouraging and supporting 
businesses and large events” to use the Pass 
in “high-risk settings” to “help to limit the
of infection.”
“The government will work with organisations that operate large,
 crowded settings --- where people are likely to be in close 
proximity to others outside their household to encourage 
the use of the NHS Covid Pass,” the passage continues.
 “If sufficient measures are not taken to limit infection, 
the government will consider mandating the NHS 
Covid Pass in certain venues at a later date.”
It was only in May that citizens were told in no uncertain terms 
there was “no chance” UK laws would be changed to mandate
 the use of vaccine passports, with plans to that effect having 
been unambiguously scrapped. This new protocol could, 
however, make vaccine passports a fait accompli, 
achieved via the backdoor, with culpability for the 
volte face deposited squarely on the shoulders of 
“businesses and large events” and their patrons
 for not responsibly taking “sufficient measures”
 to “limit infection.”
A similar carrot-and-stick approach was evident in an announce-
ment made by French President Emmanuel Macron the same day
 Javid spoke of a “one-way journey.” He outlined how, as of 
August, anyone over the age of 12 entering a café, cinema, 
cultural centre, hospital, museum, restaurant, theatre, 
theme park, or train in France will need to possess a 
special Covid health pass. Perversely, Macron was 
also keen to stress that “vaccination is not 
immediately obligatory for everyone.”
Essentially, no one’s forcing you to get vaccinated – it’s just that 
most spheres of daily life and activities, both indoor and out, will 
be entirely off limits until you do. The Catch-22 situation the UK 
government is subtly contriving in order to impose vaccines, 
and vaccine passports, on the public seems particularly 
insidious, given official data indicates that 87% of 
England’s population aged 18 and over have 
received their first vaccination, without the 
clear threat of not being able to enjoy 
drinks with friends in a pub, among 
other mundane exploits, hanging 
over them.
Moreover, the experience of Israel shows that vaccine certificates
 quickly become redundant – in fact, it was just three months after 
Tel Aviv made a “green pass” mandatory for accessing indoor 
spaces that they were scrapped. After all, as the policy had 
served as such a stirring incentive to get vaccinated... all 
Israeli adults had received both doses by April, meaning
 there was no need to inspect anyone’s pass.
One needn’t be a cynic to suggest that darker motives lie behind the
 push for vaccine passports. The dire surveillance implications of 
such a resource were starkly outlined in an April briefing note 
from civil liberties organization Big Brother Watch, which 
cautioned that COVID certificates “would become de 
facto identity cards if they were introduced, and 
would likely be retained and expanded in 
purpose and data over time,” marking
 “a profound impact on citizens’ right 
to privacy in the modern context.”
“The UK has a proud history of opposition to identity systems and
 personal checks. COVID-status certificates would turn the UK into
 a two-tier, checkpoint society and mark a serious break from our
 long-guarded democratic traditions, of which respect for privacy
 is key,” Big Brother Watch warned. “The combination of apps 
with sensitive health data and the subversion of everyday 
businesses and events into checkpoints, could constitute 
the biggest expansion of surveillance ever seen in
 the UK.”
Evidently, for all Downing Street’s newfound cheerfulness and
 libertarian rhetoric, the nine most terrifying words in the
English language very much remain, “I’m from the 
Government, and I’m here to help.”
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More than half of the people living in
believe their freedoms 
have been overly restricted during
the Covid-19 pandemic
May 5th, 8:30am (RT)
A survey has shown that 53% of citizens living 
in democracies feel their freedoms are being 
infringed upon by their government’s 
response to Covid-19, and the 
dissatisfaction has grown 
since last year.
The study, conducted by the Alliance of Democracies 
Foundation & brand tracking firm Latana, published 
Wednesday, claimed that in democratic countries, 
citizens have become less satisfied by their 
government’s response to the pandemic, 
over the course of the past year. 
Polling over 53,000 individuals in 53 democracies,
 the survey shows that while 70% of people were 
satisfied with their government’s response in 
spring 2020, satisfaction had fallen to 51% 
in spring 2021. 
Concern that governments are doing too much to 
limit personal freedoms has increased too, with 
53% saying their freedoms had been overly 
restricted in spring 2021, versus 45%
spring 2020.
“We now need to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic, 
by delivering more democracy & freedom to people 
who want to see their country become more
democratic,” said Anders Fogh Rasmussen, 
Chair of the Alliance of Democracies 
The survey, which also looks at other issues relevant 
to many democratic nations, suggests that people 
believe economic inequality to be the biggest 
threat to democracy. Foreign interference 
was seen as a lesser threat, with nearly 
half concerned by the impact of US 
interference on their democracy. 
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WHO Won't Support 
COVID Passports
April 6th, (teleSUR)

Several countries are touting the initiative of 
COVID-passports or immunity passports as 
a safe means to travel and fully reopen
 their economies.
The World Health Organization (WHO) rejected 
on Tuesday the use of COVID passports amid 
concerns it would not prevent the 
virus's spread.
During a press conference, the WHO spokesperson, 
Margaret Harris, said the experts “are not certain
this stage, that the vaccine prevents
Likewise, the official raised concerns that the use of 
these passports could be discriminatory; hence the 
WHO won't endorse it. Getting tested is a requisite 
for an immunity passport. However, in many 
countries, thousands cannot access a 
test;  therefore, these passports 
exclude the majority.
Several countries are touting the initiative of COVID-
passports or immunity passports as a safe means 
to travel and fully reopen their economies. Last 
year Chile announced it intended to issue the 
world´s first immunity passports. Germany, 
Italy, and the U.S., have publicly backed 
the alternative.
 (See our Health Page, for much, much more...)


 Over 60 Lawmakers Urge 
UK Home Secretary to
End Ban on Protests
20.03.2021 (Sputnik) 
Over 60 members of the UK parliament, have written 
to Home Secretary Priti Patel demanding he lift the
 ban on protests during the COVID-19 pandemic 
and deeming it a violation of human rights, 
activists who helped put together the
 letter, said Saturday.
The letter, coordinated by the campaign groups Liberty 
and Big Brother Watch, was signed by Conservative 
and Labour MPs, Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed 
Davey & a number of peers. It quotes Articles 
10 and 11 of the European Convention of
Human Rights which protect the rights
 to freedom of expression and 
freedom of assembly.
"We must all be able to stand up to power and have 
our voices heard. In a healthy democracy, protest 
is a critical way we can fight for what we believe 
in. The Government’s current quasi-ban on 
protest is completely unacceptable," Head 
of Policy and Campaigns at Liberty, Sam 
Grant said, according to a statement
Big Brother Watch.
"A country cannot be described as a democracy if 
people do not have the freedom to protest," Big 
Brother Watch director Silkie Carlo added.
This comes after controversy arose last week 
over police handling of peaceful protests 
organised at the vigil at Clapham 
Common in memory of Sarah 
Everard, a woman who was 
kidnapped and murdered 
as she walked home 
in London.
Further protests are planned for today by anti-lockdown
campaigners, even though these gatherings are not 
considered as a "reasonable excuse" for leaving 
the house under the current regulations.
"The Home Secretary must immediately issue guidance to
all police forces, to ensure socially distanced protests 
can go ahead -- and create an explicit exemption for 
protests in the current regulations. Those in power 
have made clear that they want to silence dissent 
and drastically curtail our right to free
Grant said.
Carlo added that the "harrowing scenes" of Metropolitan 
Police officers using force against women at Clapham 
Common were "avoidable and wrong."
Met Police officers were criticized for arresting women 
who were attending Everard's vigil last Sunday. The
 Home Office said it was still illegal for people to 
attend protests at a time when regulations are
 in place to prevent wide transmission of the 
COVID-19 virus.
Everard, a 33-year-old marketing executive, disappeared 
as she walked home on the evening of March 3rd. Her 
body was found hidden in a builder's bag in an area 
of woodland in Ashford, Kent on Wednesday.

 ‘Law is a mess’: UK parliament committee 
blasts govt over failure to protect ‘right to
 protest’ after Sarah Everard vigil outrage
March 19th, at 18:02pm (RT)
The British government failed to make it clear that 
protests were still permissible under Covid-19 
restrictions and confused both the public and 
the police on the issue, a parliamentary 
committee has concluded.
The restrictions on gatherings introduced by the
 government during the pandemic have been 
“confusing” and ambiguous, the parliament’s
 Joint Committee on Human Rights said in a 
statement on Friday, adding that protests 
have never been “completely illegal” 
even during lockdown, if 
held properly.
The “confusing” nature of the government regulations 
has left the public “unsure of their rights and at risk of
 arbitrary or discriminatory decision-making,” the 
statement said. The government imposed a 
general ban on gatherings but failed to 
make protests an exemption from this 
rule – in a move that the committee 
argued violated the 1998 Human 
Rights Act and the European 
Convention of Human Rights.
“The law on the right to protest during the pandemic
 been a mess & the right to protest has not been 
protected,” the committee’s head, Harriet Harman, 
said. The lawmakers looked into how different 
protests in the UK unfolded since the 
government started imposing 
restrictions, due to the
-19 epidemic.
The UK has seen quite a number of high-profile rallies 
last year, including the Black Lives Matter protests,
 demonstrations by the defenders of monuments 
targeted by iconoclasts, as well as marches 
against national lockdowns.
Most recently, the Reclaim These Streets movement 
organized a number of vigils in commemoration of 
Sarah Everard, a victim of apparent kidnapping 
and murder. One such event in the Clapham 
Common area of London, where Everard 
went missing, ended up in clashes with 
police, after UK law enforcement 
deemed it illegal, under the 
current rules.
The incident sparked public outrage and led to another 
rally outside of New Scotland Yard as well as calls for 
Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick to 
resign. The commissioner herself maintained her 
position that “unlawful gatherings are unlawful 
gatherings,” adding that she did not consider
The parliamentary committee blamed the developments 
on the government. “The events of last weekend show 
clearly how the lack of clarity and level of uncertainty 
in the law is unacceptable and must be remedied as 
a matter of urgency,” Harman said.
The committee also drafted some amendments to the 
regulations that would “guarantee the right to protest
 in public outdoor places, if done safely” by putting it 
on the same footing as picketing and communal 
Earlier, a legal complaint filed by those seeking to make 
organized vigils permissible under lockdown, was 
defeated in the High Court, which ruled it was
to the police to decide whether the right
protest clashes with the broader public 
health considerations - and a ban on 
mass gatherings amid the pandemic.
The UK government has, so far  not reacted 
to the parliamentary committee’s statement.


UK could experience lockdowns 
for 'SEVERAL YEARS' despite 
vaccination program, SAGE 
member warns
February 9th (RT) 
A member of the UK government's Scientific Advisory Group for
 Emergencies (SAGE) has claimed that lockdowns could be a 
part of people's lives for "several years" as variants of 
Covid-19 mutate.
Professor Sir Ian Boyd, who teaches at the University of St 
Andrews' School of Biology, warned this week against the 
frequent lifting of lockdowns because "it simply fuels a 
new wave of disease" that can cause the virus to
 replicate more and mutate into new strains.
"There are a lot of reasons for taking pain now, in order to 
create conditions for controlled release from [restrictions] 
a lot easier," he argued, adding, "Otherwise we risk just 
passing through phases of various levels of lockdown 
and release."
Boyd said that lockdowns "could go on for a long time," despite
 the UK's mass vaccination program. "My suspicion is that we 
will experience a damped oscillation of control-release for a 
long time to come — perhaps several years."
Brits reacted negatively to the prospect of lockdowns 
still being used in several years, calling it "madness."
"Ok. This is ridiculous now,"tweeted journalist James Melville, 
while another social media user argued the country "won’t 
survive" years of lockdowns.
"If you are waiting to live, love, and laugh with others again 
until things get back to normal, that normal may never
 come,"commented church pastor Regan Blanton 
King. "Going forward, it is important that we 
prioritise faith and family and lobby
 for freedom."
Experts have frequently told Brits that the UK would start 
returning to normal once the majority of the population is 
vaccinated. Mutations of the virus, however, have led to 
an increased concern over whether the vaccines will 
work efficiently against new strains.
At least 147 cases of the South African variant, deemed to be 
a faster-spreading strain Of Covid-19, have been recorded 
in the UK, though officials fear the number could 
be higher.
Brits seem to have become increasingly fed up with lockdowns,
 which have been implemented in various tiers since March 
2020, according to data which shows more people are 
leaving their homes to go shopping. Most shops are 
forbidden from opening, but stores deemed 
essential like supermarkets, newsagents, 
and pharmacies remain open, while 
others remain open only for 
click-and-collect services.


Police chief mocked after declaring
British ‘civic duty’
is snitching on
neighbours who violate
Covid-19 rules
(RT updated October 30th, 2020) 

A UK Chief constable has been deluged with mockery 
and Hitler memes, after arguing it’s every resident’s 
duty to turn in neighbours and local businesses for 
breaking lockdown rules and complaining about
how British culture reviles snitches.

UK residents who report their neighbours and local 
businesses to the police for violating the country’s 
increasingly stringent Covid-19 control measures 
are just doing their “civic duty” and should be 
praised, not ostracized, Merseyside chief 
constable Andy Cooke told the Daily
on Wednesday.

“People are doing a civic duty in contacting us for the 
right reasons,” he stated, insisting “the vast majority 
of people across the country are really concerned 
about this” and “any information that you can give 
us, in relation to breaches, will save lives, and
why people are [reporting to the police].”

Lamenting that the practice of turning one’s neighbour in
to the authorities for minor infractions wasn’t more widely 
accepted among respectable Brits, Cooke blamed a 
“sneering culture” for placing rats at the bottom of
the social hierarchy.

His remarks weren’t received well on social media, where 
users were quick to pull out the Nazi pics & Orwell quotes.

“This is what Hitler and Stalin demanded 
of their people,” one user pointed out. 

Others suggested the cops focus on fighting real crime. 
Merseyside saw a 6.3 percent increase in violent crime 
over the past year, according to statistics released
 in July.

A few played along, tweeting that they could “hear voices 
of people having fun and not living in fear” and “even
saw two people hugging, no face masks they were 
even smiling.”

Several suggested the strategy of enlisting civilians
police their neighbours would backfire, both by 
destroying trust in the police and by creating 
suspicion in communities.

Cooke’s paean to the common snitch came on the heels 
of similar comments by West Midlands Police and Crime 
Commissioner David Jamieson, who said in a Tuesday
 interview that police would not hesitate to break up 
Christmas and other holiday celebrations if they 
“flagrantly” violated the government’s rules 
on gatherings.

National Police Chiefs Council chair Martin Hewitt also promised 
“quicker enforcement” of “blatant” rule violations earlier this 
week, urging members of the public to report “egregious 
breaches” - like pubs being open past the 10pm cutoff - 
that “put everybody at risk.” As of Wednesday, the 
NPCC had issued 20,223 fines for violations of the 
Covid-19 restrictions, including 980 spot tickets
 for breaking lockdown.

Unlike Jamieson, however, Hewitt declined to speculate 
on whether his officers would be breaking up Christmas 
parties, instead merely urging the public to take heed 
of the rules in whatever part of the country they 
opted to spend the holiday. 

Despite a steep fall in the number of deaths with Covid-19 
from the pandemic’s peak earlier this year, the UK has
 introduced a strict three-tier lockdown nationwide, 
barring people from congregating in groups larger 
than six and prohibiting home visits.


Britain died for me this week. It’s become 
a Covid-obsessed police state, and I don’t 
understand what it stands for anymore
by Chris Sweeney. November 7th, 2020 

Chris Sweeney is an author and columnist who has written 
for newspapers such as The Times, Daily Express, The 
Sun and Daily Record, along with several international-
selling magazines. Follow him on Twitter 

I’ve always been proud to say I’m British – until now. The
 authorities’ bloody-minded determination to implement
lockdown rules at the expense of people’s wellbeing 
is not what our great country should be about.

Sometimes you can be too close. You are looking, but you
don’t see it. That’s where I found myself this week with 
the current state of Britain --- amid another round of 
ever tighter restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Don’t get me wrong. There are loads of things I’ve always 
loved about my country – our traditional British good 
manners for example. Rather than see it as a sign 
of weakness, I pride myself on our reputation 
for queuing in an orderly fashion. I also like 
that we hold the door open for the person 
behind us.

I admire our outstanding National Health Service, which 
allows everyone to access medical treatment without 
having to dig out a credit card or an insurance plan. 
And I enjoy flying British Airways over far-flung 
lands, offering me some form of attachment 
– even if it is superficial.

I won’t apologise for tea being regarded as the boring 
and bland equivalent to freshly ground coffee – it’s 
our drink, and I love it. And the way we honour 
our war heroes with the humble poppy, is
 thoroughly respectful.

But this week, some of that pride in being British 
died for me. It’s a very different sentiment I’m 
feeling. Beyond disillusionment. Fury even.

How could Britain have fallen so far 
in the way it treats its own people?

It began with the horrifying detention of a 97-year-old
grandmother by police in the Yorkshire town of Market
Weighton. Her daughter, a qualified nurse, wanted to 
bring her home from a care home, to look after her 
during lockdown, and quietly wheeled her out of
 the home.

However somewhere along the line, a jobsworth felt 
the need to justify their existence & reported what 
had happened. The episode ended with her grand-
daughter in tears filming a video, showing her 
mother in handcuffs inside a squad car, 
while the 
old woman sat in another car, 

The police’s response? They were responding 
to “a report of assault.” Incredible.

The horror continued, as students at the University of
 Manchester’s Fallowfield ''halls of residence'', awoke 
to find workers erecting fences around their facility 
to ensure they couldn’t leave. They were being 
installed, following government guidelines 
asking students not to return to their 
permanent homes.

One student said: “They're huge metal barriers, they're 
connected to one another and there's literally no gaps
….it makes it feel like we're in a prison.”

In what version of the United Kingdom do we keep our 
bright, young people caged like dogs? Unsurprisingly, 
some of the outraged students began to rip them 
down, causing even more angst.

Protests of more than two people 
will be ILLEGAL under updated
 rules for UK national lockdown

Another university using its power to force students 
to bend to its will, is world-famous Cambridge. It 
announced that anyone who leaves its halls 
of residence, won’t be able to graduate or 
progress to the next year. That’s despite 
each paying at least £9,250 per 
academic session.

Then there was the Ripped Gym in Harlow, Essex. It 
opted not to close --- in breach of the government’s 
latest lockdown. The morality of that is debatable, 
but the gym claims it didn’t sell any long-term 
memberships and offered only day passes. 
Whatever you think of the decision, what
 is beyond argument is that it didn’t need 
four police cars and approximately 20 
officers to descend in a raid-style 

Were they expecting John Gotti? Rather, it was a well-
meaning business owner & some locals on treadmills. 
The owner ended up being dragged away & was still 
in police custody, at the time of writing.

Contrast this with the most tragic occurrence, the death
 of Corey Liversedge. This 16-year old from Aberdeen-
shire took his own life, as anxiety overcame him as 
a result of the suffocating nature of lockdown.

His grieving parents summoned the bravery to raise 
awareness of his plight, with his mother saying, “It’s 
not just children with diagnosed mental health 
conditions — it can happen to any child, and 
Corey was any child.”

Britain used to be a nation that cared. But now, it seems
 that the priority is treating any slight infraction of lock-
down rules like a terrorist attack, while vulnerable 
people are left to struggle along on their own, 
without help from the wider community.

The complete lack of emotional intelligence from 
our authorities was evidenced by London police 
arresting 104 people in a single night for 
breaching regulations.

What happened to community engagement? Aren’t we 
all supposed to be on the same side? Incredibly, it’s 
now even illegal for anyone to enter or leave Wales
---  unless it is covered by the contentious term of 
“essential travel.” The police, of course, are