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Customer Check-in Data
 ''Barely Used'' in UK Test, 
Trace: Leaving Thousands 
Unaware of COVID Risk
March 5th  (FNA)
 Data collected from millions of people who checked-in 
to hospitality venues and hairdressers prior to the 
reintroduction of lockdown, was barely used by 
Test and Trace, according to a report seen by 
Sky News on Thursday.
Upon the initial re-opening of the economy last year, the 
app was introduced to alert anyone who may have 
come into contact with an infected person. 
The report adds that the failure of the £22-bln system to 
track data and alert those at risk meant "thousands of 
people" were not warned, "potentially leading to the 
spread of the virus".
Moreover, when coronavirus data from venues was used, 
public health officials told pubs and restaurants to 
contact customers directly – which is a breach
data protection laws. 
"This is a breach of the General Data Protection Regulation 
(GDPR), and leaves businesses and venues open to
 potential legal challenges," the report said.
Not only did Test and Trace fail to use COVID-19 data 
accumulated by venues, but it also failed to use the 
QR code alert system included in the contact 
tracing app, which cost £40mln to roll out. 
The document acknowledged that the system was "not fully" 
utilised despite a national campaign promoting its use. 
Instead, the report blamed "capacity issues at a local 
level" for the mishap.
Local public health officials were assigned to contact venues
 in order to obtain check-in data or identify locations 
considered to be most at risk and issue alerts via 
the app.
The report said that a "significant administrative burden" 
was placed on local health protection teams that were 
already working at full capacity, many of which were 
also unaware of how to send data to the app.
Kate Nicholls, CEO of Hospitality UK, called
 the revelations "incredibly frustrating."
"Our teams worked really hard to capture that data on 
the understanding that it was going to be used, 
should there be problems," she said.
"To hear that it wasn't used, and in fact we had further 
restrictions without, really, any clear evidence that 
there was a problem with hospitality, is a major 
cause for concern," she added.
When asked about the potential breach of information 
protection laws, Nicholls said that businesses were 
working with "unclear" guidance from government 
-- which changed the legislation in September -- 
making it compulsory for specific venues to 
collect customers' data.
The Labour Party's Shadow Health Minister Justin 
Madders slammed what he called "a staggering 
level of dysfunctionality at the heart of the 
Test and Trace system".
"It seems thousands of people may have been infected 
unnecessarily, because there wasn't the capacity, 
joined up-thinking, or direction, to ensure the 
systems in place were being used
 he told Sky News.
When the app notification system was introduced last 
October, lawmakers said it would be part of a 
trajectory towards certain venues having to 
display official NHS QR codes, by law.
However, the Sky News report later revealed that two 
weeks after its launch, just one alert about an out-
break in a venue had been issued, despite being 
used by millions across the country.
Recent Test and Trace figures show that over 100 million 
people checked in to venues using the app, but analysis 
by software developer, Russ Garrett, reveals that just 
284 alerts were sent out to 276 venues.
It has been suggested that the Test and Trace app could 
be used as a new coronavirus "vaccine passport" 
during the UK's easing of lockdown this year, 
according to a Times report.
The UK government has also come under fire for out-
sourcing the track and trace operation to a private 
contractor, rather than creating the system 
in-house, under the NHS.
Serco, a private company that runs coronavirus testing 
centres across the country, was found to have 
continually missed its 80 percent target set 
by the government's scientific advisors 
for contacts traced, only managing to 
reach 58.6 percent on average. 
Despite this, Serco was awarded a £45mln 
contract, to add further testing centres.


Why Wales will split from the UK - 
or simply not exist by 2030, says 
one of the country’s leading 
independence figures
by Chris Sweeney
February 23rd (RT)
RT spoke exclusively to Siôn Jobbins, chair of YesCymru,
 an organisation advocating Welsh independence, who 
explained why it will be now or never for his country 
to go it alone, if Scotland decides to quit the union.
“I’m not trying to scare people. In 10 years’ time, we’ll either
part of England or independent.” Those are the straight-
talking words of Siôn Jobbins.
Both in Britain and further afield, the biggest threat to the future 
of the UK is perceived to be Scotland’s bid for independence. 
But in Wales, YesCymru has witnessed a 900 percent rise in
 membership over the past year alone. The umbrella group 
has two key goals:-  for Wales to have an independent 
constitution; and obtain international recognition,
 via a seat at the United Nations.
While most of the coverage of independence movements focuses 
on the legal aspects, in Wales, there is a powerful cultural 
argument for the country to go it alone: the country has 
its own language, which is spoken by 28.5 percent of 
the population.
But in an ironic twist, Jobbins claims efforts to keep it alive have, 
in some ways, stunted the argument for becoming a standalone 
nation. Over hundreds of years, pride in the language has 
promoted a feeling of identity that has taken precedence 
over what passport Welsh people should use.
He said, “The sort of people who you would say were 
independence supporters traditionally pushed for the 
Welsh language and cultural things – not the 
constitutional argument.
“For many, strengthening the language was more important 
than independence. There is the example of Ireland, which 
some see as a mistake. They went independent, but didn’t 
revive their language. So, that was the main driver: ‘we 
haven’t been independent for 400 years, so we need 
to focus on our culture’.”
That was also the case with the main political independence party, 
Plaid Cymru. Jobbins explained: “Since 1970, Plaid Cymru had 
an issue with the word independence. It felt no one is really
 independent: all countries are inter-dependent. It’s about 
the state not being all powerful. That went way back,
times under the Pope, when no one was 
really sovereign.”
But despite this complicated history and differing opinions over 
what independence really means, things are changing. Typically, 
older people resisted the Welsh language, as they felt it would 
take things backwards and be a threat to the speaking of 
English. But the younger generation now, has a 
different view. 
Jobbins continued, “[Some] people over 65 and even those 
over-50 don’t like independence and may have anti-Welsh 
attitudes. Younger people, even those who don’t speak 
Welsh, have a warmer attitude to independence.
“The argument was, all these Welsh speakers would come down 
to our capital city, Cardiff, and take away jobs from English 
speakers. Now, I will ask for a cappuccino in Welsh, in 
Cardiff, but I would never have done that 20 years 
ago, as you would have been sworn at. 
“People born from the 90s onwards, their fear of Welsh is much
 less. You have a generation in their 30s who are relaxed. They 
might not speak it fluently, but they will, likely, understand
basics – and there is no way, English is
leaving Wales.”
Children in Wales can speak English or Welsh at school. TV and 
radio stations also broadcast in both languages. Even the 
country’s footballers, also do interviews in Welsh, if they 
can speak it - a significant step, as, traditionally, football 
had been seen as an ‘English’ sport, with rugby viewed 
as the Welsh game.
Jobbins continued, “Language could have been a divisive issue, 
but it hasn’t been, by and large. A lot of the problems affecting 
[the] independence [argument], 10 or 20 years ago, don’t 
exist now.”
Another pressure point has been Brexit.
It has powered the drive for independence, even though a 
majority of Welsh voters (52.5 percent) opted to leave the 
European Union.
Jobbins explained, “The people who feel more Welsh than 
British voted Remain. But in England, it was the reverse. 
They voted Leave. Brexit has shaken things up. The 
people who didn’t think much about independence, 
and those who are proud to be British – but still 
critical – had the feeling that things could be 
worse [if we left the EU], so thought, ‘let’s 
muddle through’. A lot of Welsh people 
like [the idea of] muddling through 
and being part of the union.
“But Brexit has shaken their confidence in that model. They 
might not be totally turned off by Westminster, but the affinity 
is gone. It’s not been the Brexit vote, but the after-effect, that 
has brought over a chunk of voters to YesCymru.”
The economic argument for an independent Wales is also 
not so well established as Scotland’s, which has oil 
reserves and globally recognised products,
 such as whisky, to call on.
But Wales, with a population of 3.1 million, does nonetheless 
have its own earners, such as 15 percent of Europe’s tidal 
power, and the fact that it generates twice the amount of 
electricity it uses. It is also a net exporter of foodstuffs. 
Jobbins added: “Southeast England is built on services. We’re 
weak there, but proportionally strong in manufacturing. There 
are poor people in Wales, but Wales is not a poor country.” 
Jobbins doesn’t view concerns over what currency would be 
used as an obstacle to independence. He argues that Wales 
could continue using sterling, adopt the euro, or form a 
new currency.
“I was in Slovakia the year after the break-up [with the Czechs], 
and it was still using the Czechoslovakian currency. A year 
later, it made its own currency. It’s a non-issue and it 
would only make sterling stronger, if [independent] 
Wales kept using it.”
Of course, all this only becomes relevant if a referendum is held 
and the Welsh vote for independence. Recent polls suggest 
support for a referendum is at around the 30 per cent mark.
Independence supporters are concerned they will have to move 
quickly, if Scotland does break from the UK. Polling shows 
record support there for Scottish independence, and the 
pro-independence SNP is tipped to hold onto power in
 May’s Scottish elections. If it does, it has vowed to 
demand another referendum, following the failed 
vote in 2014.
The worry is, if Scotland were to quit the UK, the Westminster 
parliament would tighten the rules to block Wales leaving. As 
Jobbins explained, “There is an existential threat to Welsh 
identity. We are concerned that the logical progression of 
Brexit is a unified British state, going back to the 1970s 
and pre-devolution.''
“If Scotland goes, then that’s a crisis for Wales. We then have 
to vote within 12 to 18 months. We will have a choice:
 incorporation, or independence. It’s worse for us, 
as we’re so close to England.''
“Welsh independence could come around much quicker than 
anyone anticipated. And, if it doesn’t happen that quickly, 
maybe it doesn’t happen at all.”
While Plaid Cymru is the main political party behind independence,
 there are other groups pushing to break away too, including
 Labour for IndyWales, Undod and Gwlad. Across the 
movement, there’s a collective feeling that the drive 
for it, is approaching a critical moment.
Jobbins highlighted the region of Brittany in northern France as 
an ideal example of what Wales’ fate could be if it remains in the
UK in the long term. He said: “Their language, Breton, is similar
 to Welsh. But the French treat them [the speakers] like sh*t –
 they have no language rights. It’s the only language [in 
France] other than French, apart from small pockets of 
Basque and Catalan.''
“There’s an argument in Wales that it was lucky that Scotland 
joined the union in 1707, as, if not, it would have been totally
 incorporated into England. Then Ireland came, which again,
 helped. Without all of that, we’d be like Brittany. So, if 
Scotland leaves soon, we’re in trouble – and that
be a big motivator for our people.”
Elections are also being held Wales on May 6th. If Plaid
 is successful, it has vowed to push for a
referendum. But, 
Jobbins acknowledges,
it all rests on a knife edge. 
He said, “2,000 votes in key parts of Wales could make a 
difference either way. No one knows what’s going to 
happen, but we’ve seen, with our huge surge in 
membership, that people who were what we 
would call ‘indy-curious’, have started to 
ask questions and really come out, in 
the last 12 months.”
May 6th, then, could give us a good idea of what 
the future of the United Kingdom may look like.
If you like this story, share it with a friend!
Chris Sweeney is an author and columnist who has 
written for newspapers such as The Times, Daily 
Express, The Sun and Daily Record, along with 
several international-selling magazines.
him on Twitter @Writes_Sweeney


International Trade Minister:
 UK, Australia Begin Fourth 
Round of Trade Talks on 
Post-Brexit Deal
22.02.2021 (Sputnik) 
 The United Kingdom and Australia start, on Monday,
 the fourth round of talks on a post-Brexit free trade 
deal that will slash tariffs and “propel an exports-
led, investment-led recovery, across the UK,” 
International Trade Minister, Liz Truss, said.
The international trade secretary said that the UK wants 
to sign a deal with its commonwealth partner, that 
strengthens the global consensus for free trade, 
cuts tariffs for business and helps propel an 
exports-led, investment-led recovery
 the UK.
After leaving the European Union on January 31st, 
2020, the UK embarked on trade negotiations with 
the US, Japan, Australia, and other countries, in 
an attempt to compensate for its departure 
from the European bloc.
So far, the UK government has inked post-Brexit trade 
deals with Japan, Canada, Vietnam, and Singapore, 
among other countries, while negotiations with the
United States and New Zealand, still continue.
It has also formally applied to join the Comprehensive 
and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership.
According to the City A.M. financial newspaper, 
the UK-Australia free trade deal could be 
finalised by Easter.
Citing sources from the UK International Trade Ministry,
the news outlet said that the deal will allow young UK 
citizens & business travellers greater opportunities
 to live and work in Australia and vice versa, 
and open up Australia´s market to UK 
telecommunications companies.

Poll: 62% Say 
Third Political Party 
Is Needed in US
February 16th  (FNA)
 Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the US needs a third 
major political party, because the GOP and Democrat
 Party "do such a poor job representing the 
American people", according to a
Gallup poll.
In the survey released Monday, 62 percent of Americans 
said the third party was needed, while 33 percent said 
the two existing major parties do an "adequate" job 
representing the majority of Americans' political 
views, The Hill reported.
It's the largest percentage of people to say the US needs 
a third party, since Gallup began polling on the question
 in 2003. The poll also marks the 2nd-lowest percentage 
of people who said the existing parties are adequate, 
after 26 percent of respondents said so, in an 
October 2013 poll.
Both parties have favorable ratings below 50 percent.
Democrat Party is viewed favorably by 48 percent
Americans, while the GOP is viewed favorably by
 37 percent.
Four in 10 Republicans say they want their party to become 
more conservative after the end of former President Donald 
Trump's term, while 34 percent hope it will stay the same 
and just 24 percent want it to become more moderate.
 Democrats are more split, with 34 percent wanting 
their party to shift left, 34 percent wanting it to 
remain the same and 31 percent wanting it 
to shift right.

China pulls BBC World News
off the air
 for ---  serious
content violation
February 12th (Xinhua)
China's broadcasting regulator, on Thursday, made an 
announcement on pulling BBC World News off the air 
in the country, for serious content violations.
The National Radio 7 Television Administration (NRTA) 
said BBC World News was found to have seriously 
violated regulations on radio and television 
management, and on overseas satellite 
television channel management, in its 
China-related reports, which went 
against the requirements that 
news reporting must be true 
and impartial & undermined 
China's national interests
ethnic solidarity.
"As the channel fails to meet the requirements to broadcast 
in China as an overseas channel, BBC World News is not 
allowed to continue its service within Chinese territory. 
The NRTA will not accept the channel's broadcast 
application for the new year," the regulator said
 in a statement.
(Rhondda Records adds: this comes after the BBC
banned CGTN, China's most popular news agency
across the world, on February 4th)


DPR worried about health of millions 
of Ukrainians after Kiev’s rejection 
of Russian vaccines
February 11th (DAN)
 Kiev put under threat the health of millions of Ukrainian 
citizens as it rejected the Russian vaccine, Donetsk 
People’s Republic authorised representative to 
the Contact Group talks, DPR Foreign Minister 
Natalia Nikonorova said on Thursday.
On February 10, Alexey Reznikov, Ukraine’s Minister for 
Reintegration of the “Temporarily Occupied Territories” 
told the RBK-Ukraine news portal that the population of 
the LPR and the DPR was shut off from urgent 
medical assistance.
“Ukrainian authorities, after seven years of shelling of the 
Republic, the humanitarian, economic and transport 
blockade and infringement of rights and freedoms 
suddenly decided to become concerned over the 
health of our residents. Apparently, as part of 
this concern, the minister for “reintegration” 
of Donbass speaks to media outlets about 
“medical genocide” in the Republic,” 
Nikonorova said.
In her opinion, Kiev should focuse on the condition of 
health care in Ukraine in the first place, and solve the 
problem of vaccinating the population against 
“That country could have had the real opportunity to help 
its citizens with deliveries of the effective & safe, Russian 
vaccine. Instead, Ukrainian authorities prefer to continue 
the absurd politicizing of the humanitarian sphere, and 
the anti-Russian policy. The price of such solutions is 
not only the breakaway Donbass, which no longer 
wants to belong to that country, but the life and 
health of millions of Ukrainian residents,” the 
minister said recommending Kiev to soberly 
assess the consequences of such 
administrative decisions for 
their country.
Russia began to produce a COVID-19 vaccine last summer. 
It was registered on August 11, the first in the world. The 
vaccine, Sputnik V, was developed by the Russian 
Health Ministry’s Gamaleya Research Centre. 
Russian vaccines are expected to be 
delivered to more than 50 states.
The DPR launched vaccination using Sputnik V on February 1. 
Ukraine is currently the only country in Europe which has not
 begun vaccination against COVID-19.*jk

WHO: Global Number of New 
COVID-19 Cases Declining
February 10th (al Manar)
The number of new COVID-19 cases around the globe
 is decreasing, the World Health Organization (WHO) 
said in a statement.
“For the fourth week in a row, the number of global 
new cases reported fell, with 3.1 million new cases
 last week, a 17% decline compared to the previous 
week,” the WHO said.
“This is the lowest figure since the week of October 26th 
(15 weeks ago),” it said, Sputnik reported on Wednesday.
The WHO said that although there are still many countries 
with increasing numbers of cases, the tendency at the 
global level was encouraging.
“The number of new deaths reported, also fell for a second 
week in a row, with 88,000 new deaths reported last week, 
a 10% decline, as compared to the previous week. All 
WHO regions reported a decline in new cases, with 
five out of six regions reporting more than 10% 
decreases,” the global health body said.
“Europe, and the Region of the Americas, saw the greatest 
drops in absolute numbers, with together nearly 0.5 million 
fewer new cases reported last week (153,000 and 320,000 
fewer new cases reported, respectively). New deaths also 
declined in all regions except the Western Pacific, where 
mortality rates remained similar to the previous week,”
 it said.
Source: Agencies

UK could experience lockdowns 
for 'SEVERAL YEARS' despite 
vaccination program, SAGE 
member warns
February 9th (RT) 
A member of the UK government's Scientific Advisory Group for
 Emergencies (SAGE) has claimed that lockdowns could be a 
part of people's lives for "several years" as variants of 
Covid-19 mutate.
Professor Sir Ian Boyd, who teaches at the University of St 
Andrews' School of Biology, warned this week against the 
frequent lifting of lockdowns because "it simply fuels a 
new wave of disease" that can cause the virus to
 replicate more and mutate into new strains.
"There are a lot of reasons for taking pain now, in order to 
create conditions for controlled release from [restrictions] 
a lot easier," he argued, adding, "Otherwise we risk just 
passing through phases of various levels of lockdown 
and release."
Boyd said that lockdowns "could go on for a long time," despite
 the UK's mass vaccination program. "My suspicion is that we 
will experience a damped oscillation of control-release for a 
long time to come — perhaps several years."
Brits reacted negatively to the prospect of lockdowns 
still being used in several years, calling it "madness."
"Ok. This is ridiculous now,"tweeted journalist James Melville, 
while another social media user argued the country "won’t 
survive" years of lockdowns.
"If you are waiting to live, love, and laugh with others again 
until things get back to normal, that normal may never
 come,"commented church pastor Regan Blanton 
King. "Going forward, it is important that we 
prioritise faith and family and lobby
 for freedom."
Experts have frequently told Brits that the UK would start 
returning to normal once the majority of the population is 
vaccinated. Mutations of the virus, however, have led to 
an increased concern over whether the vaccines will 
work efficiently against new strains.
At least 147 cases of the South African variant, deemed to be 
a faster-spreading strain Of Covid-19, have been recorded 
in the UK, though officials fear the number could 
be higher.
Brits seem to have become increasingly fed up with lockdowns,
 which have been implemented in various tiers since March 
2020, according to data which shows more people are 
leaving their homes to go shopping. Most shops are 
forbidden from opening, but stores deemed 
essential like supermarkets, newsagents, 
and pharmacies remain open, while 
others remain open only for 
click-and-collect services.


Iran Unveils New 
Coronavirus Vaccine
 February 7th, 2021
al Manar news agency
Iran, on Sunday, unveiled its second coronavirus 
vaccine, administered via injection or inhalation.
The homegrown vaccine, developed by the Razi 
Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, will 
undergo human trials tomorrow, Tasnim
 news agency reported.
Cov-Pars is a vaccine based on recombinant 
protein that can be injected or inhaled.
In comments at the unveiling ceremony, Health 
Minister Saeed Namaki said Iran is going to 
become a main hub of vaccine production 
in the world, in the coming months.
The first Iranian vaccine, financed by the Barakat 
Foundation, has already been injected to several 
volunteers, all of whom are in good health.
Officials say Iran will receive around 16 million doses 
of vaccines through the World Health Organization’s 
COVAX program, import more than 25 million doses 
from abroad, and produce 25 million other doses 
inside the country.
According to Iran’s Food and Drug Administration, 
the country has purchased 2 million doses of 
Russia’s Sputnik-V vaccine, the first shipment 
of which arrived in Tehran on February 4th.
The first group of Iranians to get the imported vaccine
 this week, will be the healthcare and medical staff.
Source: Iranian media



Europe facing
 COVID-19 ‘catastrophe’ 
as 'vaccine war explodes'
February 6th (Press TV)

The European Union is said to be facing a “catastrophe” 
over the delay in the supply of coronavirus vaccines 
across the continent, which is grappling with the 
epidemiological crisis that has so far claimed 
hundreds of thousands of lives.

Diplomats from the 27-member bloc expressed desperation 
about curbing the pandemic in a meeting in the Europa 
building in Brussels — home of the European Union’s 
political leadership — last week, & said the vaccine 
squeeze was not just a public health nightmare,
also a political crisis.

"This is a catastrophe," French ambassador 
Philippe Leglise-Costa said in the meeting 
of EU ambassadors.

The comment was made, after the EU failed to live up to 
a promise to vaccinate 70% of adults against COVID-19 
by the end of summer due to the delays announced by
 the companies producing coronavirus vaccines, 
such as AstraZeneca PLC and Pfizer Inc.

The shortage in the procurement of vaccines risked 
leaving millions of Europeans unprotected in the 
winter at a time that new, more transmissible 
variants were circulating and hospitals 
were being overwhelmed.

Reports said vaccination centres from Madrid 
to Paris, had closed, for lack of supply.

Competing pharmaceutical companies must unite their 
efforts to drastically increase production capacities, 
the WHO head in Europe said.

The European Commission lodged several lawsuits against
the drugmakers, in an attempt to win ground by legal means 
but failed and faced sharp attacks from EU governments, as 
the pandemic has killed over 700,000 people in Europe alone.

Leaked notes, cited by Reuters, on internal EU meetings over 
the past month have revealed that the EU's top executives 
knew of the delays in the procurement of the coronavirus 
vaccines, exposing a climate of incompetence and chaos 
at the heart of Brussels.

"EU negotiators were aware AstraZeneca was scaling back its 
planned supply because of production problems," Reuters 
said, citing the leaked notes. "The company had told the 
EU’s steering group on December 4 that it would reduce 
its targets for the first quarter to two-thirds of the 120 
million maximum."

The notes also showed that the bloc initially kept no track 
of the companies' vaccine doses leaving the union, only 
realizing after its own supplies were delayed --- and it 
couldn't trace the millions of doses already exported.

As the impact of the vaccine shortfall became clear, the bloc 
embarked on a campaign to shame drugmakers hit by 
production delays into releasing more supply, but 
the tactic fell through.

Since then, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen 
has attempted to regain the trust of EU leaders, by 
admitting to her mistakes, saying Brussels 
"underestimated" the challenges of the 
coronavirus vaccine rollout, across
 the bloc.

She has also stated that Brussels expects to receive about 
100 million vaccine doses in the first three months of this 
year, with deliveries increasing month by month.

The Commission also turned up the heat on the United 
Kingdom - which AstraZeneca said was preventing 
British-made vaccines from reaching Europe - 
only to swiftly step back after realizing it 
risked disrupting a border agreement 
in the Brexit accord.

The damage to the EU’s image has splashed on the front 
pages of Britain’s euroskeptic popular press, with headl-
ines declaring "EU vaccines war explodes” and "EU 
chiefs behaving like the mafia.”

According to a report published by AFP on Friday, the 
pandemic has killed at least 2,285,334 worldwide and 
more than 104,848,470 cases of infection have been 
officially diagnosed.

Of these, at least 63,863,800 are now 
considered recovered.


Labour Leader Keir
'Must Give
Evidence' to Inquiry, 
Say Activists 'Fitted
by Spycops'
by Mohamed Elmaazi
15:22 GMT 05.02.2021 (Sputnik)
A collection of activists who were found to have been 
wrongfully prosecuted and convicted in 2009, are 
demanding that the former chief prosecutor 
answer questions before the ongoing 
Undercover Policing Inquiry.
Environmental activists who were wrongfully convicted 
have called upon UK Labour Party leader Keir Starmer 
to answer questions at the Undercover Policing Inquiry
 (UCPI), for his role in an alleged coverup of the use of 
undercover police when he was Director of Public 
Prosecutions. The activists in question were 
arrested, whilst planning a protest against 
Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal-fired power station, 
in Nottinghamshire, England, in April 2009.
The open letter, which has received scant media coverage 
since its publication on 4 February 2021, alleges that 
Starmer, "may have been involved in a cover-up of 
police and prosecutors orchestrating wrongful 
"A decade ago, this month, the world learnt that Mark Kennedy 
was a Metropolitan Police officer spying on environmentalists.
 This information led to the collapse of a trial where six 
environmental campaigners were accused of 
conspiring to occupy a coal-fired power 
station", the letter published via the 
Campaign Opposing Police 
Surveillance (COPS) 
website explains.
In a separate trial, "the convictions of 20 campaigners for 
conspiring to occupy the same coal-fired power station 
were quashed by the Court of Appeal, because the 
prosecution failed to disclose information about 
Mark Kennedy’s involvement that would have 
helped their defence", COPS add.
Starmer, as chief prosecutor at the time of the trial, 
commissioned a report headed by former Court of 
Appeal judge Sir Christopher Rose Report into the 
withholding information about the role of under-
cover police in the two cases. The Rose Report 
ultimately determined that the, "failings were 
individual, and not systemic". However, the 
findings of the Rose Report appeared to be 
contradicted by further evidence of activist 
groups being infiltrated by police with the 
latter's role not being disclosed to
 the defendants.
"Why did Keir Starmer ask for three reviews into CPS 
failings relating to undercover policing that were kept 
from public view, before commissioning the Rose 
report?", the signatories to the letter asks.
"What action was taken by Keir Starmer after the Rose report 
was shown to be wrong, to uncover other miscarriages of
 justice?", the letter adds.
Crucially, the letter points out that a report commissioned by 
then-Home Secretary Theresa May into possible miscarriages
 of justice identified "83 activists who were convicted in trials
 involving an undercover officer, over three decades", and 
ask how it is, that the CPS inquiry, "has, to date, 
discovered nobody whom the media and 
campaigners hadn't already identified".
Labour's current leader has, as of yet, not responded to the 
letter signed by 18 men and women who were, "arrested 
and charged with conspiracy, or arrested, charged and 
wrongfully convicted of conspiracy", with the former 
undercover officer, Mark Kennedy.
The UCPI was initiated by Theresa May when it was discovered 
that the police had been secretly recording the lawyer-client 
conversations of the family of Stephen Laurence, who was 
murdered in a racist attack, in 1993. Stephen Lawrence's 
family continued to push for their son's killers to face 
justice after a botched police investigation resulted 
in a separate inquiry to determine that the 
Metropolitan Police were "institutionally 
racist". After the UCPI was set-up, the 
Metropolitan Police admitted to 
infiltrating and surveilling over 
1,000 political, environmental 
and social justice groups, 
since 1968.


UK Regulator Ofcom 
Revokes Broadcast Licence 
of China's CGTN
February 4th (FNA)
 Broadcasting regulator Ofcom has revoked the China 
Global Television Network's (CGTN) licence to air its 
programming in the UK, according to a statement 
issued Thursday.
In a statement, Ofcom reiterated that "licence
cannot be controlled by political bodies".
Its investigation found that CGTN is controlled by CCTV 
which, as part of the China Media Group, is "controlled 
by the Chinese Communist Party and therefore 
disqualified from holding a broadcast
under the UK".
The regulator claims that it was unable to transfer the 
license to CGTN directly as "crucial information was
 missing from the application", adding that, even if 
said information had been provided, the fact that
 CGTNC is controlled by the Chinese Communist 
Party would preclude it from holding a licence
the UK, anyway.
The broadcaster will, likely, also face 
separate sanctions over its coverage.
"We expect to conclude separate sanctions proceedings 
against CGTN for due impartiality and fairness and 
privacy breaches, shortly," the statement said.
The regulator acknowledged that "the revocation of a 
broadcast licence is a significant interference with a 
broadcaster’s right to freedom of expression" and 
claims it afforded CGTN sufficient time to come
 into compliance, but it failed to do so, after a 
September 2020 application failed. 
Ofcom concluded its statement by criticising CGTN's 
coverage of the Hong Kong protests which were 
found to be in "serious breach" of fairness and 
privacy rules, for which it is now considering 
the sanctions it alleges are separate from 
Thursday's decision to revoke the 
agency's broadcasting license. 
CGTN has yet to issue a statement 
in response to Ofcom’s decision.  
Meanwhile, the Chinese Foreign Ministry claimed it 
had made "stern representations" to the British 
Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) over what it 
described as "fake news" coverage of the 
COVID-19 pandemic - and called on the 
British state broadcaster, to apologise. 
A spokesperson stated the BBC had "linked the 
pandemic to politics" and "rehashed theories 
about covering up by China", shortly after 
the Ofcom decision was announced.


Beijing hopes Washington will follow 
China’s lead & invite WHO to the US 
in search for origin of Covid-19
February 2nd  (RT)
The Chinese Foreign Ministry has urged Washington 
to invite the WHO to conduct traceability testing in 
the US, citing the fact the American authorities 
found Covid-19 antibodies in blood donations 
as early as December 2019.
Speaking on Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman 
Wang Wenbin, told reporters that Beijing has always 
maintained close communication and cooperation 
with the World Health Organization (WHO) on 
Covid-19 traceability, and he said it was 
time the US followed suit. 
“I hope that the United States will adopt a positive, scientific, 
and cooperative attitude on traceability issues -- as well as 
maintain transparency, like China -- & invite WHO experts
to the United States to conduct traceability research
make positive contributions to international
epidemic cooperation & scientific
Wang said.
The spokesman told reporters that traceability testing
a very complex issue, with many clues, reports
studies needing to be taken into account.
“I will give you an example. According to a research report 
by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention... 
there were antibodies to the new coronavirus in some 
American blood donations in December 2019. This 
means... that the new coronavirus may have 
appeared in the United States at that time, 
earlier than the official US report,” Wang 
stated, reinforcing Beijing’s call for 
Washington to invite the WHO
 to America.
Wang continued to point out that China has conducted 
multiple rounds of in-depth exchanges and shared 
a lot of information and research results with 
international partners, including the WHO. 
WHO experts are currently in China investigating the source 
of Covid-19, and they visited a wet market in Wuhan on 
Sunday. It has been widely suggested that a Chinese 
wet market was the environment where Covid-19 
first passed to humans. 
Scientists are still exploring a number of 
theories relating to the origins of the virus.
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Social Distancing May 
Remain in Place All
 in UK:

Experts Say 
Vaccine Would Have 
to Be 85 Percent Effective to Stop
A Surge in Deaths
 Under Life
as Normal
January 31st  FNA)
Social distancing may remain in place until the end of 
the year - while coronavirus vaccines would have to 
be 85 percent effective to prevent a surge in deaths
 if restrictions were totally relaxed, scientists 
warned on Saturday.
Modelling passed to Downing Street warns that the UK 
would see a large spike in deaths if inoculation fails to
 significantly cut transmission.
A paper commissioned by SAGE subgroup SPI-M and 
produced by modellers at the University of Warwick 
showed a "high uptake" was also vital to get the 
country back to normal without risking a third 
wave of coronavirus.
It also warned that even with Britain's breakneck vaccine 
rollout underway, the decline in deaths is slow - and finds
 that even in a best-case scenario, lockdown would have 
to be kept in place until June to prevent another 
significant spike in deaths, according to 
the Telegraph.  
The paper said, "Only vaccines that offer high infection-
blocking efficacy with high uptake in the general 
population, allow for the relaxation of non-
pharmaceutical interventions, without 
a huge surge in deaths."
Experts think efficacy is currently at 60 percent 
but it is still an unknown.
SPI-M's other modelling groups at Imperial College London 
and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 
have reportedly reached similar conclusions.
Even in the best case scenario - where vaccines stop 85% of 
transmissions - lockdown will have to stay in place until May.
If lockdown was lifted mid-February, a third surge of 
infections would follow by April, the modelling found.
While efficacy at 85 percent would mean deaths peak at 1,000 
deaths a day, at 60 percent daily deaths would rise by an 
average of 500 to 1,500 a day.  
Dr Sam Moore, one of the paper's authors, said, "If we get 
very high infection blocking then this could almost be 
what delivers us from it, but it would have to be very 
high. Even vaccines with 85 percent infection 
blocking, are insufficient to drive 'R' below 
one on their own."
Because the R rate is now above three social distancing 
measures have to stay in place for longer for the 
vaccine to take effect without risking 
more deaths.
If the vaccine does provide a 60 percent block against 
coronavirus transmission, as experts have suggested, 
lockdown could end at the end of May, according to
 the Warwick model.
But a ban on large events and other social distancing 
restrictions would still need to be in place until the 
end of the year.      
A Government spokesman said, "At this early stage in 
the vaccination programme, scientists do not have 
sufficient data to advise how the vaccine may 
affect onward transmission." 
It comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson forced the 
EU into an extraordinary double climbdown during a 
dramatic late-night intervention to protect the UK's 
record-breaking vaccine rollout.
During two phone calls just 30 minutes apart, the prime 
minister made European Commission President Ursula 
von der Leyen ditch plans to stop 3.5 million doses of
 the Pfizer jab from reaching the UK from a factory in 
Belgium and abandon the "nuclear option" of 
imposing a hard border on Northern Ireland 
to prevent them reaching the UK.
Following his diplomatic victory, Britain on Friday 
recorded a daily record for first-dose jabs – 
487,756 – to bring the total to almost 
8.4 million.
In his phone calls, Johnson warned von der Leyen that 
her actions risked denying millions of UK pensioners 
their second Pfizer injections. 
She immediately capitulated in a tweet sent 
out shortly before midnight, on Friday. 
As part of an implicit "peace deal" with the EU, No 10 Friday 
adopted a conciliatory tone. Cabinet Office Minister Michael 
Gove said the EU recognised that it had "made a mistake" 
and both sides agreed on the need for a "reset".
Northern Ireland's First Minister Arlene Foster was less 
diplomatic, branding the EU's move an "incredible act 
of hostility". 

and Taking 
Away OUR RIGHTS: with a never-
ending lockdown that Labour MPs support!

Neil Clark, journalist, writer and broadcaster:
''The sad and rather shocking truth, is that the 
current UK Parliament could quite happily 
keep us locked down indefinitely. 
Remember, MPs get their £81K 
annual salaries (plus perks) 
paid in full, each month, 
whatever happens. 
And... there is no 
general election 
due until 2024. 

''The only way the restrictions will end, is 
the public have had enough of them and 
stop complying in large enough numbers. 
Otherwise, what incentive is there for 
well-heeled, power-crazed, lock
addicted political class to
lift them, 
especially with the 
next general 
election so
far away?''


Halfway through this winter of Covid,
 overall mortality is around normal 
for this time of year. Something 
doesn’t add up
January 21st  (RT)

by Peter Andrews, Irish science journalist 
and writer based in London. He has a 
background in the life sciences, and 
graduated from the University of 
Glasgow with a degree in genetics

Although the numbers of deaths attributed to the virus 
in the UK are higher than they’ve ever been, in total, 
not many more people are dying than in any other 
cold season. Is the mainstream media finally 
waking up to this?

A recent article in the Telegraph is one of the first in a 
mainstream outlet to even suggest a challenge to the 
official coronavirus narrative. These days, that 
narrative claims that the ‘second wave’ is 
actually deadlier than the first. (Recently, 
some Branch Covidians have been 
claiming a ‘third wave’, but there
not yet a united front on that.)

The basic reasoning of the article is sound, even if it is 
long overdue. It laments how, every day, the media 
solemnly reports the latest Covid deaths' figures. 

Presenting this figure in isolation results in graphs 
that do, indeed, seem to show that we are at the 
height of a second, worse phase of a pandemic. 
But, like any statistics, daily death numbers are 
meaningless without context, which the media 
rarely provides.

They do not provide context because, if they did, the public 
might see a graph such as the one from a Telegraph article.
 It quite clearly shows the spring spike in overall mortality, 
which was caused by Covid (plus lockdowns). After that 
ends in summer, we see… nothing. Overall mortality 
ever since, even through this winter, hovers at 
around the five-year average. And overall 
mortality, as I’ve repeatedly pointed out, 
is the only true way to know whether 
you are in a pandemic or not – all 
other figures can easily be fiddled.

Out of whack

So, why are the excess death data & the Covid deaths data 
so out of whack? And why isn’t Covid killing lots and lots of 
people this winter, as it did in spring? Even if you ascribe all 
excess deaths to Covid and none to lockdown, there really 
does not seem to be anything out of the normal variation 
in total deaths from year to year. And surely, by now, the 
toll of unnecessary deaths caused by untreated cancer, 
heart disease, depression and so on, has at least 
begun to register.

One reason coronavirus might not be slaying all around it this 
winter is because, well, this is not its first winter. Remember: it 
is called Covid-19, as in 2019. Of course, the official version of
 history states that the virus didn't reach Western civilisation 
until the spring of 2020, but evidence for this assertion is 
based on dodgy polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests 
and a profound rejection of common sense. (By the 
way, how many people do you know who had a 
severe bout of pneumonia-like symptoms 
last winter?)

But the main reason for the disparity is obvious: mass PCR 
testing. Under the current regime (science is the wrong word), 
a ‘Covid death’ is someone who dies having tested positive for
 Covid within the previous 28 days. When you test all hospital 
patients, as the UK does, then some of them will turn out to be 
positive – how many depends largely on the way you do the 
tests. And the more tests you do, the more ‘Covid deaths’ 
you will generate. It is that simple. Dr Mike Yeadon has 
written extensively on this, which he calls the PCR 
false positive pseudo-epidemic.

Too little, too late

In another time, it might have been shocking that it took so long 
for the science editor of a broadsheet newspaper to wonder 
why, in the midst of a killer pandemic the world’s not seen
 for a century or so, the number of people dying in the 
country is ordinary. Better late than never I suppose, 
but do not take this as a sign that reinforcements 
are coming. Even this article makes absolutely 
sure to pledge allegiance to Covid orthodoxy, 
stating without evidence: “severe restrictions 
were … clearly essential to control the

Most people do not get their information by sifting through 
government-issued statistics on websites designed to 
hinder you. But there used to be a word for someone 
who got paid to do exactly that and then tell the 
public, in plain English, what they found. Oh, 
that’s right – we used to call those people 
‘journalists’. There don’t seem to be many 
of them about these days, not even at
 the Telegraph.

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UK police tipped off about ‘illegal rave’ 
show up to find cold pensioners 
queuing for Covid vaccine
January 21st  (RT)

Police officers in the UK who were tipped off about 
an alleged “illegal rave” showed up to find that it 
was actually just a group of old-age pensioners 
queuing for their Covid-19 vaccinations.

“Three police cars” arrived at a hall in Southend, England 
after receiving the false tip about a rave taking place, but
 instead found the queue of old people waiting outside 
for the vaccine, the local Echo News reported.

The chairman of the hall, Dennis Baum, told the website
 that instead of a “rave,” officers only found "80 and 
90-year-olds on wheelchairs, zimmer frames and 
walking sticks, patiently queuing for their 

Essex Police, however, didn’t mention any tips about an 
illegal rave in their own statement, claiming that they 
had received “reports of congestion at the v
accination centre.” 

Rave or no rave, the vaccination centre was plagued with 
plenty of other problems on the day, including the cold 
weather, one elderly person turning up an hour and 
20 minutes early, shortages, and even a different 
vaccine turning up than expected (while the 
AstraZeneca shot had been expected, it 
was the Pfizer one that appeared).

“It was absolute chaos and very cold. The car park became 
chock-a-block with 80-year-old-plus drivers,” Baum said.

Illegal raves have, however, been a huge problem in the UK
 since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, with groups 
of hundreds – and even thousands – of young partygoers 
ditching social distancing in favour of a night out all 
across England, Scotland and Wales. Covid-time 
raves have also been reported in Ireland.

The UK has already vaccinated millions of people, with the
 rollout plan prioritizing health and social care workers, 
along with the elderly and vulnerable.


Futile: LA ambulances told not to 
carry coronavirus patients with 
little chance of survival
Wednesday, January 6th, 2021 (Press TV)
Ambulances in Los Angeles have been instructed not to 
carry patients who have little chance of survival from 
Covid-19,  as experts warn of a “human disaster” 
getting worse in the US city of angels.
Dr. Jeffrey Smith, the chief operating officer of Cedars-
Sinai Medical Center explained that the order was 
“very specific to patients who suffered from a 
cardiac arrest and are unable to be revived
 in the field.”
“Those patients have a very low rate of survival each 
if they are transported to the hospital. So at this time,
 it is deemed to likely be futile.”
The onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic was, meanwhile, 
devastating the community with the number of cases and 
fatalities, on the rise.
“Hospitals are declaring internal disasters and having to open 
church gyms to serve as hospital units,” County Supervisor 
Hilda Solis said. “Our health care workers are physically 
and mentally exhausted and sick.”
Solis called the situation a “human disaster.”
As of Tuesday, some 7,900 people were hospitalized with
 Covid-19 in the county, 21% of whom were in intensive
 care units.
More than 11,000 people have died in 
Los Angeles so far, due to Covid-19.
The Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services 
(EMS) Agency also issued a memo last week to 
ambulance workers.
“Effective immediately, due to the severe impact of the 
Covid-19 pandemic on EMS and 9-1-1 Receiving 
Hospitals, adult patients (18 years of age or 
older) in blunt traumatic and nontraumatic 
out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) 
shall not be transported [if] return of 
spontaneous circulation (ROSC) is 
not achieved in the field,” the 
agency said.
Over 21 million cases of coronavirus have been 
reported in the United States, causing some 
357 thousand deaths.

UK Judge Denies Bail
for Julian Assange
During US Extradition Appeal
by Mohamed Elmaazi
06.01.2021( Sputnik)
Judge Baraitser has repeatedly refused to grant the 
WikiLeaks publisher bail, declined to intervene with 
prison authorities to improve Assange's access to 
his legal team and case files, and won't address 
his alleged mistreatment at the hands of 
prison officials.
Judge Vanessa Baraitser has refused to grant Julian 
Assange bail, while sitting at Westminster Magistrates' 
Court, on January 6th, 2021. The request was denied
the grounds that the Australian publisher had 
previously violated his British bail conditions. 
The editor of the whistleblower website WikiLeaks said 
that he was "disappointed" by the judge's decision, 
adding that the public should expect Assange's 
bail denial to be overturned.
The WikiLeaks publisher has spent 15 months in Belmarsh 
maximum security prison purely on the basis of pre-trial 
detention, as he challenged his extradition to the US on 
charges of espionage related to his role in obtaining 
and publishing classified documents, which 
revealed, among other things, war crimes 
committed by US forces.
The decision to refuse to grant bail follows Judge Baraitser's 
refusal to extradite Assange to the United States to stand trial 
on espionage-related charges, on the grounds that she was 
convinced that there was an insurmountable risk that he 
would commit suicide, should he be subjected to the US 
prison system, both pre-trial and post-trial, should he be
 convicted. Her judgement was nonetheless heavily 
criticised for casting "a shadow over investigative
 journalism" worldwide.
Judge Baraitser based her decision on the fact that the US 
government was appealing her refusal to grant extradition 
to Assange. She said that she was satisfied that there were
 "substantial grounds for believing" that Assange would 
still seek to abscond and could make use of a "vast" 
support network to do so.
The US government, represented by Clair Dobbin, argued 
strongly against granting the co-founder of Wikileaks
higlighting that the "appeal would be frustrated
if Mr. 
Assange was not remanded into custody”.
Ms Dobbin also detailed Assange's role in helping NSA whistle-
blower Edward Snowden "escape justice" by assisting him in
 avoiding the arrest by the US, a claim which Judge Baraitser 
cited in her judgement, refusing to extradite the publisher. 
The prosecution has also stressed that they planned on 
appealing the judge's decision to refuse to extradite on 
the basis that she applied an exceptionally stringent
 test regarding the risk of suicide.
In arguments for the defence, Edward Fitzgerald QC said that
there should now be a presumption in favour of bail, now that 
the extradition request was discharged. He also pointed out 
that the offer for asylum from the Mexican president was 
misquoted and conditional upon discussions with the 
UK government.
Judge Baraitser refused two prior bail 
applications filed by the defence.
Preivous Bail Applications
The first bail application was made in 2019, after Assange 
completed his sentence for absconding whilst on bail 
when he found a refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy. 
His 50-week sentence, nearly the maximum, was
 criticised at the time for being disproportionate 
and for ignoring the internationally protected 
right to seek and attain asylum.
A second request for the bail was refused by Judge Baraitser 
in March 2020, despite medical evidence that Assange was 
at risk of contracting a more severe form of the coronavirus 
disease 2019 (COVID-19). The judge defended her decision 
on the basis that prison authorities would look out for the 
inmates. She also pointed out she could not be satisfied 
that Assange would not attempt to abscond while on bail, 
despite the fact that he would be staying with his fiancé 
Stella Moris and their two children.
Since taking over Assange's case, Judge Baraitser has 
refused to intervene in any way regarding the WikiLeaks
 co-founder's conditions in prison.
Assange's legal team repeatedly said they were prevented 
from accessing their client, and that their client was being 
denied proper access to his legal papers. Lawyers also 
said that, in a single day, Assange was handcuffed 11
 times, strip-searched twice and had his legal papers
 confiscated from him.
Midway through December, Stella Moris tweeted out that 
her fiancé remained deprived of any warm clothes, 
despite the freezing temperatures.
Calls For Proper Medical Assistance
UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer, along with 
two other independent medical experts, concluded two 
years ago that Assange showed clear symptoms of 
"psychological torture". Melzer also reproached 
the US, UK and Swedish authorities' continual
 refusal to properly investigate their findings.
Doctors for Assange, a collection of physicians from 
around the world, repeatedly called for the embattled 
publisher to be released from prison so that he could 
received proper medical treatment & avoid the risks 
posed by COVID-19, at a time when prisoners were 
released early all around the world, including, to
 limited extent, in the UK.
The US government has signalled that it plans on 
appealing Judge Baraitser's decision to refuse
to extradite Assange.


‘Bail him NOW!’ Roger Waters says
 after judge rejects extradition for
 Assange, calls ruling a ‘delaying
 tactic’ as US preps appeal
January 5th, 2021 03:31 (RT)
Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters has demanded the 
immediate release of Julian Assange after a UK judge
 declined a US extradition request, telling RT the 
WikiLeaks founder’s battle is far from over, as 
Washington eyes an appeal.
“Let the man begin to live,” Waters said in an interview 
with RT on Monday, insisting Assange must be freed 
from custody at London’s maximum security 
Belmarsh Prison without delay, hours after 
a judge, Vanessa Baraitser, ruled against 
extradition for the anti-secrecy activist.
''We, [Assange’s] supporters, have to be saying ‘Bail. You 
have to bail him now.’ He’s suffered way beyond any 
suffering that should’ve been meted out to him for 
his one small bail infringement, which is his only 
crime under UK law. So bail him now.''
While Waters said he was heartened by the “scenes of
 jubilation” outside the Old Bailey courthouse following 
the decision, he noted it was “equally sobering” to see 
that the United States had already filed an appeal 
“within minutes of the judgement.”
“This is clearly a delaying tactic,” he said, of the ruling, 
adding that lawyers representing Washington 
“obviously” knew of the judge’s plan to 
deny extradition “because they have 
coached Judge Baraitser all the
through the entire
kangaroo court
 in London.”
Further cautioning against optimism, the rockstar said a US 
appeal could drag out Assange’s case for “at least another 
couple of years,” while predicting that Baraitser would not 
grant him bail.
“She claims he’s a flight risk… She’ll give all the usual reasons.
 The real reason is, of course, is they want to keep him confined
 until he dies. That’s what they’re hoping for,” Waters said, 
adding that while Baraitser declined extradition, she 
nonetheless “judged that the whole US case 
against Assange was correct, legally, that
 the United States won the argument.”
So let us not run away with the idea that somehow she found
 that Julian Assange was innocent of the charges brought
 against him by the United States.
Waters said the implications of Assange’s case extend far 
beyond one journalist’s freedom, saying it symbolizes a 
“battle for the survival of the human race” and the 
future of the Fourth Estate around the world.
“If we allow the United States government to crucify a journalist 
on the grounds that he revealed war crimes by them, then we 
give up our access to the real world. We say ‘OK, we will 
believe what you tell us,’” he said, adding that corporate 
media outlets continue to wage “a very, very powerful 
propaganda campaign” to “smear Julian Assange.”
After spending some seven years under political asylum at 
Ecuador’s embassy in London – where he stayed amid
Washington would charge and extradite him
over WikiLeaks’ 
publication of classified material
- Assange’s protected 
status was revoked in 2019
following a new president's 
rise to power in
that country.
He was arrested by UK authorities almost immediately afterward 
on a years-old bail-skipping charge, prompting the US Dept of 
Justice to unseal an 18-count indictment alleging that Assange 
conspired to “hack” military computers in order to obtain 
confidential records, including the 2007 ‘Collateral Murder’ 
video, which shows a US Apache helicopter gunning down
 a crowd of civilians in Baghdad, among them two Reuters 
journalists. He has since awaited extradition in Belmarsh 
Prison, where he remains even after the US request was 
shot down. A bail application is expected to be made 
on Wednesday.


US 'Extremely Disappointed' WITH UK
Judge's Ruling on Assange, 
to Keep Seeking Extradition
by Lilia Dergacheva
4.01.2021  (Sputnik)
Julian Assange should not be extradited to the United States 
to face charges of espionage and conspiracy to commit 
digital intrusion, District Judge Vanessa Baraitser 
ruled on the morning of 4 January 2021.
The US Justice Department has expressed its disappointment 
over a London court's ruling on Julian Assange, saying in 
a statement:
"While we are extremely disappointed in the court’s ultimate 
decision, we are gratified that the United States prevailed 
on every point of law raised. In particular, the court 
rejected all of Mr. Assange’s arguments regarding 
political motivation, political offense, fair trial,
freedom of speech".
District Judge Vanessa Baraitser announced the court's 
decision to block the potential extradition of the jailed 
WikiLeaks founder on 4 January, in a development 
deemed by Assange's supporters, as the most 
important one in his 2-year long extradition 
hearing proceedings.
"I am satisfied that Mr Assange has the intellect and 
determination to circumvent suicide prevention 
measures [in the US]", the judge said, after 
rejecting every other argument made by 
the defence in the case.
The decision was made solely based on the judgement 
that the WikiLeaks publisher was at too high a risk of 
suicide or self-harm if he were to be extradited to the
 US. The judge notably rejected the rest of the 
arguments raised by the defence 
against extradition.
The judge accepted that Assange, who is now incarcerated
 in HM Prison Belmarsh, would likely be subjected to high 
levels of isolation, as well as Special Administrative 
Measures, both before and after a trial in the US,
 that would severely impact his mental health.
The defence will now decide whether they will launch a bail 
application without delay, as the bail option is believed to 
now be available to Assange, or whether they would like 
to prepare more thoroughly.
It is currently unclear whether the US government will seek 
to appeal the decision. The prosecution must request 
permission to appeal it in the High Court within seven
 days of the date of Judge Baraitser's verdict.
The US indictment against the award-winning author centres 
on his role in 2010-2011 in receiving & publishing classified
 logs from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Guantanamo Bay 
detainee files, and US diplomatic cables. The documents
 revealed war crimes, as well as other criminality and 
abuse, allegedly committed by the US government 
and American-backed forces across the world.
If convicted of all of 18 charges brought against him in the US, 
Assange faces 175 years in prison. There is no public interest 
defence for any charge brought under the 1917 Espionage Act. 
17 out of the 18 charges against Assange fall under  legislation 
dating from the World War I period.


WHO calls coronavirus
death toll in US 'shocking'
December 8th 2020 (Press TV)
The World Health Organization (WHO) has described the 
coronavirus death toll in the United States as shocking, 
warning that the US is "facing a critical situation" now.
“The epidemic in the US is punishing. It's widespread.
 It's, quite frankly, shocking to see one to two persons 
a minute die in the US, a country with a wonderful, 
strong health system and amazing technological
 capacities," executive director of WHO's Health 
Emergencies Program, Mike Ryan said.
Ryan said the US has accounted for a third of all 
world cases over the last number of weeks.
He also encouraged Americans to keep maintaining
 social distancing “even if it sounds terrible.”
WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said
 the agency has not yet contacted with President-elect Joe 
Biden’s transition team.
Earlier this year, Donald Trump announced the US withdrawal 
from the WHO, saying the body was too deferential to China, 
and called it corrupt. Biden has expressed an interest in 
reversing that decision.
US health officials are worried that the epidemic situation will 
become even more aggravated than it was during the Thanks-
giving holiday as the year-end holiday season is approaching.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the US government’s top infectious disease 
expert, warned that the pandemic could worsen after the year-
end holidays, saying on Monday that he has the same 
concerns about Christmas, that he did about 
“Without substantial mitigation, the middle of January 
can be a really dark time for us,” said Fauci.
Millions of Americas ignored public health advice and 
traveled for the Thanksgiving holiday in November.
Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 
chief, also said that the COVID-19 epidemic situation in the US is
 expected to worsen over the next four to six weeks --- with 
infections, deaths and hospitalizations continuing to rise, 
and with the number of hospitalizations expected to 
reach 150,000 to 175,000 in a single day.
Another lockdown in California as hospitals overwhelmed
People in the most populous US state faced heavy new 
restrictions on Monday aimed at slowing the spread 
of COVID-19.
California’s order has affected about three-quarters of the nearly 
40 million people in the state. It will last at least three weeks and 
shuts all but critical infrastructure and retailers.
California Governor Gavin Newsom’s order allowed some schools to
 continue to hold classes. But the Los Angeles Unified School District,
 the state’s largest, closed campuses that had been partially open to
 offer in-person services and tutoring, affecting many special-needs
Newsom’s directive applied to places where fewer than 15% of 
intensive-care hospital beds remain available, so far affecting
 Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley near 
San Francisco.
Dr. Fauci said on Monday the state’s action would “rescue 
them from possibly getting their hospitals overrun.”
California set a record in new cases with 30,000 on Saturday and
 recorded nearly 25,000 more on Sunday. Hospitalizations also 
hit records. In the San Joaquin Valley, just 6.3% of intensive 
care unit beds were available, the state said Monday.
According to a Reuters tally, the COVID-19 infections are at their 
peak in the US, with an average of 193,863 new cases reported 
each day over the past week.
There have been 14.7 million confirmed infections and more than
 282,000 coronavirus-related deaths reported in the United States 
since the pandemic began, the most in the world.
New York’s governor threatened to ban indoor restaurant dining
 in New York City if hospitalization rates keep climbing this week.
Trump to order priority access to US vaccines for Americans
The US president will sign an executive order on Tuesday to ensure 
that priority access for COVID-19 vaccines is given to the American
 people before assisting other nations, senior administration 
officials said on Monday.
The Trump administration is confident it will have enough vaccine
 to inoculate everyone who wants a vaccine by the end of the 
second quarter of 2021.
The New York Times had said the US government declined, when 
vaccine developer Pfizer Inc offered, in late summer, to sell more 
vaccine doses to the United States.
The New York Times reported that Pfizer may not be able to provide
 more of its vaccine to the United States until next June. because of 
its commitments to other countries.
Trump, who has faced sharp criticism for his handling of the
coronavirus pandemic, is eager to take credit for the speedy
development and distribution of a vaccine.
US Health and Human Services Secretary, Alex Azar, said the 
US government had the option to purchase an additional 500 
million doses of the Pfizer vaccine, but declined to say 
whether the Trump administration was pursuing
 that option.
‘We messed up,’ a senator said, of the US approach 
to the pandemic, before his death --- caused by 
A US lawmaker complained about the country's approach 
in tackling the coronavirus pandemic, before dying, due 
to covid-19, this week.


Labour suspends two activists for backing Corbyn
 in anti-Semitism row - and accusing Starmer of 
‘colluding with Tories’
December 3rd, 2020 (RT)
Britain’s Labour Party has suspended two leading members of 
a local organisation, one of whom is Jewish, after they publicly 
accused Keir Starmer of using an anti-Semitism probe to 
crack down on former party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Those sanctioned are the chair of Chingford and Woodford 
Green Constituency Labour Party, Gary Lefley, and its 
vice-chair, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi. 

The suspension came after the two staged an online meeting 
with fellow party members earlier this week, criticising the 
way the Labour leadership has handled the Equalities 
and Human Rights Commission's (EHRC) report on 
anti-Semitism in the party and expressed support 
for former party head Corbyn.
In his speech, Lefley attacked Starmer, accusing him of “collusion” 
with the Tories and plunging the Labour Party “into internecine

By suspending Corbyn and removing his parliamentary whip, 
Starmer himself was “in breach of party rules,” Lefley insisted, 
according to British media reports.

Lefley also complained about the policies within the party,
which forced dissident members to “button our lip at risk
 of being expelled.”

During the same meeting, vice-chair Wimborne-Idrissi supported 
another member’s speech, in which the current Labour leader-
ship was accused of having “weaponised” the issue of anti-
Semitism. “There are many Jews in the party, including me,
 who endorse 100 percent” this point of view, she insisted.

“The cynical manipulation of Jewish fears and concerns is 
unforgivable and undermines all our work against racism 
of all kinds,” she allegedly said.

Wimborne-Idrissi is a rather controversial figure in the party, due
 to her involvement with the Jewish Voice for Labour group. The 
organisation stands against racism and discrimination of Jews, 
but also backs the Palestinian cause and resists attempts to 
widen the definition of anti-Semitism beyond its original 
meaning. The activist confessed that due to her views 
she had been labeled “not a proper Jew; the wrong 
sort of Jew; self-hating Jew” all her life.

A report by the EHRC in October found the Labour Party 
“responsible for unlawful acts of harassment and 
discrimination” of Jews under Corbyn’s
 leadership between 2015 and 2020.

Starmer, who became Labour leader in April, has called the report 
“a day of shame” for the party. But Corbyn reacted to it by saying 
that anti-Semitism claims were “overstated” and ended up being
 suspended from the party himself. He was soon reinstated, but 
Starmer didn’t return his parliamentary whip to him.

Corbyn’s suspension has led to a split in the party, which Labour's
 leadership has tried to overcome, seemingly by making discussing
 the issue a taboo. General Secretary David Evans said that motions 
in support of Corbyn undermine the party’s ability to provide “safe 
& welcoming space” to members, including those of Jewish origins.

Just days ago, Labour deputy leader, Angela Rayner, warned that
party was willing to suspend “thousands and thousands”
members over alleged anti-Semitism if necessary.

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Deputy Leader Says Labour Could 
Suspend ‘Thousands’ of Members 
over  'Antisemitism'
December 1st,  2020  (FNA)
 The Labour Party will suspend “thousands and thousands” of 
members unless they “get real” about antisemitism, Angela 
Rayner warned, as an internal row rages over the 
removal of the whip from Jeremy Corbyn.
Following Keir Starmer’s decision not to allow Corbyn to sit as a 
Labour MP over his reaction to the Equality and Human Rights
 Commission (EHRC) report, dozens of constituency parties 
are reported to have passed motions in support of the 
former leader – despite the party’s General Secretary 
David Evans banning them from doing so.
Earlier this week, a meeting in Nottingham East with such a motion 
on the agenda left a Jewish attendee “feeling they had no choice 
but to leave”, according to local MP Nadia Whittome, who later 
issued a statement describing the “atmosphere and tone” of
 the meeting as “wholly unacceptable”.
Responding to the incident during an address at the Jewish 
Labour Movement’s One Day conference, the party’s deputy 
leader reportedly told delegates, “I want people to know that
 there has been suspensions and we’re on it and we are 
supporting Nadia, the MP there who spoke out and
 I completely commend her for doing that.
“Our members need to get real about this, our Labour members.
 If they don’t think antisemitism is within the Labour Party and
that there’s problems now, then there’s really no place for 
them in the Labour Party," she said.
“If they think making people feel unsafe or unwelcome in our 
meetings is a response to the EHRC report, then they need 
to be out of our party immediately. People need to 
understand what our Jewish community have 
been through,” she added.
According to LabourList, Rayner added, “I feel really, really
 angry actually that there’s been scenes like that in our 
CLP meetings."
“If I have to suspend thousands and thousands of members, 
we will do that. Because we cannot and we will not accept an
 injury to one, because an injury to one is an injury to all. 
That’s what we say in our movement,” Rayner added.
A Labour spokesperson clarified that Rayner’s comments 
addressed a wider context of denialism and the safety of 
Jewish members, rather than specific motions.
The threat of mass suspensions could serve to further inflame 
tensions within the party, with left-wing members of the National 
Executive Committee (NEC) already having accused the leader-
ship of trying to “censor debate and ignore our processes”.
The row first erupted with Corbyn’s respose to the EHRC’s report, 
which stated that “one antisemite is too many” but also said the 
scale of the problem had been “dramatically overstated for 
political reasons” by opponents and the media.
Corbyn later said he did not intend to “belittle concerns” about 
antisemitism and regretted the “pain this issue has caused the 
Jewish community and would wish to do nothing that would 
exacerbate or prolong it”. 
He was eventually readmitted to the party by an NEC panel, but
 was immediately banned by his successor Keir from sitting in
 the parliamentary party.
According to LabourList, Keir told delegates at Jewish Labour’s 
event on Sunday that Corbyn’s response to the EHRC report 
was “just about as bad as you could get”.
The Labour leader was reported as saying that, while he believed
 the party had been “making good progress” in tackling anti-
semitism, Corbyn’s response “undermined me and what
 I was trying to achieve”.
And Rayner – who had defended Corbyn on the issue of antisemitism
 while serving in his shadow cabinet in 2019 – said, “I truly hope he
 reflects. I understand that he thinks he’s always tackled issues of
 antisemitism. I understand he thinks he’s always tackled issues 
of racism." 
“But on this, he’s wrong. He has to accept as a leader that 
we failed,” Rayner said.
However, pro-Corbyn figures have suggested that the current
 discussions around members’ suspensions could contradict
 the report’s findings – which stated that while the party leader-
ship may decide how to respond to decisions on complaints, 
“it is not legitimate for the leadership to influence, make
 recommendations, or make decisions on complaints 
outside of the formal complaints process”.
Former Corbyn aide Matt Zarb-Cousin tweeted, “Since the EHRC
 report was published the leadership’s made no progress on the
 recommendations at all, while contravening the very guidance
 contained within it to make a series of rhetorical and political 
gestures amounting to hot air.”
However, the 'Jewish Labour Movement' chair ,Mike Katz,
 welcomed Rayner’s “commendably strong words”, 
telling The Independent, “If anything shows the 
need for a cultural change, as well as better 
processes in the Labour Party, the last
 few days have done.
“There’s been some really, really ugly scenes in CLP meetings 
across the country as offices and constituencies choose to 
ignore direction from the Labour Party and pass motions 
about Jeremy Corbyn. The conduct in the meetings 
make them clearly not a safe space for Jews. And
 thinking about Jewish Labour members, this
 has to change,” Katz said.
He called for a “bottom-to-top reform” of the party’s culture and
 processes, adding, “We really want to be in a position where
 suspensions aren’t necessary, and thinking about whether 
you’re going to okay going to a meeting isn’t necessary 
because the culture of the party has changed."
Katz said there must be “the commitment to follow up suspensions 
with expulsion”, adding that “the process has to be done not under 
the broken, factionally-aligned process that we currently have, but 
under the process recommended by the EHRC”.
Keir has pledged to uphold the recommendations of the 
EHRC report in full, in a move supported by Corbyn.

US Justice Department amends federal execution rules
 to allow death by hanging, electric chair, gas chamber 
November 28th, 2020  (RT)

The US Department of Justice has expanded rules governing
 executions to permit a wider rage of methods - including 
firing squads and electrocution - as five federal inmates 
are set to face the death penalty before Inauguration Day.
The amended rule was entered into the Federal Register on Friday, 
permitting the government “greater flexibility” to carry out capital 
punishment using any method “prescribed by the law of the state
 in which [a] sentence was imposed.” While lethal injection 
remains the most common means of execution — and 
previously the only one permitted under federal 
regulations — the new rule will accommodate 
states that allow for alternative methods, 
including death by electrocution, 
nitrogen gas, hanging or 
firing squad.
The proposed rule change was initially floated in August — with the 
DOJ accepting public comments for only 30 days, half of the period 
typically allotted — and passed a White House review earlier this 
month, according to ProPublica, which was first to report on the
 amended regulation.
While 5 federal prisoners are currently slated for execution before
 President Donald Trump leaves office in late January, the rule 
change is not expected to affect their cases, as each is 
already set to receive lethal injection.
Before Trump took power, the last federal execution was carried out
 in 2003 — Louis Jones, was convicted of murder and kidnapping — 
but the current administration has revived the custom. 
The government has authorized capital punishment for 13 inmates 
so far in 2020, including the 5 still in custody, all of them approved
 in the last six months. Though state governments routinely 
sentence inmates to death each year, executions have 
been far more rare on the federal level, seeing a total 
of just 45 since 1927, according to the Bureau
 of Prisons.
Presumed President-elect Joe Biden has vowed to end capital
 punishment for federal crimes, saying his administration will 
not approve any executions, meaning Friday’s rule change 
may never be put into practice. That stance reflects 
growing calls from fellow Democrats to abolish 
the death penalty outright, arguing the 
practice is cruel and archaic.


Georgia's Floyd County 'Ousts Chief Elections Clerk 
After Untallied Ballots Discovered Amid Audit'
by Svetlana Ekimenko
21/11/2020  (Sputnik)

Georgia earlier on Thursday certified the results of the 2020 
presidential election, upholding Democratic candidate Joe 
Biden’s win, with Governor Brian Kemp calling for another 
audit of the votes, saying it was “completely unacceptable”
 that thousands of uncounted ballots were discovered 
during the manual hand recount, after the
initial results.

The discovery of thousands of uncounted ballots has spurred 
the Board of Elections in Georgia's Floyd County to vote in 
favour of ousting Chief of Elections Clerk Robert Brady, 
according to FOX 5 Atlanta.

Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger had requested
 that Brady step down earlier, in the wake of two incidents in
 Floyd County, with local officials meeting to discuss the 
decision before firing the clerk, the outlet reported.

Reportedly, there was consensus among both Republicans and
 Democrats on the need to fire Brady, despite the belief that the 
error was not made purposefully.

Uncounted Ballots

Georgia, where Governor Brian Kemp certified the presidential 
election results on Friday in favour of projected President-elect 
Joe Biden, had discovered 2,750 ballots that had not been 
included in the original count in Fayette County amid the 
state’s audit of the 2020 presidential election.

"There was an issue where we noticed there were more people 
on the absentee ballot filed for voting in person in Fayette 
County than was in the actual reporting," Georgia election 
official Gabriel Sterling had said at the time.

According to Sterling, the issue occurred because several 
individuals failed to follow proper procedures. In a separate
 incident, some 284 uncounted ballots were found in Walton 
County, with the local Board of Elections chair, Lori Wood, 
suggesting the error occurred after votes had previously 
been uploaded from only one of the two ballot scanners 
in a precinct.

The findings followed the discovery of more than 2,600 
untallied ballots in Floyd County --- forcing election 
workers to rescan more than 8,000 ballots, with 
Floyd County Republican Party chair, Luke 
Martin, referring to the incident as a 
“concerning” mishap that “doesn’t 
appear to be a widespread issue”.

Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger blamed 
the problem in Floyd County on failure of election officials 
to upload votes from a memory card in a ballot-scanning 

Statewide Audit

The Peach State had embarked upon a hand recount of all 
votes on 13 November after the Republican Party and the 
Trump election campaign requested a statewide audit.

Trump’s legal team filed several challenges in the wake of 
the November 3rd elections, citing alleged voter fraud, 
despite major US media outlets announcing that the
Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden, was 
the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

Trump's campaign lawyer Rudy Giuliani accused leaders 
of the Democrat-run cities in key battleground states, of 
carrying out a co-ordinated, "centralised" campaign 
of voter fraud, to rob Donald Trump of victory.

"As we started investigating... what emerged very quickly is there's
 not a singular voter fraud in one state. This pattern repeats itself 
in a number of states. Almost exactly the same pattern. Which, to 
almost any experienced investigator, prosecutor, would suggest
 that there was a plan from a centralised place to execute these 
various acts of voter fraud, specifically focused on big cities, 
and specifically focused on (as you would imagine) big cities 
controlled by Democrats. And particularly focused on big 
cities that have a long history of corruption," Giuliani said, 
speaking to reporters in Washington, DC on Thursday.

One of the key battleground states where Donald Trump demanded 
a recount, Georgia, was called in Biden's favour by the Associated 
Press earlier on 20 November, giving the Democrat candidate Joe 
Biden a total of 306 votes in the electoral college.

Georgia's secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, said Friday that
 he was, like all other Republicans, “disappointed”, but added:

"I live by the motto that numbers don't lie. As secretary of state, I 
believe that the numbers that we have presented today are correct."

Meanwhile, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who certified the state's
 presidential election results Friday in favour of Biden, called for 
another audit of the votes, writes Fox News.

Kemp was cited by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as saying it was
“completely unacceptable” that thousands of uncounted ballots 
were found in several counties during the manual hand recount 
in the wake of the initial results.

While acknowledging Donald Trump’s frustration over the 
outcome, Kemp said:

“He’s a fighter…  But, at the end of the day, I’ve got to follow the 
laws of the constitution of this state and that’s exactly what I’m 

After the results are certified, the Trump 2020 Campaign has 
until Tuesday to request another recount, said Kemp, 
pointing to the vote being within a half-per cent.

“I would just say I’m formalising the certification. Now that 
Secretary Raffensperger certified, it triggers the ability of 
the Trump campaign to ask for the recount," said Georgia 
Governor Brian Kemp.


Britain died for me this week. It’s become 
a Covid-obsessed police state, and I don’t 
understand what it stands for anymore
by Chris Sweeney. November 7th, 2020 

Chris Sweeney is an author and columnist who has written 
for newspapers such as The Times, Daily Express, The 
Sun and Daily Record, along with several international-
selling magazines. Follow him on Twitter 

I’ve always been proud to say I’m British – until now. The
 authorities’ bloody-minded determination to implement
lockdown rules at the expense of people’s wellbeing 
is not what our great country should be about.

Sometimes you can be too close. You are looking, but you
don’t see it. That’s where I found myself this week with 
the current state of Britain --- amid another round of 
ever tighter restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Don’t get me wrong. There are loads of things I’ve always 
loved about my country – our traditional British good 
manners for example. Rather than see it as a sign 
of weakness, I pride myself on our reputation 
for queuing in an orderly fashion. I also like 
that we hold the door open for the person 
behind us.

I admire our outstanding National Health Service, which 
allows everyone to access medical treatment without 
having to dig out a credit card or an insurance plan. 
And I enjoy flying British Airways over far-flung 
lands, offering me some form of attachment 
– even if it is superficial.

I won’t apologise for tea being regarded as the boring 
and bland equivalent to freshly ground coffee – it’s 
our drink, and I love it. And the way we honour 
our war heroes with the humble poppy, is
 thoroughly respectful.

But this week, some of that pride in being British 
died for me. It’s a very different sentiment I’m 
feeling. Beyond disillusionment. Fury even.

How could Britain have fallen so far 
in the way it treats its own people?

It began with the horrifying detention of a 97-year-old
grandmother by police in the Yorkshire town of Market
Weighton. Her daughter, a qualified nurse, wanted to 
bring her home from a care home, to look after her 
during lockdown, and quietly wheeled her out of
 the home.

However somewhere along the line, a jobsworth felt 
the need to justify their existence & reported what 
had happened. The episode ended with her grand-
daughter in tears filming a video, showing her
mother in handcuffs inside a squad car,
while the 
old woman sat in another car,

The police’s response? They were responding 
to “a report of assault.” Incredible.

The horror continued, as students at the University of
 Manchester’s Fallowfield ''halls of residence'', awoke 
to find workers erecting fences around their facility 
to ensure they couldn’t leave. They were being 
installed, following government guidelines 
asking students not to return to their 
permanent homes.

One student said: “They're huge metal barriers, they're 
connected to one another and there's literally no gaps
….it makes it feel like we're in a prison.”

In what version of the United Kingdom do we keep our 
bright, young people caged like dogs? Unsurprisingly, 
some of the outraged students began to rip them 
down, causing even more angst.

Protests of more than two people 
will be ILLEGAL under updated
 rules for UK national lockdown

Another university using its power to force students 
to bend to its will, is world-famous Cambridge. It 
announced that anyone who leaves its halls 
of residence, won’t be able to graduate or 
progress to the next year. That’s despite 
each paying at least £9,250 per 
academic session.

Then there was the Ripped Gym in Harlow, Essex. It 
opted not to close --- in breach of the government’s 
latest lockdown. The morality of that is debatable, 
but the gym claims it didn’t sell any long-term 
memberships and offered only day passes. 
Whatever you think of the decision, what
 is beyond argument is that it didn’t need 
four police cars and approximately 20 
officers to descend in a raid-style 

Were they expecting John Gotti? Rather, it was a well-
meaning business owner & some locals on treadmills. 
The owner ended up being dragged away & was still 
in police custody, at the time of writing.

Contrast this with the most tragic occurrence, the death
 of Corey Liversedge. This 16-year old from Aberdeen-
shire took his own life, as anxiety overcame him as 
a result of the suffocating nature of lockdown.

His grieving parents summoned the bravery to raise 
awareness of his plight, with his mother saying, “It’s 
not just children with diagnosed mental health 
conditions — it can happen to any child, and 
Corey was any child.”

Britain used to be a nation that cared. But now, it seems
 that the priority is treating any slight infraction of lock-
down rules like a terrorist attack, while vulnerable 
people are left to struggle along on their own, 
without help from the wider community.

The complete lack of emotional intelligence from 
our authorities was evidenced by London police 
arresting 104 people in a single night for 
breaching regulations.

What happened to community engagement? Aren’t we 
all supposed to be on the same side? Incredibly, it’s 
now even illegal for anyone to enter or leave Wales
---  unless it is covered by the contentious term of 
“essential travel.” The police, of course, are 
monitoring the roads and pulling over cars 
to conduct checks.

Yes, the pandemic is a serious situation and we 
should not be complacent about 48,000 people 
dying. Precautions have to be taken.

But what is happening across the UK is nothing short 
of barbaric. Our police have turned into robots, 
carrying out whatever they are asked to, 
no matter how cruel or wrong.

The government has forgotten what a wonderful 
population they are tasked with representing, 
and are treating us all like North Korea 
does dissenters.

They say you never really truly appreciate something 
until it’s gone. And I’m petrified that the courteous, 
courageous sprit that defines Britain, is on the 
point of disappearing for good, crushed by 
the uncaring iron first of the Covid-
obsessed authorities.

We deserve better than this.

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Corbyn Suspended for Telling the Truth
A New Socialist Party Is Required
by Tommy Sheridan 
31/10/2020 (Sputnik)
The other day a thoroughly decent and honest man 
suffered a grave injustice. A man who has a peer-
less record in opposing racism and anti-Semitism 
was suspended by the political party he has been 
a member of for over fifty years, has represented 
it in the British Parliament since 1983 and was 
its leader from 2015-20.
Irony died in Britain yesterday when Jeremy Corbyn was 
suspended by the Labour Party with the consent and 
probable collusion of the man who succeeded him 
as leader, Sir Keir Starmer.
We now have a Tory leader in 10 Downing Street who is 
famed for his racist views including referring to black 
Africans as “piccaninnies” with “watermelon smiles”.
A racist Prime Minister nostalgic for the days of slavery 
and brutal exploitation and ownership of black people 
was elected by the people of England in preference 
to a man whose whole life has been dedicated to 
fighting racism and injustice.
Corbyn Was Betrayed by His Own Party Bureaucracy in 2017
Jeremy Corbyn would have won the 2017 General Election 
if his campaign had not been sabotaged from within by 
Labour opponents. They hated him more than the 
Tories and refused to accept the democratic will 
of the Labour Party masses who elected Corbyn 
leader, not once but twice with a bigger majority 
the second time round in 2016. 
He led a remarkable 2017 election campaign which inspired 
millions and confounded all the opinion polls and political 
pundits as he came within a whisker of winning. He 
smashed the Tory majority and rocked the British 
Establishment. A genuine socialist was almost 
elected to lead the UK. Millionaires and 
billionaires were petrified that they 
would be forced to pay their taxes 
and public services would no 
longer be up for sale. 
Corbyn would have won if staff at the heart of the 
Labour Party had not actively undermined him.
Paid Labour Party staff expressing disgust for the 
elected leader of their party and hoping for a bad 
election result and undermining the effectiveness 
of the campaign wherever possible is what the 
right wing did with gusto. And - after the close 
call of the 2017 general election - the powerful 
and rich who make up the British Establishment 
and mainstream media declared war on Corbyn 
from every angle, but specifically colluded to 
weaponise the scourge of anti-Semitism and 
throw every slur and empty accusation 
against Corbyn that was possible 
to muster.
After 2017 Close-Call Anti-Semitism 
Was Weaponised Against Corbyn
An incredible narrative was created whereby a man that 
had done more in his life to confront and combat racism 
and anti-Semitism than anyone in British politics, was 
cast as an anti-Semite. It was bizarre, ridiculous, and 
obscenely unfair and inaccurate but it was effective 
in creating a wholly false perception. An inordinate 
number of Labour anti-Semitism stories, headlines 
and even documentaries were produced and by 
2018 polls of Jewish voters indicated an 
incredulous number believed the Labour 
Party was anti-Semitic while the problem 
in the Tories and Lib-Dems was perceived 
to be minor.
Labour Became Huge Under Corbyn – 
Over 500,000 Members
Jeremy Corbyn attracted hundreds of thousands of new 
members to the Labour Party and transformed it into the 
biggest membership party in Europe with well over 
500,000 signed up to his brand of socialism. The 
number of party members ever subjected to 
accusations of anti-Semitic behaviour never 
surpassed more than 300, so the anti-Semitic 
‘problem’ in Labour amounted to 0.1% of its 
membership at most but the coordinated 
media led campaign aided and abetted 
by Labour right wing MPs, created a 
deeply warped and distorted picture 
that almost 62% of party members 
were anti-Semitic.
This was the result of a well-coordinated media 
campaign led by the BBC to traduce the 
character of Corbyn and the Labour 
Party under him.
Feeding from the false narrative and whipped up 
hysteria created by the media the Equality and 
Human Rights Commission (ECHR) decided to 
launch a formal investigation into claims of 
anti-Semitism within Labour to establish if 
they had breached the Equality Act 2010 
and were guilty of acting unlawfully in 
relation to anti-Semitic actions. This 
decision was taken in May 2019 amid 
the Brexit crisis and talk of an early 
general election. The fact the ECHR 
acted on the basis of complaints 
from vehemently anti-Corbyn 
organisations indicates just 
how loaded the dice was 
from the outset.
Anti-Semitism is Abhorrent --- but 
Jeremy Corbyn is Not an Anti-Semite
All anti-Semitic behaviour and opinions should be 
condemned and confronted unreservedly. Of that 
there should be no doubt or debate. But the 
accusations of anti-Semitism against the 
Labour Party have been overstated and 
used politically to undermine Labour 
and Corbyn. Anti-Semitism is a problem 
in society as a whole. An ugly repulsive 
problem. But to suggest Labour has a 
bigger problem than other parties or 
that Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite 
is patent nonsense and lies.
Unlike the Corbyn detractors, Labour’s 2020 ‘No 
Place For Antisemitism’ Report provides hard 
facts refuting media and ECHR allegations 
that Labour under Corbyn did not address 
anti-Semitism complaints.
The Labour Party expelled 45 members in relation to 
antisemitism in 2019, compared to 10 in 2018 and 
1 in 2017.
After rule changes passed at Conference in September 
2019 gave NEC panels the power to expel, twice the 
number of people were expelled in two months than 
had been expelled during the whole of 2018.
NEC Disciplinary Panels heard 274 cases relating to 
antisemitism in 2019, a tenfold increase on the 28 
cases heard in 2017.
In 2019, 149 members were removed from the party as 
a result of disciplinary processes relating to anti-
semitism, either being expelled or quitting the 
party as proceedings progressed.
The Labour Party suspended 296 members in relation to 
antisemitism in 2019, compared to 98 in 2018 – itself a 
big increase on the previous year”.
Once you have read the facts contained in this Report and 
considered that the lengthy ECHR Report which took 
almost 18 months to compile concludes that Labour 
is guilty of “unlawful acts of indirect discrimination 
and harassment for which the Labour Party is 
responsible” based on the conduct of TWO 
Labour Party members, Ken Livingston and 
a Councillor called Pam Bromley, you can 
reasonably conclude that when Corbyn 
said the allegations of anti-Semitism 
against Labour were “overstated” 
he was stating a fact.
Corbyn was a clear and present danger to the rich and 
powerful British Establishment and his sympathy with
 the Palestinian people and willingness to call out 
Israel’s human rights abuses made him dangerous 
on an international plain also. America and Israel 
could not tolerate a pro-Palestinian British Prime 
Minister. The anti-Semitism campaign was a 
conscious and dishonest scheme to under-
mine his electoral credibility and the BBC 
played a blinder in promoting the lie at 
every available opportunity.
A New Trade Union Supported 
Socialist Party is Now Urgent
The suspension of Jeremy Corbyn from Labour is an 
attack on him and every single socialist still in that 
party. Jeremy is now suffering the consequences 
of being popular on the one hand but being far 
too pliable on the other. The day Jeremy stood 
back & allowed socialists like Chris Williamson 
to be suspended was the day he succumbed to 
the right-wing bullies within the Labour Party 
hierarchy. Chris was a loyal lieutenant of 
Corbyn. A very capable and popular 
crusader for socialism. 
When the right wing went after him with the anti-Semitism slur 
Jeremy should have resisted and stood with Chris. Instead he 
sought to avoid an internal battle and that was his ultimate 
undoing. Jeremy had the backing of the members but not 
the comfortable and right-wing bureaucracy who used 
their influence to stifle Corbyn and undermine his 
2017 election campaign.
The new Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is determined to turn 
the party back into a Tory second eleven like in the red Tory 
Tony Blair days.
The challenge to other socialist Labour MPs and the trade union 
leaders who support socialist policies which will actually 
improve the lives of their members is clear. If you can’t 
fight for the former leader of your party who raised the 
hopes of millions & came so close in 2017 to winning, 
then you are not worthy of the description of socialist. 
The time has come for a party of workers that promotes 
socialism with guile, enthusiasm, and pride. Instead of 
funding Starmer’s Tory Party Mark II, the trade union 
movement should fund a real socialist party --- 
committed to changing the lives of millions 
for the better.
The suspension of Corbyn must be the crossing of the Rubicon 
for the socialist and trade union movement. Labour is already 
irrelevant in Scotland. It will become irrelevant in England 
as well soon. The time for a new force backed with trade 
union organisation and resources, is now.

Police chief mocked after declaring British ‘civic duty’ 
is snitching on neighbours who violate Covid-19 rules
(RT updated October 30th, 2020) 

A UK Chief constable has been deluged with mockery 
and Hitler memes, after arguing it’s every resident’s 
duty to turn in neighbours and local businesses for 
breaking lockdown rules and complaining about
how British culture reviles snitches.

UK residents who report their neighbours and local 
businesses to the police for violating the country’s 
increasingly stringent Covid-19 control measures 
are just doing their “civic duty” and should be 
praised, not ostracized, Merseyside chief 
constable Andy Cooke told the Daily
on Wednesday.

“People are doing a civic duty in contacting us for the 
right reasons,” he stated, insisting “the vast majority 
of people across the country are really concerned 
about this” and “any information that you can give 
us, in relation to breaches, will save lives, and
why people are [reporting to the police].”

Lamenting that the practice of turning one’s neighbour in
to the authorities for minor infractions wasn’t more widely 
accepted among respectable Brits, Cooke blamed a 
“sneering culture” for placing rats at the bottom of
the social hierarchy.

His remarks weren’t received well on social media, where 
users were quick to pull out the Nazi pics & Orwell quotes.

“This is what Hitler and Stalin demanded 
of their people,” one user pointed out. 

Others suggested the cops focus on fighting real crime. 
Merseyside saw a 6.3 percent increase in violent crime 
over the past year, according to statistics released
 in July.

A few played along, tweeting that they could “hear voices 
of people having fun and not living in fear” and “even
saw two people hugging, no face masks they were 
even smiling.”

Several suggested the strategy of enlisting civilians
police their neighbours would backfire, both by 
destroying trust in the police and by creating 
suspicion in communities.

Cooke’s paean to the common snitch came on the heels 
of similar comments by West Midlands Police and Crime 
Commissioner David Jamieson, who said in a Tuesday
 interview that police would not hesitate to break up 
Christmas and other holiday celebrations if they 
“flagrantly” violated the government’s rules 
on gatherings.

National Police Chiefs Council chair Martin Hewitt also promised 
“quicker enforcement” of “blatant” rule violations earlier this 
week, urging members of the public to report “egregious 
breaches” - like pubs being open past the 10pm cutoff - 
that “put everybody at risk.” As of Wednesday, the 
NPCC had issued 20,223 fines for violations of the 
Covid-19 restrictions, including 980 spot tickets
 for breaking lockdown.

Unlike Jamieson, however, Hewitt declined to speculate 
on whether his officers would be breaking up Christmas 
parties, instead merely urging the public to take heed 
of the rules in whatever part of the country they 
opted to spend the holiday. 

Despite a steep fall in the number of deaths with Covid-19 
from the pandemic’s peak earlier this year, the UK has
 introduced a strict three-tier lockdown nationwide, 
barring people from congregating in groups larger 
than six and prohibiting home visits.


COVID19 in the UK the story so far...
please see our Health page.

United Nations Universal Declaration on Bioethics and 
Human Rights, Article 6 - Consent: Any preventive, 
diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention 
is only to be carried out with the prior, free and 
informed consent of the person concerned. 

Article 3 - Human dignity and human rights: 
The interests and the welfare of the 
individual should have priority over 
the sole interest of science 
or society.


Roger Waters formerly of Pink Floyd, in an open letter,
 calls on his fellow musicians to boycott the Zionist
Israeli regime and follow the example of the cultural
boycott against the ex South African Apartheid regime.

“Given the inability or unwillingness of our governments
 [to act] …. I write to you now, my brothers and sisters …
 to ask you to join with me, and thousands of other artists
 around the world, to declare a cultural boycott on Israel,”
Roger Waters says in his letter.

Waters says the Zionist regime has been found guilty of
 major breaches of human rights and international law
 by international organizations, UN officials and the
International Court of Justice.

He touches on two such cases, saying the regime has been
 identified as perpetrating the “crime of Apartheid”, including
 in a statement on March 9th, 2012 by the UN Committee on
the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and the “crime of
ethnic cleansing” including in East Jerusalem (al-Quds).

Waters adds that he has been a member of the Boycott,
 Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against the
 Israeli regime’s occupation of the Palestinian lands and
 Tel Aviv’s violations of Palestinian human rights for 7
 years, and now wants other musicians to also join
anti-Israeli front.

“Please join me and all our brothers and sisters in global
 civil society in proclaiming our rejection of Apartheid in
 Israel & occupied Palestine, by pledging not to perform
 or exhibit in Israel or accept any award or funding from
 any institution linked to the government of Israel, until
 such time as Israel complies with international law
universal principles of human rights.” 

The former Pink Floyd Musician also says he has recently
 faced a boycott by the US media after his November 29th,
 2012 address at the UN on behalf of the Russell Tribunal.

In the address, he sought accountability for the Zionist
 regime’s violations of the international law and the lack
 of United Nations resolve that prevents the Palestinian
 people from achieving their inalienable rights,
the right of self-determination.



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Cash Spent On Privatising NHS ‘Doubled’

Friday 13th January 2017
 by Lamiat Sabin

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has revealed how
the huge amount of cash spent on privatising
parts of the NHS has more than doubled
under the Tories.

Mr Corbyn said: “The Conservatives are privatising
 our NHS by stealth, despite the repeated failures
 and costs of private provision.

“It saddles us with an expensive and unnecessary
internal market. It puts tax avoidance, not patient
 care, at the heart of its management. It also
 promotes excessive boardroom pay and
grotesque inequality.

“Health privateers are earning huge sums at
taxpayers’ expense, yet health workers are
 faced with a pay freeze.

“When health services are privatised, the brakes
 come off the pay - of the executives in charge.”

Health Emergency campaign director, John Lister,
 told the Star that it was “bizarre” how local clinical
 commissioning groups choose to divert cash into
 private companies, when investment needs to
 stay within the NHS.

He added: “Companies only want to pick up
profitable services such as elective care
and are not interested in taking the load
off under-pressure departments such
as A&Es.

“Despite the financial freeze, none of these firms
are making much money -- because the margins
 are small. It’s a pointless fracturing of the NHS.
The Health and Social Care Act 2012 was
 brought in by the Tories to facilitate this.”

Mr Corbyn says his new proposal would require
that no public-sector department or government
contracted firm, could pay top executives over
20 times the salary of the lowest-paid worker.

Patients and health workers are denied quality
 of care and sufficient resources -- because the
 pay of bosses in the sector skyrockets. He said
 that the policy “will apply to the private health
 companies who bid for NHS contracts and pay
 their top executives indefensible & sometimes
 obscene amounts.

“Shrinking the widening pay gap in health will
aid Labour’s plans to end health privatisation
 and bring services into a secure, publicly
 provided NHS.”

(source - Morning Star)


How to select or reselect your MP

New edition by Dave Osland. £4 from left-wing
bookshops, or Five Leaves Bookshop, Notts.

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0115 8373097 or via PayPal on

Rhondda Records exists to express the Rhondda's
vision --- when it was confident, powerful, caring,
and socialist.

A Rhondda very aware
of the media's poisonous
tricks -- how they con working class people into
attacking each other, or racial groups, or, often,
even their best allies and friends... instead of
seeing their real enemies:--- an elite who hate
the very idea that working people can think,
create, or achieve a fairer society.

Thatcher said her proudest achievement was
Blair and New Labour - who parachuted in
careerists and expenses fiddlers - to stop
local Labour members having a say, and
who made genuine socialist MPs leave
the Labour party in disgust and many
members and voters to despair...
and the young to stop voting.

Jeremy Corbyn was always attacked because
he was trying to reverse all that New Labour
corruption --- that's why membership was
flooding in all over the UK - watch this
video in Kilburn, London: don't believe
the dripping poison of the media and
the corrupt MPs -- and understand
Jeremy's role !



March 22nd, 2018 
Karl Rogers Analysis, UK
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On 20 March, the Labour Party appointed Jennie Formby
as its new general secretary. The right-wing press
immediately attacked her appointment.

 Ignoring her formidable record as a union organiser and
work in the NEC, Formby has been represented as
Jeremy Corbyn’s puppet - and as evidence of his
 “hard-left” seizure of the Labour Party machine.
But it’s obvious why the press barons
running scared.

Media red scaremongering

Formby barely had time to update her Linkedin profile
and Twitter feed...  before the right-wing press came
gunning for her. Predictably, the billionaire-owned
 propaganda machine, spun the news of her
 appointment, as a sinister seizure of power
by Corbyn & Unite leader Len McCluskey.

The Telegraph ran the headline: Corbyn and McCluskey
 tighten grip on Labour party as ally Jennie Formby
 appointed party’s new general secretary. The
 Express went with: Corbyn cements grip on
Labour as hard-left union boss Formby
named general secretary. The Sun
also framed the appointment as
an imposed “hard-left” takeover
 of the Labour Party. And The
Times declared “moderates
are no longer welcome”
 in the Labour Party.

Heather Stewart, political editor of The Guardian,
termed the appointment a “coronation” and
declared it the culmination of Corbyn’s
“two-year battle” to gain “complete
 control of the party machine”.

She has been a member of the Labour Party for 40 years.

She was regional officer in the UK’s largest trade union
– Unite – for 17 years. In 2004, she became the national
officer for Unite’s Food, Drink, and Tobacco Sector.

Between 2013 and 2016, she was political director
 of Unite, before becoming the southeast regional
secretary. She has been on the NEC for
seven years.

In other words, her appointment to general secretary of
the Labour Party, is the result of her experience and
abilities as a trade union organiser.

As Corbyn said, when he congratulated Formby:

''Her talent, experience and commitment to the Labour
and Trade Union movement, makes me confident
will play a crucial role in building on last
inspiring General Election advance
and taking
our party forward to victory.''

Her predecessor, Iain McNicol, said:

''As someone who has dedicated her life to fighting for
workers’ rights, equality and social justice, I know
Jennie will put all the commitment, drive and
organising talent, into getting Labour into
government and Jeremy into Number 10.''

Running scared

The press is scared of Formby......
she will be good at her job.

Get Involved!


Jewish Labour Movement Chair & exec
call for investigation into Israeli

5th of February 2017
by Mike Sivier

This is deeply disturbing information
 from the Skwawkbox. Read:

Riverside Labour MP Louise Ellman is Chair of the JLM
(Jewish Labour Movement) and vice-Chair of Labour
Friends of Israel (LFI). The former organisation is
highly controversial because of its affiliation with
 the openly pro-apartheid Israeli Labour Party
‘Havoda’ and the latter as it was specifically
mentioned by the Israeli
embassy operative
filmed by an
undercover Al Jazeera reporter,

 in connection with his actions: in setting up
pro-Israeli groups
inside the Labour party.

Supporters of both groups have been prominent
in the discredited, but persisting, antisemitism
smear against the national party.

And it appears that Ms Ellman and her allies in
 Riverside CLP – in spite of the obvious conflict
 of interest – have no intention of allowing
members to add their voices to the calls
for a full Labour investigation into the
 infiltration of the party by a foreign

Source: JLM Chair and exec block CLP call
for investigation into Israeli interference:



REVEALED: NUS official colluded with
Israeli embassy to oust student leader
Middle East Eye

by Mike Sivier
of Vox Political

The worms are coming out of the woodwork now.

Shall we pencil in the Union of Jewish Students
as one of Shai Masot’s “front” organisations for
 the Israeli government?

A senior official from the UK’s National
 Union of Students, has been covertly
filmed conspiring --- to oust the NUS
president Malia Bouattia as part of a
 sting involving the Israeli embassy.

An undercover Al-Jazeera reporter – known
only as Robin – posed as a political activist
with links to the now disgraced Israeli
diplomat Shai Masot - to investigate
 the influence the Israeli embassy
 exerts on British politics.

“Robin” is heard discussing how to oust
Ms Bouattia from her position as NUS
president with NUS Vice President
Richard Brooks --- after Masot
 introduces him as the Chair
of the Young Labour
Friends of Israel.



Ms Walker, a lifelong anti-racist campaigner and
 socialist, was suspended from the Labour Party
 in May, amidst allegations of anti-Semitism. She
was reinstated but has been suspended again, 
after apparently being “set up” at a training
event organised by the Jewish Labour
Movement during the party’s national
conference in September.

She writes: “I was suspended from the Labour Party
in May of this year, amidst what appears to have
a breach of Data Protection law, by Iain
McNicol, as
General Secretary of the
Labour Party.

“I was suspended for the alleged (subsequently
cleared) charge of antisemitism. As a Jewish
person, whose partner is Jewish, this was

“Since May I have continued to be targeted by
 the media, in print, online and in other places.

“Currently I am suspended for questions asked at
 a training session on ‘Confronting Antisemitism
& Engaging Jewish Voters’ at this year’s Labour
Conference, after being unethically filmed by a
 Jewish Labour Movement campaigns officer
who is also a Labour councillor. It seems this
training was not a ‘safe space for all Jews’
by any means.

“As soon as the first article was released before
my notification had even arrived, trolls circled
the kill, posting spooky blacked up faces
worse) to my Facebook account. The
& national newspapers led the
querying my Jewish identity (a
racist move
in itself), my work as an
anti-racist activist
and my political

“When my suspension was lifted, things got worse.
Indignation at my alleged breach reached the heights
 of irony, when Nigel Farage, anxious not to miss out
on the fun being had by among others, the Spectator,
a number of Labour MPs and officers of the Party...
 dedicated an article in Breitbart, and a good
of righteous indignation on national
TV, to
publicly calling me out as a racist.

“The widespread hate campaign against me, led
to public abuse, strangers shouting ‘racist’ as I
walked to the tube. With the murderous racist
political discourse now taking the place of
debate, I became conscious I was
recognisable on the street.

“My story is just one of many where Labour members
have found themselves in a similar position. While
 this may not be the only case where a breach has
 occurred, as I was abroad at the time, it may well
be the most provable.

“We invite anybody who has a personal interest
in this case, or the wider public, to contribute.”

Solicitor Martin Howe, representing Ms Walker,
added: “Jackie Walker has faced a barrage of
 hurtful, threatening & nasty abuse since the
 private details of her investigation by the
Labour Party over alleged anti-Semitism
leaked to the press before she even
of her suspension by the Party.

“This apparent breach of her private data has
had a devastating impact on her public and
private well-being and has led directly to her
being pre-judged & unfairly cast as a racist
-- before she was given any opportunity to
her side of the story.

“Data Protection laws are there to protect all
of us and any breach is a very serious matter.”

If you would like to contribute to her fund,
details are on the web page.

Source: CrowdJustice –
Crowdfund public interest law

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Get Involved!

– If you feel you’ve been ‘purged’,
take this online survey:


or this one:


– Request all your own data that
the Labour Party holds on you:


– Sign the petition in support of
Jeremy Corbyn, if you agree:




“Any member who is suspended & intends
to appeal the decision should throw in a
 ‘Subject Access Request in accordance
with the Data Protection Act’ --- for ALL
 data that the Labour Party hold on them.

The Labour Party are Data Controllers and
 therefore have to, by law, provide you with
 all material/information they hold on you.”

If anyone is in contact with anyone who
was barred from voting --- please can
you pass this info on:

The Labour leadership election was under the
jurisdiction of the electoral reform services.

If you were unfairly deprived of your vote you
can call them on 0208 365 8909 and lodge
 your complaint, and inform them of your
Data Protection request.


The notification letters barring new members
did not give a clear reason, or information on
how to appeal, so Vox Political suggests that
 anyone in this situation, could also contact
 Liz Davies here: http://www.whycantivote.com

She is a barrister --- who can
advise members on what to do.



1)  "Military action was not a last resort".

2) UK government "undermined the
of the UN security council.

3) Weapons of Mass Destruction presented
 "with a certainty that was not justified".

4) UK forces were "ill-prepared".

5a) "The government failed to
achieve its stated objectives."

5b) Post-war planning: Blair "should
 have known what might happen".

6) Chilcot says Blair also "overlooked the
 threat the invasion would pose to Britain."


Blair to Face Law

The former prime minister has been put on notice
 by families of dead servicemen, that he will face
 legal action, for his part in the illegal Iraq war.

They are being crowd-funded now, and
have raised so much money, that Blair
probably heading for a big fall...

Shadow Commons leader Paul Flynn:
the Iraq Inquiry's findings are an "utter
 condemnation" of his terrible decision
 --- and his prosecution should now be
given "serious consideration".

Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond:
"I would like to see Blair investigated by
International Criminal Court (ICC),
the crime of a war of aggression,
face parliamentary action to
him holding public office
ever again."

A former British ambassador to the UN:
 "The UK was pushed into entering
military action, too early."

Stop the War Coalition Convener Ms German:
“This is an incredibly damning report for Tony Blair.
It will not call for legal sanctions, but it says that
Blair is culpable for the war, in many ways.

“He needs to be driven out of public life. He is
still part of the Labour Party. We need to make
 sure that truth & justice prevails. There must
 be legal action against Blair, & he should no
 longer be considered fit for any office.”

CND general secretary Kate Hudson:
 “The report shows that Tony Blair had
no respect for cabinet procedure, no
respect for Parliament, & no respect
for international law.

“Chilcot reveals the evidence that must now be
 used to bring Tony Blair to justice. This is our
 demand. Only when justice is served, can we
prevent disasters like the Iraq war from ever
happening again.”

 Iraqi journalist Juma al-Quraishi:
"Everyone who took part in the war against Iraq
should be condemned, either Britain, or others."

Baghdad resident Ali al-Saraji:
"Ex-UK prime minister, Tony Blair, destroyed
 our country. From 2003, to now, our country
has been the scene of destruction, killing,
massacres, explosions and sectarianism."

A defiant Blair refuses to accept accusations
 from service families that he was wrong and
reckless, and he insists that he would make
 the decision again, 'come what may'.

 Families of some of the 179 military personnel
 killed in Iraq, say the former PM is "a terrorist".

 Jeremy Corbyn has offered an apology,
 on Labour's behalf, for the "stain on
our party and our country".


Tony Blair: Guilty In The
 Eyes Of The Public
August 1st
by Steve Sweeney

Teflon Tony Blair escaped justice yet again yesterday -
after High Court judges blocked a private prosecution
against the former PM for war crimes over the
invasion of Iraq.

Campaigners accused the Establishment of a “concerted
 and coordinated effort” to exonerate Mr Blair for his role
 in the Iraq war, in which one million people were killed.

Stop the War Coalition convener Lindsey German branded
Mr Blair as “the most protected war criminal in the world.”
However, she said: “In the court of public opinion
he has
long been found guilty.”

Iraqi General Abdul Wahed Shannan al-Rabbat had sought
 a private prosecution against Mr Blair, along with then
foreign secretary Jack Straw and attorney general
 Lord Goldsmith.

He accused Mr Blair of committing a “crime of aggression”
 by invading Iraq in 2003 and his lawyers asked permission
 from the High Court to seek judicial review to get the
Supreme Court to overturn a 2006 House of Lords
ruling that there is no such crime under the law
 of England and Wales.

Gen al-Rabbat brought the case after Westminster magistrates
refused to issue summonses in November last year claiming
 the trio had immunity from prosecution for decisions taken
 while in government.

However the appeal was dismissed yesterday by the Lord
 Chief Justice as having “no prospect” of succeeding.

But Michael Mansfield QC said that the findings of the
Chilcot Report justified the prosecution of Mr Blair.

He said that the inquiry showed Saddam Hussein did not
pose an urgent threat to British interests and that the
 intelligence regarding weapons of mass destruction
 had been presented with “unwarranted certainty.”

The QC said that as the international crime of a war of
aggression had been accepted at the time of the
Nuremberg trials of nazi war crimes, it was the
duty of British courts to follow the example
and prosecute those responsible for the
 Iraq war.

The Nuremberg judges had said that war “is essentially
 an evil thing. Its consequences are not confined to the
 belligerent states alone, but affect the whole world.

“To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an
international crime; it is the supreme international crime
differing only from other war crimes in that it contains
within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament general secretary
Kate Hudson branded the decision as “hugely
disappointing” and said that “justice had
been left undone.”

She said: “Last year’s Chilcot report showed that Blair
had no respect for Cabinet procedure, no respect for
Parliament and no respect for international law.

“Iraq was devastated by the war Blair led Britain into,
 millions of innocent Iraqis were killed, British
were killed and terrorism has
spread across the
Middle East.

“Chilcot revealed the evidence that must now be used
 to bring Blair to justice. Only when justice is served
can we prevent disasters like the Iraq war from
happening again.”

(Source - Morning Star)



A huge drop in working-class Labour MPs,
caused a massive drop in support among
 voters with similar backgrounds, reveals
 research seeking to explain why support
has dwindled in the party’s heartlands.

The study says past leaders like Kinnock
 and Blair made a concerted effort to pick
 “more and more middle-class candidates
to run for office, during the 80s and 90s,
 as part of an effort to rebrand” -- which
had initial successes at the ballot box.

But this “conscious electoral strategy”
stored up problems, as working-class
 voters who initially, just didn’t vote in
response, now seek an alternative.

The solution? Trust each constituency to put
forward its own candidates, and don't impose
 ‘party-approved’ choices who can't do the job.

Now, unfortunately, there are "entryist"  MPs who, for
decades, have been groomed by CIA cold war relic
organisations -- like the Atlantic Council -- and are
now trying to misdirect the Labour Party towards
cuts, a militarised police, and a US war agenda...

- and their anti-Corbyn slant is hobbling Labour.

‘How Can I Deselect My Labour MP?’ A Short Guide
to Reselection and Democratic Accountability
by Eric Sim, excellent free advice here:




Chris Bryant, the Rhondda's dodgy MP,
was on TV -- as soon as the PLP coup
started -- telling us that Jeremy MUST
go, because it was the ONLY way to
act in the Labour Party's interest...

Chris Bryant's voting record:
from TheyWorkForYou.com

On Tuition Fees:

On 27 Jan 2004:
Chris Bryant voted in favour of university tuition
fees increasing from £1,125 per year, to up to
£3,000 per year.

On 31 Mar 2004:
Chris Bryant voted to allow university tuition fees
 to increase from £1,125 per year, to up to £3,000
 per year.

On 31 Mar 2004:
Chris Bryant voted for the introduction of variable
university tuition fees (top-up fees) of up to £3,000
per year in place of the previous fixed fee of £1,250
per year.

On 31 Mar 2004:
Chris Bryant voted to allow university tuition fees
to increase from £1,125 per year to up to £3,000
per year, and to make other changes to higher
education funding and regulation arrangements.

On 14 Sep 2004:
Chris Bryant voted against: the immediate abolition
 of all tuition fees, the re-introduction of maintenance
grants of up to £2,000 for students from low-income
homes, and changes to the country's higher
education system.

On 14 Sep 2004:
Chris Bryant voted to reject the Liberal
Democrat policy of abolition of tuition fees.

On 25 May 2016:
Chris Bryant was absent for a vote on Queen's
Speech - Forcing Schools to Become Academies
- Further Rises in University Tuition Fees

On Human Rights:

Consistently voted for introducing ID cards

Almost always voted for requiring the mass
retention of information about communications

Generally voted for mass surveillance of
people’s communications and activities

On the Environment:

Generally voted against greater regulation
 of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to extract
 shale gas

On Special Interests:

Almost always voted against limits
 on success fees paid to lawyers in
no-win no fee cases

Generally voted against a
statutory register of lobbyists

On War or Peace:

Generally voted for use of UK military
 forces in combat operations overseas

Consistently voted for the Iraq war

Consistently voted against an
 investigation into the Iraq war

Generally voted for replacing Trident
 with a new nuclear weapons system

On 2 Dec 2015:
Voted to support UK airstrikes in Syria
[without UN authorisation]

On 2 Dec 2015:
Voted to support UK airstrikes in Syria
[without UN authorisation]

On Independence:

Generally voted for more EU integration


Chris Bryant Labour MP
From Wikipedia

(aka 1962-1986: Mr Christopher John Bryant
1986-1991: The Reverend Christopher John
Bryant, 1991-2001: Mr Christopher John
Bryant, 2001-: Mr Christopher John
Bryant MP.)

Born in Cardiff, to a Scottish mother & a Welsh
 father, Bryant grew up in Cardiff, Wales (where
 his father worked for 5 years), and Cheltenham.

He was educated at Cheltenham College, an
independent school for boys in the spa town
of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, where he
was captain of the school swimming team,
and Mansfield College at the University of
Oxford, where he graduated in 1983, with
 a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in English.
 This was later promoted to a Master of
Arts degree (MA (Oxon)), as per tradition.

After completing his first degree, Bryant began
 training to be a priest in the Church of England
at Ripon College, Cuddesdon, in Oxfordshire.
There, he obtained a degree in theology.

Although a member of the Conservative
 Party, and an elected office-holder in the
 Oxford University Conservative Association,
he joined the Labour Party in 1986, after
leaving Oxford.

He was ordained deacon in 1986 and priest in
1987. He served as a Curate at the Church of
 All Saints, High Wycombe, from 1986 to 1989;
then as a Youth Chaplain in Peterborough,
as well as travelling in Latin America.

In 1991 Bryant left the ordained ministry, after
deciding that being gay and being a priest,
were incompatible. Statements made by
 Richard Harries, then Bishop of Oxford,
 also influenced his decision.

After leaving the priesthood in 1991, Bryant
worked as the election agent to the Holborn
 and St Pancras Constituency Labour Party,
 where he helped Frank Dobson hold his seat
 in the 1992 general election.

From 1993, he was Local Government officer
for the Labour Party; he lived in Hackney and
 was elected to Hackney Borough Council in
1993, serving until 1998. He became Chair of
the Christian Socialist Movement.

 He is both a member of the Labour Friends
 of Israel and Labour Friends of Palestine &
 the Middle East. From 1994 to 1996 he was
 London manager of the leader-grooming
 "charity", Common Purpose.

 He was Labour candidate for Wycombe, in the
 1997 general election (he lost by 2,370 votes),
and Head of European Affairs for the BBC,
from 1998.

His selection for the very safe Labour seat of
Rhondda, South Wales in 2000, shocked many
 people given Bryant's background – gay, an ex-
Anglican vicar, and someone who was a Tory,
while studying at Oxford, and a member now,
of the Henry Jackson Society 'think tank' ---
 described by The Guardian newspaper as
 'neoconservative'. It is pro-US, pro-NATO
and pro-military intervention, as well as
being fundamentally anti-socialist.

 Fifty-two people applied for the candidature
and a local councillor was hot favourite to
 win, before Bryant was parachuted in.

In 2004, a photograph of Mr Bryant in his
 underpants, which he had posted to a gay
 dating website, was published in 'papers.

When an interviewer suggested he was
 a 'disgrace to the Rhondda', he replied:
"They can't get rid of me."

His pay, allowances and some expenses:

The basic annual salary for an MP, from
April 1st, 2016 is £74,962.  MPs also get
 expenses: to cover the costs of running
 an office, employing staff, having some-
where to live in London, plus, in their
constituency and travelling between
 Parliament and their constituency.

His MP's expenses story:

Chris Bryant changed second home
 twice to claim £20,000: the deputy
leader of the House of Commons,
 "flipped" his second home twice,
 in 2 years, allowing him to claim
 almost £20,000 for renovations
 and fees.

Chris Bryant, MP for the Rhondda, split over
 £92,000 of expenses between 3 properties
 in Wales and London --- within five years.

In 2004, he attempted to claim £58,000 to
 overhaul his second home in Wales, after
allegedly complaining that properties in
his constituency were "terrace or mine
 owners' houses".

Mr Bryant, a former Church of England clergyman,
wanted the money for a new bathroom & kitchen,
 and to demolish his conservatory. He'd bought the
 detached house for £97,500, under a year earlier.

 He submitted a claim to the Commons fees office for
 £58,493.26 --- almost 3 times the annual maximum.
 He noted that the claim exceeded his allowance.

His alleged justification was disclosed... in
 correspondence between Commons officials.
 By email, an official wrote: "He had problems
finding a suitable property because in the
Rhondda there is a choice mainly of terraced
 property or mine owners' houses." When
approached by the Daily Telegraph,
Mr Bryant said: "I have never said
 or thought anything of the sort".

 In all, he successfully claimed over £13,000
 for renovations, repairs & appliances, in 2004.
Along with other bills, his annual claim was

In April 2005, he flipped his expenses to his flat in
 west London, which he bought for £400,000 in April
 2002. He also claimed £630 a month for mortgage
 interest, along with other bills. After claiming over
 £3,600 over 3 months, he sold the flat in July 2005
 for £477,000.

Mr Bryant used his profits to buy a more expensive
 flat in west London, which was valued at £670,000.
 He immediately flipped his second home expenses
 there, claiming almost £6,400 in stamp duty, legal
fees and mortgage fees, incurred in the purchase.

He then began claiming interest of £1,000 a month
on the mortgage. He also claimed a further £6,000
 a year for the flat's service charge and ground rent.

In all, he claimed £92, 415 in second
home expenses, from 2004 to 2009.

Mr Bryant said at the time: "I moved flat in
 London, so as to be closer to Parliament."

Research by Channel 4 News in 2015 found that
at least 46 MPs had this kind of system in place
– a move one Labour backbencher described as
“a new fiddle”. Channel 4 reported then:

“Our investigation found that many of the MPs
 bought their London properties with the help of
the taxpayer, when a previous expenses system
 allowed them to claim back mortgage payments.
But when those claims were banned, following
 the expenses scandal, they switched to letting
out their properties, in some cases for up to
 £3,000 a month. They then started claiming
 expenses for rent and hotels in the capital.”

Among those identified was Chris Bryant, shadow
leader of the House of Commons. He had already
 bought a penthouse in London back in 2005 and
 claimed around £1,000 a month in mortgage
claims under the old system.

But after the expenses scandal, he started renting
the property out. It’s since been advertised by estate
 agents as having a private lift and a porter, with rent
 at about £3,000 a month. Meanwhile, Bryant moved
 into a new flat;- claiming his own rent on expenses.

Freddie Welsh's Birth Day

 March 5th, in 1886,
Freddie Welsh,
boxer, is born.
Frederick Hall Thomas, a.k.a. Freddie Welsh,
was the World lightweight boxing champion. 
Born in Pontypridd, Wales, Freddie grew 
up in a tough, coal-mining community... 
but left his working-class background
to make a name for himself in the USA.
He turned professional as a boxer in Philadelphia 
in 1905, and spent the better part of his boxing
career, fighting in the United States.
Welsh spent much of his career chasing the world 
championship title, held in turn by Battling Nelson, 
Ad Wolgast, and Willie Ritchie, failing, through a 
series of events, to meet each, until he had a 
successful encounter with Ritchie, in July 
1914, when he finally became the world 
lightweight boxing champion.
Welsh held the title until 1917, when he lost to Benny 
Leonard, though he continued to fight, sparingly, 
until 1922. During his career, he fought in over
160 professional bouts, suffering defeat, just 
5 times.
A keen follower of Bernarr Macfadden's physical culture, 
Welsh believed in exercise and healthy living and was a 
non-smoker and a vegetarian. 
In the years following the end of his career, bad business 
choices cost him his fortune, and after numerous health 
problems, he died in poverty, in 1927.
“I can't say that I ever worried much about 
what people thought, or said of me. I like 
to be liked, and have often wished that
I could be as much loved, as Jim 
Driscoll, say, but I have never 
been able to bow down to 
rules and regulations”

Wales elderly paying for health care

Figures released by The Office for National Statistics
(ONS) reveal that UK pensioners are 4th worst off....
out of all of the countries in the European Union.


 'Independent Wales' 
by Rebecca Naden
20.02.2021 (Sputnik)

Earlier this week, Plaid Cymru's leader Adam Price said
that more and more Welsh people were supporting 
independence -- in the wake of recent economic 
challenges. He argued that the level of support 
for self-governance, is even more than it was
in Scotland, a decade ago. 


Hello darkness my old friend
...Peter Mandelson is back 
advising Labour, why not 
just go the whole hog & 
bring back Tony Blair?
by Chris Sweeney
February 15th (RT)
Chris Sweeney is an author and columnist who has written 
for newspapers such as The Times, Daily Express, The 
Sun and Daily Record, along with several international-
selling magazines. Follow him on Twitter
Keir Starmer is so devoid of original ideas he is bringing back 
the Prince of Darkness to help him crowbar his way into 
Number 10, but if the plan is Blair 2.0, why settle for an 
impersonator when the original is still available?
Lord Peter Mandelson is not a name that will resonate beyond
 the UK, but he is one of Britain’s most infamous spin doctors. 
The type of character who has seemingly exerted an extended
 sphere of influence without it ever being clear exactly what he 
does. He arrived into the Labour Party in 1985 and it’s now 
been revealed he is still pulling strings today, 36 years later.
Tony Blair adored his style but some of the left-wing union 
devotees had no time for the man who became known as 
‘The Prince of Darkness’. So, to appease them, and to 
keep his involvement in Blair’s leadership campaign 
secret, he was issued a code name – 'Bobby'. 
Since then, he’s inhabited a range of roles; minister without 
portfolio, secretary of state for Northern Ireland, European
 commissioner, business secretary --- and then Baron 
Mandelson as he entered the House of Lords. After 
Blair left - and was replaced by Gordon Brown - 
Mandelson retained an iron-grip on the levers 
of power. In that period, he was a member of 
35 cabinet committees, and some referred 
to him as the “unelected prime minister.”
Mandelson likes a frontman, a lead singer to shield him while 
he writes the lyrics. So it’s business as usual now that’s he 
back in alongside current Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer. 
There is only a decade or so in age between the two, but
 the level of experience in the dark arts of politics, is 
heavily tipped in Mandelson’s favour. The notoriety
 is why he chooses to remain in the shadows, as a 
lot of voters detest him. He represents the back-
room dealmaking and media manipulation that
 turns so many off politics.
Mandelson is like a lightning rod, he takes the surge and 
allows his ‘stooge’ to carry on. He ended up in the public 
court of shame, for spending a New Year’s Eve, on Paul 
Allen’s yacht, while Microsoft was at the centre of an 
EU investigation.
Another yacht trip got him in hot water, this time,
oligarch Oleg Deripaska, as Mandelson had
part of a decision to cut aluminium tariffs.
At the 
time, Deripaska owned United Company
one of the world’s biggest producers of
the metal.
Mandelson was also friendly with Jeffery Epstein,
 and has been pictured with the disgraced financier. 
So for Keir Starmer to bring in a man with that amount of 
baggage, proves how desperate he must be. Starmer 
replaced Jeremy Corbyn - the most socialist main-
stream figure seen in British politics for decades - 
but has as yet done nothing of substance. He's a 
more centrist figure, but Boris has that sewn up:
 he won the last election, with an affirming 80-
seat majority. The so-called Red Wall, fell to 
the Conservatives, proving that the working 
class heartlands, no longer had faith in 
their old ally Labour. And still there’s 
no spark or idea from Labour, to 
turn that around.
Since Blair left office, the party hasn’t won an election. Their
 last victory was in 2005 and before Blair led them to victory
 in 1997 they hadn’t won an election since 1974. Blair is the 
only person who has led the Labour Party to victory in the 
last 47 years, and it seems they’ve simply decided to 
revert to what worked then and hope it does now.
So welcome back Mandelson, who is right in his sweet spot, 
without an official position but is there to “broaden the party’s
 appeal.” It seems a redundant mission, as you’re asking 
Mandelson to recreate the old magic. For that, he needs 
his protege and the man who brought those ideas to life
 – Blair. Why bother trying to copy him, when he is still 
out there, sitting around not doing very much? Blair 
has been quite vocal and made quite a few public 
interjections into the Covid-19 effort. It was his 
idea to stagger the two vaccine doses, which 
Britain and other countries are now 
actually doing. 
If Labour's desperation is so great they need to face facts. 
Starmer is keen to paint himself as a paragon of the good 
and just. He created a big spectacle over the investigation
 into anti-Semitism within Labour and also fired a member 
of his shadow cabinet for making a remark that was
 judged to slight the Jewish faith.  
Starmer’s previous profession was as a barrister where he 
worked on human rights cases before becoming a QC and 
the Director of Public Prosecutions. He also spoke out 
and protested against the Iraq war. 
Yes, the same war that Blair led Britain into, after years of 
working with Mandelson. So if Starmer is so willing to 
embrace Mandelson, is he really as principled and 
motivated by integrity as he’d like to have us think?
All of this also reflects an extremely depressing facet to 
British politics. The country has suffered the most 
deaths in Europe due to incompetent leadership.
The list of ludicrous decisions has been recounted many
 times and if the opposition cannot muster up a feasible 
counter after all these months, they really are 
beyond hope.
The vaccination rollout is the only thing Boris has handled 
well, but it won’t erase the number of families left to rue the 
unnecessary loss of loved ones. There is also the much-
covered resurgence in support for independence in 
Scotland and a growing movement in Wales. Brexit 
was another shambles, with a deal agreed days 
before everything went into meltdown. How is it 
possible that an allegedly well-run, professional, 
perceptive political party ,can’t muster up a 
credible opposition?
Winding the clock back 20 years and hoping that the same 
things will work is, in my view, a fantasy. Society and 
attitudes have changed, there was no social media 
in 1997 and simply looking plausible and playing
 'Things Can Only Get Better' on a loop isn’t 
going to win you 80+ seats. But let us 
suppose, for a minute, that it might, 
if the Labour party & it’s leadership 
really believe that’s their greatest 
hope and the best plan they have 
for the British people is New 
Labour 2.0, then why isn’t 
Blair involved?
Starmer talks a bit like him, has a similar presence, they were 
even both barristers before entering politics, but trying to 
‘out Blair’ Blair is futile. If Starmer isn't able to lead and 
create his own vision, then why did he put himself
for the job? Trying to get Peter Mandelson to 
Svengali you into some sort of Blair tribute act
is never going to work. As Queen fans
Adam Lambert, is no substitute for 
Freddie Mercury.
Step up or step aside, don’t be a down-
copy of your predecessor.
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Boris Johnson Defends AstraZeneca, 
Pfizer Jabs After Study Reveals Jabs 
Provide 'Minimum Efficiency 
by Demond Cureton
08.02.2021 (Sputnik)
The comments comes as South Africa announced it would 
place its AstraZeneca vaccine rollout on hold, following a 
study, which revealed the jabs were ineffective against
 the South African variant of the disease, media 
reported this week.
UK prime minister Boris Johnson told reporters on Monday 
he was confident the Oxford-Astrazeneca and Pfizer 
coronavirus vaccines were effective against death 
and grave illnesses amid the pandemic, 
Reuters reported.
According to the British Prime Minster, the COVID-19 jabs 
were effective at tackling the novel strain of the virus.
"We think that both the vaccines that we're currently using are 
effective in, as I say, in stopping serious disease and death. 
We also think in particular in the case of the Oxford Astra-
Zeneca vaccine that there's good evidence that it is 
stopping transmission, as well, I think 67% 
reduction in transmission," he said at
 a press conference.
When asked about the vaccine, Johnson said they 
had remained a "massive benefit" to Britain and 
the nation's population.
"I've no doubt that vaccines generally are going to offer a 
way out. And with every day that goes by, you can see 
that medicine is slowly getting the upper hand over 
the disease," he concluded.
But the comments come after data from a South African study 
found the vaccine provided "minimum efficacy" against mild 
COVID-19 cases in adults and would "recalibrate thinking 
about how to approach the pandemic virus", Shabir 
Madhi, chief investigator and professor of 
vaccinology at the University of the 
Witwatersrand said.
"The results that we now describe against the variant, the 
point estimate is 10%. Clearly, that is far off the 60% mark 
and, even if you had a larger study, you are unlikely to 
get to a vaccine efficacy readout of even 40 or 50%," 
he told the BBC's Radio 4 Today programme.
South Africa would shift to administering Pfizer-BioNTech 
and Johnson&Johnson vaccines, the government added.
Portugal also advised against the British and Swedish-made 
vaccines for people aged over 65, according to a statement 
from the nation's directorate-general on Monday.
"The AstraZeneca vaccine has been approved as the preventive 
measure against COVID-19 among people aged 18 and older ... 
Until new data is available, the AstraZeneca vaccine against 
COVID-19 has to be used primarily among people aged 65
 and younger," it said in a statement at the time, echoing 
statements from Norway, Poland, Spain and Italy.


 Quebec officials launch probe - 
after 97yo with dementia given 
both Pfizer & Moderna Covid 
jabs, violating guidance
January 24th (RT)
The daughter of an elderly woman in Montreal, Canada, has
expressed outrage --- after her mother was accidentally 
injected with two different jabs, breaching guidelines
 forbid mixing vaccines, unless
absolutely necessary.
Antonietta Pollice inadvertently became the first person in 
the province of Quebec to receive two doses of the Covid-
19 jab, but the mixture of drugs has raised safety concerns, 
as well as questions about whether care home residents 
who receive the vaccine fully understand and consent
 to the medical procedure. 
The 97-year-old took the Moderna jab on January 7 while 
living at a seniors’ home in a suburb of Montreal. Days 
later, the facility closed and she was transferred to a 
different residence. Apparently unaware that she 
had already been immunized, staff at Pollice’s 
new home, injected her with another dose --- 
but this time, with the Pfizer/BioNTech one. 
Her daughter, Patrizia Di Biase, told the CBC that her mother 
suffers from dementia and didn’t understand what was
 being done to her. 
“Shocked. I was upset,” she said. “How can that happen? 
‘Mistakes happen,’ well, it's not a small mistake.” She 
described the situation as “unacceptable” and 
demanded accountability from healthcare 
workers and officials. 
“I don't want this to happen again. It's happened now, we 
can't go back for my mom, but we need to go forward 
and have everybody know,” Di Biase added. She said 
that she had contacted Quebec Public Health 
demanding answers. The regional health 
authorities are currently probing the 
case, the CBC reported. 
The decision to jab Pollice, apparently without her full 
understanding of the procedure, is particularly 
worrying, since the elderly woman reportedly 
contracted Covid-19 last spring and would
 presumably already have antibodies. 
It is unclear whether she experienced any adverse 
reactions after being administered the second jab. 
The safety and efficacy of mixing the two vaccines has 
yet to be established. Although both drugs are two-
dose mRNA vaccines, no data exists on their inter-
changeability. Previously, medics suggested the
 use of different vaccines should happen... only 
where there is no other option to administrate
 the patient with the second dose of the 
same type.
The recommended wait between receiving the first and 
second dose of each drug is also different. The second 
Pfizer/BioNTech shot should be administered 3 weeks 
after the first dose, while the wait time between 
Moderna injections is one month. 
The accidental shot also goes against Quebec’s own 
vaccination scheme.... The province’s PM, Francois 
Legault, decreed earlier this month that all second 
doses of the Covid-19 vaccine should be delayed
 so that more people can be immunized. 
According to the guidance, people should wait 
90 days, before taking the second shot. 
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UK: Almost 2,000 COVID-Related Attacks 
on Emergency Services in Six Months
January 21st   (FNA)
 Almost 2,000 assaults on emergency workers were 
prosecuted in the six months following the UK’s 
first national lockdown, new figures showed.
The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said the attacks, 
often seeing police officers coughed and spat on, were 
the most common coronavirus-related crime between 
April 1 and September 30, The Independent reported.
The 1,688 offences also include incidents where officers 
were kicked, bitten and hit with heavy objects --- after 
stopping people suspected of breaking restrictions.
Max Hill QC, the Director of Public Prosecutions, said
 the figures were “appalling” and that attacks were 
still taking place.
“I will continue to do everything in my power to protect t
hose who so selflessly keep us safe during this crisis,” 
he continued, adding, “We are also determined to see 
wider criminality during lockdown periods reflected 
in court, which is evident in the charges seen in 
this data.”
In one recent incident, a police officer believes he was 
infected with COVID by a suspect who spat on him 
while being arrested in Bournemouth on January 6.
The 47-year-old officer, who had been wearing a mask, 
said he developed symptoms two days later and has 
since tested positive for coronavirus.
“You can’t get control of somebody without necessarily 
getting hands-on with them - especially when they are 
not compliant, you have to contact them physically,” 
he added.
“COVID has changed things … you have to enter into 
that sort of zone of transmission. There is no way of 
avoiding that. We can use all the PPE and hand 
sanitiser in the world, ultimately, we are at 
higher risk,” he noted.
The police officer stated he and his colleagues should 
be “much nearer the front of the queue for vaccines”.
Another officer has been admitted to hospital after 
policing an anti-lockdown protest in Bournemouth 
earlier this month, Dorset Police stated, this week.
Senior police leaders have lobbied the government --- 
for frontline officers to be prioritised when the vaccine 
roll-out moves beyond the current 4 vulnerable groups.
The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation 
(JCVI) has said it would consider exposure risk and 
occupation in the next phase, and on Wednesday 
Boris Johnson told MPs he wanted police, 
emergency service workers and teachers 
to be vaccinated “as soon as possible”.
The CPS recorded 6,469 offences flagged for a link to 
coronavirus between April and September, involving 
2,106 defendants. 90% of them were convicted.
The total included almost 1,200 prosecutions under the 
Health Protection Regulations, which initially enforced
 the national lockdown and have been adapted for 
different levels of restrictions, local lockdowns, 
mask wearing and other COVID laws.
The CPS added the cases included:  a man caught 
travelling illegally between different areas of Wales 
to find a prostitute, and a Manchester man who
 tried to claim attendees at a house party were 
his support bubble.
Some of the lockdown charges were against people 
prosecuted for other crimes, such as criminal 
damage and public order offences, and were 
breaking COVID laws at the same time.
Other coronavirus-flagged crimes were 480 public 
order offences, 466 criminal damage incidents, 
464 common assaults, & 2,234 other offences.
They included people threatening to “infect” victims 
with coronavirus, the theft of essential items during 
shortages early in the pandemic, and fraudsters
 taking advantage of the crisis.

UK Now Has World's Highest 
Daily Coronavirus Death Rate, 
Oxford Research Reveals
by Oleg Burunov
19.01.2021 (Sputnik)
Britain, which is now in the grip of a national 
coronavirus lockdown, has Europe's highest 
COVID-19 death toll that currently stands at 
more than 90,000, according to Johns 
Hopkins University.
Right now, the UK has the highest daily coronavirus 
death rate in the world, figures collated by an 
Oxford University research platform 
have revealed.
According to Our World in Data, an average of 935 
daily fatalities in the past week was the equivalent 
of more than 16 people per one million dying each 
day from COVID-19.
The figures were published after UK Prime Minister 
Boris Johnson stressed that even though he 
"completely" understands Britons want to
 return to normal life as soon as possible,
 "it does depend on things going well".
"It depends on the vaccination programme going well, 
it depends on there being no new variants that throw 
our plans out and we have to mitigate against, and it 
depends on everybody, all of us, remembering that 
we're not out of the woods yet", Johnson stressed.
The statement followed Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab 
saying late last week that the government hopes to ease 
some lockdown restrictions before the end of February 
as London presses ahead with the early rollout of a 
COVID-19 vaccine.
"What we want to do is get out of this national lockdown 
as soon as possible. By early spring, hopefully by March, 
we'll be in a position to make those decisions. I think it's 
right to say we won't do it all in one big bang. As we 
phase out the national lockdown, I think we'll end 
up phasing through a [regional] tiered approach", 
Raab noted.
He spoke after Johnson called for vaccinating a total of 
14 million people in the UK by mid-February. According 
to the prime minister, they should include the oldest 
age groups, as well as the clinically vulnerable and 
frontline workers.
The UK has been under a national coronavirus lockdown 
since 5 January, restrictions that stipulate the closure of 
schools and non-essential businesses, as well as people 
being ordered to work from home if possible.
As of Monday, confirmed COVID-19 cases in Britain had 
climbed to 3,443,350, with 90,031 fatalities, according 
to the latest update from Johns Hopkins University.

Post-Brexit 'Loophole' 
Lets UK Keep Sending
 Plastic Waste to Poorer 
Countries, Report Says
12.01.2021 (Sputnik) 
 The United Kingdom is facing a backlash
environmentalists over a post-Brexit
that allows it to ship plastic
waste to 
developing countries --- in
disregard of 
its previous pledges, 
The Guardian reported Tuesday.
From January 1, the European Union banned exports 
of non-recyclable plastic waste to countries outside 
the Organisation for Economic Co-operation 
and Development.
The UK, which left the EU’s single market and customs 
union on December 31, will continue the practice, 
despite Tory commitments that post-Brexit 
regulations would not undermine 
environmental standards, the 
British newspaper said.
The country, which is the 2nd-biggest producer of plastic 
waste after the United States, will now reportedly export 
plastic waste, under a procedure of prior informed 
consent, in accordance with which the importer 
can agree or disagree to take in 
such shipments.
Greenpeace political campaigner Sam Chetan-Welsh, 
quoted by the newspaper, slammed the UK 
government for creating a "loophole to
allow the dumping of our plastic trash 
on environments and communities" 
 in poorer countries, arguing that 
"this is not leadership, it’s failing